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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 24, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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happen and as the clock ticks. we're going to bring you results as they come n this recall election will impact the entire nation. thank you for being with us tonight. good night from washington, d.c.. >> kimberly: hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, andrea tantaros and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: so a lot of people think the democrats and the liberals are the people who care about the little guy. is that true? not necessarily. if you look at our education system. especially in urban areas. every parent wants their kid to go to best school possible, right? including private school and charter schools. but the fact is democrats including the president won't
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let them, because they owe political favors to unions. now romney highlighted that fact on fox and friends just this morning. >> he talks like he's for the underprivileged but when it comes from the money from the teachers union he is putting the campaign cash ahead of the needs of our kids. and we have to recognize it's time to put kids first, to get education on track, by giving people greater choice in schools, by making sure we reward the best teacher with great career and rising income. we know what to do to take the kids better. one more is digital learning, making an impact. the teachers union fight it tooth and nail. put the unions behind and put the kids first. >> kimberly: sounds like a good idea. is it a vulnerability for the president? >> bob: it's not vulnerability for the president. romney is shooting his mouth off. he knows not what he talks about. he took money from teachers unions when he was running for governor. talk about the democrats, they
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have been for charter schools. democrats have been very -- teacher uncion first of all, nothing wrong with the teachers union. vu have a right to organize. teachers unions are good things. most people send their kids to public schools and they like public schools. mitt never went to a public school. he wouldn't know. he went to a fantasy privacy school. >> greg: rich, rich, rich. >> bob: fine. >> andrea: last time i check, obama sent his kids to private school, too. >> bob: but romney is shooting his mouth off. not obama. >> greg: so when romney raises a question about a problem we know exists, ie, teachers union and we're shoving money in the education system and seeing worse scores all you have to do is say he's a rich guy. don't listen to him. >> eric: the private school, kids scores are 15-20% higher in math, reading and writing than public school. clearly they are getting
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better education there. go back to romney for a second. take his push or the emphasis on the education as governor of massachusetts. he did well. for the first time, a fourth grade and eighth grade scores of the kids in fourth and eighth grade at the highest level they have been in. >> bob: i said romney took money from teachers when he ran for governor. >> eric: what does that have to do with it? you'd take money from the tea party, wouldn't you? >> bob: to say put union in front of kids is one of the most outrageous things from outrageous guy. >> kimberly: it's true. >> bob: it is not true. don't say this. this is silly. >> andrea: number one on the democrats' list. biden after winning re-election in 2008 came out and said to the unions, we owe you. three words. there is a lot of great teachers out there to be fair. excellent teachers.
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we're talking about the teachers union bosses that push a push and push for less work, but more money. it's preposterous to think somehow they need protection from we, the taxpayer. they have organization in the political process that parents and students don't have. democrat is a fact. >> greg: can we travel back in time two days to this show when i did a monologue on that teacher, that crazy teacher screaming at the kid about disrespecting obama? you know mitt is right. time to call b.s. on fascism of the faculty lounge. teachers union devolveed to obama's ministry of education. >> bob: you are taking one teacher and one example and painting entirely negative -- >> greg: you're right. i am. >> bob: that is a problem. most people in america like their public school. there are problem in the schools. we know that. but the idea they get better
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scores, you could afford to spend -- >> eric: fine, fine. okay. fine. why not pay teachers based on performance? why does the union push back on that? >> bob: there is no reason they should. i said for a long time teachers ought to be -- >> eric: honestly, i love you but i don't care what you think. i care what president obama thinks. why would the administration under democrats push back on fight for paying for performance for teachers? >> bob: i don't know. you don't care what i think. >> eric: explain to me wh why -- the f the kids are the most important -- >> kimberly: it would be a merit system. serve entitled to a job and teacher benefits, entitled to tenure. guess what? the american student, children lose in that. so then you demonize parents who say listen i want more out of my child's education. i don't want them to be indoctrinated in classes.
