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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 16, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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it's powerful. >> 10 big swing states. >> sean: it's a huge body. great to see you. tell opie, i still like him. good to see you. matt, thank you. that's all the time we have left. greta, take it away. >> greta: tonight, wisconsin governor scott walker is here, fighting for his political life. a recall election lose. but now, governor walker has huge news he hopes to dazzle the voters. can it save his job? hear from the governor. and vice-president joe biden goes ballistic. >> my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. [cheers and applause] >> they don't get it! they don't get who we are. >> caller: what set the vice-president off? karl rove is here to talk about it. obamacare -- or no care. a university dropping all student health insurance over what it calls a moral and economic injustice. now all of that in just minutes.
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but right now, new and improved job numbers. will the new numbers convince wisconsin voters to keep their governor, governor scott walker? he faces a recall election in 19 days and today, he released new employment figures. they show wisconsin added jobs in his first year in office, 23,000 jobs. governor walker's opponents argue he hurt the state's economy with a law stripping collective bargaining rights of some public workers. will the new jobs numbers disarm his opponents? governor walker is here. good evening, sir. >> good evening. good to be with you. >> caller: nice to see you. the job numbers, you were quick to release them. but you are getting them out now, obviously, because they show favorable numbers. are you pleased with the 23,000? >> well, absolutely. it is literally a 57,000-plus increase from where my opponents
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are claiming the numbers were last year. their numbers were based on a sample poll of 3 1/2% of employers in the state and showed a job loss. instead, these are actually numbers from surveys of over 150,000-plus employers, that's 96% plus of all employers in wisconsin. that shows realidate a. those are the real numbers. they show we gained more than 23,000 jobs last year, 33,000 since i have been elected. that's good news for everybody who cares about the economy. we are moving forward. >> greta: it's a bigger pool showing you had a net gain of 23,000, as opposed to the older numbers, showing a loss of 33 thousand. when you ran for office and even last weekend at the republican convention, you promised 250,000 jobs for the state of wisconsin. 23,000's the right direction. but that is not 250 thousand. term's not over. but what do you say about that? >> well, we promised, than the
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we would create them, but the people of wisconsin, we would create a better environment for the people. we said we would do it by 2015. we have done that. it is going to compound. you can appreciate this, greta, as a great fan of the green bay packers. when vince lombardi took over the packers, they were 1-10-1. they didn't go to the world championship the first year, it was after several years of setting a foundation. that's what we have done. we have lowered the property taxes for the first time in 12 years in this state. we changed the high cost of litigation and regulation in the state. we have done things to create a better business environment. our chamber of commerce did a survey and 10% thought we were heading in the right direction and now, 94% think they are and 87% said they are going to add more jobs. the biggest concern is in a couple of weeks, that's the recall. they don't want to go backwards to the day of double-digit tax
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increases and billion-dollar budget dev sets. they want to take the foundation and move the state forward. >> greta: i love the packer reference, being an owner of one share of the green bay packers. what mayor tom barrett, your opponent in 2010 when you ran for governor. he said, today's cynical announcement is not about the best way to calculate job growth in wisconsin. but about scott walker pulling stunts to save his own job. i guess he doesn't agree with you itch this is a desperate statement from a desperate campaign. they are behind in the polls because people have seen, when they said our reforms wouldn't work, we saved more than $1 billion. they said we couldn't lower property taxes and we lowered them. they said we couldn't balance the budget, we have a $154 million surplus in two years of putting money aside in the rainy-day fund, the first time ever. with jobs, they said we didn't have a net gain in 2011.
