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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 15, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'll give you a hint. >> a hint. oh! i know! >> did you watch the show, gretchen? >> telekenetic. >> it's rattle snake. >> have you ever eaten rattle snake? >> no, have you? >> i have. >> alligator. >> we hope you have a great show and thank you everyone for joining us. take care. >> bye! >> watch out for those rattlesnakes slithering in the grass. they can get you. good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, may 15th. thanks so much for your spending part of your time with us today. looks like the economy will have to wait. the president bringing same sex marriage back into the spotlight with a warning for congress. people who want to defend traditional marriage. listen to this. >> look, congress is clearly on notice that i think it's a bad idea. >> more from the president on "the view" coming up.
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>> meanwhile, the architect is impressed. karl rove compliments president obama's latest political move. >> i mean, chutzpah, i have to take my hat out to those guys! >> what's that about? rove will explain promptly. >> and get ready for this -- big brother in a street lamp? surveillance cameras that not only watch your every move, they order you to move. and pick up your litter. they're hitting the streets of america. which is where this show is from. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> they're watching us from the lamp poles? >> yes, and they can talk to us. >> i order you, pick up your litter! >> this has been going on in britain for years and years. could it be coming to america? we're going to be -- >> it's here. detroit, chicago, pittsburgh. big brother is watching. >> we're already under surveillance. what have we said? we'll talk about that in a
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minute. first your headlines for a tuesday. ron paul essentially ending his presidential campaign. the republican congressman telling supporters in an e-mail that he'll no longer spend money in states that haven't held primaries yet. paul praised his supporters for delaying mitt romney's expected nomination. he urged them to continue to do so and champion his causes. paul's campaign will hold a conference call in a few hours to go over their plans moving forward. j.p. morgan can't bank on having friends as it gets ready to face more scrutiny now. lawmakers in the house and senate calling for hearings on the $2 billion mistake. meanti meantime, major trade groups that represent the industry aren't rushing to the defense and neither are other members of congress. the a serious blow to the country's largest banks that built up a strong reputation off the wall street crisis. well, john edwards' lawyers haven't made a final decision on whether or not he's going to take the stand in his own corruption trial. his oldest daughter kate expected to testify as soon as today. edwards is charged with using campaign cash to hide his mistress and love child from the world.
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his lawyers claim the money was a personal gift, not a political donation. so using it was not a crime. new video this morning of a three-man crew blasting off from a space center. brian, i know you're so upset. it's not the u.s. it's kazakhstan. >> main liftoff. liftoff confirmed! we can still confirm -- >> still in english, though. one american astronaut and two russian cosmonauts on their way to the international space station. they'll bring supplies and stay for six months. they should arrive by thursday. long trip. and those are your headlines. >> especially with this kind of traffic. >> speaking of traffic, the president of united states was in new york city yesterday a big chunk of the day and tied up traffic significantly. he did appear on the show "the view" as part of their red, white and view campaign. they did it four years ago. they're doing it again at the beginning, barbara walters said mr. president, welcome. we're honored to have you. we promise we willet you get in a word edgewise.
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she brought up the hot topic. remember, we had heard that before joe biden, it was the white house's intention to bring up his same sex marriage stance on "the view." well, yesterday, barbara walters asked him about whether or not he would work to repeal the defense of marriage act and he said this. >> will you personally fight to repeal that act? >> well, look, congress is clearly on notice that i think it's a bad idea. >> and that was it. >> i think that barbara walters was trying to make news here obviously because if you believe the story that's been going out in the last couple of days or the last couple of weeks, it was that joe biden made a mistake and the president intended to announce his stance on gay marriage either at the convention coming up later on this summer or on "the view" appearance on tuesday so if you're barbara walters and you've been doing this business for 50 years, you want to make news so now you might be a little upset that the cat was let out of the bag a little early. i think she was trying to make news here by saying will you do
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something on a federal level? it's one thing to say what your opinion is about gay marriage but will you actually do something with regard to the law? the president didn't really answer the question. >> if you want to get something done, definitely put people on notice like giving congress your five point check list and saying get it done over in albany. tell the congress, you're on notice, this is what i'd like. 60% of the people believe according to "the new york times" and cbs that the president has done this for mostly political reasons. only 24% say he's done it for the right reasons and think about the president's new stance when it comes to same sex marriage that evolved to this point. and how critical he was of mitt romney for having this same view that he had 48 hours prior. >> that's why i have believed all along that this was all part of a strategy and well laid out because joe biden made his gaffe. within two days, the president changed his mind and within the next day after that, they had an ad out criticizing mitt romney for having the same view that the president has held, as you
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just said. here's karl rove on that. >> biden goes out and says, i'm comfortable with a man marrying a man and a woman marrying a woman. president obama comes out and says his views haven't changed. tuesday he does the interview with robin roberts and they promo it tuesday night and wednesday he gives the whole interview in which he says i'm in favor of gay marriage and wednesday midday, the obama campaign has a web ad video attacking mitt romney for having had the position president obama had on sunday and monday. now, we'll -- chutzpah. i have to take my hat off to those guys! >> it's incredible. >> that was just all by happen stance? come on! and here's the other thing, you should really dig deep into what the president said yesterday. that congress is on notice for this. that really doesn't mean anything. keep in mind the president had a democratic senate and house his first two years. he could have done this! he could have repealed the
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marriage act or the defense of the marriage act, whatever it's called, doma, he could have attempted to do that in his first two years in office! but he didn't. so this is why the majority of the public when asked may think that this is all for political purposes. >> by the way, "newsweek" made that cover two years ago. first gay president. >> yeah, probably. >> three years ago, "newsweek" made that cover. >> they did sn? >> yeah. >> a week ago, they went to the primary in west virginia, a fellow named keith judd who is currently a texas prison inmate got 40% of the west virginia democratic vote, that guy right there against the president of the united states. west virginia is furious about the president's position. >> that's right. he does probably. we need to know more about him. well, interestingly enough, the white house, rather the campaign has taken the extraordinary measure of taking fuel efficiency, that phrase off of one of their web sites and
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instead putting on clean coal. is it -- take a look right here. this is before. notice the third line down on the right side, it says fuel efficiency and now, i think we're going to go to the way it looks now and you can see there, it's got clean coal screen right. so is that an homage to the trouble in west virginia? >> and in ohio? >> or simply just a coincidence? >> right, if he loses those states, he's in a lot of trouble. the ohio republican could be the vice presidential nominee of mitt romney said on wednesday, he tweeted this out. he's disappointed at the exclusion of coal. it shows that president obama is out of touch. next thing you know he's back in. what he's already done with his e.p.a. has basically destroyed the coal industry and i don't think just a listing on your web site is going to do it. >> i think it's always a problem when in the democratic primary in the state of west virginia a felon from texas gets 4 out of 10 votes. that tends to be problematic since he can't even vote right now. not even sure if he can ever run
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for office. by the way, we did reach out to the campaign, obama campaign for a response and did not get one in return. >> we're trying to get an interview with him. we have to write one up with our schedule and visiting hours. >> texas inmate? >> yes. >> are you volunteering? >> we could probably do it through plexiglas on the phone. what are you going to do when you get out? >> what is he going to do with his campaign? at 9 minutes after the hour, do you know that terror and see something -- say something is certainly something the american public has been aware of especially since 9/11 but more and more we're finding out that there's somebody looking over our shoulder and maybe over our heads. not necessarily with a drone. we'll talk about this later. we're talking about they could be watching you. >> look at that. those are high-tech street lamps and they are being deployed to cities here in the united states including detroit, pittsburgh they have a camera where they can watch you but they have a speaker where they can talk to you.
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where you're walking by, it sees that you dropped some litter and it goes hey, you, lady in the red dress! or you guy in the gray suit? pick up that litter now! >> i don't get it. somebody is operating these lights from some secret underground bunker and then they're watching people? >> yeah. >> and it's their voice -- >> yeah. >> really? >> response in case of emergency and they would help prevent crime because you'd be able to watch and maybe warn people. i do not know if it's going to be one of these manual things, you know, your right door is open. >> talk about a power trip job. all you got to do is sit there and watch people all day and tell them what to do. >> word is, too, they have them in london and they're doing right in britain. they're trying to bring them here. i'm not too sure that i want my lamp talking to me. >> or have your lamp recording and apparently they can record what happens. just imagine. if they put a street lamp in front of your office that has one of those cameras and they
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shine it on your door and they watch who goes in and out of your door, they zoom up to your window and watch what happens inside of your house. >> i'm worried about people me and watching me later in the day. how can you possibly watch all those people? >> people are us and watch us later in the day. >> if you're not watching us live, write us. >> we'll get it sometime in the future. >> i need coffee for that one. who thought this classic clip from "the simpsons" might actually come true? >> eepa! trapped forever! >> we're being sealed in a dome! >> new regulations to literally seal off american businesses. >> she quit the occupy movement for a real occupation. meet the former protester who stopped complaining and now she's close to striking it rich. [ rosa ] i'rosa and i quit smoking th chantix.
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>> who knew this classic simpsons clip might actually come true? >> what do i do? i don't know what to do. in, out, i never saw venice! >> they put a dome over springfield. but all the jokes aside, congressman bill johnson says that's about to, perhaps, become reality for two factories right here in the united states and he joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve, thank you. >> you have sent a letter to the e.p.a. that tells the e.p.a. that they are on the verge of doing something really stupid. >> absolutely.
