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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 14, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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peru. world of the day, do not be bedraggled when writing to the factor. that's all for remember, the spin stops right here. >> tonight president obama re-election campaign scoops to a new low all in an attempt to score a few more points. they are distorting governor romney's tenure at bain capital. how this may in fact backfire on the president. but first let's watch part of the shameful attack ad that attempts to smear mitt romney's record. >> i was a steelworker for 30 years. we had a reputation for american products, something that was american made. we weren't rich but i was able to put my college through college. >> to have a good paying job
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that you can support and raise a family on is hugely important. >> that stopped with the sale at bain capital. >> bain capital was the majority owner. they were responsible. mitt romney was deeply involved in the influence that he exercised over these companies. >> they made as much money off of it as they could and they closed it down. they filed for bankruptcy without any concern for the families or the communities. >> here's the point, that's not how it happened at all. once again they are leaving out the most important piece of information. gsp steal, they did file for bankruptcy in 2001. now romney left bain capital two years earlier. he left in 1999 to run the salt lake city olympics. so i guess that little bit of information was left on the cutting room floor. meanwhile earlier today the romney campaign released a video highlighting the success of steal dynamic, inc.
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now watch this. >> steal dynamic started with an empty field and a big dream. >> the beginning of steal dynamic is the perfect entrepreneurial story. >> it's incredible. when i started we had close to 1400 employees, now we are over 16,000. >> i think there's a lot of pride in what we build out here. >> sdi almost never got started. when others shied away, mitt romney's private sector leadership stepped in. >> building a dream with over 6,000 employees today. >> if it wasn't for a company like steal dynamic, this county wouldn't have a lot. >> american workers in a small town, proving that anything is possible in america. >> one of the hardest things to do is move up socioeconomic status in a generation. but because of this company i'm able to do that with my company. >> if that's not the american dream, i don't know what is. >> there you have it.
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now joining any with reaction, the author of the brand new book, it's called "screwed." dick morris. congratulations on your new book. >> thank you. >> we went into a lost detail last week. the obama campaign noise he wasn't there but they run the misleading ad anyway. romney counters with the ad. it seemed like they had it up ready to go, anticipating the attack, point being out where bain capital saved jobs, created jobs. who wings this ad war? >> i did a lot of polling on this to try to understand the reaction. when you tell voters that 22% of the time romney's companys failed, but 78% of the time he succeeded in turning them around, and that these were all companies that were on the verge of bankruptcy when bain stepped in. that makes a huge difference. and i think after a few of these shots ever rebutted and put to bed like you just did, i think
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that obama will lose a great deal of credibility. >> the ad war is heating up, and to me these ads, the fact that romney is hitting so hard and going on offense on the one hand and is so prepared for the attacks on the other is interesting to me. seems like they have their act together. >> yeah. >> also the rnc came out with a new ad today and it's called empty promises, debt and deficits, and this is the biggest julyner ability the president that. let's roll it and get your thoughts on this. >> during the campaign i said that we must scour this budget line by line eliminating what we don't need, and that's why today i'm pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office. >> i pledge to cut the deficit in half by the time of the end of my first term in office. >> i pledge to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term. >> the american people are tired of politicians that talk the
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talk but don't walk the walk when it comes to fiscal responsibility. >> i'll further reduce our deficit and lower our debt. >> i promise to go through the budget line by line to eliminate programs of that outlived their usefulness. >> i'm not going to quit until we've found every single dime of waste and miss spent money. there's simply too much debt on america's credits card. >> i'm going to get down our debt in a way hats balanced. >> that seems to say it all. that seems to be the defining issue of the campaign at least as far as romney goes, no? >> yeah. think that's true. focus groups say the more you use obama's own voice in the ads, the better off they are. one of the things is outsourcing. he has an ad about romney outsourcing to mexico and china and as governor outsourcing some jobs.
