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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 16, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> bret: maybe we pitch it for tomorrow's know here. >> greg: lead with it! >> bob: do it friday when i'm not here. >> thank you for watching. >> kimberly: my goodness. ♪ ♪ >> bret: borrowing inferno. rich guy dreams and brand new fox polls. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier with less than six months to go before the election. governor romney bid to replace barack obama is going to wrong way tonight. at least in one poll. the latest fox news poll out this hour show a dropoff for romney in the head-to-head matchup. this comes as the g.o.p. challenger unleaps blistering attack against the president economic policy. chief political correspondent carl cameron has the top story. >> slipping in the latest
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national fox poll. romney kicked off a two-day campaign swing through florida. intensified the attack on president obama. as a wasteful spender, with aranous wildfire of debt. >> high time we have a president to stop the spending and borrowing inferno. i will. i will get the job done. [ applause ] >> the new fox news national survey shows romney lost ground in recent weeks and if the votes were tallied today, obama 46, romney 3. seven-point drop from romney since last month. prior to the new fox survey, the real clear politic average of recent polls had the president leading by less than with the points. among independent voters who decide close general election, the new fox poll shows romney leading 34-2. but the advantage has diminished in recent weeks. gender gap is substantial. romney is 2 # among women behind -- 22 points among women behind obama. and joe biden said he resents those of accusing democrats
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wanting to raise taxes on the rich because they envy wealth or they don't believe in the american dream. >> my mother and my father beliefed if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be, i could be visit president. my mother and father believed that if my brother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy drea dreams. they don't get us. they don't get who we are. >> romney says the president is undermining the american dream with the politics of the envy and class warfare, while using policies to enrich democratic donors in the re-election campaign at the expense of national and economic security. >> this president is comfortable with the trillion dollar deficits. i'm not. i'll stop that. this is a president who is comfortable cutting the military. i'm not. i will stop that. this is a president who is not taking advantage of our energy resources. instead, he is taking your
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dollars and i vesting it in some of the little businesses of his campaign contributors. that is wrong. that will stop. we will not do that when i'm president. >> romney won the endorsement of rival herman cain. he urged those who wanted to vote for him to get over it. >> bret: survey participants were asked about which candidate they would trust to manage their money. 47% said romney. 44% said president obama. they would prefer president obama as a life coach. nebraska republicans selected underdog senate senator fisher to go up against democrat bob kerry for a u.s. senate seat this fall. fisher upset two other g.o.p. candidates to win tuesday primary following a late surge and support of national conservatives, including former alaska governor sarah palin.
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republicans need every seat they can get in both shamers for what is shaping up as post election free for all over the debt ceiling. ed henry tells us the president tried to make nice for a while. >> after hitting congress over his to-do list on jobs, peace offering for president obama. >> there is a serious side. is there speaker boehner ate the sandwich pew would not bite on the president proposal to raise the nation debt ceiling after the election without any spending cuts attached. boehner dug in and said he would not borrow more without serious debt plan and the president dug in saying he wanted a clean increase with no cuts.
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>> the president's point is not hold full, faith and credit hostage to party agenda. >> that is the full scale war that nearly brought the economy to a screeching halt. >> i haven't heard kumbaya in so long i wouldn't recognize it around here. >> in the last two days, boehner tried to protect the right flank demanding spending cuts. accusing the president of bailing on a grand bargain. >> the difference between knowing what is right an doing what is right is courage. the president lost his courage last summer. >> message republicans are pounding in a new ad by crossroad. >> i'm pledging to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term in office. >> he hasn't even come close. >> white house aides note the president signed $2 from in cuts -- $2 trillion in cuts.
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>> we need balanced approach to this. >> new fox poll shows the public approval of the overall job performance is up to 49%, only 36% approve of the performance on deficit. jay carney would not bite today on questions how much time the white house will devote to preventing a crisis. chicago announcing today they raised $43.6 million in april. a big number but a drop from what they raised in march. >> bret: ed henry live on the north lawn. thank you late thatch, speaker bane baun called the budget national laughingstock. that is after jeff sessions presented a plan modeled after president obama budget. the vote was 0-99. white house pest secretary garny called at it gimmick.
