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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 17, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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word of the day, do not be imperious when you write to the factor. thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please, always remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looki for you. >> sean: welcome to "hannity" earlier today, a new report in the new york times revealed that a g.o.p. super pac was looking at a proposal to run ads linking president obam to his friend jeremiah wright, around the time of the democratic convention. and the democratic reaction -- panic. the chief spin responded on twitter at 5:45 this morning. he wrote, stunning, will mitt romney stand up as john mccain did or allow the purveyors of slime operate on his behalf?
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let's listen to this... >> as i read the article, i want to make it very clear, i repudiate that effort. i think it's the wrong course for a pac or a campaign. i hope that our campaigns can respectively be about the future and about issues and about a vision for america. i -- i have been disappointed in the president's campaign to date, which is focused on character assassination. i just think that we are wiser to talk about the issues of the day, what we do to get america working again. talk about our respective records. >> sean: now governor romney, i have to respectfully disagree with you. i do believe the economy, jobs, national security are by far the most pressing issue facing the country today. i also feel that every candidate, though, needs to be fully vetted. now, that's something the mainstream media failed to do in 2008 with barack obama. i believe that the president's relationship with the reverend
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jeremiah wright, a man who influenced him over 20 years, inspired him, judges a very important campaign issue. it is a matter of character. we will have more on governor romney's comments later in the program "the five"'s kimberly guilfoyle and eric bolling. here's ed klein. we will do what the mainstream media will not do and play his tapes with the recent interview with the reverend jeremiah wright. with me is ed klein. let's start at the very beginning, about the day he announced he was going to run for president and he was going to get the invocation and the president called to tell him what topics to talk b. my name came up. we will run this tape. >> black clergy got scared because of oriley and "hannity" and cancelled their meeting with me. so -- [inaudible] barack called. >> this is when?
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>> this is the day before the announcement. in springfield. >> that he was running for the presidency. he called -- when he called... he called to warn me that -- i mean not a negative warning, the first time, the first call was not a negative warning. he said, axelrod is going to call you because we are going to iowa tomorrow and in your invocation, i was going to do the invocation the next morning, don't say anything that would upset iowa farmers. if anything, talk about my ability as a community organizer to reach all kinds of people. i said, i got it. i got it. >> sean: the day before president obama announces he's running for president, he was given the invocation up to that day. >> he was supposed to be the reverend-- his pastor. >> his pastor was going to give
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the invocation for the entire ceremony. >> sean: he's getting instructions what to say and not say. >> that's right. >> sean: don't anger the iowa farmers. >> don't scare the white guys in iowa. >> sean: is that what you think he meant by that. >> i'm sure he did. >> sean: now, from that point, he got another call from president obama. then he get dis-invited. now listen to this part of the tape. >> at 4:30, the phone rang again. i said, hello? he said, rev, this is barack. he said... rolling stone has gotten cold on one of your sermons, it's in the weekend edition. and they have already given it to hillary's people. it's a big mess. well you know, he could be kind of over the top at times. and david thinks it's best that you not do the invocation
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tomorrow. because if you go out in front of the public and you are going to become the focus, you are going to become the media focus and... all the attention will be deflected away from my announcing the candidacy and that's a starring moment. >> sean: you know what i talktook out of that? you can kind of be over the top at times. the president really did know what jeremiah wright thought. >> of course, he did. he knew more than what he even said in the church because he and the reverend wright met numerous times in his private office, and he knew exactly what he stood for. >> sean: all right. so now what's interesting, he has denied the invocation. he gives the prayer with the family, underneath. now, we talked about how that reverend wright has this box, with an email, with an offer to buy his silence from a close confidante of the president, eric whittaker. he didn't name him in the book, but it's mentioned in the tapes.
