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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 19, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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thank you for being here. have a great weekend, everyone. see you monday. ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld, or as i am known in dubai, paula abdul. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> in the north sky time flies faster than morning, america. our top story, facebook has its ipo. i don't know what that means, but stick around and let's find out together. and are a man and woman about to spend time in a dubai prison for having sex in the back of a taxi? some say maybe, but others say maybe not. and what do british women say make the perfect man? i can make a joke about just wanting him to have decent teeth, but not only would that be hackie, but outdated since british no longer have awful teeth, so i won't. >> that was a backhanded
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insult. >> i don't believe a word, sir. i believe it was a fore handed compliment. >> in that case all is good. see you later. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that her chair requires a trivet. i am here with juliette hudy. don't do that, please. and he tickles more rib than a thorasic surgeon. that is david angelo, writer and comedian and he is now worth 25 cents a share, bill schulz. and he is so sharp he moon lights a as an ice pick. it is michael money -- monehan. and our new york times correspondent, good to see you, pinch. >> today in architecture review, a reporter profiles columbia once known for cocaine and murder it is one of the most ambitious urban projects. there is a new dentist the say
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hello to my little friend ak47 firing range, and of course the newly opened booger, sugar, burgers. >> it is weird. only bill schulz would get those jokes. >> i don't know who he is, but i have a description i can tell you about. >> should they be stealth about their wealth? on friday facebook went public, whatever that means. it turned hoodie wearing founder mark zuckerberg to be worth billions of dollars. that's the instant millionaires right there. not sure really. but will they keep the ipo on the down low? the new york times reports that facebook and elsewhere peer pressure demands you do not over do it. with one company exec noting that, quote, if somebody buys a fancy car and posts a picture they get ridiculed and better rated. and just before google wept public in 1987, i believe, a senior manager holding a
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baseball bat warned staff that anyone who showed up in a flashy sports car would soon find its windows smashed. for more let's go live to red eye senior financial correspondent who has been following the price of facebook shares. >> that kitten is now worth $16 billion. >> wow, greg. >> it tasted great. michael, you are a libertarian. >> yes. >> you believe in free market and free minds, free drugs, free whatever. is there something wrong with this peer pressure and guilting people into not spending their wealth? or is there something right about it? >> there is nothing right about it. but it is incredibly stupid. the new york times story did note that mark zuckerberg is
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like, he is the man who is pushing this. he wears hoodies. when i saw that it is like, now every time i see him i am distracted saying that guy doesn't have billions of dollars. he is wearing a really bad hoodie. the whole idea, i was reminded when you were reading the bit, it reminds me of the "good fellas" scene and the guy pulls up in the pink cadillac. it is like a mofia code. don't tell because it would make people feel bad. >> that's why they tell the employees to go kite boarding and not golfing. only poor people kite board. >> david, good to see you. if you were zuckerberg, how would you celebrate tonight? do you have any thoughts on this? >> god, zuckerberg. this guy is so rich now. jesus is his actual butler. what can you get that guy he doesn't already have?
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my social security number. >> is ask jeeves still around? >> at least he didn't do an alta vista digital show. i would be confused. >> should these young millionaires and billionaires be dating and how soon will you be dating them? >> should they hide their wealth? no, it is granolaee. just go and buy your ferrari and enjoy it. i don't know if it is true about the guy -- the head of one of these companies that said he would bash somebody's ferrari windows in. you do that and you get run over by my ferrari. >> that's good to know. >> this is a scary thing. if you spend like 500 years trying to be a doctor and things like work rejection to a whole new level, you apply for a job at facebook and say you were up for something and you are losing millions of dollars.