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>> republicans voting against it. the republicans immediately noted it has been three years since the democratically controlled senate passed a budget. the how passed a bill to renew violence against women act. president threatens to veto the version. it does not include expansions in the senate measure to specifically protect gay, lesbians, bisexual and transgenders. >> let's call the bill what it is. not violence against women act, but the open season for violence against women act. >> this is a bill and as we look to reauthorize, we want to make sure we're not politicizing this issue but reauthorizing it. >> f.b.i. director robert mueller today confirmed that the bureau has opened the preliminary investigation in the $2 billion trading loss
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suffered by jp morgan chase. he also told the senate judiciary committee they were looking in to who leaked the information about al-qaeda plot to blow up a u.s. -bound airliner. that case involved a double agent who turned over upgraded underwear bomb to american authorities. >> a team of international observers evacuated a day after roadside bomb hit a convey and left stranded overnight. the government and the opposition blame each other. the assad regime is introducing another element in the equation. correspondent leland vittert tells us what that is. >> the shooting of unarmed protestertester. the brutal torture of sympathizers and shelling of opposition stronghold by the syrian army. none should be blamed by the
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government says the president assad in interview with russian state tv. >> the problem is there are extremists like those from al-qaeda. mean not only the organization, itself, pew the way of thinking extremist and terrorists. >> he may have a point. the expert say coordinating bombs that killed 55 in the syrian capital last week were likely to work al-qaeda or one of the offshoot groups. >> since then the shaky cease-fire had continued to unravel. amateur video purports to show the attack on a convoy of u.n. minors. the syrian opposition blames the government for tuesday's attack. the government blames terrorists. >> [ inaudible ] they got the arms from different foreign countries. >> members of the self-named free syrian army posted their own videos on youtube.
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vows to fight on. continue to recruit defecting government soldiers. ominous warning for neighbors. such aid can be given by by remembering the adage: you reap what you sow. >> bret: thank you. the estranged right of robert f. kennedy junior has been found dead at her home in new york. sources tell fox news it's believed that mary kennedy committed suicide. the couple had four children together. robert f. kennedy junior is the son of the late senator from new york. and nephew of president john f. kennedy. this afternoon, president obama awarded the medal of army to rifleman who saveed others giving his life in cambodia. the specialist charged in enemy position in an ambush in 1970. he eventual le threw a grenade
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that silenced hostile fire and resulted in his own death. his widow received the medal. this brings to us tonight's text to vote question: should the federal government invest in alternative energy in text sr1 to 36288 if your answer is yes. sr2 for no. results later.
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where their wild ancestor was born. there we discovered that cats, no matter where they are... are born toe cats. and shouldn't your cat be who he was born to be? discover your cat's true nature. purina one. ♪ ♪ ♪ republicans say president obama argued green energy can fuel the cars, run the factories and create millions
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of jobs in the process. a goal a lawmaker declared a failure. >> three years in the gamble, efforts this wasted vast sum of taxpayer money and failed to achieve the stated goals. >> reporter: democrats, however, defended the taxpayer subsidiaries as necessary to keep from losing ground to other countries. >> if we fail to support the emerging technologies our country will fall behind countries like germany and china. >> ceo of a company that got no loan or subsidiaries said his company did fine without them. >> learn one important thing. that is it's economics not government policy the drives behavior. >> one ceo says he and member of the board zeld 700,000 shares of stock in three days after getting taxpayer subsidy. >> you are voting and getting the heck out of a situation, saying i have to get out of think. ee watching this grow. i have so much confidence that
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that company i'm going to cash out. >> republicans darrell issa and others suggested that the loan guarantees tainted by political favoritism as they pointed to e-mail to the administration officials urging quick approval of loa loans. one went to top advisor in energy department, or doe said the head of a utility talked directly to obama about the program challenges and the bad situation it puts him in. doe credibility is thin, it said, as a republican saw as using political influence to get loan guarantee. >> this is casual, hey, we talked to obama, this sounds like it was common. >> one lawmaker said he didn't blame ceos or seeking loan guarantees. the key question is whether the government spent taxpayer money wisely. bret? >> bret: sorry for audio issues. crude oil fell by more than a dollar today. to finish at 7-month low of
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$92n'92.81 a barrel. $3.73 is gas for third day in a row. what you get for that $3.73 is the subject by rick leventhal. >> reporter: at the filling station in dover, pennsylvania, you won't get ethanol in your fuel, just pure gas. gas costs 20 cents more a gallon but the customers are paying premium because of the concern that ethanol corrodes engine and it gets better fuel economy, 2 to 10%. >> it don't make no sense to me why they are using this. >> more than 95% of gas stations across america sell blend of 90% gas and 10% ethanol made from corn. ethanol industry says the mix is saving drivers a $1.09 per gallon on average. petitioned the epa to raise
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the limit to 15% ethanol early as this summer, which could save drivers even more. >> ethanol is american made product. we create jobs here and economic opportunities here. we are lowering gasoline prices here. >> two-year study released by oil makers and auto industry said 10 1/5% blend could damage engines on the road today. >> we are hitting what they call is a blend wall. you are required to use ever greater volume in the system but it goes beyond what cars are designed for. >> randy says as long as he can get pure gas it's all he will sell. >> it's perfect economy here. you can see a power boat, cars and harleys.
