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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 25, 2012 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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so get the insurance sponsible drivers like you deserve call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance, responsibility -- what's your policy? >>eric: this is valparaiso, indiana where police are dealing with a hostage situation at a real estate office. we expect the police to hold a news conference this hour. the gatt number of hostages is unknown but a witness said as least two are being held but we do know that people were seen fleeing the building and the police know the suspect's name and do not think this is domestic disturbance but it appears to be a dispute over money. and mike tobin is following this
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and when he has now information we will bring it to you. all governor romney says days at bain bad, and the obama national co-chair who advise as similar firm, good? welcome, everyone, i am hear for neil cavuto and this is "your world." remember this ad? >> i felt like a vampire, he came in. >> comparing governor romney equity firm to a vampire. would it surprise you that the president's national co-chair is a senior advisor to a private equity firm himself? and that the firm, the capital pans did some job cutting. in fact, 1,100 seasonal workers laid off, three factories closed and 1,200 jobs eliminated at solo cup and 500 workers let go at bird's eye.
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where is the president's outrage? we did ask for an official from the obama campaign to appear and our request was declined. what is going on here? >>guest: well, we --. >>eric: can we try the audio? do we have the audio? all right, well, in the meantime, producers pull up the full screen and we will talk about who president obama has in the cabinet, who is working for him, there we go, who have private equity expense or backgrounds. pena. one the 35 national co-chairs. from the obama campaign. private equity. and richard parsons who is former citigroup chairman but, also, works with private equity firm. and gallogy with private equity, and jonathan lavine a director
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at bain capital, and also, at bain capital during the years during the steel company and, i believe, the ampad company, the times they had to shut down jobs. we will get back do this in a minute. so the governor romney's time with private equity is fair game so the president's should be fair, too and it is not pretty. a former bush speech writer, mark, so, let's talk about president obama's, private equity, and public equity. how is his success going? we are having some ought eye problems, all our remotes are having audio problems so we will have to wrap this up and come back and fix the audios and bring the guests back. back with you as soon as possible. ♪
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>>eric: we are back, michelle we lost your audio but we will talk about this. i am not going to blame president obama for that one. i blame him for a lot but not the audio right here. and now, there is a gentleman by the name of pena who is one of the 35 national chairs for president obama's re-election campaign, yet he works private equity. how is bain bad private equity but this gay's private equity is a good group, right? >>guest: no, look, obama is trying so hard to diminish romney's business experience but what he is doing is shooting himself in the foot. because he is going after governor romney for working at a private equity firm. but if you look, pena worked at a private equity firm, as well, and is a manager at a firm responsible for cutting thousands of jobs. so if obama feels people who work in private equity are evil and engaged in vulture
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capitalism, why doesn't he distance himself from pena? it does not make sense. >>eric: and we pointed out a couple others two guys that worked as part of president obama's jobs council, and, then, john that -- jonathan lavine who is at bain capital and no one mentions him. >> if you look at the numbers, obama got over 3.5 million in 2008 if -- for the election campaign from those who work at private equity firms, so, last week, obama is talking about how evil private equity firms are but just a couple of hours after me says that, he went to new york to a campaign fundraiser, $35,000 a plate fundraiser for himself. can you hear me? >>eric: i am agreeing. michelle, once every week or so
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i get new e-mail from someone from the obama campaign saying, sarah jessica parker, george clooney, send me $3 and you could have dinner with me. >>guest: the people at fundraiser if new york, arranged by the president of a private equity firm which is not that different from bain capital. most of the people who were there were individuals who work at private equity firms so it is hypocritical. >>eric: this is disjointed but we have to leave it there and say thank you very much. >> i got here and they got people out that were inside the building initially. (inaudible). >> no, no, no, the question, how many people were in the building at the time. i believe there were less than ten from what i am told in the building initially when this first occurred. we did know there are still
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people inside the building. the vast majority of the people in the building are now out. (inaudible) >> is he in one location? >> i am not going to comment. >> why the move back? >> i cannot discuss that. as things progress hopefully i can tell you more. (inaudible). >> that is correct. (inaudible). >> it is hot out here. the sun is hot. you are wearing that gear. you get awful hot so we are restating people in and out, our officers and other officers so they do not get hydrated. that is common. who is here? valparaiso police department,
