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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 20, 2012 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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videogame... >> alisyn: you count that. and that was great. that wasn't an embarrassing lose. >> thank you. after five years i'm catching on. >> alisyn: thanks, to bass pro shops for all the fun. >> clayton: and thanks and dave is about to jump in. oh, my gosh! >> clayton: insane. >> eric: we start with a "fox news alert" this morning, one of the world's most infamous terrorists is dead, the lockerbie bomber died at his home in libya, according to his family. as we have been reporting this morning, abdelbaset al-megrahi was 60 years old, he's the only person who was convicted in the 1988 bombing of pan am flight 0 10 3, and blew up over lockerbie, scotland, 270 people were killed, including 189 americans. good morning, everyone on this sunday morning, i'm eric sean. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby, welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news
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headquarters, this is a big story today, especially for the families who lost loved ones. you will recall scotland released abdelbaset al-megrahi from prison back in 2009 and they said they had compassionate grounds to do that because he was suffering from prostate cancer and at the time doctors who had examined him predicted he had only three months to live. well, turn the clock forward to today. those three months turned into almost three years. and, his release sparking fury among the relatives of lockerbie victims. >> eric: the pictures added to the outrage. look at this: this is when he arrived in tripoli, libya, showing he was getting a hero's welcome when he got home in 2009, and, fueling the anger, reports that he was released because of contracts in the oil rich nation. more on his death and reaction and, bert ammerman, will be here, his brother was one of the passengers on flight 103 and
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he'll give us his reaction. >> jamie: a "fox news alert." a big story out of chicago, there, protesters beginning to fill the streets in the windy city, live pictures from chicago, everyone there, gearing up to rally against the nato summit, which gets underway today and so far the earlier protests have remained relatively peaceful despite a failed terrorist plot targeting high profile sites including president obama's campaign headquarters, arrests made in that case. but the demonstration yesterday could merely be a warm-up act for today. police bracing for thousands of protesters, expected to march from the downtown park to the convention center where president obama and dues of world leaders will meet. we'll have team coverage of the -- at the top of the next hour and live reports from the crowd, on the ground. eric? >> eric: well, first, we start this morning with world leaders, who this weekend are united in their efforts to try and stop
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iran's disputed nuclear program. at a meeting hosted by president obama, at camp david, the leaders of the 8 major economies say they are gravely concerned over the nuclear program, and, if tougher sanction on iran threaten the world's oil supplies, that rely more on oil reserves, and this comes as the iaea heads to tehran today, for talks with the iranians, this as new talks are set to start on the nuclear program in baghdad on wednesday. will any of this stop iran from developing a possible nuclear bomb? joining us as he does every sunday, about this time is former u.n. ambassador, john bolton, who is also a fox news contributor. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, glad to be here. >> eric: good to see you, this head of the iaea, he has been tough on the iranians, what do you expect could come of the meeting. >> the press speculation is that
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he'll go to seal a deal with iran, not that it achieves anything substantive, but sets up a work schedule for iran to resolve the many, many questions the international atomic energy agency has outstanding. that, i think is intended to be a prelude for the perm-5-plus-one, to go this week and, they are likely to agree to some kind of essentially false deal with iran in order to avoid the possibility of an israeli strike against iran's nuclear weapons program. >> eric: what type of false deal, as you say, feenpotential could that be. >> all the indications are the obama administration an european negotiators are prepared to accept iran enriching uranium to reactor-grade levels and they want iran to stop to enrich 20% of the u-235 isotope which is
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going on at the fordo facility buried deep within a mountaineer the city of kum, a repudiation by the west of the security council resolutions adopted since 2006 and, indeed the european position since 2002, iran had to suspend all -- all -- uranium enrichment activity, so that is the going position from the west and it shows a desire to find a deal to do anything they can to avert a strike. >> eric: to let them continue with the uranium enrichment, in 2006 the u.n. security council demanded they stop, has iran won? >> yes, absolutely, let's be clear as you know from your experience covering the u.n., going in positions are never the positions you go out with and iran will ask for more concession from the west, relief from the oil sanction and, perhaps, others.
