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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 15, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> kimberly: thank you. we can play after this. >> eric: leave it there. that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. congratulations el rush rushbo women come to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or otherwise known as the lesser known seventh avenger. the special blebder that serves young men pena cola dos laced with ecstasy. hi, andy. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> in and around the lake, the mountains come out of the sky, america. our top story usually called barack obama america's first gay president. does this mean gay is the new code for foreign born? plus, our allstar plan investigates why a new jersey town is making it illegal to text while walking. somehow it is still legal to be snooky. and does posting on-line give the same satisfaction as sex? some say no, but some say check out my tumbler.
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it is really cool. i update it once a day or two or three times. >> an unnecessary attack on an unamerican hero. >> you are you caning about? >> snooki. >> i forgot about that one. >> talk to you later. let's welcome our guest. she is so stunning that stun guns are called anna gilligan guns. and she can waive. if hilarity was the electric slide i would do him at a high school dance in front of a chaperon. it is joe devito. and how am i still alive? my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and he is so british he sneezes crumpits. a first time guest from stud yow b and "the fox report" on fox newschannel. a real job. anyway, his lefty views earned him lots of booze. boos. good to see you pinch. >> the top three revelations
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in the mark zuckerberg profile, the ceo -- the fake book ceo enjoys hoodies. he handed it out over a steak din better it is founder. at the beginning of every new lunar cycle he spouts horns, wings and a tail and flies over to the google headquarters and deaf pho indicates on the roof while cackling ma. clear. it was quite a scoop. >> it was. i am not interested in having a discussion with you. >> all right. >> is it okay to call obama gay? news week magazine saw "times" breastfeeding cover. do you remember that? and they raised them one gaylo. in the media obama had a halo and they made it a rainbow. they write the president's bold move to support same sex marriage wasn't political, but the culmination of three years
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of work. but not everyone agrees. some have condemned them calling it calculated and on sunday it is like emmett burns. and expressed displeasure. >> marriage is between a man and a woman and not between two men. you pretty much said what you believe and know is not that important. political expeaked yen see is more important. >> obama's move on gay marriage was a teachable moment, sort of like this. >> what did i tell you, bill? first gay marriage and then
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dogs and cats are playing with each other. >> i love the apocalypse. there will be dogs winning "america's got talent" in england. that happened, actually. >> did it? >> yes, a dog won. was this a bold move by andrew sullivan, or is it as bold as he makes it out to be? >> sullivan like a lot of people likes the symbol live. after all, it is symbolism. he has not taken any action on gay marriage. he is not going to. he said it is about states rights. symbolism and they are right. why not? i love andrew sullivan. not in that way. >> he does have the gray beard. >> if a bulldog more -- morphed into a human being that would be weird. >> it reminds me of the days of mad versus crat. >> it looks like it is getting crazy. that is like u.s. news and
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world reports. >> you bought crack when they were out of mad and bought crazy when they were out of crack. >> it is interesting that this whole thing was forced by joe biden running his mouth. and it is cool because let's talk about it now instead of waiting for it to come out. i think we always knew that is what he thought. wink, wink, we can't come out and say it. biden who is like a drunk friend at a wedding. even if you agree with him you are like, can somebody shut this guy up? >> he is the guy that says stuff about your past in front of your wife. remember that time in bangkok? no, no, she doesn't even know i was married back then. remember when clinton was called america's first black president, and then you have the "time" cover with the woman breastfeeding like a
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17-year-old kid. >> i don't think that was shocking at all. i was a late breastfeeder and i don't see what the hub-bub is about. >> what is late in life to you? >> i remember it. >> wow. >> you can remember things as a toddler. >> or a teen. >> i will say that my taste pallet remembered it because when i was 10 i came down for breakfast in the morning and i spit out my cereal and said this is breast milk, and it was not. y wase evaporated milk. at 10 i had a sensory memory of it. >> but your mom never put you on the cover of "time" magazine. think of that poor kid. he brings a 16-year-old home when he is older and there is the framed picture of "time" magazine above the man tell. >> when he decides to get serious or get married they will go, your relationship with your mom is pretty strange. the fact she has that blown up
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in the living room. >> i don't know what this mom talk is about, but that tiny man should be bragging to his friend. that girl was hot. >> you need to photo shop out the chair, but well done, dude. >> he is old enough to give a thumbs up. >> you feel bad for michelle because you wake up in the morning because your husband is being portrayed as a gay angel. >> she no longer on the down low. >> bill, you just don't read magazines. you actually sleep under them. where do you see this war going? what is the neck step? >> on my back because i usually sleep on that. i would say -- well, obama says, it is okay and they went out for four and a half hours of golf. they want everyone to know while they are for gay marriage, they are not gay themselves. what could be straighter than two dudes playing four and a half hours of golf.
