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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 15, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> you had to go there. >> sean: the liberal went there. >> sean: that's all the time we have left. we are just kidding. greta's next, see you tomorrow night of. >> greta: tonight, whatever you do, do not tell their wives. president obama and governor romney really want attention from women. in fact, they want attention from all of them. news that the women's vote could be the election clincher. the latest poll suggests governor romney is taking the leads over president obama. now other according to the poll, 46% of women say they would vote for governor romney and 44% for president obama. last month, the poll of the same group showed women favored president obama over governor romney, 49-43%. now, that change comes despite president obama's extra efforts to court women voters like chatting with the women of "the view."
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>> i like hanging out with women. what can i say? what can i say? >> greta: rush limbaugh says president obama's tactic has backfired. >> in this new york times poll, which the obama white house now says is biased, romney is up by 3: but if you dig deep, buried in the numbers that the new york times/cbs doesn't report, romney is leading obama among women. 49-43. after the contrived war on women, after the contrived sandra fluke thing. after all of these efforts that have been expended, they see people in misery, they see people in poverty. they see people in oppression and discriminated against. they see people at the risk of dying. they see people at the risk of being injured. those are the people they are
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coming for in the campaignful they are trying to make obama as the guy who is going to save them from their misery, whatever their mis misery is. one of the groups that they have attempted to make believe is miserable is women. this is a double whammy. for two months, or longer, now time's flying by, the war on women was designed to get every woman in america hating republicans and hating romney, loving obam a. obama was going to protect their birth control and right to abortion and the predatory men -- which is every man! and they have had polls, they have done news stories, they have done television reports. everything is designed to shape public opinion the way obama want its. then they go to do a poll to see how successfully they have shaped opinion. they find out they have failed. >> greta: again, a poll from april 23 to may 13 paints a different picture and shows obama leading governor romney,
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50-41%. brit hume is here. brit, does it overstate to say that the women's vote is one of the key groupings this election? >> of course it is. according to most of the sampling we have seen, there will be more women turning tout vote this fall than men, not a huge amount. but if you had to choose, you would be better off getting all the women. >> greta: what do you make of the war on women and the polls? >> let me talk about the polls first. i wouldn't set a great deal of store, with all due respect to rush, by the new york times/cbs poll, 562 reg -- registered voters. gallup has a far, far larger sample and is more reliable. the president is probably ahead several percentage points among women and trailing by several percentage points among mem men. there are those, i pointed out, it's better to be ahead by women, but it's basically a wash.
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>> greta: the war on women. i must say, you know, i watch with some level of amusement that, you know, that there is this war on women when it makes you feel like a prop, like a pawn. now we are getting courted by all -- both parties. you see the president going to barnard university, not a co-ed institution, he went to "the view." it's nice to get the attention. but at some point, you feel like, there are other issues, the imphee. >> it's true. i think it was anne romney who made the point, she's heard the women talking about the economy, they are not so different from men in their concerns. i think that's probably true and i think the president is doing his best to try to touch the bases which supported him in 2008, and in which he very much needs to come back to him this fall. some elements have drifted away from him. so, that's what you expect at some point, he will be touching base with women and going on programs that appeal to women and so on.