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>> good point. if i was them i would do what zuckerberg did. i would buy a modest two-bedroom house. but it would be made from human flesh. bill, if you were suddenly facebook rich, in how many hours would you be dead? >> i don't think i would. i think i would reinvest myself in the community, involve myself with charities and do sky -- sky scrapers worth of blow for sure. after all of this happened facebook basically was ready to set all sorts of ipo records for the first day in. we all know for you lay menipo people are obnoxious. i am educating you on that but that's because i am intelligent. i am admitting i am obnoxious right now. now i go to my fuzbal table because play is work and work is play. >> when bill builds the bill
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schulz puppet theater i will look forward to that day. can i say something about mark zuckerberg and why i want to punch him in the neck? there was a quote -- it is like bringing clips. he said simply put -- he said this in an e-mail to the bazillion airs, we don't build services to make money. we make better services. does anybody going public that has bazillions of dollars and generous with it that they are not in the business of making money? it is sort of underscoring the point of i don't know if it is a post occupy wall street, but everybody is ashamed. >> they are creating jobs and a great, free service. >> you are absolutely right. everybody is somehow ashamed. you should be seen as a professional athlete, but your playing field is the economy and you should be treated --
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kids should be going, wow, i want to be that guy. instead, oh, you better hide your wealth. when will obama order them to pay their fair share? when will that happen? i have a question. does anybody know because i don't. aside from the fuzball what do you actually do? what is the work day at facebook? what do you do? >> hackathon. it is code. i don't know what that means. >> the work day at most jobs is facebook. >> what do they go on? >> i should be looking at the work i don't do. >> it is the devil of the. >> sooner or later when a young -- when that first young person says i'm board with facebook because all of my teachers are on there. when my teachers are on there it is over. >> i cannot tell you how many fights i have gotten into with beaus and facebook and people
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posting on facebook. it is the devil. i am telling you. >> how do you get into a fight with a bow? sorry. i am not with your veer -- vernacular. >> i know, i speak english. >> we were joking about it, but i think cocaine was invented to mediate this kind of wealth. >> send it back. >> you have to keep these people from buying tigers. >> where are -- there are going to be no jay macinerny novels? everybody is siting on their expensive european bicycles riding in circles. >> they are optimistic. they are young. they are 25 years old. they need real change. >> how is a 20 grand bicycle better than an 8 ball? >> because nobody knows it. they don't know it is an expensive bike. >> this is an upsetting conversation. >> from winners to losers. i wasn't advocating anything, but i was saying that's what happens if you have a lot of
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money. if you look in hollywood that's where all of the money goes, that and divorces. i will keep reading. they are trying to lure the sexually pure. mtv is casting for a reality series young adults 18 and up trying to lose their virginity. they have a statement reading in part, quote, mtv is looking to frankly capture the journey in a series called "my first." we are looking for adults ready to go all the way. not sure what that means. it goes on to ask questions like, why haven't you gone after this before? are you and your boy slash girlfriend interested in losing it together? are your friends pressuring you? is your virginity a secret you have been keep trg your friends, family and peers? and mtv has another reality show with a green light and i believe we have it here.
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>> they just keep laughing. what did i say, bill? ever since gay marriage, we are seeing more of this. >> that is like reverse mouse. german shepherds were hitler's favorite dogs. that will end horrifically. >> what do you make of this show? >> i have an addition on thursday. an audition on thursday. >> would you do that really? >> no, i lost my virginity the way most guys did, to my cub scout leader. i got a badge. it is traditional. i wouldn't do it on the cameras like that. it is in poor taste. >> you never know where it is going to end up. try to remember would you have taken part in this show? >> no, i would not have. i know you are going to try to come up with a disgusting sick joke about my marriage. >> now i don't have to.
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>> you get it all over with. i am so sick of mtv. i love them. they came up with "real world" and introduced me to you-two and -- u-2. you can see these girls now on the cover of "people" and this is really, really sick. this is criminal in my opinion. >> you might say they introduced us to u-2 and then got killed by youtube. >> oh yeah! what? what? >> not sure that was worthy of a high five. i am getting back to "the real world" in a minute. i think mtv has not added anything positive to the world except eric niece. but i will get to him later. has mtv helped create the most self-obsessed generation ever? well done people. i don't think they have done anything to help anybody who actually watches it. it just makes you feel -- >> no, probably not. again they gave us eric niece. they gave us downtown julie
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brown. >> love her. >> and the other julie brown that lived in midtown or something. lovely girl. but this is like absolute bottom of the barrel stuff. the questions were great. i was thinking about how you would answer them. the answers are the same. why haven't you done this before? it is because i am horribly unattractive. are you planing on doing this with your girlfriend? i don't have a girlfriend. i am writing to mtv so they can watch me fail. and then the last great question was do people make fun of you? yes so therefore i am going on mtv and say i am a huge virgin. >> that's an interesting point, bill. we are in this age of anti-bullying. this is almost setting up kids for being bullied, right? >> it is cool. i am sitting at the table with a bunch of communists. as the lone capitalist i will say there is nothing more awkward and depressing than losing somebody's virginity, i have read. and this is a case where one
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can at least make money off of it. i'm sure probably a lot of money because it is going to be that hard to live with after it airs. i don't know why all of you guys are saying this. it reminds me of a project i once pitched in the mid2000s called "my first time" and it was going to be written in the same floury -- flowery writing about losing virginity, but it is the first time i did heroin. and that offer is still on the table for any editor that will give me cash. >> that's up lifting. i kind of jumped the gun, but i always think about what would happen -- what happens when you hand yourself over to a network when you are young? you are basically betting against your own future. you are thinking okay at 20 this is my best opportunity. at 30 i will be a loser so i might as well go on "the real world." >> no i would have loved to go on "the real world" but that's when it was cool and innocent. >> first of all, it was never cool. i.
