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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 25, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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the former soviet union. >> like a hockey move there. and it's time now to get scrambled up. alisyn camerota is here to help us out. hi there. >> what's going on? >> looking -- >> always does this cameo. >> i can't figure this one out at all! >> barbecue! >> good job. have a great show and a good weekend, everyone. take care. >> see you next week. >> i'll be in on monday. >> arthur can't help himself. good morning, everyone. it's friday, may 25th. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. president obama trying to set the record straight about whether he's a big spender. >> what my opponent didn't tell you was that federal spending since i took office has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years. >> ok. was it the republicans who forced him to stop spending?
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the ones he calls obstructionists? we report this morning, you decide. >> and note to the obama campaign, if you're going to go after private equity as being ruthless job destroyers, even vampires, maybe you should not hire a private equity manager who has fired hundreds of people him or herself. file this under oops! >> and call it a full pledge attack. one student refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance. not because he's unpatriotic or has some religious clause that he can't, just because he was too tired! he said it was exhausting to stand. it really -- >> that's why we sit for this show. >> "fox & friends" begins right now.
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>> ♪ that's something to be proud of ♪ >> that song, i will have alisyn camerota singing for the next three hours. it's a good one for montgomery gentry, one of the great duos in the history of country music. they will be here to kick off the summer concert series! >> very exciting morning here and don't adjust your sets, we are in for steve, gretchen and brian and so excited to have the inaugural all america concert series outside. >> you knew this was the inaugural day. as i walked down the hallway, usually it smells like coffee or something else, this morning, burgers. fries. hot dogs. >> ribs! >> ribs! kick off the summer, we'll have a lot more of this and we'll be eating for you this morning at home, you can be eating your cereal. >> if you're in midtown manhattan, come on down, 48th and sixth. free concert and great barbecue. >> let's tell you what's happening this morning. while you were sleeping, the
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g.s.a.'s jeff neely going from the hot tub to being in the cold. neely who planned a lavish bash in sin city for the agency, you'll recall, now out of a job. the conference cost taxpayers more than $800,000. you think he likes that picture on national television? >> is that his profile pic? >> not being revealed yet if he was fired or whether he resigned and until now, he's been on paid administrative leave. he pleaded the fifth when he was called to testify before congress. that vegas bash far from the only waste of your money by the g.s.a. there were numerous videos that have emerged. employees goofing around, even playing dressup on your dime. that's disturbing. >> all right. brand new photos of a smiling terrorist smuggled out of gitmo. jihadist web site posting what appears to be recent photos of khali shaikh mohammed taken inside the walls of guantanamo bay. the admitted 9/11 mastermind mugging for the camera and reading the quran. he's currently facing a military -- this is a real picture?
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he's currently facing a military tribunal where taking pictures is not allowed. that looks strange. now we have an extreme weather alert for you. we're learning that hurricane bud has weakened to a category 2 storm after it was upgraded to a category 3 overnight. you can see that on the satellite barrelling towards mexico there. that's the western coast, of course. it is expected to make landfall there later today. and this super bowl 25 ring that once belonged to lawrence taylor was sold to, wait for it, charlie sheen. we believe. >> we believe, we have not yet confirmed. >> the former giants agent revealing that sheen is still winning. this time he's scored by bidding more than $23 0,000 for the ring. he has a large sports memorabilia collection. lawrence taylor's son put the ring up for sale without him knowing. >> sheen forks over dough for sports memorabilia. he bought babe ruth jersey and
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he has the yankees, contract when they sold babe ruth from the yankees. >> how about lawrence taylor's son putting the ring up for auction? >> l.t. was ok with it. >> it's like going through my dad's stuff. >> and there was the seinfeld -- >> talking politics this morning. the president trying to paint an interesting picture of his record. he is tired, i guess sick and tired of being called an overspender so there was in denver at a fundraising event and he's trying to talk about how he is not an overspender and under him, spending has plummeted. take a listen. >> my opponent didn't tell you was that federal spending since i took office has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years. >> as usual, there are many ways to parse these numbers and
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all sorts of outlets have done. politifax say it's true, that what the president said is on its face true. however, his administration is still spending $9 the billion a day according to the u.s. treasury and the fact that it's the lowest spending rate, there's still massive spending and by the way, that's currently -- if you look at what happened in 2009 and 2010, the spending was -- some people say, the former head of the c.b.o., 10% of higher -- at a growth rate of 10%, not just what he's saying, 1.4%. >> and ultimately, you have to ask yourself if that's true, if you're going to buy that, why would you buy that? i think credit due the tea party. the tea party, one thing they did do. they did change washington. they changed the debate. they changed the conversation forever back to spending. remember the deficit -- the ceiling debate.
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that -- they wanted an untapped, raise the limit. well, the tea party changed everything. >> and it all comes down to the spending issue, right, which was republicans forced the president's hand on spending so politifax argues -- >> republicans. >> and even some democrats got on board with the tea party trying to limit some of the spending coming out of the obama administration. it is correct under president obama, spending has dropped to the lowest point in nearly 60 years and you can credit republicans in part, maybe some members of the tea party for getting it down to the point where it can be in the negative. spending is below. if you account for inflation and according to politifax, it could be below that threshold which is the lowest in 60 years. >> the growth. but let's be clear, federal spending is still happening to the tune, as we said of the u.s. treasury said of $9 billion a day. >> that's what romney keeps hammering him on which is he's the debt president.
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politifax doesn't argue with that. debt under president obama has gone up to 14% has risen under president obama. risen 14% a year. >> added $5 trillion to the debt more than president bush in two terms. >> it seems like every president increases federal spending and again, until the tea party, we didn't reach the tipping point of it being so conscious of it and being part of the national dialogue. what do you think? do republicans deserve any credit for trying to slow down the rate of federal spending and can mitt romney actually stop it or is it impossible for presidents -- >> that's a long question. how about just -- >> try that. >> let's talk about this this morning. because over the past week, the obama administration has come under some attack from the likes of his own party. remember cory booker last weekend on "meet the press" slamming the president for basically going after private equity saying it made him nauseous. that they're going after private equity firms. now that it turns out all this hype of president obama going after private equity firms is coming back to bite him a little
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bit in the achilles because one of his own spokespersons has been a private equity manager for years. headed up a firm that laid off thousands of people. >> yeah, he's currently a national co-chair. you probably know the name, federico pena. i do as a former mayor of denver, colorado. but he was on the cabinet for president clinton so a very high profile democrat but has worked for a really big private equity firm for a number of years who have laid off hundreds of employees, shut down factories at companies like dell monte and solo cup, one of our favorites here on the couch. how can you have it both ways? how can you hammer the entire model of private equity and then one of your biggest fundraisers and co-chairs and spokespeople is doing the very same thing? but that's not where the hypocrisy ends for the president. i mean, blackstone, you've mentioned this before. big fundraisers. >> yesterday in "the new york times" did a big piece about
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blackstone and they were upset at the president. they're saying look, we had this big fundraiser and the same week that we're holding a fundraiser, i don't know how many thousands of dollars a plate. >> $36,000 per plate. >> per plate to come to this private equity fundraiser on the same week you're also going then attacking what bain capital is doing and they said at the meeting, they were like at dinner, they were uncomfortable. they said couldn't you have waited a week? >> this is complicated. this is a complicated strategy for the president particularly now with the revelation that federico pena himself is part of private equity because that's what private equity does. they hope to have success. and they hope to grow companies and add jobs but often, they have failures. that's the risk of private equity where they have to lose jobs and close down some companies. that's how it exists. those are how you play the rules. it's legal. so to go after -- >> it's capitalism. sometimes there are losers in capitalism. sometimes there are big winners. so to go after them gets more complicated as it's revealed who on his campaign is also involved in private equity.
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>> and can the president have it both ways on private equity? meanwhile, the pledge of allegiance once again under attack but not because of religious reasons because, of course, one high school student in houston, texas, he was just too tired to stand up for the pledge because he jogged to school. >> that's what his mother says, he had jogged to school that day, he was sweaty, hot and tired. by the way, not all students have to participate in the pledge but you have to stand. >> you have to get a note. >> you have to get a note for your parents excusing you from the pledge if you for some reason have some sort of principle against it. >> religious or otherwise. >> sure. >> so -- but he didn't want to stand and his mother is very upset that the teachers were going to force him to stand. >> he was just too tired to stand! come on. here's a great cartoon from steve green this morning. hold you up -- what camera do you want? let's do camera one. this sums it up perfectly and it's what i was thinking. kevin, it's your right not to stand for the pledge but let me introduce you to someone who
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can't stand because he was defending that right which is a marine in a wheelchair sitting there who can't stand for the pledge of allegiance. he's just -- this other guy is too tired to stand. >> that's pretty good perspective right there. >> look, we're not saying don't jog to school. but if you have the stamina to jog to school, i'm pretty sure you can show a little respect to the united states and to the flag. >> i'm saying don't jog to school. this is another example for me of what's bad about exercise. it doesn't give you energy for the rest of the day, ok? all right. >> this is the reason that you'll give for the next three hours on this show. let us know this morning. e-mail us, friends on "fox & friends" on twitter this morning. >> or hit us at ffweekend. >> that's where we live. >> coming up, hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on students that don't even exist. details behind a shocking report. >> and president obama targeting mitt romney's business record as we've been talking about. are his attacks on private business valid?
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>> and welcome back. president obama coming out swinging against mitt romney's business record saying his experience in private equity is not a qualification for him to be president. >> what governor romney and my opponents don't seem to understand is that a healthy economy doesn't just mean maximizing the profits of some. that's important. that's part of our free market but not if it's purchased at the cost of massive layoffs. >> but are president obama's attacks valid? here is one of america's top
3:17 am
business leaders, the former c.e.o. and president of verizon wireless. ever heard of that company and author of the book "managers, can you hear me now"? nice to see you this morning. welcome to the show. a guy who understands business and working across this country. when you hear the president going after bain capital, private equity firms, this line of attack that bain capital, laying off thousands of people and mitt romney is anti-business in that way, what do you say? >> clayton, he's -- first of all, mr. obama is barking up the wrong tree. if you look at the record of bain under governor romney, it had been very successful. did some companies fail? yes. but 5% of the companies fail. now, let's flip this around and see what the president has opened himself to. the president himself has been a form of venture capitalist, if you will. he has spent tons, billions of dollars on companies like solyndra for solar. companies that have failed or are failing.
