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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  May 14, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men and women marrying woman and heterosexual men marrying women are entitled to the same rights and civil leb berts. i don't see much of a distinction beyond that. >> at a certain point i concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> as fundamental as these principles are, they may become topics of democratic debate from
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time to time. with the institution of marriage, marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> i am geraldo rivera. maybe vice president joe biden didn't intented to force the president's hand on same-sex marriage on sunday but the united states for the first time in our history now has a president who publicly and enthusiastically embraces gay marriage. you could call him as news week does our first gay president. after a week in which north carolina joined the 38 other states which resoundedly rejected the idea and as you know the presumptive nominee restated his if i recafirm oppo gay marriage the raw political question now is which candidate is strengthened by the issue. we ask pollster scott who joins us live. >> welcome.
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>> a week ago the race said obama and romney 42 three-days after the same-sex marriage they has it today romney 48 obama 44 a huge lift. is that all about gay marriage? >> what we saw is the beginning of mitt romney following the jobs report. the economy is still a driving issue. let me tell you about the impact this has the president's comments has. huge substance but in terms of ho politics. only 6 percent of americans said social issues like this were the most important in this election. right now 7 percent hold that view. it is an important debate it is presidential poling numbers. >> yet you have ohio, pennsylvania, texas, north
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carolina all key swing states that have neither laws or constitutional amendments against gay marriage. is it possible you could lose swing states because of this issue? >> anything is possible. >> we won by 14,000 votes. i think it was a quarter of a percentage points. anything could make a difference in a race that close. but we started off by looking at the economic conditions. if the economy is weaker in october, this issue, the same-sex marriage issue will have no impact. if the economy is much stronger it will have no impact. it is a question of who will win based on economic concerns. in those states that you talked about geraldo, yes there are issues about same-sex marriage, but there are also very real economic concerns. >> thank you for your wisdom. thank you for hustling to get on tonight. >> there are two other developments in the gay marriage. both came on thursday.
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one is allegation of governor romney's long ago bullying of a classmate in school. the other is president obama's enormous hall later that same day from a gay friendly record breaking fundraiser held at george clooney's house. it is we will talk about one of the sharpest political analysts in in the business today. the author most recently of scrooge dick morris. >> let's deal with the overall politics of gay marriage and all of the other noise surrounding it. too who's benefit does it accrue? >> i think it is something obama did in order to raise money. there's a limit to the mass kichl of healthy people. they haven't given him a lot of money. he needed to get it from hollywood and gays that's why he
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took this position. i think gays would probably have voted anyway and anti gays would vote it against. but what i think is going to hurt him is the impression of elitism. the impression of being so by coastal so new york, boston, hollywood and san francisco. and alienating the country in between. to endorse gay marriage after he rejected in by 22 points then fly to hollywood the next day at george clooney's house is so elise ee elitist that i think middle america is really going to recent it. >> what about the mitt romney allegations? does that feed into his elitist kind of status? >> i tell you right now that when i heard it i have my own ark. i didn't like it when he ran against ted kennedy.
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it seemed like a kid with a silver spoon. he saves the olympics he comes back saves massachusetts from it -- from itself. >> now it kind of reminded me of he was the kind of kid that never would have been friends with me in high school. >> i don't think this will have nim pact. >> obama was doing cocaine then. i think the only impact is most voters will see that as a low blow. the story. >> and indicative of the bias that they gave the front page hype. i don't recall a story about obama using cocaine in high school or college. he said he did in his book they don't cover him but they cover romney incredibly.
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>> we saw jeremiah write and that whole crowd. >> that wasn't high school. >> that was a couple years ago. >> a couple years ago. maybe you are exaggerating. >> you think generally speaking who wins? >> romney wins on the exchange because i think the elitist issue against obama is very, very damaging to him. >> let's turn the tanks to the trial of presidential candidate and john edwards heard the essence of the federal case against him. >> i know it is not possible that this job could be mine because of the timing of events. it has never been told any money has been made. they improved their lot in this trial. i think the reason they feel that way.
