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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 22, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, o'reilly will expose the occupy wall street funding at 8:00 p.m. that is it for us on "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> bret: private equity experience and plumbing? vice president biden latest attack on the campaign trail. this is "special report." note ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. vice president joe biden hammered away at romney private equity career at bain capital. meanwhile, cory booker was in full damage control mode after he called attacks like those nauseating. chief political correspondent carl cameron has the fall-out from the campaign trail. >> what romney says we're
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bashing, we're bashing private capital. that is not true. >> campaigning in new hampshire, joe biden called privateect witty investment legitimate business but not experience to be president. >> your job as president is to pro mote the common good. that doesn't mean private equity guys are bad guys. they're not. but that no more qualifies you being a president than being a plumber. by the waif, there are a lot of awful smart plumbers. >> biden stuck to party line. as cory booker tried to deal with the fall-out of straying off message sunday branding the attacks on private eck petty nauseating. >> i'm upset i am used by the g.o.p. this way. >> demonstrators welcomed biden to new hampshire with signs and the republican national party launched online signature drive to stand with cory, support job creation. booker is fure use. >> they are plucking sound bites from the interview to manipulate them to use them
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for their own purposes. that slogan is really what had me and basically my entire staff really fit to be tied. >> here is what booker said sunday. >> it's nauseating to the american public. enough is enough. stop attacking private equity. stop attacking jeremiah wright. >> the surrogate fired back it's not how republicans heard his words but how the administration wanted him to eat them. >> he was eexited by the white house that took the hostage tape after he spoke the truth on "meet the press." when they didn't like what he said in the four minutes they edited down to shorter version. >> since 2002, booker received $35,000 from bain capital employees and half a million from other wall street interest. president obama got more than that. the top obama bundler of democratic donations is a managing director at b abin capital. nevertheless, the number three house democrat went after romney's character. >> there is something about
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raping companies and leaving them in debt and setting up swiss bank accounts in corporate and businesses in the grand caymans. i have a real serious problem. >> obama camp denounced clyburn remarks as inappropriate. booker is arguing against his own remarks on sunday to suggest the non-existent attack ad on president for reverend wright are way worse than the attack ads on the air about romney. >> frustratingly, i conflateed the attack that the republicans were making with jeremiah wright with some of the attacks up on the left. can't especially be aquited that the noxious nature of some of the attacks we have seen going on with the president. >> 21% says romney business record is a major reason to back him. the latest "washington post" poll says it's cause to oppose him. 54% says it's not a factor at all. bain capital has a record and 80% of the enterprise made money or saved or created jobs
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but that means 20% didn't make it. more democrats say criticizing success rate is bad for politics. senator warner called bain successful business. former pennsylvania governor and ed rendell called the tone of obama attacks disappointing. democrats are beginning to splinter. republicans are rallying around romney. pro-obama superpac pointed out four months ago like of newt gingrich, rick perry, the santorum campaign and even sarah palin were all pounding romney for his record at bain insisting it's relevant and not anti-free enterprise. >> bret: carl, thank you. there is only one number that really matters in the general election. that is 270. chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at governor romney's path to winning that number of electoral votes. >> bret, good evening. as the two campaigns map out the political tactics, map out the messaging strategy and map out the ground game, one map matters above all others and
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it's the electoral map. now g.o.p. strategists using that map calculated a route to victory for romney informally known as 3-2-1. its first imperative that the presumptive g.o.p. must retain every state that mccain won four years ago. off to the races. it calls for romney take back three traditional republican states that obama captured. they are indiana, north carolina, whose vote for obama in 2008 marked the first time that the arrest heel state went democratic in 1976. then virginia. if the republicans reclaim the red states it adds up to 3 electoral votes or shift of 78 in the electoral college. if romney manages that, a request to win two traditional battleground states, florida. both states voted to re-elect bush in 2004. then turned blue for barack obama. redistricting after the 2010 census cost ohio two electoral
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votes. florida added two electoral votes. so combined they still account for total of 47 electoral votes. if romney prevails in florida and ohio and takes back the three red states we mentioned earlier, just has to poach from the obama-bide column one of the eight states. half of which as you can see voted for bush-cheney ticket in 2004 before turning blue in 2008. all of this is a reminder how on a daily cut and thrust of the presidential politics it can be easy to lose sight of the objective toward both campaigns are working. not about winning the national debate or embarrassing the opposing candidate. it's winning 270. >> bret: thank you. examine the numbers further. from both sides with joe tripoli and karl rove. both have done this math on past election nights. many times. good evening, gentlemen. >> good evening. >> bret: i want to start with the state-by-state map first of all. the current state of play as of today. as far as polls.