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we have. and the facts are the facts. the mayor and any other supporters can say anything they want about the process. but they cannot undermine the fact that more than 150,000 employers by law are required to provide that information to the state and we are required to provide it to the federal government's bureau of labor statistics. that's wawe have done for our lie detector deadline and the numbers are good. >> >> greta: and two polls have you in a six-point lead over the mayor. here's what i think is an interesting poll, one that was in the milwaukee journal sentinel about the intensity gap. it said 91% of republicans said they are certain to vote for you in recall. 83% of democrats say they are certain to vote. and i thought, after watching all the protests in wisconsin, when they were protesting your collective bargaining and a number of people who were appearing in madison and taking
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over the capitol, i am surprised that the intensity gap between republican voters and democratic voters is even as it is? >> well, i think part of it is the recall fatigue. a lot of discerning democrats on the margin realize this is a big waste of time and money. this is 16 and 17 million dollars of taxpayer money that could be spent to provide relief for seniors or needy families or in the state education. instead it has been wasted by the folk who is want to rehash the last election. we're ready to move on and move forward. i think the people who came out even in the primary when i largely had essentially a noncompetitive primary, our numbers matched that as the top two vote getters. i think lawyer a lot of people who for a year and-a-half, have been silting on the sidelines and said, you know what? i don't need a bullhorn, i can have my voice be heard at the ballot box. my hope is, they will join us
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and get the word out between now and june 5 so we can win on that election, like we did in november of 2010. >> greta: has the recall process changed? have you decided to be more conciliatory? is there any way you are responding to this, in any way? >> no doubt about it. if i look back, i wouldn't change the product. what i did was write and we have seen the rurlts have been positive for the hard-working taxpayers of our state. i think it's important to make sure you have a good process. if i had it to do over again, i would spend more time building the foundation for support. fitold the voters, taxpayers last year that most school districts had to buy their health insurance before our reforms, without being able to bid it out and because of that had to literally cost them tens of millions of dollars, our reforms have changed that. they are putting more money in the classroom and making the savings by bidding on health insurance, most voters would
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have said, yeah, you need to do that. i tried to fix it and talked about it. most politicians talk about did but never fix t. i will fix t. but processwise, you need to talk about it and fix it to get it done dght together. >> greta: in '08, president obama won the state of wisconsin, by a significant margin. 2 years later, you win as a republican governor. a year and-a-half later, there is a recall vote, you are leading by 6 votes. but there is a presidential election in november. i am curious if you see the wisconsin process inw any way reflective of the national picture, number 1. and is the june 5 election going to tell us about which way wisconsin's going to go, come november? >> i think in many ways, wisconziz sin is like the country, do we believe the success in government is how many people are signed up for government benefits, particularly unemployment? or do we believe that the true
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sign is how many people are no longer dependent on the government and control their own destiny and have freedom and prosperity for themselves and their grandchildren? that's the difference. that's the difference we see nationally. the difference between taking our state backwards to the days where the government called the shots or whether or not the hards-working taxpayers are moving forward and truly move our country forward. >> greta: down the road, home of congressman paul ryan. a lot of people are talking about the possibility of romney choosing him as a runningmate. i know he is a friend of yours. would he be a good choice? and why? >> he would be spectacular. i grew up in a small town and we went to a spot on friday nights to watch movies and eat at shakeee's and go to the mall, because they had a mall. paul is salt of the earth. he's smart as can beful i think he is the sharpest guy in
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congress. he would be a great addition, not just for those of us from wisconsin, but across america who, appreciate courage, paul more than anybody in our nation's capitol has exhibited courage and would be a great addition. >> caller: governor, thank you. i hope to come out before the recall. we have made the same offer to your opponent, mayor barrett. i hope he takes us up on it as well. >> don't forget to vote for donald driver to keep him on "dancing with the stars." >> caller: the fix is always in with me with the packers. i confess. thank you. all eyes are on wisconsin. something that happens there could have a domino effect across america. what impact will we see in the november election? karl rove is here. karl, your thoughts, first about this recall -- let me back up. i know that you are part of an organization that does a lot of crossroads, which makes contributions to different issues around the country. so we are clear, you are here as
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a fox analyst. do you have any money in this race at all, the recall race? >> crossroads doesn't, but i have personally contributed to scott walker and i have known him for a better part of a decade. >> >> greta: full disclosure. what is your thought on the recall? >> we have two polls, one showing him up by 1 and another by 6, 19 days left to go. you know, it's going to be an all-out war between now and the election. tens of millions of dollars will have been spent in this contest. i think governor walker's well positioned to win and the question is by how much? the bigger the victory, the bigger the impact of the first of all, obviously twould be weather wois condition sin experiment of reigning in the power of certain public employee unions and having transparency in the retirement and the health benefits and equality between public and private sector
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benefits, that's a big experiment. it is a model for the rest of the country. if he survives, other states will be emboldened to take up this banner of reform. the second thing is that it will have a big impact on determining what kind of wisconsin there is in november. are we going to have the one from 2008, in which there was a 14-point victory by obama or the wisconsin of 2000-2004? gore carried the state by 5,000 votes. in 2004, john kerry carried it lye by less than a half percentage point. a slightly bigger victory by walker would indicate that the state is more like 2000-2004. and finally, it will have a big impact on organized labor. organized labor has put a huge amount of money into the election, last year and this year. we will see how this comes out in 19 days.