3:18 am
and loss of jobs, tremendous number of jobs lost where the president has steered public money, not private money on losing companies. look, too, clayton at general motors. >> general motors, a company which they had to lay off a lot of people. a lot of dealerships had to close as part of this restructuring but the president not talking about that or the $20 or $30 billion or so of money that the taxpayers are going to lose. >> clayton, just after the bailout of g.m. was announced, there was also announced 20,000 layoffs. and dealers, factories, plant closings across the country. i think the president has opened himself up to something, a place he shouldn't go. >> and you talk about this and you look forward, this is the framing of the debate in the campaign, right? which is that government can. government can and should help in restructuring business. government should have its hands in everything. and he makes the argument that he is a free market guy. do you agree with that? >> i don't think he's a free
3:19 am
market guy at all. in fact, he has bashed corporations across the united states in the last 3 1/2 years. let's think about this. obamacare is a squeeze on insurance companies. you look at his e.p.a. rules, what's he doing to the coal industry? you look at his desire to raise taxes on oil companies, to raise taxes overall on people like entrepreneurs who run small businesses. >> now, the white house would say even this week they'll say denny, you're wrong. look at what we're doing this week, we're partnering with shell oil. who would have thought that was going to happen, right? we're going to open up part of the alaska drilling area off the coast of alaska. we are pro business. >> so this is an election ploy, right? not pro business for 3 1/2 years and i'd push back on you a little bit here. i don't think the government's hand needs to be in everything. and i also think that it isn't up to the president now to decide he's going to flip his 3 1/2 year record. by the way, i have learned that you have to watch his feet, not
3:20 am
his lips. he says things that don't really happen. >> you guys have partnered with apple. knew steve jobs, been able to work with him on the iphone and ipad. when steve jobs said mr. president, you have to get rid of some of these regulations because it's killing business. i can't open up my factories in the united states, i have to put them in china. what do you say on that? has there been any movement to help american business? >> i don't think so. i think, in fact, it's worked the opposite. the regulations have gotten to be tighter. more and more. more paperwork. the president talks about eliminating regulation. i don't see that. in fact, i see it going the other way! >> troubling. denny, the former c.e.o. of verizon wireless. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. your tax dollars at work. getting paid overtime to pump iron at the gym. why does she get promoted instead of punished? schools blowing millions of dollars of taxpayer money on students that don't even exist.
3:21 am
details on the new shocking report out this morning. ghost students, call ghostbusters! [ male announcer ] when a major hospital wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ]
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>> 6:24 eastern time. some quick headlines now. deliberations continue today in the john edwards trial. the jury asking for all of the evidence presented by the prosecution and defense teams. yesterday indicating they may have some more questions to work through before reaching a verdict. deliberations began a week ago. and this bronx new york principal gets caught collecting overtime while working out at the gym but instead of getting punished, she's getting a promotion!
3:25 am
jeanine worell breeden reportedly getting a sweet new gig heading a new york city public school. her salary $130,000. >> well, listen to this. some teachers in arizona are seeing ghosts. this is because of the state's outdated computer system and a failure to report transferred students nearly 125 million taxpayer dollars are spent every year on so-called ghost students. the author of this report and the education director to goldwater institute and joins us live now from phoenix. hi, jonathan. >> good morning. >> what are ghost students? >> it's outrageous. we have a funding formula in arizona that hasn't been updated in decades. and as a result, millions of dollars, taxpayer money is going into a black hole. it's not going to help students. >> as a matter of fact, it's $125 million and they go towards these 13,000 ghost students who basically don't exist in the
3:26 am
system. they've either transferred from one school to another or somehow the computer just can't find them. so is this just about an out of date computer system? is that how we fix this? >> part of it has to do with a need to update the policies as well. not just the hardware and the software and look, for years, teachers unions and education associations have really distracted from the need for real reform to the system by telling us over and over again that all we need to do is give the system more money. if only we had more money, we could fix the problem but the reality is funding both at the state level and the federal level has increased remarkably in the past 30 and 40 years and student achievement results have been flat. >> here's another interesting thing about this case is that arizona was trying to do something creative. they were trying to give parents school choice where parents could pick whatever school they wanted to go to. but is this a cautionary tale about trying to do something too
3:27 am
creative that the system can't support? >> there are a number of landmark programs in arizona that allow parents to choose the best school and the best educational opportunities for their children and that's what the 21st century needs, that's what education is going to look like. before we can move to a system like that, we have to look at these outdated formulas and laws that have been in place for years that don't allow the system to keep track of students, where they are and what they're doing. >> jonathan butcher, you are the education director from the goldwater institute. thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> coming up, donald trump not exactly a number two kind of guy. but he says he's the best pick for v.p. and putting his money where his math is. and call them party animals. cows apparently fans of beer. how they broke into the stash and well, what happened next. plus, we're honoring our heroes this morning as fleet week continues in new york city. anna kulman drew the short straw
3:28 am
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>> welcome back. time for your shot of the morning. i guess you could call them
3:32 am
moovers and shakers. you're watching a bunch of cows crashing a backyard house party in massachusetts. the cows randomly helping themselves to the beer pong table. party goers eventually decided to call police. you think? >> i don't know. i'd be serving steak. >> knocking over the beers and knocking over their cups and drinking what they can off the table. >> they reached for the bud lite. >> the cows got loose from a nearby farm and their owner eventually came and rounded them up. the cows are underage. about 6 months old. >> that's udderly ridiculous. you're welcome. it's memorial day weekend, as you know, what will you be eating? chances are you will be eating some good old made in the u.s.a. food. we have five foods here that were invented in the u.s. and we're going to celebrate them today. >> let's start with the hamburger. did you know the first one served in new haven, connecticut. >> what? >> at louie's lunch sandwich shop. i did not know that.
3:33 am
often given credit for the best pizza in this part of the country. >> thanks to chris from new york city bringing those in for us. delicious. also the corn dog. one of dave's favorite. not a big corn dog fan. >> how can you not be? it's so delicious! >> hot dog wrapped in corn bread. the corn dog was first sold in the 1940's. pronto pups sold them first in portland, oregon in 1941 and they were sold in the state fair in texas. >> food on the stuck really is ours and really is american. >> no other country owns that. >> also, my favorite breakfast sandwich, the muffaletta. i have eaten many of these. i haven't eaten a whole thing but i will eat this whole thing. >> this is created in 1906 in new orleans. >> yeah, it's so delicious. it has the olive spread in with the cheese and the meat. it's really good. >> i haven't had one. >> ham, provolone.
3:34 am
>> i'm used to a philadelphia style hoagie but not with the other stuff on top. >> when you go to savannah, georgia, they do an incredible thing. they do the whoopi pies in savannah, georgia. this is created in lancaster, pennsylvania, of all places in ammish country. >> they said these used to be called huckle bucks and when kids would see the huckle bucks, they would say whoopee and it became a whoopee pie. >> these are from the magnolia bakery from "sex and the city" fame. >> are you going to get after the red velvet version? >> i am after i have all this lip gloss on. >> and salt water taffy, when you go on the boardwalk and salt water taffy was created in the 1880's on the atlantic city boardwalk. if you watch the boardwalk empire, you siee the salt water
3:35 am
taffy being created down there. >> if i pop this in my mouth, i'll be chewing it for the next three hours. >> this is the way you can celebrate american. >> let's tell you what else is happening this morning. the so-called dream team will take a look at the case of that missing mother from orlando, florida. this is 34-year-old michelle parker. she disappeared last november, you will recall, after appearing on the episode of "the people's court." this was a dispute over an engagement ring. it's made up of crime lab technician who's will give a fresh set of eyes in this cold case. they have a prime suspect in the case, that's parker's fiance dale smith but he has not been arrested and early voting is under way in wisconsin for the state's historic recall election. polling places open across the state and 90,000 absentee ballots are in the mail. recent polls show the republican
3:36 am
scott walker successfully may fight off this recall. he's being challenged by the milwaukee democratic mayor tom barrett. walker angered democrats and unions by trying to reduce the power of unions in his state. a strong victory by walker would be considered a sign that president obama will be vulnerable in november. the official recall election date is june 5th. how's this for a change? donald trump asking someone to hire him? the donald says he thinks he's perfect -- the perfect choice to be mitt romney's running mate. trump already endorsed romney and we learned that they will be teaming up again soon. romney's campaign sending out an e-mail to supporters that could win a chance to dine with the donald in new york. romney would also be there. they have yet to tour the apprentice set and a stay at trump tower. new on the campaign trail, there will be a republican triple play team. romney, trump and newt gingrich all expected to appear together next week at trump's hotel in las vegas. and the dragon spaceship is
3:37 am
right on schedule. scheduled to dock at the international space station today and make history. nasa says the privately owned shuttle will deliver more than 1,000 pounds of supplies to the outpost this morning. astronauts will use a crane to capture the capsule. it's the first commercial vessel to orbit the international space station. all right. let's check out the weather in space, shall we? let's go to janice dean, how is it looking today on the ground, too? >> i have to ask you, are the boys eating while you do the headlines? >> of course they are, janice. you know them. >> of course they are! >> no, look at them! i knew it! i knew it. i'm so glad we could see the backstage activity. >> thank you. >> can i place an order for delivery? i'd like a hamburger. ok. here's your tropical satellite from space indeed and this is hurricane bud category 2 hurricane, we are expecting landfall across the west coast of mexico overnight tonight as a category 1 storm so very dangerous situation.
