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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 24, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, may 24, 2012. thanks so much for sharing your time with us today. i'm gretchen carlson. mitt romney coming out with a big election promise lowering the unemployment rate by 6% by the end of its first term. how does it plan to do that? we're live in washington to find out. >> the man looking to keep his job making his own promises like vowing to take down successful businesses in order to make things fair. is he the first president to run against capitalism? rush limbaugh. el rushbo weighs in on that. >> another season of "american idol" coming to an end. but who took home the title? you'll find out shortly. "fox & friends" starts right now.
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>> welcome, everyone! big night last night with "american idol." and brian is here. >> i know. 20 million people about watched last night. and it turns out -- >> 136 million votes cast. >> they say. >> they say. >> right. >> most teenaged girls must be casting the votes because a woman can't win "american idol" anymore. can't win. >> yeah, but as we all know, you don't have to win to be a winner because a lot of the ones who don't win it end up being more successful. >> we have exactly the moment we're talking about and we'll show you it here on this thursday that feels like a friday for us. >> fire burning on a nuclear powered sub. the situation is holding at this hour at the portsmouth naval shipyard in maine. u.s.s. miami dry docked there. officials say the sub's nuclear reactor was not operating when the fire broke out. keeping an eye on this
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developing story and bringing you any updates as they come in. first hurricane of the pacific season forming while you were sleeping. here's a look at hurricane bud on the satellite. how do they come up with those names? right now, it's a category 1 storm packing winds of 75 miles an hour. expected to hit mexico's southwestern coast late tomorrow night. hoping to learn the identity of the jurors in the john edwards corruption trial have filed a joint motion. unless the judge overseeing the case actually allows it. jurors will continue deliberations today to determine if edwards used campaign money to hide his affair with rielle hunter. in case you missed it last night, bill o'reilly bringing the no spin zone to the late show with david letterman and he got the upper hand when discussing president obama's ongoing solyndra scandal. >> the solyndra and the new green stuff is a big loss for
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them because nothing has come of it. so it's a very tight -- look, everybody understands, you kind of grazed over that. there are particulars that don't represent it as being as black and white as you suggest. >> ok. let me see them. let me see them. >> i have to go upstairs, they're in my -- are they upstairs? >> solyndra got a $535 million loan from the government before going under. belly up, however you want to put it. >> they're upstairs in my green energy credenza, he was thing. >> in the meantime, mitt romney coming out with a big election promise. lowering the unemployment rate by the end of his first term if he is elected president of the united states. >> all right. peter doocy live in washington with more. peter? >> brian, mitt romney told "time" magazine yesterday that by the end of his term, first term in the white house, he'll shrink the unemployment rate to 6% or lower. and keep in mind that today, it's 8.1%.
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>> can tell you that over a period of four years, by virtue of the policies that we've put in place, we get unemployment rate down to 6% and perhaps a little lower. >> but the obama campaign's press secretary says mitt romney has moved the goal post on a critical promise because 20 days ago, romney said no unemployment rate above 4% is worth celebrating and now that number has been slightly adjusted. meanwhile, president obama himself is telling voters on the trail that he's running for president again because his long memory regarding failed economic policies makes him more formidable than mitt romney and all his business experience. >> governor romney says his 25 years in the private sector gives him a special understanding of how the economy works. now, if that's true, i got to ask -- why is he running around with the same bad ideas that have brought our economy to collapse this last time out?
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>> and with all the talk about adjusted expectations or predictions for future unemployment rates, it's important to point out that back in january of 2009, two of president obama's economic advisors, jared bernstein and kristina romer predicted if the $787 billion package became law, then the unemployment rate would not go above 8% but it did and it actually hit 10% in october of 2009. back to you in new york. >> thank you very much. we should point out that while mitt romney yesterday told mark helbern of "time" magazine bit by the end of his first term, that's not what he said in the first half. mitt romney said by the end of his first term they were projecting that unemployment would be at 5.9%. so that's pretty much 6%. >> congressional budget office also, though, the c.b.o., they projected the unemployment rate will drop to 5.3% by 2016. so that could be a number that
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maybe the romney camp also you -- saw. i have no idea how they come with their numbers. that's four years from now they'll be able to predict 5.3%. that's what they're saying. >> governor romney will be on with us shortly. this week, all week, it seems the administration's tact obviously for the last 10 days has been to look what he's done at bain capital saying he's heartless about values and only about profits. if you look at what ed rendell says, if you look at what -- >> dianne feinstein has weighed in. >> if you look at congressman harold ford has said and famously mayor cory booker has said, they are not comfortable with that categorization. that's why yesterday i thought it was interesting they seemed to be pivoting a little bit away from talking about bain capital. >> yeah but somebody else who was talking about bain capital was rush limbaugh and he had an
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extraordinary analysis of what the president of the united states and his campaign is doing. he's running against capitalism and rush wondered whether or not in the annals of american history, that had ever been done before. here's el rushbo. >> i can't think -- well, maybe one exception. i can't think of another presidential candidate in history who has ever tried to win the presidency by running against capitalism. maybe gus hall who was the perennial communist party candidate. but in the major parties, i don't recall this. now, i think obama was running his capitalism in 2008 and nobody knew it. he was running against profit? profit is evil. there's not a c.e.o. in the country qualified to be president. i wonder how warren buffet feels about that.
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and biden is out saying the same thing, by the way. biden and obama, they read from the same script. >> gus hall. >> people did know about it, though, in 2008. if you think back to the joe the plumber incident, this is basically the same exact philosophy that that little one encounter brought to the forefront of the entire 2008 election. but the american voters still looked past maybe that one comment and decided on hope and change. really, it's the same philosophy from four years ago. they're just talking more about it now. and they know that it's probably working because some of the polls, the internal polls probably at least show that this fair share idea is working and resonating with at least some of the voters. >> right now, it's in a dead heat according to gallup in overall popularity and in florida, it looks as though mitt romney is doing something correct because he's now opened a six point lead. a little later, we'll have karl rove on and talk about the battleground states, how they could break out and how they might break out. >> meantime, mitt romney now
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besides the unemployment statement about bringing it down to 6% in his first term, he's now saying that education, what did he call it? the civil rights -- the civil rights issue of our era and one of the things that he wants to do is really try to reform education and bring back more charter schools and also the voucher system. remember, this is an important debate in washington, d.c. where president obama's two daughters had the ability to go to a much better school than some of the public school opportunities. and other kids were not allowed to go to those schools because the voucher program was not allowed in washington, d.c. this is something that mitt romney would vow to change. >> so yesterday, romney came out and spoke to an education forum where he endorsed the voucher program. but at the same time, he really ripped the teachers union because down in washington, they had a very successful program called opportunity scholarship where suddenly, kids were graduating at, i think, an 90% rate as opposed to 55% given the
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public schools so he ripped the teachers union as standing in the way of progress for our kids. here's mr. romney. >> the teachers unions are the clearest example of a group that has lost its way. whenever anyone dares to offer new idea, the unions protest the loudest. their attitude was memorably expressed by a long time president of the american federation of teachers. he said -- and i quote -- "when school children start paying union dues, that's when i'll start representing the interest of children." yeah. the teachers' unions don't fight for our children. that's our job. and our job keeps getting harder because the unions wield outsized influence in elections and campaigns. >> i don't think he has to worry about losing any union votes from the teachers unions anyway. they weren't going to vote for him. >> some people in the unions might. maybe not the head leaders but there are some people who pay their dues who are upset about
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the fact that those dues only go to one political cause, if you're one of those people, let us know. in the meantime, the obama campaign says that mitt romney didn't have a good education record in massachusetts so that is their defense against this new education platform that he's putting out there. >> keep in mind, too, mitt romney brought up jeb bush a couple of times, three times to praise him for the work he's done with education. >> why is he talking about jeb bush? >> i thought that was pretty significant. governor romney will be on a little bit later. the first question i'll ask governor romney, surprised about the "american idol" winner? that will be my first question and i'll get into it. >> i might have to take you down before you ask that question. >> you want to see the winner? >> phillip phillips and jessica sanchez. let's see how it plays out. i think ryan seacrest is the host. >> after a record breaking 132 million votes, the winner of
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"american idol" season 11 is -- phillip phillips! >> you know, i think tom bergeron stretches out that waiting in anticipation thing just slightly more. as gretchen said at the top, it's not surprising given the fact that there are so many young girls who do vote for historically. >> i wonder if they're going to change the voting system a little bit. i mean, not that he didn't deserve to win at all. congratulations to him. but a woman has not won, a girl since jordin sparks, i believe that was 2007. so it sort of has become this favorite advantage because of the kind of person who is voting for the hot young guy. >> white male singer who plays the guitar to actually win. jessica sanchez was 16. you could tell she was 16. she sang like she was 35. but she's -- i think she's going
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to be unbelievably successful. this was a huge show, huge extravaganza and i thought it was also interesting right in the middle, they had what i believe, unofficially is the first time two "idol" contestants got engaged. >> that's right. >> you had ace young and diana digarmo get engaged on stage and ace young realizing he hasn't been on a stage that big, really milked it. took about three minutes. >> i didn't know they were dating. >> evidently, they were in a broadway play together. >> really? now, that headline or the graphic below said brian stays home. were we supposed to get something out of that? >> no. this year, i didn't go and they still had the show without me. after nine years in a row, i missed it. we'll have more on that story as this show develops. >> meantime, coming up, one of the nation's largest police sources bowing to the demands of muslims and relaxing their terrorism programs. are they putting political
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>> 17 minutes after the top of the hour. this week, president obama got snubbed in two of his own democratic primaries. in kentucky, 42% of the voters claim to be uncommitted to the president. and in arkansas, a little known attorney from tennessee scooped up 42% of the votes. dick morris, former advisor to president clinton and author of the brand new book "screwed". i knew you'd have it and there it is on the screen. it's sure to be a bestseller. >> it is. number three. >> it's already a bestseller. good to see you, dick. what do we make of that, if anything, that president obama can't fair so well against unknown people and uncommitted? >> he wasn't against anybody. nobody knew he was there. and uncommitted is, of course, uncommitted. look, the president is hoping to generate a huge turnout among
3:18 am
the democratic base with top heavy margins for him. if all he can do is get 58% of the democrats in kentucky or the democrats in arkansas, then to vote for him, let alone turn out, that indicates a tremendous weakness in his vote. >> so let me get this out of the way because some people will say it really doesn't matter, people just fooling around when he goes to the polls because he's the incumbent. what do you say to that? >> fooling around because they don't like him. if you were an obama fan and you walked out in the rain or whatever to go vote, you'd vote for obama. i mean, obviously, in voting for a guy that's totally unknown or in west virginia, 40% voted for a guy who was in jail. in texas. yeah, in that case, you're obviously showing some discontent. and this is a group he not only has to carry, he has to generate a huge turnout among them. >> so the other defense of that result is that, well, these are two states that the president won't win in november. >> yeah, but he needs to win the
3:19 am
democrats. if he's not winning the democrats all over the country by huge margins with gigantic enthusiasm and a tremendous turnout, he has no chance of winning anything. >> some analysis has also said you should look closely at kentucky and arkansas because it might give you a message about north carolina which ironically is where the democratic convention is going to be held in a swing state. do you think that these results bode true for anything that might happen in nearby north carolina. >> yeah, i think north carolina, virginia, southern ohio, a bunch of states, i mean, kentucky virtually is southern ohio. they're right across the river from each other. i think that it bodes very ill for him. and it's one of the piece of a series of things that are showing his weakness. another will be that i think scott walker will probably survive recall in wisconsin. a heavily democratic state. i think if you just look at a series of these things, you're
3:20 am
seeing tremendous weakness on obama's part. but particularly because his whole campaign is aimed at turnout. that's what he's trying to do. he's trying to replicate the 2008 model. in 2008, he probably had a larger margin against hillary in some of these states than he has against uncommitted now. >> very interested. all right, dick, stick around, if you will, because he's going to do some fact checking for us. he says new ads that the president is rolling out are just plain wrong. and this kid's brother is a marine. and he wanted to wear this t-shirt to support him. he wore that t-shirt to school. but he was told to turn it inside out because of this part of it. what was on the back. why was the school offended? find out. straight ahead. today, we stand against the tyranny
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>> some quick thursday morning headlines for you. anne hathaway's con man ex-boyfriend facing deportation to italy. he'll be released from a pennsylvania prison later today. he served nearly four years for a real estate scam. and then they broke up. in l.a., now the largest city of the united states, you'll have to pay $0.10 per paper bag unless you bring your own to the grocery store. >> bring your own bag to the grocery store? >> wow, we have to expand on that story. president obama and his super pac already unveiling their negative attack plan against mitt romney. i don't know if you've noticed but are the new ads airing in key swing states really that accurate? >> dick morris is back to take a closer look. all right, so we have two different ads. let's play the first one and then we'll get your comments on whether it's accurate or not. >> sure.