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it is juvenile stuff. we get it. you are straight. >> do you think this will have any affect on the black vote? >> no. i think that calculation was made long before, and i am not so sure biden's thing was a mistake. i think they have done the political calculations. they may lose one or two. they have done the calculations and they know where this goes. >> from same sex to safe text, should the government balk if you text and walk? well they have taken the mobile out of mobile phone passing out $85 fines to anyone caught strolling and scrolling. to put that in perspective, $85 is $85, $1 bills. since january there were 23 pedestrian texting and there were three fatalities within them. i guess it is a big distraction.
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ped -- pedestrians are not watching where they are going. they are not watching where they are walking and 24e are not uh -- they are not aware. >> come up with your own quotes. how is this an offense and yet punk preponderance peas are still -- punk puppies are still legal? >> bill, gay marriage, dogs and cats and now this. i am telling you -- i told you this would happen. we said yes to gay marriage and now it is dogs on skateboards. >> i blame bad parenting over gay marriage. that mommy dog was watching of the -- there are going to be bruises. no helmets? >> should people be fined for this? >> i have been walking where there is some idiot in front
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of me who has to disconnect from the grid. the funny thing is if i would throw him down the stairs, i would be the criminal. that's the society we live in right you no. >> you would be completely in the right. >> it would be out of control. >> aren't they trying to pass a law that if you drive too slowly in the left lane -- they are lowering the boom on annoying people, and as opposed as i am they are going after people i like. >> i think kristy has a short fuse for everything. >> without a phone for you to text and what i think you would do is pretend text. >> why would i pretend text? >> if some guy like me comes up and starts talking to you, you must do the pretend text. >> i almost hurt myself all the time, but it is your own problem . maybe you hurt your face. you walk into a poll, and you are not going to hurt someone else.
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that's why it should be illegal. walking and exiting -- >> i think you could hurt yourself and it annoys people. you get a slap. >> i don't know why you have to walk into people from poland. >> she is a biggot. >> clearly. that was rude. >> by the way -- >> that impression was amazing. >> it is my jaw their i can are male impression. >> every woman who does an impression -- -- >> they are like -- >> well that is accurate. did you just make a po nie t right there? that was accurate. >> wow. where were we? >> it is wrong because it is a rich source of entertainment. the woman walking into the water water -- the water fountain and the guy finding a bear, and there should be a
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law against anybody living in jersey. >> wow. just alienated about 10% of our audience. bill, you live on the street and texters walk over you. which you don't mind. >> i used to have to pay for that stuff. i am agreeing with you. i used to work in new jersey. 24r* is nothing going on in new jersey. all we have are stupid texter getting run over by cars. that's the only thing i can look at when i stair at my sad, sad office. totally kidding, didn't have an office. >> i don't think that this leads to accidents. i think it actually reduces accidents, and i talked about this before in the show. there is no way to prove how many men die from looking at women. usually when they find a dead on the crosswalk he is dead and they assume he didn't see the car coming. most all male pedestrian accidents were because they were walking and they looked and then like that. but you can't prove it. the girl is already gone and the guy can't tell you.
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i bet texting reduces accidents. >> this is why they should ban sexy ads on billboards. remember when that mark wallburg ad came out? i came to work with bruises every day. >> that's because your boyfriend, julio was beating you. >> i was on his side. that was just brutal. >> that's where you sleep. i am in the center. from texts to teens. does a pimply face help their case? a group of teens and some adult activists are suing the government saying it should do more. they want to reduce emissions by 6% per year beginning in 2013. they said, quote, i think a lot of young people realize this is an urgent time and we are not going to solve this problem by riding our bikes more. whatever, alex. you still owe me $10.
