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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  May 20, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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apologize to them for my training techniques. please don't come after me. >> back to you, greg. >> dana, bill, nick, gavin, that does it for may. i'm greg gutfeld. see you next time.lad you were . huckabee starts, right now. ♪ >> what did you want to see me how. >> the republicans are making fun of us for adding your contributions to the white house web site and the signing of the declaration of independence, they photo shopped a picture of you. >> no, no, no, you underestimate me. i have it figured out. we can use it to our advantage. >> how, sir? ? >> we'll use it to get the tea party vote. now, those folks are all about the constitution and our founding fathers. so what better way to get them on our side, than this show them a picture of me at the signing. >> no, sir, do you think that
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will work? >> of course i do. and i'll take it a step further, get everyone on my side, i know how to get the evangelical vote. we'll put a picture of me next to moses holding the ten commandments and that will get the huckabee fans, too and i'm add an 11th commandment, thou shalt tax the rich. >> the women voters. we need them in november to beat mitt romney. >> i got that covered. now what we should remind them i made it possible for women to vote. i'll show them the picture of me protesting with those women back in the day and the picture of me, next to neil armstrong on the moon, well, we'll use it to get back all the people upset at me for shutting down she shuttle program and, neil might have been the first man on the moon but who do you think taught him how to moon walk? that's right. me. i taught him everything he knows. i got those moves. see that?
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robot? i can do that, too. look at this... >> announcer: tonight on huckabee. >> she made a deliberate, willful, unethical and unprofession the and illegal decision. >> announcer: did the prosecutor in the trayvon martin case withhold key evidence, alan dershowitz makes his argument. and... >> it is going to be chaos, there will be hair and blood and eyeballs all over the floor. >> announcer: are we ready for tax-maggedon, and, preventing economic disaster before tax breaks expire in january. first a federal inmate in west virginia now another no-name closing in on the president in the democratic primary in arkansas. the man who could cause embarrassment to the president. tonight. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [cheers and applause]. >> governor huckabee: thank you, thank you very much. great to have you here.
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welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. where we have a great audience here in our studio. this week the official white house web site decided some of the great moments in presidential history weren't any bigger than achievements of barack obama. so white house pr doctor,ed up the entries of previous presidents to extoll the magnificent accomplishments of president obama, some examples, were to note, president roosevelt may have signed social security into law, but president obama is protecting it from the republicans who obviously want to keep the elderly sick and impoverished and lyndon johnson may have signed the medicare program into existence but obama who will take health care to a new level. by pushing obamacare on it though we don't want it, congress didn't understand it and the supreme court is likely to declare it unconstitutional i thought they might include j.f.k. set the ambitious goal
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the put a man on the moon but barack obama led us to a new space frontier where we pay the russians for a seat on their spacecraft so we can hitchhike to space. they'll add that later. i hope there is room on mt. rushmore for another face because now i'm convinced, that the 5th face on mt. rushmore is the current occupant of 1600 pennsylvania. i decided that he should be known, this way: instead of calling him mr. president, barack obama, maybe simpler to refer to him as the 5th face. i have noticed that while president obama loves to refer to ronald reagan as if they got a connection, the styles of these presidents are not at all the same and the most stark contrast, the one i noticed in the speech he gave in his re-election lift off in columbus ohio. now, when ronald reagan ran for reelection in 198 he spoke of the greatness of the american people, and their resilience.
