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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 17, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> wow. >> i want to go outside! >> we'll have to check that out. >> yeah. some kind of obstacle course as well. we look forward to seeing all of that as well, gretchen. thanks. heather, great working with you. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. >> take care, folks. >> good morning, everyone. today is thursday, may 17th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. brand new 2012 polls show more independents up for grabs than ever before. and mitt romney virtually tied with president obama. a closer look at the numbers and the direction the american people appear to be going. >> and they say joe biden's passionate. what about this? >> they don't get us! they don't get who we are! >> the vice president's bizarre speech about resenting republicans. we've got details. >> yes, we do. you've heard of the movie "how to train a dragon." today, we're going to be training one in real life.
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steve doocy is going to be slaying that dragon. >> that breathes fire, by the way. >> and i'll be issuing one weapon and one weapon only. "fox & friends" is your home for the 2012 election. >> history, just then. you just rolled it out. >> i was going to say. >> you brought out the election. >> when were we going to hear it? >> i was thinking about today. i was so pumped. every day i get up in the morning and it's not so much i'm worried about what you guys are going to be wearing. i'm obsessed with this election and it's only may. that's why i jumped into that intro. >> the election from now until november 6th? >> it's less than six months. why not? >> what do you think? >> you said election. you used to go -- >> can we go to the control room and see if i can get approval for this?
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we go live downstairs to the control room? >> there they are. >> can i get a thumbs up? >> yes. >> can we officially call it the election station? >> game on, baby! >> fantastic. which means you better do it in the second hour. >> fine. election! >> not bad. >> i learned from the master. >> your headlines while we practice saying election, begin with the fox news alert. an attack on a government compound in afghanistan leaving five people dead. it happened at the governor's complex. four police officers are among the victims and 10 others were wounded. it comes amid news that taliban attacks were on the rise in areas where troops surged in 2010. attacks in northwestern kandahar are up 31% this year as the u.s. prepares to withdraw from the country over the next two years. tragic news this morning, we now know the estranged wife of robert f. kennedy jr. died of an apparent suicide at her estate in new york. 52-year-old mary richardson kennedy reportedly hung herself in a barn on that estate before
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a housekeeper discovered her body. a close friend of mary's says she was depressed about money issues and the end of her marriage to r.f.k. jr. he is the son of senator robert f. kennedy and the nephew of president john f. kennedy. they were married for 16 years and had four children together before filing for divorce in 2010. her friends say she was particularly devastated when robert started dating actress cheryl hines. we'll have a live report from the kennedy estate coming up later in the show. closing arguments expected today in the corruption trial of john edwards. the defense rested its case yesterday after two days. they didn't call edwards. they didn't call his daughter kate or his mistress rielle hunter to the stand. defense attorneys did, however, try to get the judge to dismiss all of the charges. that move was denied. jury deliberations set to begin tomorrow. and does this look like the face of a spy to you? some turkish villagers think so. chaos erupting after they found
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someone wearing a metal band stamped with the word israel. they convinced it was carrying a microchip. after careful examination, they reveal it was never a threat. the band was a tracking measure for migratory birds and those are your headlines. >> spy vs. spy. let's talk a little bit about some brand new fox polls that came out yesterday. if the election were held today, don't worry, it's not going to be. barack obama currently has the lead. 46% to 39%. it's interesting, if you look at that number, mitt romney has actually lost 13% and as we go through some of the panels, we will try to explain why they went. >> let's look at independents because in the end, they decide every election. so the independents now for mitt romney compared to april have also gone down by 12 points, 46-34. barack obama, though, has gone down, too, from 33% to 29%. so 1/3 of all independents are still undecided. so it appears that there's a lot
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of work to be done with both campaigns on trying to lure in the independents right now. >> right and the insurer of it. that's where people went. >> i mean, this seems like a small poll and these are registered voters that a lot of the experts say you got to factor that in and also about the economy today, how do people feel about it compared to four years ago? right now, 28% say it is better. in may of 2011, only 17% said it was better. worse than it was four years ago, 45% say it was worse. in may 2011, almost 60% and the same 26-23. >> but if you add worse and same, that's 71% so 71% of the people who responded said it's either worse or about the same where we were last election cycle. who would you hire for a particular job? for instance, between barack obama or mitt romney, who would you hire to manage your money? well, as you can see right
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there, plurality, mitt romney gets it. however, who would you hire as your life coach? whatever that is. barack obama would be more people's life coaches than mitt romney. >> wonder how they came up with those two job descriptions. you know, because i don't even know if people know what a life coach is. if it's a likeability things and someone you want to hang out to talk about your life, we've seen in previous polls -- >> don't you have a therapist? >> the likeability thing for mitt romney has gone up. maybe they said life coach would kind of be like a super president. a president not only on your daily life but across the entire spectrum of your life. >> that's true. one of the things that caught my attention in this poll in the nitty-gritty details is of the voters who are extremely interested in the election, keep in mind, a lot of people are not following it as close as the three of us on this couch or maybe you watching us this morning. many people don't follow if until right up to the end so those who are watching and are
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extremely interested, 50% go for mitt romney. 44% go for barack obama. i think that's a very important stat. because as more and more people become more interested in the election, those are the people that will probably be the ones who will out and vote. >> yet, a cbs poll that shows right now mitt romney is more popular. you have the "usa today" poll, and you have the fox poll that shows barack obama is out in front. i'll tell you, this is day two of what seems to be a big attack from the obama-biden camp on romney's days at bain capital. day two was in ohio yesterday and it was joe biden's job to go out there and say working class people, mitt romney is basically that guy that fired you. and he is -- was over the top, i think, by any definition. let's listen. >> i resent the fact that they think we're talking about we're envy, it's job envy. it's wealth envy, that we don't
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dream. my mother believed and my father believed that if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be. i could be vice president. my mother and father believed that if my brother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. >> absolutely. they don't get us! they don't get who we are! >> who is taking away what dream is he talking about? >> are his brothers and sisters millionaires? what is he saying? >> he's talking about the american dream which a lot of people think has been under attack for the last couple of years, by the way. that people who start with nothing and work really hard and make a buck have been vilified for the last three years. >> but who dreams -- >> several times by this administration. i thought it was really ironic he was talking about millionaires. he could have thrown in billionaires, too, those are the buzz words that this administration has used to talk about people that we should not like in our society right now. >> he was talking about dreaming of growing up and being the vice
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president. who does that? don't they dream of being the president or something big like that? >> he wanted to say president and he realized he wasn't. >> we have just listened to that soundbite by joe biden and we're uncertain of what he was talking about. karl rove was on with greta last night. he doesn't know what joe biden was talking about. >> i'd say unhinged. who is he talking about? i mean, once again, we saw there, you know, the class warfare, the unnecessary effort by this administration to pit americans of different incomes against each other. who is he talking about the rich people who don't get it, who is he talking about as saying the people who come from modest means can't dream? look, i came from not much of anything. i couldn't have gone to college except i had a $1500 a year college scholarship. i spent the first part of my freshman year living in a storage space under an attic because i couldn't afford an apartment. and -- or a dorm room.
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and the president of the united states and the vice president don't need to be looking for opportunities to try to pit americans against each other based on their financial backgrounds and, you know, who is he talking about? damned if i know. >> i just don't get it because i think by any measure, you haven't seen mitt romney or heard newt gingrich or anybody else talking about fair share or, you know, things ought to be equal or that the rich are the problem. for better or for worse, they have never said that so it's almost as if joe biden was trying to define what the president's message has been for 3 1/2 years. >> yeah. >> which is that he's saying that you cannot achieve in the current situation and it's time to give people an equal opportunity to be successful and he's talking about -- i don't even understand his premise. >> if you understand what joe biden is talking about, could you e-mail us? friends at, we want to know. there's a good possibility that you at a place where you congregate are going to have a meeting later on today.
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"the wall street journal" did a great piece about how in each and every meeting, when you gather a bunch of people together, there's always somebody that stands up and stands out and somehow derails the meeting. meeting killers. >> office workers on a whole spend a average of four hours a week in meetings. four hours a week but there's a certain format to the people that show up in these meetings. for example, the people that want to, i don't know -- >> like the jokester. >> like the jokester, for example, who want to sabotage the meeting. >> so what's their crime? they assault with a deadly punch line. made us think of something that's happened on seinfeld. >> let's see how many i can fit in my mouth. you know, george, the ocean called. they're running out of shrimp. >> well, the jerk store called.
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they're running out of you! what's the difference? you're their all time bestseller! >> ok. >> so can any of you relate to that one? >> or, there's another one they called the dominator who greatly overestimates their value of their personal views and injects them left and right. >> then you have the rambler, inflicts death by boredom like this scene from "the office." >> i don't care if they lay me off either because i told bill that if they move my desk one more time, then i'm quitting. i'm going to quit. and i told don, too, because they moved my desk four times already this year and i used to be over by the window and i could see the squirrels and they were married. but then they switched from the line to the bus. >> hilarious movie. >> they offer solutions actually which the next time we'll talk about it, we'll get you the solutions that some people who run these meetings have tried to
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come up with to try to keep everybody in line. >> one thing is stop the multitasking and make the room very cold. >> kind of like the studio. >> pay attention. >> this is a good meeting place for us. coming up on "fox & friends", the latest budget battle heating up with the white house ordering republicans to stop holding the economy hostage. so are we looking at another government shutdown now right before the election? stuart varney says this could get ugly again. >> and $40,000 might be chump change to barbra streisand. that's who she's donated at president obama's last party but now fans are furious, they'll have to shell out the same amount for a ticket to one of her shows. >> people who need money. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain.
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♪ [ male announcer ] no one just hands you the title, most advanced techlogy in its class. it needs to be earned. earned with smartbeam head lamps. earned with vented temperature control seats. earned with an 8.4-inch touch screen. and if you're driving one, you know what it means to earn something. ♪ >> it's last summer all over
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again. we just need new sunscreen. congress vs. the white house on whether or not to raise the debt ceiling. >> again. >> the issue here is the debt. almost $16 trillion worth of debt. $1.3 trilli $1.3 trillion budget deficit again this year. it's time for us to deal with the big issues that are affecting our country and our society and we've spent enough time playing small ball. >> we're not going to re-create the debt ceiling debacle of last august. it is simply not acceptable to hold the american and global economy hostage to one party's political ideology. >> why should you care? this fight could result in a big hit to the economy. that's why you should care. am i right, stuart varney? sorry i didn't give you anything to read. >> that's ok. the debt crisis, the stand-off on a potential downgrade is on again because the two sides obviously -- you just said, they're miles apart. do we raise taxes to bring in
3:18 am
more money? or do we cut spending to take out less money? what we're going to do? at the moment, political calculation is it's a dead heat. total split. if there is a clean-cut decision in november, either way, it's a really clean-cut decision, a sweep by one side or the other, all of that goes away. you will have agreement on how to solve the debt crisis. you will either raise taxes in the event of a democrat sweep or you will cut spending and reform entitlements in the event of a republican sweep but absolutely, that won't happen if it's a split decision. you're back on again with another debt crisis. >> and the fight was on again yesterday over lunch at the white house where the president has been at personally and picked up some fancy gourmet hoagies. he said you have to raise the debt limit. boehner says you're talking about some cuts, aren't you? he said absolutely not. that's when he threw down the gauntlet. >> they're miles apart. this is not going to be resolved
3:19 am
before the election. it's going to carry on after the election and by the way, we've run out of borrowing authority roughly two weeks after the election. >> don't you think this is going to be a big motivator? people who worry about the debt are going to be going, they'll raise it again. >> it wasn't a motivator last august when we were facing a downturn? >> there wasn't an election two weeks later. >> you're want -- not going to get a deal before the november election. you're going to get a debt crisis probably november, december of this year. here it comes. >> you better buy some manila now. you can't live without your manila envelopes. you come out every day with that. i don't want us to get downgraded to the point that you can't afford that. we'll see varney & company at 9:20. >> you will. thank you. >> coming up, he was just a baby when his dad died fighting the war in iraq.