3:16 am
manganese alloy is a retired component of steel manufacturing for automotive, for our defense industry and virtually everything that we do and we have two producing plants in america. one of them in ohio. one of them in le tart, west virginia. if we shut those two plants down, where are we going to get that material from? it's going to have to come from china. >> great. now, you think that these companies are going to have to close down because the e.p.a. is going to be so restrictive, they talk about to make sure that the bad stuff doesn't get into the air or something like that, they would have to put some enclosures which you say would be effectively to dome these companies much like they domed springfield in the simpsons movie. >> absolutely. they use the term enclosure but do we want to call it a tent? do we want to call it a dome? what's clear is it's economically infeasible to be able to do what is suggested and their data leading up to the
3:17 am
making of this rule is both technically and scientifically flawed and we're asking them to reconsider that. >> sure and from what i read in your letter and other information as well, the proposals that they are suggesting would cost these companies so much money, it could also bankrupt them. >> oh, it will. and you're talking about 500 jobs in the near term and the jobs are only one part of the problem. then we have to buy that material from china and other places where we have competitors, you know, the vice president is out stomping in ohio talking about the return of manufacturing and yet the e.p.a. is taking this action that would virtually shut down steel manufacturing in america. >> well, the e.p.a. has issued a statement regarding the dome business and they say the rule does not in any way propose a requirement for facilities to put a dome over their buildings. >> well, i guess we can argue semantics. enclosure, a tent, a dome. call it whatever they want to
3:18 am
call it, it's not -- it's not feasible. >> but this is all part, congressman, of the e.p.a.'s green initiative, isn't it? >> absolutely. you know, you talked a little earlier about the coal industry. you've got the same kind of thing going on in the coal industry and now there's an attack on the steel industry. we've seen the steel industry already decimated. we've got -- we've got thousands of qualified steelworkers ready to go back to work. and with the -- with the new shale play, with the marcelus and the uttica shale in ohio, we're seeing a resurgence in steel manufacturing and we wanted to put those people back to work. but we're not going to do it if we can't make steel. >> absolutely. you've written a letter to the e.p.a. let's see what happens next. >> thank you, steve. >> congressman, real pleasure. thanks for joining us here in new york. what do you think about that? e-mail us, friends at meanwhile, 18 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, a frantic rescue. a bus explodes into flames, oh, my goodness, with passengers
3:19 am
trapped inside that bus. our next guest went from occupying wall street to an occupation on wall street. she quit complaining and embraced capitalism. good morning to you. her story next right here on "fox & friends." ♪ [ male announcer ] american innovation. 29 years ago, it helped us invent the minivan. ♪ today dodge grand caravan is the most awarded minivan ever. ♪ who knows where innovation can take us next? ♪ directions to the moon. ♪
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>> i'm in the control room, can you tell? i have quick headlines to read off the wall in the distance. the french president officially sworn in in the meeting in france, he ousted nicolas
3:23 am
sarkozy to become france's first socialist leader since 1995 and a sink hole forcing a florida family out of their home. it allowed -- rather, it swallowed up their barbecue grill and their shed is teetering on the edge. good news is home owners insurance covering this whole mess. now, stand by, camera two. take two, gretch and brian. >> all right. steve, 22 minutes after the hour. from camper to capitalist. our next guest went from occupy wall street to an occupation. she actually has a job now on wall street. >> well, now she owns her own business as a result of that job. tracy postert joins us with her story. i remember your story six months ago or so. you were one of the people down in zuccotti park in manhattan and you had a sign that says i have a resume and i want a job and what happened? >> i met wayne calfman who works at john thomas financial and he asked me one question -- would you consider a job on wall street? and i said yes. and things went from there. >> you went there, you worked
3:24 am
with him for five months because on your sign, it was clear that you aren't just somebody looking for a job. you are very qualified. what did it say on your sign? >> it said ph.d. in biomedical science looking for full-time work. >> you got it. you had it for five months. where did you go from there? >> when i was there at john thomas, i achieved a lot of the goals that i set for myself. one of the things that i wanted to do is i wanted to find the very best biotechnology companies from a financial analyst perspective and i did that. i wanted to see sort of a global picture of how does a financial industry look at these biotechnology companies? >> and your goal is to try and help h.i.v. patients with some sort of medicine? >> what i've been for many years is an activist. and i've been most interested in biomedical issues. i was an h.i.v. and aids activist for many years and basically a patient advocate so i wanted to create a business that i could do my activism at the same time have a functional
3:25 am
business and earn a living for myself. >> do you believe you are different from other people down there at zuccotti park, somebody who wanted a job, looking to get employment rather than just protesting? >> i'm different. everyone's different. i think i still shared a lot of the common ideology of the occupy wall street people. >> with what? >> i think that our society right now is set -- it's unfair. there's not enough good jobs available, you know, the finances for the lower, you know, income people are -- have not improved in the past 10 or 20 years. >> ok, so you were given the opportunity to go and work in one of the businesses that you were actually protesting. and so now, will you give back to the world? will you hire people, then, maybe some other potential protesters who are down there and need jobs? >> i had an inquiry yesterday for a job -- someone who has a ph.d. in biomedical science in the area wants to work for my company. so hopefully i can make it something that can offer jobs.
3:26 am
>> would you still go down there if there's a movement or something? you'll definitely help out. >> absolutely. >> what percentage of people down there are just not even looking hard for a job or if the gumption that you've displayed? >> i think they all have a kind of gumption. it takes a lot of gumption to go out there and protest. and i think protest is a way for grievances to be aired. in terms of gaining employment, that's a very difficult situation. you know, there's not a lot -- >> would you think you can gain employment by sleeping in a park or moving your resume around? >> you're right. i'm unique. i was the one with the sign. >> you never slept in the park. but my last question is did you have more respect for the 1% that you were protesting after you actually worked for them? >> i had a lot of respect for them anyway to begin with because, you know, they're human beings. so i didn't disrespect them specifically but i do still think -- i maintain my belief that our system isn't quite fair for the people that don't have a lot of money in our society. so i'm still the same person.
3:27 am
my views are still the same. i know a little bit more now and i'm progressing on in my career in a slightly different way because of the whole experience. i'm still the same person. >> we wish you well, founder now of action biomed. >> good luck with that. >> thank you. >> 27 minutes now after the hour. up next, the star of "swamp people" doing what he loves. what happened to the alligator hunter? >> and the union leaders famously claim to fight for workers' rights but wait until stuart varney shows you their paychecks. let's just say they aren't exactly the 99% that we were just talking about with tracy. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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>> number one, which kardashian was married for only 72 days? >> that would be kim. >> very good. >> ok. >> there was a ball player. that's how i know from watching basketball. >> you don't watch the show? >> the next question was about the most popular book in the world right now. >> the bible? >> trilogy. >> well, the bible might have a problem with parts of this book. "fifty shades of grey" which the president claims he never heard of.
3:32 am
he said he had to go home and ask michelle about it. >> what would have been a good follow-up question, who is kim's new boyfriend and why did you call him a jackass? >> that's right. that's right. >> that was in the follow-up. >> the president called him a jackass? >> yes, caught off camera because he went and stole the microphone from -- >> taylor swift. >> taylor swift. >> uh-huh. >> very good. >> you should be on "jeopardy"! >> i'm thinking about it. robert gibbs, you'll see how he did. >> chris wallace on jeopardy as well and he'll be on this program about half-hour from right now. >> meantime, let's do a couple of headlines for you. new developments in the trayvon martin case in florida. the charges against the accused shooter could be getting more serious now. f.b.i. looking into charging him with a hate crime after prosecutors claim he profiled and stalked the teen before killing him. if he's charged and found guilty, he could face the death penalty? for manslaughter? i guess for hate crimes. >> he died doing what he loved
3:33 am
most. mitchell geyest, the cajun alligator hunter star of the tv show "swamp people" died yesterday in louisiana. he reportedly fell out of his boat after suffering from an apparent seizure. mitchell and his brother glenn were among the reality show's most popular cast members. he would have turned 49d this friday. >> all right. check out these fierce flames on a bus totally consumed by the blaze. amazingly, no one hurt. the bus driver is being praised for thinking quickly and getting everyone off the bus. investigators now trying to figure out what caused the raging fire in eastern china. >> and take a look at this. these are military fighter jets taking a bubble bath. the jets buried in foam after the fire suppression system in the hangar in florida went off. it was said to be set off from a spark from a welder's head. it takes two minimum fits for the generator to fill a 90,000 foot hangar with foam. >> that's great. >> then you got to clean it up.
3:34 am
>> at least it works. >> meanwhile, let's take a look. we have a number of wildfires still raging in arizona. take a look at that right there. and it's forced many residents to get out of their houses and go to safety. the fire in crown king has grown to nearly one square mile at this point. hot and dry conditions out there. making it tough to battle the flames. and low humidity as well. mother nature not helping out the firemen. meanwhile, let's take a look at the radar and the satellite and as you can see, out in that area, no rain in sight. we have some heavy stuff that's moved through the southern portion of texas overnight. also, widely scattered showers all the way from the key of biscayne right up through banger, maine, we have some lingering showers that have been wide ranging through the big northeastern corridor cities at this hour. current temperatures as you head out the door at 60 right now in chicago. about the same for kansas city. 64 in memphis and 70's along the gulf coast.
3:35 am
60's for the most part currently in texas. later on today, 70's and 80's. we're going to have 106 later today already in phoenix, arizona, on this 15th day of may. man, it seems hot. meanwhile, cleave -- cleveland, ohio, 77. in raleigh durham, 81. how about some sports stuff? >> in basketball, chris bosh now out indefinitely for the heat. and an m.r.i. revealing he has an abdominal strain. the heat believe he's out for the entire series against indiana. good news for the fans, though, the team has not ruled him out for the rest of the season. he hurt himself on a dunk on sunday. that's assuming he gets through. it was a night that the nationals rookie bryce harper will never forget. he's just 11 years old. ok, he's 19. he hit his first major league homer of his career. he's the youngest player to hit a home run since beltre in 1998. it came in his 15th game. this guy is supposed to be a
3:36 am
superstar. washington won 8-5. they offered him the ball that was the first major league homer and stashed it in his locker. ussain bolt running away from his girlfriend because of the olympics. he ended a six month relationship so he could focus on repeating his double gold world record performance from 2008. that's a quick look at what's happening in the world of sports. fox and score for more. >> more brian. >> big union bosses claim they are one of these guys. >> oh! >> we are the 99%! we are the 99%! we -- >> but their paychecks put them more on par with the 1%? stuart varney is here to explain. good morning to you. >> good morning. you have to realize here that the people who are organizing, directing and funding the
3:37 am
anti-1% movement are in the 1% themselves. and some of the organizations which want corporations to pay more tax don't pay any tax themselves. i give you the case of union leaders, for example, i have a list of the top six union guys, how much they actually make. >> this is going to be good. let's see. >> show it, please. >> all right. >> these are the top six in order. top of the list, at the -- this is -- where are we now? >> sheet metal workers. >> thank you very much indeed, gretchen. 1,043,000 total compensation. it goes all the way down to the bottom of the list, $512,000 there so clearly the six that you're going to see are very much in the top 1% and these are the people that are funneling and supporting the anti-1% movement. >> it shouldn't be shocking. i mean, these guys clearly are part of that don't do as i do, do as i say genre. >> it gets a little worse. i'll give you the case of the
3:38 am
boilermakers union. ok? kansas, by the way, kansas city is in uproar about this. the kansas city star broke the story. the man who runs that union, the boilermakers union, his name is newton jones. $607,000 a year total compensation. and all the excesses which you associate with bankers on wall street are occurring at the boilermakers union. his brother, sister and son all work for the union making six figures. he entertains lovishly hunting lodges, alaskan private trips, a private jet to drive around in. >> if the union lets him do it -- >> yes, they do let him do it. there's a -- >> private corporation where there's a board to answer from. these people turn over their money because they want to get the union to get the job and then a lot of this money goes to political causes i imagine they don't agree with. >> the boilermakers union has a bank, the boilermakers bank. and they top -- some of the top executives at the union serve on the bank board and make money from the bank as well.
3:39 am
isn't this all the excesses which you associated with those wicked bankers on wall street, the 1%. and here you've got the unions financing the anti-1% movement and they're in it themselves. >> but it gets even more dicey because is it true that unions are nonprofit? >> that's correct. >> so they do not have to pay taxes in the same way? >> well, the employees, the people in the union, yeah, they pay tax but the union as an entity is nonprofit and does not pay federal income taxes unlike the corporations which they criticize which do pay federal income taxes. >> important point. >> my, oh, my. >> there you have it. >> thank you for explaining that to us. >> good job getting their pay stubs. >> right. >> they'll be delighted with that. thanks, stuart. we'll be watching you over at fox business at 9:20 eastern time. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> all right, coming up straight ahead, we told you about the street lamps that will be barking orders to you and criticizing your hair style. now, hear this. the u.s. just approved drones to spy on everyday people.
3:40 am
is this true? >> he doesn't look very happy. >> is that finger loaded? it sounds like the start of a hollywood thriller but playing out at one of the nation's busiest airports. a man impersonating a murder vinyl victim to get a job with airport security. for 20 years? seriously, we're live with the details. now, tre's gentle, dependable constipation relief fore...
