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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 11, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> i got it. >> good morning, arthur. see you later on. >> i can't wait, we're going to do battle! >> i love ya. have a great show. >> happy friday and happy mother's day. >> yes. "fox & friends" starts right now. thanks for joining us. >> is that good morning in italian? >> good day. >> good day. all right. good day, everyone. and tgif in italian and every language. today is friday, may 11th. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you so much for sharing part of your day with us today. we begin with the fox news alert, nationwide man hunt ending overnight in dramatic fashion. an accused killer and kidnapper is now dead but what about his female victims? we will have the breaking news live report for you straight ahead. >> and president obama scores big thanks to his new stance on same sex marriage. details on his dinner date with the hollywood elite and how he raked it in over at clooney's casa. >> and so much for the bailout.
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early this morning, bad news for government motors, you know, gm? the american automaker's embarrassing slip from a very brief stay at the top spot. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> welcome aboard, folks. on this friday, peter johnson jr. joins us. brian kilmeade is down in atlanta hosting a special lunch today for medal of honor winners. >> good morning, peter. great to see you both. we begin with a fox news alert. nationwide man hunt for accused murderer and kidnapper coming to a dramatic end overnight. he kills himself as authorities close in him in alpine, mississippi. 12-year-old alexandria and 8-year-old kylia bain found alive with him and mostly unharmed. all this nearly two weeks after mayes allegedly murdered their mother and teenage sister. let's go to fox news staffer
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derek tenny live in alpine with the latest for us this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen. we're getting a lot of details on how exactly it is that the authorities finally found adam mayes. they got a tip last night that brought them here to zionist baptist church in mississippi. they were searching in the thick woods behind the church when they came upon adam mayes and the two girls. adam mayes got several orders telling him to put his hands, show them in the air and at that time, he reached into his belt loop and pulled out a semiautomatic pistol and shot himself in the head. he later died at a local hospital. the good news is those two girls are totally fine. they don't have anything but poison ivy, exposure, and they're a little bit hungry as well. but we also are figuring out what exactly it is that they went through during these last nine days and the type of elements that they were facing. f.b.i. special agent told us this morning, take a listen.
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>> the scene is like what we've been facing, what we've been searching. very rough. very dense. a lot of trees, a lot of shrubbery, very, very hard area to survive in. >> so it's incredible those girls are doing so well. they are in lebonner children's hospital in memphis right now and as soon as they are examined and recovered, they will be returned back to their family in hardiman county, tennessee. as for the investigation, they are still finding out and trying to see who it was, if anyone, was helping adam mayes over the last nine days. if he was hiding here in the woods in alpine, mississippi. back to you. >> all right. good news for those two young girls not for their mom and their other sister. thanks so much, garrett. to your headlines now on the fox news alert again, an american soldier has been killed in eastern afghanistan. nato says the attacker was
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wearing an afghan army uniform. this seems to be a trend. two other u.s. soldiers were injured and the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack that took place in the kunar province. this was the 20th attack this year where afghan soldiers or insurgents have been disguised in military uniforms turning them on nato troops. chaos on a florida highway after an alleged robber crashes his car and starts shooting at police. cops say the man held up a barber shop and then stole the car. he took off slamming into another car. that's when he started firing hurting two officers and then shooting himself. the officers should be ok. today, john edwards' defense team will ask the judge to dismiss the case against him for a lack of evidence. the notion -- or the motion, that is, pretty routine in criminal trials after the prosecution rests but they rarely work. the defense will start presenting its case on monday and may call edwards to the stand. prosecutors rested their case after 14 days of testimony including the time act. they played a tv interview from 2008 where edwards repeatedly
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lied about his affair with rielle hunter. well, so much for the bailout cash. general motors kicked out of the top spot now. the automaker now the second largest in the world losing out to toyota. in the first quarter of 2012, toyota sold nearly 2 1/2 million vehicles while g.m. sold a little more than 2.2 million. those are your headlines for a friday. >> let's take you out to studio city, one of the suburbs of los angeles, california. last night, the president had a $15 million fundraiser at the home of george clooney in the backyard under a tent there on his basketball court. wolfgang puck cooked up supper. of the $15 million, 2/3 was raised by the win a dream date. it was a utility worker from st. augustine, florida. >> what a bunch of stars there
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were. barbra streisand, toby mcguire, james brolin, selma hayek. >> sounds like fun. obama said this to clooney and obviously yesterday we made some news. the truth is it was a logical extension of what america was supposed to be. it grew out in this difference in vision. are we a country to treats everybody fairly and is that going to make us stronger? are we welcoming to immigrants? are we welcoming to people who aren't like us? does that make us stronger? i believe it does. of course, this is in response to the president coming out and saying that he was now in favor of gay marriage after his point of view evolved overtime. >> that's right. interestingly enough, the president of the united states did speak at the fundraiser last night for 19 minutes. did not mention the republicans by name once. did not mention mitt romney by once. but it was kind of a victory lap because like gretch mentioned, he did talk a little bit about his support now of same sex
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marriage. there was a flash yesterday afternoon from "the new york times" that said apparently joe biden, the morning that the president of the united states taped that support of gay marriage there with robin roberts of g.m.a., joe biden went into the oval office and said mr. president, i apologize. i'm sorry, i put you in a box by having, you know, joe biden came out on "meet the press" a couple of days earlier and said he really, really, absolutely was comfortable with same-sex marriage. >> and what i've been saying for the last few days appears now to maybe the case that that's probably all made up? the fact that joe biden actually taped that "meet the press" interview on friday so the white house knew what he had said a couple of days in advance but they appeared to be surprised on monday and then love and behold, the president comes out and changes his point of view. are you with me on this one? do you think that the administration planned this as a strategy? so that the president could talk about this early on in the campaign now and based on that quote that i just read from you, be the all inclusive kind of
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president or do you think that joe biden actually did make a gaffe and then the president was under pressure to have to respond to it? >> you know, it's an interesting point. what about this apology? why do we know that the vice president is issuing an apology to the president? is he issuing an apology because he stepped on his lines or as gretchen, you indicate, perhaps it's not a real apology. >> i think this is all for the media to cover. this is all part of the story. >> right. keep talking about it. >> to keep talking about it. that it was a gaffe and arnie duncan who was the most mist fieing piece to me is the secretary of education would come and support gay marriage out of nowhere and the president would change his point of view and you have joe biden apologizing. >> the thing i find interesting, we had the president talking about his faith in 2004, now there appears to be a change in position eight years later and then now also the president indicating that,
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well, he hadn't intended before the election to make this announcement. it's a matter of faith or it's a matter of conscience, i don't understand why the president would wait in terms of making such announcement. >> maybe it's about politics. >> maybe. >> apparently, according to the story out there in "the new york times" about the biden apology in the oval office, it said that the president had intended to make his position known monday on "the view." meanwhile, let's talk about this. another story that flashed across your computer screen and across your television as well was this 5,000 word story in "the washington post" yesterday where it's alleged that when he was in high school, mitt romney was involved in a prank where he and some other guys bullied a kid with long hair, got him down and cut his hair. some are now wondering whether or not it was a hit job because there's some cracks in the story. for instance, apparently, "the
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washington post" source for the story, stu white, who is quoted as saying i was always bothered by the lauber incident, he wasn't actually there. and he wasn't present for the prank and he only heard about it this year when he was contacted by "the washington post." >> isn't it interesting timing that this story comes out during the same time when the president of the united states who will be the opponent of mitt romney is talking about gay marriage and how he's supporting it. isn't it interesting that this story -- i mean, i'll leave it up to the viewer. i find it interesting. here's the quote from the sister of the young man at that time who apparently was pinned down. this is from betsy lauber. the family of john lauber is releasing a statement saying the portrayal of john is factually incorrect and we are aggrieved that he would be used to further a political agenda. there will be no more comments from the family. unfortunately, john laubar passed away, i believe, in 2004 so he's not here to defend
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himself of what actually happened on that day if it's even meaningful 46 years later. >> and unfortunately, it's a real leading indicator of how rough this campaign is really going to be. this is going to be a dirty campaign. we don't know where this came from. bhut we do know that mr. romney indicates he doesn't have a memory of the events but apologized for any pranks he may have committed in high school. >> there's a lead editorial this morning in "the wall street journal" that talks about how the democrats in particular are really going after republicans with these private investigators so a story like this is not too hard to connect the dots. karl rove was on the greta program late last night and he weighed in on that subject with this soundbite. >> to waste time and energy and effort by what used to be one of the great newspapers in america, they're devoting this kind of resources to this kind of a story, on the republican candidate, i don't remember them examining some of, you know, the
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law -- president obama's lost years at occidental. >> it seems to me to be silly journalism. this is why they welcome a discussion of celebrity dinners in los angeles or governor romney's pranks when he was in high school. they'd like to be talking about anything but jobs. >> he makes a good point. i don't remember the 5,000 word expose on barack obama in "the washington post" four years ago. do you? >> didn't see it. was it there? >> no. >> coming up on "fox & friends", j.p. morgan chase making the $2 billion boo boo on wall street, a blunder that could have huge ramifications for the economy. how could this affect the administration? stuart varney crying deja vu is here. >> are you going to be singing, stu? i hope so, stu. >> come and take a look at your tv screen. does that look like a terrorist to you, ladies and gentlemen of the journey? why was the toddler kicked off the plane? the story straight ahead. >> so cute. >> good morning, darling. [ femr kids are getting a dependable clean in the bathroom?
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>> didn't they learn anything a couple of years ago? j.p. morgan makes a big bet overseas and has lost a whopping $2 billion with derivatives. >> what does this mean for the economy and for the president's re-election? stuart varney will tell us the answer. >> ok. >> tell us. >> number one, this was a huge bet, went wrong, $2 billion lost in six weeks. sounds like 2008 all over again. >> it does. it really does. >> the results of this will be number one, banks are going to start shying away from risk. oh, that's risky. we don't want to touch that and the regulators will be all over them.
3:17 am
don't get too risky out there. that could mean fewer loans going out into our economy. that could be one result on the overall economy. not good news when the economy is slowing down. point number two, the president -- president obama is going to use this. he's already running against the banks, against wall street saying those people let us down and get the economy going. those wicked bankers, they did all of this and now another example of how they have lost a ton of money very quickly. >> but let me make this observation, stuart, and that is, you know, this president and this administration, so many times has blamed the bush administration, you know, they had all those rules during the bush administration. this happened in the last six months. this happened on the president's watch. this happened while his s.e.c. was in charge. i don't know that he's going to be very effective. demonizing. >> i don't think the president is going to take any blame. but there's no blame pointed at him because of what happened at j.p. morgan chase. >> but if he's the president,
3:18 am
he's the president of the banks, too. >> no, actually, he's not. overall, look at the big picture for a second. does this not $2 billion losses for the biggest and most respected bank, doesn't that add to the overall sense of unease that we have about our economy, the way things go. >> perhaps we end this, the president says, you know, maybe we don't have enough regulation on these, that becomes the mantra. >> there will now be a big push for all the rules and regulations of financial reform which are about to be imposed. so this is going to happen now. but look, this overall sense of unease, there is a sense things ain't right. jobs, housing, gas prices, food prices, chaos in europe and now a huge respected bank loses $2 billion. things don't seem to be quite right. >> they're not in trouble. >> no, they're not in trouble. >> ok, good. >> but the country looks at this and says, you know, things ain't quite right. >> i would imagine it's going to be bad friday on wall street. >> not that bad.