3:20 am
now this 10-year-old won't be able to honor him because his hometown says they don't have the money. but he's not taking no for an answer. you will meet him next. >> and how's this for a sea horse? how did a horse end up in the ocean? is that my friend flicka? wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> hi, everyone. quick headlines now. republicans are demanding answers from the obama administration on how a hezbollah leader connected to the murders of five american soldiers in 2007 is about to be freed. the prisoner was turned over to an iraqi court and cleared of
3:24 am
charges and he goes to iran now. and this is no sea horse. crews in santa barbara rescuing an actual horse from the ocean. the white arabian on a photo shoot at the beach when he got spooked and ran into the water and swam nearly two miles off shore. we'll be following this story, wherever it leads us. gretch? >> thank you, brian. although tristan baker is too young to remember his father, he's extremely proud of his service to our country. that's why the 10-year-old was shocked to find out he couldn't honor his fallen father with a flag. because his city has turned him down. tristan and his mother brooke willis join us this morning live from nashville. good morning to the both of you. >> good morning. >> so brooke, i'm so sorry for the loss of your husband and the father of your son. he died in 2003 serving in iraq in a helicopter crash. tell us how you wanted to honor him in your town of spring hill. >> well, the city is doing a
3:25 am
banner program with pictures of the soldiers and i thought how great it would be to be able to have tristan's dad up there and for him to be able to see his dad because a lot of people don't realize or think tristan is lying when he tells them his father was killed in iraq. it's not a military town. he thought it would be so nice to have something close to home. >> what did they tell you when you we want to speak in front of the city council? >> they really didn't tell me much. >> they didn't say anything. >> you were really excited, weren't you, to be able to honor your dad? >> yeah. >> so what was the rule, brooke, it's my understanding that they wanted to or only had the funding to honor current members of the military who are currently serving. is that the way you saw it? >> yes, they said they have to be currently serving and then
3:26 am
you have to have proof that you're a spring hill resident or that you have a spouse, a child or a parent there. but you have to be currently serving. >> so here's the statement from spring hill city council. our program is designed to honor military service men and women from our community currently serving active duty. in choosing to honor them, we're not in any way dishonoring any group, whether they were men and women who served in the past or a fallen hero who made the ultimate sacrifice. does that do anything to make you feel better, brooke? >> not really. i mean, i just don't get why you have the funding for currently serving for the conflicts that are going on now but you can't honor those who have passed away and due to the current conflicts. i mean, why is one greater than the other? >> is it true that only -- there are four fallen soldiers, i don't mean to say only but a small number of people who have served this country who have died who are from your community?
3:27 am
>> yes, there's not -- i'm guessing four but there's not that many. that i'm aware of. it's a small community. it's not a military town. i don't feel like we're asking too much. >> so it's not -- >> and one of uss had to stand up. >> it's not like there will be 100 or dozens of people that would be asking for the same thing that you are. tristan, if you could speak to the city council again right now, what would you tell them about your dad and the way in which you want to honor him? >> last time, i didn't do so good. so i really wouldn't know what i'd say. but it would be a great honor to me. >> why? >> because -- >> yes, you can. >> because think of all the
3:28 am
fallens, they're the ones that we're serving and so it would be a good honor to already support them. because they risked their lives for our freedom. >> very well put. you couldn't have said it any better, tristan. >> well, i hope they're listening today. and i hope that you can get the honor for your husband and for your father, tristan and brooke. thanks for your time today. keep us posted. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up next, it pays to tee up with the president. obama's golf buddies scoring a nearly $6 million federal grant. things that make you go hmmm. we'll debate that issue. and the hit movie "how to train your dragon" coming to life on our plaza. "fox & friends" back in two minutes. who is going to slay the dragon? get ready. is this what we're doing now?
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>> we now have a feed between the suyoz and the international space station. >> here's your shot of the morning. it's brand new video of the rocket docking at the international space station you remember about two days ago,
3:33 am
those two russian cosmonauts and an american astronaut took off from russia, from kazakhstan, i think. and they're joining three other crew members performing an experiment on the international space station. >> our space shuttles are now in museums. that's where we're going -- that's how we're getting up there. >> if we want to get up there, we have to hitch a ride. thank you, russians for keeping your space program flying. >> that's why you always keep a bag packed if you're an astronaut. when you're hearing they're going up, you have to be ready to go at a moment's notice. let's talk about this. there's an item today in, i believe, "the daily caller" did the white house cut a back room deal with big pharma to get them on board back in 2009 to pass the president's health care initiative. the g.o.p. alleging a secret deal. the big question, though, what exactly did the white house get out of this thing? >> that is the big question so there's this memo from the house republicans about the investigation now. this investigation has confirmed the existence of a deal between the white house and pharma that
3:34 am
explicitly bound both parties to certain commitments. because they have to remember back during that time. you remember there was certain groups who came on board and said that they were in favor of obamacare, specifically a lot of people thought the aarp was in favor of them and now it looks like some big pharma companies may have been as well. >> they want to find out if this came from the legislature or came from the white house and rahm emanuel and jim mussina were all over this so the republicans are saying we want to take a look at the e-mail exchange and find out if a deal was cut behind the scenes. i thought it was almost understood because you watch these high ranking executives from the a.m.a. to in and out and all of a sudden, they're on the same page and you knew something was going on. >> yeah. and so house republicans have gotten a bunch of e-mails and one of them, i believe, it says something about like, hey, what happened to the deal we had? meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about the university of chicago medical center. they've got an urban health initiative and apparently, they needed some money so they applied to the government to get
3:35 am
a $6 million grant and they got it. but as it turns out, this particular hospital has very close ties to the president of the united states. >> yeah, dr. eric whitaker is a good buddy and golfing friend of -- of president obama seen there. he's also quoted in that book by ed klein quite heavily that he was interviewed on sean hannity last night, ed klein was about the explosive book. but whitaker is executive vice president and associate dean at the university of chicago medical center and people were wondering, can you draw a conclusion there? >> i think one of the most important things to point out is there were 3,000 applications for these particular grants for $1 billion in total. it's my understanding that only 26 programs were included in the first batch of awards given out. so if you have 3,000 applicants and only 26 are given, then you have to start looking at the list about well, who got so lucky? who got so lucky to be at the top? what will this grant do? the grant recipients are going to help fulfill the mandated
3:36 am
obamacare vision of the centralized patient record data base. >> i'm sure it's just a coincidence that this guy eric whitaker, dr. whitaker is a close friend and vacations with the obamas and i'm sure it's just a coincidence that this particular hospital is where michelle obama used to work and i'm sure it's just a coincidence that it's also the same hospital where valerie jarrett, the big shot white house advisor also was on the chairman of the board of trustees. coincidence. >> exactly. i don't see any link there. >> none. >> it's not what you know, it's who you know. now for your headlines, the hunt is on for a person responsible close to mailing 400 letters with suspicious white powder across the country. the f.b.i. says during last week alone, over 20 letters were sent to schools, child centers, aerospace business in texas and several other states. the letters contain references to al-qaida, nazis and the writings indicate the suspect has not mastered the english language. officials now offered a reward of up it $150,000 for information to the case.
3:37 am
>> a real life mystery surrounding the whereabouts now of hollywood actor nick stahl. he was reported missing monday by his estranged wife and this morning, there's still no sign of him. he's had a few run-ins with the law and tmz reports he has a history of drug use. >> headed to u.s. troops overseas, 41-year-old terrance ralphs spotted wearing a watch reported stolen a few days earlier. cops say he also snatched a $300 bracelet. $150 cell phone and inspectors got suspicious after learning packages mailed to our troops already opened. >> $53,000 to see barbra streisand, it might not break her bank account. after all, she just shelled out $40,000 to the president's re-election campaign, but the fans are feeling the blues out of all of that. scalpers bought all of the tickets and now they're selling on line for thousands. you might remember that streisand was one of the
3:38 am
celebrities to showed up at george clooney's house earlier this month. it helped the president rake in for his campaign. >> i thought she retired. >> once a singer, always a singer. >> i guess so. for that kind of money. >> you used to sing. what is it like to retire and come out? why is she having a hard time staying with it? >> that's a good question, i don't know. once it's in your blood -- it's always in your blood. hey, i'm outside our world head quarters, 48th and sixth avenue. i've got a sword and the most famous viking this side of fran tarkenton. >> what's the deal with this? >> this is protective headgear that you need to learn how to train your dragon. >> introduce us to this particular dragon. >> this is a wee baby gnatter. when this grows out, it will become four or five times as big as this. >> ok, it's ok. >> the baby is here is everybody remembers the movie "how to
3:39 am
train your dragon." >> yes. by dreamworks. >> now there's how to train your dragon spectacular. >> live spectacular. >> going on the road, right? >> yes, and we'll be here this summer with all 23 of our dragons. >> now, here's the problem, and i've read some accounts, the thing is you've got some gigantic. 23 dragons in all will be live and in living color. >> living color. >> we got 23 live dragons. we have flying dragons. one travels 1.2 miles, flies over the arena. we have fire breathing dragons. >> yes -- >> real fire! >> that's the problem, you've got live people in the stands and they're breathing fire. how do you keep from burning up in the customers? >> everything takes place in the arena, not where the crowd sits, steve. >> this takes place in wilkesbury, pennsylvania. >> what's the secret to keeping this thing on? >> push it harder, steve. >> thank you. >> there we go. >> i feel much better. >> if you'd like more
3:40 am
information, go to fox and to find out where you can see the dragon. >> all right. let me just put this right here. a little weird. now, for the very latest on the weather, let's go to sully sullenberger, famous pilot and now author of a new book, we'll talk about in a minute. captain, good morning. >> i think it's going to be partly cloudy and a chance of dragons from what i can tell. >> really? what gives you that idea? >> just something i heard. >> ok. very good. >> sully, let's take a look -- excuse me. let's go ahead and take a look at the weather ahead today. and sully, take a look. now, travelwise, where would you suggest there would be some travel delays? >> i'd head to the middle of the country to avoid the delays. >> later today, we'll be landing in kansas city. next map, will show you the current readings coast to coast. today would be a good day to take off, right? >> it would be. >> it's also nice to land if all the motors are turned on. >> that's the best way. >> no kidding.
