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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 17, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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because of the death threats. >> no, no, no. the death threats are being investigated. >> sean: we want to set the record straight. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> sean: that's all of our time. a special edition of "hannity" tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, he's back. if you thought that reverend jeremiah wright controversy end in the 2008 election, you were so wrong! do you remember this? >> who cares about what a poor, black man has to face every day if a country and a culture controlled by rich white people? somebody missed that. you got nervous. we got some white members here. i am still in bible country. i am still -- joe suswas a poor black man who lived in a country and who lived in a culture that was controlled by rich white people! >> greta: here we go again. this time, republican
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strategists proposed an ad campaign do a super pac connected to conservative billionaire joe rickets. throwing reverend jeremiah wright right back in the spotlight. governor romney repudiating the strategy and then a statement was released saying, in part, not only was this merely a proposal, one of several submit to the spending action fund by third-party vendor, but it reflects an approach that mr. rickets rejects, but it was never accepted. it looks like we will never see that ad. but does it matter? people are busying about the president's former pastor. joining me is herman cain. nieces to see you, mr. cain. >> hello. happy to be here. thank you. >> greta: glad to have you here. first of all, is it fair to in any way tie president obam to reverend jeremiah wright? our is that old and he's distanced from him and it's really -- this is an effort to dirty up the president?
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>> i think that -- it's an effort to sort of muddy the water. but i think it is fair if someone wants to highlight the reverend jeremiah wright and his relationship with barack obama because quite frankly, it wasn't highlighted enough in 2008 when he was running for president the first time. the second point i would like to make, i know joe rickets. joe rickets would not spend $10 million on that one issue. joe rickets is concerned more about the fiscal security of this country. so as he said in the statement, it was a proposal. but the proposal didn't go anywhere, but it is fair game. the third reason it's fair game is that if this administration, which has been shown to go after people who donate to mitt romney and try and slander that reputation, then, yes, it is fair game. i don't think it is off limits. but i don't that joe ricketts
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would put that much money into this one angle of a presidential campaign. >> greta: all right. one of the considerations, one of the thoughts is that no one wants to be tagged or be racist toward the president. is bringing this up -- does it have that? a lot of people are going do say that it is. you say it's fair and relevant. but we have the second consideration, where do we draw the line? how do we know when it's racist and when it's fair for discussion? >> greta, the reason that the liberals are going to call it racist is because president obama is black and jeremiah wright is black. they are going to call it racive. they hide behind the race card any time that someone wants to attack the president on grounds that he would freely and liberally attack somebody else. so, no. i just -- i don't think it is racist simply because they are going to bring it up. it's fact. it's truth. why not expose the truth?
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because the president as you 99uent 08 denied and disowned president jeremiah wright. when in fact, how could he have been in his church 20 years and not assimilate some of the things he was talking about? so no, it's not racist. but the liberals want to play the race card when it is convenient. >> greta: why didn't he wait until yesterday to endorse governor romney? >> it's real simple. i wanted to -- waited to endorse governor romney yesterday because i wanted to wait until it was appropriate to try and enhance unity. in order for the republicans to win, we are going to have to come together as a party. yes, i endorsed the american people first. then i endorsed newt gingrich. and yesterday, i officially endorsed governor romney because i did not want to be viewed as someone who might be trying to wait to disrupt the convention
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in tampa in august. i want to promote unity, not disruption. so i just wanted to clear the table and make sure that everybody understood that as i have stated all along, i will support the eventual nominee and that nominee is going to be governor romney. i wanted to make clear that i was solidly behind him in order to make him president of the united states. >> greta: okay. it's clear that you are supporting the republican nominee. have you thrown your support behind governor romney. what is the reason why you don't support president obama? what is the difference between the two parties, the two candidates as we approach november? >> here again, it's real simple. governor romney gets it right on the big issues. president obama get its wrong on the big issues. governor romney understands what it's going to take to boost this economy to a growth rate that this economy is capable of. no policies of president obam
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have boosted the economy. we are now at something less than 2%. that's not what our economy is capable of. governor romney get its right on energy independence. he knows and has stated that we can maximize all of our energy resources in this country to become energy independent. everything that president obama does seems to be opposite of that. and then the other thing that governor romney get its right on is he wants to repeal obamacare. he has stated it. and he is serious about it. and he is serious about leading the effort to repeal obamacare because it is the wrong solution whereas president obama obviously wants to continue to try to roll it out. so there is a vast difference between what governor romney gets right, which is on the big issues, and president obama gets wrong. >> greta: have you spoken to the campaign and made any sort of plans with them in terms ever what you think you can do to aid the republican ticket?