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>> greta: do you find any of interest, the intensity gap? or is this a gap? that 91% of republicans are certain to vote and 83% of democrats say they are certain to vote. i don't read this often, but there was so much passion in the collective barg abeing fight, but i am surprised that the democrats are not equal in intensity? or is that essentially equal? >> no, that's not. nearly one out of 10 republicans are enthusiastic and nearly one out of five democrats is unenthusiastic. enthusiastic. you saw it in the primaries. there was a democratic primary for the recall and a republican primary. governor walker was not contested in the republican primary. he won 97%. democrat his an all-out primary for the right to take him on and walker got more votes than the top two vote-getters, mayor
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barrett and the former county executive of dade county, miss falk, combined. that's a sign of enthusiasm. on june 5, enthusiasm is going to matter a lot. i think the polls showing walker up by 5 and 6 may presage a significant victory for him. >> caller: yesterday in the state of nebraska, there is a democratic senator whose seat is open and debfisher, not expected to win and who was the governor of a palin candidate. she won, but she will take on bob kerry. your thoughts? >> i think the republicans got themselves a big victory yesterday. the two front runners, john bruiny and john stenberg had gone after each other for months, spending hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, trashing each other. stenberg, backed by jim demint and the club for growth, 3 times run for the u.s. senate and lost. the state attorney general, john
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bruiny, who is expected to win it -- turned out to have some ethics questions over him. and you know what is interesting to me is debfischer, a rather rr from valentine, nebraska, been elect to the legislature sinceinented 0 4 . she got critical endorsements from sarah palin and jess fortenberry, from lincoln, nebraska. i talked to some pals out there. they said that republican leaders were so fed up with the two republicans going after each other, stemberg and bruiny, they started to ask themselves: how about this debfischer? conservative, rancher, state legislator. and they started to talk to the local state senators and they heard that she was effective, tough, smart, easy to get along with. really focused focused on her j, chairman of a committee and did her homeork workand a really
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fine person. so this got going. you know, it's a sign that sometimes the frontrunners do themselves in. and if you have a quality candidate and she is first rate, this probably moves us from being a lean republican seat in the general election or a likely republican to a solid republican seat. she will be a terrific general election candidate and a great addition to the united states senate. >> caller: she is running against a war hero, bob kerry, who is very popular. so this will be fascinating. >> it is interesting, the polls shower, even as not well known as she was, beating kerry handily, in large part because he has spent the better part of a decade, living in new york city, contemplating a run for mayor in new york city. that's not a good way to get favor in nebraska. >> greta: coming up, vice-president joe biden gets very loud. what got him so riled up? you have to hear the fiery
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>> vice-president joe biden goes ballistic, blasting the rich in a speech in the swing state of ohio. >> one thing i do resent eye resent when they talk about families like mine when i grew up in. i resent the fact that they think we are talking about -- we are envied, it's job envy. it's wealth envy. that we don't dream. my mother believed and my father believed that if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be, i could be vice-president. my mother and father believed that if my brother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich-guy dreams. [cheers and applause]
7:22 pm
>> they don't get us. they don't get who we are. >> greta: karl rove is back with us. karl, obviously, a very passionate vice-president. but the topic of the wealthy in the united states come up. he's in olieo, giving that campaign speech. i suppose he took ohio because they near deep trouble and it's a swing state, right? >> yeah. i wouldn't say passionate. i would say unhinged. i mean, who is he talking about? once again, we saw there, you know, the class warfare, the unnecessary effort by the administration to pit americans of different incomes against each other. who is he talking, the rich people who don't get it isn't people who come from modest means don't dream? i came from not much of anything. i couldn't have gone to college, but i had a $1500-a-year college scholarship. i spent the first part of my freshman year, living in a storage space under an attic because i couldn't afford an apartment or a dorm room.