3:41 am
>> 50's and 60's across much of the land and one more map shows you today's daytime highs and then they are -- it's going to be 104 already in phoenix, arizona. >> ouch! >> no kidding. you're living in california, right? >> yeah. >> beautiful day out there. i need a bigger viking thing -->> i got some duct tape i can loan you. >> did you? did you use it that day? >> wish i had some. >> we all do. they used it on apollo 13 i heard. >> sully will come inside with me and we'll talk about his new book in a couple of minutes. we're leaving the dragons outside, though. >> thank goodness! >> all right. >> there's only one sword. >> and the key to keeping that helmet on, chin strap. and not many people want to talk about the chin straps the vikings wore. we'll talk about it during the break. straight ahead, sad news. the camelot curse strikes again. another tragedy for the kennedy family this morning. we're live at the kennedy compound on the latest of the passing of robert f. kennedy jr.'s former wife. >> he's breaking some serious barriers. an 18-year-old sitting on the school board and he's still a
3:42 am
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>> 45 minutes after the top of the hour. some sad news to report this morning. the estranged wife of robert f. kennedy jr. has died of an apparent suicide at her home in bedford, new york. in bedford with the latest details for us this morning, what can you tell us? >> well, gretchen, good morning and good morning, everyone. we're still learning more information but here's what we know so far. police received a call to the kennedy estate on south bedford road not very far from where we're standing around 1:30
3:46 am
yesterday. now, police went inside and discovered a woman's body that she was dead there. and mary kennedy's lawyer confirmed it was her a couple of hours after this. we're trying to figure out who may have been in the house at the time. she was 52 years old and the mother of four. that information we're still working on. now, she was last in the news roughly two years ago shortly after robert kennedy jr. filed for divorce. she had been stopped on suspicion of d.u.i. not far from here in bedford and also at that time she was driving on a suspended license which was later learned to have been the result of a prior d.u.i. conviction. so all of this again was about two years ago when she was last in the news. now, from what we've been able to do and some of the fact finding and questions that we've been asking, we're understanding that she may have hanged herself. that may have been how she took her own life. but still, more information, gretchen, is coming in. we're in bedford this morning. back to you. >> what a tragic story. she leaves behind four children as well. thanks so much. brian? >> all right. on a different note, while most of his fellow students were
3:47 am
worried about graduation, 18-year-old joshua lafazan was worried about something else. winning an election and this week at just 18 years old, josh became new york state's youngest elected official winning a seat on his local school board and did we mention he is still a student at the high school? josh joins us live from west babylon this morning. josh, congratulations. over almost 5,000 votes came your way. why did you run at 18 for the board of education seat? >> well, first of all, let me say thank you so much for having me on the show. it's a wonderful opportunity. why did i run for this school board seat? well, syosset is my hometown and i love syosset. if we don't change how we operate as a school district, every single student is at risk of losing the same wonderful educational experience that i received. someone had to get involved to make a difference. why not me? >> so at the last minute, there was some robocalls, they were trying to tear down your
3:48 am
candidacy and you said -- it actually worked in reverse. it rallied people to the polls! >> absolutely. it was a disgusting and blatant abuse of power by the current school administration sending out robocalls accusing my father of stealing documents and running away from the security guard. and all it did is it frustrated and rallied an entire community to come out and vote for me. i thought i had this election secured -- >> and you did. josh, it turns out you did have it secured and one of the things that you talked about that i imagine really resonated was the salaries. including carol hankins who as a superintendent makes $540,000. >> uh-huh. you know what? it's definitely -- i agree, she makes way too much money. but why aren't we talking about our deputy superintendent who makes more than almost any other superintendent on the island? these are just two examples of the out of control spending that this school board has let go. >> you're going to stay home
3:49 am
for college so you can do both things, be a student. so are you going to -- did you stay home in order to get this job? >> originally, i decided to stay home because i wanted to take my nonprofit organization safe syosset to every school in nassau county. when i decided to run for the school board, it worked out perfectly because i want to be home and be able to be a full-time board member and make sure i am accessible 24/7 to my constituents. >> you're an amazing young man at 18 years old, already making a difference and the cover of your local newspaper, "newsday" here at home. nice going. great meeting you. best of luck at nassau this year and congratulations on winning the seat. joshua, thanks so much. >> thank you. thanks so much for having me. i appreciate it. >> and now to school for you. meanwhile, straight ahead, kids aren't making the grades. what is the answer? i think teachers should lower their standard. that's what happened in orlando, florida. we'll give you the details next. and he was the hero in "the
3:50 am
miracle on the hudson" so we bet he knows a thing or two about leadership. captain sully sullenberger unveiling his new book. how does he feel about those birds at j.f.k. jamming up the jet engines? [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. not only kills fleas and ticks it repels mosticks before they can attach and snack on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel and a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii.
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3:53 am
>> you all remember captain sully sullenberger, the pilot who saved 155 lives landing his disabled u.s. airways jet safely on the hudson river in 23009 on
3:54 am
a very cold day. >> today, captain sully is back unveiling his new book on leadership. something you might know about. it's called "making a difference." good morning to you, captain. >> great to be with all three of you. >> you had your story in your first book about what happened over here on the hudson. what's fascinating about this book is you're focusing on other people, right? >> absolutely. and i've had the amazing opportunity in the last three years to meet people at an entirely new level that i wouldn't have met before. and i spent many hours with them. picking their brains about how they have done the amazing things that they've done and touched so many people's lives and they're sometimes funny but always inspiring stories i had to put on the page and i had to share. >> you did put in, for instance, admiral thad allen, his story was inspiring. >> of course, that's a name we recognize because as a former coast guard commandment, he was the one brought in during the darkest hours in the initial response to hurricane katrina and he was facing a really demoralized work force of rescue
3:55 am
workers who had been beaten up in the press and completely demoralized. in a few words, he gathered 2500 people in the biggest space he could find. he stood up on a desk with a microphone and said i want you to listen to me. i'm going to give you a direct orde order. i want you to treat everyone to come in contact with as if they were a member of your immediate family, your mother, your brother, your sister. if you do that, two things are going to happen. first, if you make a mistake, you'll air on the side of doing too much and not too little. if anybody has a problem with what you've done, their problem is with me and not with you. you heard a sigh leave the room. nobody else told them their boss was behind them. he did the same thing again with the bvm p. spill and earthquake in haiti. >> you focus on michelle rhee, a friend of this show, trail blazer with trying to change education in washington, d.c. >> she still is. what impressed me about her, her
3:56 am
very first teaching job at an inner city school in baltimore, when she saw that the life stra trajectory of so many children is dependent on where and when they were born. it seemed to her unamerican and offend her sense of right and wrong. and she knew she had to lead change to make it more about the students. >> and finally, tony la russa just retired, won another world championship. when you sat down with him. >> oh, my goodness. what a treat. it turns out he lives near us and i had a lot of time to spend with him picking his brains about how he has led so many teams so successfully for so many decades. and he tells me in great detail how he's able to personalize and make a connection with every team member and make each team member the go to guy so we're not depending on stars. it could be anyone and of course, he goes on to win yet another world series for the cardinals. >> you have a nice variety of leaders in your brand new book. check it out. it is called "making a difference." thank you very much. >> thank you.
3:57 am
>> happy landing. >> thank you very much. >> wisconsin governor scott walker could lose his job in a few weeks for taking on the unions. would he do it all over again if he could? his answer top of the hour. .. and chantix worked for me. it's a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help peop quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reactioto it. if you develop these, stop taking chantix d see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea,
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4:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, may 17th and going to be a fabulous day because it's my daughter's 9th birthday today. happy birthday, kia! mommy will see you later at school. enjoy your cupcakes! coming up on our show, forget ohio. is wisconsin the key to winning the presidency this year? why the recall vote against wisconsin governor scott walker could make the badger state the one that decides the entire election? >> kids not making the grade. kids aren't making the grade. what do you do? what's the answer? should teachers lower the standards? that's an idea. >> and new parents need to pay attention. details of a test that can signal early signs of autism in your child. and it only takes a couple of seconds. our medical a team is all over it.
4:01 am
"fox & friends" hour two as we head towards the 2012 presidential election. startsz now. -- starts now. >> i would think you would have put a patent on the election so steve and i can't do it in the way in which you do it. >> first hour, he told me to do it. >> i don't think you understand the theme of this country today. it's giving everybody their fair share, all right? i should have -- >> so next hour, i'm going to have to say it? election? >> by the power vested in me, i'm giving you the -- >> holy sign. >> no one else is blessing me. i'm going to bless myself. >> you need to go to confession to get blessed. >> the line is always too long! especially for you. >> people stay in you way too long. >> nobody can do it like brian so i acquiesce back to kilmeade.
4:02 am
>> as i did it during the first time in this election cycle, it felt a little too early. i think it's way too early. we're in middle. it's may. we got june, july, august, september, october, then november. maybe we should wait until the convention. >> wait. the way you said it was may, it's like you're a gangster. if you want to back off, you can back off. i'm going ahead with it. >> i like it. tragic new details about the death of mary kennedy, the estranged wife of robert f. kennedy jr., now dead of an apparent suicide at 52 years old, she reportedly hung herself in the barn on her estate in new york before her housekeeper discovered her body. a close friend of mary's said she was depressed about money issues and the end of her marriage to r.f.k. jr., the son of robert f. kennedy and the nephew kennedy. they were married for 16 years. they had four children together before filing for divorce in 2010.riends say she was particularly devastated when robert started dating actress cheryl hines.
4:03 am
an attack on a government compound in afghanistan leaving five people at least dead. it happened earlier this morning at the governor's complex. right now, we're being told that four police officers are among the victims. 10 other people apparently wounded. the attacks come amid news that taliban attacks now on the rise in areas where u.s. troops surged in 2010. attacks in northwestern kandahar are up 31% this year. as the u.s. prepares to withdraw now from the country over the next two years. now to this extreme weather alert. wildfire in arizona worse thing this morning. high winds tripling the size of it. 500 firefighters battling these flames and that's apparently not all. snakes, a big problem in the area. luckily, no one has been bitten so far. right now, firefighters trying to keep the fire from reaching homes. however, officials say shifting winds could push the flames in the direction of more homes. more than 300 people have been evacuated thus far. >> a very special performance
4:04 am
by lady antebellum. >> ♪ made the world stand still ♪ >> the grammy winning trio putting on a benefit concert for tornado victims in kentucky. this after they performed at a so-called mini prom for high school students in henriville, indiana. that town devastated by a twister in march. students said the concert was just what they needed. how cool is that? lady antebellum to play live at your prom? that's an uplifting thing. >> that's terrific. >> all right. four minutes after the top of the hour. the election isn't being held today. if it was, president obama would start the day with a lead. according to a brand new fox news poll, how did we break that down? peter doocy is doing that for us in washington. hey, peter. >> part of the reason that president obama seems to be headed, the american voters are starting to feel better about the economy. 28% say the economy is better today than it was four years ago
4:05 am
and that's up 11% from last may. 45% say things, though, are worse today than they were four years ago with the economy. but independents are still up for grabs. latest polls show romney leads with middle of the road voters, 34-29 but that's down from his april lead with the independents and they are often a huge factor in deciding general elections. that's a factor that mitt romney doesn't want to lose. those independents may swing the way of mitt romney. 47% of voters polled said they would hire mitt romney to manage their money. that's way more than the 34% who said they'd hire president obama. but it's not all bad for the president because 47% say that he is their pick to be their life coach, something that's not clear from those polls, though, is whether or not president obama would actually want to be a life coach or if mitt romney would actually want to manage a stranger's money. very fun poll, though. >> good point, peter. thank you very much. for that live report from washington.
