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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 11, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, members of murdering actress jennifer hudson's family learns his fate. and two little girls kidnapped by a man accused of killing two people. now there is closure in north mississippi. the manhunt is over for an accused killer and kidnapper. >> this really highlights what happens when the community works together. >> but one family is shattered forever. plus, our 401(k)'s take a hit after america's biggest bank admits a 2 billion-dollar mistake.
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now, the feds say they're on the case. and a little girl falls out of a moving car. we'll show you what happens next but first from fox this friday night, guilty on every single charge. a jury in chicago today convicted the man accused of killing the mother, brother, and nephew of the academy award winning actress jennifer hudson. as you'll recall, in tears, she took the stand on the first day of that trial and did not miss a single day of the proceedings. we're told she cried often, especially during graphic testimony of the murders. now her former brother-in-law will likely die in prison. guilty on three counts of murder in the first degree. guilty of home invasion, of kidnapping, of car theft, and of burglary. back in 2008, jennifer hudson's sister found two of the bodies in the family's chicago home. a few days later, the cops
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found her young nephew dead in an abandoned suv. moments ago, prosecutors spoke about the brutality of the crimes. >> this was a vicious, cold-blooded, inhumane execution of three people, including a 7-year-old child. a child who just happened to be home from school that day. >> shepard: defense attorneys say they were disappointed with the outcome and that they do plan to appeal the verdict. mike tobin is live at the chicago courthouse tonight. mike, what was the reaction from jennifer hudson? do we expect to hear from her? >> at this point of the game we don't expect to hear from her. the state's attorney said behind closed doors she has been very emotional, shep. but that is not what we saw in the open courtroom. in fact, she looked a bit dazed as she came, in wearing no makeup. just a long sweater. she was flanked by her sister julia and fiance. she sat in the courtroom most of the time with her head hung down and her hair hiding her face. arm around her. we saw her from time to time
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dabbing away tears with a kleenex. but there was no outburst as the verdict was read and as she was led out of courtroom. once again, we saw her looking a bit bewilder, shep. >> early this afternoon, mike, we got word from the jury. they told a judge we can't reach a verdict. >> right. this afternoon the jury was split 9 to 3. we just heard from some of the jurors. they said they had some doubts in part because they didn't believe that the chicago police department did a very effective job of piecing together all of the evidence. so they wanted to examine the evidence on their own or some of the evidence, particularly one juror said what happened them was the triangulation of the cell phone which put the accused, william balfour in the location he needed to at the times the murders were committed. that, they said, was enough to give them the confidence to convict across the board. the sentence is mandatory. life without parole, shepard. >> shepard: mike tobin at the courthouse in chicago, thanks. they bet big. and they lost billions. now, four years after the
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devastating financial meltdown we apparently have not learned anything. today, the largest bank in america, j.p. morgan chase had its double a credit rating yanked and is reportedly under federal investigation after it lost $2 billion in bad trades. the same exact kind of risky trades that the analysts have said all along tanked the economy back in 2008. the same mistakes that left taxpayers bailing out the banks to the tune of some $250 billion. and here we go again. now, some in congress are calling for hearings to make sure taxpayers won't be on the hook again. and jp morgan chase's mess is helping lawmakers make the case for tougher regulations. th ceo has been an outspoken critic of those regulations. today he he told nbc news he is not sure whether j.p. morgan broke any laws. but he did admit to the shareholders that the company took some huge risks and blew it. >> these were mistakes,
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self-inflict. we're accountable. what happened violates our own standards and principles how we want to operate the company. this is not how to run a business. >> shepard: one man whose reputation for big risks made headlines just last month. the "the washington post" reported that this guy is so powerful and feared on wall street so greatly that other traders have dubbed him valtimort after the harry potter villain. live in our new york city newsroom. the losses for jp morgan chase are staggering in stock price today. >> absolutely, shepard. down some 4 bucks. that's a 9% loss. much greater than the broad market in today's session. erased $14 billion in market value. clearly shareholders are concerned that this, indeed, is not the way to run a business. of course, jamie diamond said they could lose up to a billion dollars more from these positions.