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do you intend to hit the road for them? any plans at all? any specific plans? >> yes. there are two suggestions that i made to the governor when i met with him, a couple of weeks ago. number 1; i have volunteered to assist him and his team on sharpening his message. and they have started to implement some of those suggestions. secondly, vivolunteered to focus on helping to energize the youth vote. greta, within the last several months, vispent a lot of time speaking at college campuses. in fact, vispoken at over 15 college campuses to the young republicans on college campusesarn the country about conservative values and about the fact that the washing wash is broken and that this nation is broke and that they can help fix it. i have been just absolutely amazed at the response that i have gotten. the young people and the young vote have been very enthusiastic and i believe that they are
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going to be a key into winning in november. and i have been focusing on trying to energize the youth vote for that election coming up. >> greta: how about the african-american vote, which is typically a vote that skews to the democratic party? do you have any sort of intention -- can you capture the african-american party? in any way for governor romney? >> absolutely. when i was still a candidate, i believed that i had gotten the attention of a lot of african-americans and a lot of black voters. and it was because of my message. it was because of the clarity of my message. even as i travel today, i am still very warmly received by many blacks and african-americans that i run into and airports, restaurants, or wherever the case may be because they are starting to think differently. one of the greatest things was, for example, i was substituting on the syndicated radio show, which covers 220 stations across the country. vipeople call up who will say to
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me -- and this is what i appreciate -- you know, you are causing me to think about things differently. the mere fact that i am out here promoting conservative values and i am promoting fiscal responsibility, enforcing the constitution and i am promoting the free market system, that's causing a lots of african-americans to think about and look at what the republican party has to offer. that's what i am continuing to do. >> greta: mr. cain, thank you. hope you will join us again soon. thank you. >> it's my pleasure. thank you, greta. >> greta: governor mitt romney quick bealy distancing himself from the strategy to put reverend jeremiah wright at the center of the campaign. >> i repudiate the efforts by that pac to promote an ad strategy of the nature that was described. i would like to see this campaign focused on the economy, on getting people back to work, on seeing rising incomes and a growing prosperity, particularly for those in the middle class of
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america. and i think what we have seen so far from the obama campaign is a campaign of character assassination. i hope that is not the course of this campaign. >> greta: abc news senior editor rick cline is here. nice to see you. as always, i want to goes and governor romney's super pac that supported him went quite negative on speaker gingrich. he repudiate this is one. but nonetheless, it's in the public domain. >> a lot of repudiation. how this came out and why it came out and what the impact is going to be. even in this particular ad bandied about never sees the light of day, we are talking about it -- >> greta: everybody is. it's in the new york times. every news outlet has been talking about it today. >> and there will be another billionaire who runs with it. so if this is being repudiated, we know that there are folk who is are going to want to push this, whether or not mitt romney approves of it.