7:23 pm
the president of the united states and the vice-president don't need to be looking for opportunities to try to pit americans against each other, based on their financial backgrounds. you know, who is he talking about? damned in i know. >> greta: is it effective, politically? i mean, has this been polled, talking about the rich and in fact, he said that governor romney favors the well to do over the average people. has this been polld? >> yeah, yeah. well, i assume they have polled a focus group because it was interesting, the vice-president repeated something that president obama said in his kickoff speech at the ohio state university and virginia commonwealth university. he said that governor romney believes that if the millionaires are doing all right, then everybody else is doing all right. he said that governor romney sincerely believes that. really? i have never heard gp governor romney say anything like that. vice-president biden repeated this -- this myth again today. but i assume that somebody in
7:24 pm
the white house, political apparatus, or in chicago, the team obama in chicago, has focus group tested this and thinks it helps them t. does among the true believers. but that's not who is going to decide the clegz election. >> greta: if you get caught -- the facts are relatively important in the courtroom. they are running an ad, criticizing governor romney for the failure of gsd steel in 2001. of course, he left bane in 1999 to go do the olympics and when gst failed in 2001 and so did bethlehem and other steel company it's if the story comes out, you know, it's going to reflect poorly on the person pushing it. i would think he would pick a better narrative than that. >> people are not stupid. they are hearing these things and it undermines the attack. i love it -- the president says shame on romney, he bought businesses that downsized and
7:25 pm
offshore jobs to foreign plants that -- that, you know, drove them into bankruptcy. look, president obama drove g.m. and chrysler into bankruptcy. g.m. hes has 50,000 fewer workers today than when they were drifg driven into bankruptcy and they have 100,000 employees abroad and admitted one way to get back on their feet was to increase production of automobiles in places like japan and china and korea and begin importing them into the united states. we know that he invested money in those. $80 billion. $29 billion has been returned. and the government admits that the taxpayers are never going to see $24 billion of that money back and probably more losses than that. yet the president says it's a big success. yet, he did the exact same things he accuses of romney of doing, driving the companies into bankruptcy and costing people lets -- lots of jobs and that doesn't include the dealerships that he closed down.
7:26 pm
>> greta: i think it's effect testify go after governor romney, with businesses closed down, where he was ineffective and driving people into unemployment. but pick one that is bullet proof. the problem is that the one h picked isn't bullet proof. it has factual deficiencies. if you have one, fair game, hit the governor with it. but that was a poor selection. >> well, not only that, you have to look at the entirety. romney didn't invest in sure things, he invested in troubled companies that needed resources to stay alive or to grow. he has a very easy explanation, which is, i'm sorry, people may have lost their jobs, one of our investments went south. but that's what our system is about. you take your chances, we invested our money, put it into a company with the hope that it would grow, it didn't. when it didn't, we lost moan. i am sorry, some people lost their jobs, but our system is about trying to grow. most. time, we made successes, sometimes we didn't.
7:27 pm
>> greta: let me switch and play a sound bite for you. i see that you are doing freelansing, here it is. >> a birdie told me that you were getting ready for this tournament by working out with karl rove. is that correct? were you practicing with karl? >> karl was not just bush's brain, he was everybody's brain. so i had to tap into that. >> you realize that that will only help you with the clues on the far right side of the board. >> as long as that helps me win, i'm okay with that. >> greta: you made jeopardy. >> i feel fulfilled as a human being. >> greta: do you? did you work out with dana? did you help her out? >> no. but i encouraged her. i thought it was great fun for her to jump into this. am sorry that alex trabeck has been reading the wrong publications and thinks i'm a right-wing lunatic. he pronounced my name right and that accounts for a lot. >> greta: it's pretty easy to pronounce. >> exactly.
