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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  May 26, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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up on the taxpayer's dime. details still ahead. >> my contention that's not wine. becoming not so family friendly. we will explain on the change. >> this will outrage you. >> i'm angry. >> you are going to get angry. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> good morning, everybody. we have good quite the show foru today. i you are in for a real treat. lots of big name guests, let's start with kevin costner and bill paxton. >> wow. >> you can stop right there no offense to the rest of the guests on our program. >> kevin costner. >> we can say more. >> nascar three-time cup champion darryl walters. >> busting out the nascar facts. i didn't think you would know that. >> how many races did darryl
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waltrip win. >> 80. >> 84. >> i did read the notes last night. [car engine revving] >> governor mike huckabee has won no nascar races but he was governor he won that race. dick morris will be here, also. >> it's a big program. don't miss a minute. there they are. and you really don't want to miss the show that costner and paxton are doing monday night 9:00 eastern time on the history channel the hat fields and mccoys from what i understand was the inspiration behind the game show. >> jeopardy. >> family feud. >> the inspiration behind family feud. that was an obvious ones. >> i was joking. >> full name of it -- full of it today. >> this has the entire country captivated the etan patz case. now pedro hernandez, the self-confessed as i recall of etan patz who came forward just a day or so before -- i guess you call it an
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anniversary i hate to use that word that's what happened 33 years ago on friday may 25th, 33 years ago, he came forward and confessed. he was on a video link from belleview memorial psychiatric facility where is he undergoing psychiatric tests right now. he couldn't appear in a court but he was arraigned and now charged wearing orange jumpsuit standing there and his attorney is saying he has a history here of skits friendia, bipolar disorder, among other problems. >> the timing of this gives you kills, if was a friday he was allowed to walk to the bus station alone. city looked for him for decades. this guy pedro hernandez, his family says he actually had confessed. he had said things to them as early as the 1980s, he said i did something bad to a child in new york. but they didn't know
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exactly -- they didn't want to turn him in. he was their brother first of all and they didn't know exactly what he was referring to. >> he according to some family members said the words "i killed a young boy in new york." he apparently told family members as well as some people at a religious retreat that alisyn is referring to in the 1980s. now, his wife, he was married. his wife said he never confessed to me, if he would have i would have turned him in. interesting may 25th, of course, national missing children's day. that was inspired by the disappearance of etan patz. >> then he became -- you want to say something about the photo. >> this is his current wife named rosemary and his daughter becky there screen left. they are obviously, you know, in hell. i mean as a result of all of this. chirch pass tore describes how they have been crying. >> in the state of new -- a
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confession in new york is not enough. person may not be convicted of any offense solely upon the confession. the issue here is that northwestern university in march of this year, just -- it's interesting that they did this study in march of this year. and they looked at the number of wrongful convictions. and what they found is that over half of them came as a result of bogus confessions. that it's not because of a d.n.a. test they were able years later to do a d.n.a. test. over half of them came from somebody saying you know what? i killed someone. >> because of various reasons. some could be what we have here mental illness. it could also be a coerced or forced confession. >> by police, exactly. >> thereby the new york law that prevents that from being enough to prosecuted someone. so this guy may not be prosecuted. now, is he probably going to spend his time in psychiatric hospitals,. >> but why? >> he may not go to jail? >> why wouldn't he be prosecuted? >> no evidence. not a shred. >> they do say that the fact
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that in the 1980s he had started to talking about it and tell his family members that he had done something bad is good corroborating evidence that could be used in this trial. >> there was a police report taken from that week that day he was at this little store, this little bodega where etan was that day. there was physical proof that he was physically there near etan. >> speaking of which, the cover of the "new york post" eerie because the father of etan patz, his parents still live on this block. they never moved. they never changed their phone number. they waited foray ton to come back. the father in just a day after etan went missing. snapped this picture. i don't know if you can see it clearly. it is the corner. and that is the bodega, the back drop there is the store where pedro hernandez worked. the father of course unknowingly took the picture of the bus stop. that's the corner. this is great evidence of the scene of the crime police now say.
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>> he didn't know he was taking this photo in the basement of that very sandwich shop, it's in the background of the photo is where his son, of course, eventually was allegedly killed at this point. we don't entirely know all the details. what's the key to this whole case? it appears the key is what did pedro hernandez tell police that wasn't in the newspapers? right, the stuff that we all know about. it's the stuff that he was able to say to police little things that we never knew about as the public that the police are still sitting on because they don't want to give this information out. this is the key to the case. >> later in the show we have pat brown on. she criminal profiler to try to figure out why he would snap like this and what he has said to police to obviously make sure this never happens again to another child. meanwhile, let's get to your other headlines. we have a lot to tell you about right now. brand new reports of a u.s. drone strike overnight that have killed three suspected militants in pakistan. this happened in waziristan a known hot bed for muslim extremists. this is the third strike
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reported by the pakistani government in the past week. the cia is is not commenting on this at this time. and a manhunt is underway this morning for a gunman in arizona. take a look. his name is thomas mowtan. 38-year-old fatally shot his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot high school avon dale. the two had a history of domestic violence. on monday the victim had filed a restraining order against him. of the suspect reportedly fled the scene on his kawasaki motorcycle. he was wearing a red and black jacket. new video out of new mexico where waging wildfires were putting a huge damper on the holiday weekend. some being urged to evacuate. others to stay indoors. all of the smoke and ash that you see there is all blowing around. folks in arizona colorado. fires believed to be caused by lightening. destroyed two dozen homes and buildings so far. fortunately nobody has been hurt. those are your headlines.
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>> janice dean is in folk rick reichmuth and she has a look at our weather good morning. >> while you were sleeping we had subtropical barrel that going to impact the coast this weekend. so we think beryl is going to impact on the storm tropical storm or subtropical storm. hybrid characteristics of a tropical and a normal cold core low. heat building across the great lakes. we're going to see records broken in a lot of big cities today and tomorrow and strong storms continue for the upper midwest, meaning we are going to see the potential for large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. busy weekend. this is subtropical storm beryl. can you see that center of circumstance right there. a little exposed but other the next 24 hours it will have time to strengthen. we do think this is going to be a tropical storm, subtropical storm with winds of 45 to 50 miles per hour as
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it moves inland. the big deal here it is memorial day weekend. a lot of people are going to be outside. you are not advised to go to the beach when this storm system is is about to approach. the other thing is this area needs the rain, so a good news/bad news storm. it's going to effect a lot of people's weekends. we are into a severe drought in at love these relation. subtropical beryl. next advisory comes out at 8:00. tropical storm warnings all along the region where we think the storm is going to impact within the next 24 to 48 hours. >> i love who is naming these storms bud and beryl. bud and beryl. >> like a guy you would have a beer with. like uncle bud. [hiccup] >> excuse me. massive cyber attack targeting 1,000 government workers including country's highest officials. authorities trying to figure out how it all came to pass. we go to peter doocy live in washington with more. hey, peter. >> hey, clayton, it's actually 123,000 federal employees including possibly, reportedly
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25 members of congress. they all had their personal information exposed last july when there was a quote sophisticated cyber attack amend the compromised accounts are thrift savings accounts available to every single current or retired federal employee. a huge fund worth $313 billion and the computer that was hit belongs to a third party service provider sirco it regrets what we have fort find our information security measures and cyber defenses. experts say though given the scope of this breach, it is learnly no small-time operation. >> given the system, the data base they aattacked and given the way that information was very well organized, that was taken, names, addresses, social security nubsz, personal information, it tells you that there is definitely
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probably some kind of organized crime connection. the government may be saying today we are unaware and notice those words are very carefully chosen. we are unaware of anything happening to the people whose information was taken. that doesn't mean that t hasn't happened. if i'm one of those people on the list, i would be checking my credit. >> and the people who are on that list, everybody affected by this cyber attack, should expect a letter soon, containing some more details and some information with fraud consultation and credit counseling. back to you in new york. >> unbelievable. thanks, peter. as wired magazine put it a few weeks ago we have all been hacked. we better get used to it. >> that's a way to come-to-look at it, isn't it. >> yes. >> coming up on the show, democrats are trying to resurrect the so-called war on women. will painting the g.o.p. as anti-women really work? >> plus, is united airlines antifamily? a new policy will have you shelling out more cash just so you can stay with your
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children on the plane. >> who wants to sit next to my kids? >> can i pay to not do that? >> that's the military -- hilarity of it. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
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welcome back to information. senate democrats opening up on the so-called war on women with the paycheck fairness act aimed at closing the wage gap between men and women. will painting the g.o.p. as anti-women really work? >> joining us is fox news contributor and small business owner amelia antoinettey, good morning. >> good morning. >> five senate democrats walked down and they are proposing legislation to lower this pay gap. we are seeing it. a study shows wall street even pays people less than their
3:16 am
male give lengths. does legislation solve problem. >> this is not how change happens. not even close. this is going to happen in the private sector. more women are getting to the top. they are mentoring and bring women up behind them not a new topic for women. most women will not go in and say i want a pay raise, i'm contributing to change. i want, i want. men are poor comfortable with that women have to address some of the issues that we have about asking. going back second, third, fourth time. not settling. because you know what? i hear what the offer is, that doesn't work for me. >> some critics say wait a second it's worked before to help women. title 9 and college sports for women. other instances where admin perhaps has helped. you are not buying that it's going to help this time. take a look a at these numbers and throw them up on the screen. differences weekly earnings between men and women over the years. >> and, again, look, we do have things in place that say we should have fair pay that
3:17 am
women should do -- make equal pay for equal work. we do have some type of platforms. that's not the game changer here. the game changer is women having better wrips other women and making sure that our girlfriends are taken care of. basically our employees saying you need to be more assertive. you need to ask. women are going to be able to mentor other women. some people in the government do an excellent job. you can't go out and make a statement if you haven't looked at your home front first. for myself i can't make a statement and then you turn around and looked at the women i have men toward she has never men toward anybody. i have dedicated myself to helping other women learn what i have learned. reach forward go, back. reach forward, go back. that's how it's going to change not admin. >> whole life of julia thing the obama administration put out. and it speaks to a general native that says women need help from the government. i thought it's interesting campbell brown former network anchor wrote a piece saying we
3:18 am
don't want all this government help. do women feel like they need legislation and government help every step of the way? >> have you met a woman lately? no. women are doing. >> not often. >> outside. we are going we are not looking for people to come rescue us. that's actually con descending in a way. >> he is that the word i hear most often. >> we are multi-tasker. women are more than 50% now the bread winners, the primary income. >> 50%. >> more than 50%. >> i have got 37%. >> no. no more than 50%. >> be nice to the lady. >> exactly. >> amelia antoinettey, always night to see you -- nice to see you here: be nice lady. >> family feud hat fields of mccoys being brought back to life by kevin costner the oscar winner and bill packs to be, they join us on the curvey couch to talk about this
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historic gym. >> fleet week is underway. anna kooiman is -- we will check in with her. we'll be right back. it's time to live wider awake. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system... from beautyrest. it's you, fully charged. i've been a superintendent for 30 some years at many different park service units across the united states. the only time i've ever had a break is when
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i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter.
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>> chances are you heard of the battle royal between the hat fields and mccoys. gone down in history books. >> epic is being brought back to life by two big name actors. >> devil hatfield.