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>> greta: i don't want to be so arrogant to speak for all women. but i suspect that this has been polled by the democratic party, the war on women. >> yeah. what i would -- i don't know whether it was polled or not. i couldn't tell you one way or the other. i think it's couldable that they would try to portray the republicans as hostile to women and their interest. my sense is that it didn't work very well. i think what we have seen since the republican primary ended about a month ago, is that mitt romney has crept up and is doing better across all demographic groups and the race is closer than it seemed to be at that time. he is doing particularly well -- i don't want to get too technical -- but in the polls of likely voters. of course, when you get down to tthose are the best polls, short of polls of actual voters. specialr and we won't have those for awhile. romney has moved up, despite all the efforts that the democrats have been making in various ways
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to try to damage him. >> greta: it's interesting, the president going "the view," he spoke at barnard, a women's university. but what is not noted but that he -- he bumped the first commencement speaker, the editor in chief of the new york times, joe abrams, so it's interesting that he bumped a woman from the job so he could speak to the women. and there are a lot of women who are grumbling behind the scenes that it was politically clumsy. but it annoyed some people. >> it would astonish me if -- [inaudible] >> greta: what about health insurance? catholic university will stop the health insurance. >> it's fransiscan university, which requires all students to have health insurance. for those who couldn't afford it, it provided a policy. it says it will stop doing that. it gave two reasons. one is the mandate of the
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contraceptive and the other coverage that the catholic church does not believe in had to be provided. and the second reason was that it would elevate the cost to the point where the school coond couldn't afford it. i think we are going to see more of this. >> greta: if you look at it, though, it might make economic sense because the students can go with the new mandate. >> this is what is likely to happen. employers who cease paying for coverage, you are going to have to pay a fine -- >> greta: but it's less than they would pay. >> that's right. it is less than it is insurance. so a great many will live it up to the employees to fend for themselves. this, of course, runs smack dab into the promise that the president made when he was pitching the reform plan and was working its way through promise, if you would like your coverage, you would like to keep your
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plan, you can. >> greta: this summer, we'll know whether the health care law is struck down or upheld. >> if it's struck down, i believe it hurts -- >> greta: i think it will help him because it will rev up the base. >> but on the other hand, his signature achivement, his signature agenda is illegitimate by president highest cower in the land. that's not good news. >> greta: brit, thank you. >> you bet, greta. >> greta: the exploding debt is more than $15 trillion. but we are pushing up against the debt ceiling. one thing is certain, the next round will be a bloody fight. already, it is heating up, john boehner insisting he will call for spending cuts and reforms, greater than the size of any debt ceiling increase.
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and tim geithner warning congress raise the ceiling without the drama and pain of last summer. michele bachmann voted against the last increase. she joins us. when i say we are bumping up gans the ceiling, january 13, we may hit the ceiling again? >> yeah, it is. we are in a worse position now than the last time whether we raise the -- raised the debt ceiling. we knew this would happen. it's the same disease, spending money that we don't have and enriching the chinese, ultimately, by borrowing money from them and paying them the interest payments. that's what we are busmg up again at the end of the year. this is an insulting remark by the treasury secretary, tim geithner saying that congress, don't be dramatic, just give in. raise the debt ceiling. in other words, keep this road show going. of course, we all know that we have never seen anything in the history of the like this
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accumulation of debt. this is how bad it is. i came into congress in january of '07. it took 219 years to accumulate $8.67 trillion. and now president obama is way over $5 trillion in additional debt. we near uncharted territory -- we can't go forward with what the treasury secretary said. >> greta: the drama that played out tdoes show how dysfunctional congress is. congress couldn't agree, so they outsourced it to a super committee? and put it off until november. they said, okay, we can't decide as a body with the senate and the president, the house of representatives. so we are going to outsource. it you go decide by november and if you can't come up with an idea, we will do the automatic cut, sequestration, at some time after the election. we are safe. so they couldn't come up waan agreement. now we have these bizarre -- not
