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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 17, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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favorite of the night. what do you think about iran and israel. quite a mess, keep it here on fox news channel. good night from washington, d.c. we have a special tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. better be there to see it. y this evening ♪ >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams. they don't get us. they don't get who we are! >> bill: that may be true. i don't get vice president biden. what is his beef? i'll take him on tonight. >> we have to draw a line in the sand. >> bill: glenn beck on another campaign. it has to do with lemonade and the federal government. beck will be here. >> here's johnny! ♪ >> bill: great american news quiz the late night edition. we have discovered some amazing clips. >> you really should stop applauding because you give me a big head and my crown won't fit anymore.
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>> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. vice president biden attacking the rich once again. that the is subject of this evening's talking points memo. first, the stats. there are about 315 million people currently living in the u.s.a. and about 3 million of them are millionaires. that according to a wealth report from merrill lynch. so we're not a country dominated by fight cats. the real power in america lies with the working class folks. according to the spectrum group about 30% of millionaires attribute their status to inherited wealth. we are talking the duponts, roosevelts, kennedys, those folks. so most wealthy americans are self-made. therefore, the question becomes what is the beef from the obama administration?
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why are they trying to demonize americans like me who have made money the old fashioned way? we've earned it. speaking in ohio yesterday, vice president biden once again lashed out. >> rye -- i resent when they talk about families like mine that i grew up in. i resent the fact that they think we are talking about we are envy. it's job envy. it's wealth envy. that we don't dream. my mother and father believed that if my brother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire! my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams! >> absolutely. [ applause ] >> they don't get us. they don't get who we are. >> bill: that's true, mr. biden. i don't get you. in fact, i don't know what you are talking about. you came from humble beginnings, you made it big. same with me.
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what's the problem? by the way, i give millions to charity. but you, mr. vice president, give only nothing, very nearly nothing. i don't get that. bottom line, this is all a bunch of garbage. the class warfare the obama administration is peddling is bogus. wealthy people are not responsible for the bad economy. bad federal policies and corrupt financial greed heads are responsible. rich people may most of the income tax in this country. 50% of the population pays no federal income tax at all. wealthy people create jobs. the occupy wall street protesters break windows. are you getting this, joe? do i have to come to your lavish house in delaware and explain it to you man to man? and one more thing. it the obama administration continue this foolishness, it will get its collective butt kicked next november. working americans aren't
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buying it only far left zealots who want to tear down the capitalistic system are down with joe biden's analysis. finally, my folks didn't have very much. but i never, never heard them run down rich people. i write in my newspaper column about that this week. it is available on bill o' that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction. joining us from washington radio talk show star laura ingraham. your mother was a waitress, i understand, until she was in her 70s. >> yeah, mid 70. >> was she resentful towards rich people. >> my brother wrand talking about this recently bill, three older brothers. we were talking about look, we didn't have a lot. we were fine. we didn't really go on vacations. we didn't have a lot. but we were middle class. we never were envious of other people. it would be nice to go over to a friend's who had a pool. it would be fun to go to it a friend who had a pool that's cool. there was no sense of he is rich, they are rich. so they must have done
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something to us. or we must feel this sense of jealousy or envy toward them. the difference today is and what joe biden is purposefully ignoring, what they are doing is he they're creating envy where there need not be any envy or they are attempting to create this jealousy or this animosity where there really shouldn't be. as we see tomorrow in silicone valley, "l.a. times" has a big piece about this, the new millionaires la wanted new facebook shareholders are able to sell their stock. there is this new wave of prosperity. silicone valley and san francisco because all these kids ended up going to work for facebook. they ended up putting in a lot of time. some of it was luck. some of it was hard work. the bottom line is they have become very wealthy and they are already spending the money. >> bill: here is what i don't get. biden is in ohio and he is telling people the folks, all right, that the rich people don't get us.