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the polls that are out there, currently. these states there you see in the blue, solid obama states. 217. the red solid romney states. 90. then leaning romney are pink states. plus or minus. plus four to eight. lean obama light blue. plus four to eight. tossup is plus three percentage points. there you see where things stand. as of today. carl we have regions where we can talk about different states as james laid out that 3-2-1 strategy. >> yeah. three states that are up for grabs obviously, north carolina, virginia, and indiana. republican states in the past. there are s a pretty good agreement that two of three are leaning obama and one will be -- leaning romney and one will be a battleground until the end. if romney wins those three states plus ohio and florida, then all he needs in order to
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win the election is either new hampshire or pennsylvania or wisconsin or michigan or iowa or colorado or ned or new mexico. >> bret: when someone looks at the map today and they look at the numbers today, they look at the disparity between president obama an mitt romney. there is a big one. joe? >> well, there is. i mean obama starts off with a huge electoral advantage. he is only, depending what you look at right now 27 electoral votes away from getting there. it's a lot easier path for him. 3-2-1 strategy does make sense. it is the only credible plan i have seen that says romney could map out how romney wins. the problem right now is obama only has to disrupt one of those things. virginia, in group of state. indiana, north carolina, virginia. i agree, indiana is probably off the table right now. but when you get to virginia, that is going to a dead heat all the way to the end. dog fight.
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if obama stops romney there, just stops him in one of the three, it's over for romney. >> bret: there you see the regional. these have the numbers in each state. you can make them out. these are the -- explain this. these are the polls. >> this is an average of the last 30 days public polls in the state. so as a result, it is going to lag what happened nationally. just look at the changes over the last two weeks on the map. georgia went from leaning romney to safe romney. oregon went from safe obama to lean obama. wisconsin went from safe obama to a tossup. obama lost ground and romney picked up ground in may, new york, new jersey. all of them leaning in obama column. tossup state that got stronger, sick-point swing from north carolina from down three to up three. romney got stronger in tennessee and oklahoma, states already in his column. as we catch up with this, like texas is a pink state on this map. that is because we don't have recent polling in texas. i spent a lot of time there.
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it's a strong deep red state. this map is going to show over the course of the next several months i think increasing straight for romney. 3-2-1 is a good path to victory. win five states and pick up one of any of the ten other states. >> bret: zoom in out west. joe. there are a number of states out there interesting. colorado really among them. nevada. >> colorado, nevada, new mexico, all three are states that if -- >> bret: colorado you see there leans obama at this point. new mexico looks solid for president obama. there you see arizona is in the tossup category at this point. >> right. first of all, i'm not, i don't really think arizona is in play. but we'll see. again, the more obama can open up states and pressure romney to fight there, the tougher it is for romney to play. they may try to take arizona
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and put pressure there. i don't really think they will end up winning it. the problem here is because of the number of hispanics in those four states actually out west, and the divide that obama has over romney with latinos, it makes it very difficult for romney to make any inroads in the states, which means and even make it possible for obama to put arizona in play. that forces the strategy that i think 3-2-1. where he has to win the three republican leaning states, indiana, north carolina, virginia. have to then pull off ohio and florida. which are no gimmes. >> bret: of the three, the tough zest virginia. >> absolutely -- tough zest virginia. >> absolutely. the place that obama can stop romney today and all the way down, if he stops romney in virginia, this race is over. that is why you see both of the campaigns -- unless they swap out wisconsin. he has to get two out of the --
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>> bret: look there is no one state that is indispensable. virginia will be a battleground to the end. but joe is right. if romney doesn't win virginia, if he wins iowa and wisconsin both of which are risk today, new polls show the race in wisconsin is dead even. in iowa, we have only old polling here to put it in the obama camp. if you look at the new tv, they are buying, heavy, heavy, heavy in iowa that says to me it's a sure sign the state is up for grabs. >> bret: looking at this map do you say the odds at this point favor a romney win? >> first of all, two things i'm writing in my column on thursday in the "wall street journal" on 3-2-1. i think there is an easier path for victory for romney than for obama. obama can no longer take for granted states like indiana and north carolina. he will be defending turf. it's harder when you defend turf than when you go after it. the second thing is if you want to get to the map go to sign up and we will send it to you every two weeks to follow the debate free. >> bret: wow.