3:19 pm
they are out driving and they don't want ethanol in their tank. >> it faces a couple of hurdles. the ruling on the oil economy lawsuit against the epa expected in june. a bill in the house to require more study before it's sold. but a safe bet it won't be sold here. back to you. >> bret: rick leventhal live in pennsylvania. thank you. federal workers with huge bonuses. we'll explain. the it was rests in the john edwards trial. tell you whether the accused took the stand. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. the best in nutrition... justot better. high in vitamins d, e, and b12. plus omega 3's. there's one important ingredient that hasn't changed: better taste. better taste. yum! [ female announcer ] eggland's best. the better egg.
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>> bret: president obama has take an stand against big bucks for private sector worker he is feels do not deserve them. correspondent doug mckelway tonight reveals some of the
3:23 pm
folks working for the president and you are getting extra cash as well. >> the bill is passed. >> day after the house of representatives passed president obama economic stimulus plan, he blasted wall street for paying out $18 billion in exective bonuses. >> bret: that is the height of irresponsibility. it's shameful. >> it revealed the government offered bonuses to $439 million until awards last year and more for $2 million the priest year before new austerity measures were imposed. perks that strike some taxpayers as excessive. >> it's a bit much. there is a lot of waste in the government. >> there are a handful of awards. but the vast majority are rewards they get automatically for sitting in their seat. >> in addition to pay freeze,
3:24 pm
they eliminated bonuses for political appointees to agencies to the rigorous management processes and set a cap to reduce spending on reward for career sat. saving the taxpayers estimated $200 million this year alone. >> bonuses aside, salaries monk senior executives throughout the federal government in the six-figure range. cabinet members are paid $177,000, less than the private sector. but lower ranking administrators suspended gsa western regional administration at the heart of the las vegas retreat scandal made almost as much. $172,000 a year. >> critics say the family members from the private sector. the benefit they get in kicking faster to provide more job security. >> bret: thank you. wisconsin department of workforce development said state created 134,000 jobs
3:25 pm
last year. 34,000 in the term of scott walker. the governor is a focus of a recall election june 5. his opponent cite the current employment survey indicating the state loss 34,000 jobs in walker's first year. we take "special report" on the road to wisconsin early next month. grapevine is next. don't forget to participate in the text to vote poll. that brings to us this question -- should the federal government invest in alternative energy? text sr1 to 36288 if your answer is yes. sr2 for no. results in a bit. ask me how i've never slept better.