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portage police department, and county-wide swat team, the fbi is here negotiating with the gunman and state police are here. valparaiso fire department. and the e.m.s. service and the red cross is here to help out with water and that stuff for the officers. a lot are here. anything else? >> people that have not left ... (inaudible). >> i don't know the answer to that question. i do not know for sure the answer to that question. not to my knowledge, to be honest. anything else? hopefully -- 4:00, is that good for everyone and we will try and do it again and might be we will be done by then. hopefully at 4:00 we will have
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more information. thanks, guys, appreciate it. >>eric: we will go to mike tobin in chicago bureau. we heard the gentleman right there in the press conference tell us there were he believes two hostages still inside, maybe one gunman and they will reevaluate. in the meantime, valparaiso police department sheriff's office, county swat, state police, fire department and the red cross on the scene. >>reporter: and some of the most revealing information including that information they are down to two hostages is coming from a receptionist, carolyn beison who was at the front desk when the gunman came in. he did not have the gun brand dish asked he said an agent in the real estate office owed him some money and they got in a scuffle and she cursed and the gun came out and she took cover in a back office behind the desk. ultimately the police were called to the scene and a dramatic gun battle took place right in the doorway to the
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prudential executive real estate group office there in valparaiso, indiana. remarkably, no one was hurt. we do have some information coming from the police that there were bloodied victims on the scene but that appears to be if you link it with the information we got from relatives, a couple of women who were struck with the gun and then treatedded off seen at a nearby hospital, not necessarily from anyone we was shot. we do have information anyone was shot. police have been in contact with the gunman, but, as far as the hostages who is been released we heard from the police it was no more than ten hostages we know from the receptionist the swat team came in and they got some of the people out of there. and also what was revealing we got from that receptionist what was there at the front deck, if this guy had a plan it was to confront the real estate agent who he believed owes him money. whatever plan he had he is off the plan now. she says he felt trapped and
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that is why he went about the business of taking hostages and that seems to be consistent with why the police are ready to wait this out. you heard them talking of the different agencies who are there. the relief swat team members. to change out the old guys with fresh gives and make sure they get plenty of water because they can let this draw out, let the gunman calm down, and try to get out of this thing without any loss of life. >>eric: we will monitor the situation and if there are changes we will get back to you. thank you, sir. >> my next guest says if governor romney's record on private equity is fair game the president's record on public equity should be, too, and it is not very pretty. a former bush speech writer. what do you mean by "public equity." >>guest: well, since taking office president obama has invested billions of our tax dollars in private businesses and many of those investments have been unmitigated disasters, leaving a train of bankruptcies,
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criminal investigations, layoffs, in their way and left us with literally, us the taxpayers on the hook for literally billions from the failed investment. >>eric: give us a couple of the companies or initiatives that the president and the energy department tried. difficulty not work out so well. can you not make this stuff up, can you not make up this stuff. we lost the satellite. all right. now to the next guest. hopefully we have the audio or the video. we will take either one. president obama still making his spending an issue and, now, taking aim at governor romney. >> sense i've been president federal spending has risen at the lowest pace of 60 years. >> at lowest pace in 60 years. think of that. thing about that. >> i know governor romney came
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to des moines. last week. warned about a prairie fire event the speech was more like a distortion. >> and to the reporter on the real cow pie of disportion. first all, can we hear you? >> i hope so. >>eric: go ahead. what did you hear from the president's speech? >>guest: well, what i heard was the president and his press secretary taking a very misleading article which, by the way, earned, i think, three pinocchios in the "washington post" to prove that he kept spending way down when, in fact, all of the tricks you could use with statistics went into creating the arm to make obama seem like he is a stingy president opposed to being more of a spendthrift. >>eric: how can the president go out there and actually double down on the same commentary that he had put out there and a lot of people on the right,
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including us, we put up a full screen, not yet, guys, but put up the full screen showing the president's spending, yet, again, he doubled down. >>guest: well, i cannot speak for the president and his, whether he wants to say what is the actual literal truth or manipulate the statistics, this is the sort of thing people do in an election. it is understandable. if you look back at the article that gave rise to this statistic, okay, first of all, there are several different tricks in here but the biggest trick is the spending from 2009, you have to remember that president bush asked for 3 percent in spending and democrats controlled congress and waited physical he was out of office and president obama signed all the spending if 2009. >>eric: i have to do this because however you slice it these are the numbers. these are directly from the spending initiatives by the president the show it.
