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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 14, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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you can talk about tonight's show. just for you, good night from washington, d.c.. see you tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. eastern. and this is bill o'reilly. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> it seems as though we have put money over everything else. our lives are more important than the almighty dollar. >> shepard: a new poll says nearly half of the democrats in america believe rich people do no good for the country. i am taking that personally and will retort in kind. >> i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> bill: "newsweek" magazine declares president obama a saint for supporting gay marriage. bernie goldberg has some thoughts. >> you have to wonder what is an editor of a newspaper thinking? >> bill: and brit hume let's the "the washington post" have it for its front page storing
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depicting mitt romney as high school bully. >> the way it was handled, ridiculous. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. does a democratic party hate the rich? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. talking points is a regular guy. i think rest -- most of you who watch the factor know that sometimes i have been accused of being a bit too regular. growing up on long island my folks didn't have very much. we didn't have airconditioning. never bought a new car. ate spaghettiio and tuna. never once did my parents show jealousy toward the rich people who lived in garden city a few miles away. i never heard any of that i heard save your money and don't order an appetizer. that's what i heard.
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but america 50 years later is a far different place. now we have class envy that is being stoked by the democratic party. ironically the media is part of the affluent jihad while many in the media are wealthy themselves. same thing in hollywood you have these pinheads running around supporting the occupy wall street protesters. when given the chance some of those occupiers would burn their hollywood mansions to the ground. new gallup poll asks a very simple question do you think the u.s. benefits from having a class of rich people or not? 63% say yes, rich folks are okay. but 34% of americans believe the opposite. however, when you break it down by party, 46% of democrats believe wealthy americans provide no benefit to the country whatsoever. now, i take that very personally because i, your humble correspondent, against all odds have become a rich guy. and here is exactly what i do for my country. i pay all my taxes. i have no offshore accounts
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and everything the government wants my accountant swiftie, is under orders to pay. my foundation named after my parents gives away millions of dollars to the poor, to military families in need, and to fight disease worldwide. i employ dozens of people, bill o' is my small business. in addition, because the factor is successful, people are hired by the news corporation to work on the program. also, bowers i work very hard, i employ people in my house and to do other things that i can't do. recently, i thought about retiring, but i added it up and more than 60 people would have lost their jobs had i packed it in. so now i hear that almost half of the democratic party believe i provide no benefit at all to america? off the chart, dumb. so i will tell you what i'm going to do. i'm going to write a letter to president obama asking him to publicly acknowledge my contribution to the u.s.a. in his next press conference i
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want the president to open up with i just want you all to know what bill o'reilly is doing for the country. am i asking too much? am i out of line here? bottom line, jealous pinheads hurt the country. i and others like me are helping it. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from boston marianne marsh and from washington kirsten powers. both are stallworth members of the democratic party. kirsten, begin with you, should you and marianne, both of you, scold the democrats who are demonizing the rich in this poll? >> well, i don't think they are demonizing the rich, actually. i think that they, first of all, a 2% of democrats actually do think we should have a class of rich people, which i disagree with. but i think the issue is the class that we aren't supposed to have classes in this country as you know this country was founded on the idea of equality and not having aristocracies and classes of people living radically different lives. i think that the question for
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me is why do so many republicans think we should have a rich class? >> bill: all right. well, kirsten, you made so many mistakes in that opening monologue. >> i can't wait to hear. >> bill: i want to point out that people like john adams and thomas jefferson and benjamin franklin were all members of the moneyed class and lived a lot differently than all the other colonists who were running around trying to grow stuff to live. secondly, you say that the democrats aren't demonizing. the question is: do you think the united states benefits from having a class of rich people or not? and, 30 and 42% -- 46% of democrats say, no, there is no benefit, marianne, from people like me, none. i should kind of move to costa rica and just get out of everybody's way. >> we wouldn't want that to happen. here is what has changed. >> anybody beside you? who is we. >> there are millions. >> bill: i bet. >> here is what has changed, bill. the majority of people