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bizarre, but huge cuts in january. i don't know if they are good or bad, but i know that the secretary of defense is worried, republicans are worried about the defense. people are very worried and they are conveniently going to happen after an election, when everybody's precked. very convenient. so no one will be hit in november who, is in office, who is responsible for the dysfunction. >> people need to know that we're looking at a fiscal calamity. a tax-megedon. the new obamacare tax, new alternative minimum tax, new taxes on income and investment income. this is a huge snowball coming at us, of course, that's the number-1 issue -- uncertainty. yesterday i was in forest lake, minnesota, st. cloud, minnesota. this is what the employers are worried about. you had a segment on what women think. i talked to a lot of women
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yesterday. this is what they don't want to see -- tax increases, because their husbands, over 55 years of age are losing jobs and not finding jobs, certainly the not at the wages they had. they look at barack obama and they see gross incompetence. they look at mitt romney and they see a smart guy, intelligent guy, savvy, optimistic. he understands the economy. i think that's why he's going to connect with women in this election. >> greta: he talked about the treasury secretary tim geithner. senator harry reid had a statement about speaker bainer and this is what he said. he said, it's pretty clear to me that the tea party direction of the republican party is driving them over a cliff. he's blaming the tea party. >> the tea party says, let's not spend more than we take in. that's the mainstream message in america. john boehner is right. speaker of the house, he's saying, if we are going to
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increte -- increase the debt ceiling, we have to have cuts that exceed that amount. that's common sense and normal. that's what any business or family would do. my opinion is probably more dramatic, last summer when this came up. i said, let's not raise the debt ceil being. let's deal with the problem today. let's not kick the can down the road. we have to have budget reform. we have to have tax reform and spending reform. we can't wait. this is what barack obama isn't doing. he gips not telling the american people the truth. he is not telling us about the tax-megedon. we have to let people know that today, we need to act, not in the future. we need to act today. >> greta: let me have fun with you. can you give me a good deal on a swiss watch? >> you too?! >> greta: we have had good times with that. what happened to that? >> well, i married my husband 34 years ago. he has dual citizenship with the united states and with switzerland.
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by operation of swiss law, automatically, because i married a dual citizen, on my wedding day, i was giving swiss citizenship. so i have had that for all 34 years of our marriage. the issue came up last week, a lot of people thought i was giving up u.s. citizenship. i wanted people to know, i have pledged allegiance to the united states eevery day of my life -- >> greta: were there new papers recently? >> one child -- they are eligible for dual citizenship and they were filing and this came to light. i wanted people to know, without a shadow of a doubt, i'm an american, first, last and always. i asked the swiss consalate to withdraw my swiss citizenship. i am 100% american. >> greta: no deals on on swiss watches? >> have you to go on the streets of manhattan for those. >> greta: but they are counterfeit. we had fun, i must admit, last week. always nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> greta: is california governor
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jerry brown trying to cool it'll californians? what are californians accusing the governor of doing? and governor mitt romney slamming president obama for -- [inaudible] hear from governor romney and indiana governor mitch daniels has a message for both governor romney and president obama. and oh, no -- not again. not another o.j. simpson trial? word that o.j. simpson could be headed back to court, again. what would he stand trial for this time? you have to hear this. i went to a small high school. the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college. you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful.
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he would never give up on any of us.
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>> greta: it isn't just the federal government with a financial crisis. have you been paying attention to california? it has a $16 billion budget gap. california's economy is in a crisis and now governor jerry brown is make egg plea to voters -- please increase taxes temporarily. he insists the tax hike and other unpopular cutses are necessary or else, he warns thins will be worse. anthony new york from the "los angeles times" is here. how bleak is it? it looks like the state's about ready to roll into the ocean. >> reporter: yeah. it's hard to tell. you know we are so desensitized. we have heard it year after
10:20 pm