3:25 am
>> with romney and bain capital, the objective was to make money. whether the companies they came in and worked with make money or not is irrelevant. bain capital always made money. if we lost, they made money. if we survived, they made money. it's as simple as that. >> that's kind of what rush limbaugh was talking about, running against capitalism. >> well, this is actually what i do each time obama comes out with a negative ad. i run a thing on my web site, where i play the ad and play the rebuttal. the rebuttal to this one is very simple. "the wall street journal" did a study of bain capital investments and found that 22% of the time this guy is right. bain capital made money and the company went broke. 78% of the time, the company turned around creating an aggregate of 100,000 jobs and did just fine. >> they left that out of the ads. >> so the rebuttal is 780 is a pretty good batting average. >> so would you say that would
3:26 am
be true for any business in america not just private equity that that would be a good batting average? 78%? >> great one except we have to remember that bain capital started with failed firms. i mean, this was -- these were invest -- i mean, it's like saying how would you do it in a swimming contest? fine. now, do it among people that are drowning. >> all right. we've got another one. here's another campaign ad by barack obama's campaign. we'll take a peek and then dick's rebuttal. >> over the top erroneous out of context. big oil's new attack ad. president obama's clean energy initiatives have helped create jobs for projects across america, not overseas. what about mitt romney? as a corporate c.e.o., he shipped american jobs to places like mexico and china. as governor, he outsourced state jobs to a call center in india and is still pushing tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. it's what you'd expect from a guy that has a swiss bank account. >> well, first of all, those
3:27 am
two instances they cited, mexico and china both happened after mitt romney left bain capital. they happened in 2001 and he left in 1999. the call center thing that he talks about was a program romney inherited with using indian car centers for state business. he wound -- he cut the fed down and when he left office, there were only 16 people making the calls and he insisted it be relocated to the united states. bun thing that didn't make it too popular in massachusetts, it relocated to utah. >> but dick, you also brought up a good point, too, in that if you talk about outsourcing jobs, jeff immelt is pretty good at that at g.m. >> out of 220,000 jobs, 160,000 are overseas and in g.e. where immelt is the head of the president's job council, 54% of
3:28 am
their workers are overseas so the outsourcing that romney may have been involved in is minor and as to the swiss bank account, it is perfectly legal to have one. you just have to declare it and let the i.r.s. see it and he did. >> all right. always a pleasure. check out your web site, and he has the brand new book climbing the charts. >> number three, "screwed. "easy title to remember. >> one of the best ever. >> timely to today's headlines. >> coming up next, call the p.c. police. a teen says a school nurse wouldn't hand over his inhaler during an asthma attack because he didn't have the right form. >> i know. >> and a police officer caught snoozing on the job. what's worse? that he was armed, i believe, made this whole thing worse. should i be whispering? [ male announcer ] when a major hospital wanted to provide better employee benefits
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>> fox news alert for you right now. we're learning the fire on board that nuclear powered sub has now been put out. firefighters worked through the night at the fort smith naval shipyard in maine. five firefighters and two crew members suffered minor injuries trying to put out the flames. the u.s.s. miami is dry docked there and officials say the sub's nuclear reactor was not operating when the fire broke out. >> the ship's reactor has been shut down for over two months and remains in a safe and stable
3:33 am
condition throughout the event. the propulsion spaces remained habitable and were continuously manned throughout the night. >> we also know that there were no weapons on board the sub at the time. no word of how the fire started, though. >> all right, the state department launching a very different kind of raid against al-qaida. hacking into al-qaida's web sites in yemen. the surprise admission by secretary of state hillary clinton. >> a digital outreach team of tech savvy specialists fluent in arabic, somali is already patrolling the web and using social media and other tools to expose the inherent contradictions in al-qaida's propaganda. >> somebody is friending a terrorist. yemen's al-qaida in the arabian peninsula is considered one of the most dangerous groups in the world. country was the launching pad for three foiled attacks in the united states including the underwear bomber one and two who tried to bring down an american airliner. meanwhile, caught on camera, two
3:34 am
tv station employees now out of the hospital in topeka, kansas, after a disgruntled man broke into the tv station wivw, the man punching employees after he threw a lamp through the entrance. a group of employees rushed by to subdue him. somehow, the suspect was able to cut one in the leg and bite another in the ear. we hear he was upset by how the veterans administration was handling his case. the man now booked into jail in topeka after receiving medical treatment. >> it was an honor for the men and women who fought for our country. among those recognized, u.s. army captain larkin o'hearn, he walks with a cain. he was blown up by a bomb in afghanistan 17 months ago but says that's not stopping him. >> from the beginning, i know i wanted to stay in the army. and i'm working that right now.
3:35 am
and so that gives me that same kind of mission, you know, we both believe that there's a god out there that's looking out for us, that's got us this far and will keep taking us. >> also, being honored, a dog named rufus. there's rufus. he was a stray whose barking broke up a suicide bomb attack. that got him the award. fantastic. congratulations. >> wounded warriors are needed now more than ever because so many of our troops are coming home. if they don't have apparent injuries, there's ptsd and things they're doing are incredible and i don't know if you saw the show friday, saturday, not on sunday. we had five different events from the tough mudder which is taking over this country. most of the proceeds from the tough mudder contests and these -- they're not competitions, they're events. >> challenge. >> going into the event they had $3 million raised. >> take a look.
3:36 am
there's brian kilmeade going up over the wall. he's the first one. tough mudder has donated $3 million to the wounded warriors foundation. >> wounded warriors made a lot of money as a result of tough mudder coming to "fox & friends." take a look at this. $42,210 collected on friday. that's over $81,000 from tough mudder here at "fox & friends" going to wounded warriors. >> and the guys leading us through were all military guys. meanwhile -- and actually some women, too, did this. the wounded warrior is how you can donate and find out more at >> there i am in a white t-shirt. you know, my wife still hasn't gotten that completely clean. >> i don't think she's ever going to. >> ditch that one. >> have you thought about shouting it out? >> brian and i both talked before we got started that the -- >> worried about the wall. >> we were worried about the wall. >> turnlz out it was the water
3:37 am
that was the scariest and i think i made a big tactical mistake when i did a cannonball. you know how cold the water was? 18 degrees. and it took my breath away and i paused for a moment trying to acclimate. >> you thought trying to get arnold the water for a minute. >> this is the mistake i made. doing the cannonball. i should have just -- >> that's when steve realized his aorta had stopped working and his right chamber and left chamber were no longer talking. >> i was nervous for you to be honest during this part right here, i wasn't sure if you were acting or not. >> no acting there. i think that's what's known as the response where if you get in cold situations, your body kind of shuts down. >> what they're doing is you have to swim under the wall, you finally did. >> brian did the right thing. brian got in the water and then dove right under it but you made one tactical mistake. >> which was? >> you hit your head on that board. >> you did? were there stitches involved? >> no, just crying.
3:38 am
>> and then after that, there was electricity. by the way, thank you very much for everybody who did donate to wounded warriors. they are still open. they still need the money if you're interested, help them out. it's a terrific cause. >> all right. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit of sports. the eighth seeded 76ers refused to make the playoffs. they beat the celtics to stay alive and force a game seven. elton brand, yes, still playing, 13 points, 10 boards. neither team had won consecutive games in the series. do or die saturday and this one will finally kwcome to an end a see if the celtics come back to the conference finals. could be the last game for ray allen and kevin garnett. they could be going different directions after this as well as pierce. brand new report out this morning. this is stunning to me. gretchen, do you know about this? the yankees could be up for sale? >> no comment, brian. >> they could be up for sale so the richest franchise in all the world could be up for sale. they report the steinbrenner
3:39 am
family that bought the club for $8.8 million in 1993 is working around and feeling their way to getting through it. it's because the record sale price of $200 billion for the dodgers, the yankees are saying if the dodgers could get that we could get $300 billion while the market is still hot. >> we're calling this our p.c. roundup, what you think about these two stories. out in los angeles, the los angeles police department now apparently has caved, some people believe, to changes to the program to satisfy some muslim complaints. so in the olden days, if a muslim man was taking a picture of an office building, that would be considered sufficient behavior to make an arrest. or doing other suspicious behavior like using binoculars to look through to a bridge or something like that. now, they're not going to be able to do that anymore. they're not going to be doing any kind of those arrests.
