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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 26, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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giant wildfire. we will continue to keep an eye on this developing story. incredible pictures. hello everyone. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. we are live and we are are together i'm jamie colby, good to see you kelly. >> good to be with you. i'm kelly wright. a big weekend for our nations heros as we honor the sacrifice of our brave men and women in uniform this weekend. fleet week in new york this week. here is the sight of the majestic vessels rolling into the harbor. the usswass we find our own anna with the job of the day. >> tough assignment today, right, kelly.
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we are on the flight deck of a multipurpose amphibious assault ship. the largest ship docked here for fleet week 2012. on wednesday, 22 vessels made their way up the hudson river and now 6,000 men and women in uniform from u.s. and coalition forces are roaming new york looking for a good time of course, and getting out there and getting involved in community outreach projects as well. the united states chief of naval operations even up for fleet week highlighting his trip with a special reenlistment for 25 sailors, marines and coast guardsmen. we talked to the cmo. >> to do it here in new york city 11 years after 9/11 the police where so much of our country has embraced security and what it is really all about and have them commit here in new york, very special. >> so really rolling out the
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red carpet here in new york city. a great opportunity here at fleet week 2012 for families to come out and tour the assault vehicles as well as some of the ships here. we even spotted one little girl handing out hand made cards her and her sister put together to thank all the service members for what they do. fleet week rocking new york city until wednesday. back to you. >> we he thank you for bringing us some of the sights and sounds of fleet week. >> um-h'm. >> jamie? there are serious new questions over the fate of the man who helped bring osama bin laden to justice. pakistan's motives. why did they sentence him to what is basically a death sentence after information he provided was so helpful? the fallout is growing in u.s. political circles and some people are wondering exactly how it will affect our relationship with what was a key ally in the middle east. is it still?
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peter doocy live in washington with that really disturbing developments. peter? >> and jamie, if you rewind a few months you will remember things were already tense with afghanistan because they killed a critical supply line in afghanistan after we accidentally killed two dozen of their troops. now, after this doctors sentenced to three decades in jail senator dianne feinstein streeted the treatment of dr. afridi who assisted the u.s. to find bin laden makes me wonder which side of the war pakistan is on. experts are saying it is tough to think of -- this is a very strange alliance between the united states and pakistan. we are both fighting taliban. had this happened with england
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or france or israel or yemen, if we had an enemy terrorist and would have sent drones they wouldn't have react that way. >> as for now the doctor is in jail and the u.s. was not able to bail him out before he went which intelligence experts think will make it difficult to recruit foreign assets in the future. >> they are critical to get into the small networks for the war on terror. going forward why would anybody want to cooperate with us if they think they may end up like this guy in some regard. >> the white house and state department have been crystal clear in their position. they don't believe there is any basis for the charges. >> as a follow-up and without a doubt it as disincentive to any one who would step forward they are so few and far between. was there any other charge that the government claimed this doctor had done that would substantiate even an arrest or a trial? >> it is cloudy but actually if
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you ask the house homeland security chairman peter king the republican from new york he thinks that the obama administration and some high up officials actually led the pakistanis to this doctor in the days following the raid because they were talking about basically there was a back and forth that we don't know all the details about but peter king thinks that we tipped them off and said we found out about where bin laden was hiding by this doctor who was conducting a dna drive in the town and then the pakistanis with that vague but specific enough information went in and got him but a senior administration official tell tion us the pakistanis did find him on their own. >> you didn't know i was going to throw you that question. thank you. that information helpful. there was a vaccination program that helped get the information to find bin laden. thank you so much, peter. great job. >> kelly? there are new developments in syria.