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3:43 am
and me and me. new dulcolax laxative tablets for women are comfort-coated... so they're gentle on sensitive stomachs. new dulcolax laxative for women the overnight relief you're looking for. >> 43 minutes after the top of the hour. he worked at newark airport for 20 years and he had access to the highest security areas but this morning, he is under arrest accused of using a dead man's i.d. to hide the fact that he's
3:44 am
in this country illegally. joining us now from newark airport is wnyw's ty hernandez. the story sounds too crazy to be true. >> too crazy indeed for 20 years, he worked here without incident. in fact, he would have kept working here if not for an anonymous tip that was called into the airport. that's what got the whole investigation started. and that's when authorities found the man posing as jerry thomas who is really nigerian born man. he came to the united states illegally in 1989. in 1992, he assumed the name jerry thomas the same year that the real jerry thomas was murdered in queens, new york. now, they don't know at this point if this is somebody he knew or if he had anything to do with his death but certainly, he does face very serious charges on the identity theft alone. he's been arraigned and he is currently awaiting that arraignment while being held in jail. now, people here at the airport find this very uncomfortable and
3:45 am
it makes them very nervous this morning. >> makes you wonder what they look into if they look into anything when they're hiring. >> that is a right. you know, that's not right. and that needs to be corrected. >> now, he worked for a private security firm that was contracted by the airport. of course, he did have to go through all those kinds of ve screenings. the t.s.a. said we weren't around 20 years ago. he had to give the birth certificate of the man he was impersonating and the social security card. he happened to get lucky because there was no fingerprint match. the person had never been fingerprinted before and neither had the other man. so they just -- no red flags had come up all these years. that's the very latest here from newark airport. take it back to you. >> crazy story, tai hernandez out at newark airport. thanks so much. let's go to brian and the judge. >> soon, there will be government eyes in the skies. the feds considering drones to
3:46 am
monitor everyday americans going about their everyday lives. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano passed out when he heard about that. revived him in time, gave him a new suit and brought him in. judge, is this even legal? >> no, it's not legal. we're talking about two different things. we're talking about the air force which is the department of defense dispatching drones to monitor people when they're outside their homes or when they're inside their homes and we're talking about local law enforcement. 313 of which have drones ready to be used but the f.a.a. has not yet authorized them to do so. so we have the defense department and we have local police watching us from the sky. none of which is legal without a warrant from a judge. >> so president obama didn't wake up and say i want to seal off americans and find out what they're doing. this is something that came from the defense department or the department of justice? >> the defense department is not permitted to do anything in the united states of america against american citizens without an executive order from the president and he can only issue one in time of rebellion or national disaster. that's the federal law.
3:47 am
for him to permit the air force to spy on us no matter how noble their goal may be is a violation of federal law unless he signed an executive order and we don't know about it in which case that would be unlawful because the executive orders of this nature have to be published. >> so the drones go in the skies. if a kid is missing, we already have the amber alert and that's helping with street signs. what if they told you, hey, i need these drones to help find these kids. >> they need a search warrant to use a drone. and if there's evidence of crime, a child kidnapped. >> o.j. simpson on the run. >> a judge is more likelier than not to sign a search warrant. the reason for the search warrant is a judge signs it and there's a record of what they're looking for. if they want to dispatch drones because they have a morbid curiousity of what americans are doing or they don't care about our privacy whether it's the federal government through the air force or whether it's local police, they don't have the authority to do so and for congress and the president to permit the air force to do this on their own, yesterday the air
3:48 am
force announced a rule saying that they're flying over massapequa and they have seen brian kilmeade sun-bathing his backyard. >> again. >> they can keep the picture of you even though they took it by accident. let's say they're looking for something else in your neighborhood. congress didn't do this. the president didn't do this. the air force gave themselves that authority. there's no provision anywhere for them to give that authority. >> where do you think i'm going to find this time to sun-bathe? i'm very curious. >> i don't know. >> thank you. i listened to charles krauthammer last night and democrats, too. there seems to be bipartisan outrage from this, about this. do you think this is one time where both sides will come together? >> well, i would hope so. when the president bombed libya, the congress looked the other way. now the president wants to dispatch plastic drones to spy on americans, it would be reprehensible for the congress to look the other way. i want to give a shoutout to charles krauthammer. he's 100% correct. the first american patriot that shoots down one of the drones
3:49 am
that comes too close to his children in backyard will be an american hero. >> i'll give you another scenario. training in buffalo, they think there's something going on in there. they can't get in but they can see above. ok to get a drone for that? >> get a search warrant from a judge. that's what the constitution says. >> we'll find out if a drone is coming it a neighborhood to you and if the sun-bathing pictures will be public. >> do those pictures exist? >> i will not answer that question and you cannot make me unless i see my attorney. >> i'm your attorney. >> arthur, get him up. somebody italian much that's my criteria. let's go over to gretchen and steve with something exciting. >> you're telling us this picture of you looks like a shot from about 2002 is not you? >> if you turn that around, steve, you are -- >> i can tell by the biceps. it's you! >> i want to see that picture! >> no, you don't. >> it's the size of my biceps that's giving it away. >> yes, exactly. >> coming up next on "fox & friends", the f.d.a. clears the way for two new weight loss
3:50 am
drugs. sounds good but maybe not so fast. remember phen-phen? the doctor here with the risks that you should know about. >> here to share a side of him that you never knew before. the story of recently losing his wife to cancer and warning to everybody else before summer starts. wake up!
3:51 am
that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> two new weight loss drugs are about to go public called lorcazian and nexa but the side effects could be scary. dr. david sumadi, fox news medical contributor and part of the medical a team and joins me now to tell me more about this. so the f.d.a. advisory committee voted in favor of these two drugs. now it goes to the real f.d.a., right? what's going to happen? >> you know, nexta is actually on the pipeline and most likely was going to get approved this year. this other one just came in. the history of it is they put an application in 2009 and it got denied by 2010 because of the side effects, the cardiac issues and the heart valve issues and also caused some cancer in rats. now they came back and put in a new application that so of those side effects are not as bad and now they're considering them, as you said, it passed. now it's to the f.d.a. to see if it's going to be approved. the truth is, gretchen, as a whole, we talked about obesity
3:55 am
last week and covered this on "house call" this sunday, a third of the country suffering from obesity and owe -- obesity is a lot worse than smoking because it causes diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. you talk about how medicare and their finances of the health care, there's no system that can carry this kind of weight. so we're desperate and at that, f.d.a. has to throw some of these medications out. >> so we're at a point in society where we would maybe look the other way from side effects because we have 1/3 of the people that are obese. >> they're doing this, they're saying if the benefit outweighs the risk, then it's a good medication for you to take. there's no doubt in my mind as a medical doctor, we're always concerned about this medication. if you look at nexa, it's epilepsy medication but the side effect is it makes the weight loss. you look at the other, it has a lot of side effects. it can make you lose weight in your second year. so if you're really obese and you have the risk of death from cardiac issues, then maybe this will help you. but this is not a quick fix.
3:56 am
i don't want people to think -->> it's not, because i read somewhere in the notes that you only lose on average 10% of your weight. >> no, it's less than 6% in the first year and the second year would be 5%. so a lot of people that are listening to this, if they think they're going to take this medication and they're going to get the weight off, it's not the answer. you really have to do all the things we've spoken about. the exercise, and you know one of the things that i tell my patients now when i see them in the office is that we talked about the portion control. that doesn't work as much. so now what i say is take a plate that's much smaller. now you don't have, you know, enough food to put on and look at your dish and make sure it has a rainbow diet kind of thing. stick to those kinds of things. >> it sounds like you're advising the good old fashioned way to lose weight. but the drug may be a benefit. >> if you're extremely obese and sick, this may be one way to go. this is not a quick fix. >> thank you, gretchen. >> how would you like to score $5.9 million? it helps to be one of the
3:57 am
president's closesest friends. the story raising some eyebrows this morning. our own chris wallace competing on jeopardy. how did he do? chris drops by top of the hour. there he is. good morning, chris. >> can't answer it. >> i had trouble with that thing, too. in the world. ♪ nespresso. where there's a grand cru to match my every mood. ♪ where just one touch creates the perfect cup. where no one makes a better cappuccino, latte, or espresso than me. and where clothing is optional. nespresso. the best cafe. yours. and where clothing is optional. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99. >> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, may 15th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your day with us today. the president focused on gay rights and his view is that congresspeople, members of congress, should think twice before trying to defend traditional marriage. >> congress is clearly on notice that i think it's a bad idea. >> more from the president on "the view" coming up. >> all right. he brokered the end of the vietnam war so you would think t.s.a. would let this guy pass. why agents singled out henry kissinger for a full body patdown. >> hank you. and the latest moesh ads
4:01 am
attacking mitt romney apparently factually incorrect. oopsy daisy! that man, chris wallace, here to weigh in a few seconds to talk about that and so much more. are you ready, chris? >> i'm ready. >> all right. good, because hour two of "fox & friends" for a tuesday starts right now. >> i don't think i've ever seen the person from sunday morning working on a tuesday. >> he's going to be talking about saturday. >> he's got every day of the week covered. >> look at the way chris is standing like with his shoulder to you like saying not only will i talk news but i'll fight crime. >> look at that! >> jockey stance. all he needs is a cape. >> brian is trying to pick a fight with chris wallace. >> i am not trying to pick a fight but saying how multidimensional he is. >> is my mike on? >> go for it at this point or hold it until you get over here to the couch.
4:02 am
>> talk about the news of the day with chris wallace in two minutes after some headlines. >> normally he's sleeping right now. he sleeps until like wednesday. >> and gets up -- >> ok, it appears to be the beginning of the end now for ron paul's presidential campaign. the republican congressman telling supporters in an e-mail that he'll no longer spend money in states that haven't held primaries yet. paul praised his supporters for delaying mitt romney's expected nomination. he urged them to keep doing it and champion his causes. paul's campaign will hold a conference call later this morning to go over their plans for the future. it's not clear whether john edwards will take the stand in his corruption trial but his oldest daughter kate expected to testify as soon as today. edwards charged with using campaign cash to hide his mistress and love child. his lawyers claim the money was a personal gift, not a political donation so using it was not a crime. he was a top foreign policy advisor to united states presidents and won the nobel peace prize but that was not enough to escape a patdown from the t.s.a.
4:03 am
we've learned that former secretary of state henry kissinger got a patdown in new york city. the t.s.a. says agents didn't know who kissinger was and they gave kissinger the full monte of groping. those are your headlines. this morning. >> if saw -- >> don't, you're not going to get a pass out on the couch, ok? >> i was watching johnny carson last night, they had a big special and they were saying that the key to a comedian who did standup, who was invited over to the couch this, the highlight of my life. i've been invited to the couch. >> and coming up shortly, we're going to find out what you're really here for. gretchen mentioned a moment ago the president of the united states in town here in new york city yesterday for an appearance on "the view." last week, he came out and announced that he was for same-sex marriage but it should be approved on the state level. not the federal level and then barbara walters kind of followed up with the federal question,
4:04 am
here's how he punted. watch. >> will you personally fight to repeal that act? >> well, look, congress is clearly on notice that i think it's a bad idea. >> ok. he had a chance. >> no, not only that but there's also a federal rule that would require federal contractors to hire in an affirmative action kind of way to make sure that they had gay hiring and he hasn't committed to that as well. so he's -- even though he has come out for same-sex marriage, when it comes to national laws or national rules, he's not so sure. >> the reason that came about is because a lot of people said his messaging, there's so much going on with his messaging last week but one of the things that people picked up was it was still up to the states and really, his message did nothing. it doesn't change any law anywhere. so the next logical question is will you now support some sort of federal law. i mean, he had two years with the democratic senate and a house to be able to do this in his first two years in office, right? >> he was evolving. >> it was evolving.