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the idea was hatched by an oregon lawyer after they watched the inconvenient truth. yes, she is on top of things. the bad guys are taking it serious -- seriously saying the action could debilitate our economy. how are the cats reacting to all of this? >> bill, gay marriage? cats with dogs? skateboards. >> what more photographic evidence do you need that things are getting better? they are taking over and i want to be a pet. >> things are getting worse if the reptiles get involved i am moving to estonia. once teens get involved in an issue, you know the issue is over. it is balogna. teens are fundamentally stupid. >> i think that is rather harsh. i think this is a good project
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for them to work on at age 17. if he keeps it up, it will distract from the crippling student loan debt. a little more of something that you should be worried about in the present tense, but again i think it is good the kids are worried about the environment, but you see people behind them, and it is the same thing when we have chirp in ads because i feel like -- >> the parents are the ones pushing it. >> yes. and it is creepy. but he is not doing a bad thing. >> you have to give them credit for -- he actually pivoted it into a student loan. if you did that with shep he would be -- you know he watches this. >> really? >> what do you make of this? >> when he was 17 he was worrying about global warming. i was worried 3w* getting drunk and getting high. when you are older it is going to be 5 degrees warmer. 5 degrees warmer is wonderful. >> you can go to the beach. in earlier times people lived longer in a warmer climate.
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just ask any dead ice age guy. >> did you hear the psa? get drunk and get high. you won't hear that on cnn. >> when you were younger you didn't worry about this stuff. >> i did. >> you were raised by hippies. >> it was a camp and they got us worried about these things. it is very good that these kids are getting involved. obviously it is a ploy to get press, but that's good. we over estimate our ability as humans. we are smart, but we wait until it hits crisis time to do anything. if we start working on the issue now we will have a better chance. >> let them waste their time. that means my kids will get the better jobs. while they are off fiddling around worried about .00002 cor bonn dioxide emissions my kids are worried about them. >> are you not worried about climate change? >> no. >> why not? >> it is exaggerated. it is hysterical. >> it is very much agreed
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upon. there is a tiny fraction of science. >> number one, the agreed upon stuff is balogna. >> with will 97%. >> it used to be they didn't all exist. >> now it is how big of a deal is it. >> they were pulled out of a larger group. it is all balogna, trust me. the co2 emissions is infan tess mall. termites emit more co2. >> bill, i'm pretty sure that is a fact. >> as a result the next time it rains and he says it will be sunny i am uh talking your wallet, green screen boy. >> it is sunny. there is a giant orb around him. >> the skin glows.
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>> coming up, is it easier to get away with murder if you are hot? anna gilligan discusses her memwior, ask my exes if you can find one. but first, should a blind man have a right to bear arms? we report and you run and hide.
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he has no sight except for the one on his gun. in 2008, police confiscate -- police con cities scwait a new jersey -- confiscate a new jersey man's guns after he shot himself in the leg. a judge ruled the decision violated steven hopler.
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it is funny because his name is hopler. i lost my train of thought. they said taking away his guns violated his constitutional right to bear arms. thought much of a story except that he is blind. the garden state gun lover says he has been shooting since he was a kid. he regularly goes to the range. and actually he is pretty good at it. he lost his sight from diabeteses in 1991 and when the cops took his guns they cited safety reasons and a history of alcoholism. his attorney argued that police didn't want him to own guns because he is blind and they felt that was improper. the judge agreed. ruling that hopler's disability didn't trump his right. let's go to the senior safety correspondent. >> it is only a matter of time. >> wow.
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i actually did not expect that. i hope she is okay. what lange swej that? >> drunk. >> did the judge make the right decision here? >> blindness, alcoholism and guns. what could possibly go wrong? i love the fact that in this case all of his friends say he's got great aim. are they the one standing in the next shooting range? i don't think so. >> anna, go uhed heed and explain why -- go ahead and explain why you think the judge is crazy. >> because in new jersey you can't walk and text, but you can be blind and shoot guns. there is something very wrong with this. >> do you blame global warm ?g. >> i do, very much so. >> i actually agree with the judge. but i will say that if he had not shot himself in the leg -- >> you agree with the judge? what about your constitutional right not to be shot by a blind man? >> i am going to contridict
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myself. >> he shouldn't qualify for a permit. >> i am about to continue district myself. >> i like when that happens. >> my feeling is if you are blind you should be armed because you have to defend yourself. >> from yourself. >> but having said that, joe. but having said that, joe, would the judge is felt that way if he shot somebody other than his own leg. >> i think if it is a blind person they should hand him with a hand grenade or something. why do people shoot themselves when they clean the gun? i have never cleaned a gun, but the first thing i would do is let me run a dying nose -- dying diagnostic and make sure there are no bullets in here. >> you don't know what the real definition of cleaning a gun is? it is suicide. they never want to say -- >> he shot himself in the leg. >> he wasn't trying to kill himself.
