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tv   Housecall  FOX News  May 20, 2012 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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>> eric: a foo"fox news alert." have you no come in of friends and family arriving to pay their
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r respects at the home of abdelbaset al-megrahi, the only person convicted in the lockerbie bombing of pan am 103. the scottish government released abdelbaset al-megrahi on the grounds of compassion, saying he had serious prostate cancer and claimed he'd die in just months but, guess what? that was in 2009. when he arrived back in tripoli, as you can see, he was treated as a hero, not a mass murdering terrorist. when he arrived in libya and these pictures, of the homecoming sparked fury across the country. especially, among the families of the victims of pan am 103 and one of them, bert ammerman, who has been out spoken all these years will join us live coming up in the next hour. ♪
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>> eric: time for "sunday house call," dr. david samadi, chief of robotics at the mt. sinai center in new york. >> eric: and dr. marc siegel of langone medical center and author of "the anyoinner pulse" unlocking the secrets of sickness and health. good to see both of you. >> jamie: we'll unlock the secret, i'm excited about this one, of sugar, because a lot of us like sugar but it could make you sick and makes you fat and according to a recent study, it could make you, it says dumb, but not as smart as you might be. the big question is can a lot of sugar also cause diabetes or is that genetic? dr. samadi, make sure we get to the dumb one. >> the big question over here is if you are taking too much sugar, can you get diabetes and the answer is, absolutely not. when you take sugar your
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pancreas will secrete insulin and if you have a problem with getting it into your system that is called type one diabetes, where the kids, juvenile diabetes. if you make the insulin but other receptors don't work and as a result of belly fat or obesity we have spoken about, insulin is not effective, that is the type-2 diabetes we have in this country. now, one of the big issues we have is that diabetes is on the rise. 24 million diabetics, but, even more concerning, 79 pre-diabetics that are coming in and we have said, sugar, jamie, is your biggest enemy. >> jamie: let me clarify, you said sugar does not cause diabetes but may cause obesity which can cause diabetes. >> i'm glad you clarified that. >> jamie: because i had the four cups of coffee. >> i'm glad you listened. indirectly it can but not directly and if you have family history you are more susceptible and, it is like a virus that penetrated in your whole life,
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it is even in healthy diets, cereals, salad dressing and breads and what i want people to look for, when you look for labels, don't just look for sugar but anything that ends with ose, fructose, sucrose, dextrose and all of these are sneaking up on us and all you need is 6 to teaspoons of sugar a day. >> eric:. >> jamie: can we have 6 to 8. >> we are consuming 40 to 60 teaspoons a day, which is horrendous and as a result we'll have all of these issues and what i tell people is stocick t low glycemic index diets diet, the berries and other thing, and stay away from the processed foods. >> jamie: the more natural the food the better? >> that, plus exercising and changing lifestyle, though diabetes is essentially a
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genetic disease it runs in families, you are more likely to get it if you have a genetic pre-disposition and lifestyle plays a big role and i want people to understand something about insulin. the pancreas is a motor that makes insulin. we are only born with a certain number of insulin receptors in our body. if we gain weight we have less receptors per surface area. you don't have enough receptors to do the work of allowing the insulin to push the sugar into the cells. >> jamie: the more sugar, the more you are pushing them? >> no. no. look, sugar doesn't cause diabetes. but the more sugar you have, the more the liver turns it into fat and the more it is absorbed by the cells and the bigger you get, the more you weigh the less you have the receptors to pick up the insulin and absorb the sugar. it doesn't necessarily cause diabetes there, are people who are very heavy and don't have it but if you have the tendency to get it and don't have enough receptors, it will show up, sooner and more easily. that is why you have to lose
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weight, you have to exercise and you have to have a better diet in order to stave off the diabetes, if you had the tendency in the first place, i want to clarify that. you can be heavy and not get it and be thin and get it. but, insulin resistance is also caused by being overweight, meaning you have insulin and, the pancreas wears out and all the organs of the body, liver and kidney wear out when you have too much sugar. >> jamie: we have to move on, there are so many topics, the take-home message, 4-6 teaspoons and keep in mind its in foods that may not label it for suggest, look for o, s, e at the end. >> eric: i was in the grocery store and peanut butter, second ingredient was sugar. looked at whole wheat bread, fructose, so, be careful of your sugar intake. look at the ingredients. a lot of us struggle with high cholesterol, proper diet can help. what about natural supplements?