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some investors are telling the fox business network today they are concerned could be even bigger losses. shep, some of the other biggest banks who also take part in these kind of bets, morgan sak's, those stocks hammered down 4% each. some of the other banks like wells fargo or sun trust for example they were up in a down market. >> shepard: we have known all along that no big changes were made. this sort of thing could happen again. made the big bet. new regulations now? what happened it? >> the regulations still haven't finished being written from the financial crisis of a couple of years ago. can you bet your bottom dollar as we have already heard senator core kerr. they are indeed going to write regulations. jamie diamond reputation sterling during the crisis. jp morgan rescued bear stearns. that so-called fortress balance sheet showing some dents in there. >> it certainly is robert gray from fox business in new york. better news on the economy. americans didn't have to spend
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as much on most items last month thanks to huge price cuts at the gas pump. the labor department reports the producer price index showed the biggest drop in wholesale prices since october. of course, that means we can all stretch our dollars further, which is pretty good news for the entire economy and change from last year in a big way when analysts say high gas prices and high food prices slowed down the recovery that could help explain why folks are more optimistic about our economy. just released survey shows consumer sentiment rose to highest level in more than four years. analysts say americans are slightly more upbeat about the job market than a year ago despite the slow down in hiring. president obama today said he has a plan. a help to help millions of homeowners who cannot pay their mortgages. the devil sometimes is in the details. next, how it would work and what republics are saying about it. plus, an 18 month old girl, kicked off a plane with her family because an airline employee claimed she was on the federal no fly list.
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an 18 month old child. how did that happen? now it can be told by the journalists of fox news on a friday fox report. ♪
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>> shepard: government investors have now reportedly interviewed the prostitute at the centers of last month's secret service hooker scandal overseas. a fiasco that cost 8 officers and supervisors their jobs and led to real questions about the safety of the president. we're told a colombian woman voluntarily met with investigators at the u.s. embassy in spain. we don't know any details of the meeting. there is no word on why she is in spain. but she says she left colombia shortly after the scandal made worldwide head libraries. as you will recall, agents were there ahead of president obama's trip but after a night of partying, she claims one agent refused to pay her for her services. she called the cops and the rest is, well, history. president obama says he wants to have responsible homeowners and get them tens of thousands of dollars a year by making it easier for them to refinance
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their homes. and he is calling for congress to help him do it. republicans say they have heard this before. ed henry is traveling with the president. is he live tonight reno, nevada, what's the president's plan, ed? >> well, shep, it's interesting, the one thing that he and republic presumptive nominee mitt romney probably agree on is that the election is likely to be about the economy. not same sex marriage that we have been talking a lot about the last few days. the president came here because this has been the foreclosure capital of the nation for a long time now. he is trying to do something to boost housing, get more people to refinance. when they have got underwater mortgages including the folks behind me who have just refinanced because executive program the president put into place last october, he is now demanding that republics go a step further to help more people. take a listen. >> i'm calling on congress to give every responsible homeowner the chance to save an average of $3,000 a year by
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refinancing their mortgage. that's a huge boost to our economy. >> now, the republic response is this is about the tenth version of a housing plan from the president. they think many versions of it have not worked. and, in fact, if you look at nevada, for example, things have gotten a little bit better here on the ground, but they just finished up 62 straight months of being the foreclosure capital of the nation. that is a lot to dig out of, shep. >> it sure is. the president clearly focusing on housing and the economy and all the rest. his fundraising team is probably still looking at that decision on gay marriage. that's paid off. >> it has. this last night was a previously scheduled one before the decision. george clooney's house. he raised a record $15 million. a record for one event and it was one of the biggest applause lines last night when the president brought it up. we have just gotten some new images in fact from that fundraiser last night when he talked about the decision on same sex marriage, of course, the crowd in hollywood loved t. they're going to be doing even
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more in the days ahead. the campaign now has merchandised they're selling online for the gay and lesbian community to try to prevent -- present this more. ricki martin others in the gay and lesbian community. going back it hollywood next month for yet another fundraiser targeted to that community. it's pretty clear he believes this is a way to fire up his base so of course, the republics fire back that they think this could also help rally mitt romney's conservative base. you know evangelicals have not been on board with him a lot in the primaries. this decision on same sex marriage by the president may actually drive some conservatives in key states like north carolina to mitt romney's side, shep. >> shepard: ed henry traveling with the president reno nevada tonight. thanks. security and the no fly list. a group of 15 muslims first taking the government to court over that federal list all of the men say they are on it which pan bans them from flying commercially. the u.s. appeals court agreed to take up the case.