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>> bob: if you asked the average parent of what they think of the public school overwhelmingly they think it's positive. >> kimberly: my punc munchkin is in public school. >> kimberly: i love miss debbie. >> andrea: that is not fair, i said in fairness there are excellent teachers out there. it's the bosses of the teachers union that lose the influence to push for these things. they have summer off. the protection afforded to the teachers, here is my point. if obama want a different politician and wanted to bridge somewhere between the right and the left and come to the middle, bob, why wouldn't he take a more reasonable stance like you and back up vouchers, back pay for performance? >> bob: there is reason they don't teach for summer. the kids aren't in class. there is no reason why teachers for example, teachers should be tested before they get a tenure, be sure they can
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teach at the level they're supposed to be teaching at. i have no problem with that. most democrats i know don't have a problem with that. teachers union have a problem with anything changing the status quo. that is a problem. >> andrea: there we go. we agree. >> greg: that is the point. protection racket against failure. >> eric: your example of the teacher clearly teaching completely wrong things gets laid off with pay. >> bob: 98% of the teachers not like that. >> kimberly: in new york, there are a couple that have been highlighted where they're accused of inappropriate behavior with the young children. you know what i'm talking about. you can't fire them. they're still being paid. >> bob: that sounds like to catholic church. >> kimberly: it doesn't. we're not going to tolerate more disparaging comments about the catholic church. >> bob: 23 you are talking about ib appropriate teachers and -- inappropriate teachers i can talk about inappropriate
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priests. >> kimberly: then you know what? >> greg: let's talk about inappropriate democrats, then. where do we start? >> andrea: they have their own version of the rubber room. >> greg: i'm being as tacky as you are. >> bob: i'm trying to say i don't think you can paint everybody as a negative because there are examples. it's true there are abuses in the teachers union in certain areas. they have a right to organize. >> kimberly: i want teachers who aren't afraid to fire them. >> greg: i confess my hatred on teachers unions. what are they fighting for? pencil sharpener injurys? what is a legitimate reason for union now? >> kimberly: salaries. protection. so thigh can keep their job and retire.
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and get a nice environment. >> andrea: you talk about democrats for voucher schools, if they join with the republicans there are votes to get these things fast. obama wouldn't lose the nomination or teachers union. where else will they go? >> eric: he can't. the minute they do he can't get backing from the teachers union. >> kimberly: pad teachers give good teachers a bad name. they do. >> kimberly: you were a teacher once? yes. >> greg: you were -- it makes me happy to think you taught. >> andrea: there are some bad teachers. >> bob: that's right. but you keep cutting education over and over and load the schools up with 30, 35 kids.
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>> andrea: that is not the issue. a lot of teacherers that are penalized for inappropriate behavior are making six figure salaries sometimes. how is that fair? the taxpayers footing the bill >> bob: if you show me a teacher making six figures and i'll eat your hat. >> eric: everywhere else in the world computation based on performance. except in unions. >> bob: that is wrong about the unions, first. if that was the case, all teachers who are good ones should be making six figures. >> eric: i agree with that. >> bob: fine. tell republicans to stop cutting money from teachers. >> greg: an important point, kimberly was a teacher and taught high school students. >> kimberly: yes. >> greg: there was never an absentee, was there? >> kimberly: they moved me from teaching the seniors to the kindergarten since i was 21. >> greg: can you manual? you'd show up every day.
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>> kimberly: it was perfect attendance. >> andrea: awards for everybody. >> greg: that is a sexist statement but a true statement. >> andrea: you're calling him out? >> bob: i'm not calling him out. >> kimberly: education america, people. substitute teacher coming your way. coming up, president obama blames republicans for the debt problem and says he is the one to fix it. >> greg: it takes a -- >> it takes a democrat to fix it after they have run up the tab. >> kimberly: who is the real big spender? we'll get to the numbers when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: wild ones. believe it or not, folks, that's how president obama described the republican spending yesterday. listen.