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that i think the europeans and the obama administration will feel great pressure to agree to. their view is, essentially, this consequence is that a bad deal is ber than no deal at all. obviously the reverse is true and that is not where the obama administration is coming from. >> eric: they talk about, the u.n. wants access to the site and they want to talk to the scientists and the iranians say no and they want the documents and they say no and, what makes them think after the talks on tuesday, the iranians will say, yes. yes. yes. >> hope and change, hope and change tends to trump experience in the obama administration. the deal the iaea will cut, perhaps, tomorrow, won't really answer those questions, but it will a framework that will say, by thus and such a date iran will address these issues. that's the kind of flimsy excuse for a deal the perm-5 plus
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germany are grasping at and, something will happen on the question of enrichment and there are talks they'll go back to a deal involving the small tehran research reactor. that iran rejected a couple of years ago. i think because the europeans and the obama administration understand that patience is wearing thin in israel, and, that this pretext that negotiation is actually bringing us closer to a real solution, a real solution being the end of the iranian nuclear weapons program is just not sustainable. >> eric: prime minister netanyahu says he doesn't think iran is serious and let's look at the remarks of the u.s. ambassador to israel who made these remarks last tuesday, dan shapiro said the following, addressing a business group in israel and he said: it would be preferable to resolve this diplomatically and through the use of pressure rather than use of military force but that doesn't mean that option is not fully available. and it's not just available, but it is ready. the necessary planning has been
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done to ensure that it is ready. what do you make of this, the u.s. ambassador says everything is ready for potential military strike. >> two things. one, our military has plans for almost everything. thank goodness, i'm glad they do including the strike on iran, and, if those plans were being updated and finalized the last people on earth to be told about them would be american ambassadors serving overseas and a lot of people read significance into that statement and honestly may have overinterpreted what he said. i did not see that as a ratcheting up of the administration's willingness to use military force, in fact nobody else in the administration said anything about it. after that statement. >> eric: finally, what do you think will happen this week? >> well, i'll go out on a limb. i think there will be a quote-unquote deal, i think the deal will accomplish absolutely nothing except buy more time from iran.
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to continue its work on the nuclear weapons program. and it will be used to put pressure on israel not to take military action. i hope i'm wrong. i hope iran comes in and, basically, stiffs the perm-5 plus germany and shows them where they really are and we get spine to do something about this terrible threat of iranian nuclear weapons. >> eric: ambassador john bolton, thank you, next sunday we'll do sunday morning quarterbacking, after the talks start. thank you, ambassador, as wall ways. >> thank you. >> eric: as was mentioned prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying iran will not take the talks seriously, coming up we'll talk with mr. netanyahu's former chief of staff. a man who knows almost more than anybody about what mr. netanyahu is thinking. mr. be natali bennett, coming up in the next hour. >> jamie: word now a u.s. military instructor has been reportedly shot and seriously wounded in an attack in yemen. two other u.s. instructors were not hurt but were part of that
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attack and we talk about how u.s. officials and instruct tors go over to afghanistan and, the situation in yemen, instructors were reportedly training yemeni coast guard and we'll follow the story as we always do and bring you any updates as we get them. another developing story we are following, in europe. a deadly and powerful earthquake hitting italy, magnitude, 6.3, striking near the northern city of bologna, at least 4 people killed and dozens injured as they survey the damage and emergency crews it knocked over buildings while seriously damaging historic sites. we're also hearing of powerful aftershocks, in that area, we will keep our eye on that, for you, as well. >> eric: a blind chinese activist chen guangcheng arrived in new york city yesterday, all part of a deal with the chinese government to let chen study law at new york university in grenwich village, manhattan.
