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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  May 19, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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do you have any shares, matt? >> i haven't been on the computer. to see you right heregigot, next week. . >> jon: on fox news watch. >> every day you receive a steady stream of sensationalism and scandal. stories with a message that suggests change isn't possible. >> jon: the president takes a shot at the media for only reporting bad news and an agenda, but when it comes to the issues which really matter, where is the good news and who is reporting it? was this good news? news week claims mr. obama is it the first gay president or maybe this was good news. >> what kardasian was married for only 72 days. >> that would be kim. >> very good. >> jon: mitt romney made some good news. >> i want to make it very
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clear that i hope our campaigns can respectively be about the futures ap issues about america. >> jon: the g.o.p. faith shooting down a super pac's plan to go negative on the president's past dealings with reverend wright. how did the media react to that? newly released evidence in the trevon martin shooting case gives credibility to george zimmerman's storiment are the media covering that? with mles and billions to be made, facebook goes public. and did the media create the frenzy. >> and how did mr. sunday fare on jeopardy. and writer judy miller. monica crowley. jim pinkerton, the american conservative magazine and political commentator sally
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kohn. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. no wonder that faith in our institutions has never been lower, particularly when good news doesn't get the same kind of ratings as bad news anymore. for every day you receive a steady stream of sensationalism and scandal, and stories with a message that suggest change is impossible. that you can't make a difference, that you won't be able to close the gap between life as it is and life as you want it to be. >> president obama on monday delivering had an address to graduates of barnard college, telling them not to trust the media. he sounds like a president who thinks the media doesn't love him. >> ignore what's going on in europe, 8% unemployment. just listen to me and be
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happy. you know, it is pretty astonishing how the president can complain about things like that when romney, you know, gets kicked around over something he had nothing to do with, rickets super pac add and "the washington post" diagnose its part to help out, has a headline, romney continuing with uj had allies. again, this guy is an ally, some guy doing this, and they're working romney into it as much as they can, that's typical of what they do and see something happen. the guy is innocent, but controversy surrounding him. >> jon: is the president upset with the media because he's not getting gooed coverage or there's not a lot of good news out there. >> i don't see how he can be you upset the way the media conversation him. >> jon: and the cover of news
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week. >> or the gay-lo cover as huffington post calls it, why should the republican conservative be able to beat up on the media? i'm going to do it, too, maybe it will work for me even more than it's working. >> there were a couple of interesting nuggets, sally, in the cbs new york times poll that came out earlier this week. and it drew some reaction from the obama campaign. it was asked, who would you vote for for u.s. president. this poll showed mitt romney with a lead there. as being see, 46-- 46-43% over the president. the obama campaign said, oh, it's a bad poll, bad methodology. >> there you have the bash of liberal according to conservatives and all of a sudden, they're coming out in favor of romney and the white house is attacking him. first of all, the liberals like the play and so does the other side. the fact of the matter is
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romney is new to that as a nominee and obama was vetted before. they don't like the candidate who is inaccessible to the press and history of flip-flopping and generally not entirely likeable and has had a record of make moan by tiring people and shouldn't complain about the media for looking into it, should get a new candidate. >> jon: i know you've got a mouthful, monica, but the same time the poll tt president publicly support same sex marriage because he did think it was the right thing to do. 24% said so. 67%, two out of three said it was done for political reasons. >> oh, why he, one of the reasons why the new york times and cbs both tried to bury some details at that came out in this poll. and look, the only political candidate or politicians who can get away with pounding the press are conservatives because the last, especially of the near monopoly on the media. for president obama who was the ultimate beneficiary of most fawning, glowing coverage
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of any candidate or any president ever, for him now to say, well, i was happy to have media coverage and scrutiny in-- well, scrutiny in 2008, but now that things are starting to go south on me, listen, folks, don't pay any attention. >> jon: sally. >> and jeremiah wright still airs, this is fot going. >> did i hear you say something along the way that romney be vetted the way that obama was vetted. >> i did and i know it's an about bugaboo to concern that obama was not vetted-- >> here is why it's a bugaboo. it happened, just as happened in '08 is happening again in 12. reverend wright and obama's entire history is off limits, mccain said stupidly as and chris wallace crazy to do so and romney, too, anything that happened that obama did before age 45 is off limits and romney is getting killed for
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something he did allegedly 52 years ago. >> first of all, the media, you know, investigated and fanned the flames of the right story to the point where the candidate needed to actually go out and a make a full speech. how can you say that it didn't happen? >> reverend wright was so flagrant, if john mccain had been sitting in the pew of right wing preacher how it painted whoever, mccain would have been out of the race, but obama never got investigated on college, graduate school life and fact that the biography coming up with stuff should have been out five years ago, is revealing how lazy and monica said how fawning they were. >> jon: we mentioned the cover of news week, anointed president obama as the first gay president, compare that with mitt romney's cover appearance on the same magazine, roughly one year ago, if you put the two up next to each other, you'll see, there is the-- well, it really talks. >> and equally gay covers, i