3:19 am
$2 billion for a bank that size, not that bad. it's just that sense of unease. one more thing. that's the problem. >> crazy world. exactly three hours and one minute from now, stuart varney taking the helm on his show on the business network. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. next up on the rundown, are democrats using members of our military as bargaining chips? the latest threats of defense cuts getting downright scary. one congressman here to set the record straight. >> and talk about monkey business. this monkey may look sweet and innocent but he was really up to no good. caught unhatching a secret plot. you've got to hear this about this particular monkey. >> apes of wrath? [ male announcer ] this is genco services --
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>> quick friday morning headlines for you. an emergency landing at boston's logan airport after a passenger tried to open the cabin door. >> and i screamed. and then the flight attendant came rushing. >> flight attendants went up, stopped him. he said -- he was asking what he was doing, he said he was looking for the seats. >> yeah. because he had to leave. the plane was on its way from maine to philadelphia. the male passenger now in custody. good. and michelle bachmann calling swiss officials to take back her request for dual citizenship. she's been eligible for it for several years through marriage. but she says she's a proud american and has decided to drop the request for swiss citizenship. gretch? >> there's a showdown shaping up on capitol hill as
3:24 am
republicans try to stop $78 billion in automatic cuts from the department of defense. >> it will decimate our military at a time when our men and women are overseas fighting a war in a world that's become much more dangerous. >> meantime, democrats appear to be using the threat of cuts as a bargaining chip. >> the issue is going to be do they care more about protecting these tax breaks from the very wealthy or care more about protecting defense spending? >> is this political infighting put our troops in harm's way? virginia congressman randy forbes is a member of the house armed services committee. he's embarking on a nationwide tour to let americans know the potentially disasterous effects of these cuts. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning, gretchen. >> let's remind folks why these cuts are in place right now. this is a result of members of congress not being able to come together and decide on how to tackle our deficit. they have these automatic cuts in place, right? >> gretchen, that's part of it. the president actually launched these cuts out way before that. started with the $100 billion in
3:25 am
cuts and $400 billion in cuts and just over six months, we'll have a trillion dollars in national defense putting us close to where we can't guarantee security between our allies. navy says we'll have fewer ships than we've had in 200 years. 100,000 to 150,000 pink slips to our men and women in uniform. we'll lose 1.5 million jobs across the country. that's pretty severe. >> yesterday in the house, you passed as part of the budget for this not to happen. but we all know that the senate is ruled by democrats who are not going to agree with the republicans in the house, correct? >> senate has fought us tooth and nail on this. the house armed services committee passed a bill that would change some of these things back. the full house yesterday passed the budget that would stop it. but we're not very optimistic the senate will come to the place and pass any budget. they haven't done it in years so we're not very optimistic they'll do it now. >> the cuts start in january which is right around the corner technically. what will you do? >> well, we're going to go
3:26 am
across the country. we've got a tour called defending our web site that shows what they'll do. they put gag orders on some people in the pentagon from talking about some of these issues. it's a huge silence out there. we want to make sure men and women know about what we're doing. we hear a lot about this 1% of americans. 1% of the men and women in this country defend us. it's time for us to stand up and fight for them. >> what a great point. i hadn't thought about it in that way. you are here to talk today about the congressional prayer caucus because we've been focusing a lot on "fox & friends" of what's going on at vanderbilt, university, where they have a new policy in place where religious organizations don't necessarily have to be run by students who are of that religion. in other words, an atheist could run a christian organization at the school. what are you hoping to do with that? >> gretchen, we think vanderbilt university has more important things to do than run christian organizations off their campus. it's important to note that these organizations already let
3:27 am
everybody in. you could have an atheist as a member of the organization. we're talking about the leadership of that organization. and vanderbilt wants them to have to say that they would have someone who doesn't believe in their principles to be the leadership. what's really interesting, though, is they made an exception for sororities and fraternities but won't do that for religious organizations. the state of tennessee passed a bill that said if we're giving $24 million of taxpayer money to organizations, they shouldn't be able to discriminate against religious groups. we're waiting to see if the governor of tennessee will sign it or veto it. he's threatening to veto it. >> that's called the all comers policy at vanderbilt university. great to see you in town in new york face to face. bright and early. >> good to see you. >> have a fantastic weekend. >> thank you. >> back over to steve. >> turns out the 10 commandments, they just, they don't work, steve. so a judge says one school should cut them down to six. is that a good idea? a representative from that
3:28 am
school here to state his case on that issue. >> you got to hear this. come take a good look at your tv screen. ladies and gentlemen, somebody thought that was a terrorist right there. why was that toddler booted off an airplane? details straight ahead. live from new york city. bacon?! gotta get that bacon! bacon?! bacon? bacon! who wants a begginstrip? meee! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum, yum, yum... it's bacon!!! mmmmm...i love you. i love bacon. i love you. [ male announcer ] there's no time like beggin' time.
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>> knowing the t.s.a. has gone too far. i'll tell you why. this week, a baby, a baby was pulled off a plane by the t.s.a. for being a potential terrorist. baby. yeah. yeah, the action was slammed by parents' groups and applauded by anyone who has ever flown with a baby. yeah. >> funny and here's the baby that conan was talking about. little 18-month-old baby. "the new york post" depicts here as the face of terror. 18-month-old rhianna. she and her family were down in florida when suddenly, kind of a hairy jet blue employee came on the flight and said, there's a problem. got to come off the plane. >> yeah, because she apparently was on the no fly list or maybe they thought she was rhianna the singer, not sure.
3:33 am
her mother was wearing part of the muslim wardrobe that a woman would wear. she's a practicing muslim. there are questions whether or not that was somehow involved in the whole thing. nonetheless, they fixed the problem and told the folks they could get back on the plane. the family didn't get back on because they were too embarrassed to get back on. >> there are no excuses and no explanation. how could you possibly do that? i mean, it's -- >> right. >> ok, well, the family, they were in muslim garb, ok, that's good, fine. >> the little girl had a u.s. passport. she'd been born in the united states. >> i mean, what does it have to do with anything? >> jet blue said it was a computer glitch. the t.s.a. said that the family had not been flagged but because they were embarrassed and they needed to get home to the new york city area, they're driving 18 hours in a car. >> because they don't want to get back on the plane. >> negatory. >> maybe the t.s.a. should tell people whether they're actually
3:34 am
looking for people with cavity bombs and underwear bombs, maybe that would be more informative. >> 18-month-old baby. >> instead of picking on little babies. >> well, few details being released now about a new jersey radio personality known by many as a tireless advocate for veteran found brutally murdered in her home. she was shot several times and discovered by someone who worked in the home. they say no arrests have been made and no details about any suspects have been released. >> also in the news, we're getting brand new video from indonesia where crews have now found at least 10 bodies near the wreckage of that russian superjet that crashed into a mountainside a couple of days ago. they're now searching for the rest of the 45 passengers who were on board. all of them are suspected dead. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> and congressional democrats now getting behind efforts to hold the obama administration accountable for the botched fast & furious program. 142 house democrats are backing an amendment from the utah
3:35 am
republican congressman jason chavits. republicans and some democrats are calling for contempt of congress charges against attorney general eric holder. they say he has been uncooperative in answering questions about the scandal. fast & furious, of course, the botched gunrunning program that put hundreds of weapons in the hands of mexican criminals. at least two of those guns were later used in a shootout that killed u.s. border patrol agent brian terry. >> animals on the attack. this next story puts an eerily realistic spin on "planet of the apes." >> dirty ape! >> he's not quite taking over the world but this chimp planned
3:36 am
an attack on visitors hiding rocks under straw before ambushing them when they come to visit his enclosure. it displays a highly complex way of thinking usually seen only in humans. i like your strategies. >> is he going to get a psychologist now? >> i'm sure. >> going to get a raise. >> all right. let's take a look at what's going on in the weather on this friday. and look at that, a big storm, janice dean was talking about it just about an hour ago. some warnings and watches out for portions of texas and the gulf coast at this hour and some widely scattered showers across the northern plains. it's clear for the most part in the east and out west as well. and it's a little chilly actually through portions of the big northeastern corridor cities along i-95. right now in new york city, they've got -- we've got 50 degrees. 45 up in caribou. only 41 in cleveland. meanwhile, mid atlantic, temperatures almost 50. we got 50's across much of dixie
3:37 am
land at this hour. today's daytime highs going to be in the 70's and 80's across portions of texas. 80's across the central plains. 60's up north. it's going to be a beautiful day temperaturewise in raleigh, durham. look at that. 74 should be the high. and atlanta almost 80. should be 90 in tampa. the site of that big convention at the end of the summer. and that's a quick look at your fox travelcast for this friday. >> for the past five years, military spouse magazine has recognized exceptional military spouses who dedicate their lives to both their families and their country. >> and this year for the first time ever, the military spouse of the year isn't a mother, it's a father! joining us now is navy veteran jeremy hilton. this year's military spouse of the year. good morning! and congratulations to you. >> good morning, guys. thank you very much. >> that's a wonderful achievement. tell us, you had a problem with your beautiful young daughter
3:38 am
kate. you and your wife were both serving this country proudly. and then you decided, i'll stay at home. and help take care of kate. and you've actually moved your family, i guess, five different times in that period. tell us about your challenges as a military spouse. >> well, it's an absolute honor to be military spouse of the year. and what we experienced is really not that dissimilar from what a lot of military families face. my particular daughter had a disability and i made the decision based on the deployment of the navy at the time that made more sense for our family to allow me to get out and take care of kate and my wife continued to serve our country. >> so you left your job as a naval officer, as a stay-at-home dad now and now you're advocating for families of military personnel, right? >> i am. and it's really quite the honor. >> no kidding. >> i guess were there five other female nominees for this award? >> there were. there were five other female nominees from each of the services.
3:39 am
this is our very first year to have a national guard spouse of the year and i'll just tell you, the other spouses are amazing. these women have done such amazing things and it's really an honor to be with them. >> i know that you said that you got to know all of them and you really enjoyed that and appreciated it and that you all decided that you were ok with whomever won, right? >> we really were and if you look at some of the other bios and i'll give you one example. one of the -- the marine corps spouse of the year, she started this program called stroller warriors and it's all about supporting military families. and if you look at each of their bios, that's what we're about. and we're trying to make sure that our men and women in uniform have the support they need to go out and fight for our country. >> how do we do that? how do we support you? it's so important. what can we do just as regular americans? >> well, i think the big thing is you hear it a lot but saying thank you means a lot to our men and women in uniform and their families.