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two of the three firms they site was after romney left bain capital. but in "screwed" we give the full rebuttal of this. john motors and ge, the two companies most closely identified with obama, and gm, which he takes credit for saving, has 220,000 employees worldwide. 160,000 not in the united states. general electric, whose head, jeffrey emelt, is head of the jobs of competitiveness has employees and 54% of them live and work outside of the united states. and other thing ge and gm have in common, and we documented in "screwed," we paid zero in taxes, each of them. >> we are going to get into the issue of the attack on wall street and the hypocrisy in a second. you talk about the anatomy of a smear campaign, and the argument
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that mitt romney in 1965, the media is obviously in the president's pocket. you know, i call it the suck up to the media, i want another interview media, obamamania media. it's all the same because they all want access to the white house and the president. i don't want any access and i think that distinguishes their show. ed klein also has a look out, and i spoke to him today. he got an interview for three and a half hours. he's sending me the entire audio to interview with reverend wright and he said reverend wright claims that they tried to buy his silence back in 2008 with $150,000. doesn't that sound a little bit like the john edwards problem that he might have here if that in fact turns out to be true? >> it sure does. and it's also illegal. it's a felony. and i think that that is a huge, huge story. after all, reverend wright is a reverend. i mean, if obama thinks he's a
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lying sneak and a thief who can't be trusted to tell the truth, why was he his minister for 20 years? why did he baptize his children? why is the book dedicated to him. obviously he's a credible source and obviously this happened. on the bullying story, which by the way, the victim denies, you have barack obama, who admitted in principle he used cocaine in high school. what is worse, bullying somebody or being a drug addict. >> but most of the suck ups, as i call them, who want access and interviews don't think it's an important issue. if this were george bush, would this be an issue? if this shall romney, would this be an issue? i find the double standard pretty glaring in this case. >> i don't know if i have ever told you the story, but when i worked for clinton, the editor of the new york times called me and said we would like to do an interview with him and they came to you me, the managing editor
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at the time. and he said, you know, we don't think what went on in arkansas is newsworthy. and i took as a hint that they would be pretty good in the interview. so i suggested to interview that he interview with the times. he was resistent because they had been pretty rough on him. mccurry and i persuade him to do it. then the reporter who was doing the interview for the new york city met with he over drinks the day before the interview and gave me all of the questions he was going to ask and suggested a few suggestion, helpful ideas that i had, and clinton knew all the answers and hit them all out of the park and the result was a front page cover story in the new york city magazine about how wonderful bill clinton was. that's how it works. >> i think tom brokaw made recent comments how probably the washington correspondents dinner ought to be done away with. i mean, this relationship now is so close, bordering on, frankly, at times in ses -- incestuous.
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>> i've been saying on your show for months now, five or six months, that this election was going to be a wipe out. and now you have romney hovering around 50 and obama hovering around 40 and you have had that for about a week and a half now and you have had romney ahead of obama in some policy over a month now. that's what i'm finding in my polling. obama is getting clobbered. he's getting massacred in this election. and it's gotten worse in the last two months from his point of view. >> i have not seen a good run for the white house in a long time, and i don't foresee one, especially with the economic news. dick morris, good to see you. won greats on yearbook "screwed" and it's on >> and it's designed to educate members ever the how on how to
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>> the president's friends and the mainstream media are sink to go a new low in an attempt to smear mitt romney and his family. you won't believe who they are comparing him too.