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>> greta: cacialtion thank you. >> thank you. look. i am here in your studio. now i'm in charge here. >> greta: go ahead. take it over. it's all yours. >> all right. >> greta: coming up, a catholic university is slamming obamacare, school officials say the new law is forcing hem to end all coverage. why such a drastic move? hear all about. it a new odd couple. new jersey governor chris christie, a republican and newark mayor,atory booker, a democrat. why are they teaming up? start guessing. i'm a marathon runner, in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... he was just... "get me an aspirin"... yeah... i knew that i was doing the right thing, when i gave him the bayer. i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] aspirin is not appropriate for everyone so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. so he's a success story... [ laughs ]
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>> greta: is student health care falling victim to obamacare? a catholic university in ohio says yes. they are dropping students from the health care program and blames obamacare. we have the vice-president of advancement at the university. good evening, sir. >> good evening, gret a. great to be with you. >> greta: nice to have you, sir. you are eliminating health care for students. why? >> yeah. it is it's a very troubling decision that we had to come to. fransiscan university is passionate about our catholic identity. as soon as the obamacare hhs mandate cam -- came out saying we had to cover things like drug inducing -- or abortion-indrucing drugs and contraceptives, we knewy could not comply. but we found out from our health
7:33 pm
care provider that the cost would be doubled to our students. we find the moral and the economic to be completely incompatible with what we are trying to do. >> greta: with the question of the catholic identity, why is that not a reason for to you likewise take the employees off the health care? why only students? for that portion of your motivation? >> yeah. we are going to be fighting as we started in the summer, or early fall, fighting for religious liberty. we'll continue to do so. for our employees the direct impact economically doesn't hit us as of today. but it does impact our students. we require our students to have this. we think it's a very reasonable thing to offer affordable, basic health care for students. but now it's the moral and the economic hitting us. we have another year that we're hoping to battle and win on religious liberty. but the economic issue hits the
7:34 pm
student plan today. >> greta: what is the reaction from the student body and their parents? >> we sent this out in mid-april to the parents and students in every response that we have gotten is positive. since the story broke in the last 24 hours, vigotten a lot of alumni and benefactors of the university saying, way to go, have courage, stand up for your principles. so far, plenty of people are concerned, saying what is going to happen to the students and we are concerned as well -- we have a health clinic irvetion if it's stand up for the principles. the principles would go to the catholic identity issue and the drugs and the contraception. but you are not doing that as to the employees. it seems to be an economic argument for the students in the short term. that's the more weighted decision? >> it is the trigger that forced it. probably, if it was just the economic alone, it might not do
7:35 pm
t. but if something doesn't change between now and then for our student health coverage plan, we would not be able to comply in the near future, based on obamacare's hhs mandate. so when you combine them together, it really changes the entire conversation for us. our students have been out there in front, really saying, we cannot comply. our in the has said, this is something we will die on this hill. we cannot let religious liberty stop us. >> reporter: what's the cost difference? >> our students are paying $6 hundred and this would be $1300 in the first year and then it would be upwards of 3 times as much in the second year and they can't estimate the third year. >> greta: any idea, does the university pick up a companion cost, or is this $600 versus $1300 that's the complete cost and the student bears it? >> that's what the student
7:36 pm
bears. we are not compel bide any law to offer this. we thought it was a good, advisable thing. they are covered by their parents' plan or they pick up this extra plan. >> greta: does this cost you at all? if the students are picking up the $600 to the $1300 does it cost the university? >> it's 100% what we see as a burden on the students directly. what we have done, like many colleges, we require health care coverage. we have said we are no longer requiring you to have health coverage to come to fransiscan university. >> greta: that's the difference. before they had to buy it. so i understand it. >> yeah. >> greta: michael, thank you. i'm sorry, sir? >> no, i just think that, you know, we have heard that there is another university considering this. this is a major issue. you know, our first amendment freedoms affects not just catholics, but really all americans. this is something that i really think we need to continue to battle with today. we can't let this kind of go
7:37 pm
down and not be really aggressive and out there and letting our voices be heard. i really appreciate your time on the show today. but this is an issue that is bigger than catholics. >> greta: michael, thank you. >> great, thanks. >> greta: global gridlock, if a world crisis strikes whooshing would take charge? the united states? europe? china, an author says it's every nation for itself. that's next. in 2 minutes, a political rivalry, caught on camera. republican governor chris christie versus democratic mayor of newark, but is it more to it than meets the eye? that's coming up. got moved back another hour. [ crowd chatters and groans ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] hunger getting to you?