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coming up we'll answer a viewer e-mail, about red yeast rice. >> jamie: interesting, haven't heard of that and a simple test, parents can do, with their infants to detect early signs of autism, as early as 6 months. "sunday house call" with news you will use, returns in three minutes. ♪
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>> jamie: a message to all apparently out there. a new study raised red flags for children as young as 6 months. it turns out that a simple test you can do with are baby may help in detecting autism, early. research shows if the child displays head lag where you pull them up and their head lags behind, that may indicate early signs of autism, and, dr. siegel, as every parent at
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home right now reaches for their baby, to do this, how reliable is this test? >> i want to make a couple of points, one out of 88 kids is diagnosed with autism, an extremely high amount and, we are making the diagnose around the age of 4. and if we could make it earlier we could do interventions that really work, social intersections and the kennedy-kreiger institute which did the study in baltimore does a lot of them and they want to diagnose it earlier and the key is high risk groups. if you have a child with -- a sibling with autism or a high risk in the family of autism, then the head lag test, at 6 months is 90% predictable. between 75 and 90%, that is very, very good. but, if you are not in the high risk group it may be due to something else. so i don't want parents out there to say i'm going to check my kid because the head lag, again you described what it was, pulling the kid by the arms at 6 months... >> jamie: in a seated position.
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>> after four months the head is supposed to follow and everyone is different and we spent time focusing on eye movement, and, does the child look you in the eye and found out shyness may be what it is, not always autism and autism is a problem of social interaction, not interacting correctly socially and the thing with the head lag is a motor development, not related to autism but we are noticing more and more neurological problems in autistic children including seizures, including the head lag, something the pediatrician should know about and have in their arsenal. parents, if they have a high risk situation. >> jamie: let me ask you, dr. samadi, what are the high risk situations, other than a sibling who has been diagnosed. >> family history is extremely important. >> jamie: it is genetics. >> genetic plays a big role and if you have siblings you are at high risk. i think what this tells us, and the medical community, is obviously, intriguing study, a small study, there are only 40
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kids, some surveys and, certainly, just because you your child had a head lag doesn't mean they'll become autistic and i want to make it clear but, we are desperate to find a way to screen and i think that is what this is about, the sooner you find the answer and diagnose them you can intervene and they have better outcomes and that is really what is going on with autism, the numbers are on the rise because we are screening them more and parents are reporting them more, and instead of catching them at the age of 4, if you catch them at 6 months you have a better outcome. but this is one example, there are a lot of social things parents need to pay attention to, are they responding to their names, moving their head when you call them, interacting or playing are lone by themselves? behavioral patterns, hand-clapping or walking and certain moves, that is not normal and other languages, are they putting words together? all of those are keys for parent and if you are in a family with high risk and you have any of these symptoms, talk to your pediatrician, to catch them.
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that is the message. >> jamie: it is good you are saying it is one way to tell because a lot of kids talk or walk late and you shouldn't -- >> preliminary data presented in the autism research in torontos, so, we take it with a grain of salt. >> eric: something else that affects people, cholesterol, take a daily supplement to lower your cholesterol, like statins and we have a viewer e-mail about anothersi she writes: i have read of the possible benefits of taking red yeast rice for lowering cholesterol, can you tell me what the dosage would be and should i take this natural supplement. a lot of folks take prescriptions to lower your cholesterol. >> marc is more familiar with statins, i don't write much for that and what we find it is an extract from china, and it has been around thousands of years, and, in the u.s. we have seen the extract, since 1970, and,
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there is scientific data to show that this kind of supplement is as good as statins and what happens with a lot of patients who take them, they get a lot of muscle pain, one reason why they don't continue to take it. with this kind of extract you see that a lot less and there are patients that go on and take this and they are happy. most scientific data shows they can actually lower the bad cholesterol, ldl by 27%, so it does work. the big issue here is, because it falls under supplements, fda is not regulating it. so, depending on where you get it, you may not get the right dose, 600 milligram dose and i think that is the big thing, there is no regulation on this, you may get contamination with those. >> eric: dr. siegel, if you are taking a statin, should you also take red yeast rice. >> really not for the reason david said. 15% of the time you get a severe muscle ache with a statin that cause you to have to stop it. red yeast rice is interesting. it is actually the coloring we
