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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  May 20, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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we'll see you next week. we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> protesters looking to the n.a.t.o. summit where the president is. not if police can help it. and a music legend has died. i'm harris falkner, we're live as fox reports tonight. >> millions of americans feel he escaped justice, but he could not cheat death. the lockerbie bombing terrorist is dead. in minutes, reaction from those whose loved ones died aboard pan am flight 103. world leaders in chicago shaping the course of history against the back drop of fresh distractions, a suspected cyber attack, new arrests and
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protesters. fox reports from high stakes talks, taking place inside as escalates outside. when facebook went public, that didn't shock anyone. it's what mark zuckerberg did afterwards that is surprising people. >> first tonight, the locker bebomber, a terrorist responsible for killing more than 200 americans is dead. al-megrahi died near his home in tripoli nearly three years after scottish officials released him on what they called compassionate grounds. doctors thought he had three months to live, instead he enjoyed three years of freedom. a fact that haunted many families. many believed that magegrahi should have stayed in prison. pan am 103 blew up over the
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tiny town in lockerbie scotland, 189 americans died some college students headed home for christmas break. megrahi was the only terrorist ever brought to justice in that, that justice as i mentioned was short-lived. in 2009 scotland let him go, sending him back to libya receiving a hero's welcome and kissed by gadhafi, who is now dead killed by his own people. the death of the lockerbie bomber is causing more questions, are there others not punished for the flight 103. steve, who else could be involved. >> reporter: some family members believe the tentacles of the plot reach far and wide. not only libya and late dictator muammar gaddafi, but syria and iran as well. the opinion of burt amorman,
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the brother of tom, whose life was cut short. and he reacted to way to the news of megrahi's death. >> he carried out orders, there were more people involved. there's no question in my mind that iran and syria either/or have been involved and i don't know if our government or have the stomach to find the truth because it might go to the door of iran. >> he was pleased to hear of megrahi's death, but more hearing about the death of gadhafi. >> anything official xhots after the death? >> the spokesman for the national security council released a statement late this afternoon saying in part megrahi's death concludes an unfortunate chapter following release from prison in 2009 on medical ground, a move we've
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strongly opposed. we want to see justice for the victims of the lockerbie bombings and their families and continue to work with new partners in libya, and the new rulers of libya are under international pressure to help with further investigations of that historic attack 24 years ago. >> harris: steve, thank you very much. we move to the fup of our decade long war in afghanistan. president obama meeting with his afghan counterpart. as world leaders are alonging at the start of a two day n.a.t.o. summit. today, president karzai looks forward to the day when his country is no longer a burden to the international community and the united states. he made that comment after a one-on-one meeting before the summit kicked off today and seems to suggest that karzai realizes support for the war here in the united states and other parts of the world is waning. he also thanks the american taxpayers for their support in fighting the taliban and
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keeping his country going. keep in mind, since 2001, the u.s. has spent more than 500 billion dollars in afghanistan and analysts say tens of billions have been lost due to waste and fraud. and hundreds of billions of dollars, and lost to corruption. all of this as thousands of people take to the streets of chicago right now. a live look. they are protesting, among other things, they say, america's continued involvement in afghanistan and we're getting word, police have clashed with some protesters a short while ago and police say they arrested two additional people accused of plotting to disrupt the n.a.t.o. meeting. those are not connected to the other three men taken into custody last week. we've been telling you this trio allegedly plotted to set off explosive devices at chicago police stations. president obama's election campaign headquarters and obviously, a lot happening right now in chicago. we have fox team coverage, mike tobin watching the protest situation in chicago
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and we're going to start with the chief white house correspondent. and ed, president obama affirming his plans to end the war in afghanistan? >> that's right, harris, walking a fine balance here, because as he met with president karzai today he knows full well the american public has grown weary with the long war in afghanistan and so are the u.s. allies growing weary and the new french president hollande, basically ran on a promise to get the french troops out ap hollande wants them out by 2012 and puts more pressure 0 on this mission to get it completed quickly. at the same time the president wants to send the signal the u.s. is not going to walk away completely, for a decade after combat troops are out in 2014. here is the president a little while earlier. >> one in which we continue to provide support for the afghan national security forces, that have made excellent progress
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over the last several years. and also, painting a vision post 2014 in which we have ended our combat role and the afghan war as we understand it is over, by our commitment to friendship and partnership with afghanistan continues. >> reporter: the afghanistan war as we know it is over. strong words from the president making it clear to the americans people and the world there are some republican critics, today on cbs's face the nation, concerned about a rush to the exit that could lose some of the security gains that have been made, hair sn. >> thank you very much, ed henry. we're going to keep it in chicago and change the scene with breaking news that has come together. like tobin. you heard strong words from the president in afghanistan and a strong change in sheing where people have been protesting and let's go to mike tobin to see what the