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>> america is coming back and is more confident than ever about the future. [cheers and applause]. >> tonight, tonight, we thank the citizens of the united states whose faith and unwillingness to give up on themselves or this country, saved us all. >> governor huckabee: well, i heard a line in president obama's speech, that pretty much summed it all up. >> president barack obama: i still believe in you. and i'm asking you to keep believing in me. and i'm asking you to keep believing in me. to keep believing in me. >> governor huckabee: there you have it. the president obama, we just need to believe in him. he'll take care of us. gosh i never realized how easy it was going to be to get america back on track from the longest ever high unemployment rates, worst-ever job market for young people, loss of the prestige around the world and
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the record busting debt that we have amassed that means my grandchildren -- what a great time to throw in a couple of gratuitous photos of little chandler and scarlett. why not! and why? because i can! oh, yes, i never realized that all we have to do is believe in him, and it will all be just fine. you know, i think his campaign slogan should be, barak, 3:16 and for obama so love us, who so ever believes in him shall not be unemployed but will have everlasting loot and that is why i think we should think of him as the 5th face. the fatal shooting of trayvon martin made headlines and the national media turned it into racial profiling and a vigilante
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killing a black teenager for walking around his neighborhood and the defendant claimed he shot him in self-defense and, evidence released this week by the prosecutor's office showed zimmerman suffered two block eyes, a broken nose and cuts to the back of the head. injuries that could have been caused during a struggle. harvard law professor alan dershowitz says the prosecutors have bungled the case. i spoke to him earlier. >> governor huckabee: great to have you here. there is shocking evidence that came forward this week released, not only about the medical condition of george zimmerman which was not included in the prosecutor's affidavit but also indication close range gun shots wound to trayvon martin and no other signs of injury other than bloody knuckles, indicating they might have been used to create the broken nose on george zimmerman. what is most shocking about the new evidence and the fact we haven't heard it before. >> what is most shocking is the prosecutor was aware of most of the evidence in general outline and made a deliberate, willful,
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unethical, unprofessional and illegal decision to withhold the evidence not from you and me and the media but the courts and the affidavit she filed in support of an overblown 2nd degree murder prosecution. >> governor huckabee: your allegation is because she knowingly, willingly, deliberately withheld critical evidence that would affect the outcome, not only of public opinion. that is not what about the public thinks, but the guilt or innocence of a man accused in a court of law and it takes it to a different level. >> it does and she may have done worse. the information suggests she actually may have withheld some of the information from the police officer, whose affidavit she submitted. in other words, she may have lawn derred the information in a -- laundered the information to permit the police officer to file an affidavit that didn't include the material and could say, sitting there like -- i don't see anything, i don't know anything, he didn't know about
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that. but the prosecutors office was fully aware of much of this information. when they filed that affidavit and you mention in your intro the media talk about profiling. it was the prosecutor who talked about profiling, in the affidavit itself. he uses the term, that zimmerman was profiling martin. and when asked what was the basis, he didn't have any, it was made up. >> governor huckabee: that a subjective point of view to get inside the mind of george zimmerman unless he blogged or wrote or spoke on the record, comments that indicated that he was racist or indicated that he distrusted people of color. there is no indication, it is his grandfather, great-grandfather, african-american, father hispanic and i get a little confused when people use the term, white-hispanic which we said in the intro, i'm not sure what means to. the point is, you can't just allege racism, can you and -- in
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legal filings unless there is evidence to indicate that? >> no, and certainly when you are filing an affidavit, it has to be based on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and if you deliberately submit a half truth that is a lie. and this affidavit and the submissions by the prosecutor, constituted a half truth that is a lie, and she ought to be investigated for what she has done and she has also done something worse and she sees her job as to prevent riots and said, reading between the lines, i'm not interested in justice for zimmerman, her job is to do justice for trayvon martin and that is obviously not the prosecutor's job. but he's raised expectations, she has indicted or informed for 2nd degree metro detroit and there was never a base for that. it raises expectations, no reasonable jury, get to the jury in a minute, because it will be hard to get a jury that isn't