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use in peking duck and has been around thousands of years and the problem is, in 2007 the fda said we don't really want those monocolins at a high level... the exact chemical that gives you the statin-like effect. so, in other words, red yeast rice is a lot like statins, especially with the chemicals in there and the fda says we don't want the chemical in there and the annals of internal medicine studied it and found it does lower cholesterol. so what do you do? i found that in patients that are resistant to taking statins, working about the muscle aches, liver, don't want a prescribed drug i actually use it as a supplement, because it is over-the-counter and they can get it from a health food store and monitor it carefully and find it works. but there's a lot of variation in what is in the products and i'm not sure they are all complying with the fda and that is to david's other point about regulation, it is unregulated
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and has not been study deeds long term and i think it works -- >> eric: bottom line, if you are taking one now, your advice is don't -- >> you definitely do not need it if you are taking a statin. >> eric: there's the prescription. >> jamie: deon't hit the gym, unless you are watching us in the gym, which i find a lot of people are doing, when you are part of the show, kids are supposed to get the measles vaccine to prevent the spread of the disease. what is behind the recent increase in cases of measles? if you have copd like i do, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like. copd iludes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiva helps corol my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open a full 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. and it's steroid-free
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>> jamie: welcome back to "sunday house call," health officials are raising new questions after a recent report shows last year the u.s. saw the highest number of measles cases we have had in 15 years. dr. samadi, i thought we were all vaccinated for measles. it is back? >> well, we had a discussion about this. i don't think measles is on the rise. i think people are just as a result of some of the media attention, lis, about vaccination and autism, and there is no scientific data to back it up and people are not getting vaccinations, and the cdc announced case of measles in the country.
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is contagious, you get it through cough droplets and you should get vaccinated and if you are vaccinated, you will not get it or the likelihood is very, very rare and it can lead to bronchitis an pneumonia and spread across the country. it is not big news, marc may disagree, as long as you are vaccinated you should be covered. >> i agree with that point, totally. if you are vaccinated you will be covered and 222 cases is still not a lot but, keep in mind that 200 million people died of measles over the last 150 years in the world, it is still a big problem in under developed countries and 1/3 of cases is hospitalized and we need to think about something called herd immunity which david brought up. you need the whole herd vaccinated. of those 222 cases, most of them were unvaccinated and europe there is a huge problem with people not getting the vaccine and guess what happens, you fly over there and pick up measles and bring it back, most of the 222 cases came from europe and you need to focus on the vaccination issue.
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i want people to know measles is more contagious than the flu we are talking about here and can really spread quickly. so we want to -- people to know and get the mmr vaccine. >> jamie: we will. >> eric: you know what hurts, the burning, stinging sensation in your eyes, remedies, that will bring much needed relief, around the country, the next topic when "sunday house call" comes back. [ male announcer ] this is coach parker... whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil no and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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>> well, you got that burning, stinging feeling in your eyes. there are new details about treatments for people who suffer from dry eye. bring it on, man. it's getting harder and harder when you wake up. >> aging can cause this. medication, like abet histamines, rheum to logical diseases can cause this. your tear ducts can be blocked. you can use warm compresses or artificial tears. omega-3 fatty acids and getting the tear ducts unblocked. >> eric: is it because of allergies and the season? >> that and we are spending too much time in front of the computer. that's one reason we have this. but i want people to know, if you are on any high blood pressure medications, if you are taking ibuprofen, motrin, and
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medications can cause dry eyes. lupus, scleroderma, vitamin-a deficiencies, you are more susceptible. but are you making enough tear or are the glands blockd? taking artificial tierce or warm compression, there are drug medications your doctor can give you that helps. if there is any inflammation or infection, you should be treating with antibiotics. tear is the best thing for the eye. it protects it from foreign objects. it is another mystery to this creator of our body. they have done a great job with this. >> there are signs to what is going on in the body. >> eric: great advice. >> jamie: thank you so much. >> eric: get the eye drops. >> jamie: have a healthy week. >> eric: see you next sunday. >> jamie: a fox news alert this morning. the only person ever convict in the 1988 bombing of an mam flight 103 over lockerbie,


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