3:40 am
with a lot of people deployed and particularly when you think about the national guard and reserve, you have military families you may not know about in your community, search them out. find them, find ways to support them. it makes a big difference to our country. >> absolutely. mr. hilton, how were you nominated? >> my wife, renee, nominated me. and that was a big honor because a lot of what our spouses do sometimes kind of goes -- i won't say unappreciated but it's sometimes forgotten and so it was a big thrill for me to have her nominate me. >> so wonderful. and as we celebrate mother's day this weekend in your family, it's going to be a dual celebration. >> absolutely. she's getting flowers this weekend. >> all right. well, and all the mothers out there, we want to remember them as well. thanks so much. what a great honor, jeremy hilton, thanks for sharing your time with us. >> god bless you. >> thank you, guys. >> straight ahead, it turns out the 10 commandments, they just don't work. so a judge is saying one school should cut them down to six.
3:41 am
the six commandments. is that a good idea? a representative from that school here to state his case coming up. >> he must have had a conference. looking for a unique idea for mother's day? why not give your mama a llama? except that's a pig. >> that is a pig. >> where's the llama? come on, show me the llama. >> down at neverland. >> there's the llama! >> all right, peter, get ready to kiss that thing. >> ok. be right back. i'm more of an absentee plant parent. [ cellphone rings ] tuscaloosa? schenecty. des moines. ok. ok. ok. i can't always be there to weed my petunias. so now we use miracle-gro shake 'n feed plus weed prevente it feeds plants and preven weeds for up to three months. so my plants grow bigger, more beautiful,
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i don't want a pluer anywhere near my coffee. not in my house. with maxwell house french roast, you let gravity do the work. [ male announcer ] maxwell house french roast. always good to the last drop. >> quick headlines. a brand new $100,000 fiskar being blamed for sparking a house fire in texas. the car's owner said it was
3:45 am
parked in the garage when it burst into flames. one. many green car companies that receives hundreds of millions of dollars in government subsidies funded by you, the taxpayer. and -- 40 monkeys going bananas on a hyundai hatch back to test out the durability of the new car. they were left unattended for 10 hours and the results, lots of scrapes and smudges but no serious damage. >> are they trying to figure out what your kid would do? >> well, apparently, there is a problem. did you hear, with the 10 commandments being posted in a virginia school and in order to fix it, a federal judge says they should just cut down the first four commandments. just get rid of them. change history. change time. change the last however many thousands of years. cut them down to six. >> therefore, that would eliminate the four commandments that mention god by name. >> matthew staver, chairman of the liberty council represents
3:46 am
the giles county school board. he's fighting to keep it alive. >> good morning. >> what is this about? why should the federal government be involved with this display at a school which is alleged is about american history? >> that's a good question. the 10 commandments is currently one of 29 framed documents on law and government. and in fact, the standards of learning in virginia and the virginia curriculum talk about the history of law, democracy and government and they include the 10 commandments so this is a display of actually what's part of the curriculum and what exists with the virginia standards of learning so when we were in court with the aclu filings, too, they want to eliminate the 10 commandments. the judge has now sent this to memberedation -- mediation to see if we can come up with eliminating one of the tablets of the 10 commandments and that's what we're having to deal with. of course, there's no room yet and no resolution.
3:47 am
>> but matthew, they're the 10 commandments. they're not the six commandments. >> i know, even when that was suggested to the aclu, they said i'm not sure even about the last six because if you say thou shalt not, everybody knows they come from the 10 commandments. probably a good idea to kill. >> that's so ridiculous. on its face, what is this judge trying to say? he wants to take out the religious aspect of the 10 commandments, correct? and your argument is that because there are other documents in this display like the declaration of independence, liis more of a historical displ than a religious one, isn't that the argument? >> that's exactly right. and in fact when you go through history, the magna carte, the bill of rights, jefferson's statute of religious freedom and the 10 commandments they were very influential in the development of law and government. this is a display about history, about virginia history, about american history, about law and
3:48 am
government and certainly within 29 framed documents, the 10 commandments is very consistent and should be a part of it. >> what's the message from this judge? is this a politically correct move or what is the message? >> the message essentially would be just eliminate any reference to god but if you did that, if we started with the first four, we'd have to then move to the declaration of independence and the magna carte and we'd have to start editing everything. >> the money, in god we trust. >> a lot of this stuff we'd have to edit out. none of these documents are edited or excerpted. they're all in their original form. >> what a viewer should know is in the supreme court, the 10 commandments are on the wall, right? >> yeah. in fact, most people would be surprised to realize there's around 50 displays of the 10 commandments both in and outside of the supreme court of the united states. >> and the final question, do you believe that the 10 commandments are as equally important as the constitution and the declaration of
3:49 am
independence to americans and school children in virginia for understanding our american history and heritage? >> i think it's absolutely essential. i mean, you can't understand our history of western legal tradition, american virginian history without understanding the role the 10 commandments has played in law and government. >> all right. thank you very much. sorry, the tv picture didn't work out but matthew, a good guy for joining us on the telephone today. he's the chairman of liberty council and represents the school board in this case. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> coming up on "fox & friends", did president obama play his gay marriage announcement right? did he manipulate the press? dick morris has his take coming up next. >> and want to roll out the red carpet? we do, for your mom this mother's day, look no further. what about a pig? you never thought about a pig on mother's i did day or a llama? what about chickens? i can tell you're going to be out there. >> i love it. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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>> are you look for a gift for the mom that has everything? why not give your mama a llama for mother's day? here to explain how to sponsor a barn buddy, the president of long meadow rescue ranch and the humane society of missouri, katherine warnick from the barnyard bunch along with amanda mullin, the director of long meadow rescue as well. >> all right. >> sure is. good morning, steve. >> great to have you. let's start the festivities, rolls on the red carpet right here. >> walter is just one of the many animals from long meadow
3:54 am
rescue ranch that is part of our barn buddy program. >> come on. >> it's a wonderful opportunity to give your mother a very unique and special gift. >> come on! i see what you've done. you've hidden little -- you've hidden snacks along the red carpet. >> and walter -- >> that's almost cheating. >> walter is representing all of the rescued animals at long meadow which is one of the country's premier horse and farm animal rescue centers in the world. >> now that walter has gone down the red carpet, let's have some of the other critter as well. explain how this works. >> what you can do, you can have your -- >> next animal, please. >> you can sponsor a barn buddy for your mother and it really isn't too late to sponsor. all you can do is log on and go to the "fox & friends" web site and it links to the long meadow web site. they start at $25 and go up to $50. with $50, you got a plush animal as well. >> you get a fake animal and a real animal. >> and a real animal. it's the gift that gives twice.
3:55 am
we are thrilled because you're not only giving your mother a unique and special gift, but you are also getting an animal, a rescued animal a second chance at a happy and healthy life. >> that's right. amanda, come on in here. where are the animals from? >> the animals are from union, missouri. >> ok. that's where the long meadow ranch is. >> correct. >> but where did they come to? how did they come to you? >> they're all rescued one way or another. some are strays. most of the ones we get are neglected. they come from horrible situations. like the miniature horse that's with us, he was kept in a pen. he didn't have any nutritious food. he's with four other horses including one that was deceased. and he was very sick so we rescue and rehabilitate the animals to be able to place them for adoption. >> fantastic. and as you depicted, it's not expensive for as low as $25. >> sponsorships start at $25 and for $50 sponsorship, you can -- and this is for you, steve.
3:56 am
this is juniper, one of our barn buddies, we're giving you a barn buddy sponsorship. and it's a wonderful mother's day gift. and we recommend everyone who wants to give their mother a special and unique gift to log on to the "fox & friends" web site and they can then link to long meadow. give your mother a llama. give your mama a llama for mother's day. >> moms love flowers but why not throw in a pig like walter? >> that's right. and help animals in need while you're giving your mom something special. >> great to have you here on the plaza. you'll be here all morning. amanda and kathy, thank you very much. >> thanks a million. >> very nice. >> all right. gretch and peter, back into you. >> all right. what a great idea! >> love that. >> the miniature horse, i want to meet him. >> you're going to. >> you're out there next time, peter. >> coming up next, can you say caching? president obama scores big thanks to his new stance on gay marriage. details on his dinner date with the hollywood elite and how much he raked in. >> one taking a tough stand on
3:57 am
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it gives them the alert, energetic feeling they need to get stuff done. 5-hour energy...when you gotta get stuff done. >> good morning, everyone. tgif, it is friday. it's may is 1th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. nationwide man hunt is now over. this guy, an accused killer and kidnapper is now dead. his victims miraculously, some of them found alive. live report on this amazing story straight ahead. >> i'm sorry, mr. president. joe biden now apologizing for his latest mishap on same sex marriage. did this allow the president to perfectly manipulate the press? dick morris here to tell us about that. >> better pay up those parking tickets or you could be walking but is taking away your right to
4:01 am
drive legal? and is that possible? we'll debate that straight ahead. live from new york! it's "fox & friends" for a friday. >> i thought you were going to say live from new york, it's -- >> friday morning. >> i thought we were being featured again somehow this quickly even though it's not saturday night yet. >> maybe. >> you might get one here. >> proud to be with you guys anywhere. >> great to have you. >> brian is taking a day off. >> thank, brian, for having me here. let's get to a fox news alert and breaking story while you were sleeping, nationwide man hunt for accused murderer and kidnapper coming it a dramatic and violent end. 35-year-old adam mayes killed himself as swat teams closed in on him in alpine, mississippi. 12-year-old alexandria and 8-year-old kylia bain found with
4:02 am
him alive and coming out mostly unharmed. let's go to ainsley earhardt with the latest. >> hi, gretchen. let me set the scene for you. picture a dramatic showdown unfolding in a wooded area outside of a church in alpine, mississippi late last night. you can look at the video here. authorities receiving a tip from someone who recognized mayes after seeing the f.b.i.'s most wanted list. officers say that they had him surrounded and they told him repeatedly, put that gun down! instead, he put it to his own head and pulled the trigger. he died later at a local hospital. police say that they found the two sisters, alexandria and kylia just a few yards away from him lying on the ground. here are their pictures. they say that these girls were hungry. they were dehydrated and suffering from poison ivy. they're now at a children's hospital in memphis undergoing observation. it has been almost two weeks since mayes allegedly killed their mother and their older sister. those two bodies hidden behind
4:03 am
his mother's house which happens to be in alpine as well. here's what mark wen from the tennessee bureau of investigators had to say. >> i would just like to emphasize that this is still an ongoing investigation. we can't forget about joanne and adrian mayes who did not deserve to die the way they did. and we're going to see that justice is served for them. >> now, mayes' wife, here's her picture, her name is theresa. she's now behind bars and she's charged with conspiracy and first degree murder. she admitted to helping hide those bodies. the motive -- still unknown at this point. but there is word that mayes believed he might have been the girls' father. back to you guys. >> thanks very much. other headlines for your friday. another fox news alert. an american soldier has been killed in afghanistan. nato says the attacker was wearing an afghan army uniform. two other u.s. soldiers were injured. taliban claiming responsibility
4:04 am
for this attack that took place in the kunar province. this is the 20th attack this year where afghan soldiers or insurgents have disguised themselves in military uniforms and then turned on nato troops. it gives a whole new meaning to party politics. president obama rubbing elbows with the hollywood elite hlast night at a campaign fundraiser at george clooney's mansion. raking in nearly $15 million. selma hayak and barbra streisand some of the guests who paid $14,000 a piece to attend. massive trading bet gone wrong by the biggest bank in the united states. j.p. morgan chase telling the investment community it lost $2 billion over the past six weeks. the chief executive admitting the bank's strategy was poorly executed and monitored. it was made with their own money. financial firm now reportedly in talks with u.k. regulators. no word on a formal inquiry. talk about heir, as in h-e-i-r
4:05 am
pressure. take a look at prince charles doing the weather. are you kidding me? >> there will be snow for the higher ground of the highlands. the potential for a few flurries over bell moral. who wrote the script? as the afternoon goes on. >> how fantastic. people in scotland getting quite the shock when prince charles did a surprise reading of the afternoon weather for the bbc. his wife getting in on the act. where is she? there she is. >> they were there to celebrate the network's 60th anniversary. wow, look. >> how do they know -- were they reading a script, steve? >> all you have to do is point and say seven. >> prince steve, duke, how did they do? >> how did they do? >> pretty good. fantastic. giving the windsor wave. now switching topics, let's go on the road down to houston, texas! dick morris is the former advisor to president clinton and the author of the new book "screwed" which is terrific. and he joins us live, as i said, from houston.