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including democrats still want to be rich. what they have seen change is their ability to move up the economic ladder by working hard and playing by the rules -- >> bill: wait, i hear this propaganda a. all day long. >> it's not propaganda. >> bill: it is propaganda. my father worked very hard. he came back from world war ii and he had a college degree and he got nowhere, marianne. nowhere. okay? why? why? because he didn't take enough chances. he was scared. because he was a depression kid. he got nowhere. and 90% -- >> -- you did better than he did. >> bill: 90% of people in south boston and dorchester and 90% of the people in the working suburbs of washington are not going to do it either. they live good lives. my father had a good life. but he didn't leap classes. i'm the first one of the o'reilly kennedy mcglock lynns, that's my family, since the famine in the 1840s. i'm the only one, marianne, he has got out of that middle class working class, the only one. so don't tell me it's stacked
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now. it's always been stacked. >> you your great american success story. here is the difference, bill. i'm sorry. >> bill: go ahead. >> since the 1980s in particular, here is the difference, we now have an economy who we wards those who least need it at the expense of those who can least afford it. >> bill: how am i being rewarded by the economy? how? how? >> i'm not pointing at you. you are an exception. >> bill: talking points about he me. no, no, no. i'm the guy that 46% of the people, and kirsten is sticking up for them, kirsten. >> i am. i'm with them totally. >> bill: i'm no benefit at all to the country. >> that's not what it means. it doesn't mean that you are no benefit. >> bill: that's what it says. it says. >> no, no. no it does not say that a rich person does not add any benefit to the country. >> bill: benefits from having a class of rich people i'm in the class. >> there is a difference. because i do have an issue with the idea of having a class of rich people.
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i don't think that they should be treated. >> bill: it's not a class like we go and we have tea together. it's just defined by how much money you make. that is in every system all over the world. >> okay o, here, bill, except it is kind of like that because what is happening is that people who live in the world of sort of the upper echelon live such radically different lives from the rest of the country what most people do. >> bill: that's not true. you are stereotyping. that's not true. >> i'm not stereotyping. it's so different now. there really is such a disconnect. i want to ask you, are you concerned about income inequality at all. >> bill: income inequality? >> yeah. >> bill: here is what i am concerned about. the economy stinks because the federal government has botched it. >> but that's not -- >> bill: if they get out of the way and let people develop small business, there would be more jobs and then you would have more being income. that's what i'm concerned about. >> no. income inequality has been ticking up nonstop. >> bill: nobody gives you anything. you earn it.
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>> not giving you anything. a question of whether or not there is such disparity between increases. >> bill: that's capitalism. >> stagnating going like this. upper class getting the bulk of all of the benefits of this country. >> bill: look, i'm not bunny melon, okay? i'm not getting anything. i work for it. and, yeah, if you make it big in the major leagues, you get paid. if it's football, baseball, a tv. marianne has the last word. go. i think the democratic party should be ashamed of itself for 46% of it saying guys like me do nothing for the country. i think that's just shameful. go. >> i think we are missing the point here. this is more about the shrinking middle class who aren't getting the opportunities by the rulings we used to play by when you look at folks like romney who go in. these guys went to that steel mill, worked hard every day. he walked out with millions of dollars. number one. number two, go back to the clinton tax cuts that created 22 million jobs. we have 23 million people unemployed.
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bush left at 42 billion-dollar surplus. this is not tough. that's all that has to happen. no one is pointing the finger at anybody. you have to restore the middle class. >> bill: you had a democratic congress both the senate and the house. democratic president they didn't restore bump kiss. >> should have happened. >> bill: "newsweek" puts president obama on the cover with halo and with the label first gay president. will the editor of "newsweek" go to hell? bernie goldberg with some [ male announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. ♪ it has more of seven antioxidants to support cell health. that's one a day men's 50+ healthy advantage.