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though don't get us. president obama is with george clooney. did he walk into clooney's house hey, all you rich people paying 40,000 bucks to be here you don't get me. you don't get joe. you don't get us. what in god's name when the obama administration takes from these people then they don't get them? i mean, is it just a selective amount of people who are wealthy that they don't get -- who gets what? >> bill, remember he was at the big fundraiser obama at the -- i think steve schwartzman the head of the black film group in new york recently that big fundraiser. jon corzine. >> bill: always hanging with the fat cats. both of them. >> tons of money they have raised in silicone valley wall street hedge funds american the entertainment elite. i'm not begrudging them of that want to raise money for people who support their message. don't demonize or pull this hyperbolic act as biden did in ohio. i thought it was funny.
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>> bill: i don't know what the point. >> it's not working. >> bill: look, i'm a rich guy, joe. all right? i'm irish, all right. i get you and your family. scranton, pennsylvania, i worked there my first tv job. i worked there. i got it it i know what happens there. your father struggled in and out. i get that you had a nice mom. your mom and dad encouraged you and your siblings to do the best they could. i get all of that. what don't i understand, joe? here is what i don't understand why you're exploiting and you are right, laura. you are absolutely right. why you are trying to drive a wedge between some americans who work hard and others who work hard. why do you want to drive that wedge, joe? is that morally correct to do that? is that a good thing for america to it do? i don't think so. >> he wants to do that bill. because, of course, if he is not doing that he has to talk about what they have done over the last three and a half years. much of which is not impressive. most of it is not impressive
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on the economic front that's the big diversion and distraction game. >> bill: it doesn't make any sense. who is buying this? does the president and vice president actually think that independent americans -- look, there has always been class warfare there are always people who are going to not like people with a lot of money. they are democrats anyway. they are going to vote that way anyway. who are they going to persuade with this garbage. >> people in the middle want to get out of middle and do better they want jobs. they will be hired by probably not a poor person. they are probably going to be hired by a wealthier person. we want those people to be working together. people applying for jobs. people expanding their work places in order for the people in the middle to continue to be able to improve and get better and be able to have a better life for their children. that's what the american dream is. i think deep down i think joe biden gets that. but i think they don't know what to do. i think they are freaking out in the obama campaign. they are trying to stomp ad campaigns by super pacs.
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haven't even started. they are trying to get everybody all worked up about the war on women. the bottom line is we are either better off than we were three and a half years ago or we are not. the middle class is not better off over obamanics as biden referred to it at some point they will have to confront that question. why is it still bush's fault, mr. vice president? was that obamanomics saving us? if not then we don't need to give you another four years. i don't think it's working, bill. >> bill: next on the run down, glenn beck, lemonade and the government. don't miss this one. and then is there a violent racial climate in norfolk, virginia? we will continue our reporting on that troubling story and the factor is coming right back. the capital one cash rewards card
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ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said, "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht! 50% more cash is good ri... what's that. ♪ you can spell. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? ha ha. ♪ >> bill: and in the impact segment tonight, our pal glenn beck doing well down in dallas, texas, and his new campaign is to bring clarity, clarity, ladies and gentlemen, to overregulation by the government. beck joins us now from big d. phil, what do you want now? do i have to go to israel? do i have to go to washington? what do i have to do now? i can come here on july -- on
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june 13th. >> bill: to texas? >> to texas. and you can -- we're going to have a nice little bake sale. we are also having lem none made. but it's not only here -- we will find a location and you bring in -- we're having a national lemonade sale and bake sale and hug-a-thon as well. >> a hug-a-thon? >> yes. what they are doing now is telling our children that they can't hug in school. they are telling our children you can't have a bake sale. they are telling our children that you can't have a lemonade stand without a permit. what is happening to us, bill? let me give you background in massachusetts me they tried to outlaw bake sales because they don't think the ingredients in cookies and brownies are good. >> new york city and seller other cities and states now telling us that you can't bring food down to a homeless shelter. we don't know what the salt content is. >> bill: lemonade stand can't set it up like we used to do
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when we were kids. you have got to get the town to sign off on it. >> no, you don't. this is the -- >> -- just basically they don't want anybody hurting, i don't know. >> bill, this goes back to what you and laura were just talking about a second ago. this is -- this is the government trying to teach our children the first time you think hey, maybe i could work for my money. do you a lemonade stand. ask ruth bader ginsburg first thing she did at 7 she opened up a lemonade stand. she didn't go to the city and get a permit. most people don't even sell any lemonade except for the parents and neighbors across the street. trying to tell our children you can't sell it unless you come to us first. stop it. >> bill: you think this is conceived plan by nanny staters to discourage entrepreneurism by americans what do you see? >> what do you see?