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>> greta: does reverend jeremiah wright -- is it a problem for president obama in the campaign? obviously twasn't in '08. is it now? >> i think it's less than it was fash years ago. i think there was a time in 2008 where, if republicans and the mccain campaign really wanted to hit the jeremiah wright thing, it could have defined barack obama. they didn't do it. it got some play. but it wasn't a big campaign focus. mccain put it off. he has been president three and-a-half years. people have perceptions. i think this is a touchstone on the right. reverend jeremiah wright is a major flashpoint for them t. get ace lot of folks fired up. but i don't think for the swing voters and the independent voters, that this is likely to be a voting issue. so you see mitt romney laser focused on them and saying lists not deal with the personal issues. >> greta: race is an issue that nobody want toabsa a racist. but one part that may be
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resurrected by some, against president obama because reverend wright's message is really one of class warfare. the rich against the poor. that's the thing that the republicans, that's the weapon that the republicans are using against the democrats. so it's resurrected. forget the things said about hillary clinton and everything else. but hais resurrected in this. >> there are things that reverend jeremiah wright said that will have new resonance, people who want to push tbut i think that the romney campaign is making a calculation that they don't need to be associated with this. -- >> greta: but that's it is oldest trick in the book, that's like saying, i am not calling the police officer a liar, even though they told them two different things. it is being used against the president tonight, politically, even with the disavowing of it and no matter who is involved with it, it is used against the president tonight. >> you are exactly right. the one reason to take mitt romney at his word is that first
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of all, i don't think the campaign wants it to be about religion because of mitt romney's own vulnerabilities. there is a lot of discipline in the romney campaign -- >> greta: but this isn't about religion. this is not about religion, even though he is a reverend. this went far beyond religion. he said vicious things about people. this is not about opening your heart, reverend jeremiah wright was not a uter. >> it's there out there. it will be played regardless. but i think that the romney folks don't want to be anywhere near it. clearly, if people make an effective argument, wittingly, unwittingly, he will be happy too get t. but just as a tactical maneuver, they are looking at the voters who are going to determine the election and he has been president three and-a-half years. >> greta: i see this -- the other day about what allegedly happened in prep school with governor romney's bullying.
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i think we are seeing the very beginning of a very dirty campaign and everybody's trying not to leave their fingerprints on it. i think a lot of people never want their fingerprints on this. this is week number 1 of really ugly stuff. >> shocked that it's going to be dirty. the romney campaign don't care if you like barack obama. they are not trying to beat down public perception of his likeability and relatability. they want you to think that mitt romney is the guy to fix the economy. they want this to be purely about the economy. >> greta: i suspect that president obamga feels the same way about governor romney. but their campaigns really don't -- their campaigns, maybe not the candidates, but the campaigns don't want you to like the other guy. >> they want to win,. >> greta: you don't vote for somebody that you don't like. >> early on, you have seen more personal attacks on the obama side on the bane capital record. that's vicious stuff, just as is
10:15 pm
coming out of the campaigns early on, they are trying to define and disqualify mitt romney early on in this process. >> greta: hang on to your seat. it's coming and only going to get worse. >> it's going to be bad. >> greta: what happens in wisconsin doesn't stay in wisconsin. governor scott walker is in a fight for his life and people from all over the country are jumping into the ring in the recall election. and we accuse them of stealing our tax dollars, and now congress is making stealing accusations themselves. it did you hear about the burglaries? who is targeting the house offices? and what are they after? and new fallout from the new orleans saints bantedy scandal. serious punishment, taking on commissioner roger goodall, the latest, coming up. wake up!