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want their name on 00 list or at least an explanation why they are on it in the first place. we are told some of them are outside the united states and can't fly home. among the plaintiffs, the imam of an oregon mosque and a u.s. marine veteran whose father is palestinian. and the second story of a jetblue employee who apparently thought an 18 mold -month-old child was on the fly list. removed the entire family from a flight this week. now the airline is apologizing. a jetblue statement indicates a computer glitch may have put 'the little girl's name on the list of known or suspected terrorists. again, she is 18 months old, the family is of middle eastern dissent. transportation security spokesman says once personnel figured out it was a mistake, they let the family back on the flight. an appeals court today struck down a request for details behind a secret and highly sophisticated cyber attack on
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google users in china. a civil liberties group filed that freedom of information request asking the national security agency to turn over its communications with the internet search giant. the feds refused. saying that could make the u.s. government vulnerable to new cyber attacks. and today the court agrees. in 2010, google suggested that china's leaders or committees straighted this hack attack and noted that government's attempts to control free speech on the interwebs, china denied it. he is living the american dream. but this co-founder of facebook is no longer an american. the irs reports eduardo sovereign has announced that he is renouncing his u.s. citizenship. economists say that will likely reduce the amount of taxes he will pay when facebook raises billions of dollars with its initial public stock offering next week. saveirn was born in brazil and currently in singapore. the syrian government has
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>> shepard: the government in syria reports it killed an attempted suicide bomber before it could detonate a car packed with thousands of pounds of explosives. that isn't bringing much comfort to the syrian people. [chanting]
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protesters in syria today surrounded a so-called peace keeping envoy from the united nations and demanded arms for the syrian opposition. just yesterday, twin suicide bomb blasts reportedly killed dozens of people. hurt nearly 400 others we're told and ripped the facade off a military intelligence building in the capital city of damascus. the united nations estimate syrian troops killed more than 5,000 men women and children since the uprising began a year ago. the trouble doesn't end there. far from it leon panetta says intelligence al qaeda has a presence now in that war torn country. jonathan hunt with the news. the opposition appeals to the united states and others and the requests for help are getting louder and louder. >> louder and louder. yet, still falling on deaf ears it seems today the chief of the opposition, syrian national council says there is absolutely no prospect for
4:22 pm
peace unless there is a threat of force from the international community against the assad regime. that same opposition leader said that right now mr. assad and his security forces are acting with complete impunity in terms of carrying out violence against the opposition because there are no consequences. right now it seems there is no prospect of any kant scwebses coming from the international community. >> shepard: once again, the real problem in fixing all of this seems to be with the russians. they won't go along with anything. >> yeah, the russians still standing four square behind the assad regime. backing up yesterday's claims, in fact, from regime leaders the terrorists are behind the recent violence. russia, according to a lot of the experts is effectively playing or refighting the cold war here and a lot of experts believe that that requires from the united states a cold war style response. listen. >> i don't want to see a conflict between the united states and russia. but it seems as if they are
4:23 pm
asking for one. that is a very difficult situation to find ourselves. in but the only way you extricate yourself is by showing strength, diplomatically and militarily. >> complicating all of, this of course, is the prospect in assad brought down faced with al qaeda country in which al qaeda continues to thrive. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thank you. to egypt now where folks watched the first televised egyptian presidential debate ever. viewers crowded around tv sets and outdoor cafes for the four hour debate aired last night on several independent television channels. something unheard of in the nearly three decades of aauthoritarian rule under the former egyptian president hosni mubarak. waves of protests during the early stages of the air arab spring forced them out last year. already started voting in the new presidential election. a potential break through now in the decades long fight against h.i.v. a federal health panel has backed a new drug that is said
4:24 pm
to be the first capable of preventing h.i.v. infection in healthy people. the f.d.a. usually follows the panel's recommendations and could green light the drug by next month. the f.d.a. also considering approval of its first over-the-counter instant h.i.v. test called ora quick. health officials say at home test could say -- slow the spread of the virus but concerned about accuracy. how mitt romney and president obama are fighting for north carolina. plus, the search is over for the man accused of kidnapping these two little girls after killing their mother and sister. coming up, the dramatic details of how it ended. and do you own an ipod? then you may not know it but you may be suing apple. so what's in it for you? that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. teachers get the training...