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>> you were never cool. >> maybe, but that is completely irrelevant. >> let's talk about the first big star which was eric niece. he was a good looking guy. there he is. could have been the president of the united states. could have been a thorasic surgeon. you know what he is dismog he developed a super food detox program called the beauty way and talks about genetically modified foods. he tried to appear 0* "confessions of a teen idol." my po nie t is mtv grabs you and peaks you and drops you like garbage. >> losing virginity is about peaking too early. make money. >> eric niece who you did mention he was a minister in a canadian government in the 1990s, but it is true. >> i left that out. >> the thing is people are now basing this off of the star --
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the one they have now, this snooki. >> snooki. >> snoopy or whatever. she is famous for having sex with lots of people. maybe we can have somebody famous for not having sex. >> mtv is changing their slogan to "i want my std." >> no music, just biopsies. just painful, painful procedures. from virginity to volume. should we add a charge to food that makes us large? a new study out of england, a stupid place, says the only way to beat obesity is if you add a 20% tax on unhealthy food and drinks. researchers make the case that a big hike would have a big influence on poor people whose diet sucks. under their math, a $tour cheese burger would cost an extra 80 cents making it $17. says one proponent, there are
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evidence that those who are poorer are more sensitive to the price changes. so basically you would star of the poor. thanks, researchers. the japanese, as always, have the right i idea. >> it is so easy. >> you steer with your butt. >> should what we eat be the government's business? >> no, what we should eat should not be the government's business. why should anything we do be the government's business? >> well -- >> i'll leave the drugs out of it. you know what i'm saying. all of these stupid things like wear your seatbelt. >> there are so many people
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and this is my opinion. >> this is it. >> if you want to go you want to get diabeteses and increase your chance of heart attack and you want fast-food every day. you go ahead and eliminate your life from the world, that's fine. >> i am going to come out and say i am for seatbelts. quickly, michael, you were saying in the green room you love this idea. >> it is a great idea. the europeans are giving us ideas and the idea is to tax things. that's shocking to me. it is incredibly stupid. when you tax things like this it is a regress sigh tax. you create black markets and burgers and drugs. >> it is that black market burger that is a great name for a place. dave, what do you make of this? >> we have a fat tax. it is called a mirror. >> people don't mind paying that tax. >> let's play a game and waste some time.
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>> i feel like it is an echo from wednesday. >> let it res son nate, audience. first it came from me and i said nothing of the now they are coming to the fat people. you don't have to be lazy to help with the smoke. >> i just want to say that was the worst poet sick -- poetic -- >> i wanted to make it up. >> his point was obese people weren't defending smokers so why should smokers defend obese people? i have to move on, but they are basically pricing poor people out of food. coming up, how many words rhyme with juliette hudy? she discusses her new book, fuddy-duddy, huddy. >> guest nows stay with bill's neighbor, carl. he'll watch you while you sleep.
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could they be locked up for hooking up? they could be in jail for having sex in a taxi in dubai. the pair seen here were held for five days for having sex and being drunk in public. it is seen as an offense in an islamic country. actually it is thought them. we don't have their pictures. you can google it. they are actually quite fetching. they were boozing at an all you can drink brunch.