3:23 am
>> i roux the day i saved your life. may god damn your eternal soul. >> you feel the need to bring up god one more time, whose side he sits on. [gun cocks] >> you won't be making a ride home. >> joined now by the stars of hat fields and mccoys. a new mini series on the history channel kevin costner and bill paxton, welcome to you both. it looks like a great show. we talked about hat fields and mccoys as american folklore. people don't realize there is a lot of actual history to it. >> it's all history. it's all part of our american d.n.a. of violence and who we are as a people and the fall out that came from the civil war. >> did you guys work together before. >> no. >> so made a phone call and putting together this project, bill, do you want to be a part of this? what did you say. >> i said where do i show up, kevin? he said we are showing up in romania. i said wait a second. i was flattered that he was thinking of me for the other
3:24 am
role. and kevin has done some great westerns. i was a big fan of open range, a movie he did a couple years ago. he said i think we have got a good document here. i think we could really make a great western. i said i'm in. >> kevin, why did you pick bill you? were impressed by his -- [ laughter ] >> got quite a stable list guy. >> let repertoire from big love. >> early morning here for you guys. yes, i want one. we needed a leading man. we needed somebody to hold the screen and that's what was really important in this being the two patriarchs. we have seen a lot of roles coming up through our careers and playing a movie together. we get to make movies in our life and people see the movies but the relationships that come out of it, the
3:25 am
friendships those don't really make it that's what our life has been about. this has been a really good moment for me to be able to meet bill. >> bill, your great great grandfather, we were on an says this morning digging around. was in the confederacy. this hits home. >> i brought a book that i was given by my dad when i was in my early 20's some family member done a small printing these were the letters that migrate great grandfather wrote from the battlefield to his wife. that was what really formed my character of mccoy. i had a xerox and blown up. i shared with kevin such great because you are hearing it from a subjective point of view. i went to eastern kentucky and west virginia on my way to romania to see the real sites where this took place. you are hearing about it in an objective way. until you read letters of people talking about the profiteering going on at home and the war. it helped me kind of build a
3:26 am
character. >> you read the last, you know, the last letter. he died. he was predicting his death. he was predicting it. and he was coaching his wife how to take care of their farm. wife, if i leave you. then he was killed in battle. >> 35 years old. >> friendship that has emerged here. this story is about nasty hatred. >> they start out as great friends. >> describe that hatred. >> a lot of times it's perpetuated by the younger members in our family. what happens when you look at something you look at the socioeconomic things going on at the time. early on you needed your big family to take care of your farm. and big families suddenly when they all get married suddenly 70, 80 people that can't be sustained. they should be moving to the cities to memphis and what happens what happened was they don't. when you think about what brings unrest, young people who don't have jobs. who are hanging out in bars with money. and drawing up old scars that
3:27 am
maybe we know about but they didn't know anything about it but next thing you know somebody gets killed and then somebody has to be revenged. it's very biblical in the sense of an eye for an eye. that's really what happened. i think we had our own reasons for being uncomfortable with each other. i think we would have laid down but it was our children and those issues and certain psychopaths. the american fabric is guns, it's alcohol. am i strong enough to take what i want? >> we should mention that the hat fields and mccoys premier memorial day on the history channel and three consecutive nights. thanks for coming to the curvey couch. great to you have guys this morning. >> and big brothers is about to get even bigger. a school now plans to keep track of your kids with microchips. details coming up. you have got to take a look at this video. birthday sky diving trip quickly turned into terrifying
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3:32 am
for a second we stopped thinking about the rounds that are flying past you or hitting right next to your feet and the mortars coming. in and just watched the awesome people do what they do best. >> something the public had never seen. the whole sea was lit up. explosions of the big guns firing. and what i saw in my camera good number of men being shot as they waded through the water it was always amazing to me keep on going. >> testimony the amount of violence that we sustained men and women doing something bigger than themselves. i had to leave. i had to be -- i had to lead. i had to be strong for the guys i was over there with. on an island that was one third the size of central park in new york over 6,000 people
3:33 am
were killed in 76 hours. >> >> every time i breathe on this planet i have to breathe for the marines that have girve everything. >> all right. you know that package that we just ran there, you can go to our troops. last year we did this, we had such an overwhelming response from facebook from all of our viewers go. there and take a minute or so. click like. comment some of the troops there fantastic program. flooded last year as well with those. members of the u.s. marine corps. navy and coast guard have invaded new york city for fleet week. >> and anna kooiman is surrounded. it's a real shame. she is there live on board the uss -- how is it going anna. >> it's going great alisyn. good morning to everyone. we are standing proudly great women on board the uss warp.
3:34 am
multipurpose amphibious assault ship. largest one here at fleet week 2012. 22 ships began making their way up the hudson river on wednesday. 6,000 men and women on n. uniform are roaming new york. they are everywhere. central park, times square. seeing them all over the streets looking for a good time and getting involved in community outreach projects. chief navy officer even up for the fleet week highlighting trip for group reenlesment for 25 sailors marines and coast guard and promotion for 6 naval officers on board. we talked exclusively to the cno. >> i find it very touching. kind of emotional in its own right to. do it here in new york city 11 years after 9/11. a place where so much of our country has embraced security and really what it's all about and have them committed here in new york very special. >> really is an emotional
3:35 am
thing. it's great for these servicemen and women to be able to watch the faces of kids lighting up as they are touring. this it's a great opportunity for families to come out here and tip their hat to servicemen and women and thank them for all that they do. get a close up look at 22 ships and some of the aircraft as well. fleet week new york 2012 is going to be rocking the city until wednesday. these men and women behind me have got something for you guys this morning. here we go. [cheers] >> guys back to you. >> she got them fired up today. yesterday they were a little slow. >> they were being respectful yesterday. >> they were on shore leave. >> get to headlines. lots to tell you about. shocking new details in the case of missing 6-year-old isabel is he least. arizona police found what appears to be shower curtain
3:36 am
found inside a car outside of the home. one person interviewed said the family owed a manimony who was staying there while another witness pointed the finger at celis father who has been under scrutiny before in in this case. if it's good enough for a dog, it's move will help improve safety. others admit it's all about making money. the district loses about $175,000 a day because in funding -- oh,. >> let me get a dog chip on you. [ laughter ] >> or the teleprompter. this is about absent kids. i'm going to try to muddle my way through the next news story. >> you are on shore leave, too. some the most jaw dropping
3:37 am
video you will see all day it says for me to read. you are looking at an 80-year-old woman skydiving for her birthday when things go terribly wrong. >> president bush did this on his 80th, remember? >> this starts with her looking absolutely terrified as her instructor pushes her out of the plane. then the unthinkable happens she slipped out of her harness while plummeting to the ground 125 miles per hour. the camera -- supposed to be a fun video of adventure she manages to hang on by a thread until they land. >> you can imagine? >> no. the horrifying scene unfolding just about a year ago but the video is just surfacing now. >> okay, don't go skydiving, anyone. all right? >> is that on your bucket list? >> no. it's not. i have enough stress in my regular job on earth. i don't need to jump out of something. >> i would love to see your bucket list. i'm sure it's simple things like go to the mall food court. >> like there is about a hub
3:38 am
dread things restaurants. which restaurant to go to. >> try pat atte. >> i'm almost done. >> meanwhile, the latest in the gsa scandal. you remember hot tub jeff neeley as some have labeled him? he was the man responsible for the $800,000 convention in vegas and of course the subject of one notorious photo where i still can't figure out why there is two glasses of wine. point he is he has left the gsa. not clear whether he was fired or walked away. he will walk away with a reported $100,000 a year in compensation despite the fact that he spent 800 grabbed on a convention and now is the subject of criminal investigation as well. >> florida congressman john not taking this sitting down. is he fired up about. this and spoke to greta last night. he wants to know why in the
3:39 am
world this guy would leave with a compensation this large. he says these are high level officials they are paid and they basically get cut out on their retirement. they should be but that's not what's happening here. listen to micah. >> these are, again, high level officials then they are paid and then they slip out by quught a deal on their retirement. that shouldn't be allowed. you know, taxpayers, no pun intended, already took a bath with this guy. >> it's just absurd when you think about how he grossly mismanaged these funds. he abused his position. now $100,000 a year forever? >> compensation not necessarily salary. >> that's his sweetheart parachute deal. that's what john mica is trying to put a stop to. >> we hear about this with ceos, people who live under
3:40 am
terrible circumstances corporations. taxpayers aren't on the hook for that here though taxpayers are on the hook for this compensation. >> let's remember, you see there the congressional hearing. he is the person who pleaded the fifth so he could protect himself against self-incrimination. he didn't cooperate with the investigation. taxpayers are going to pay for somebody who refused to cooperate into the investigation of what went wrong? >> micah is also unhappy that he was paid for the time that he went on that leave late in april when the scandal emerged. he has been sitting there doing absolutely nothing getting paid only to leave. so he wants to do away with both of those let its know how you feel about this follow us ff weekend on twitter. >> this memorial day, why are the friendly skies becoming not so family friendly? >> we're going to explain united airlines new policy and what it could cost you. >> plus, is he running for our nation's wounded warriors as well as victims of 9/11 this morning getting the chance to meet the veteran marine before
3:41 am
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troops this memorial day weekend. and in honor of all of those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedoms and in honor of those who lost their lives on 9/11. our next guest is running 100 miles in hopes of raising $100,000 for three very special organizations starts at 8:00 a.m. this morning at ground zero. joining us now is u.s. marine veteran core central brian gallagher. good morning to you, brian. >> good morning, sir. >> 100 miles. >> that's right. >> you are a marine so have you been through some serious training but how does one train for this? >> well, if i had to train for
3:45 am
100 miles by running 100 miles, i think it would scare me and i don't think i would want to run 100 miles. the bulk of my training has been cross fit. so i work out cross fit great gym. strength coaches that put me in the right frame of mind and get my body in shape for this. >> you run about the distance of a marathon to prepare for this. >> correct. >> think doubts you will make it the full 100 miles. we see here flipping over tires with the weighted vest. >> get yourself in the right frame of mind. focus not only raising $100,000 for the september 11th memorial and museum. the marine corps scholarship foundation as well as the disposable harris project. >> and dakota scholarship. >> part of the marine corps scholarship foundation. but to raise the level of awareness that we need to give to our troops who endured so
3:46 am
much stress and all this stuff in battle and still endure all this stress and still earn battle now is wounded warriors. >> came against some numbers recently. close to 1500 service members who have lost one or multiple limbs during iraq or afghanistan. it's estimated that there is going to be hundred thousand service members who suffer from post-traumatic stress and brain injury. those numbers to me were staggering. i felt you need to step up because these are the men and women post 9/11 who stepped up and said raise your hand and said i'll do it. i will go to iraq. i goal to afghanistan. i will fight this it fight against the global war on terror. that's our responsibility as americans to support them and take care of them because they are the ones who put themselves in the face of danger. we need to support them. >> we absolutely do. brian gallagher, thank you for your service. >> thank you, sir. >> tell folks how you can
3:47 am
100-mile brian is trying to raise $100,000. he needs your help. this is 100-mile run. >> thank you. >> thanks for being here. >> still ahead, he helped the cia track down and kill usama bin laden and now that pakistani doctor is being sentenced for treason by his own country. why united airlines antifamily? why you have to shell out more cash so you can sit with your own kids. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now with the touch of a button ?
3:48 am
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3:51 am
>> this is the kind of thing that makes people hate to fly. the airlines now want to charge you $25 if you want to sit next to your child on a flight. [ laughter ] >> did you see this? like on a crowded flight they can't guarantee seat assignments but for an additional $25 you might be able to sit next to your child. [ laughter ] >> how about this? how about an extra 25 bucks for a sober pilot? i would pay for that or air traffic controller stays awake. or tsa agent who doesn't grab you. i would pay for that. >> yeah. >> better jokes would have been how about to not pay to sit next to your kids. >> pay $25 to sit with somebody else. >> that's another option. you may not be laughing when you hear about policy changes. if you are flying somewhere this summer with your family. be prepared to spend more money to sit with your kids and preboard with your kids
3:52 am
fliers and she joins to us talk about this when you heard this week, kate, what was your response? >> well, nice way it to tear families apart when they fly especially if you are headed to disney. can you imagine having your 2-year-old in a middle seat in a different row than you are. >> alisyn: let's crazy. let's explain why dosses more. the arlings are now going to charge you a premium if you want to have a window or an aisle seat so families who can't afford to pay more may have to all split up and be scattered around the airplane. how is that going to work? have the airlines thought through this that a child will be many rows away from their parents? >> i don't think they thought through it at all. in fact, what they are actually doing in addition to charging more is withholding the ability to book some of those aisle and window seats for business travelers and only five days before the flight they start releasing
3:53 am
some of those seats for the regular traveler that doesn't have a lot of frequent flier miles or doesn't travel with that airline regularly. so it's a very antifamily provision and i think it's going to back fire. i think if i were seated next to someone else's 2-year-old, and the parent wasn't there to help that child it, would be a very awkward experience not only for the family not sitting together but for the people sitting next to them. >> you can imagine? i'm picturing this happening. my 2-year-old son. sorry son i will see you later. sitting here next to kate. >> here is a bottle. >> here is your battle. >> you can handle it. it seems absolutely absurd. >> it is absolutely absurd. when you are boarding, imagine not only being the family trying to negotiate getting on the plane at the same time other passengers with infant seat. buckle the kid and you have to sit in a different row? and can i imagine the gridlock that's going to happen inside
3:54 am
planes with that provision. it's a two-for. we had two antifamily provisions in one week on united. >> second one you are referring to is the preboarding status that the airlines are change the long-held practice of families being able to pre-board. now the airlines are reserving that just for their sort of premium members, their frequent fliers. here is what united airlines had to say about that our practice of calling families early who did not have elite boarding status caused more confusion than less. we made the change to simplify the boarding process and working according to plan. your response? >> my response is that is bogus. anybody who has small children and all the things that go with small children knows it takes extra time to get settled, to get everything in the overhead bins, get your child all the things they are going to need to settle them down during the flight it's a process. most other air carriers, thank goodness, have not made such
3:55 am
an antifamily provision. it's ridiculous. i think we are going to see shear gridlock inside of airplanes now. >> they are looking at their bottom line saying it makes more sense for us to cater to our business customers than we see day in and day out than the family whom we see once a year on a business trip. >> thanks so much for coming in with your perspective on this. you are from fliers rights.orgs we need them. >> let us know how you feel about this on twitter. would you pay extra to sit with the kids on the flight. would you do the reverse and pay to have the kids sit with other folks. >> president obama is offering up financial advice to children. should they be heeding his ad vice considering the country's debt level? one g.o.p. lawmaker doesn't think so. we will tell you the jokes is he making about this. >> one memorable graduation speech. the student speaker getting down on one knee at first i
3:56 am
thought it was going to be tebow style but no it's a proposal. most life insurance companies look at you and just see a policy. at aviva, we do things differently. we're bringing humanity back to life insurance. that's why only aviva rewards you with savings for getting a check-up. it's our wellness for life program, with online access to mayo clinic. see the difference at
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3:59 am
>> good morning, everyone. it is saturday, may 26th. i'm alisyn camerota. decades after a little boy vanished from the streets of new york. we are finally learning chilling new details about what happened that day. we'll tell you about the man who is confessing to the crime and what he says he did to etan patz. >> and he helped the cia track down and kill usama bin laden and now that pakistani doctor is being sentenced for treason by his own country. why critics say the obama administration is not doing enough to help. >> >> plus, could nascar's military sponsorship come to a screeching halt? congress now trying to put the
4:00 am
brakes on funding. fox sports broadcaster and nascar legend darryl waltrip joins us to talk about that and more. "fox & friends" hours number two starts right now. ♪ >> happy memorial day weekend, everyone. welcome to "fox & friends." thanks so much for waking up with us. maybe you are heading out on the road today. 30 million people expected to hit the roads this holiday weekend. that's uptick from last year. 400,000 more people hitting the road this year than last year which is good news. gas prices have plummeted quite a bit. >> you hit the road clayton and i will be here on the curvey couch through monday. are you going to get out and do your 50 plus miles which is what he is referring to. >> yeah. i'm going to do 50 plus miles. everybody get out of my way. get off of i-95 please. meanwhile, we have to tell you some updates in the story, of course, that has gripped the country and that is what happened to etan patz?