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4:29 pm
and drove up ipod prices. we're told apple denies any wrongdoing. a father scrambles to save his 4-year-old daughter from oncoming traffic after that little girl fell right out of a moving car and it tops our news around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." china. can you see the girl tumble right out of the driver's side door and on to the pavement. a taxi right behind that car slams on its breaks. the father jumps out and grabs his daughter. we're told she is somehow opens the door while climbing from the backseat into the front. she said to be fine. the car hit a tree. bolivia, police fired smoke grenades and rubber bullets to break up protests in the capital city of lapaz. medical students joined doctors and hospital workers who claimed the government is making them work longer hours without more pay. italy.
4:30 pm
hundreds of protesters throwing eggs and paint at police guarding a tax collection office in naples. reports indicate people are angry with the country's weak economy and government cut back and they have frequently targeted the agency. austria. a woman in vienna just opened what's reportedly the country's first cat cafe. where coffee lovers can also cuddle felines. she says she rescued the cats from a shelter, and now they live in the coffee house just waiting for a chance to crurl up on somebody's lap. no dogs allowed. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. mitt romney says he is counting on north carolina to help put him in the white
4:31 pm
house. it is no doubt a key battleground state and home of this year's democratic national convention. earlier this week, north carolina voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment that bans same sex marriage and then president obama announced his personal support for gay marriage. but today in north carolina, governor romney didn't even mention that issue. james rosen in washington following this. james, today the republic presumptive was all about the economy today. >> right, shep. the romney campaign regards the economy as the president's weak spot. the nominee to be, i should say, toured a metal works in charlotte, north carolina today. the tar heels state went for obama. dropped 48,000 young voters. 80% of them democrats from the registration roles. as well unemployment rate for the last six months on record. indeed for every month of the obama presidency has been higher than the national average. >> we are either going to go
4:32 pm
back to the old school liberal policies of the past with bigger and bigger government and bigger and bigger deficits, more and more intrusive government. that's what you are seeing today. that's why by the way it's been so hard for this economy to recover. this recovery has been the slowest, most tepid since hoover. >> for their part, the president's campaign aides say is he well positioned to retain north carolina and polls show a tight race in the state, shep. >> shepard: of course, the democrats seem to be hoping the publicity of holding their national convention in north carolina would help them. that's still on, right? >> in a word, yes. some 30,000 people have signed online petition demanding that the convention be relocated out of north carolina senior convention will help them win from north carolina and because a move isn't logistically possible at this point. also upset besides gays and lesbians, however, are the president's allies in organized labor because north carolina is a right to work state. some unions have been scaling
4:33 pm
back their funding for the convention this time around, shep. >> shepard: james rosen on capitol hill tonight. james, thanks. they had to try though today lawyers for john edwards asked the judge to throw out the charges against him. she said no deal. said it quickly. experts say it's a routine request. the judges almost always reject. the defense will start calling witnesses first thing machined morning. john edwards accused of using campaign cash to hide his mistress and love child from voters. he could get 30 years in prison. the senator and then presidential candidate claims he didn't know about the payments. this was during his 2008 presidential campaign when his wife elizabeth was dying of breast cache. the mistress hill hunter is on the defense witness list that does not mean she will definitely testify. two young sisters are safe at home with their father tonight and their suspected kidnapper is dead after a dramatic end to a two week long murder and
4:34 pm
abduction nightmare. police in northeast mississippi say they cornered this man, the prime suspect adam mayse in the woods. rather than surrender, he reportedly put a gun to his head and killed himself. we are told he had not harmed the two little girls and he reportedly believed they were his own daughters. that may explain why he didn't kill them, the authorities tell us. unfortunately the girls witnessed his suicide. investigators say mayse kidnapped these girls after he murdered their mother and sister in tennessee. he then drove, they tell us, 90 miles across the border into mississippi and buried the bodies in shallow graves outside his home in gun town. today, on "studio b," we spoke with the sheriff of union county, mississippi, where this went down. he helped track down mayse and save those girls. he described how they surrounded the suspect. hear listen. >> we were all in the area. we were trying to stay in this area and shut down any resources to him, to enable him to get out of the area. we had nothing that led us to