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>> bill: i don't think they are smart enough to have a campaign like this. i just think, look it all goes back to political correctness. they don't want kids to eat cookies and muffins so they ban them. maybe the lemonade will spill on them or something like that. you have got to have an inspector come down. >> that's the definition of a nanny state. they don't want. >> bill: they want the nanny state. i agree with you there it's not like this big conspiracy. it's just a bunch of morons who are in charge. that's all. >> bill, are you accusing me of finding a conspiracy in a yowmy glass of lemonade? impossible. >> you could find a conspiracy in a pair of socks, beck. you know that. >> only because they're all talking to each other and some of them disappear suddenly. >> i would love to see on june 13th, is it? >> june 13th. >> i would love to see 2 million lemonade made stands by kids. i would love to see that. >> here is the deal. i want you to go to your garage and you go get a card
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table out, not your garage, you probably don't have a card table. you probably might have a casino there. but you go to your garage and get a card table up and set it up for your kids and teach them how to be an entrepreneur. then on that week of june 13th. we're going to do it here in dallas babe's chicken dinner place. >> babe's dinner place. >> it's delicious. we will do it there and it might be because i like the chicken. >> bill: maybe. >> we ask you to do it all over the country and teach your children. if you see somebody with a lemonade stand. >> bill: stop. stop and buy. >> i don't care if you drink it stop and buy it it some restrictions do apply get your legal permit. >> bill: this is now, okay, every time i talk to you, every summer you have got something else. you had that big washington thing that worked out well for you. last summer you went over to israel, right? you did something for them. now it's lemonade across the country at babe's chicken place? >> no, no, no. that's just one of the things we are doing. the big event is on july 28th
8:17 pm
we have rented dallas cowboy stadium. i'm asking people to come. in fact, we took the american airlines arena and dallas cowboy's stadium the week of july 28th here in dallas for something massive that you love, bill. >> bill: you haven't announced it yet. >> yeah we have announced it but thank you for watching and listening. >> bill: i'm working for a living here. i got to make money. >> i'm working. >> bill: i'm working all day. you know that. what are you going to do with cowboy stadium? are you going to dress up like tony romo? >> no. that's called restoring love. is that have to do with hugging? >> kind of. it's three days. first day is the first global tea party kickoff. we bring people. in there is about 1 athousand people coming from europe that are are tea party activists over in europe and all around the world. that's going to be at american airlines arena. then the next day is a giant
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service project. we already have 40,000 people signed up just to do a service project here. we're going to be working on food, et cetera, et cetera. and then the next day dallas cowboy stadium is something that you are just going to have to wait and see. >> bill: okay. but the overarch is restoring love. everybody who signs up gets babe chicken and free lemonade, right? >> that's not. >> bill: i'm getting confused. >> we are busy. some of us work for a living. some of us didn't grow up with a silver spoon in their mouth. i'm with the vice president when it comes to you. >> bill: silver spoon wasn't in my mouth, beck, if you know what i'm talking about. glenn beck, everybody, i like june 1st. evan got a lemonade stand all over the place. i'm down with it violent racial climate in virginia. [will john edwards be convicted of campaign finance fraud? megyn kelly will make a megyn kelly will make a prediction in just a few [ male announcer ] the inspiring story
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>> bill: police finally taking aggressive reaction in the case of two whited reporters beaten by a mob of black people. for weeks it was covered up. so far there have been four arrests. one of them a 60-year-old represented by attorney bruce sam's. the counselor joins us now from virginia beach. your client is bleeding not guilty. we don't want to try the case on tv. but we are concerned about the racial climate in norfolk. how would you describe it, counselor? >> well, i wouldn't say there is a racial climate. i don't think there is any more or less than any other major city in the country. we don't seem to have any issues that have been made known. so i don't think there is one. >> bill: okay. but, in this case the crime
8:23 pm
was perpetrated by some black young black men and watched by many, maybe as many as 100 people against two whites. and, you know, people are disturbed and the police, as you know, at first categorized the crime as a biased crime. so, therefore, i think the questions are are legitimate, are they not? >> well, i don't think it was actually really classified as a biased crime. >> bill: we have the police report checked off biased crime. >> i understand but none of the defendants were charged in w. any hated crime or bias crime. >> bill: they backed off on it we're showing it now on the screen. the justice department by the way is now looking into it. but, look, you know this. you live in the area. i have been in your area a few times. if those were two black individuals, who were in that car, that was first somebody threw a rock at it and then they got out, i don't believe and i don't think you do either.