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>> greta: governor chris psychriatistsie and corey booker, co-starring in a video, spoofing christie's v.p. chances and booker's rescue in a fire. >> we have a car broken down, and yes, a little girl has lost
7:40 pm
he cat in a tree. governor, i got this. >> booker...: >> booker! stand back! >> i have this. vithis. >> booker, governor romney. yes, yes. that was me, running into the fire. yes! i do shovel snow as well. yes, you are very persuasive. but i am not a number-2 guy, i am not a background singer -- no -- sir, with all due respect, i know you need a big -- i -- excuse me, mayor. i got this. christie. >> team christie or team booker? from around the world...
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>> wall street averages struggled most of the session, with worries about greece lingering. the dow was down to 12,598. oil prices under pressure again today, as the dollar gained strength against the euro, amid mounting concerns over the debt crisis. crude closed at $91, the lowest level since november. gas prices dropped. americans are getting relief at the pump. triple-a's daily fuel gauge shows the national average, $3.72. housing starts jumping more than expected. builders broke ground on 17,7 -- 717,000 in april. the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
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>> greta: a worldwide financial collapse, a terrible surprise for a rogue nuclear state. if the worst happened, where would the world turn for leadership-- the u.s.? europe? japan. an author warns of a leadership vacuum, in a new book called, every nation for itself. >> good to be with you. >> greta: the book is gripping. i will say that it's not all hopeless. okay. let me start -- read from part of the book. for the first time in seven decades, we live in a world without global leadership. what do you mean by that? >> i mean that, the united states, whether or not you are at the center, it is clear that the u.s. is not going to bail out europe. we're not going to remove assad from power. neither is anyone else. for decades, we had a world where the united states and its allies with our capital and our values -- we were leading through the world's lender of
7:45 pm
last resort. we were the world's policeman. that world order is gone. we have to adapt to that. >> greta: what happened? i mean, it used to be that we were the world leader. everybody did look for us. we could accomplish those things and get the allies together and collectively do things. what happened? >> a couple of quick things happened. first, in the last 30 years, the underlying balance of power shifted away from the u.s. and its allies. u.s. towards china, developed developing debtor states, towards creditor states. another thing that happened, the united states, a lot of america's population felt like they didn't benefit as much from globalization. they are not getting the jobs. so why they support the policies? how many people want to keep troops in afghanistan or iraq? how many people are prepared to support expenditures on europe or japan that we did after world war ii. the constituency isn't there.