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>> greta: wisconsin governor scott walker says, i plan to win, i'm running to win, but i am not afraid to lose to do the right thing. right now, governor walker's political future is at stake. he is facing a recall election from 18 days. opponents want him out because of his law stripping the
10:20 pm
collective bargaining rights of some workers. but it's made him a hero with many conservatives and not just in the state of wisconsin. some of the biggest conservative donors from all over the country making huge donations to his campaign. governor walker was "on the record" last night. we will be watching through the voting. but right now, craig gilbert is here. good evening, craig. it is not just governor walker getting money. the unions are pouring in and the dnc's pouring mony into it is democratic candidate, is that right? >> it is not quite an even fight. governor walker's been more successful, i would say, bringing money in from outside the state than the democrats have been. there has been frustration on the democratic side about the national party money that hasn't been there. there is monoboth sides. a friend of mine described this as the spanish civil war of american pol ticks in the sense that you have outside fourseses fighting a proxy fight and
10:21 pm
testing it is message and the armies and the weapons before a much bigger conflict. and that's what we have here. >> greta: this is first amendment right that the people made contributions from out of state. there is nothing wrong. candidates raise money from out of state. from my perspective, what i see is that this time, there seems to be a lot more than usual, pouring in from out of state, making it almost a proxy fight for november. i am curious, are the democrats and the republicans inside the state, are they content to have all of this money pouring in? >> i think there is frustration on the part of a lot of voters. it's a new thing. we did see it last summer in the recall. i have been covering politics in wisconsin for a long time. viseen barriers broken year after year, in terms of money, self-funding, big money. but really, we haven't seen the kind of outside money that we are seeing now in big statewide
10:22 pm
races. we haven't seen it in races for governor or in races for senate because we have had candidate who is were able to fund their own campaigns or didn't want the outside mono. so this is a new thing. it does -- it's a source of frustration for some voters. >> greta: a lot of monoused for television ads. are you seeing -- is the fighting factual or dirto righted now? are the candidates being straight up? or is there a lot of underhanded stuff going on? >> i mean, as campaigns go, i wouldn't call this the nastiest by any means. you know, people in this state, they have been fighting this debate now for a year and-a-half. we have been having it. people are pretty dug in. most people have chosen sides. they kind of know what they think. there are not a lot of undecided voters. a lot of the messages are designed to motivate the base on both sides. it hasn't been by any moon means, the dirtiest campaign i have ever seen.
10:23 pm
>> greta: there is such enormous passion over the collective bargaining fight. i was in madison, we have shown people protesting, taking over the state capitol. i am curious if that vigor that there was then, as we look at the video right now, people are very heated. are you feeling that in the campaign? or does it feel like a routine election? and people are going to go in and vote? >> i think it's a good question because i think that passion is hard to discontinue on the democratic side over such a long period of time. the protests were a long time ago. the recall petition phase was many months ago. and you saw in the primary last week, sort of some pent-up energy on the republican side. a feel that the republicans, this is their time to be heard. they are angry, they don't like the recall. they are mad. so the energy's there on the republican side. the challenge on the democratic side is to try to match that energy after having expended so
10:24 pm
much energy for a long period of time. >> greta: thank you. we are going to be following this. 18 days a way. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: now to the trial, former presidential candidate, john edwards, a jury will begin deliberations tomorrow. he faces six counts of campaign finance fraud, accused of accepting nearly a million dollars from political donors to hide his pregnant mistress in his white house run. jurors must decide if he knowingly broke the law to cover up the sex scandal. in closing arguments, it was said this he used the money fokeep the presidential hope alive. and the defense attorneys said it was private gifts. edwards faces up to 30 years in prison fconvicted. the united states tells israel a secret. iran is not going to like this one. what is it? senator lindsey graham is here. from computers and cameras to
10:25 pm
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>> greta: the united states says says it is ready to strike iran. they have plans in place to attack iran if it has to stop
10:29 pm