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>> i don't know how they've been bamboozling folks into thinking they are the responsible, fiscally disciplined party. they run up these wild debts. then when we take over we have to clean it up. then they point and say look how irresponsible they are. look at the facts. look at the numbers. >> eric: if truth, who is bamboozled here? >> andrea: i don't know how he can stand in front of the crowd with any intellectually honesty and say something like that. there has been no clean-up whatsoever. i didn't have time to borrow your whiteboard today and you have been busy, but this is a really low accounting trick he is taking. the worst possible one. saying that 2009 spending levels belong to bush. taking no responsibility for it. if you look at it, the number has gone from 2.9 million, stayed above $3.8 trillion. white house estimates by 2014 it will go to $4.5 trillion.
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he hasn't brought the level of spending down. he is still spending at crisis levels and he is take nothing responsibility for it. >> eric: hold on. we will get to you in a second. >> greg: here is the thingbe that irks me. i don't use the word "irk" often because i don't know what it means. but president obama is only cutting spending in the area that gave him the one and only victory. the military. he's firing the one employee that saved his butt. i don't understand the logic. >> kimberly: ungrateful. >> bob: rick nutters associated with the "wall street journal" finally went back and looked hard at spending. george bush the last year, 18% increase in spending. barack obama in 2010, minus $-1/2.8%. you can chew your mouths off about the increased spending and you're wrong. >> eric: put up the full screen, guys. here is the real numbers. those are the actual spending
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numbers, four of the last five president. obama, $9.7 billion per day. george bush, $6-point # billion per day. clinton $4.1 billion per day. ronald reagan $2.5 billion per day. any way you slice it, bamboozled, disingenerous. >> kimberly: ding, ding, ding. we have a winner. >> bob: if you built with tin flation in the numbers >> eric: stop with that. >> bob: the article i'm asking for -- >> eric: the slowest increase in spending is b.s. >> bob: he cut 1.8% in spending. that's where the "wall street journal." you have want to argue with a group of republicans? >> eric: it's cbs market watch sewned by the dow jones, which owns the parent network of the "wall street journal." >> bob: how can you dispute the figures that -- >> eric: here is how it happens. this is what happened. they said at the beginning of 2009, president obama had to spend on stimulus. we're not going to count that. we had to spend on other
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issues, we're not going to count that. we'll start here and talk about the increase. >> bob: so the "wall street journal" is lying? >> eric: misinformed. he's misinformed. >> kimberly: bobby, bob, bob. eyes on momma. $900 billion spent on stimulus in the beginning of his term. >> bob: he cut a lot of spending beyond that. >> andrea: take the stimulus aside, tarp two, obama is responsible for, we're still spending at historic levels. >> bob: if you spend money -- look. social security and medicare increase, by cost of increase, they do and every president goes up. it just does. >> andrea: you admit it goes up. >> bob: of course it's up in entitlement spending but in terms of the discretionary spending in the budget he spent much less than george bush. >> andrea: we're borrowing $1 trillion a year. >> bob: george bush never
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counted his wars in his budget. >> eric: calm down. spending is going up, percentage of gdp going up as well. >> greg: it makes me pessimistic, the fact we can't get along. a junkie only stops using the junk until the junk runs out. if you look at what is happening around the world. people are spending until they can't spend anymore. that is what is going to happen to us. we won't stop spending until we run out. >> andrea: you're right. we are running out of money. >> bob: the "wall street journal" guy, headline. obama spending binge never happened. commentary, government outrage, slowest pace since 1950s. >> eric: as long as you ire using a high basis -- here is the example. kimberly went from spending $10 to $12. you went from spending $15 to $16. i went from spending $500,000 to $501,000.