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situation is, mike? >> what you're looking at is the last standoff, if you will, at the end of the protests and the line of the police have the riot shields up and the riot gear and here you have the protesters and a lot of the cameras out here. of course the cameras watching everything that happened. what we're seeing the police officers do in the riot gear, every now and then they get the command to move forward and march forward about three steps and push the crowd back and they're going to move forward right now. we've got the announcements they're going to do it at the moment. and the move forward and push the crowd back, and they have pushed the crowd thus far about 400 yards from where that conflict broke out and amounted to bottles being thrown over the crowds and sticks being thrown over the crowd and the police responding with the reut shields with the baton. we've seen some of the injuries and most of them minor, people banged in the head, las rations and we have a large number of protesters and getting to the point know where i would say that the number of police, harris,
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outnumbers the protesters at this location. >> well, this situation changed very quickly, and i hearing from the producers as ed henry was wrong up this report that this was coming together. and from that we learn that many of the protesters are against us staying in as a military force in information. what else are they saying that they want at this point? >> well, it's a big hodgepodge of what people want. we have someone, people talking about genocide and economic issues and the nurses out here, protesting the favor of a robin hood tax. in large part what we're seeing with the people heckling me is a desire to get out on the street and shake your fist at the man. people who want to rebel and push back against authority and this is a symbol of authority and this is what they want to push back against. police want very much now is to avoid the images that everybody remembers from 1968. so they've got new modern
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policing techniques and here is what we talked about with them moving the line forward. their chanting move as they moved the crowd back. a very big, very intimidated police force and thus far, it's been effective at edging this crowd back, about, i'd say ballpark it about 500 yards and again the numbers are disappointing, harris. >> harris: i see you're getting pushed forward. i know that earlier you were reporting that they were making statements and getting this crowd ready to go out and rally and telling them take plenty of water, floods with you, it's a hot one and planning to stick out there. >> yeah, you do see a lot of that and techly the kids who wear the black cloaks and hoods and backpacks loaded with water and they have medical supplies when the people were injured. they pulled out. what they call basically amounted to a makeshift triage kit and dealing with the equipment that they carried with them. a lot of people out with the long haul and numbers
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disappointed since that march down michigan avenue and terminated right here on mccormick place and since the police have been telling them. using the lrad to disperse their numbers. >> harris: a shout out to your camera person, showing strength from the teams out there. and outnumbering the number of protesters. it's still pretty loud out there. what exactly are they shouting. i'm trying to unsta what the message is out there? >> it's hard to determine what the message is in particular because they're shouting at the same time. overall what i've heard. they have a right to protest, why they're here and get the message out and so many coming at the same time it's difficult to tell what the message is, harris. >> again, we're taking a look at the force out there with police there, very calm, trying to get people to go down and you're forced along with the crowd. how much farther before people
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are out of that perimeter? >> well, there's another big intersection, behind me ballpark it at 300 yards. if you look, a big concentration of people right where i am. and where that concentration end in about 50 yards. if they start keeping the people pushing back and get the numbers to dwindle down little bit by little. then the job for the police becomes easier. and again, what you can't really see from this angle, the fact that you have nor police here at this stage of the game than demonstrators so we're in the thick of it and seems like there's a lot of demonstrators, here's big shoving going on here and police are chanting move back, move back. and they're not gentle about it in the process, but got an objective. they're going to move forward about three yards. >> harris: i see people on top of the buildings around you, too, and i know you're getting caught up in the wires and i want you to be careful ap i see people kind of onlooking
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-- looking on rahher from the tops of buildings and thises a crowd getting egging on or shouts from the sky that i can see. >> yeah, quite a bit of shouting and dialog and techling and most people who want to get their message out trying to shout know into the microphone as we're live. and police are moving them forward and they would inch forward and now the command and chant from the police officers, move, move, move, very intimidating with the blue helmets, with the riot gear on and effective in reducing numbers. now that we look at the back side of this crowd. >> yes it's going to be smaller. >> reporter: so what looks leak from that angle, a very large crowd of protests now isn't that big of a crowd of protesters and they've been
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very effective pushing forward little by little and reducing their numbers. >> harris: mike toe ben. >> reporter: yeah. >> harris: we're going to come back to you. i want to remind our viewers, this is downtown chicago we're watching and protests, mike tobin doing a fabulous job. we'll come back to you as news warrants. stay safe. we'll be right back. stay close. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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>> bee gee star robin gibb has passed away. he was one of the trio formed with his brother. staying alive, how deep is your love and night fever. gibb sold 200 million records. his family saying in a statement a short time ago he died after a long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery. gibb was 62.