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you won't believe it. take a look at this. >> i'm going to tick a whole lot of people off here. the subject tonight, words that come back to haunt you. >> and i say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever! >> honestly, can you imagine having uttered those words in front of television cameras are being one of the people in the crowd cheering on governor george wallace? that wasn't so long ago. it was in the 1960 9/11. think about how far we've come and what this may sound like a few decades from now. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> now, the governor is not the only romney being hit by the left. his wife, ann, is now also a target. now to celebrate mother's day and romney she wrote a piece in usa today. she said women wear many hats in their lives, mother, daughter, student, bread winner, but no matter where we are or what we
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are doing, one hat mothers never take off is the crown of motherhood. but there was a problem with the heartfelt system by some and she said this on sunday. >> the crown of motherhood really is kind of creepy, not just because of its somewhat, i mean, it's kind of usually really authoritarian society's that give out like a cross of motherhood that give awards for big families, stalin did, it hitler did it. >> now the smear campaign being launched against the romneys by the press is apparently not works because they continue to lead president obama in a head-to-head match-up by four points. now joining me is karl rove e has him up by as many as 7. there's a new poll out by 4. going after mitt romney's wife and comparing him to wallace and hitler and a war on blacks, is it working? >> no. in fact, can you imagine how irritated they are? cbs, new york times , one the
6:17 pm
more liberal policy, romney 46, obama 43, and romney leads among women. do you think the first one, would he have run that tape on monday or sunday when president reaffirmed marriage was between one man and one woman? would he have accused president obama of being a racist or a bigot? >> that was his position up until last week. >> no, no, the white house on sunday and monday of last week reaffirms that's his position. in fact, catch this. president biden goes out and says i'm okay with a man marrying a man and woman marrying a woman. and the white house comes out and said the president believes it's one man and one woman, and tuesday they do it again. and wednesday they give the interview where he says he's now in favor of gay marriage, and
6:18 pm
wednesday they have a web video attacking romney for having the position president obama had on sunday and monday. i mean, i have to take my hat off to those guys. >> well, the american people i think will see through this. but here's been their strategy. the phony class warfare, phony war on women, and al sharpton saying there's a war on blacks. howardhoward i sag that republis don't like latinos, and now we have news week president with a halo around the president's head saying the first gay president. is any of this going to work when the economy is still in the tank? >> no. only if the republicans fall for it by trying to make a bigger issue of it than it should be. look, the president has done himself some damage on the gay marriage issue, on part because he flip-flopped on it, and also the way he did it. remember we've been told new york magazine had an article, and in a piece they
6:19 pm
said look they made this decision because it would help them financially. the gay butlers said they were stooge en their wall let's, and second it would help them with young milenials. they said he would sit on the decision until closer to the election to maximize the political impact. what kind of profile encourages that? you change your mind say i'm going to change on it for 14, 15 months until i can max just before the presidential convention? transactional. >> i was in the middle for gay marriage and now i'm back for gay marriage and now i was in the middle of it, notice the shifts took place during pivotal election periods in obama huh's life. i don't think that's a coincidence. >> i changed my position because it would give me more votes from young peopler and checks from
6:20 pm
others. >> they hold up andrew sullivan, the guy who came up with this bizarre conspiracy about governor palin and her son, trig. just absurd. >> it was not her child. it was bristol's child, not sarah palin's. shameless. and read the article. and andrew is known as a firm proponent of gay marriage, and he lets the proponent in him overwhelm his background as a journalist. but even he puts in there the reason the president did this is to get votes young young voters and they said they were sitting on their checkbooks. >> if reverend wright in fact, and i will get the audio tapes tomorrow, if reverend wright, i will say if for now. if he was offered money by the obama campaign for his silence, does he have himself a campaign contribution potential violation? is there an ethical issue there?
