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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 11, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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bank on it. jp morgan stock getting slammed today. it was just downgraded today. we're all over it one hour from now on fbn. good night. >> kimberly: hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with bob beckel, eric bolling, andrea tantaros, and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: president obama has been very busy lately, talking about social issues. taking more than a fair share of credit for killing bin laden. and meanwhile most americans are concerned about the economy. the president made another statement about it today. but there are still 12.5 million people who are unemployed. the national debt $16 trillion. and how about this new poll. nearly two-third of the country now believe the economy is not in good shape. lots of pessimism out there.
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with millions of americans suffering, the president is talking about the recession as if it's a distant memory. it was a house of cards and collapsed in the most destructive, worst crisis that we've seen since the great depression. sometimes people forget the magnitude of it. you saw some of that in the video that was shown. sometimes i forget. >> kimberly: he seems to have forgotten. >> eric: his memory is full. he's been busy. if i can bring out my whiteboard. sorry. democrat's assault and battery and bullying. >> bob: you're lucky i didn't bust you for that. >> eric: so busy with marsh million, cloon and rocking with ricky martin, i don't blame him. he has been busy. i can believe he doesn't remember there are 12.5 million people out of work.
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you are so hostile. why are liberals hostile >> bob: you hit me with it in the head. >> eric: 500,000 women left the workforce since president obama took office. 500,000 fewer jobs at the same time. every lost job in three years has been a woman's job. on this mother's day maybe it would be good to spur work. >> eric: give momma -- >> kimberly: give mama a job. >> bob: >> the slide show. being julia. he will be the sugar daddy and take care of the helpless women who can't do it on their own. we get got checks all our liv lives. julia gets pregnant out of wedlock and then retires to work in a vegetable garden. my personal dream is be in a vegetable garden. women under obama sounds like a good strategy.
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>> bob: as usual if that's the best you can do. it's weak. >> kimberly: it didn't. greg hasn't talked yet. >> bob: those enter social security is in excess of that number. number one, most are women because husbands died earlier. when obama talks about sometimes i forget, he talked about how bad the recession was when he got it from george bush. that is what he talked about. >> greg: obama has been great on the economy. china's economy. sometimes i forget my glasses or my keys. yesterday, at work. i don't think i'd forget the recession. but i don't have george clooney spoon feeding me tiram
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sashu over quiet tones of music or whatever. 44% still approve of the president's job performance. they are easy satisfied and like to be poked in the ear. >> bob: rasmussen poll, and i think if you look at most polls the numbers are higher than that. romney supposedly 50%. that's fine. >> eric: you are talking about a tracking poll by rasmussen. greg may have talked about an approval rating. >> bob: lower than truman? >> eric: modern day. >> kimberly: it's
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predictive. right? >> andrea: absolutely. the more he talks about the social issues the more detached he looks. people are at home and getting angry. he is playing basketball with clooney. the dow closed and we talk about this well under 12,000. gdp growth anemic 2%. is there a recession? no. are things great? no. one >> one of your heroes on the left krugman is out with a book calling this the longest recession in history. >> bob: it's not a recession. it's two quarters of negative growth. we haven't had that. >> eric: says who? says who? >> bob: the definition -- >> eric: that's definition some of you like -- >> bob: not am of us. >> eric: what about the 4% of women who can't put food on the table.
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>> bob: what is your definition of recession? >> eric: when 14 or, 13ers 14 million people out of work gasoline prices on the rise. >> kimberly: andrea work at fox and we're brunets. >> greg: 31% believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. they also said that jumping out of a window is neat way to travel. >> andrea: the only way to travel. >> eric: why are you pessimistic? >> kimberly: no, we're optimistic. it's friday. >> greg: i'm really happy about the social issues. it doesn't do anything for the economy. >> bob: the republicans stayed away from the gay issue with mitt romney. altogether. >> andrea: aren't you glad? why would they jump into that? you wish, do you want them to
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jump into it? >> bob: show they're formal homophobic reaction. >> greg: garbage. who is homophobic? president obama define do anything. he didn't do anything. like he is personally for gitmo. c'mon! >> kimberly: only recently came out of the closet on the position. >> andrea: in 1996 of -- >> bob: john travolta? >> andrea: no. obama. in 1996, why did he say another staffer filled out the form and he's not in favor. he has been all over the map. here is the issue with president obama. he overpromised in 2008. all of our wildest dreams would come true. that hasn't happened because he set expectations so high, so many people are still -- >> bob: join the debt. he is going to hand mitt romney his head. not shave it like he did to the kid.