4:06 am
>> i don't know, what is a life coach? >> do we know what a life coach is? >> no. >> it seems like an interesting question, though. for a poll. were there only two things to ask? someone who manages your money or a life coach? i don't know. life coach seems a little ambiguous to me. maybe it was to the people who were answering the poll as well. >> from washington to wisconsin, there's another big election on june 5th and it's a recall. they've recalled scott walker, the governor there and the lieutenant governor and some other republicans as well. interestingly enough, the poll right now, a poll came out yesterday. walker is up by six. his approval rating has gone up three points in the last month. and extraordinarily, currently, keep in mind wisconsin is a very blue, blue state. and yet, mitt romney currently is tied with the president at 46%. >> and the d.n.c. is tearing themselves up over this. a lot of people with the administration are saying we'd like to use some of this money
4:07 am
and some of this momentum for us to use wisconsin and yet, you're focusing on this re-election and this recall and it's not going too well. so stop paying. and they are. so meanwhile, the mayor there running against walker, mayor tom barrett saying can we have some money because i'm losing? no, we're not going to be able to do that, we're focusing on the president winning wisconsin. >> this civil war going on in wisconsin is emblematic of what the election will be in november. it will be about scott walker trying to make cuts and show that he's created jobs and put more money back into the schools or if you're on the other side saying that that was not right to take away collective bargaining from the unions, from the teachers. so do you agree with the fact that teachers should be hired and fired on merit and paid on merit? or do you agree with the other side, this is the microcosm of what this election will be about in a greater sense in november. >> it's really absolutely motivated the republicans and
4:08 am
suddenly, wisconsin is competitive for them. karl rove was on with greta van susteren last night, he's astounded at the turn of the events in wisconsin. >> it's going to have a big impact on the -- on determining what kind of wisconsin there is in november. are we going to have the wisconsin of 2008 in which there was, you know, 14 point victory by obama or are we going to have the wisconsin of 2000 and 2004 or carry the state in 2000 by 5,000 votes and in 2004, john kerry carried it by less than 1/2 of percentage points. >> now, they're tied at 46-46 according to the marquette poll. i think the whole thing is fascinating. you would think that scott walker would get nine votes before this whole thing started and in the end, the people of wisconsin are going i saw this matchup two years ago, you already gave me the answer and it looks like the same distance between both. >> the number two finisher in the runoff on the democratic side to see who would go up against scott walker was the
4:09 am
woman who had most of the money behind her. this is a thing to pay close attention to and whether or not this is behind tom barrett. >> if you can't get your nomination with the union behind you. >> when they had the primary a week or two ago, scott walker actually -- you know, he was a lay-up. he was going to be the republican nominee, obviously, for governor. he wound up with more votes than all the democrats combined. there is motivation out there. nonetheless, he did, by virtue of taking on the public unions out there, brought it on himself. greta asked him last night, if you could do it all over again, would you? here's what he said. aut if i look back in time, i wouldn't change the product. it's been positive for the tax paying members of our state. it's important that you make sure you had a good process. if i had to do it over again, i would spend more time building the foundation for support. >> all right. so currently, he is up by six in
4:10 am
the polling in wisconsin. >> that recall election happens june 5th so it's right around the corner. all right, let's go down to florida where apparently they used to have this test there that you had to pass in order to move on to the next bregrade. now, they decided to lower the standards instead of having more and more kids not get the right grades. is that the right thing, to lower the standards to make kids feel better or pass them along or should they be meeting the standards and getting the right education so they're fit to move to the next level. >> the rock lake middle school is where it took place and 27% of the fourth graders are the ones that passed. in the end, they said this is not going to fly so we have a better idea. let's lower the standards. isn't that the american way? >> it's the state writing exam. they've done it for a long time for the fourth graders. they're going to continue to do it. rather than -- a passing grade had been a four. now because so many -- 70% failed it because of one
4:11 am
particular question. and the essay question was this, suppose you or somebody else had a chance to ride a camel. imagine what happens on this camel ride. write a story about what happens on this camel ride. simple enough. fourth graders, very imaginative. well, a number of teachers said, that's just a bad question because a lot of kids don't know what a camel is. >> kind of a stupid question actually. >> of all the questions that you could come up with, why would you -- why wouldn't you just say hey, you know, use your imagination to create a fascinating story about what you might do if you could play outside today. i don't know. why would you -- >> the department of education tested it with 1500 students before they made it part of the statewide thing and it was very well received. >> how could you not know what a camel is? >> exactly. >> even if you haven't seen, you know, you haven't seen a camel -- >> why would you do a camel? are camels indigenous to the united states of america? it just seems -- why don't you use a dog? everybody can relate to a dog.
4:12 am
maybe they'd get a better grade if kids can relate to -->> it's not an exotic animal. >> i'm still not saying that the kids shouldn't be able to answer it. it just seems like how do you come up with a question about a camel in the united states? >> can you imagine the sweating the kids do if they read a dr. seuss book. if you're a fourth grader right now watching our show and that's the average age. >> sure. >> write us and tell us if you know of a camel. >> would a camel throw you? i have to write about a camel. >> you know they spit at you. >> i heard that. >> both one and two humpers. >> how many kids in the state of florida has had an opportunity to ride a camel? come on! >> they've seen one. >> i have never -- i will never ride a camel. >> my daughter has been on a camel only because she had a camel ride at a zoo. >> ok. >> and the car broke down. >> but my son has never been on a camel. i have no idea how he would answer that. >> imagine what happens on this camel ride so, you know, it's all about creative writing and they thought it was going to be good. but anyway, now they have lowered the standard from if you
4:13 am
got four right, you pass. now if you got three right because they've thrown out the camel question. what do you think? e-mail us, friends at >> i wonder how many adults would fail that question. >> doesn't aladdin feature camel? >> and a magic carpet which is the central theme. >> again, i've never ridden a magic carpet. i've never done that. >> take a look at this tv. what's happening in the video could be the key to detecting autism. you know that test they do when they pull your children's arms up. well, we're going to tell you how important that could be with autism. straight ahead. >> and new numbers show more than 3 out of 4 people feel their financial situation is worse since the president took office. so can he overcome those kind of numbers? a fair and balanced debate next. wake up!
4:14 am
that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> a new fox news poll finds 43% of potential voters saying that president obama has done nothing to help the economy. and 78% say their family's financial situation is worse or the same as it was four years ago. so can the president win re-election with numbers like these? joining us right now are the co-hosts of "the five" juan williams and andrea tantaros. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. ok, juan and andrea, you know, we have talked over the last couple of days about how there's been a lot of polls out, cbs "new york times" poll shows i think mitt romney a little ahead. it seems like they're neck and neck. it's going to come down in november, the economy. and right now, when you look at that thing that says the 43% say the president has done nothing to help the economy, that's not helpful for him. >> no, but i'm not sure that people think that anything a president can do right now, you know, the overall impact of the poll is people think the economy is improving.
4:18 am
that's the key finding in the poll. people think overwhelmingly that the job situation is getting better. they think the overall economic conditions in the country are getting better. and if that's the case, then that's good news for president obama. he can say, you know, we've been on -- we're coming out of a long-term slump, a near depression and things are getting better and it seems like more and more americans are persuaded to that point. >> andrea tantaros, i bet you agree completely. >> not quite. the only issue -- this is the a huge concern of mine if i were the president, the only issue that a majority of americans according to this poll approve of the job that the president is doing is on afghanistan. everything else even though he's slightly improving on the economy is below 50% so that's problematic. now, he still remains very, very likable and i think that this is a huge boon for the white house. people tend to like president obama. it's this magic that when you break down and look at the numbers, it's hard to believe
4:19 am
someone with such negative ratings can be so personally likable. but, you know, you could be messing up and people could think you're maybe, i don't know, kind of silly, but still like you. look at bob beckel. >> look at him. the guy you both work with. juan, you have to figure the president has been helped by the big unemployment number. it's gone down. even though when you look into the details the number has gone down, the number of people who were unemployed but you realize that's so many hundreds of thousands of people have thrown up their hands and given up looking. >> well, i think there's another way to look at that which is that the entire economy is being reengineered at this point. i think everybody understands that a lot of jobs that used to be there especially blue collar jobs that are going away, i think we're going more and more towards the high-tech industries. that's what you see in terms of the boon. also you have a lot of people who are older now retiring because they feel like, you know what? the economy is not great. and this might be -- push me over the line to say you know
4:20 am
what? i'm going to go ahead and retirement. take the early retirement and take the benefits and that pushes people out and that drives up the numbers. so i think the overall story is consumer confidence is better. confidence in the economy is better. even andrea says it. >> andrea, a 30 second rebuttal. >> here's the good news, i think, for mitt romney. when you ask respondents in this poll why are you voting? why are you voting for mitt romney? they say by a margin of 43% they're voting against president obama. when you ask president obama voters the same question, it's only 11% for mitt romney. that's a huge opposition vote that romney has that i think shows that people are galvanized and going to be showing up to vote against president obama. >> ladies and gentlemen, the perfect fair and balanced debate and andrea and juan. >> it was fair and balanced today. >> it absolutely was. have a great day. >> you, too. >> look at your tv. what's happening in this video could be the key to detecting autism. what you can do at home right now to see the very first signs of a problem.
4:21 am
then kim kardashian claims skeechers shoes helped her tone up and look like this. but the company now admitting that may not be true. and they are paying for it. all multivitamins give me the basics.
