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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 23, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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and rock 'n' roller gene similar mons is his own one man brand. he thinks the fall-out over facebook could hurt that brand big-time. that's at #:00 p.m. eastern tonight. tomorrow morning, 9:20 sharp for varney and company. all right, everybody. time we did it. if you don't get fbn -- >> demand it! >> greg: anyway, hello, everyone. i'm your talking tad pole, greg gutfeld. joining me now she could charm a squirrel off nut truck. kimberly guilfoyle. more tails than tuxedo. bob beckel. pop flies to market, eric bolling. america's sprinkle doughnut. dana perino. 5:00 a.m. in new york city. 3:00 a.m. in bill hemmer's slave pit. this show is packed tighter than a pregnant pole vaulter. so let's do this, america. ♪ ♪ >> greg: all right. so we keep hearing about what is fair game when it comes to criticizing candidates.
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i never notice a trend. never mind then compromise. when media went after mormonism, conservatives respond with reverend right. never mind then. when they brought up something from romney's past 50 years ago, conservative just read obama's book out loud. never mind then. it's a pattern. the issue becomes off-limits if it bounces back on obama. trust me when private equity become's obama's problem, bain will disappear faster than dana in a strong wind. fair game is dictated by the media. think about what they deem off the table. take the support for ows or how he snubs congress mooning mg about the lack of cooperation. so that's the biggest ruse of all. compromise. you will hear that word a lot from those disguiseed as
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centrist. but it's like an armed thug who says i'm glad you see it my way as he takes your wallet. bob? >> bob: yes. >> greg: you work in politics, or so you have told us. i have no proof of this. isn't everything fair game? >> greg: yes, we do. >> bob: don't say it. don't say it. >> greg: isn't everything fair game? >> bob: sure. except for your family. that ought to be, you know, something that should not be brought up in a campaign unless you're wife's a serial killer or something like that. but look, so far, i think they have been pretty good. ann romney took a bit of a hit, i thought was unfair. michele bachmann -- "michele bachmann." can i think about that word. anyway, michelle obama has had very good press, as far as i can tell. so, first ladies and the wives of potential first ladies seem to get a pretty good pass.
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and unlike you, who would be vilified every possible way he could, because you don't speak english. >> greg: and also, i deserve it. eric, who decides, though. who decides what's fair game? >> eric: well, it depends who is president. if you have a democrat in office, the media, main stream media decides. we try and do the balancing act for the liberal media. we do a pretty darn good job of it. can i touch on that a little bit? >> greg: we are going to get to it. >> eric: stay here then. bob is there another media outlet that gives you the other side of the underbelly of the white house? no. all you get is the stuff that the white house talking points that you get every morning on your phone. main stream media. >> bob: the "wall street journal" doesn't take on obama every day? >> eric: who owns the wall street? >> bob: person who owns this show. okay, i'll shut up right now then. okay. good. i'm scared. >> eric: i don't know the point you're trying to make.
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>> bob: i don't know the point you're trying to make. >> dana: can i make a point? >> greg: i want to ask you. you never hear about what is fair game when bush was president. they never brought that up. you can't make fun of this or that. >> dana: i'll give a little counter to that, which is that after 9/11, there were complaints from the left that president bush, was untouchable when it came to anything regarding national security. that complaint exists. i think some in the media would say it's not true. but there wasn't reception. another person i remember today that got a raw deal from the press during a campaign was not necessarily a republican. it was hillary clinton. in that primary she got a raw deal from people in the press because of the never-mind philosophy. he voted present 100 times as senator. nev mind then. and another example, give you one more was on last month when the administration argued for obamacare in front of the supreme court.
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remember in the days following everybody thought the analysis was that didn't go well for the administration. all of a sudden you had a never mind then, it doesn't matter in the press. if it had gone well the stories would have been different. >> greg: nothing to see here. i want to ask kimberly. here is the thing. when you go to play a game, you don't go to compromise. you do to win. isn't that the point? so when somebody tells me you can't do, that that's wrong, right? >> kimberly: look, it's healthy to have a vetting on both sides. i don't understand why we continue to act like president obama sacrosanct with his candidacy to run for re-election. why not put the facts out there? they love to do it, relish to do it with romney or other people against him in the past and now focusing on romney. there is a double standard. he is so mr. perfect it's -- >> bob: sacrosanct? they have him eating dogs. >> kimberly: he is the one
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that did it. >> eric: george bush -- >> bob: george bush had more good press after 9/11 than obama ever got. he has never come close to getting that press [ right here and right now because i think what will happen, you will -- >> greg: here, i want to go to you about speaking of fair game about b abin. let's roll a clip of some democrats talking about it and then i'll go to you for your response. >> i believe that governor romney, who holds himself to be a great businessman, should have his record looked at. >> they were a successful business. they got a good return for investors. that's what they were supposed to do. >> not a bad company. nobody is saying they are. this is not about bain or private equity in general. this is about a guy who held himself out to be a job creator whose record is fair game.