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>> the letter of the law is very technical federal election standards and laws that is very questionable if they have been broken does this qualify under the law the giving of money to a mistress to keep her quiet as a campaign donation or campaign expense. >> i think they have a reasonable chance. he knows much more than of the dark under belly of politics. jack abramoff is with us. do you think the feds have proven their case? >> i know the attorney for john edwards had a motion to dismiss which was rejected by the judge on friday. they have had a cough thing to prove the feds that this was not a gift that this was a
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contribution. there were a lot of facts that go against them. the problem is john edwards is an odius character and when you are a villain in the public's mind it is hard to make it through this kind of process especially if you have a jury that wants to do something to punish you if it wasn't a crime especially. >> are you talking from experience? >> i didn't go to trial but i was a villain. it is hard to get a fair hearing. people in this country how they vote for president and how they vote for a jury i think the law is in his favor. the weathhether he will survive jury is another matter. >> the fact that they didn't put her on could play to the benefit of the defense. the prosecution is hiding something they didn't put
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everything up for us to hear. maybe there's something else here. that i be enough to have a sufficient reasonable doubt. >> what do you think about the implications of the edwards trial does it resinate or make democrats look sleazy? >> i don't think it will have an effect on the election one way or the other. in terms of the merits of the case obviously the million bucks was to hold his family together keep his wife, keep his reputation in life be able to live not specifically to get elected president. i have been in a lot of campaigns and i have never seen a budget line paying off a mistress. >> i bet it's not the first time it has been done, hey, jack? >> probably not. in terms of the gift she paid taxes according to the lawyer. both of them it was intended to be a gift. they kept doing it after the campaign was over. it is really as dick says very much of a strain.
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>> i have to say one night i would like to swap stories. we could live enup any story in the bar. good luck. thank you. >> action packed show for you. consumer activister rin brockovich is taking on a big chemical company accused of contaminating a new jersey town. accused of sexual assault. suzanne somers took on cancer and is here to tell us how she has regrown her lost breast. we will go inside the adam mayes murder suicide. and why fifty tee sha
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>> image living in a house you can't sell because the ground it sits on is contaminate d and slowly killing you. that's the residents from a
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small new jersey town as craig reports. >> the town is one of the prettiest in new jersey but the residents of 450 homes here say they have been contaminate bide an old dupont plant. now they want them to clean this lake up. >> the groundwater in the town is poisoned with what are called volatile organic chemicals. >> the residents of pompton lake say pollutants from a dupont plant have left citizens sick and dying. the company nor the federal government have done enough to help them. >> they cannot sell their homes or get mortgages. they have been denied because of the contamination issues here. >> former councilman are residents dedicated to citizen's for a clean pompton lake. >> we are not people with a lot of money that can just up and leave our homes. in many cases this is all we have. >> their fight with the corporate giant and governmental
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bureaucracy brought about some change but they say not nearly enough. >> what we need is the epa to come in and rope this entire cleanup into one whole cleanup. >> in a statement the environmental froeks agency are strongly committed to cleaning up the site quickly using the best methods available and having dupont fond the best element of this cleanup. residents say that does little to mitigate the losses. >> this is where you live this is where your wife passed away. >> she is had brain cancer lung cancer spread out through out her body. she passed away a year after diagnosis. >> i can't comment on individual persons as far as health concerns. >> bob is a dupont spokesperson. >> we had someone say that wife cancer that house cancer. >> had a double mast he can come me. >> that is more than a report
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that is in fact happening. >> there is a 2011 study that interprets the debate in a different way. i can't speak to it but it is fair. >> strategically located in a valley in the event of a catastrophic explosion the pompton lake's worth is a virtual waste land. vast labs of concrete represent the bones of manufacturing plants where for 92 years bombs were built for 20th century warfare. >> the chemicals were dumped off into the ground into the water and so you are now dealing with 25 years later almost the effects of those chemicals in the ground. >> what happened traditionally back in those times there are processes that we now know would not have been used. >> for nearly a century carcinogens like led went into under ground aquifers that fed d the community around it for years to come.
