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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 15, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> bret: that will do it. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, the feds investigate the jp morgan chase 2 billion-dollar debacle. plus, one of the busiest airports in the world already under scrutiny for security lapses. now embarrassed by a brand new security breach. investigators say an airport security supervisor held a deep secret for decades, that he had stole be the identity of a murdered man. >> makes you wonder what they look into when they are hiring. >> shepard: now the suspect is in court and questions about how a guy in charge of protecting people may have scammed the system. plus, a student fighting a deadly disease, a bacteria
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that is eating away at her flesh. >> everybody just feels for this girl, and they just want to do everything they can to help. >> shepard: now we'll see how a community is coming together to try to save her life. but first from fox this tuesday night, her father cheated on her dying mother. had a baby with his mistress, and now john edwards' daughter, kate, may be hours away from taking the stand to defend the father who is facing 30 years in prison. the former senator and presidential candidate is charged with using campaign cash to hide his pregnant mistress, rielle hunter from the world. this is a recent picture of her and their daughter. kate edwards has been by her father's side every day sitting right behind him in court even giving him legal advice we're told. she is a lawyer too. she has listened to some pretty tough testimony about her father's affair. a couple of weeks ago she left the courtroom in tears as a witness talked about elizabeth edwards confronting her husband and collapsing.
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kate edwards has never spoken publicly about this scandal. legal experts say she could be a very powerful witness for her father and maybe the one person who can humanize john edwards in the eyes of this jury. jonathan serrie has been covering the trial for us. is he live again tonight for us at the courthouse in greensboro, north carolina. kate edwards, john edwards, and his mistress rielle hunter could all take the stand, what, tomorrow? >> yeah, possibly tomorrow and, also, andrew young, also on that list of some very high profile witnesses. you know, when you talk about john edwards' daughter, kate, being by his side every day of the trial, it's really in keeping with something that she said at her mother's funeral, we are still a family. now, edwards' lawyer, while keeping open the possibility of calling these high profile witnesses to the stand tomorrow also said that if they don't call these witnesses, they will rest their case on wednesday.
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>> they are, tonight, going to make a tactical decision about who to call. until they really decide they want the prosecution having to prepare for all of these residences. >> so tomorrow will likely be a pivotal day in this trial either because the defense is resting or because they are calling these high profile witnesses to the stand, shep. >> shepard: andrew young, you mentioned, he is the key witness for the prosecution here. why would the defense call him? >> yeah, the defense is trying to chip away at his credibility. today they asked john edwards' close friend john what edwards' reaction was when he learned that rachel bunny mel mellon was funneling money to andrew young. he said he was surprised as i would. he said bunny should not be funneling money to anyone. i believe andrew young was using senator edwards' name to get money from mrs. melon.
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wants credibility. >> shepard: jonathan seare, greensboro, north carolina, tonight. now the debacle at jp morgan chase. fbi has opened an investigation into that monster mistake that cost america's biggest bank $2 billion in trading losses. and many billions more in market value. but despite this bank's problems, its ceo got a vote of confidence from shareholders today. winning a battle to keep his title as chairman and his 23-million-dollar salary package. the bank's losses are blamed on just one man. a trader nicknamed valdermart after harry potter's arch enemy. what does it say that the fbi is investigating. this it's a valley investigation now that's what means. its early days preliminary days. the fbi investigation joins the dodge investigation and sec. alphabet soup of
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investigators. >> the company's ceo took the blame today in no uncertain terms. >> tried to do damage control at the shareholders meeting. here is what he had to say. >> what this hedge violates own principles in terms of complexities and risks. we should not let this issue detract what we are here for which is to serve our customers and build a great company. >> jamie dimon not holding back there on the fact that his company at risk there. they're the ones that made the decisions and made the mistakes. is he going to keep both jobs, ceo chairman, there was a vote to split those apart, 40 percent said yes split them. 60 percent said no way. >> shepard: good percentage. greece stocks and 401(k)s taking a hit today. dow closed off 63. its lost nearly 5% of its value in the last couple of weeks. nasdaq down 9. s&p lost 8 today. traders were reacting to news that the political talks in greece broke down, triggering a whole new election. voters there could decide to drop the euro as greece's
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currency and analysts say that would be a real disaster. sending shock waives through banks all around the world. today the head of the international monetary fund made it perfectly clear that it is a real possibility and stressing that would have to be an orderly exit. the whole mess gave france's new president no time at all to celebrate his inauguration. right after he took office, the president there francois flew to meet with angela merkel. their two nations are the euro zone's power players. both leaders said that their talks that they want to keep greece as part of the euro but disagree on how to do it. by the way, that meeting almost didn't happen. a lightning bolt struck the french president's plane. one like this one during his flight to germany. the pilot had to turn around as a precaution. they switched jets back in france. the crisis in europe has traders fearing a drop in demand for oil. that had prices hitting their lowest point in six months.