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of our u.s. olympic team. >> bill: impact segment tonight, gay marriage still impacting president obama this week on the cover of "newsweek." the president's pictured with a halo and the label the first gay president. inside the magazine he is proponent of gay marriage. joining us from miami with reaction the purveyor of bernard, mr. goldberg. so, you know, these people have to sell magazines. "time" last week had the mother with the, you know, 32-year-old son breast feeding or whatever it was. i didn't quite understand it now we have, i guess, tina brown, the editor of "newsweek" has canonized barack obama by passing the vatican and you say? >> well, i say as a business decision, a desperate business decision, i understand it. you put barack obama on the cover, give him a multicolored
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halo and maybe you will sell a few copies at the news stand. as a journalistic decision it's down right embarrassing. i mean, liberals make fun of conservatives when we say the media is trying to portray barack obama as a messiah and then they go and do precisely that. >> bill: they make him the messiah. >> by putting a halo. jesus was portrayed with a halo. but i will tell you, this if "newsweek" decided to put jesus on the cover, he probably wouldn't get a halo because it might offend some of their liberal readers. >> bill: when you say journalistic this is unsound, isn't "newsweek" supposed to be a magazine of opinion? i mean, it's not really like a daily newspaper chronic ling events, it's at the end of the week and they are supposed to wrap it up and they do have a point of view. their point of view is that the president did a saintly thing by bringing marriage equality to the forefront. >> yeah, fine.
8:15 pm
i have always argued pro-sizely that that they are not news magazines anymore. they are journals of liberal opinion. >> bill: yeah. >> if we want to accept that if they ever want to admit that try to get tina brown and stingel from "time" magazine, try to get them to say, no, no, we are not objective news operations. we are journals of opinion. they won't admit it. they won't admit it. so they have to be taken to task when they do something like this. we had a previous discussion, bill, i told you that the media would be tough on barack obama from time to time but when he faced a real republic opponent, the slobbers would resume all over again and here is the proof. all right. mitt romney was campaigning in colorado last week. and a reporter asked him a social question. roll the tape. >> should marijuana be legalized for medical use? >> aren't their issues of
8:16 pm
significance that you would like to talk about? the economy? >> this is a significant issue in colorado. >> the economy, the growth of jobs? the need to put people back to work? the challenges of iran? we have got enormous issues that we face. but you want to talk -- go ahead. >> medical marijuana. >> i oppose legalization of marijuana. i oppose legalization of other kinds of drugs. but i can tell you that i have a plan to get this economy going. >> bill: all right. now, i thought that mitt romney should not have challenged the reporter's question. in colorado, you have a medical marijuana industry that is a problem. it's just like in california, it's evolved into a big problem. number one, i don't think it was wise for colorado to have cheech and chong write the law. i didn't think that was a good move. number two, colorado was colorado. rocky mountain high, boulder and this and that it seemed to be legitimate question. romney didn't answer it he was
8:17 pm
condescending. that wasn't the way to handle it. am i wrong. >> you are not wrong. i will tell you where i disagree. first of all, in defense of the reporter, she said in the lead-in to that piece of sound, she said that she was asking some questions that her viewers wanted to. >> bill: sure. >> i assume they emailed her or something. so, in that sense, fine. but mitt romney is absolutely correct. and he has a right to be frustrated for this reason. this country is facing some very serious economic problems and issues. the national debt is potentially a catastrophic issue. i am convinced that most americans don't know how serious that problem really is. but, marijuana is sexier than asking about the national debt and, yes, it's a local issue that's important, but you know what in the economic issues that mitt romney wanted to talk about effect every single person living in colorado.
8:18 pm
>> bill: i got that. >> medical marijuana doesn't. >> bill: romney has a chance to get that message out all day long through his pacs, through his direct buys on tv. when you are a reporter and you go out, you have to. because i worked the denver market. i know that city. i worked there two years. you have to reflect, sometimes, the microissue of the -- of what's going on there. i was curious to see whether mitt romney supported the legalization of marijuana. was this a con? what would he do? i think the governor does himself a disservice by coming across that question, i'm not -- you know, he should politely say here is my take on it. that's really all i have to say on it do you have any economic questions? that's the way to handle it. >> that's a subtle distinction. i think she had every right to ask the question that she did and he had every right to be frustrated with these local issues when really big things are happening in this country.
