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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 25, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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good evening. i'm shannon bream. regional commissioner jeff neely organized the gsa convention that cost taxpayers more than $800,000. now he is off the taxpayer taboo well, sort of, as a former government worker, he is likely to receive a pension of more than $100,000. seems to be no end to the west of tax dollars. but now congressman john mica says he has an idea to keep future jeopr jeff neelys from cashing in. >> good to be with you. >> are you happy it see that jeff neely is gone? do you think it should have been sooner? do you think others should leave as a result? >> when jeff nearly refused to testify before our committee and the day before he took the fifth amendment, i thought he should have dismissed immediately without pay. this is not, you know, some
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low-level civil servant... that has civil service protection. this is a senior executive service, administrative official who -- who, you know, has a horrible record of waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars. and he's been paid up until this week. and now it looks like some kind of a retirement deal has been struck. we will look at the terms of his so-called deal. and why he was paid and then, if this -- this is allowed, we need to stop it in the future. >> we know that you are working on legislation to that end. can you tell us what it would do in a situation to make a difference? >> well, first of all, again, if a senior executive service high-level administration official comes before congress and refuses to testify, takes the fifth and then refuses to cooperate.
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you know, they take an oath. these are high-level officials. and then they are paid and then, you know, they slip out by cutting a deal on their retirement. that shouldn't be aloud. you know, taxpayers already took a bath with this guy. and he should be held accountable. also, i think we are going to pursue making certain that he pays back every dollar of spending. he needs to be held accountable and a number of ways and then why did gsa continue to pay him until this week? i asked for immediate suspension of his pay. it's like another vacation for this guy. he went on, what? 17 of them at taxpayers' expense. >> i want to ask you about a bigger problem on capitol hill. the fact that a number of federal agencies do not have permanent inspector generals right now. some have acting inspector generals. but in a lot of cases, the person who would be watching
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over the agencies, that is empty. for some of them, it has been years, including the state department. >> it's made it very difficult. we took over the house. we have had to deal with the czars that have been put in thancies that are not accountable to congress. they are running the show behind the scenes. now the game that is being played and we held a hearing on this, they are not appointing the inspector generals. li can only do so much with my vght investigative staff. we rely on the inspector general to do the real digging of the dirt. remember, this is how we got jeff neely. but it was on the second time, a whistle-blower came forward and the white house swept us through the rug, back last year in june when they learned of his first misdeeds. even when you had an inspector general in place, it's difficult. imagine them stonewalling us with the appointment of putting more of these officials in place
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that are safeguards. >> do you think there will be bipartisan cooperation on the legislation you are proposing? people say this isn't a party problem. it affects every single american. >> this is not a republican or a democrat issue. heaven knows, during the republican administrations, we have had people who have abused public trust. but we need to put safeguards into place to protect the public interest. again, this is a very high-level placed official. we can't have this happen. they have to be gone immediately and then, we also need to look at recouping the losses, when people run off with taxpayers' money, they need to be held accountable. on retirement, now the guy's going to get -- i heard far in excess of $100,000. and collect millions in retirement. we don't know what kind of a deal gsa, you know, concocted to
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get the guy out this past week. we have to make certain the protection are with the taxpayer, not the people running off with the public treasury. >> that sounds like something that both sides of the aisle can support. thank you for your time tonight, sir. >> good to be with you. >> the chairman of the senate judicious committee is urging the supreme court to, quote, do the right thing, upholding the president's health care law. from the senate floor, he directly addressed chief justice john roberts. >> i trust that he will be a chief justice for all of us and that he has a strong institutional sense of the proper role of the judicial branch. given the ideological challenge of the affordable care act and the extensive support of the president twould be extraordinary for the supreme court not to defer congress in this matter that is so clearly