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the price per barrel down 80 cents to end at about $94. it's down more than 10% this month. the economy is the hot topic on the campaign trail today. president obama and governor romney seem to agree on one thing. jobs and the economy will determine the outcome of this election. the obama campaign suggests the economy will be better by november. the romney campaign says the president's policies will make that impossible. both candidates hitting each other hard in battleground states. the view from the campaign trail coming up plus three more states holding primaries today. the polls are still open. oregon, idaho, and nebraska. the big contests are in local races really now that mitt romney has pretty much wrapped up the nomination. we have updates throughout the night right here on fox news channel. the trainer who said he loaded up pitcher roger clemens with steroids now says he hid the evidence in a beer can in his closet. coming up, why he says that was all part of a plan to protect himself.
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plus, the student who is fighting off a disease that is consuming her body piece by piece. her father now has some encouraging news about her condition and it's all ahead from the journalists of fox news on this tuesday fox report. [ male announcer ] they were born to climb...
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>> shepard: the trainer who claims he supplied the former pitching great roger clemens with steroids today testified that he held on to evidence because his wife warned him that if he went wrong or if anything went wrong he would be the fall guy. evidence including a syringe and a cotton ball from an injection he claims he gave clemens back in 2001. the former trainer, brian mcnamee my says he shoveled the evidence in a miller lite beer can. he says he brought it home and put t in a fed x box in his closet where he says t sat for years. because of that he far and away the prosecution's most important witness. you may know roger clemens is
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accused of lying to congress when he made this statement back in 2008. let me be clear i never taken steroids or hgh. these type of drugs should play no role in baseball in any level. >> shepard: told he told the court he saved the evidence for so long because he didn't trust roger clemens. called the evidence worthless garbage. he said he injected clemens with performance enhancing drugs dozens of times and injected his wife but admitted it made him feel creepy. we're not sure why he did that in addition, prosecutors showed the court emails in which roger clemens threatened that he would send his people to anybody who tried to rat on him. the rocket faces up to 21 months in prison if convicted. the father of a 24-year-old woman from georgia who is battling a life threatening flesh-eating bacteria, today said his daughter is improving more rapidly than they expected. that she is alert and bored enough that she even asked for a book to read. but the father's optimism is
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blunted no doubt by a harsh medical reality. his daughter is still in critical condition. doctors have amputated one leg. cut off part of her torso. and may have to cut off all of her fingers. her parents say they have not told her yet about the extent of the injuries. earlier this month, amy copeland, that's the victim, cut open her calf when she fell off a homemade zip line. doctors cleaned and stamed stapled that gash. the bacteria had already entered her system. she has been on a respirator for more than a week now. they can read her lips. first two questions are where am i and how long have i been here? trace gallagher is live with more. trace, there was a blood drive for her. >> yeah, they just finished a short time ago, shep. the turnout was exceptional. hundreds of people came out to give blood. it was organized by her father who has spent so much time recently in the hospital that he realized the need for blood was great. not just for amy but for others as well. the blood drive was held at the university of western
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georgia where amy is actually getting her masters in psychology. fellow students and friends are trying to give her the tools to keep fighting. listen. >> right now as a community we are doing all to bind together, stay together, stay strong, stay positive. and through our prayers and our thoughts, we are hoping that she feels and senses that and that is what is going to allow her to turn around. >> and on that note, to stay positive, the students are also organizing another blood drive, shep, for june 1st. >> shepard: are doctors confident, trace, they have gotten control of this bacteria? >> they are a lot more confident today than they were a couple of days ago but clearly she has a long way to go. they are still very concerned about, as you said, her fingers as well as her right foot because the blood vessels are beginning to die there. they are hoping the very least they can save her palms. the palms of her hands, that way she can use prosthetic
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fingers. she is though, breathing better and getting stronger and now it's really about making sure she has the right drugs to fight the bacteria. here is dr. manny alvarez. listen. >> when you are dealing with neck crow tights fasciitis of this degree, you basically are fighting a nuclear war. you are fighting by giving tremendous amounts of medications to kill the bacteria. you are giving tremendous amounts of medication to keep her organs functioning because they will begin to fail. >> her father is actually keeping an online blog and he said a lighter moment happened last night when she was trying to say she wanted something, he thought she wanted lamb chops and turned out she actually wanted her laptop. so that's another good sign for her, shep. >> shepard: good sign, indeed. but some harsh realities in georgia. trace gallagher thanks so much. the blind chinese dissident at the center of a diplomatic standoff between the u.s. and china is still stuck in china. but we're hearing tonight he may be able to leave for the united states soon.