year. it's bad news. but it is nothing woo haven't heard before. >> greta: so what's the man, though? the governor's got to do something. he has a $16 billion budget deficit. >> reporter: right. right. and the governor wants about $9 billion to come from tax increases in november. so this budget, which could be apriewferred without any republican support and likely will be approved without any republican support is setting the table for a november election in which he will ask the voters to raise taxes on upper incomes and on sales. so, i mean, that's what we are talking about in this budget. we're talking about a choice between cuts to schools and some temporary tax increases that brown will be pushing hard the next few months. >> greta: if he is successful, this is a voter initiative, is that right? the voters have to agree? >> reporter: that's correct. >> greta: tell raise almost $6 billion. but i am curious, i realize this is a small increase on the sales
10:21 pm
tax and get the people over $250,000. but how popular is this with the voters? >> reporter: not very. early polls show that the voters are split. i mean, it's polling at 50-51%. typical in california, if you want a ballot measure to pass, you need to poll in the high 50s to low 60s. clearly, there is no guarantee that he will be successful in the fall. so, you know, as democrats and the governr governor work together to stitch together the budget, they have to be thinking about what to do that indicates that the voters reject the taxes. >> reporter: what is the plan? if he doesn't get the $6 bill whereon in the tax increase? he has the budget deficit, hoping to pick up $6 billion in taxes. i assume $10 billion is in cuts across the board. if he doesn't get the tax increase, where does he get $6 billion? >> reporter: he's built trigger cuts into the budget. the bulk will come from public
10:22 pm
schools. we are talking about $5.5 billion in cuts to public schools and community colleges. another $500 million cut to the state universities. and so that really is sort of framing the political debate. i think you have to view this through a political lens. the governor is going to frame this as a choice between taxes on the wealthy, essentially, that will be the talking point, versus cuts to schools. so that will be what brown wants voters to think about as they go into the voting bog in november irk i read tonight, an interesting story that might be good news for the state of california, that the facebook ipo could generate up to $2 billion for california and $500 million before the end of this fiscal year. thens it the $1.6 billion next year. that's good news? >> reporter: right. but that's already been spent. that's factored into the governor's equation here. so any sense that facebook is the silver bullet for the
10:23 pm
california economy -- that's not the case. the governor knows that and i think anybody who watches the budget closely, $2 billion is not enough to solve the problem. that's money that the governor already accounted for. >> greta: anthony, thank you. i hope you find some moan. i don't know where you are going to get it. thank you. >> reporter: yeah, thanks. >> greta: now to great britain. prosecutors charging the former head of news corp's unit, rebecca brooks was formally charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. her husband and four others were also charged, accused of impeding a hacking investigation at the news of the world and the sun tabloids. prosecutors say miss brooks concealed documents and computers and archived materials. rebecca brooks was editor of both papers before becoming
10:24 pm
chief executive of news international. today, she denounced the charges against her. >> one day, the details of this case will emerge, and people will see today as nothing more than an expensive side show, a waste of public money, as a result of an injust and weak decision. >> greta: these are the first criminal charges filed since police re-opened inquiries into the scandal six months ago. news corp owns fox news. >> indiana governor mitch daniels says we are drifting toward niagara falls. that doesn't sound good. what does he mean? he goes "on the record," next. you are going to say, no! not again! but yes, oamg could be headed back to court. why? ♪
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>> greta: governor mitt romney is blasting president obam for what he calls the nation's spending infernouf. >> the people of iowa and of america have watched president obama nearly four years now. much of that time, with congress controlled by his own party. and rather than putting out that spending fire, he's been feeding it. he has spent more and borrowed more. the time has come for a president, a leader, who will lead. i will lead us out of this debt and spending inferno. we will stop borrowing unfathomable sums of money we can't even imagine from foreign
10:29 pm
countries we are never even going to visit. i will work with to you make sure we put out this spending and borrowing fire. >> so, what does governor romney think tell take to put out the spending fire or indiana governor mitch daniels? he did it in his state to some extent. he has advice. governor, nice to see you, sir. >> hi, greta. >> greta: governor, if you could get any message from your experience as being a governor of indiana to governor romney in terms of handling the economy, what's the single message you want to make sure he hears? >> trust the american people. level with them about the facts. explain that we are going to have to make some changes. and it's all in the interest of low-income people, of young people, of people trying to climb the ladder of success. they're the folks who will be penalized if we keep drifting toward niagara falls on the
