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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 25, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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test your knowledge on the great american news quiz factor style. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this very special news quiz edition of the factor. it's going to be fun. if is time to test your knowledge of current events. culture, entertainment. see how you measure up against the quiz kids themselves. steve doocy and martha maccallum. kick things off tonight with the rich guy edition. roll the tape. >> we have one woman in the rich guy edition. >> good. i'm so glad. >> it's not her. >> oh, who else could it be? >> bill: these people. question number one, net worth of more than 190 million bucks. mitt romney, if elected, would be one of the richest presidents in american history. >> what do you consider rich? is half a million dollars
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recidivism? a million dollars rich? at what income does someone reach definition of rich? >> bill: according to forbe's magazine when adjusted for inflation who was the number one richest president in history? cards up, please. the answer is a, george washington. >> really? >> bill: yeah, he owned half of virginia. >> he couldn't afford good teeth. >> bill: they didn't have a lot of dentists back then, doocy. do you know what i'm talking about. >> there was no bright smile. >> bill: question number two, donald trump known for being one of the flashiest guys around. >> when a precious metals dealer said to me would you rather have gold or the dollar, i think quiet intelligently i said i really want the gold. and some day hopefully i won't be saying that some day hopefully i will say i want the dollar. >> okay. now, trump's nickname was the donald. or is the donald. it was coined accidently by
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whom? the answer is -- that is correct. ivana. >> bill: billionaire mark cuban loves the spotlight. he recently played himself on what popular program? cards up, please. and the answer is -- roll the tape. >> i got to tell you, it really hurts to lose you. you have been a tremendous asset to this company. >> you think? >> no, not really. i like you, and you did bring me -- i would hate for you to miss out if i take this thing public. >> bill: you both are right. the entourage. >> turtle. >> bill: it's tied with two questions to go. >> yep. >> bill: very exciting. let's make them-million-dollar questions. >> good idea. >> bill: why is he interrupting me?
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>> i will smack him around, sorry. >> bill: question number four the movie citizen cain featured charles foster cain. ♪ >> bill: cain is widely believed to be based on what real life mogul? the answer is, correct, william randolph hurst. big castle out in the central coast of california. i was there and i was ejected. all right. now, question number 5 will tell the tale. okay? and it's an easy one, unfortunately. have to come up with a tie breaker. 1990s rae broker leona helmsley was the butt of many jokes for her queen of. >> i'm helmsley welcome tout spook house. right away you notice the
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little things, things like real excel will he skeltons, never plastic. evening at the spook house is never expensive but then again the best seldom is. >> leona helmsley died in 2007 leaving $12 million to whom? >> the answer is a. >> i think the dog recently passed. >> bill: got the george washington question wrong and then all the rest right. in a moment, the great american news quiz, the war edition. how much do you know about america's confl [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. the great american news quiz, the war edition. here they are fox news anchor martha maccallum and "fox & friends" guy steve doocy. war, children just a shot away.
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question number one, before his various meltdowns mel gibson made a popular movie about the revolutionary war. [gunfire] that had to hurt. gibson's character was partially based on the real life american general francis marion. what was cards up, please. the answer is c. you are both dunder heads. actually a walt disney thing way back about the swamp fox. all right. here is question number two. the hbo series the pacific won 8 emmys for betrayal japanese during world war ii. [go, go, go. >> come on!
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>> bill: which pacific battle was the deadliest of the entire war more than 12,000 american troops killed? the an is b okinawa. >> wow. >> 0 for 2. >> bill: they were all vicious. all of those campaigns. okinawa was the worst. question number three, president obama commemorated memorial day by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. memorial day started in the 1860s as a way to honor the civil war dead. what was the day originally called?
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the answer is c. decoration day. doocy lurches. [ laughter ] >> bill: are you okay, maccallum? try to get one. just for the women out there watching. okay. because maccallum is a role model. >> tight shot of me glaring. >> the movie saving private ryan. you both saw that. >> yes. >> critically acclaimed for realistic depiction of the world war ii d-day invasion. [explosion] >> do you want to be? [shouting] >> bill: private ryan was favored to win best picture of the year oscar but lost it in a surprise upset to which film?