4:01 am
the timing is chilling. the day that this new suspect was arraigned was 33 years to the day. it was the friday before memorial day that etan patz headed out to the bus stop 33 years ago for the first time ever his parents let him go by himself and he disappeared. >> as you know now 51-year-old pedro hernandez has confessed to the killing 33 years ago. he was arraigned on second degree murder charges on friday. his lawyer says he suffers from many psychological problems, including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia hallucinations and buried in the stories about him is he also suffers, he also has h.i.v. what will happen to him though is probably the most interesting part to me personally. he may not go to jail because a conviction is just -- excuse me a confession is not enough for a conviction here in new york state. >> this is the most interesting part of this whole case as well. new york state criminal code basically says that a pepper may not be convicted of any crime or offense solely upon
4:02 am
evidence of a confession or admission made by him without additional proof that the offense charge has been committed. that the is criminal code in the state of new york. it's hard to know actually because northwestern university, i referred to this earlier, in march did a study on wrongful convictions, which happened quite a bit. turns out over half of wrongful convictions in this country turn out to be because of confessions. so the cops, whether it's coerced by the cops or whether it's not, these folks end up behind bars and some cases 17 years they turn out that they were just lying about their confession all along. >> by the way, there was a different suspect who for years police believed actually did. he was incarcerated a convicted pedophile. he was a drifter. he was a former boyfriend of one of etan patz' babysitters that's how police linked jose ramos. the "new york post" thought the police really missed some golden opportunities 33 years ago. basically what happened at that time there was no
4:03 am
centralized data base like there is now. there was no center of national missing children. >> or d.n.a. data base. >> things have changed. hundreds of police officers who dedicated their career to cracking this case. apparently they weren't working in concert with each other and they missed this guy who was known as having a short fuse and being angry guy who worked at this bodega. >> right next to the bus stop. what else was missed maybe not missed but turned over to the police several family members knew that something happened regarding pedro martinez in the 1980s he confessed he even told people i did something bad i killed a young kid in new york. told family members this and told other members of a religious retreat in the '80s no one turned that over to police. there is one family member that says he confessed to police but was dismissed because he was, quote, too crazy. we don't know if that was officially confession but that is from a family member.
4:04 am
>> it is eerie when you pick up the post this morning. here is the cover photo. what you see is the building in the background. bus stop in the foreground. this photo was snapped by etan's father and he took it just right around the time that etan went missing. what he didn't know when he snapped this photo, he just thought he was taking the bus stop photo is that photo behind is the sandwich shop. it's the little bodega where pedro hernandez worked and where he says he ended up killing etan. he snaps this photo of the bus stop lo and behold in the basement in the building behind is where his son was killed. >> national children missing day inspired by the disappearance. >> later we have pat brown on a criminal profiler and what all parents want to know, is this somebody who just snaps? there are there any warning signs to see these people out in the general public? all he says, this is what he says, i had an urge to kill
4:05 am
that day. >> we should say the main point, the crux of this entire thing comes down to what he told police that wasn't in the newspapers. you couldn't just pick up the newspaper and read at the time. he told them something that only the police knew, that's the key. that's the key to his confession. >> psychologically also interesting is that the parents never moved. 33 years they stayed in the exact same spot. >> they were waiting foray tan to come back. let's get to the other headlines and see what's making news today. calls for iranian officials to answer for higher enrichment of uranium that has been found at a plant in iran. the finding could mean the country has moved closer to reaching the uranium threshold needed to arm nuclear missiles. tehran has reportedly said that a technical glitch is to blame but the report comes at a time when iran has been criticized for being uncooperative in negotiations over its nuclear program. nebraska family captures this terrifying twister right before it completely destroys their home. brian hecken balk and his wife
4:06 am
and three of their kids witnessed this whole thing amazingly they survived without any injuries. they were hiding in their basement and check out this rope tornado. that touched down get more intense as they narrow. and an alternate juror getting lots of attention in the john edwards trial today. the young woman with jet black hair has taken to openly flirting with the former presidential hopeful. repeatedly giggling and flashing smiles at him. edwards has reportedly returned the woman's advances with some smiles of his own apparently even seen blushing. no verdict has been reached in this case. deliberations resume tuesday. ladies, there are other men out there. okay? you don't need to be so desperate. >> there are other fish in the sea. >> other fish in the sea. meanwhile, it's history in the making. video into the room shuttle
4:07 am
opening its hatch at the international space station earlier this morning unloading about 1,000 pounds of supplies to the outpost. this is the first privately owned shuttle to make such a mission. the spaceship making history when it launched earlier this week. kids from movie space camp thment they just hopped on giordaano and brought up all those supplies that is a big moment getting up there for the first time it an independent company being able to do that. >> better than failed launch a week ago that we were so entertained by. check in with janice dean who has the forecast for the next couple of holidays. pretty mild, i hope. >> the pressure, the pressure. everyone is swhag is my memorial day barbecue going to look like? center of the country dealing with high pressure. going to deal with very warm temperatures. now around that ridge of high pressure. that's where we are going to see the potential for showers and/or thunderstorms. even some severe weather across the midwest then we are
4:08 am
watching this little swirl here. that's subtropical storm barrel that formed last night and that's not going to give us a very good beach day unfortunately tomorrow into monday for portions of the coastal areas of florida and south carolina and georgia. we're going to talk about that in a second. elevation snow got cooler air across the northwest. then the rest of the country is really baking. there is subtropical storm beryl and can you see that center of circulation in the last few frames of the satellite radar imagery. tropical storm warnings in effect. warnings mean within 36 hours we will see those tropical storm conditions really from volusia county, florida. value destoe beach area. that area looking for potential of gusty winds and heavy rain. the good part of the story is they really need some moisture in this region. there is one of the tropical storm models that we watch as we head out in time swirling
4:09 am
through friday. heading into monday we watch this system crossing over possibly between the border of florida and georgia there is jacksonville sunday through monday. so we're not going to be dealing with a hurricane. we could certainly see a strong subtropical storm or tropical storm making land fall sunday into monday keep that in mind. heat is going to be oppressive. these are heat index values meaning the heat and humidity combines. going to feel well over 100 degrees in st. louis. louisville 94, 5 in nashville. that's going to be dangerous if you are outdoors for any length of time. that's going to continue into holiday monday. and then we're going to get a cooler air moving in on tuesday just keep that in mind. a lot of news to talk about in the extreme fox news weather center. >> thanks a lot. janice. >> thanks, janice. >> parents may want to go jump on d. you.
4:10 am
here is what it is put out by the obama administration and it is a way to educate kids about money and how to handle money. how to grow with money and basically how to be fiscally responsible. making some jokes about this because he finds the irony rich that, you know, obviously we have this massive debt problem and that the president he says has not reigned in spending so why would the president be giving your children financial advice when we have a 15 trillion-dollar debt clock that's ticking? so he has had some fun with some of these pieces of advice. >> he is arkansas representative tim griffin. he has taken to twitter to have some fun with that web site money as you one thing your kid isn't taught share of the national debt $50,000 each. >> 20 points on this list. number 20 on the list he loves
4:11 am
consider -- this is is advice from this web site. consider two factors before investing. risks and expenses. though tim griffin jokes that aren't taxpayer dollars being used on when you consider taxpayer money and solyndra are involved, i guess exclude those as reasons. >> basically the way the web sight works we have it here it, breaks down advice you should give your 3 to 5-year-old, then your 5 to 7-year-old, 7 to 10-year-old through the years. >> the reason this is so ironic is because it's good advice but the government doesn't listen to it. >> right. >> at first i was looking at tim griffin. i didn't know much about him. as as dave mentioned arkansas republic. is he one of these republicans who was around during the bush years and helped contribute to all this massive spending? no, he was washed in on the tea party in 2010. came in on a wave of tea party. small businessman, veteran. one of these fiscally responsible guy the irony is so rich here the government is
4:12 am
giving us advice. >> dual what when we say not as we do. now that pakistani doctor is being sentenced critics say the obama administration ♪ doing enough but alsos have v. this could really impact our wharton terror going forward. >> plus one student commencement speaker delivering one very memorable address. surprising his girlfriend. with a proposal. i'm more of an absentee plant parent. [ cellphone rings ] tuscaloosa? schenecty. des moines. ok. ok. ok. i can't always be there to weed my petunias. so now we use miracle-gro shake 'n feed plus weed prevente it feeds plants and preven weeds for up to three months.
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4:15 am
>> welcome back. he will spend 33 years behind bars all for helping the cia locate usama bin laden and identify him.
4:16 am
pakistani doctor shaquille afridi sentenced to prison by his own country. some u.s. officials are facing criticism for drawing attention to the case including leon panetta back in january. >> i'm very concerned about what the pakistans did with this individual. this was an individual who in fact helped provide intelligence that was very enful to this administration. >> doing enough to intervene and help the doctor who helped us. shaffer is a senior fellow at the center for advanced defense studies. colonel, thanks for getting up so early this morning. what could the obama administration have done differently to effect the outcome here? >> well, first off, this is a debate we should not be having in public. the moment that -- helped us seal the man's fate.
4:17 am
this is hurting our ability to go forward to bring people into the system for people like me to go out and find people like the doctor to give us the key information that makes a difference. this made a huge difference. this helped us get to where we needed to be. the fact that the pakistanis who failed to do it are after this guy now is indicative of the fact that they still are playing both sides against the other. the white house should have been on this once panetta admitted this guy helped us. >> trickling out effort made by doctor pakistan ahead of this. i'm interested in moving forward and what you write about on your opinion piece on fox how likely are we to get the next guy down the line to help us provide some of this information? >> well, that's the key. we have signals intelligence, wiretapping, imagery intelligence looking at things. satellites and imagery. the key thing here is we have
4:18 am
to get on the inside of these networks. they know we can do these other things. that's why we have to have people like this guy under the radar. human asset is what we call them. critical during the cold war. even more critical to get into the small networks for the war on terror. frankly, going forward now, why would anybody want to cooperate with us if they think that they may end up like this guy in some regard? what's worse here is the white house has done this a couple times now. they also blew the whole underwear bomber operation in yemen, saudis and british the the britishs are upset with us now because we ruined their operation. we should quit bragging about operations like this. should not be nonpartisan and political. this should be off the radar. this is hurting everything we do going forward. >> explain how these operations usually work. the minute that bin laden was found and detected is usually a doctor or whistle blower like this ferried out of the country? >> absolutely. during the cold war can s. a great example like that. we used to have a plans on a
4:19 am
place put a guy on a truck and get him out. this is something we should have looked at. worse case scenario. this is what i used to when i ran operations like this. what do we do when things go wrong. reassure the asset over and over again. we are going to take care of you and take care of your family. that's what i think has failed here. >> colonel tony shaffer great piece you wall street on we will post that on facebook and twitter. >> thank you. >> possible new link to childhood obesity what the hospital delivery room has to do with that. >> plus, we're celebrating fleet week u.s. coast guard drill team standing by on the plaza. a performance from them. in the midst of it. still ahead. need any help?
4:20 am
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>> men out there put down the coffee for a minute and gather up the wife and pay attention to this. very important story you can hold off on the coffee for a minute. a government task force says doctors should no longer perform prostate cancer screenings on healthy men. that happened this week. and that it could lead to unnecessary biopsies for men who don't have cancer. next guest dr. some mattie a man's choice not to take a test could be deadly. dr. david some mattie joins us now to talk about this you were at a convention this week with a number of urology gists you heard this report and were outraged about it. >> this news has made a lot of
4:24 am
urology gists really really angry. got hundreds of emails from men in 40s and 50s really upset how can u.s. task force come up with regulations. not putting i had guidelines. not get mammogram over the age of 50. now they are saying this is not a good test. as a result it's going to lead to a lot of confusion and a lot of issues. this is what we know about this psa test. we know it's not the most sensitive test for prostate cancer but that's all we have got. so to say not to get screened i think it's very irresponsible. this u.s. task force is a group of attorneys and family practitioners and not one urology gist is a member of this team. you need to have the test and get the information and what you do with that test is up to you and your doctor. i prefer for you to see someone who is the expert in prostate cancer and not just to take this very lightly. >> don't take it lightly and
4:25 am
on your screen right now this is why getting a screening so necessary. every year some 30,000 u.s. men die from prostate cancer. psa screenings can detect prostate cancer in its earliest stages for psa test to save one man's life from prostate cancer 1,000 must be screened. that's what the government panel said this week. it costs money you have to screen 1,000 men to find one man that has prostate cancer that was their reasoning behind. this you think that is bologna. >> listen, clayton, what's the price of saving someone's life? one life who has a person who has a wife who has children. that's what makes the healthcare in this country so great because we're spending money to save lives. so to say that, you know, you don't need to screen, i think it's very very irresponsible look at the data. 30,000 men still die in 2011. one out of six men has prostate cancer. this is a serious topic.