4:05 am
>> it took him a while. >> i think he was going to evolve on "the view." i think that's when he was going to make his announcement and joe biden got in the way. >> do you believe that? >> 67% of the country thinks he did it for political reasons. according to "the new york times" and cbs. >> i'm not sure i believe that. in other words, i'm still not sure this helps him politically. yes, i think certainly in the gay community and that's an important part of the democratic base likes this but i think those are going to vote for him anywhere. look at north carolina, it's a swing state. north carolina overwhelmingly went against and then put in the state constitution that marriage is between a man and a woman. so north carolina is in real trouble now. >> back to the future. as it looks like the attack has begun on governor romney's background of being in vain. it turns out that they've cued up two metal workers who have lost their jobs they claim because of mitt romney's bain capital days. he turns out he got the ad
4:06 am
wrong. mitt romney was out of there by then and he actually and the fact is they came back and said we pumped $100 million in new technology and tried to modernize that plan so there's a big pushback right away this time unlike during the primary season. >> not only that but they also had an ad -- romney ad campaign had an ad about a steel company in indiana. g.s.i. or something like that. that's what i said, indiana. >> one or the other. >> one that they built was in indiana. in any case, the point is that they created thousands and thousands of jobs and excuse me, that's what capitalism is. there are winners and there are losers. you're going to find out about that today because your bosses are going to -- no, i didn't -- >> winners, losers. >> thank you very much. >> do you find it interesting, though, that president obama in his campaign would come at mitt romney so strongly about the economy and the way in which he ran businesses. >> no, not at all. because look, that's romney's big point is he's going to say i
4:07 am
know the economy, he doesn't know the economy and the fact is the economy is still, what is it 2/3 of the country whether they think it's getting better or getting worse still thinks the country is in a recession. you have to find way to blunt that. to do that, you say this job creator is a job destroyer. one of the spokesmen said these guys, they were about profit. they weren't about creating jobs. hello! don't they know that's what every company is about. g.m., apple, they're not sent there to create jobs, they're there to make profit. one way to make profit is creating business and jobs. >> one of obama's guys, the former car czar steven ratner said the obama ad is unfair, absolutely wrong. >> how about this, the irony that the same time this ad rolls out, two minute ad nationwide on line, the president is meeting at the manhattan only with tony james, a private equity giant at the box stone group. anyone go on the internet, i need to raise some money. >> and i think the price to go
4:08 am
into that dinner was either $30,000 or $40,000. it was $40,000 a kuccouple. >> i would pay that to get into a club. >> the president hates us again, how much do you want? >> the difference in this campaign vs. 2008 is profit that you're alluding to before somehow has been demonized over the last few years. that's how we got to the whole occupy wall street situation. people feel for some reason opening up a business and doing well and creating jobs is somehow a negative. >> look, i give the president props on the auto bailout. the fact is that they had to shut down auto dealerships, they had to shut down a lot of elements in the car business because you had to cut some things to make it more profitable so it could stay afloat. that's what capitalism is, there's winners and losers. it's not personal. >> there's no way the president should have been cutting dealerships and making these demands. he knew nothing about the car business. that was way over the line and i think he's going to pay the
4:09 am
price. you're talking about -- >> there you go. >> that worked out well. >> talk about costing jobs, he went in and fired a bunch of people. >> lot of folks. speaking of winners and losers on jeopardy every night, there's a winner and a couple of losers. >> no, we're all contestants. >> no, there are winners and there are losers. >> like the oscars. >> last night, robert gibbs, former spokesman for the president of the united states was on "jeopardy". how did he do? watch this and then talk about chris on the show. >> this orioles shortstop never missed an inning in the first 908 games of his 2632 game appearance streak. robert? >> who is cal ripken? >> that was easy! come on. >> but he missed it because -- they gave it to him. he didn't say cal ripken jr. >> really? >> that's a little -- >> i have to tell you -- >> how did you do? >> i did it and they're very precise. single jeopardy, it's not that serious. double jeopardy has got to be exact and has to be in the form
4:10 am
of a question. i can't tell you how i did. we did it about two weeks ago. and it's going to air tomorrow. i've literally signed a contract, my lawyer would break my fingers if i were to say. >> who did you play against? >> i played against dr. oz. it's so funny -- >> man of medicine. >> and catty k. who is the bbc anchor and lovely woman. what if the questions or the categories are parts of the spleen and the british royal family. or parts of the spleen -- >> can you say if you did well or not? >> it's all for charity. >> i'm sure your kids, everybody gets a medal in soccer or something like that, we're all winners. >> ok, chris, i did this a couple of years ago as well. so i was in the hot seat but you know who my two opponents were? >> albert einstein and -- >> no. almost. keith olbermann and al franken. >> big dopes. >> both of them. dopes! >> you said it. not me. >> i think you got a little better mix. >> really? dr. oz, parts of the spleen?
4:11 am
>> that's tough going in. i do -- >> can you tell us who won "the amazing race". i know you were in that. >> you did actually win? >> speaking of sunday, you were here, you and lorraine, lorraine did the cooking and wrote a cookbook and it was a great bestseller ma bestseller. now you've got a brand new one out. it's fantastic and you're going to be whipping something up, right? >> yes. you're going to be the winners because you're going to get to taste, sample some of her dishes at the bottom of the hour. >> chris, you made it clear in that photo you had nothing to do with any of that. >> she kept saying -- >> in the back, a little further back. >> hold a fork. >> i'll tell you when we're done. >> that's my minimum input, maximum benefit. >> yeah. >> you're the food tester, aren't you? >> i am. >> and i can prove it. >> all right. you're looking good. see you in 20 minutes. >> yes. >> coming up on "fox & friends", the youth vote helped propel president obama into the white house. this time around, though, the g.o.p. hoping to cash in on the
4:12 am
young folks. but should they? wisconsin congressman shawn duffy says yep. young people looking for a refund on hope and change. he joins us coming up next. >> and all he wants to do is honor his father's memory. who died fighting for this country. but one town telling a 10-year-old too bad. wait until you hear why. straight ahead. i love cash back.
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4:15 am
>> in 2008, young voters stood firmly behind president obama when he was candidate obama helping him win the white house. but should the focus be on the youth vote this time around for either party? not everybody says yes. >> certain power worship that
4:16 am
comes -- that finds its expression in this adulation of youth. that, well, they're going to run the country one day. so therefore, we should really kowtow and cater to them. my view is they're going to run the country some day so we should explain why they're so stupid about so many things. it's a simple fact of science that nothing correlates more with ignorance and stupidity than you. we're all born idiots and we only get over that condition as we get less young. >> joining me to weigh in on that is the wisconsin congressman shawn duffy who joins me live on the curvy couch. >> what do you make of jonah goldberg's comments that the youth really doesn't matter? should the republicans be going after the youth? >> the youth are still going to come out and vote in this next election cycle and i think -- i don't know that we necessarily have a certain specific agenda for them. what we see the youth doing is looking at what obama offers them is a bailout and more social programs and they say when they graduate from college, that hasn't translated into a
4:17 am
job for them so where they're at right now, after i graduate from college, i have to live with my mom and dad, i might be working at starbucks. i want an opportunity like my mother and father had. when they find that message, they'll find a home in the republican party. >> look at how well candidate obama did with the youth. 66% compared to john mccain at 32%. the whole message of hope and change really seemed to resonate with the young people. one of the things that you aquaint now is what happened after president carter and more youth voting for president reagan the next time around. do you think this would happen this time? >> absolutely. i think you saw the malaise of the carter years turn to a mass of turnout for reagan. i think we'll see the same in this election cycle. a few years ago, people saw obama as cool and hip and he could dance and sing. that coolness hasn't transferred into a job for them. they're not looking for the cool, hip guy but looking for real policies that will give them a job as they go into the job market. >> one of the most signature
4:18 am
pieces of legislation that the president put into law during the first 3 1/2 years, obamacare. you have now submitted a bill to do just the opposite. to repeal it. what does it say? >> so first off, we think it's important that we engage in the debate as republicans and so often, republicans weren't having this conversation with mernlz. -- americans. we saw this as a social issue instead of an economic issue. what i've done is say listen, i think it's important to put ideas on the table. i put out a deal that i think can get bipartisan support. we have competition across the state lines. we're able to pool resources together to have more buying power with different segments of the population. we're working on price transparency and we're bringing out an expansion of hsa's. we're dealing with tort reform. a lot of these issues come together where we're breeding competition. putting the power back into the hands of the consumer which is the patient and taking it out of the bureaucratic hands which obamacare does. >> you say you have bipartisan support. in the house, this is probably passed because the republicans have control but bipartisan support in the senate.
4:19 am
>> no, what i'm saying is i think these are ideas that can garner bipartisan support. right now, we see all democrats not willing to appeal obamacare. if you look at this, whether it's going to be next month and the supreme court's decision or it's going to be the election, i think the odds of dealing with health care again, getting a second kick of the cat is really going to happen. we have to engage in this conversation and i think my bill does that at least as a starting point to have that conversation. >> there's been a lot of conversation about the recall election that's coming up. governor scott walker under attack now, going to face the same opponent he had 18 months ago. what do you make of the recall? which way is it going to go? >> if you look at wisconsin i think we're the tip of spear here and we see a state that's divided. if you look at the polling, you see that scott walker has an edge. what this will come down to is really getting the vote out. we saw scott walker voters come out in mass force and what i'm seeing -- i'm in the northwest corner of wisconsin. we see people who haven't put a yard sign in their yard ever getting politically involved and
4:20 am
putting out scott walker signs, engaging with the governor who they think stood up for them. taking a $3 billion structural deficit and turning that into a surplus. they see what the governor has done and they're going to support him. >> interesting to see. close race no doubt. congressman shawn duffy, you'll face your own re-election coming up in november. see you soon. >> thank you. >> if president obama wants to turn our economy around, our next guest says it's time for him to act more like franklin roosevelt and not in the way that you might think. how would you like to score $5.9 million? it helps to be one of the president's closest friends. the story that's raising some eyebrows this morning. we'll be right back. all of these friends swapped their imports for a ford. the escape definitely fits my lifestyle. it is 28 miles a gallon. that's pretty awesome.