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rebecca blake and connor mcredmond, boy he is irish, started making out reportedly in the cab. the driver hoped out to complain to a cop. when he returned with the officer the couple was in midcoitus which i believe was in midlondon. they were arrested being caught in the act. >> it is hard to believe that is illegal in dubai. that should be mandatory everywhere all the time. david, is this cabdriver -- you know, okay he is limiting their rights. but isn't he is a hero for standing up against disgusting displays of affection? public displays? >> it is true. a little known fact, all of the cabdrivers in dubai are
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native new yorkers. >> i had no idea. but it makes sense. how can you go and explain that joke to the midwest? >> a very clever guy. do you think this is a good policy in dubai? if you are in their country should you follow their rules? >> you would probably expect something like this. remember "midnight express." >> i lived it. >> i knew when i went to visit my aunt in turkey who married a turkish man that i would keep my act together there. >> there was such demand on you. >> i didn't want to be in a turkish prison. >> and how odd you moved here and created your own turkish prison. michael, isn't it as simple as you broke the law in the country you are in. >> am i the only one to point out that this is illegal in
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america too? you can't have sex in public. is it illegal? >> that's a good pointt. >> i will give andy something to quickly fact check. the whole thing is the two take aways. it is the same two take aways i get with any story. every time this happens, and it does incidentally happen quite frequently, there are always british people involved. >> wait a minute. i will have to say was it from a british paper? the british paper wouldn't write about the greek people. >> i follow these stories. i have a google alert that says, you know, sex in yemen! >> sometimes if you type that fast you get something weird. >> i thought that was touching. there was the bombing of mrs. thatcher and awful these other things that the irish have done to the british over the years. they were getting together in solving these issues with a 10-point -- 10-pound drinking fest. >> i love that. you have done a lot of
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disgusting things for public. somehow you have never been arrested. >> i have never been to dubai. this guy saw something he is not allowed to have in his culture, and he said he was insensed. he was jealous. that is arabic for jealous. >> he is burning insense. >> a little world play there. we have to take a break. do you have a comment on the show? to leave a voicemail on my direct line it is 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. that will never happen to him in a cab. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by judo -- judo. the martial art where they use balance and body weight to throw one to the ground. thanks judo.
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let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong. let's go to andy levy. >> how are you? >> i'm doing great. >>- q. i working for the weekend -- >> working for the weekend? >> kind of. but i will be working all weekend. what's the point? >> i don't know. >> neither do i. facebook ipo, you believe google went public in 1987? >> yes. >> it was 2004. >> you know what, no won teri didn't make any money. who did i give the money to? >> that was steve, google. >> that was his name.
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>> you did get services for that. >> he was a border in my mom's house. >> he performed searches on you. >> michael, you said the whole don't flaunt it thing looks stupid and you seemed outraged by it. i disagree. doesn't it go back to the old time ethic where the rich never acted rich, and you had money, but you didn't talk about money? >> when did that happen? >> pre conspicuous consumption. >> yes, but people who landed gentry were in their castles. >> they didn't talk about castles. >> where are you getting this information? >> they go down to the drugstore and say, i have a castle. >> is this from a guy who watches "game of throwns"? they just throw their castles at people. >> and their women. >> this is a make believe
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time. >> if i had a billion dollars i would have a compound in idaho, and you would never hear from me again except maybe the occasional tweet. other than that -- >> every now and then you would hear this wild roar. it would be like a cat army in 20 years. >> it is the occasional hugh hefner-like tweet, but other than that, nothing. radio silence. >> all right, all right. >> it would be a grot toe, but filled with cat hair. >> i am not -- yeah. david, ask jeeves is simply >> good to know. how did you look that up? >> i binged it. >> okay. >> bill, greg asked you how quickly you would be dead if you had facebook money, and you said you wouldn't be. you would. i looked it up. michael, i don't think -- when zuckerberg says we don't build services to make money. we use money to build better
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services i don't think she completely disingeneral wise. he obviously likes money, but he has a clear track record of putting that money back into facebook and continues to work his ass off. >> why are you carrying so much water for mark zuckerburg. >> yes, and i hate facebook and have nothing to do with it. >> it is not disingeneral wise now that he has a billion dollars. he doesn't have to make money. the way it was presented in the piece he is so all true wise stick and he is like, i don't care about money. to make the point is he wants to reinvest it. it is to make more money. >> i don't think he is being all true wise stick. and he is a businessman. he is by definition probably not altruistic. i think that was more along the lines of the whole don't flaunt it thing. >> i am a fan of the old school like larry flint, you
12:35 am
have a gold wheelchair. >> can i just make a distinction between people like moynahan and me and you and zuckerberg? about three years ago i had an idea to write a movie called "facebook" and i spent two days writing the script about a guy who collected faces from people and put it in a book. the whole goal was to released the movie like two weeks before "the social network" so people thought it was the facebook movie. i stopped after 10 pages. that's the difference between me and mark zuckerburg. he went through with it. >> i agree. excellent point. by the way, zuckerberg's harvard classmate who left in 2008 is worth $5.2 billion after friday's ipo and he is eight days younger than zuckerburg so he is officially the youngest billionaire.