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the state department reports the visa is ready and all he needs really is the green light from the chinese government. which is a block. as you recall, the blind man made headlines around the world when he escaped from house arrest in the middle of the night as the story goes, climbed over a wall, after he he -- after nearly seven years in captivity. we're told that he ran to the u.s. embassy. then he left claiming chinese police were beating his family members. he has been outspoken critic of china's repressive policies, one-child limit, forced he is reportedly heading to the united states to study and new york university offered him a position as a visiting scholar. a security supervisor at a major american airport is now under arrest accused of using the identity of a murder victim. the man is apparently an illegal immigrant who passed multiple background checks over 20 years as he lied and lied and lied. so what does this say about airport security? plus, doctors say many americans drink a large portion of their calories. soda, beer, sports drinks.
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>> shepard: here is one for you. a security supervisor at the airport in newark, newark liberty airport, new jersey, got his job by using a murdered man's i.d. and he used it for decades. and here's one thing, used it before the victim actually died. , which is interesting. that's from the port authority of new york and new jersey which runs the airport. today in state court in new jersey the suspect pleaded not guilty to identity theft charges. officials say he pretended to be a dead man for close to 20
4:21 pm
years, even passing background checks. he managed a team of security guards and had access to that airport's secure areas. newark liberty is one of the 15 busiest airports in america. and among the 30 busiest in the world. more than 34 million passengers are said to have traveled through it just last year. and all this comes as homeland security reported today on security lapses at six major airports including newark liberty. that report ranked newark last of those six in its response to security lapses. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is with us now. t seems like this guy somehow totally slipped through the cracks. >> completely, shep. he start reasonable doubt working at newark airport in 1992. under the name jerry thomas. that is the same year that the real jerry thomas was murdered in new york city. there is no word now on whether this guy is a suspect in that murder. but since 1992, he has apparently gone through a series of background checks by
4:22 pm
the new jersey state police, for instance, by u.s. customs and border protection. and by f.j.c. security services. that's the company that employed him and was contracted by the t.s.a. to provide security services. those checks included the normal sort of personal detail such as social security numbers. but also fingerprint checks. but through all of those, not a single red flag was raised apparently. obvious concerns there about security lapses. >> shepard: clearly. now congress is getting involved. yeah, the house homeland security's security transportation subcommittee is tomorrow morning, going to started a hearing on exactly these kind of security breaches. they will focus on this report that came out today from the department of homeland security's inspector general, which showed that in far too many instances around 50% no corrective action was taken in the wake of security breaches at those six airports that they studied. the subcommittee chairman mike rogers, republic of alabama
4:23 pm
said, quote: we must make certain that the billions of taxpayer dollars we spend screening passengers is not in vein. systemic vulnerabilities exist through the back doors of our airports. this particular instance is clearly a major vernlt revealed. >> shepard: i will say. jonathan hunt, thanks very much. the feds announcing the first trials of a judge that could prevent alzheimer's. researchers say they will test it on about 5,000 people in columbia, south carolina. people that have a gene that causes them to develop the disease as early as their mid 30's. today the white house announced it's backing those trials. it's part of a new national alzheimer's plan, which aims to find a treatment for the disease by the year 2025. if you are looking to cut calories, grab a slurpee. 7/11 is now offering the slurpee light. supposedly with less than half the calories of a regular slurpee. 20 calories in 8 ounces of the stuff.