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affects interstate commerce. >> just last month, president obama was accused of trying to intimidate the high court. is that what senator leahy is now doing? senator mike lee is also on the committee. he is live. senator, thank for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> all right, what did you make of the comments by senator leahy? they were very direct. he directly addressed the chief justice a number of time, almost like throwing down a gauntlet. >> lyou know, most of the time the team that's yelling the at referee is losing. what's extraordinary about this circumstance is that the team yelling at the referee hasn't lost burks they recognize they are about to and they don't like it. so they are yelling. that's hathis is. i respectfully but very strongly disagree with mr. leahy's words. i think that the supreme court is going to invalidate the
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affordable care act and it should because it's unconstitutional. >> i was sitting 10 feet away from him the day that the individual mandate was argued and i know you were in the courtroom. when justice kennedy started to ask probing questions and express doubts about the mandate and he asked tough questions on both sides. when he asked the first set of questions, senator leahy almost sighed or grimaced at that point, like those who support the law were in a little bit of trouble. there are other who is speculating that maybe the senators -- there may be been a leak that tipped them off to how the justices have voted because we know they have voted. but they are working on the opinion. what do you make of the speculation that there could have been a leak? >> well, you know, i don't know quite what to make about it. leaks at the supreme court are, as you know, shannon, extraordinarily rare. i don't think they had to have a leak to know that they were likely to lose in this case. i mean, if you read the briefs and sat through the oral
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argument, as you and i both did, you could tell that the affordable care act is going down in flames. it's doing that because it's beyond congress's power to tell individual americans they have to buy health insurance. >> clearly, that's not how your colleague sees it. here's part what have he had to say in talking about the court and whether the justices decide to uphold the law or not. he said the conservative activism has not been good for the court. he was talking about these remarks to the chief justice. he talked about an activist majority and the fact that if these folks decide against the health care law, they will be activists. is that a proper characterization of what they would be doing here? >> no. it is not. for that reason alone, i usually shy away from use of the word activist because we have to remember it's the court's job to decide the cases brought to its attention and jurisdiction. a court that refuses to invalidate, an unconstitutional law that like this one is every
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bit as bad as a court that validates a law that is constitutionally just fine. either way, you have a court not doing its job, doing something it shouldn't be doing. both are equally reprehensible. >> i have another cest lawsuits that has been filed. 12 of them encompasses 43 plaintiffs, a number of catholic institutions, fighting back against the hhs mandate that would require them to cover insurance services that go against the tenets of their faith, in birth control and possibly causing abortions after conception. what do you make of the lawsuits? it was a very coordinated effort. do you think the administration underestimated the response we would get from the catholic church and other religious groups. >> i think the administration certainly made a miscalculation here. in taking the truly extraordinary step of telling religious institutions how they have to operate and that they must operate in a manner that is
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manifestly contrary to the tenets of their faith. this is governmental hubris at its height. and it demonstrates the fact that a lot of people in government who want bigger biggd bigger government are unwilling to recognize that some people living according it a higher law. they are unwilling to have anyone else with a law higher than that imposed by government. >> senator, lee, we appreciate your time, thank you. >> thank you, shannon. >> now to wisconsin, where it looks like election day. voters are lining up to cast early ballots in the hotly contested recall election. but members of one big voting block have already left town. the college students. it's young voter turnout who, stanes to lose the most? governor scott walker or mayor tom barrett? griff jenkins hit the ground to find out. >> reporter: we are here on
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the campus of wisconsin in madison to find out how much of an impact the youth vote may have in the recall election, taking place after school let out. in 2010, 15% of wisconsin voters were 18-29. of those, 55% went for tom bar on the. 45 for scott walker. we caught up with the editor of the local school paper, scott gerard. >> what's the 5 on the recall. >> students have been engaged. across all of wisconsin, people are somewhat tired of the partisan atmosphere. i think that has trickled down to the students as well. but i think the students who are engaged are very engaged. and very into the results and understanding, especially with what has happened with the university budget and things like that. just last year, we had a chancellor leave after a big dispute because she -- it was working with the governor walker. so there was some issues there.