3:40 am
>> wait a second, we all know before would be terrorist attack, they tape it over and over again just as they shot the world trade center over and over again and all of those tapes turned up in terror dens in afghanistan. >> now, going forward, what they're going to do, if they gather any information on anybody after, you know, after they've realized that guy is not a terrorist, they've got to erase it. >> meanwhile, let's take you down to volutia county, schools. >> outrageous, by the way. >> it is outrageous. a kid by the name of michael rudy, i believe, last friday. they found an asthma inhaler in his locker. and they confiscated it, the school did. because he did not have one of those medical release forms, you're supposed to have it done every year. as it turns out that day he had an asthma attack. and it sounds like, according to this particular story, he went into the nurses office, they called his mother, when his mother got there, he was on the floor. she was -- she was -- she
3:41 am
thought he might die and she's outraged. >> they wouldn't give it to him. >> they would not give it to him even though his entire school history, he has had a rescue inhaler. >> but why? >> didn't have the form filled out this year. >> oh! >> if you're a parent, you fill out these forms every year. what do you allow your kid to take to school? and do you have any other medications from home that you would like the nurse to give to them? well, apparently, this kid was about to pass out on the floor and the nurse allegedly closed the door. big problem here is that the school did not call 911 either so now this mom pressing charges against the nurse for child endangerment. >> wow. >> i got to tell you about a story out of mississippi, very pro military area. >> this is one of your favorite stories of the day, we were talking about it earlier. >> yes, jordan griffin is 13 years old and his brother timmy serving in afghanistan as a marine. to remember him, here's your t-shirt. will you wear this? he wears it to school and at school, they say no, you can't wear that. but there's a bulldog there. and evidently --
3:42 am
>> on the backside. >> on the back. the front part is no problem. the backside, you see all his equipment and you see the dog, you know, you see things that maybe people don't -- >> ok. >> and other stuff. it's a male. and the people are offended by that. they won't let him wear it to school and everybody is outraged. wait a second, he idolizes his brother, of course, he's worried about his brother. can he at least bring that t-shirt to school? it's a u.s. marines -- >> turn it inside out. >> when you see people walking their dogs, you better wear blinders because you see -- that's the shot. i guess. that will be -- >> put pants on your dog if you're walking past that school. >> this is the officials at south jones elementary objected to it so he's not allowed to wear it as of now. >> right. >> and we should point out that the school superintendent said it has nothing to do with it being a marine corps shirt. we're very pro military and one of the most conservative places in the united states. they felt it was a little too graphic. let us know what you think about
3:43 am
all those stories. as a new puppy owner, i actually wouldn't mind the dog in pants or maybe diverse. it might help if you don't take it out as many times. i digress. his duty to protect, serve and sleep. caught catching z's on the job and he has a gun. >> why wouldn't he? and facebook, the criminal? it looks like the social networking site was a bad investment initially but did they also, perhaps, break the law? all rise! judge andrew napolitano on the case next. come on in. andrew. i'm more of an absentee plant parent. [ cellphone rings ] tuscaloosa? schenecty. des moines. ok. ok. ok.
3:44 am
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(female announcer) most life insurance companies look at you and just see a policy. at aviva, we do things differently. we're bringing humanity back to life insurance. that's why only aviva rewards you with savings for getting a check-up. it's our wellness for life program, with online access to mayo clinic. see the difference at >> quick headlines coming your way. call him a sleeper agent.
3:47 am
this boston transit cop caught snoozing on the job! a concerned citizen snapping the picture. the cop, a 29 year veteran of the force was on duty at the time when he nodded off. he's facing disciplinary action as soon as he wakes up. he doesn't know it yet. the days of smacking the ketchup bottle over. and you can thank a product called liquiglide. here it is in action. wake up, mrs. kerry. a slippery nontoxic coating is applied to the inside of the bottle to keep condiments from sticking. for more on this, let's go to the judge and steve. >> that's right. i think it's a good idea. i think mrs. kerry was for that before she went against it. >> absolutely, steve. >> no kidding. >> today, the senate launches an investigation into facebook's multibillion dollar i.p.o. from last friday after allegations that select clients got inside information before shares went on sale. it's a big deal because the stock has tanked somewhat and every day, folks have lost over the last week or so, lost a
3:48 am
collective $2 1/2 billion. here to weigh in is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. all right, judge, so according to some news accounts, explain what happened. >> according to some news accounts, morgan stanley which was the lead bank on the -- the underwriter. the person that -- >> the middle man. >> correct. examined facebook's books and decided -- advised them how much stock they should sell and what the price should be. >> so facebook, we think your stock is worth x amount. >> right. according to the media now, that's all we have. morgan stanley gave facebook a number which was far less than what facebook told the public. >> and it started selling at $38 a share. >> correct. we don't know what morgan stanley told facebook. we don't even know if the story is true. if it is true, that means facebook misled the public as to the value of the stock and a lot of people lost a lot of money so what do people do when they lose
3:49 am
money? they're starting to file lawsuits. they're filing class actions, one person is suing on behalf of everybody else. the everybody else is an enormous group. facebook sold 421 million shares of stock on the first day and this person suing saying i'm representing everybody that lost money because facebook didn't tell us what morgan stanley told facebook. >> here's what morgan stanley says regarding the i.p.o. process. morgan stanley followed the same procedures for the facebook offering that it follows for all i.p.o.'s. those procedures are in compliance with all applicable regulations. >> if the court allows this case to go forward, it would be the largest class action in history. meaning it would be the largest group of plaintiffs and the largest group of defendants and the largest amount of money at stake in any litigation we've seen in the united states of america. >> and your advice for mark zuckerberg if he's watching right now in his pajama hoodie. >> don't spend it all. put it some in the bank, you might have to part with some of it if the media reports are true. discovery. the examination of documents by
3:50 am
lawyers will determine whether these media reports about morgan stanley are true. >> man, oh, man. >> business for lawyers as stuart varney would say. >> no wonder you're smiling. >> judge andrew napolitano, thank you, sir. >> pleasure, steve. >> remember this video, a union leader using niki haley's face on a pinata. >> wait until her face comes around and whack her! yeah, hilarious. now, the governor swinging back. hear from her coming up. and it could be the medical miracle heart patients have been praying for. how to mend a broken heart. the incredible breakthrough you've got to hear coming up next.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
>> fox news alert. we're getting word that the new york police department is questioning a new jersey man in connection with the etan pates case. he's the boy that disappeared more than 30 years ago as he walked to the school bus from his home in new york city. law enforcement sources say the police picked the man up sometime last night and brought him to manhattan for questioning. he's known to investigators and not anyone new in the case. he worked and lived in patz's neighborhood when the boy disappeared. more information coming in every second on this story. we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. and as you recall, remember about a month ago, they were digging up cement in a building next to where he had lived and no arrests came immediately after that subsequently. but now it appears one could be breaking. >> all right. we'll follow that story. meanwhile, to another big story. it's a medical breakthrough that researchers say could literally mend a broken heart using stem
3:55 am
cells. scientists have converted skin cells into functioning heart tissue. >> a cardiologist and medical director of the jones h. tisch center for women's health at nyu medical center is our guest and she's the author of this book "complete guide to women's health." you're busy. >> busy. >> good to see you again. >> what should we make of this study? >> this is exciting news because, you know, for people with the most severe forms of heart failure, we have medications that don't cure it. and sometimes they have to go for heart transplantations so the ability to have the technique where you can take literally take someone's skin cells, turn them into stem cells that can be treated to become heart cells is promising news. >> this was published in the european heart journal. you say a very respected journal. and they did it into animals still, correct? >> that's right. they tested the cells after they programmed them into heart cells and they transplant them to hearts of rats. rat hearts. >> how soon until we get it and able to use it here?
3:56 am
>> i think it's several years until we're ready to use it in humans. we're still doing animal studies. important thing is about 4.8 million people in our country suffer from heart failure. there are two important things that people need to know that one of the two leading causes of heart failure are heart attack and uncontrolled high blood pressure. so i think it's very important for all of us to take care of our hearts, you know, exercise. >> preventative is still the way to go. >> prevention is the number one thing. >> for people who are already ill, this could be a huge breakthrough. >> it's great hope! >> it's great hope! because we only have medicines to control symptoms. >> all right. thank you for the abbreviated interview with the breaking news that we have. and coming up on our show, big show still ahead. karl rove, trace adkins, mitt romney and marco rubio. >> the tallest of the group, trace adkins. >> i believe you're correct. >> be right back. k9 advantix ii.
3:57 am
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♪ >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, may 24th. i hope you're going to have a fantastic day. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for spending part of it with us. a fox news alert for you. right now, the nypd, huge story breaking right now questioning a man in connection with the etan patz case, the 6-year-old boy who vanished more than 30 years ago. breaking details moments away. >> president obama supporting the occupiers in the beginning. remember? but now a cop has been stabbed and mr. obama staying silent right now. is his silence the same thing as approval? we report, you decide. >> and remember this video we showed you yesterday, a union leader using niki haley's face on a pinata. >> ready? wait for her face to come around and whack her! >> now, the governor swinging back. hear from her coming up this hour.
4:01 am
"fox & friends" hour two for a thursday live from new york starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. we have huge breaking news right now, fox news alert, getting word of the nypd questioning a new jersey man in connection with the etan patz case. he's the 6-year-old boy who disappeared more than 30 years ago as he walked from the school bus to his home in new york city. police picked the man up sometime last night and brought him to manhattan for questioning. the man not being identified at this time but police say he did work and live in his neighborhood. investigators reportedly questioned him when patz first disappeared. word is he's now implicated himself in the case. we'll keep you up to speed on that story. the fire on a nuclear powered sub has been knocked out. firefighters worked throughout the night at the portsmouth
4:02 am
naval shipyard in maine. five firefighters and two crew members suffered minor injuries trying to put out the flames. u.s.s. miami dry docked there and officials say the sub's nuclear reactor was not operating when the fire broke out. >> the fire spread to spaces within the submarine that were difficult to access. the heat and smoke contained in these confined spaces made it challenging for firefighters to combat the blaze. i want to emphasize that the heroic actions of the firefighting teams averted what could have been a much more severe situation. >> we also know that there were no weapons on board the sub at the time. no word, though, on now the fire started. the state department engaged in war against al-qaida on the web. secretary of state hillary clinton revealing the u.s. is hacking into al-qaida web sites in yemen. and refuting their propaganda. and she says, they're already seeing results. >> we can tell that our efforts are starting to have an impact because we monitor the
4:03 am
extremists venting their frustration and asking their supporters not to believe everything they read on the internet. >> yemen's al-qaida in the arabian peninsula considered one of the terror group's most dangerous offshoots. the country was the launching pad for three foiled attacks on u.s. targets including the underwear bomber who tried to bring down an american plane a couple of years ago. there is a new american idol this morning. >> the winner of "american idol"! season 11 is -- phillip phillips! >> 21-year-old former pawnshop worker phillip phillips crowned the season 11 champ. getting all choked up while singing his new single "home."