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4:24 am
>> time for your news by the numbers. first 50%. that's how many security breaches at airports around the u.s. go unreported. this according to a brand new report by the department of homeland security. next $5.9 million. that's how much a medical program run by one of president obama's closest friends has received in a grant from the department of health and human services. the urban health initiative was also launched by the first lady. finally, number one. that's where the name sofia and jacob rank as the top baby names of 2011. this is the first time for sofia, but the 13th time for jacob being number one. >> it will not only be a long war, but it will be a hard war. that is the basis for which we now lay all our plans. money, materials, double and quadruple production ever increasing. >> most americans believe military spending during world
4:25 am
war ii was the economic stimulus that ended the great depression but our next guest says it was private business and enterprise and not the government that brought us back to prosperity. >> joining us right now is historian, and author of "how american businesses produced in world war ii." welcome to the couch. >> f.d.r. sees the economy in tatters and he blames the rich. >> even before you go to war, you have to put yourself in roosevelt's situation. as i explain in the book, he's sitting in the oval office. his advisors are telling him we're going to be at war in two years. europe, democracies in europe are collapsing. the nazi war machine is on the rampage. george marshall says to him, we've got the 18th largest army in the world. 18th! >> 18th. holland had a bigger army than we did. we've got an air force of 1500 planes. most of them are obsolete trainers. we've got a navy which is built around world war one era
4:26 am
battleships. if hitler lands, five divisions on the american coast, he can go anywhere he wants. we can do nothing to stop him. >> and f.d.r. had been, you know, violently anti-business. >> totally anti-business. >> and anti-capitalist and some guy came up and said, mr. president, the only way out of this is if you go to big business and you ask them to mobilize for the war and he did even though his own wife was saying don't do it, frank. >> you got to understand this, too, we had no defense industry in those days. it all had been dismantled after world war i. that was the war that was going to end all wars so he's going to start from scratch to build planes and tanks and aircraft engines and machine guns and artillery shells. nobody knows how to do it. the war department and the navy department are clueless and the only place you can go if you're look for someone to have large scale solutions to problems, he goes to the american business. >> what do the american business do? stiff arm him because they've gotten the shaft since he took over or? >> i'll tell you what, he calls
4:27 am
the head of g.m., president of g.m. who is a danish immigrant. he had worked his way up from literally from the factory floor to become first president of chevrolet. turn that company around. and then president of g.m. he's the steve jobs of his day in effect. >> right. >> and what he does when he gets the call from the president, he's a republican. roosevelt spent two terms campaigning against business. but he says when his boss alfred sloan says you're going to go to washington and work with roosevelt? he says this country has given me so much. when my president calls, i answer. >> and how did it transfer -- what did our business actually do in terms of tanks, ammunition, weapons? >> well, what he -- what knudsen does and goes to roosevelt and says if you try do this from top down, try to do this like he ran the new deal with lots of government spending for job programs and shovel ready projects, you've already spent almost -- in today's dollars, $750 billion on this,
4:28 am
sound familiar? >> yeah. >> no kidding. let's do it bottom up. let's call the businesses, the most innovative and productive businesses in industry sectors, get them to start gearing up and converting to wartime production and i promise you, you give me 18 months and you will have more planes, tanks, machine guns than you ever dreamed. >> and he did. >> and he did. >> right. and american business really mobilized, turned everything around. we were producing tanks and airplanes and bullets and all that stuff and at the end of the war, what did he do to business? >> he went right back to his old ideas. he we want -- went back to his old democrats. i explained how he did this. cajoled, no authority. >> it's a great book and great lesson for the president of the united states. if he was smart, he would read that and apply some of the stuff in your book. real pleasure to have you here on the couch. >> enormous pleasure, guys. >> coming up straight ahead, the shocking arrest of the t.s.a. worker with the highest security
4:29 am
access. he was turning a dead guy's i.d. for 20 years. did we mention he's in this country illegally? >> what else? this is a cookbook you're definitely going to want to have. mr. and mrs. wallace here to share their family recipes after the break. what a cute couple! check out that chicken! so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol
4:30 am
and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios.
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4:33 am
>> j.p. morgan announced they lost $2 billion last quarter. $2 billion! that's 133 obama-clooney fundraisers. do you know that? and like most investment banks, you know what the punishment is for that? bonuses for everybody! yeah! >> made $23 million last year, jamie diamond. >> ca-ching. >> and the president that just got fired or squeezed out $15 million. in charge of risk. >> i'm sure they worked a lot of hours. anyway, j.p. morgan c.e.o. and chairman jamie diamond won't be laughing today. he's getting ready to face tough questions from the shareholders at the annual meeting in florida. adam live for us from tampa. hey, adam. >> good morning. >> what's going to happen there today?
4:34 am
>> mr. diamond is going to have to explain to his shareholders what went wrong. you've heard him use language like an egregious mistake. he said this was a self-inflicted wound but there's a lot of oether issues on the table. not only the $2 billion loss in their hedging strategy but the fact that some shareholders want to split his role as chairman and c.e.o. they want to split that to you two separate roles and there's the discussion of the compensation package. you guys were joking about that but there's going to be a nonbinding vote. does jamie diamond deserve the compensation he's owed? what about ina drew, the woman that resigned the other day because of the $2 billion loss. could they possibly claw back some of her compensation in the form of stock and cash. all that is on the table and all that will be discussed but the big issue is how did you lose $2 billion? what's happened to our stock value? we've lost almost $18 billion in value since the disclosure of the loss. that's everything they'll be talking about and how do you go forward? most financial analysts say this bank is in no trouble at all.
4:35 am
pointing out they're going to make $18 billion this year and they're going to make $22 billion next year. this $2 billion loss is no big deal in his words. back to you. >> thanks very much for that update. we'll keep our eyes down there in florida to see what happened. >> should he be c.e.o. and chairman? that's another thing. do you divide up those jobs? >> sure. let's take a look at the other stories making headlines on this tuesday morning. a stunning arrest at newark airport. newark airport security supervisor, the guy in charge of security known as jerry thomas under arrest, accused of using a dead guy's i.d. for 20 years. how did he do that? there was a problem. the real jerry thomas is dead. the security boss' real name is a nigerian native who was using a fake i.d. to hide the fact that he was in the country illegally for over 20 years and he's worked as a private securities supervisor at newark for two decades having passed
4:36 am
federal, state and local airport background checks as well. >> i didn't know guys could be named bimbo. >> yes, they can. >> could be nicknamed. >> good to know. arizona police releasing the 911 calls from the parents of missing 6-year-old isabelle. take a listen as her father sergio who first discovered the little girl was missing sounds almost calm on this call. >> hello. i need to report a missing child. i believe she was abducted from my house. >> how old? >> 6 years old. >> ok, your daughter? >> yes. >> why do you think she was abduct ed? >> i have no idea. we woke up this morning and i went to get her up for her baseball game and she's gone. i woke up my sons and we looked everywhere in the house and my oldest son noticed the window was wide open and the screen was playing in the backyard. >> wow, that's interesting. isabelle's mom placing a more frantic call when she got home from work and realized her daughter was, in fact, gone. >> i went to work this morning at 7:00 and i just -- i didn't even check on her.
4:37 am
i didn't check on her! >> ok. >> all right. take a deep breath, ok? >> does she have any medical conditions? >> no, she has none. >> rebecca so upset, most of the call was hard to understand. cops recently banning the father from seeing the couple's two sons. saying the decision doesn't mean he's a suspect in the disappearance. >> all right. he made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation but a town in tennessee refusing to honor him on memorial day. tristan baker willis wants to honor his dad, sfeshlist ryan travis baker with a banner. baker was killed when his chopper crashed in iraq in 2003 but the town of spring hill says the program is only for members that are actively serving. tristan says his dad fought for our freedom and deserves it. the town says it's willing to consider expanding the banner program in the future. >> president obama failing to make the pop culture grade on "the view" only getting one out
4:38 am
of two questions right. >> number one, which kardashian was married for only 72 days? >> that would be kim. >> very good! >> ok. what's the controversial sex book that is on millions of women's bedside table? that's a no. >> i don't know that. >> good. next! >> i'll ask michelle when i get home! >> come on. he knows it. do you know it? >> shades of grey. >> "fifty shades of grey." >> up to 36, i understand. >> it's ok, you got 75% of the answer correct. >> ok. >> you got basic meaning, that's all you need to read that book. >> i understand it is a rage. >> definitely. it's a very popular novel. it's a trilogy. >> "fifty shades of grey" is that by just for men? >> no. >> no. that's a different grey. >> did you know the answer to that? >> "fifty shades of grey" is -- >> wait a minute. >> you should check out the book. all three of you over there. >> speaking of books, every
4:39 am
sunday morning, he is asking politicians and america's leaders the tough questions. what's chris wallace's secret to a great interview? why, saturday night chicken dinner, of course. joining us right now is the woman who makes those dinners and the author of a brand new cookbook "mr. sunday's saturday night chicken" lorraine wallace and her husband chris somebody, the host of "fox news sunday." good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i love the beginning of your book where you talk, lorraine, a little bit about how when chris took the job, suddenly on saturday nights at the wallace house, you had to be really quiet because you had kids making a lot of racket and he had to go to bed early. >> he had to get to bed by 10:00 and it was not easy keeping everybody calm for that. >> i said what do you want the first saturday? i said chicken, my comfort food. next saturday, what do you want? chicken. show seemed to be going pretty well. i would say 48 out of 52 saturday nights every year, i have chicken and these are some of the dishes. >> now, it sounds like you're incredibly dull. >> i'm not mr. excitement. >> if you're just going to have
4:40 am
chicken. your wife has come up with this cookbook with exciting ways to make chicken. if we can point out, this is chris wallace's absolute favorite chicken dish, right? >> unfried chicken. >> so it's not cooked? >> it's cooked. it's baked. but the trick there is it's coated, dipped in egg and coated in corn flakes that are crushed up. >> it's fried chicken without the guilt. >> that's your favorite? >> absolutely. >> you love that. >> my -- i got the book two weeks ago and my wife has made a couple of them. the turkey meatballs and she made the tandori chicken and it's really, really tasty and let's talk about the other stuff here. what's this right here? >> these are turkey burgers with pimento spread and it's the darling of the south. it has cheese and mayonnaise and crushed pimentos in it and it's a nice topping for entertaining. and then here is it for father's day -->> i love this one. that's one of my favorites, too. >> i can't even talk about that. >> there's a lot of meat on that stick. >> sage chicken and sweet --
4:41 am
that doesn't have to be but whatever you like italian sauce sage and it is, it's like a meat lovers father's day -- >> it's like going to a brazilian steakhouse. >> this is your world famous creamy chicken salad and you'll show us how to make it. >> yes, this is real simple. you'll start off with indirect poaching which is you bring your chicken with oil and peppercorns to a boil. >> boil until it's cooked up. >> cover it. remove it from the heat and just let it sit for 12 minutes and up to 30 minutes. >> you can see i have -- >> here, with some celery, we'll dump the mayonnaise and the crushed eggs. a little salt and pepper. >> a little bit of that right there. >> and you just toss it and here you go. ready for a picnic at home. >> if people would like the recipe, they can get it. >> this is the final, right? >> can i have a bite of that? >> you may and see how moist that is from poaching it indirect
4:42 am
indirectly. >> the creamy part is great. one of the recipes, you go to the store and buy a rotisserie chicken to save time. >> i love that idea. >> that's a good idea. we have 2 x 2 chapter, you have dinner one night and the next day you can pack for lunch because chicken is versatile. >> it is versatile. and it is chris wallace's favorite dish. if you would like to eat what chris wallace does and who doesn't, check out the new cookbook "mr. sunday's saturday night chicken." >> you don't have to eat it just on saturday nights. people have been known to eat it on wednesdays and thursdays. >> there's a bunch of fantastic side dishes as well. lorraine, thank you very much for bringing your husband. >> thank you. >> all right. mr. lucky, all this -- >> i am! >> all right. straight ahead on "fox & friends", need a job? cheryl casone here with the top five companies hiring right now. then dead man walking? nope. not a movie. real life. a 28-year-old declared dead, wakes up at his own funeral. story straight ahead.
4:43 am
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>> some quick headlines for you now. fox news getting the first look inside the huge solyndra plant in fremont, california. the bankrupt company that got a giant taxpayer funded loan to set up shop now up for sale and reportedly very close to landing a buyer and a 28-year-old man who was declared dead from a heart attack waking up in his own funeral in egypt. according to reports, the man was being prepared for burial when a doctor realized his body was still warm. hello! brian?
4:47 am
>> all right. we've been getting so many e-mails from all of you and we know how much you're hurting now in this down economy. that's why each week we share five companies that we know for sure are hiring right now. cheryl casone is here from the fox business network and done all the hard work. cheryl, let's begin with jet blue. >> jet blue, you know the airline. you've probably flown them. they are hiring right now. this is a low cost carrier that competes mainly with southwest airlines and spirit airlines and jet blue is hiring. i had the c.e.o. on fox business and he talked to me about the expansion plans. here's what he had to say. >> we are growing. there's 11 new aircraft being added to our fleet next year. this year. an additional aircraft next year. think of jet blue 5%, 6%, 7% annual growth for the future. >> they're look for pilots, maintenance people and customer service and corporate people. >> they'll be hiding in boston, latin america, the caribbean and they have a veterans recruiting campaign. half of the pilots at jet blue are already veterans, military pilots. military pilots usually can go to the carriers once they're done with their service.
