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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 25, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> it's friday. good morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. it is friday may 25th. lots of news to get to. top story today. brand new developments about the case of eaton pates. the 16-year-old boy who disappeared from new york city 33 years ago today. they charged pedro fernandez with second degree murder. >> we have the details of his
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confession. >> for decades we have known that etetan pates dispiered. fernandez worked across the street at a convenience store. he told police how he lured etan into the basement by promising him soda. he choked him put his body in a plastic bag and exposed of him in the trash about a block away. fernandez move to do new jersey became a construction worker and even had a daughter. he became haunted and told family he done a bad thing and killed a child. they finally put two and two together and called police. he was quick to fest up were there. >> we have a written confession, a signed confession. he spoke for 3 and a half hours.
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he was remorseful and seemed to give detectives the thought of a feeling of relief on his part. >> they have been in touch with the family hopefully bringing them to closure. >> that's the day years ago to commemorate the day he disappeared. we have more on this coming up. thank you so much. talk with you later this morning. senate sending a message of treason after he killed osama bin -- >> the chairman of the house peter king said he thought the u.s. government outed the pakistani doctor. but a senior administration
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official tells us it was the pakistani. our got. thinks pakistan should let the doctor go. the united states does not believe there is any basis for holding doctor ephriti. his help yavr all was instrumental in taking down one of the world's most notorious murderers. >> now pakistan is in line to lose $1 million in aid for each year of the doctor's sentence. that is afridi. >> senator john mccain explained what he thinks holding this
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money is going to do. >> we are more than willing to discuss with the administration and with the appropriations committee the proper way that we can most express american's displeasure at the relationship as it exists today and what measures need to be taken in order to try to help>> a u.s. official towed us yesterday. this official didn't have any explanation as to why we couldn't get him out of the country before it was too late. it is time now for your 5@5:00. the other headlines. brand new photos of a smiling terrorist. look at this video smuggled out of gitmo.
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a jihadist web site is showing photos of khalid shaikh mohammed. mugging for the camera and reading the koran. he's facing a military tribe bunl where taking pictures is not allowed. >> looks like osama bin laden. >> taking place overnight from a hot tub to a cold shower now. jeff neeley we all remember this guy out of a job this morning. he planned that lavish bash costing nearly $800,000. he's the guy in the hot tub photo. until now he has been on paid administrative leave. looks a lot different. >> now for an extreme weather alert, hurricane bud barreling toward mexico.
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while you were sleeping into a category 3. it is expected to make landed fall in the western coast of mexico today. new york mayor cory booker lashing out at critics on twitter. the democrat under fire after an interview the democratic attacks are quote nauseating. he tweeted this message. sorry i make you sick and sorry i made a mistake. i am sorry my 15 seconds on meet the press aerodes my 20-years. he has more than a million twitter follow lowers. you are looking at the winner of the national geographic beat. we have the picture? the 14-year-old is from should go bar land texas. he won the contest.
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which bavarian city was the legislate i seat of the holy roman empire from 1663 to 1806? he got that. >> the answer is reagansburg. the teen won a 25,000 dollar scholarship and a trip. he will be on fox and frenz a lit later to talk about his victory and quiz the folks on the curtain. >> webbed get him for the scramble up this morning. >> bad with a 14-year-old is smarter. let's head over to janice dean. >> we were just talking about hurricane bud off the coast of mexico. how are things looking? >> category 2. just downgraded. we are going to talk about bud. we are also going to talk about this area oftis bu disturbed we. this could be the next storm
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burl. we are going to be busy in the fox news extreme weather center. keep it tuned here. we are looking at scattered showers across the northeast. a lot of folks are traveling. they are going to keep an eye to the skies. upper midwest severe weather overnight last night two tornadoes reported then upset l unsettled weather. all weekended long but that's no the case. severe threats through missouri valley. here is the area of concern you are going to see all weekend long. the low pressure system that could become tropical. here are the computer models we think on sunday a good shot at some sort of land fall even if it is a storm off the coast it
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will cause some problems. of course for the beaches. so if you live in this area you need to pay close attention to the local weather forecast. we will be live all weekend long we have you covered ladies. memorial weekend. >> it is that time of year again. thousands of men and women in new york for fleet week. i spent some time-out side. good morning, anna. >> good morning to you. heather. 2012 is going on. it will be going on until wednesday. rocking new york city. we are excited about it to be on the uss watts. there is going to be a lot of different things going on.