6:21 pm
>> i would have to know more about it. but i'm not certain he necessarily does, but it would run counter to president obama's claims of transparency and, you know, of changing the tone of politics. it would be a chicago-style pay off. >> all right. karl rove thanks for being with us. i know you have a little bit of a cough. i hope you feel better. >> i hopefully will tomorrow. thanks for having me on. >> you bet. coming up, house democrats held a top secret meeting behind closed doors last week to strattize about 2012. you aren't going to believe as we reveal what the shadowing session was about and what dirty tricks they are going to use, one involving tricks and what they have up their sleeves. and latest campaign ads. some clicked with voters and others fell flat. which ones went where? we will tell you that coming up straight ahead. now's the time to move from where you are to where you want to go. look up. with u.s. bank
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>> house democrats held a training session last week and now disturbing new details about that conference are being released. presentation was designed to keep democratic members of congress and their staffers how to make race an issue in the upcoming elections. washington examiner obtained materials from the house briefing that calls on democrats to take the words of republicans out of context and to criticize racially, quote, coded
6:26 pm
conservative messages. now clearly these desperate democrats will do just about anything to keep the focus of the election away from the failed president. this is the not first time they have worked to make race an issue. here is mike gallagher, and from the new york civil rights coalition, mike meyers. all right. let's go back in history. this is a pattern. this is nothing new. democrats -- we know that they are dividing the country along class lines. you talk about class warfare. we know the war on women exist. al sharpton said there's a war on blacks now by republicans and howard dean said republicans don't like latinos. let's go back to 1998. democratic party, the state is missouri. a radio ad. >> when you don't vote, you let another church explode. when you don't vote, you allow another cross to burn. when you don't vote, you let
6:27 pm
another assault wound a brother or sister. when you don't vote, you let the republicans continue to cut school lunches and head start. a lot has not changed since 1998, has it? >> except 2008. don't we all long for the rhetoric of barack obama when he said there's no black america, there's no white america, there is only the united states of america? a lot has changed since 2008 and 2012. and that's because -- >> but they said they played the race card against me, meaning bill clinton. >> he also played his race card long before the campaign against barack obama. i mean, he was our first black american president, remember? >> the first gay president. >> and this is just really so disappointing? that we are now dealing wish shall division again and acting as though america has not changed since the '50s. they are taking us right back to the past. >> the tragedy is, and no one is
6:28 pm
better equipped to say this than a black man in america like michael, but there are authentic race problems in america. this completely makes real race problems in authentic. >> it's a strategy. >> it becomes an artificial -- it's just a strategy. it's a split ploy to say how do we gain votes. for the people who have truly experienced discrimination and have been the recipient of racial contempt, they don't count because this is fake, a phony. >> let me go back to 2000 and we can go back to every election. this is 2000. this is al gore at the naacp convention. >> and blocking an accurate census because they don't want to count everyone that they don't think they can count on. i want to count everyone. i want to count all the people of this country. >> and then he screams, they don't even want to down you in the census. and then, of course, the james
6:29 pm
bird ad. >> i remember that al gore speech and he even went into black dialect just like hillary clinton went into black dialect. they do this every cycle and i don't mean these democrats, i mean poll be tiggings that act like blacks are different than whites and whites are different than blacks. >> tell me what the republicans are doing. >> there might be someone example but not many. >> let me see this. i don't see it as republican and democrats, but i see things as being real and unreal and silly and disgusting. >> but this isn't silly. is, we are talking about a strategy meeting here, a coordinated effort for taking conservative voices as racist. >> do they really believe it or is it just a strategy to try to gain votes? >> look at what we have today. i mean, look at maxine waters. you are talking about the devils and the demons, the white demons. this is 2012.
6:30 pm
this is not 1998. so, you know, i don't know if they have this kind of contempt in their heart, but if they do, what a tragic life they live. >> here's the question i have. now they have the strategy session and they want to use race to divide the country. and the surrogates of the president, al sharpton, saying there's a war against black and a phony war against women and the class warfare going on and howard dean said republicans don't like latinos, i mean, how many more divisions can they make here? >> they feel they all come to a whole in the re-election. but the consultant, the trainer, you have to get in training session was race. the whole thing about training sessions about race they tell you how to think and how to talk about race and if you disagree with them, then you are a racist. >> do you think this will work, mike? >> no. i think people are fed up with this. you said it a moment ago, sean. this is a giant distraction. all of these distractions, as you said, hope they add up to a whole.