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president obama spending $9.7 billion a day. however you slice it, start with baseline, back court, he spends $9.7 billion a day. president obama, at $6.8 billion, that is not is go, either, but it is a lot less than president obama, about 40 percent less than president obama, if you go back to president reagan, president obama is more than tripled president reagan's spending a day. so, it is disingenuous to say the spending is less or lower than prior presidents. >>guest: it is a very fair way of measuring it. another is to look at the first year. you had an 18 percent increase in spending that obama signed which is the largest increase sense the korean war. so, i think for obama to point back and say he is the stingiest president since ike is dis disingenuous, the old adage
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about lies and damn lies and statistics. >>eric: if you want to look at the president's deficit spending as a percentage of g.d.p. and president obama's, the prior presidents you have to go back to war-time spending to see america spend as much money as we spend as a percentage of our g.d.p. so, conclusion, not only is a percent of the g.d.p. and the total number a wrong number we are spending more now than we have in decades. >>guest: that is right. and when president obama talks about republicans trying to cut spending and do somethingen precedented as he did a couple of months ago, what is unprecedented is the budget he put out taking what was supposed to a one time increase in spending because of economic hard times and making it a permanent plateau that goes on forever. >>eric: great point. one time initiative, and, then, next year you forgot that was when time, right, we will add 3
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percent on to that. >>guest: that is right. >>eric: we will leave it there, thank you very much. to the badger state brawl the recall race is getting nasty but not between who you might thing. we will explain. and for get lower student loan rate, these college kids do not thing they should pay off their loans per. are they right in or wrong? [ male announcer ] at scottrade, we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's anothereason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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>>eric: unions lashing out in congress, angry at washington democrats saying they are not doing enough to help fight republican governor walker in the recall race, one union official says i am very
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disappointed the dnc has not soon fit to make a dollar investment. another saying "i think they would want their voters energized and motivated for november, to me it is just shortsighted." and a workforce fairness advocate group. what going on? dnc? have the democrats distanced themself as the race is going more and more in governor walker's favor are they pushing back? >>guest: they are trying to cut their losses, making a business decision, limited number of resources, so, it looks like they are cutting their losses and, frankly, we see it all the time, democrats throw the core constituency groups under the bus out of habit thinking they have in place else to go. >>eric: but first of all, you are part of a union or not? >>guest: no, no. >>eric: you do not blame them for not supporting a race they do the this think they can win, do you? >>guest: no, it is a
1:25 pm
reasonable business decision. actually. so, but it's just kind of par if the course, it is not really a principled decision which i thought this was what this was about, these were supposedly rights they were supposed to be fighting for and the dnc decides we will not win, so well not waste the money. >>eric: is the scott walker recall race, is it a local, state, or national race? >>guest: this is an enormous containing in -- change in the y government has operated since 1959 when public employee bargainings with allowed, and, then, it became what we refer to now as a "right," and in reality it is a legal privilege they have taken advantage of, and there are states all over the united states that are looking at this and gaging this and seeing what happens. but the problem is, kind of hogs
1:26 pm
get slaughtered kind of concept. they got too greedy and the benefits are more than the people who pay their salaries, the taxpayers, people do not want to support that for very long and, now, they are seeing it. if they cannot pay protesters, they cannot pay for buses, they cannot give them the little $20 under the sandwich and lunch box do show up and put on a t-shirt, well, the real support just isn't there. >>eric: will this spill into the presidential race? i think the numbers are 99 percent to 1 percent the unions support in a presidential race, right? >>guest: in dollars and cents-wise it is 97 percent goes to democrats. but what is interesting and this is an argument you get into with the republican candidates union
1:27 pm
members, around 4 4 -- 40 percet will vote g.o.p. union members mets of them are in unions because they are required to be. so the union leadership is spending the money on democrats but union membership splits around 60/40? >>guest: that is right. they ought to have the receipt to withhold the dues and have a say and not be so one-sided. >>eric: thank you, brett. neil cavuto will be all over this with live coverage from wisconsin on monday, right here on fnc with the entire nation watching the election, june 4 and june 5 and no one will cover it better than neil.