iran from developing nuclear weapons. diplomacy is time is running out. i have heard it before, which is all options are on the table, which the president or the defense secretary has said about iran. the key question is, how much time do we have? >> not much -- >> greta: what is that? that matters? >> well, it does, if the iranians believe between now and our election, obama will not strike them, they think they can take a strike from israel and survive, they can't win a fight with us. so the goal for the obama administration is to convince the iranians, if you don't stop enriching and come to the table and open up your program for international inspection and cease enriching iranian for weapon use, for nuclear weapon purposes, you could be subject to a military strike by our nation, they will stop. until they believe that, they will keep enriching iranian. they don't fear an israeli
10:30 pm
strike. >> greta: why, though isn't israelis have been decisive -- >> they will strike. >> greta: why don't they fear the israelis? >> they think they don't have the capability to neutralize their nuclear program. they are probably right. they believe there will be a backlash in the world against israel. they think they can take israel on millitarily and survive. they think there will be a backlash in europe and the middle-east against israel. so president obama, if you are listening, please convince the iranians that all options really are on the table. >> greta: many were suspicious when there was a front-page story in the new york times, saying that the israeli air force couldn't do this alone. they had a long explanation about how far the flights valid to fly and people thought that was leak from the administration -- >> it was -- >> greta: in an effort to scare israel from acting alone. >> all of the above. >> greta: you believe that? >> i think that this administration's had a very bad palings for israel and thrown
10:31 pm
them under the bus, regarding the palestinian negotiations. leaking the stories about the military capability of israel doesn't help. we should be focusing on iran. israel's not the problem. the iranians are the problem. they killed americans in iraq and helped hezbollah and la mas. they wanted to destroy the city of israel. we should be focused on the iranian regime, not israel. >> greta: there is a meeting next week in baghdad -- >> tuesday. >> greta: trying to decide, more discussion about -- but we have had the discussions before. >> yes, we have. >> greta: some think that it is an effort to buy time for iran, which is why i go back to the first question -- how much time do we have? >> the sanctions against iran have hurt the regime. but they haven't changed behavior. it is my view, they are still bent on getting nuclear capability. that they talk and enrich at the same time. and the only way they will stop marching toward a nuclear weapon
10:32 pm
is if they believe the regime's life is at stake and their livelihood is at risk and that means a strike by the united states. here's what we should do. tell the iranians, no negotiations, stop enriching, open up the site on the bottom of the mountain, a secret site. we will talk about lifting sanctions. you are not going to get to enrich uranium, any more, i think they will probably stay go fish. now, whether the issue, whether the military may have imprisoned terrorist suspects without a trial. >> absolutely. >> greta: what's wrong with trying people? >> do you believe we are at war? >> greta: yes. but if you pick up an american citizen on our soil and you can hold them without bond and try them -- >> here's the law. you can pick up an american citizen and hold them only if they are helping al qaeda. every american citizen, every foreign terrorist caught in the united states will be presented
10:33 pm
before a federal why. and the government has to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that you are actively involved in assisting al qaeda to attack this country. we don't give enemy prisoners trials. we keep them off the battlefield. we will give everybody captured in america, a day in federal court. >> greta: when? right away? >> yeah. within 120 day, most of them go before a federal judge. i am willing to do it within 30 days and say everybody captured in the united states -- citizen or not -- has to be presented before a federal judge and the government has to prove you are helping al qaeda. if they can prove that to the federal judge, we should hold you as long as it takes to make sure you are no longer a threat and we know what you know. we are not fighting a crime. we are fighting a war. if bin laden were caught in the united states, most americans would be offended with this legislation proposed now that you have to take every terrorist and give them a federal court trial and read then their rights.
10:34 pm
they are terrorists, trying to kill us. they are not common criminals. the last thing that terrorists should hear is you have the right to remain silent. here's your lawyer. >> greta: nfl news is not good. jonathan vilma is furious about what commissioner roger goodall said and did about him. so he if i'med a defamation of character lawsuit. he is facing a one-year ban from the nfl for the role in the bounty. he allegedly offered a $10,000 bounty to any saints player who knocked down a player in the super bowl. he claims that goodall made false statements tawere harmful to his professional and personal reputation. the numbers are staggering. in hours, facebook hits the world with its ipo. what does it mean for facebook investors?
10:35 pm
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>> greta: the music world is wering the queen of disco, donna summer, she was 63. she had been battling cancer. she rose to worldwide fame in the 70s, with hits called bad girls and hot stuff...: ♪ last dance for love... yes, it's my last chance for romance tonight... i need you... i love you...