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moving on from that because we played that -- you ask if obama knew that whittaker offered the money. now, he doesn't give the answer i would suspect. but here's what he said. >> how long have you had the tape? >> i would say now -- >> was he aware that eric whittaker had offered you mony? >> i don't know. i didn't mention that. >> but he asked you not to appear at the naacp or the national press club. >> national press club. >> those two things? >> and, no, don't do no more public speaking. >> don't do any more public speaking. >> any more! >> i said, how am i supposed to support my family? i have a daughter and a granddaughter in college, whose tuition i pay. >> right. >> i have to earn money. the press is going to eat you
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alive. >> sean: interestingly, jeremiah wright didn't take the money. >> he didn't take the money. >> sean: he was offered it. do you think it's possible that whittaker could have made that offer independently on his own? >> no. >> sean: why? >> because i don't think whittaker would have done something as important as that without -- first of all, he was a confidante of barack obama's. i mean, they were as close as brothers could be. and i don't think he would have done something as dramatic as offering $150,000 bribe without checking with his pal, barack, and saying, maybe we should do something about silencing this minister. >> sean: it's interesting because later, it sounds like when barack met with reverend wright in the secret meeting that reverend wright thought he might be being taped at that point. >> that's right. he wondered if bam bam was wired. >> sean: yeah. >>. wright explains that obama had to distance himself. he was toxic, that's the way
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wright describes himself. >> the year before he ran, saying he would have to distance himself from me. i knew as a politician, if he is going to play the political game, he has to distance himself from me. if he wants to get elected, i -- i am toxic. >> sean: this goes to that meeting where, you know, that he says to -- where obama says to him, you know, your problem is, you have to tell the truth. >> that's right. >> sean: wow. >> the whole thing is, as you say, a very shrewd and subtle disassembling of barack obama in front of me and just describing him and showing him as the -- this kind of a sleazy politician that-- he goes into this. you asked him. has he changed since he's been electd? and wright's answer is, yes, he has. >> he's a politician. when i said that, people got
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upset. and a politician... has a different set of principles. >> but you just said he was a man of integrity and heart? >> before he got in that circle. >> which circle? >> that circle of -- once you get in that -- sucked into that world -- >> later on? at the national level? >> sean: he was a man of integrity, of heart, of principles. but reverend wright, in this interview, knowing an important re-election is coming up, is saying, he is no longer -- >> no longer that man. no longer the man you thought he was in 2008, that the public thought he was in 2008. he has changed. he has become a different person. >> sean: now, wright did say that obama told him that, quote, they don't want a black man with his finger on the nuclear trigger. he is quoting barack obama on that, right? >> right, right.
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>> sean: lich to this. >> i remember, he said, they don't want a black man with his finger on the nuclear trigger. >> they don't -- >> they don't want a black man with his finger on the nuclear trigger. >> that's what being the president of the united states means. >> that's right. >> and that's why there is so much hatred. >> well, you say that now, but you are elected and you are in that circle. youit is in the war room and watch. that's when justice has been done. that's a professional hit. that's an assassination. >> he said that in the living room? >> no, i am saying that to you now. hey! you sit in your war room with hillary and michelle and whoever else and watch with the cameras on the helmet of the navy seals, that's a professional hit! could it be that you don't want
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him telling what he knows. why -- why murder? that's not justice! that's murder. >> assassination. >> assassination. that is not the barack -- and that's know the barack i knew. that's not the barack i knew across the years, before he got political asspirations. >> sean: again, that's not the same barack. but more importantly, what does this reveal about the president's views on race? what was he trying to communicate there? you were there with him? >> it was pretty clear to me that the president was saying that if he allied himself with the reverend wright, who was perceived as this angry black man, that the white electorate would be afraid to turn over to him the position of commander in chief in charge of nuclear weapons. >> sean: all right. coming up, more of my interview with ed klein, fascinating stuff coming up. i am going to ask him why he --
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meaning klein, referred to me as a right-wing crazy. after john bubits made headlines with his tirade. and now in a shocking twist, he's receiving calls of support from his hollywood friends. he's here to explain why. did mitt romney make the wrong decision saying that wright careful, pringles are bursti with more flavor.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." here's more of my interface interview with author ed klein on his tapes of him and reverend wright. he wouldn't take back the issue, this is the sunday after 9/11, chickens home to roost. wouldn't take it back. >> no. >> sean: let's roll the tape. >> would you give that same sermon, if you had to do it over again? >> which sermon? >> the one that was just -- >> that was 8 years ago. no! that sermon was 10 years ago. it was a sunday afternoon. >> two different subjects itch the sermon where i quoted what i heard on cnn that the iraqi ambassador said maybe america's chickens are coming home to roost. and they put those words in my mouth. i need to stop quoting people. that was preached 10 years ago!