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u.n. observers heading to a region where activists claim there is fresh blood shed. one opposition group is saying -- you are hearing a bomb blast there in the video. in the last 24 hours over 100 people killed by forces loyal to president asaad. fighting in syria continued despite the deployment of some 250 international monitors spanned out across the country you to observe a u.n. brokered cease fire. to iran now. iran is saying recent suspicions about their nuclear program are due to what they call "a routine technical issue." the u.n. reported finding traces of enriched uranium in an underground bunker and it they were apparently the closest iran ever had to weapons
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he was last seen fleeing the scene on a motorcycle wearing a red and black jacket. police say motened and the victim 33-year-old takisha barnes had a history of domestic violence and barnes had recent lyophiled an order o of protection against her long-time boyfriend. >> tragic so close to a school. and the hostage standoff we were watching at an indiana real estate office ends with the gunman taking his own life. police say it all started around 10:00 a.m. when the man walked into the prudential executive group offices looking for someone he claimed owed him money. the frightened employees hid under their desks as they started to hear the gun fire.
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>> and i came out and i just like looked at him and said get the [ bleep ] out and at that time he drew a gun and when drew the gun i quick backed up into my office and shut the door. barricade the door and barricade the door. we heard initially shift jo shots and then we heard several shots which i understand was the cops coming in late. i felt like i was -- i got a text from my son saying i love you mom and worrying. that is when you know. >> amazing. officers heard the two shots as s.w.a.t. teams prepared to enter the office and police aren't releasing the gunman's name but they say that he died at the hospital. reaction from passengers aboard a florida plane where a man rushed the cockpit. check this out. yesterday police arrested a 24-year-old canadian man after he charged the cockpit door on an american airlines flight
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from jamaica to miami when it landed. passengers were able to restrain the unruly man. take a listen to them describe what happened. >> run through the cab bin pretty quickly. >> i extended my hand like i was going to shake h his hand and from that point i maneuvered and flipped. as you know you got in this corner position and you are locked and one arm is up. the more up the more pane and pressure and the more pain you are going to be in. >> we were worried because we didn't know what it was all about but then the staff got ahold of him and sit there for awhile until the police came and took him off. >> a harrowing experience to say the least. the suspect is expected to face federal charges when appears in court on tuesday. a lot of folks this weekend were hoping for warmer weather and they sure got it because there is a heat wave that is
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gripping parts of the heartland and the east coast this memorial day weekend. you got to be safe, though. and forecasters are predicting extreme weather including dangerous temperatures reaching well into the 90s will take place in places like washington, d.c. where there is also high humidity. ossuld make it feel as hot as the midwest. in the ohio and tennessee valleys, pretty hot. doctors now asking all of us especially the elder early and young children to stay indoors and drink plenty of fluids. >> good advice. water has different plans for the west coast. these campers in california meeting snow at start of their summer vacation. while there wasn't much on the ground the reaction ranged from mildly amused to really, not at all. >> i'm a trooper what can i say.
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i woke up freezing and then walked outside and there were giant snowflakes everywhere. and i wanted to leave. >> we are going jet skiing. >> really? camping, jet skiing. >> for three days, really? >> that is amazing. snow is moving on in some spots with you with temperatures in the 30s campers say it is best to bring extra layers of clothing while you are out there. >> on to politics now. there are new concerns for president obama's reelection team as brand new numbers show the president may be losing a large portion of a key voting bloc that helped get him elected back in 2008. which is it? according to the latest, washington post fo abo news poa majority of white middle class voters believe mitt romney is better to fix the economy. just 32% prefer president obama
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on that issue. should the president be worried, though. ryan clayton is the founder of 100 proof of politics .com. thanks for being here this holiday weekend. >> thanks for having me. >> we thank any one who would want this job in the white house to begin with because we are facing a tough time and seems like we almost always are. when it comes to middle class voters, though, ryan, i want to ask you o who in this country believes the american dream stops at middle class? doesn't everyone dream of being in the 1%? >> i think most people dream of the days long gone where you could have enough money to pay your mortgage and send your kids to a good school and pay the bills on time and have a little money left over to take the kids to the movie. that is what most americans want. it is a dream that is far off because we had people like mitt
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romney gambling on wall street. thankfully we had people like president obama that put financial rules back in place. the real problem is that there is no rules on wall street. until we fick hp fix that we are not going to get our economy back on track. >> so we are blaming mitt romney for this weak economy. sir, look at obama's failed policies and trying to spend us out of a recession with his stimulus packages by giving an auto bailout which was a payout to the unions. stole. i could go down the list. you guys are trying to bash bain capital where this man actually created jobs. under the obama administration we have lost jobs and who is the middle class today? most families don't even have a savings account. >> what is the difference? how do you define the difference between spending in corporate america as you claim mitt romney will do and has done in the fast.