4:48 am
>> it's just amazing all the other airlines are hurting and this seems to continue to grow. quantum health, health care management and health improvement company. >> they work with companies, they work with hospitals, what they do is they kind of come in with the patient because the health care system is so complex and frankly such a morass of paperwork, they work for companies so the patient has a service provider and a registered nurse. a lot of health insurance companies are doing this now. and basically, you're trying to work with the patient so you don't get double billed, unnecessary testing, things like that. way to control costs. the private sector is doing, the government isn't doing. sorry, anyway, "inc" magazine ranked them as the top company to work for in 2011. >> data specialists and i.t. people as well as marketing. let's talk about verizon. we know how big verizon is. they have 1,200 openings you've discussed. >> they're the largest mobile network operator in the country. they have 1,200 openings right now and they've already hired
4:49 am
2,000 people but there are new jobs coming. medical, dental and vision, right when you're hired there, you get those benefits the first day you work there and i want to say it's multicultural women by "working mother" magazine very good for that demographic. ranked number one in that category. working moms an idea here. >> go to fsjobhunt and find out about the other two companies. good luck today at noon. >> thank you very much. >> there are your five jobs. thanks so much. you've seen him on the sidelines leading the steelers to a super bowl win, over 15 years there. this morning, the coach is not only talking football but sharing a different sign you have not seen and a warning about what killed his wife so is it doesn't happen to you. first on this day in history in 1995, "don't you forget about me" is the name of the song that simple minds sang brilliantly. wake up!
4:50 am
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>> all right. sorry about that. hey, the new orleans -- hey, let me tell you what's going on right now. if you've been following the story for the last few months, the new orleans saints finding themselves in hot water again amid allegations that players were being rewarded for hard hits and injuring opponents, the players union grievance is set to be heard tomorrow. joining us right now to discuss this and something a lot more serious, former nfl head coach of the pittsburgh steelers, cbs analyst bill cowher. welcome to the couch. >> great to be here. >> great to have you. >> this rage about bounty bowl, what happens -- bounty gate. what happens in the locker room. if you knock that guy out, i'm going to give you $1500. $2,000. are we being exposed to something that was part of the culture? >> no, i don't think it was part of the culture. i think certainly intimidation is part of the game of football but i don't think you go out
4:54 am
there with the intent of injuring them. there's too much respect players have for and coaches have for and we talk about imposing your will. we talk about, you know, creating a sense of intimidation on it but we never go out there with the intent of hurting somebody. >> but they did? >> evidently there was some very poor choice of words and knowing -- i think the commissioner did a good job of sending a strong message. >> there's a lot of pressure on commissioner goodel. some are arguing he should not be in charge of these penalties because the players' contract were signed after the fact. what do you think? >> certainly the appeals system isn't the best from the standpoint that you're appealing to the guy that handed down the sentence but i think let's not get away from the system. let's get away from exactly what was done. i understand the players' concerns in regards to the system. but the message that's being sent here is it's not going to be condoned. it's not going to be tolerated and if you happened to cross the line, it's going to be dealt with very harshly. >> let's talk about something
4:55 am
more serious. it's a little over a year and a half ago, your wife passes away at very young age of melanoma, your wife kay. >> came out with a campaign launching right now called that's going to try to get an awareness out there for people and it's very simple as this screening. everybody needs to get screened. you know, you think you need to go and get a base line testing like the nfl has done with concussions we're trying to do with melanoma. get a base line with a screening done with your body. >> go to the dermatologist? >> go to a dermatologist and if you go to mole melano she's a new york dermatologist that's also on the board at n.y.u. that's with me today, screening, protection, u.v. rays are very much a part of it. not just now but year round. it's year round. knowing what to look for and it's amazing that men will die
4:56 am
twice as much as women do because men aren't as aware of their skin as women are. and to tell your friends, i'm telling you, it's an awareness like we're doing with concussions, trying to do this with cancer. >> i have it done every six months. i spent a lot of time growing up in kansas out in the sun at the swimming pool and it's painless to have the doctor take a look. >> what's amazing about melanoma that people don't realize, it's very deadly. people aren't aware of the risk factors and you can catch it early. take it off early and what had happened to my wife is a mole was there, it had changed colors. was not detected early enough. it entered into the body and it's very deadly. once it's in the body, it's lethal and fatal. >> going through what you went through along with your daughters, extremely tough. now you're talking about it so no one can go through it. >> have come out with this awareness program and i'm so much for it and parents, their kids, if this takes one or two bad burnings and just because you're blond and blue eyed, you're not -- that's just not a poster child.
4:57 am
it's for everybody. they don't -- >> good advice. >> it's for everybody. >> all right, coach. >> thanks, guys for having me on. >> coming up on the show, she's not rattled by much. laura ingraham witnessed a t.s.a. patdown on a war hero. you have to hear that one next. bacon?! gotta get that bacon! bacon?! bacon? bacon! who wants a begginstrip? meee! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum, yum, yum... it's bacon!!! mmmmm...i love you. i love bacon. i love you. [ male announcer ] there's no time like beggin' time.
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is tuesday, may 15. i'm gretchen carlson. you just heard brian's zipper. >> steve: brian, stop it. >> gretchen: the other day he threatened not to have pants on. i was concerned. >> brian: i didn't have pants on. >> gretchen: he'll explain why he has a oben with a zipper. it was president obama who told congress to tone down the rhetoric. now his own party doing just the opposite. taking lessons in how to play the race card literally? seriously? >> steve: we've seen the tsa pat down five-year-olds and seen them go after grandma. now they have a new target. former secretary of state henry kissinger and that's not all.
5:01 am
laura ingraham here with a shocking event she personally witnessed at the airport. >> brian: the president's speech makes the grade. the author of "shut up, stop whining" says no. larry winget is here to give his own commencement speech that all your kids need to hear. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: you're supposed to throw it up. you throw that way, somebody is going to lose an eye. >> gretchen: he's also not supposed to unzip his clothes while trying o read serious headlines. >> brian: that's true. it's a good thing i was an altar boy and held on to my outfit. this is what i used. i used a robe. >> gretchen: as brian disrobes, we have to bring you this latest
5:02 am
news update. learned the top u.s. commander in afghanistan expected to leave his post early next year. marine corps general john allen helped negotiate a long-term security deal with the afghan government this year and oversaw the initial draw down of u.s. troops there. we hear that allen will take over the u.s. european command. he had been expected to serve two years in afghanistan, but the move will let him remain involved with afghan policy. she's been by his side nearly every dave his corruption trial. his oldest daughter, kate, set to take the stand in her father's defense. it's not clear whether he'll testify. he is charged with using campaign cash to hide his mistress and love child. his lawyers claim it was a political go government, not donations so claim using it was not a crime. new developments in the trayvon martin case in florida. the f.b.i. now looking into whether they're going to charge george zimmerman with a hate crime. prosecutors claim he profiled and stalked the teen before killing him.
5:03 am
zimmerman admitted to shooting mart machine self-defense. if he's charged and found guilty of a federal hate crime involving murder, he could face the death penalty. a party in the middle of the night welcoming hundreds of fort carson soldiers home from afghanistan. among them, first lieutenant michael perry who hasn't seen his wife since their wedding a year ago. he was deployed three weeks after getting hitched last spring. >> been a really long year. i'm happy it's over. >> right now i'm just very, very v excited to be home. very elated. i want to go home and relax. >> gretchen: 300 soldiers returning to the base, along with perry and just a few hours after that, 200 more arrived and the good news keeps coming in. another 500 soldiers are scheduled to return home today. those are your headlines. >> steve: laura ingraham joins us every tuesday at this time. let's see, yep, there she is live. good morning to you. >> hey, guys. >> steve: you got to tell us a little bit about this story in
5:04 am
washington. apparently house democrats are receiving training on how to allege racial bias and different things in different situations. essentially playing the race card to their benefit. >> yeah, i guess barbara lee, very left wing congresswoman from california, i believe, her operation is kind of behind this. but there was a briefing that took place last week and the goal here is to try to fire up the black voting base for the republicans for the democrats by making i guess conservative politicians and media types paranoid about what they say about the economy or about any story, political story out there. what this really is, guys, this is about shutting down free speech. the left does not want to debate a whole host of issues. they don't want to debate the economy. they don't want to debate the question of marriage.
5:05 am
they want basically to demonize those with whom they disagree. so you're antiblack if you talk about food stamps. you're antigay if you talk about marriage and you don't agree with president obama. it's a classic tactic and that's what these people are all about. >> steve: it's not necessarily just about pointing out racial bias and if there is buy y we need to know about that. but it's to use it for political benefit. >> what's more racially biased than to try to get the american people to believe that someone with whom you disagree on substantive points is racist? racism is about discrimination, it's about having an animus toward an individual because they happen to be black or latino. that's not what's going on here. we're talk being equal opportunity for all and we're talking about an economy -- getting an economy going for everybody. it's what they're all about. >> gretchen: that is going to be the message because if you listen closely to the president's speeches the last couple of days, it's all about all inclusive for everyone, all
5:06 am
religions, all gender, blah, blah, blah, and then he went so far to say mitt romney was not an inclusive president. so that's is what the theme is going to be. >> exactly. >> gretchen: change in his tune with regard to the coal workers. in west virginia there was a -- a guy got four out of ten votes against president obama. maybe some of the people in favor of coal aren't necessarily in favor of president obama right now. his rhetoric changed. he's changing his tune on coal. >> his web site now, they give a very, very minor nod to the coal industry and, look, folks in the coal industry have understood that since i think it was january 2008, the president was quoted as saying in the san francisco chronicle that look, if somebody wants to build a coal fired plant, they can. it's just that it will bankrupt them. so that was p 2008. then lisa jackson, epa administrator last year stated
5:07 am
something that was absolutely false. she said for the last 30 to 70 years, the coal industry hasn't done anything to clean up its act. totally false! incredible technology in place to reduce emissions at coal fired plants, even though coal use is up 20% in the last 20 years. unbelievable. just total lies. >> brian: she's going to be other -- he's really going to be hurt in west virginia and ohio unless he can change the tune and get people to buy into the fact that he's buying in a clean coal. >> they're shutting down coal plants, by the way. >> gretchen: let's look at his web site. see if you notice the difference. here it is before. biofuel, this is before the west virginia -- >> what's missing on that list? >> gretchen: now let's go to cl. >> steve: they dropped the efficiency. >> gretchen, they just forgot. come on. nothing to do with the environmentalists dictating the terms of how it campaign is going to be run at all. it's just it was an omission. it was an innocent mistake.