8:19 pm
very serious things that he wanted to talk about. i mean, i see both sides of this. but i don't think he was wrong. >> bill: real quick, "new york times" retracted, corrected, whatever you want to say an article on me last week. again, it had to do with the gay marriage thing where they said that i attacked chaz bono on dancing with the stars, quite opposite. i stuck up for mr. bono. the guy who wrote it brian steltzer, long history of attacking fox news channel. it's not a big deal to me. i think that "new york times" did the right thing. but this happens over and over and over again. i don't expect it's ever going to stop. no matter how many corrections they have to make. >> look, he made a mistake, every reporter -- every reporter out there has made a mistake at some point. they corrected it you can make the case. case closed, okay? but, this is the kind of sloppy mistake a reporter makes when he doesn't like the person that he is writing about. in this case, you, bill o'reilly. >> bill: is that possible? >> hard to believe. it's the kind of mistake a
8:20 pm
reporter makes when he doesn't like the network that you work for. i'm pretty sure that if he liked you and if he liked fox, this kind of careless mistake he wouldn't have made. >> bill: ill think you are right. bernie goldberg. americans not real happy about the president's gay marriage stance. brit hume not happy about the "the washington post" running that bullying story about mitt romney while the governor was in high school. those reports after these messages. copd makes it hard to breathe, so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life, but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, workintogether to help improve ur lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalersor sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day
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>> bill: factor follow up seeing many tonight, as we reported last week, the president has lost some ground in the polls and some believe it's because he dame out in favor of gay marriage. certainly the president has been hurt in states like north carolina, virginia, which have large traditional independent voting blocks. but, the obama campaign is
8:24 pm
undeterred. they are now selling my two dads or my two moms support obama baby outfits. look. how adorable. how politically correct. can you imagine governor romney's campaign selling a baby outfit that said i'm glad i have a man and woman for parents. media would love that wouldn't they? joining us now from washington mary katharine ham and juan williams both are fox news analyst. juan, should we at the factor make a baby shirt that says this kid is happy man and woman for parents. should we sell that on bill o' >> i think that kid would be happy. i'm a big supporter of families. bill, if you were mitt romney put out that t-shirt, you know it would be seen as implicit criticism of the rising number of americans who support gay rights and support gay marriage. >> bill: that's right. you would be a bigot. if you sold that t-shirt, you would be a bigot. >>. >> that's the deal. >> bill: the fact that i know the deal, juan, does that mean the deal is right? >> i think it is right in the
8:25 pm
sense that we are at a point now where more and more americans think, you know what, gay people should be respected. they shouldn't be stigmatized. >> bill: does that mean the baby can't wear the pro--the anti-bay marriage shirt but only has to wear the pro-gay marriage shirt. i mean, look, we all know what this is. and we all know that gay marriage is becoming increasingly acceptable in this country. >> right. >> bill: that's the fact, jack. we also know that there are good people who support traditional marriage, don't want the intrusion, 38 states have outlawed gay marriage. >> be careful with that states thing. those votes are kind of old right now. i would say that you are exactly right about people being uncomfortable. you know what? yesterday i heard joe lowery who was with dr. king he said you know, you have got to support equal rights. he said at his age is he uncomfortable with it i think lots of people are uncomfortable. at the same time, to use the president's language evolving on this issue and so if you
8:26 pm