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the rate is lower. i'm spending like crazy. >> bob: mr. nuter he called you a liar. if you want to defend yourself, please do. >> andrea: you are running out of other people's money. greg pointed out we will get to that point and the left will cry foul, like bob is going when we talk about this spending. it will hurt. they will go further in a recession. >> kimberly: they don't have an economic program or good record to run on now, because now he is president. so he has three years of nonsense. guess what? the best way is vote -- >> bob: you sat around and everybody sat around the table and said barack obama is a big spender. these stats prove he is not. >> eric: you make a good point. president bush was the biggest spender in all time. eight years of the bush presidency he tacked on less than $5 trillion in debt. $3-1/2 years of obama he tacked on more than
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$5 trillion. [ overtalk ] >> bob: over and over again, flat wrong. you are flat work. >> greg: i will say this. he needs to keep spending because the slogan is vote for me is a vote for free. >> kimberly: correct. >> eric: should the obama administration try to help the pakistani doctor who helped us get bin laden? if we don't, he may spend the rest of his life in jail. we'll talk about that in a minute. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: they're always
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dumping on our smokers. i don't understand why that is. look at greg. he and i are perfectly healthy. in california there is a proposition to increase taxes by a buck on a pack of cigarettes supposedly to raise money for cancer research. my guess is it might go other places but they are running an ad here about the proposition. take a look at it. >> california supports big tobacco. >> i support big tobacco, because they killed my wife. that is one less mouth to feed. >> i support big tobacco, because some people -- [ inaudible ] i want to grow up to get lung cancer. >> i support big tobacco and because i work for them and i promise we have your best interest at heart. >> on june 5, will you support big tobacco. >> bob: greg, i got to ask you an important question. do you or do you not support big the boca 1234 >> greg: i support them by purchasing the products.
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california is smug for a state that is fiscally slipping in the ocean. they are going to try to tax the last six people who smoke in their state. you know what they should be taxing? any event designed to raise awareness. that is the only industry left in california. what a bunch of spin come pooanyoneninconpoops.they don't. [ laughter ] i was going to swear. >> andrea: i don't think the u.s. tax code or state taxes should be used regressively. this is a regressive tax punishing certain people for their behavior. i don't think taxes should do that. you know what? it's not working. look at polls of people in california huge -- california is a healthy state. they're not buying this scam. they don't believe that you can tax cigarettes and influence behavior. most importantly they don't trust california with the money.
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>> kimberly: california can't assure that the money will stay in california. >> andrea: voters are sick of this. >> kimberly: they're worse than the present administration. they make them look good. california is a complete disaster. everybody knows it. terminator pulled out of there. forget this. right in i'm telling you. >> greg: wow. >> i want to tell you something. >> eric: that was smart. >> greg: if you are overweight and you don't care about this issue, you think i don't smoke. just wait. you will be next. >> eric: that is funnier. >> kimberly: sorry. >> eric: according to the brain room centers for disease control, diseases caused by cigarette smoking result in $96 billion. >> kimberly: very serious. >> eric: each year. it's got to be paid for. >> andrea: bob, you smoke. you don't think it could break us up in classes, certain doctors for doctors, certain taxes for smokers and then what is left? >> bob: i don't trust eric's
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numbers. ever. of course he has republican numbers. listen, it is regressive. you are right. you know who it hits worse than anybody nellis poor people. people -- anybody else? poor people. i can afford to pay for it. greg can afford to pay for it. you can afford to buy a tobacco firm. the fact of the matter is it falls heavily on people, as sad as it may be, there are higher percentage of people lower income who smoke. >> eric: they are forced to smoke. forced. in their mouth and light up, right? >> greg: do we point out that smokers are the real heroes here in the sense they don't create a drag on the medical system late in life. they check out early. so they don't, for the last four or five years of their life they are not draining the system because they're gone. >> kimberly: that is macabre. >> eric: they do check out earlier on average, now or five years earlier. riddled with diseases -- >> andrea: no one likes a