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4:24 am
>> time now for your news by the numbers from the control room. first 50%. that's the amount of minority babies born in the united states between july 2010 and 2011 and for the first time ever, surpassing the number of white babies. next, $50 million. that's how much skechers is paying to settle false advertising claims after shape ups and other toning shoes apparently didn't live up to the hype. and finally, $18 billion. that's how much was spent by nine federal agencies for 47 job
4:25 am
training programs in 2009. a 2011 labor department study, though, found the training did very little to affect employment outcomes that it should have. gretch? >> the stats regarding autism in america, staggering. 1 in 88 kids are diagnosed with some form of autism by age 8 and 1% of american children between ages 3 and 17 are autistic. doctors say it's the fastest growing developmental disorder today. >> researchers at the kennedy krieger institute say they have found an early warning sign that may detect autism in babies and time does matter. fox news contributor and member of the a team is here, the author of the inner pulse, dr. marc siegel. what have they found in this study? >> they actually found that if you have a high risk of developing autism and that word high risk is important that you were 90% likely to have what's called a head lag at six months
4:26 am
or 70% likely if you had a sibling with autism. what's a head lag? it means if you pull a baby by their arms, their head doesn't follow because the neck muscles are weak. that's a sign that there's a motor problem and neurological delay. it's not the same thing as autism, brian. autism is the inability to relate socially. it's not that but it could be a sign. i want parents out there to understand, this is not for kids at low risk. i don't want every parent out there to go checking their baby and saying hey, we have this lag. what do we do? it's only for kids at high risk. >> so this baby right here, we're watching the video. that's a baby that has head lag, right? >> that's right. see how the head doesn't follow along when you pull them by their arms. you're supposed to have that by four months. but, you know, there are other factors, gretchen. there's genetics. i have to tell you, i didn't walk until i was 14 months. luckily we found that out because my own kids didn't walk until they were 14 months. it's genetic. things run in families. normal families, you may not have autism just because you
4:27 am
have that problem. >> so you have a young child, you go to do the test and the head lags, what do you do? what does it mean? >> here's why it's important. because studies have shown and the kennedy krieger institute is amazing at this. early intervention helps. most of the time we don't diagnose autism until the time they're 4 years old. by that time, they're having a lot of trouble with language and relating with others. if you're able to make this diagnosis by the age of 1 as this institute does, you can do relating issues and start them at play. early intervention makes an enormous difference in later outcomes. >> lot of it is denial as parents. they think these signs don't mean anything so they don't get help until it can be too late. what's the takeaway from this? let's go back to the high risk situation. this is not every baby that you would pull up, then, and have the head lag. it's if you're in this high risk group. is that the way -- >> that's where the study is showing, gretchen. 90% of the time, if you have autism, you look back, you're
4:28 am
going to find you have the head lag. it doesn't mean that everybody with a head lag is going to get autism. so if parents would look for this head lag and understand it could be something different, i'm fine with this. i would like parents to do this because i want pediatricians to know about this problem. but if you have a sibling in the family that has autism and you have this problem, there's a very high chance you're going to get it yourself and there, as you said, parents are in denial and so i want them to be aware so we can get early intervention. the other side of this, though, is i don't want kids stigmatized. i don't want a kid misdiagnosed with autism because they happened to have a head lag. we already have that problem with kids not meeting their glance. the kid is 3 years old and doesn't look me in the eye. he must have autism. he might have something totally different. he may be shy. >> thanks so much. >> fascinating. >> good to see you. >> vice president joe biden getting all fired up and shouting a little bit. did he just have a howard dean moment? you got to hear and then you can
4:29 am
decide. >> back at it again today. plus, this wasn't supposed to happen, a six foot long missile falls from the sky. where it came from just ahead. can't explain. ♪ [ male announcer ] we believe small things can make a big difference. like how a little oil from here can be such a big thing in an old friend's life. purina one discovered that by blending enhanced botanical oils into our food, we can help brighten an old dog's mind so he's up to his old tricks. with this kind of thinking going into our food, imagine all the goodness that can come out of it. just one way we're making the world a better place... one pet at a time.
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4:33 am
>> a republican official says that mitt romney should pick, "an incredibly boring white guy" as his running mate. yeah. when he heard, joe biden said, thanks, i've already got a gig. >> and joe biden is never boring. >> no. he's gaffe-tastic. >> he's certainly got that on his resume. if you were watching him yesterday in youngstown,ohio in front of a factory audience, he took mitt romney and republicans to task for failing to understand the middle class and he got so excited. so passionate, it did evoke howard dean so we'd like to do a side by side of mr. biden yesterday and mr. dean back in the day. look at the comparison. >> my mother believed and my father believed that if i wanted to be president of the united states, i could be. i could be vice president. my mother and father believed that if my brother or sister
4:34 am
wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. >> absolutely! >> they don't get us. >> we're going to south carolina and oklahoma and arizona and north dakota and new mexico, we're going to california and texas and new york, and we're going to south dakota and oregon and washington. and michigan! and then we're going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house! >> that never gets old. >> in the background you can see joe tripe walking right out. don't need me anymore. >> here's the amazing thing. joe biden was asked to get blue collar workers excited, that's his job. at the same time, he's trying to skewer what bain capital did. that is five major factories, try to get them going. if they can't get them going, they have to break them up. that factory that bain capital, that they put an anti-bain ad
4:35 am
out against mitt romney. we know mitt romney wasn't there when it collapsed but put $100 million into it and tried to save it. new people tried to save it. the one that had the better deal with the unions and was able to work in kansas city was being saved. joe biden and the re-election committee of president obama want to simplify what bain does and make them anti-worker. it isn't logical. >> picking up on what he actually said, i have a question. i wonder if that was on the teleprompter or not or was he going off the rails a little bit when he started talking about millionaires? keep in mind, the obama administration has vilified millionaires and billionaires over the last three years. so now, for joe biden to be saying as part of his rhetoric, that it's the democrats' dream and this administration's dream to be able to become a millionaire seems a little bit out of the philosophy of what they've been talking about thus far. >> is he yelling at president obama? >> that's what it sounds like. i don't think you can say there's somebody on the right saying that you can't achieve
4:36 am
whatever you want to achieve and the american dream is still alive. that is not really the message that's being counter to what joe biden is talking about. >> we put them side by side to show the intensity level, right up there was joe with dr. dean. >> i better not say yippie skippy or i'll be on that comparison there. it's another disturbing example of al-qaida's efforts to murder americans. fox news learning a man believed to be a saudi explosives expert is publishing an on-line magazine called "al-qaida airlines"? it looks at past al-qaida plots including the one by the shoe bomber and teaches wannabe terrorists how to make explosives. fantastic. >> meanwhile, are you still struggling as a home owner? maybe this is why. a new report shows more than a dozen states are using housing cash, the aid cash, to help plug budget holes in their states. we're talking $2 1/2 billion
4:37 am
that was supposed to be spent on foreclosure prevention and investigating financial fraud. instead, all that money is going to states like california where they use their share of the cash to pay off debts, soften education cuts and pay for energy bill for low-income families. oops! >> applying for college got more stressful for 200 new york city students. they're being forced to retake the s.a.t.'s and it's all because they sat too close together. the company that administers the test requires students to sit at least four feet apart to prevent cheating. but an inspector who showed up by surprise found students sitting much closer. >> get off their lap! >> both students and parents outraged they're being punished by what's called a technicality. >> this wasn't supposed to happen. a u.s. army helicopter accidentally dropped a six foot, 100 pound missile right in the middle of this guy's texas neighborhood. >> something dropped out of the sky. helicopter passed right here and
4:38 am
it dropped. if it would have dropped another 200 feet, it would have hit the house. >> the missile was inactive but nearly 100 houses had to be evacuated as a precaution. they didn't know. the army is trying to figure out how the missile came loose. ok. >> this year alone, 13 million children will be teased, taunted and physically assaulted by their peers. and those aren't just scary stats. they're a reason to act. bullying is what we're talking about and now a national contest is challenging teens across the country to use the power of filmmaking to address it. well, well, look who it is. how are you doing, r.j.? how did the quiz do? did you get a perfect score, freak? don't ignore me, loser. >> hey, ashley. >> what kind of cheat is this? you can't even prepare. >> i'm r.j., i live in a box. >> oh, no! you weren't looking for these, were you?
4:39 am
sorry, they're mine. bye, nutty! >> so the high school student behind that clip is that man right there, jacob allwell and he joins me now live. good to see you this morning. >> how did you hear about this contest? why did you want to get involved? >> my broadcast teacher mr. clark, every time there's some contest locally or nationally, he lets our whole class know. >> and so the film that you decided to make was called "help". what was your main message in the film? >> my message was that no matter how bleak things seem, if you feel that there's no way out, there always is. you can always get help. >> there's been a lot of focus on bullying. there's a documentary out called "bully" right now. do you see it as a huge problem in schools today? >> i do. >> why? >> because a lot of people,
4:40 am
they don't like understand the effects that a simple word can have on someone. if you insult someone, if you make them feel bad about themselves, they will hold that with them their entire lives. >> is this a personal thing for you? have you been bullied? >> i have. >> do you care to share what happens? >> all through elementary school, middle school, i was teased by classmates and neighborhood kids as well. and in high school, i finally decided this needs to end. and i stood up for myself. and i voiced myself to these kids and they finally backed away. >> wow. finally took a stand and now you're making a film to honor that. congratulations. guess what? i have another -- something you don't know about. another surprise for you today. 15 finalists will be chosen today and they will be going to be judged and you'll be going to make a special trip and guess
4:41 am
what? you are one of the finalists. >> oh, that's great news! that's really good news. thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> and guess what? fellow coronado high school student hunter hopewell and lauren linehan are also finalists for their film "alone." >> they're going to love that. >> the remaining finalists will be revealed today on the no bull challenge web site. now, you know what this means, you're going to be invited to attend the teen video awards red carpet awards event in san francisco and have a chance to win $25,000 worth of prizes and attend a star studded awards show and spread your anti-bullying message and the importance of standing up. what do you make of it? >> i am so excited. you have no idea. i would jump for joy if i wasn't on tv right now. >> you can do it after we say good-bye. congratulations to you and there's so many people that need
4:42 am
to hear your message. well done. congratulations. >> thank you. >> wow, what a great story. >> need stories like that more. congratulations to that young man. most americans say that they want free speech. >> i should be able to say whatever i want. i don't think anything should be illegal. >> everyone should have their own right to say what they want. >> you should be allowed to say whatever you feel. >> coming up next, john stossel is here to explain why for some people free speech has come at a very high price. we're firing up the grill outside. you can survive a backyard barbecue without packing on the pounds. we'll show you how to do it. ah, welcome to i get it...guys weekend.
4:43 am
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>> i ran out to friday's and go to applebee's or chili's or open up the grill to cook thing that would be nutritionally profitable and dare i say save you some money. it's all part of this i backyard survival guide, grill guide. grill this, not that. and one of the co-authors here right now, matt golding. you'll teach us how to lose weight and save money. how do you do it? >> that's the idea here. people look at grilled foods as if they're undeniably healthy. go to the restaurant world and find out that's not the case. heavy in fat. heavy in calories and extremely expensive. we're basically talking about trying to reclaim that healthfulness about grilling at home. choosing lean cuts of meat. smart sauces. you know, healthy portion sizes. but still giving you all the flavors you really want. >> let's start with steak. first thing is good news, you're not frying it. that's a positive. >> exactly. a lot of times you go to the restaurant and they're talking about grilled and what they're really doing is putting it on top of a griddle and frying it in butter. it's a euphemism for fatty
4:47 am
foods. we'll season this with salt and smoked paprika, it gives it the great flavor for the grill. going to be pretty liberal with that. toss it on a hot grill. when you cook your steak, you want to bring up the temperature 30 minutes before so it cooks evenly all the way through and you have a nice crust on the outside and medium rare all throughout. >> you want to blast it on high? >> no, you really don't. searing in the flavor doesn't exactly exist. that's a myth. medium temperature is what you want to go with. while the steak is cooking, we'll make a simple sauce here. this is a blue cheese butter. softened butter and steak and blue cheese, classic combination. chives, some shallots and some garlic. >> i just thought it was fascinating, too, in your book, you break down the sirloin steak, 300 calories. this blue cheese dressing about 20 grams of fat. but if you go to outback, it's 989 calories and 70 grams of fat. >> that's right. the exact same dish we're talking about. sirloin steak -- strip steak, blue cheese crust.
4:48 am
we're talking about saving 600 calories. do that once a week and you'll lose 10 pounds in a year. >> fantastic. beyond that, i want to pull one of these steaks off. >> all right. >> so what you do is you mix up the blue cheese butter, stir it up fully and pop it into a little bit of plastic wrap and you form basically a compound butter. super simple. it's soft in a second. you slice it off and put it over the hot steak. 300 calories, 20 grams of fat and again, beyond just the calorie savings for a family of four, you'll save $78. >> what to i want do is get more of the same. we're running out of time. what are we saving? >> we have a jack daniels grilled chicken sandwich. sounds healthy. 1140 calories, our version is a grilled pineapple sandwich. >> 400 calories. 11 grams of fat. >> 11 grams of fat. >> what do we got here? >> cherry baby back ribs. 3,010 calories. >> is that this one? >> our version is 370 calories. nearly 2,000 calories, you save. here in the front. finally we have a grilled chicken fajita salad.