4:06 am
good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, you know, prince charles really showed you up, steve. the way he did that weather. >> he did a mighty fine job. how about joe biden kind of showed up the president of the united states a couple of days ago, he shows up on "meet the press" and he talks about how he's absolutely comfortable with same sex marriage. yesterday, we understand that it was reported that the vice president went in and apologized to the president for putting him in a box where he had to come out and say something but i'll tell you what, you know, whether it started with a gaffe or what, the president and his men have perfectly played the press with this because last night in hollywood, he took a victory lap. >> well, yeah, they perfectly played the press. but they forgot that there are voters out there. >> that's right. >> from my point of view, looking at this from the point of view of the electorate, it was a disaster for him! first, north carolina. a state that he desperately needs to win. and won last time votes 61-39
4:07 am
against gay marriage. and the day after they vote against it, he comes out for it. and bear in mind, they can even -- they still need north carolina, the democrats are locating their convention in charlotte in order to try to win north carolina. and he completely steps on the electorate the day after they do it. then he rakes in over a million dollars in 70 -- in two or three hours, they'd say, from the gay community. which makes it look like the statement was bought. then he flies out to hollywood and rakes in $15 million at a fundraiser at george clooney's house. now, there are two kinds of populism in the u.s. economic populism which is trying to ride against rich people and social populism against a bicoastal elite, harvard, new york and hollywood. and the reason the middle of the country is so alienated from the bicoastals are over social issues like gay marriage. >> yeah. >> so he now is firmly aligning
4:08 am
himself with the cultural elite against the base of the country. >> but he's also -- >> that he can't raise money from the business community. >> it may be about money. >> but he's also, dick, don't you believe trying to be the all inclusive president? because even in his statement last night, now, the way he's going to spin this is that mitt romney is not all inclusive when it comes to immigrants, when it comes to gay people, when it comes to whomever but president obama is and do you believe for a moment, do you believe for a moment that joe biden actually made this a gaffe? don't they know that joe biden makes gaffes and so they use this as a strategy so the president could come out, then, and say, oh, yeah, now i can change my position on this. this is all perfectly timed from the beginning. >> well, i think that they did use biden as a trial balloon on this. i don't believe it was a gaffe. but i believe the whole thing is a colossal, huge, gigantic mistake. because he is literally saying i am the tool of hollywood and of
4:09 am
the new york, eastern establishment. and for somebody that's trying to be every man and rally the 99% against the 1% and he's getting clobbered in the polling and the midwest where they lost massively in 2010 and he's trailing in a whole bunch of states like ohio and michigan and others, for him to go out there so heavily on gay marriage, that's one thing. you could take that as a statement of nondiscrimination, a statement of inclusivity but then to publicize that he rakes in a million that night and then that he flies to hollywood and does an event there, that is absolutely the opposite of the image that the president should be projecting. that's why when bill clinton wanted a vacation in martha's vineyard, i said get your butt over to the rockies and go out camping. >> in terms of that, is this a wedge issue? is this a critical issue, dick, does this save the day or make the day for either candidate?
4:10 am
the pugh poll says that 47% of americans agree with gay marriage. in the end, what does it mean? >> i don't think that it -- i don't think that the gay marriage issue per se means a great deal. i think gays support it but they were going to vote for obama anyway. some of the upper income gays probably not. i think those would have voted against him over gay marriage are also going to vote against him over abortion and a lot of other stuff but i do think that his entire campaign thrust is i'm with you and i'm against them. i'm against the 1%. i'm against the conservative and i'm against the evangelicals. >> it was all part of the strategy. >> when he says that, he's undermining himself by being so culturally aloof and so culturally elitist because he played that. i don't think this was a
4:11 am
skillful move at all. i think this was a disaster and it is so indicative of the myopia of the people that are running this campaign that they don't get it! they think this was a great few days. >> it was skillful in the fact that the media fell for it. that's what was skillful. >> well, the media, the media loves this issue. "the new york times" devoted a black multicolumn headline to it like we declared war or something. they're in love with this issue and i think that he played that well. but he looks unbelievably elitist over this thing. and by the way, let's also make no mistake about it, the reason he did this is because he's had a wall street fundraiser that bombed. that he's raised $2000000 from wall street last year at this time, he had raised $7 million so he needs some sort of way to compensate for that. he's turning to the left cultural community which is a big mistake. >> stand by, he's on the road in houston. when he comes back, we'll be talking about this.
4:12 am
billions of your tax dollars headed for foreign countries. and what are we getting in return? zip, zero, zilch, nothing? so who is letting this happen? dick is going to explain it all. >> and one town is taking a tough stand on texters. we're not talking about behind the wheel. now, you can get nabbed for walking on the sidewalk. >> uh-oh! all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions...
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and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, whilen enbrel, you experice persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. [ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biolog medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. >> welcome back, everyone. the u.s.'s national debt, as we all know is exploding and foreign aid could be one of the reasons why.
4:16 am
take a look at this. over the last 20 years, aid to foreign countries has reached an all time high. yesterday we spent a total of $33.3 billion in foreign aid. >> what are we getting in return for all that money? dick morris says according to the title of his book we're getting "screwed." explain it. >> first of all, the actual foreign aid figure when you include the state department, the defense department, and a bunch of others is about $60 billion. the $33 is from a.i.d., the agency for international development, just one arm above that. we can bring foreign aid to our worst enemies. we give the palestinian authority $1 billion a year of foreign aid. we're the -- the epicenter of terrorism against the united states. we've given egypt $17 billion over the last decade and if the latest poll in egypt has our
4:17 am
favorability at 5%. we give jordan a billion in aid a year. favorability there is 12%. in pakistan, we're funding isi, the pakistani intelligence agency. about 60% of pakistan's military budget is paid for by american foreign aid. and admiral mullin, head of the joint chiefs of staff has explicitly said that isi was behind a variety of terrorist attacks that killed american soldiers so we are literally giving foreign aid to countrys that are using it to shoot at us. and beyond that, of the top 30 recipients of -- i'm sorry, of the top recipients of our foreign aid, 55% of them rank in the bottom 30 out of 180 nations in terms of corruption. >> but -- >> so we're giving this money to a total cesspool and by the way,
4:18 am
there's something that the liberals have that i try to expose in my book "screwed" that foreign aid is inconsequential. it's $58 billion out of a budget of trillions. nonsense. about 12% of the money that we can spend other than entitlements, other than interest, other than defense, goes to foreign aid to these very countries that hate us. in fact, the heritage foundation did a study and found that 75% of the countries had received more than $100 million a year in foreign aid for us, vote against us all the time in the united nations. >> that's a good point. >> you answered my question, dick. i was going to give you the devil's advocate question that some people say it doesn't make up a huge part of our deficit anyway. who cares? >> they're wrong. >> one point that we should talk about a little bit of as well,
4:19 am
what we should do going forward. if you want to read about it, pick up a copy of his book, called "screwed." thank you for being on with us today. >> easy to remember the title. >> no kidding. good one. next on the rundown the film stars real life navy seals in action. >> watch out! now the director of "act of valor" back with a special announcement for our u.s. military that you'll only see on "fox & friends." >> don't let those parking tickets pile up in your glove compartment. pay up or you could be walking. is that really legal? we'll tell you. >> peter, that's your car. >> not now. ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay
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>> time to do a little math. news by the numbers. first $3.2 billion. that's how much the u.s. postal service is down in its second quarter. it blames congress for blocking the cost-cutting efforts of ditching saturday mail delivery and reducing health benefits for retirees. next, $6 million. that's how much a man in glendale, arizona won after picking the same winning lotto numbers six different times. he's asked to remain anonymous. find him. he knows what he's doing. finally, 8%. that's how much mother's day spending is expected to go up this year. the national retail federation saying more people are celebrating the holiday. happy mother's day. steve? >> meanwhile, it was one of the winter's biggest hits. "act of valor" the movie action packed film starring real life active duty u.s. navy seals. take a look. >> whoa!
4:24 am
>> i got her. >> "act of valor" received a lot of praise and now they're returning the favor. the film comes out on blu-ray and d.v.d. this summer. when it does, part of the proceeds will go to support our military. joining us right now here on the big plastic desk is the director of the film. good morning to you. >> hey, steve. >> congratulations, by the way. the weekend this came out, number one in the world. >> we were excited to see that the world resonated towards the film. >> folks, you know, when scott was here before, i talked about i'd seen it with some navy seals and it's absolutely fantastic. those are real active duty navy seals with live fire. real bullets. >> i'm telling you. you know what's incredible is i'm so excited, when we were doing the process of the film, we interviewed these guys and it's never been done before so on the blu-ray, you get a chance to see these interviews.
4:25 am
these are like some of the added features on the blu-ray and i think for the first time, blown away about how charismatic they are. >> even though they're real life active duty navy seals and we see their real families, you get the behind-the-scenes stuff you didn't get in the movie. >> there's so much more material you love to put in the movie that you can't. you're going to see deleted scenes and all the added featured ads. it's a packed blu-ray. it will be really exciting. >> if you love action movies, i've never seen a movie where those aren't special effects. but these are real things. >> that's the great thing about "act of valor." everything is authentic and real in our film and i think that's probably why it resonated in the box office. >> ok. so going forward, when folks buy the blu-ray or d.v.d., you'll give back through the operation home front. >> yeah, we really feel strongly about the sacrifices the men and women are making right now for our country and more importantly
4:26 am
the families and operation home front is a charity that gives back to these families and wounded warriors and we feel compelled that we need as americans give back to these people that are doing incredible things for us. >> what have people told you since the movie came out? i would imagine a lot of people said hey, thank you, for highlighting these people. a lot of the times these operations go on in complete secrecy and we never hear about it as well should be the case. you made a big movie about it and a lot of people went and saw it. >> it's really humbling because people have come up and thanked my partner and i about making this film. for us, we try to pay homage to these incredible people and for us, we don't feel like we, you know, deserve the credit because it's really the guys in the movie that deserve the credit and we're like don't thank us, thank them. and we just were lucky enough and fortunate enough to be the ones to be able to tell their story. >> and our company, 20th century fox films lucky enough to be the distributor, i think. >> that's correct. really happy about that as well. >> all right. >> it comes out on d.v.d. when? >> it comes out on june 5th which we think is perfect between memorial day and
4:27 am
father's day. what a perfect father's day gift, don't you think? >> not bad. you could preorder it for mom on mother's day. print up a coupon on the printer. hey, mom, you'll get it in a couple of weeks. >> exactly! >> it's great. >> scott, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. >> "act of valor" coming to d.v.d. and blu-rainier you soon. meanwhile, 27 after the top of the hour. next up on the rundown, america's toughest sheriff being sued by the feds and you can bet he is not taking this sitting down. the details about sheriff joe coming up. plus forget about distracted driving. you could now be slapped with a fine for distracted walking. is that too much? well, maybe. we're going to report, you're gonna decide straight ahead. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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4:31 am
>> why are we playing that go-go sports music? because it's our shot of the morning. these are the go-go sports girls, 10 sports oriented dolls created by the dream big toy company and jodi norgard. they have a message of their own and are lead free.