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some people got upset. and she ended up leaving. >> reporter: so fair to say, then, that the larger part of the student population are anti-walker? >> yeah. i would definitely say the campus here and the students here lean towards tom barrett. i think -- that's just a general at u.w. mad sop, we are leaning liberal. we are in a very liberal city. but the passions have come out on both sidings. those who supported walker have been more vocal than what i have experienced before everything that has happened in the last year, as far as republicans on campus. >> the biggest issue with the recall being june 5, students are not here. so trying to educate them about absentee voting because of the residency requirements and everything. trying to make sure that the students understood that before they left. i know our paper tried to do that. i know the dean of students
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tried to get word out because everyone wants the student voice to be heard. i don't know how effective that was. we will have to see june 5. >> reporter: alex, have you decided if you are going to participate in the recall vote? if you so, where are you going to come down? >> i think i am going to. it will be the first time i have ever voted. so i am looking forward to it. i think i am going to vote for tom barrett. >> reporter: have you decided if you are going to participate in the recall election? and if so, have you decided how to vote? >> i will probably be voting him back in? >> reporter: voting? >> scott walker. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: have you decided if you will participate in the recall scplkz if so, do you know which way you might go. >> i haven't decided. >> reporter: jeff snow is the president of the college republicans on campus. back last winter, we saysaw tens of thens of folks just a few brocks -- blocks from here,
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protesting, most anti-walker students. has that waned here? or people as passionate, is it as big of a deal on campus as we saw up here? >> yeah, it's definitely waned. the numbers always get smaller. you know, last year, it might have been fun to skip class and back embank bang on a drum and sleep in the rotunda and protest. you know, the facts speak for themselves. people can see that the sky isn't sfawl falling. the liberals on campus claim that, you know, the whole education system would fall down and the university would be torn apart. we see, that's obviously not the case. with the reforms that governor walker has enacked, it's put us on a stronger footing. it is hard to keep protesting when the facts are clearly against you. >> reporter: for the record, we reached out for comment to the college democrats of wisconsin, here in madison and elsewhere, no one was willing to talk with us. >> scott walker going head to
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head with mim walk -- milwaukee mayor tom barrett. they just faced off. >> part of the idsiological civil war. he wants this state to be the prototype for the tea party nationally. that's why he is such a rock star. they love him. the conservatives love him. the right wing loves him because he's doing exactly what he -- they want him to do. he's not doing what the people of wisconsin want him to do, but he is pleasing the billionaires and there is something wrong when you have a sitting governor who has raised 60 to seven% of his money from out of state. >> we wouldn't have to raise or spend a pen nethis election if it were not for the out of-of-state special interests. more money from the democrat governor's association, pouring into the greater wisconsin association, which is a front money for the union. you have seen people across the state and from across the
10:16 pm
country saying, here's a governor willing to take on the powerful special interest and instead do something unique, put the power back in the hands of the hard-working taxpayers. >> greg gilbert from the milwaukee journal cent nil. what did you think of the debate? >> i don't think it was a game changer. but if you were just tune in for the first time, i think you got a good sense of what the debate is about. tom barrett was the aggressor. he has to be -- he has the burden of making the case for recalling the governor. he is a little behind in the polls, if they are to be believed. he made a character-based argument, attacking the governor as a divider and a right-wing rock star, trolling the country for cash. and the governor attacks barrett as the mayor of a failed city and his policies are not working. >> there is a national spotlight
10:17 pm
on the race, even though it pertapes directly to wisconsin. the matter of outside money, i talk to the rnc and he said the rnc was, quote, heavily invested. there was grumling from some democrats who said, why isn't the dnc here helping us? now it seems like that is kicking in. do you think the national parties realize how much what happens in wisconsin could impocket the fall? >> i think everybody understands that the stakes are big. i think the difference is the republicans have been all in from the beginning. on the democratic side, there has been a certain amount of internal argument all along and mixed feelings about whether the recall was the smart play politically, whether it was doable to defeat -- to succeed in a recall against scott walker. so you heard the internal stuff on the democratic side. certainly, the president has kept kind of a low file through this conflict. and there has been more money
10:18 pm
raised and spent on the republican side than on the democratic side. >> quickly, your sense, the questioners tried to keep them on track, talking about the issues, but it sounds like it turned into what you talked bthe broader issue of the tea party darling and who is not? >> it's also an argument about getting the state past the bitter conflict of the last year and-a-half. mayor barrett is arguing that i will end the civil war that scott walker began. scott walker is arguing that a barrett victory would be replaying that civil war. one interesting recent poll finding is that basically 40% of the state likes walker, 40% doesn't like him. and 20% likes some of the things he has done, but not the way he has done them. you saw both candidates speak to the 20%, including the governor saying he dolled some things differently. >> thank you for your insights. we appreciate your time. >> nice to be with you. >> straight ahead, it's memorial day weekend, time for millions of americans to hit the road.