wore the t-shirt that made a big deal about having a mom and dad, a lot of people would see that as intentionally antagonistic to gay people. >> bill: that's so, i think, wrong in a society that should respect both points of view, mary katharine? >> yeah. i don't have too much issue with the politics of the onesis. the onsie is a symbol how quickly he turned the corner. >> bill: had to have this secret -- >> here is the thing. >> bill: rolling them out pretty fast. >> here is the thing, if obama if he truly as he believes himself to be as liberals believes him. if you want to be a leader you have got to involve a couple years before dick cheney not a couple years after him who of course had the pro-gay marriage stance before obama. getting credit for liberal activists for being brave made a political decision here let's be truthful about that even though it is a new position for president to
8:27 pm
make. >> before we start, can i pick up on something? i find it interesting that the president says yeah, he supports the idea of gay marriage but he never says he supports it as a matter of a human right or national right. >> liberals are still upset. >> bill: civil rights movement. tomorrow we are going to have two african-american preachers, reverends on the program. one is very against gay marriage and one is for it they are going to discuss the impact in the african-american community of which there has been intense reaction. i don't know if it's going to hurt president obama very much, but i don't think he is going to get 95% as did he in 2008 of the african-american vote this time around, am i wrong. >> i think he will get to 95. how many people turn snout i don't think this is determinative. in other words, i think there is lots of opposition. if you look at the poll numbers, it's about half of black america does not like this. if you go into the churches,
8:28 pm
it's much stronger. a lot of hypocrisy because there is no shortage of gay black people in the world. i think as a very -- population, feeling that. >> bill: why do you have to be hypocritical, juan, you just demonized a bunch of church-going people. you have to respect the fact that there are people who believe that marriage should be held at this standard as far as what nature dictates. and they should be respected. >> yeah. but i don't respect the idea that you would stigmatize or act some discriminatory manner. beating up. i don't like that stuff. >> bill: go ahead, mary katharine. >> do i think that democrats and liberals do need to come to grips with the fact that a large block of their voting public is antigay marriage and that's just a fact of life. they sort of tend to blame it on only evangelicals and mormons and move on there are hearts and minds that they need to win if they want to keep winning these votes. >> bill: do you think that barack obama is going to get
8:29 pm
95% of the african-american vote this time around. >> i think he will get a large percentage but i do think on the margins this could effect him. the thing about president obama's election in 2008 was it depended upon the margins. it depended on this huge turnout in the black vote. >> bill: 88%. write that down, juan. >> answer your question, o'reilly. mae catherine wouldn't say if he was going to get 95%. because she thinks he is. >> juan, you were correct that the percentage might be. >> bill: if you both disagree with me i'm more confident that i'm right. >> i disagree with juan that the percentage could be the same but the actual number of turnout could be smaller. >> bill: they would stay home and smaller pool. >> phone calls, fewer people knock on doors. >> bill: going to lose 5 to 7 with combination of social issues and the economy. all right, guys, got to run. good to see you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. ceo of a health righted company saying his business being attacked after he donated money to the romney campaign. we will get to the bottom of
8:30 pm
that brit hume says the "the washington post" out of line. reporting romney bullying incident that happened about 50 years ago. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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and focus on what matters. >> bill: company that sells wellsness products out of idaho is under siege donated a million dollars to a super pac to mitt romney. that ceo van der sloot is being attacked as well. he joins us here in new york city. i want everyone to know how intense this became for you. you are a big obama fundraiser out in idaho. >> romney. >> bill: romney fundraiser. and obama campaign re-election people got wind that you gave a million bucks to this pac. so, what did they do? >> well, on april 20th, they published a list of eight individuals, supposedly with, they said, less than reputable records, news to me.