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afraid for its own life if it aquits but no reasonable jury will convict on the basis of this evidence, the 2nd degree murder and, expectation will be raised and lowered and if there are, god forbid, riots, the finger of responsibility will point directly at the prosecutor. >> governor huckabee: i almost can't imagine there not being some type of very violent reaction, given that there was a pretty violent -- i guess prelude before charges were filed. people were absolutely demanding that someone get arrested, that one get charged and someone go to jail for this. now, if zimmerman ends up getting acquitted or even perhaps more, maybe interestingly, charges dropped, this could make the rodney king aftermath look tame. >> well, you can understand why there would be reaction. the public wasn't aware of the fact. take for example, he wasn't
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arrested. he was arrested, handcuffed, involuntarily put in a police van, taken to police headquarters. i teach criminal law, that is an arrest. he was arrested. he was then released, when the prosecution couldn't make out a case. in fact one of the officers recommended a prosecution though not for murder but manslaughter. never occurred to anybody to charge for murder until the politically motivated prosecutor who has a terrible reputation for overcharging, i'll be a hero and when the case is resolved people will forget about that and eliminates responsibility. now, the justice department has a slogan. on its front door, the government wins whenever justice prevails. that's the job of the prosecutor. and she has not been doing her job. >> governor huckabee: always a pleasure to visit with you. thanks for your c
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>> governor huckabee: well, yes, president obama's campaign slogan is forward, but some of his policies seem to be moving the country backward. remember sandra fluck. >> on a daily basis i hear from yet another woman from georgetown, or from another school, or who works for a religiously affiliated employer and they tell me they have suffered financially, emotionally and medically. because of the lack of coverage. >> governor huckabee: president obama wants taxpayers to pay for contraceptives through obamacare and thinks that is moving us forward. but is it a policy that makes women dependent, even more on government, maybe moving is backward? joining me to discuss it former spokeswoman for rick santorum's presidential campaign, alana stewart, and fox news contributor, santina jackson. i'll start with you, the obama
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administration thinks that we ought to have -- and i think the most objectionable part of this is the morning after pills. why is that moving us forward? >> well, i think for the -- there is more to it than the morning-after pill. first of all, thank you for having this subject today, because it is the end of national women's health week and women really do need to be the center of the discussion but at the end of the day, to me, there are economic reasons for having contraceptives, included in insurance. first of all, the greatest cause of poverty for women, pregnancy, sadly enough when you want to become a mom you are more likely to become poor and we have got unintended pregnancies which we have at an alarming rate in this country and, my views have evolved on this because i'm from a southern baptist home where, you know, premarital sex, v verboten, forbidden and i look at unintended pregnancies in this country, occurring at an alarming rate, look at the fact that 5% of young women of
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reproductive age have untended pregnancies and 45, 3 in 10 of those pregnancies end in abortion and we don't want that and we know contraceptives are also medicine. we take contraceptives to lower the risk of ovarian cancer and so it is not just an issue about pregnancy, it is about economics and the general health of women. >> governor huckabee: fair enough on the health issue and i think fair enough on the idea of poverty but the question is, why force organizations, particularly catholic hospitals and others who don't believe in it to have to either do it or, basically not provide health care? that is the objection. >> this is a violation of religious freedoms for catholics and evangelicals across the country to force them, whether a religious organization or their employer to pay for contraceptives for other people. when it is against their conscience, a violation of religious conscience and, the
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issue of the health act, the medical issue, this is listed under h schlhss as a part of preventive care, preventive care is hard disease, and liver disease and pregnancy is not a disease and should not be covered under obamacare and there are plenty of places for a woman who wants free contraceptives, planned parenthood, they are available and the notion of this being free. it's not free. because what insurance companies are doing now is spreading the cost amongst all of the insurance payees and everyone is paying for it and it's not -- to say it is free is incorrect. >> governor huckabee: would it be fair enough, let's stipulate there are medical reasons, and could be included. would there not be room for accommodation to those entities, religious or otherwise who felt a moral objection to providing, particularly the morning after pills, which is an abortive pharmaceutical. >> the fact is we do have a separation of church and state. and this is covered under the 64