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>> by going to >> bret: or watch "special report." >> right. >> the problems come down to virginia. there is reason he has an advantage there. so i believe this comes down to virginia. right now, today. things can change. convention will happen in north carolina. that could change north carolina. we have to wait to see. >> they have a state with no impact on the outcome. virginia is the key. thing for democrats they have to worry about, registration in virginia was growing in 2000, 2004, 2008. it peaked in 2008. 35,000 fewer voters in fairfax county today, active voters than at this point three yeah years ago. >> bret: thank you. d.c. comic has an announcing announcement about one of the most famous superheroes.
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>> bret: a u.s. airways jet traveling from paris to north carolina, diverted to maine. molly henneberg on why a passenger's odd behavior caused a scare. >> the woman, a french citizen, handed a flight attendant a note saying she had a surgically implanted device. that is what triggered the emergency response. the f.b.i. rand homeland security department warned that terrorists are trying to use bomb implanted in humans. the woman on the flight today was examined by doctors. according to member of congress briefed on the situation, and she had no tell-tale scars indicating a bomb inside. but it's not beyond the realm of possibility. according to the republican chairman of the house homeland security committee. >> you wake up for the american people who think
3:18 pm
somehow the airport, or concerns we have about devices are not real. let me tell you from what i'm aware of there are surgeons who can perform this type of operation. >> two f-15 fighter jets escorted the u.s. airline flight safely to maine with 188 people on board. while it was in the air, air traffic controllers on the ground were trying to assess how severe the threat was. >> the woman born in cameroon is now in f.b.i. custody. the flight was cleared to continue on to charlotte. bret? >> bret: molly, thank you. al-qaeda is looking to spread its international jihad across digital platforms. catherine herridge examines the latest evidence that the terrorist group is pursuing a dark cyber war. >> this case is really alarming. >> the republican senator susan collins and counterpart
3:19 pm
on the senate homeland security committee lieberman say they first learned of the al-qaeda cyber case a week ago in meeting with homeland security secretary janet napolitano. >> anybody who is sympathetic with al-qaeda ideology. engaged in cyber attack. >> fox news channel policy is not to run jihadi video. these video turned from six-minute tape says the u.s. is vuller in to believe the cyber attack in the same way that u.s. airline security was vuller inable in 2001. the tape called on muslims to cart a website and information system, for big company and government agency. >> al-qaeda and al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula are focused on cyber warfare because it can be carried out if you have somebody smart enough at very little experience. >> according to the senators in 2011, homeland security responded to 100,000 cyber
3:20 pm
incidents. and there with a five-fold increase in number of attacks aimed to industrial control systems. they are the central nervous system, critical infrastructure including power plant and dams. >> it would be naive for to us think al-qaeda is not responsible for at least some of those attacks. >> fox news learned that the so-called electronic jihad was part of a two-hour al-qaeda web video that was the basis for the f.b.i. and homeland security intelligence last summer about the lone wolf attacks. >> as why it took so long to track the cyber threat for the senate committee there was no response from f.b.i. or homeland security. senate takes up its version of the cyber security bill next month. bret? >> bret: thank you. the panel breaks down the latest attack and responses over romney's business career. first, a mixed bag of news when it comes to iran. details after the short break. the 3.6-liter v6 engine of the jeep grand cherokee
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>> bret: the international atomic energy agency worked out a deal with iran to open up the country nuclear facilities to u.n. inspectors. this as the u.s. senate approved a new set of sanctions leaving every option on the table. the senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler has details. >> on the eve of new talks with the nuclear program, white house was unwilling to call them the last peaceful chance reluctant to hope they will succeed. >> promises are one thing. actions are another. >> they promised the watchdog to resume inspections at the milttary complex. the talks involve the permanent five members of the u.n. security council and germany.
3:25 pm
experts are skeptical. >> if history is a judge this is a long line of stalling tactics. >> they should not make any concession to iran. they need to put before it clear and unequivocal demand. >> tankers have been kept in port by the insurance cost. experts increase last month, and are lower than a year ago. monday, senate passed non-binding resolution saying attack on iraq nuclear facility is an option. president obama criticized the loose talk of war saying it drives up the price of oil. undermines the sanctions against iran.