4:32 am
this mom decided to create the dolls when her 9-year-old came to her and said mom, i don't find any dolls on the store shelves that look anything like me so she decided to send out a positive. >> like innocent, strong dolls for young women. >> and so the kids can chew on them. >> there they go. >> speak up. >> meanwhile, take you across the river. if you go up here about five or six miles on the west side of new york city, you go across the george washington bridge, right there is fort lee, new jersey. well, apparently, the chief of police in fort lee has had it with these people who walk through the crosswalks texting and they're just generally distracted while they're walking because since january, something like 23 people have been involved in accidents and i think somebody has been killed so the chief is deciding it's time to do something tough. >> all right. >> so do you agree with this? do you think you should be
4:33 am
ticketed while you're texting and walking? i think there was one town, i believe it was maybe philadelphia, somewhere in pennsylvania that decided to build actual or do certain crosswalks or not crosswalks but, you know, special lanes like a bike lane for a texting lane. have we come to that where we need a texting lane to people because we're so attached to our devices? >> we might. here in manhattan, you know, you see people, you know, looking at the droid and the iphone and the texting, it's like they're getting a nuclear codes from washington coming across. you know, bring home some milk. and then they bump into you. i bump into someone doing it looking at the text. >> should we all confess right now? >> if you'd like to. i'd like to hear your confession. >> i think we're all guilty. >> wait a second. no! >> we're on. hello! >> that's one of the problems. >> it's true. if you ever drive -- >> tell us what camera to go to. >> if you're a driver in manhattan, here's one of the problems, you have the green
4:34 am
light, right? you know that the pedestrians are not supposed to walk through. so you'll be driving like folks are right there on fifth avenue and just watch -- watch these people like that guy right there crossing 50th. he's just going regardless. there's so many people that do that. it's frustrating for a driver because even though they've got the green light, the pedestrians don't even look up and just feel like they're entitled to walk wherever they want to go. >> yeah, but i'm here to say i think we all do it. we all do it! >> it is dangerous. >> we all do it. i'm not really sure. >> i do it. >> it is dangerous. >> bad. don't do it. >> be careful out there on the streets as they said in the beginning of "hill street blues" back in the day. >> good show. >> former football player. >> great guy. >> daniel j.travanti. great guy. >> should we do other headlines as well? new details being released about a radio personality.
4:35 am
she was known as a tireless advocate for veterans and she was found brutally murdered in her home. cops say april cough -- kaufman was shot several times and no arrests have been made. >> the federal government going after that man, arizona sheriff joe appillo, the obama administration is suing sheriff joe. joe's department accused of discriminating against hispanic jail inmates and intentionally targeting hispanic drivers during traffic spots. he is fighting back saying the lawsuit is all about election year politics as the white house tries to court hispanic voters. >> we are not racist. that's all politics. i resent their allegations. i look forward to going to court. they're trying to take away the authority of the sheriff by intimidati intimidation. >> maybe.
4:36 am
the sheriff -- rather, the justice department wants him to submit to an outside monitor to keep an eye on his operation. something, he says, he will not allow. all right. joe, thanks. >> and a small alabama town is fighting back after the freedom from religion foundation calls for the removal of bible verses from their welcome signs. as you can see, the welcome you sign reads ephesians 4:5. the former mayor had them removed but the new mayor says he's putting his foot down and putting the signs back up. the foundation says the signs violate the constitution. >> a preschooler's day went from ordinary to extraordinary during story time. that's when her soldier dad showed up and surprised him. >> hi, buddy. >> hi. >> hi! >> come here! >> who is this? >> daddy.
4:37 am
>> that's your dad! >> dad was coming home, the little boy didn't know. army specialist joshua turner has spent the last eight months in afghanistan. seeing my family for it seems like so long now. >> you keep hugging daddy, how come? >> cuz. >> cuz why? >> because i missed him. >> unfortunately, turner is only home for 15 days and he says he will cherish every single moment. you see that little kid, maybe it's 2 or 3, did he see his reaction at first? i mean, eight months, does that child, you know, probably -- >> probably thinking that guy looks like my dad. >> looks like my dad. is that my dad? my dad is over there. >> he was wearing the fatigues. little boy is so cute. wonderful. >> i would imagine for the next two weeks, the kid will be on his lap the whole time. >> meanwhile, let's take a look at what's going on weatherwise on this friday and this rainy day across much of the gulf coast area as the western gulf
4:38 am
coast and heavy storms moving through portions of eastern texas, moving through into louisiana and we've also got some widely scattered showers in portions of the northern plains. chilly start to the day in, as you can see, look at montana right now, it's below freezing. they have 27. meanwhile, chillyish in portions of new england and the big northeastern corridors. 50 right now in new york city which is a temperature we share with raleigh. we've got 60 in memphis and almost 70 in tampa. meanwhile on this friday, almost 70 in new york city. almost 80 in atlanta. 80's all the way from texas to the gulf coast. 90 in tampa. mid 60's in the northern plains. if you're up already in phoenix, arizona, your daytime high should be 99 degrees later today. >> coming up, hot, hot, hot, that sounds nice for here. that's not going to be the case. forget fast forwarding or getting up to get a snack. now you can skip tv commercials
4:39 am
all together. >> i like those. >> did you ever ignore parking ticket? just kind of throw it away. some states are so broke, they're taking extreme measures to make you pay up. might even wonder is that legal? >> a town in new jersey is now fining people who are walking and texting. yeah. of course here in los angeles, we have our own way of handling people who walk while texting. we run them over! that works! [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil® for their headaches. my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil® for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be. ♪
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4:42 am
>> down in the control room with some quick headlines for you. today, john edwards' defense
4:43 am
team will ask the judge to get rid of the case, dismiss the case against him for a lack of evidence, they say. if that doesn't work, they'll start presenting their case on monday and may call edwards to the stand himself. that should be good. and forget fast forwarding. now the dish network will let you skip tv ads all together. it's offering a feature dubbed the hopper where customers see a black screen for a second before the program resumes. some are saying, though, this will threaten billions of dollars in tv advertising that pays for a lot of television. all right, gretch? >> drivers in a growing number of states should think twice before they skip payment on their parking tickets or, you know, just do this. if you don't pay up, it could mean the loss of your license now. states hoping to close the gaps on their deficits are penalizing drivers who refuse to pay the fees but does the punishment fit the offense? fox news analyst and former prosecutor faith jenkins join me for a fair and balanced duke it
4:44 am
out session. >> the drama here on the "fox & friends." whoa! >> trying to live up to you, my friend. >> spitting in the wind. >> that's why people do, they have their parking tickets and they go like this. >> right. that's what happens. this law targets serial offenders, people who repeatedly get these tickets and refuse to pay, they tear them up and they don't show up for court. this is a way to get people to comply to say you'll lose your privilege to drive if you don't start paying your tickets. >> the key word that she said is privilege. it is legal because driving believe it or not for people in rural areas is a privilege. you don't have a right to drive, right? the framers of the constitution say you have a right to drive. here's my point. there are other ways to get people to pay. that's what this is all about. >> what other ways? >> the boot. >> what's the boot? >> the boot is -- in an urban area like this, they come around with these little u.p.c. scanning machines. it will come right up, you know, six unpaid tickets, they boot you and they put a device on the
4:45 am
wheel, the lock -- >> is that only a new york thing, or no? >> it's a city thing, not only a new york thing. they tow cars like crazy and you can't get the car back until you pay. here's the problem i have, gretchen, you very nicely you and your husband buy your 17-year-old son a car. >> not there yet. >> the car is in your name or husband's name. he goes off and gets five tickets, you don't know about it. boom, your license is suspended? you're in trouble? >> and never leaves the house ever again! if he does that. >> a lot of people are complaining about this but if you get a ticket, if you fight it in court or answer it or do something, you will not get your license suspended. this is for people who get them and ignore them completely and they're repeat offenders. >> what if you don't know about it? >> wait a minute -- faith, what if you don't get notice? >> how can you not know it? >> you can play the what if game all day. >> that's what we do as lawyers and as legislators. excuse me, miss jenkins. but people who write these laws, you have to do that what if analysis all the time.
4:46 am
>> let me show you the eight states right now with laws suspending licenses after nonpayment of parking tickets. california is on there! isn't that one of the most liberal states, arthur and they believe in this and then you've got wisconsin, illinois, michigan, new york, connecticut. >> i don't know if california is liberal. ronald reagan came from california. and richard nixon came from the great statement of california. >> let's not bring up arnold. back to the parking tickets, you believe this is a way to teach people a lesson. >> right, it's one of the only few ways you can get people to comply and pay their tickets. otherwise, people ignore them. i think it's a harsher penalty to put a boot on someone's car. >> this is the truth. in new york, what happens is you go back to park your car and it's gone. and you don't know at that point for 12 minutes, is my car stolen or did they catch me? have they towed it?
4:47 am
once they tow it, it's an automatic $300 fee to get your car back plus you have to pay all the outstanding tickets. it's instant gratification. >> there are so many opportunities, gretchen, i mean, this is for serial repeat offenders. people who get -- people who have 10 unpaid tickets, eight unpaid tickets so it's not like this is your first time and you're getting, you know, over -- >> we now know that arthur has his case prepared for people that he's going to defend in court. >> absolutely! i'm going to traffic court today! that's what i do. >> this is the prosecutor you'd be going up against. >> i love traffic court. fight parking tickets. way to go, arthur! way to go. great lawyer. big time! >> have a great weekend. >> happy mother's day, gretchen. >> thank you so much. it's called the train to nowhere and we sent our own ainsley earhardt to california to find out why billions of your dollars was spent on it. what is it? what did she find out? the full report coming up. and need a gift for mother's day speaking of it? forget the flowers. give your mama a llama? arthur, would you do that? >> sure.