4:26 am
sings the invention of psa in the last two decades. 40% reduction in mortality or death. we don't see a lot of men in our hospital with bone spread or bone metastases or those type of things. >> why are not men not getting this? is it because they are scared of getting it. >> women, when the task force said no mammogram came in the age of 50. you saw what happened. everyone came out and talked about it. men, we don't want to be bothered with. this the scary part about this is that men will say to their wives, you know what? u.s. task force is saying you don't need to test, let's just go home. we don't want to talk about. this we are a different species. >> men look for excuse not to get t and this government task torres didn't help things men get out there and get your screening. >> the truth is, clayton, not every elevated psi means biopsy not every biopsy means surgery or radiation. this whole fear tactic that you are going to be incontinent for the rest of your life that's bogus. find yourself a good doctor a
4:27 am
good surgeon is who is going to take care of you. we see 40 and 50-year-old men who have prostate cancer and we posted this on our web site robotic urology to to robotic i specially will respond to your questions. >> you heard it here. dr. david is a maddie fired up about this. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it it more than 100,000 of our federal workers fall victim to a cyber attack. a live report from washington next. we head back out to the uss warp. anna kooiman is hanging out with the troops this morning. >> we are on the flight deck. we are going to be touring around the vehicles like this helicopter coming up. you are not going want to to miss it. ♪ maybe it's time to recharge the human battery. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system
4:28 am
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends." anniversary of fleet week. we have a very special group here today. the united states coast guard air money honor guard the silent drill team. and jason -- lt. jason helmsley is here. this is the elite best of the best. tell us about that and what types of ceremonies you guys are responsible for. >> thank you. good morning. it's a pleasure to be here. the silent drill team performs
4:32 am
at many venues across the country. a lot of parades and special events such as. this and the group that you see behind you is the elite of the honor guard. the coast guard honor guard. they are the best of the close order drillers. >> and i understand you are going to have me in a very tight situation this morning. what is that? >> i think you are up to the task but we have the elite of the elite that will be performing a routine. you will be standing right in the center of it. >> hand picked. >> hand picked. >> four best. i have three kids i mind you lt.. let's let do you your work. >> thank you. atten hut. forward, ready mark time.
4:33 am
the united states coast guard silent drill.
4:34 am
4:35 am
4:36 am
4:37 am
>> all right. coming up in just a bit, i will be in the middle of a very interesting situation center four. you are watching the silent drill team from the united states coast guard ceremonial honor guard. coming up on the program, i fear for my life. guys, back to you. >> let's go to anna coy man now who has the latest on 25th anniversary of fleet week. anna? >> hey there, good morning to you. so, yes, fleet week, new york is a great opportunity for families to come out and tip their hats to service members for all that they do and tour some of the 22 ships docked here in new york city until next wednesday. while on board the flight deck they will be able to tour some of the amphibious assault vehicles as well. we are joined by the pilot of the seahawk helicopter. aubrey hodges. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we know this is a search and rescue helicopter. tell us more about it. >> we primarily fly search and rescue in support of the navy
4:38 am
carriers. we can also do operations like speck op. medevac and variety of overland missions. >> what's it like being a female pilot in the navy. >> it's getting -- it's tough. the navy tries to support female sailors. >> we're going to move on over here. we have some other fantastic video though show you. we are joined by the senior chief andy sutter. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we have the lcac nice hover craft. give us some of the specs on that. >> capability of moving equipment from ship to shore from dry place to another dry place about 50 nazis. -- -- nats. >> like a car going down the highway. >> you were telling me about the bags that you hand out to the marines as they get on. what's that all about. >> in in when we are in rough seas the marines -- they are not on navy ships can you
4:39 am
figure it out. >> they are not used to it? >> they get sea sick. we make sure they have a nice bag so they take everything they bring with them with them. >> you say it's either that or your helmet, right? so they opt for the bag? >> exactly right. >> thank you so much. guys, back to you. >> thank you so much, anna. we heard that there are 4,000 sarlsz sailors roaming around the streets of manhattan. appear that is determined to meet every one of them. >> heard randomly this number. you didn't investigate it on your own. >> maybe i have seen some. >> get to your headlines and tell us what else is happening at this hour. police in california are hoping new clues will help them solve the mystery of this missing hollywood executive. one man now says that he is almost certain that he saw this man gavin smith a week after he disappeared. smith is reportedly dining with a woman in morrow bay about 200 miles north from where he was last seen on may 1st. this man david brill did not realize it was smith until the
4:40 am
next morning when he saw his picture in a news report. well the tsa is using screening process for senior citizens. passengers 75 years and older will not be required to take off their shoes, belt or jacket when passing through security. the new procedures will also allow them to get a second pass through airport scanners if they set off an alarm. a new study linking cesarean sections to childhood obesity. researchers at child's hospital in boston say babies born by c section are twice as likely to become obese by the age of 3 than babies delivered naturally. one theory is that the hormones released during labor effect how a child absorbs calories and nutrients. well, talk about an engaging speech. take a look at what what student did while speaking at his college graduation. >> so in honor of priceless moments. and once in a lifetime opportunities, and in the spirit of reckless passion,
4:41 am
joanna costa, will you marry me? [cheers and applause] >> what? that was student speaker sean williams proposing to his girlfriend joanna in front of their entire graduating class at new jersey's union county college. he then walked into the crowd. he got down on one knee and thank goodness joanna said yes. that would have been embarrassing. those are your headlines. and then she said by the way i know you are just graduating do you have a job yet? >> that's a good question. >> before you sign on the dotted line. some of the nation's top officials we'll have more on that coming up and some other things on the show. >> that's a good tease. have you ever heard the story about the little mouse who becomes the commander and cheese. next guest is helping your kids learn politics creative new books and get a lesson coming up. >> great kids books. celebrating fleet week and coast guard drill team standing by on the plaza. dave briggs is in the middle
4:42 am
of it all. some viewers wondering if rifles were loaded. >> let's see what happens to dave. >> will dave be accidentally impaled. >> i hope not, guys. national television audience doesn't scare me but bay bayonettes make me nervous. i'm told not to move but i am sweating underneath all of this. i'm just fine if we go to commercial break before bay bayonettes become impaled in my leg. down here, folks measure commitment by what's getting done. the twenty billion doars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons.
4:43 am
the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through. morning, boys. , i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the road like progressive commercial auto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work.
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4:45 am
♪ [muc plays] ♪ [music plays] >> welcome back, everyone. some of our nation's top officials are now in the cyber attack. peter doocy live in d.c. with the latest on this. tell us more, peter. >> alisyn at least 25 combined members in the house and senate are among the 123,000
4:46 am
plus federal employees who had their personal information compromised. 43,000 or so of those had their social security names and addresses accessed and another 79,000 had their social security numbers and some thrift savings plan related information taken. the thrift savings plan is retirement account available to basically every single current and retired federal employee. and this breach was made on a third party service provider's computer at a company called serco who said in a statement that serco regrets this inconvenience and may cause to thrift savings participants and payees whose personal data was involved. we have fortified our information, security measures and cyber defenses and everybody that's gotten affected has received a letter explaining to them some credit counseling and the federal government says though their network is secure and it was just a third party provider who had their computer hacked. no allegation of improper use
4:47 am
of data. ali and clayton. >> thank you for that update. >> listen to. teaching your 6-year-old about politics may seem lining pointness endeavor. fun and entertaining way for younger children to learn about our nation's government and history. >> joining us is the team who wrote illustrated woodrow for president and liberty leaves tail independence. >> peter barnes and his wife cheryl barnes. great to have you here. >> you will be quizzing us on a little history. >> that won't be pretty. peter, let me start with you. kids can't vote why do they need to know about elections. >> we have to teach them how to be good citizens while they are young. most of our books are targeted to young children 5, 6, 7 years old. elementary level and that's when we have to get them because once they get their iphones and their cell phones and their devices it's hard to get their attention again. we start at a very young age and work with elementary schools and teachers.
4:48 am
>> how do you attempt to do this with these books? what the message you carry through in these texts? >> even though it's about a little mouse. woodrow gross up to be president of the united mice of america. we tried to then have children understand that well, it could be me. we're talking about a mouse but it could be me and how they grow up and how they live their lives and how sometimes they make good choices. hopefully they make more good choices than bad choices but how they grow up to become good citizens be a part of their community and volunteer. >> and give back. >> great history of revolutionary. >> a lot of stuff adults don't know. not just for kids. great stuff. quiz us on what we probably don't know. >> some of the things in the book we have our placards here. >> all right. >> bill o'reilly does this. >> yes. exactly. >> we have a history quiz for you guys based on this new book. >> who was the youngest signer of the declaration of
4:49 am
independence? a? edward rutledge? b, ben franklin or c, john adams? >> go with this a. >> a edward rutledge. >> edward rutledge was from south carolina and he was 26 years old. >> okay. one more question quick. i have to redeem myself. what date was the declaration of independence actually signed july 2nd? july 4th or august 2nd? >> you heard me. >> okay. >> ali. >> clayton loves history. >> i heard them say that. >> most of the signers were not in philadelphia for the fourth of july. they voted and left town. >> who signed it on the fourth of july? a lot of people. >> big signatures. >> john hancock exactly right. [bell] >> i love the bell.
4:50 am
>> online and book stores nationwide. >> go to am zob right now. make these a big hit for your kids. woodrow for president among some others. >> could nascar's military sponsorship come to a screeching halt? fox broadcaster darryl waltrip is here to explain. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now with the touch of a button ? droid does.
4:51 am
does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ? droid does. droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99.
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4:53 am
>> welcome back, could nascar's military sponsorship come to a screeching halt. jack wants to put the brakes on funding in order to off set cuts to defense spending if the legislation passes how will nascar be impacted? let's ask fox sports broadcaster and nascar legend three time cup champ darryl waltrip joins us live from concord, north carolina. good morning d.w.
4:54 am
>> good morning. i thought i was tuning in to smarter than a 50 grader for a while. >> good to have you on, sir. this is an interesting subject. some of sports biggest name dale earnhardt sponsored by the national guard. how would that impact the sport and the sponsorship if the military is not allowed to sponsor cars? >> in all due respect, that's someone that does not understand the total program. just to put your name on the side of a race car, that isn't the end of the story. the rest of it is these guys go out in the community. these are the best pr men that the army, the navy, any branches of the military could have. they do stuff in the community. the recruits. they love this program. i don't know the numbers. i'm not up on the numbers. but i do know a large percentage from increased from the response shoreships when it -- sponsorships. army of one. this is a great program and to disrupt it or want to
4:55 am
discontinue it is just somebody that really needs to do a little bit more homework. i have a suggestion for some of our political friends. maybe you should put the sponsors that you have on your uniform. maybe when you show up at work every morning you should have your primary sponsor and subs over here so supreme know who support you? >> fantastic stuff d.w., i love that very good relationship between the military and nascar. is t. seems to fit so well. today you are at the coca cola 600. this weekend used to be all about the indy 500. and now richard petty comes out and says i think the 600 is a bigger deal than the 500. do you agree with that? >> well, first of all this is an iconic weekend. the f-1 cars are in monaco. indy cars in indianapolis. and all of us here on sunday night, tomorrow night umsd the lies for 600 miles the most grilling race that we have. no question about it. this race is the crescendo of the day. this is the cream of the cream
4:56 am
right here sunday night. on fox, starts at 5:30. and everybody at indy is wearing their white glasses and i want to say hello to everyone up there and thinking of dan wheldon. >> good luck to you, sir. more "fox & friends" in two minutes, folks. of makes the world work. in high school, i had a physics teacher by the name of mr. davies. he made physics more than theoretical, he made it real for me. we built a guitar, we did thingwith electronics and mother boards. that's where the interest in engineering came from. so now, as an engineer, i have a career that speaks to that passion. thank you, mr. davies.
4:57 am
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4:59 am
>> good morning, everyone. i'm am sin camerota. it's saturday, may 26th. shocking confession that led to the arrest of the man who killed a boy. >> mr. hot tub is gone from the gsa. don't worry is he still living the good life on the taxpayer's dime. we'll explain. >> work out a kink in his soldier. >> and united airlines may want to change their slogan to let's not fly together. >> huh? >> why you could be paying more to sit next to your family on your next flight.