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the first flavor hitting stores this month. fan that sugar free mango. researchers at oxford university in england want the government there to pass a big tax on soda. a tax of up to 20%. they say that could curve the united kingdom's obesity problem. some critics are warning a tax would target working class families during tough economic times. according to one nutritionist taxing soda might miss the point entirely and drive people to buy other drinks high in calories and sugar like fruit juice. here we go again, new showdown over raising the nation's debt limit. you think lawmakers can do it without all the drama we saw last summer? we're live on capitol hill. plus, an update on a story that was breaking at this time last night. a school bus full of kids that slammed into a truck. we'll have that as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. usaa auto insurane
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>> shepard: police have filed charges filed charges. more than 40 people on the bus, most of them six graders heading home from a spring trip from springfield, illinois. the bus driver didn't realize a truck ahead of him had slowed for construction traffic and the bus crashed right into the back of that trailer. in the end 11 students were hurt. police are looking for a man with a mask and an accomplice who crashed a stolen vehicle right into a store. and it tops our news across
4:29 pm
america. colorado. surveillance cameras captured the pickup truck plowing through a pawnshop in denver. witnesses say the driver wore a mask and that he and another guy got out and ran away. they took nothing from the shop. police say the truck's owner had no idea somebody had stolen his vehicle until officers knocked on his door. >> florida. a massive sink hole is threatening to swallow a home in gainsville. the owners say they heard a sound like thunder as they went to bed and when they woke up. >> she pulled open the curtains and there it was. my first words to to her i looked at her and i said do you think it's time to move? [ laughter ] >> a geologist confirmed the hole is moving toward the house. at last word it was more than 100 feet wide and 850 feet deep. -- 80 feet deep. >> arizona, so far so good for architect who claims his cabin north of phoenix is wildfire
4:30 pm
proof. the home has solar panels, wind powered generator and mostly metal construction to stop the spread of flames. he uses his ipad to check the temperature inside the house. california. an woman celebrates her 111th birthday. family members joined her at the nursing home to mark the special day. we're told her neighborhood built the statue in her honor and that's a fox watch across america. >> i'm shepard smith. and this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and the president says it's hard to say whether his new support for same sex marriage will hurt him in november. he told the ladies of theview that the battle for the white house will be all about one issue. >> what's going to determine the election is the economy, and there are some very stark differences, legitimate differences between the candidates and between the parties in terms of how we are
4:31 pm
going to make sure that everybody in this country gets a fair shot. every kid is getting a great education, how we create businesses, how we are creating more jobs. >> shepard: right now most americans say the economy will get better if the former massachusetts governor mitt romney becomes the president than if president obama wins a second term. that's according to a new "u.s.a. today" gallup poll. in the same survey, more americans say the economy will get worse if president obama wins re-election. james rosen live in washington on the top story at the bottom of the hour. governor romney today, james, tried to reinforce the message in that pole. >> that's right, shep, the presumptive nominee was speaking in des moines, iowa today. that's a state that voted for obama/biden for four years ago but for bush cheney four years before that in his remarks today the former massachusetts governor accused president obama of having created a, quote, prairie fire of debt. >> rather than putting out that spending fire, he has been feeding it. he has spent more, and
4:32 pm
borrowed more. the time has come for a president ', a leader, who will lead. i will lead us out of this debt and spending inferno. >> romney's team also unveiled a new web video featuring stories of economic hardship as told by ordinary juans, iowans. >> shepard: now supporters are going after romney on business record. >> priorities u.s.a. this is a super pac led by bill burton. you may remember him tropical storm iter press aid to president obama. they unveiled an attack ad today that was eerily similar to yesterday's obama biden team featuring that by now familiar steel mill that bain cap talg acquired and ultimately went bankrupt. the white house sawing in amiss however in that president obama took in $2 million at a manhattan fundraiser hosted by this man, tony james, a financier whose private equity firm the black stone group is twice the size of bain capital. >> you are asking about, i believe the campaign ad, i
4:33 pm