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>> maybe you won't have to give up the road trip this holiday weekend. a drop in gas prices might get more people on the road for memorial day. but how far will they go? it sounds like great news. gas prices going into the busy summer season, are down for once. >> much to oil economists surprise. prices are 15 cents cheaper than 2 months ago, but that's 10 cents more than in 2010. so we are looking at a pretty elevated price for gas. >> it's painful when you fill up. but what is driving the drop? and how long might it last? >> itf we looked a month or two ago, we were very, very concerned about a confrontation with iran and that might have actually shut one of the main pathways that oil travelsarn the
10:24 pm
globe at the strait of hormuz. so that drove prices up. but then there has been significant efforts on the part of the united states and on their international partners in the u.u. to bring the prices down. so we have higher production from saudi arabia and then, you know, our use of gas is lower than normally would be because the economy is not in a great state. >> do we think there will be a broader impact, when the prices go down for gas tmakes transporting goods cheaper -- do we expect a positive ripple? >> every household that has a car knows that as soon as gas prices go up, have you less money in your pocketbook and your bank account. so this is going to be a really good thing for the u.s. economy. it is important to remember that we have seen unusually high gas prices in the spring. they have moderated a little bit. but they remain high. they are still high. but looking forward into the fall. looking at the global issues,
10:25 pm
tensions with iran and other things, what are the key things we could be looking forward to in the future that could impact gas prices? >> one thing to remember is that tensions with iran could spiral up and we could see all sorts of supply disruption from the middle-east. we are in the process of cutting iran, which was the third biggest supplier from the oil in the international market. this is a big foreign policy priority. the backdrop have been concerns about the nuclear program. so moving forward, if the tensions flair up, if there are problems, we could be worried about that. but the one good thing is that the united states and the international partnerships have brought additional supply online. they have had time to do that. so it should be less of a clench. and countries have been willing to tap strategic reserves in the event that there is a supply disruption. that will be very important, moving forward. >> all right. we appreciate your time. thanks for the good news.
10:26 pm
thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up, congressman peter king says the obama administration, quote, put him out there. now the doctor who helped to track down osama bin laden faces decades in a pakistani prison. should the u.s. have done norprotect him? ambassador john bolton is here, next. >> also, it sounds like a scene straight out of "the fugitive." but this is real life. a washington skift accused of brutally attacking his own wife. now he's fighting to clear his name. name. the mystery unfolds, coming [ male announcer ] when a major hospital wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ]
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>> it's payback, that's what one pakistani official is calling the 30-year sentence for the doctor who helped to track down osama bin laden. he was quicked of treason for helping the u.s. now some u.s. lawmakers want to know if the obama administration blew his cover. ambassador bolton is here. who did blow this man's cover? did we know? >> there is evidence going back almost six months now that the administration confirmed the use of a dna program through a pakistani physician to verify with a high degree of certainty
10:31 pm
that in fact, osama bin laden was in that compound because they knew decision-makers had to have assurance that going after it would make sense. so it's just a basic matter of planning for an operation like that that you worry about the assets on the ground. it was much more complicated than just navy seal team 6, although their role was obviously pivotal. this reflecks poor planning going back to the beginning of the operation, not to be able to protect this physician. >> secretary of state hillary clinton has publicly said, we will continue-- the u.s. will continue to put pressure on slawsm bad -- islamabad about this. the senate has voted to cut $33 million in aid to pakistan. will that make a difference? is there anything we can do now? >> i am not sure at this point we ought to be cutting funding, but in a good cop/bad cop way, having the senate take this
10:32 pm
action could strengthen the executive branch's hand in dealing with pakistan. but look, we're on the downhill slope here because the sentence has been made and it's more difficult for pakistan to back down. but this is utterly unacceptable n. this very difficult relationship we have with pakistan, we need to bear down on this because the consequences extend far beyond this one individual, in the osama bin laden raid. people all over the world who help us or might helpinous clandestine operations want assurances they will be protected. if we can't protect somebody who gave us absolutely critical information, tell inhibit our ability to conduct slandestine relations worldwide. >> how much does this complicate the relationship with pakistan? we have the supply route, they
10:33 pm
are waiting for an apology for an air raid that killed 24 pakistanis soldiers isn't tension. >> we have seen a deteriorating relationship for some time. i know many americans say, why don't we just cut off all the aid and tell them to take a hike? i recognize how tempting that is because this sort of behavior on their part, imprisoning this doctor is outrageous. the difficulty is that if we throw pakistan under the bus and radicals take control, they will have control of pakistan's nuclear weapons and that is a threat that like iran on steroids right now. i think it has to be the subject of intense diplomacy. i think the president needs to be more involved. he needs to be more involved. we need to get others involved to help us out. this is too important a country to conduct diplomacy just through irritation.