9:17 pm
9-1-6-01. no, i wouldn't take it back. it's like taking back stuff i have been preaching since 1959. >> sean: he won't take it back. >> no. he's taking apart barack obama-- and defending himself. >> defending himself. >> sean: interesting. all right. now, did ask, because this issueam -- issue comes up about when he became a christian. he talked about the black system and he was fortified by tapes of reverend wright, very familiar with reverend wright. he did also talk in one of his books about, you know, how he did study the koran and et cetera and that prayer at sunset was one of the most beautiful things in the world. but when he was a kid. you asked wright if he thought that barack obama at in -- at some point was a muslim. >> do you think he ever -- thought of himself as muslim?
9:18 pm
>> yeah. >> no. >> no. it's like. i am sure high got some grief not pres leitizing grief, but some grief from that part of his family. i say that based on my wide range of muslim friends. >> sean: what do you think of that? >> well, i was very interested in another part of that, as well, which is, when i asked the reverend wright about this whole question of islam and christianity. he said, well, you know, barack obama was steeped in islam. he knew a lot about islam from his childhood. but he knew very little about christianity. i made it easy for him to feel not guilty about learning about christianity without turning his back on his islamic friends? >> what does that mean? >> so then i said to him, well, did you convert him-- did you ask him that. i remember. >> i said, did you convert him? he said, it's hard to tell.
9:19 pm
>> sean: interesting. anyone that ever -- you know brought up the fact, he did say in his book that he studied the koran. all right. he didn't say he was a muslim. he said that the prayer at sunset was beautiful. he didn't say he was a muslim. but if you bring it up -- the right wing is trying to... you know. all right. vione last question for you. you do pander throughout this interview -- >> yes, do i. >> sean: to reverend wright. you suck up to him big time. >> right? i didn't know if you meant it. at one point, you even attacked me in this interview, which i was a little surprised to hear. but i will let you explain yourself, in fairness. we will let everybody hear that as well. >> the right-wing crazies, like o'reilly, hannity, glen beck -- i could give you a thousand of them...
9:20 pm
accuse barack obama of -- now i am quoting them now, as having, quote, sat in the trinity united church for 20 years, listening to the reverend jeremiah wright... and how could he have done that without being, quote, infected with -- and i am quoting now -- because i don't believe. i want you to understand that -- with his, the reverend's anti-american, anti-semitic, anti--- you know, basically anti-white point of view. >> sean: you call me a right-wing crazy. you say you don't believe what i am saying. yet, you are asking every question that i would have asked. then you say -- i don't know -- i can't imagine, reverend, how you could sit down without being
9:21 pm
terribly pained by this. i don't understand -- he sat in your living room. and you were so calm and he called you reverend, et cetera, et cetera. you suck up to him. you attack me... what's the story with that? >> the story from that is to get from the reverend wright what i needed to get from him, i felt i needed to win over his confidence. and in doing so, i think i went too far, quite frankly. >> sean: you want to apologize to me. >> yes, i do. >> sean: i accept your apology. but it sounded like you were trying to play along -- gimme more, gimme more. >> i was trying to get it out of him, of course. and it worked. >> sean: it worked. fascinating threw three hours. i like to listen to it in its entirety. obviously, we don't have time for a three-hour show. ed klein, the book is called "the amateur." appreciate it. mitt romney said earlier today that he doesn't think that outside pacs should use reverend wright as an issue. we will debate that next.