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the latest stop in a very publicly contentious journey that all began when he escaped house arrest in china, and sought refuge at the u.s. embassy in beijing. what will happen now that he is here? david lee miller is live with the latest. hi. >> reporter: good morning, in new york city today, following what she describhe described, 7 without a day's rest, he and his wife and two kids arrived at newark airport yesterday following a 13 hour flight from beijing and the trip followed days of high-level negotiations between u.s. and chinese officials, and chen is self-taught, a lawyer, and was sent to home arrest, after trying to stop informationed abortions and sterilizations and sought refuge in the embassy in beijing and he was treated for a broken foot at a hospital and decided he wanted to study law in the u.s. following days of tense negotiations, chinese officials agreed to allow him to leave the country and chen with the help
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of an interpreter spoke briefly yesterday with reporters outside his new home at nyu law school. >> translator: at the most critical juncture, the american embassy in china, provided a safe haven and the american government has provided great assistance, and given the special citizenship rights here. >> reporter: the controversy surrounding him is not over. his nephew faces a charge of attempted murder after getting into a conflict weather a chinese police officer and his mother is reportedly staying behind in china and word of him making it to the u.s. made headlines around the world it was at least one place where this subject was virtually ignored. china. the state news agency issued a one line statement that he agreed to study abroad and if you search his name on the internet in china, the story simply does not appear. eric? >> eric: how about that. what a surprise. david lee, thanks so much.
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>> jamie: eric, thank you so much. america's election headquarters, the race for the white house, there are some new poll numbers and also fund raising figures, yes, show me the money, showing positive momentum, for at least the romney campaign. last week end, rasmussen reports daily presidential tracking poll had governor romney leading by 4-7 points. today, president obama is ahead by one, making the race for the white house a dead heat. and, the romney favorability rating. rising to 50% for the campaign, the latest "gallup poll" jumping 11 points since february, shy of the president's 52% and one more in the race for campaign cash. the governor last month gave the president a run for his money and raising an impressive $40 million, in the first month as the likely nominee and not far from the president, $43 million haul.
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also, the romney camp is saying 95% of the nearly 300,000 donations, they received, were $250 or less. proof the governor perhaps can compete with the president who really conducted a grassroots level campaign when it came to potential donors in his first race for the white house. but what is behind the new support for mitt romney? what is his campaign strategy? and, how will the president react? let's bring in shane de april the editor of "campaigns and elections campaign", and, shairshairne, great to have you back. >> good morning. >> jamie: it is about the money and mitt romney, the donations are coming in, even in small dollars, has he done anything different? >> i tell you what, if he's able to keep parity with the president's campaign, in terms of what they are able to raise month by month, that is a huge deal because mitt romney as we know has significant help out there and there are outside groups, on the republican side
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of things and with coffers that are filled and are already spending those -- >> jamie: talking about tax money? >> absolutely. super pac money, crossroads, has a television buy right now and, that is really going to level the playing field and if mitt romney's campaign can keep par with president obama's campaign, that is trouble for the white house. >> jamie: you can raise money and then you can spend money. which campaign -- how would you analyze their spending habits, so far? in getting the message out they each have? >> it is interesting, because, the obama campaign just came out with the $25 million ad by -- covering a bunch of battle ground states, running through, through june and that is a huge buy and a big buy early. one of the reasons that that had to happen, is not because mitt romney's campaign is spending a ton of money on the airwaves. actually mitt romney made the campaign's first buy of the general election, 1.3 million
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and covered about -- broadcast television in four states, so, the reason that the obama camp has to come out with so much money early is because they are getting out-spent when you look at the total picture, and there's -- i think a really interesting stat comes from smart media group, a media buying firm and they have seen already, 21-plus million in anti-obama spending on the airwaves between third party groups and super pacs, and that is a huge number and why president obama is spending so much, so early. >> jamie: we know the president is relying on celebrity status and celebrity money, the event out in california, with george clooney, now one announced by sarah jessica parker and her husband, they'll have one in new york. and, it is expensive to go to these things. this is not your average joe that will be contributing. that is why i asked about the small donation numbers in terms of dollar amounts, not volume for the romney campaign. but i know you believe favorability is really key, can
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you tell us why? >> yeah, absolutely. i think that the jump that mitt romney has seen in his favorability, that's a big deal and is not nearly what the romney campaign would like but it is important because it shows a couple of things, one, it shows republicans have started to come together and coalesce, behind mitt romney, and that was something he needed sooner rather than later and, that is starting to happen and independents are starting to warm a little bit to mitt romney and now the 50% favorability, i don't think the romney campaign is jumping for joy but is better than it was a month ago and you have to close that gap with president obama in terms of favorability and they have. this other important number, and i think it is really critical, is the question of -- right direction, wrong track, you see in the polls. most recent polling has the number of americans who think the country is on the wrong track, hovering around 60%, and right direction only in the low 30s and historically that is a telling number and look at
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elections where that wrong de s direction number is 25% or under, 1980, 1992, 2008, if that number goes lower that is a big problem for the white house. >> jamie: shane, great perspective, comprehensive, appreciate it so much. >> thanks, jamie. >> eric: a shock in florida, officials say they've uncovered 53,000 dead people, who are still on the voting rolls. this comes after the secretary of state there says there are potentially 180,000 noncitizens who may be illegally registered in the state and authorities are working to make sure the voting rolls are legal and correct before the november election. meanwhile, the next hour, our voter fraud unit will look at a shocking investigation in new mexico, a voter fraud case that allegedly involves prostitutes, strippers and, yep, an undercover lap dance video of a candidate who ran against this guy, the mayor-elect.