6:31 pm
but what it is, we can't run on the record, we can't run on the state of the economy. we can't really run on the state of relations right now, even racial relations right now. look at the contention out of stanford and all the ugly stuff we've seen. let's jet it all up and make the contrived controversys and hope the american people accept it. >> and then we will accept $1 million from bill mauer. >> but the trainer they accepted, who i knew as a kid, her website says that the conservative movement is a racist movement that. the conservative movement is using racial code words in order to divide america. >> and the truth is conservatives -- >> but that's where you get the whole thing about the tea party being racist, that's where you get the criticism of barack obama being racist because he's the first black american, and you have people coming around with the black president because he's black. that's racist. >> it doesn't stick anymore. >> even the stuff about school lunches and wanting granny over
6:32 pm
the cliff, it's in the '98 ad but i have to roll. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> and the plighted cal ads resonating with voters as well as the ones falling flat. 2012 ad segment is coming up and beckel and cal thomas is in the house. becket is in the greenroom getting all his curse out of the way. >> i want to be on his panel. iny with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin,
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we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. >> welcome back to "hannity." each week voters are being bombarded with more political ads and we are testing spots with various focus groups across the country. he's back now with our 2012 ad war segment. welcome back, sir, frank. >> these ads you are about to show were tested in colorado. probably one of the tightest of all the sing states in the most recent polling i've seen, an absolute dead heat, 45-45, obama and romney. this is a great place to go. >> this will be an important
6:37 pm
state. by every indication, another swing state. let's start with an outside ad. this one is from the american future fund. this one scored particularly high, as i understand it. let's take a look. >> i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of, you know, fat cat bankers on wall street. >> but guess who gave $42 million to obama's last campaign for president? wall street bankers and financial insiders. more than any other candidate in history. >> helping out a bunch of, you know, fat cat bankers on wall street. >> but obama voted for the wall street bailout. >> fat cat bankers on wall street. >> but his white house is full of wall street executives. his first chief of staff, next chief of staff, foreign intelligence, ambassador to germany. treasury secretary. his staff took nearly a million dollars bonus from city group. on the stimulus. now obama is flush with cash. returning to wall street for
6:38 pm
even more money. >> people on wall street still don't get it. they don't get it. >> obama won't admit to supporting wall street, but wall street sure supports president obama. >> all right. i'm not surprised it did well with the republicans, but 61 democrats up there, that is not good for the president from my -- from his point of view. you know, mine is different. >> sean, it was funny to watch that add. it was on several months ago. they brought it back on the air starting today. it's a current ad. and to watch these people in the focus groups their heads would explode out of anger. the right look at wall street with some sort of kind of distance. it's not that they are supportive,ite not they are opposed, it's just part of business. left thinks wall street is evil. and to see that barack obama gets so much money from wall street, they would look away. they would quite literally, i don't want to pull the mic out, but they would actually shift around because they didn't want to look at all the evidence. but then they would kind of look
6:39 pm
over to the tv screen and find out what else was happening. sean, that's an effective ad. >> the obama campaign comes out with an ad, brian from ohio. gets to 66% democrats. doesn't resonate at all with the republicans. one. lowest scoring ads overall as we run it. this is one of the two issues that biden said they are going to run on, bin laden and the auto bailout. here's brian from ohio with the campaign. >> the auto industry was crashing down. i was scared to death. i had a newborn baby, a wife, house, and i got laid off. i wasn't sure what i was going to do. >> under the president's auto rescue plan, the industry restructured, saving over 1 million jobs. >> obama stuck his neck out for us, the auto industry. he wasn't going to let it just die. and i'm driving in this morning because of that, because of him. >> it's just, it didn't have the ability to cross over and didn't even get the highest marks that one would expect from, you know,
6:40 pm
the democrats even in that ad, frank. >> the answer is simple because americans are split on the auto bailout. they don't particularly like the issue. they do want to create jobs, particularly in the rust belt. and they appreciate the opposition to the bailout is much smaller now than it was even six months ago. but when you are split on an issue and that's the best you can do is to talk about a government bailout, that's going to be a negative. i'm not sure it didn't do as well. and something else sean, for some of these companies that the obama administration bailed out, a lot of those jobs were in the created in america, they were created in europe or china. >> good point. and people forget gm and gmc still owes the american taxpayers $35 billion. if that's a success story, give me $35 billion and i can run any company. we aren't sure we will get it back. the romney campaign came out with an ad they call silence, and it seems almost in response
6:41 pm
to this, but not quite. watch this. >> tonight new evidences economic recovery is slowing. >> the unemployment rate 8.1%. >> over and over again they will tell you that america is down-and-out. >> the unemployment rate did drop to 8.1%, but only, guys, because fewer people are in the workforce. >> ask if you are better off than you were before. >> i'm not seeing a ton of sunshine in here. >> transportation warehousing is where we lost some jobs. >> that's a terrible number. >> the real question -- >> job creation numbers fall for the third straight month. >> not just about how we are doing today, but how we will be doing tomorrow. ♪ [heartbeats] >> that's why i'm running again for president of the united
6:42 pm
states! >> the most powerful part of that ad came in the end, interesting. and it seems when they use obama's words against him that that is most effective. >> there's a problem with that ad is the cuts are too quick. viewers thought it was taking words out of context which is a very dangerous thing do. second, you are hearing little short snippets of claims. the ad became an effective ad when they started using the facts themselves. there's a lesson for the media guys making this. the more you turn it around, the more it's blurry and confusing, the public won't respond favorably to it. >> thanks for being with us. we will continue to monitor throughout the campaign. >> and sign up and you too can have a chance to turn the dials. >> all right. time to check in with greta for a sneak-peek what's coming up with "on the record" in 18 short minutes. >> i see that yelling. >> it's true but you have to be aware before you go in.
