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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 11, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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fine single mom, the situation is a real distraction. >> sean: you have got to respond but i agree the is the number one issue. guys great to see you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> what a bomb shell about president bill clinton and secretary of state hillary clinton. did president clinton urge his wife to quit her job now and run against president obama this november? plus, is the obama campaign using threats and intimidation against romney donors. critics say the obama campaign has an enemy's list and a man who says he is on it. first, republicans are ripping into president obama for forgetting the recession. here is what president obama said. >> we have seen a record surplus that was squandered on tax cuts for people who didn't need them and weren't even asking for them. two wars were being waged on
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the credit card. wall street speculators reaped huge profits by making bets with other people's money. manufacturing was leaving our shores. it was a house of cards and it collapsed in the most destructive worst crisis we have seen since the great depression. and sometimes people more get the magnitude of it. and you saw some of that i think in the video that was shown. sometimes i forget. >> greta: sometimes i forget. bad choice of words or is president obama detached from what is happening to many americans? as the gop is quick to point out, dick morris author of the new book "screwed." that is a mistake i'm sure we will hear in lots of campaign ads. >> i think it was just a slip of the tongue or a mistake. but it is silly, of course, he doesn't forget. but what he is doing is he is trying to merge two completely
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separate things. one was the banking crisis. and that exacerbated the recession, caused judge unemployment and huge instability but that was largely being solved by the time he took office. then there is the aftermath of the recession. the so-called sluggish recovery which is is entirely obama's. and that is because he has borrowed so much money that the world has freaked out. that is a technical economic term, greta. and he -- let me just give you the stats. when took office public sector debt of all nations, allstates, everybody in the world was $40 trillion. he increased it himself by $5 trillion and state and local governments by another 4. 25% increase in debt in three years. and it totally freaked out the world and it led to the crisis in greece, the crisis in spain, the freezing of lending of
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capital throughout the world. and it is why the united states can't shake this recession. because it is not a recession. it is what is called the debt implex caused by debt. like the way they used to plead patients in the middle ages to get rid of the evil spirits and just made them worse. that is what he is doing really. >> greta: what he is running on is the statement it could have been so much worse and we are really lucky. how do we know if he is right? there could have been so much worse than he really sort of stopped the, you know, stopped all the problems from getting so much bigger or how do we know that he is not scaring us? >> look at every other country in the world, greta. we are the only country that did not bounce back from this recession. china had a 9%, 10% growth rate. india, high growth rate. the european zone came out of this recession a year and a half before we did and they
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had. >> greta: you have greece, you have unemployment in spain of 24%. i mean. >> now, you are. >> greta: europe is imploding. >> now, you are. it is 2012. in 2009 and 21st centur 2010 ao '11 europe did much better than the united states. now, europe is falling apart because the debt implosion this he caused is catching up with him. the weak antelope get eaten and greece and spain are the week antelope. everybody else is scared of it and the result is the economy isn't growing and now we are all going back that a recession because of his policys. >> greta: there is a recent poll which i say how do we know. i don't know thence how we exactly know but at least i can tell you what the american people think. in a recent poll associated press poll says do you approve or disapprove how president obama is handling the economy?