10:34 pm
>> i want to ask but iran today, as well. word coming that the levels of enriched uranium there appear to be higher than ever before, suggesting they are moving toward something that might be getting them able to weaponnize. they say that they accidentally over-upgraded or enriched their uranium. there is plenty of skepticism. i would imagine you are skeptical about that explanation. >> it's hard to say. we don't have enough information as to why it turned out to be at the 27% level. there is nothing magical about that level, by the way. it could be there there is a quote/unquote innocent explanation. but let's want lose sight of the forest for this individual tree here. there is absolutely no doubt -- there is no other way to explain the whole range of activity iran is engaged in for 20 years, if not more, than that they are seeking a nuclear weapons
10:35 pm
capability. whether this is a glitch that they failed to conceal from the iaea or not, if they have the opportunity at some other facility, that the iaea and the united states don't know byou can bet they will try to enrich to respects grade level. that's the nature of the program. it hasn't change in the recent negotiation t. hasn't changed because of sanctions. it is not going to change because iran, in this regime is determined to get nuclear weapons. >> what do you make of the fact that the state department sent a top negotiator to israel today, in tel aviv to communicate to the israelis, besides the fact thati -- that negotiations are not going so well, that we have israel's back. do you think we can convince the israelis that we do? >> i hope they can say it without breaking into laughter. i don't think the government of israel believes that. i don't believe that. these negotiations are not going to go anywhere. the iranians are using them, as
10:36 pm
they have repeatedly used multiple negotiations in the past 10 years, to buy time, to allow themselves to make more progress toward that deliverable nuclear weapons capability. the purpose of the visit to israel as much as anything is to say, we are making progress. it may be invisible. but we are making progress, don't you even think about a preempive trike. but i think they will ignore that. the iranians are trying to separate israel from the united states and the europeans and that's not hard to do. >> ambassador, always good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. new suspicions about the latest jobs numbers. is the government cooking the books? is that possible? donald trump takes a break from the boardroom. don' specials at
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>> i salute to our troop this is holiday weekend. here's one story. >> i'm sergeant major jesse accostasm i am an iraqi veteran. i'm blind. i was hit by a mortinar 2006, january. i have no eyesight. no eyes. so i do get the assistance from my veteran brothers and sisters. >> yes, sergeant major jesse acosta is successful on the golf course. he makes one putt after another. and he completed the los angeles marathon in 2007. he is using his experience to help others. he is a motivational speaker for the visually impaired and helps other injured soldiers when they return home.
10:40 pm
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. memorial day weekend, beginning with a trop tropical storm warning from northern florida to south carolina. a cluster of thunderstorms is gathering strength and is expected to become a hurricane over the weekend, moving southwest into georgia, packing high winds and heavy rains. the judge in the john edwards trial abruptly ending the sixth day of deliberations on friday. he is accused of using campaign cash to hide his misstress and their love child. the judge warning the jurors all deliberations should be in the jury room, not outside in small groups. the judge dealing with the issue of a young female alternate juror, seen exchanging smiles with edwards. now back to "on the record." all of your latest headlines are on record."
10:43 pm
>> is the government cooking the books? questions about the reliability of the jobless rates. how do we know if the economy is really improving or not. thanks for coming in. the unemployment numbers are often released and revised wooch we took a look, 63 of the last 64 weeks, the numbers revisited upwards. who makes the numbers? where do they come from? now reliable are they? >> constantly changing then. in fact, this is something that we are used toee seeing with all kines of government data. they put it out one week or one month and the next month, they are changing it. you know, if you remember last year, with the gdp figures, about the size of the economy, they were saying it had grown 1.8% and then they said it was
10:44 pm
only 0.4%. but with the unemployment filings, every week they are revisited and every week, they are revised up. so every week, the government is saying, it's worse than we said last week. normally the revisions, one week it's up, one week it's down, so it's very odd that they keep being off and they keep being off in an overly positive fashion. >> so is it possible that -- the politics play into the numbers? or does this daylighta come -- it's hard data? accountants at work? staticitions? >> thars theororrists can have a lot of fun. currently, the line of the revised figures is much higher than the line of the initial figures that they are putting out that. make its look like they are quietly going back and reflecting a worse reality.
10:45 pm
but the figures are put together by long-time staff economists at the department of labor. so it's a little hard to believe -- these are not political appointees. it is hard to believe that they're intentionally mixing this up. but i will tell you, it has a big impact on people when they read it's improving. it's improving. they read the headline. i looked at the last nine weeks. in the last nine weeks, it was only 3 of them that the initial figure indicated what was really true. the other 6 weeks the initial figure indicated that the situation was improving and quietly, a week later, they said, no, no, it's not. >> yeah, bah when the numbers come out, the headlines there, we read them on the air i. that's all you read. >> strad -- this is not "the funerallative," this is the real
10:46 pm
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>> a bizarre mystery in the nation's capitol.