4:48 am
>> coming up, we're heading outside to the backyard barn for some of the most unique gifts for mom around. first on this day in history in 1989, bon jovi had the number one song with "i'll be there for you." wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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4:51 am
>> we've been telling you all morning about the perfect gift for all those animal loving moms out there. get mama a llama. here to explain it with more adorable animals from the barnyard bunch is kathy warnick, the president of long meadow rescue ranch and the humane society of missouri and amanda mullin, the director of long meadow rescue ranch. good morning, ladies. how are you?
4:52 am
>> good morning, we're terrific. >> so happy to have you here. >> we're delighted to be here with animals from long meadow rescue ranch. we're here today representing the barn buddy and the barn buddy program is a horse and animal sponsorship program. it is a perfect gift from a mother who loves animals. >> so for our moms, for 25 or $50 or something, we can get a certificate of care. we can get a lovely, plush -- >> a plush and that's -- >> will the animal pose for us? >> you bet. you bet. >> let's see how they pose. >> for the last minute gift, you can log on to "fox & friends" and download it. >> let's meet some of our "fox & friends" here. wildlife friends. who are we going to meet first? >> this is juniper here. she's a miniature donkey and juniper is very friendly. so perhaps if you have a mother that maybe even has a stubborn streak, juniper might be a good match. she's a very good guardian mal as -- guard animal as well. we have cameo, one of our
4:53 am
chickens here and she was rescued as a young chick. as she got older, people were living in the city and decide they couldn't keep -- >> what is this animal, this wonderful donkey going to do with a stubborn mother or mother-in-law, what's going to happen with that? that could be a problem. i don't know if that's a mother's day gift or not. now, what about serenity. i want to know about serenity the llama, one of my new friends here at "fox & friends." good morning, how are you? >> serenity as you can see is very social. >> serenity doesn't speak. >> no, sorry. she hasn't figured that out yet. >> some people think llamas spit, is that true? >> they all can spit but only some do spit. the ones that are more protective. they do that usually towards other llamas and typical over food. >> a lot of these were abused and maltreated so you've taken them in. an opportunity to honor our moms across america by taking care of these animals. >> absolutely. it's the gift that gives twice. not only are you giving your mom
4:54 am
a unique gift but you're helping animals in need. >> let me see our special take. good morning, walter. how are you? tell me about walter. >> walter is a wonderful pig. he's a pot bellied pig and he's a really smart pig. >> let's see how smart he is. walter, do the do si do. i want music for this. walter goes around. excellent. walter, hey, what's happening? don't get too close. nice to see you. happy mother's day. nice to see you. these are wonderful! wait a second, who is this? a peking duck and who is this other guy squawking over here? good morning. what's happening? >> he's very vocal and as you can tell, he's a very good guardian mal -- guard animal. >> the goose was injured on a public pond where he didn't have protection from predators. >> we have this peking duck who has a better life here than in a restaurant. that's so wonderful. we're saving the ducks and saving all the wildlife here.
4:55 am
what a wonderful thing that's going on. i love llamas, you know, my parents pose a llama on fifth avenue. would it be possible to bring that back to my mother? i love my mother, veronica. can we have serenity? serenity is coming with me. we're going. let's head out. take care. you know, steve, gretchen, you let me know what you want to be bringing back home because serenity is coming with me. officers, serenity is coming with me! we have him now. >> good luck. >> take him right over to fifth avenue. good idea. >> good luck bringing serenity into the courtroom today. >> that's right. >> peter, who knew you and michael jackson both loved llamas? >> officer, this is my prisoner and he's part of my family now. have you met serenity the llama? >> that could be his defendant today in court. listen -- >> kangaroo court. >> exactly. listen up, studies show american teens are partying hard and poised to die young. drugs are mostly to blame.
4:56 am
what you need to be on the lookout for on display, we'll show you everything next hour. >> take a good look at your television screen. is that the face of terror? apparently. this toddler booted off a plane. geraldo rivera gives us his take and we've got a big surprise for you, jerry! at the top of the hour. this is delicious okay... is this where we're at now? we just eat whatever tastes good? like these sweet honey clusters... actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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4:59 am
geraldo is in the studio and he makes me laugh. good to see you. good morning, everyone. it's friday, may 11. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks far sharing part of your day with us. the nationwide manhunt is over with a cowardly killer taking his own life.
5:00 am
but his two victims are alive today. the latest details seconds away. >> steve: chances are, you saw the report, a main stream newspaper calling mitt romney a big bad high school bully. problem? well, the facts are falling apart and falling apart fast. so is it just another media hit job? geraldo will talk about that promptly. >> peter: and come take a good look at your tv screen. does this little girl look like a terrorist to you? why was this toddler kicked off a plane? "fox & friends" starts right now on friday. >> gretchen: i thought you were about going home with the lama. >> peter: i'd like to take it home for my mother. >> gretchen: they spit. >> peter: he didn't spit. i wanted to have a kind of a connection. >> steve: apparently security stopped you right there. they need the lama. they have to take it back to missouri to that ranch.
5:01 am
>> peter: we've got a whole block! i could have taken a will ma. >> steve: he just had a great segment about how you can effectively adopt these animals. they've rescued them out in missouri. it would be a nice gift for mother's day, which is coming up this sunday. go to our web site if you're interested. >> it would grab for your lawn. >> gretchen: more on that later on. fox news alert, american soldier has been killed in eastern afghanistan, nato says the attacker was wearing an afghan army uniform. here we go again. two other u.s. soldiers were injured. taliban claiming responsibility for the attack which took place in the kunar province. this is the 20th attack this year where militants disguised themselves and turned on the nato troops. another break story, a manhunt for an accused murderer
5:02 am
and kidnapper, coming to a dramatic end. 5-year-old adam mayess shot himself as swat teams closed in on him outside a church in alpine, mississippi. two girls were found with him. they were alive. extremely hungry dehydrated. they were released from a memphis hospital 30 minutes ago. their mother and older sister, unfortunately, allegedly murder by mayes nearly two weeks ago. his wife behind bars, accused of helping to hide their bodies. vice president joe biden apologizing this morning after announcing his support of gay marriage before president obama had a chance to do it. of course, some say that forced the president into giving his own endorsement prematurely. but we're told biden apologized to him face-to-face. his off also releasing an official statement saying, quote, the president has been the leader on this issue from day one and the vice president never intended to distract from that. i'll let you be the judge on that one.
5:03 am
a toddler yanked from a flight for being on a no fly list. it's believed 18 month old rihanna was on a federal list of terrorists. an airline employee pulling her and her family from a jetblue flight. the tsa saying they weren't flagged by the agency. jetblue apologized, saying it was a computer glitch. they were cleared to reboard, but declined, saying at that point they were too embarrassed to get back on the plane. those are your headlines. geraldo is here to react to that last story. >> good morning. >> steve: so it sounds like that family is now driving back to new york city because they were so embarrassed. >> i was on the no fly list for a long time when they first computerized the no fly list. i would get my boarding pass and it would have three s's on it. >> steve: four s's. >> i brought my boarding pass here one morning. i was immediately shuffled off to a side search where the enhanced interrogation and search took place.
5:04 am
i was so frustrated, i called the tsa and i called them. i went on television, i exposed them. i embarrassed them. they could not remove my name from the computer that had the no fly list. >> steve: there's a another geraldo rivera? >> i don't know. i'm not exactly sure what their motivation was, other than shear imcompetence. but i understand the family's frustration. >> gretchen: how did you get off the list? >> i guess after enough kicking and screaming screaming and embt to the tsa of their utter imcompetence in terms of managing this program. they talked about glitches in the computer program. at some point they finally got it together. but it was quite a while and it is -- there is a lot of dysfunction in the tsa. i think there is a lot of people who think it should be reprivatized. i don't necessarily endorse that. but the last time i flew to afghanistan, i got manually raped by a guy -- there was the
5:05 am
stand -- making sure is one thing. this guy, it seemed to me, was getting off on it. and the angrier i got and then he just had to be a little more intimate and go up here and go down there. i said, man oh, man. if that was shep smith, there would have been a real blowout. shep said, don't touch my... . >> steve: i think everyone says that. >> gretchen: i never thought we were going here with this today, geraldo. but anyway. >> did i ever tell you the one about... [ laughter ] >> gretchen: i read your book, remember? let's talk about mayor -- mitt romney. in the "washington post," there was a story about back in high school, 46 to 48 years ago that he apparently pinned down a young man who apparently was gay and they wanted to cut his hair
5:06 am
off or something like that. now a bunch of cracks are coming out in the story basically where the main guy saying, he wasn't even there to witness the incident. >> the incident as described by the "washington post," it's a really -- it seemed a very well reported, well sourced story. he cited five source. it flashes back all the way to 1965 and there is mitt romney in the elite prep school in michigan. his dad was governor of the state of michigan at that time. there was a couple of overtly gay guy, one very flamboyant, john lowber, who had bleach blond hair and he wore it over one eye. this is in a school where the boys carried briefcasescases ane blazers with ties and the story alleges that mitt romney led this group, kind of lord of the flies kind of group to go tackle this kid, hold them down as mitt romney cut his hair off. on our pal brian kilmeade's show
5:07 am
yesterday, brian kilmeade seemed to remember the prank and apologized for it. now there seems to be some problem with some of the sources alleging that maybe the story isn't as clear cut. it still was a long time ago. the question is, and i asked this of my radio audience yesterday. >> revealing of the character of the man today? i think everybody watching has to ask themselves, are you the same person you were in high school? >> steve: you know what? -- >> gretchen: i want to be clear, i think in the radio show, he said he did not remember the incident. but that inevitably he would apologize. >> he remembered -- he remembered the prank, the cutting the hair. he did not remember a second incident in which he called an overtly gay guy at a girl. >> peter: we have this announcement by that and now we have this story. now somehow, mitt romney has morphed into being a homofebruary. >> let's talk about the timing of the story. it came out 24 hours after barak obama was forced by joe biden
5:08 am
into embracing the notion of gay marriage. it was the headline everywhere. here you had the story that's been wrapped in cellophone. we don't know what they were waiting for. but interestingly enough, when push came to shove, the "washington post" chickened out. by that i mean they cannot put this story in the newspaper. rather, they chose to put it in their on-line edition only. >> peter: were they embarrassed that it's a blatant hit job? >> in the quotes i've seen of the editor, they were -- they got squeamish about the timing. they claim innocence on the timing. but to me, it's disingenuous because if you're going to put it on the on-line version, these days the on-line version is in the newspaper -- >> gretchen: that's so disingenuous. >> it's public and out there. certainly that was the morning, yesterday morning. and then on brian's show at 9 eastern time, they were already talking about it with mitt
5:09 am
romney. what's the relevance of it? isn't that the issue? >> steve: sure. plus the big question, and i was looking at, an offshoot of media research center, they ask, where was the 5,000 word "washington post" story on obama's cocaine use four years ago? he completely skated. he was not vetted. now -- >> while that's partially true, we lived with jeremiah wright. we bill with bill ayers. we lived with so many of the dark -- >> steve: nobody ever really went into the drug use. >> but the drug use, he did admit to drug use his own mouth. >> peter: bill ayers and wright, avenues fully -- he was a fully formed man and candidate. >> were you the same man as you were in high school? i am, i hope i have evolved as a person. i hope i'm a kinder person. i think mitt romney clearly is
5:10 am
not the entitled, elite, prep school kind of person that we did not like. mitt romney, when he ran for senate against ted kennedy, i didn't like him. he was the prep school insider, everything i didn't like. he won by losing, 'cause he loses the senate race. he goes to salt lake city and saves the olympics. then comes back to massachusetts. remember i lived there in the summer time. he comes back to massachusetts and saves the commonwealth that we used to call tax a cuusetts. he saves bain as ceo. so he has evolved as a person and a much more likeable, nice person. but this reminds you of everything you held against the guy initially. >> gretchen: i don't know. i wouldn't want all the stuff i did in high school to start being picked apart and wondering about that. but we've got -- >> i want to read that part. >> gretchen: oh, oh we've got to get to your surprise guest. >> i have a surprise guest? >> steve: here. john stossel has a brand-new book out. >> are you going to compare mustaches. >> steve: hold on just a second. listen to this, john stossel was
5:11 am
asked by somebody about something and we've got this sound bite. it's 20 seconds long. listen to it, you two. >> how often do you get confused on the street between you and geraldo rivera? >> often, once a week. it's weird because our offices were next to each other at 20/20 where he was the big shot, the big monster guy. and i go to fox where he's been for years and once again, our offices are right next to each other. >> we have separated at birth. >> steve: there must be some similarity because do you remember what jimmy fallon did with your facial hair? here is a flash. >> the mustache rumbles. >> there is no love lost between these with mustaches! the network is not big enough for these two barbarians! these whisker warriors!