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>> he only has one more leg to shoot off. >> bill, blind guys shooting guns? gay marriage. >> i told you. it is opening the door. >> you are for this and against two dudes getting it on under the legal definition. >> this is another example of socialist. they not only have a gun, but i want a driver's license. i want this -- if he is of legal age he should be able to drive. a gun in one hand and a beer in the other and driving with his leg and buzzed. >> if he has somebody that goes with him -- >> let me finish. >> i am clearly in the minority here. this is something -- this was his hobby all of his life.
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we always applaud people saying look what this young man can do. yet we condemn this man for continuing his hobby which he has only hurt himself. >> you can't potentially kill someone by k078 -- by competing in a race. >> say he has somebody with him. >> he should have a sham roan. he should have a gun chaperon. >> if he hears an intruder in the house, and he has the instinct to react. "i know how to shoot guns" and it is a neighbor kid, but he doesn't know that because he is blind. he doesn't think in tay moment and he thinks high can use the gun. he will be a good shot and use it. >> if my mother was blind i would want her to be armed. how is that for a conclusion? >> you should see him playing bin ball. >> is he a wizzard of some
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sort? >> do you have a comment on the show in e-mail us. and to leave a voicemail on my direct line 212-462-5050. still to come the half time report from tv's andy levy. he is morally blind. >> tonight is sponsored by paper towels. the piece of absorbent cloth made for wiping. thank you paper towel.
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let's see if we have gotten anything wrong so far. andy? >> hi, greg. i'm making last-minute notes here. >> good. always up-to-date, andy. >> all good now though. >> not afraid that change thing at the last minute. >> can't be afraid to do things in this business. have to go where the facts are. >> that's what i do. i change things. not afraid. >> stop changing things. news week proclaims obama the first gay president. >> you say it is symbolism, but he hasn't taken action on. it that's not entirely true. he told the justice department to stop defending the constitutional. and on monday he listed the repeal as something as part of his agenda for the second term. >> clearly he has taken no
12:32 am
action on his own gayness. it was obvious, andy. >> i uh poil. >> for miss -- i you apologize for misunderstanding. >> as an actual newsman i should know. >> easy deal in facts. >> should we get into this now? >> on the subject of gay marriage in obama, you said you were a late in life breastfeeder? >> yes. >> you said late enough so you remember it? >> yes. >> do you have a emball park on how old -- a ballpark on how old that is? >> i am not going to say, but you would be shocked. >> oh my goodness. >> well, what do we remember? >> how is that? >> people have two-year-old memories, right? >> have i 13-year-old memories. >> i came home from school and i asked to breastfeed.
12:33 am
that's my one memory. i was verbal. >> and in school for that matter. >> yes. it was nursery school. >> can i play devil's milker. if you remember on the cover the woman admitted she was breastfed until she was 6. what was she? hot. what is anna? hot. >> it is good for your immune system and protecting against childhood obesity. just saying. >> let me ask you, why did you stop? >> the doctor told my mom to stop. i was the last of three. >> it is tough when it -- to creep out a doctor. they have seen it all. >> wow. jonathon -- getting back to gay marriage, jonathon i agree regardless of what black churches say it will not hurt obama at those congregations
12:34 am
at the poll. but a majority of blacks are opposed to gay marriage. >> and they all welcome -- i don't think they will go against the president. >> are they homophobic? >> i think it is more based on religion than based on anything else so i hesitate using that word so i wouldn't use that word. >> i am curious. everybody is so casual about calling white churches homophobic. >> i was noticing the day north carolina passed that a lot of people from california were railing against people in north carolina which i found amusing. they were calling them red necks and i think we are going to find out if a majority of blacks voted against this. we will be right back. >> no, we won't.
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>> actually not. >> a new cbs new york times poll shows 67% think president obama endorsed the same-sex marriage for political reasons and only 24% because he thinks it is right. >> that is cynical populous. >> synical and smart. >> joe, you said learning of new jersey is lowering the boom on people who ignore you. you are all for this. >> you realize this is how it starts, right? >> first they came from the walking texters. >> and then they came to the breastfeeders and they were distracted. >> it is a slippery slope. >> if you are texting and breastfeeding. >> down the wrong pipe. >> andy, you said it is ridiculous to fine people for texting and walking and you will only hurt yourself unlike where driving and texting and you hurt other people.