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>> dupont claims they have put in systems done tests put in vapor mitigation systems and filters. what say you? >> very interesting. that's band-aid. it does safeguard our residents. we are getting readings outside of our homes even with the systems on them. >> this is the pumping station, this is where the water is drawn up out of the ground filtered and sent back into the community. >> what kind of contaminants? >> talking about pbc and bbc two compounds that are removed. there are other skon state went we are mitigating. >> they pump it into our homes 3 billion gallons of water 3 billion went underneath their homes. that's why the lake is contaminated. >> residents told me that they consider this -- the pump and dump station. in other words the water is being drawn out but it is still polluted when it comes into their community. >> these types of systems are
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design to do remove contaminated in the water and comes out as clean water. >> for 100 years, decades they made ammunitions for the government. we can't get the real answers maybe you guys can get the right answers. >> dupont says they have a plan in place to dredge 99 percent of the mercury and sent it to the epa for approval. gave no time line on the project. many are elderly say time for them is running out. >> for decades the garbage done. >> thor rin brockovich on why she is taking on the poison of
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>> they can swim in a poolt without having to worry about a his reck tommy by the age of 20. >> erin brockovich has helped the people in pompton new jersey from an enduring legacy that spans decades. welcome to the program. do you have any doubt that these people are in real peril? >> i have no doubt these people are in real peril. >> that's the thing that makes it so frustrating. this is something that has been going on for years and decades and been neglected and now we are dealing with the population of people who have nowhere else to go. their property values are in the toilet and their health is
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jeopardized. >> so they are trapped. how much can you reasonably -- can we reasonably expect from the corporations from these legacy horrors that are decades old? >> well, you know, i think i and communities would always like to be more positive that you can hope these companies will come out and do something. often times it's too late and it takes too long and it ends up in some litigation that takes even longer. that is a big frustration for the community. we hope a company will come out and do the right thing. they don't have to come out and vilify themselves. they appreciate the jobs and they don't want to be poison. they want it to be poison. >> how would you like this one to end? >> oh my gosh. you know how i would like it to end is the company come out and
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work with the community. we have agency over sight that isn't getting anything done which compounds the problem. the community has to start working at a local level and the company should be there with them. that is what we would like to see them come out and work with these people, deal with the health problems they have. they have a soil vapor gas problem thg going on. they have the groundwater contamination. it's volatileizing in their homes and deal with it. get them out of there and you take over the land but you p can't just leave those people sitting there. i would like to see that process happen where they will come out, deal with these people and do what is right by them and get them out of harm's way. >> are you satisfied with the job the epa has done? >> no. unfortunately pompton lakes is one of thousands and thousands and thousands of communities across the united states like this. there's this false sense that
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the epa is going to come and rescue us. nothing could be further from the truth. we are dolliealing with an agen that has upwards of 30,000 sites that haven't been cleaned. this is insanity, called geraldo. it is a very serious, serious problem. the agency for a whole host of reasons whether it is over burdened under staffed let's be honest they are broke. they are not coming out and cleaning up these sites. >> erin brockovich the latest documentary "last call at the oasis." nice to see you again. >> nice to see you, geraldo. >> was john travolta really black listed from a spa in a in.
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log on to >> live and at large welcome back everybody. gay rumors circulated around the actor john travolta for years but he managed to rebut them. there may be strength in numbers. because now a fourth massage therapist has come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against the 58-year-old actor claiming this time that travolta was so aggressive he was banned from the swanky peninsula hotel spa here in new york a charge travolta vigorously denies. quote if he was banned do you think he would ever go back? he has never been banned. i guarantee you the hotel never told john he was banned and he never acted improperly. marty singer this is his lawyer.
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he sadded this accuser nothing more than quote a disgruntled employee hoping for his 15 minutes. we have the entertainment editor at radar on-line. sheehan in touch with two of travolta's accusers. how are you? >> immigrate. h -- i am great. >> he pushes back aggressively. a lot of people back off over time. is that going to happen this time? >> he has one of the toughest lawyers out there. marty singer, like pit bull legal ace for a reason. this guy is tough. it seems like number one who i have spoken with extensively has the miscalculation of the dates. the credibility is shot. it seems like he is maybe going to back off but number two, definitely not. he is going to go with all for it. he wants the settlement. he is willing to go to a jury. i don't know if it will go that
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far. might be back room deals. there were a lot of them. we were concerned this was going to turn into something like tiger woods. it seems like more and more people are coming out. >> an excellent comparison with tiger woods where you had one young lady he reputted her and another and he tried and he got progressively weaker and final lifz in an avalanche with the allegations. now john travolta has four of these coming forward. at what point does it tip that singer's toughness no longer protects the acting icon from these allegations which have been around for decades? >> he should have hired marty off the bat. >> that is combwhat i think. marty may be right. everybody seems to want their 15 minutes of fame.
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these things happened years and years ago. according to the second lawyer so many people came forward but the statute of limitations have expired. i think this is something travolta has to fight to the end. not to the death. he certainly cannot ever say any of this happened. he can't. he has a stellar reputation. he's married. he has children. this is not anything he would ever settle over. i don't think. according to his lawyer he doesn't need to. >> amen to that. >> after he was placed on the fbi ten most wanted list we all saw the violent saga of adam mayes who killed himself with a bullet to the head allegedly murder i sed his mother. >> officers immediately entered commands adam mayes to show his hands.