4:49 am
1,220 calories. so on the flip side, our version is a blackened chicken salad, mango, avocado, black beans, 440 calories. serious savings throughout. >> this is going home with me, doocy and carlson hands off. grill this, not that. thanks for unlocking the combination. i have bad news for you. i have a 22 man staff that wants a piece of your steak. >> enough to go around. >> congratulations on the book. >> appreciate it. >> back inside, tell us what's coming up straight ahead. >> bring in that blue cheese butter steak. >> right now? >> yeah. >> by the way, brian, i snagged one of those books, too. >> fine. hands off mine! >> all right. thank you, brian. >> straight ahead, real life mystery playing out in hollywood. the star of "terminator 3" is missing and most people say they're all for free speech until it's not free. >> john stossel standing by with the real cost of that. first on this day in history in 1964 mary wells had the number one song with "my guy." wake up!
4:50 am
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>> welcome back. freedom of speech is a right enjoyed by all americans and many argue we're entitled to it. >> i should be able to say whatever i want. >> i don't think anything should be illegal. >> everyone should have their own right to say what they want. >> you should be allowed to say whatever you feel. >> yeah. >> most people are all for free speech until it's not free. john stossel here with the real cost. what do you mean by that? >> well, we went out and asked people in the same area a different question. when you ask them for free speech, yes.
4:54 am
what should be done about hate speech? there should be laws against that. what should be done about sexist speech? that should be punished like it's the crime itself. >> even though it's free speech, there should be some small print with it. pat buchanan got fired at msnbc for expressing his freedom of speech. >> i'll have him on my show tonight. i'd fire him if it was my network. i don't like some of his ideas. on the other hand, you're supposed to have a variety of viewpoints on the air. i think he goes too far. but there's a difference because that's not a prix speech issue. that's editing. if a private company wants to fire me, or preferably you, then that's just editing. that's editorial control. >> sure. >> but that's because we have lots of media companies. you have a choice. we just have one government. it's a whole different picture when government censors somebody. >> let's listen to gurt zilders explain how he was treated for speaking out against islam.
4:55 am
>> if you speak out against islam, you will be marked for death as my book is called. you will be banned from certain countries as i experienced and you will be put in front of the benches for trial. anybody who dares to tell the truth and speak out in favor of freedom and against the islamization of our society gets the same deal. >> he was a member of the dutch parliament and he was put on trial for calling islam a dangerous ideology rather than a religion. >> right. he's the leader of the third party there. and he was put on trial and had to spend a fortune defending himself and that's why it's a good thing we have a first amendment in america. >> and real quickly, you know something about it because after you had a conversation on tv with megyn kelly, some people said he should be fired. >> that's right. same people that got pat buchanan fired said stossel's comments are repugnant and disgusting and we're going to campaign against fox like we've never done before to get him fired. >> uh-huh.
4:56 am
>> so your ratings went up? >> we'll see what the show does tonight. but -- >> usually controversy gins it up. >> i guess so. i should be thankful to them. >> all right. >> we'll watch it. >> have a fantastic show. it's tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. >> all right. >> good to see you. >> thanks. >> the owner of the new york jets doesn't just have a stake in football. woody johnson has a stake in this country and he says mitt romney is the best guy to get the united states back on track. we'll talk to woody about that when he stops by in the next hour. >> then who has dethroned lady gaga as the most powerful celebrity in the world? the face behind this question mark. man or woman? revealed. >> it's not you, stossel. ♪ if loving you is wrong
4:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is thursday, may 17. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your thursday with us. this year election day may turn out to be independents day. polls show the independent vote is up for grabs and it's anyone's game. a closer look at the new polls straight ahead. >> steve: president obama came into office and above all things, he promised this. remember? >> transparency and the rule of law will be the touch tone of this presidency. >> steve: did a secret back room deal help the president back his biggest legislative achievement, obamacare? michelle malkin here to break down the investigation promptly. >> brian: all right. do you want to know what happens when you try capture an alligator? you get attacked. the scientist nearly has his arm
5:01 am
bitten off. the full details, as we start with the 2012 election. >> steve: all right. we rolled out the reverb, it must be official. >> brian: what i should have done is tossed out to gretchen for the 2012 election because i promised you last hour to give that you. >> gretchen: i acquiesced. nobody can say it like you can. you got to get a patent on that thing. it might take you ten years. >> brian: michael buffer called, he wants in. i told him absolutely not. >> steve: are you ready to vote? >> gretchen: how was it that you just decided may 17? what was so special about this day that we were going back to e election? >> steve: you kind of touched on it a couple days ago. >> brian: i start think being it too much. when i start thinking about it,
5:02 am
the election starts taking over my loaf, i feel that's the almighty telling me it's time. >> steve: you know what? >> gretchen: it's a remainious thing? -- religious thing? >> brian: right. exactly. you're not hearing that, are you? >> gretchen: if you missed it, in the 6 or 7:00 o'clock hour, did he the sign of the cross when talking about the election. >> brian: because i've been asking people to bless me. i got nothing. >> gretchen: we have to do a tough turn because we have to give you some headlines of tragic news. we know the estranged wife of robert f. kennedy junior died of an apparent suicide at her estate in new york yesterday. 52-year-old mary richardson kennedy reportedly hung herself in a barn before a housekeeper discovered her body. a close friend says she was depressed about money issues and the end of her marriage to rfk junior, the son of senator robert f. kennedy and the nephew of president john f. kennedy. they were married 16 years and had four children together before filing for divorce in
5:03 am
between -- 2010. she was devastated when she started to date an actress. we'll have more coming up in our show. a mystery surrounding the whereabouts of nick stahl. you may know him, he was in "the terminator 3" and reported missing monday by his estranged wife and this morning there is still no sign of him. he had a few run-ins with the law and tmz is reporting what's a history of drug abuse. closing arguments expected in the corruption trial much john edwards trial. the defense rested its case after two days. they never called edwards, his daughter, or his mistress to the stand. defense attorneys did try to get the judge to dismiss all of the charges, but that was denied. jury deliberation set to begin tomorrow. a very close call for a man and one very angry alligator and it was all caught on camera. check it out. the alligator nearly biting the man's arm off. the gator was roaming along a north carolina highway. the man approached it for some
5:04 am
reason, tried moving it. oh, gosh. animal experts eventually called in and moved the gate or to a nearby swamp. we're told the man is now recovering. news flash to any man who wants to be a hero on the highway. do not get close to an alligator. >> brian: once he attacked you, why would you move slowly? >> gretchen: why would you approach it? >> steve: the presidential election is not until november. of course, but if it were held today, president obama would probably beat mitt romney, according to the very latest fox news poll. >> brian: peter doocy live in washington with more on how the polls break down. hey. >> keep in mind this new poll is just one poll. but it shows president obama holding steady and mitt romney losing a little bit of steam. a month ago romney and the president were tied at 46. the president still has 46% support, but romney is down 7 to
5:05 am
39. the independent vote is a big part of that. their support is often critical to a candidate's success in a general election. while mitt romney leads by five points in the latest poll with independent, that's an 8-point drop from where he was a month ago. right now it's romney 34. president obama 29 among independents. last month it was romney 46, president obama 33. now the key becomes the 36% of independents who are not sure right now about their vote. as for the economy, 28% of voters polled think it's better today than it was four years ago, which is an 11-point improvement over this time last year and 45% think it's worse than four years ago, which is a 14-point improvement. both president obama and mitt romney are obviously trying to get hired for the job of president of the united states, but if the job was money manager, mitt romney would win in a landslide. 47% would pick him to manage their money. 34% would pick president obama to do that job. but if the job was life coach, those numbers basically flip.
5:06 am
47% want president obama to be their life coach. 33% would pick mitt romney. >> gretchen: thanks very much. very interesting analysis there. time to bring in michelle malkin who joins us live every week. good morning to you, michelle. >> good morning to you. >> steve: what's a life coach? >> a hand holder, a coddler, a panderer. >> gretchen: i wasn't quite sure what the definition of that was. it seemed a little ambiguous. i want to point out something that you and i both found fascinating is something else that's in the tiny details in this poll, which is when you ask people who are extremely interested in the election, here are the results. romney at 50%. president obama at 44%. why do you also think that's important? >> well, i think it shows that the more people know, the more they are truly informed as opposed to being preached to by the water carriers in the media, the more they like mitt romney
5:07 am
and dislike obama for a second term. and i think that really needs to be mimed by the mitt romney campaign and they have an educational and -- you could call it an evangelical mission to make sure that people don't merely consume the fables that are recycled by this white house at taxpayer expense and then regurgitated by the white house press corp. >> brian: what's interesting, i don't think this reelection committee is nearly as savvy as the 2008 one. look at how they were flat footed with the bain attack, flat footed with the bullying, the 48 years ago story about mitt romney doing it, not understanding that the president has a book on tape talking about all the crazy things he did in high school. it seems as though they've been caught off balance because they have a more formidable team. >> yes, that's right. i think that the major
5:08 am
difference between 2008 and now is the presence, the activism and the force of conservative on-line, that they have taken a major role outside of the beltway and outside of the republican establishment of pushing back against all of these narratives that are plied by the obama administration. they have enjoyed for so long the liberal, soros funded operative, near monopoly on story telling in the media and that changed with conservatives on-line and on-line. >> gretchen: maybe so, but that poll is not all great news for mitt romney. he's fallen with independents and now if the election were held today, barak obama wins. so something that the obama campaign is doing and these buzz words and this fair share and the class warfare allegedly appears to be working. >> yes. and i think the flip side of that, you're absolutely right -- there should be no white washing or sugar coating of these poll
5:09 am
results by mitt romney or his campaign. they can't be apathetic about it. my personal assessment is that he needs to take the gloves off or the mitts off or whatever. he's got to throw down and i've said before that he's got to give up this narrative that the white house appreciates, that obama is merely nice guy who is misinformed or misled or has his heart in the right place, but not his brain. no. i think the more story telling that the mitt romney campaign can do, certainly it is done by conservatives on-line about the corruption, about the payoffs and the bribes and the way that this white house has put up government for sale, that's what needs to be told. >> steve: well, he could take the mitts off with this, speaking of shady deals. >> perfect segway. >> steve: there's a story out that sounds like, according to house republicans, looks like the white house cut a secret
5:10 am
deal with big f farma to pass obamacare. >> yeah, that's right. house republican investigators now with the house, energy and commerce subcommittee who have unearthed all of these e-mails, which point to the health care czar, nancy andapalar, who has gotten off scott free. i've revealed so much about her own industry ties with farma and how she has par layed that private sector experience into a huge boon for her now that she's in public office with all of this control over one seventh of the economy. it looks like this is yet another payoff. we already know that there were bribes galore being bandied about behind back room doors with this white house and this is just the latest one. we still don't know the details of what exactly the payoff was with farma. but i think what the republicans have to do and what mitt romney has to do is turn around this
5:11 am
idea that it's the republicans in the hip pocket of big business when they're cutting deals with pharma and who knows who is making what off it. all we know is the taxpayers got a huge ripoff off of this. >> brian: you have so many different web sites to get ahold of you. is there a place on any of these sites where i could apply to be your life coach? is there analyst? >> steve: she doesn't need anybody holding her hand. >> brian: i want to see if maybe i can fit the bill. >> yeah, i don't do life coach. i'm not the kind to hold your hand. tiger mom, tiger coach, how about that? suck it up. >> gretchen: watch out with that. >> brian: i'm going to get yelled at every time i try to give you advice. >> i'm going to give you the mom dagger eye, okay? shape up there, brian. >> gretchen: or what i tell my kids, i got the eyes in the back of my head. great to see you, see you again next week. >> you bet. take care. >> steve: a dozen minutes after the top of the hour. ever dreamt of owning that second home, but it just seemed
5:12 am
out of reach? it's not. sounds like i'm working for -- bob massi dipping into his mail bag and says you can afford the american dream or a coldwell banker perhaps. >> gretchen: lady gaga disrobed, no longhorn the world's most powerful celeb. who is? the face behind that question mark just might surprise you. who is it? >> brian: can i tell you? >> gretchen: man, woman, child? >> brian: i can tell you right now. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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5:14 am
5:15 am
>> brian: with so many homeowners struggling to hold on to their homes, a lot of americans are asking questions. for example, today we're going to dip into our mail bag to get to some of those examples and here to talk to us about it, bob massi.
