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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 24, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>megyn: thank you for being here. all best, sir. we have a develop will story in ohio, tom, don't leave yet. sorry, tom, thanks, dave, and thanks to all of you for watching. here is trace for shepard. >>shepard: wait until the show ends, thank you very much, i am trace gallagher. the news begins anew, on "studio b" we are hearing of set backs today in talks over iran's nuclear program and now the iranians are blaming everyone else for slowing things down. a live report coming up. and new information on an arrest in a decades old cold case. a six-year-old boy vanished on the way to school in 1979. now, police say they have a suspect in custody. details ahead. and, plus, word the state department has been hacking into pro al qaeda webs trying to beat
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the terrorists at their own game. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> but, first from fox at 3:00, the facebook fallout continues and to congressional panels are looking into the handling of the i.p.o. over accusations of negative information of the company withheld from some. the site facing multiple lawsuits, shareholders claim facebook and the big bank underwriters, morgan stanley and j.p. morgan chase, told only a few investors they downgraded the company's earnings outlook. >> when you raise money in the market you are required to disclose material information. the entire reason for being there is to be independent from the company and make sure these facts are reveled to investors in the document. >>trace: the lawyer is planning on file you a law on behalf of a client.
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here is the company stock in the 5th day of trading after the botched debut. shares up about 2 percent after a 3 percent gain yesterday. and gerri anchors the wills report, the lawsuits are filing up and it is not just facebook getting sue. >>gerri: anyone in the line of fire connected to facebook including morgan stanley, and j.p. morgan chase, and the nasdaq itself, and mark zuckerberg, the c.e.o., you mentioned a complaint is the idea that analysts put out reports shared with professional investors but not individuals and now interestingly, the guy who was the i.p.o. billionaire is saying this will cause individual investors to get out. say goodbye to the investigatory individually on wall street, whatever positive impression they have of the i.p.o. market was torched to the ground. all confidence in the stock is destroyed. he says that he bought 150,000
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shares of facebook and that he thinks the company is going to face big head winds. >> what do you make of the reports that facebook is considering moving the stock from the nasdaq to the new york stock exchange. is that exchange? >>gerri: it is too early to tell what will happen. but there are conversations and the new york stock exchange sees this as a big opportunity. think of this. the companies likely to go public, intent i.p.o., twitter, network, service now, the list goes on and on and a lot of money to be had here for nasdaq if it can retain their position as a place to get with internet i.p.o. but that will be tough to argue. he will have a good argument. >>trace: thank you, gerri. good to see you. and now, mike is associate editor of "barrons," owned by the parent company of this network. mike, you heard gerri, what do
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you make of nasdaq? >>guest: by nasdaq's admission they botched the whole process in terms of opening up the stock to trade on time, they could not handle the volume of data track to the buy and sell and it added another layer of difficulty or incompetence in the process that already has had problems each step along the way is, yes, nasdaq has already apologized for its role. whether the new york would have had a seamless opening we did not know but it does not hurt for them to say so. >>trace: the banks are getting blamed but they are saying if people wanted in on the gold rush, or be involved in the glamour but if they looked at the substantial statements they would have realized the stock was evervalued. >>guest: well, then everything you were supposed to base an investing decision on was
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supposed to be in the document whether you heard whispers or other information or not. it reminds me of jury instructions, the judge says we know this was other testimony but that and pay only attention to what i tell you is important. that is not practical in real life but that is what you are supposed to do as an investor. >>trace: what do you make of the changes to facebook considering selling a certain number of shares and they upped it by 25 percent and talking of a range from 24 percent to $32 and it want up to $38. did that make an impact on this? >>guest: no doubt. it was in retrospect too much stock added too late at too high a price at a point when people thought there was sufficient demand to soak all that up but in reality in a weak market with all the other troubles surrounding it, no, clearly, the price was set too high but it is more art than people give