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>> kimberly: i want to getter rick in here. talk about something positive. rich people. eric, does the u.s. benefit having a class of rich people? we have a poll out on that. 53% says it benefits. 34% say no. no then it be there. this is a gallup poll. bob? >> bob: it makes sense. rich class is good because it creates jobs. >> greg: wow! i don't think you said that before. >> bob: it doesn't mean they pay their fair share. >> kimberly: but they are. >> bob: how do you assume? >> kimberly: what is the per sean tage that pay taxes? >> eric: 53% pay taxes. 47% pay no taxes. >> greg: the bigger story is failure of class wear for a and persuade america that rich people were bad.
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>> bob: you think everybody has a fair chance? >> greg: absolutely. >> bob: they say absolutely no. >> greg: once people know that your party loses. >> bob: it's not true. >> greg: scare people and pit people against each other. >> bob: no. >> kimberly: hannity said he never got a job from a poor person. >> eric: communism and social schism a more fair system? >> bob: i didn't say. that i'm for fair, we all -- >> eric: it's code. >> bob: not ripoff robbing, capitalism. >> andrea: we have had this debate before. [over talk ] >> kimberly: one at a time. >> andrea: he had an opportunity to reform the tax cut. he didn't do it. he's too busy talking about birth control and social issues and the other stuff that is a huge distraction.
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>> bob: what you said would backfire on him but it seems to be working well. >> andrea: can i finish? >> bob: sure. >> andrea: going after rich people not the way to do it. i don't know one person who doesn't want to be successful or rich. rich people fund the welfare state. who pays for the crazy green jobs? >> kimberly: two seconds in? do you have a comment about bill clinton saying obama an amateur? >> greg: talking about his love life. dude, you are only with one woman? that is my tuesday afternoon. >> bob: the guy that wrote the book, lion's son of a guy who rost the last book. why we'd bring him up on the show to give him that advertising. a liar and a punk. >> kimberly: bob, you'll be staying after the show in the penalty box. coming up, if you like what you see -- we're just getting started. was the "washington post" the real bully in the story about
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romney when he was in high school? we have new details that emerge. we'll tell you about that coming up next. when you get a chance, go to like us. somebody like us. new page. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ i'm really going to miss you.
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>> andrea: welcome back to "the five." is mitt romney a bully or is the "washington post" trying to bully mitt romney? on yesterday's "the five" we discussed a story that uncoincidently ran in a "washington post" the day after obama announced his support for same-sex marriage. the story went back years and talked about mitt romney and how he supposedly bullied students that were gay, but not openly gay. now, the "washington post" has since had to clarify their story. they didn't issue a correction. but romney has come out on own to say he doesn't recall but he apologizes.
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>> i had no idea what that individual's sexual orientation might be. going back to the 1960s, that wasn't something that we all discussed or considered. so that simply just not accurate. i don't recall the incident myself. i have seen the report. i'm not going to argue with that. there is no question but that i did some stupid things when i was in high school. obviously, if i hurt anyone by virtue of that, i would be very sorry for it and apologize for it. >> andrea: didn't we all do stupid things, bob, greg? >> bob: me? >> andrea: yeah. you did stupid things. apologize, get it out of the papers and move on? >> greg: romney wasn't aware of -- i don't know if he read the story. i think he probably doesn't remember it. it was 50 years ago. in high school, i was 6'2" blonde cheerleader named gina and i changed. bob, if you were held accountable for things you did 25 years ago you'd still be in jail. >> bob: i would be in jail.
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i'd be in the supermax. that is not the point. i'm not running for president of the united states. if this guy doesn't remember, you believe you don't remember -- >> greg: 50 years ago? >> eric: knocking a guy down and cutting his hair? >> greg: i don't remember a lot of things from five years ago. you tell the same stories on the show every day because you don't remember what you said the day before. >> bob: you believe he doesn't remember cutting this guy's hair? >> greg: you tell me the same stories every day. >> bob: what does that -- >> greg: i'm just saying you forget a lot. >> bob: mitt romney, there was enough people -- the family of this guy came out and said don't make it a political issue. they're right about that. they shouldn't make it political issue. >> eric: you know who that helps? that helped the "washington post" when the family came out and said that. if you read that piece, i read it wall to wall. there are a lot of flaws in that. the five people who allegedly were part of it turns out it may have been four. one of whom worked voluntarily on the obama campaign.