8:24 pm
that that mob of black young men would have jumped two black people in the car. i mean, that's the troubling aspect here. >> i mean. no because there have been incidents in which black individuals were blacks in nashtedz. >> bill: that was black on black crime. there was no robbery motive here. they didn't try to hijack the car it was just an assault. an assault. witnessed by all of these people. none of whom tried to stop it. >> from my understanding there were people who did try to help them. but the whole issue here is, one, when the initial rock was thrown, no one knew the identity from my understanding of the occupants of the vehicle. >> bill: i think that's true. >> the occupy pans of the vehicles were not targeted because they were white individuals. >> no. somebody threw a rock at a car, vandalism. some kids do that but, then when they got out, it was clear they were white and then they were be-set upon.
8:25 pm
if they were black people that got out of the car, i think a case could be made that never would have happened. therefore, if that's true, it is a racial bias. >> i would greatly disagree with you. >> bill: okay. can you point to one incident? can you point to one incident in norfolk, virginia, where two black motorists were attacked by a black mob? can you point to one? you can't because it hasn't happened. >> no, no. there was one incident in which two individuals, one who was actually killed. they were attacked by a gang and one was, unfortunately, killed during the altercation. >> bill: wasn't there a robbery involved in that? >> there may have been. >> bill: yes. >> or may not have been. i don't think there was a robbery involved in this particular because. >> bill: that's what i'm saying. no robbery motive. this was a pure malicious attack on two innocent people. >> whether it was pure
8:26 pm
malicious, i don't think it was because of their race. >> bill: all right, cowble. counselor. we appreciate you coming on. culture warriors on jessica simpson selling pictures of brand new baby for $800,000. megyn kelly on whether john edwards will go to federal prison. case will go to the jury tomorrow. rehope you stay tuned to those reports. all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete.
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>> bill: culture warrior segment tonight. more nonwhite babies being born than caucasian babies according to the u.s. census bureau. 50.4% of children born in a 12 month period ending last july were nonwhite. does that matter to the country. here now the culture warriors gretchen carlson and jeanine pirro. you say. >> it bodies bodies well for the democratic party. burden on the republicans to
8:30 pm
try to bring in the hispanics, the african-americans, thations, and i think that socially, i money, would have always been a country of ethnic change american indians and moving forward to the northern your honor means. >> bill: pat buchanan says and he he wrote in a voferl book that got him fired from msnbc that this is a deficit because the traditions of america were northern european and shaped by those people. and now they are going to be changed according to mr. buchanan. >> i disagree with that i don't know that necessarily the traditions of northern europeans are not shared by other cultures. it's about family. it's about religion for many people whether it's the jews coming in. the italians coming in. >> bill: you don't see a culture change. >> i think in some sense there is. we are a melting pot. this is who we are. >> bill: you say, carlson. >> i don't say it matters racial aspect but culturally it could matter and here is
8:31 pm
why. more births to single parents with minorities than to caucasians and we all know that that does not bode well for the future of a child. every stuldy shows that a child is more apt to grow up in poverty if they only have one parent. in 2010, 72.5% of all black births were to single parents. a 3.3% of all hispanic births, 29% of the caucasian births. why does that matter down the road? because eventually these are the kids who are going to grow up and be educated and get jobs. and pay taxes. and most importantly, pay for the entitlement programs of this nation which are already broke. >> bill: yeah, it's interesting because there is a much higher out-of-birth wedlock rate among african-americans and hispanics and whites. whether that's going to make a difference down the road is hard to tell. one of the things i always measure is the military. minority performance in the military is excellent. courage, loyalty to country, able to do the job in very
8:32 pm