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mayes pulled a seem my automatic pistol from his wasist band and shot himself in the head and was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. other agents moved in to rescue kalea and alexandria who was lying on the ground nearby. it has been said this incident has come to a happy ending, but a mother and a 14-year-old child are dead. two other young girl's lives have been forever changed and a man saw no other option but to take his own life. hardly a happy ending. >> the two missing girl ages 12 and 8 were found tired and hungry what was his motive for kidnapping them and murdering their sister and mother in the first place? in an exclusive adam mayes mother in law josie tate is with us from georgia.
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your mother is in jail for helping him. >> she is charged with murder even though she did not participate in the murders. >> she did not participate in the murders but they found they had enough evidence to charge her with murder with fell lee murder. why did she help adam in the first place? >> she was scared of adam. >> why did she help him kill joanne and adrian a 13-year-old girl? >> he probably threatened her the same as he probably threatened her two years ago. same as he threatened her for the last 11 and a half or 12 years. >> i have been perplexed by this
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case. i don't even know why adam your former son-in-law snatched those girls in the first place. was he their father? >> no, he was not. he was obsessed with being their father. >> are you sure he is not the biological father? >> i am not 100 percent positive, no. >> what i don't understand, teresa, your daughter is not involved she is not the mother of anybody's children. why did she get involved with adam mayes genie way? >> i can't answer that unless it was just because she was threatened. >> you mentioned that. threatened in what way? oo two years ago teresa called me she was crying.
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it was the first contact i had had with her since 2001. sh she said mama can i come home? we wired her a bus ticket when she came home she had bruises all over her. her exact words were and i quote, i am tired of getting slammed up against the wall and beat on by adam? she stayed with me -- >> i understand that. why do you think he killed the girl's mother? why did he kill the 14-year-old? >> i am not sure about the 14-year-old. my idea is he probably killed the mother to get her out of the way to get the small children. >> do you have any information that he abused the children?
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>> only reports that i have read it wasn't really abuse. there were not really charges but accusations he was caught in the bathroom. the 7-year-old at the time was ng there, e was shaving her mply josie? >> well, i don't know. i am not implying anything. i am just telling you what i read and wse ittle girls? do you have any idea? >> i have not had any direct contact with the little girls. i pray that they are okay. that's the most important thing that they koim bacame back to t family alive and well. i thank god for that. >> teresa your daughter facing charges of double murder?
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>> that's correct. >> do you have a lawyer? >> she does. >> will you talk to her? have you? >> they will not allow me to talk to her or visit with her. >> josie, all i can say is good luck to you and thank you very much for being with us this evening. thank you. >> thank you. >> up next suzanne somers with the remarkable story of growing back a breast lost to cancer.
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>> ageless and lovely as ever. suzanne somers has written bombshell secrets that will redefine aging. >> welcome. >> what is so interesting among other things you do some homework for people and you provide them names of scientists and doctors who can help them in this process as we go forward. >> i write serious books about the changing planet, how we have to approach our health kifrntly th -- differently than we used to. think about it before you take drugs because eventually there's a lot of chemicals you don't want to mess with your brain. i think at present we don't practice hoealthcare repractice disease care. we wait until we are in a catastrophic event and then we climb uphill. >> it truly is the choices you make about what you eat and it doesn't mean you have to be a
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monk but i eat real food. you can pluck it, milk it or shoot it i eat it. i try not to eat any chemicals. sometimes i go without a meal if i don't have anything other than a chemical choice. i already had cancer. i don't want it back. >> did you see the survey that 42 percent of americans are obese? >> yes. >> isn't that scary? >> yes. >> i actually know why. i think that with all everybody is tieirying to do to tackle obesity nobody is understanding the toxic burden the more chemicals you take in the people get fatter and fatter. it's not always how much they are eating but what they are eating. young people have been exposed to toxins since they were in the womb. one brain surgeon i interviewed he said in the next 20-years we will have to have total care for 30 and 40-year-olds to have brain related toxicity. >> you mentioned how certain medicine or treatments can improve sex life. why don't you tell us about
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that? >> i interviewed this famous gynecologist. a lot of women when they lose their hormones from mid life, 40ish now. when a woman loses her sex hormones she can't feel sex. can't feel it. that's why so many women lose interest at mid life. so restoring hormones restores your sexual feelings, but still sometimes it's not enough. she said when a woman has a baby they make a lot of oxytocin when they are nursing it makes them feel calm and loving but she said i have found when i give this to women who are not able to ref start their libotos they have oxytocin they have stronger other gassisms and better. men have the same thing when i give them oxytocin they have stronger erections. >> i think we have talked erections every book. two new york times number one best sellers. >> 12. >> just talking about the number
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one. >> right. right. >> i am very lucky very privileged. i have a large constituency. we have told all over the world. >> you started saying you write serious books. why? >> because i had cancer and because i decided from that h e moment on i was never going to get it again. i was going to eat as though my life depended on it. >> one of the things that lit up the dial was fifty shades of gray. >> i had a woman stay at my weekend in palm springs. she wouldn't come out of the bedroom. she was so engrossed about the book. what's it about? it's great sex. >> sex is an interesting topic. i want people to be healthy. >> do people who are active in their sex life live longer? >> yes. men who have the heist testosterone live longer than men with low testosterone. >> that's why my grandfather lived so long. he had 17 children.