4:35 pm
believe that he had gotten out of the area. that's why we stayed in the area and continued working and continued pressure on him. >> shepard: investigators say the girls went without food and water for three days. it might have been a lot longer had they not been -- gotten one lucky tip into police. casey stegall is live in alpine, up the road a bit from tupelo. what was the tip that cracked this thing wide open? >> well, shepard, as you know, these are comawl small communities, communities on high alert the last two weeks or so. it was a single person who called 911 after they thought they saw the 35-year-old suspect in this remote wooded area where we are now and it turns out they were right. once 12-year-old alexandria bain and heir 8-year-old sister kylia were found alive, listen to what happened next. >> they were immediately given water as they were escorted to safety. the girls were then
4:36 pm
transported by ambulance to baptist hospital in new albany, mississippi. they were later transported to hospital in memphis as a precaution. there appeared -- they appeared to be suffering from exposure, dehydration and poison ivy. >> and while tonight the girls are out of the hospital, shepard, remember, they lost their mother and their oldest sister in this ordeal. >> shepard: the kidnapper accused of all of that shot and killed himself but he didn't act alone, according to the cops? >> no, he didn't according to authorities. the suspect's wife had something to do with it. she is behind bars. theresa mayse. in fact, she told investigators that she helped transport the murder victims' bodies from tennessee to mississippi. driving them in the same vehicle with the abducted children. the suspect's mother, mary mayse, has also been charged a
4:37 pm
with conspiracy to committing a vacated kidnapping. she is innocent. next several days if they discover anyone else is responsible for assisting this family with these crimes, shepard. >> shepard: casey stegall live in northeast mississippi tonight. the war in afghanistan now and another american soldier is dead at the hands of somebody dressed as an afghan soldier. details on this new attack. the eroding trust. and why most are saying there is is but one solution. that's next. plus the company behind that deadly italian cruise wreck now faces $700 million in lawsuits. that's coming up on fox report. what's withou? trouble with a car insurance claim. [ dennis ] switch to allstate. their claim service is so good, noit's guaranteed. [ foreman ] so i can trust 'em. unlike rdy. dolr for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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4:41 pm
of last year. and it's only may. military officials say it happened in the remote kunar province along the dangerous border with pakistan. guard at army base opened fire and then ran off into the mountains. the taliban has claimed responsibility. there has been a sharp rise in this sort of attack amid several scandals involving u.s. troops in afghanistan. you will remember in february there were deadly riots across the country after troops burned copies of the koran reportedly by mistake. just a few weeks later a u.s. soldier was accused in the the massacre of 17 men women and children on a brutal attack on a village. conor powell is our man in kabul and live there now. connor? >> shep, the u.s. military has been slow to acknowledge this growing problem and even slower to find a solution to these so-called green on blue attacks since 2007. 57 times afghan soldiers and police officers have turned their weapons on u.s. and
4:42 pm
international troops. today we're told the attack happened in kunar province. u.s. military is only saying that it was an individual wearing an afghan army uniform but afghan officials tell us it was, in fact, an afghan soldier who shot and killed one u.s. soldier and wounded several others. now, this is part of the problem with these attacks here in afghanistan. the u.s. military does not want to acknowledge that this is a growing problem here. but we have seen 20 u.s. and international troops shot and killed this year alone. many more wounded. and it really undermines the overall effort here to build up the afghan security forces here. that is a major part of the overall strategy here. and these attacks have u.s. and international officials confused and bewildered about why this is happened. they simply don't know but every time it happens, it removes the trust and really undermines the overall mission here in afghanistan. and, shepard, as you said, many people are simply saying the only option here is to get u.s. and international troops out. but that won't happen until the end of 2014.