5:00 am
"fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> good morning, it's memorial day weekend. i survived the formation from the national guard. we didn't yet show it we will show it later in the program. with bayonets flying right by your face and your ear and other parts. >> we were wondering if the rifles were loaded and if they were actually sharpened bayonets on the front of it. >> yes. they touch one right up to your nose just to let you know they are sharp. >> a little nic here. >> that's a sticker from my son. my daughter. >> they gave you happy face. >> let's tell you the developments in the top story today. that is what happened to little etan patz 33 years ago. the timing is really unbelievable and will give you goose bumps the fact that
5:01 am
someone was arrested and charged on the very day, the friday before memorial day that 33 years ago etan baits disappeared this man has now been charged with the murder. >> interestingly that very fact that you mentioned t was an anniversary of his death could also be a reason why prosecutors in this case could be a little skeptical and you can't just roll over and say this thing is case closed solved as some the newspapers have said in the past week. because in the state of new york you cannot rely solely on a confession alone. the new york state criminal code says this: a pinner may not be convicted of any offense solely upon evidence of a confession or admission made by him with without additional proof that the offense charged has been committed. you need additional evidence in this case. >> this is very interesting. there is no physical evidence, no fingerprints there is no
5:02 am
body. he did confess to family members and to other people at a religious retreat in the 1980s. he he said i did a bad thing, i killed a boy in new york. now why in the world none of those family members, none of those other members of the religious retreat went to the police immediately and told them this -- we do not know. one family member says he did in fact confess to police but was dismissed as, quote, too nuts. >> that's what i was just going to stay. maybe they dismissed him also. maybe the religious retreat the cops when he came forward with own confession to police their quote was he was a nut job. >> that's right. now of course hindsight is 2020. 30 years ago no centralized data base for missing children. there were no milk cartons, etan patz was the very first one so while police did their best and god knows this case haunted them for 33 years.
5:03 am
some of them were hiding information from each other because they wanted to be the detective who scored this big find so they say think missed it what some witnesses say worked at this bodega on the corner where etan patz disappeared. he was known for having a short fuse. violent temper known for being a little bit off. >> here is his wife and his daughter, pedro hernandez' wife and daughter coming obviously as you pointed out earlier living a life of hell coming out of the courthouse yesterday during this arraignment. of course, etan's body has not been recovered and at issue is the evidence, a lack of d.n.a. evidence, a lack of forensic and physical evidence. and furthermore, they don't know and police need to verify. this does pedro tell the police something we don't know just from having read the papers over the last 33 years. is there something that he says to the police that they never released publicly? that would be the green light
5:04 am
that would say yes, case closed, solved, you know something that the public doesn't know. >> interesting aspects we have talked about another one is that the parents of etan patz never left. they lived in the same apartment that they did 33 years ago. still some say waiting for etan to come home. >> they never changed their phone number. >> never changed their number. never left. never moved. had to walk by that very scene every day a couple times a day. coferl of the "new york post" this morning shows the photo. the dad that etan took many years ago. this is of the scene and right there if you could see it on the far left is the very bow dig go where pedro hernandez worked. that was the very scene in which we now believe the young man was killed. >> right. so the father had no idea at the time and he inadvertently snapped a picture of the crime scene to. your point, they also say this suspect, hernandez has mental issues that they say that he has been diagnosed as schizophrenic or bipolar that will also complicate the
5:05 am
prosecution. is he in belleview hospital this morning. he suffers from hallucinations according to his attorney it is complicated. we do have a criminal profiler on later to give us insight into what possibly went wrong here. >> fascinating. >> let's get to your headlines and tell you what else is happening this morning. we begin with reports u.s. drone strike that killed three militants in pakistan. waziristan hot bed for extremists. third strike reported by the pakistani government. the cia is not commenting at this time. authorities in arizona need your help tracking down this gunman. they say 38-year-old thomas morton is wanted for allegedly shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot of a high school in avon dale. the two reportedly had a history of domestic violence. and on monday the victim filed a restraining order against him. witnesses say moton quickly fled the scene on call kawasaki motorcycle. weighs wearing a red and black jacket.
5:06 am
anyone with information please call your local police. a document in the vatican leak scandal it turns out the butler may have done it not just any butler. talking about pope benedict xvi personal butler of more than six years. he was caught red handed with papers allegedly stole front pontiff's personal study. he is acould you seed of leaking those and other sensitive documents to the media, causing a huge embarrassment for the church over the past five months. the pope reportedly shocked and saddened by his alleged betrayal. just a few minutes ago corporal brian gallagher began 100-mile run in honor of our nation's heros. gallagher is taking the time to talk with us this morning about how the run is going to raise money for those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom and those who lost their lives on 9/11. >> i felt you need to step up because these are the men and women post 9/11 who stepped up and said raise your hand and said i'll do it. i goal to iraq. i will go to afghanistan. i will fight this fight
5:07 am
against the global war on terror. that's our responsibility as americans to support them and to take care of them because they are the ones who put themselves in the face of danger. >> gallagher hopes to raise $100,000 today. for more information visit www.100-mile 100 miles is he running. >> he is training with -- he has run up to 26 miles. he really has no idea what to expect from 100 miles. >> you can't run 100 miles in preparation for the thing. is he a marine. is he just going to make it through. >> no, honey, i will be home in time for dinner. have to run 100 miles. >> janice dean watching all of the weather. everyone wants to know how memorial day weekend barbecue also look. >> the pressure is on. thanks for reminding me. much of the country looks very good. high pressure and control over the central u.s. the temperatures are going to be very warm. keep that in mind. lots of fluids. that doesn't include the
5:08 am
alcohol. and make sure you are in light clothing and you can go into the airconditioning if you have that across the west though we're dealing with cooler than average temperatures snow. dominant pressure around that ridge we could see showers or thunderstorms to the northern plains, upper midwest, great lakes region. and then we are watching. this this is subtropical storm beryl. subtropical storm meaning it has characteristics of a tropical storm and regular low pressure system off the coast. and this is the official track as of 8:00 a.m. we just got this one in. so we're expecting the storm to kind of slow down and linger for a little bit. expected landfall sometime overnight, monday. around the border of florida and georgia we are dealing with some heavy rain and gusty winds not going to be a hurricane. just going to be kind of a bad beach day and a date where you don't want to be outdoors barbecuing. back to you guys. >> i love the names of these storms we had bud and beryl. >> that's not as cool as hot tub jeff.
5:09 am
>> who is hot tub jeff. >> is he gone from the gsa. talking about jeff neeley. set one responsible for $800,000 convention. and one of the most notorious photos in history. he is now out from the gsa but he is getting a lovely parting gift. >> he is. he gets $100,000 in federal money, meaning your taxpayer money a year because of his sweetheart deal. his sweetheart golden parachute. even though he grossly mismanaged funds and there was a complete reckless disregard for his behavior, i mean for the rules, i should say and how he was supposed to be conducting himself. he also was in charge of that hats off awards program that just randomly gave out prizes. >> whatever you felt. >> they made up points and gave hut things -- out things like ipods to employees. he gets huge payouts from taxpayers. >> this is not sitting well with lawmakers. john mica from florida fired
5:10 am
up about this and spoke to greta last night "on the record" which happens to be the name of her show. >> these are, again, high level officials. and then they are paid and then, you know, they slip out by cutting a deal on their retirement. that shouldn't be allowed. you know, taxpayers, no pun intend ited, already took a bath with this guy. >> we heard about this kind of stuff before, right? there was a lot of outrage about anthony weiner he left disgraced from the house of representatives. it turns it out is he going to get a nice pension for the rest of his life. >> sure. >> let's also remember this jeff neeley not only did very all of these, you know, reckless spending and abuses of power. he also didn't cooperate with the congressional committee that was trying to investigate what went wrong here to make sure it never happened again. he employed the fifth. he protected himself. didn't help the taxpayers. now $100,000 a year. the number is staggering. many of you driving this memorial day weekend. some of you flying.
5:11 am
imagine if you are flying with your family of four. you show up to the gate and they tell it you if you guys actually want to sit with your kids that will be an extra 150 bucks round trip. some airlines are thinking about charging you more to sit with your children. >> it comes down to the bottom line at that points, right? it looks like they are catering to business passengers who they have three or four times a week that are flying with them. elite passengers they want to indicater too first and maybe the family is only flying to them once a year disney world. weigh who is more important to us. >> the reason you are going to have to pay more. premium on window and aisle seats. so if you are a family of four as dave said you are not all going to be able to sit together because you have to have window seats. so your 3-year-old can have a middle seat three rows in front of you. we talked from fliers she doesn't think this new rule makes a lot of sense. >> very antifamily provision and i think it's going to back
5:12 am
fire. i were seated next to someone else's 2-year-old and the parent wasn't there to help that child it. it would be a very awkward experience not only for the family not sitting together but for the people sitting next to them. >> here is what united airlines says. echos what i was saying about business passengers. our practice of calling passengers early. >> early boarding. >> early boarding practice as well caused more confusion than less. we made this change to simplify the boarding process and we have found that it's working according to plan. this was part 2 of the punch to the face this week by saying no more kids preboarding. >> it will back fire because if you are one of those business travelers who has an aisle and you are sitting next to my son. is he a great kid, you are going to want that money back. >> there is no amount of gummy bears in the world that i could provide a stranger to feed my children on a flight. >> tell us how you feel about this on ff weekend on twitter. >> maybe a sugar high is not the greatest thing for a long
5:13 am
flight. >> is that what is going wrong. >> i think it's a great effort. >> coming up on the show. a new poll shows mitt romney holds a big lead over president obama among financially struggling white voters. so will this be a problem for the president? we will break it down for you next. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
5:14 am
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5:16 am
>> welcome back. romney holds a large lead over president obama when it comes to middle class white voters. take a look at this new poll. mitt romney has a 26% lead when it comes to who middle class white voters think would do more to advance their economic interests. but is this something that will hurt the president in the november election? joining me now to analyze is
5:17 am
the author of outnumbered. and fox news contributor jackson is also here. nice to see you this morning. >> nice to be here. >> santita is this a problem for president obama this most recent poll. >> we have to be historical about. this these are voters who did not vote for president obama in 2008. president obama actually got an amall gam of votes. got a majority of minorities, blacks, women, hispanics, gays. >> independents? >> exactly. i'm concerned about this because all americans are hurting but what's tucked inside of these polls are these numbers that show that a slight majority of these people who were polled feel that president obama is actually more sympathetic to the interest of the middle class. >> that's an interesting point so. these folks, these folks general i do a might not have voted for president obama anyway, do you buy that? >> a lot of voters very enthusiastic about him in 2008, the young voters for
5:18 am
example, female voters, a lot of those voters aren't nearly as enthusiastic now. a -- >> may i add this. we also have republic nominee presumptive by default. you have a tamped down republic electorate and democratic electorate. what will that mean? >> independence, right? is that where search focused right now hispanics and i wants. independents. who can engage and light a little bit of a fire underneath independents. >> people focused on jobs and the economy. that's the number one issue right now. i think that the democrats have failed miserably when it comes to the attack on bain capital, for example and private equity. mitt romney has the business experience that barack obama lacked. i think a lot of people are looking at the amount of money that was pumped through the economy in the name of stimulus and they are not seeing the results. at the end of the day if you
5:19 am
are out of work. your loved ones are out of work. you go to the grocery store things cost more. gas prices whether or not barack obama can do something about that in the immediate future, that's all part of his potential for re-election. >> santita, is there a problem, middle class worker making 40,000 and drops down to 30,000 in this recession. do they blame president obama for that. >> they really should not because the fact is we have been on this track for quite some time. at the end of the day 70% of the voters feel that well they have had exposure. that is to say 70% of americans know someone who lost a job. or they lost a job themselves. so i would hope that the republics and the democrats would come up with a program for student loans. 1 trlz. $1 trillion. look at the economy, jobs jobs jobs jobs. and talk to corporate titans who americans, we cannot -- the corporations there is no interest in them hiring american workers anymore. that's awful. >> we appreciate you joining us this morning. thanks so much. >> coming up on the show.
5:20 am
we have the mothers of invention. how these mom preneurs were inspired to create their own businesses and running a household at the same time while starting a start up. >> i'm an iron worker from new york. i believe if you work hard in this country, anything is possible. that's why i'm proud to be an american. rom where you are to where you want to go. look up. with u.s. bank let's get the wheels turning. use our strength & stability to open new opportunities. to lend, and lift ...every business...every dream... to new heights of prosperity. good things are happening. just look up. with u.s. bank.
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5:23 am
>> what what what if you could invent a device that kids like cleaning up. creating products that have led to successful businesses. amy bradley is the creator of
5:24 am
toy dozer that i just mentioned. brit is the creator of the stinky kids brand and trish cooper is the creator of zatzu she is here with business partner kerry. let me start with you. your invention called toy dozer how does it work? how did you come up with it? >> the toy dozer i designed it to help make clean up time fast and easy for everyone. parents, teachers, grand parents, especially kids though, cleaning up a toy for scattered with toys is so difficult. >> this is what rooms always look like. >> rights the lego, the polypockets that takes forever. but you know with the toy boseer it's gathered up quickly and done in no time. >> beautiful. >> we love it. >> that's gait. help moms help your own life. great way to start a business. let's talk about stinky kids which is actually your
5:25 am
product. it turned into a musical the doll turned into books turned into a musical. tell us about that pro-yetion. >> my daughter emma asked me to paint her as a ba ler reena full-fledged brand based on the characters that i created. we have books, we have madam alexander dolls and severing now a musical here in new york we just won best family musical for 2012. >> congratulations. basically the message to moms out there is that it stems from your own needs? >> well, stinky kids comes from the phrase little stinker i used to call my kids for little mischief behavior. see products here stinky kids about teaching kids it's okay to make childhood mistakes as long as you learn and drive to be leaders of good. whole concept behind all the products and the toys. >> that's great. talk trish for a second. you are a mother/daughter team. >> yes, we. >> fantastic. you came up with zats sue? what is that?