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civil rights act, amended in 1978, with the pregnancy discrimination act. which forbids discrimination against pregnancy and pregnancy related issues which contraception is and i can understand the catholic church for example, their objection, okay. to this, like us, but, having said all of that, the fact is, catholics go to mass, throughout the week and then do -- follow their conscience because that is -- that has not stopped abortions, divorce, not stopped contraception. so i think we have to separate, have a separation between church and state and matters of conscience which we follow anyway and i respect that but i think we need to have protection of law where -- we're a nation of laws, not of men and women. >> governor huckabee: 15 seconds. >> and, the issue is, there is not a separation of church and state. they are forcing contraceptives of people, against their
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conscience and one of the spokespeople for the catholic bishops says it makes as much sense as going into a jewish deli and seeing pork chops and going into a catholic institution and seeing contraceptives doesn't make sense and people in religious communities have spoken out and as you said,' obama did more to unite the g.o.p. and evangelicals and catholics by this and other social issues than any of the g.o.p. candidates and will galvanize the religious community because they don't support it. >> governor huckabee: and i think we're all catholics now, all of us who are pro-life because it galvanized and as a final word. thanks both to al sis and santina for being here. the moral objection is the church and state separation does not mean that the church shouldn't speak out or hold its own particular views. just the government shouldn't force a governmental view on top of a church. it is the government who has the restriction. not the church. the bill of rights... [applause]. >> governor huckabee:
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tax-mageddon is coming and when it does, no american will be spared. i'm talking with congressman david dreier to see if we can avoid economic disaster and go to and get and obama coin bank, how you could save the
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[applause]. >> governor huckabee: the final battle between the forces of good and evil. when it comes to the economy, that could be january 1st. and the place might be your house. on january 1st, 2013, about $500 billion in tax breaks are going to expire all at one time. and will increase the tax rates for every american by at least 5%. child tax credits, be cut in half, the marriage penalty is
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going to return. dividends tax will more than double and when you add it all up it could lead to economic disaster. and by the way, the ones who will be hit the hardest aren't the millionaires that president obama loves to beat on. but, rather, low and middle income americans. now, is there any way to present -- prevent this tax-mageddon? joining me is congressman david dreier. thanks for being with me today. >> always good to be with you, governor. >> governor huckabee: i don't think most americans have any idea the coming economic disaster as if our debt wasn't enough. explain why this is really looming upon us, this tax-mageddo. >> arthel: >> americans who earn $33,000 as individuals and $45,000 as a couple will shoulder, an additional tax burden with the
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alternative minimum tax and across the board everyone will be impacted. i have your fellow musician and former governor jon huntsman in my office in the capitol yesterday and we were talking about the juxtaposition of ronald reagan's economic growth plan to barack obama's and i enjoyed your pointing out the fact that it is about me with president obama and about you with president reagan in your opening salvo which was right on target. this has been called the worst economic slow down since the great depression and we hear that over and over again in the media but we have to look at why that is the case. when ronald reagan was president he put in his pro economic growth policies and my staff and i looked at the juxtaposition of where we were in the spring of 1984, as ronald reagan was facing re-election, and where we are today, mike, and, in 1984, the spring of 1984, we have an 8.5% gross domestic product growth rate and know that today it is an abysmal 2% and we know
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which prescription works and obviously, we have failed to use the right one and the prospect as you point out of seeing a massive tax increase, on working americans and job creators, would obviously create more devastation to our economy and it is just plain wrong and you ask what we're going to do about it. speaker boehner made a commitment, we in the republican congress will not increase spending, we are going to do everything we can to ensure that we don't see that increase in rates so that chandler and scarlett aren't going to be saddled with this humongous multi-16 trillion debt for the future. >> governor huckabee: on behalf of chandler and scarlett let me thank you for being worried about their future. i certainly am. >> i think about them every day, mike. >> governor huckabee: is there a chance we can get the congress on a bipartisan basis to stop