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. america's top universities are not fair and balanced when it comes to political ideology of commencement speakers according to the young americas foundation commencement speaker survey that said 2 liberals will speak at the top -- 29 liberals will speak at the top 35 schools, include 16 obama administration officials and appointees. only one conservative made the list. in the obama presidency, administration officials have spoken 29 times. bush administration officials, just 14 times in his two term terms. americans elect, group that wanted to nominate centrist third party candidate admitted it came up short. none of the candidates muster minimum support needed to
3:30 pm
qualify for group's primary. the organization mounted a $15 million evident to get on the general election ballot in 29 states. giving it greater reach than green party. democrats and republicans anxious about a.e. changing the outcome of the election may be breathing easier but not so fast. a.e. leaders are trying to decide if the group should nominate a candidate without a primary. that would require the board to change its rules. announcement expected thursday. former special advisor to obama for green jobs van jones regrets the environmental movement was so quiet in the 2010 gulf oil spill. jones said, "i guarantee you if mccain kin had been president with that oil spill or george bush had been president, w that pill spill, i'd have been out there a w a sign protesting. i didn't, because of who the president was." jones said he is tough on progressive leaders including himself who did not stand on
3:31 pm
their principals. the defense in the john edwards trial rested without calling edwards on his mistress to the stand. sport jonathan serrie tells us -- correspondent jonathan serrie tells us what is next from greensboro, north carolina. >> good evening. closing arguments scheduled to begin tomorrow morning with the jury going in deliberation on friday. this morning, chen john edwards arrived at the federal courthouse it was without his daughter kate who has been by his side. her name was on the witness list, a list that named john edwards himself, his mistress and former aid andrew young who overed as the prosecution key witness. young claims that edwards orchestrated a scheme to use campaign funds to hide a pregnant mistress and protect the politicalled a spir ration was about to be called back to face hostile questioning by the defense. edwards lawyers rested the case after agreeing with the prosecution on a series of stipulations that neither side
3:32 pm
will contest. such that edwards is the father of the mistress' trial and donor barren spent $800,000 in expenses related to hunter while keeping her in hiding. the prosecution prevented the defense playing an out owe tape where commissioner donnel mcgan said the donor money that supported hunter and her child did not fall under the definition of campaign contribution. edwards lead attorney abbey lowell argued just because it doesn't help the government doesn't mean the government shouldn't see it. judge kathryn eagle prevented jurors hearing the tape saying i don't think the opinion of other, whether they're fdc officials or not is helpful to the jury. earlyer the judge subjected opinions would be better reserved for defensive closing arguments. closing arguments are expected to begin at 9:15 eastern time at the federal courthouse tomorrow. >> jonathan serrie live in greensboro. thank you. stocks were down again today. dow lost 33.
3:33 pm
s&p 500 gave back six. nasdaq closed down 20 behind. construction on homes and apartments rose by 2.6% in april. the starts were near january three-year high. what do you do if you can't qualify for a mortgage to buy one of those houses and you can't afford to pay ever increasing rent for one of those apartments? correspondent alicia acuna looks at the growing dilemma. >> rebecca who withheld her last name on the hunt for a new place to live. >> sign a lease tomorrow for sure. >> her current landlord trying to raise her respect by 14%. it was negotiated down but she says it's still too high. >> that is not shocking. we get call calls from the publc who are concerned about that. >> ryan with the colorado division of housing says finding a place to rent in den rer is getting harder and pricier. companies tracking real estate nationwide are finding even if
3:34 pm
folks can qualify for the mortgage, many are worried about another housing bust. the result, more people pushed to rental, so the vacancy rate stinks and the average rent is going up. >> they are within the legal right if they can bare it. >> places like boston, orlando, san francisco. almost every major metro area in the country saw the respect increases average of 4% in the fourth quarter of 2011. dr. ron from the university of denver connected a study that found why it's a landlord market. >> we have not been building apartment complex. it takes time to catch up as far as building them. >> lower-income folks are priced out according to the census bureau 306789% of adults live with roommates more than they have since the depression. demand for units are
3:35 pm
understated. >> we have people doubling up and getting in units. >> mile high city vacancy rate is down to 2%. those who are skittish may find buying as a more affordable option than respecting. >> bret: monday we had a graphic to indicate ron paul suspended his presidential campaign. rand was dropping out of the race. we didn't say it but the graphic did. in fact, paul said he would no longer spend money to campaign in states where primaries have yet to be held but the campaign insists he is not dropping out or suspending his campaign. we regret that graphic error. brand new fox poll and presidential race when the all-stars join me after a quick break.
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one thing i do resent, i resent when i talk about families like mine that i grew up in, i resent the fact that they think we're talking about we're envy, it's job envy, wealth envy. that we don't dream. my mother believed and my father believed if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be. i could be vice president. py mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. [ applause ] they don't get us. they don't get who we are. >> bret: vice president biden fired up today. maybe because of the new fox polls out today. the new fox poll head-to-head, president obama versus mitt romney. there you see, barack obama with a lead 46-39. change from april. if you look at independents specifically, romney has the lead but down significantly from april.