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credit. on the private market, the electronic exchanges traded at $me and above so it was not outlandish to price at $38 but now we know it was not enough buying interest to absorb that. >>trace: give me the bottom line on facebook. >>guest: what is interesting right now you have a healthy give-and-take of the truth future prospect of valuation of the market and is operating perfectly even though it is below the i.p.o. now it will be a regular stock and the rest will be decided in the legal circles. >>trace: a regular stock. thank you, mike. >> well, iran now in nuclear talks hit major snags. surprise, surprise, the negotiators rejected plans by the united states and five other world powers to curb the rogue nation's nuclear program. iran also insisted it had a right to enrich uranium accusing
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other nations of creating a "difficult atmosphere for talks." yesterday, officials pointed to signs that iran would be open to an agreement restarting nuclear inspections, but as the talks draw to a close, there is no sign of a deal. u.s. and other world leaders accusative ran of using the program as a cover for building a nuclear bomb. iran claims the program is for peaceful purposes only. and steve is live if us today in baghdad. steve? >>reporter: well, we are getting more details of some of the main goals for the negotiators for the sex -- six powers, with a main goal for iran to stop producing highly enriched uranium. this is the kind of material that can be developed very quickly into fuel for use in a nuclear weapon. >> iran's declared readiness to address the issue of 20 percent enrichment and came with its own
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five-point plan including their assertion that we recognize their right to enrichment. >> iran's chief negotiator says all people do not have the right to hold nuclear weapons, all nations do have the right to peacefully pursue nuclear energy and he says that is what iran hopes to continue to do. in the meantime, the talks, the failure of them could lead to the possibility of military action in the region so now all sides are determined to continue to talk they will meet again in three weeks' time for more negotiations in now. trace? >>trace: thank you, steve, in what is late night in baghdad. one of the most famous cold cases in the nation, disappearance of a boy who was the first missing child on a milk carton the but now after more than three decades a potential break. police say a man has implicated himself.
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>>trace: police in new york are holding a man they say has implicated himself in a three decade old cold case in new york city. the mysterious disappearance of a six-year old boy which became a catalyst in the missing children movement in the united states. evan patz was one of the first children ever to appear on a milk carton vanishing 33 years ago tomorrow. his parents let him walk alone for the first time to his bus stop two blocks from their home in the soho area of manhattan but he never made to school. police focused their investigation on the former boyfriend of evan patz babysitter and a handyman who worked in the building. investigators dug up the basement of the building in april but found nothing. now, a potentially huge break in the case. david lee is live in new york. what more do we know of the man police are holding? >> the individual now being held
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by police once worked in the neighborhood where the abduction took place and we have live pictures from the neighborhood. this is still the neighborhood where his parents reside. the individual being held and identified was arrested on wednesday in new jersey, and he has been tied to the case in the past. police picked him up because they received a telephone tip. police commissioner kelly issued the following statement and i quote, "an individual now in custody made statements to the nypd detectives implicating himself in the death of evan patz 3 3 years ago." he says he suffocated him and left the remains in a box in an alley and no box was pound and a number of sources say they have serious questions about this so-called "confession." well have to see what we learn today. trace? >>trace: the cops have question and the family has been down this road before. >>reporter: this is painful for them.