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all of them lean left, the exception is one who was a teacher. big change. one of the guys who said it haunted him for a whole time. then it had to be rewritten to, well, since he was hold about it a couple of weeks ago. >> kimberly: by the "post." >> eric: it sounds like, bob, this was a rush job to get this out there and in the nick of time. >> greg: i'll tell you what. this is the "washington post," give them credit for doing obama campaign work. they are going to get what they wanted which is the next dibs on the next national security leak. >> andrea: this was a paper that turn down nixon. now they're doing drive-by journalism. the family of genre leased a statement and said it's factually incorrect. right? >> kimberly: they said it didn't happen. what kind of credibility does the newspaper -- >> bob: how would they know? >> kimberly: the timing of all of this. the "washington post," in fact, acknowledged that one of the major sources of the story was an obama campaign volunteer in 2008. hmm.
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gets re-elected i guess we know who has front row seat with the "washington post." >> bob: they said, "even if it did happen, john probably would not have said anything. if he were alive today he would be furious about the story." they did not refute the story. >> andrea: yes, they did. they said the portrayal is factually incorrect. >> bob: that is the portrayal. >> andrea: angry to use it to political further agenda. >> bob: even if it did happen, john probably would haven't said anything. >> andrea: how does this again help democrats? help, trying to paint obama -- >> bob: it goes to the character of someone who wants to be president. >> greg: this is a story that the media loves and america doesn't care about. >> bob: gay marriage. >> kimberly: the issue of the day. they want to stay on social issues to resonate their base. and manufacturer the ridiculous outrage about a story that is 50 years old. they are missing the point of what americans care about.
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>> bob: contraception issue a how it would kill barack obama in the fall. was that you or andrea? >> kimberly: andrea. >> greg: you can't even remember who was next to you. >> bob: did you not say it would outrage catholics? >> andrea: it did. honestly, you keep talking about the story over and over again. this is going to backfire. it really do. >> eric: i think it will go away. the family refuting the story. >> greg: mitt romney was 4. when romney was 4, he threw a carton of mimk on the floor. i'm just giving you a heads up of what is coming out of the "new york times" next week. >> bob: he was running bain capital. >> andrea: a lot of people feel like they're bullied by the administration, small businesses. businesses are bullied. in 2008, he said if you disagree with your neighbor, get in your neighbor's face.
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they're bullies in the white house. >> bob: what is small business complaining about? >> andrea: all the taxes. >> bob: no taxes. >> andrea: and regulations. eric holder justice department is going after the toughest sheriff. but sheriff arpaio is armed and ready for a fight. we'll discuss it next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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and new or worsening heart failure. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. our old pal eric holder on the hot trail of sheriff joe arpaio, arizona tougher than nails keeper of the peace. sure, sheriff joe used creative ways to deter potential criminals. who can forget his world renowned chain gangsor city no a.c. in those bad boys.
2:26 pm
and to break the spirit of the convicts, sheriff joe has put them in pink prison jump suits. apparently it doesn't sit well with attorney general eric holder. he is suing sheriff joe for racial profiling. here is sheriff joe's response. >> i am not going to surrender my office to the federal government. i will fight this to the bitter end. >> eric: got to go to bob. it going to go to kimberly for the legalese, but i want to know -- >> bob: i can't stand to talk about this guy. waste of time. go to kimberly. >> kimberly: this is a federal civil lawsuit, not a criminal action. we discussed with this with bob in the break. so what we have here is the justice department going after him saying that he is essentially committing a legal act. against the minority communities, hispanics, in arizona, and as a remedy they want him out of a job. two, someone to be in there
2:27 pm
and oversee and micro manage the function and duties of the sheriff department. keep in mind he is a five-term figure as sheriff. he denies wrongdoing and politically motivated to shore up the latino vote. >> bob: if i could read the facts here. against sheriff joe arpaio. in his office of unconstitutional and unlawful actions against hispanics. charges arpaio, department with discriminatory and otherwise law enforcement act against hispanics. he has had a long history of profiling, long history of debasing criminals. a guy, he is a waste of time. >> kimberly: those are allegations. be careful. >> andrea: why don't democrats repeal the law on the box saying if you come here illegally it's a crime. do that. would that be better? would that solve the problem? >> bob: as long as we keep the law that says if you hire them, you get arrested. have you seen many people get
2:28 pm
arrested? >> andrea: doing his job. >> kimberly: everify. >> eric: he does that. >> bob: doing his job. debasing hispanics. yells at them when they don't speak english. >> greg: if eric holder had his way he would tighten the border around arizona. he is a bitter scold. having said that, arpaio, i have problems with him as well. shameless self-promoter but give him credit, he has guts. he may end up in jail, probably with eric holder, he won't back down. i have problems with him as well but i got to say -- >> bob: soft promoter, gosh. >> are the charges going after him to throw him in jail or get inside arpaio's sheriff office. >> kimberly: they have a number of investigations into him. but this is one they can get political resonance to say we're going after him and the administration will not tolerate discrimination against minorities. he is going to be the fall guy for it.