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right now, let's go back out to our correspondent, mike tobin on the ground in chicago and i'm reading now in the associated press wire that the superintendent of police had asked that tht be carried out the way they're doing it extract individuals from the crowd, but leave people after surrounding them a way to go home if they chose to go home peacefully. and you say now it's working. >> reporter: yeah, it seems at this stage. game. the street we were standing on moments ago was clear. the police came forward with one final push, move, move, move, pushing forward with the baton and shields and they aren't were gentle and pushed it out to the sidewalk. as we take a look around. if you can get over the crowd one more time. it seems that we've got more police officers than demonstrators at this stage of the game that you can see from this particular angle, a lot of police, aen riot shields, a lot of helmets right now.
4:19 pm
a small crowd of demonstrators have been stuffed on to the sidewalks as far as the tech teaks that they're using and wanted to use and at this stage. game avoided the scenes of 1968 that they wanted so badly to avoid. a little bit of pushing and shoving, stick and bottle throwing, batons came out for a little while and the violent altercation that they wanted to avoid so far hasn't materialized and it's clear, harris. >> this is outside the n.a.t.o. summit where the president is hosting world leaders for a two day summit and some expressed they're wanting the afghanistan war to end. part of what they were protesting and you say there have been other signs and slogans shouted out there today, mike tobin. wondering whether or not there are any plans for them to return. what we've seen sometimes with the protests on the way out the door, we'll be back tomorrow. >> yeah, and we know that the protesters have dispersed from
4:20 pm
this location. we have the-- largely ineffective in terms of launching a disruption if that was their goal as it has been in past summits and they were followed by the police. >> harris: mike, i'm going to have to stop you. >> reporter: go ahead. >> harris: i'm going to have to stop you. go to a quick commercial break and come back. stay close. [ captain ] our landing time got moved back another hour. [ crowd chatters and groans ] ♪ [ male announcer ] hunger getting to you? ♪ grab a ritz crackerfuls. made with real cheese and whole grain. get hunger before it gets you. [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. [ tires squeal ] then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid.
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>> to update you now on the breaking news on fox report. in downtown chicago near the site of the n.a.t.o. summit hosted with president obama along with n.a.t.o. leaders, buses moved in in the last couple of minutes to take away some protesters who decided to leave on their own. and some had bloodied faces and we heard our correspondent mike tobin explaining from the
4:24 pm
live reporting from the scene. but for the most part it's relatively without incident at this point. police moving in in the riot gear that you see in the center of your green and now a strong perimeter around this area allowing those protesters a route to leave should they want to without being arrested aen we did see a couple of people carried off at the beginning of mike tobin's reporting although things seem to be quieting down and fantastic camera work fighting through a crowd that was being pushed several hundred yards along with those protesters. and the riot police there keeping things though without violence. we'll check back on that situation as the news warrants. for now we'll move on to another standoff of sorts in michigan. an s.w.a.t. team on the scene now in allen park just outside detroit. we're told a man has barricaded himself in a house after shooting a woman in a domestic dispute. her injuries reportedly not
4:25 pm
life threatening and police are negotiating with this man and following this development. we'll bring you updates as we get them. now to our nation's debt. and the dugout battle looming in washington. kind of sounds like a rerun of 20011 no doubt about it, the fight is fresh and it's on. republicans and democrats not budging when it comes to spending cuts versus tax increases to close the gap. keep in mind. 1,117 days sips the senate last passed the budget resolution, that's nearly three years, the nearly the tame the president has been in office. >> as budgets are debated in d.c., the ideology of the left aen right are crystal clear and paul ryan said in the genius is the individual small business and the government sees itself as a venture capitalist trying to pick winners and losers and because of that the economy is stagnant and it's president
4:26 pm
obama's fault. he's gambling with taxpayer money and giving money to corporate contractors, campaign contractors like solyndra and losing taxpayer money. what we have in the obama industry is this crony capitalism, this corporate welfare. the former head of the president's council of economic advisors austan goolsbee says that it's when it's extended. >> i think for the republicans who set in place the policies that led to the economic crisis that exploded the deficit, to now be saying, well, look, why is the deficit so big, they lit the back half the house on fire and now complaining the air conditioning doesn't work. >> and house speaker boehner and nancy pelosi say that jobs should be a priority and their yeedz are different. speaker boehner said the debt and deficit need to be reduced and congresswoman pelosi says