7:46 pm
>> but is that because we can't afford it? we are drowning in debt. we owe a fortune to china. we have their foot on our economic throat. the american interest and being the global hero for -- in some ways because we can't afford. it we don't have the appetite for it. >> we certainly don't have the appetite it. whether or not we could afford it, we could afford k-12 education and we decided that's what we wanted to do. we are not in that position. i think the real question is -- in this environment, where there is so much more risk and volatility, a lot of people are going to put money into the united states. the u.s. dollar's reserve currency is stronger than it was at the beginning of the 2008 financial crisis. that's not something we should take any comfort in, over the long term. because -- we have to use this opportunity to invest in what happens after the g-zero. >> greta: i am curious how long china's going to continue to
7:47 pm
invest in it, buy our debt. we have had our credit downgraded in july or august. we owe so much. we keep having to borrow more and raise the debt ceiling more and more, historically. in some ways, when you owe a lot of money, you become weaker. >> it's true. but we also have what i would call the safe haven curse. in the near term, there is no urgency. the united states is not greece. it's not italy. more people will plow money into the u.s. that will make us feel like we don't need to take these steps. we have more rope to hang ourselves with in a g-zero world. it is not going to last forever. >> greta: when did this happen? when we were the strong leaders and we were able to amass this grand world attention and power, when did we become part of g-zero world? >> it's been coming for some 30 years. it's been coming as the emerging markets got strongert and americans got deeper and deeper in debt.
7:48 pm
but you needed a shock. something had to hit that would change that international system. the collapse of the soviet union wasn't big enough. 9/11 wasn't big enough. the 2008 financial crisis was big enough. and right after that, we had the birth of the g-zero order that -- or disorder. >> greta: free trade a good idea in hindsight or not? >> free trade's a great idea for the united states. but we are done with u.s.-led global architecture. we are going to have u.s.-led institutions that are not global or global institutions that are not u.s.-led. one thing we should watch at the g-8 summit is whether the united states with its allies will create support for new trade agreements that are not global, if they are global it will be shared with china and countries that don't hair our value -- don't share our values. coalitions of the willing have to be about trade, too. >> greta: not bleak at then.
7:49 pm
there is hope at the end of the book. >> thanks. >> greta: straight ahead, first facebook inspired a movie. now a musical. does it have blockbuster potential? and a high school prank goes wrong -- very wrong. and a whole city is steamed. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete. so i'm at my best. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country. from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn... financing industries that are creating jobs in boston... providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community... and lending to ensure a north texas hospital continues to deliver quality care. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible.
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>> greta: have you seen our top stories, but here's the best of the rest. the excitement is building for the big facebook ipo. it is being marked in a creative way with a mini musical about the life of the facebook founder. mark zuckerberg. >> scene 1... [singing opera] >> harvard, he's a student of harvard... doesn't want to be bothered: he is building facebook. >> the arrival. >> this is the dawning of the page that you share with us... page that you share with us... share with us! >> scene 3. the network. >> these are my friends... see how they glisten... >> greta: right now, the show is
7:54 pm
only on the internet. no word on whether it is headed to broadway. a high school prank spirals out of control. a bunch of seniors decide to ride their bikes, skateboards and scooters to school. but the problem is they thought it would be fun to ride them on a st. louis highway. why? they wanted to make their teachers late for school t. caused a major traffic jam. and no one thought it was funny. police say it was dangerous. but the students didn't break any laws. it looks like drones are not just for the military anymore, until now, drones were used by the military to seek intelligence. but now they are showing up in the civilian world. a company is selling drones that can be controlled with a phone. who is buying them? loots lots of movie producers are using them to film aerial shots, which could put helicopters out of the movie business. they can go up to 1,000 feet and up to 50 miles per hour. a fugitive penguin in tokyo bay. the one-year-old escaped from a japanese marine park in march t.
7:55 pm
wasn't easy. the penguin had to climb a 13-foot shear rock and kleitsch a barbed wire fence. he still has not been caught. he appears healthy and can survive in the bay. there are plenty of fish to eat there. there you have it, the best of the rest. coming up, why didn't john edwards testify in his own defense? there is a reason you may not have thought of. stay tuned. not in this economy. we also have zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy, the one in my house. now they're managing my investments for me. and with fidelity, getting back on track was easier than i thought. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get one-on-one help from america's retirement leader.
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7:59 pm
and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, it's time for last call. john edwards is taking heat on late night tv. here is jay leno. >> john edwards not expected to take the stand at his trial. you can understand why. never looks good when your client puts his hands on the bible and it burst into flames, it's bad. the worst thing that can happen at the trial. >> greta: that is your last call. we'll see you again tomorrow night. go to greta and tel


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