8:34 pm
i thought i had a good record. >> bill: they published it where. >> published it on a web site. keeping g.o.p. honesm. >> it was president obama's. paid by president obama. >> bill: re-election campaign. so your name is in there. they are saying that you are disreputable. and they do this to me all the time mr. van der sloot. don't feel bad. they list a bunch of things that you they said you did that were wrong. you said i'm just an honest businessman. what happened to your business in lieu of that? >> well, when i first saw the list i thought this is scary, within hours of that, then all kinds of things started appearing on the internet. suggesting all kinds of accusations against me, rewriting history as it were about all kinds of things i was supposedly guilty of. and. >> bill: did it impact your business directly. >> it did right away. phone calls started coming. in people wanted to cancel. >> bill: you are a mean guy, you are a rat. they wanted to cancel because you are a lousy guy, they read
8:35 pm
that on the net. >> they hit me first with they said i hated gay people. i was antigay. >> bill: nibbing your products that were gay says i'm not going to buy products from this guy. >> we have loot of people we deal with in the business world. >> bill: they basically slimed you, they smeared you. >> they did. >> bill: your response to the smear was to do what? this kind of publicity? >> no. we created a, i started having conference calls with our customers. i started to explaining my real positions and what our real history was. >> bill: had you to do that real tail stuff had you to call your customers and distributors and tell them who you really wrnchts yes, we did. we put up a web site of our own frank van der to try to handle all of these allegations. >> bill: has it worked it? >> did to a degree. >> bill: stopped a bleeding somewhat. >> we lost a couple hundred customers so far. we started getting that turned around. thankfully kim strofl from the "wall street journal" did a piece in the "wall street
8:36 pm
journal." everything is turning around now. >> bill: some believe this is economic terrorism, not economic, political terrorism, that targeting a businessman like you running an honest business because of your freedom to donate who you want to donate to, but try to ruin you personally and professionally that's political terrorism. do you see it that way? >> i have these two questions, bill, to president obama. why did you publish a list? >> he doesn't know anything about it not making any excuses. he micromanages. >> put people in charge to make those accusations. ask them then. >> bill: he is responsible for it because they did it under his name. so absolutely. >> ask them why did you make a list of all the things you could be doing. >> bill: hurt you and intimidate others who would give to romney. >> second question is who is supposed to receive the message? is it only the liberal press that is supposed to go after these folks? or is it also the agencies that he runs like that he is in charge of and who report to
8:37 pm
him and want to please him? the fdc, the f.d.a.,the usda. >> bill: you might be making it more complicated than it is. here is the bottom line. they want you to shut up and not give any more money. you are going to make another donation to the romney campaign. they want to intimidate you from giving to the romney campaign and other people like you, business people. i'm not going to do that because they will put my name on the web and lose customers. that's terrorism. and that's what that is. >> i suppose it is. it never happened -- no president has ever done it before. >> bill: okay. i want -- i think you should be careful on this. if i do ever get the chance to talk to barack obama, i'm going to bring up your case because you are absolutely right. he should scrub that and take that off and he shouldn't do that i don't know if he himself ordered to do t and i think we got to be careful. here is your check to restore our future, right? >> i think the only response. >> bill: hold it up here. >> the only response is to make another donation $100,000. and i would like to invite everybody, i mean, if they want to attack me, i don't
8:38 pm
suppose this is going to reduce the attacks. >> bill: it will accelerate them. >> perhaps everybody can donate in peace. this should not happen in america. >> bill: i agree mr. van der sloot. this should not happen. brit hume not a happy camper about "the washington post" hammering mitt romney for a prank he pulled in high school. school. clip from joe [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles... are you guys okay? yeah. ♪ [ man ] i had a great time. thank you, it was really fun. ♪ [ crash ] i'm going to write down my number, but don't use it. [ laughing ] ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza®. experience love that lasts. ♪
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g.g.g. [ male announcer ] every bite goes above and beyond the call of deliciousness. that's a big 10-4 kosher. with no fillers, by-products, artificial flavors or colors. hebrew national. the better-than-a-hot dog- hot dog. >> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the hume zone segment tonight. i was watching "fox news sunday" yesterday and noticed brit hume's jaw tightening up when the romney bullying story came up. brit joins us now from washington. you didn't like this "the washington post" front page deal at all, did you. >> i did not. the reason i didn't is not because i think it's inappropriate to report that romney bullied this kid in
8:42 pm
high school, helped, you know, with a group of others, held him down and cut his hair when his hair was died blond. the guy turned out although there is no evidence romney knew it at the time, to be gay. my story very simple it did not connect this event in his, when he was 17 or 18 years old with other events in his life which would have formed a pattern that would have told us something about romney's character. indeed, much of what we know about romney's personal character since then has been that he has been a pretty upright guy, that he has been pretty generous with employees, that he shut his company down to -- >> bill: anybody covering him in boston knows -- >> -- short of coming up with evidence that this was the beginning of a thread that we could trace through the his life and career, i just think the story was a very minor, a very small footnote, really. and they built it up and splashed it all over the front page and ran a story that ran for 5,000 words. i thought it was an inside page story at best.