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and the obama camp goes crazy over this idea that a new campaign ad against obama would focus on his friendship to reverend wright. but why four years later is this relationship with reverend wright still off limits? wright still off limits? and that's coming [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're left with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter. ♪
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>> sean: so has president obama try stoss steer clear of anything about his record. there is another topic that appears to be off limits and that is reverend jeremiah wright. but should it be? there were rumors earlier today that a super pac ad was in the works, focusing on reverend wright and his relationship with barack obama. before most of us were even out of bed, the obama campaign and david axelrod were on twitter, calling on mitt romney to repudiate the blitsz. that's exactly what romney did. but was it the right call? joining me is the co-host "the five," eric bolling and kimberly guilfoyle. i heard the interview with guy benson, town hall. i am thinking, this is what mccain did. this is the president that said, they bring a knife, we bring a gun. you know, i want romney to treat obama the way he did gingrich and the way he attacked
9:27 pm
santorum. i mean, frankly, i thought it got a little too mean. but now all of these things are off limes? >> listen, i think that's what he is going to do. i don't think it's the right thing to do. i think he should try to get after it. too much is at steak. if you are passionate about the country and care about the direction we are going in and i believe that he is -- you have to fight for her. for the rest of us, for the american people. show us that no matter who our enemies might be, no matter who comes against us, you are going to be the president that we can can't on know to could cowher. >> sean: i think romney has made a mistake. if this was the media, they would go after him with a vengeance. why doesn't he realize that? >> he might, sean. i think that romney's doing the right thing. >> sean: why? >> it's a different world. things aren't good. the economy should be the focus -- romney--
9:28 pm
totally agree. >> forget the jeremiah wright stuff. he's a bad man. president obama should never have spent 20 years with him. but obama warned us. he said, we are -- right before the election, he said, we are 5 days from fundamentally changing america. you know what he has done in three and-a-half years, he has tried to fundamentally change america, usurping the constitution. stay on his failures? >> first issue in the campaign is the economy. second issue's going to be jobs. the third issue's going to be national security. but you know something? there is nothing off limits. they are saying that republicans want dirty air and water and throwing gan granny over the cliff. this is the truth about the mind-set that he developed. you know what? i think eye think for governor romney to take it off the table -- he doesn't have to talk about it. but to repudiate people who do -- >> come o. let the super pacs handle it. too much is at stake. before, it was a man of mystery,
9:29 pm
okay? president obama, everyone was so excited, can do no wrong. and people didn't know a lot about him. he had some fancy rhetoric. he has held true to his word that he was going to fundamentally change america -- do you like it? >> sean: joe biden recently went on nbc. he went on with -- this is the -- you know, john chancellor's network, tom broo brokaw, nbc nightly news with brian williams. and he went on with this guy -- right here. >> you are damn right dick cheney's heart is a political football. we ought to rip it out, kick it around and stuff it back him in. i am glad he didn't tip over. he is the new poster child for health care in this country. he is upon an enemy of the country. lord, take him to the promised land, will you? i don't wish for him to go to hell. like this right-wing slut, laura
9:30 pm
ingram. she's a talk slut. >> sean: i don't want lectures. if you are a conservative, you want poison in your water, dirtgy air and water -- >> sean, he's a puts. he doesn't matter! here's-- he matters to joe biden. >> i play baseball, you play sports, right. hit a double. short stop says, hey, that was a lucky hit. you point to the scoreboard, and you go, yeah, but we are up by 8 runs and it's 7th inning. you are going to lose. stay on the scoreboard, it's epic failure. >> sean: agreed. >> why can't you tell the truth about all of it. >> sean: i believe we can walk and chew gum at the same time. >> fair enough. >> sean: the economy, job, national security. but you know what, we can also talk about obama -- >> what about character?! does that matter?! no one's talking about actually
9:31 pm
reporting the truth. hey has had a past for four years. let's come out with it. >> sean: do you disagree on "the view"? >> "the five"! >> sean: "the five." i was going to say like the girls. >> [overlapping dialogue] >> let the surigates remind people. >> sean: am i going to be repudiated? >> no. >> sean: okay. just checking. >> show some strength of character. the american people deserve it. romney's the guy-- if he is going to fight gingrich and santorrum and perithat hard, fight obama that hard. >> they are going to come after him. stand up and fight for yourself and for us. >> sean: eric is right, we have to focus on the main issues. i concede and agree. good to see you both. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: great show on "the view" every day. >> can i be hasselhoff? >> you can be whoopi.