3:38 am
hurricane force winds, we could see landslides and mudslides. also this weekend on the atlantic side, this could become tropical storm beryl in the next several hours. high concern for tropical development and look at the models that we are looking at as we head further out in time, that's sunday. a lot of these models bringing whatever this system becomes towards land. so that's going to affect some beach going this memorial day weekend. we're going to be on top of it giving you the very latest details as they come into us on the fox weather center. back to eating! >> hot dog coming on up there for you. >> they finished the massive muffaletta by now. >> we're sending them out to the u.s.s. wasp this morning. members of the u.s. marine corps, navy and coast guard have invaded the new york city harbor. it's that time of year again, fleet week. they're celebrating 25 years, and we sent our own anna out to meet the troops. i saw you doing some pushups earlier on the 5:00 a.m. show. will you continue the exercise
3:39 am
regimen? >> i don't know. maybe a little bit later. they wore me out. send me some breakfast or something, right? you mentioned it was the 25th anniversary for new york's fleet week but this year is extra special for a couple of reasons. it commemorates the bicentennial of both the war of 1812 and also the star spangled banner. on wednesday, we just watched some amazing pictures of the ships starting to come in. 22 of them from both united states forces and also coalition forces and an amazing thing to see and a great opportunity for the community. every day, folks to come out and tip their hats to the soldiers and let them know that everything is -- is good and well here in the city and they should come out and have a good time. so i want to introduce you to some of my new friends here. some sailors on the u.s.s. wasp. if you want to go ahead and introduce yourself and tell me your name and where you're from. >> what's your job here? >> i do ordinance and put bombs
3:40 am
on aircraft. >> kind of a big deal, huh? >> i'm from lake wynn, florida. >> what's your job? >> we maintain all parts of the ship. >> so there's a lot of moving parts here, obviously. what's a typical day like for you? >> sweeping and we paint the side of the ship, we take up old paint, we take up rust, we just do a lot. >> ok. and just a real quick, you want to say your name and where you're from as well? >> i'm seaman mark from seattle, washington. >> from new jersey. >> thank you very much for everything you do. enjoy new york city, right? you ready? i need some excitement from y'all. come on. >> there you go. i knew you had it in you. back to you. >> you got them riled up. you have to give them a little coffee, i think, you know? >> they're being professional. >> that's true. >> that's right. >> thanks, anna, check back in with you. >> the largest religious lawsuit
3:41 am
in history filed against the obama administration this week but the mainstream media, were they ignoring it? bias anyone? the facts coming up next. >> and out of control occupiers attacking a police officer with a machete. the president says this, the occupy movement is part of free speech. should he now condemn the violence, though? we have your take on this next. [ male announcer ] you sprayed them. thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem.
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3:45 am
good morning, everyone. etan patz's parents still live here on prince street in soho near where their son disappeared exactly 33 years ago today. now they may finally have the answer they've waited for for so long. police have arrested 51-year-old pedro hernandez of maple shade, new jersey. police tell us he's already confessed to the killing of etan patz. etan disappeared exactly 33 years ago today, may 25, 1979, after he left home to walk to the bus stop by himself for the very first time. he became one of the most recognizable missing children after his face appeared on a milk carton. hernandez, the suspect, worked at a bodega on west broadway near the patz home and lived nearby. after etan's disappearance, police say hernandez told a family member and others that he did a bad thing to a child in new york. new york city police commissioner ray kelly says police have a written, signed confession from hernandez. >> hernandez described to the
3:46 am
detectives how he lured young etan from the school bus stop at west broadway and prince street with the promise of a soda. he then led him into the basement of the bodega, choked him there and disposed of the body by putting it into a plastic bag and placing it into the trash. >> and so far, etan patz's parents have not made any public comments about this huge break in this case. that is the latest live from soho this morning, robert moses, fox news. back to you. >> thanks, robert. we'll have more on this story coming up. dave? >> thanks. the largest religious lawsuit in history filed against the obama administration this week on the health care mandate and cardinal dolan speaking out about his talks with the administration. >> this has been going on for six months and we haven't seen any light yet so we're not going to give up dialogue with them. who knows? maybe the lawsuits will prompt
3:47 am
some progress but so far, we haven't seen any mitigation. the mitigation that the administration offered back in february didn't help us yet. >> with this being the biggest case of its kind, why has the mainstream media barely covered it? here to weigh in on that is professor of political science and economics at ucla and the author of "left turn, how liberal media bias affects the campaign." how has this been covered by the three newscasts? >> basically it hasn't been covered. the mainstream media has been ignoring it. "the new york times" had one article about this. as you said, biggest religious article in new york city. they buried that on page 17. abc news, nbc news has devoted no coverage at all to it. cbs has had one story on it. that was only 19 seconds long. so almost nothing by the mainstream media. >> and bill donahue of the catholic league points out the
3:48 am
day "the times" did that they wrote a 4,000 word piece slamming the catholic and protestant schools in this country. the question is why? is it part of a general narrative? >> i think that's right. some people think it's activism on the part of reporters. i think possibly a more innocent explanation exists for this. it's part of the narrative. the narrative so far among the mainstream media is it's republicans waging war on women and so what happens is if you -- if you cover the story and mention the lawsuit, that's all these 43 catholic groups making it, this then you have to realize that it's not the only issue. it's actually religious liberty that is part of the issue. i don't think the mainstream media wants to admit it. they look like they have egg on their face. >> catholics make up 25% of the electorate, it's something they ought to be paying attention to
3:49 am
moving forward. it looked like up to this point, there had been somewhat balanced coverage of romney vs. obama. i say somewhat compared to 2008. moving forward, does this suggest that we might see a replay of 2008 and how the campaigns are covered? >> yeah, i think so. i think one thing to remember as i document in my book, the most important fact to know about media bias is you poll mainstream journalists, take a typical newsroom and ask who they vote for in the last election, the answer is 93% for the democrats. not only is that liberal, that's actually more liberal than berkeley, california, a congressional district that contains berkeley, california, only voted 90/10 for obama, so you have to remember that any mainstream newsroom is just basically going to be filled almost exclusively with liberals. >> tony perkins and gary bower have both weighed in on the media bias thus far already as well. the author of "left turn" thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you, dave.
3:50 am
>> all right. coming up, remember the beer summit where the president spoke out against the police officer with the confrontation against the harvard professor. why is he silent on the occupy protesters who are attacking police? is there a double standard that way? a 17-year-old denied his inhaler by a school nurse during his asthma attack because the school couldn't find the consent form. where's the common sense here? that student will join us live. great! tyler here will show you everything. check out our new mobile app. now you can use your phone to scan your car's vin or take a picture of your license. it's an easy way to start a quote. watch this -- flo, can i see your license? no.
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3:53 am
>> welcome back. when the protest movement started, president obama came out in support of the occupy
3:54 am
protesters. but now, silence. that has some youts -- outraged especially after a police officer was stabbed during a recent protest. >> should the president condemn the movement? joining is peter villa, police officer. >> how are you this morning? >> doing well. we want to talk about the protests that erupted in chicago in light of the nato summit there this week. you know, for you guys, you were a police officer for 30 years. aren't these protests sort of all in a day's work or was there something different about the tenor of the protests this week in which a chicago police officer was actually stabbed? >> well, they were a little different. i've been -- i'm also a freelance journalist. i've been covering them and photographing them and there was certain contingents, all they want to do is cause trouble. provoke the police, try to get the police to react. and then there was a smaller contingent that wants to actually attack the police with
3:55 am
some kind of physical force and violent acts so this is a little bit different than that, of course, and even including the propaganda which was being handed out by the protesters ahead of the nato summit there almost calling the police brutal there. the mayor has come out in support of the police, i guess in part. but really hasn't condemned the protests. should the obama administration try to come out and condemn these protests as well? >> absolutely. you know, there's two sets of rules. they came out against what they called violent rhetoric some months back. but they won't come out against any violent acts. and these were extremely violent acts in some cases. if you've seen some of the video, especially the overhead video where the police were physically attacked. and yes, i think that -- yes, go ahead. >> we were looking at some of the confrontation there where they were face to face and police were in riot gear what would you like the president to say? >> just a condemnation of any type of violent acts and
3:56 am
destructive acts against not only just police officers but property and citizens. you know, even members of the media were kind of targets by some of these protesters. you know, we had to carry our -- sometimes we carried our media passes and whatever inside our clothing so they wouldn't rip them off. >> remember the beer summit, of course, remember professor gates, the president coming out and condemning that violence. without having all the details, quite frankly in his back pocket when he did that. he was more careful later when he was talking about the trayvon martin case, of course. is there a double standard here? should the president be condemning this violence? >> absolutely. and yeah, there is a double standard and it should be condemned. and not just the president but i think, you know, a lot of the political leadership should come out and condemn this violence. even your own juan williams came out and said the president should condemn him and he supports the president. >> sure. peter, you are a retired long
3:57 am
time chicago police officer. thanks so much for coming in with your perspective. >> thanks, peter. >> thank you for having me! >> coming up on the show, he helped the u.s. take down bin laden. now the doctor spending the rest of his life in jail. did the u.s. abandon him? a live report from washington at the top of the hour. >> plus after making headlines all week for criticizing president obama, newark mayor cory booker now speaking out again. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today.
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4:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. today is friday, may 25th. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen and we begin with that fox news alert for you because police have arrested a suspect finally in one of the most mysterious child abductions this country has ever seen. man who claims that he killed etan patz is due in court this morning. we'll have more. >> and president obama wants you to know he's not an overspender. >> federal spending since i took office has risen at the
4:01 am
slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years. >> that goes down in the history books, will there be a huge asterisk next to it? what he's not saying coming up. and the story that will make you wonder whatever happened to good old common sense? a student denied his inhaler at school during an asthma attack because he didn't have the right form. now the family wants to know why didn't someone at least call 911? they're here this hour. "fox & friends" continues right now. >> welcome into "fox & friends" on this friday morning. it is the official kick off this
4:02 am
summer around here, because it's all our all american summer concert series kicking off today. what a great way to kick it off with montgomery gentry, greatest duo, one of the greatest duos in country music history will be with us this morning. >> another great duo is the ladies there. so if you're anywhere in manhattan, come on down for a great barbecue meal and great rocking music and we'll have that for you all morning. >> speaking of duos, there are two cheeseheads in the crowd this morning. >> and they have a sign. >> from wisconsin we hope? >> they're here. >> from robin, wisconsin. >> famous dave's on the plaza and the fleet week here. you see some soldiers and sailors in uniform there so we'll have much more of that coming up. >> first, there they are! here's some headlines for you this morning. >> let's get to your news and tell you what's happening. we have a brand new look at some photos of an apparently smiling terrorist. this is a jihadist web site posting what appears to be recent photos of khali shaikh
4:03 am
mohammed. they claim taken inside the walls of guantanamo bay. the admitted september 11th mastermind mugging for the camera and reading the quran. he's currently facing a military tribunal at gitmo where taking pictures is not allowed. and we have brand new details for you in the case of etan patz. the 6-year-old boy who disappeared exactly 33 years ago today. the nypd charging 51-year-old pedro hernandez with second degree murder. at the time, hernandez was 18 years old and working as a clerk in a convenience store. he claims he lured etan from the bus stop into the basement of that store by promising etan a soda. he says he then choked him, put the body in a plastic bag and disposed of him in the trash about a block away. over the years, hernandez has told several family members reportedly that he had done a bad thing and killed a child. it wasn't until the case was reopened that someone finally put two and two together and called the police.