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beside me... to guide me, to hold me... >> greta: she won the firstgramy for "last dance" and then "she works hard for the money." what's your favorite donna summer song? go to gretawire and tell us.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. a medical examiner's report showing that the estranged wife of robert f. kennedy jr. died from hanging. her body was found yesterday in a barn on her estate, north of new york city. she had battled drugs and alcohol. funeral services will be held saturday. she will be buried in the kennedy compound in massachusetts. the almost bankrupt postal service moving forward with a
10:41 pm
multimillion-dollar cost-cutting plan. the post master general says they can no longer wait for congress to come up with a way to cut costs. it is described as too big with a decline in first-class mail. changes include cutting 1300 jobs. now back to "on the record." for youralatest headlines, go to irvetion watch out bill gates and warren buffett. mark zuckerberg could become the second richest man in the country. tomorrow's the big facebook ipo, $38 a share. the shares could explode. the new york times is here. >> good evening. >> greta: what's the expectation? it opens at $38, then what? >> $38 is the national price. facebook stock will start trading at 11:00 a.m. on the nasdaq. it's later than the stock market
10:42 pm
because mark zuckerberg will ring the bell remotely. so the first shares have been sold to institutional investors, hedge funds and the fidelities of the world. ordinary investors couldn't buy the shares at $38. but when it starts trading, anyone can buy them. i have to say, people need to think very carefully because this is a company that does have 900 million users, probably most people you know have a facebook page. however, it's a company that, you know, they are making a billion dollars a year in profit. but people say that that's not really the most money, given how many users they have. so be cautious if you think about jumping on the nasdaq tomorrow. >> greta: so we call it investing. but it's really like vegas. it's gambling. someone -- it's like evens or odds. the investment funds, the institution who is get the first crack at tthey get the big deal because they get it at $38 and
10:43 pm
the rest of us, we're fighting with ourselves and bidding it up. hoping it doesn't dip below $38. so those who buy after 11:00, they are at a lot greater risk than those who get it before that. >>. >> this is the way ipos work, the bankers and the wall street goes on road shows, only to the insider institutional investors and let them set the price. they get the first crack at it. it's the way things work. but it is than the long ago, in the late 90s,y that we had the tech bubble and more than a few people out there got really enthused and bought tech stocks and they blew up. so, again, this is a company that has skyrocketed. it's amaze whug think that they only started in 2004. not that long ago. but when you look at their market cap, the price they are going public at, that means meat their company is worth $104
10:44 pm
billion. this is on the caliber of mcdonald's or amazon. it's a humungous market cap for such a young company. it's in the top 25 biggest companies by its valuation. however, when you look at its revenues, it is like company 900! and so have you to keep that in account. there could be a lot of upside, it's a young company. but it's a company that this whole tech hoopla we have had in the last few months has really gotten people, perhaps overly excited. we saw linkedn go public and yelp. so is it another tech bubble? >> greta: indeed. everybody's watching. i am looking at the numbers, not to be a wet blanket. but groupon was at $20 the first day at $26. now it's down to $12.41. so these things can be quite volatile. you can lose a lot, too. >> that's right. i am watching the trading tomorrow to see what happens.