5:26 am
>> creative learning game that helps build family bonds while protecting your pictures, can you slide your pictures in and out. helps not only teach who is who in the family circle but colors, shapes, and more. and they come in a cute little tote so that kids can carry around treasured keepsakes. >> much like amy was saying this was born out of a need. you were showing your grandchild family those and they kept destroying the photos. >> exactly. i was teaching who was who. again it's all about creating the family bonds early on. and she wanted to hold the pictures and was destroying them. so, that was my solution to her doing that plus now she has a game. well, it's more than just a game. >> it sure is carey, what's it been like. >> it's been a whirlwind. it's awesome to do things that we have never done before. i am just so happy to be part of something. i knew when my mother was creating it that she wanted to
5:27 am
use zats who as a vehicle to give back to special causes. i wanted to be a part of that since my husband is a veteran army sergeant of iraq and afghanistan. >> we should mention that you give to operation shower is it? >> yes, we do. >> tell us what that is. >> t it is an on-site give on-site baby showers to moms who are pregnant whose husbands are deployed. >> wow, that is a wonderful cause. people can find it -- what's the web site. >> operation >> also, again, this came out of you losing your job. >> i lost my job in 2009. couldn't find another, which, you know is, pretty depressing. >> yeah. >> fortunate part was the bright spot was my granddaughter. i owe this all to playing with my granddaughter. i wanted it teach her about family and all of those relationships and such. >> amy, i mean it just comes back to what you were saying that, you know, necessity is the mother of invention and all of you mothers have figured out how to do something that you needed. >> yeah. >> oh, it's true. balancing it all is, you know,
5:28 am
has been a lesson. it's not easy. so to create something you have to really figure out if you can do it. you have to have help around you and you have got your daughter which you are so lucky i have got my husband. you work it out. >> that's a great key. >> bradley, trish cooper, carrie, thanks for sharing this with us. we will put links on our web site thanks for coming. in earlier we telling you about marine veteran running 100 miles to raise money for our brave troops sacrificed their lives for us in honor of 9/11 victims as well. make sure to visit this web site. 100-mile to find out how you can help. plus, of course it's fleet week. anna kooiman is live on the uss warp. -- wasp. >> one of the fan favorites, the -- we will talk to the officer in charge next. don't you go anywhere.
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
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[ laughing ] the crackle of the campre. it can be a million years old... cool. ...or a few weeks young. ♪ [ laughs ] away beckons from orion's belt. a place that's closer than you think. find your away. for a dealer and the rv that's right for you, visit ♪ >> whoa! >> inside the silent drill team drill this morning. this is something the u.s. coast guard does silently. >> so you were sweating you said? >> bayonets at your face. >> if you could zoom in so close i was actually shaking just a little bit of shaking going on because they do fly right by your face.
5:33 am
the only thing that made me feel comfortable is i said i'm a little bit tall for military member and they said we practiced on someone 6'5". because they knew i'm tall. because they do go over your head. they do go by your nose. one of the butt of the rifle did hit me a little bit but not the bayonet. >> that shot again real quick. one of the good things about you being out there doing that is that because you were outside of the building, you wouldn't have gotten workers' comp. [ laughter ] >> that why? >> had you been impaled you would have been on your own. >> right. [screams] >> we would have taken up a collection. >> but we would have had to have finished the show first. >> that was part of our fleet week celebrations. the 25th anniversary. for more of that, we have anna kooiman meeting the troops this morning. good morning to you, anna. what's going on? >> hey, good morning to you, yes. 6,000 men and women in uniform from both u.s. and coalition forces are docked here in new
5:34 am
york city we're on board the "u.s.s. wasp." it's the largest of the 22 ships here. the public is invited to come and tour around that some of the excitement you are seeing behind me. i'm joined by the marine aviation officer in charge major aaron vondz. good morning to you. v 22 off spring. you say t helps to travel twice as fast since it takes off like a helicopter but flies like a plane. >> replaces the medium lift helicopters in the marine corps and takes off like a helicopter and lands like a helicopter but flies like a plane which enables us to go twice as fast and two or three times as far. >> give us a few more specs. >> i can give you an example. recently flew a v 22 from jacksonville, north carolina to montreal, canada and landed on an legal low pad and we did that in one shot. >> how long would it normally take. >> helicopter take up to two days. we used to fly across country from coast to coast four days in a helicopter and now we do it in one day. >> what's it like being in the
5:35 am
marines when you are on a navy ship. >> the blue green team, we start out training together. started out training in the navy command. we do a lot of the same stuff. all the aviation flight schools for navy marine corps, coast guard all start out in the navy commands and so we have worked together. we speak the same language. very nice. welcome to new york city. >> okay. thank you. >> guys back to you. >> great stuff, anna. >> the number went up you said 4,000. >> 4,000 u.s. 2,000 coalition. >> i see what you are saying. you were just trying to seat ratio of men to women. >> i have counted every single one of them. trust me. meanwhile, let's get to your headlines. we have to tell you what's happening at this hour there are shocking new details in the case of that missing 6-year-old isabel is he lease. new documents reveal one
5:36 am
person said the family owed money staying there. another pointed the finger at celis' father who has apparently been under scrutiny in this case before. birmingham, alabama police officer finding himself on the wrong side of a jail cell. accused of settle fire to two abandoned homes in the middle of the night. word is is he may be connected to more than a dozen other house fires as well. no word on a motive. now, we first told you about this 6-year-old who completed this rare unassisted triple play well, now he is being honored by his favorite team the atlanta braves. ross on cloud 9 after being named honorary team captain' game against the washington nationals. >> oh [inaudible] is this him? yes! >> he does seem excited. he also brought the braves lineup card to the umpires and attended batting practice. those are your headlines.
5:37 am
>> all right. thank you so much, alisyn. let's bring in the governor. governor mike huckabee. there is only one governor that we talk to on a regular basis. >> is he really the nation's governor. >> he really is. >> is that possible? we will see if we can make it possible. >> probably not. >> good morning, sir. welcome. >> thank you. >> i'm sure you heard what president obama said out on the campaign trail talking about how he is in a sense lowered government spending to levels not seen in 60 years. do we have the sound bite so we can have the governor react to t? perhaps not. >> what my opponent didn't tell you was that federal spending, since i took office, has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years. [ applause ] >> meanwhile, the "the washington post" glen kessler, their fact checker says three pinocchios for that statement for many different reasons. what do you think about what the president is trying to sell out there? >> well, this is one of those
5:38 am
pants on fire moments if you want to look at it. arkansas when i served as governor stanley ross. wonderful man and great statesman he used to say that figures lie and liars figure. what he meant by that was that you can twist numbers to say anything you want them to mean. this is a classic example. because what president obama had to do to come up with this sort of magic formula was to extract all of the spending in 2009 that was his. that included the porkulous bill, he called it the stimulus. it included money that even the bush administration didn't want to spend on tarp but the obama administration did, and all of those moneys and some others were assigned to george bush even though bush had long since gone back to texas. now, the reason he did that was because of the federal fiscal date. the point of all of this is that was money that obama authorized the expenditure of. it's like blaming george bush
5:39 am
for gas that joe biden made in 2009 and just moving the calendar back and saying it doesn't count. it's the only way you can come up with it plus also manipulating the rate of inflation. several mathematical tricks it was convoluted formula. quite creative to come up with something that was absolutely off the mark. >> even rnc seems confused by these numbers. they came out and said all right. well, spend something down. is trending down. the president may be on the lower side of that the debt, that's the big issue. they're calling him the debt president in chief. is is that the issue that republicans are going to go on, this is the debt president? >> long term it is because that's what's going going to effect the country's economy and effect future generations. if you are a young american, nothing ought to worry you more than the debt because it doesn't matter what just that we spent last year and whether we got anything from it. it's who is going to pay for it. and the fact is this is like finding out when you graduate from college that you are not
5:40 am
just paying your college loan off, but you are paying the college loans off for your parents who have been out of college for 40 years. i don't know too many kids who would say that's fine. i'm delighted to do that. no, they are not. they are not fine with that and that's in essence what every younger person faces. they are not just paying off what their benefits are from the government. they are paying off benefits from people, a generation, two generations away from them and for all that they are going to pay, they get nothing. nothing. >> governor, let's switch topics for a second. 43 catholic entities are now suing the obama administration because of that healthcare mandate that stipulates that they have to provide contraception coverage that seems like a big story. yet, the most of the media outlets have not covered this massive lawsuit. why not? >> it's like not covering the i have a dream speech by martin luther king 1963.
5:41 am
like missing the roe v. wade decision and not thinking that's significant. it's like somehow missing brown vs. board of education. this is one of the most significant historic lawsuits in the past 100 years because what you have are the major diocese and the most significant parts of the largest christian body in the world suing the president of the united states that is not small potatoes. let's remember, the catholics are not historically a republic organization even right leaning, typically i think catholics tend to vote more democratic than republic. you can't say this is some partisan effort to embarrass the president. this is the last resort by people of conviction and faith. this is a government grossly overstepped constitutional authority and done exactly what the first amendment prohibited it from doing.
5:42 am
having respect restrict free practices of faith. >> governor, stick around with us. we have much more to talk with you about. including the issue over this pakistani doctor and the relationship with the united states government going forward. governor, stick around. >> also, fire up the grill, folks, our next guest cooking up favorite american recipes for your memorial day barbecue. things you haven't seen before. ♪ [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer togher. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about
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5:46 am
pakistan. sentenced to 33 years for treason. so if the obama administration doesn't do more to help, will others shy away from providing intel to us in the future? earlier in the show, we spoke to lt. colonel tony shaffer. here is what he told us. >> that's why we have to have people like this guy no is under the radar. human asset. going forward why would anybody want to cooperate with us if they think they may end up like this guy. >> governor mike huckabee is back with his reaction. governor, what could the administration have done differently. >> they have got to put serious pressure on the pakistani government and tell them if you want another dime of u.s. aid you are going to fix this and fix it now. i know our relationship with pakistan has always been delegate. it's like they are the crazy uncle in the attic you need him every now and then to fix something in the house so you bring him down that's kind of the relationship we have h good cop, bad cop.
5:47 am
you can't let this go for the exact reason your last guest mentioned. you never will have anyone want to cooperate with the u.s. pat leahy and lindsey graham, refreshing to see something happen in a bipartisan way. they proposed betake $30 million out of any aide for pakistan. one for every single year this pakistani doctor isenning sentenced until the pakistani government mans up and shows class and stops this insanity. >> governor, all of in this weekend celebrating memorial day out there at fleet week and everybody is barbecuing. i know you want to bring home exactly what this weekend is all about. a little reminder this morning. >> well, it's not just about hottingting -- dogs, hamburgerse opportunity to live on goddens green's earth if we don't take moments to pause to say thank you god for people who gave up their own families and careers and put everything on hold to
5:48 am
lay down their lives for us then shame on us. this weekend on our show we have the most remarkable story of a hero that i think i have heard. it's the story of adam brown. i urge people to watch it for just this story of courage and the story of hope that i think will inspire everybody to realize what remarkable people give up their lives for this country. >> well-said. the show is -- there it is huckabee 8:00 p.m. tonight. watch it, you get to see that story the governor is talking about. governor, great to see you this morning. have a wonderful memorial day weekend. >> and to all of. >> you thanks, governor. up next, getting ready for memorial day with an all-american cookout because part of the day is actually about barbecuing. chef leron mayzon is here to share some recipes with us. ♪ ♪
5:49 am
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5:52 am
>> welcome back, everybody. we are feeding the troops here. we always keep the troops the center of our focus on memorial day weekend. so we are going to feed them some very good food. >> that's some delicious. >> hearkening back to her waitress days. she was once a waitress. going to cook up this storm is lee ron mazon.
5:53 am
his restaurant is one in atlantic city. we are going to start with watermelon tomato salad. >> one of my favorite summer dishes nice and warm out. some beautiful heirloom tomatoes. two colors. mix them together. put some of those in there and vinegarette too. >> cherry, lemon, olive oil, ginger juice. >> get that cheese or goat cheese. >> no real lettuce in this salad. >> kind of a garnish. >> little bit of a garnish. >> more of a marinaded type salad. >> you can marinade this about 20 minutes or half an hour or serve it this way. >> ali, are you going to serve this up? >> i have got to get in there, too. >> also some mac and cheese. >> for grilling we have
5:54 am
grilled corn and asparagus. did i sort of southwestern style. little bit of chili. it looks really nice with the husk. >> you grill that in foil on on the grill. >> about a minute or two. same thing with asparagus. the corn is first cooked inside of a broth. can you use milk. can you use. >> first you boil it a little bit. >> first boil it. >> appealing it? >> peal it out and pop -- get some color on it asparagus. pretty straightforward take as minute or two to grill. >> put salt or pepper. >> salt, pepper, olive oil, herbs. >> the vinegarett. >> cheddar cheese parmesan. really cheesy. >> baked how long. >> bake it until it browns off and hot in the middle. maybe two or three minutes. maybe four or five at the most. >> the grilled steak is what we are waiting for. >> tell us about that. >> skirt steak lots of flavor.
5:55 am
takes up a lot of flavor because i'm putting chili garlic rub on it. >> how do you make that? >> we can do it. >> show us how you do it. >> some of the chili garlic rub right here. goes right on the steak. >> painting it on. painting it on. >> and this is probably, it does better marinated for, i don't know, say about 10 hours. >> about 10 to 12 hours. you really want to let this stuff soak in. black pepper. little salt. >> olive oil as well or just for the grill. >> little bit of olive oil. can you put some on the grill too just to start out. >> nice. again, we are showing you this quickly. you need this to marinate so it absorbing the flavor. >> not just on the surface. more internal in the steak. that goes right on the grill. >> while you are talking about that we want to thank sears and k-mart for providing all the tables and cookware. >> looks great. >> i'm about to serve some.