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the answer is shakespeare in love. >> i thought those were different years. >> bill: maccallum you have one more chance to get one right. let's all root for maccallum. >> this is war. >> bill: legendary tv show mash followed a backy bunch of doctors surfing during the. >> i play with dolls, my last wish is to be buried in my mother's wedding gun. i'm nuts. i should be out. >> horse hockey. >> bill: okay. tv show mash lasted 11 seasons about how long did the actual korean war last? look at them. or the. all right. maccallum is out of the gate. b. three years. >> are you happy, bill? >> bill: didn't i say to you before we started this? >> are you happy? >> bill: no i'm not happy. you know i rout for you.
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>> we last left quiz kids that callum didn't get anything right. >> that wasn't me. >> bill: i know you pay attention to that so we are very optimistic. question number one, in the 2009 film public enemies johnny depp portrayed notorious gangster john dillinger. >> what is it exactly you do for a living? >> john dillinger. i rob banks. >> why did you tell me that? that is a serious thing to say to a girl you just met? >> i know you. >> bill: he wasn't a pirate yet he was john dillinger. now, the real john dillinger was famously killed during a shootout with the fbi. what city did he meet his demise? >> bill: i knew she had that crime gene. question number 2 before his murder trial oj simpson had a fairly successful acting
8:12 pm
career. >> norberg, it's me. frank, your buddy. [shouts] >> oh. >> get the switch on the bottom of the bed. [moaning] >> it's me, frank. >> bill: just before the murders, simpson taped a pilot for nbc that was never released. he starred as the leader of what group? >> bill: the answer is navy seals. >> really? how about that? >> bill: that's a collector's item. >> never got a chance to see that. >> bill: okay. question number three mark geragos the attorney made his name representing celebrities such as michael jackson, scott peterson and winona ryder. >> mr. brownie violation of this protective soared a
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violation of your probation. your attorney has a appeared in front of me many many times. he knows i will take that very very seriously. >> bill: geragos also has a political connection. he helped secure a pardon from president clinton for which of his clients? and the answer is susan macdougall. >> so it's a to my recollection correct? >> i have two. she has one. >> >> bill: is he ahead and you have fallen behind again. i hoped that wouldn't happen. don't gloat, doesy. >> poor steve. try to bolster his ego once a week. >> bill: for his book t, stephan speilberg wrote about a killer clown. >> the dancing clown. you are georgey. so now we know each other.
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correct? >> i guess so. i got to go. >> go? without this? >> bill: that is not steven king. that's an actor. >> bill: stay away from the clown. which serial killer in real life is famous for dressing up for dressing up a clown before murdering people? which one used a clown as a hobby? the answer is of course john wayne gacy. doocy is ahead with one question to go, maccallum. still have a shot unless you get it wrong. >> okay. let's go. >> in the late 1960's, charles manson directed his cult to of followers to commit a series of murders. >> toot toot, i know my mind. and i trust the very same person that you do. and the very same person that you do. >> bill: manson later said he had been inspired by which
8:15 pm
beatles sock to do his dastardly deeds. cards up, please. the answer is helter skelter and that is the copy of his book, written by who? >> wamba. >> bill: that's wrong. extra credit. vince. >> that's right. red blood helter skelter down the front. >> bill: you win, does beyond hear the applause. [ applause ] >> bill: coming right back with the great american news quiz, the natural disaster quiz, the natural disaster [ woman ] for the london olympic games, our town had a "brilliant" idea. support team usa and show our olympic spirit right in our own backyard. so we combined our citi thankyou points to make it happen. tom chipped in 10,000 points. karen kicked in 20,000. and by pooling more thankyou points from folks all over town, we were able to watch team usa...
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>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight, the great american news quiz, the natural disaster edition. all right. are you ready for the natural disaster edition, doocy? are you? >> i'm a master of disaster.