10:45 pm
one thing intg thing is google, when they went public in 2004, the year facebook was founded, their stock didn't move much on that first day. since, google did come up a lot. but buyer beware. >> greta: indeed. thank you. we will all be watching. watch them get really rich. >> we'll be watching. >> greta: a strange mystery. cat burglars are targeting the offices and house staffers are asking, is it an inside job? we sent griff jenkins to capitol hill. >> reporter: it may not be water gait. but -- watergate, but it's a new caper. late at night, burglars made off with hundreds or thousands of dollars in cash, computers, clothing, alcohol and in one case, autographed baseballs and presidential easter eggs. congressman, what do you make of
10:46 pm
the capitol hill burglary case? have you heard of this? what do you think of it. >> i think we need to get some gum shoes on the case and try to figure it out. it's kind of scary because it sounds like they have locked doors and this is happening in off hours, you know, sowps like if you are robbed, you are personally responsible, whether you were at fault. >> a lot of it, it looks like it might be an inside job. we put a lot of trust in the folks that provide the services in our offices. so i hope they catch him real quick. >> if all the police here can't stop burglary, we are in deep trouble. >> obviously, someone's pretty upset, finding their way ngetting into our offices. we have to have a heightened sense of security. >> reporter: i am guessing as a military man, they probably shouldn't break into your office, lest you should be in there working late at night? >> they certainly don't want to break in. if the door's closed, you never know the trip wires we have. >> reporter: have you heard about this? >> i have. >> reporter: what do you
10:47 pm
think? >> lock your doors. >> here, four offices were hit. three to house committees and the fourth to congressman lewis, his chief of staff had something very important stolen from her. >> on april 23, somebody -- or some people broke into our office and took things that didn't belong to them, for instance, they took my easter eggs. they were in this bowl. and they were from many presidents starting with jimmy carter, from the time jerry was first here and they were all signed by jimmy and the first lady, all the way up to george w. bush. and they were gone. >> reporter: in the longworth building, congressman gowdy and runyon were broken on the night of april 9 and 10. the receptionist desk were broken into. there were two cameras in this drawer that were taken. in the top drawer, there was change, stamps, personal items. here, have you open access, as
10:48 pm
you can see, to the staff offices, extensive computer monitor and drawers here. the total cost up upwards of almost $2,000 and the congressman wasn't happy. as a prosecutor, you must be formulating theories. >> it is not hard for me to figure out. the doors were locked. so it's somebody who has a key. and has access to all the offices, that someone who is smart enough to know where the cameras are and where they are not and who would not garner attention walking out with a computer screen and digital cameras. that narrows the field. i have eliminated my colleagues... from the suspect list. whoever has keys at night -- and you don't want to impugn anyone's integrity. i trust law enforcement and i am trying to stay out of their business. but it's important that people feel safe here, not the members, but the public.
10:49 pm
people are around at all hours of the night and day. the doors are locked. so that's a pretty good indicator whoever had access has keys to the offices. i think you winnow down the list of suspects at that point. law enforcement asked me for tips, i would say, was anyone out, was anyone sick? was there an unusual member of the cleaning crew during that time period? you know, whether they are going to do polygraphs or they are going to do interviews, assume they have checked with the pawn shops. those are all law enforcement considerations. >> straight ahead, a clumsy thief needs to work on his getaway skills. getaway skills. have you to see this
10:50 pm
down here, folks measure commitment by what's getting done. getaway skills. have you to see this the twenty billion doars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious.
10:51 pm
last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through.
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>> have you seen our top stories, but here's the best of the rest. a clumsy thief caught on camera. he tried to rob a actually bike shop and tried to beddal away with pricey bikes, but he ran interest a big problem. he hit a curb. he fell off the bike, landed head first on the pavement. police hope that the embarrassing video helps to catch the theefer. how about a self-driving car? a couple of washington, d.c. council members got to take a test drive and see how it uses laser sensors and sensors to
10:54 pm
navigate through the seat. a google employee sat in the driver's seat. but he didn't have anything to do. the car drove itself. there are a lot of details to work out before the car hits the road. here's something else. an australian man is taking to the skies to run a half marathon on a treadmill in a hot air balloon, as part of a campaign to run on land, air and sea. he jogs on a treadmill. thtook extra time because he could only take small steps. a super cute trio in a zoo, three american river otters, born in february. now they are greeting visitors. they're are the first otters of their kind born in a new york zoo since 1956. their proud parents are part of the exhibit as well. there have you it. the best of the rest. coming up, who needs weapons? there may be a better way to become a super power.
10:55 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. move over, united nations. jay leno has a new take. >> the iranian president said over the weekend they don't need a war to destroy israel. he said they can just give the people of israel dirty looks. that is what he said. i mean a country could destroy another country by giving them dirty looks france would be the leading super power of the world. the number one country. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you go to greta including the many issues about iran t


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