4:04 am
late last night, newark, new jersey mayor cory booker lashing out against his critics on twitter. he's under fire after an interview that said the attacks against bain capital is nauseating. he said i'm sorry i made a mistake. i'm sorry that 15 seconds on "meet the press" erodes 20 years of work in inner cities around the nation. he went on to say nobody is perfect. a new champion being crowned in the national geographic bee. >> one of you will be the 2012 national geographic bee champion. and that individual is the newcomer. congratulations, young man. way to go! >> the 14-year-old from texas and he won in the sudden death match. the question, which bavarian city on the danube river was a legislative seat of the holy roman empire from 1663 to 1806.
4:05 am
that's so easy. >> yeah, camden, new jersey. >> no, it's reagensburg, of course. who doesn't know that? next hour, raul will be here to put us to the test. we are in such trouble. >> are you a geography whiz? >> no, i like history but no, when it comes to geography, i know a few cities around me. and a few rivers. >> right. >> but nothing like this kid. >> nothing like cities that existed in the 1600's that don't currently exist. this kid is amazing. >> should be fun. >> meanwhile, outrage across the united states this morning after pakistan sentences a doctor who helped usama bin laden to prison for treason. now u.s. senators are demanding answers about this. peter doocy live from washington with the action taken by the senate. peter, what's the latest on this? >> clayton, the latest is that a senior u.s. official tells us that despite what some have said, we didn't give the doctor a free up to the pakistanis. in fact, there were efforts to
4:06 am
protect him both before and after his arrest but it's not clear at this point why those efforts failed. what is clear is that our secretary of state is steamed. >> the united states does not believe there is any basis for holding the doctor. we regret both the fact that he was convicted and the severity of his sentence. his help, after all, was instrumental in taking down one of the world's most notorious murderers. >> and now, pakistan is in line to lose $1 million from us in aid for each year of the doctor's sentence. that's $33 million and it's going to be withheld until he's released from prison and cleared of all charges relating to helping us catch usama bin laden. and that was all spelled out in an amendment that unanimously passed the senate appropriations committee yesterday and senator john mccain explained why. >> all of us are outraged at
4:07 am
the imprisonment and sentence of some 33 years, virtually a death sentence to the doctor in pakistan who was instrumental not on purpose but was instrumental and completely innocent of any wrong doing, was instrumental in the removal of usama bin laden. that has, frankly, outraged all of us. >> and the senate foreign relations committee chairman john kerry said that he believes in the importance of the u.s.-pakistani relationship but that americans are going to have a tough time swallowing the fact that a year after bin laden was caught hiding out in pakistan, the only person being punished is the doctor who helped us capture and kill him. back to you in new york. >> troubling. >> thanks, peter. >> all right, politicians, as you all know, folks, are the master of spin. but here's a new one. president obama as a man who has
4:08 am
really rained in spending in washington, that's at least what he was trying to, as i mentioned, spin this week on the campaign trail. listen. >> what my opponent didn't tell you was that federal spending, since i took office, has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years. >> now, the facts may support it. >> yeah. >> because the romney campaign has been hammering president obama for overspending and calling him the debt president. president obama getting angry about that. finally going to the campaign trail saying actually, you want to look at the facts here? over 60 years, i'm -- it's dropped under me by more than any president in 60 years. that may be true and according to politifact, the amount of spending has dropped but the debt has skyrocketed as a result. a 14% increase under this president. >> here are the numbers this
4:09 am
morning from the u.s. treasury department. this is how much presidents have spent by the day. ok? president obama is spending -- well, the federal government under president obama, we should say, is spending $9.7 billion a day. president bush $6.8 billion a day. president clinton, $4.1 billion and president reagan $2.5 billion. the point is that all presidents spend money and all federal governments, that's what they do but can you say that president obama has somehow lowered the massive government spending? well, it depends on the metric that you use. douglas holtz-eagan who used to be the head of the c.b.o. says it depends on what years. at the moment, president obama has only increased federal spending by 1.4% but if you look at the first two years of his presidency, 2009, 2010, it was 10% so can you give the tea party, as you said, republicans slowing down the rate of spending. is that what happened?
4:10 am
>> right, they want a clean rise in the debt ceiling. so the tea party change that conversation back to spending cuts, had that not happened, would that fact be true? doubtful. let us know how you feel about this. >> yes, friends at is the e-mail address. you can find us on twitter as well. ffweekend because we're in for steve, brian and gretchen today. >> it's that time of year when marines, sailors and members of the u.s. coast guard disembark and flood the streets of this new york city. fleet week is here and anna is there meeting up with our troops. good morning. >> hey there. good morning you, dave. it's a big deal and a lot of fun we're having out here. 22 different ships from u.s. and coalition forces are here docked in new york city and we are on board the u.s.s. wasp which is a multipurpose amphibious assault vessel and we're sitting here in a cobra helicopter and this fleet week thing is a great opportunity for people in the community to come out and get an up-close look at what our men and women are doing for us.
4:11 am
i want to bring in captain fur. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you fly this bad boy. tell me a little bit about it. >> this is the marine corps' primary attack helicopter. this thing is designed to go in and support the -- ground guys on the ground, and just whenever they have a bad day, that's what we're there for. you're sitting in the gunner's seat right here. primary purpose is to work the weapons system for the aircraft. >> gotcha. you had to help me get in here and you're like don't push the red button. what would happen if i pulled this thing? >> i'd have to talk to a lot of people that have a lot higher rank than i do if you did that. so -- >> top secret, you're not saying. >> no, every canopy on here would blow up and your hair would get messed up. >> we couldn't have that. thanks so much. and lieutenant commander harris, this is your bad boy down here. what is this? >> yes, i fly the mh-60 tierra, combat search and rescue helicopter for the navy. >> tell me about what you do with that. >> we actually fly with carrier
4:12 am
wing 3 in support of the battle group and the carrier itself and we provide search and rescue support as well as surface support, you know, kind of taking care of the ship and make sure we keep her safe. >> thank you so much for all you do and for giving us an up-close look at this. we're having a lot of fun out here. thank you so much. enjoy the city, ok? >> thank you. >> back to you in the studio. >> the f.a.a. called and they're worried about you flying out there. thanks, anna. >> coming up on the show, the latest attack on mitt romney not coming from the president. why republicans say critics need to keep the pressure on mitt. >> plus, "fox & friends" kicking off our all american concert series this morning with country duo montgomery gentry but first, they call it the story behind their new song. i've been a superintendent for 30 some years at many
4:13 am
different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when
4:14 am
i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter.