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>> we should love them. >> we would love them if we marry them. >> great athlete. >> people believe they cut in line. did they cut in line? >> it is also very easy not to flaunt it when you always have it. all of these kids went to -- larry flint grew up in like -- >> what is with larry flint? >> i love him. he has a gold wheelchair. >> he is an awful human being. >> in all seriousness it gets back to my point. you have the people who came from money never showed off their money. but the new ones would show it off which the old time rich people thought was not classy. >> so you are defending the 17th century british class system? that's fun. >> we wouldn't have downtown abbey. >> mtv holding casting call for new show about losing virginity. juliette, were you waiting for greg to make some kind of sick joke about your marriages here. and yet he didn't.
12:37 am
i think somebody owes somebody an apology. >> there is still half an hour left in the shoa. give it time. >> probably a lot longer than one of your marriages. >> thank you. thank you. there you go, andy. >> and a lot more laughter. >> i'm just joshing. it is good you can make fun of that stuff. >> you mean it is good you can make fun of that. >> i can laugh about it now. i can laugh about it now. i would never make that choice again. it was a bad decision. >> fool me three times shame on -- >> fourth time is a charm. >> no one has ever said that. >> greg, you don't think mtv has added anything of value to society? >> the "mate no more" --" faith no more" was great. >> i was going say kurt
12:38 am
loader. >> oh yes. >> you said eric niece was a minister and you said look it up. so i did. >> that was actually a request because i wasn't sure. >> i did, and he was not. >> was it a different country? >> no, he was never a minister of any country. i was misinformed. i heard that when i was on his club. >> no, it happened. >> club mtv, i believe. >> juliette, i completely agree with everything you said on this topic. >> what did i say? >> the government shouldn't tell us what to do in our private lives. i thought that was great. >> including no seatbelts ? >> not the government's business. >> i don't mind the smoking thing though. i don't like to smell like smoke. that's not a bad thing. >> well i don't like smelling like car oil and i will if i am not wearing like seatbelt. >> i don't want the government
12:39 am
involved in anything unless it bothers me. >> that's an example why libertarianism will never take over. >> bill, if you start the first they came quote with first they came, it misses the point. >> every time i hear 20 seconds it be fud dels me. >> that was the worst ever. >> i think i made my point. >> i don't think you did. a shout out to the british newspaper "the sun." they are referring 20* rebecca blake as busty becky blake. we should note that not only was busty becky charged with having sex in the cab. she said i was arrested for having a bottle of beer in the back of a cab and that's all.
12:40 am
but sources say that she was arrested for sex. >> it is the new mtv show. >> i find when i start drinking at 9:00 a.m. i am good with the memory. >> and a friend of hers from england says, quote, at one party at her house she was drunk and showing off her tattoo of chinese writing all down her back. we are pretty sure she had sex in the back of the car. >> she is a hero. >> lastly, it is generally not legal to have sex in the public in america. >> there you go. >> but is a cab -- the back of a cab considered public? >> it is not your car so i assume it is considered public. >> a public cab. >> or somebody else's private property. >> what if it is a car you put a primitive mattress in the back and take out the seats? >> i think what you do in those cars is not legal anywhere on the planet except some of the urban centers in thailand.
12:41 am
>> the worse part is he does it in bumper cars. >> i have no idea what he is talking about. coming up, a story so unbelievable if it were an owl you would say that's not really an owl. and then you would rip his head off with your teeth and you would find out it was an owl. but first, how is jenni mccarthy celebrating her fourthth? the same way i -- 40th, the same way i did. posing nude in "playboy."
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she got him back by dumping his crap. a wisconsin woman, is there any other kind, unloaded all of her exhub be's belongings on the lawn and holding a yard sale where everything was free including this blurry vehicle. the scorned sally flattened the tires of his suv and spray painted the side. the husband was last seen thanking god he got away.
12:45 am
roll animation person who rolls animation. >> lightning rooooouuuunnnndd. lightning round. >> i love it. >> when you can see the question i am going to ask you in the prompter, i don't even want to ask it. >> i didn't look. i was looking at them saying roooun. did. >> i thought you were going to ask me, why did you do it? >> which time? i would never, ever do anything that crazy. i have had my psycho moments, let's be honest, but that was in the past, and i have matured. >> can you give an example? >> no. i will give uh few phone numbers. i don't feel like -- if you break up with somebody if they cheated on you it is goodbye and good ridden and see you later. >> we know nothing about this couple, but it can't stop us from having an opinion. >> absolutely. we have to fill the time and talk about this just like incidentally the policeman who
12:46 am
was interviewed and he said, you know, they have nothing to say. it is just the woman went crazy. you are allowed to paint the car if it is yours. she painted "cheater" on a car that was not hers. it belonged to her husband. >> it is community property though. >> but it means i can paint "cheater" on my own car and it makes people think i am in an angry, angry relationship which is cool when you are boring. have you ever reacted badly to the end of a relationship? >> oh god, always. usually in a water tower with a rifle. this guy got off easy. >> why is it always about stuff? they always end up cutting clothes and guys steel things and women destroy things. what is it about the stuff angle? >> that's why i have never had this problem. the few items i own they will want to fumigate them and
12:47 am
resell them. i have to say i was in the market for an suv because it gets the babes. but that's not what i want to give when going down. >> girls like that. >> if you see a girl driving a car she says, that guy is mr. dangerous. time to take a break. more stuff when we come back. i'm looking over here.