3:40 pm
if you look at the real clear politics average of the head-to-head matchup, you can see it's much closer. but all shows are on a spread. romney meanwhile leading on the deficit and debt. >> it is looking out across a prairie and seeing a fire in the distance. at a stage like that, you don't say well, i'll go to bed and maybe somebody else will take care of it. you don't say i'll go to bed does a the wind might change. you look for someone who says i'll take responsibility and fix this, put it out. >> bret: the panel, steve hayes, stanstevehayes "weekly s" juan williams, the hill. and syndicated columnists, charles krauthammer. look at the poll, questions, thought? >> it's interest than the fox poll going different direction from other polls we've seen in the past week. tracking poll showed the race was tightening but this
3:41 pm
suggests that obama is doing better than he otherwise would. going to biden comment, remarkable speech he made. as someone is skeptical of the rumors that biden being replaced, you have to wonder. is this guy under pressure? what husband he doing screaming at his -- what was he doing screaming at his audience? he didn't make a case? he just raised his voice. i don't think it was effective presentation. maybe there are truth to rumors biden is on his way out. >> bret: now that he essentially led the way on the same-sex marriage announcement, hard to think there would be a change. juan? >> i guess so. i am sympathetic. i'm sympathetic and i think there may be a case, he is out there delivering a stem line on the speeches as if he's desperate to make the case for himself to be the v.p.
3:42 pm
i don't see it coming but steve is on to something that this guy is screaming at the audience. he talks about they don't get it. i think people understand that republicans and the fox poll that republicans in terms of managing the economy and jobs, might have more facing romney than obama. >> bret: go to number five. >> i will say they think the economy is doing better right now. trajectory is better for democrats right now. >> bret: the fox question: who would you hire to manage your money? 47% mitt romney. 34% barack obama. if you want a life coach, obama is who the polls chose. >> that is comical to me. the part that is important is if you ask people about the state of the economy, you see the numbers growing in terms of the confidence. they believe it's better off than four years ago. that the job situation in
3:43 pm
their local, is better today than four years ago. good sign for president obama. >> bret: go to number four, jobs. you can see the president doing well on foreign policyment not so well on immigration. and go to the next one, job creation, healthcare, economy. and the federal deficit you see there disapprove. 60%. when you look at that number you can see why romney is talk about the priory fire of debt. >> it -- prairie fire of debt. >> it's a good strategy. people have it on their mind and innate sense you can't keep spending, borrowing chinese money and it ends up well. people know that. it's a question is where is the limit? people are beginning to understand that romney is trying to make a case to connect the debt to the deficit of the economy. it's not just out there as a
3:44 pm
separate issue. but something weakens the economy and makes it harder for to us grow. lastly, hovering on the horizon. everybody is hearing about the problems with greece and europe. it really is becoming acute. the greeks had an election. they have to have a second election. they have no government that can stick with the plan they had. promise the e.u. it looks asfy f they will get kicked out of the e.u. and looks to be a crisis. we are already seeing it here. one reason that obama had a bump in november is the run-up of the stock market. there was optimism. now it's on the slide. it has delayed effect. not an immediate effect. i think he still living off the bump we had before. this crisis in europe and retirement account will have a significant effect as well. >> bret: with vice president biden on the stump he started the speech saying that jobs
3:45 pm
were coming back. things were starting to happen. that's when he got fired up in presentation. is it dangerous for the obama administration and surrogates to be going out and trying to convince people it's not that fragile, it is coming back? or is that the tact they'll take? >> it's a delicate arguement to make. they have to make people feel better about the way things are. unlikely we will see dramatic changes but every time they do that they risk looking out of touch. like they are not identifying with people struggling. there are people struggling. that is a difficult balance to reach. i don't know that he did it today. >> bret: juan? >> yeah. it's a difficult balance, but you have to be confident. the daneier is -- charles hit it right -- given situation in europe and headlines today about the deal to reduce the greek debt possibly falling
3:46 pm
apart. that has a ripple effect on the economy. i manual the republicans saying there he goes again for blaming everybody else for misfortune at home. it's real and could have impact on the american economy. as you much up the hopes of consumer confidence, so essential to the economy. you have to be careful not overstep bounds. doing better in this poll. that we are talking about. independents right now. >> that is purely about the economy. >> bret: we spent two days at the beginning of the week talking about obama campaign ad and support pac ad supporting the obama campaign now. a new ad of super mac supporting romney. american crossroad. we rolled a tape to see it, not hear it. this is basically going at statements the president made. and what is happening in reality. is this effective using the president's words and it seems like this is a big buy.