4:04 am
of course, that means 16-year-old jessica sanchez was the runner-up. she will join phillips and the rest of the top 10 for a u.s. tour. that will kick off in july and those are your headlines. last night, they were talking about the auditions for season 12 coming up in early june. you had to wonder when jennifer lopez was sitting there whether or not she'll be back. big rumors she won't be back. >> the biggest stars are the women. carrie underwood is huge and jordin sparks is huge, talk about powerful, successful women. michelle malkin is here. hey, michelle. who was not on "american idol." because you're more of a talker than a singer. >> i do play the piano, though. i know gretchen plays the violin. >> sometimes we have to do a duel when you're in new york city. >> that would be nice. >> hey, michelle, how about this? so the occupy people disrupted the big wing ding that the president hosted in chicago a couple of days ago including there was a lot of violence and
4:05 am
there was also some property damage and i believe a cop got stabbed at some point. it's interesting yesterday wendell goler asked the president's spokesperson jay carney about whether the president is still behind the occupy movement. let's listen to this and get your point of view. >> the president has voiced support for the occupy folks in the past is their action in chicago sour his support? >> i think you're making broad comparisons between differing groups. what the president has said in the past is that he has understood the frustrations that americans have about the failure in particular of wall street in some cases to -- because,
4:06 am
obviously, wall street's role in the financial crisis to help precipitate the worst recession sips the great depression. >> huh? >> you know, the president would still be supporting the occupy movement had it not turned so ugly. >> yeah, right. i got to share a quip from my colleague doug powers who guest blogs for me at he called this one of the finer moments in white house press secretary hem-haws. it seems that the space between his words was so vacant, that he was surprised that the occupiers didn't come in and build an encampment in those spaces. i mean, look, the president and the democrats have a problem. and i do believe that silence is complicity. the chaos, the provoking of the police, the hatred of businessmen and entrepreneurs. the criminal activity that's now
4:07 am
the hallmark of this movement has been unremarked upon by so many of these people that rushed to the side of the occupiers and i would love for wendell goler to be able to ask president obama directly about this. because i'm sure the hem hawing would be even worse. >> how about this, the person who declared herself the fundamental -- who said the fundamental doctrine of the occupy movement, elizabeth warren is trying to be the next senator from massachusetts. she's basically gotten a pass on this. why isn't she forced to own this occupation movement? >> well, she's got a lot of baggage that she's got to deal with between the powwow cookbook and all of the mess she's dealing with there as well. but i think it's a really very salient point that basically the ideological godfathers and godmothers of all of this chaos are people who are in elected
4:08 am
office and who are the supposed adults of the democratic party and have gotten away with condoning this. >> real quickly before we move on to the next topic, are you in the camp that believes that occupy wall street was a big part of the strategy that -- in other words, it was set up as part of the strategy that we're now seeing many people believe from the obama campaign, this whole class warfare thing. do you think it was initially set up on purpose? >> well, i think these people obviously operate in cahoots and that the strategy that came out of columbia university, that has been the ideology that obama has been marinated in since the 1960's and 1970's has paved the way for this. and that this kind of organized anarchy, and this kind of agitation has -- is fundamental to the community organizing that put barack obama in office. and is the same kind of
4:09 am
community organizing that they are strategizing about now to keep him in office. >> michelle, i'm sure you've seen this video. we've played it yesterday. we've got it again. of a south carolina labor leader hitting the pinata with -- i believe that's a baseball bat. it's got niki haley's face on it down there. i read on line if that was the face of a democratic leader, that was considered a hate crime. she was on greta van susteren last night and here's her response to the woman with the bat. >> it's crazy! i still hurt every time i see it. this is what i will tell you, this is not typical of south carolinians. this is typical of union thugs and i will tell you in the past week, the dems have come after me with the racial slurs and the union thugs have hit me with a pinata. all it does is makes my heels taller and sharper so i can kick harder. i'm not going to stop beating up on the unions. i'm not going to stop beating up
4:10 am
on the democrats for wasteful spending and i'm going to keep on fighting for the things i fight for. i'm a lot tougher than that. girl, to governor haley. she has born more slings officials and the rationization of that video, i think, is what is super creepy and her point needs to be stressed that these are not just fringe people who are engaging in these unhied ou south carolina afl-cio chapter president. of course, the afl-cio has a long history of big labor violence so that's no surprise. but governor haley referenced this disgusting bigoted remark that was made by a top democrat official in south carolina, phil bailey, who also countenanced the other south carolina
4:11 am
official who called niki haley a raghead. where are all the civility police to condemn this kind of slime and behavior? you know, the good thing is there's a lot of pushback now. and these people are being exposed for what they are, intolerant bigots! in>> if the good old fashioned days, when you got in a fight, you did it on the school playground or did in person. >> challenge you to a duel. >> but you are in a big fight with bill burton who used to be aspokesperson for the obama administration on twitter! tell us about that. >> yeah. well, i call him pig maher's boy. the former press secretary for obama who now heads up this super pac that's taken a million dollars from massageonist bill maher and i was on twitter the other night talking about the utah senate race. i backed dan lillinquist, a wonderful state legislator
4:12 am
challenging the six term beltway barn kel orrin hatch and in comes bill burton to make fun of the fact that i'm supporting the challenger. and to somehow mock the fact that i believe i'm taking a principled stand on this so i pushed back by calling attention again to the acceptance of a million dollars from one of the filthiest mouths in hollywood. and hisesponse was to run off to bet and the whole thing is our twitter curation site but it's another -- twitter is a political battle space and it surely is shaping this election season in a big way. >> you were called out and you responded. >> just like that. >> good job. >> from your living room. >> all right. >> that's right. >> michelle malkin, thank you very much. check out her web site and see you back next thursday. thank you. >> you bet. take care. >> take a look at your tv, this is wt you don't want to see when approaching a sharp turn. oh, my goodness. >> you don't want to see that. >> an out of control truck
4:13 am
barrelling right in front of you. >> this is a record that the president can't stand on. the 30 worst months of employment in the last 30 years. stuart varney is here. 's determined to talk. we're a little early for this thing... want to hop in the back and get weird? no. no. ♪ ugh, no! [ sighs ] we can have hotdogs for dinner?! yes. [ male announcer ] it's nice to finally say "yes." new oscar mayer selects. it's yes food.
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4:16 am
>> more trouble on the jobs front. a new report says that the 30 worst months of unemployment over the past 25 years have all been with this president in office, president obama. >> even more shocking, they've all been during the "recovery". stuart varny is here to break it down. when you look at the bureau of labor statistics and they look at the last 25 years and there you've got 30 of the months at the bottom and they all had mr. obama's name on them. >> look at that chart. that tells the story, doesn't it? >> starting during reagan.
4:17 am
>> yeah. for a generation, longer than that. >> this is from the last 12 years. >> for a generation, 6 out of 10 americans, adult americans have gone to work. they've got out of bed every day and gone to work. in the obama era starting at that recession, we fall off a cliff. and we stay down. so for the first time in a generation, less than 6 out of 10 adults get out of bed every morning and go to work. that's a picture of america that's really not that good because america is not at work in the way that it used to be. >> well, here's the thing. you could also point to the fact that unemployment is also at 10% and now it's at 8.1%. >> wait a second. wait a second. >> the unemployment rate has come down to the 8% level precisely because millions of people have stopped working. they're not in the work force and they're not going back to the work force. if they were in the work force, the unemployment rate would be 11%, even 12%. so this is absence of people working that has allowed the
4:18 am
president to bring that unemployment rate down. so now what are they doing? some of them have taken early retirement. three million have taken social security disability. some people have just dropped out of the work force all together and some have gone back to school. the plain fact is that america is not at work. millions of people out of work force and the bls statistics show it. >> bureau of labor statistics. if mitt romney is elected president and he does what he said he'd do yesterday, the unemployment would go back to 6%, that would go back up. >> it would. that would mean the creation of the millions of new jobs. he has to create literally millions to get those people back to the work force, get them a job and expand the work force to get it back above 60%. >> what's coming up on varney & company? >> because you do have a job. >> i have a job and i'm going to keep it and not going to get out of bed late. we're doing facebook, that saga continues. >> incredible. >> class action lawsuit. >> and the greeks, they're
4:19 am
driving people crazy. are they in or out? >> we've been saying that for two years. >> that's right. >> we're still saying it. might be dropping out of the euro. >> to "the wall street journal." >> check stuart varney out at fox business in two hours and one minute. live and in color from the studio next door. >> all right. we'll see if karl rove will be in color because he's coming up next. here's something you haven't heard before. this election is starting to look an awful lot like president bush's re-election in 2004 so we called karl rove to come over here. he'll be on in color. >> but he's not alone. hello, carl. check out our green room. i guess trace adkins -- look at that, ladies love country boys. they love country boys. that's all. [ male announcer ] at scottrade,
4:20 am
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4:23 am
>> welcome back, everyone. president obama's re-election looking more and more like president bush's re-election bid back in 2004. president obama's job approval stands at 47%, exactly the same percentage president bush's was at this point in his presidency. both men also do better in the personal favorability scale with 52% of americans currently having a favorable view of president obama compared with 50% of americans who had a favorable view of president bush in 2004. >> joining us to weigh in on the similarities and differenceses is the former senior advisor to george w. bush, karl rove. karl, the similarities are striking, are they to you? >> yeah, there are some big differences not embodied in those numbers and i brought my little white board here. >> of course you did.
4:24 am
>> the big difference is on the economy. 16% of americans think that they're better off under president obama. this is the lowest number of any president who has run for re-election in the modern era and remember in 2004, the number one issue was security. terrorism, iraq, security, are we going to be safe? and bush was thought to be strong on that. here's the biggest difference. in 2004, president bush was thought to be a strong leader by a 64-36 margin. one of the most important assets a president has is his image as a strong and effective leader. bush had a good image. president obama today 54-48 see him as a strong leader. >> of course, there have been a number of national polls that show, what is it, 60%, 70%, 80% of the country feel like we're on the wrong track! >> more important than that is 75% to 80% of the people think the country is in a recession and 2/3 of the people think the policies have not helped at all
4:25 am
or hurt the economy. >> you have broken down the states that matter. it comes down to the electoral college so the must -- you did sort of a 3, 2, 1. three states, two states, one state that matter so the must wins for a romney victory are? >> indiana, virginia and north carolina. three historically republican states that were narrowly won by president obama in indiana, north carolina particularly in 2008 and you get those back and the electoral college is a swing of 78 in the electoral college. 39 added to romney's total. 39 away from obama. >> north carolina trending in the right direction for mitt romney as well as indiana. >> and indiana -- >> you know, yeah. >> but virginia, that will be a challenge. >> i think that's going to be a battleground to the end. at the end, i think that romney takes it. i think it will be a battleground to the end. the two are ohio and florida. we have a new poll out in florida with a six point lead. quinnipiac poll in florida and these two states represent 47 electoral votes, it would be a shift of -- excuse me, 49
4:26 am
electoral votes, it would be a shift of 98 in the electoral college and remember, the electoral map benefits romney right from the start. if he only carries the states that mccain carried, the electoral college is 14 electoral votes closer because of red states like georgia, texas and south carolina gained electoral college votes while blue states like new jersey, massachusetts and -- >> based on the census. >> based on the 2010 census. >> in ohio, you said on ohio, romney's biggest advantage is his white working class. >> president obama has a problem with white working class voters and romney has a seeming advantage with fluent suburbanites who voted for president obama in the last election. whether or not he's going to be able to take care of the first is whether or not he's winning or losing. will he be able to take this into satisfaction for working class voters and turn it into solid votes? >> you did three, two and the one is he has to win one other state. >> new hampshire, pennsylvania,
4:27 am
wisconsin, michigan, iowa. >> how crazy is that? >> nevada, new mexico, colorado. iowa, look, wisconsin was very close. we lost wisconsin by 5,000 votes in 2000 and by 1/2% in 2004. >> scott walker thing energized? >> i think the scott walker thing will give us a clue as to whether or not wisconsin is back in play. if walker wins, it's a signal that wisconsin is more like 2000, 2004 than wisconsin 2008. >> read all about it in "the wall street journal." >> that's right. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. excellent. >> good to see you. >> right now, the nypd questioning a man in connection with the etan patz case. the breaking details when we come back. >> this is what you don't want to see when approaching a sharp turn. a truck barrelling towards you. plus -- >> we're chatting with country music star trace adkins live on the plaza and check it out, it's fleet week here in new york city! you're living on a boat.