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welcome back. buck is visiting. welcome, buck. according to a british poll that we are talking about according to one a woman's perfect man earns about $77,000 a year and drinks beer and drives an an audi. that sounds like you. an on you de. a survey of 2000 women stylish clothes and a good body and clean shaven face is a must. 86% of dames prefer a dude that calls his mom regularly and cries at movie. >> are these hot guys or something?
12:52 am
>> does your perfect man fit this bill? >> i was listening. >> drives an audi and calls his mother. >> buy american. calling the mother -- i have many definitions of a perfect man, actually. i can give you a definition. >> yes? >> normal. finally i got one. >> it is like somebody that climbed mt. everest and says i will take a cab to the hotel now. no more walking for me. that was a tough one. a tough walk. michael, do women really want a man who cries in the movies or is that just for the survey? >> i don't know. the women i dated i cried all the time and they laughed and said maybe the movie is where you should pinpoint it. there is a constant weeping. >> that's a good idea. when you feel like crying just say, let's go to a movie. >> the best thing about the story is there was this
12:53 am
company and they should fire the guy that gave the quote to them. it says, it seems women have high expectation when's it comes to the perfect man. i'm sorry, does anybody realize we are talking about the perfect man? >> you are a stick leer for language. >> i am a stickler today. >> what do you make of this? >> what do i make of -- >> anything in general? we want you to take it any which way you want. >> everything is great. there is a new era in society. i am ready. i am optimistic. >> that's good. >> now about the survey. >> the perfect man. right here. >> why are you perfect? >> first of all everything in the survey. and many other qualities. >> bill, as a sequential huh mar raw diet are you better as
12:54 am
a man or woman? >> i can't speak for what the perfect man is, but i can speak with the perfect woman. i am with juliette. buy american. there are some women who work on 42nd that are originally from the bronx i highly recommend. available tonight. >> very nice. >> jenni mccarthy. you remember her. she will be posing nude again for "playboy" 20 years after the first shoot made her a star. the former playmate of the year turns 40 later this year and she told e! news, quote, all i wanted to do when i began in the industry was work with my clothes on. and now i hope just to take them off. something like that. tell me about it, sister. is this good or great, david? >> well, it is pretty good. she looks good. this might be one. issues i actually read for the articles. >> oh my gosh, why is that? >> she is a stunning woman. here is the thing. i think this is great.
12:55 am
maybe she will stop talking about vaccines. >> any excuse to talk about jenni mccarthy i would say, well, you though the real point is she is a loathe so many human being who lies about vaccinating and then makes sure their kids are sick and have crutches. >> it is the only thing that drives me nuts. it is not a good thing. >> it is terrible, i hate her. >> women say it is empowering, but is it weakening? >> if you lose your job after you do it, it is not empowering. >> bill, you posed in "playboy" in the 1980s. it helped you get a few jobs. >> it was a scotch ad. >> it was a holiday-themed ad. it was the december issue of "playboy" and you were wearing a hat on santa's lap and wearing a bough key know. >> is there an issue with the fact that she is 40 posing for "playboy" people? >> when women do this at that
12:56 am
age it is empowering. but why is it not -- if you are posing naked at 40 they consider it empowering. how come when guys buy corvette and run off with a younger woman and wear just for men it is not empowering? >> on that note we should take a break. we will close things out with the post game wrap up. juliette is mad at bill. go to fox eye.
12:57 am
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12:59 am
back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> where can people catch you next? >> i will be working my regular shift at tj maxx. come into the shoe aisle. i will be there. >> juliette, where will you be in two hours? >> "fox and friends" tune in. >> michael, where can i read you defending that unpatriotic guy who is fleaing the country? >> yes, tomorrow in "the daily." we will put the link u


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