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last in, there was a possible significant development, authorities dug up a home half a block away and dug up the basement believing it was possible a handy man who worked in the area buried the remains. nothing was found. for decades the prime suspect has been an individual who is a boyfriend of evan patz babysitter and now in prison in connection with the molesting of another child and he has never been criminally charged in connection with evan patz' disappearance. a short time ago the mayor talked about the anguish the family has endured. >> as a father i cannot imagine what they have gone law and i sendly hope that we are one step closer to bringing them some measure of relief. >>reporter: the developed who is still being held identified as pedro hernandez a neighbor said i cannot believe something like that, this guy doesn't seem that way. again, police are going to hold
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a news conference in the next few hours. trace? >>trace: david lee thank you from new york. and now to our legal panel, fox news legal analyst former prosecutor, arthur aidala and criminal defense attorney, randy zelin. david lee said he put the remains in the box and they never found them. you need more than simply a confession. >>randy: in new york where this case would be prosecuted the ideal procedure law says you cannot be convicted only upon your own confession. there has to be other evidence to back up what you say you did. why? general jonbenet ramsey and mark carr said he did it? we have seen so many false confessions so we ensure this is other evidence. you mentioned david lee, ramos has been found civilly liable in
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the race -- case so there is a lot of work to be done that you have the right guy. >>trace: we are supposed to hear from ray kelly, what are they looking for? there are no remains. they have a guy's confession and they are skeptical. what do they need to push this down the road? >>arthur: what sparked this -- i get nervous on television. you are a real big shot. there has been a new district attorney elected in manhattan, and one of the issues he ran on, quietly, was, had something to do with this case and he would re-open the investigation, and he has. and he has his office, really, investigating all the smallest leads. now, a month ago, there was false hope, but, now this new thing came up so you have a district attorney talking about pushing it down the road, a very
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engaged district attorney who wants a prosecution here. and you have a police commissioner who just flew back from england where he was preparing for the security for the olympics and getting a briefing on that, just to impress congress on this case so obviously you have the police commissioner of the city of new york and the district attorney who are very focused on solving this. that will push it far down the road. >>trace: it is good point, randy, because there have been people who have come forward and made confessions and they are taking this a little bit seriously, they are skeptical but there is something they are going on. what do you make of that? >>randy: i don't what to make of it because all we have is a confession and not a bit of evidence to support the confession. i can appreciate as a father the importance of bringing this to a close but you have to lock up the right person. all we have is a statement with nothing to support it.
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>>arthur: they will say, did this go say anything that he could not have learned from reading a newspaper? does he have part of a fact that the cops me if their file, that they know, that the public does not know and he would only know if he was there? that is the kind stuff they will look for. >>trace: thank you, gentleman, both. the world's first private spacecraft wows folks back here on earth. the latest on the landmark mission to the international space station. have you seen this? this is the future. plus a startling new study on one of the most widely used over-the-counter supplements, a possible link between calcium pills and cancer. [ kyle ] my b. [ roger ] tell me you have go insurance. yup, i've got... [ dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. [ kyle ] nope, i've got...
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>> a stabbing spree in a tv station in kansas and the suspect was caught on surveillance video. watch this. the cbs affiliate reports the guy on right of your screen asked to meet with the news director and he wanted to complain of the department of veteran affairs. but after he was asked to leave you can see him, hurling a lamp through the glass door and walks inside, and staffers say the man pulled out a knife, stabbed two people in the leg, and he bit an employee in the ear. here is where the surveillance video picks up again. several employees pin the man down until the cops arrive and the paramedics rush the injured workers to the hospital. they suspected to survive. he face as handful of charges. >> one giant leap for private enterprise the first commercial spacecraft en route to the international space station today made the very close to its destination, the spacex rocket lifted off from cape canavaral
12:23 pm
this week. just last year nasa awarded spacex $75 million to built spacecraft for united states astronauts as a possible replacement to the shuttle program. today, the dragon space capsule got a 1.5 of the international space station as part of a fly under the test. and the billionaire founder of spacex sent out this tweet "the president called to say congratulations, and caller i.d. was blocked so i thought it was a telemarketer." so far the capsule has passed every crucial test, right? >>guest: yes, and the gentleman who has poured much of his for tune into this a great week, got east ground, while up toward the space station, the capsule has proven it can abort and it can also free float in space which is crucial because that is how it will perform tomorrow as planned.