4:15 am
4:16 am
>> mitt romney feeling the pressure from some critics but not the ones you may think. she's -- these critics come from his own party and they say they are watching him. >> joining us is the author of conservative survival in the romney era. senator editorial writer for the washington examiner phillip klein. nice to see you this morning, phillip. >> good morning. >> you make interesting points about this. you need to keep the pressure on mitt romney. there were a lot of critics of him during the primary but they seem to have gone quiet. are you concerned about that? >> look, the thing is that obviously, you know, conservatives are going to end up voting for mitt romney over the much worse president obama but there's a danger of getting into a team mentality where you're afraid of criticizing
4:17 am
someone because they're a republican and the precedent that i use as an example is president bush. when president bush was in charge and he had republican control of congress, spending soared through the roof by 60% over the time of his presidency. yet, a lot of conservatives during that time stood silent and reluctant to criticize him because they were afraid it would help the democrats. >> and they criticized it later after he had left office. saying we don't want to -- we got a little out of control with spending back then but they didn't criticize it at the time. >> exactly. right now, it's pretty popular to say we're going to criticize, you know, bush was terrible on spending. he let spending go out of control but at the time, it wasn't very popular to say. and i think it's important to keep the pressure on him, not only because you want conservativism to be defined as a separate thing than just whoever happens to be in charge
4:18 am
of the republican party at the time. >> it sounds like you learned a lesson during that time and wish you had spoken up more. what message do you want to send to mitt romney now? >> i think it's important to sort of -- that we have a tremendous spending problem that is -- that is, you know, we have a massive problem with the welfare state. and i think that we have to reform our health care system so we could drive down medical costs. that's if obamacare gets overturned, we still have those problems and we have to reform the tax code and do a lot of things that are urgent to do and he made a lot of promises during the republican primary and what we have to make sure is that when he's feeling sort of safe with conservative support, that it doesn't just sort of drift to the right -- to the left. >> critics recently against mitt romney have said that, you know, his poll numbers have ticked up a little bit. they said they want some actual -- they want some specifics on how he's going to cut and he hasn't laid out specifics. you also say that we need to criticize him because, you know, at one point, he said he was
4:19 am
severely conservative. yet at one point, he claimed to be progressive. >> yeah, and that's one point i talk about in the book which you can get on amazon for $2.99 and download to your kindle or read on your desktop. >> nice book. >> pretty easy. >> yeah. >> but, you know, one of the things i point to the book is that i think that a lot of pundits have sort of been racking their brains trying to analyze mitt romney in saying, was he authentic when he was a moderate in massachusetts? was he authentic -- was he really a conservative in massachusetts and not honest with people in massachusetts? is he not being honest now? when he's saying he's a conservative but i think that's a total wrong discussion. i think it's pretty clear that the one thing that we know that's consistent about mitt romney is he's a businessman. and when you're a businessman, there's no scruples about sort of changing your strategy if the market conditions change and i think that that's what we have in mitt romney is that when he was running in massachusetts, he had a market to a more liberal audience whereas he's running for republican party, he has to
4:20 am
market them so that's why i say you have to keep the pressure on him from the right so he feels like he still has to market to conservatives. >> you are the author of "conservative survival" in the romney era. $2.99 on amazon. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, call the p.c. police. a teen says his school nurse wouldn't hand over his inhaler during an asthma attack because they didn't have the right form. that student and his mom joining us next. >> and you know the saying drill, baby, drill. the president says go green. is that a good idea with rising gas prices or where gas prices are now? we'll go on board a rig and see what their opinion is. i wonder what their opinion is on the oil rig might be. i love cash back. withhe bankamericard cash rewards credit card,
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big difference in the appearance of your yard. >> welcome back. time for your news by the numbers this morning. first, $47,000. that's how much the occupy wall street protesters are suing new york city for. they claim the nypd destroyed thousands of books evicting them from zuccotti park. next $100 million. that's how much 4 of wall street's biggest financial firms claim they lost because of nasdaq's botched handling of the facebook ipo. finally $3.66. that's the average cost of a gallon of regular gasoline right now. that's good news as 35 million people plan to travel more than 50 miles from home this memorial day weekend. dave? >> thank you, clayton. whatever happened to good old fashi fashioned respect, a school nurse in florida accused of denying a student his inhaler during an asthma attack because
4:25 am
the school said he couldn't find their parental consent form. that student and his mother join us from florida this morning. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> michael, if you could, take me to the very moment you began to have an asthma attack which for those of us who don't have asthma cuts off the ability, feels like you cannot breathe. you ask the school nurse for help. what happens next? >> well, when i had to ask for help, she had told me to sit down and be quiet. after a while, she called and she sent me to -- she sent me to the office to wait for my mom and i told her i couldn't make it there. i told her i couldn't breathe. and then she gets another phone call telling me -- saying -- telling the person on the phone that i'm refusing to leave. so i have to get up. i don't want to get in any trouble. so i get up and i walk to the office and i walk into a dean
4:26 am
and he asked me if i was ok. i told him no. i told him i was having trouble breathing. and so they sent -- so he sat me in his office and i relaxed a little while and then once i caught my breath, i told him, you know, i can make it down to the nurse. and at that point, my mom was waiting in the main office so he went to get my mom and he sent me down to the nurse. and when i got -- >> at one point, you had the door actually closed on you during an asthma attack. can you take me through how that feels? >> it was horrible! when i got to that door, i expected, you know, it to be unlocked. i can go in, lay down or sit, i mean, being able to open myself and breathe. but i put my head through that window once i got through that door and she was sitting there smiling at me. she had a grin on her face and i kept jiggling the door begging for help. and i -- i got to the point
4:27 am
where i couldn't even turn the doorknob. i leaned up against a wall and just -- i started closing my eyes. >> sue, i can only imagine how you're feeling listening to your son tell this story. how are you feeling as listen to those details? >> i'm frightened. when i got to the school after i received a call at approximately 1:06 and i spoke with the dean who told me that my son was having trouble breathing. that his medication was in the nurse's office, to call the nurse so i did immediately called the nurse. and i told her michael needs his medicine. give it to him. i'm on my way. she said no. i'm not going to do that. you need to come yourself and i said well, he's being sent to you and he's having an asthma attack right now. call 911. i'm on my way. she said no, i don't have to and i was horrified. i thought, oh, my god. i got to the school and the dean
4:28 am
walked me down to the other building where the clinic is where i found my son semiconscious against the wall on the floor. he was in full blown asthma attack. when his ribs were showing, he's 190 pounds or so and you could see the ribs in and out as he was suffocating. >> right and here's what -- >> the door was locked. >> here's what the school is telling us, sue. the school's licensed practical nurse and administrator checked on the student while waiting for his mother to arrive. at no point, did they determine the student required the assistance of an ambulance. the student was never in a full blown attack. they said there was no documentation on file for this student regarding prescription medication. what do you want here as resolution to this? clearly common sense did not take over in this case regardless of the paperwork. what do you want to resolve this situation and make sure it doesn't happen again, sue? >> well, first and foremost,
4:29 am
this nurse needs to be removed from her post because if she doesn't recognize when someone is having an asthma attack, struggling for breath, she does not need to be in that post. definitely -- even putting all the medication aside, putting aside the fact of him being an asthmatic, if she sees someone struggling to breathe and asking for help and having a parent saying call 911, there's no reason once she was inside her office with a telephone she could not call 911. policies have to be changed and common sense has got to be one of her priorities. i mean, the school is definitely not doing their job. >> tough situation, sue. i can't imagine what it was like for you or for you, michael, going through that that morning. michael and sue, thank you both for being here this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> folks, weigh in on the story on twitter at "fox & friends." what do you think about this? the new requirement at one
4:30 am
elementary school student must learn arabic. and while you were sleeping, a big update to the g.s.a. scandal's poster boy. what just happened to mr. hot tub? jeff neely? plus you know their music but country duo montgomery gentry here to tell us the story behind their new hit song.
4:31 am
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4:34 am
>> here in los angeles, the city council just passed a ban on all plastic bags at the supermarket. in case you're wondering, this is why your wife has been stuffing all those plastic bags under the kitchen sink. >> hope my husband was watching that. i do stuff plastic bags urged the kitchen sink. >> don't we all? >> i guess we do. >> we're plastic bag hoarders. >> i need them. >> they're like a free purse. >> stock up on them at home depot. you know the saying "drill, baby, drill" right? the president says go green instead. is that a good idea with rising gas prices? >> dan springer is about to get an exclusive tour on a rig in the gulf of mexico to see how energy is produced there. he joins us live from new orleans this morning. are you ready? what are you going to see? >> yeah, good morning, guys. you know not all days in the news business were created equal. we'll have an incredible day
4:35 am
today touring a couple of oil rigs and also an oil platform. we'll be getting on one of those helicopters you see behind me in about an hour and going off into the deep water of the gulf. this is not for our benefit sadly. this is for a congressional delegation led by a louisiana republican. and he's going to be leading house majority leader eric cantor on this tour of the rig and also the platform to see how our oil is produced in this country. they call themselves part of heat, the house energy action team and clearly, their goal is to turn up the heat on president obama and other democrats heading into the general election this year and, you know, they're going to make hay out of the high gas prices we saw back in april, the peek of what was it $3.94 was our peek, we're down to $3.68 now. they say that's still too high and it would be a lot lower if not for all the regulations on the oil industry. they are calling for much more drilling. not only here in the gulf of mexico but also off the west
4:36 am
coast and the east coast as well. and environmental groups say that this is just irresponsible. we are just a little bit more than two years removed from the b.p. oil spill which spilled more than -- almost 5 million barrels of oil into the gulf of mexico. killed scores of animals and impacted lots and lots of people who are in the fishing industry and also killed 11 workers. they say that these congressmen will get only half the story, that half of the oil industry wants them to hear and then there's the obama administration which is defending itself saying that oil production in the gulf of mexico is back to prespill levels and will go a lot higher because they have been giving out permits like crazy. 400 that they say in their term in the administration. they say 61 of them have been for deep water drilling. so two different versions of how we're exploring for energy in america. two different versions that we'll hear heading into the november election. no doubt about that. dave, alisyn, back to you. >> yes, there always are two sides to these stories. in fact, very cool assignment
4:37 am
for you. we'll check back in with you. we want to give you your headlines now. we have this fox news alert. we are learning that police have detained a person in the vatican leak scandal. this person reportedly has confidential documents from the vatican. the secret papers have been being leaked over the past few months. right now, no word on the person's connection to the church. we'll stay on this story for you. duelling bills from democrats and republicans to prevent student loan rates from doubling. both being defeated yesterday. this is an issue that president obama has campaigned on. the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell wants answers on why the president hasn't actually tried to work with lawmakers. senator mcconnell said if the president wants to passes this bill so badly, why on earth hadn't he picked up the phone and spoke to the ranking member of the committee? he's campaigned on it but not actually fixed it. the republican plan would pay for the bill by eliminating a health fund if it's part of obamacare.
4:38 am
senate majority leader harry reid said that would be wrong. forget about abc's, a manhattan school is requiring students to learn arabic. starting this fall, students will attend a mandatory arabic class twice a week for 45 minutes each. that is the same amount of time devoted to science and music courses. the school's principal says she chose arabic over other languages like spanish and french because she believes it's the language of the future. and help the school earn a more prestigious standing. let's bring you over to janice who brings us the weather. >> long memorial day weekend, a lot of folks are like what's going to happen? am i going to need my umbrella? how about my barbecue, janice? eastern 2/3 of the country, we could see some scattered showers across the upper midwest where we could see the potential for severe weather including large hail, damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes. keep an eye on that. very warm across the southern and central plains and that's going to continue to move eastward.
4:39 am
north of the boundary, that's when we've got the cooler than average temperatures. so cool we actually could see some snow in the higher elevations of the northern rockies. area of concern, this actually could become our next tropical storm over the next several hours we'll be watching the potential for tropical storm beryl to form and perhaps affect the southeast coast this weekend. keep an eye on it for you. clayton, out to you. >> thanks so much, janice. montgomery gentry here to kick off our all american concert series. they want to know if the weather is always this nice here in new york city. hopefully we have some great skies coming this morning to play. >> thanks for having us, man. fleet week, everything is awesome in new york today. >> take a look at this plaza. we have all the folks out here. montgomery gentry this morning. with our famous dave's barbecue. your latest c.d. came out the end of last year "rebels on the run". were you surprised at the success of your song that came out last year, top 10 radio smash "where i come from".
4:40 am
that song really took off and became a top 10 song for you guys. >> it's been unbelievable, man, can't say enough about average joes, our entertainment label and we don't call nobody fans. we call them friends and we have a lot of friends out there that help us and back us, man, we appreciate that a lot. and especially our american heroes out there. we thank you all very, very much. >> absolutely. and coming up a little bit later, you'll be playing "so-called life" which is a new single and follow-up to that last one we were talking about. tell us about that. >> this is a follow-up to "where i come from" and it's been out two or three weeks and climbing the charts pretty good. fun, up tempo summer type song, man. >> hopefully we can kick it up the charts a little bit further. go to itunes right now and download it, everyone, so we can kick it up to number one. "so-called life" coming up. you'll be performed for us in a little bit. and we'll get you some famous dave's barbecue out here and get you all geared up and some coffee! coffee! montgomery gentry will be right back with us performing, guys. inside to you.