4:28 am
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4:32 am
girlfriend. you know how they met, kind of embarrassing. she was on some kind of nature hike, went to hug a tree. it was al. lovely story. >> where has he been? >> i think he's out in california. >> out of the news. >> yeah. >> speaking of news, we have some headlines now. let's begin with the fox news alert because the new york police department questioning a new jersey man now in connection with the etan patz case. reports say that the suspect was arrested last night. patz is the 6-year-old boy who disappeared more than 30 years ago as he walked to the bus from his home in new york city. the suspect is not being identified at this time. sources say he's made statements implicating himself in the case. they say he's not a new figure in this investigation and he did work and live in patz' neighborhood at the time the little boy disappeared. you remember police excavated a basement in that neighborhood a
4:33 am
few weeks ago but did not find any human remains or significant evidence but this is a huge break potentially in this story. there's still no shame for unabomber ted kacynski. he has the goal to list eight life sentences in prison as an award? he lists his occupation as prisoner. he was found guilty in 1998 of killing three people and hurting 23 others by sending a series of mail bombs. the same weekend that would have been his 50th class reunion. talk about nice guys finishing last. an ohio man facing a $500 fine because he gave money to a man in need. john davis was driving up an exit ramp when he saw a man in a wheelchair holding a sign reading "jesus loves you" so he handed him a few bucks. the problem, the man dropped it and moments later, davis was getting a ticket for littering, are you kidding me? >> needing some money or he wouldn't be out there.
4:34 am
i'd like to tdo it again. i'm petrified i'll get a ticket. >> come on, the cleveland police department not commenting. davis says he's prepared to fight the ticket in court. dramatic video into us this morning here at fox of a frightening truck crash. this happened in russia. so that truck slams into an oncoming s.u.v. and the reaction from the driver of the s.u.v. says it all but the good news, no one seriously hurt. wow. amazing video. well, it's time to head outside to get a peek at our weather for the weekend, the holiday weekend. >> that's right. thank you very much, gretch. it's fleet week! good morning. yeah, they sailed into town yesterday. docked just about four blocks. we'll talk to some of them in a moment. first, let me tell you a little bit about this bud is for you. you've got hurricane bud. it is the first storm of the -- of the season to make landfall.
4:35 am
it is currently a category 1. 75-mile-per-hour maximum sustained winds. probably going to impact the mexican coast tomorrow night sometime. as you can see, it's probably going to make landfall to the north of acapulco. meanwhile, let's take a look at what's going on in the united states of america. the 48 connected states and we have some heavy storms moving through the northern missouri and mississippi valley at this hour right now. rains from the great lakes down through the unicameral state of nebraska. looks like much of texas and dixie land -- >> you just made that word up. >> what does that mean? >> it means they've only got one house. most legislatures have two houses. bicameral. >> ok. >> i have to give trace a proper introduction. trace adkins is here. >> what are you talking about? he's heckling me. >> i'm bicameral, too.
4:36 am
>> you were at hard rock in a major concert. what was it about? >> it is about these folks here. the hard rock and the navy invited us to come up for fleet week. we had a good time at the hard rock in times square. a lot of navy folks. pretty wild. >> you've done seven u.s.o. tours and you've seen the guys, the men and women in action. you've seen them when they come home. what does memorial day mean to you? >> it's a day of reverence for me and it should be for everybody and i think that should be at least one day of the year where we take a moment to pause and reflect and remember the sacrifices that people have made for us and so i'm looking forward to actually this memorial day, i'm going to be on the front lawn there of the capitol with gary sinese and joe montana. >> can he play? i heard he's good. >> he's a good bass player. >> i think he acts, too. >> i heard that. >> i'm not sure. >> he's got another gig, i
4:37 am
heard. >> you have another gig. you're also the voice of the wounded warrior commercials. and reminding people of all the sacrifices our men and women have made over there or reminding folks to open up their wallet because it goes on. >> i'm one of the voices. but it's been something that i've been very honored to be a part of, wounded warrior project is just -- there's no more noble organization than that. they do great stuff. >> they do. >> what is your message to the members of the military who are standing -- some of them standing behind you here today? i'm sure they're thrilled. >> i have a very simple thank you. that's really what -- that's what i always try to tell them is just thank you, you know. that's why we do the u.s.o. things so we can go tell them thanks. >> so trace, you are a football player, you worked on an oil rig and legitimate tough guy and now singing country music that you have to be tough for. have you ever done a tough mudder? take a glance over at the monitor and tell us if this small portion of the tough mudder competition is something you would do.
4:38 am
>> i've done that sneaking into people's ponds. >> right. until then, they didn't know it was you. >> no, i didn't know that -- this was anything that you -- people had fun doing. this is what we used to do to get from point a to point b. >> look at this. it's about team work. all these guys have served. that guy, that's brian. brian has one leg, blown up, i believe, over in iraq. that's how athletic these guys are. and how they worked together. >> and that, brian, there -- >> over the wall. >> that brian has two legs and he -- >> couldn't get -- >> still can't get over the wall. >> watch, i eventually do two hours later. >> this is going to be so great, you'll fall off the wall. that's good. ok. >> now it's diving into the ice. >> you look a lot better now, you have mud on them. >> i've never had you judge my legs before. this has been a long wait. >> for both of us. >> wait for this part, trace. i know you could take the wall. what about this? >> 18 degrees.
4:39 am
>> ice. and you got to go underneath that wall there. >> that's crazy! >> yeah. >> and then the finale is running through -- >> you know what happens when i jump in ice water, the cubes shrink. they do! ice cubes shrink. >> you sound like chuck norris. >> really? >> that's something that he would do. >> he's the toughest man in the world, chuck norris. >> that's what i've heard. are you on that list of tough guys in the world? >> way below him. and hogan, too. hogan is supposed to be here later today, i think i'm below hogan, too. >> his daughter is going to be here. >> really? >> i'm below her. >> take a look over here, chris, pan over. this is trace and i in the next hour, we're actually going to put on our speedos and we're going to wrestle in the ring. we're going to wrestle and we are going to -- >> thank you. >> we are going to -- me and trace adkins are going to relieve the tension between us. >> i stopped on you're going to
4:40 am
both be in speedos? i'm sticking around, i don't know about anything else. >> don't tell me you didn't watch professional wrestling growing up. >> i still watch it. i love it, man. >> anybody have a question for the great trace adkins? we know he's a big supporter -- >> first off, who was at the concert last night? >> none of these guys. one person? >> this one right here, serving our country is from savannah, georgia. >> i am from savannah. very good. >> and you're serving on the wasp and we went to the wasp yesterday. i went to the wasp yesterday. >> oh, my gosh. you know what? y'all should get an elevator, man. it's a big, huge -- it's a ship. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> we did the "fox & friends" program live on that -- i think four or five years ago during fleet week. >> hauled a bunch of marines around in helicopters and stuff and they don't have elevators. they don't have elevators. >> they don't. they have a bunch of choppers. >> be honest, you guys have all been through basic training and you've seen the good, you know what they've been through. what kind of sailor would trace
4:41 am
adkins be? >> he'd be a good sailor. >> he'd be good. he's a little tall. no submarine for this guy. >> he's exactly right. the tallness would be trouble because the hatches are about every 15 feet. >> i've been on a l.a. class sub before and i didn't like it at all. it was just all day. >> yeah. >> trace, once again, coming up very shortly, you're going to be at the u.s. capitol. where can we see you? >> yeah, that's sunday night. you can see me there. you should come down there. >> so is this an invitation? >> sure. >> because -->> i can't get you on the guest list but you can come down. >> we can bring the entire show. >> he's inviting us to sit on the lawn and watch him sing. that's not really an invitation. >> i'm so excited. >> yeah. >> but -- >> an invitation is an invitation. >> when is the last time a star invited us to anything? >> trace, the bottom line is will you invite us to hang out after? like can we pal around and go maybe to a friday's, what do
4:42 am
musicians usually do after a big concert? >> they don't hang out with you. see ya, kilmeade. have a good day! we love you. >> let's go wrestle! >> i'm looking forward to the speedos. >> me, too. >> ok. >> thanks for being here. >> thank you very often. >> thank you, everybody. >> oh, he's calling me out! >> he's calling me out! he's calling me out. >> while they go change into their speedos, i'll tell you what else is coming up on "fox & friends." we've heard the attacks on the so-called rich. are you one of them? >> i have a tv. i have a color. >> do you have air conditioning? >> yes. >> have a cell phone? >> of course i do. got to keep in touch with the family. >> john stossel, is the president redefining the rich? >> come on, get in there. >> then a man serving time in prison for giving president obama a run for his money in the democratic primary, is this an early indication of trouble for president obama? fair and balanced debate right around the corner. but first, the trivia question
4:43 am
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4:46 am
life's a juggling act. when i have to get through the pain, i know where to go. [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®. for your next headache, find fast relief with advil liqui-gels® or advil migraine®. >> now an update on the top story, the nypd arresting a man in connection with the etan patz case. the 6-year-old boy who disappeared more than 30 years ago as he walked to the school bus fortunately joining us live
4:47 am
from new york city, antoine lewis. good morning to you. big, big news story breaking right now. >> gretchen, all the nypd is telling us is a person has made statements to implicate himself in the disappearance of etan patz 33 years ago tomorrow. here's what we've learned so far about that individual. he was arrested in new jersey yesterday and while again in police custody said something to the effect that wearing some sort of red flag set off some sort of alarm with detectives as they were interviewing them. that brings us back to soho where etan disappeared 33 years ago. you will recall it was back in april, last month, that detectives, investigators on both federal and local levels here tore up the basement of this property here in soho. they tore up the flooring looking for something, any sort of clue, anything and this is because a cadaver dog it picked up a scent or something of that degree. we don't know if that's connected with that and we're still working to find that.