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the impact on families, regardless of their income level. >> the last time we saw the proposed increase in taxes going into effect we saw bipartisan agreement and even president obama agreed with this. the question is will we be able to do it now? in the midst of their class warfare, us versus them campaign, we're obviously seeing them attack job creators and those who are the so-called rich and i think because of politics it will be tough but there will be some democrats again to the fact that people earning $33,000 a year are going to be brought into the alternative minimum tax and there will be people who recognize the need to bring about a change there. >> governor huckabee: thank you very much and by the way, we know you have to rush off, on your way to egypt and we wish you well there. >> first presidential election in 7,000 years. >> governor huckabee: wow. >> it will be a great honor. >> governor huckabee: very, very -- west bishops and thanks for being here. congressman david dreier of california. up next, he shot to fame with a
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video of him panhandling went viral and the man with a golden voice had a hard time with his new found he hid
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out at our american embassy, in beijing. i'm harris faulkener, let's get you back to huckabee. >> governor huckabee: he was a radio disc jockey who lost his battle with drugs and alcohol and ended up homeless, on the streets of columbus, ohio. and, the local paper posted this video of him, on youtube. >> i'll make you work for your dollar, say something with that he great radio voice. >> you are listening to nothing but the best of oldies, you are listening to magic 98.9. thank you so much. god bless you. thank you. and we'll be back with more, right after these words. and don't forget, tomorrow morning is your chance to win a pair of tickets to see this man, live in concert! thank you, so much. >> governor huckabee: that video went viral, and led to a second chance as job offers from
12:35 am
advertisers to radio stations came pouring in. and he found himself addictions once again. he's now been sober more than a year and has a brand new book called "the golden voice." joining me now, ted williams, and his friend and attorney, brad adams. ted, great to have you guys here. >> thank you, governor huckabee. >> governor huckabee: you had an incredible career going, the number one disc jockey in really, ohio for quite some time, several years running. and you were blowing everybody away in the marketplace, and radio is a competitive, tough business, number one in the market. >> three consecutive books... >> governor huckabee: and something happened. what started to plummet? >> i lost interest in the morals of family. i wanted to become this big celebrity. with the radio status and i believe i turned my back on god. i left one relationship to take on another and have another family. so i felt god wasn't in my life
12:36 am
at that point. i think personally, governor the lord kind of said, i'm going to let you strike out on your own this time and see if you can come to any kind of conclusive decisions to do the right thing. >> governor huckabee: didn't drugs and alcohol get involved? what happened there. >> i was a functional alcoholic, unbeknownst to me and i had my first son after having four daughters previously and my girlfriend had a baby boy and as a congratulating offer of, hey you got a boy, i was introduced to crack inside of my marijuana cigarette. >> governor huckabee: goodness and that stuff is so addictive it led to the ruin of ted williams. >> governor, i can't tell you how addictive crack cocaine is. you know? i thought he was one of those people that could smoke it or do whatever and leave it alone but, it took me to another level. >> it owned you and, you ended up homeless, separated from
12:37 am
family, friends, career and lived on the streets how many years? >> 18 to 19. >> governor huckabee: 18 years. did you have contact with your family during this time. >> very little. there was nothing i could say in a positive note and first thing they would ask, are you working, daddy? no. you know, my mother, my god, she was just appalled. because standing on a street corner with a sign has to be the lowest form of homelessness, at least that is what i thought an truly what my mother felt. my son, out on a corner holding a sign, begging for people's generosity. >> governor huckabee: and that incredible moment when the youtube video surfaced. i mean, i don't think you ever could have imagined what that would have done, you ended up on the today show and a national celebrity all of a sudden. >> yes, sir. >> governor huckabee: and you said i'm going clean but were you. >> at that time, no, sir. i was trying to get another dollar from the guy, honestly. i figured if i said i was clean
12:38 am