8:43 pm
drastically overplayed and wonderful example of how bias works. >> bill: all right. as someone who has been reading the "the washington post" for, what, 85 years? [ laughter ] why did they do it? why did the paper do it. >> look, haven't interviewed those who participated in it. this is my thought about that from reading the paper over the years and watching this, how things work in this town. a story about -- the facts about barack obama's youthful drug use, they don't strike the "the washington post" and other similar news organizations as particularly interesting. they think well, he was just a young guy, experimented with drugs, lots of people did, no big deal. i agree with that assessment. mitt romney on the other hand who is a republic and a rich republic at that, who had a rather privileged upbringing picked on some kid when he was a young man. that strikes them as more important. i don't think they are looking at that and saying how can we help obama? how can we harm romney? it doesn't work that way. it's just that the story
8:44 pm
genuinely strikes them differently. romney gets a -- >> bill: why is that? i'm trying to look back as an editor as well. everybody knows bullies in high school. as you said, if they continue it, of course you make a big deal out of it if there is a prank then there is no pattern of behavior. why would that story take out front page importance to show the country, what, that is he antigay, that romney is antigay, that is he a mean is a disstick guy? i don't know what the intent of this story is. >> that's my problem with it as well. it seems to me that whatever editing process this was subject to was probably not very rigorous in the sense that anybody really say okay, so what does this really tell us about romney that is he a big bully? >> bill: there is no evidence of that. there should have been analysis in the column next to it saying this is why we did. >> i agree with that i must say that the ombudsman of the post has come along and said the story was thoroughly reported and well-researched and a valuable edition. i don't know what he is talking about either.
8:45 pm
>> bill: they don't give you a why. when you were covering the white house, if a story like this came across your desk of a sitting president or somebody who was running for the nomination, would have you run it? >> no. >> bill: you just would not have run? >> no. i might have run it on inside page at much less length. a story that something that happened in romney's past. i'm not against people knowing about it i just think that it makes an editorial statement to pump it up into a great big front page splash and run it at book length it was very poor news judgment and influenced by bias. that's the only explanation can i offer. >> bill: unless the "the washington post" steps forth and comes on the factor, which they never will, and explains it, we have to keep it right there. >> take my word for it. >> bill: absolutely. that's what i always do. >> all right. >> bill: reality check on deck, "saturday night live" goes after joe biden and barney frank not happy with the republic woman, check is next.