3:26 pm
>> this is doubling down on diplomacy with iran. the hope and elsewhere is through diplomacy we can get iran to get to yes. >> romney suggests president is not tough enough on iran. they asked what would romney do differently and they say there is only one answer to that question. >> bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. tomorrow is egypt's first free presidential election in modern times. crucial contest with important national and international implication. >> the sad truth about egypt financial crisis. is the economy a big deal in the election? >> yes. >> walls that hang from the intersection. all with promises of a better
3:27 pm
egypt. >> the violent footage from last year's re-lution shut down the industry that employed 10% of the population. tourism. >> let's say -- [ inaudible ] taking opinions, like -- [ inaudible ] >> he made his living giving tours of the pyramid. now he has a lot of time to admire the view from the deserted overlook. vendors talk most themselves. those selling camel rides sleep but they still must pay and feed their flock. he used to own 12 camels and now he can barely afford five. >> egyptians paid a high price. many countrymen are dead and economy is in shambles. tour guides here say it will be worth it if tomorrow's election they get a taste of
3:28 pm
the elusive thing in the middle east: democracy. with that, they hope, tourists and their dollars will once again return to the pyramids. bret? >> bret: leland vittert in cairo. thank you. is the president too busy so call democrats to the hill? wait until you hear how many marriages end due to facebook. the grapevine is next. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now with the touch of a button ? droid does. does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ? droid does. droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99.
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine.
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the big story monday that 43 catholic institutions across the country have filed more than a dozen lawsuits against the obama administration was pretty much absent from the network evening newscasts. neither nbc nightly news, nor abc world news, included any mention of the legal fight specifically targeting the president's health law a the h.h.s. contra ception mandate that the plaintiffs say is a threat to religious freedom. cbs evening news spent 19 seconds on the subject. significant legal action by a cross section of catholic institutions against administration in an election year. media center president said if this isn't news, then there is no such thing as news. status update for facebook's troubled initial public offering could be described as it's complicated. facebook stock fell depen today down $ $11 a share from
3:33 pm
friday's high over the company look at the financial prospect abgrow fast enough to meet stock surrounding the stock. mark zuckerberg changed his relationship sta to us to married -- status to married tieing the knot to his college sweetheart. the social networking site apparently can become a problem for couples. recent survey out of the united kingdom says more than a third of divorce filings last year contained the word "facebook." has superman been hiding a supersecret? d.c. comics raised eyebrows today announcing plans to out one of its major superheroes next month as openly gay. insiders say it will be existing well-known character previously assumed to be straight. some of the iconic characters are superman, bat man, wonder woman and green la tern. president obama wants congress to take action on a number of fronts but democrats on capitol hill they first need more face time.
3:34 pm
chief national correspondent jim angle looks at a relationship appears to be showing sign of strain. >> democrats say they don't hear much from the president these days about the problems they're trying to address. a develop that republicans highlighted. >> the budget committee chairman can't remember the last time he talked to the president. another chairman dealing with student loans says he hasn't talked to the president in months. months. >> came to light in a story called "dems wait by the phone for obama." some say obama can't get democrats even to cooperate with him. republicans offer broader explanation. >> we have a president more interested in running around to college cam pugs, spreading a poll-tested meth than he is in accomplishing anything. >> president did invite leaders of the both parties to the white house for hoagie
3:35 pm
lunch to order him to take up his to-do list. originally proposed in the "state of the union" and even the democrats fail to bring up. house boehner has been urging the president to start now on what is known on taxbegeddon. sign tainous exploration this end of this year of $500 billion of annual tax cuts. >> where is the president's plan to tack the looming debt crisis? where the budget, where the president's plan to stop the largest tax increase in american history from occurring january 1 in >> a key democrat acknowledged there aren't many calls from the president but argues it doesn't matter, while another says it's not true. >> i think he is pretty smart. you know, the president has got so much on his plate. the last thing he needs to be doing is calling up people who are his supporters up here. >> unfortunate they have president in leadership meeting and beyond. i feel that that channel of
3:36 pm
communication is excellent. >> some say the president can't get much done in an election year, but some things have to get done. it's just not clear how much the president can to influence what happens. bret? >> jim, thank you. stocks were nearly unchanged today. the dow lost two. s&p 500 added less than a point. the nasdaq closed eight behind. sales of previously owned homes kicked up 3.4% in april. vice president comparison of private equity experience to plumbing. governor romney's business experience under heavy fire. fox all-stars analysis after the break. high schools in six states enrolled
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let's solve this.