5:12 am
[ laughter ] >> steve: who wins eventually? >> geraldo. >> gretchen: that is hysterical. >> thank you, thank you. what's your sign? >> my sign is that you may have evolved from high school. >> we agree about most things, but geraldo thinks politicians should help the poor. >> steve: thank you. >> that's it for him? >> steve: that's it. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," all aboard, you're on a train to nowhere. billions of your taxpayer dollars being spent for nada. we sent ainsley earhart to find out why. >> peter: parents, take a good look, american teens can't kick the drug habit and it's lead to go death.
5:13 am
what you need to look out for, coming up. >> gretchen: stay away from the table, geraldo [ male announcer ] what can you do with plain white rice? when you pour chunky beef with country vegetables soup over it... you can do dinner. four minutes, around four bucks. campbels chunky. it's amazing what soup can do. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete.
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5:16 am
>> peter: s ainsley earhart here to tell us about the so-called train from nowhere. >> we told you about this one recently several weeks ago. i went out there, billions of tax dollars being spent on this project which has many people scratching their heads. so i had the pleasure of going out to california to find tout why. take a look at this. >> our goal is to give 80% of americans access to high speed rail. >> bringing high speed rail to the united states has long been a priority of the obama administration and a private company funded by las vegas
5:17 am
developers called desert express enterprises wants to be the first to fulfill that vision. but there is one problem, the closer you get to southern california's major population centers, the harder it is to build a train. >> it would be cost prohibitive to get the right of way they need and too expensive. >> instead, the train will start outside of victorville, california, a desert city of 120,000 people, more than 90 miles from the hoped for starting point of los angeles or anaheim. >> the eventual question is a common one, even people here understand that's a little confuse to go some people, but it's pretty much a straight shot from here to vegas. there is not a lot in between. >> rick: victorville serves as the natural collection point of an estimated 11 million people that make that drive on i 15 every year to las vegas. >> this is literally the end of the road. we're off the 15 in the middle of the mojave desert.
5:18 am
you go 90 miles that way and you hit l.a 188 miles that way and you hit las vegas. the question is, would you drive from l.a., park your car here, hop on the train to get there? >> i don't think the people of los angeles, which is where we're going to be drawing most of the riders, are going to buy driving halfway to vegas and catch a plane the other half. >> i think it's a good idea. i think the reason you're seeing this happen is vegas sees there's a reason for it. they're the ones that are pushing for it. a lot of this money, private equity, is coming out of vegas to allow people to get up there much quicker. they understand that they can't really get down into the l.a. basin, so this is where they're going to start. >> what's standing in the way of turning this into an oasis? the answer is really simple. money. with private funds drying up, the desert express is asking you to chip in. they say they need at least
5:19 am
$5 billion in taxpayer money in the form of a loan. >> they're so quick to point out it's a loan, it will be paid back with interest. but i think there's a lot of people that are pretty nervous about that. >> solyndra was supposed to be paid back also. we know how that worked out. >> we tried to make them part of the story and invited them to be part of it. they said they've got to wait until all of this is finished, but they hope to talk to the media after that. a lot of money being spent and it was a tough assignment going to california. >> peter: smart and well reported. >> thank you. >> peter: parents, think the war on drug social security over? think again. kids are getting high on things like hand sanitizer and prescription pills. the scary reality and what you really need to know is going to be on display here. and can you say caching? president obama scores big thanks to his new stance on gay marriage. details on his dinner dates with
5:20 am
the hollywood elite and how much dough he raked in. you won't believe it i'm really going to miss you.
5:21 am
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5:23 am
>> gretchen: teen drug use is up and american kids are at risk. u.s. teens have the highest death rate of any high income country and drugs are part of that problem. so what kind of drugs are they abusing? david cats is a former dea agent and ceo of global security group and he's my guest. good to see you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: we have so much to get through. i want to start with what the kids are abusing and i'm going to start with the prescription drugs because this is an epidemic problem in america. >> within the last month, approximately 8% of american teens have abused prescription
5:24 am
drugs. what happens is parents get a prescription. i had back surgery, so maybe you get vicodin, 30, 40 pills, may you use seven. so the remainder is in the container. do you really monitor what's left? sometimes they sit in the drug cabinet for five months, six months, a year. the kids are getting access to them. they're worth a lot of money on the street. plus being used in a manner inconsistent with their prescription. they're being ground down, snorted and being injected. it's a problem. >> gretchen: my mom was stopped in a drugstore parking lot and offered a lot of money for her drugs. good thing it was not a violent situation. marijuana is another thing. this is what it would look like. >> marijuana is the drug of choice. it's the most commonly abused drug by teens. one out of five eighth graders have used marijuana at least once. parents have to understand, you go to the school soccer game, count one, two, three, four, that person. one two, three, four, that kid.
5:25 am
that's lot. >> gretchen: okay. cocaine? >> again, not just powdered sugar. this is typically the way it's ingested. cut into lines and snorted. typically on a smooth surface. sometimes they use a rolled dollar bill, a mirror sometimes. it comes in glass bags like this. >> gretchen: some people say this has been around forever. why the increase? >> that's great question. between the years 2000 and 2008, drug use has been down significantly. last couple of years, it's trending back up. still lower than a decade ago, but still trending back up. now -- this happened historically in the past, but kids are using things that are absolutely insane. they're ingesting bath salts. >> gretchen: right here. >> these are actually -- not the bath salts. these are here for effect. but the bath salts have a highly, highly powerful synthetic stimulant that causes the same effect as methamphetamine and hallucinations and can cause permanent daniel to children.
5:26 am
hearing loss. >> gretchen: the reason we're not showing it here is because it's outhowed in new york and many states are trying to go counsel that path. >> correct. >> gretchen: i see that's aerosol cans. >> kids are huffing. they're inhaling substances to get high. they inhale paint thinner. imagine, the stuff you would open your window to avoid being exposed to, they're soaking a rag, putting it in a plastic bag and inhaling them. extraordinarily dangerous. >> gretchen: what about hand sanitizer? >> remember years ago people would try to extract alcohol from sterno? same idea. they can't buy alcohol, underage kids. >> gretchen: sounds like a lot of work. i want to get to these. you think you just had some tea in the bedroom or magic marker. >> this is a magnetic box. also a pot pipe. this is just a clever way -- this has been around for yerkes but this is actually a container, they can put their stash in here. parents not paying attention,
5:27 am
parents, something like that is going to be hiding possibly narcotics. >> gretchen: you can do a test as parents because the drugs come out of their pores. so on a computer keyboard, you can swipe it and test. >> very simple. the kit, you add a couple drops of water. if you suspect the child is using this particular keyboard, you just take a sample like so, put it back here, add water to the felt strips. this is actually, if you can see, this is a positive test that we did on a substance on a surface we knew or believed to be positive. it's like a home pregnancy test. you got a control line and an indication if there is a positive narcotic present. >> gretchen: thanks for educating us today. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, they promised dramatic weight loss with their popular treatment, but a new lawsuit claims they delivered death. thanks to a famous pals and
5:28 am
stance on gay marriage, president obama scoring big with dollars. details on his dinner date with the hollywood elite and how much he raked in. not church change. it's lot of dough
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
>> a town in new jersey is
5:32 am
fining people who are walking and texting. yeah. of course, here in los angeles, we have our own way of handling people who walk while texting. we run them over. [ laughter ] it works. >> steve: that's l.a. for you. what would they do down in washington, d.c.? shannon bream is sub suiting for the great chris wallace this weekend and she joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you? >> steve: doing okay. we were talking about earlier this story about people are distracted while walking and now you could wind up in new jersey with a big ticket. >> listen, i'm one of those guilty people who is constantly e-mailing and texting and walking down the halls at lightning speed and occasional lee hits a wall maybe. >> gretchen: i admit it, too. i guess we got to go to confession a little bit more. let's talk about this because the president went out to the west coast.
5:33 am
he had a big fund-raiser at george clooney's house. i think it was last night. now he'll be on "the view" coming up next week. he was rubbing elbows with some of the big hollywood stars like george clooney, toby mcguire, jack black, salma hayek. this was a good way to raise a lot of money, right? >> yeah. it sounds like it may have set some kind of record. it sounds like $15 million last night. the tickets were $40,000 each. the president clearly in full on campaign mode. we heard many times about how much money this campaign may raise. every four years it's the most expensive presidential election to date. they batted around the number of a billion dollars possibly for his reelection campaign. so that money has to come from someplace and last night it came from his buddies in hollywood apparently. >> steve: and apparently of the $15 million figure that we're getting, $10 million came from that for $3, win a date with the president of the united states and george clooney. they did have the two winners.
5:34 am
one person from st. petersburg flax fellow and the other one from new jersey. >> it was two women who won and they brought along their husbands and i can't imagine what it must be like just to be like any of us, everyday americans and show up in a fund-raiser like this with a top a list stars across the board. must have been quite an experience. to get a $3 sort of raffle, it's testament to how popular this president is and with a lot of folks in his reelection campaign. that's a significant amount of money to raise, $3 at a time. >> steve: clever. >> gretchen: speaking of opportunity, you have the opportunity -- is this the first time you'll be hosting fox news sunday? >> it's actually the second time, but they let me sit in one time last year and i guess i didn't completely botch it since they're letting me come back. >> peter: i saw you. you were great. >> gretchen: what a why opportunity. who are you going to have on the show? >> we've got senator diane feinstein with us exclusively and she's connected to many of the hot topics this week. she is the chair of the senate
5:35 am
select intelligence committee. we're going to talk to her about the bomb plot that was uncovered and also the concerns that a lot of folks have about how much information has leaked out. we'll find out when she knew, what she knew and if she's concerned about the leaks. we'll also talk about the issue of gay marriage because she has sponsored a bill in the senate to repeal the defense of marriage act. it has gotten through a committee vote. senator reid said it may get to a full vote. we'll talk to her about those. we have senator john thune with us, one of the top republicans in the senate. we'll talk to him about those topics as well and about the speculation that he, who endorsed mitt romney very early on in the primary season, is a short lister on the vp potential picks list. >> steve: the best one hour on sunday morning television, shannon, thank you very much. we'll be watching for you. >> thanks v a great weekend. happy mother's day, gretchen. >> gretchen: thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> steve: 25 minutes now before the top of the hour. in the news, the federal government going after that guy, joe arpaio.