5:56 am
>> serve them. >> you can eat this with your fingers. >> going to provide samplers for any grilling needs you need. this sampler is called killer grillers. made to pair up with any grilled items. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes. folks, don't go away. how do i get as close as i can to the game i love ? with nhl gamecenter premium on verizon 4g lte. it streams live playoff games and gives me on-demand replays and exclusive camera angles you can't get on tv. now, if you'll excuse me... shoot it ! call star-star-nhl to stream the stanley cup playoffs live
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good morning. it's saturday, may 26. a chilling confession. a man steps forward to say he is the one who killed 6-year-old etan patz 33 years after the little boy vanished without a trace while, of course, washing to school. we talk to a famed criminal profiler coming up. >> and will it be the bain of president obama's campaign. the attacks on mitt romney's business record could backfire some say. dick morris here to weigh in on that straight ahead. >> terrifying twisters caught on camera.
6:00 am
twisters ripping through the heartland. the one on the right is a rope twister. never heard of that. and this other one here massive twister. we will get to both of those because fox and friends hour four starts now. happy memorial day weekend. a lot of goodies and treats on the plaza if you happen to be in new york. >> it was difficult it pull you away from a food segment. barbecue treats on the grill. nice have to the troops outside and you were serving them. >> i. >> like you were work at friendly's again. >> she woodent wear the roller skates i bought. a military war coming up in a bit between two of the
6:01 am
branches. it is also always heated. >> and us i will stay away from that. >> this fox news alert out of afghanistan. the parliament there approving a strategic partnership agreement with the thaws would allow american troops to stay in the country even after the withdrawal deadline in 2014. it is part of a broader agreement forged by president obama and hamided karzai earlier this month. it will go to afghanistan's senate for approval next week. 20,000 troops it is estimated will remain in afghan to train security forces and care relationship out operations against al-qaeda. >> now, to an extreme weather alert. video out of nebraska. a terrifying twister. brian herkenbock caught it on camera right before it completely ripped apart his home. h his wife and three kids amazingly survived without any injuries by hiding in their basement. and check out this hope
6:02 am
tornado. you can see why it is named that. it touched down in russell, kansas. although it may look small these types of twisters get more intense as they get more are narrow. a massive cyber attack targeting top oh he phoenixes. the fbi revealing that latin americas dip inside a retirement fund database accessing the social security numbers of more than 100,000 government workers. among them, military personnel and 25 people 25 members of co. the attack reportedly happened in july of last year but the victims are just finding out about it now. and jaw dropping video surfacing online. you are looking at an 80-year-old woman sky diving for her birthday when things go terribly wrong. it starts with h her looking tare fide after an instructor pushes her out of a plane. then the unthinkable happens. the woman slips out of her
6:03 am
harness. incredibly she manages to hang on by a thread until they land. the horrifying scene unfolding a year ago but the video is just surfacing now. that added years to that 80-year-old's life. >> she was 87 a year are later. >> remember when president george h.w. bush did that for his birthday. >> yes. >> can we vow to do this. >> i think we should vow to not do this. >> add something else to your bucket list like go to see a vineyard. >> janice dean in for rick reichmuth. check of the weather. speaking of rick reichmuth where is that guy? >> enjoying a barbecue some where or getting prepared for something. >> or jumping out of a plane, who knows. >> i think he is in town. we are are all on call this weekend. a lot of weather to talk about.
6:04 am
extreme heat across the central u.s. and a subtropical storm meaning it has characteristics of a tropical system and nontropical, low pressure system. heat across the central u.s. around that ridge of h high pressure that is where we are seeing the increment weather. could see shores and thunderstorms and even higher elevation snow. the pocket of cold air across the rockies. you can see the center of circulation the last few frames. we have terrorism warnings meaning conditions go downhill over the next 46 hours for the region around volusia and bravard county. we think this is going to make landfall sunday into monday as a tropical storm. gusty winds. not beach day but not talking about a big hurricane or anything.
6:05 am
just something that is going to ruin some barbecues, that is it. >> thank you, janice. it is time to join us on the show. former advisor to president clinton and the author of brand new book on store shelves now called "screwed." dick more resources, thank you for joining us this memorial day weekend. >> easy title to remember. >> the president going after mitt romney's time at bain capital. not running away from it this past week, doubling even tripling down. let's listen to what he had to say. >> president obama was fielding different kinds of questions over his campaign and a new ad attacking republican mitt romney. >> they are calling what is happening now to obama the bain mutiny. top democrats. >> senator mark warren a democrat. >> new york mayor corey booker. >> this is nauseating to me. >> steve radner. >> lanny davis former special
6:06 am
counsel to press clinton. >> duvall patrick. >> senator finestein. >> each going after and saying the president is wrong to attack mitt romney. >> some of the president's loyal supporters are saying enough. >> let me paraphrase what the president said, dick, this is not a distraction, this is what the campaign is going be about. is it going to be a mistake? >> the reason the democrats are piling on, many of them i guess have gotten campaign contributions from bain capital and other private equity firms, particularly the two senators from new york. obama attack on romney is fundmentally inaccurate in two respects. first of all, they say that he outsourced jobs to mexico and china. he did. bain did but that was two years after romney left. and they talk about a call center that was outsourced by
6:07 am
the massachusetts government. that is true. but he inherited that and he got rid of it and in fact they moved back to the u.s. to utah. on the generic issue. the "wall street journal" did a study and found that 22% of the time the companies that bain was involved with did go bankrupt but 78% were rescued and turned around and these were call drowning companies to start with and 780 is a good batting average. >> interesting this week. something that most of us learned about or didn't know much about was the u.n. law of the sea treaty. and interestingly this week senator john kerry basically asked the administration to get on board with this. a treaty that long laid dormant. it could never get approved. just kept sitting there. now, it looks like the obama
6:08 am
administration is pulling out the big guns on this thing and there seems to be support although you take issue with this. why he? >> three days ago they had the hearing on the treaty and panetta and hillary and the head of the joint chiefs test fide for it. it has solid democratic support and a bunch of i would call them rhino republicans for it 86 think it is is a terrible treaty. it sets up an international seabed authority of 160 nations like under the u.n. and says that they will have a judicial tribunial that will decide which sea shoul lanes should b. right now the navy determines and keeps them open for everybody. it has been effective in doing that and very impartial.
6:09 am
this cedes into a body that may be andty american becaus. another thing that is worse is it gives' way half of our off shore oil and drilling royalties to the seabed authority which then gives it to third world countries and that transfer of wealth initially is $20 billion a year and would rise to several hundred billion dollars after five to seven years. in addition we are obliged to give other nations our drilling technology. the final thing is this treatia has a cause empowering the seabed authority to make regulations to fight ocean pollution and one of the things they say polluting the ocean is warming. it is crucial this be defeated. i urge people to get my book "screwed" and read about it and take action.
6:10 am
it comes up in a few weeks. we want to talk about what is going on in wisconsin. scott walker as the governor there fighting for his political life as this recall against him. there was a fire arey debate he engaged in with his opponent last night. let's take a list. >> he wants this state to be the prototype for the tea party nationally. that is why he is such a rock star. they love him. the conservatives love him. the right wing loves him because he is doing exactly what he -- they want him to do. >> there is something wrong when you have a sitting governor who raised 60% to 70% of his money from out of state. >> we wouldn't have to raise or spend a penny in the election if it weren't for the out-of-state special interests. we saw reports of more money coming in and pouring into the greater wisconsin committee which is a front group for all the union money coming in here. >> what is going to happen in wisconsin? >> the polls have walker narrowly ahead.
6:11 am
this is an absolutely crucial race. a very good bellwether for the 2012 election. if walker wins here that will be huge mind kateing romney's chances. secondly and more importantly this is the future of education in the country. the burden of his reforms was to say you can't have teacher tenure. you can't -- you have to have merit pay for teachers and you can't waste education money on union projects like marked up health insurance which you could get much more cheaply some place else. the result for example is milwaukee city got $40 million more last year they could spend on education because they marked down the health insurance but with the same coverage. the union just didn't get the profit. this is the future of education in america and it is terribly important that everybody do everything they can to support scott walker not just for its
6:12 am
national political implications but because we tried everything else to improve our schools and it failed and this is it. >> could become a precedent if he ends up walking away with this thing. >> exactly. and a precedent if he loses. if if he loses nobody will touch this issue. >> dick morris, you are the author of "screwed." thanks for being with us. >> coming up on the show, he confessed to killing etan patz. we will talk to a criminal profiler next. and a special surprise for these kids as their soldier mom and dad return from serving our country. we are there to share that heart warming homecoming, still ahead.
6:13 am
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and check out the ready to fis@ tracker pro team 175 the world's best selling fishing boat starting at just $14,995
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6:16 am
♪ 33 years to the day after etan patz disappeared an arrest was made. 51-year-old pedro he hernandez a former convenience store clerk confessed according to police. how could someone commit such you a horrific crime and go on to lead a regular life? let's ask criminal profiler pat brown. pat, great to see you. >> bullpen. >> according to police reports and what they told the media this guy pedro hernandez never met etan patz before that day. he saw a 6-year-old heading to a bass stop and decided to lure them to a basement because he said he had the urge to kill him. what is that? >> well, it is one of two
6:17 am
things. one is he is actually a child sex predator who then did something terrible to the little boy and then killed him afterwards because that is what he would have to probably do and doesn't want to admit this part or just lying about the whole thing and really didn't do anything to the child at all. >> why can't he just be a sociopath who really did have that sort of unbridled urge that day. >> we do see sociopaths involved in killing but with a little child there is usually something sexual associated with it. i i don't want to believe that it is possible that somebody just has this overwhelming urge and then does something so heinous. does at any time surprise you that this guy hernandez was out of the spot light for 33 year.
6:18 am
>> i don't really buy the story that that is all that would have happened if he really was guilty the crime and it doesn't mean he didn't commit other crimes. he hasn't been caught. after all if he did this one he wasn't caught either was he. just because 30 years has gone by doesn't mean a heck of a lot. we know there are child predators caught and they go back and then find a dozen children and they have no idea it was the guy. >> let's talk about his family for a second. there are media reports that he told them that he had done something terrible in new york city. he even told them i killed a child. what is the psychology of family members who wouldn't turn them in. >> they probably didn't believe them and i don't know that i believe them. i don't know that they have any evidence that he is telling the truth. you will take a case that is big in the media and have somebody crawl out of some place and claim they killed the
6:19 am
person. go back to jonbenet ramsey. some people like the attention and drama around it. if he has problems, a mental problem, schizophrenia, things like that maybe he just confessed to things he didn't do. and maybe show just shrugged and said i didn't think so. >> his attorney says he is prone to hallucinations. what would convince you that he is in fact the killer. >> at this point probably nothing. i heard the police said he had information about the crime that no one else knew. i don't know what that could possibly be. there is no physical body. they don't have a crime scene any more. what could he tell them that is so unique? i don't really buy it. they had the other suspect for all these years until they bud up the basement and they were so sure they were going to find the little boy's remains in the
6:20 am
basement and arrest the original suspect. all of a sudden this guy confessed he did it, he has the information. i don't believe it and i don't think it will hold up in court. >> we shall she what happens in the case. pat brown, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. more fox and friends in just two minutes. [ male announcer ] that. right there -- reminds you
6:21 am
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welcome back, everybody. president obama addressing barnard college graduates just a week ago. back in 2008, the youth vote helped then candidate obama win the white house but with the national debt soaring towards $16 trillion and social security and medicare going broke will young americans again back the commander in chief? joining us this morning,
6:24 am
charlie kirk, mike diamond, maria, high school seniors part of the nonpartisan national student group sos liberty. they are are calling for it fiscal report. >> sos liberty is a nonpartisan group, national movement committed to getting our fellow generation understanding the issues. when i graduate high school in june i will be handed a diploma. that is also an invoice for over $800,000. we are committed to fiscal responsibility and restoring the values that the nation was built on. >> it a nice tab to be faced with, maria. how did you come about this project? most kids, i remember my seenon year this is not exactly the type of project i was working on to say the least. how did you guys get inspired to do this? >> we really just sat down and thought about our futures. we have a good story. mike's dad would always when we were younger come up to us and
6:25 am
apologize and we would be like why are you apologizing and he said my generation is going to be handing down a big bill to you guys. as we got older we he understand the implications this of so we became concerned. >> when we talked about the group we said nonpartisan. you do not direct the frustrations necessarily to republicans or democrats but all politicians? >> that's right. and as we like to say this isn't a republican or democrat issue. this is a generational issue and frankly a math issue. if you look at the numbers the numbers just don't add up. we are nonpartisan and we don't adhere to party lines at all but rather to ideals and those ideals being fiscal responsibility, living within your means and other are basic what we see as common sense principles. >> the ideals, though, mike, do you feel the current administration is sticking and abiding to them. >> no. this is an administration is promised cuts and they have not
6:26 am
followed through with those promises. and a lot of the issues going around right now in terms of what this office is doing in terms of winning the teen and student vote is about fairness. and what we feel is it is not fair that the older generation gets to live above their means today where we will be forced to live below them tomorrow. that is what liberty we are trying -- >> real quick, where can folks go to learn more about this? >> go to www. we are creating a someone stop shop for youth to come together and be concerned about your fiscal health. not just the youth, all americans that want to restore fiscal responsibility to the area. and our facebook. we are quickly becoming a national voice for fiscal responsibility. >> i feel much better about today's youth. mike diamond, maria, and char lee are are from sos liberty.