10:30 pm
current track. so couch everything in terms of their future and take the message to young people and to middle america at every opportunity. >> greta: governor romney today, governor, talks about the sharper spending cuts. and president obama talks about issues like fairness, very different. but in both speeches and both economic policies, the one thing i don't hear is something that you brought up when you first became governor. on the first day you became governor, you created indiana's office of management and budget, which looked at insufficiencies and cost savings. do you see either candidate focusing in on inefficiencies and waste in their speeches? >> well, i think they both talk about it. it does deserve a close look. i will say, greta, that perhaps
10:31 pm
a big difference between the federal and state levels is that, although waste is rampant, we all know that and there is an awful lot of government we should wring out and no one would miss it, the federal over-spending is overwhelmingly in the safety net or entitlement programs. we have to address them. the most effective, it took our team of fraud fighters and spending cutters from indiana, which i think is the best in america with a record to prove it. if you turned our folks loose, you wouldn't get at the big bucks until you looked at entitlements and on the other side of the equation, much faster economic growth. >> greta: have you worked in the federal side of this as l. i am curious, what could we do with those entitlements? i realize it's a vast topic, worth ev 10 hours of discussion. but? is there something so we could
10:32 pm
feel good about ourselves and get a grip on what is happening to our growing disebt? >> it could take 10 hours. but i think i can name that tune in well under a minute. first of all, if we would begin to address it, it would make a dramatic, positive difference for jobs and growth in this country. if the world, which really wants to keep financing the united states -- they don't have a better alternative. the world even saw us start down the path of reconciling our long-term commitments and our means, they would reward that, with, i think, new investment and lower interest rates on a long-term basis. how do to do it -- a lot of ways. first of all, means test the programs, concentrate the monologue-income people who really need it. secondly, we should, you know, clearly stop over-indexing the programs, protect people against the cost of living, but not necessarily more. raise the retirement age, very
10:33 pm
gradual tow something that lines up with today's actuarial. you say, you're good to go, nothing's going to change for you, but help us make sure that younger people have something waiting. >> greta: in terms of cutting entitlements, the lower income, i am talking about social security, which people don't call entitlement, they say they have paid into it -- they deserve it. but entitlements for the very poor who, might be discouraged or don't have jobs, no future opportunity. do you see a necessity focused on them to rev up the economy? how would you get them inspired and going have and having opportunity? >> we should go to a full-throated growth policy in this country, specifically in the interest of those who are jobless or under-employed today. and those young people coming up at enormous number of young people, coming out of college,
10:34 pm
even, without a job. so many of them, living at home. that means, things like lower, flatter tax rates, every economist i know across the spectrum agrees that taking out the -- so many of the preferences and special exceptions and the bookshelves of tax code we have is -- would be positive for growth and jobs. absolutely maximizing this great new energy opportunity, which american engineute has created for us, natural gas and oil sands and the new means of extraction. we can be the energy producer for the world, after sending billions of hard-earned dollars overseas to meet our energy needs. >> greta: i know that you are a big supporter of governor romney, of course, a fellow republican. but what is your deepest criticism of president obama's economic policy? where in your mind, does it
10:35 pm
fail? or is it on the wrong track? >> it would be a lot shorter answer if i told you anything they had done right. they have been regulation crazy. they have piled cost after cost, delay after delay, in the path of those who would hire americans. they have been for -- more taxes on the threat of more taxes on a recurring basis. as if that wasn't enough to stop the economic growth, they have chosen to be sadly divisive, castigating individual businesses, business sector, even individuals by name. and so, they have had -- as pure an anti-growth economic policy as one could imagine. no one should be surprised that the economy has responded as it has, businesses are scared to death to risk any of the money that they have in their treasuries.