-- a lot of people give with pro notions, he will not do anything but use it for alcohol anyway and i was trying to dispel the myth. not everybody, you know, dout but it was apparent that i wasn't. >> governor huckabee: and you came into his life at some point and, during that time, you decided that ted needed more than just a little pat on the back. heap to ghe had to get into ser rehab. >> when i met him, no question he was doing crack cocaine and i felt that i could have influence but needed to get him in my confidence and spent a couple weeks getting him to actually believe that i was more important than i was in order that he trusted me and we got to the point it was either ted, either me or rehab. >> rehab, yeah and this was my second chance at rehab. the first time i was with previous management who was not the best. and, so that is where prayer comes in again, i prayed for deliverance and received this man and, bret give me an
12:39 am
ultimatum, stay and complete and do the right thing or i won't hut my reputation on the line for you. >> governor huckabee: you have described this as really the grace of god operating in your life to get you back on your feet, how long have you been sober. >> one year, sir, may 4th, celebrated one year. [applause]. >> governor huckabee: congratulations and from crack cocaine and alcohol, a major accomplishment to stay clean and sober. that is remarkable. what is next for you? where do you go from here? and what do you hope for? >> well, i hope for possibly the connection between my grandchildren and i, as far as a big family unit. i'm looking for -- i have 16 grandchildren. >> governor huckabee: wow. >> and they are all -- >> congratulations. >> but i'm looking forward to building a relationship with them, since i was absent and abandoned their parents, maybe i can be a better grandfather, than i was a father for them. >> governor huckabee: a
12:40 am
remarkable story. >> and my mother, having dinner with my mom for the first time in 20 years... 20 years. >> governor huckabee: 20 years. >> governor huckabee: that would be one special meal to be there and to watch that one. but, i hope it is remarkable. >> well, thank you. >> governor huckabee: by the way, your book is truly a book of hope and encouragement and i think people need that message, today, no matter how many times and how many ways and how deep one goes, there is always a ladder to get out of that hole and your book is a great encouragement to that. called the golden voice and, by the way, all the members of our studio audience will leave here today with a copy. [applause]. >> that's great. yeah. that is fantastic. actually, it is "the golden voice, how hard work, faith an humility has brought me from the streets to salvation." >> governor huckabee: a great, great story. ted williams, thanks for being here, an honor having you, bret.
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my son, aden, has asthma. secondhand smoke has triggered his asthma so bad to the point where he has to end up in the emergency room. and he has spent multiple nights in intensive care. now he's on a whole bunch of medications. my tip to you is: don't be shy to tell people not to smoke around your kids. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. >> governor huckabee: national polls show mitt romney is closing the gap and in some polls actually leading president obama. the president, however might be facing a little problem in his own party. this guy, keith judd, an inmate in a texas penitentiary. in last week's west virginia democratic primary, judd was on
12:45 am
the ballot against president obama and got a shocking 40% of the votes. [applause]. >> governor huckabee: now, the president also had a democratic challenger in this tuesday's arkansas primary. and, a recent poll, the state's 4th district, southern part of arkansas shows a totally unknown challenger, john wolf within 7 points of the president. joining me now, is democratic primary challenger, john wolf. john, thanks for joining us here on the huckabee show. [applause]. >> thank you, governor. thank you for having me. appreciate this. >> governor huckabee: now, when we saw the poll coming out of arkansas, my home state, i was shocked, within 7 points of president obama, people don't know you there. you haven't campaigned, don't have yard signs, no tv ads, radio ads, why are you polling so well if they don't know who you are yet? >> well, i think people know that president obama, he campaigned one way and now is governing another way and people don't like that. >> governor huckabee: to be
12:46 am
fair... >> and -- go ahead. >> governor huckabee: go ahead. >> i mean, take for instance, this very important issue, talk about wall street. okay, wall street helped wreck this economy and, a lot of the people that are suffering now, the farmers and homeowners in arkansas are suffering because people made mistakes in wall street and what is the first thing president obama did when he got into office? enshrined that failure and took in people from citibank and jp morgan and took in people from all these different banks and ge capital and made them chiefs of staff or close advisors, so immediately, he turned the american notions of ameritocracy upside-down and he brought them into the white house inner sanctum and people don't like that and people are opposed with obamacare, dealing with monopoly and people don't want to do that. and want health care to be
12:47 am