5:16 am
are you ready? >> good morning. yes, sir. >> brian: here is darryl. he says this: i tried to sell my home through a short sale. bank of america accepted one offer, but the second lender didn't approve it. now they're suing me to collect on the deficiency. can they do that? >> absolutely, darryl. unfortunately, as i've covered many times on short sales, if when you have a second mortgage on your home, brian, and the second has to agree to the short sale. if they don't, then the short sale will not go through. a foreclosure occurs, that second mortgage you signed the promissory note, it's a contract. so most states in this country that, lender can pursue that promissory note saying they're owed x amount of dollars and they have right to do it. >> brian: i'm wondering if bank of america in this case could talk to the other bank and say, listen, this is the best we're going to get out of this. maybe you should do this. maybe you should change your mind. can you use the other bank as leverage? >> yeah, sometimes the first will deal with the second and
5:17 am
actually offer up to $3,000 on a short sale to try to resolve it. sometimes a second mortgage, brian, wants a contribution from the homeowner. let's say you owe $50,000. sometimes they want the homeowner to contribute 5 or $10,000 to wipe out the balance. but if they're not in a position to do it, then they have the right to foreclose and have the right to sue for the deficiency. >> brian: let's talk about michael. he have says this: i got a letter from bank of america approving the restructuring of my home loan. but afterwards, they rejected my payment saying i had to reapply. they had then denied my application and are starting the foreclosure process. no attorneys will work with me until the foreclosure is actually complete. what should i do? >> the reason i chose this e-mail is because it just gives the example, brian, of how the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. you have one division of a lender, servicer who is sending out probably nothing more than a form letter saying, hey, bob, you've been approved for restructuring your loan and the loss mitigation division, where
5:18 am
they start foreclosures basically, is saying, hey, by the way, we're going to foreclose on your home. the lawyers that this guy went to see said, and i don't necessarily disagree, that look, we really can't do anything until they start foreclosing on your home. i think you need to go get yourself a lawyer that specializes in the area of loan modifications and things like that to start finding out what is going on with this and were you approved for any type of restructuring of the loan. >> brian: let's talk about paul. he writes, i am trying buy a home for my parents in in a fellow -- florida, but i've been transferred to another state. i was told i could put 10% down if i had a relocation letter. otherwise i was told i had to put 20% down. is this right? >> talk to my buddy yesterday, one of the best in the areas of lending. i said how does this work? he said look, they have different levels of loans. you have investment properties, relocation properties, second homes, primary residences and they have protocols, brian, that, in
5:19 am
put more down, depending upon -- is it a second home, investment property, things like that. so yes, they have the right to do that. the one thing i want to reiterate again, and unrelated, is please, ladies and gentlemen, remember i keep talking, i'm going to hammer it home about the mortgage relief act that expires the end of this year, don't forget to call your representative, united states representatives to tell them they must extend the mortgage rewill have act because it could be devastating to our whole country in real estate. >> brian: bob massi, thanks. if you want to be on our show, write bob. you'll see him there. good job, thanks. >> thank you. >> brian: we move ahead. he was just a baby when his dad passed away fighting a war in iraq. now this ten-year-old won't be able to honor him because his hometown says they don't have the money, but he's not taking no for an answer. you'll meet him. and the owner of the new york jets doesn't have a stake in football, he has a stake in the country. why he says mitt romney is the best guy to get us back on
5:20 am
track. maybe he could pick tim tebow as his running mate [ female announcer ] fresh flavor gets a bold new twist with new chef's picks from lean cuisine. new dishes on the culinary cutting edge like mushroom mezzaluna ravioli and chile lime chicken. ♪ new chef's picks from lean cuisine.
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5:23 am
>> gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines. firefighters trying to save a historic mining town in arizona. they're battling three extreme conditions. high winds fanning the flames, abandoned mining shafts that could fall into at any time and deadly snakes. those three things. anyone can be bit by those snakes and then rushed to the hospital for anti-venom. that story was convoluted.
5:24 am
okay. they're battling winds, snakes and a bunch of other stuff. a mail sorter at jfk airport accused of helping himself to care packages headed to troops overseas. accused of stealing a watch, bracelet and cell phone before sending the boxes to the troops empty. nice guy. >> steve: we're on the road to the 2012 election and president obama has been continuing his message that all americans should pay their fair share. have you heard him say that? here is a snippet. >> i believe that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot. when everyone does their fair share. we need to change our tax code so that people like me and an awful lot of members of congress, pay our fair share of taxes. we've got to build an economy where everyone gets a fair shot. everyone does their fair share. >> gretchen: well, what type of impact does the president's message have on the business community? >> brian: joining us now, a man who knows and does know. the owner of the new york jets and does other things, too.
5:25 am
mitt romney supporter, woody johnson, welcome to the couch. >> thanks. nice couch. >> brian: thank you. it isn't burks nice to say. >> brian: first off, when we're talk being this climate out there, fair share, people are talking about guys like you and guys like mitt romney. how does that make you feel? >> i'll tell you, the obama dividing the country is not helping. i think mitt romney has the message if you want to get the economy rolling and get jobs starting to come on, get salaries back up. salaries have dropped 10% in the last three years, incomes. if you want to get those back up, divisive comments like that aren't helping. >> gretchen: it appears to be working. if you look at the latest polls and this is the most recent one done by fox news, barak obama would win the election if it was held today, 46% to mitt romney 39%. the interesting juxtaposition is that when you ask the questions about the economy and who would better handle the economy, mitt romney comes out on top. so what are we to get from that because everyone is saying this election will be about the
5:26 am
economy. >> i agree. i think these polls have vacillated, whipped around the last few weeks and i think they'll continue to do this. as long as this election is about the economy and jobs, romney wins. >> steve: right. karl rove writes in the "wall street journal" about how it's amazing barak obama is not crushing him at this point in the national polls much closer. you know a lot of really rich guys here in new york city and a lot of people on wall street. four years ago, they were big supporters of the president. fast forward to today. where do they stand? >> they have absolutely gone the other direction and there is a number of firms on the tip of long island, if you want to start down there, that were totally in obama's camp and they were very enthusiastic about hope and change and all the things that would occur. they flipped around because hope and change didn't occur and he's attacking those very firms who were his big funders. >> steve: was it a fat cat thing? was it the class warfare or all the antibusiness or all of the above? >> i think it's all of the business and particularly antibusiness, anti-jobs.
5:27 am
those officials to be attacked by the ceo of the country is not positive to business, not positive to business climate. you're not going to really make improvements if everybody -- the guy at the top sends out the wrong signal. it's not going to work. >> brian: in your life, you have come across powerful people. we keep hearing this, a lot of money is on the side loans. what have you heard? >> i don't think the money is on the side lines. i've been dialing for dollars, that's why this hand is in this condition. it's coming in. we are very, very competitive with the president right now even though he has all the benefits of being the incumbent. i think we'll match him. >> gretchen: as somebody who lived the american dream yourself, did you ever think we'd come to a point in society where living the american dream and aspiring to get there would be a negative, that it would be vilified, where people would want to hide the fact that they've become successful? >> i think it's absolutely -- we
5:28 am
always are about the so-called horatio algier story, the guy comes from pakistan and buys an nfl franchise, he came here with nothing, not even a tool box and he achieved the american dream. that happens every day. >> brian: something else not a dream, you got tim tebow, along with mark sanchez together. how is that ever going to work? >> i think they're both going to add -- first of all, mark sanchez is the quarterback. tim tebow adds an element, i think, that defensive coordinators will have a hard time dealing with. they're going to spend a lot of time planning for tim tebow and for what we can do with his talent, which is considerable. and i think that should help us win games. >> steve: game on. before you go, i understand you've got a big announcement coming up shortly, don't you? >> yes. i think a lot of you -- you
5:29 am
remember what happened with george clooney in california,. >> steve: $15 million. >> $15 million. we have an answer. we can't give it today, but we have somebody that we think will be very successful doing a similar fundraising activity. >> gretchen: you're having a party? >> we are having a party. >> gretchen: are we going to get invited? >> brian: not if it's $30,000 a head. >> gretchen: we can't go to those parties. >> brian: will it be tomorrow? >> i think it will be early next week. >> steve: somebody on par in the big hollywood -- >> i would say -- we don't like to be on par. we like to be a little above. >> steve: sounds great. very competitive. woody johnson, we thank you very much. also a big mitt romney supporter. >> brian: i'm sorry about your injury dialing the phone. you're obviously working off a cast. >> it's when you're motivated. >> gretchen: coming up, children being escorted by police when they ride the bus to school. a terrifying situation playing out now in one of america's biggest cities. >> brian: then one of these is
5:30 am
not like the other. we're talking about jamie diamond and jon corzine. eric bolling here live to put it in perspective. >> steve: he's not like anybody either. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today. [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. [ tires squeal ] then we turned the page,
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>> steve: we've got a fox business alert.