6:27 am
check them out on that web seat. thank you guys for being with us. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. >> a lot like a young alisyn camerota and clayton morris. >> the unofficial kickoff to summer. start it off right by giving your back yard a makeover. home depot is cooking it up this morning. also, we told you about this marine veteran running 100-miles to raise money for our brave troop in honor of the 9/11 victims and our wounded warriors. visit his website 100-mile to find out how youd out how can help. he started at 8:00 this morning. and our nation's heros new york city for fleet week. we check in with anna. >> a carrier jump yet and we will we talking to a family
6:28 am
touring this and the uss watts as well. we have a whole lot more for you coming up. don't go anywhere are. [ morgan ] when you cheer, they fly just a liiiiittle bit higher... [ man ] he hits it! [ morgan ] ...go just a liiiiittle bit further... [ woman ] a perfect 10! [ morgan ] they can even be perfect.
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6:31 am
members of the u.s. marine
6:32 am
corps navy and coast guard have invaded new york city. it is that time of year again, fleet week. they are celebrating 25 years and we sent our own anna out to meet the troops aboard the uss. >> rough duty, anna. >> it is really enough. ali is jealous. >> good morning to you guys. we are having a blast. standing outside of a harrier jump jet. it is unique because it can take off like a helicopter and fly like a jet. we are on the flight yet of a multipurpose amphibious assault ship. the biggest one docked in new york city for free throw week 2012. 22 ships began making their way up the river on wednesday and now 6,000 men and women in uniform are roaming the streets of new york loo looking for a d time and getting involved in community outreach projects as well. john greener even up for are fleet week highlighting the group with a special group reenlistment and a promotion for 6 naval officers aboard the
6:33 am
uss watts. we talked exclusively to the cno. >> fleet week gives us the opportunity, the navy, sailors to meet, new york, and for new york to meet their navy and nobody does it like, new york. they open their arms, the citizens, the officials from the mayor on down. it is awesome. >> reporter: and fleet week a great opportunity for families to be able to come out and tip their hats to the service men and women for all they do. i'm joined by a tamly. go ahead and introduce yourselves. >> glen. >> shear ron. >> regan. >> and regan. 7-year-old regan. you look like a marine yourself with your camo on. how do you feel to be out here, buddy? >> good. >> why did you key side to bring your little boy he is the youngest. >> the youngest of five. we came here to show him and appreciate and thank all of our military for the sacrifices they make to protect our freedom and the amazing technology. he can see what this country is
6:34 am
all about. >> thank you so much and enjoy the weather out here for free throw week. it's nice, huh? thank you so much. guys, back to you in the studio he. >> niece weather, nan. thank you. good job. >> let's get to the headlines reit now. more news to tell you about because police in california are hoping new clues will help them solve the mystery of a missing hollywood executive. one man claims he is almost man gavin saw this man smith a week after he disappeared dining about two hours north of where he was last seen on may 1 with a woman. the man says he did not realize who it was until he saw this is a news report. >> georgia congressman jack kingston wants to put the brakes on funding for nascar. nascar legend daryl waltrip told us how this would hurt the sport. >> these are the best p.r. men that the army and the navy and
6:35 am
any branches of the military could have. they do stuff in the community. the recruits love this program. this is a great program and to disrupt it or destin it is somebody that really needs to do a little more homework. >> congressman kingston says the push to get the government out of sports sponsorship is based on finances not fanfare. get the tissues ready, dave. an army couple surprises their kids by returning from afghanistan early. the reunion will melt your heart. >> that is travis and isala. they haven't seen their kids since this past october. both being deployed overseas at the same time. >> both. >> are you kidding me? that is sacrifice. >> it is. their kids thinking that they were on a tour of a wisconsin airport with the boy scouts and they could not have been more shocked to see their parents
6:36 am
show up. >> i was shocked. >> i didn't really know we were going to do anything. i thought i was just -- it was just a scouts thing. >> it was a sur price. surprise. words can't describe it. >> they will be home but only for two weeks. >> we need them on the program. >> we need them on tomorrow. what an incredible family and sacrifice. talk about sports. >> stanley cup finals all set. the los angeles kings coming all the way across the country to newark, new jersey. game six last night was a beauty. jersey again jumps out to a quick lead, 2-0. but the rangers get back in this thing as they have in the last couple of games. callahan inadvertently really off the skate beats 40-year-old marty brodeur. i think the only guy that could
6:37 am
see was the rookie. the devils back to the cup. first time since 2003. as i mentioned, they get the los angeles kings and that starts in newark on wednesday. meanwhile a critical moment in the roger clemens steroid perjury case. he is linked to two cotton falls and a needle collected by his former strength trainer. he said he was not sure if the cotton balls were the ones used on clemens. check out the hoyt pink pants. that is what dwyane wade wore to the arena before his 40 points. arguably made more headlines than his first half. the question is would you wear pink pants could work if it guaranteed your best performance? to me the answer. absolutely i would. i did this morning. >> it is obvious. >> i don't know if it delivered the way it it did for dwyane
6:38 am
wade. clayton also on board with the d. wade trend. he gave it a run, too, and wore pink pants here to the studio at 4:30 this morning. did it work the way it did for d wade? >> a marked improvement in your performance today. i didn't know it was pink pants. >> every day under this suit i'm wearing pink pants reit now. >> underpants. >> thanks, guys. i'm getting in touch with my masculinity now. it is memorial day. it is grilling time. mike from home depot to tell us more are about this. happy memorial day. >> we say it is a somber occasion but families get together and give thanks to the men and women in uniform who have given so much to this country. >> sort of unofficial official start to summer. everybody is going to be outside entertaining. if you are unprepared and the
6:39 am
weekend is here you are are running out of time. >> i told my wife this and a few weeks ago we went to home depot and got ourselves a brand new grill and my wife said it is summer and you have to go buy a grill now. >> if you are new to gelling or looking to replace a grill. do you want charcoal or gas. gas if you are planning to cook out a lot it is a little more convenient because it is always hooked up and just basically turn it on. with charcoal if you are not looking to cook out as oft ten might be a good choice. people love the smoky flavor so there is a little more prep for this. >> and with some of the gas grills one of the choices i made was maybe the external burner to warm up other things like baked beans or do other things on the grill. >> we are focusing on folks who maybe are not prepared for the weekend. this is a four burner gas grill. can fit up to 32 burgers on here. >> wow.
6:40 am
>> 634 square inches of space. >> that is not enough room for briggs. >> this is a limited time special buy $199. a lot of grill for $199. and they always have the extra burners on the side which is cool but this is nice because the cover is with the top so you can use this as a work area, too. the one touch cleaning system at the bottom. >> patio furniture. can't have people standing around not being able to eat their burgers. >> you can, but you they won't be very happy. we ared by folks who we got from the crowd who agreed to join us and liven it up a bit. this is from martha stewart living. a four piece set. this is a great starter set or if you are trying to add seating maybe something you already have this is a great fit. you get the comfortable seats. they kind of rock a little bit. it does not with an umbrella
6:41 am
but it has a space in the middle to add any standard umbrella to that. >> and this is something that can sit outside all winter and you don't have to worry about it rusting. >> and this is the acoustic research wireless speaker system. you can correct something directly to it like an ipod or mp3 player. but if you want to put that inside thereth is a transmitter that comes with it. you can hook it to the television so if you have cable television with the sta satelle music channels pick your favorite one and this transmits 100 feet outside. >> and you don't have to worry about water, it weather resistant. >> a little doobie brothers for the memorial day weekend. and we have cushions, all kinds of grilling stuffion everything you need to make memorial day
6:42 am
successful. >> mike from home depot. go to home depot and pick up everything you need for your memorial day barbecue. >> everything i have except the dancing, fellows. can i get a little dancing? none. still ahead, fox and friends wants to help our veterans go from deployed to employed. showing brave men and women how to use their mill h terri skills to land a job in this economy. plus, you don't want to miss the u.s. marines taking on the navy in a tug of war are in a battle of wills and strength, when we come back. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now with the touch of a button ? droid does. does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ?
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droid does. droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99.
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lookin' good, flo! feelin' good! feelin' real good! [ engine revs ] boat protection people love. now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. according to the u.s. bureau of labor statistics the unemployment rate for active veterans since 2001 was 12.1%
6:46 am
in 2011 and memorial day weekend this weekend fox and friends wants to help some of those brave men and women land a job. >> and no better to help out than cheryl cassoni from the fox business network. she has been helping people find jobs that aren't available. >> i wanted to do something different than what i normally do during the week. we always find companies that are hiring and this week we found companies hiring veterans. what are the skillsets that veterans can bring to corporate america. the veterans themselves need to know what they can bring to the table in the interview process when they start to look for positions. and so i found five different skills that they can bring to the table and the first is leadership, guys. >> a great skill to have. leadership, the big one that they are looking for and you bring up a good point. i think there is friction between what they are learning on the battle field and what the companies are looking for.
6:47 am
number two, organization. >> organizational skills. nothing says organization leak the u.s. military. you have to be on time and report for are duty and obey our o losses and officers -- your losse bosses and officerse you. whether it is logistics or the supply room and you learn those organizational skills you can take that to corporate america. they value that because many that don't have that type of training that never did serve their country frankly don't have that. a very appreciated skill. >> number three on the list is transportation. how exactly do you emphasize that as a member of the military? >> many of our men and women that have served had to work in the big trucks whether it is tanks or trucks. and all of that, those skills transfer over to a lot of the big transportation companies here in the united states. penske truck leasing was one of my companies earlier this week because you have the skills to handle the large vehicles. a lot of people that went to
6:48 am
college. >> are we talking driving and. >> i'm talking mechanics, drivers, anything. even to learn how to be around and operate one of the large vehicles. it is a dangerous -- this can be a dangerous job and so they have the wherewithal and the kills and are used to being around large equipment. some of the companies are going near bases with large transportation operations whether in texas or alabama and actively recruiting veterans that have the skills. >> the other two are commitment to service and integrity. those are the other really important commitment to service. i have to ask you before we led you go, how do you bring the skills to the potential employers? is it on ou your resume or howu bring it up in the interview process? >> it is how you present yourself in the interview. you are coming to corporate america and been in iraq or afghanistan for x amount of years. they say what do you bring to
6:49 am
the table. i learned how to serve my country and learned the value of my mello fellow marines, arr force. integrity is something that companies recognize in veterans. waste management, gm. citi says we saw the work ethics. general motors. goes back to the transportation skills. and waste management large truck operations. examples of companies that are saying to us we are looking for these. it is good business because 12% unemployment since 2001 and 26% of them have disabilities. i mean why is it fair that you went and served our country and come back -- it is like if you didn't serve your country you would have a better chance atgeting a job and that is
6:50 am
frustrating. >> check out cheryl ca sone does a great job on fox business. >> up next, a tug of warriors. the marines taking on the navy. the winner going up against us? >> oh, no. >> i'm an anchor. >> heavy lifting there. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. ♪ [muc plays] ♪ [music plays]
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6:53 am
welcome back to fox and friends everyone. of course, it is fleet week here in new york. there are 4,000 u.s. service men and women here and i'm lucky enough to be joined by first lieutenant sharon highland. you are with the marines. tell us about where your marines have just come back from? >> our marines have come back from a year long deployment in
6:54 am
afghanistan. >> great to be in new york. how are you enjoying fleet week. >> we are loving it. everyone has been friendly and we are saying thank you to them for our support. >> it is fleet week so you would think that the navy has an advantage over you guys in the tug of war you are about to see because these guys are navy officers and seamen. >> we are the marines. when you need the strength you call in the marines. >> you hear that? she is throwing down the gant. >> the they have to ride with us, though. >> they point out you have to ride with them. >> he would do have to ride with them. >> we have one infantryman and two truck drivers. they are about to take on the navy and they are excited to be here. >> and what is really scaring everyone here is that whoever wins this tug of war has to teak on us, clayton and dave and me and we are anchors so you guys are very scare. >> we are very scared actually.
6:55 am
>> on your mark. everybody get ready for the tug of war. on your mark. getting ready. you guys getting ready. let's see here. now, it is four against four. okay. i like the petite young woman in the front. let's see how it goes. ready? on your mark. get set. tug! >> pull back. pull back. come on, navy! >> that's it. >> that's it. >> okay. that's it. that's it. okay. all right. that one went to the marines. you guys, noble effort. very noble effort. good work. good job, everybody. okay when they come back, it is against us. [ thunk ]
6:56 am
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6:59 am
>> the u.s. marines are going to take on fox and friends in a tug of war. ready. set. go! >> i think they are cheating. i think -- but the marines haven't gone down. that was great, guys. thanks so much. thanks for all your service. have a great time at fleet captioned by closed captioning services, inc. heading over a cliff. washington's money watch dog warning. that is where our economy is going in 7 months. if lawmakers don't go to work. to prevent massive tax hikes and automatic spending cuts kicking in january 1. now, if they do nothing the congressional budget office says a recession is guaranteed. is that right? hi, i'm brenda buttner. this is bulls and bears. let's get right to it. the bulls and bares this week we have gary b. smith, tobin smith, jonas along with ed


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