2:29 pm
there isn't a depth they don't want to hide or sit under. arpaio is saying what am i being charged with? >> andrea: the number one issue to hispanics is not immigration. it's jobs. the immigration can't tell that story. so they do these stunts and bully arpaio. >> greg: there is neanderthal if you like borders. racefest you like borders. >> eric: keep camera one on greg. elizabeth warren turns out this 132nd cherokee had
2:30 pm
effects at harvard and throughout her career. >> greg: technically it makes her irish, i think. this is amazing. of the 71 law school, she was native american. do you think that she didn't use that minority status to help her? she knew nobody would fire the single native american. that is not turn your. bulletproof vest to keep anybody from going after me. join me to call on the president to give mount rushmore back to elizabeth warren. >> bob: she deserves to have this. i'd get this behind me. it goes on and on. >> eric: there is more and more things that turn up. >> andrea: this says more about academia? than it does about elizabeth warren. the fact she felt she needed
2:31 pm
to lie or stretch the truth to fit in. academics and intelligentsia pushed for equality and now they have an environment that everyone is judgeed whether or not they're a certain ethnicity. kind of creepy. >> kimberly: who is it helping? julia thing all over again. >> bob: every professor i had, i doubted their ethnicity. if they were italian, i was italian. irishmen, i'm an irishmen. >> greg: did you have anatetive american name? exchange students. >> kimberly: pew that's real. >> eric: coming up -- >> bob: doing my job. >> we got to go. prince charles steps out as the weatherman for the global warming alarmist. predict a heat wave? ♪ note ♪ >> there'll be snow for the higher ground of the highlands. the potential for a few flurries by tomorrow. >> eric: that is what i
2:32 pm
think all the time. you will hear more of the royal hot air when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. i'm bret baier in washington. the big story is president obama's switch from talking about gay marriage, back to the economy, while his campaign is still talking about gay marriage. he is in reno, nevada, following last night's megabucks hollywood fundraiser. he is calling for people to help refinance under water homes. romney is across the country in the north carolina. home of the democratic convention this year. state that then senator obama won in 2008. a state that may be turning more red this time.
2:37 pm
romney will deliver commencement address at liberty university tomorrow. we continue our series on energy in america. focusing on the cost of coal versus natural gas. it's friday. it's the friday lightning round. that could be interesting. "special report" tarrants at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> bob: that's unusual i'm in the "d" block as opposed to the "e" block. before i start my segment, i have a little extra time. harv942, whoever you, are you have been sending the women on the show sexually disgraceful thing and i have to tell you, you're a perv. stop. okay, now. did i do it right? >> greg: bob. i want to point out you are harv.
2:38 pm
>> bob: no, i'm 944. a teacher in florida has got herself in trouble. she decided to pub her students by making those who were misbeheying, like kimberly, to put a dog collar on. i've done it before but not with that collar. let me ask you this. is it going too far to put the kids in those things? >> greg: a cone. >> eric: the back story is the kids all thought it was funny, the teacher said hey, cut it out, i'll do it to you. they kept laughing about it and so they did it. that ease it a little bit. don't think a teacher should go that far. freddi >> greg: fun fact. obama got one for biden. >> bob: is it going too far? >> andrea: i don't think humiliation is a good way to teach anyone a lesson. shame can teach lessons, and if it's self-imposed. you have no shame. >> bob: i just came to your defense here.