5:08 am
let's give them the benefit of the doubt. >> steve: was this innocent? everybody, you would think, would know henry kissinger from television and he's on television a lot. he got the full pat-down that was quite intrusive by tsa and the same thing happened to donald rumsfeld. rumsfeld got it at o'hare a couple of years ago. geraldo was on our program on friday talking about how he was manhandled. and now you literally have seen something with your own two eye that you found very disturbing. >> yeah. this was on saturday morning at bwi airport in baltimore and i was with my two children and we were going up to connecticut. we were in a rush. we were late for my flight. but my daughter actually noticed there was an afghan war veteran, you can see him in the distance in the back of that photograph. and he had a cap on that said afghanistan war and he was paraplegic. he lost his legs, had terrible
5:09 am
shrapnel wounds on both arms. you could see the wounds the he was going through screening. he can't go through the x-ray machine because he can't walk, can't get out of his chair. they have brought him into the secondary screening area, but it was for everybody to see. and look, i made it clear to say t didn't look like anyone from tsa was being rude to him or mean to him or surly, but it seemed very sad that they're lifting him up on each side to move him, i guess to look under his torso to see if there is anything on the chair. they took something out of his luggage. and i believe they took it from him. i don't know what it was. it seemed like a long wooden art fact of some sort. and it look like they were taking it from him. he had a smile on his face. i don't know if he had a traumatic brain injury. he might have. but his family is looking there, and they're waiting for him, watching him in that photo and i was going to take a photo of him as he was being screened, but i was i was going to get arrested at that point. i stated on my twitter feed that
5:10 am
something seems to be wrong here. these men should get red car at the time treatment at tsa. to me, it seems like that shouldn't be something we see. my daughter even brought it up. she said, mom what, are they doing with that nice soldier? and i said, well, they have screen him. and i understand they have o screen everybody. but something in this situation that i thought just hit me in the gut and i thought about that soldier all weekend long. >> brian: what you're saying is if you buy into that individuals in the military, they should have a special process to go through so as soon as that's verified, they should have a special process. >> i think so. there has to be a different way to do it. i know they're good people at the tsa. they're doing their job. but he had clearly been through so much and waiting for him and they're lifting him up and looking under his torso. something about that just kicked me in the gut and i felt like i had to share it with people and i know you guys e-mailed the tsa and they said they were looking
5:11 am
into it. they hadn't heard any complaints. he wasn't gog complain. he had dignity and grace about him. but i think we need to treat these men and women differently at tsa. we need to give them a fast pass through the system and not as homeland security department said a few years ago, brand them as potential threats to the united states returning veterans. remember that from janet napolitano? >> steve: there is got to be a better way to do it. >> it was heart breaking. when a child inspectses it, you know there is something wrong. >> gretchen: all right. laura, we appreciate your thoughts on that and i hope you have a great radio show. >> thanks. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," stunning development overnight. one of the stars of "swamp people" killed doing what he loves. we'll tell you what happened. then president obama weigh not guilty on jp morgan. >> jp morgan is one of the best managed banks there is. jamie diamond, the head of it, is one of the smartest bankers we got. >> brian: but if jp morgan is so wonderful, why is the president want to crack down on the banks?
5:12 am
that's next i went to a small high school. the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college. you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful. he would never give up on any of us.
5:13 am
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5:14 am
5:15 am
>> brian: in the wake of jp morgan's $2 billion trading loss, president obama saying some nice things about the company, then urging further wall street reform. listen. >> jp morgan is one of the best managed banks there is. jamie diamond, the head of it, is one of the smartest bankers we got. and they still lost $2 billion and counting. but this is why we passed wall street reform. this is the best or one of the best managed banks. you could have a bank that isn't as strong, isn't as profitable making those same bets and we might have had to step in and
5:16 am
that's exactly why wall street reform is so important. >> brian: fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. is here with his reaction to the president on "the view" giving his reaction to that. so? >> i think this administration is great at talking the talk burks not so great at walking the walk. and so they take credit for financial reform. but here we have this tremendous hit to a company that has $62 billion in insured federally insured deposits. so they're playing with billions examine billions of dollars, then losing it, and it's no different than what happened in 2008 and before. they say well, we were just hedging our risks. we're making a different bet than if the market goes bad over here, we'll be okay over there. but what it appears they did was double hedge it. we'll make another bet. so the issue becomes is that really hedging your bet, putting insurance down or is that trying to make money on the other side? >> brian: and they lost 2 billion. >> this is all a scam, though,
5:17 am
in many ways. you mentioned earlier this morning, the president likes to take big hits at mitt romney for bain capital, which is a private equity firm. so he goes to park avenue and 80th street last night in manhattan, destroys traffic up and down the east coast and goes to the house of the chief financial officer of a private equity company and raises $2 million from these folks at 30 or $40,000 a pop! and says oh, no, no, we're going to crack down on this industry. if you're really going to crack down on the financial markets of the united states, then you have infection for people from -- protection for people from brokers. if you say listen, i want the best price available selling or buying, they don't have an obligation to do that. there is no law in this country that says a broker has to act in the best interest of the american seller or buyer in the stock market. so what is the president talking about? is anything really going to be done about this? >> brian: the president said
5:18 am
this is why we pass wall street reform. true. but it 'til happened, so what does this mean? and jamie diamond has been defanged. >> it's really important to keep on banging away at the bankers and bang away at capitalism and say we're going after them, we're going to stop this. this is nonsense. i've had enough of this! but how many other banks are doing this at the same time? this may be $4 billion with jp morgan chase and they're saying, well, it really wasn't your depositors' money, of it our money we were playing with. is that true? i don't know if that's true. i don't know if that's true. we don't know -- >> brian: i don't know if anybody knows. >> we don't have any clarity about this at all. what we need is straight talk from the president, what are we going to do to improve the financial markets going forward and maybe say at the same time, while i'm doing that, i'm not going to take millions of dollars from the people that i intend to regulate. >> brian: you know what i liked about it? i made a mistake, jamie diamond,
5:19 am
i take responsibility and there is people that are accountable and he's dealing with it -- >> we shouldn't destroy a financial system. >> brian: but to see someone take responsibility -- >> i agree. but at the same time, let's not make believe we're regulating the markets when we're really not. >> brian: i think you're yelling at me. >> i'm not. >> brian: you are yelling at me. thanks so much. coming up straight ahead, so much for all those warnings. forget waiting 'til you're on the ground to make a call. one airline letting you chat mid flight. a breakthrough school reform. governor takes on a teachers union and the union is happy about it? could his idea be the answer to schools across the country? school reformer michelle rhe here next
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>> gretchen: couple headlines. new video of a three-man crew blasting off from a space center in kazakhstan. >> main lift-off. lift-off confirmed. >> gretchen: one american astronaut, two russians on their way to the international space station examine bring supplies and stay for six months. they should arrive by thursday. and an 18-year-old burglar busted because he left his homework behind? police say the teen broke into a man's home in utah, but left his backpack there. inside a usb drive with all of his homework on it. oops. steve? >> steve: gretch, thank you. a minor victory in reforming our nation's troubled schools. the state of connecticut has passed a bill that overhauls their education system.
5:24 am
the state, which has one of the worst achievement gaps between rich and poor students, only achieved a small portion of the reform because the teachers unions, which are very powerful there, refuse to make any major concessions. will the legislation have any impact? let's talk to the former chancellor of dc public schools and the founder of a great organization called students first, michelle rhe, who is up early in sacramento, california. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> steve: doing great, thank you very much. in the nearby nutmeg state of connecticut, the democrat governor, mr. malloy, proposed a number of wide ranging and far-reaching education reforms, which is exactly what you would like it see. and the teachers union came after him, didn't they? >> they did. they fought him pretty hard on his reforms, but he stood very, very firm and we were incredibly impressed with the fact that he introduced these bills to begin with. >> steve: and we should point out that now this reform,
5:25 am
although watered down, has passed the legislature 149-0. and this particular governor is getting kudos because of what? >> well, he actually took on some very aggressive things at the outset and even though there was a real attempt to water the bill down from the union, the black and puerto rican caucuses stepped in and really made an effort to strengthen it back up because they were concerned about the achievement gap that exists in connecticut. so what the bill does is three very important things. one, it allows the commissioner of education of the state to take over low performing schools, the failing schools in the state and put them into a commissioner's network that has broader authorities and that he's allowed to actually hand over some of these schools to be run by charter schools. the second thing that the law does is insure that not all teachers are granted tenure
5:26 am
automatically, but that tenure is now has to be linked to the evaluations and the achievements of the teachers, which is a major victory. and then the last thing is that charter schools, which are also public schools, are actually given more money, so they may not -- more equitable. so it is a very solid step in the right direction, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done in connecticut. >> steve: i know your organization did a lot of lobbying in connecticut. i think i read somewhere that you spent just shy of a million dollars trying to get as many reforms passed as possible. so connecticut has taken a step in the right direction towards some reform. out of curiousity, what states are really taking the lead in looking at what we're getting for what we pay and trying to change things? >> i'd say that the states that have been leading the way over the last 18 to 24 months have been florida under governor rick scott and the legislature there.
5:27 am
they have really put some aggressive reforms in place that have built off of the reforms of governor bush, which were very successful. there were a lot of reforms that were passed in michigan as well. that state continues to be incredibly aggressive. tennessee and indiana are really right there in terms of putting a lot of incredibly aggressive reforms in place also. so what we're seeing is that more and more states are willing to take these issues on because they realize that the education system in fixing the education system is so integrally tied to making sure you have a healthier, robust economy. >> steve: but there is some political peril because you're taking on very powerful teachers unions. >> without a doubt. every state that we're working in right now, we have a tremendous amount of pushback from the unions. there is president obama doubt about that. there is incredibly important legislation that is being deliberated right now in states
5:28 am
like missouri where they are trying to pass a law to get rid of last in, first out policies. the union is not happy about that. but you know what? the everyday people, the parents, lots of reform-minded teachers, they know that these are the right things to happen to schools. they know they're the right things to do for kids. so they're being much more vocal about it and i think that's having an impact on legislators. >> steve: your organization is called students first. michelle rhe. >> we encourage everyone to go to the web site? >> steve: why not? i do it all the time. lot of good information there. thank you very much. have a great day. >> thanks. >> steve: 28 minutes after the top of the hour of the up next, the shocking arrest of an airport security boss, one of the bosses in security arrested at one of the nation's busiest airports. turns out he's been using a dead guy's i.d. for 20 years and he's in the country illegally. what else? we'll tell you. did the president's speech make the grade? the author of "shut up, stop whining" says no.
5:29 am
larry winget here to give the only commencement speech your kids need to ever hear. come on in, larry also, get a free flight. you know that comes with a private island? really? no. it comes with a hat. see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,000 miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for 25,000 miles.