6:43 pm
>> we have quite a show tonight. we have donald trump and senator johnson from the great state of wisconsin, and congressman darrell issa, and the chairman of the rnc and we even have a guy who paid a fortune to american airlines and thought he had a deal. well, not so fast. wait until you hear what happened to this guy and i'm talk back hundreds of thousands of dollars and he's in a battle with american airlines. we have that too. >> all right, greta. in 18 short minutes we will be watching. let not your heart be troubled. beckel, and cal thomas, our great, great american panel is next! a gallon. that's pretty awesome. park assist? no hands. i didn't think that was possible. make me want the fusion. it's pretty. it's fun to drive. and the fuel-efficiency... up to 33 miles per gallon. pretty awesome. it's the swap your ride sales event. get a fusion or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus up to $1750 cash back.
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>> you are on the air, bob. welcome to our great, great american panel. he's the co-host of the five, the one and only bob beckel is here. and congratulations. the five is the breakout cable hit in the last year and a half. >> thank you. thank you. >> he's the most syndicated fox news contributor, cal thomas is here. a comedian, radio host with sunday night with tj mccormick.
6:48 pm
tj mccormick is here. i didn't like the 11 page expo say on mitt romney in 1965. but if they want to play that game we can focus on his failed record and walk and chew gum at the same time and we can focus on obama's record and his own words, in this case his drug use. >> i spent the last two years of high school in a daze. i kept playing basketball. i attended classes sparingly. grave beer heavily and tried drugs enthusiastically. i discovered it didn't make any difference if you smoked reefer in a van or with some brother you met at the gym or on the beach with a couple hawaiian kids who dropped out of school and looked for a chance to brawl. >>. >> in the days of high school, drinks beer heavily, and drugs, plural, enthusiastically,
6:49 pm
including, admitetly, cocaine. >> reefer and blow. lovely. and all this in recent history. as opposed to some stupidity that mr. romney took part in 50 years ago. 50 years ago when he was a sappling. you just can't do that. it's unfair and it shows the media is the stenography for this administration. >> i interviewed romney after his speech after the speech tea commencement and i said if they have to go back 47 years to find something you did wrong you have led a pretty clean life. better than most people. but this was a hit piece. they were waiting for the opportunity. >> they dropped t it is right after he came out in favor of gay marriage. so this was to make, you know, romney look like a bully and the opposite. >> right after he flip-flopped on the marriage. >> but i'm talking about romney, who was for gay marriage when he was running against ted kennedy. but once somebody beats up and cuts the hair off a gay man at
6:50 pm
15, you have to question. >> first of all, the guy wasn't gay according to his family. >> he was gay and we know he was gay. >> you are going to excuse homophobic behaver? >> his family said it was untrue and stop talk about it. >> they said they didn't want to make a political issue out of it. >> did you play any banks on a person in high school? >> not cutting his hair because he was gay. >> first of all you don't know it was true, romney denied it and the sources, some have been proven false. >> and the drug issue of obama is relevant? is that your standard. >> no he put it out before he ran for president. i give it -- him credit for putting it on the table. >> the media put it out there. it wasn't blown up. >> different standards whether sex, drugs, rock and roll. there's another standard for democrats and another for republicans. you have sex in the office, no
6:51 pm
problem. >> only conservatives and -- they flip-flop. >> they einvolve. >> mitt romney about when he said he was to the left of ted kennedy on gay issues when he ran for the senate and ted kennedy was for gay marriage, the assumption was he was for gay marriage. then he tea partied it -- >> he was always right wingers in the primaries, all are homophobic. >> do you want him to run on his record? >> let's go to the steal plant he ripped apart. >> was this country better off than it was four years ago? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> you believe that? >> in the last three years we created 4.5 million jobs. >> and you worship him 2nd alter? do you light candles? >> we know we can't put it all on bush but it won't work. it's obama's recovery and his recovery. >> and his deficit and his lack