5:34 am
labor department releasing weekly jobless numbers. 370,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. that is up from 367,000 the week before. economists were expecting 365. so eric bolling, about 5,000 more than they were expecting. >> a little more than expected, still better than the 400 we were doing a year and a half ago, a year ago. but not as good as we had been. there is a nice long down trend in the last few weeks have been trending up, holding at 375, 380 in through there. so elevated initial jobless claims. people are still walking in for the very first time asking for help. doesn't bode well for the unemployment rate, but companies are making money. the interesting dynamic going on is they're not hiring, but they're making a lot of money and they're putting the money in the bank. >> brian: here is the number that blows me away. 36% of our potential work force is not working. unbelievable! choosing not to, given up, whatever. >> great point. there's a big chunk of the work force who said i tried in the
5:35 am
last 12 months to look for work, but i'm not. i still want to work. that's called marginally attached to the work force. that number is the highest it's ever been in history. >> gretchen: let's talk about jp morgan. it's been in the news. jamie diamond runs that bank. now they said they had lost $2 billion. now reportedly growing as much as 50%. >> it could be $3 billion. what we need to point out is i brought this exact same chart, this white board on when we talked about mf global and john corzine. he has a loss that looks like he may have done the illegal. i think he did. i spent a lot of time in the business. i think what he did was illegal. i think he broke the law by doing this, brian. he jumped over this wall. this is a fire wall that's supposed to separate the banks' assets from customer accounts, deposits, loan, collateral. i think when he jumped over that wall and used the people's, customers -- corzine -- against
5:36 am
the trading l he broke the law. jp morgan did not do that. their bank assets were at risk. they lost money in the bank. never once did it affect the customer assets. jp morgan, jamie diamond didn't do what jon corzine did. i think even if the loss gets bigger than 2 or $3 billion, he didn't break the law. >> gretchen: that would have to be a criminal probe for the department of justice to look into jamie diamond. >> 100% right. they can look all they want, but they should focus their attention on jon corzine and found out what he did, and if he used customer accounts. that is criminal. jamie diamond, the bank made a bad bet. >> gretchen: why is that -- it's not customer money? >> no. >> gretchen: why did he come out and make it more clear this is not taxpayer money, et cetera? >> he needs to do that. what he did was initially he found out about the loss. he went right to "meet the press" and said we have this loss and because he did that,
5:37 am
the loss probably went to $3 billion. they probably weren't out of the trade. when you tell the world you have a big bad trade on, they're the first to jump in and make sure it's even worse. they capitalize on it at their expense but at least he came out. the system worked. we don't need anymore. the firewall was separating the bank's assets seth from the customers. >> brian: today, regulation, they're going to use this and try to jam more regulation through. >> absolutely. there is president obama reason to do more. -- there is no reason to do more. dodd frank bill that they were trying to push through and get implemented is going to add more and more regulation on top of that. it's not going to help the bank margin. >> steve: for a considerable amount of time, you have been a big proponent of facebook, when they do their ipo, which is this friday, you suggested you were going to buy as many shares as you can and now there has been a bunch of stuff in the news and you're walking it back. >> i spend a lot of time on facebook. a couple reasons why. i called a broker, i spent a lot
5:38 am
of time in the investment community. i had a chance to buy a lot of facebook shares. a lot of people won't be ail to i have called a guy last night and said, look, i think we back off. i think i don't buy as many shares as i thought i was going to do, maybe a few. here is the issue: facebook valuation goes up every single day. the last whisper i've heard was originally was going to be 300 million shares, 400 million shares. now i heard up to 500 million shares of facebook will be out there. 38, $40 a share, which means the valuation is big. so you're buying into a hugely expensive company already. plus the news of gm -- everyone says gm is not a well run company, they still spend a loft money advertising. every time you see a football game, insane a loft money. if they're not going to spend money on facebook, i'm concerned. puts another question mark out there. the third one, the most important one, i use facebook. the new time line, which is their new format and platform, isn't as navigatable as -- >> brian: i agree. >> steve: my kids say the same
5:39 am
thing. >> i was on the board of directors when we brought a private company public in 2004-2005. this valuation seems like it's getting out ahead of itself. so i'm going to back off. >> gretchen: see you on "the five." ed headlines. >> steve: school bus snipers, students in an atlanta suburb finishing out the school year with police escorts after a guy was seen pointing a rifle at a bus full of kids. witness chased after him, but the guy fired his gun and then got away. the rifle and a notebook containing bus numbers were found nearby. the stepped up police presence will last until tomorrow, the last day of school. authorities say they have identified persons of interest in this puzzling case. >> brian: "forbes" magazine revealing its 100 most powerful celebrities in 2012. justin bieber gracing the cover, but he's number three. rihanna, very nice, long legs,
5:40 am
is number 4. lady gaga, short legs, not so nice, she dropped to number five from number 1 last year. oprah winfrey, nice. taking the number 2 slot. and the number one most powerful woman, according to "forbes" magazine, jennifer lopez. thanks to her success in tv, music, her live show, and the rumor today is this is it for her at american. she's out -- "american idol." >> gretchen: i didn't know they based forbes rankings with legs. >> brian: right. something only me and forbes knows about. me and steve. me and steve forbes. >> gretchen: okay. he died while fighting for our country. now ryan baker's family wants to honor him with a flag in their hometown of springhill, tennessee. the problem? the town says the flag program is for servicemen and women who are on active duty. baker's widow and ten-year-old son joined us earlier to tell us what this might mean to them. >> the fallen, they're the ones
5:41 am
that were serving. so it would be a good honor. i already support them 'cause they risked their lives for our freedom. >> gretchen: bakers say they're especially hurt bit town's decision because there aren't that many military families living there to begin with. it's about memorial day. you would think they would honor men and women who have died and who we're remembering. >> steve: all right. 19 minutes before the top of the hour on this thursday. we told you about a catholic university dropping its entire student health care program. now it's happening at another school. peter johnson, jr. says this is just the beginning. expect things to get militant perhaps. >> brian: and how can we forget this scene from "the housewives of new jersey"? >> you are (bleep)!
5:42 am
(bleep)! >> brian: wow. this time theresa is very calm. she's with us here, got a brand-new book out. she'll teach you what she knows. >> gretchen: she's setting the table north texas destroying it. >> brian: true. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
5:43 am
5:44 am
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>> your family, we're not your family. >> this is my wife. >> you said you were seeing melissa's family as your family. we're not your family. >> you haven't said with my family. >> i didn't say, no, i said they're great friends. like it's not like i needed them 'cause i'm very -- i don't need anybody. >> steve: she doesn't need anybody because kitchen. and a cookbook we'll tell you about. it's been an emotional roller
5:46 am
coaster for theresa guidici this season. strange relationships between herself, her brother and the other housewives have led to a lot of turmoil. >> brian: just stressful hearing you read that. she's focusing on her latest cookbook, putting all that behind her, calling if " "fabulicious." welcome. you and your people have been cooking all morning. >> brian: you're in your fourth season. is it stressful for you? because for the outsiders, it is. >> what you're seeing right now happened a year ago. so i know -- >> steve: everybody is out to get you! >> right now, i taped "celebrity apprentice" after that. so i'm in a really good place right now. i raised awareness in and a lot of money for my charity. now i'm here. my cookbook is out.
5:47 am
and i'm excited about it. >> steve: congratulations. >> thank you. >> steve: that you've been on now two reality shows. what is going on with the real housewives as we're seeing it now? it looks like they're all after you and your husband doesn't like any of them. >> you know what? i have to say, the only time me and my husband, like, you know, he's sticking up for me. he's like, he's seeing my family say things about me and he's like, i can't believe your family is saying this. so he's my husband and usually he always stayed out of it, but now it's bothering him, especially because it's out there in america. >> brian: right. >> so he's sticking up for his wife. >> steve: you ever regret saying yep, i'll be on that show? >> you know what? of course, being on tv, there is good and bad. >> steve: so that's kind of a yes. let's start cook. this looks like one of the simplest recipes. chicken bruschetta. >> it's simple and easy.
5:48 am
take a boneless breast of chicken, then this is tomato, which are great for you, help fight cancer, onion, garlic, celery, parsley, salt and pepper and white wine optional. and red pepper flakes. >> steve: a little kick. >> i like spicy. if you don't, don't put it in. mix it up together. >> steve: do you that before you bake it? >> correct. >> brian: is this your actual cookware or tv. >> steve: yeah. did you bring this from your house? >> no. >> steve: this is your third cookbook. you ad libbed this, right? >> yes. one day i was in the kitchen with me and my mom and i ran out of -- we didn't have bread. i was like, why don't we put it on breast of chicken and that's what we did. >> brian: so you got the tomatoes in. then what do you do? >> you put it in the oven at 450, 20 minute, done. >> steve: next thing you know,
5:49 am
through the magic of television. >> that's what it looks like. we don't have a knife and fork. i wanted you to try. >> steve: is it okay if i use my hands? >> yes, of course. i love that. >> brian: you have a recommendation to have beas. >> balsamic green beans. 290 calories. 211, 85 per cookie. in the back of the book, all the recipes are calorie counted. there is over 70 recipes from start to stove, 30 minutes. and pretty much all the recipe, ten ingredients or less. >> steve: that has a little kick. i love it. >> brian: fast and fit. >> steve: i give fitness tips. >> brian: good luck with your next season. congratulations. >> thank you. watch me on "celebrity apprentice" on sunday. >> brian: we will. we talk to donald trump every monday. coming up straight ahead, another catholic university
5:50 am
considering dropping health care coverage for students. the reason? obamacare. peter johnson, jr. up next says it's just the tip of the iceberg. >> steve: first, let's check in with bill hemmer to see what he's cooking up for an hour. >> good morning to beth you guys. -- both you guys. we start a new series, one you'll see over the next six months leading up to the election. the counties that count. listens to the voice of the voter in counties that led the way in telling the u.s. where the country is and forecasting where we are headed. today star county, ohio. hope you can join us for that preview later. new fox polling on what you think about your economic state and joe biden made a speech that's got a lot of folks talking. substance or style or both? you'll hear it in ten minutes. see you then
5:51 am
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5:54 am
>> gretchen: we told you about this story yesterday. a catholic university in ohio dropping health insurance for its students because of obamacare. now another catholic university also considering dropping their coverage. officials at ave maria in florida say the rules violate their religious beliefs and a burden on students. joining me, peter johnson, jr. with this. it seems to me now that we have two institutions, are we looking at a small catholic college trend to stop providing health insurance to the students? >> i think you're looking at a trend that's going to increase. i think there is going to be a militancy that occurs. >> gretchen: what does that mean? >> it means that when a person comes to a priest or a nun who is an administrator at a school, at one of these catholic schools and says, listen, i believe that i might be pregnant and so i would like a pill to terminate that pregnancy and the health
5:55 am
center won't give me at that pill and the priest or the nun or administrator says no, we're catholic university. we're not going to give that you pill that will terminate the child because we believe, as mother theresa did, that the poorest of the poor is the child in the womb. and so we're making a choice between the poorest of the poor, the child in the womb and people who need health services. and so they're saying, as a matter of conscience objection, we refuse to comply with the obamacare mandate, and then you have a lawsuit. then it goes to a federal court. then it goes to a circuit court and then to a supreme court of the united states where there is a termination -- determination whether religious exemption that the obama administration granted it to some catholics should be granted to all. >> gretchen: the militancy is what part of that? >> to say yes, the law comes into effect and we're not going to comply with the law because it violates our religious conscience and it's a violation
5:56 am
of the first amendment and we want to take it all the way to the supreme court. >> gretchen: what's going to happen? a lot of these students then will probably end up being on their parents' health insurance policy. >> which they would be before obamacare, as a dependent of their parents. >> gretchen: but the other issue is cost. these catholic universities are saying violation of religious beliefs, but cost. >> absolutely right. what the francisan university of steubenville is saying through their priests that run it, it will triple our costs because now we have to have higher limits for the students. they'll say, we'll treat a student with more thanking condition at our clinic. if they need further care, then they need to get further care through the insurance provided by their family or by themselves individually. but we're not going to provide the kind of abortive fashions that the government wants to us provide. >> gretchen: have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends" two minutes away
5:57 am
that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. you get a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more cash -- well, except her.
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