12:36 am
what if you are texting and walking and you walk into an intersection and a car swerves to miss you and hits another person and hurts or kills them? you have no response, do you? >> that can happen because you were looking around with headphones in. >> we are getting rid of that crap too. >> i kind of agree with greg. i walk super slow. i do everything in slow motion. unless are you being reckless do you run into an intersection while ks taying. >> and the slowing down thing is great for muggers. if you are distracked with an i phone the mugger can mug you. jay i was warned -- >> i was warned in trader joe's because i was a pick pocketing target. >> he was asking you out. >> he said i can see your wallet in your purse and you are on the phone so you should be aware. >> come back here, ma'am and let me show you some tips. >> excuse me, hot chick. notice i am not telling the
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ugly women to watch out. >> no, no. >> you will need personal training on this, ma'am. jonathon i need you to apologize to the fine people of new jersey who say 24r* should -- there should be a law against living there. >> absolutely not. there should be a law against living there. >> you can't say i didn't give uh chance. greg, you said 99% of all male accidents was because the guy was checking out a woman. you live to make up stuff like this. this is part of the job is making up crap. >> this is one of those facts that theedz -- that needs no evidence. >> like most of the facts that comes out of your mouth. >> this is real, baby. >> how often -- maybe i am asking the wrong guy. how often do you check out guys on the way to work? no, you are probably checking out cats. yes? >> global warming.
12:38 am
jonathon, at 17 you were worried about beer warming. isn't that how you drink it? >> yes, warm beer and cold women in britain. >> by the way, when i advised to get high, i clearly meant they should climb a lot of stairs. >> that is good aerobic exercise. >> greg, anna, thank you for arguing whether glow balance warming -- global warming is real so i can grab a nap. >> i think all of the viewers did the same. >> a blind man has a right to own guns. anna i am legitimately outraged about this. i don't understand your problem with a blind person owning a gun. you are sightist. and this company was found by blind alcoholic gun nuts. don't forget that. >> i don't know what to say about that. >> i stand by my position. >> jonathon, you said,
12:39 am
blindness, what can go wrong? >> new reports that part of the judge's ruling is he has to store part of the handgun in a safe pending an evaluation of the alcohol use. >> again, another reason new jersey should be illegal. >> greg, you said he drink two beers a day. a former tenant says hopler would sometimes drink a 30 pf pack of beer a day. of course that says he went to prison for burglarizing his apartment in 2008 while hopler was hospitalized after shooting himself. >> this backs up jonathon's claim that new jersey is the greatest state jie. exactly. >> i am done. >> you see his neighbor was ripping him off the whole time. >> it is like a scooby doo plot. >> it was. >> it was his old man neighbor
12:40 am
caruthers. >> that's right. he took off the mask. go away. coming up, what can a british accent and beautiful hair get you in life? he discusses his new book, pretty much anything you want. but first, how much is too much to spend in a doggie custody battle? stories like this is why i got into journalism.
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crow choose to -- would you choose to crow over a pile of dough? if if going to facebook makes you feel better about yourself. researchers at harvard, my back up school, said folks had similar pleasures sparked by food, money and sex. they would rather give up their ability to boast about achievements. experts think this may explain why people feel the need to share personal crap about themselves on-line.
12:44 am
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, this. >> lightning roooouuunnnnnndd. lightning round. >> joe, i came across this study on my yacht. your thoughts? >> great weather for yachting. i think it is funny how people need to put up every personal thought. i use these things for self-promotion, but i am in that business. i don't think people need to know what kind of sandwich i had unless it is an awesome one. >> you have an excuse because you need to make money. >> that's true. >> somebody like me who is independently wealthy, i don't meed to boast. when i first heard about this, i threw the journal across my olympic-sized pool and actually hid it in the grand piano. >> this is why i am no good at social media. i assume that no one actually wants to hear about my personal life. >> i do. after what i learned tonight. >> i should just tweet about breastfeeding 24-7.
12:45 am
i really do need more light and twitter followers. i think people need better sex because they are getting more enjoyment from facebook than sex. that's what it said. what is wrong? what is going on, people? >> the more people spend on social networks they have less sex. he is off trying to get some girl off back which does not exist, by the way. johnson, sorry i didn't invite you to my birthday in vegas. the duet was amazing. it is a joke we share. will we regress in this on-line period of our time? >> i don't think so provided we bring the bragging on-line while having sex on-line, that's what i call a climax. >> that is amazing.