would refer you to the campaign to talk about campaign-specific matters. i think the issue is what vision does this president have for the country going forward? what does he believe we need to be doing now, right away. >> florida, by the way, is one of the five battleground states where that bain capital attack ad will see heavy play over the next two weeks. it's where mitt romney will kick off a two day swing starting tomorrow, shep. >> shepard: james rosen on capitol hill, thanks a lot. meantime the battle over the nation's debt ceiling is once again picking up steam on capitol hill. according to the treasury secretary, the government will reach its borrowing limit later this year. it's like the limit you might have on your credit card. you'll recall last fall the political standoff over raising the debt limit led to the first ever downgrade of u.s. bonds. then a special panel, a super committee failed in its mission to make deeper cuts. today, the house speaker john boehner stressed that if congress once again raises the
4:34 pm
debt ceiling, it must offset that with strict spending cuts and budget reforms. here listen. >> when the time comes, i will again insist on my simple principle on cuts and reforms greater than the debt limit increase. this is the only avenue i see right now forced elected leadership of this country to solve our structural fiscal balance. that means we have to do a series of stop-gap measures, so be it. that's not the ideal. >> shepard: democrats argue that republics said much the same thing last time around and here we are essentially back to square one. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill this evening. how are democrats responding to this new warning of the nation's debt limit. >> shep, new york democratic senator chuck schumer says the last thing the country needs is a rerun of last summer's debt battle that nearly brought down our economy. and here now is senate majority leader harry reid. >> republicans can grandstand
4:35 pm
all they want. the fact is any agreement to avoid a fiscal cliff facing us at the end of this year must not gut programs that support the middle class. like medicare and social security and education. >> democrats say they want taxes to go up on higher income americans as part of any deal which is something obviously republicans do not want to do. shep? >> not surprisingly it looks like we are set for another train wreck when all of this comes around. >> yes. when you consider at the end of the year the bush tax cuts are expiring. the bush payroll tax holiday due to end. long-term unemployment benefits due to run out. one long time senator former senator says is he predicting quite a mess. >> i think between november 6th and december 3 1st is going to be chaos. in congress. absolute chaos. >> and congress also needs to work on more surgical cuts to replace those $1.2 trillion in
4:36 pm
cuts that came out of the last summer's debt deal. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel at the rotunda on the hill. thanks. prosecutors have now charged six people including a former newspaper editor in britain's tabloid hacking scandal. rebekah brooks used to run the news of the world tabloid where investigators say reporters hacked the voice males of people they were covering. news corporation, which is the parent company of this network, later shut down that newspaper. and rebekah brooks is accused of trying to hide evidence of wrongdoing during that shutdown process. brooks defended herself just hours ago and said she was baffled by the decision to charge her. amy kellogg with the news live in our london bureau tonight. amy? >> well, rebekah brooks husband, charlie brooks, shep, said that he believes he and the others arrested today or charged today are actually scapegoats and rebekah brooks herself said that even news international harshest critics would not want to see people
4:37 pm
with no involvement in the central issues here being treated in this way. but britain's crown prosecution service sees it all very differently and believes rebekah brooks, her husband, and four other people who have worked with news international can spire justice. she tried to conceal evidence from police, including documents, computers and other electronic equipment and conspire to remove seven boxes of material from the archives of news international. brooks was arrested for other alleged offices as well last july in connection with phone hacking and illegal payments to police. but she has not, of this moment, been charged for those offenses but refutes the charges brought today. >> one day the details of this case will emerge and people will see today as nothing more than an expensive side show, a waste of public money as a
4:38 pm
result of an injust and weak decision. >> brooks and the five others charged today, shep, are the first to have been charged since that wave of arrests in connection with phone hacking scandal began over the summer. the story looks likely to play itself out for quite some time. legal experts are saying they don't expect a trial to begin until next year at the earliest. possibly not even until 2014. shep? >> shepard: amy kellogg live in london. a roadside bomb blast peace keeping team observing the so-called cease-fire which doesn't exist in syria. this was moments after the government troops reportedly slaughtered people in a funeral procession. [explosion. [? >> >> shepard: that's a cease-fire looks like in syria. the blast blew the front off the first united nations truck as people screamed and ran for cover. the u.n. reports the bomb did not hurt any of the observers who are now reportedly under rebel protection.