difficult circumstances like afghanistan and iraq. even vietnam. the minority soldiers and sailors and air force people performed very very well. i don't think there is going to be performance level. but there is going to be a cultural change. it's hard for us to predict. on appear more trivial level and also interesting is this jessica simpson purported think reportedly selling a picture of her newborn baby for $800,000, carl son. >> yes. >> is there something wrong with that? >> well, listen. this is kind of a woman who used to be a relatively famous singer, i guess, who is still looking for fame. and so i think she is doing it for that. >> bill: this has nothing to do with fame. it's money. >> no, no, no. it's to keep her face relevant and out there. here is what she should have done. >> bill: wait, wait, wait. carl son, hold it selling the baby's pictures for 800,000 doesn't do anything for her fame wise. >> yes, t does. >> bill: all she has to do not sell them. give the pictures out and
8:33 pm
people will publish the pictures. she wanted the cash? >> no, here is what i am going to say. when you give the money to charity. >> she ♪ giving the money to charity. >> i'm making an example. brad pitt and angelina jolie they did with that i don't have a problem with it beyonce put her picture out there for nothing. so the paparazzi would stay away from her that's classy. >> i come a. at it from a totally different point. she did it for the money, she is not giving it away and didn't have to charge for it she puts her child, you know, out there for every pervert, pedophile, wacko nut job to say gee, jessica simpson who is worth $100 million has a little kid and this is what the kid looks like. you can't say say they are doing it preemptively. went after halle berry's kid at school. >> bill: is there something morally wrong for selling pictures of your kids for
8:34 pm
800,000. >> as far as i'm concerned, yes. i have been in the trench. can i see what can happen highlighted. >> bill: you think it's flat out wrong. >> i do. the child is innocent victim and doesn't have a voice here at all. >> bill: victim of what? maybe this is the kid's college education fund or something. >> this is the point i was trying to make from the beginning. this is part of the hollywood culture. everyone does this and there is something warped with that. >> you know what? you are teeing your kid up for danger when you don't have to. >> bill: all right. ladies, thanks very much. when we come right back, will john edwards go to the federal penitentiary? megyn kelly will make a prediction. late night edition. very countriy video clips to show you moments away.
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8:37 pm
>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight, the federal trial of john edwards now going to the jury which
8:38 pm
will begin deliberating tomorrow. edwards faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted of illegally using campaign funds to hide his mistress. here now megyn kelly. guilty? going? no? yes? >> i don't know that they totally have him. i'm going to say 55% likelihood that they acquit. 45% likelihood that they find him guilty. here is why. the prosecution made its case that money was paid to hide the atear to cover up the affair and hide rielle hunter and the baby. they made the case that he knew about it. they made the case that the payments would not have been made except for his political aspirations. job that they made the case that he knew it was a violation of campaign finance law. i didn't see the evidence of that. >> bill: is that necessary to convict? >> it is. >> bill: why? >> one of the elements of the law. presumably passed this law i don't ever want to go to jail without knowingly violate the law. >> the person misusing the politician, misusing the
8:39 pm
campaign funds must know that what is he doing is wrong. >> is breaking the law. >> andrew young aide to edwards kept telling me this is legal. this is legal. >> bill: of course he said. this this was the prosecution that but the it on. ran it by his lawyers and we had nothing to worry about. prosecution says to the jury i'm going to submit to you that that was a lie by john edwards and no party ever put on a lawyer who advised john edwards that this was legal. so the jury could be left to infer. he lied when he said that to andrew young. why would he do that? because he knew the law was against him. >> bill: tell me about the judge's orders to the jury yesterday where the judge said to the jury, listen: if this money benefited the edwards' campaign, which it did, all right? because the scandal was kept under wraps for a while. >> yes. yes. >> bill: then you can convict this guy. that's pretty damning. >> it was a good instruction for the prosecution. i think it was the right instruction. >> bill: that means they are
8:40 pm
going to convict because it did benefit the campaign. >> of course, as i said, i think they have him on did this benefit the campaign. they proved him: there is another element that i just told you about. not only does it have to benefit his campaign. they have to prove he knowingly violated the law. they have to prove he knew what the law was and he intended to violate it that's a tough standard. >> bill: he is such a weasel and this is speculation and we can't possibly know. but he is such a weasel. isn't the natural tendency for a jury -- >> -- yes. >> bill: who loathes him. they have to. to say if there is a benefit of the doubt, we are going it convict him? >> yes, there is. >> bill: that's what i think. >> i will say, this the defense has done add mineral job as lawyers in making the case to the jury that this is about the prosecution trying to criminalize bad behavior in a marriage. >> bill: abbey lowell is a good defense attorney. hired a smart guy. he was brought up in my town lowell. >> is that right? lovette town guy? >> he was kind of on the