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>> bill: you haven't won this in about 18 weeks. >> look. i hit a dry patch. >> bill: all right. here we go. question number one. >> the bubonic plague also known as black death killed up to 100 million people in mid evil europe. that didn't stop monte python from making fun of it? >> i'm not dead. >> he says he is not dead. >> i'm not. >> he isn't? >> he will be soon. he is very ill. >> i'm getting better. >> now are not. you will be stoned dead in a moment. >> bill: mocking death. scientists believe the plague was spread how? the answer is, a. correct, fleas and rats. >> bill: question number two, during 1989 world series candle lit park in san francisco earthquake struck on live tv. >> man, going like this, man. [ laughter ] >> i was just walking in from
8:20 pm
the parking lot and saw all the cars shaking and the alarm going off i will tell you what, pretty wild. >> it was wild. they canceled the series if you remember that. >> bill: who were the opponents of the san francisco giants in the series that year? >> definitely my category. >> bill: cards up, please. >> the answer is b oakland athletics. >> bill: pure dumb luck. >> obviously it was two california teams. >> bill: got a 25% chance of guessing correctly. number three, the 2004 tsunami devastated entire region. >> oh my god! oh [bleep]
8:21 pm
>> bill: what was the name of the famous model who got caught in the tsunami? i believe she was in thailand at the time. almost losing her life. cards up, please. that's correct. petra nemcova. her fiance, boyfriend was killed. that was the tsunami where everybody got warnings in south asia but some people didn't take them. all right. here is question number four. of the great american news quiz, the natural disaster edition. the movie 2012 showed the world being destroyed by a series of natural disationers. disasters. >> bill: that doesn't look too
8:22 pm
pleasant. >> no. >> bill: the movie was based on a prediction that the world would end in 2012, next year, a prediction allegedly made by which ancient civilization? and that is correct, the myans, very good. did you guys read the original mayans? >> >> bill: next year in 2012, that's it ladies and gentlemen, that's the end. everybody should start spending now and get out of the recession. >> i'm going to take more vacations. >> bill: all right. here is the last question. what do we have? a tie here. >> she is ahead by one. >> bill: i'm old and can't keep track. number one, i'm really not interested. number two, no, that's not true.
8:23 pm
[ laughter ] >> bill: that's a lie. many christians and jews believe the biblical story of noah's ark. >> like many people believes the bible tale of god's wrath causing a great flood with a handful of humans noah many species by flooding them -- floating them on a great ark. >> the ark came to rest in the mountains of are ararat. where is noah's ark believed to have dom arrest. >> can i ask moses on the crew? >> bill: no you cannot. the answer is turkey okay. so you win, mccallum. you didn't win going away. >> what are you talking about? >> bill: doocy said the inside joke our sound guy is named moses. he wants to ask moses the answer. nobody would know that doocy. this is, you know, millions of people watching. >> he looks just like him. >> you have explained and now
8:24 pm
you are his favorite. >> bill: steve doocy, everyone. why is he on this program, everyone, i have no idea. great american news quiz comedy edition. comedy edition. we have some i'm freaking out man, he's on my back about providing for his little girl. hey don't worry, e-trade's got a totally new investing dashboard. everything's on one page. i'm watching you. oh yeah? well i'm watching you, watching him. [ male announcer ] try the new 360 investing dashboard at e-trade. [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪
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which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter. with the touch of a button ? droid does. does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ? droid does. droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99. >> bill: back of the book segment tonight, great american news quiz comedy edition. quiz kids themself. martha that -- liz in for martha that callum and steve
8:27 pm
doocy. ookay. you know how the quiz is played, correct? >> i watched old clips. >> old clips. can't be bothered watching the program number one, "saturday night live" premiered in 1979 immediate adly made stars of previously unknown cast. i have a couple of eggs and egg sausage. is that link sausage or patties? links? eggs over lightly orange juice and coffee. thank you. >> cheeseburger? >> bill: who was first original cast member of snl to leave the show quitting after one season? >> bill: cards up, please. the answer is chevy chase. >> c as in chevy chase. >> i was about 12.