11:31 pm
quitter, right? >> kimberly: jeez. >> bob: i don't know why someone wouldn't take greg's heart or lung if he dies? >> greg: i know how to smoke. you know how you smoke? you treat it like everything else in moderation. pack a week. >> kimberly: you are a social smoker, because you want to if it in. >> bob: a pack a week? >> andrea: you smoke more than that. >> bob: i do. >> kimberly: what about the concern about people's health? there are familiar his, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, left behind because of lung disease and smoking related illnesses. that is a fact that is very serious. i don't like children to start to smoke. however, california is doing it because they are in a desperate financial state right now and they will tax alcohol and everything else. they want to legalize marijuana. >> bob: if anybody believes this stuff is going to go to pay off, two to cancer research, they are kidding themselves. this money is going to go to pay off the deficit, just like hour money is going for republican deficit. >> andrea: who does this
11:32 pm
hit? single mother i know you don't agree but who happens to smoke. she will be the one hit with the taxes, not thurst howell iii. >> bob: thurston howell iii once. it knew him once. it kicked the hell out of him in high school. >> greg: i thought you weren't a bully. >> bob: i wasn't. >> kimberly: now you're in trouble. >> bob: he was a bully. er victim eric is a bully. coming up, conman peter king says the obama administration is leaked? is that what that said? something about a pakistani doctor who helped us identify usama bin laden. is he right? sorry, folks. i don't read very well. i'm dyslexic and whoever wrote that at no time read it right. stick with us. thank you. note ♪ ♪ ♪
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eastern. now back to new york and five "e five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." a pakistani doctor who assisted the u.s. capturing bin laden has been sentenced to 33 year information prison and chargeed with treason by the pakistani faith. earlier today, hillary clinton made a comment about what the administration is doing regarding the efforts to free him. >> we are in the midst of a series of discussions with the pakistani government on a range of issues that are important to the united states. and the international community. we certainly consider the
11:39 pm
treatment of dr. afridi to be among those important issues. we are raising it and we will continue to do so because we think the treatment is unjust and unwarranted. >> andrea: i had an opportunity to talk to congressman peter king, chairman of the house homeland security committee keeping an eye on this and many other homeland security issues. he said the administration botched this from the beginning, leaked information and confirmed the doctor. a couple of day after the vote where they want to confirm the dna samples. administration officials confirmed they were working with the health officials. pakistanis started arresting doctors to try this. leon panetta goes on "60
11:40 pm
minutes" and says this -- >> a pakistani doctor as we understand it was helping our efforts there. afridi. he has now been charged with treason. in pakistan. i wonder what you think of that. >> i am very concerned about what the pakistanis did with this individual. this was an individual that help provide intelligence on, that was helpful with regard to the operation. >> andrea: he confirms it. he confirms it to the world. if i'm the pakistanis, i am not going to budge on this. that is embarrassing. they are already upset we went in their country to get bin laden. >> eric: well, look. this is a big issue. they say it's a big issue. why didn't someone ask why pakistanis are charging with treason? we took out the world's most
11:41 pm
vile human being, worst terrorist in history of the earth but the guy who helped us, helped make the world a safer place is treasonous? >> bob: they call it treasonous. but pakistanis were unbelievably upset, military particularly, we didn't let them know. and good news we didn't because they leak like asive. a sieve. they are trying to get back at the public that were furious that the united states did this. they don't like us. >> andrea: last time i checked bin laden was a threat to the u.s., and the world. why did they put this doctor away? >> greg: bob is right on this. i feel like i think the united states looks pretty bad, too. i give credit to the administration for getting bin laden but the national security is choreographed by hollywood. we give up the bridge over that underwear plot. we give information to