4:27 pm
the key to creating new jobs. >> harris: thank you. we'll go back to chicago, and police are moving back the protesters. leaders from more than 60 nations, for the n.a.t.o. summit. a live look and j us before the main event there. president obama sitting do unwith afghan leader hamid karzai and talking about the way forward in afghanistan. the president from afghanistan had a message to the american people. we'll have that for you nks. next. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
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>> i'm harris falkner, it's the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. the terrorist convicted of killing 200 americans is dead also known as the lockerbie bomber, and the doctors released him after he saying he had months to live and that was three years ago. and some say he should have died in prison and want officials to never stop looking for more suspects in the bombing. meanwhile, afghanistan's president saying he looks forward to a time when his country is quote, no longer a burden on the rest of the world. and he made that comment after a one-on-one meeting with obama ahead of the n.a.t.o. summit in chicago. as we know from our reporting tonight. thousands of protesters taken to the streets there and our mike tobin is live in chicago and reading of a couple of things happening. speakers are telling the
4:32 pm
proteste protesters to go home. >> that's the last line formed in the standoff and saw in the earlier reporting they'd cleared them off the road and pushed them on to the sidewalk and now what they've done is formed another line of police and riot gear on the sidewalk and pushing them west as they told them to go west the whole time. they're not gentle about it, the protesters complaining they're too rough, but you shove them forward with no real doubt as to where the police officers want them to go. they want them to go west. and they're pushing them. their numbers are dwindling and i'd be hard pressed to say there are a hundred left out here at this stage of the game. what i see a lot of police riot gear, harris. i mentioned that speakers are encouraging the people to ooh leave. they had a program set up and the reverend jesse jackson was even in the crowd. >> he was in the crowd and demonstrating with veterans of iraq and afghanistan who were
4:33 pm
opposed particularly to the war in afghanistan and some through away their medals as they got up to the front. that was a ceremony that took place a couple of who yours ago and that happened before the conflict with police. the conflict with police happened really just as the demonstration had nowhere to go any longer and wanted to move closer to mccormick place and the pushing and shoving started and sticks were thrown at the police officers, aen they responded with the riot shields and baton. >> harris: all right, you say it's dwindled to a hundred people out there and seeing details of people carried out and arrested for the most part what is the feeling at this point? the feeling for the most it's over. they made it clear what they would do is pluck individuals from the crowd. agitators and wouldn't treat the crowd like an angry mob. as we look to the other side
4:34 pm
now, another big force of blue helmets in this direction and supplement the number of police officers overwelcoming the demonstrators hanging around in the street, really on the sidewalk. >> harris: mike, before i let you go. we've been reporting there were three men initially arrested on suspicion of state terrorism for threatening to blow up things like the mayor's home. the president's campaign headquarters. i want to give people a sense why there would be this police response perhaps to a situation like this? they're operating under a situation where they had to an i rest people on alert much more so than they might normally be. >> what happened with those particular arrests police had infiltrators that got their intelligence starting with may day and went out into the crowd and tried to get a rough idea who would be the trouble makers, who would be the collaborators and got in with them and cake up with particular names for themselves as they worked with
4:35 pm
the crowds and developed intelligence that they acted on and that intelligence told them some people were in the process of making molotov cocktails and one person was trying to buy bomb making equipment. and what's interesting, it's state and not federal charges. . >> harris: all right. mike tobin, a little rowdy and sometimes that can happen when people see a camera and i'm starting to see that. but clearly cut to dozens not thousands and thank you for bringing us the details what's happening there. a lot of eyes now on wall street, focused on europe again. the pesky debt crisis is lingering and the major indices took a major dive last week, taking the value of your 401(k) with them. even hotly anticipated facebook ipo fizzled closing just 1% above opening and many people expected it to do much better than that. and experts say nervous experts who are sighing people are looking for a sign where