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want to say that. [laughter] >> sally, you took jon's breath away. >> the senator left, probably liberal founder of usa today said he ought to change its name to fantasia. >> as tina brown said let the games begin. both time and news week want to sell magazines. >> and remember, too, the left wing media wants this all to be about mitt romney and this is the statement that made at the top of the show when they went through his record and not say that they shouldn't be vetted they should. but the point is obama has never been vetted and this a full referendum on obama not on mitt romney. . >> jon: we have to take a break, up next on news watch. are the media sensoring some types of crime. >> trayvon martin was
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defending himself. it was self-defense. >> the media keep up the coverage of the trayvon martin case. where are the media and the fbi when it comes to black on white racial attacks? is there a coordinated coverup? and who wants to be a billionaire? did the media did overboard in from around the world... ...with the best math scores. ...the united states would be on that list. in 25th place. let's raise academic standards across the nation. let's get back to the head of the class. let's solve this.
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u. >> jamie: the autopsy released, they described the distance between the weapon and the wound as an intermediate range. well, this is where the media searched to fail itself. instead of reporting with the intermediate is in the law, they leave it hanging. >> how the police and media handled information released
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on the autopsy entreevon martin and medical reports on george zimmerman. we've talked about this story before. there was all kind of coverage when this was a case supposedly of a white vigilante going after a young black teenager who wasn't arm. does this new information shed any light on the earlier coverage. >> a lot of light, but you won't see it reported so, we now know that trayvon martin was on marijuana and had bruised his knuckles or skinned his knuckles you spend to get from punching somebody or something. and the headline are trayvon martin shooting avoidable and the news here is that they were in a real fight and it looked like from the wounds on zimmerman, that he was really getting clobbered which suggested the self-defense angle of this the media spent two months trying it side. >> sally, when you put up the photo of the back of his head.
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>> awful. >> the back of his head clearly this guy was taking a pounding. >> first of all, i want to dispute fact this is reported the findings all over abc and again, i think this is sort of turning into a we're trying it decide the ka is in the court of public opinion. why it came to light. almost a month went by and no charges, no investigation, no nothing against imisserman and the majority of the activists-- >> there was a police investigation, there with an a police investigation and they decided under florida law not to file charges. but point of the media in the first place not to convict george zimmerman, it was to get a trial. to say we need the facts to come out. let' know what happened and that with an it and now that's where we're at. >> remember the initiative narrative set up with the left and know better not to come
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out with statements against zimmerman and saying that martin was hunted down, and with this case you get a narrative, another and another, and we're on the third or fourth. and it behooves us not to make a judgment certainly not in congress or the media. >> monica said this from the beginning and i think you're right and the way in which what we're learning now about the case, the investigation the slopness of this investigation, the fact that the police department itself didn't even have a homicide. this department, or division, all of that is worth knowing, but this is the way things are supposed to work. you get a story, or you have an issue that's ignored, that the social media bring to the fore, and a set of allegation, counter allegations, evidence comes out and we have to take a step back and let justice work. >> i don't think it was sloppy, an enormous amount of investigation, including the
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prosecutor that indicted zimmerman to be in jail the rest of his life. they had the wounds and medical reports and broken his nose and bashed up head and indicted him anyway not mentioning obviously exculpatory evidence because they were afraid of-- >> and then there's the doctored nbc 911 call that was, you know, put out there in a very sort of inflammatory environment to make it seems like this is all about-- >> again, to back up a larger narrative that went far beyond just the concrete detail to the general public. to back up the narrative this was a white-hispanic a new term coined by the new york times for george zimmerman, and fits a racial narrative they've been trying to ram down everybody's those. >> and a senior fellow at the institute wrote this week that the media tend to ignore stories of black on white crime and as an example, wrote
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about two reporters, two white reporters at virginia pilot attacked by a mob of young blacks, and their own paper didn't report the story. >> that's true, but, jon, what is really ignored day after day is not white on block black on white, black on black crime and murder, goes totally unreported in the media. >> hats off to richard cowan, talking about mayor bloomberg, stopping the press policy in new york city and talking 90% of the murders in new york city occur to people of color, the victims of it and they're i according to cowan, 5600 people alive in new york today because they have this tough policies that cut the murder rate in the town by 80%. >> ahem. >> sally wants something in here, but we've got to take a break. if you see something that you say shows media bias.