8:41 pm
fringes there. so, now, you are basically waffling. >> i hate to tell you o'reilly. law does not come down black and white on every case. this is a little gray. your viewers want to know the truth about how i handicap the case. these are the problems for the prosecution. did he prove that he knew he was violating the law. i didn't see the evidence of t. >> bill: do you use maple syrup on waffles or just butter? [ laughter ] in new york, the other day, this just drove me crazy. there is a trial of a college photographer who was found with a load of child porn. the judge threw out one part of the case against him by saying you can look at child porn if you are an american citizen or state of new york person. but you can't store it? >> right. >> bill: which we think is just insane. now they are trying to amend
8:42 pm
that right? >> you are wrong that it was insane. the judges were following the law as written. and the law as written says in order -- it's criminal to possess child porn. possession means you have to have it willingly on your computer in this case. not save it intentionally. >> bill: let me challenge. if i have a hot dog, do i possess the hot dog? >> yes. >> bill: thank you. if i eat the hot dog, i don't have it anymore, do i? i don't possess it anymore, do i? [ laughter ] no. >> bill: what do you mean ah? >> ah, what? >> bill: if you have something, you possess it. then -- >> -- he was never found holding the child porn. the analogy is not accurate. >> bill: he was looking at it? >> if you look at a hot dog you don't possess it. >> bill: you can't possess an image other than looking at it? >> that's not true. on your machine. >> other contrar. because you can hit save.
8:43 pm
you can hit download. it is not the justice system. it is the new york lawmakers who wrote a law 30 years ago. modern technology. it's a little delayed. possessing of child porn. didn't anticipate the internet where you could view something without holding up a magazine. the courts follow the law as written when they saw what the result of the antiquated law was, the senate has now passed an updated law. >> bill: i understand the loophole, all right? i don't think you had to go there but i understand it. now they are trying to get the loophole out. >> senate passed it and has to go to the assembly. >> bill: of course it's going to pass. >> looks like the fall law. >> bill: this will be solved. liked that hot dog thing. >> i really like my egg white notice morning, not waffles. completely killed you on. >> he won't share the emails
8:44 pm
send them to kelly. follow me at twitter at megyn kelly. >> bill: i got three words for you. land of oz. megyn kelly, everybody. great american news quiz the late night edition on deck. we have some amazing clips. all right. we don't possess them though. right back with it.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. great american news quiz late night edition. here now the quisz kids fox news anchor martha maccallum playing for martin mark wits. representing nebraska. if you would like to win nifty prizes sign up on bill o' late night. >> we don't stay up very late. >> your show is late night to
8:48 pm
me. >> bill: you both have to be in before 9:00, right. >> pretty much we get up pretty early. >> don't expect much anyway and expect even less this evening. question one johnny carson became the host of the tonight show 1962. who was the first guest on the show? cards up, please. and the answer is, roll the tape. >> silly kid. >> i really love you. >> you keep saying. >> i mean i really love you, do you know what i mean? >> really? >> i'm pretty tough myself. every once in a while a beauty comes along. >> bill: the answer is mel brooks. one of the great guests of all time. that was not the first show by the way. interestingly enough they lost all of those early tapes. somebody erased them. question number two. it seems that no celebrities are off limits for jay leno.
8:49 pm
>> professional sleaze ball john edwards not expected to take the stand at his trial. well, can you understand why. never looks good when your client puts his hands on the bible and it bursts into flames. that's always a bad -- that's the worse thing that can happen at the trial. >> bill: that actually did happen in the edwards trial. no, a gag order was once placed on leno by a judge to keep him from telling jokes about what celebrity? >> bill: and the answer is c, michael jackson. all right. >> he had good lawyers. >> bill: is it me or is martha's outfit a little bright? there it is. very nice. >> get your sunglasses. >> like a bug light. >> spps spring. something has to brighten up this set. >> maccallum leading by one. >> no, we are tied.