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>> eric: this ones that matt rer steve ratner, the mayors and the governors matter. the ceos of the city and state. private equity is important cash infusion and important to the economy. important job creators. i think the democrat who are governors and mayors are going to push back from president obama disdain for bain. going forward they will real iz it will bite them in the butt. >> bob: we said over and over we don't have a problem with private capital. the problem with ban is romney said he should be president of the united states. he said he made jobs. i still say -- >> eric: >> overtalk ] >> bob: it's not criteria to become the president of the united states. i want to hear him say something about what he did in massachusetts.
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governor of massachusetts four years. do you think he ever said anything about massachusetts? >> dana: he talks about massachusetts quite a bit, actually. >> bob: on what? >> dana: on the school turn-around. on the job market situation that he inherited. then on the bain stuff, if you look at dade brooks who's a columnist for the "new york times," -- we won't characterize. it he talks about and writes he can't understand why president obama goes town the road on bain capital when the signals are this isn't working. so i'm curious, where do they go from here? >> eric: it won't matter anymore. >> bob: they don't think bain capital is cutting up on what he is doing. >> eric: he said at 4:38, after that nato speech, the second question, he said the campaign is going to be about this going forward. >> bob: what is he supposed to say? talk about growing vegetables? >> kimberly: it makes no
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sense. >> bob: growing dope in base. to white house? he was asked and question and he gave an answer. democrat is a losing cause. >> bob: we'll find out. >> greg: kimberly, fox and friends, colin powell was on talking about the idea of compromise. let's roll it and then i want your commentary. >> forefathers could create this nation and write a constitution, arguing with each other, compromising with each other, if you don't compromise you can't get consensus and country has nothing to, you know, rally behind. ve lost the -- we have lost the ability to compromise. knock it all off and go have a couple of drinks. >> greg: didn't it come from refusal to compromise? >> kimberly: there was healthy debate, like a table like this, more people decided what should be written. colin powell will go down in history as a great military
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man. a lot of people were disappointed when he went conservative endorsed barack obama, the most liberal person we have had run for president thus far. i think he has been a little disappointment in that sense. he is saying compromise now because he is trying to equivocate on his position. >> eric: great, because he is great with the militaryd >> bob: he's bad because he's supporting barack obama. the compromise he talks about, we had "no child left behind," bush, compromise between democrats and republicans. i needed changes but a good piece of legislation. they did it with the democrats and republicans. since the yahoo got in house they refused to sit down and talk to obama. if they won't talk to him. >> greg: he refused to talk to them. >> bob: he invited them all the time. >> dana: actually, senator mcconnell says he did not have a meeting with president obama in the first two years of the presidency.
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you'ven in legislative affairs. that's craziness. >> bob: i agree. it would have been a boring conversation but he should have had a conversation. but he had other people from the house, new members down. they refused to compromise. this is ridiculous notion because you can't have taxes. >> eric: they came up with a deal. according to john boehner, they had a deal. they were ready to sign a deal with president obama. am i mistaken, he had -- >> dana: according to the -- >> eric: president obama changed it by $500 billion. do you remember this? changed the deal on the way to sign it. >> bob: >> bob: a lot of discussion on who changed the deal. >> greg: do you compromise when you order a pizza? you do i want these toppings. >> dana: i kick off the mushrooms. >> greg: this metaphor is not working. >> kimberly: you can do half. freddie i am done with this. do you have to go somewhere? >> bob: i do. i have three of my friends here from college and i have
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to go. >> greg: coming up, everybody knows hollywood is president obama personal p.r. firm? but did he give top secret information to movie producers? if you leigh now you will miss eric bolling modeling a white linen top. ♪ ♪ [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles...