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first increasing entitlements. going beyond the budget in terms of spending although we don't really have a budget let alone a bald one. how do you define the difference? isn't spending spending and shouldn't we all live within our means? that is what all americans are being asked to do now, isn't it? >> we had this radical trickle down economics for the last 30 years. that is not working for americans reit now. the economy i is based on a balance of supply and demand and right now there is no demand in our economy. we need americans with jobs and businesses need customers with money in their pockets ready to spend it. that is the only thing that is going to kick start our economy and that is what president obama is doing by stimulating the economy and putting americans back to work but had to do that with republican opposition in the house and the senate and people like speaker john boehner and people like representative paul. >> rean -- >> people just standing in the way when is trying to get our country back on track.
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>> ryan -- >> let me pose it it this way and i bet it fits in with the response. there was a time when the house and senate were controlled by democrats. >> you just said it. >> and president obama was in office. what ryan is saying is that he is getting so much opposition he can't bring the economy further along than it is. what was different during that period of time? what did the president get done that fits into what ryan is saying would happen if things were more in democratic control? >> it doesn't fit into anything that ryan is saying. ryan, here obama had the house and the senate and nancy pelosi that did his bidding but all of his policies have failed. so now we are blaming a right wing conspiracy? we do have the tea partyers in the house. we do have a lot of partisan politics right now but the president had the house and the senate, got all of his legislation through and it is groundhog day all over again because we are still in a bad
10:16 am
economy and the worst unemployment rate since fdr. >> let me jump back to ryan. go back to the period of time and tell me did we create more jobs during that period of time? did your our budget more chosely appear balanced. did the definite not grow during that period of time? >> the deficit has grown least among president obama's term in office than among any recent president in u.s. history. he has been putting americans back to work. we have the job losses are going down. the unemployment rate is going down and that has been consistent since day one in office. voters looking at someone like mitt romney to help with unemploy monday is like inviting the foxes in to guard the henhouse, you know. romney made millions shipping jobs overseas. >> doug: >> i have 15 seconds. >> people are underemployed. you have people with college degrees serving drinks at a bar and waiting tables. nothing wrong with that but you don't go to school to do that. i don't know what world you are
10:17 am
living in with you but under barack obama we have not gotten any better. >> thanks to both sides fair and balanced. >> why experts say a common sleeping condition could now be putting some 28 million americans at an increased risk of developing cancer. and a community bands together to bring an injured purple heart marine the holiday home coming he truly deserves. >> our hero who served this country above and beyond and we are are just here to show him he has got support. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain.
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world war ii is a period that changed america the people of that era made tremendous sacrifices for god and country. they paveed the way for many americans to live beyond the dream and in observance of memorial day we focus on wen wendel pierce a son of a world war ii veteran. >> in world war ii america need heed men and women to support
10:22 am
the effort to win the war against germany and japan. americans joined military ranks to answer the call for service. >> new orleans is home to the national world war ii museum filled with memorabilia, artifacts, pictures, documents and films of america's greatest generation at war. >> my commitment to the museum is the fact that i want to make sure that the people's stories are remembered. >> the museum tells a real story of how all americans had to unite together to win the war. wendel shares how the black community in the midst of struggling with segregation was involved in a double v campaign. victory abroad. victory at home. >> you see this stately elderly african american woman who had three sons fighting in the military. still saying even though this country is not being fair to me they are fighting to make sure that the country is free and there is liberty and freedom for everybody.