12:46 am
bill, you only use social media when you are asleep in the library. >> i wants them to do a study on people's reaction. this is why i don't have a facebook page. i want my piece. it was in the metropolitan section. it was the sunday edition. i have like -- >> have i five people that undate constantly. i assume they have miserable lives because why are you tweeting and facebooking all of the time? >> it is a strange thing. at least that is obvious boasting. the boasting i don't like is the subtle stuff that is masked as complaints. like the travel tweeting which is like, oh, so exhausted. the hotel is out of fresh linen.
12:47 am
i am so looking forward to hawaii. >> four seasons sucks. i am only going to ritz carlton. >> there is one individual who does this allots. >> -- this a lot. >> just tell us. >> okay. >> i am saying, just tell us. >> it ends in wheels up. wheels up. shut up! time to take a break. >> that's because he is in a wheelchair. unreal. unreal. i'm sorry dr. hawkins. when we come back we will talk about something.
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they say that two mothers who chaperoned their high school prom and sprayed lysol on students. they thought they were dirty dancing. according to a police report one mom complained that the students were dancing, quote, like they were having sex with their clothes on. that's a messy piece of paper. they should fix those things. some kids claim the disinfectant got into their eyes and mouths and they had to leave. shouldn't they be applauded for their creativity? >> i think they were spraying it with bug spray. >> really?
12:52 am
>> no. but they were in colorado and they could have rocky mountain spotted fever. where do they get these chaperons from? >> they are probably parents. >> maybe they are people who like to spray kids with lysol. >> count me as one of them. >> i think i can hire john lithgow now. >> if you were chaperoning that dance would you try to separate the kids or let them be? >> if i was that offended by it, i would be an adult and not call them sluts and whores because that is messed up. it riew inwithed their memories. it ruined their memories. >> i say clearly these kids were not breastfed long enough. >> i had no idea. bill, some story. you went to the prom -- this is not going to be a question, is it? >> no. you went to the prom with a cardboard cutout from captain pickard from "star trek."
12:53 am
did anybody try to separate you. >> i would have gotten away it it too, but i dropped him. he was only on one side and then the butt of everybody's joke. >> you are punishing these kids by possibly harming them. if you are inhaling this stuff or it gets in your eyes, it doesn't fit the crime. >> it made me think of the days before disinfectant. you watch a western and you think, boy it must smell like poop. watching downtown abbie you think it is great. well, no, it smells like poop. last topic, a new york man says he spent $60,000 in a legal battle for custody of his pet dog. tocalifornia. ex-girlfriend he said the woman's goal is to drive up legal fees until he gives in and so he is trying to raise another $20,000 to keep the fie alive. he raised $600.
12:54 am
he could have bought 60 dogs exactly like that dog or rented three hot strippers for a month. >> forget the dog. >> it is a drag you lost your dog, but get over it. spend the money on cheap thrills. >> it is sad. i feel like the woman is being vindictive. i want to know what he did -- maybe he is not such a great guy. >> no, it is the woman's fault and it always is. >> i don't know. it seems excessive. also he has some attachment issue. >> should the dog decide -- gite dog should decide. >> he looks as though he would be good on a grill. >> that was an adorable, tasty dog. >> you are a sick, sick individual. >> your parents tried to tbif up cogs de of you and they were not even divorcing. >> they made me give back my coller. collar. this is why dogs are silly. i will baby-sit a dog. it is like renting a pet.
12:55 am
forget how much goes into finding out who this dog will go to. dogs are nothing but hairy, hairy leaches. you can spend your money elsewhere. possibly a nice charity. maybe on me. >> you are not a charity. >> i dated a girl named charity. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up. to see clips of recent shows go to fox eye.
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see you back here at 5 p.m. eastern time. tomorrow on the next "red eye" terry save ford and jedediah bila and jaime weinstein. back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. hi, andy. >> hi, greg. jonathon, a big day coming up? >> i do. getting married in a couple
12:59 am
week's time to the most beautiful woman in the world, chelsea edwards. there will be a lot of alcohol and a lot of guns and blindfolds. >> you are gorgeous. don't say that. >> still waiting on the old invitation, by the way. >> it is in the mail, of course. >> good. anna, are you now on twitter? >> i am. i joined like two weeks ago. please follow me. it is anna underscore gilligan. and i will come up with something interesting to read about. >> are you listening to a tiny phone? >> i'm sorry. my earpiece is not fitting. >> tell your mom you will call her back. >> it is the only way i can hear you. i apologize. >> joe, do you have upcoming show? >> tuesday and thursday i am in new york city and friday at the red oak in has mutt, new jersey. follow me on twitter, joe devito comedy for more information. >> okay then. back to you, greg.


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