4:43 pm
and so for the next few years, there is real concern that these attacks will continue to happen here in afghanistan, shepard. >> shepard: conor powell live early this saturday morning in kabul. a wild scene at the trial of that norway terrorist suspect who confessed to killing 77 people. most of them innocent teenagers. observers in the courtroom today say the brother of one victim tossed a shoe at the admitted killer and told him to go to hell. the shoe missed and hit that attorney instead. cameras caught only the confusion that followed. we're told the victim's brother had traveled to the trial from iraq where throwing a shoe is one heck of annulment. you will remember last july the suspect bombed a government building and opened fire on a youth camp. he said he did it to protect norway from multi-culturallism. and he told the court he would do it again.
4:44 pm
dozens of people died and many more were hurt after a ship struck a reef and tipped over. the captain said he tripped and fell on to a life boat. the group of musicians and dancers in new york has sued carnival corporation which owns the cruise line for $200 million. the other suit out of miami and in it plaintiffs seek 500 million. while just this week the company reportedly shelled out nearly $3 million to other survivors as part of a settlement from. a man pulls his friend off a motor boat after it bursts into flames and tops our news across america. washington. you can see the fire fully engulfed that 30-foot boat. fire officials say its owner's friend was right behind in another vessel and pulled up to the rescue. his buddies reportedly fine but his dog died in the fire. still no word on the cause.
4:45 pm
michigan. >> do you not understand it's illegal to print counterfeit money. >> shepard: secret service agents arrested this man after police say he tried to sell counterfeit cash to a detroit pawnshop along with a machine he used to print it. the pawnshop is featured on the reality show hard core pawn. the show's producers captured the guy on video and called the feds. >> the guy knew he was in trouble. the guy knew he was handing around counterfeit money. he still wanted his five minute of fame. >> shepard: the suspect has already done time for counterfeiting. texas. >> north, ride an unicycle and he is not wearing any clothes. >> shepard: you heard right. police arrested a guy riding a unicycle naked outside houston. he wasn't drunk or on drugs. he likes the feeling of riding in the naked. >> i think it's hysterical.
4:46 pm
why not? he said it feels good, let him have it cops charged him with indecent exposure. is he part of a fox watch across america. >> the millionaire who made headlines for adopting his 42-year-old girlfriend just got sentenced for the drunk driving crash that killed a college student. we're live outside the courthouse on route to mr. bill o'reilly. it's friday night on fox. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droidoes.
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>> shepard: he is the florida pole low tycoon who adopted his girlfriend and today he learned he will spend 16 years in prison for dui manslaughter. cops arrested this guy, john goodman in connection with with a drunken driving crash that killed a 23-year-old man back in 2010. prosecutors accused the millionaire of adopting his
4:50 pm
girlfriend in an effort to protect part of his fortune in the face of a civil lawsuit linked to that crash. a jury convicted goodman earlier this year on charges of dui manslaughter and failure to render aide after goodman lost an appeal for a new trial today. a judge also fined him $10,000 on top of that 16 year sentence. phil keating is live outside the courthouse in west palm beach. testimony during sentencing involved death always tough to watch. especially by starting the mother mentioning sunday is mother's day. a day full of heart break. he would have been 25 years old o. instead he drowned in a canal while goodman walked away from the scene to instead try to save himself. goodman also addressed the court but first the victim's mother he didn't even have the opportunity to donate his organs to save others' lives.
4:51 pm
as he had once told me he had elected to do. >> just to be a part of this is so tragic and horrible. i don't know what else to say. i'm just really really my heart goes out to the family and i'm so remorseful and sad. >> as for goodman's remorse, while prosecutors absolutely scoffed at that, and the judge basically agreed by imposing that longer than necessary 16 year sentence. shep? >> shepard: the defense attorney roy black not a total loss for him this day. goodman is getting out on bond, right? >> yeah, but with some very stiff conditions. first, take a look at goodman's visible reaction on his face this afternoon when the judge came out and decided and announced he was not declaring a mistrial for that alleged juror misconduct. nothing but shock and disbelief on the airconditioning tycoon's face. goodman will likely stay locked up until probably wednesday. then the bond conditions are he has got to post $7 million.