9:32 pm
>> i don't want to be whoopi. >> sean: speaking of this, we have a special one-hour edition of "hannity" tomorrow night on the life of barack obama and his controversial auto biography. you are going to hear from the president, we will play him in his own words. still to encourages he caused a commotion after he exploded over the barack obama class warfare rhetoric. rhetoric. john lubits says that this is are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers.
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>> this whole thing with obama saying the rich don't pay their taxes [bleep]: and i voted for the guy and i'm a democrat. what a [bleep]. >> the rich don't pay their taxes. let me tell you something, right? first they say, you are dead broke, the united states of america, you can do anything you want. go for it! then gufor it and you make it and everybody's like [bleep] you! [bleep] you just said go for it.
9:37 pm
>> sean: that was acteddor/comedian jon lovitz, now in the spotlight for going on that rant on barack obama. some have called him a nazi for his comments. but he says he's receiving calls of support from within the entertainment community and he is getting job offers. here to explain it is the man himself, actor jon lovitz. how are you? >> great, sean. >> sean: i enjoyed t. you know? it's refreshing. number 1, you are a comedian. all of a sudden, bill maher's funny. you are talking about class warfare. you are not attacking the president's kids. wait a minute, here. why do you think there has been a crazy reaction to this? >> uh, first of all, thank you for being the only person who get its. i am a comedian. i have a comedy club, jon lovitz comedy club and podcast theater. i was on the stage and watching df he said they are not paying
9:38 pm
their fair share of taxes. and he's lying. it is not true. i was screaming at the television. and it came out of me on stage that night. i think it is getting a big reaction, i don't think it's because of me. i think what i said struck a nerve because it's true! >> sean: you know -- >> it's a fact. >> sean: it's all great humor rooted in some truth here? i have been very critical of bill maher. i don't like when you use the c-word or the t-word against a woman. he gave $1 million to the president. i'm not going to boycott hbo becauses that's a way to silence people. what is interesting, two things. one, you voted for obama. two, people expected a backlash and you said, just the opposite has happened. >> no. there has been no backlash. i find out a tv show, i did a pilot that i am pretty sure got picked up today. we will find out for sure. i am getting book offers and other television offers and movie offers. there has been no backlash.