12:24 pm
the graphics can speed up what took several hours, when the spacex drag gone accomplished two major steps. one showing it came from a mile and a half of the expensive international space station in total control, and, also, established the communication control between the capsule and the station. >> all dragon systems checked out. we look good. we we are passing and preparing to my and up over and prepare for berthing, and berthing day is tomorrow. >> and another never-before-seen image, a thermal image photo, on how it saw the space station from a mile or two away the tomorrow's historic day up there in space the first private capsule to berth and dock with the space station, with decision scheduled at 5:00 a.m., eastern. >>trace: what happens tomorrow
12:25 pm
if nasa decides this is a no go? >>guest: well, everything on board the dragon capsule food, clothing and equipment and supplies is expendable. so, worse comes to worse they can send it back to earth. if everything goes at planned it will come a mile and a half and, actually, closer than that, the big robot arm operated by the residents on the space station will grab it, bring it in, and they will dock it, and berth it with the space station itself, and tomorrow on saturday, or, rather, saturday, they would unload the cargo. check out what the solar eclipse looked like from space. a big black circle. flying over the clouds of the earth, a ring of fire for the earth people and that is how it looked for space station residents. big day tomorrow at 6:00 a.m., when the robotic arm will grab the capsule and make space
12:26 pm
history. trace? >>trace: thank you, phil, from south florida. there is a brand new study warning of the possibility health risk of taking over-the-counter calcium supplement. it is part of a brand new report appearing in the the journal saying they have found people who regularly took the supplements to come back bone thinning and 86 percent more likely to suffer heart attacks. we should point out the study does not make a definitive link between calcium supplements and heart disease but researchers say that they are urging people to get more of the calcium they need from thinks like milk, yogurt, and vegetables. >> the united states is now ramping up the fight against al qaeda by hacking into their web sites and a top united states official revealed the details. and vice president biden's favorability numbers are down, way down.
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>>trace: i am trace here for shephard smith. vice president biden is taking on what many analysts call the attack dog role in president obama's re-election campaign. but, will it help? according to a new fox news poll more americans now say they have a negative view of vice president biden. that is the first since he took office.
12:31 pm
44 percent of registered voters surveyed had an unfavorable opinion of the vice president compared to 41 percent on the other side. but if you factor in the margin of error the numbers are about even. wendell is like outside the white house. there is more troubling news in polls from the battleground states. >>reporter: the vice president's favorable rating averages only 40 percent and 50 percent view him unfavorable. i will he a map those states, and it is significant because the race between rebound and mitt romney is a toss up in each of the states, and it is presumed that he could be a help. still if you look back at other vice president's popularity after four years in office, he is far behind al gore, who was approved at circuit percent and dan quayle at 33 percent, so way ahead of them. >>trace: does the campaign think his role as pit bull is
12:32 pm
effective? >> biden's roots in blue color america will resonate with voters in ohio, pennsylvania, where he was born, michigan, all of which are on the lit of battle ground states. now, here is biden defending the president's criticism of governor romney for claiming the job of c.e.o. of a venture capital firm qualifies him to be president. >> your job, your job as president, is to rome -- promote the common good. that does not mean private equity guys are bad guy. they are not. but that no more qualifies you to be president than being a plumber. it, and a lot of awful smart plumbers. all kidding aside, it is not the same job requirement. totally legitimate for the president to point this out. >> he is reason to talking off the cuff forcing obama's hand on gay marriage and one official
12:33 pm
defended him saying we all color outside the lines and, the plumber's union supports obama and biden. trace? >>trace: well, thank you from the north lawn. the united states state department has been hacking into pro al qaeda websites and taking down terrorist propaganda, coming straight from secretary of state hillary clinton helpful certificate. she said officials have broken into extremist websites in yemen, and removed ads bragging about killing americans. if their place? secretary says the state department posted ads explaining the deadly toll militant attacks have taken on the yemen people and yemen is home to a dangerous offshoot of al qaeda known as aa and united states officials linked three failed plots to terrorists operating inside that country. the senior correspondent is like if our new york city newsroom with more. how, exactly, do the attacks work? >>reporter: the sites boasted