8:28 pm
>> i was thinking of the suburb in washington, d.c. >> bill: doocy brakes on top. the emmy awards started in 1949. which sitcom is the most decorated program in emmy history winning 37 awards in various categories over the course of its run? >> bill: cards up, please. roll the tape. >> why does little litani have to tang along anyway? >> off in new zealand exploring volcano. >> shock waive hottest thing in nature actually crack the earth in two. >> bill: liz claman scores. >> i went to high school with the creator's kid. >> did you? >> i did. david lloyd. >> name dropper. >> i don't johnny carson didn'te any guest on his last show before he retired. second to last program he had two of his favorite guests,
8:29 pm
bette midler and which other comedian? sixd to last show on the carson deal. get the card up. roll the tape, please. >> i brought you a little something. >> you got to be kidding. >> little something from the elvis he's. a little something here that's nice. >> sit down and give you a pena colonic. >> bill: you both got that wrong. >> pena colonic. >> story. >> bill: still tied. with two questions to go for the funny news quiz. jim carrie broke out as a huge star in the mid 1990s, become the first ago tore to were $20 million for a single film. for which film did carrie
8:30 pm
earn. >> bill: roll the tape ♪ o the joy within you dies ♪ don't you want somebody to love ♪ don't you need somebody to love >> bill: channeling gray slick. liz claman remarked the film wasn't even funny. for 20 million it should be but it wasn't. >> bill: i didn't happen to seat cable guy. >> you are the cable guy. >> bill: i am the cable guy and i resented being made fun of in that film. all right. still a tie with one more to go. >> i just got that right. >> bill: you got it. >> right i got it right. >> pay attention, cable guy. >> bill: doocy leads by one according to doocy.
8:31 pm
duck sowch contains one of the famous sequences of all time. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: the film contains one of the funniest sequence. that wasn't it. [ laughter ] now, the three named grouch brothers were harpo, grouch owe and chico. what was the fourth? cards up, please. that's right, zeppo. just because you aren't alive doesn't mean you don't know. george washington you weren't alive but we still know. formidable. i think we should give her a hand. great american news quiz, the
8:32 pm
most successful movies of all my name is robin...
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[ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> bill: great american news quiz the most successful films of all time edition. >> hello, mr. o'reilly. >> bill: these movies made the most money ever. >> okay. >> bill: question number one, 139 classic gone with the wind considered to be one of the most successful films ever. >> rhett, rhett, rhett, if you go, where should i go, what shall i do? >>ra frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn. >> bill: odd thing happened to one of the film's academy awards statutes. what happened what is it? what happened to one of the statutes? a, lost in as? casino. b, it was smashed by clark gable. c it was dropped into the ocean. c it was sold to michael
8:35 pm
jackson. all right. what happened to one of gone with the wind stat stiewts and the answer is d. correct. michael jackson.. >> i thought you couldn't sell those things. >> no, you are not supposed to. but if you do nothing will happen to you. it's kind of like committing murder in new york state. just a state. >> sad but true. >> bill: maccallum breaks on top. star wars well remembered for wide array of characters. >> i'm captain millennium. you are looking for passage to the system. >> yes, indeed if it's a fast ship. >> fast ship you? have never heard of the millennium folk? >> should i have? >> it made the castle run in less than 12 -- >> bill: wow. whatil famous actor turned down captain of the millennium falcon? and the answer is b, burt
8:36 pm
reynolds. guessing. >> right timing for burt reynolds. >> bill: right timing. calibrated how old they were. what burton may have been doing at that point? >> already gone by then. >> smoky and the bandit. i don't know if that's a wise career move. >> okay. here is question number three. macmaccallum almost insurmountable lead. stephan spielberg long history of success in hollywood as we know. which of the following is his most successful film? and the answer is -- roll the tape. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:37 pm
>> whoa. >> whoa. >> bill: all right. e.t. d. did you both get that wrong? >> i got it right. >> you got it right another guess. that is amazing. three for three all guesses, doesy. >> that was not a guess. >> you have not gotten any right none. >> three copies at home. hang in there, howard. >> bill: we have two more questions. sure you would like to hear them. >> we can stophe right here. i'm done. >> steve: all right. you certainly are which of these following hollywood hits won a staggering 11 academy awards tieing the record for most in a year? cards up t, please. and the answer is -- roll the tape. >> i'm the king of the world! whoo! >> bill: i would have pushed him overboard but that's just me. >> that isha you.