4:41 am
>> got some of that barbecue on said kifsh -- curvy couch. >> we have some famous dave's but i may have spilled some to where we should be sitting. what just happened to mr. hot tub jeff neely? stuart varney here with those details. >> don't ever take that photo. plus the legendary family feud of the hatfields and mccoys being brought back to life by kevin costner and bill paxton. both of them on the curvy couch. they're not in the barbecue this morning. >> sure they are! [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people are choosingdvil®.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
>> he's off the public's tab. though he'll never forget that photo. he's also out of a job. hot tub jeff neely as stuart varney calls him, the g.s.a. executive that planned that lavish conference that shocked the nation and cost the agency head her job is gone is well. the party that featured a rapper and clown that made fun of the taxpayer and cost the taxpayers. >> what is it about that photo? is it the face of this scandal that americans don't see it on a regular basis, right? we hear about these lavish retreats and so forth and now we have video, we have photos and we can tie a face to this thing. >> that picture, that man, the picture of that man, bathtub jeff, that focused attention and in fact, it focused the outrage
4:46 am
of the general public at government spending, lavish government entertainment. can you think of another story in the past year which is so focused public outrage at government spending. maybe solyndra. but this g.s.a. scandal, the junket to las vegas, jeff neely, i can't think of any other story which is so focused public outrage. we have the story of a $4 shrimp. what was it? the $43 cheese platter. >> smoking clown video. >> mind reader. >> $5,000 bicycle building team project. >> yeah, that guy, jeff neely, he became the focal point for it all. and as the investigation widened we found that his wife had played a significant role in travel with him. >> is that the second glass of wine? that bothers me here, ok? is that the second glass of wine, stuart? >> i don't know. >> here's the money that was -- >> and his trip receipts under him, i think we have them.
4:47 am
131 different receipts for in span. total of $108,000 that he took himself. >> right. and he was the one who organized that event in las vegas which hit the headlines. he was the one who wanted to make it "over the top." that's what he wanted to do. and it happened. and that's -- >> does the buck stop with him? is anyone else going to fall on this thing? >> already, the g.s.a. administrator gone. top two deputies fired. i think there are nine others still on administrative leave. that means they're out but they're still getting paid and now jeff neely is gone. now, whether he was fired, i don't know whether he was fired but he has "left the agency." which means he almost certainly keeps his pension. >> and stay tuned for that. let us know if he can keep that pay package and he was just double fisting it there in the hot tub. stuart varney catch him on "varney & company". there it is. thanks, stu. >> thank you, stuart. >> there they are, kevin costner and bill paxon on the curvy
4:48 am
couch next. hanging out in our studio. >> hatfield and mccoys is great. film coming up on history. first on this day in history in 1967, the young rascals had the number one song with grooving. >> grooving. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
4:49 am
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4:51 am
>> chances are you've heard of the battle royale between the hatfields and the mccoys, two families with a feud so intense, it's gone down in countless american history books.
4:52 am
>> now their epic is being brought back to life by two big name actors. >> hatfield. >> i rue the day i saved your life. may he your internal soul. >> you won't be making the ride home. >> we're joined now by the stars of "hatfield & mccoys" a new miniseries on the history channel. kevin costner and bill paxton. thanks for joining us both. >> we talked about the hatfields and mccoys in american folklore people don't realize there's a lot of history to it. >> it's all history and part of our american d.n.a. of violence and who we are as a people and the fallout that came from the civil war. >> did you guys work together before? >> no. >> so you made a phone call and putting together this project, bill, you want to be a part of
4:53 am
this? >> i said, where do i show up, kevin? he said we're showing up in romania. wait a second. no, i was flattered that he was thinking of me for the other role. and , you know, kevin has done some great westerns. i was big fan of "open range" a movie he did a couple of years ago and he said i think we have a good document here and make a great western. i said i'm in. >> so kevin, why did you pick bill? you were impressed by his bigamy? >> yeah -- quite a stable this guy. i mean, he's really, you know -- >> his repertoire. >> glad you picked up. >> a little early in the morning here for you guys. yeah, i want one. but no, you know, we needed a leading man. we needed somebody to hold the screen and that's what was really important in this -- being the two patriarchs so, you know, bill and i have probably seen a lot of the same roles as we've come up through our
4:54 am
careers and for us to get a chance to play in a movie together, i mean, that's half the fun -- you know, we get to make our movies all our life and people, you know, see the movies but the relationships that come out of it, the friendships, you know, those aren't -- those don't really make it and that's what our life has been about and this has been a really good moment for me to be able to meet bill. >> bill, your great, great grandfath grandfather, we were on earlier this morning was in the confederacy, this hits a little bit at home for you to be in this project. >> i bought a book written by my dad, somebody got a small printing that these are the letters my great, great grandfather wrote to his wife in the battlefields. that's what formed my character. it was great material there. you're hearing it from a subjective point of view. i went to eastern kentucky and west virginia on my way to romania to see the real sites where this took place. but, you know, you're hearing
4:55 am
about it in an objective way but once you read leaders of people talking about the profiteering going on at home and the war and it helped me kind of build a character to play. >> you ride the last -- you know, the last letter, too, because he died. he was predicting his death. he was predicting it. and he was coaching his wife how to take care of their farm, you know, and life if i leave you and it was like -- and then, you know, then he was -- he was killed in battle. >> right. >> clearly have a friendship that's emerged here. this story is about nasty hatred between two clans. >> they start off as great friends. >> describe that hatred. >> a lot of times, it's perpetuated by the younger members in our family because, you know, what happens is when you're looking at something, you look at the socioeconomic things going on at the time and early on, you needed your big family to take care of your farm. and big families suddenly, when they all get married, suddenly you have 70 to 80 people that can't be sustained and they should be moving to the cities, to memphis, you know, and what
4:56 am
happened was they don't. so when you think about what -- what brings unrest, young people who don't have jobs. who are hanging out in bars with money. and drawing up old scars that maybe we know about but they didn't know anything about it. but next thing you know, somebody gets killed and somebody has to be revenged and it's very biblical in the sense of an eye for an eye and that's really what happened. i think we were -- we had our own reasons for being uncomfortable with each other. but i think we would have laid down but it was our -- it was our children and those issues and certain psycho paths that really, you know, listen, the american fabric is guns, it's alcohol. and what can i -- am i strong enough to take what i want? >> we should mention that the hatfields and mccoys premiere on memorial day at 9:00 p.m. on the history channel and then for three consecutive nights. well, kevin costner and bill paxton, thanks so much for coming into the curvy couch. great to have you guys. there's ribs outside. >> a little early. >> maybe there's not. i saw you guys really chowing down.
4:57 am
the locusts have come right through. >> bring the band modern west by to the concert series sometimes. >> we'd like that. we went ahead and made music for the hatfields and mccoys. >> soundtrack is out also. pick up the soundtrack as well. >> famous for killing each other. >> right. >> we'll talk to you in two minutes. ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it.
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5:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is friday, may 25. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. we begin with a fox news alert. what could be a major break, the break that the country has been waiting for in one of the country's most mysterious missing children's cases. police arrest a suspect in the disappearance of etan patz. >> dave: big spender? president obama says no, not me. >> federal spending since i took office has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years.
5:01 am
>> dave: maybe one fact he left out. of that catchy line, we'll explain. >> clayton: who needs "toddlers and tiaras" had we have the real thing. we'll show this real recital brawl. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ everybody around her trying to be ♪ ♪
5:02 am
♪ he's up dancing on his feet ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> alisyn: good morning, everybody. what a treat we have for you this morning. it is the launch of our all american concert series. that is montgomery gentry. they're singing their song "one in every crowd." we can't wait to get out there with them, talk to them, listen to rocking music. >> dave: right now they're nominated for duo of the year. they're waiting for the results yet. >> they're pretty much a main
5:03 am
stay on that nomination. since 2000, they knocked off brooks & dunn. bun of the great country duoa and we're serving up famous dave's barbecue. if you're in the neighborhood, come hang out with us. great concert and free food. you caught me offguard. i wasn't ready for the summer to begin because it doesn't begin for a couple weeks. >> we're kicking it off right now. >> alisyn: memorial day is the official launch and i'm wearing white as i willer for the next 90 days. let's get to your headlines. moments ago, police detaining a person in the vatican document leak scandal. this is a person reportedly who had confidential vatican papers in their possession. the secret papers mysteriously leaked over the past few months alleging corruption and mismanagement within the vatican. right now no word on the person's connection to the church. we'll bring you more details as we have them.
5:04 am
and then a stunning development. trainer of triple crown hopeful, i'll have another, is in hot water over drug enhancement tests. doug o'neil hand add 45-day ban for allegedly giving another one of his horses an illegal mixture in the year 2010. he says he didn't do it and the thing is, california racing officials believe him. they say despite this, he's still responsible for the high levels of the drug that were found in argenta after the race. this won't affect i'll have another from trying to win the triple crown in june of the that's because the ban won't go into effect until july. details in the case of etan patz, the six-year-old goh who disappeared exactly 33 years ago today. the nypd charged 51-year-old pedro hernandez with second degree murder. at the time, hernandez was an 18-year-old, working as a clerk in a bodega convenience store on the corner where etan disappeared. he claims he lured etan from the
5:05 am
bus stop into the basement of that store by promising him soda. he says he then choked the little boy and put his body in a plastic bag and disposed of his body in a trash. he told police before he had never seen etan until that day and he, quote, felt the urge to kill. new photos of a smiling terrorist. are these smuggled out of gitmo? a jihaddist web site posted what appears to be a recent photo of khalid sheikh mohammed taken inside the walls of guantanamo bay allegedly. he's currently facing a military tribunal at gitmo where taking pictures is not allowed. it looks strange. >> ksm facebook page. >> let's dive into politics. president obama out on the campaign trail in denver, colorado, talking about spending.