4:48 am
for people unfamiliar with etan, we can tell you he was walking to the bus stop 33 years ago tomorrow, two blocks from his apartment here in soho. he was 6 years old at the time and that's when he disappeared, may 25, 1979, so barring what happened last month, this is the most significant development that has happened so far but we're going to be staying on top of it and we'll keep you updated. that's the latest from soho this morning. back to you inside. >> all right, antoine, thanks so much for that update and we'll keep viewers abreast as we learn more details throughout our show. moving along now, the president got snubbed in this week's democratic primarys and in one of those primaries, he didn't even have an opponent. so could this be a sign of things to come? juan and andrea up next to debate. but first on this day way back in 1961, dale shannon had the number one song with "runaway." [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
4:49 am
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4:51 am
4:52 am
>> how many of you knew that the answer to our trivia question was prescilla presley? katherine from san antonio did. congratulations. we'll send you something real nice. meanwhile, after president obama inched his way to a kentucky primary victory battling a tight margin, it is safe to say the president may not have as strong of a support system as he anticipated. joining us right now to rehash the results and raise questions are two of the co-hosts of "the five" juan williams and andrea tantaros. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> ok, tuesday night, not a good night for the white house, juan, because president obama lost a majority of counties in kentucky to uncommitted. now, that's embarrassing especially considering the fact that it was just a couple of weeks ago, he almost lost in
4:53 am
west virginia to a guy in prison in texas. >> yeah. in fact, you know, in one of those races in arkansas, he's running against a guy from tennessee and lost 40% of the vote so -- and as you say, it's pretty consistent. now, i don't think the president has any chance in the general election of carrying either arkansas or kentucky and just a general level of discontent like a protest vote, steve, people are just angry. even mitt romney who, you know, i think next tuesday in texas will cinch the republican nomination, he lost a third of the vote. there are a lot of angry people that say i don't like any of those politicians. >> you tell us what's going on with the democrats? >> i think this is a sign of real deep weakness. an incumbent president cannot lose 40% of the vote when they're unopposed, steve, again, i think this says -- think about this. democratic primary voters took time out of their day to
4:54 am
actually go out and vote against the president. so they've got real problems on their hands here. i mean, if you look back, i remember, in 1992 in the new hampshire primary, buchanan captured 37% of the vote. george h.w. bush got 53%. they said this was a huge humiliatation and pat buchanan mind you was a living, breathing human being. not like uncommitted who was a mysterious unknown person who didn't campaign or actually take out any ads or anything. democrats have problems but these voters, too, were also reliably democratic. they are voters who went for bill clinton that are not going for barack obama. real enthusiasm issues on the left. >> so juan, there could be some enthusiasm problems on the left but then, you know, the people the president really needs are the independents. and i saw a rasmussen poll that showed that the independents are -- that, you know, they're turned off by this bain is bad attacking capitalism thing that the white house insists on doing. >> yeah, i think that, in fact, you see it now among the
4:55 am
democrats and, you know, you can begin with cory booker in newark but it expands across the country. people who have concerns that these attacks on bain capital are not helping democrats and in fact, alienating people. you talked about the independents. i think that's absolutely critical. alienating people who are independent suburban voters who otherwise, you know, have a history of supporting democrats and supporting obama. those suburban democrats, i think karl rove was talking to you guys about it earlier. i think it's clear that the president doesn't have much support in the south and with white rural voters but when you're talking about suburban voters, a lot of them do not see venture capitalists as the archenemy of all time. >> that's right. because a lot of them may actually be working for them. >> good point. >> we're going to give you the final rebuttal! >> i think as far as bain capital goes, there's a lot of democrats who are actually on a different song sheet than the president and i think this speaks to not just the fact that this is a weak message going after capitalism but it's a weak messenger. when a leader is strong, you
4:56 am
don't hear a lot of dissent. when kennedy used the bain attacks in 1974, everybody lined up against kennedy. it's my point of column in "the new york daily news", this entire thing. now democrats are comfortable saying whoa, whoa, whoa because they know it's want a winning message. not a winning messenger, he's got to get stronger and he's out there alone. he'll have to abandon this bain message, too. >> great conversation this morning at breakfast time. juan and andrea, thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> see you at 5:00. >> we'll be watching at 5:00. the president making class warfare key to his campaign. so john stossel went to the homeless shelters to meet america's poor. >> yes, i have a tv. >> yeah, i have a television. >> you have air conditioning? >> yes. >> you have a cell phone? >> yeah, of course i do. got to keep in touch with the family. >> ok. john stossel with information you don't want to miss. and another packed hour of "fox & friends" ahead. governor mitt romney and senator marco rubio of florida on deck. big hour. stay with us. we'll be right back.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's thursday, may 24. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. fox news alert. new developments breaking this hour in the case of etan patz. the nypd questioning a man nearly 30 years to the day he disappeared. >> steve: and it's a battle over the economy. mitt romney vowing to get unemployment down to 6%. the president says mitt's message, the same as president bush's. >> if that's true, why is he peddling the same bad ideas that brought our economy to the brink of collapse? most good business people i know, if something doesn't work, they do something different. >> steve: mitt romney himself live here to respond in just about two minutes. >> brian: you just saw me get knocked out at this trace adkins in the ring. up next, hulk hogan's daughter, brook. she's bringing wrestlers with her and who knows how this thing is going to come out?
5:01 am
i haven't read the script yet. "fox & friends" starts right now >> gretchen: he's actually going to stick around, trace adkins, and take you down in the ring? >> steve: he already did. >> brian: we were wrestling a bit in the ring before. but he used a weapon. i have a no weapons policy. am. >> gretchen: okay. >> steve: as well you should. >> brian: something exciting is going to be happening in that range. that's all we can say, legally. >> steve: because we don't know exactly -- we're working on ten different scenarios. >> gretchen: we have to bring you the headline because we have a big fox news alert. the new york police department questioning a new jersey man in connection with the etan patz case. he was arrested last night. he's the six-year-old boy who disappeared more than 30 years as he walked to the school bus from his home. the suspect not being identified, but law enforcement
5:02 am
sources say he has made statements implicating himself in the case. they also say he is not a new figure in this investigation and that he did live and work in etan's neighborhood at the time he disappeared. you'll remember police excavated a basement in that neighborhood a few weeks ago, but did not find any human remains or significant evidence. we'll bring you a live report minutes away. firefighters knocking out a fire on a nuclear powered sub at the portsmouth location in maine. the uss miami dry docked. the sub's nuclear reactor was not operating when the fire broke out. shear what a commander for a naval yard had to say at a press conference. >> the fire spread to spaces within the submarine difficult to access. the heat and smoke contained in these confined spaces made it challenging for firefighters to combat the blaze. i want to emphasize the heroic actions of the fire fighting
5:03 am
teams averted what could have been a much more severe situation. >> gretchen: there were no weapons on board the sub at the time. no word on how it started. the state department launching an entirely new anti-terror campaign. it's hacking into al-qaeda web sites in the country of yemen. the surprise admission came from secretary of state hillary clinton. >> a digital outreach team of tech savvy specialists, fluent in arabic, somali, is already patrolling the web and using social media and other tools to expose the inherent contradictions in al-qaeda's propaganda. >> gretchen: the government reportedly replaced pro-terror advertisements on those web sites with images showing the true side of terror. pictures of victims and other propaganda. al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula is considered one of their most dangerous offshoots. yemen was the launching pad for three foiled attacks on the united states, including the
5:04 am
underwear bomber who tried to bring down an american airplane over christmas a few years ago. there is a new "american idol" this morning. >> the winner of "american idol," season 11, is philip philips. [ cheers and applause ] >> gretchen: the 21-year-old former pawn shop worker crowned the season 11 champ. normally cool plus singer getting all choked up while sing his new single "home." jessica sanchez was the first runner up. she will join phillips and the rest of the top ten for a u.s. tour coming up in july. congratulations to both of them. >> steve: absolutely. let's go down to philadelphia right now and mitt romney who wants to be president joins us live. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: everybody this morning is talking about your
5:05 am
conversation you had with mark halpern where you said if elected president, by the end of your first term, you would get unemployment down to 6%. people all across the country are saying 6%? that sounds pretty good. so they want to know how. how are you going to do that? >> well, there are a number of things. you start off by saying, let's stop something that's hurting small business from creating jobs and that's obamacare. get rid of it. number two, have an energy strategy that takes advantage of our natural gas and oil and coal, as well as our renewables. those low cost energy fuels will ultimately mean jobs come back here, even manufacturing jobs that left here. and finally, get a handle on the deficit so that people understand if they invest in america, their dollars will be worth something in the future. those are three big ideas that we have to move on right away if we want to get this economy going again. >> gretchen: so yesterday president obama equated you with president george w. bush and said basically why would america want to go back to the same
5:06 am
policies that he believes failed. listen to this. >> governor romney, while he's saying, well, 25 years in private sector gives me a special understanding of how our economy works. well, if that's true, why is he peddling the same bad ideas that brought our economy to the brink of collapse? most good business people i know, if something doesn't work, they do something different. so he must either think that there is going to be a different result or he's hoping you don't remember what happened the last time we tried it his way. >> gretchen: is it game on, governor romney? because it appears the president is doubling down on these economic attacks against you, specifically on your career at bain capital. >> well, actually it's kind of funny listening to him because i just described three of the things i would do. they have nothing to do with what's done in the past, getting rid of obamacare, that's this
5:07 am
president's problem. this is a brand-new problem. getting an energy policy that takes advantage of our energy resources to bring jobs back to america, that's new. that's nothing old. finally getting a handle on the deficit? you know, he used to talk about that when he was candidate obama. now thate's president oba and he's doubl doesn't want to talk about the fact that this kind of deficit, this kind of spending is scaring away job creators. so i'll mention more. his national labor relations board and union jeopardies made it difficult for small businesses to dedecide to hire d grow. these are new problems we have that have been created by president obama. they need new solutions if we're going to get this economy going. with regards to bain capital, they just put a report out about their record, the bain capital guys did. they noted they made about 350 investments since the beginning of the firm and of those investments, 80% of them grew
5:08 am
their revenues. so i'm pretty confident that the overall record of the enterprise i helped begin is one that's pretty solid. >> brian: five supporters, prominent democrats have come forward and said they're not comfortable with the bain attacks. in the same speech, he talked about a woman in iowa who came up to you and talked to about a financial struggles and you told her, productivity equals income. and he interpreted that as saying, you're not working hard enough and shows how detached you are. what's your reaction to that definition of your interaction? >> well, i'm afraid he doesn't understand what the word productivity means. gosh, this is quite a revelation if you have the president of the united states that doesn't understand the productivity is a measure of output per person in the nation as a whole and is driven by such things as the level of automation in the society, the extent to which government encourages output and production.