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. we have a huge breaking story for you, one that shines a bright light on the mind set of the obama administration. according to dock mens changed through judicial watch, freedom of information lawsuit in days following the bin laden raid, obama leaked classified information to the raid about hollywood filmmakers and something more troubling, it appears that the white house arrangeed for filmmakers to meet directly with highest level counterterror advisor, the c.i.a. and commander from the navy seal team six. get this, the film was to be
2:17 pm
released, victory lap released in october days before the 2012 election. folks we can't make this stuff up. kimberly, i'm concerned that it took nine months to get the document. it turns out john brennan, the chief counter terrorism advisor, it goes on, the national security advisors, c.i.a., navy seal team six. what is going on? >> kimberly: i'll tell you, i know this for a fact, they are in with the administration. bob! >> bob: sorry. >> kimberly: because of these exact situations. the information being leaked, that puts them in danger. they prefer to remain anonymous, not to have credit for what happens, not to have president take a victory lap. to operate in the shadows and stay that way, look at all the attention that happened. look what happens with the helo that crashed after the bin laden rid. a lot of unfortunate circumstances from. that so when you see a situation like this, it seems like he is politically trying
2:18 pm
to profit from it. the harvey weinstein film, huge supporter of obama coming out, isn't that fortuitous, right before the election? >> eric: a couple days after the raid they link it to hollywood. >> bob: i'm for it. >> kimberly: why? >> bob: it's great for re-election. leaving that aside, there has not been a single u.s. military action, grenada or panama or iraq, where we did not give out information to people making movies. this is ridiculous. this is nothing new. by the way, the seals before out there publicly way before obama said that. >> kimberly: wait, wait, wait. there is no instance you can prove that, that anybody that was directly related or connected to the mission ever went public about anything. >> bob: hold on. who said the seals -- >> eric: stay on this. >> kimberly: jesse ventura from years ago about -- this is offtoppic. >> eric: dana, the filmmakers were allowed inside
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the intel storage building called "the vault." i assume it's highly classified. >> greg: it's a delib.>> club. >> dana: i never got to go there. no one is saying hmm, maybe this wouldn't be appropriate at this moment. maybe we should wait. i don't know all that happened but judicial watch, the organization that got the, that asked for the documents they are equal opportunity masters. they come after everybody. that is how you got the cheney documents, the energy documen documents. they go after everybody. now the documents come out. the timing is suspect. there is a d.o.d. office near the press room i got to go to one time. it's where they work with hollywood. but from what i understood most of the time they help make sure they got the uniforms right. doing like a historical movie. >> eric: apparently, the e-mails from the d.o.d. they want this to be called a gutsy
2:20 pm
decision. they are stocking the mond. >> greg: like i said, hollywood is obama's p.r. arm. he has done more victory laps than waltrip and andretti's combined. it's automobiles. >> dana: i got that. freddie i would do it, too. >> bob: sure you would. when they invaded grenada with 15,000 troops to save two american rich u.s. medical students that was a big deal. >> dana: did anyone do a movie when saddam hussein was captured and nut jail? put in jail? i don't think hollywood was falling all over itself. >> eric: this matters because there is rumors and innuendo and may be documents to suggest that the underwear bomber, the one they nailed a couple of months ago. couple of weeks ago. apparently it was leaked, the information was leaked excellently through the white house, because -- accidentally leaked through the white house
2:21 pm
because they had meeting with people that went on television. john brennan again. kimberly, again, this guy accidently said we had inside intel. >> kimberly: does anybody get this is not a good idea, the pat yourself on the back, hollywood, baby. make a movie about how awesome i am. this is dangerous for national security for people still in the theater. i shows arrogance and disregard for people out there trying to do the work. >> bob: dana and i have been in a meeting in the white house. if you have a meeting with two people it will leak. >> dana: not true. >> bob: usually if you have a roosevelt room with 15 people it will leak out. this was a successful undertaking and helps seals with the recruitment and it helps obama and should help obama. >> eric: stop, stop, stop. stay on this. stay on this. underwear bomber, brennan called a conference call with
2:22 pm
terror advisors who had been regulars on tv, msnbc, et cetera, said we had inside control. at that point, one did say it on abc. then they had to shut the operation down. >> dana: the "associated press" had it. the british military, british intel is really furious. their operation, they thought they had several more weeks. they had several weeks of getting intel, which could save lives in the long run. it is playing -- >> eric: they went on tv and accidently leaked -- >> bob: accidently. >> greg: i thought george bush was the unilateral president. we screwed over british intelligent in the pakistani -- no, remember, valerie jarret. what is the "vanity fair" article on this. >> kimberly: it's a good idea to keep giving pakistan money. they're really helping us out. the pakistani that helped us get bin laden, 30 years behind bars. >> eric: we got to go. coming up, president obama -- stop.