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the guy delay quote now is saying that we shouldn't be criticizing romney, when i made the same talk a couple of weeks ago and they said biden is right. biden is right. i'm not criticizing private equity firms but i'm
3:40 pm
suggesting that people who run them the same quality and objective running the private equity firm is not what qualifies you to be president. >> it's something about raping companies, and leighing them in debt. and setting up swiss bank accounts and corporate andpiss in the grand cayman. i have a real serious problem with that. >> bret: well, that was today's back and forth from vice president biden and representative clyburn. the obama campaign quickly came out and said they were against the choice of words. they have no place in the conversation. meantime, what about plumbers? joe the plumber weighed in, talking to the hill. samuel werzelbacher. remember him? he is running for congress now and he said about vice president biden's comments "i definitely have a problem with it. i have a question for biden. why does he think he can be president and who can't? it seems like he is practicing class warfare." standing up for plumbers. bring in the panel. fred barnes. executive editor of "weekly
3:41 pm
standard." mara liasson, national public radio. mary kathryn ham of the daily caller. this has eed. now the vice president is engaged saying what he said. you heard the clyburn comments. your thoughts about today's attacks on governor romney business experience? >> i have been surprised at how clumsy the roll-out of this attack has been. this was supposed to be the hammer of thor. there was a dress rehearsal for attacks and they were caught flat-footed. they learned quickly and they came out quickly. the first ad from the obama team. but right now obama team is explaining gaps away. hedging especially before the booker thing happened. they were hedging on the attack to make it much less strong and miscalculation. >> bret: booker thing, newark mayor corey booker on "meet the press" on sunday. he came out on msnbc last night saying what he said is
3:42 pm
being misconstrued. take a listen. >> i'm very upset i'm used by the g.o.p. this way. >> here they are plucking sound bites out of the interview to be, to manipulate them in a cynical manner and use them for their own purposes. if you look at the totality of the bain capital record they have done a lot to support businesses, to grow businesses. this to me i'm uncomfortable. it's nauseating to the american public. enough is enough. stop attacking private equity. stop attacking jeremiah wright. >> bret: so mara, it seems like it's tough to take it out of context. >> he did make equivalency between jeremiah wright and bain capital. later he said he didn't want to anymore. the white house is not deterred by any of this. they feel as long as romney hammeds up his business experience as his number one qualification to president they will go after it. the president i think is that neither candidate has really explained what they are talking about.
3:43 pm
president obama has to make clear if he is not going after private equity in general, which he says, many good things, what is he going after? they focused on a couple of leverage buy-out that bain did. he needs to talk about that and say why it's different from staples. the democrats are now quoting stockton saying staples was a pure venture capital deal they got in on the ground floor. most of the 90,000 jobs romney claims he created happened long after bain left. on the other hand, romney has to explain why what he did at banl will transfer to what he can do as president and make prosperity for everyone. he has yet to do that. he said attacks on bain mean i'm not a good guy. he has to explain why what he did in private sector will benefit all miles per hours. >> bret: romney folk, mara are saying two things. one is how the president handled g.m. he had to close off dealership and lay off people. same premise. >> that is still defensive.
3:44 pm
>> bret: two, investment in solyndra was not a good investment and another businessman might have made different investment. >> that is all fine. but those are all defensive arguments. postures. he has to explain why what he did at ban can be translated to the national stage when he is president to bring prosperity to everybody. what is the second act of this is massachusetts. they have quotes of romney saying when he ran for for i'll bring mypis, pearance to massachusetts. they say how did that work out for you? forty-seventh in job creation. >> bret: to that point, job creation. >> that is not what romney is running on. he is running on what he request do to electrify the dormant economy in u.s. you have to change policy. it doesn't have much to do with what he did in bain. trying to make a profit. i know but the way you describe it he gets way down in weeds and panel bam gets down there with him when the huge issue over there called
3:45 pm
economy and deficit and debt. >> that is what they, that is what romney ought to talk about. this whole thing about the pain has been a disaster for the obama people. the democrats, it's not just booker. ed rendell, mark warner the senator. plenty of democrats defending private equity. and are upset with the line the president has taken. the polls show that romney background, a businessman is something that does help him. then there is a horrible hypocrisy on the part ofth the panel bam. he is attacking private equity and then take money from bundlers. a big fundraiser is at bain. then there are others. fundraisers hosted by private equity people. i don't know whether you saw -- [ inaudible ] the spokesman for the obama
3:46 pm