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e-mail us, and coming up the facebook ipo and the big media hype. >> the facebook ipo finally hit with billions and billions to be made. but is the social media site a solid investment? did the media overdo the hype? i've lived my whole life to say alex let's make it a good daily double. >> and jeopardy, who are the >> and jeopardy, who are the winner every communications provider is different but centurylink is committed to being a different kind of communications company. ♪ we link people and fortune 500 companies nationwide and around the world. and we will continue to free you to do more
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♪ >> facebook founder and ceo mark suckerberg surrounded by co-workers opened up nasdaq trading on friday morning and launching the facebook ipo.
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sally, the media loved this guy and they loved his ipo or so it would seem. >> i guess. two points here, number one, i don't quite understand how the supposedly liberal media, if they're liberal according to some at this table perhaps socialist. they're liberal media and love facebook and ipo going to make everyone billionaires, i'm confused by that. and why the conservatives aren't covered more of eduardo saverin renouncing his citizenship and i think that's a bigger story we should be talking about. >> jon: the fact that we're sitting here today means we didn't get a share of the ipo. >> and billionaires and millionaires created. i think a lot of hype, but to be fair a lot of the business news outlets, i was on fox business, and flooded gave the floor to a lot of the facebook naysayers, people sort of pouring cold water on this be
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cautious about this it might know be the next google, it might be the next groupon, investor beware. >> jon: on the frenzy and hype meter judy, where are we? >> i think just about right. i think questions raised whether or not the stock is going to be worth what it's going for an and lot of gosh, even more concentration on the young man who started it all. i do think that fox and other networks have covered the saverin business and have covered thanks to the movie a lot of people who made facebook possible and we know a lot about the story thanks to the media. >> jon: jim, you're the most technologically plugged in guy that i know. is anybody remembering the dot-com bust here? >> yeah, i mean, this is facebook has gotten slapped down a lot. when general motors pulled their advertising from them. that was awkward for them. again, so much momentum for a company with a billion users, whatever the number is by now,
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they've got a lot of popularity, but there is the called facebook quote, a legacy system, unquote because they're not keeping up with mobile as much as desk tops. when a company like it is called legacy, a sign of how quickly things move and cutting point usa today, by jefferson said, quote, if you're not paying for it, you're not the customer, you're the product being sold. for all of those people on facebook, it's free to use, how are they making money? by selling your stuff off. useful reminder how the company works. >> and having been in egypt is that egyptians really love facebook because they credit facebook withing have helped bring about their revolution. whether or not they're grateful next year is knower. >> jon: mine came along too early. >> friendster. >> and what hasn't gotten covered friday and the ipo a great story about american capitalism, a college kid with a great idea turns it into the
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huge business and in his short life already iconic american company. >> a great american story. >> jon: when we come back, big name media stars so what i went to a small high school. the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college. you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful. he would never give up on any of us. [ crunches ] mmm. ♪ ♪ ♪
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if she were on jeopardy and the topic was national government. american government generally defined would she look like an imbecile. does she know anything? >> jon: chris matthews as former
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alaska governor sarah palin insinuating she would not do well on jeopardy. we found out how he would do. >> we need the full name. >> who is gary powers. >> what is u.s. attorney. >> no. >> what is a hostile workplace. >> no. >> what is istanbul. >> i got the wrong answer. [ laughter ] >> jon: not a great showing but another chris, chris wallace was another story. >> letter x sports. >> who was j.f.k. >> i always knew you were going to ask one of those questions, what is canada? who is john travolta? this is way too much money. [ laughter ] i'll bet $2,000. >> what is new orleans. >> correct. >> you get gone with the wind.


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