5:09 am
that is just a measure of how hard people are work. as a matter of fact, the american people are harder work than folks in france, in europe, even germany, even we think of japan as being hard working. americans work longer hours than the japanese. we're a hard working people. i'm amazed he doesn't understand what productivity means! >> gretchen: would you go as far as rush limbaugh did yesterday and saying this is the first president in modern time who is going to run a campaign against capitalism? >> well, it certainly sounds like that's what he's doing. there is no question but that he's attacking capitalism. in part i think because he doesn't understand how the free economy works. he's never had a job in the free economy. neither has vice president biden. they spent their lives either as community organizers or members of the political class. the american people understand the free enterprise is tough, it's hard work. when they hear that a business like bain capital was successful
5:10 am
80% of the time and 5% of its investments only went bankrupt, they say that's a pretty good record and if all the president wants to do is talk about the failure, he's misrepresenting the nature of free enterprise. >> steve: also yesterday, you had a speech in i believe washington, d.c. where you took a shot at unions, teachers unions holding back america's students and, in fact, you came out and you really were pushing more vouchers and things like that. what's the number one problem with the education system in the country right now? >> well, we know what the solutions are to get education to work because we're -- we have 50% of the kids in our 50 largest cities won't graduate from high school. we have terrific teachers. we have wonderful parents that are invested and concerned about their kids. but we have a teachers union that too often stands in the way of the kind of reforms that would make education work. we know, for instance, in washington, d.c., that school
5:11 am
choice there helped with young people improve their quality of learning and skills, and yet the president shut down the program. he talks like he's for the underprivileged, but when it comes to the money that comes from the teachers union, he's putting the campaign cash ahead of the needs of our kids. we have to recognize it's time to put our kids first, to get education on track by giving people greater choice in schools, by making sure we reward the very best teachers with great careers and rising incomes. we know what to do to make our schools better. one more is digital learning. it's making an impact. the teachers unions fight it tooth and nail. we got to put the unions behind, put the kids first. >> gretchen: i thought it was interesting you called it the civil rights issue of this generation. that's a headline. let me ask you this: senator marco rubio from fellow that is coming up on our show in about nine minutes from now. he's been touted potentially as a vice presidential pick for you. any message that you would like
5:12 am
us to give to the senator? >> you know, just keep on fighting out there. i keep reading his speeches and see him going out to rallies. republicans across the country recognize what's at stake in this election. this is really a campaign about the future of america. we're gog have to ask ourselves who we really are as a people. are we going to become like europe with a government-dominated society, or are we going to remain a free enterprise, free people society with opportunity? he's out there giving that message, more power to him. >> brian: so you think the senator is going to be your pick? that's with i'm getting from this. >> steve: we could do a split screen here of you two and have a private conversation. >> i've got nothing for you on that front, i'm sorry, guys. >> steve: keep us posted. former governor of the great state of massachusetts, mitt romney. thank you very much for joining us today from philadelphia. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," the president making class warfare key to his campaign, so john stossel wanted to see how the poor live.
5:13 am
cell phone, television, check. cable, check. he's here next to explain what he found out. >> steve: and the brother marine just wanted to wear that t-shirt to support his brother. he was told to turn it inside out because it was offensive. are you offended by that? your e-mail pouring in. we'll read some of them. >> brian: you know what it stands for? just too much equipment [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food.
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5:16 am
>> steve: americans fight inequality and poverty all the time and president obama says we need to fix income inequality and fix it now. so johns to the went to the homeless shelt tore meet some of america's poor. >> i have a tv. >> yeah, i have a television. >> you have air conditioning? >> yes. >> cable tv? >> yeah.
5:17 am
>> how many channels? >> one. >> play games on it. >> game player, video player? >> we play video games. >> you have a cell phone? >> of course i do. got to keep in touch with the family. >> steve: you got have a cell phone. joining us is john stossel after he exited that food participatory. that was an eye opener. >> there are two myths. one is that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and the truth is, yes, over time the rich have gotten richer. but so have the poor. 20% richer since i was in college. and also to be poor in america is to live a live better than most people have lived through history and poor people today in america have cell phones and refrigerators and air conditioning. >> steve: look at that. >> there is data. there has myth that the poor have gotten poorer. it's not true. also the poor are not the same people. oprah winfrey was once on welfare. now she's one of the richest people in the world. there still is income mobility in america. if you are mentally ill, if you're in a shelter, you can
5:18 am
have a really tough life. i don't mean to make light of that. but this idea that government can fix it and it's a horrible, growing crisis is just a lie. >> steve: i'm interested in your personal story because once upon a time when you were a younger man, you thought that society owed it to those people to help them out of the and the rich should share what they've got with the less fortunate. >> i think we wealthier people should share and i give about 20% of my money to various charities. but the idea -- and i was taught in college that government, the wise, elites in washington, they knew how to distribute this money and they'd solve poverty. the war on poverty did drop the poverty level for five years. then progress stopped because we taught people to be dependent. that's a real problem. >> steve: all right. you're going to be talk being this tonight on your program? >> yes, "rich versus poor ." >> steve: on the "fox business" network with mr. food pantry himself, john stossel. it was interesting.
5:19 am
>> thank you. >> steve: all right. 19 minutes after of the top of the hour. his duty? to protect and serve. why is this cop asleep on the job? not only is he asleep, he is packing heat. he's got a gun. he might get to keep his job, though. we'll tell awe story about that straight ahead. you just heard mitt romney say he's got his eye on marco rubio as a candidate for vice president perhaps. rubio appears to be listening. the senator from florida here live to unveil his own plan to create good paying american jobs. and there is already a big name democrat on board [ male announcer ] introducing a powerful weapon
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>> gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. first, 27,000, that's how many workers hewlett hewlett-packards laying off. next, about 32 bucks. that's what shares of facebook are at after going public less than a week ago. congress launching an investigation into the troubled ipo. finally, $100 million, that's how much southwest airlines is paying for a new international terminal at houston's hobby airport so it can offer international flights. brian? >> brian: on capitol hill, it's not often you see members of both parties these days working together and trying to get things done. that's exactly what's happening this week in one sect. these four senators just released a bipartisan bill that they say will create jobs and jump start the economy right away. one of those men, florida senator marco rubio. senator, what's so special about this bill that brought both sides together? >> there is nothing innovative in terms of -- these are all
5:24 am
ideas that come from job creators. it starts with a notion that most new jobs are created by new businesses. businesses starting from scratch. we want to make it easier for people to do that. one of the impediments for being anal to start a business is the way capital, money, access to investment money, is treated. so we would make changes to the tax code that would make it friendlier for people to start new businesses and the other thing it looks at is attracting talent. if someone has $4 million and they want to open up a business in the united states from overseas, we should make it easier for them to do that. not harder. we shouldn't be deporting ph.d.'s and asking people with masters degrees to go back home. there was an article in the newspaper yesterday how china is aggressively recruiting chinese students who have studied in this country and gotten doctorrorrate to go back. we can't have that brain dane. we changed the way some of the visa programs work so it works better for america and better for american jobs. >> brian: we'll see how that g. that's disturbing and something that could be rectified quickly if both sides can get together. it does touch on immigration and
5:25 am
visas, which brings me to my next topic. i don't know if you had a chance to see the poll, but there is a poll out there, polling between the hispanic community saying who would you vote for if the election was today? president obama or would you vote for governor romney? it's pretty much overwhelming, as you saw the first screen, 61% said they would go for president obama. it seems as though the republican party, since george bush got 40% when he first ran, has been losing the hispanic vote. why? >> first of all, there is some historic factors in place. the reality is that there are communities in this country where there are americans of hispanic descent that have been democrats for 20 or 30 years or they live in communities that are largely democratic and if you're not part of the democrat party, you can't participate in politics there. folks like that aren't going to change their party affiliation in one election. number two, i think the president has been working on the hispanic community in some parts of the country for the better part of six to eight years. that would be the second issue. i do think there is a large and growing number of americans of
5:26 am
hispanic descent that are deeply concerned about the future. they want to accomplish their own dreams and more importantly, to leave their children better off than themselves. this is a typical american sentiment. i think it's profoundly felt in hispanic communities. what republicans need do for the next three decades is make the argument that the free enterprise system is the only system in the world where that's possible. that's what we're here to defend and that's what the president's policies are undermining. >> brian: you are work on your own version of the dream act. you're doing a lot of research, talking to both sides of the aisle. where rough at in that? how is your dream act better than the one on the books? >> first of all, it's not amnesty. what we're trying to do is figure out a way to accommodate those children that find themselves in the up fortunate circumstance without encouraging or rewarding illegal immigration now or in the future. so we're being very careful about how we do that. we have a lot of people giving us input. we want to make sure the things that -- i did not support the dream act. i want to make sure the things in the dream act that don't work that we take care of in this new
5:27 am
version. but ultimately i view it not so much as an immigration issue, as humanitarian issue. these are children in the country who have no documents through no fault of their own. we should figure out a way to accommodate them in a way that does not encourage or reward illegal immigration. that's something we can accomplish. >> brian: for example, basic speculation, we want to get inside the numbers, if governor romney doesn't do better with the hispanic community, he doesn't win. would you strongly, to encourage him to endorse your version of the dream act before november? >> we're going to put out a plan that i hope we can get a lot of republicans to support, including the leader of our party, the nominee, governor romney. it would not be fair for him to endorse it because we haven't introduced it or finished -- or ended with the finishing touches. however, i am confident when we come out with our plan, it is a plan most republicans and most americans will support. hopefully that will include the governor. >> beth: i don't want to brag, but we just had governor romney on of the he had this to say about you possibly being his
5:28 am
running mate. let's listen. >> you know, just keep on fighting out there. i keep reading his speeches and seeing him going out to rallies. republicans across the country recognize what's at stake in this election. this is really a campaign about the future of america. we're going to have to ask ourselves who we really are as a people. are we going to become like europe with a government-dominated society, or are we going to remain a free enterprise, free people society with opportunity? he's out there giving that message. more power to him. >> brian: your reaction to him reading your speech, that shows a level of interest, wouldn't you say? >> we read his speech, too. but the truth is, he's doing a great job of advancing what the cause of the republican party should be. this is as much as anything else what this election is about. it's a choice about our identity. do we want to remain special or become like everybody else? i think governor romney in his presidency will be about making and keeping america special. >> brian: something is going right in florida.