9:39 pm
because what i said is true. i am not saying that some people are not cheating the government. they are, you know, the irs goes after these people. all i was saying, i know what my tax rate is, it's 35% and 11% state and fica and skoshe security. it's over 50% and have you deductions. that's all i said. >> sean: what do you think of the peopleue tweeted tweeted tht that are calling you a racist and a bigot? >> it's so ridiculous, you know? i said i paid my fair share of taxes. but to me, that just shows what the president's doing is a propaganda of this 1% versus the 99%. nobody's against people who make less money. everybody's in the same boat, same economy. and, you know, i opened a club. i created jobs. i need people to work there. when you open a business, the last person to make money is the
9:40 pm
person who opened the business. >> sean: yeah. >> have you to pay your employees. we have food and liquor. have you to pay for that. you pay the comic and the other performers. you have insurance. you have a liquor license-- it's ridiculous. >> have you to re-do the club. i haven't made a dime. everybody has made moan except for me. >> sean: here's where you screwed up. we have an honest relationship. we have known each other 4 1/2 minutes. >> i met you at the u.s. open? i do remember that. but here's the point -- you voted for obama. why did you vote for him? do you regret it? would you vote for him again? >> i don't regret t. i believed in what he said. i thought he thought like me and he made sense and i voted for him. obviously, he's extremely bright. so i voted for him. would i vote for him again? i don't know. i don't want to say. i don't know who i am going to vote for. but i would never tell anybody to vote for because i am not
9:41 pm
qualified. if i tell somebody, you should vote for this guy and i'm wrong? what i find is he's hypocrital saying, you know, the 1 beers -- and he's a multi-millionaire now. they are not paying their fair share. i knowledge going to george clooney's house to get money from millionaires and billionaires. and wall street is bad guys. but i have to go to a dinner with wall street people. >> sean: i have to roll. how could you vote $5 trillion in debt? we have a net loss of jobs. he has done nothing for the economy. he promised -- >> now -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: he is demonizing you and others? >> yeah, i think he should -- instead of making people victims of people who are successful, we should be telling peep, look, you are having a hard time. i feel bad for you. let's look at what you are doing and teach you how to succeed and give you the tools to succeed, instead of turning everybody into victims. a victim mentality is what he is
9:42 pm
selling. nobody with a victim mentality will ever succeed. >> sean: well said, jon lovitz, appreciate you being with us. >> thank you, sean. i hope you and al franken can make up and become friends? >> hell will freeze over. >> someone said to ask you -- were you born in kenya? i thought it was funny? >> maybe kenya, ireland. is there such a place? thank you. coming up, the liberal haven known as new york state, viewing child pornography is notice longer a crime. david lane and i, a classic "hannity" shootout is ahead, next. [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
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>> sean: outrage is erupting in the state of new york and beyond after an appeals quote ruled that merely viewing child pornography is not necessarily a crime this.
9:47 pm
begran when a former college professor was convicted of more than 100 charges of possession of child pornography. two of the charges have been overturned by an appeals court. according to the washington times, the initial investigation found that kent downloaded, get this, more than 30,000 explicit images of young girls. kent said he had no knowledge of the photos. later he said he was using them for, quote, research. the saddest part is that a left-wing court actually believed him. joining me is a civil rights attorney, david lee. please tell me you are not going to support this. >> i support the ruling of the court, not child pornography, sean. >> sean: the reality is, you can't view it if it doesn't exist. if it's illegal to exist, do you want your child or any child put in this position? -- >> no, i don't. >> sean: that they are being exploited because that's what it is, robbing them of their innocence. >> i am here to say,
9:48 pm
unequivocally, i am against child pornography-- then have you to be against the creation of it and those who create the demand for tthe people who create the demand for it issue the people who strew. so therefore viewing should be illegal. tell me why not. >> slb but the problem that you have here is that you are against activist judges, unless you want them to be activist. the problem in this case was that the law that they were dealing with fwh new york state was drafted in 1977. there was no interfleet pornography in 1977. he was charged with basically what amounted to possessing internet pornography and there are legal definitions defined by the legislature for what constitutes possession. possession-- let me ask you this. i got your buoyant on the law. would you support laws -- new laws that protect the innocence of children? this is the fundamental issue here. children should not be exploited. people should not be creating
9:49 pm
the demand for it because they are pervert, pettedo file, weirdos that are out there that want to view these images of children. do you support me in calling for legislation that tostop it? >> yes. and i will tell you why. because the federal government, for example, in 2007, 2008, got their act up to speed with modern technology. now it's a federal crime to access internet web sites that have child pornography. the problem with the new york case is that this guy never downloaded anything that was dismissed by the court of appeals. he did get convicted for what he downloaded, but accessing the web site was equivalent of looking at a picture. when you look at a picture, you don't possess the picture-- but you know and i know this guy wasn't doing it for research -- >> that's what-- 30,000 is a crock. let me tell you what the danger is. knees kids are being abducted.