4:52 pm
he have is ohave g.p.s. monitoring. no alcoholic drugs. permanent house arrest. he will also have to hire a private security staff to permanently keep him in their eyesight for the duration of his bond. as for black, he now appeals that verdict after that juror today in the courtroom admitted he conducted his own three cocktails in an hour drunk test experiment at home to help him with the verdict. >> shepard: shep one time detective who got busted for murder is set to spend 25 years to life in the slammer. judge handed down sentence today. exdetective bludgeoned a romantic rival and shot her nearly three decades ago. the case was ice cold until 2009. then, undercover investigators got so. detective's d.n.a. and matched it to a bite mark on the victim. during interrogation, she denied everything. >> you guys are claiming that i'm a suspect.
4:53 pm
then, you know, i have got a problem with, you know, with that. >> okay. >> okay? so, you know, if you are doing this as an interrogation, you are saying hey, i'm a suspect, well now i have got a problem, now you are accusing me of this? is that what you are saying? >> shepard: you are actually convicted now. defense lawyers argue the d.n.a., a sample from the victim was contaminated after decades in storage. the jury didn't buy it. today a judge in los angeles sentenced the woman to 25 to life for murder plus two extra years for personal use of a firearm. tens of thousands of fans are expected to attend a memorial service tonight for the former san diego charger's great junior seau. the 42-year-old died last week at his ocean side california home after cops say he shot himself in the chest. tonight, celebration of life memorial as they are calling it will be held at the stadium in san diego where the chargers play. junior seau spent the majority of his 20 year nfl career for the chearges.
4:54 pm
we're told former san diego player dan fouts, la damion tomlinson are expected to speak at the service. if you are convinced that the world is going to end this year as apparently some people are all because of that ancient my an calendar. we have some very good news. a new finding that could save life as we know it. it's next. ♪ spread a little love today ♪ ♪ spread a little love my way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ [ female announcer ] fresh milk and real cream makes philadelphia and the moment a little richer. they fly just a liiiiittle bit higher...
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if you develop these, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart orlood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. my inspiration for quitting were my sons. they were my little cheering squad. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> shepard: can you go ahead and make your new year's eve plans. the not ending in december. one of the oldest art facts in guatemala that gives details into the infamous myan calendar. the scientists say notes on the mural show the myans predicted the start of a new calendar cycle in calendar of 2012. >> did the myans think the
4:58 pm
word would end in 2012? no. they didn't. did the myans think the world would end? no, they didn't. >> shepard: researchers give ruins first glimpse science in the so-called no world before christopher columbus arrived. or somebody. before we go our team's top five things of the day. number five, the man who designed the famous shelby cobra sports car carroll shelby has died. he was 89. number 4, a judge rejects a move to declassify a cia bay of pigs invasion in cuba. number three, president obama today urged congress to help responsible homeowners by making t easier for them to refinance. republicans say they have heard this before and that the president's policies have not worked. number two, the credit ratings agency fitch downgrade jp morgan chase after america's largest bank revealed it lost $2 billion from one portfolio. and number one, the jury convicted the actress and singer jennifer hudson's
4:59 pm
former brother-in-law for murdering hudson's mother, brother, and nephew. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1942, the american literary titan william faulkner published his classic short story collection go down moses. he was born in new albany, mississippi, grew up in oxford and was writer and residence at ole miss. his father worked at the university as a business manager. william faulkner published his first novel in 1925. like many authors he struggled financially. go down moses certainly helped pay the rent it included the bear, which is widely considered one of his most famous tales. but faulkner really didn't reach national acclaim until 1949 when he won the nobel prize for literature and gave what's widely considered the most important acceptance speech ever delivered as he declined to accept the end of man. still a southern author put out a classic 70 years ago today. and now you know the


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