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>> i had only 5. >> tell me about -- stem cells. >> i regrew my breasts from using my own stem cells. i found a doctor in japan. he had done it 400 times on japanese women. i put him with an american doctor. i applied for the irb which qualifies me for a clinical trial. i wanted it to be an american achievement by an american doctor and woman. three-days later we were in the hospital doing surgery. they took fat from my stomach and they whipped the stem cells out of my fat from super technology took the strongest ones and some of my fat and made it rich with my stem cells and with a turkey baster they injected it into this breast until it poofed up to be exactly the size of the other. to me a game changer in breast cancer. i mean it's truly growing. it's there and my stem cells
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have intelligence and they know to be the same says as this one. it is really remarkable. >> congratulations to you and allen. >> it's a gift to both of us. >> really. >> i am trying to get people to rethink it and look at what is your end point how do you want to see yourself at the end? are you standing up tall? are you sexual? >> looks great on you. you look fabulous. what's the web site? >> forever >> forever >> susan summe somers always a delight. bombshell medical secrets that redefine aging. >> appreciate it always. >> some call it mommy porn. it has been banned in several county libraries. what's the attraction of 50 shades of grey. that's nex
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>> i have heard it is a dream. >> he wouldn't be rich and cute and have that lob bab beat toe. it doesn't exist. that's why it doesn't exist. >> what sick kinky person wrote this book. >> even though steamy erotic romance novels have been targeted at woman for years this one fifty shades of grey this trilogy touched a raw nerve. take a shot at the book, the wits, the emotion, the rubbing oil, whatever. fifty shades of gray, the book at least currently occupies three top spots, one, two and three on the new york times best seller e book list.
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you have descriptions of the many, many sex acts and they are pretty vivid. there is an aspect of sex toys and bondage and such. but i wonder if that is really the attraction. she joins us now. you have two parties with the author el janes. >> they were incredible. one to celebrate mother's day with 500 women and we had to turn away over 2,000 moms. then on friday to follow up another mother's day luncheon with 300 women and we had to turn away another probably a little over 2,000 moms for this luncheon. >> i read the highlighted part. i remember reading the 500 page book i read 10 pages of it. these, though, almost every other page. it is an older supper wealth --
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supper wealthy guy. an onnivirgin they go through everything you could possibly image. are women identifying with the heroin? >> i think what's really happening within this book is women are identifying with this true modern day ferry tail. it's the love story between them. yes, of course there's a lot of sex. with you i think what's really, really helping a lot of women out there in a lot of marriages is there is this love story a between the two characters. >> is it a love story off sexual obsession. it reads more obsession than romance. >> i think it's more of a modern day love story. women are going crazy for it. you can't put it down. everybody is talking about it. everybody is reading this book.
1:56 am
everybody is obsessed with the story of the character. >> part of it is the literary hook. handcuffed hands and feet hitting her with one of the whips. i guess it's romance in a way it is extremely naughty. >> i also think hewhat's resinating toward women out there and all different age levels again there's something tearing up and putting us into this book and can't put them down. obviously the lines to get these books we have never seen anything like this before. it has been overwhelming.
1:57 am
el james has become an international sensation. >> women fantasize about being with older billionaires who will spank them? >> no, i don't think that at all. i think we will leave this at that. the story is about two people that need each other, two people that fall in love with each other and two people that at the end can truly help one another. >> lee stern founder of diva >> on a happy note i want to wish my mom, mother in law nancy and beloved wife erica and all of the moms in my life and yours is my mommy 93 years old almost. we all said hi, we
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