11:42 pm
directors. this guy is just an extra in the film. he doesn't provide p.r. value or tickets. >> bob: simple reason pakistanis are upset about this. because they were hiding him. the military knew perfectly well. >> andrea: kimberly, there is a theme here that the administration seems to not understand the word "classified." that bin laden raid weren't supposed to know it was seal team six or choppers or the route. now they are giving information to hollywood as we talked about. >> kimberly: this is a real problem. it's systemic in the administration and how they handle it. sure, there have been things they have done that were well handled but this is not one of them. i feel we let this man down who risked everything to help us. one think it was the most important thing to get this guy. without it, we couldn't have done it. give him political asylum. >> eric: panetta, hillary clinton you want this guy
11:43 pm
back? threat on the cut off aid to them. >> kimberly: quit giving pakistan money. >> bob: the most important thing that was necessary was to prove it was bin laden. it required a doctor to get the dna. this guy has been working with the united states government for a long time. this has been around the international community. i'm not surprised they caught him. pakistanis are playing politi politics. >> andrea: we have a problem with the information leaking information. >> greg: i'm bored by the regionment really. like the weird house at the end of the block, you know what i mean? they keep bothering you. you're like please, just do away. >> andrea: tune in to o'really tonight. peter king will be on to talk about this further. we have to go. coming up, 21-year-old guy punches a 10-year-old kid at the movie theater. i wasn't bob. thank god. the kid loses a tooth. believe it or not, greg will defend him. he will tell us why when we
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come back. ♪ ♪ [ bell ringing ]
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back. auburn, washington man, charged with a felony after he slapped a 10-year-old boy in a movie theater. kim, who must be irish, said the kid and his friends kept yelling and throwing popcorn while he and his girl were watching "titanic 3d" i think is a russ meyer film. only bob will get that joke. the 21-year-old lost his temper and knocked out the kid's tooth. when police told kim how old the victim was, he said he thought he was a grown man. let's hear it from kim with a reenactment from a local news team. >> i was kind of mad. my madness, trying to watch a movie. >> kim said finally he had enough. he hopped a row of seat and told the boys to stop talking but they wouldn't listen, which he said set him off. >> i didn't mean to do it. but it happened. freddie i love the reenactment on "the five" -- >> greg: i love the rean enkment on the five.
11:49 pm
i know you can't hit a kid. not really. why do i sympathize with kim? is it because we've all wanted to smack a brat across a face at the movie? i'm sure certain members of the "the five" felt the same about me but i have a yellow belt. with the decline in manners these days, there is no one left to police the place. why do kids get protection just because they're kids? they can be just as eel. there should be punishment from evil behavior. you know the yappy punk who wouldn't shut up will think twice next time. kimberly, don't be upset. the only crime is they were all watching "titanic 3d." why do you want to watch a sinking ship when you can tune if in to cnn. >> eric: another crime. you claim to be a yellow belt in karate, but i know the yellow belt with the blue shoes. >> greg: i'm not really. >> kimberly: we knew that. >> greg: kidding.
11:50 pm
did the guy do something wrong? i guess you can't hit a kid. >> andrea: technically you can't. in his defense snore -- >> eric: technicall technicallyi guess? >> andrea: it was a dark movie theater. >> greg: it could have been a four-foot tall body builder. >> andrea: it could have been you. >> eric: my gosh. what are you talking about? he is ten! can you imagine if you're the father of the 10-year-old watching a 21 -- >> greg: the father should have told the kid to pipe down this is a public place. >> andrea: i behave more like the children in movie theaters, so when some kid is loud, i go rat on them. i go to the usher. excuse me in row seven there a s a kid being very, very loud. >> kimberly: right. >> bob: let's start with what it look like in movie line. all the guys, it doesn't matter what color they, are they have their pants down around their knees. they got baseball hats that are on crooked and they leave them on in the movies.