5:29 am
a nonpartisan poll had him up by six in your state. thank you for joining us. i know off busy day. >> thank you for having me. >> brian: breaking news on the economy. eric bolling with his weekly jobless numbers. it's not his, it's the government's. he'll comment on them after the break. and he got in trouble for wearing this shirt in support of his brother serving in afghanistan. a teacher told him turn it inside out. it's offensive. what do you think? your e-mails coming up next [ kristal ] we're just taking a sample
5:30 am
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5:33 am
i'm excited. >> steve: a fox business alert right now. the labor department just releasing the brand-new weekly jobless numbers. 370,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. it remains oncominged from the week before. economists were expecting 370,000. eric bolling joins us now on the curvy couch. what do you think? >> at expectation. elevated, about 350 is elevated. you want to see it below. what i'm waiting to hear, and i haven't paged through the number yet. >> but what is the revision for the week? for the last 18, 19, maybe 20 weeks, in a row, steve, consecutively, the number is revised the following week. next week are we going to see
5:34 am
375? >> gretchen: why is it revised? >> the headline number is what we see. the revision is the actual number of people walking in. they know that's how many people walked in. if the headline number is always revised up, that means we're seeing a better picture than what the reality is. so we're pushing 20 weeks in a row of somewhere around 100,000 people walked into the office this haven't been released an headline days and no one really talks about revisions. >> steve: because this was a fox news alert. we just said the number is 370. then when they come out with a new number, that's on page 19 of your newspaper. >> or not at all. and why always revised up? how is it that somewhere around 20 weeks or so they've all been revised up. i think they're erring on the low side. i think the cbo and i catch a lot of heat for it, maybe becoming partisan -- i'm sorry, the department of labor. maybe becoming a little partisan and error on the low side to make things look better for the
5:35 am
economy. >> gretchen: the congressional budget office, they have a new report out that says a fiscal cliff looms for the u.s. economy, specifically attached to the bush era tax cuts that will not be in effect come january anymore. what do you make of that. >> the fiscal cliff is a term that they're talking about. it's when at the end of the year if congress doesn't act, there are a whole slew of tax and spending initiatives that are going to go in place january 1, 2013. they call it the fiscal cliff because they're so dramatic, the cbo, the nonpartisan cbo says that will probably put the u.s. economy back into recession again. put it right back to either zero growth or negative growth, which would be recession. bush tax cuts, expiration -- that 2% payroll tax, there's a list of four out of five. somewhere around $90 billion for 2013 alone sequestered in those spending cuts on defense and
5:36 am
social programs. the problem is that would probably push us back into resomething. the other problem is if you don't do it, what do you have? more of the same. deficit expansion. the cbo says put it off a year and you may save the economy from going into recession and maybe grow your way out of it. remember, spending cuts, higher taxes and then the third leg of the stool has to be economic growth. if we're going to get out of this debt, national debt problem, we have to grow our way out. >> brian: we'll see you on "the five" tonight. >> you see me at 4:00 o'clock first, i run across the breezeway with a two minute window. >> gretchen: we know you can do it. thanks. headlines and a fox news alert, nypd questioning a new jersey man in connection with the etan patz case. he is a six-year-old boy who disappeared nearly 33 years ago to the day as he walked to the school bus from his home in new york city. the suspect reportedly arrested after admitting he, quote, did
5:37 am
it. the f.b.i. says it's skeptical of those claims. law enforcement sources say that there are -- that he's not a new figure in this investigation and that he did live and work in patz's neighborhood at the time he disappeared. we'll have a live report a few minutes from now. >> steve: call him a sleeper agent. this boston transit cop caught snoozing on the job. a concerned citizen snapped a picture phone picture of him. the officer, a 29-year veteran of the force, was armed and on duty at the time. he's now facing disciplinary action, as well you can understand. >> brian: we told you earlier about a sixth grader in mississippi who isn't being allowed to wear this shirt to school. he's 13 and wearing this shirt to honor his brother who is with the marines in afghanistan. but the other side of the shirt, turn it around, shows the bulldog's equipment. the school says it is very pro-military, but the shirt is just too graphic. jordan says there is a very special reason he chooses to
5:38 am
wear the shirt. >> it was just that my brother had gave it to him before he left afghanistan, about a week before, and he said always be a leader and never a follower. >> brian: here is what everybody is saying. katherine says, they're teaching very young children everything about sex, but they find it offensive when a -- what a travesty. a leacher takes allowing a student to wear his shirt will open the door for students to wear a shirt endear to go them. where does an educator draw the line? pete says, absurd, shocking. that naked dog is printed on a t-shirt. >> steve: that talk is naked. >> brian: you get -- if you walk behind a bulldog. >> gretchen: or any dog who happens to be male. >> brian: everything is on display. >> steve: meanwhile, speaking of on display, look at the weather. severe weather sweeping through the state of nebraska overnight. strong winds sending dust
5:39 am
blowing throughout the area in sued county, a small funnel cloud was in the sky, but it turned out to not be a tornado. no reports of any serious injuries or damage. it was a wild night in the central plains states. let's take a look at where the storms are and you can see the storm moved through over the last number of hours, through nebraska and now moving on into portions of iowa, also minnesota, moving on into the u.p. as well. got a little bit of rain in south florida and mid atlantic. otherwise the country is nice and dry. current temperatures as you head out on this thursday before memorial day, today is going to be a big travel day. 65 right now in new york city. it's room temperature in raleigh-durham. as you can see, 70 now in memphis. then later today, it's going to be downright hot. across much of texas, temperatures in the mid- to upper 90s. 90s along the gulf coast, back
5:40 am
through florida, mid 80s in the mid atlantic. that's your fox travelcast for this thursday. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," once you're foreclosed on, what are your options? what can do you next? is bankruptcy the only option? real estate guru bob massi here to lay out some alternatives this morning. >> and she's joining the family business. brook hogan following in her dad's foot steps. she's live outside. she put -- she finished this this morning and ready to rumble. i don't know with whom yet dude you don't understand, this is my dad's car. look at the car!
5:41 am
my dad's gonna kill me dude... [ male announcer ] the security of a 2012 iihs top safety pick. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 passat for $209 a month.
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5:43 am
>> steve: we've got an update on our top story this hour. the new york police department arresting a man in connection with a etan patz case.
5:44 am
he's the six-year-old boy who disappeared more than 30 years ago as he walked the streets of new york city to a school bus. the f.b.i. now saying they are extremely skeptical about the new suspect's claim that he is somehow involved. joining us live from new york city is antoine lewis. tell us what we know. >> we can't tell you that all that is being vetted by authorities that both the federal level, f.b.i., as well as on the local level with the nypd, now the "new york times" is identifying this person as pedro hernandez, saying he was arrested in camden, new jersey yesterday, that he made statements to detectives to implicate himself as being the person responsible for the disappearance of etan, which happened 25 years ago tomorrow. so 33 years that we're talking about all of that. happened may 25, 1979. a lot of this is still developing. etan patz led to the children images being placed on the side of milk cartons. what has to happen is this person has to more or less prove
5:45 am
that he, in fact, did this. so a lot of information is still coming out. we know nypd is having a news conference later today. but the person that they have in custody from our understanding, and again, from what the "new york times" is reporting, is pedro hernandez. we'll keep you updated. that's where we are in soho. we'll send it back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. gretch? >> gretchen: thanks. more and more americans being foreclosed on. so what happens next? is bankruptcy the only option? this morning we want to help you rebuild the american dream. here to help, real estate expert bob massi. good morning to you, bob. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: i like how you always try and turn it apt moisticcally. the first question is, why are we seeing so many bankruptcies tied to the foreclosure crisis? >> here is what happened. the short sales which we've talked about for the last year, four or five years ago, a lot of homeowners didn't understand how short sales worked. one of the big things was that the deficiencies that was left of money owed even after the house was sold was never waived.
5:46 am
so what's happened is a lot of those lenders who were second lien holders on the house are still pursuing those homeowners and lawsuits or through collection agencies. so bankruptcy still rides up because of these debts from several years ago. that's why these bankruptcies still are going up and hopefully they'll level out in time. but that's what a lot of homeowners are faced with. >> gretchen: so is bankruptcy worse for your credit than a foreclosure? what if you have both? >> it's interesting. i actually did some research on this 'cause first you would think oh, my god, bankruptcy is the worst. a lot of people think it's the kiss of death. in fact, it's not. federal trade commission and if go to the fico web site, basically say that foreclosures can actually be worse than bankruptcies on your credit. bankruptcy lasts for many years, but many lenders say -- and i think i've indicated this before. fha has said if you have a loan, they will consider giving awe
5:47 am
new loan after three years. if it's a bankruptcy, after two years. and the reason for that is 'cause you can't file bankruptcy for many years down the line and a lot of your debts are wiped out. so i don't want our viewers to think that bankruptcy is the kiss of death. it is the last resort. but we're going to start talking about it the next several weeks, really helping people get back up on their feet after their dream was shattered. >> gretchen: so how do you decide your next move in order to rebuild your dreams if you've gone through either one of these two things? >> i am very much a believer in credit counselors. i think anybody that's been through a short sale, a bankruptcy or foreclosure should seek out a good credit counselor or a good lawyer that specializes in credit because there are tricks to the trade, gretchen. they have ways of trying to build your credit up. people need to start learning how credit works, how fico scores work and by getting some good counsel, that could help rebuild their future so they can own again. that's what we want in america.
5:48 am
if you have a question for bob, e-mail him by logging on to our web site. i've seen a loft those questions come in. have a wonderful holiday weekend. we'll see you next week. >> you too, thank you. >> gretchen: brook hogan, ready to rumble? she's joining the family business and brian is getting into the ring with her next. i guess he drew the short straw 'cause she might take him. first let's check in with martha for what's on at the top of the hour. >> i'm right here until i get a chance to see that. thank you so much. coming up this morning on "america's newsroom," nancy pelosi wants an immediate vote on the bush tax cuts. this is a big moment and a big question. what is rich? over 200,000? is it over a million dollars? we'll talk about that. lindsey graham here on iran and a 12-year-old whose heart stopped on the ball field tells the story. we'll be right back at the top of the hour. bill and i join you right here.
5:49 am
5:50 am
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5:52 am
>> steve: she's grown up. she was in reality television. she followed her father. now into the ring, brook hogan joins us live. >> brian: this is very exciting. am i correct? you are now an executive a wrestling executive. >> i'm really excited. you don't grow up in a family full of wrestling and not want to get into it one day. >> steve: tell us about your new program. >> it's tna. we're switching to a new time slot. >> steve: what does it stand for? >> total nonstop. >> steve: you're talking about these employees. >> brian: odb. >> my beautiful girls.
5:53 am
beautiful girls. these women are so talented and so smart. >> brian: i'm seeing somebody right now. >> brian: i had a little bout with trace adkins earlier. can you take a look at how i did? this really got out of control. >> steve: brian stripping down to fighting weight. >> brian: did that look real? >> pick on your feet. >> looks like a girl. >> that's trace adkins, country music legend. >> steve: we offered to have him stick around. now, obviously what happens at tna, that's not pretend, like brian getting whacked over the head with the microphone. it's real! >> there is a reason why i'm not
5:54 am
wrestling. they would kick my butt. >> steve: how about you and i come and we'll watch brian in the ring with -- >> brian: she's been calling me out. both of them against me? >> you can take them. this is good! oh! she's choking him out! >> steve: that didn't feel good. >> look at him go. >> brian: you can never do this to me again. >> there goes the white shirt. >> brian: it's two on one. you have made no movement at all to help me at all! now i'm coming back.
5:55 am
>> steve: let them have it, brian! it's not nice o hurt a lady on t v. >> brian: what is going on? >> a round of applause! >> steve: brian, are you okay? >> brian: i'm watching thursday night. i'll tell you. i want to see. >> steve: i've got back up. look who i've got for you. back up, i'm bringing in the sailors. >> brian: i don't know if they're enough! have you met these girls? >> steve: check out tna thursday, tonight. you want to get in here? you're going to get in trouble for that? if you want to, go ahead. come on. this is a professional member. come on. he's taking off the hat.
5:56 am
all right. come on. what's your name, sir? >> chad ray. >> come on in. >> brian: don't be easy on him! you weren't easy on me! >> steve: look at that, brianful he's not going down like you. >> i have faith in the armed forces! let's go! >> steve: down they go! there she goes! yes! [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac
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to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
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>> gretchen: good job. >> steve: somebody you want to give a shout out to? >> i'd like to say think my wife rachel and boys, lewis and


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