10:23 am
>> wendel guided me on a tour of the museum. the new orleans native has a special bond to world war ii. his father amos serve in the navy during the war. he was just 16 when enlisted. he saw action in the pacific, arriving on shore by boat under heavy fire. >> the worst experience for him was the mortars falling on him. >> h his dad was one of thousands of black men who enlisted to fight for america's personal freedom even though their personal freedoms were not recognized at home. >> it started before world war ii in my family for instance i had a family member who fought in world war i and my brother went on to westpoint and my older brother then rotc. it was a military legacy, you know, of fighting for justice and equality. >> the black troops overcame the hurdles of pride and prejudice through many acts of
10:24 am
courage and sacrifice. the marines became a source of pride as the first black men to be trained as marines. black men continued to distinguish themselves even in the air campaign as fighter pilots. the tuskegee airmen or the red tails which was the color painted on the tails of their ne displayed by so many blacks some found themselves maligned at home. >> there was a wac officer. white female officerrer i offis coming out of the service he was ahead of the papers and he said i think i received the medal and she responded you, impossible and she dismissed it and he he was so offended by that. >> while the curators of the museum investigated the matter together they were able to
10:25 am
secure amos pierce about's medals and presented them to him two years ago on veteran's day. and amos pierce went on to thank america and thank the united states for giving him those medals. wendel goes on to add what world war ii shows you is the greatest things we dream of could be possible. his father says he never thought it would be possible to live the american dream and yet today at 87 years of age is alive and able to enjoy it. we thank all the men and women who served not only in the american war of world war ii but all the wars that have served. we thank you so much for your valiant service. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh!
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welcome back, everybody. home comings are always emotional but particularly for a marine that was badly injured overseas in afghanistan. 19-year-old shawn adams seen here with his father returning to his hometown in gainesville, alabama, to a crowd of well wishers. he lost both legs, a left thumb and right pinky after stepping on an ied while on patrol. he received a purple heart from president obama for his bravery and service. >> feels great to get home. my brothers over there deserve the statement. >> and he will stand. stand before long. he can stand now as far as i'm concerned he is ten foot tall. >> i went to afghanistan and fought for myself and family and the corps and now i'm fighting for my life.
10:31 am
>> private first-class adams will head to walter reed medical center to resume his recovery. we thank him for his service. the catholic church committing to a battle oh over contraception. catholic diocese and institutions suing the federal government over the mandates to provide birth control. the latest on this story. >> reporter: the obama administration is arguing back saying catholic institutions won't have to pay directly for birth control, sterilization or abortion inducing drugs under a healthcare mandate. they say insurance companies will. catholic leaders, though, aren't buying it. >> sounds great if it were true. it sounds wonderful. we have this great accommodation and you don't have to worry because you are not going to have to provide or pay for, the insurance company will. we are self-insured. we are the insurance company.
10:32 am
so nothing has changed. >> now, 43 catholic institutions including the university of notre dame and the archdiocese of new york, washington and st. louis have filed 12 federal lawsuits against the obama administration and that healthcare mandate. the white house says the president "believes strongly in religious liberty and also believes strongly in providing women with access to contraception." >> the president has worked with leaders of religious institutions on this issue. he has instructed his team to do that and we he will continue to do so as we take further steps to implementing this rule. >> one former 2008 gop presidential candidate says this may be one of the "most significant historic lawsuits of the past 100 years." >> catholics are not historically a republican organization even right leaning. typically, i think catholics tend to vote more democratic
10:33 am
than republican so you can't say this is a partisan effort to embarrass the president. this is the last resort by people of conviction and faith. >> some bishops are urging churches to ring their bells on june 21 and july 4 as a sign of their support for religious freedom. jamie. >> molly, thank you. good to see you. >> good to see you. the naacp recently came out with an endorsement of same-sex marriage. but with their announcement coming just ten days after the president made his, there are some serious questions about not only their timing but if their membership feels the same way. here with his thoughts to explain this is jason riley, a member of the "wall street journal" editorial board and a fox news contributor and he joins us to talk about this very issue. the naacp as you know, jason is a 103-year-old institution. it helped champion the civil rights struggles for millions of african americans. how do you respond to the recent stand the naacp has
10:34 am
taken in support of same-sex marriage, bearing in mind what the president of the ncaa said and that is civil marriage is a civil right and a matter of civil law. what do you say? >> like the president the naacp as an organization has evolved over the past 100 years and it is not today what it used to be 40 years ago. today this organization comes out and says that its support for gay marriage has nothing to do with the president recently announceing that he supports gay marriage and i find that very hard to believe. i think the timing is not a coincidence he. i think the naacp is attempting to give the president cover in the plaque community. democrats are worried about depressed turnout among blacks. black voter registration is down markedly from where it was in 2008 and democrats are concerned that the black support for obama will not be what it was in 2008.