11:51 pm
as far as i'm concerned, i'd take tasers if it were up to me. movie theriots are impossible. teenagers are impossible to listen to. their girlfriends are ugly. >> kimberly: my gosh! >> bob: all they do is cause trouble. they shouldn't there in the first power. tasers. >> andrea: bob for ushers as amc theater. >> eric: i know you're kidding about the tasers. >> bob: i'm not. >> eric: say a 21-year-old guy shouldn't smack a kid. >> bob: i agree. he should have tasered him. >> greg: i am talking facetious. i wouldn't hit a kid in a theater. >> kimberly: you would go to jail. >> greg: but the frustration of sympathizing. >> kimberly: you get if it's a child or another person. if i neem a movie theater and you are going on twitter telling your "red eye" fans and you're disturbing me i can't turn around and smack you. i'll be in trouble. that is an assault and battery. you can go to jail for that. >> bob: at least they could patrol the place. instead of allowing people,
11:52 pm
this guy doesn't have to go and slap the buy, he shouldn't have slapped him, i agree. no ushers. you are paying a fortune to see these things, most are lousy anyway. you have to look through a bunch of baseball hats. c'mon. >> kimberly: well, that depends where your seats are. if your movie premier screening. >> greg: what is the bost thing you did in a movie theater in >> kimberly: don't ask. >> bob: it wasn't in a movie theater, it was a drive-in movie. >> andrea: 'nuff said. freddie >> kimberly: everybody is looking down and away, because we don't want to know. >> greg: one more thing is next. what happens when bill clinton runs into a couple of lovely ladys? they take a picture, of course. the full story behind this photo when we come back. ♪ ♪
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>> kimberly: it's time now for one more thing. see if you behave the next three minutes of the show. >> greg: i'm so excited. levi johnson is broke. his mother and he squandered millions of dollars. she a moron. where is kathy griffin now and the left wingers who used him as a pawn to fete to sarah palin?
11:57 pm
that's what happens when you're a pawn, you end up back wherever you came from. >> kimberly: so weird. >> andrea: he was so talented, too. >> greg: he had such a future. >> andrea: where have all the julias gone? there is a study that said even though support for gay marriage increased, people who identify as pro-choice-choice hs decreased. assuming that all women are liberal and pro-abortion but it's not happening. >> bob: your assumption is -- i happen to be pro-life. i'm the wrong person to point that to. >> andrea: okay, but asking you as a democrat. isn't this their hook to go after women? >> bob: i don't know. >> andrea: okay, you're confused. >> bob: you told me to behave. >> eric: politicians and hollywood like each other a
11:58 pm
lot. these are the actresses. this is at the monte carlo. they but they are porn stars. not just adult film porn stars but award winners. wow! >> andrea: he saw a blue dress and he couldn't help it. >> bob: this is 5:00 in the afternoon. please, people should not be discussing this. >> greg: the best part of the story is how he pretended not recognize their work. >> kimberly: it's your turn. >> bob: don't be afraid. i want to say memorial day weekend is coming up. i know a lot of you maybe want to go to the ridiculous card joints and buy the car sales. but go to a parade. go to a cemetery. lef's honor people that should be honored on memorial day. they're not car salesman. >> kimberly: why can't you do both? >> andrea: small business owners -- >> bob: i don't care. honor the fallen and the current military. >> andrea: do both. >> greg: what if they run a car dealership?
11:59 pm
>> bob: boy from him. >> kimberly: i think you can do both be. respectful and also go out and do something for the economy and the hartworking people working on the holidays. >> greg: buy a car tomorrow. >> kimberly: go buy a car. buy an american car. >> bob: go to a 7-lieb. they'll be open. >> andrea: world according to bob. >> kimberly: let's talk about somebody's birthday. happy birthday, baby. you know who i'm talking about. happy 129 birthday to the brooklyn bridge. have you thought about the brooklyn bridge? i got a bridge i can sell you. bob apparently doesn't. >> bob: where did you come up with that? >> kimberly: i thought it was nice. it woke up and heard it was the birthday for the brooklyn bridge. is anybody going to celebrate that? it doesn't get good press. north dakota is a fleet weekend. it'd be careful if i were you. >> andrea: support the troops. being a woman in new y


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