4:36 pm
the world markets are headed. one scenario if greece were to get booted from the euro and relying on its own currency. senior business correspondent and anchor of bulls and bears, brenda buttner. >> this is what they don't like, six straight losses, and a prompt of millions of 401(k)'s suffered the steepest weekly declined and plunged mo are than 7% this month. not much to move the market other than negative factors. earnings season almost over. economic numbers out next week, consumer sentiment and confidence, but wall street watching you does not necessarily mean good news. consumers have been less confident, many clear that the recovery is anything, but. and that means focus fixes from here to over there,
4:37 pm
europe. and there is little about that debt crisis that could mean green on the screen. with greece on the brink and the spanish banking system worse and our bulls may find it tough to buck the euro's net. >> harris: thank you. we're watching tropical storm alber alberto churning off the coast as it's going toward florida. the season doesn't officially start for almost two weeks, but the 2012 atlantic hurricane season obviously not starting yet, alberto is fizzling. it's about a hundred miles south and east of savannah georgia and forecasters warning about strong surf and rip currents still and heavy rain in some places, but far less danger than it had posed 12 or 18 hours ago. storm chasers in kansas with quick camera work catching this twist er. you know what at that sound
4:38 pm
is, it's hail hitting the truck of the storm chasers. at times they were only humps of yards away. and the pictures captured outside of wichita, the twister from the same line of storms that spawned other tornados. and 17 reports of suspected tornados in kansas last night almost all of them surrounding wichita. several homes in one town damaged including one house that had the roof tore off. blind chinese activist chen guangcheng, settling in his home in america. and his future not so settled. what lies ahead for chen and his family. and really, maybe the only thing that could top becoming a billionaire many times over as facebook went public last week is going public with your love. facebook founder mark zuckerberg, at the altar after pulling a fast one on wedding guests.
4:39 pm
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common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual eams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> 24 hours ago, we brought you the chinese activision chen guangcheng, he and his wife and children stepping out the van and now we're learning more about his circumstances on u.s. soil. (cheer (cheers). >> harris: and that was the scene, cheers greeting chen when he arrived outside of the apartment he'll share with his family. he ran afoul by crusading against the disabled and forced abortions under the one child policy and landed him in jail. after prison he was held under house arrest and late last
4:43 pm
month he made a daring escape. a diplomatic standoff between b beijing to send him to stead law. david lee miller is down at the campus and he looked like a rock star when he arrived last night and getting a taste of what it's like to live in america, namely freedom. >> so far, his first day here was uneventful and probably the way he wanted things. making a 13 hour flight to the united states and a largely low profile leaving it for a short period and he did spend about 45 minutes in a playground surrounded by children that's ironic when you consider the fact that the chinese dissident served seven years in prison because of his crusade about forced abortion and stabilization. and in the past on crutches,
4:44 pm
today using a wheelchair, he had an injury to his right leg he is scalping house arrest in mid april. the nyu law professor that helped pave the way for him to come to the united states, say despite his ordeal, he's holding up well. >> his spirit is good and much less tired than yesterday and thinking about what to study here and how he'll do it. and he's, i think, an admirable shape given the fact he hadn't been here 24 hours. >> and i know, although he's doing well, leaves behind in china, a mother, a nephew and they could be retaliated against if he sdiets to speak out against the chinese government. >> in fact, david lee, among his comments, hoping the government would keep the compromises when they were
4:45 pm
left behind. thank you. >> harris: when you're a-- your social networking company goes public. mark zuckerberg, a complete surprise to guests thought they were attending her medical school graduation party. and he posted it on facebook. the two met at harvard university where zuckerberg started facebook in his dorm room, con grants. the game of golf is falling on hard time and fewer people are playing the gam and homes around the golf course are falling into foreclosure. awe they're trying to keep the green rolling in. a rare sight on the sky a ring of fire when the moon partially covers the sun and we'll tell you where to find the best view.