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22 ships coming up the hudson river on wednesday. we got to watch a lot of tall ship coming in. navy coast garruard and marine ships. united kingdom finland and canada. more than 6,000 men and woman are coming in. participating in community outreach programs. tim mcgraw is going to be kicking off an outreach here. he will be giving away 25 mortgage free homes for wounded and needy service members. about 20 news we are going to wake them up now.
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>> we all come to down and other towns, too. they do these amazing air shows in addition to ships in the area. people can see all of the great men and women. >> i was on the intrepid last year. they are tanks actually. that is small compared to the aircraft carriers. >> we will check in with anna a little bit later. >> it's 11 minutes before the top of the hour. an elementary school is mandating the student. >> check out this video. a complete brawl breaking out on the floor. we will tell you about what sparked this soccer game at a soccer match. this is a bunch of politicians
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duking it out.
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>> it's quarter after the hour. here's a look at other headlines we are watching this morning a so-called dream team of detectives and crime experts taking a look at the case of a missing mother in orlando, florida. here's a picture of 34-year-old michelle parker. she disappeared after appearing on "the people's court." the crime suspect is her fiancee. it took the jury a little more than an hour to arrest yasser jason abdo.
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he faces up to life in prison at his sentencing this july. talking tol picks now. early voting is underway in the state of wisconsin for the historic recall. polls open across the state. 4,000 absentee ballots are in the mail. he has been challenged milwaukee's democratic mayor tom barrett. aping gerring democrats and unions there by trying to increase the power of the unions in that state. it is considered a strong sign president obama will be vulnerable in that state. he is showing moraned more signs of win. let's take a listen to what charles crowd hammer has to say. i love discounting the avoidance of this election.
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this is armageddon for them. this is their third shot on this issue, this one huge issue. they want to make an issue of walker because they know they have bp living high on the hog with these contract politicians. they had one election in the supreme court. they did not succeed. they did not succeed three strikes you are out it will be a huge defeat for the unions. the recall is june the 5th. >> robert gray has a story you can bank on. let's talk about the fallout from facebook ipo. still more issues there.
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we are talking about mutual fund customers. if you don't know that you will probably handle it. not only them but some of the biggest market makers. well, nightcap tal demanding 10's of thousands of dollars from facebook. citadel training they handled millions of volumes of shares. >> $100 million in lawsuits every day. let's talk about the banks. they have more money in tbanks. >> more money in the coffers. >> that's good for us. >> the most since december. two-thirds of banks improving. if you try to get a loan it is
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harder than it was. >> oil prices gas prices. >> the upside to our 401 ks being down the price of gas has been dropping down. 3.67 the national average on thursday. kicking up the summer driving season. california 4.31 a gallon the bad news. 3. 3.65 in pennsylvania. >> a lot of those taxes really add up. california for example. thank you. enjoy your weekend. >> it is 19 after the hour. the occupiers you know those folks saying stab the police officer in the leg. now they are suing because some of their books were damaged. also suri the spy. is there something sinister about the latest voice if you have the latest iphone 4 s.
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>> good morning. they are asking for some efed kept private until the trial starts. the evidence includes statements george zimmerman gave to detectives. also the names and addresses. they will become public record. the occupy wall street protestors have suing the city of new york.