6:52 pm
of job creation. >> the 600,000 jobs tharpe lost in january when he took office on june 20, those were his fault? >> how about herbert hoover? >> he's the first president with a net job loss in modern history. >> he doesn't have a net job loss. >> he already has. he has not created a net -- we have a net minus 1 million, bob. >> you can take about 2.5 million of those and put them on george bush's feet. >> remember denial is not just a river in egypt. >> i heard that line before. >> good one. >> we have more with the great, great -- we will talk about your friend, the great ref rant wright, who you spoke to about me. >> romney is very funny. don't you get a kick out of the guy? he makes you feel so funny. >> we are being preached to by the party of robert bird and -- the kkk. >> excuse me. >> romney is a funny man, isn't he?
6:53 pm
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6:56 pm
[click-click] [♪...] >> we continue with our great, great american panel. do you have a problem if i say that president obama is the first gay president? >> doive a problem with it? >> yeah. >> i think it's disgraceful. i know you are not homophobic. >> i'm not saying it. it's news week. >> but you said it. you said do i have a problem. >> but that's my point.
6:57 pm
if i said it, what would happen? >> you would be denounced as a homophone and you would be asked to get off the air. >> there was a fool, a freshman congressman, a republican from oklahoma oklahoma came out and said that gays should be fired from the workplace, there should be no protection. >> let's stay focused here. that's what news week came out with. but interesting we learned a lot since then from the new york times of all places. cal, this was interesting to me, the white house makes this announcement within hours. they are on the phone with black pastors all around the country. they are afraid that they are going to have a loss of votes. and there are even some african-american pastors who have come out and said they are not going to vote for barack obama over this single issue. what do you think? >> the president is asking them to deny a central tenant of their faith. he's picking the golden rule and
6:58 pm
not looking at the totality. god is the author of marriage. a man shall leave his mother and father. and jesus talked about the same thing in cleveland. so he's them. and lord knows there's a great family crisis in the african-american community with up to 80-some percent of children being born out of wedlock. line about more african-american men in prison than in college, they understand at the ground level there's a serious familial problem in the african community. the president is asking them to deny that central part of their faith. >> was this a good political move? >> i think it is because there's a lot of black pastors and parishioners who probably kneel pretty strongly about this. when push comes to shove and goes to the voting booth and they look at the republican party, particularly the freshmen and the house of representatives, who are homophobic to begin be.
6:59 pm
>> up until a week ago the president had the same position as them so let's stop with the name-calling. >> well, one said they should be fired. fired. but is it a problem? in the end the -- >> he's lose independents in big numbers now. >> and it shows they will be there for them in lock step knee jerk ready to go and the chickens may come home to roost because what happens in california with proposition 8, loads and loads of latinos came out. >> it's notice arrogance on their part. when they get on the phone they know there's a problem and they are going to work on it. and it is a potential problem them, i grow with you on that. the one thing the republicans do, and i'm not name-calling all republicans, i'm staying there are members of the house, just like they drove the hispanics back to the democrats for no good reason, they will drive blacks back in big numbers because they are what they are. >> they are what they are? >> quick, last word. >> marr i


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