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president obama support the occupy movement. simple question, right? i wonder why the white house press secretary jay carney had a tough time answering that. his comments left. dana's favorite band reo speedwagon. and kim loves to dance to this song. ♪ ♪ ve you ever partaken in
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: bob is telling bad jokes. you told this joke in some variation, twice today. who's counting? the president is on for president obama to denounce
2:28 pm
the occupy movement in light of escalating violence that includes attacks on police, but will he? take a listen to the president supporting the protesters earlier this week. >> this is part of what nato defends, free speech. and freedom of assembly. that is what america is about. >> kimberly: wendell goler tried to get an answer from white house spokesman jay carney yesterday. >> did their actions in chicago saur the support? >> i think you are making broad comparisons between different groups. what the president said in the past is he has understood frustrations that americans have about the failure in
2:29 pm
particular about wall street in some cases to -- well, because, obviously, wall street's role in the financial crisis helped precipitate the worst recession since the great depression. >> kimberly: i'm sorry. let me erase that face i just made for a moment. somebody is having a bad day. yes, bob, we are. thank you for participating. i'll give you this question since you are focused today. do you think that was a bright spot in jay carney's career? >> bob: that is one i would put in my home videos and show my kids. jay on occasion was wonder a littlait will -- what happenedee bit. they are ducking away from occupy wall street. i'll make the point. i support occupy wall street. they're exactly right.
2:30 pm
rich people make it and poor people don't. democrat is incorrect again. erroneous i'm going to dana perino. >> dana: my lowlight reel from the white house would be extensive and something you could make fun of for days. sometimes you get a question where you are like, when you are answering it you think like what is the three days from now what are they going to ask me? i think three months ago when occupy wall street was all that and they were living in the rei tents, that was longer ago i guess. maybe in the fall. but now it look like they're tarnish and they back away and sometimes you don't have a good answer. >> bob: time for greg to talk about defecating. >> greg: okay. anytime? here is the thing, i am beginning to sympathize with the democrats at this point. look at occupy wall street as the abusive ex-husband.
2:31 pm
a couple of years ago they were in love with him. everything was peachy. he was so good looking and now he is crazy and nuts and don't know what to do. you should have listened to me. i was the sympathetic next door neighbor telling you to break up with occupy wall street. he is bad for you, bad for you. if you only would listen to me. >> bob: you did this around nato and nato always has protesters before occupy wall street. >> eric: the history of occupy wall street. a year ago he had a speech in kansas, whatever it was. class warfare. in kansas. he embraced the movement. around that time he said they had been wrong blame people at millionaires and billionaires. he embraced the occupy mov movement. now bomb plot in ohio, he has to push back. but carefully because they're funded by unions. >> bob: they are not.
2:32 pm
funded by bain capital. >> greg: bob is performing comedy. >> kimberly: coming up, look at this woman. she could be the first republican african-american woman ever elected to congress. you will learn more about mia love and why she is unlike any congressional candidate ever when we come back. mia love. ♪ ♪ sarah... will you marry me? i think we should see other people. in fact, i'm already seeing your best friend, justin. ♪ i would've appreciated a proactive update on the status of our relationship. who do you think i am, tim? quicken loans?
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let's raise academic standards across the nation. let's get back to the head of the class. let's solve this.