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on february 16 through 20, 48% approved. now, that has declined by 2%. 50% disapproved. now, it has gone up by 2% to 52 in two months. so the trend is that the american people don't think he is handling it particularly -- they think he is handling it less well than he was. >> i just did a poll where i found 42% said he has made it worse. 33% said he has made it better. nd at rest said his policies have had no impact at all. you get almost two thirds of the country that believes it is either worse or no impact of his policies. >> greta: the electoral college map. if the race were today, tell me who would be winning and who -- i mean tell me what the numbers would be about? >> romney would be winning overwhelmingly. obama might carry if the election were held today 8 or 10 states. the polling that i have seen, the likely voter polling not
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the registered voter the likely voter polling is so overwhelming here he is really headed for a route. >> greta: it is sort of interesting is that we are going to hear probably a lot of the things we have been hearing for the last year from both candidates, the same stuff. and if i were to venture a guess as to what is going be different between now and november it is the trend. we are going to trend better or trend worse. and i think that is going to be such a dynamic factor and so important i would suspect how people vote those that are undecided right now. >> i think the economy is getting worse, just look at the jobs numbers. one of the things concerning me, greta, is what he is going to do during the lame duck session of the senate after i believe he loses the election. and in my new book "screwed," i
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have a discussion of a range of treaties he is planning to sign and get ratified during the lame duck session just like in 010 he had the streety with russia ratified. and they he amount to the worst fears of globalization and loss of sovereignty coming true. one is up for ratification next month is the law of the sea treaty. this obliges the united states to give half of its royalties for oil and mineral drilling offshore out past 200 miles to the third world to the united nations to be distributed as it wishes to i think all the sea bed authority. another treaty, the international criminal court that makes it a crime, the president could be arrested for going to war without united nations approval meaning russia and china. bush was going to go to switzerland in 2010 to accept an award and he canceled the trip out of fear of being
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arrested because switzerland is a signatory of the international criminal court and obama is going to push that in the next six months anded particularly after the lame duck session. >> greta: i mean obviously this is a very delicate time for the candidates. doesn't president obama sort of just want to try to make things improve and not do anything that is particularly bold between now and the elections to upset the apple cart? >> i'm looking past that. just as he waited with the start treaty which was a giveaway to sla away russia, there are a whole series of treaties. one is backdoor gun control. another creates a legal right to welfare for children internationally enforceable. all of these treaties are piling up. he is then negotiating them and i believe they are going to be pushing them through the lame duck democratic senate after
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the election. >> greta: after the election. >> and that is why i wrote "screwed" and we move the dates up. the sea treaty is coming up for ratification in june. once they get ratified they can't be unratified. they take the supremacy clause of the constitution they have the force of a constitutional amendment. >> greta: and i got to go. now, to a clinton bomb shell. did former president bill clinton call president obama an amateur. a book claims he not only did that but also urged his wife secretary of state hillary clinton to run against the president in this year's tournament primary. president clinton's spokesperson calls the book's claims totally and completely false. byron york joins us. >> opens with the scene the summer of 2011, hillary clinton and bill clinton and a few old friends are in bill clinton's
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office at their house in new york. bill clinton is saying you have to resign as secretary of state and run for president. challenge barack obama in 2012. not wait until 2016, in 2012. hillary clinton is saying that would cut off my he term as secretary of state and it would be disloyal and bill clinton says forget about that, you have to run, you can be president. you have the support, we want to be back in the white house and you should do it. >> greta: and also quoted in the book assaying that she can still run in 20136. 2016. according to the author that she has her eye on 2016. >> he does quote someone quoting her saying she would be young enough to run. in 2016 on inauguration day in january 2017 she would be 69 years old which is the same age ronald reagan was when took office who is this author? >> edward klein is a former editor of the new york times sunday magazine. has writ and number of kind of
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deep inside tell-all books. his last book in 2005 about hillary clinton was extremely controversial and claimed that she was a lesbian and all sorts of kind of out there stuff and denounced as a pack of lies by everybody involved. >> greta: and others besides everybody involved. it wasn't just sort of the inner circle of the clintons that denounced it. it was widely denouned. >> it did not have a lot of evidence that anybody could evaluate. the same thing with this scene. it says that this conversation between bill and hillary clinton and later their daughter chelsea joins them and sides with the father saying mrs. clinton should run. this scene takes place in front of a few old friends. are you get the idea that klein has talked to them but we don't know who is involved. >> greta: does any one know what the relationship is between secretary of state clinton and president obama?