4:46 pm
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>> in the western u.s., people preparing for a big treat later this evening. the moon will across in front of the sun for the rare spectacle known as the ring of fire. and astronomers will be able to see it weather permitting, starting 6:30 p.m. pacific time and this type of eclipse is fairly uncommon. the las one to be this widely visible from the u.s. happened
4:50 pm
in 1994. rah word of caution, even though the moon will block most of the sun. the rays are dangerous to look directly into. go to our website, and check out the section on the top, the tab, click on that. for information on how to view at that safely. the game of golf appears to have landed in some rough. after decades of rising popularity, the nationwide golfing bust has gone bust. and fewer are hitting the greens and many private housing communities centered around custom golf communities are falling on to foreclosure. and adam housley is live in los angeles, i understand has a good game. >> some days it can be good and many days let's not talk about the games. a number of courses and countries are closing down and fighting itself with some cases players tough to find. >> just off the 6th fairway
4:51 pm
and an 8 iron from the near sand traps, jim olson's retirement. while the course in front of is had home looks well man cured now, for 18 months it looked out of bounds, the previous owner went belly up. >> we had nothing and everybody was frustrated, the golf course was overgrown and weeds. we were playing for somebody to pick it up. >> it happened at an abandoned course a few miles away, save for a discarded yardage plate you can barely see this this barren land hosted golf at all. overall hundreds of courses closed in recent years and 157 of them in 2011 alone and this is more than 4 million fewer golfers than one decade ago. >> golf has been on the decline nationally since about 1999, a decline exas rated by the great recession that began three or four years ago. >> an economy that drove golf high in courses, public and private are the norman local
4:52 pm
government borrowed millions to help develop. >> the real estate developments declined in value or tanked and they were dependent on the real estate component and what you end up with is an unsustainable golf course. >> some golf courses in the drink can be saved. less expendable cash and real estate led to declining interest in the game, new groups like the one who reopened jim's course are stepping in to bring the tee boxes back to life. just night and day and everybody appreciated when the owners come in. >> and if you're someone who likes to play golf or learn to play the game. there may be time to get involved, many private courses are offering significant discounts for memberships and public courses like the one in west los angeles offering all sorts of deals, maybe, harris, people like me can try our game better. back to you. >> i just fielded a field on my twitter account.
4:53 pm
is there a tiger woods effect in all of this, very interesting. >> reporter: a good question and when you have that big star, a lot of times you'll have people kind of follow at that game and may be something that's a problem, too, it will happen when the economy went bad and get it together. >> there you go. >> adam, thank you, good to see you. >> well, lebron james and company turning on the heat. your nba action is up next. i'll have another, take the preakness, a couple weeks ago i was telling you he'd won the kentucky derby. decades since a horse won a triple crown. maybe, just maybe, we're on the verge. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain.
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[ whines ] that's why there's beneful plful life, made with energy-packed wholesome grains... and real beef and egg. to help you put more play in your day. beneful. play. it's good for you. with the touch of a button ? droid does. does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ? droid does. droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99. ichl. >> an exciting day in the nba.
4:57 pm
peter is here from fox sports. lebron shows up and plays, what will the critics do now? >> lebron james and fans have been calling lebron james 75 cent for a while. why? because he only shows up for three of the fourth quarters. >> harris: very funny. >> lebron has a big game on the road in indiana, scored 40 points, 18 rebounds and teammate dwyane wade 30 points if they'd lost this game. they would go down 3-1. and they even it up 2-2. great performance out of lebron. >> harris: i don't mean to go back in time. it's a story, l.a. makers playing, if your game is not strong in the hardwood. do you play the blame game. >> that's going on with the lakers, now, down 3-1 against the oklahoma thunder and last night. everyone was pointing fingers who was to blame. and the one guy who didn't. metta world peace, known as ron artest, and world peace there and saying i was to
4:58 pm
blame. they're on the brink of elimination and if you're a lakers fan going back to oklahoma city, not a good situation. >> harris: i'll have another? >> this is a fun story, a horse no one thought of when he entered the kentucky derby a few weeks ago, wins the kentucky derby and yesterday from behind to win the preakness, on the brink of winning a triple crown, no one has done that since 1978 have to do that at the belmont stakes, and mile and a half race, 12 contenders, and it may be i'll have another. how do you like that name. >> harris: i'll have another. see you next week. >> thank you. >> harris: top stories breaking, on the fox report. and mike tobin with the latest. things have quieted down. >> quite a bit. what you're looking at a row of police officers that
4:59 pm
amounts to a color change. gone are the police officers with the heavy pads on their shoulders and legs and looking at the demonstrators, a half block section of only the sidewalk, that's not full. did police get away with pulling off this-- or did the city get away with pulling off this big event and avoiding the clashes they didn't want to see that would remind people of 1968? so far they've avoided that. that's not to say that the billy clubs didn't come out and when the billy clubs come out. they don't come out a little bit or gently. you see we've got a lot of demonstrators here and cameras are everywhere. and trouble makers have been dispersed from this location, but it doesn't mean they're gone from the city of chicago. they're out here and we'll see how the situation progresses throughout the evening. there's a lot of police officers here coming in by the bus loads and they can continue to supplement their numbers and protesters are tired, the police officers are


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