10:35 am
>> jason, let me jump in with that because many african americans as you know oppose same-sex marriage, viewing it as a religious matter, not a civil rights issue. and last october there was a pugh poll that found that 62% of african american protestants opposed gay marriage. why would the naacp step into this theater and endorse the president's stand on same-sex marriage? >> i would add it is those members of the naacp, those active members who tend to be older, church going folk that are most opposed to gay marriage. which i think speaks to my point which is that this is primarily being done on behalf of democrats and not on behalf of the naacp's membership. this fits a pattern. the nap for the past 30-40 years has been interested in promoting democratic interests and not in promoting necessarily black interests.
10:36 am
>> the interest of african americans should be along the lines of economic empowerment because they are suffering in terms of unemployment disproportionately. what about those issues? why didn't the naacp come out to address those issues? >> it fits a pattern whether talking about the economy or jobs. the naacp opposes school of choice in many forms even though underprivileged blacks support it overwhelmingly and have done so for decades. the naacp supports minimum wage laws that study after study shows disproportionately harm black workers, particularly younger black workers. example after example the naacp shows to be more interested in promoting democratic causes than. >> should they look to the republican party. in they haven't necessarily reached out it them with open he arms as well.
10:37 am
there have been some receptivity problems in that community. >> blacks will choose for themselves. what you see happening is the naacp having less influence among a younger generation of blacks but i also think that the mainstream media in particular share the blame here in continuing to turn to this organization as an organization that speaks for all blacks. >> doug: exactly. jason, we got to leave it there. i would love to talk to you longer. we did reach out to the naacp today to comment on your particular comments about about their recent stance. they basically septembe sent bn information saying their stance remains the same in terms of supporting same-sex marriage. we have to move on. lots to discuss. let's revisit this topic soon. jason, thank you. the 2012 miniature scioniq. sounds smart already for a miniature. small in size but huge on gas
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mileage. we hear fun to drive. easy to park. even seats four they say in a pinch. the world's smallest family car test drive. lieutenant check it out. >> this just got a whole lot easier. the miniature scion was tee signed to make parking painless and maximize the use of space on city streets. >> this isn't the smallest car you can buy. that is the smart for two. this can actually seat four making it the smallest family car you can buy. don't call child services. you may be he surprised to hear it has more cargo space than a toyota camry. the iq packs an impressive 11 air bags into the 10-foot length and has a four star crash test rating. >> the slot is actually a who hood that has an engine under it with 94-horsepower.
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to the economy now. consumer confidence jumping nearly 3 points from april and hitting its highest level in more than four years. no doubt about it, optimism is up but the labor department is still reporting that job growth is flat. gary is the president of kalpbaum and associates, a fox business contributor. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> people are going out and spending to a certain degree but we are not getting people back to work. what does it mean? >> i don't want to throw cold water on the numbers.