8:50 pm
>> tried to cheat. david letterman has been known to be rude to some guests. >> like who. >> bill: which famous singer told him she had been avoiding the show because she thought he was obscene name? >> bill: cards up, please. and the answer is -- roll the tape. >> why finally after nearly four and a half years did you decide to come on? you must have had a change of heart about something? >> i don't know. because i thought i would never want to do this show with you. >> now, why? let's explore this a little. because you thought i was. >> an [bleep] >> bill: i'm going to be doing letterman this week. i may -- >> bill: no, i'm not going to do that you both got it wrong. now still a tie with two more to go? >> exactly. >> bill: conan o'brien known for his physical antics but he took it too far in 2009 when
8:51 pm
he hurt himself on the air. what did o'brien do? he got a what did conan do? and the answer is, roll the tape: ♪ ♪ yeah. got a concussion. that must have hurt. okay? i have done something like that in front of the building tomorrow "fox & friends." >> you do all of that kind of stuff out there. >> network stars. >> bill: worth getting up at 6:00 a.m. for. [ laughter ] >> last question, tie. tom snyder, known for his confrontational interview style in an heated interview in the 1990s, what guest called snyder a crackpot that deserved to be put in a mental hospital? a?
8:52 pm
the answer is roll the tape. >> one crackpot. >> you are a crackpot. you are such a crackpot and you are so full of it. a kook who deserves to be -- put new a mental hospital. >> bill: looks like a lively -- maccallum wins. the late tom snyder, he passed away a few years ago. >> i liked tom snyder. >> he was tall like you. >> bill: he was tall. what else do we have in common? nothing. >> he would encourage people to get a color tini and the pictures fly through the air. >> bill: very good. i had a hard time reading the prompter because of the dress, maccallum. could you maybe tone it down next week. >> everybody except bill o'reilly told me how much they like this dress. >> bill: so bright? i will be like howard and do the shades.
8:53 pm
>> bill: maccallum wins and that means robert mark wits. marla, you blame doocy. mary matlin and james carville together again. just over two minutes away.
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> pinheads & patriots starring mary madeline and james carville in just a moment. dad wants you to know a few things. dad would like very much to get
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the large restore the usa map. it's a great product. if you buy one on bill o', we will send you a restore the usa pen, absolutely free. two gifts for dad. or you can show dad how much you like him by getting a personalized copy of "killing lincolnwith your message inside the book for dad. if you buy that, you get a free american flag, just in time for armed forces day this weekend. that's a greatdale deal. all the money i get is donated to charity. now to the mail... >> well, that's correct. all the evidence isn't in. but the polls are a snapshot in time. and i simply want to know how the folks see the case as it
8:57 pm
stands now. no agenda, just opinion, anonymous opinion. go to bill o', vote in our poll. we are not asking whether zimmerman is guilty or not guilty. we are asking, do you think he's going to be convicted, based upon what you know now. >> can't help but think that if the lawyer for martin family were white, you would be hard or him. >> no need to be hard on benjamin crump, no matter what color he is. >> well, you can please pass along the information to back that up, michael, based on your opinion of me, i'm sure you have
8:58 pm
it. >> norway has massive oil income and the germans watch every penny they spend. your government socialistic and you guys can't pay for it, not even close. that's why your country's going down the drain economically. >> we try to make strong stuff, connie. hope you get 10 more years out of that mug. >> you should see us live.
8:59 pm
that's scary. >> finally, pinheads & patriots, our pals mary madeline and james carville are doing commercials. >> it isn't about the tea party. >> it isn't about the green party. >> it isn't about the independent party. >> it isn't about the libertarian parity. >> it isn't about the democratic party. >> and it isn't about the republican party. >> but it is about the cocktail party. we proudly support the cocktail party. >> now, if there is one guy i don't want to have too many cocktails, it's carville. you can decide whether it's pinheaded or patriotic. that's it for us tonight. please, check out the fox news factor web site. it's me against joe biden tonight in our talking points memo. spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you


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