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>> i saw this in the paper today. the pentagon concerned we're spending too much money on studies, so they issued a study to study the study. unfortunately, they ran out of money before the study could be completed, which i guess answers the question. >> brian: he's actually not kidding. >> gretchen: it sounds silly burks it's actually true. >> steve: yeah. in 2010, bob gates, who was defense department secretary said how many studies do we have here? and let's study the studies. they started the study. after two years o'clock the gao looked into it, looking over the shoulder, they still hadn't figured out how much they were spending on studies and they had done nine examinations of nine different studies. they only have information for three of them. so they've misplaced or -- six of the studies didn't make sense, whatever. we still don't know how much the study of the study of the studies cost. >> gretchen: we do know one
5:34 am
thing for sure, the taxpayers paid for all those studies. and we can't share the results with you because some of them were never completed. that could be a problem. president obama and mitt romney launching dueling campaign ads now. the president coming under fire for getting his attack ad wrong. our own ed henry live for us now at the white house. what has been the response from the white house, mr. henry? >> good morning. if it's studying this issue closely. we find obviously given the president's attacks on wall street and the fact that his central campaign theme has been about everyone getting a fair shake, we always knew that mitt romney's time at bain capital would be front and center. after all, we should also remember republicans like newt gingrich wrote this layback in the gop primaries when they were using some of these same attack lines on mitt romney about his time at bain. the obama camp releasing this ad yesterday, it will start airing across some battle ground states tomorrow. it basically goes after a steel mill that was shut down in kansas city after bain capital
5:35 am
got involved in it. actually compares governor romney's actions at bain to a vampire. take a listen. >> we view mitt romney as job destroyer. >> to get up on national tv and brag about making jobs when he has destroyed thousands of people's careers, lifetimes, just destroying people. >> a former obama advisor, steve ratner, yesterday said this ad was unfair and the romney camp fired back by pointing out that mitt romney by the time this company went bankrupt, had already left bain capital, although the obama camp points out he was still getting profits as a director of bain capital. none the less, the romney camp was very quick to respond with an ad of their own about an indiana company that bain capital invested in. take a listen. >> incredible, from when i started, we had close it 1400 employees. now we're over 6,000. >> i think there is a lot of pride in what we've built out
5:36 am
here. >> we should also note when newt gingrich launched these attacks in the gop primary, it backfired. however, that was republican voters rejecting attacks on capitalism, the obama camp obviously believes with a broader electorate, that maybe this will help the president connect. the other point i'll make is that the obama camp here going after private equity firms. we should note last night the president was in manhattan at a fund-raiser at the home of a private equity executive from the blackstone group. >> steve: we'll study that. >> gretchen: exactly. ed henry, thanks so much for the comprehensive report. you passed. good study. >> thank you. >> steve: you bet you. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. other stories making headlines, ron paul, essentially closing the book on his presidential campaign. the republican congressman from texas holding a conference call in a couple of hours to go over his future plans. in an e-mail, he told supporters that he no longer will spend money in the states that haven't held primaries yet. paul praised his supporters for delaying mitt romney's expected
5:37 am
nomination. he urged them to continue to do so and continue to champion mr. paul's causes. >> brian: he died doing what he loved most, mitchell guise, the alligator hunting show of "swamp people" reportedly fell out of his boat in louisiana after having what looked like a seizure. mitchell and his brother, glenn, among the most popular cast member, he would have turned 49 this friday. >> gretchen: no more waiting to make a call until after getting off your flight. now passengers on virgin atlantic will be able to make in flight cell phone calls and send text messages. right now the service is only available on london to new york flights burks expected to expand to more cities by the end of the year. >> steve: great. now we'll have to listen to people yacking on their phones across the atlantic? >> brian: you know you said that out loud, right? >> steve: i do. i can hardly wait. several fires raging in arizona and forcing many of the residents to flee their homes. the fire in crown king has grown to nearly a square mile, hot and
5:38 am
dry conditions are making it tough to battle the flames out there. let's see if, according to the radar and satellite map, if there is any rain headed for arizona. no. now we've got quite a bit of rain in portion of south texas and along the east coast, central plains to the northern plains are nice and dry. the current readings as you head out the door, look at the maps. look fort biggest town near where you're at. that gives you an idea of the day ahead. >> gretchen: college senior, now that you earned your degree, what comes up next? president obama gives his advice to the graduates of barnard yesterday. >> if you fight for your seat at the table you and set a better example and you persevere in you decide to do with your life, i have every faith not only that you will succeed, but that through you, our nation will continue to be a beacon of light for men and women, boys and girls in every corner of the
5:39 am
globe. so thank you. congratulations. >> gretchen: our next guest says some of that he agreed with, but some of it he didn't. larry winget is an author. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: i guess you're going to tell it like it is. what it you think of the speech? >> i thought those three points were very good. how can anybody disagree and he said success comes with some failure. that's great expectation to give graw graduates. i also like what he said about setting your own example and being an example to the rest of your family. i had some issues with other parts of it. i thought parts of it were fairly political and i don't like it ever when we politicize a graduation address. ever. >> brian: are you going to get anything different when you ask a president to do it? >> not during an election year, you're not going to get anything different. definitely -- i think what he was trying to do, which i found offensive, was relate to them and say look, i'm one of you and you need to be one of me and you need to be with me and we'll go after the big bad banks and the
5:40 am
insurance companies and all the bad people out there who are trying to take your money and make sure that life is not fair for you. >> gretchen: and get jobs. focusly give you job. >> obviously, that's not working out so well for most people right now. >> steve: i'm going to a college graduation commencement speech next tuesday up in boston for my daughter and i was looking with great interest at the various commencement speakers across the country. they are overwhelmingly to the left of center politically. not so many commencement speakers are asked to do the big speech at their conservatives. >> i think that that's a shame we even know that. i really do because i think we've sold out the whole idea of a commencement address that gets people ready for the future. and i think that that's wrong. i don't think colleges should invite political speakers. this should be for the students and equip them with that one final speech. >> brian: would you say this, too, all we hear about jobs, kids aren't gog get jobs. one out of every two won't be
5:41 am
employed. don't you think we're talking ourselves of getting jobs? >> not necessarily. i think wed into to give them the truth. truth is there is already a lot of people out there who have college degrees who are ahead of you in the cue and you're going to have to take your place in the cue. >> gretchen: you have on a robe not because of what you chose to wear today. 'cause you're going to give us a 2012 commencement speech, what you feel like a class really needs to know about the future and that's going to be coming up, folks. so stick around for that. we'll see new a bit. >> steve: hit the dvr button so you can play it for your kids. plus straight ahead, the shocking arrest of an airport boss at one of the nation's busiest airports. turns out he's been using a dead guy's i.d. for 20 years and in the country illegally and he's a security supervisor. >> brian: from sister, sister to up with hot mama, tia mowery will talk about details about
5:42 am
pregnancy. we guarantee you have not heard before i look at her, and i just want to give her everything.
5:43 am
5:44 am
yeah, you -- you know, everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me.
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three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants. so i can just go talk to 'em? just walk right in and talk to 'em. dude, those guys are pros. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. they'll -- wa-- wa-- wait a minute. bobby? bobby! what are you doing, man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade. >> brian: quick headlines. stunning arrest in one of the nation's busiest airports. newark airport security advisor under arrest, small problem? the real jerry thomas dead. the security boss' real name is bimbo ayolo. not like he's going to be listening. cops say the nigerian native is accused of using the fake id to hide the fact he's here illegally. he passed federal, state and airport background checks and one shopper really wishes he could roll back what happened to him in the wal-mart.
5:46 am
he was in the garden center in washington state when he was bit by a rattle snake. doctor high school to use six bags of anti-venom to get him back to life. gretch? >> gretchen: wow. what a story. well, moving on to this, she has grown up before our eyes. from share ago small screen with her identical twin to reuniting with her on the reality show. but it's the role of mom that tia mowry shares with us, pregnancy tales from one hot mama to. >> no actress and mother tia mowery is my guest. your main thing was you went to the book store and you were like, wow, i'm pregnant. oh, i don't want to know all this medical stuff. you were looking for humor and that's why you wrote the book? >> yeah. i wrote the book because basically when you're pregnant, especially for the first time, you're anxious, you're nervous and you want to find out information. so i went out and read all of these books and they were all from a medically driven
5:47 am
standpoint and i didn't want to be reminded of all the scary things that happens during pregnancy. i wanted to feel empowered, you know? i wanted to be fun, exceed hispanic informative and that's why i wrote the book. >> gretchen: we're looking at pictures of you with your son. now the thing was, you thought at about three months time of pregnancy, hey, i'm going to start keeping a journal. why? >> well, i kept a journal because i wanted to remember all of the kind of crazy, funny things that happens during your pregnancy and that's when i actually decided this would be a great time to write a book. i think that's what's so different about this book. it's real. it's honest because i was writing a journal at the same time. >> gretchen: so actually it's from your heart. >> yes, exactly. >> gretchen: your cravings during pregnancy, sour dough bread and funions? >> yes. >> gretchen: what are they? >> saltly garlic chips and i
5:48 am
used to eat them when i was in high school. i would crave garlicky schools in during my pregnancy. i wouldn't go near it before. >> gretchen: me with green peppers. can't do it, ever since pregnancy. you have a twin sister, tia -- >> tamera. >> gretchen: see, there i went. she's married to adam housley who works for fox out in california. she's pregnant. is she the first person to buy your book? >> she didn't have to buy it, of course. but she is reading it and she loves all of the advice that i'm giving to her in the book. the biggest advice that she's asking for me is how do i deal with nausea? i just tell her, just suck on a lemon, you'll be fine. >> gretchen: that's what you did? >> yeah, lemon really, really helped me. lemon, ginger. >> gretchen: what was the biggest surprise about becoming a mom? >> god, i think the biggest surprise about becoming a mom is i never knew how much love you could possibly have for your baby and your child and it's
5:49 am
unconditional love. my son could do no wrong in my eyes and he just motivates me. he keeps me focused. >> gretchen: until he's six and he starts talking back. >> i've heard. >> gretchen: you still love them. as long as they still kiss you on the lip, you hope that goes on and on. >> oh, yeah, he gives me kisses now, too. >> gretchen: it's all about family in everyone's life. >> yeah. >> gretchen: now you're chronicling it in your book. tia, great to see you. >> thank you. same here. >> gretchen: earlier you heard larry winget who says the president's speech was a little too political for him. so the author of "shut up, stop whining" about to give the only graduation speech your kids will ever need to hear. there he is. first, let's check in with martha mccallum for what's on at the top of the hour. you and i both could have used her book, right? >> absolutely. i'm with her. none of the scary stuff. just the fun stuff. thank you very much. coming up this morning on "america's newsroom," mitt
5:50 am
romney takes the lead overall and also with women. that was a very tough category for him. all of that follows the same sex marriage debate. and a former bush aide pleads with president obama not to kill al-qaeda's master bomb maker. why? bill and i will join with you that at the top of the hour. we'll see you then i love cash back. withhe bankamericard cash rewards credit card, we earn more cash back for the things we buy most. 1% ca back everywhere, every time. 2% on grocers. 3% on gas. automacally. no hoops to jump through. no annual e. that's 1% back on... wow! 2% on my homemade lasagn 3% back on [ friends ] road trip!!!!!!!!!!!! [ male announcer ] get 1-2-3 percent cash back. apply online or at a bank of america near you. ♪
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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5:53 am
>> steve: the class of 2012, you heard this guy earlier on "fox & friends" say that the president's speech yesterday at barnard speech was way too heavy on politics and too late on truth. >> gretchen: so larry winget is here to deliver his very own commencement speech. so take it away, larry. >> congratulations on earning
5:54 am
your degree. but the truth is that the degree alone isn't going to be enough to assure your success in the real world. in the real world, employers don't care much about your degree. or your happiness, or your income or much of anything that has to do with you at all. they care about what you can do for them. and from this point on, that's how you have to think. businesses exist to be profitable. it is your job to help make them profitable. if you know how it do that, how to be worth more than you cost, then you have value in the workplace. and if you don't know how to be worth more than your cost, then employers will pass you over and find someone else. let's look at what it really takes to be successful in the real world. first, you have to take responsibility. your life, your results, your success, happiness, health and prosperity are up to you. if it turns out well, you get the credit. when it doesn't work out the way you wanted it to, well, you get
5:55 am
the blame. and it's not up to someone else to make sure you are successful. it's always up to you. so be responsible. next, respect others. respect your employer and that's to be on time. give them your personal best every day because that's what they're paying you for. respect your boss. even when you think he's an idiot because he's still your boss and deserves your respect. respect your co-workers so they will respect you. and your customers because they pay you. then establish clear priorities. your time, your energy and your money will always go to what's important to you. if looking cute is important to you, then you'll spend all of your money at the mall. if being financially secure is important to you, then you'll make sure that you save and invest, and live on less than you earn. last, it's about work and excellence. regardless of what others may tell you, it's not about your
5:56 am
passion. as i know people who are passionately incompetent. it's not loving what you do or being happy every day. you aren't paid to be happy on the job. you are paid to do your job. success always comes down to hard work and excellence and it takes both. hard work alone won't cut it. i know people who work really hard, yet just aren't any good at what they do, so it doesn't matter. i know people who are excellent at what they do, but they don't work hard enough for it to make any difference. so work hard and be excellent at what you do every day. and remember this: if any one can do it, then anyone can do it. i wish you the best. >> brian: all right! [ applause ] >> steve: larry! larry! [ applause ] >> brian: that was excellent! good job. i mean, it was a real world speech. >> steve: we booked the gowns for another five minutes. can you stick around? >> gretchen: right back with
5:57 am
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