2:39 pm
against harve. >> andrea: it was awkward. you're harve. >> kimberly: i don't think this is the right thing to do at all. we had an investigation uncover you. >> bob: i'm defending you. you're giving me heat. all right, harve i'm with you. >> kimberly: stop. my point is, this is not good. as a former teacher, this is not the way, i agree with an degreia, youent to shame children and humiliate them. teaching them a bad lesson going forward in life. do you want to wear within around your neck in >> greg: this is important. shame, we have forgot man shame is. plus, i wore a dog collar for a year in my neighborhood. >> bob: the leather jacket is great. go to prince charles. >> eric: maybe not shame. but the three of us were at least jesuit high schools, weren't we all? >> bob: i got paddled. >> eric: i did as well. that, let me tell you, that worked. >> bob: okay. prince charles, one of my favorite guys. the weather report in the bbc,
2:40 pm
i think. do we have a tape of that, tapesters? >> cold, wet and windy across most of scotland. we're under the influence of low pressure. the rain, of course, is heaviest over the borders. and around edinburgh, where it could lead to difficult conditions on the roads. ah-ha. there will be snow for the higher ground of the highland. the potential for a few flurries. as the afternoon goes on. >> bob: now,ing from, my boy, what do you think in >> greg: finally practical use for royalty. this is the closest thing this i go has done to earn a living. prince charles is the worst thing to come from england since survy. >> kimberly: that is not nice. now you wonder why the queen is trying to outlive him. >> greg: guy said environmentalism could learn something from islam. >> kimberly: he is a very nice man. >> bob: he kept the city of
2:41 pm
london being destroyed. he's done a good job. >> andrea: i don't think it was particularly that funny. it didn't think it was that humorous. maybe because like greg i have distain for prince charles because i loved diana more than anything. >> bob: you were alone. >> andrea: that's not true. a lot of people loved princess diana and more than that guy going the weather, bozo. not that funny. >> bob: do you think it was funny? >> eric: kind of funny. "saturday night live" skit. something unique. better than obama doing the weather. >> greg: royalty is like engrish version of the kardashians but without the kardashian talent. >> bob: the biggest mistake is they attacked them for 2,000 years. british is smart people. nobody wants the friend around. what do they do? build a tunnel to them. get it straight, will you? now we have to fete out of here. it's friday. time for a little fun. who is that great looking guy in the short shorts in how
2:42 pm
about those legs? are you jealous, kimberly, andrea? ah, yes. what a good looking dude. jo look at those gams. >> kimberly: is this what you use on your dating website picture? >> bob: i don't. am i supposed to read the next thing? i'm not. that is my mother when she turned 70. her birthday party. that good-looking dude next to her was me. >> andrea: cute. >> kimberly: tennis legs. >> bob: oh, more to come. ♪ ♪ i'm really going to miss you.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ freddie normally i hate day. valentine's day, st. patrick's day, doris day. mother's day is different because moms serve the most important function on earth. no matter what men do -- fight wars, build bridges, invent nachos. it pales to the one thing that keeps the planet percolating.
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giving birth. men are disposable. women are vital. by reproductive design, women are precious because they carry the cargo. men just drop it off. yes, i know women have come a long way. they even drive in some states, kimberly. >> kimberly: yes. >> greg: if all they do in life is be a great mom, that's awesome. now feminists mocked full-time motherhood as silly and old fashioned. maybe they're right. what do moms do really? sure, you carry this thing inside you for nine months. after you give birth your body never really is the same. of course, once you're a mom, all of your personal desires come secondary as the survival of the child becomes your life's priority so that leads you to worry each day and every night the little one turn out right. how easy is that? maybe i hate mother's day. it's an affront to all woman who think full-time mom never worked a day in their lives. what do you call an angry feminist on mother's day? you don't.
2:48 pm
>> bob: happy mother's day. >> kimberly: thank you, bob. i don't appreciate the comment saying we lose our body or figures. >> greg: you're an exception. every time you have a kid your body gets better. >> kimberly: i only have one. thank you for starting that urban legend. i'm not a cat. i don't have a litter. >> bob: whose mothers are alive at this table? >> kimberly: that's awkward. >> bob: it's not. my mother is dead. >> eric: hold off on that. >> bob: we are? freddie k.g., what has ronin has planned for you? >> kimberly: we're going to bunch. said my location. my, modern family are going for a picnic in the park. that is ronin at the park. in new york. yeah, do a little of that. the first is the school project that we worked on. okay. i hired someone.