4:39 pm
activists say just minutes later syrian security forces massacred 20 people as they mourned the death of an opposition fighter. of course, we can't confirm. the white house today said it is deeply concerned by the escalating violence in syria. of course, the united nations estimates syrian troops have killed more than 9,000 people since the uprising began more than a year ago. a huge corporation is unfriending facebook. at the worst possible time. and that may not be the web site's only problem. wait until you hear how many people think facebook is just a passing fad. plus, gas prices going lower than anybody predicted but lots of americans are still putting their brakes on the plans for summer driving. we'll tell you why just ahead. ns is important to any successful business. which is why at wells fargo, we work with you to get to know the unique aspects of your business. we can recommend financial solutions that can work for you that have helped millions of business owners save time,
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4:43 pm
$100 billion. not only would that be the biggest internet ipo ever. it would make facebook worth more than ford, kraft foods and disney. that has some folks asking whether the social network is really worth all of that new poll says half of americans say absolutely not. one major company agrees. general motors confirms to fox news today its pulling its ads from facebook. the fox business network's rich edson is live in the business network's d.c. newsroom. rich, what are the folks at g.m. saying exactly. >> not down playing its significance, shep. in a statement the company says we regularly review our overall media spend and make adjustments as needed. facebook continues to be a very effective tool for engaging with our customers, so, in other words, shep, g.m. drops the paid advertisements but keeps its facebook page. >> shepard: just yesterday facebook announced given share announced its raising that and new polls says the company
4:44 pm
might want to rethink that. >> new poll shows significant skepticism about facebook's future. an associated press says nearly half of americans think facebook is just a passing fad, 43% say they think the company will be a long-term success. nearly three in five say they never click on facebook ads and more than a quarter say they hardly ever do. still facebook monday than 900 million worldwide users also known as potential customers. back to you. >> shepard: rich edson in washington tonight, thanks. cell phone customers are happier with one cell phone company over the others but it's close. that's from a new survey. sprint got the highest score among the big four. verizon second, at&t and t mobile kind of tied for third. but facts are in the. >> martha: gin of error and it's really a tie. study conducts this survey ranking companies on a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 being the best. sprint customers are a lot
4:45 pm
happier than four years ago when the company came in dead last. apple made its iphone available to sprint customers for the first time last year. gas prices now and though we are paying less than a year ago, lots of folks say they are still staying home this summer. triple a reports close to 31 million americans are planning a road trip over the memorial day weekend. only 1% more than last year. it also found fewer people are planning to fly. experts say the drop in travel over fears the recovery is slowing down. for folks who do plan a summer vacation. a.a.a. lists the top destinations at disneyland, hun lieu you and number one, disney world. police release new video of a soccer riot as suspects appear in court and that tops our news around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." turkey. hundreds of fans stormed the field on saturday after the home team lost to an archrival. rioters threw flares and seats at cops and set fire to a
4:46 pm
squad car at a nearby gas station. police arrested nearly 50 people. south africa. cops fired tear gas in johannesburg as opposition party faced off with a workers union. that union protesting a government's plan to fight youth unemployment by subsidizing young people's wages. things got violent when union leaders blocked the streets. some folks threw rocks but nobody seriously hurt. kazakhstan, american astronaut and russian cosmonaut blasted off early this morning in route to international space station. four and a half month nation will include the arrival of a pressurized supply capsule which a private company will launch next week. china. crews in a central province constructing instant buildings. this time laps video shows a three story structure finished in just three weeks. the company behind it all uses prefabricated sections that
4:47 pm
piece together like children's blocks. the company's goal? build one of these in just 24 hours and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." >> shepard: going bump in the night. sleep walking is more common than anyone previously thought obviously. more than 8 million americans are said to be rising in the wee hours to wander about. the new study is revealing why. murder mystery. a brand new bride stabbed to death. her family found her in a bathtub and she was still wearing her wedding dress. that's coming up.
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>> shepard: a young bride has turned up dead in her bathtub still wearing her wedding dress now police say somebody stabbed her to death.