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>> we know they seem to work together reasonably well. hillary clinton was able to in public at least put aside all of the bad blood, all of the competitiveness that came out of the race that was one of the longest and most devices races in history. we know they work well, together. on the other hand we also know that bill clinton, mrs. clinton's husband and the former president was smarting over some incidents that took place during the campaign. >> he was called a racist essentially in south carolina. >> in south carolina when said a number of things he was critical of then senator obama and some of obama's supporters did suggest that bill clinton who takes great pride in his record on race was in fact a racist. >> greta: the words that are used, i don't know, i mean, first of all, we don't know if this is a correct quote or even happened but to call the president an amateur. >> yeah. >> greta: that sort of cuts to the quick. >> here again we can't evaluate
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it without knowing the names involved. is it plausible that bill clinton in a private setting hass been very critical of barack obama? yeah, i think it is. it strikes me as entirely plausible. is it plausible that they discussed this topic? >> i think it is, too. i don't know if it happened in this particular way but there is no doubt mrs. clinton tried very hard to win the democratic presidential nomination. she never completely closed the door to trying it again. obviously bill clinton wants her to be president, has said that many, many times. the idea that something like that discussion took place doesn't strike me as too far fetched. >> nancy gibson and michael duffy from time magazine, a group called the president's club. unemployment' curious your thoughts on president obama and president clinton's relationship. in public they look social and friendly. if this happened him calling him amateur it couldn't be
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quite that cozy. >> this little scene has clinton saying of his two successors he has gotten a lot more calls from george w. bush asking advice when bush was in the white house than he has gotten from president obama. there have been reports that president clinton feels like president obama has not called on his expertise and experience are enough. no doubt there is tension in there. the kind of thing perhaps later on when they are both former presidents they will do things together but right how to there seems to be a lot of competitiveness. >> greta: never sure if we are getting the whole story on this. love to be the fly on the wall. >> does the obama campaign have an enemy's lift? frank insists he has had a target on his back ever since the obama campaign singled him out as a major romney donor. he joins us. good evening, sir. >> hello. greta. >> greta: whelm me about why you think you are on the
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enemies if list and why would you be on tha it with the obama campaign? >> when the list came out, there was 8 and i was one on it. when i learned i was on the enemy's list it worried me at first. my first anticipation was that yeah, i have a target strapped on my back and sure enough then the attacks started coming and i really thought i made a mistake. as i thought about it, i thought -- >> and so i have -- i remain undeferred. >> greta: so where is this list? where do you first see or hear of the list? >> well, gosh, people started sending me e-mails with it and i don't know what the -- what the name of his campaign, barack obama's campaign and for president and i don't know the address of it but i think it is pretty well known. you can find out where it was. >> have any steps been taken to
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investigate? people are there phone calls being made about you? any searches being made about you? anything that is beyond just sort of some talk? >> well, no. there has been a ton of electronic media so called electronic media journalists that have hodgeed all kinds -- lodged all kinds of innuendo in my direction and accused me of all kinds of bad things. people have called my children. they have been surfing their linked in sites and asking for interviews of my kids. we learned here a little over a week ago that a former u.s. senate investigator is doing an investigation of me down at our local courthouse on me and my family. actually when i learned that he was a member of the subcommittee of homeland security that worried me a lot. and that developed. it doesn't lookic like he is still there. he claims to have recently left. we don't know how recently he
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left the department but recently. >> greta: and that is the man whose name was mr. wolf. has been prying in the courthouse looking for records. >> his name is michael wolf get >> greta: and where does he work now, do you know? >> i'm told kim stossel from the "wall street journal" has been investigating that and he now works for a company by the name of fusion gps. >> and who are they? >> a company that hires out diagnose they are for hire to dig up clinical and dirt on anybody you want to dig up dirt on and get it posted into so-called journalism. you pay them money and they dig up dirt. >> and do you know who runs that? >> i don't know personally but i he have been told it is a fellow by the name i think it is glen simpson. >> greta: do you know if glen sim he is the one who you said is digging up dirt and getting it out to different media
10:18 pm
outlets? do you know that fence he is being paid by an anyone connecd with the obama campaign or the democratic party? >> he won't talk to reporters about it. but his business model is to do exactly that. >> greta: are you been able to talk to mr. wolf who works for mr. simpson? have you been able to talk to him to find out why in the world he is snooping around at the courthouse trying to find records about you? >> i haven't tried. kim stossel's investigation was ongoing and we left that alone. >> so you have no idea why he would want to do that? >> i don't know personally, no. >> greta: are you intimidated at all? are you going to continue to contribute and move forward? >> well, i think i was in the beginning after all these attacks started coming and they were coming so fast and furious we couldn't handle them all and we had conference calls with
10:19 pm
our friends and our customers to try to answer them. and i will say this, they hodgeed all kinds of things. none stuck except for the idea that i'm antigay and supposedly a gay basher. and the truth is i consider many gay people as personal friends. i have never spoken ill of a gay person in my life. i have never been judgmental of a gay person. i believe gay people should have the same rights as all american is and i don't know how anybody who knows me could consider me antigay but that was the story. if i it wasn't the gay issue im sure it would be something else. the truth doesn't seem to be much of a criteria for these folks. >> greta: frank, thank you. >> thank you for having me on. >> greta: facebook is going public and its cofounders stand to make billions. why about one of the cofounders giving up his u.s. citizenship.