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they stole 50,000 from the books? they were tearing down tents. the occupiers had plenty of time to move their stuff out of them. thanks heather. now it is time for the nerd alert. clayton morris is joining us with the new technology news of the day. >> first we are going to start with the iphone. suri comes with that. many people buy it because of the suri. if you are an employee you can't li with it on the catch pus? >> i fined it absolutely ridiculous. you couldn't do a search. how many calories in a burrito. their concern is the search queries are going off to apple's campus. we don't know how long apple stores this information. the issue is it's no different than doing a google search. you can go to the computer and
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type out a google search. it is going to somewhere else an you are getting a search result. they would have to began google and binge andrea hue. >> if you read the fine print it says that information is being stored. wonder what they are worried about? >> it is the idea mostly i could send a text message. i could say senned a text to my boss. that information is proet pry terry information. that is going to apple. apple is sitting there with a guy in a cup of coffee and glasses reading all of your text messages. >> no moran nonmou-- no more ans comment. you can write the rudest thing the meanest thing about someone and it never tracks back to you. >> in the tech business we call these people trolls. you ever see nasty comments call them trolls they don't have a
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picture associated with their name. they have a fake name. >> no one is held accountable. they have a bull they think it will fly. >> the issue is that if you can create web sites you have a facebook profile you have a picture and a name. your name is less likely to be held accountable. on fox we have a sign in process. you have to sign in. you can sign in with facebook but there is your face. if you are mean we know who you are. >> you love this week. >> it is national geek pride day. you know why? there are a couple of things that happen. 35 years ago today star was w-- star wars was released. >> did you read the series.
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>> national towel day. all geeks will know. it is also national towel day. >> coming up math, science, english all standard classes you learned at school. now mandatory air is happening in elementary school. details coming up ahead. then we are going to head out to anna kooiman. >> hey, anna. >> ♪
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>> welcome back to fox and friends. it is 31 after the hour. >> we have news to get to right now. top 5 at 5:30. those are the stories making news at this hour. chilling new developments in the case of etan patz. he is a 6-year-old boy who disappeared 30 years ago today. they charged pedro hernandez of second degree murder. hernandez was 19 years old at the time working at a convenience store where etan disappeared. he confessed to luring him into
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the basement of the store with a promise of a soda before he allegedly choked him put his body in a bag and discarded it with the trash. he told several family members he had done a bad thing and killed a child. it wasn't until the cold case was reopened that they put two to two together. family members someone knew something for years and kept it secret all of the of that time. >> used a large dose of propofol to kill inmates on death row. does it sound familiar? same drug which led to michael jackson's death. his doctor conrad murray serving a 10 year sentence in connection with the death. the prison used to use a combination of three drugs but will just use propofol. activists are up in arms saying the drug is untested. the dreams are shattered ten years ago.
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now ryan banks breaking down in tears because the charges against him have been dismissed. he spen the more than five yearss in prison since the lawyer advised him to plead no contest. >> my only dream in this world was just to be free. i never asked why ufdz supposed to go through what i we know the through. i know i am here today and i remain unbroken. >> his attorney asking the nfl team to give him a second chance. just 26 years old. forget about the abc's. they want students to learn arabic. students at public school 368 will attended a arabic class twice a week for 45 minutes each class. that's the same amount of time to science. she choose it over spanish and french because she believes it's
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the language of the future. it will help the school earn a more strategic standing. >> from comic book to comic book. anthony smith the basis for the new ear branned super hero. he was born with no right here and only partial hearing in his left ear. he told his mom he wanted to lose the hearing aid so she reached out to marvel comics. a super hero with a hearing aid. the top fooi headlines. >> he's a little hero. >> president obama trying to campaign on a record of reduced spending. republicans say numbers are adding up. >> just how care will you have to wake up during an election. he is addressing friendly crowds when he goes from politicl funn