4:51 pm
a relative says this 25-year-old mother of two got married on friday and investigators discovered her remains over the weekend at her apartment near chicago. after family members said they hadn't heard from her. officials released a statement calling the killing a domestic situation. so far no word on where that husband might be. cops are now turning to truck drivers to help stop the growing human trafficking problem. that's because officials say a lot of the crimes happen along highways and at truck stops. it's a campaign that started in nevada and is now spreading to other states. casey stegall in las vegas for us this afternoon. casey? >> yeah. shepard. human trafficking, get, this generates $32 billion every single year worldwide, which is why there is great hope that this new initiative will make a difference. >> disturbing images. kids forced to prostitute themselves at truck stops in the dark of night. >> they are very vulnerable,
4:52 pm
at risk use. and these predators sink their hooks into them. >> las vegas is considered the epicenter for the child sex trade in the u.s. a form of human trafficking the second fastest growing crime in the world. >> this is a place to come to make lots of money. >> making it a perfect spot to roll out the truckers against trafficking campaign. >> it's asking people to be aware and then taking action. not just ignoring it. >> this promotional dvd now being used by trucking company and associations to train drivers on how to spot trafficking and how to report it. >> we look at normal all day long. what is not normal should stick out like that. >> the program is going -- growing fast all across america. raising awareness, making arrests and saving kids is what it is all about, shepard. >> shepard: casey stegall live in vegas. casey, thanks. the neighborhood watch captain accused of shootings unarmed florida teenager did have injuries including a fractured
4:53 pm
nose, two black eyes and cuts on the back of his head the day after the confrontation that left the child dead. that's according to a report tonight on abc's world news. the details of the injuries reportedly come from a medical report that george zimmerman's family doctor put together. zimmerman, of course, is accused of second degree murder for the killing of that florida teenager trayvon martin back in february. george zimmerman has maintained all along it was self-defense and the local abc station in florida or central florida channel 9 now reports autopsy reports show trayvon martin had injuries on his knuckles when he died. of course, all this says nothing about how the confrontation began, which is key. the shooter zimmerman is currently free on bail. nearly a third of all people will sleep walk at some point during their lives. that's just one finding from a brand new study out of stanford university in california. and another, if you have insomnia, take sleeping pills or drink heavily, you're more
4:54 pm
likely to sleep walk. researchers also linked conditions like depression and ocd to sleep walking. but one expert says it really isn't a problem until you sleep walk outside or on the stairs. fans of the hit musical jersey boys can soon check out that group that inspired the show. members of the original jersey boys getting back together. details behind their upcoming tour. and then mr. bill o'reilly. stay with us. ♪ o what a night ♪ late december back in '63. ♪ what a very special time for me. ♪ as i remember what a night acks that fit almost anywhere so you can take them everywhere. dentyne split to fit. practice safe breath.
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4:58 pm
the four seasons rise to fame. a man in akron, ohio, say he may have just broken the world of guinness record record for fist bumping. here he is, moved his arm up and down without stopping for 16 straight hours. fine work, sir. he says he used super glue to keep his fist intact. apparently the glue wore off by hour 15. folks at guinness have to review the possible record. the guy says he got used to lifting his hands above his head from his old job hanging light fixture of thes. bp closed this wisconsin gas station after hundreds of drivers tried taking advantage of a sign mistakenningly advertising gas at 37 cents a gallon. number four, sales at u.s. retail stores barely bundle in april which could indicate a weaker spending ahead number three the pentagon limiting the use of f-23 pilot jets after pilots complained they were getting too little
4:59 pm
oxygen. number two the daughter of the former democratic senator john edwards could testify at her father's corruption trial tomorrow so could john edwards himself and his mistress. and number one tonight president obama set to meet with top lawmakers aisle tomorrow to talk about economic proposals and that's "the fox report's" top five and on this day in 1718, a lawyer in britain submitted a patent for what is widely considered the world's first machine gun. it was called the puckle gun after its inventor james puck puckkel it was rifle mounted on a tripod. it fired a then unheard of nine shots per minute. somehow investors failed to realize the potential on the battlefield more than a century later all that changed with descendants of the first machine gun modernized warfar


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