5:06 am
he's tired of the romney campaign labeling him as an overspender. he says it's simply not true when you look at some of the facts. take a listen. >> what my opponent didn't tell you was that federal spending, since i took office, has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years. >> o what are the facts here? the republican national committee agrees with that assessment, that the spending under president obama has increased at the lowest level in 60 years by any president. but it's the way in which debt has accumulated under the obama administration that the republicans and mitt romney take umbrage with. >> it wasn't exactly by design in the obama administration. i don't know if that was the intent. they wanted to -- they didn't want cuts tie to do it until the tea party had the huge 2010 all the freshmen came in and changed the conversation in washington. required spending cuts. and that has us on that better
5:07 am
path. >> alisyn: douglas holtz-eakin, the former head of the cbo said you have to look at a few different metrics and -- in parts of what he said that currently government spending is only going up by 1.4%. however, in the first two-year his presidency in 2009 and 2010, that it was 10%. so it depends on when you take the snapshot of government spending. still the point is this, every president doubles basically what their predecessor did. every president under every president, federal spending still goes up. here are some numbers. >> it almost did double. you're right. if you look going back to reagan. 2 billion. >> alisyn: it is spending by the day. so let's just see. this is how much you spent by the day. 2.5 billion by the day under president reagan. today under president obama, 9.7 billion. >> president bush as you can see, contributed in no small way to this problem spending. an awful lot of money.
5:08 am
meanwhile, the president out on the campaign trail, continuing to demonize the private equity industry. he called mitt romney essentially a vampire in an ad. but it seems there is a little hypocrisy on the obama administration because his national co-chair, one of his national co-chairs, is a prominent figure at a private equity firm based out of denver, fed rico pena. and cabinet member under president clinton. >> a campaign spokesman and a private equity manager, as you talked about, he is responsible for overseeing factory layoff, thousands of -- factory closings, thousands being laid off. it underlines this hypocrisy from the obama administration and underlines the difficulty in trying to single out bain capital as a vampire and it really does because in the last week, blackstone was a group that held a fund-raiser. a number of private equity folks got together. it was over $35,000 a plate
5:09 am
dinner to have for president obama. and there blackstone is a private equity firm and they were upset about obama administration's attack on bain capital because they're doling out $35,000 a plate helping the obama administration and he's attacking them for private equity. >> alisyn: of course. this is what's complicated about make private equity into villains and that is that president obama has people in his campaign that do it. but also they are kind of a microcosm of capitalism. yes, you hope for success and hope you can add jobs and grow the business. but much like capitalism, it's a risky business. and sometimes you make bad bets or something goes wrong with the business, and you lose jobs. that's how it works. there are winners and losers. >> bain capital, they had o close the steel mill, it wasn't profitable. but then you have staples, which is really well and other companies that it really well. >> streamlining company social security part of capitalism. can the president have it both
5:10 am
ways. he has taken employees from bain capital members and their families. let us know. >> alisyn: coming up, it's no floor. it's a door. you'll understand in a moment. this was a door that came crashing down on a golf course. >> got it. >> alisyn: we'll tell you what happened. >> this principal getting paid overtime to pump iron at the gym. so why does she get promoted instead of punished ♪ don't you dare go running down my little down where i grew up ♪ ♪ if you ain't took a ride around or run through the heart of my town ♪ ♪ anything you say would be a
5:11 am
lie ♪ ♪ women that i once knew ♪ where i come from ♪ [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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droid does. does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ? droid does. droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99. >> alisyn: he was the first missing child too appear on a milk carten and now exactly 33 years to the day that etan patz disappeared, police made an arrest and new developments are breaking by the hour. judge jeanine pirro, host of "justice" is here to break them down. i can't believe the timing of this. >> well, it is coins debtal and on the one hand, it draws attention to the fact that this day, which is the day that parents and law enforcement focus on missing children, is one that hopefully the one that will go down in history as the day we solved the etan patz case. however, i'm skeptical.
5:15 am
>> alisyn: you are? you are skeptical of pedro hernandez who has come forward to confess? >> here is my problem. i hope this is the guy. but once you get a defense attorney in on the case, all you got is a confession. a defense attorney is going to come in and he's going to say, number one, where is the forensic evidence. just because he admitted to it, we remember from the jon benet ramsey case where the guy came back from singapore, he wasn't the guy. there has to be some nexus connecting him to the crime. maybe there are facts that law enforcement knows that we don't know that will cinch this. with the body being thrown away, no forensic evidence, and you get a good defense attorney in there, he'll say to a jury, hey, my client, there is no evidence connecting him to the crime other than he said he offered him a soda and went downstairs examine strangled him examine by the way, i hope that's all that it was. >> alisyn: because usually there is molestation with children
5:16 am
being taken. >> yes. but what's disturbing is this guy's family had been reaching out to law enforcement for some time saying you got to look at him, you got to look at him. >> alisyn: had they or did they just come out of the woodwork because of that search a month ago that got so much attention here in new york? >> apparently they came out of the woodwork again. but i've always said someone who has investigated these kinds of case, the name is always in the box. that name was already in that box. but it's always about evidence. and kudos to the new york city police department, to ray kelly. hopefully there is a sense of calm and for these poor parents. etan's parents have gone through more misery than anyone deserves to go through ever. >> alisyn: absolutely. tell us about your show this weekend. >> this weekend we're doing all crime all the time now. we've got two cold homicide cases, individuals murdered and in both cases, we've got the accused on and i get to questio. >> alisyn: so timely because cold cases, even after 33 years, can sometimes be solved.
5:17 am
we hope that's the case with this. judge, thanks so much. >> good to see you. >> alisyn: coming up, gsa throwing cold water in the hot tub. we'll tell what you just happened to hot tub guy, that's ahead. then a ballerina brawl all caught on camera
5:18 am
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>> some quick head lines now. the same drug that killed michael jackson now being used to kill inmates on death row? missouri reportedly becoming the first state to make the
5:21 am
controversial switch from using a combination of three drugs to just one large dose of propothol. critics are upset because they say it has not been tested. and this bronks, new york principal gets caught collecting overtime while working out at the gym. but instead of getting punished, she's getting a promotion. jeanine world breeden reportedly getting a new gig at a public school. her salary? $130,000. clayton. >> clayton: a geography genius i am not. but a texas eighth grader has just made history answering these questions. take a look. >> one of you will be the 2012 national geographic bee champion. and that individual is the newcomer. congratulations, young man. way to go. >> clayton: he is the 24th annual national geographic bee champion. and joins us this morning from washington, d.c. fresh off his big win.
5:22 am
the big question, can i beat him at his own game, he'll quiz me in just a moment. nice to have you and welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> clayton: so you stuck it out. i would think that this geography bee would be all about memorization, just a specific landmark. but it turns out it's not like that at all s? >> , it isn't. you have to understand geography if you wish to do well in this competition because it's very hard to memorize a lot of places and where they are. >> clayton: you have to actually understand the context of where this particular river is in association to this mountain, correct? >> right. you have to understand the river. you have to understand the region where they're talking about at the very end. you have to understand a little bit about history to be able to even make a good guess on this question. >> clayton: you're 14. i'm thinking of other kids playing outside playing baseball at this age. how did you become obsessed with geography? at what age did that start for you? >> when i was three or four, my
5:23 am
parents gave may globe, which i love to just turn around and around and that was just a way of seeing all of the countries and the cities and oceans and rivers and what not that were on the globe. that was just a way of learning about the world. i found that very interesting. it was a lot of fun. and when i was a little older, i had the opportunity to travel to alaska where i saw a lot of wildlife and that made me very interested in animals, especially exotic animals from exotic places. and through that, i was able to learn about a lot more place, which again made me interested in learn being the world. >> clayton: that's great. you won $25,000 scholarship now and a lifetime membership to the net goe society and a trip to the galapagos. i have three questions for you and then you'll quiz me. are you ready? >> yes. >> clayton: all right. one what, river used by early fur traders flows near springfield, hartford, and middletown? >> the connecticut river. >> clayton: easy. that was the correct answer.
5:24 am
the connecticut river. congratulations. number 2. here is your second question. the suez canal is to egypt as the keel canal is to what? >> germany. >> clayton: very good. germany is the correct answer. mcmurtos sound, which has served as a business for anti-arctic expedition social security an inlet of what sea? >> the roth sea. >> clayton: you got it. 100%. not surprising. now, i understand you have a question for me, you're going to quiz me. >> yes, that's right. here is one for you. surfing and golden sands are among the attractions that can be found on bond i wouldn't etch, located in the largest city in new south wales. name the city. >> clayton: i think because we've had surfing stories where people have gotten bit, i'm
5:25 am
going to go with sydney, australia. >> that's absolutely correct. >> clayton: yes! alisyn, i'm as smart as this 14-year-old. congratulations to you and congratulations on the scholarship. you're an inspiration to a lot of kids out there watching this morning who think, i need to learn something new, and the parents, too, could help their kids. thanks so much. >> thank you very much. >> clayton: coming up on the show, the doctor who helped the u.s. take down osama bin laden sentenced for treason. did the u.s. abandon him? we're live at the white house with their response. then anna on assignment, what's going on? >> hey there, clayton. yes. we're celebrating the sea services of men and women. we're aboard the uss watts. we're going to be talking to the executive officer coming up in just a bit. first, one of my fives, montgomery gentry, with "rebels on the run," guys, you look great from here.