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>> we are here because we
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believe and i believe and you believe the education is a right and we are owe add more just future and we starting with it today right here. >>eric: students protesting outside sallie mae headquarters demanding student loans be forgiven saying colleges are a right. a right. but my guest says they should not be more wrong of the it comes down to a right or a privilege. >>guest: it is a privilege. news flash. and a privilege that costs something. so, what the students should focus on is a reason why college tuition is so high. that because government is subsidizing the loans and there is in incentive to keep the rates low. >>eric: colleges have in incentive to be competitive because they know the loans are available and they are sucks diced so kids can get the loans. but what do you suggest kids should do. in the go to college? >>guest: this is a matter of lifestyle choices and making
1:33 pm
tough decisions. i think my dad, he didn't have any money to go to college so he stayed out of college and ate popcorn for three straight days and paid the student loan back a year after graduating although it was over a third of his salary. so, it can be done. it and a matter of making the difficult choices. >>eric: and now the kids who are protesting, do you blame them? they see mortgage mitigation if homes and "cash for clunkers" for cars and don't they deserve their fair share of the slice of the american pie? >>guest: the reason why they cannot get jobs to pay back the student loans is because the government keeps bailing out everyone. and that is having a negative effect on the economy, and they need to stop blaming sally -- sallie mae, 85 percent of the debt, 85 percent are loans that sallie mae does not have set
1:34 pm
which is a lower default rate than the private loans although the interest rates vary. we earthquake and -- >>eric: the kids are not protesting the rate but this they have to pay become the original loan. >>guest: they want a personal bailout. you can see how much america lost on the g.m. bailout and we do not want to bail owe the students. >>eric: what is the answer, then? >>guest: you can lock at a couple of things. sallie mae does support allows some of these into responsible bankruptcy but i go back to lifestyle choices. you have 6,000 universities or institutions of higher education in this country. choose when you can be afford and be committed it paying it back. >>eric: do we know the rate at which tuitions are rising? >>guest: they are increasing but you look at some schools during the economic recession recently, they did not increase
1:35 pm
rates. they do not take the government money. it is whether the government is subsidizing the loans. that keeps tuition increasing. until government is out of the education you will have an inflated price. >>eric: have the teachers pitched in and decided they would not ask for a salary increase? >>guest: i don't think this is an issue with the teachers but, again, the students' responsibility. you choose something you can afford and you are responsible with your finances and there was the story in the "wall street journal" that had a graduate from harvard business school who paid back $90,000 this debt in under a year, so you do not need then to help you out if you are responsible with your money and you take an economics class with the money you are paying for the education you can afford this and not be saddled by debt so were. >>eric: thank you, elizabeth. and now greece, big spenders in washington, dc, spending cuts do
1:36 pm
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thank you, mr. davies.
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earthquake despite $16 billion deficit, yes, billion with a "b," a california town is clawing its way out of the bankruptcy. the city council woman, thank you for joining us. tell you what you did. you were on the way bankruptcy with a five year plan. tell us how it worked out. >>guest: well, we filed for bankruptcy in may of 2008 and we spent 3 1/2 years in bankruptcy renegotiating our labor contracts and with our creditor and filed a five year plan in bankruptcy court last summer and came out of bankruptcy in the fall of 2011 is since then we have been working hard to continue to rebuild our reserve and rebuild our relationship with our employees and with the citizens and continuing to make the tough choices and tough cuts
1:40 pm
but looking for creative ways to improve the city's situation. >>eric: so, the only way you were able to renegotiate the labor contracts was because you went into bankruptcy? >>guest: well, we had some challenges early on. we tried for 2 1/2 years before we entered bankruptcy and we could get reach an agreement so when you the bankruptcy attorney says you have 45 days to pay the bills or you have to close the doors of city hall you do not have many choices. >>eric: but you did one other thing, you increased the sales tax, right? >>guest: yes, last year the city council put a 1 percent saleses tax measure on the november ballot and that passed by 52 percent. the citizens of the county passed that sales tax measure and we using some of the funds, new, to improve the city and move the city forward. >>eric: where are you in do
1:41 pm
you have a war chest? do you have rainy day fund? seriously, it is an important question if the committee toes down are you okay? >>guest: well for the time be we have stable revenue. well not make anymore cuts. we are looking at stable revenue and we have exceeded our specifications for our reserve of the we were trying to get a minimum of 5 percent the first year and we have 7.1 percent reserve. and, we are continuing to improve the environment in the city by looking for innovative ways to improve our public safety. we have a public safety committee looking for best practices in the city, and through the country on how we can improve the public safety services that we bring if the citizens. >>eric: here is the here, if you do go ahead and have enough money to pay the bills and there is a surplus and the bang account is getting bigger what is the first thing to do? renearby the contracts that you
1:42 pm
did renegotiate in bankruptcy or cut the sales tax back off? st. louis it off? >>guest: well, what we are going to do is continue to do what we have been doing. controlling spending. controlling our increases in unfunded pension and liabilities. continue to build our reserves. the sales tax has a 10-year expiration date and we continue to use the funds to improve the city and improving the environment if if -- for the citizens. >>eric: and we hard that stockton has problems and maybe would have to file bankruptcy have they contacted you? >>guest: they may is contacted the city manager, but i have spoken to one council member. a couple of months ago discussing options that they may have. the situation seems to be considerably different. they have quite a bit larger general fund than we did. and, so the percentage of the loss and the deficit this they are experiencing isn't quite the same as the our city.