5:36 am
the obama administration now suing him. his department accused of discriminating against hispanic jail inmates and intentionally targeting hispanic drivers during traffic stops. he is fighting back, saying the lawsuit is all about election year politics as the white house tries to court hispanic voters. >> so disgusting, it's all politics. i resent their allegations. i look forward to going to court. they're trying to take away the authority of the sheriff by intimidation. >> steve: he doesn't seem intimidatable. the department of justice wants him to submit to an outside monitor to keep an eye on his operations, something he says he won't allow. >> gretchen: they made millions of dollars off of people looking to lose weight, but now two brothers behind the popular southern california business, 1-800-get thin are being investigated for letting patients die on their watch. julian and michael have been slapped with lawsuits claiming at least five people died after
5:37 am
surgery at their clinic. the outpatient procedure constricts stomach with a lap band and when done right, is safe. the brothers remain in business despite new investigation noose the claims. >> peter: video out of china. watch as a four-year-old girl tumbles out of a moving van in the middle of a busy intersection. her father then jumping out and rescuing her in the nick of time. police say the girl accidentally opened the door while climbing into the front seat. she escaped this with only minor bruises. >> steve: lucky. >> gretchen: they received millions of dollars in government subsidies. so you think fisker could at least make a car that doesn't blow up. a texas man says the brand-new $100,000 fisker karma was parked in the garage when it suddenly within up in flames. the fire spreading to the house. no one was hurt. officials not sure exactly what caused the fire, but they say they're 100% certain the car was the source. the karma, not the first electric car to have this kind
5:38 am
of issue. the chevy volt also given taxpayer money and also known in the past to catch fire. >> steve: now let's take a look at the weather on this friday. it's wet day along the gulf coast back through portions of texas on into oklahoma at this hour. also the northern plains, dakotas and portions of minnesota. it's starting out as a soaker up there. it's chilly in the montana area right now. 26, below freezing there. northern plains, 50s and 60s. 40s in portions of new england. meanwhile, mid 50s in the mid atlantic. 60s across much of dixie land, through the central plains and down through texas. currently in tampa, it's room temperature. 72 degrees. but eventually in tampa, up to 90. almost 80 in atlanta. almost 70 here in new york city. a beautiful day temperature wise in the central plains. it should be 81 with low humidity in kansas city. meanwhile, 81 as well in san
5:39 am
antonio, the home of the riverwalk, beautiful spot. and great food as well. that's a quick look at your fox travel cast. >> gretchen: coming up next, a bombshell from president clinton. he thought so little of president obama, he allegedly called him an amateur? the full story straight ahead. >> peter: plus, a real life mystery playing out in hollywood. a movie executive gone without a trace. what could have happened here? judge jeanine pirro is on the case next. first, here is dave with what's on tap for this weekend. hi, dave. >> hey, guys. good morning to you. ladies, listen up, help is on the way. we're going to give you the low down on how to help men with our manners. we need a lot of it. from the great grandson of emily post. we'll have that. also a real life inception. there is an amazing new device that puts you in the driver's seat of your own dreams. we'll put that to the snooze test and it's a star studded mother's day weekend here. actresses jane sermore and rosario dawson, 6:00 a.m. to
5:40 am
10:00 a.m. eastern time. we'll see you then. [ female announcer ] i found the best cafe in the world.
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every day is a 5-hour energy day. 5-hour energy. every day. >> gretchen: 43 minutes after the top of the hour. a couple quick headlines. a few details being reloosed about the murder of new jersey radio permanent april kaufman who was found shot to death in her home. the 47-year-old was known as a powerless advocate for vets. no arrests have been made. bill clinton campaigning for president obama now, but it looked like he wasn't always so
5:44 am
supportive. an explosive new book claims he called president obama an incompetent amateur just a few months ago and even begged his wife to quit her job as secretary of state to run against him in the primary. steve? >> steve: juicy. meanwhile, it's a hollywood mystery with no solid leads at this hour. on may 1, executive gavin smith got in his car in oakland, california and has not been seee been desperately searching for him for nearly two weeks. but there are no clues. joining us now with the very latest on the case is host of "justice," judge jeanine pirro. good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: this guy returns to the los angeles area, he had been at a convention. he stays at a family friend's house rather than his own house and vanishes. >> what's more interesting is the fact that the family friend's house is not that far from his own house.
5:45 am
so you say to yourself, wait a minute. you're coming back from a convention in vegas and staying at a family friend's house. so then you fast forward a little bit and at first it was family friends and then it's a family friend, and then we find out it's a female. now, the fact is that he was reported missing by his wife when he didn't pick up his youngest son to take him to school. what does that tell you? that tells you that there had been prearrangements made that he would pick up the son, which then when you back up, you realize the son had tweeted a few weeks before, you know, something about the father disappointing the mother or there had been some domestic discord. >> steve: trouble at home. >> trouble in river city. and then he takes the tweet down. so what we don't know is more than what we know. number one, they say he disappeared at 10:00 o'clock at night. but nobody is saying who it was that saw him disappear.
5:46 am
his son says a couple days later, he didn't take his shaving kit or his cell phone charger. but you weren't there. how did you know? and then they speak about him in the past tense. quote, life is not the same without you. i don't know what i'm going to do without you in my life. it's not going to be the same world without him. and his own sister says, everyone loved him. everyone did love him. what's going on? >> steve: it does sound suspicious, but maybe they're talking about, maybe there was trouble. maybe there was a domestic problem and i would understand why the kids might say i'm going to miss him. but the past tense thing is -- >> look, for someone in law enforcement, when three people are speaking about him in the past tense, then your antennas go up. >> steve: you make it sound like a conspiracy. >> i don't know what it is. we don't know enough. the person who saw him, we haven't heard from yet. this guy was a major guy in los
5:47 am
angeles. major with fox w 20th century. yet there is so little. he's 6' 6, 210 pounds, gray hair, blond highlights wearing purple pants. we haven't found his car, he hasn't used his cell phone or credit card. >> steve: why haven't they talked to the woman whose house he stayed at? is it a missing person's deal? >> no. it's being handled by homicide and the sheriff's department and they say that's only because missing persons come under homicide. there is so much we don't know. but this is a couple weeks old now. so it will be very interesting to find out what happened to him. for some reason, the son thought he went over a canyon and they found a body, but it wasn't this man. >> steve: if you know anything about gavin smith and his whereabouts, contact the l.a. sheriff's department. 323-890-5500 or crimestoppers with the number right there. jeanine, your show is changing a little bit this weekend, isn't it? >> it's changing for the whole summer. we'll do crime, investigations,
5:48 am
all criminal. i love it. we're going to have mysteries, criminal cases that are pending right now and we're going to solve a few along the way. >> steve: fantastic. you're all about justice. >> that's right, that's the name of the show. >> steve: now i get it. all right. thank you very much. have a nice weekend. hope you're ready for a sugar rush! >> mommy has a huge birthday coming up. how about we do a toe go party? >> i feel like an idiot. >> steve: what are you doing? the ladies of the show "dc cupcakes" are here live and they brought the perfect recipe for mother's day. first, let's check in with martha mccallum, a mother who is going to be joining us in 11 minutes. >> that i am. thank you. good morning, everybody. so coming up on "america's newsroom," this week i sat down for an interview with ann romney in massachusetts. she talked candidly about her own struggles, the vp choice, and which former first ladies she admires. and her most important role in
5:49 am
the campaign. >> i've been called the mitt stabilizer and say sometimes when he's out campaigning and it's been too many bars and you've been apart, they know they need to bring you in and give him time to rejuvenate. is that true? >> that's true. my sons are the ones that named mitt the mitt stabilizer. >> we'll find more about that coming up. ann romney in-depth here on "america's newsroom." we'll see you with all of the morning's news at the top of the hour [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete.
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5:52 am
>> gretchen: two sisters behind the premiere cupcake bakery know what it takes to plan a party. this time they're tasked with a party their mom will never
5:53 am
forget. >> mommy has a huge birthday coming up. how about we do a toga party. >> i feel like an idiot. >> what are you doing? >> she doesn't suspect a thing. >> this is like the busiest wedding weekend ever. >> good luck, okay? >> that was a clip from "dc cupcakes," the shut reality show starring two cupcake sisters and their mom. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> gretchen: i'm so excited to meet you because i feel like i know from you watching the show. you have such a marvelous story. you both quit your corporate jobs and you start a cupcake shop and not only was that successful, but the reality show is successful. what was your secret? >> i think we just really loved what we do. we started a business, we did it because we wanted to open a bakery since we were little girls and we love baking. i think that's what we've done
5:54 am
since day one. we've baked the cupcakes with love and fresh from scratch every day. people notice that when you really care about what you do. >> gretchen: followed your passion. >> yep. >> gretchen: the interesting thing is they did not learn how it bake from mom. i love this it was prosecute -- from your grandma. >> these are all her recipes. she taught to us bake when we were growing up as little girls. >> it's all in the family. so bring us into the family today. what are we going to do? show us. this is my favorite food. better than anything in the world. off store in new york. >> we do. we're going to do something fun for mother's day. if you're having a huge mother's day party, duke a giant urn of flowers like this. but something smaller scale you can do at home for your mom are these small flower pots. >> like giving your mom flowers and cupcakes all in one. super easy to make. you just basically stick your cupcakes in small or large pots with skewers or tooth picks.
5:55 am
take a kit that you can find at your local craft kit. and frost them to look like rose. start in the middle and go around in a circle. >> you make that look so easy. >> it's so easy to do at home. >> gretchen: you're going to be do the butterflies? >> the butterflies are really toes make. go home, search for a butterfly on-line like this, print it out. cut it out with scissors and you got little molds of the butterfly. then take your fondant, which you can find at any craft store, like michael's, and put the butterfly on top and trace out with like a paring knife. >> gretchen: would you do like a cookie cutter? >> you can do if off butterfly one. cut it around. you'll get something like this. and also there is edible black dye. get a little brush. and you can trace around the edges. >> peter: what can i frost? i have never frosted anything.
5:56 am
>> gretchen: you and i are learning together. show us while you're doing the lady bug. >> start in the middle. go all the way around. it should make a rose. all the way around in a circle. >> you're doing great. >> gretchen: yeah right! >> peter: i like a lot of frosting. that's a good cupcake right there. >> peter: do that? >> gretchen: we'll be right back [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol
5:57 am
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>> steve: well, dc cupcake, the tv show premieres tonight on


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