12:34 pm
of killing mens and in 48 hours they were filled with al qaeda killing innocent people, hacking what extremists puts online and putting up our message. secretary of state, hillary clinton said a specialists of diplomats and analysts want to try and stop the webs from recruiting people and office an alternative message to the al qaeda propaganda that was on there. it is run by a group called have the for strategic counterterrorism, communications, and hillary clinton says it is working. >> we can tell that our efforts are starting to have an impact because we monitor the extremists venting their frustration and asking their supporter not to believe everything they read on the internet. >> it is working and yemen is carrying out some of the webs. >>trace: officials have
12:35 pm
compared this to al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, right? >>reporter: and that is why yemen, remember the underwear bomber lot was that happened in 2009 on christmas day, it originated there. and he is now serving life in prison for trying to take down the airliner headed if detroit and a blot to send bombs on cargo in the airlines and to get bombs through airport scanners and want to warn sympathizers. >> we making the point that the violence that they are exciting is ricocheting back against the local population and it is not in service to a strong, stable, peaceful yemen, but, in fact, is having the opposite effect. >>reporter: and on monday, suicide terrorists linked to al
12:36 pm
qaeda did detonate a bomb in yemen and that took the lives of 90 people, trace. >>trace: thank you from the new york studio, thank you. if more on this we bring if our analyst on cyber trim. i am amazed the united states can go in to the al qaeda websites and change them around however they want and put whatever in there, is it a signal that al qaeda is in more disarray than we believe or are we just that good? >>reporter: there are three issues: political, technical, and philosophical issues. do we have the technical ability to break-in to a site? absolutely. the point is, the people in the arabian peninsula, the people in yemen, they do not have internet access so we are not influencing anyone on the ground. and, frankly, from a philosophical point of view they think it is acceptable to kill anyone but another muslim, so, the messaging may not be exactly on target and we demonstrated our technical capability from a messaging standpoint we are off
12:37 pm
the mark. >>trace: the sites are untouched altogether and isn't that the role to leave them untouched? >>reporter: that was the concern. to you leave it up and find out would they are talking to? or take it down? this is a concept of countermeasures where we, now, are changing their trust of the message that comes out. and there could be some distrust, is that what our leadership said or is that something the united states put in there or something someone put if there. it has the impact of degrading their trust and it exposes, i would rather not have known about this. >>trace: are you surprised a little bit that the secretary of state is coming out talking about this? isn't this supposed to be secret, covert? we are not supposed to talk about it? >>reporter: not anymore. the definition of "secret," is no one el knows about it.
12:38 pm
it is actually exposed sources and methods that tells people what we are capable of doing, maybe with another great military planner, but, fear of the unknown and uncertainty of your enemy is a more powerful weapon than knowing what they can do were the fear and uncertainty and doubt and our ability to strike fear is they do not know when we are coming and when it is happening and we do not make appointments now they know what we target asking doing. i bring it back around, they took out the sites but the point is the people we are trying to influence are not on the internet in that region. >>trace: morgan, thank you, sir. pakistan has sentenced the man who helped the united states find osama bin laden to three decades in prison but a powerful republican wants do necessity if the white house did enough to protect him and the feds deported her to colombia, a 15-year-old girl, remember this story? she got pregnant down there and had to live on streets and she
12:39 pm
did not speak a word of spanish. and, now, her mother has filed a lawsuit against the attorney general of the united states. ♪
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and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today. >>trace: new questions whether the united states did enough to help the pakistani doctor who helped the united states capture osama bin laden. the pakistani country has sentenced the doctor to 33 years in prison if treason after he helped the c.i.a. get evidence to confirm that bin laden was really inside that compound. u.s. officials have called the doctor a "hero," and denounced pakistan. a supposed united states ally for punishing him. molly, congressman king says he wants to know what the united states did to try to protect this man. >> more pointedly was the obama administration, what they did not do to shield the doctor
12:43 pm