1:43 pm
we lost $20 million out of $83 million budget in 18 months due to plummeting prosecute taxes and sales tax in 2007 and 2008 so that was a huge plummet for us. >>eric: is it safe to say, greece, austerity works, just ask this city? >>guest: well, i wish it was that simple. it isn't just that austerity works it has to be a combination of working with everyone involved from the employees, to politicians, to the public, to make the tough choices, the tough cuts and also look if a great opportunity for being innovative and creative in the way you deliver services and increasing revenue. that ultimately is what you need to do. >>eric: thank you. one couple badly injured in a car crash not only suing texting driver who hit them, but his girlfriend, too, who wasn't even in the car. fine out why.
1:44 pm
and this top g.s.a. guy could be out but the lavish government parties are still going strong. are lawmakers in washington, dc, doing negative about this? [ morgan ] when you cheer, they fly just a liiiiittle bit higher... [ man ] he hits it! [ morgan ] ...go just a liiiiittle bit further... [ woman ] a perfect 10! [ morgan ] they can even be perfect. and when we come together... to one... [ chuckles ] ...we know what happens. [ crowd cheering ] visa. proud sponsor of the olympic games for 25 years. join our global cheer.
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>>eric: a new jersey judge ruling a womb who texted her boyfriend while he was driving and not be held liable for a crash he was in. is the judge right in will we see more cases like this? and now, fox news legal analyst lis wiehl and keesha. you say she should have some liability? >> when i think of the public policy reasons for this lawsuit in the first place, she could be
1:48 pm
considered to be negligent because she is the reason he was distracted, and, i think the only reason why we can say that is we can show she knew he was driving. >>eric: if she knew he was driving but he text anyway. >> so you thing he has a quiet girl with a convertible, she give as wink to the guy and he looks at her and he gets in an accident, you will held her liable? >> but the boyfriend and girlfriend had 62 text messages back-and-forth and he was on way home, association clearly it was not just, are you on the bay home? they had a conversation, so they knew it was negligent to have this kind of back-and-forth conversation. >> why would she not think he didn't pull over, find a place, and a driveway or something like that, and then, retext? we are going to hold her liable
1:49 pm
for what her boyfriend does on the road when she is not there? that is taking the law way too far. >>guest: if this were not so many accidents as a result texting while driving. i would understand but now maybe we need to take it further to make the sender liable, maybe that would deter people from having conversations with someone they know is driving. >> they are saying i know you are driving and you must answer me now, our else. >>eric: what if they are in the back seat? >> they are physically present. >>eric: maybe she knew he was driving, and she still text. >>guest: the back seat is different. if she is not there how can you hold himliable? >>eric: i am asking if she is there and she knows, is she not liable? >>guest: yes, that is different. but, on the other hand what about having a conversation in the car?