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i'm bret baier. the big story here is grave budget report warning of
2:37 pm
possible recession. tonight on "special report," the scheduled changes put in place by the government that nonpartisan group says could drive the american economy off the cliff again. the defense department gave hollywood special access to documents related to bin laden raid. d.o.d. and the white house say they are trying to be accommodated to anyone interested like students working on school projects. the secret service director comes to capitol hill to define the skill of the colombian prostitution scand? was it broader than we thought. they voted free elections for the first time in generations but will the devil they don't know be worse than the devil they knew? will islamist shiavia law replace -- via law replace hosni mubarak? the grapevine, union organizer expresses discontent with the governor. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> dana: all right. so the g.o.p. is maligned and mocked by the left for not having enough diversity, which i don't think are true, but things are changing. we did a piece on candidate, mayor of sarasota springs and she is running for congress and look like she will win. >> you don't look like the typical republican congressional candidate. free utah. >> you should come out to utah. we're normal people like everybody else. the thing about martin luther king he took for content of the secretary, not the color of your skin. we have to make sure we get away from that. too many times we put that to the forefront. i want to make sure we are making americans all equal. >> dana: one reason she is different from other members of congress, african-american woman running for congress out of utah and she is also
2:39 pm
mormon. the key thing is to listen to her, kimberly, i want your take on this, listen to this. she says i'm not successful and not here as a candidate because i'm a woman. she says i have been a successful mayor in sarasota springs. >> it's not because i wear a pair of heels that we could go in and cut spending. let's see if we make history to get the country on firm financial footing. that is the history i'm interested in making. i'm exciting. >> dana: we love mia love. you like her? >> kimberly: she is fantastic. i would like a room full of her. that's what we sneed. she has strong fiscal policies. i love that. come in and make a difference. someone to be proud of and leadership. a role model. inspirational. this is a career you can get
2:40 pm
into to make a difference and be talented and capable. >> dana: get results. bob, i want your take. she is running against a six-term incumbent, the democrat in utah which is an endangered species at the moment. >> bob: a tough race. how long has the republican party been around? 150 years now? it's about time they had an african-american candidate who is a woman. typical white man's party. >> dana: the mocking of the lack of diversity in the g.o.p. is -- >> bob: it's -- >> dana: i want to talk about -- >> eric: can i talk about this for a second? >> greg: that is a perfect example. combination of conservative, black and mormon. feeding bad clams to a libera liberal. i can't wait to see bill maher when she is elected. he will a stomach pump. >> kimberly: he will want to date her. >> bob: who is the other african-american woman in the
2:41 pm
house? >> eric: can i make a comment? it has nothing to do with her being man or woman or black or mormon. it doesn't matter. she is a successful mayor and backed by tea party. she could be anyone and i think she will win and win profoundly. >> dana: can we talk for another woman who is a successful republican? governor of south carolina, nikki haley. who we like very much here. i have known her for a little bit. this is video from the afl-cio. he is thousand they -- this is how they celebrate at picnics in south carolina. >> this look like a tough girl. >> whack her. [ applause ] >> whack her again.
2:42 pm
that's what she needs. >> dana: does it ever cross their mind it might be atrocious behavior? >> eric: it's so bad it's actually -- can we point out those are south carolina democrats, right? >> dana: sure. >> bob: was it atrocious when they had character of barack obama with a bone -- >> eric: that as well, bob. >> bob: did you find that atrocious? >> greg: the terrible thing about this is the lack of candy in the pinata. a terrible pinata. >> bob: you think it was worse than obama with a bone in his nose? >> kimberly: waiting for stimulus money to load it with candy. that behavior is not nice. >> bob: this is not good behavior. you see a scene like that. you hanging out.
2:43 pm
>> dana: nikki haley has been a target of number of attacks. her family was indian-american. >> bob: barack obama has been attacked by eric bolling his life. >> eric: wow! that is not fair. he has never been attacked by eric bolling. eric bolling ail tacks his politics. nor have i ever hit him with a pinata. >> bob: you haven't denounced the character -- >> dana: actually, he has. >> kimberly: that is incorrect. >> greg: i denounce pinatas that don't have candy in them. >> dana: that is an outrage. we'll discuss it in the break and come back to talk about the parents who put their own child in a washing machine. should they be prosecuted? we'll talk about that.
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2:48 pm
>> bob: welcome back to "the five." i did not suggest that eric had anything to do with that barack obama character. so i apologize and i'm going to pick up the rest of my life and carry on. >> eric: apology accepted. >> bob: thank you. now. move on to will smith. men in black 3 is coming out. he was in moscow and a reporter got close to him. put his arms around him and gave him a big kiss. will just backhanded the guy. >> got a picture of it? >> he's a reporter. the biggest fan. can i have a hug.
2:49 pm
i go to give the joker a hug and he like tried to lean in to like kiss me. it was just awkward, dave. [ laughter ] >> that's what they were saying. oh, no, we're sorry, you know. it's just his shtick, you know. i said that's why his [bleep] got stuck. >> bob: i have no idea why anyone would want to kiss you. fine. but there is another story that is even more unbeliev unbelievable. >> --not -- >> kimberly: bob, are you hearing anything from the control room? is there like ears on that? >> eric: tell them what we're laughing at. the white house -- the producers are going can we discuss the will smith video? i thought he was right.