campaign asked on this on cnn and he wouldn't answer. it was one of the most awkward experience by a presidential spokesman, campaign spokesman i have ever seen. he just pretended like he the president like the questioner and anderson cooper asked him something else. ignored the question straight through. >> bret: mary, the latest poll from the apc/"washington post" has president obama with a slight lead. we have seen in a couple of polls but on the issue of the economy dead tied. 47-47. >> on the issue of whether romney experience is a positive or negative, it's equal and rasmussen poll. a lot of people can be convinced. to the point i think it's a fair attack from democrats to examine this. but this allowed romney to frame the issue. limit attempt to bring it back later down the line. >> i don't think they give up
3:47 pm
on this. this is something they have evidence that worked in the past. might not work again. they are convinced this is a strong line of attack. i goes after what he says is the strength. polls do show equal number of people say it will make them vote for him or against him. majority says it is not a major factor at all. i agree this is about the economy. about the policies, both men are espousing. romney has pointed to his private sector experience as one of his number one qualifications. he hasn't talked about being for of massachusetts. he talks about being a businessman and can do for the economy what he did for the companies he turned around. >> bret: next up, latest on iran nuclear program. meantime, check out amy kellogg report about how the economic sanctions are already affecting iranians. on the website [ male announcer ] this is corporate caterers, miami, florida. in here, great food demands a great presentation. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to beer collaborate by using a mobile solution,
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>> translator: iran is a threat to israel and the entire world. against this malicious intention, leading world powers need to display determination and not weakness. they should not make any concessions to iran. they need to put before clear and unequivocal demands. >> bret: on the eve of new talks on iran nuclear programs, talks that the white house seem to indicate is skeptical but slightly hopeful about. >> promises, are one thing. actions and fulfillment of obligations are another. we are very clear eyed about iranian behavior. >> bret: this as iran says the u.n. national watchdog, the international agency can resume some of the inspections of the nuclear facilities. back with the panel. fred, what about the talks, and where things seem to be
3:52 pm
headed? >> this a deja vu. we know how it ends. after a while, it takes a while. schedule things and see a little bit and after a while, iranians block inspectors. i think we will see it again. iranians are scared about the next set of sanctions with the u.s. and european country would apply, one on oil export to go in effect in july. economy is not in good shape. that would really hurt it. they don't want that to happen. you can see what they are leading to here. leading to the situation, washington and chinese and others say let's wait and see how inspections go. let's just let it, let's not push so hard so quickly. i think that would be a terrible mistake. >> bret: meantime, mar ab, israelis say this is a delaying tactic.
3:53 pm
>> the real question is will the west do anything in these talks to impede israel's freedom to decide whatever it wants to do? israel's position hand changed. talks can go on. it still reserves a right to strike. maybe planning one now that benjamin netanyahu has a stronger coalition behind him. the real question in the short-term is if you don't want to have the talks, what else do you want to do right now? >> that is a question the white house asked of romney today. nobody should give in to the talks. what is the a tern riv right now? romney hasn't said he'd do anything different than this. >> make sure that the oil export sanction goes in effect to apply for pressure.
3:54 pm
>> with iran, whatever the acronym is of the day is they cross red line after red line. going from 3.5 enrichment to 20% now. we just go move on. then they graciously con descend and give us something back. they should have been doing all along. people are invested in the process. they don't want impasse to lead to the higher gas prices. it will lead to iran getting what it wants instead of what we want. >> bret: u.s. senate passing nonbinding resolution sighing there could be attack. the white house said the loose talk about war doesn't help the situation. >> he says that it drives up the price of oil, which is what iran wants right now. it should be as tough as
3:55 pm
possible. they do need to do the oil sanctions as well. the more you can trust the theory that they might give this up. >> is there a difference here between what they are doing politically? >> yes. there is a difference. >> what would he do differently? that is the question? >> that is hard to say what he would do differently. support sanct and say -- sanctions and say no more delays. the rigmarole of the inspectors and don't let it impede the sanctions going in the sanction in effect and the greater demand on iranians. what is he going to say? i'm going to bomb. of course not. >> he has to do something tougher without saying what it
3:56 pm
is. >> i don't think he has to say that. >> bret: that is it for panel. stay tuned to see why geography matters in politics.
3:57 pm
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>> bret: finally tonight, california democratic governor jerry brown defending his state's budget troubles. recently tried to highlight the state's business innovations and entrepreneural spirit by citing one particular company that's been in the news. >> we're very entrepreneural, very innovative and people are still coming here, you know, this is where they put in the invented facebook. not in texas. not in arizona. not in manhattan. and certainly not under the, you know, the white house or the congress. this is still the wild west and we're going to prove to the rest of this country and the world that we know how to do it. >> facebook was invented in


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