8:38 pm
>> you are on a cruise ship with those guys. >> titanic the sequel. >> bill: you both got that right not that it matters. >> let's make the last one quadruple or nothing. >> bill: maccallum won. be a good sport. number five. what 1965 film considered to be the most successful musical of all time? clam bake isn't on the list? i'm shocked. cards up, please. and the answer is -- roll the tape ♪ the hills are alive ♪ with the sound of music ♪ with songs they have sung ♪ for a thousand years. >> all right. susie -- would you like to, again? >> the hills are alive. >> bill: there is going to be an avalanche any second. >> i'm definitely going to
8:39 pm
sing my way out. >> bill: true story, doocy, enough. i actually wandered w in that field in austria where they shot that. >> the fy put a plaque. >> o'reilly was alive with the sound of music. >> bill: can you call please?, >> bill: question number one, john j carson became the official host of "the tonight show" in 1962, which of the following stars was on carson's very first show? which guest on his first show? cards up, please? and the answer is -- roll the tape. >> i really love you. >>e well, you keep. >> i i mean i really love you, do you know what i'm saying? i don't fall in love with guys. i'm pretty tough myself. every once in a while a beauty comes along. >> bill: the answer is a, mel brooks. one of the great guest of all
8:40 pm
time. they lost all of those early tapes. somebody erased them. question number two. it seems that no celebrities are off limits for jay leno. >> well professional sleaze ball john edwards not expected to take the stand at his trial. well, you can understand why. never looks good when your client puts his hands on the bible and it bursts into flames. that's always a bad -- that's the worst thing that can happen at the trial. >> bill: that actually did happen in the edwards trial. no, a gag order was once placed on leno by a judge to keep him from telling jokes about what celebrity? cards up, please. and the answer is o. c michael jackson. all right. >> he has good lawyers. had good lawyers. >> is it me or is martha's outfit a little bright? there it is very nice. >> like a bug light.
8:41 pm
>> something has to brighten s set. >> all right. maccallum leading by one. >> we are tied. >> tried to cheat. all right. david letterman has known to be rude to some guests. which famous singer told him she had been avoiding the show because she thought he was an obscene name? cards up, please. and the answer is -- roll the tape. >> why finally after nearly four and a half years did you decide to come on? you must have had aea change of heart about something. >> i don't know because i thought that i wouldin never want to do this show with you. >> now, why? [ laughter ] let's just explore this a little. why because you thought i was. >> an a [bleep] >> i'm going to be doing letterman next week. i may reprise -- no, i'm not going to do that. you both got it wrong.
8:42 pm
now still a tie with two more to go. >> exactly. >> okay o. conan o'brien known for his physical antics butsi he took it too faroo in 2009 when he hurt himself on the air. what did o'brien do? he got a concussion, sliced his finger. chipped a tooth. sprained his ankle. what did conan do? cards up, please. and the answer is -- rolling the tape. [cheers] >> bill: got a concussion. that must have hurt, okay? >>hi i'm doing something like that in front of the building on "fox & friends." >> bill: do you all that kind of stuff out there? >> bill: worth getting up at 6:00 a.m. for. all right. last question. tie. >> yes. >> bill: tom snyder known for confrontational interview [a heated interview in the
8:43 pm
1990's, what guest called snyder a crackpot that deserved to be put in a mental hospital? a: cards up, please. and the answer is -- roll the tape. >> you are a kook. >> you are such a crackpot and you are so full of it. a kook who deserves to be put new a mental hospital. >> bill: looks like a lively -- maccallum wins. very good. the late tom snyder. he passed away a few years ago. i liked snyder. >> he was tall like you. >> bill: he was tall. what else did we have in common? nothing. >> he would encourage people get a color tini watch the show and pictures fly through the air. >> bill: in a moment the great american news quiz the villain ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it!
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. the great american news quiz the slil alan edition. here now two heroic individuals or so they tell me. fox news anchor martha maccallum and fox news guy steve doocy. i nicked category because i know maccallum very interested in villains and bad people. she anchors with hemmer. >> bill: what more you can say? question number one. one of al pay chino's most famous characters is tony montana in scarface. >> okay. you want to play rough? okay. say hello to my little friend. [gunfire] scarface is a fictional character. remake of 1932 film based on
8:48 pm
what real life gangster? what real gangster was involved? you are both wrong. al capone was scarface. that's the easiest one of the villain questions. >> really? >> really? >> bill: everybody watching knew that the evil nazi physician committed documented atrocities during world war ii when he experimented on prisoners at auschwitz. cards up pleadings, another easy one and maccallum blew it roll the tape. >> i will not permit to you lay your failure or your fear at my door. i am a scientist. i have done my job. you are an executioner. do yours.