after the bin laden raid. congressman king tells fox news that united states officials handled the doctor "poorly," at time of the raid. and, that they "put him out there, i am focused on they disclosed his identity." the dr. was arrested by the pakistan intelligence service three weeks after the raid on the bin laden compound. and a senior administration official says it was the pakistanis would later leaked his name to the press. and another u.s. official tells fox that there remain efforts to try to protect the doctor before and after his arrest. trace, they were unsuccess will. >>trace: i read this from the wires because there is a report by the new jersey attorney general has cleared the new york police department of wrongdoing in the secret surveillance, rather, over to clinton. this is just crossing, about secretary of state, hillary clinton say leg is no reason for pakistan to prosecute the doctor for his role in helping the united states find bin laden. some senators decided to send a
12:44 pm
message to pakistan in support that. what do you know? >>reporter: the senate appropriations committee cut $33 million, today, in aid to pakistan, $1 million a year of the doctor's sentence, and it was an amendment brought up by south carolina republican senator graham who says he hopes pakistan gets this message. >> your legal system turns on a doctor who provided valuable information to make sure we could bring this man to justice, and you turn around and put him in jail for 33 years that is a terrible slight to the american people. >>reporter: the amendment passed unanimously in 30-0 vote and it is only 5 percent to 6 percent of total aid sent to pakistan but the senator says the united states has to try to work with pakistan as anality lie. >>trace: thank you, polly, from washington, dc. secretary of state, hillary clinton has said there is no reason for pakistan to prosecute
12:45 pm
the doctor who gave us the information leading to the capture of osama bin laden in helping us to capture him and secretary of state, hillary clinton, saying that. and the family of a texas teen mistakenly deports has filed a lawsuit against federal officials. she was a 15-year-old runaway, a u.s. citizen, when officials sent her to colombia after she got caught shoplifting. the teen ended in the colombia capital of south america where they told them she worked in maid lived in shelters and became program. the us attorney general holder and secretary of homeland security security napolitano and the familiar acknowledges that the teen gave officer as fake name, but claims no one bothered to check her story or confirm her identity. the united states immigration officials insist that they followed procedure. and now back to the lawyers, arthur, this girl spent two months in i.c.e. custody and does not speak spanishs she
12:46 pm
black, she did not fit the description of the name she gave, and they could not identify her? >>arthur: i am supposed to take the role of saying, well, for harm, but, this is a little one that is hard to defend. she get the ball rolling by giving a fake name. and, so, obviously he is to blame in a sell suit there are things called contributory negligence so it will be found that to some percentage of this, it is her fault, by starting the ball headed in the wrong direction, but, i mean, zero follow-up, the fact that she does not speak the language, that might have triggered something, her physical appearance may have meant someone should have double checked and ultimately what are the damages? what money does she deserve for this? what harm did she response because of this? that is the ultimate question. >>trace: the bottom lean she has a texas birth certificate,
12:47 pm
and they never gave her i.d. in i.c.e. custody and they get fake names given to them all the day but they cannot identify this girl? >>randy: keep in mind first of all this is not a criminal case. this is a deportation case. so, we did not have the same safeguard you provide for a defendant and as arthur notes she does speak the language. in other words she could have said, you have the wrong person. i gave a fake name. but there are taped conversations that have been capture idea she is talking to other people and never says, you know what, i screwed up so to blame it on the government is ludicrous. she was 15. old enough and intelligent enough to say, i was worried about getting into trouble and i gave a fake name, and it happened to be someone would should be deported but she is not me and check it out. you do not blame the government. >>trace: if people do not admit the government is not
12:48 pm
their decision to get to the bottom of it, right, arty, just kids, fine, she is a troubled kid, she was a runaway, on the national runaway list; they could have checked that and she would have shown up. >>arthur: it reflects poorly on our controls over these matters and in the modern era of computers and fingerprints and eye scans, someone should have said, wait, way, this little girl is pulling our leg and she is not who she says. the fact we could not figure this out in this case is a little troublesome when you look at it. >>trace: she went to colombia and got pregnant there and lived in a homeless shelter. arty and randy, thank you both. a controversial decision today from the united states supreme court. that analysts say could have a monumental effect on future criminal cases. and it has to do with one of the basic foundations of law called double jeopardy.