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razor to political fundraiser. it is at its worse with run away federal spenedding. >> what my opponent says federal spen spending has risen at the slowest pace of any president in more than 60 years. that happens when republicans run up the tab and we are sitting there at a restaurant. you are going why did you order all those? >> it's a line that is getting great applause but it is driving conservatives crazy. the president is gaining the numbers starting with the baseline that includes massive federal spending hikes and bailouts that he supported. >> that is what makes it the whopper of the year. if you compare to what we spened in the bush years if you take
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out the emergency spending that the two administrations agreed on at the end of the bailouts then you have an 8 percent increase which is historic. >> they tried to control the ne narrative on the issues the economy debts and deficits. >> i pose the question on twitter one party be to blame for all of the spending, the answer no. they are all responsible. 36 minutes after the hour. member of the u.s. marine corps, navy, coast guard a whole bunch innovating new york city for fleet week. anna kooiman joins us live from the uss walk this morning. it's on the hudson river. >> good morning to you. there are actually 22 different ships here. a lot of the excitement building. i have woken up to handsome sailors this morning. they are in charge of fitness on
2:37 am
the ship. they are going to let us know how they keep these amazing figures. >> how are you? >> i am fantastic. how are you doing? >> good. >> you are from maryland? >> yes. >> you are as well? >> yes, ma'am. >> you are from wisconsin. >> yes, ma'am. >> i hope you have a great time in manhattan. quite the place to be. >> tell us about the things you do to keep your men all buff. >> on board the ship we are limited in resources but we have a gym on the ship. we have a lot of different spaces that we can get creative. only so many times you can do a pushup without getting board. >> or you can go stir crazy. >> physical fitness wise get creative. we use big logs, tractor tires. we have some fun. >> what is the worst thing you
2:38 am
do? >> for me i hate running but i am good at it. that is my worst. >> a lot of people say the only time i run is when somebody is chasing me. >> let's do some of this. >> stand shoulder width apart. keep your back street. >> i like this. >> back straight an aping kels in a parallel line. when you go down you go upper arms are parallel with the deck. >> check the deck. >> that's one. >> how many we do? >> until we get tired. then you go up and count the numbers. >> down. flush
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>> thanks for all they do. you can see in new york or elsewhere give them a thank you. >> very impressive. >> extreme weather alert now to tell you about this morning. janice has all of the details on hurricane bud. category 3 was downgraded to category 2. still a very powerful storm just off the coast of mexico. we think this storm is going to make landed fall overnight tonight and into tomorrow. category 2 storm 110 miles per hour sustained winds. as we look at the time line friday overnight we think category 1 storm north of manzamillo. we could see flash flooding of course hurricane force winds and
2:40 am
potential for mud slide lapped slides. t -- land slides. the atmospheric association released their hurricane numbers for this year their predictionses what they think will happen. storms pretty average. average since 1981. hurricanes 4-8. major hurricanes 1-3. category 3 or higher. we typically see 3 a year. if we get to that name it will be burle. we have a 70 percent chance we are going to see beryl. we are heading into a long long memorial day weekend. it could mean nasty weather for the beaches. it has potential to be a
2:41 am
tropical storm and could make land fall this weekend. the rest of the weather unsettled across northwest. across the northwest. beaches look good except those areas tropical bery -- beryl. it's memorial day monday for your weekend. >> with all of the crazy weather people need to get to the airport early. janice will be working on the weather all weekend long. >> a very special edition of entertainment news. are you ready for country? oo you know these guys super
2:42 am
stars montgomery gentry kicking off the stories on fox and friends later this morning. the fun starts in a little bit. it is 41 minutes after the hour. a not so simple exchange among the lawmakers. what prompted this outburst? >> stay in check this weekend or you can find yourself on the wrong side of the law. make sure you don't get sued. >> hurricane bud drinking the bud. be careful this weekend.