1:50 pm
>>guest: you are looking at a device. the key issue, does the person know, the person who is driving? and if you look at this, the case we are talking about, there was a conversation back-and-forth, and i think that she knew. >>eric: association using the example, if she was in the back seat or the passenger seat and texted him she should be liable in your opinion? >> right and even if she was no the car. >> but you have a conversation teen two people in a car and that can be distracting. >>eric: you say look at that. look at this. that is taking it way too far. the response belt has to be on the person who is picking up the text, and sending the text. they are driving. they are liable. >> how many times has my mother said okay i will talk to you. that person needs to take some low bit. >> you are making your mom liable? >> no, no, no, but a person who knows you are driving they will say i will talk to you later, they take some responsibility. >> not at all they could think
1:51 pm
you are pulling over, you are not --. >> but who does that? >> someone who is abuying the law? all but how many abide the law? that is why we have all the fatal accidents. >> we have a picture of the couple hit by a driver, they were on a motorcycle and both lost a leg as the motorcycle fell over. when you sue, don't sue everyone. >> be fair this is a good plaintiff's lawyer and he is looking for as many lawsuits and people he can bring in as any deep pockets and the parents of the two different teenagers, i get it from a legal plaintiff's perspective and i feel so, so sorry for the couple and the driver, the texter, should pay liable and maybe even criminally but, still, that accident mean that good plaintiff's lawyer, good discussion to bring it out there maybe that is the wave of future we will see this in the future but i don't think you can citizen it to that point. >>eric: and kisha, if you do
1:52 pm
find one these people liable, who were texting the driver, we will clog up our legal system. the courts will be clogged with people who texted friends and something happens. >>guest: it would be a good deterrent. tons people who be hauled into court but lawyering 101 you sue everyone you can find. >>eric: you are a good sport. thank you so much. this guy is out. so, would plans on staying here? a congressman says taxpayers should be concerned. any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scottrader streaming quotes.
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1:56 pm
congressman, a lot of americans staying home this weekend because they don't have the money to get away. so, should we be outraged by the get-aways? >> we should be. the big thing to be concerned about is a growing corruption and culture of arrogance that we're seeing in the agencies. starting at the top. and permeating down, where it's just the wrong priorities. when, they are cutting defense, dismantling that. give $150,00,000 to -- going to give 150,000 to 200,000 pink slips to families in uniform. then we see them dressing up like clowns, swimming in hot tubs and hiring prostitutes. american people say we have to change the culture. >> eric: talk about mr. neely. he stepped aside today. but there are reports, i believe, that says this gentleman may end up walking away with $100,000 a year mention.
1:57 pm
>> that is ridiculous to see it happening. we to reel in the purse strings because they're out of control. some of the administrators are out of control. we're trying to do that in the house. >> eric: what do we do here? they go to vegas and spend money on sushi and clowns. this is a picture of jeffrey neely with a couple of glasses on wine. that is on our dime, right? >> it's on your dime. but the biggest thing is we do it with overlap when we cut out national defense and men and women in uniform and putting more cost on back of the veterans. we have to continue to look at appropriation process and cut out funding so we don't allow them to do these things. >> eric: you're not suggesting that we don't have -- it's important for administrators, for them to get away. conference, right? >> we're not talk about whether they should have conference. certainly a lot of times we get great ideas in the conferences. we're talking about when they get out of control and they
1:58 pm
don't have limits. it's out of control if you spend money for a hot tub. $75,000 for assembly of bicycle, bring in magicians and dress up like clowns. i don't think anybody can say it's reasonable or rational. that's beyond limits of what we want to see in government today. >> eric: congressman, the per diem. we hand over the taxpayer dollars to everyone who is assembling at the conferences. sometimes $200 or $300 per person. >> well, one thing we have to do is get better control of that. that is throughout government, too. it's not just in conferences. one thing we are pushing for even with the department of defense. get an idea where the dollars are going. taxpayers have a right to know where the dollars are going. make sure we have transparency on the issue. i don't think $300 a day is reasonable for most conferences across the country. >> eric: we have you there. you keep an eye on these things, don't you? >> we are fighting hard to do that. most american people realize it's important to get it
1:59 pm
changed around. we'll make sure to make sure it happen diagnosis we'll work hard to make sure it happens. >> eric: thank you for the work you are doing. what are you doing this weekend. memorial day weekend. >> i'm doing something special. spend it with veterans at amelia county, outside of richmond, virginia, at a veterans cemetery we're going to have a memorial service for veterans with the wounded warriors and other veterans remembering the men and women who have given their lives so we can celebrate. >> eric: amen, sir. thank you for doing that. thank everyone that you see from us here at fox news. >> we will do it. >> eric: from the fight to stop junkets to recall in wisconsin. it's all about fighting for your tax dollars. neil is all over it. he has special coverage from wisconsin starting monday, june 4. 4:00 p.m. eastern time on fnc. 6:00 p.m. on fbc. don't miss it. all right. that's it, guys. thank you very much. have a great weekend. memorial day, again. see a service person, buy them a beer. got to go.
2:00 pm
bye. ready? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: hey, i'm bob beckel. welcome to "the five." we don't normally start the show here, we start it in the studio. everybody is in there now. you know why? eric is not here. he is supposed to be showing up for the show. but as usual, he's late. bolling, without you come on!
2:01 pm
let's go.


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