10:45 am
these are just surveys of a certain amount of team. i don't think it takes into account who everybody feels and the big problem is unemployment at 8.1% and add back the people that left the workforce we would be around 10-11%. until that changes we will have a muddle through economy that is doing okay but no great shakes and just not enough people working. >> let me not be a debbie downer for a second and ask you this. >> that's fine. >> look at what is going on in greece and europe and the fact that we are seeing any positive signs of all these indicators. is consumer confidence important strategically enough for us to say hey, we are avoiding what is going on over there or we are succeeding in spite of it or do you still see there will be a slowing and a downward trend? >> it is important because how people feel about their wealth is how much they going to spend. if people are spending more, if
10:46 am
supreme feel better about themselves that means the job market could potentially get better. as demand picks up businesses have to do more hiring. look, we are a tip tow through the tulips here compared to what is happening in greece. spain is at 24%. let me repeat that number. 24% unemployment. italy in bad shape and even china is now slowing down. as i said, we are okay, nothing great. if things get better around the globe it will be a help to us but right now we are one of the ports in the storm and that is the good news. >> one of the things that it seems to me needs to improve is manufacturing for us and getting people back to the manufacturing jobs. other countries, china included is doing a lot of what we are bringing here we could produce it at home. any chance of that happening? what about on main street? will we start to see those jobs come back? >> the numbers have gotten better on manufacturing. that is the good news. the problem is the cost to make things over there is a lot
10:47 am
cheaper than to make them over here. and businesses have to watch their bottom line. and i do know there is a move afoot by a lot o of businesses to start bringing it back over here because of the american way to put it that way. it is just not in a big way like it used to be but i think that number is getting better. for us the big thing is the service sector are combined with manufacturing as well as technology and definitely the healthcare industry which is growing leaps and bounds. >> do government jobs count, before i let you go, if there are reports that more people are going back to work in the government sector. is that helpful? >> a job is a job. just realize government jobs are paid by the taxpayer and due to the fact we are into the deficit spending that is no help. and for me the big problem is the debt we have. every day we wake up, we are up to about $16 trillion and now talking about possibly a big
10:48 am
$4 trillion tax hike next year. businesses know it and that is why they are loath to do a lot of hiring when they possibly could. >> i have to leave it there, gary. somber ending but reality. how about a deficit of sleep. alarming numbers out there from millions of people suffering from sleep apnea. how the sleep disorder could put you at a higher risk for developing a dangerous disease.
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welcome back. 28 million americans suffer from sleep appeal apnea. a disorder that disrupts breathing and causes snoring. people with sleep apnea at a higher risk of developing cancer. dr. david samady here in new york city and a member of the fox news medical a-team. first of all, doc, what is sleep apnea. >> it is basically interruption of sleep. these are the patients that they stop breathing while they are sleeping. they go to sleep and they wake up so they never really get the continuous sleep and they are always fatigued and always tire. in the past we knew it was always linked to car accidents because they fall asleep behind
10:53 am
the wheel but also a lot of strong links to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, all of that. this is the first time that we see a link between sleep apnea and cancer. and this is really a very important news that is coming out of spain. what they looked at 5200 participants followed them for 7 years and found that if you have severe sleep apnea you have 68% increased chance of getting any kind of cancer. and this is the first time -- >> why is that? >> there are some theories behind it. because of sleep apnea you are not getting enough oxygen and the body compensates by growing blood vessels and they can actually spread the cancer. this is only a theory and nobody knows. >> so in essence then the sleep that you are losing is actually awakening these cancer cells. >> it could well be. we don't know at this point. but this is one theory. we also found out as a result of severe sleep apnea you have five time increase of dying from cancer.
10:54 am
all of these -- these are all news that are coming to us but the good news about sleep apnea you know the big mask, cpap, continuous positive airway pressure if you use that for four hours per night they found the participants would have a lower blood pressure and this was published this week in jama and that is good news. what we are finding out is that if you are obese and at the risk of getting sleep appeals pee hia and cancer, one way to fight this or lower the risk of death is losing weight and exercise and making sure that you go to the sleep labs. there are labs that are certified and they he actually study your sleep pattern to find out if you you have a real sleep apnea. >> great advise to spend the night in the lab and get treat. >> and using the mask is very, very helpful. >> helpful to get insight on that because many millions of
10:55 am
americans are now experiencing that. >> absolutely. >> we don't need people falling asleep behind the wheel of a car. >> or texting while driving. >> the weather is so nice. take a walk. >> exercise. >> a very important study and we thank you for being here today. that will do it for us. we thank so many people for actually serving. >> you, kelly, thank you for your service. >> four years in the united states army. >> and i thank all our military men and women and their families for keeping us safe at home. we will be back here at 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> oh, we will? >> we will. >> coming up next keep it right here on fox. the journal editorial report is straight ahead for you. much more later today at 6:00. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. aspirin is just old school. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced
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can republicans tap into voters economic anxiety without attacking the president personally? we'll ask karl rove. plus, catholics in court. a look at the legal and political ramifications of this week's obama care lawsuits. and the facebook fiasco. who is to blame for the botched ipo? welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot.


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