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>> it is 45 minutes after the hour. the party is over for the guy who was at the party in the lavish hotel. what happened? did this guy gretire or get fired? >> you may recall mr. jeff neeley responsible for the log vess gas conferenc -- las vegas conference. it is unclear if he resigned or if he was forced out. he was seen in a bathtub with wine glasses nearby. neely played a big role in organizing the costly and controversial party. he was put on paid administration leigh. the spokesman for the agency says it is completing its review of the conference and pursuing all available avenues of
2:47 am
appropriate disciplinary action against those responsible. nely -- neely was some of what a poster card for the conference. he repeatedly site his 5th amendment right and didn't answer any questions. the investigation is still ongoing. >> thank you so much in washington. we will keep following that story. another story we are following this morning one of our top stories. antoine lewis has a look at the man and the chilling confession. >> that man is supposed to be arraigned. he was 19 when he says he killed etan. shortly after etan was missing
2:48 am
he moved out of the area. he has been living in a suburb of new jersey for the last four years with a wife and teenaged daughter. he only came outside and had little interaction with mostly those in the neighborhood. apparently from what the statements were he made statements to past family members admit witing he had don something wrong to a child but no one took it seriously. none the less he has been expected to be arraigned and we will keep you updated through out the day. that's the latest. >> 48 minutes after the hour. coming up one military dad using technology to pull off the best surprise ever. this heart wrenching moment. >> could see a lot of fun and games until you get sued, right? arthur eye dadal law has chips
2:49 am
prevent it from happening. hey there, what you got? >> good morning, ladies. lots today. all american concert series with a little bit of country. montgomery gentry one of the great duos in country. kevin costner and bill paxton talking about their new tv movies. hat fields and mccoys. sharp the pencils the winner of the national spelling bee will take on clayton. fox and friends starts at 6:00 a.m.
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>> good morning. it is now 8 minutes before the hour. summer is now upon us.
2:53 am
>> how not to get sued this summer. >> criminal defense attorney arthur aidala. a lot of people host parties what are things we need to be aware of? >> we want to be smart. if i am the host you are called an invite e. if i am inviting you on to my property i the homeowner am responsible for your well-being within the realm of reasonableness. if i am about to light the barbecue i use all of this fuel starter there are little kids running arounded i throw the match in it one of the kids get hurt. >> you have to be aware not to do anything stupid. >> and to be smart about it. swimming pools are the best examples. unfortunately the most amount of deaths. gates are mandatory in almost
2:54 am
every jurisdiction. the pool has to be total closed. there are usually height requirements. >> people perhaps required or should they hire a lifeguard to help supervise the party. 3 kids and 6 adults. >> say you were having 50 people at a pool party. >> nobody is ever going to get mad at you for hiring a lifeguard. >> if you host a party somebody leaves the house drunk how responsible are you? >> if they have the kids in the hands and a budweiser in the other you know. in today's world you are not thrown to the level. >> you should take it upon
2:55 am
yourself to get that person a taxi cab home. >> if you think that person is not fit to drive take the keys and put them in the car. >> the problem is when you don't know. >> you don't want to get served but more importantly you don't want any one to get injured or die. >> thank you. have a wonderful memorial day. >> see you back here for the scramble. >> absolutely. >> it is 5 minutes before the hour now. a not so civil exchange among some of these lawmakers. look at this right here. you would like to get in the middle of that? >> i would like to know what country this is? >> we will tell you what prompted the fist fight. now your word of the day all scrambled up. can you figure out what this one is? stick around. we will be back.
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>> welcome back, it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly. first, the good. an emotional reunion in jacksonville, florida. you have to watch this. first petty officer roy snyder talking to his kids on facetime when the connection allegedly goes bad. a big disappointment until they realize he was in the other room. >> oh! he's home. snyder has been deployed for eight months and was not expected to come home for another week. and next, the bad. a plane door detaching mid air and falling on to the golf course. look at that! the jet carrying passengers managed to land safely. luckily, the golf course in hallendale beach, florida was closed for maintenance. this only happens two days the entire year. >> that they close for maintenance. >> yep. so much for law & order. flying between members of the ukraine's parliament over making


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