12:49 pm
which prevents a court from trying a person twice for the same crime. we will get into with judge napolitano next. i look at her, and i just want to give her everything. yeah, you -- you know, everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants. so i can just go talk to 'em? just walk right in and talk to 'em. dude, those guys are pros. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. they'll -- wa-- wa-- wait a minute.
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>>trace: prosecutors can take a suspect back to court on criminal charges including murder even after the jury has rejected some of the charges. the supreme court made that decision today in a 6-3 vote centering around a recent murder trial in central arkansas, the jury announced they would not convict a defendant of murder but deadlocked on lesser charges. the judge declared a mistrial. today, chief justice roberts wrote that the prosecution can retry the defendant for murder. he said this does not amount to double jeopardy because the case never reached an official jury verdict before the mistrillion.
12:53 pm
justice sotomayor argued this would give the prosecution a second bite at the apple. and now to our judge, judge napolitano. great to see you. you think she is right? >>judge napolitano: i do, i do agree with justice sotomayor and the legal community will be upset about there and most americans should be upset. this case was caused by a clerical error an arkansas state judge forgot to reduce to writing in the form of an order, that the jury acquitted this guy of capital murder, meaning murder with the death penalty and the judge made this mistake, the supreme court said there never was as you said in your introduction, an "official," verdict and therefore he could be retried. trace, the whole purpose of the prohibition on double trials was to prevent this very thing from happening. a mistake allows someone to be
12:54 pm
exposed to execution for a second time after the jury has found them not guilty and never happened before in american history. >>trace: did i have this right? we are talking about george zimmerman and he is charged with second degree murder if they found he was not guilty of second degree murder but hung on the manslaughter they could go back again and retry him for second-degree murder is way are saying? >>judge napolitano: in the same set of circumstances occur, the jury tells the court we found him not guilty in the hypothetical of second-degree murder the court forgets to put that down in writing on paper and the supreme court intents that forgetting as it was never official, was he tried for murder? yes. did the jury unanimously find him not guilty? yes. so he cannot be tried over again. but with the case today it says he can. a radical change of 230 years of jurisprudence in this country and i am disappointed and surprised by it. >>trace: could this result in
12:55 pm
retrying cases that have already been settled. >>judge napolitano: in. why think this could would affect cases that have already been closed but it could affect mistakes like this in the future. >>trace: are you saying in cases like this it is simply a clerical error so you have to dot the i's and cross the t's we are fine and if not you have a defendant in trouble. >>judge napolitano: those who do this for a living the moment the jury for man says "not guilty," the defendant is acquitted, the reduction to writing is just form, not substance, but the supreme court is now saying that is the linchpin to double jeopardy. if a judge does not write it down you can be tried over again. that is wrong. >>trace: judge, thank you. >>judge napolitano: happy memorial day, trace. >>trace: you too, judge. a man going to extreme lengths to keep his drugs safe. ahead the dangerous animals cops found gathering the stash.
12:56 pm
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trace before we call it a day on "studio b" cops outside cincinnati say they located the home of a guy suspected of holding drugs so they got a search warrant and they raided the place. the cops got inside they found nine pounds of pot but what surprised them the most was what was guarding the stash. a pair of 4' long alligators. they arrested the guy. charged him with felony drug possession and possession of exotic animals. and now the corner wall and birthday facebook, are you wondering how it is doing? it is up today. up about half a buck and still down over $5 from the noble public offering and the beg news is that facebook, there are reports it could switch from the nasdaq over to the new york stock exchange. that is the enemy, and the 401(k) not doing too badly today up about 28 points. not too bad down


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