5:26 am
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5:31 am
a -- there were efforts made by us to try to get him out and to try to help him out before he was arrested, but those efforts failed. it's not clear why. what is clear is that secretary of state hillary clinton is steamed. >> the united states does not believe there is any basis for holding the doctor. we regret, both the fact that he was convicted and the severity of his sentence. his help, after all, was instrumental in taking down one of the world's most notorious murderers. >> now pakistan is in line to lose $1 million from us in aid for each year of his sentence. that's $33 million for 33 years. it's going to be withheld until he's been released from prison and cleared of all charges relate to go helping us catch osama bin laden. that was spelled out in an amendment that unanimously
5:32 am
passed the senate appropriations committee yesterday and senator john mccain explained why. >> all of us are outraged at the imprisonment and sentence of some 33 years that virtually is a death sentence to the doctor in pakistan who was instrumental not on purpose, but was instrumental and completely innocent of any wrongdoing, was instrumental in the removal of osama bin laden. that has, frankly, outraged all of us. >> the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, john kerry, says he believes in the importance of the u.s.-pakinstani relationship, but thinks a lot of american also have a hard time swallowing the fact that one year after this bin laden was killed, the guy who helped us find him and capture him and kill him is the only one being punished. back to you in new york. >> alisyn: thank you for that
5:33 am
update. we have more news for you. from in the hot tub to being hung out to dry, the gsa's jeff neeley -- two drinks -- now out of a job. he planned the agency's lavish bash in sin city that you heard so much about that cost taxpayers more than $800,000. well, he's not being -- it's not being revealed whether it was fired or he resigned. until now, he's been on paid administrative leave. he pleaded the fifth when he was called to tech before congress. the vegas bash far from the only time the gsa wasted your money. more videos emerging courtesy of the gsa, of their employees goofing around on your dime. >> smashing office equipment that no doubt we paid for. >> alisyn: tell us about this. >> dave: these dreams of a pro football career shattered ten years ago when he was convicted of rape. but brian banks, 26, breaking down in tears of joy because the
5:34 am
charges against him dismissed. the accuser now admitting she lied. banks spent more than five years in prison after his lawyer advised him to plead no contest. >> my only dream in the world was to just be free. i know that i'm here today and i remain unbroken. >> dave: can you imagine? banks' attorney asking nfl teams to give him a second chance. we can only hope, clayton. >> clayton: be interesting to see if that comes to pass. how the heck did this happen? a plane door detaching midair and falls right onto a golf course. it happened in florida. the nine seater jet was carrying passengers, but managed to land safely. another stroke of luck apparently because the golf course just happened to be closed for maintenance that very same day. something that only happens twice a year.
5:35 am
>> alisyn: all right. a brawl at the ballet? believe it. two little girls getting into a scuffle at their recital. this is how i fight. there is pushing and shoving as one girl just stands by and watches. another still busy with her routine. neither girl backing down. eventually someone does come in to end the fight. no word on what led to that brawl. wow. ballerinas, they are divas. even at 18 months old. >> that is how you fight. >> alisyn: those are my moves. exactly. >> let's look at the weather and got interesting in mexico, near mexico. >> slaughtly. we had -- absolutely. category 3 major hurricane bud that has been downgraded to category 2, but still a formidable storm. that is going to make landfall, we think, overnight tonight. also watching this area of disturbed weather that could be our second named system, burl.
5:36 am
great lakes, through the central plains, that's where we could see active storms, even severe weather. and the northwest is also going to remain unsettled. we even have winter weather advisories across portions of the northern rockies. so there is that area i was talking about of concern because a lot of the tropical models that we look at show us that this system is going to eventually make a left-hand turn and possibly make landfall perhaps a tropical storm later on this weekend. so along memorial day weekend, i'm going to be here watching this system. so we'll keep you up to date from the fox news extreme weather center. back to you. >> alisyn: ominous spaghetti. >> thank you. if you're wondering if new york city had been taken over by the military, it indeed has. time for the 25th annual fleet week celebration and anna has the scoop on the hudson.
5:37 am
hi. >> hey there. good morning to all of you guys. it's really a neat thing, isn't it? we're seeing all these men and women in uniform all over from central park to times square, you name it. fleet week, new york, 2012 is going to be rocking the city until this wednesday. we're really at the height of it. 22 ships total from u.s. forces and coalition forces are docked here in manhattan. and i want to bring on the executive officer of the uss watts, that's the biggest ship that's here. we're standing aboard it. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you say this a multipurpose amphibious assault ship. what is that exactly? >> it's a ship capable of launching aircraft for the marine corps, as well as launching the marines ashore via boats such as land craft air cushion, we send them out through our well deck for combat missions. (no audio).
5:38 am
>> i got caught on camera. >> alisyn: you caught us on a moment. >> dave was about to take her in a competition. earlier she was taking on soldiers and sailors. >> today was getting ready for push ups. i wanted to correct her form. >> alisyn: dave was going to say drop and give me 20. he was actually going to show her what pushups are supposed to look like. >> clayton: i want to see this because last week dave did a back flip into a pool and danieled his back. so i want to see how you pull this off. >> alisyn: i told you never exercise, dave. >> clayton: coming up, one of the largest police forces in country changing its surveillance program to satisfy muslim. are they putting political correctness before public safety? >> alisyn: that's next. first, more from montgomery gentry. here is "my town." ♪ i'm looking around and i'm loving the town and i'm doing
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>> alisyn: we have quick headlines for you. they caused millions of dollars in damage. it may surprise to you know occupy of new york is suing over a bunch of books. they claim the nypd destroyed $47,000 worth of reading material while evicting them from zuccotti park. i guess you call them movers and shakers. you're looking at a bunch of cows crashing a backyard party in massachusetts. they helped themselves to the beer before their owner finally came to round them up. utterly ridiculous. >> get this, the lapd agrees to change how it reports on and
5:44 am
monitors potential terrorists after muslim groups launched complaints. but shouldn't the police be focused on keeping us safe rather than worrying about what advocacy groups think? dr. johnson is a founder and president of american islamic forum for democracy. he's with us from phoenix this morning. good morning to you, doctor. >> good morning, dave. >> dave: what's your reaction to the lapd giving in to muslim protests? >> well, first, i want to do a shout to my navy friends attached to the was group in the '90s. a shout out to them on fleet week. about this monitoring program, i can't tell you enough how much this may compromise our program. it's interesting, though, the further you get from ground zero, the more the cops and the police forces seem to sometimes be pushed into the bullying tactics of these islamist groups. the nypd, for example, recently has been vindicated. the attorney general, the mayor bloomberg, even attorney general holder came and said, well, he congratulated nypd on their program.
5:45 am
there has been nothing illegal. these are just data gathering programs. interesting, secretary napolitano herself has a program put out for the past two years, with billboards all over that say see something, say something. now with this with the muslim groups, they basically are saying, see something, say something, and delete it because they don't want to keep the data. they basically said we're not going to keep data because it could be abused, et cetera. >> dave: to those muslims who are not happy, they say simply a man taking a picture of an office building, praying at a parking lot or viewing a bridge through binoculars is considered reasonable to prompt a police report. is that fair and just, in your opinion? >> they're going to act on that information alone and nobody is saying that they should be acting. but when citizens gather that day it and they report it, all the police is doing is putting it into a database and as we
5:46 am
know, we look back, for example, when nidal malik hasan, the day before he killed 13 of our fellow soldiers, he gave his koran to his neighbor. there were other acts did he that nobody reported. if that data had been gathered and then all of a sudden they see some criminal activity happening and all of a sudden, it pulls in that other data that could be useful in counterterrorism. there has been no studies or cases to show that that data has been abused and all of this is simply fear mongering from islamist groups that want to control police and tell them what to do. they want to put an inspector general into l.a.p.d and hamstring them from doing their police work. >> dave: it's a tale of two coasts because the state attorney general here in new york gave an apparent approval of what the nypd is doing in terms of wireless -- warrantless surveillance of law abiding muslims. is the nypd. new york doing the right thing, in your opinion? >> absolutely. dean governor christie has said it was right and after they
5:47 am
analyzed it and responded to all these groups and at the end of the day, if they were doing the wrong thing and invading our privacy, you think there would be a case, you think there would be some substance of evidence to show they were doing illegal activity. they're not. it's good police work to get information and a allow it to be used when criminal activity may be happening so that it can add to the information of radicalization that may be happening. we need to wake up from our denial and these muslim groups that are complaining don't speak for all american muslims in the united states. >> dave: thanks for being with us. have a great weekend. >> thank you. nice to be with you. >> dave: guys? >> alisyn: he mentioned the uss wasp. let's join anna back with us. hi, anna. >> hey there. we are pumped because we're on the uss wasp, the biggest of the 22 ships out here docked in new york city. good morning to you, captain. >> good morning. >> thanks for being with us. this is your first fleet week ever. what's it been like for you so far? >> been very exciting. we've had a great time coming
5:48 am
into port. the city has rolled out the red carpet for us and our sailors are having a wonderful time. >> i know you want to do welcome anybody in the tri-state area to get their booties over here and to really enjoy everything. at 9:15 there is a lot of pomp and circumstance. >> our chief of naval operations will be on board the ship and he will have a reenlistment ceremony for 30 sailors and ten officers as they recommit themselves. we're excited to host that today. >> it's a great opportunity for the public to get out here and tip their hats to servicemen and women who have helped us out so much and did do great things for us. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> enjoy your time. back to you. >> alisyn: don't go anywhere. dave briggs has a challenge for you. he felt your pushups were not up to par. dave, take it away. >> dave: you need to go all the way down. you were kind of going halfway down right here. that doesn't cut it.
5:49 am
>> i have to wear this outfit all day, dave! >> alisyn: let's see it. >> i don't have a monitor, but i want to you do it, too. >> alisyn: he's doing it. >> i'm way ahead of you. >> you count for me in the studio. >> one. >> alisyn: she's doing it, dave. >> two. >> her form is good. >> she's beating you. she's up to ten, dave. >> alisyn: 99. 100. dave, you look good. >> commercial break. montgomery gentry will perform for us. >> she adds a clap. >> clayton: we'll have dave keep going on this and see if he collapses. first let's check in with hem for a look at what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> i can beat that. >> alisyn: let's see. >> stand by. how are you doing? good morning to you. more on the prison sentence for
5:50 am
the doctor who helped us find bin laden. figure this one out, america. also 33-year-old murder mystery is solved. are there problems with this case? will john edwards walk free? and the high school prom that gives ous free condoms. martha and i will see new ten minutes on "america's newsroom" friday edition. we'll see you at the top of the hour nted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ]
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♪ ♪ this ain't no rodeo ♪ ♪ no dog and pony show ♪ ain't no roller coaster ride ♪ ain't no highway ♪ it's just my so-called, just my so-called life ♪ ♪ my so-called ♪ life ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you! >> for "fox & friends" in two minutes ♪ [music plays]
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