8:46 pm
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8:49 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check, you may remember the notorious shootout between me and congressman barney frank, that happened in 2008 when mr. frank came on the factor and said he had little to do with the collapse of fannie mae and freddie mac when that was simply not true. if you have never seen the back and forth on that, it's worth looking it up on the net. well, yesterday, frank was at it again, this time with republic congressman woman marcia blackburn. >> the job losses came about because of the terrible recessions that nonregulation in the economy brought about under george bush. we have been gaining jobs since then. and it's true by the way that jobs for women have lagged. >> i have to correct that. that is. >> i'm sorry, may i continue, george? george, what are the rules here. >> congressman blackburn to respond. >> bill: i think the rules are
8:50 pm
these, barney, you should always tell the truth. that's what got you in trouble here. check two, "saturday night live" this season has been largely an equal opportunity mocker. vice president biden was in the zone over the weekend. >> in the room all day. what's wrong? >> what's wrong? are you serious? do you really not get it? >> does this have something to do with the whole gay marriage thing? >> doy, it's not fair, okay? i was the first one who said it should be legal but now you are the one getting all the credit. well, you know, some people would say i would make a great president. all right? better than you, even. >> who says that, joe? >> george. [ laughter ] >> are we going to talk about your imaginary friend again. >> he is not imaginary. is he real. he is gone. you can come out, george. [ laughter ] >> check three, on the real gay marriage issue, north
8:51 pm
carolina governor bev purdue, a democrat, not happy the state has voted against gay nuptials. >> people around the country are watching us, and they're really confused to have been such a progressive, forward-thinking, economically driven state that invested in education and that stood up for the civil rights of people, including the civil rights marches back in the 50s and 60's and 70s. folks are saying what in the world is going on in north carolina. we look like mississippi. >> bill: by the way governor perdue not running for re-election which is is why she said that check four robert back to will lyndon johnson debuted number one. because i'm now writing a book about john f. kennedy i asked mr. caro this. >> i'm fascinated between the dynamic between john kennedy and linden johns when he was vice president. did kennedys did like johnson
8:52 pm
and if so why. >> i don't think he disliked him. i think he feared him. he had seen him operate in the senate. when he had so much power and the kennedys, when he was vice president, felt they had to keep him on a very short leash because if they let him off, who knew what he would do. >> bill: it was bobby kennedy who really loathed johns and vice versa. we will get into it in killing kennedy which will be out in october. check five bill bradley has a book out called we can all do better. senator from jersey is a throw-back democrat. >> i agree personal responsibility is terribly important. our politics ends up being a battle between two competing ethics, the ethic of carrying, collective action, associated with democrats, the ethic of responsibility, individual action associated with republicans. >> bill: right. >> that's what the debate is when the truth is we need both. >> bill: indeed. finally, check 6, jeopardy guy alex trebek has a question about killing lincoln telling the daily beast, quote: i have read a few beak books
8:53 pm
recently on lincoln including bill o'reilly. i would like to talk to bill about something. in his book it took abraham 20 minutes before he was pronounced dead. another book said one of the other fellows took 20 minutes to die. i have to do a little bit more research, unquote. can you take what martin and i have written about lincoln's last moments to the bank, alex. absolutely precise minute by minute what happened to hill. i want to really appreciate -- i appreciate you reading my book. thank you very much. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots starring gary sinise just over two gary sinise just over two minutes away.
8:54 pm
today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities.
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>> pinheads and patriots in a moment. first father's day coming up fast and bill o'reilly stuff is the best stuff for dad. let's start with "killing lincoln," and he might liked a signed copy. if you buy that you get a free american flag. here's my favorite father's day present this season. the beautiful restore the usa mats. if you buy the big one we will send you a restore the usa pen absolutely free. we try to keep the prices down on all our stuff you buy at and when you do that you generate money for our many charitys. this is a big win this coming father's day. now to the mail. from california.
8:57 pm
>> and from italy. >> tony, from california. >> then the paper should be called out just like brit hume did, tony. that's the way to handle it. much of the coverage of president obama youthful mistakes, not the obvious bias at "the post." >> again, that seems to lean to the left. come on, that was the only network close to the quality on the quality of marriage issue. the others were way out of there. and john from peru. >> some parts of peru get us and
8:58 pm
some parts don't. we are working on on the whole deal, folks. >> lucky you, betsy. enjoy it. and from newport beach, california. >> doug henley, baltimore. >> i hope she does. you will like it. and from plain field, illinois. >> congratulations to you guys. i'm sending you backstage passes. has info on the chicago show, indianapolis. and finally, of all the actors in hollywood, gary is the most generous in helping his country
8:59 pm
and finally he got his due. >> and here is the bond! ♪. >> since his first uso tour to iraq in 2003, gary has entertained more than a quarter million troops and their families. it's his goal of a lifetime and it keeps him on the road most weekends. >> thank you, thank you. thank all of you for what you do for our country. >> it's part of my life. it's part of what i think is important and what makes me feel that i can contribute. >> mr. senees is a patriot. you should check out the entire piece on 60 please check it out tonight. also we would like you to shout out about the factor from anywhere in


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