8:49 pm
>> bill: excellent film the boys from brazil. -- no that was marathon man. i get them mixed up. gregory peck was the correct answer. maccallum 0 for 2 and doocy leads by one. three, last king of scotland forest whitcher won oscar for his portrayal of e.d. armen. >> i wear the uniform of a general but in my heart i am a simple man. i am you. >> bill: i say i'm a simple man, too. i better drop that now amine was the dictator of what african country did he terrorize? the answer is uganda. correct. all right. now we are rolling, mccallum. here is question number four. johnny depp's character in the pirates of the caribbean movies very loosely based on exploits of famous real life
8:50 pm
pirates such as black beard. >> [inaudible] [no! >> yes. >> in addition to the skull and cross bones many pirates put what items on their flags to symbolize death and frighten their victims? scardz up please, the answer is a an hourglass. that was a really hard one. i don't know why an hourglass would frighten anybody. >> i am afraid of hourglasses. >> bill: depp has more mascara which-than maccallum has. >> hard to do.
8:51 pm
>> bill: two wives beheaded british invasion band had a hit song called henry the eighth. what is the name of that band? who sang it? cards up, please. and the answer is -- roll the tape. ♪ i'm henry the eighth i am. henry the eighth i am, i am ♪ i go the widow next door >> bill: dumbest songs ever recorded. >> great song. >> bill: it was just dumb. sold millions of copies. >> it was a simpler time. >> bill: very simple. you you lost maccallum it's okay you gave a spirited defense. great american news quiz the corruption edition. corruption edition. how much do you know aboutjourn, i found new ways to tell people about saving money. this is bobby. say hello bobby. hello bobby. do you know you could save hundreds
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let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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>> back of the book segment. the great american news quiz, the corruption edition. >> what? >> market maccull on column. >> we are experts. >> corruption, corruption, corruption. here we go. number 1... >> no serious objective observer doubts that there was rampant, flagrant abuse of power. mr. starr has held a variety of positions. he is currently the president of
8:55 pm
what college? judge starr runs what college? cards up, please. come on, doocy. >> i know it's in texas. >> just raise the card. >> "b" for baylor. >> here's question number 2. we hope you are smarter. washington post reporters bob woodward and bob bernstein helped to uncover the water breakin with an inside source, deep throat. >> he won't go on the record, but if he would, he would implicate and you put you inside the white house. be specific. how high up? >> you'll have to find that out for yourself. >> in 2005, a man naped mark fep came forward and named himself as deep throat. what was his position in the
8:56 pm
scandal? all right. the answer is "b". >> baylor. >> baylor. that's important. >> doocy up 1. bernie madoff operated the largest ponzi scheme in history, defrauding thousands of investors of almost $65 million. now, madoff snared hollywood time, including steven spielberg and which actor? >> roll the tape >> assume the position. >> thank you, sir! may i have another?! >> what a great moment for kevin
8:57 pm
bacon. >> was that him? smells like bacon to me! >> oh. no. d-o-o-c-y at fox news dot-com. you both got that right. stunning. question number 4, while president kennedy was in office, he had an affair with marilyn monroe. [singing happy birthday] >> excellent rendition. all right. don't know if i want that at my kid's birthday party. elder kennedy, who was he messing around with? cards up. that's right. gloria swanson. so we know the tawdry tabloids.
8:58 pm
>> of course. >> but the important stuff, we are not quite sure of. >> like which university ken starr worked at. >> one to go. this is it. here we go. question number 5, ted kennedy got a slap on the wrist, surrounding his actions in the chappaquiddick incident. >> i made immediate efforts to save mary jo by diving into the strong, murky current, but succeeded only in increasing my state of utter exhaustion and alarm. >> a bit skeptical. but mary jo and other women who had been at the party the night of the accident had been workers on whose political campaign? >> this is it... let's see if you can tie -- come
8:59 pm
on. cards up, please. let's go. yes! it's a tie! thank you for watching this special great american news quiz edition of the factor tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please, always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out you. >> hello, i'm frank luntz. tonight, we will be doing something you will only see here on fox news. we are bringing the politicians straight to the people for a very special look at the 2012 elections and much more. we have assembled a group of energized voters -- republicans and democrats. they will come face to face with the political leaders have you sent to washington to represent you. when you put real people with real politicians, spork sparks will fly. i am going to ask you to turn the dial up and down on whether


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