simple. the thing about the health care system, in the u.s. right now, it takes 16% of our gross domestic product to provide it. people don't want to keep doing that. we can't be competitive as a country and sell our products overseas and have to pay more and more for health care. >> governor huckabee: john, let me point out, you are not a republican plant who has been set up to do this. you supported obama four years ago, you're a democrat and talk to the left of me to be sure and to the left in some cases of obama and are a true democrat and the democratic party nationally says if you get delegates they will not let them be seated at the convention. does that not seem heavy handed, something more out of now,ed than a party that calls itself democratic? >> it is. i mean, it is autocratic and wrong. and i want to -- i think people should be represented, louisiana, for instance i got 17,804 votes and the party in louisiana, national chose to
12:48 am
disenfranchise all of those varieties and the democratic party now nationally tries to make it easy for people to vote and don't think people should have 2 or 3 i.d.s and try to make it easy to vote and at the same time people get to the ballot and cast their votes and results of the -- the president doesn't like tries to disenfranchise the voters or his representatives have of the people who oppose him. we'll get a big vote in arkansas. >> governor huckabee: we've run out of time but, it is interesting to higher democrat talking about a democratic president, disenfranchising the voters. i'm having to pinch myself and say, am i really hearing this? john, thank you for being here. a pleasure. and good luck in the election. >> thank you. [applause]. >> thank you, governor. >> governor huckabee: he started his writing career singing -- writing songs for people like tim mcgraw and kenny chesney and blake shelton and now is recording his own songs and is one of the hottest country stars on
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>> governor huckabee: one of the hottest young country artists in the country, a brand new album, hard to love. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, lee bryce. [applause] >> governor huckabee: before you had your own incredible career, that is on its way forward in a great way, you did a lot of song writing for people like tim mcgraw. >> i started writing songs when i was a kid and wrote them because i needed songs to sing and when i went to nashville i work hard at writing and getting a record deal, all at the same time and had success as the writer first and i'm deemed as a songwriter first, but i was writing songs to sing them, you know. >> governor huckabee: and when you decided i'll do the songs for myself did you believe your career would have the meteoric rise it has had the last couple
12:53 am
of years. >> i had to believe to keep rocking at it the last 6 years. i wanted it to and felt like i had to give it my all until it came to an end and we're continuing to work and, whatever comes, comes. >> governor huckabee: can we do a song and you'll let me play with you? >> please, i'm honored to have you play with us. >> governor huckabee: comes to my show, what are you going to do, say no? of course she'll say yes. let's do one of these things and i hope people can get the cd, off itunes and amazon, stores everywhere. >> stores everywhere and actually, the song we'll play is next single coming out in a couple weeks. >> governor huckabee: called what. >> hard to love, which us men can be sometimes. >> governor huckabee: let's do hard to love. >> all right, here we go. ♪ ♪ ♪ i am insensitive
12:54 am
♪ i have a tendency to ♪ pay more attention to the things that i need ♪ ♪ sometimes i drink too much ♪ sometimes i test your trust ♪ sometimes they don't know why you stay with me ♪ ♪ i'm hard to love ♪ hard to love ♪ oh, i don't make it easy ♪ i couldn't do it... ♪ hard to love ♪ hard to love ♪ and you say that you need me ♪ well, i don't deserve it but i love that you love me, girl ♪ ♪ yeah, you love me good ♪ i am a short fuse ♪ i am a wrecking ball ♪ crashing into your heart like
12:55 am
i do ♪ ♪ and you're like a sunday morning ♪ ♪ full of grace and full of jesus ♪ ♪ and i wish i could be more like you ♪ ♪ i'm hard to love ♪ hard to love ♪ oh, i don't make it easy ♪ well, i couldn't do it if i knew where you stood ♪ ♪ i'm hard to love ♪ hard to love ♪ and you say that you need me ♪ well, i don't deserve it ♪ but i love that you love me good ♪ ♪ yeah, you love me good ♪ girl you give me a million second chances ♪ ♪ and i don't ever want to take you for granted ♪ ♪ i'm just a man ♪ i'm just a man ♪ hard to love ♪ hard to love ♪ oh, i don't make it easy
12:56 am
♪ i couldn't do it if i stood where you stood ♪ ♪ i'm hard to love ♪ hard to love ♪ and you say that you need me ♪ well, i don't deserve it ♪ but i love that you love me ♪ hard to love ♪ hard to love ♪ i don't make it easy ♪ well, i couldn't do it if i stood where you stood ♪ ♪ i'm hard to love ♪ hard to love ♪ and you say that you need me ♪ i don't deserve it ♪ but i love that you love me good ♪ ♪ you love me good ♪ yeah, you love me good ♪ [applause]. >> governor huckabee: i hope you get the cd. great music from a great artist we can be proud of.
12:57 am
thanks for joining us tonight, until next time, from new york and the fox news studios, good night. and god bless. [applause] ♪
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