10:36 pm
>> greta: one last question about the race the other day in indianasm i know that you were chief of staff, way back when for senator luger. he lost to a member -- a man supported by the tea party. what do you make of the tea party movement in the country right now? >> oh, it's a factor. it was a factor here in our state. but in this contest, very honestly, the winner, richard murdoch, started with two-thirds of the regular republican county chairman and added to that as he went along. this was a test between two good friends of mine two, good allies and two really good people. but it would be a complete misunderstanding to label this a tea party phenomenon when in fact, the winner had a very strong majority with rank-and-file republicans who felt they knew him, had seen a lot of him. he has been elected twice, statewide in the -- statewide in the last 6 years. he's a republican regular.
10:37 pm
that was the decisive factor. >> greta: last question, but i am curious. subaru announcing new jobs in your state. if there was a formula, on a national level, how do you get subaru to do that in your state -- they could have gone anywhere. what's so great? >> i will be riding my motorcycle up there to help them celebrate tomorrow morning, not for the first time. it's simple. in all the major rankings, the best states to do business, indiana's come rocketing up the list in the top 5. we are the only state everywhere in the top 10 or 20. that's what happens when you commit yourself completely to jobs and economic opportunities. so we have lowered taxes and kept spending down. we have a triple-ay credit rating, so taxes are not going back up. we have the lowest property taxes in america. we have a regulatory approach,
10:38 pm
which has high standards, but it's quick, consistent and not punitive. we don't talk about crucifying anybody out here. we have built the best infrastructure in the country. if do you that, then people notice and people have a good experience when they invest. and like subaru, they invest again. >> greta: thank you. i think we should look to see what works and try to copy that stuff. maybe you will get other states copying you. >> come see us in indiana. we will show you, thank you, governor. coming up, this reads like a spy novel smghts but it is serious. iran is accusing the united states and israel of assassinating iranian nuclear skifts and today, they send the message at the end of the rope. john bolton goes "on the record." is facebook getting bad news isn't ipo's expected to be a blockbuster. but is something about to rain
10:39 pm
on facebook's parade? that's in two
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and go to for a free trial offer. >> greta: is there a bit of a stink bomb in the facebook ipo? a major u.s. automaker has news for facebook that they won't like. general motors says it will stop advertising on faceburkes saying that paid ads have little impact on consumers. the move has some asking, do facebook ads really sell products? facebook has been trying to convince investors that the advertising business makes the sky-high valuation worth it. last year, facebook's revenue was $3.7 billion, mostly from advertising sales. but only a small fraction came from general motors. some argue, facebook is the yellow pages of the future, focusing on smaller companies. so are big carmakers critical to facebook's success?
10:42 pm
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call or click and join for free. test easy. >> from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. new details in the case of a new jersey airport security supervisor accused of using the identity of a dead man. investigators say the native of nigeria began using the i.d. in 1992, three weeks before its rightful owner was shot and killed. it is not known if he had any role in the murder. he worked for a private security firm at newark liberty airport. he was not employed by the tsa. high winds fueling a wildfire in northern arizona, forcing people from the mining town of crown king. the fire consuming 2 1/2 square miles so far and has destroyed two buildings and one trailer. the smoke plume is so high it can be seen as far as the phoenix metro area. the fire is still zero percent
10:45 pm
contained at this point. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to "on the record" with greta. thanks for watching. greta. >> greta: right now, iran and israel are said to be engagedin a slaido war. no tanks or fighter planes, but assassinations on iranian soil. it sounds like it's straight out of a spy novel. four assassinations of iranian nuclear skifts. iran says that israel is behind ich of the four assassinations. and today, iran very publicly assassinate the a man they say was a spy. iran accuses the -- accuses the united states of being in spree to sabotage their nuclear program. does that accurately lay out the facts in. >> this being the middle-east, there are a lot of conspiracy theories about who is killing the nuclear sift asks, including one who believes they were kill
10:46 pm
bietd government of iran because they suspected he was a spy for israel. the sod saudis may be involved, i don't lose any sleep. i think being an iranian nuclear skift should be a dangerous position. >> greta: they injuries the wife of an israeli diplomat. so there is back and forth, it seems? i mean, i don't know if that's true or not? clearly she was injured. i don't know who did it. >> clearly, israeli intelligence services have this capability and many argue that the reason some of the former officials are arguing against a strike by israel against iran's program is because they think sabotage and spean age and -- spean -- espionage are part of it. >> greta: they say that he confessed at the moment right before i. i'm sure he dirks i understand that they said he d.