2:49 pm
[ laughter ] >> andrea: there is no denying that kid. looks just like you. >> kimberly: must be the mouth. >> greg: what are your plans? is your mom around here? >> andrea: she is in allentown, pennsylvania. >> greg: very close. take the beaver bus. >> andrea: yes. the dutch bust. >> greg: by way #. >> bob: what are you talking about? >> greg: talking about the bus line. >> andrea: let's talk about my mom. >> andrea: who is amazing. >> andrea: my mom and my little brother daniel when he was little. i talk about my dad a lot on the show but my mom is the glue of the family. my mom and i when i was little. she is a wise, kind woman. she raised four kids andpy my father's side building businesss together. she is a sharp, caring wonderful lady. the quote that sums her is up the george washington quote that says, "all i am, i owe to my mother." he is pushed me to get in politics and learned a bunch
2:50 pm
of languages and pushed me and inspired me. she is the reason why i'm in politics. thank my mom for driving you nuts, bob. >> greg: she was the glue in your familiar. will i bob sniffed the glue in hitz family. >> bob: i did. my mother passed away about ten years ago. she was an unbelievable wonderfully influence. my old mom up and split. there is me and my mom. my mother was a modle in new york city. she was the chesterfield girl at times square. laid out and smoked the cigarettes and stuff. remarkable woman. she had to pick it up, she had alcohol problems. we all did. but she kept the family together when the old man up and split and left her with all kind of bills. i will always appreciate that. i miss her to this day. >> eric: were you a leg mod? >> bob: was i a leg model? no. >> andrea: those are really short' shorts. daisy dukes. >> i'm italian boy who never left his mom.
2:51 pm
technically she passed away eight years ago and still feels like it happened yesterday. mom, love you. picture? we have a picture. she is on the left. wearing the white. miss you. love you. that's it. >> greg: you guys love the sun. kimberly? >> kimberly: i didn't have a picture of my mom to bring forward. but you guys and my friends know my mom is an angel. i love her. she came to san francisco. she raised my little brother and i and passed away when i was ten. i remember her today like yesterday. very sweet. >> eric: your turn, my friend. >> greg: my mom, people know jackie from "red eye." she often calls in. doing good. 87. she has a crazy sense of humor. she loves to party. going to be partying this weekend. kilmy gosh. i love it. >> greg: the local swinger. she can get that thing going up to 20 miles per hour. and do backflips. while holding a glass of gin.
2:52 pm
it's kind of impressive. i sent her flowers. he is should get them as i speak. it was on the last truck. >> eric: other mom in my life, my smoking hot wife. >> kimberly: hot momma. >> andrea: she is a woman that doesn't look like she had a baby either. >> bob: looks like woman that could have done better. >> andrea: a woman who denied you when you hit on he her. >> greg: you only wear white anywhere you go. >> eric: i like to tan. >> kimberly: they're from jersey. >> bob: john travolta. freddie modern day -- >> eric: i wasn't wearing -- >> eric: i wasn't wearing the white shorts. >> greg: one more thing is up next. if you leave now i'll throw away all o your stuffed animals. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> kimberly: time now for one more thing. it's trending all over twitter and facebook. j.lo performance on "american idol" last night. take a listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: all right. >> bob: good looking babe, i think. >> kimberly: an exchange stunt, too. >> bob: she is. happy mother's day to every mother out there. let me give advice to those of you whose motherly may be elderly. take time and talk it through with your mother, things that may have bothered you over the course of your life,
2:58 pm
resentment amount, thingous're happy about. close the circle before she goes. i didn't get a chance to do that. i wish i had. encourage all of you to do that. >> eric: keeping the mother's day theme. take a look, foothill high school, california. two brother lost their mom before the baseball season. they're 8-0. 6-1. two pitchers on foothill high school team. here they are. take a look. >> it's my dream to play alongside my brother. i'm honored to be here. >> i'd say for all the ups an downs we've been here, dedicated in the back of my mind. i know she is out there looking down on us. i go out every outing to try to make her happy, make her proud. >> eric: good luck, guys. >> andrea: that is sad parks thetic slide show life of julia we talked about. i wrote about it this, but i expand on it. remember that. pathetic. how does obama really feel about women? check it out at
2:59 pm >> kimberly: greg? >> greg: since dana perino is not here. time for the secret world of dana perino. where i give you an unusual fact about dana perino. most hosts on shows havevic walls before they go on air. for example, i will do push-ups before the show. bob will smoke a cigar outside. dana actually hangs upside down in a closet in a latex body suit with an i.v. ofco what la bear flood -- koala bear flood-blood fed in her arm. that's why she is so perky. >> eric: what a monster. >> kimberly: that is so weird. >> bob: twitter numbers. >> andrea: i can say no host on fox news would sit upside down after the time we spend in air an makeup. dana would not. she looks too good to hang upside down. >> bob: you. >> kimberly: thank you for the nice compliment. >> bob: don't get


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