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and prosecutors -- the district attorney will join us, and our one hour special, fox news report," stealing your vote" will be on, anchored and reported by yours truly and if you catch it tonight you will be really surprised by what we've found and our finding across the country. >> jamie: we're surprised in what you just read. those numbers are unbelievable. wow, eric. >> eric: next hour. >> jamie: stay on it. our voter fraud unit and breaking news, this morning, because the man and -- considered to be perhaps the only one responsible, there may have been more. the lockerbie bombing. he has died in libya. we'll bring you the latest and also reaction from the families of those lost. that day. looking good! you lost some weight. you noticed! these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain
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>> eric: when it comes to fixing the economy, president obama and governor mitt romney have completely different approaches. on fox news sunday, congressman paul ryan and presidential economic advisor austan goolsbee offered contrasting views. >> the president passed hundreds of billions of dollars of tax
7:24 am
cuts for business, for individuals, for workers, and he believes that the main driver of the economy is the middle class, is not very high income people. >> first of all, what mitt romney is talking about in taxes, lower everybody's tax rates across the board, by closing special interest loop hose and tax shelters which primarily going to the wealthy and the well-off and makes more sense to lower our tax rates by plugging loopholes so they can decide, the economy can decide how to grow and people can keep more of their hard earned money and determine how to spend i -- it. >> eric: and chris wallace, joins us now, and he joins us every sunday at this time. >> hi. >> eric: that could be the november race in a nutshell. >> exactly. that is why we decided to have it. a 25 minute debate at the top of fox news sunday, and people ought to watch it, because it is a big choice election, there are two dramatically different philosophies about how the country should go forward from here, you have on the one hand,
7:25 am
austan goolsbee, representing president obama talking about tax increases on the wealthy, what they call a balanced approach to the budget, but, also, more stimulus spending on infrastructure and green energy as well as education in public sector jobs and the other hand, you have paul ryan, representing mitt romney saying get government out, cut spending, cut taxes, cut regulations and let the private sector do what it does and, the choice the american people have to face this year. >> eric: any sense of who won out, not to put you in the position to be the judge... >> no, there is not -- it's not a matter of one side giving up, there are two different approaches and in the end, who wins out will win the election and, they may be right or wrong and people will have to decide, which they think is this right answer to the country, it will not be a, well, there is really a very minor, subtle difference
7:26 am
between the two. and, both sides are happy, both sides, think they have the winning argument and i think will press their side of the argument in the election. serving sounds like a great idea. it is fiery, interactive and lively. can't wait to see it. thanks. and you can watch the whole debate and the whole program, fox news sunday on your local fox station or here on the fox news channel later on today, 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., eastern or check that local fox station, where you live. >> jamie: coming up, equally fiery, today's "sunday house call." new fears about the health impact of eating too much sugar. are you guilty of that? well, there is fact and also fiction. we're going to break it all down for you when the doctors join us, next. those surprising little things she does still make you te notice. there are a million reasons why. but your erectile dysfunction that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready.
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