9:50 pm
these kids are being raped. their innocence and their lives are being destroyed. if our rules, our rule of law does not protect them, then we don't have a society. if we don't protect the most innocent among us. true or false? >> that's true. i fully agree with that-- a legal answer. but then join with me and say that we have to protect and we have to end all of this? >> child pornography is not protected speech under the first amendment. all right? there are certain categories of speech that are not protected. child pornography is one of them. i agree with that. i think children are exploited in that regard and it should be illegal and it is. >> sean: people who view it -- we have to stop the demand side. those who want to view it should be locked up, the key should be thrown away and we should never see from them again because they are a danger to society. any person who would download this wants to rob the innocence of children. they are taking advantage of the
9:51 pm
most innocent in society. so i will leave it there. >> the difficulty-- the difficulty in these cases is in this particular case, he accessed the web site, but he never downloaded the pictures. so the court tossed those. but they convicted him and kept the conviction of the one he did download and save. >> sean: technical tit -- you know and i know -- maybe -- because the law was written prior to al gore creating the internet, fair enough. i will agree with that. but if we don't get up to speed, we are doing a disservice to every child in this country. we have to protect them. >> i think the legislate nur new york is taking action on this, probably right now to fix that loophole. but you can't blame the judges. they simply applied the law. >> sean: yes and no. but i have to run. >> activism on the bench. >> sean: get this -- david axelrod has targeted proprietary citizens as quote, contract killers.
9:52 pm
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>> sean: for years on this program, we have pointed out what happen when is you dare to oppose the president. you not only become a target for the white house, but a favorite
9:56 pm
topic for the obama plain stream media. the coke brothers are the latest example as they have choicen to fund conservative causes. as a result, they have received numerous death threats and have been publicly ridiculed by those in the president's inner circle. >> we are going to be prepared and i want to be clear to respond to the attacks that we expect to continue from -- not just from the romney campaign from but from -- the carl and coke brothers contract killers over there in super pac land who are going to continue to pound away on behalf of governor romney. we will respond vigorously and treat every ad that comes from those entities as an ad that comes from governor romney. >> sean: tonight, in a rare studio appearance, a close confidante is here. the general counsel of coke
9:57 pm
industries. your bosses are contract killers? >> not that i am aware of. i can tell you what they really are, which you will never hear from the mainstream media. they are brilliant innovators, entrepreneurs, great americans. they built a great american company with 67,000 employees around the world, 50,000 here in the u.s. >> sean: 50,000 jobs they created. >>s yes, sir. >> sean: good-paying jobs. >> 15,000 are unionized. they make things people need-- in america. >> in the united states of america. we have chemical plants, we have oil refineries, we make lycra, carpet, paper products, you name it. very diversified company. >> sean: you were talking before the interview and i remember when the president calls sandra fluke -- remember that? >> yes, sir. >> sean: you said to me, yeah,
9:58 pm
he did say something -- jay carney spoke out on behalf of sandra fluke and this was the beginning of the non-existent war on women. what did the president say about private citizens being attacked for expressing political views? >> said it was wrong for people to do that. wrong for anyone to attack a proprietary citizen for expressing their views on matters of public policy, the first amendment right. it is beyond ironic that every day, it seems, we are attacked by the administration and its allies for our owners, charles koch and david cosh koch, expressing their views on libertiy? >> what do you think would comehappen if i called move on dot-org, or think progress or any of these left-wing groups? if i referred to them, and i never would, as contract killers? >> we know what would happen. anyone who disagrees with the
9:59 pm
administration and their allies, they are ofertracized, attacked, boy colted. they would try to bring criminal charges against you, slander, i don't know. >> sean: that happens as a matter of i would think that the president who has not created a net job would bring in the koch brothers and donald trump and bring in the best and brightest business minds of the country. >> i would think they would want to talk to people who have created jobs and have a rort. the koch brothers have done that over the years and they are men of great integrity and deep convictions about important issues. they could stand on the zeds lines and not do anything, but they are patriots, so they are doing this. they care about their employees? >> they have received death threats? >> multiple death threats. they are being investigated by the aut


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