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>> greta: facebook. elwith, the biggest internet company ipo in history and the
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value expect to the reach almost $100 billion when the company goes public. what is one facebook cofounder doing to celebrate his success? renounces his u.s. citizenship. why is he doing that? louise from the new york times joins us. as you probably say that he actually denounced it 6 or 8 months ago, right? >> he did last september but the irs posts a list every year and they posted in april about all of the americans who are renouncing their citizenship and interestingly about 1800 people did last year and that is a lot administer than just a few years ago. in 2008 it was is a hundred people. this has to do with taxes. last year a lot of people thought the bush tax cuts might expire and they may expire this year and so people who pay a high amount of tax who live abroad sometimes want to get out of that. and for this facebook cofounder it means a lot of money. >> greta: is there any sort of estimate between -- i
10:25 pm
understand he is a citizen of singapore so the tax law of singapore would somehow apply. any idea of what the value to him of renouncing american citizenship although he was born in brazil and became an american citizen in the 1990s. how many dollars this means to him by getting out of dodge in the u.s. >> take you through the math a little. basically his stake is probably worth about $4 billion because he owns about 4% of the company and so he will still have to pay a form of the capital gains tax, the u.s. doesn't let people that you easily, they can't just renounce citizenship. he has to pay kind of an exit tax. but by renouncing last september the valuation that is put on facebook is done by his own private ant using values from last september and the accountant could say last september it was only worth $60 billion or $70 billion. a lot less than the $100 billion now. this could be worth hundreds of
10:26 pm
millions of dollars in savings. and not too bad for just a few months of of renouncing citizenship. >> greta: was there discussion last fall about an ipo? obviously if he renounced his citizenship ten years ago when facebook wasn't worth as much and now the ipo would not be anticipation of the ipo to get an economic value from the tax. when renounced it was there discussion of ipo so looks as a reason to avoid taxes? >> there have been discussions of ipo for two or three years. everyone in the tech world has been anticipating it. in fact, they probably would have gone a puck lic public a t earlier. they said he lives in singapore and it will be simpler and he wants to it invest his money in asia. this guy was not born in the united states. he moved here from brazil in
10:27 pm
the 1990s and became a citizen. for any one out there who has gone to immigration it as lot of work to become a citizen. he was only a citizen for about a decade and made $4 billion here in the u.s. cofounding facebook. >> greta: he made all the money in the u.s. and the $00 million or whatever amount of money he avoids by tax whatever amount that is money that is not going into our treasury. and we sure need money now. is there -- i mean has any one complained, any members of congress? this is not tax eexpectations must annoy people. >> northbound is only gated to remain a u.s. citizen. he filed the form on time and it is perfectly legal. this will probably give ammunition to some people who say there is a lot of concern about ending the bush tax cuts because his income abroad won't be taxed as well. there is a lot of reasons he will benefit because of this and certainly be able to keep
10:28 pm
more of his earnings. >> greta: you said there were a number of people this year. is that due to the most laws or that is what people think? >> that is what most people think. last year when everyone was looking at the bush tax cuts as possibly expire and they may expire this year, of course, that this were some wealthy individuals out there who said okay, forget it, i don't even live in the u.s. so i will get rid of this passport. >> greta: nice to see you and nice to talk to you you. >> great to see you. >> greta: coming up, what cost $100 million to study that the pentagon says it does not need but congress says they are going to get it anyway, this ambassador john bolton is on the record. tonight, a verdict in the murder of jennifer hudson's relatives. you will hear that verdict and most life insurance companies look at you and just see a policy.
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that is what is really at issue here is they don't believe in it. >> what has changed in russia in the last two years? our relationship seems to have gotten rougher with them. >> i'm glad you said it rather than myself. when the obama administration came in they were going to press the famous reset button. the relations with the bush
10:38 pm
administration and russia had gotten so bad. after the new start arms control treaty, a very ill advised treaty and giving up missile defense bases assets in poland and the czech republic and making other convexes what have we gotten back? nothing but belligerence from putin and threats against the missile defense assets we do have in europe. this is a very, very aggressive administration in moscow. >> greta: and president putin isn't coming to the united states next week. i thought it was sort an insult to it the united states. >> he declined to go to the g meeting because he is not invited to the nato meeting that follows it. >> greta: that doesn't show that we are getting on better footing with them if he is refusing to go to the g 8 and i think it was even moved to camp david in an effort to. >> make it easier for him to put it in a separate location.
10:39 pm
>> maybe vice president biden can explain how the reset button is working just as he previously tried to explain that only under obama had we put real pressure on iran when iran in the last three years has made substantial progress on its nuclear weapons program. invite vice president biden to come on. >> greta: he has an open invitation. the press has an open invite axe. >> how about the government using your study for a government study to stud did i government studies? we will explain straight ahead. whitney houston's family is telling all and showing all. making their personal story very public. you will see what they are doing. that is just two minutes away. [ alarm buzzes ] [ female announcer ] wake up time, but not for your eyes. they're still so tired looking. with olay challenge that, with regenerist anti-aging eye roller. its hydrating formula with caffeine conditioning complex, perks up the look of eyes.