3:47 pm
>> this is the best way to go after obama. people elected him on hope and change. on the guy who would change the direction of the culture of the political culture. change direction of the economy. neither happened. his campaign now. i promise you that i would do something i promise in 2008. i think it's good to remind americans that the proms you make, major one -- promises you make, major one, big one that wanted significant victory are ones he didn't come close to keeping. why would you trust him again? it's effective. using his own words is the most effective way to go after him. >> bret: next up, green energy, gas prices and the issue of energy at the ballot box. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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♪ ♪ >> bret: supporting research is an important role of government but the loan guarantee program is wasteful mistake because it doesn't work. having spent most of my career developing strategy for companies large and small, i learned one important thing; that is, it's economics not government policy that drives behavior. >> the clear financial success the enemployment an security benefit demonstrated by this program, demonstrates that the doe should ramp up the loan guarantee evidents and provide loan guarantee support for roughly another $30 no $40 billion of u.s. clean energy projects and companies. >> bret: well, the current environment opportunity seem like that is going to be possible with solyndra fresh in their minds. house republicans holding a hearing up on capitol hill today. about green energy. how much the government should invest in it. back with the panel. charles. there was testimony on both sides. but the point republicans were
3:52 pm
making was the promise as we talk about in the priest panel of president obama. the 1 million jobs created hasn't come close. >> it's pie in the sky, because obama misunderstands the role of government in new technology. yes, the government ought to invest in research, as it does with nih. the private company doesn't make sense. it won't pay off in a way to be able to be solvent. the government has that role. the role is not subsidize industries which are clearly not economical. miles away from being economical. there will be technological advances in the future. sew lor or wind others will be competitive. but obama says he wants to make it competitive, not that he makes the alternate energy cheaper, but he wants to tax and regulate traditional
3:53 pm
energys to appoint that is so expensive, it matches the uneconomical clean energy. that is a wrong way to go about it. out undermines the economy. going about it the wrong way. >> sometimes the hearings are to show lawmakers are tough on the guys. at one point,cee of company first solar was questioned because, chastised because he and members of his board sold 700,000 shares of stock three days after getting the taxpayer subsidiaries. >> it should. it looks like the sucker in the deal is the taxpayer. you heard that they say straight out it doesn't make
3:54 pm
sense. on the other hand -- other side of the picture is that there has to be a role for government. and alternative energy. you look at germany and china and brazil, they are investing in alternative energy. the question how do you go about in a way that you don't have a backlash of failure that comes from solyndra deal, right now filing the american public on the idea of making what i think is legitimate investment in alternative energy for the future. especially given everyone i think would agree that we are overly dependent on the middle eastern oil. steve? >> many european countries are cutting back investment in alternative energy. they cost so much money. this is the level of absurddy we are talking about with respect to green energy. $90 billion of taxpayer money went to green energy as part of the stimulus package to create illusory jobs as you suggest. at the same time we are awaiting announcement tomorrow
3:55 pm
on outcome of investigation by u.s. department of commerce to the government of china for what? for subsidizing green energy. so at the exact same time we subsidize heck out o green energy we are going after china because they subsidize green energy. >> bret: here in the u.s.? >> no, we subsidize it over there and we claim it's unfair practices. investigation launched in november by the department of commerce that has gone through several steps. we are waiting for the time outcome that could lead to tariffs, they're protecting green issue. >> how big of this is in the fall? >> ajunction to issue or -- adjunct to issue. obama answer to everything is expand government and spend money under the word invest. the biggest boondoggle started in the obama years but before
3:56 pm
that. ethanol. even al gore admits it does nothing in respect to climate. consumes as much energy as it saves. complete loss. what happens? we're locked into it, huge subsidy and waste of money for the taxpayers and country. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stave tuned. someone should have told the next anchor that, too. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now with the touch of a button ? droid does. does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ? droid does. droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99.
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>> bret: we asked you in our text to vote poll tonight, should the federal government invest in alternative energy. 9% 'of you said yes. 91 percent said no. we had more than 7,000 votes in our unscientific poll tonight. finally, it takes a team of people to produce a live television broadcast and it takes a lot of people to make sure everything flows smoothly, but it takes just one person to say hey, you're on. >> so pale. >> you're on. >> today's snow is crippling much o


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