10:47 pm
maybe he thought -- >> no miranda rights in iran. >> greta: no miranda. i suspect they thought if he did confess, that might get him out of the situation where he was about to be executed. but i am curious, is there any update on where iran is in acquiring nuclear weapon capability. >> i think they continue to make steady progress. the important thing is not whether they get one nuclear weapon. i think we all tend to talk as if it's a race to get the first nuclear weapon. that's obviously important. but that's not all here. they are building a broad and deep nuclear in42 structure. that's why they are playing for more time. just today, there were reports in the media that a top advise tort ayatollah is crowing yet again that iran has succeeded over western negotiators in buying time. >> greta: well, why -- i mean, israel's in the line of fire. the whole world should care, but israel because ahmadinejad is targeting him and says he wants to wipe israel off the map.
10:48 pm
i read the papers and i don't see -- i read the israeli papers. i don't see that israel is vocal, publicly, sabre rattling toward iran. >> there is a fine line for the israeli government. there is a needs to prepare the public if they strike against iran is going on come, to demonstrate this this is a legitimate act of self-defense. but you don't want to give iran more tactical warning than have you. to i think the most significant development is the bringing in of the party into netanyahu's coalition, that is led by a shaw and former chairman of the israeli general staff. in effect, that makes three former chairman, top officials in the netanyahu coalition. so if they decide to strike, he has a phalanx of former military officials. >> greta: if this were august, we were talking about it, what would we be talking about? >> i thought the israelis should have struck three and-a-half years ago. so as far as i'm concerned,
10:49 pm
every day just increases the risk that our intelligence may be imperfect. i throw that out there for what it's worth, iran could be a lot further along than we think. >> greta: if they were a lot further along, i would expect the israelis to strike sooner, rather than later itch they are under enormous pressure by the obama administration not to strike. they had disarray in the government in the last years of the bush administration. there are a lot of complexities in israel's calculation, for for retaliation, very hard call for them to make. >> greta: ambassador, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: we told but american airlines grounding a frequent flyer. now a similar problem. but the beef is with a restaurant. we will explain that one, next. big news about lady gaga and thousands of fans all over the world won't be happy. what just happend?
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>> greta: you have seen our top stories, but here's the best of the rest. is o.j. simpson headed for another trial? he's in a nevada prison for kidnapping and armed robbery of sports memorabilia. now simpson has a new lawyer. and the new lawyer's trying to get him a new trial in the las vegas case. she says that simpson had bad
10:54 pm
legal representation in his 2008 trial and blames bad trial strategy for his conviction. the new lawyer says that simpson wanted to recover personal photos and memetropolitanos when he confronted the memorabilia dealers in a las vegas hotel. the judge will hear the request in july. a wisconsin man has a major beef with a seafood restaurant, protesting after the all-you-can-eat restaurant cut him off. that's right. it was supposed to be all you can eat. but the waitress stopped giving the man food. the man got a dozen fish. he was sent home with more fish to go. but the man came back with a picket sign. bad news for lady gaga, the government of indonesia has cancelled her concert. it was supposed to be her biggest concert. 52,000 fans were expected. why was it cancelled?
10:55 pm
islamic hardliners say she gitoo edgy and her outfits are too revealing and her lyrics are too satanic. there you have it. coming up, there could be new fallout from the j.p. morgan chase debacle, but not what you would expect -- or is it? most life insurance companies look at you and just see a policy. at aviva, we do things differently. we're bringing humanity back to life insurance. that's why only aviva rewards you with savings for getting a check-up. it's our wellness for life program, with online access to mayo clinic. see the difference at
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