10:50 pm
a marine biologist finds his wife beaten in his wash c. home. he calls 911 and rushes to the hospital to be with his wife. that's when the story takes a strange turn. at one point, he is banned from his wife's room, telling him, she identified him as her attacker, a claim she now denies. how did the ocean doctor go from frantic husband to prime suspect? where does the investigation go next? a former washington homicide detective is live. this is a head scratcher. to give folks more background. both the man and his wife were traveling for work out of town. at one point, her daughter couldn't get in touch with her. he says he rushed home and found her very, very badly injured. he said he wasn't home, wasn't responsible. but police seem to think he might be. is that how this normally works? you look at those closest first? >> exactly. especially in a case where you have a victim that is found in her home -- this is the most
10:51 pm
important part -- found in her home and all the doors looked locked. there is no forced entry. the experienced detectives who i know very well here in d.c., went out and surveyed the scene and looked at everything. they are not saying -- they haven't said up to this point, that they accuse mr. david guge. but his his wife that told a nurse the day after she went into the hospital, his wife told a nurse that her husband attacked her. the police had to do the due diligence and keep this guy away from his wife until they could further investigate. >> this is so bizarre that she doesn't remember the attack. she is know afraid of him. she wants him to be there with her. she has suffered a major injury. she doesn't remember a trip before this, by the accounts i have read. so obviously, there is memory loss. is it possible she could have
10:52 pm
impelicated him and not remember that. >> absolutely. that happens sometimes n. all fairness to the husband, sometimes a victim, they don't remember everything that happened and they don't remember all the things that happened up until the beating. so it's not unusual. but here's the other twist, if you will to the case. not only did this woman make the statement to the nurse. but when the police went to the house, there was no forced entry into the home. so whoever attacked this woman at this house, had to have a key to the house or was somebody that she let in or gave a key or one other possibility is that somebody had her attack and gave her attackers, like a hit, the key to the house. that's the key right there. that's the most important thing that the detectives are trying to figure out right now. >> he says he's got people who can vouch for where he was and he has receipts. he thinks the police don't want that. they have ignored what he is trying to present to them.
10:53 pm
this is before a local grand jury. how quickly could we hear about possible charges? >> that's an excellent question. it could take a while. they are still conducting the investigation. any time we put a grand jury together for a case like this, we are presenting the evidence as we get it to the grand jury. so that could take anywhere up from a month to 3 months, shannon. but again, the important thing here to remember is that the detectives for some reason or another, really have a lot of evidence or some evidence that would or could implicate the husband as maybe being a person of interest. and the detectives have never, shannon, called this guy a suspect. >> retired detective rod wheeler, thank you. coming up, is donald trump coming up, is donald trump looking for a new [ male announcer ] at home, you play a lot of roles.
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and is proven to treat overactive bladder with sympts of frequent urges and leaks day and night. if you have certain stomach or glaucoma problems, or trouble emptying your bladder, do not take vesicare. vesicare may cause allergic reactions that may be serious. if you experience swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue, stop taking vesicare and get emergency help. tell your doctor right away if you have severe abdominal pain, or become constipated for three or more days. vesicare may cause blurred vision, so use caution while driving or doing unsafe tasks. common side effects are dry mouth, constipation, and indigestion. i've worked hard to get to where i am... and i've got better aces to go than always going to the bathroom. so take charge of your symptoms by talking to your doctor and go to for a free trial offer. the finale of celebrity apprentice, donald trump finds a new gig. >> and leadership should you
10:58 pm
tap back? >> i believe, yes. i can give lots of examples if you're known as a patsy and someone takes it, i think it's terrible. >> you once said you're not the kind of dad out in the park playing ball and doing that. >> i think of myself as a good father and i love, give me a kiss and i'll take over. it's like, i'm not really a father that will go to the park and say let's have catch. let's play catch. >> you'll give them a job? >> and you know what? you're right. >> that is almost more of an evening gown than a wedding dress. the silver doesn't do it for me. i like more white. >> and when it comes to that. >> quickly you can't have white diamond autos you'd like the belt to be white. >> how much say should a groom
10:59 pm
have in the wedding gown? >> depends how good his taste is. >> isn't it supposed to be bad luck? >> i don't know. i don't believe it. >> thank you for being with us tonight. remember those who have sacrificed for all of our freedoms and have a good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: hey, i'm bob beckel. welcome to "the five." we don't normally start the show here, we start it in the studio. everybody is in there now. you know why? eric is not here. he is supposed to be showing up for the show. but as usual, he's late. bolling, without you come on! let's go.


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