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jp morgan chase shares dropping after the company announced a $2 billion trading loss. also dragging down other financial stocks causing the dow jones to fall 34 points. the standard & poor's closing down 5 points friday. the ceo blaming the loss on errors and bad moment. syrian forces killing an attempted suicide bomber. the foiled attack came a day after two bombs in the capital killed at least 55 people. since the uprising began more than a year ago the u.n. estimates syrian troops have killed more than 9,000 people and u.s. intelligence suggests al-qaeda has a quote unquote presence in the war torn country. i'm elizabeth prann. now, back to "on the record." >> greta: do you know what a study to study studies is?
10:46 pm
no? well, you should. because you are are paying for one. and this is simply no joke. why would the government need a study to study studies and what does that mean anyway? jonathan strong joins us. >> robert gates who was then secretary of defense was looking around at the defense department and saying we have all these studies going on and they are costing us all this money and we don't even have a good way of measuring if the studies are doing us any good so let's do a study about all of the studies. that was two years ago and then the gao got into the mix and they decided to do a study about the defense department's study of its studies to determine whistling that study was doing a good job of estimating the costs and kind of measuring whether those studies were n any good. and they said the defense
10:47 pm
department is not doing a good job of measuring its studies. >> greta: this is insane. we are paying for this. let's say the gao study of the defense department study of all their studies, do we know how much that cost? >> we don't. we placed an inquiry with gao and they have not gotten back to us in terms of the cost. i can tell you just reading the report the level of bureaucracy in here makes a visit to the dmv look like one click purchasing on amazon .com. i felt like red tape was being wrapped around my neck. >> greta: do they realize how bad this is? a study of a study to determine the studies. does any one think this is a really good idea? any one you have come across? >> not any one in the general public but there is a lot of people who make a good living in the government doing studies of studies of studies.
10:48 pm
>> greta: what were they studying in the first place. why don't they just do their job and not be wasteful? what is the. >> you talked about the missile defense program. >> $100 million. >> that is a lot of money. i don't know how much it really costs but you do have to research the issues when you going to be doing defense systems for the whole united states. >> greta: it just seems so out of control. if it weren't night after night after night it is unbelievable the amount of money and when you read the study of the study of the study it as bit much. >> i thinking it symbolic, too, that we had a lot of reports and studies that have been pretty useless in the last couple of years. especially on the budget issues like boles simpson and the supercommittee did nothing. >> greta: nice to see you. >> mitt romney is issued a new challenge to president obama
10:49 pm
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>> greta: you have seen our top stories but here is the best of the rest. governor mitt romney is taking the presidential race into unchartered waters and issuing an unusual challenge to
10:53 pm
president obama. >> i don't think i will play the president a round of golf but i will be happy to take him to a water ski course. we have different skills and interests and hobbies. i must admit that my kids and grand kids are my hobby and consume a lot of my interested attention. people will get to know me better. ann says there is a wild and crazy guy locked up inside of me and now and then i let him out. >> greta: no word on from president obama whether he would take governor romney up challenge.r skiing cal a surf in hawaii caught a 78-foot wave off the coast of the portugal. a foot higher than the old record. he had had a series of wipeouts but his friends convinced him to get back on his board and now he is glad he did. you don't have to choose between your cat and your caffeine any more. a new cafe is catering to java
10:54 pm
junks who are also cat lovers. it opened in vienna austria. customers can order their coffee and set the down with their own cats or one of the house cats. >> so why did he open the cat cafe? he says that petting a cat can relieve treasure. >> and before you send that text check for the police. we all know you shouldn't text while driving but one new jersey town is outlawing texting while walking. why? police say texters are the biggest jay walking offenders because they are distracted. police say they want to prevent dangerous walking so they are ticketing texters. so far they have given out more than 100 tickets and there you have it the best of the rest. >> coming up, one team and two star quarterbacks. what happens when tim tebow and mark sanchez go out on the town together? find out next. with athlete's foot, i just wanted to hide myeet.
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights it's time for last call. and the finding out before the season starts. >> i heard jets quarterback mark sanchez and tim tebow went out to dinner this week. they were looking at the menu and he was like so, did you pick a starter? >> greta: that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. you know what you need to do. go to greta there is an open thread. you can talk about how much you like waste in the government. i


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