2:50 pm
take bob. give him one of these. one of these. >> kimberly: pannia the thing. >> eric: give him a shot. >> bob: we need to discuss this. >> dana: the reporter said i'm your biggest fans. that is your first clear. they are never your fan. freddie this is right after president obama declared how much he respected gay marriage and will smith says glad should be picketing will smith. >> greg: not sure where that went. >> kimberly: can we talk about the loss? >> greg: sorry. he punched a dude out. >> kimberly: question there will this was an assault and should anyone press charge against will smith? he kissed him and it was unwanted. bob, if you were trying to kiss and come at me, we could have a legal issue.
2:51 pm
>> bob: in moscow they shoot people for this. can i move on? there is a story about a kid at an laundromat. the kid is in the machine. >> dana: they put him in there. >> bob: they shewed him in there. i did study for this. >> kimberly: you did not. >> dana: then the washing machine starts automatically. that's why they are freaking out. they can't get the door open. he's in there. >> kimberly: he is inside, bob. that is the point of the story. he's not eating a logily pop. >> bob: why are you on my case for snod >> kimberly: i'm just next to you, trying to help you out. >> eric: whose parents didn't the washer, top loaded and put a pen in the thing. and put you in it. >> dana: the best place to do hide and seek. >> kimberly: that can be dangerous now with the
2:52 pm
automatic locking. i don't know anyone who got in the washing machine. >> bob: i had a friend in control room that put me drunk in a drier once. it's despicable. the babysit they're did that? >> dana: the parents. now they can't find where they are. >> bob: this is so substantive and this gets to the heart of what is going on in the world. the nato summit. a number of things going on. i really did want to study for it. okay. one more thing is next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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♪ ♪ >> greg: time for one more thing. kimberly, take it away. >> kimberly: one of my favorite fairy tales of all time is "snow white." i love it so much i played snow white at u.c. davis. >> greg: good for you. >> kimberly: i was fortunate to see "snow white and the huntsman" and the new movie
2:57 pm
coming out. freddie how was john huntsman in it -- >> greg: how was john huntsman in it? >> kimberly: charlize theron in it. it was fantastic. i was able to check it out with my friends. recommend it. have fun. freddi >> greg: bob? >> bob: i have been dissed on the show. i'll pick up my life and carry on. i just realized today three of my friends are here. there is a reason for this. extended 40 years we have been friends. it's so hard to make friends when you get older. it's great to have friends when you are younger and they stick with you. the last thing this is prom week. i don't know about the rest of you parents but it scares me to death. i'm going to have well, son, i hate to tell you, a private investigator -- no. we have to be careful and watch carefully what we do. >> kimberly: there are your friends in the control room. >> bob: a lot of kids do drink and do drive. they be very, very careful.
2:58 pm
>> greg: i offered to chaperon. you said no. >> bob: never mind. >> bret: you have a good kid. alex is a good boy. >> eric: my turn? two presidential election primaries going on last night. president obama was up -- remember last week or a week-and-a-half ago, two weeks ago he lost 41% to keith judd, the inmate. last night, john wolf got 42% in arkansas. get this, uncommitted got 42% in kentucky. obama doing a great job. but this is the big one. the "q" poll last night came out. romney, 47%. to 41% over obama. in florida. with 29 electoral votes. that is a big one. >> bob: that is why we're the underdog. >> kimberly: he needs florida and virginia. >> bob: we'll be lucky to win. >> dana: starts this week, the first memorial -- what do you mean? what does that mean? >> greg: i live in the area
2:59 pm
they frequent. >> dana: these are pictures from my apartment. because the ships were coming up this week. this is the bi bisentennial. see the one in the back there? >> greg: if you walk the streets of new york city, you can see group of service men, you have to buy them drinks. that is the rule. you have to buy them shots, buy them drinks. >> dana: you thaw on "sex and the city." remember that episode? >> greg: that was one of my favorites. are you kidding? banned phrase of the day. walking back. i think i used it three times yesterday. instead, just say you're running scared. when you say something, and then you're forced to walk back. that means someone slapped your hand and told you. >> dana: use it in a sentence. freddie i'm walking back -- >> greg: i'm walking back the phrase "walking back." >> bob: i use that phrase all the time. >> greg: i know! [ lte


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