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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 26, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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taxpayers still be responsible for the multimillion dollar retirement tab? >> new information coming in on the egyptian election. what it tells about the future of the nation that has been a crucial ally in the region. >> we begin with majestic site on this memorial day weekend, tall ships sailing in new york harbor for fleet week. naval vessels and sailors from all around the world streaming into the big apple. tall ships arriving as the honor of remembering those that made the ultimate sacrifice in keeping us free. live aboard the u.s.s. whitmore. a lot of people are commemorating this weekend. >> reporter: that is because more than 6,000 men and women are out in manhattan looking for
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a good time as really getting involved with some community outreach programs. that is not just u.s. military. that is also coalition forces, as well. public has been touring the 22 ships and assault vehicles. i caught up with one of the marines, a staff sergeant. >> tell us about the tank behind us? >> that is main battle tank, m-1. i have used to it three previous deloyments. >> how many people on board? >> four crewmen, the driver, a loader and then i have a gunner and tank commander which i am. >> reporter: when you are deployed, how long are the missions were you stuck inside? >> a lot of times it's 24 hours. you come back and they take care of things. get you resupplied and then i go back out. but recent deployment i was stuck in there for 96 hours. you get used to it.
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it's difference between old car and new car. old car you know where things are new car you hit your head on things. we are used to it. we are listening to ipods and chilling and relaxing and stay calm, cool and collected. >> reporter: calm, cool and collected and they are being thanked by a lot of families out here. we spotted one girl giving thank you cards and tipping their hats to the service members. new york city is celebrating fleet week until wednesday. there is a lot of great events planned including tim mcgraw doing a concert for everybody on memorial day. guys back to you. >> looks like the crowd is still coming out there. that looks great. >> gregg: you are wearing white. missed out. >> join the party. >> gregg: serious new questions over the fate of a pakistani doctor who helped bring osama
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bin laden to justice. there he is sentenced to 33 years behind bars for treason. some u.s. officials calling it nothing more than a cheap shot at revenge. what does it mean for our already tense relationship with pakistan. peter doocy has the latest from washington. >> u.s. took steps to protect him before his arrest according to a senior administration official but we weren't able to. because we weren't, some in the intelligence community say it's going to be hard to recruit foreign assets in the future because nobody wants to end up in the pakistani prison for 33 years. these guys were critical during the cold war and even more critical to get into the small networks for the war on terror and frankly going forward, why would anybody want to cooperated with us if they would end up like this guy. >> the chair of the senate selected committee on intelligence dianne feinstein
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says his treatment makes me wonder which side of this war pakistan is on. an expert say it's hard to fathom why one of our allies is having adverse reaction to take out the world's most wanted man. >> this is strange alliance between united states and pakistan. we're both fighting taliban. had this for example with england or israel, even say with yemen, if we had an enemy terrorist and sent the drones they wouldn't have reacted that way. >> reporter: they voted unanimously to withhold $33 million of pakistan of year for every year he is sentenced. there is no xiags that pakistanis are considering letting him go. >> gregg: peter, thanks very much. new developments now in syria, u.n. observers are heading to a region where activist claim there is a fresh bloodshed. one opposition group is saying in the last 24 hours over 100
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people have been killed by forces loyal to president assad. fighting in syria has continued despite the deployment of 250 international monitors to observe a u.n. brokered cease-fire. >> iran says recent suspicions about nuclear weapons program are due to what they call, a quote, technical issue. united nations reported finding traces of enriched uranium at an underground bunker that were apparently the closest iran has come to weapons grade. resign says the discovery is simply a glitch and the nuclear research is for peaceful purposes only. the catholic church committing to a battle over contraception. catholic diocese are now suing the federal government over mandates do provide birth control. molly henneberg is live with the latest. >> molly: the obama
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administration says catholic institutions will not have to pay directly for birth control, sterilization or abortion inducing drugs. under the new healthcare mandate insurance companies will have to pay for it. but catholic leaders aren't buying it. >> sounds great if it were true. it sounds wonderful. we have great acome indication and you don't have to to worry because your not going to have to provide or pay for the the insurance company will. we are the insurance company. so nothing has changed. >> molly: now, 43 catholic institutions including the university of notre dame and the archdiocese of new york, washington, d.c. and st. louis have filed 12 lawsuits against the obama administration and that healthcare mandate. white house says the president, quote, believes strongly in religious liberty and also strongly providing women with access to contraception. >> the president has worked with
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leaders of religious institutions on this issue. he has instructed his team to do that and will continue to do so to implement the rule. >> molly: one former 2008 g.o.p. presidential candidate said this may be one of the most significant historic lawsuits in the past hundred years. >> catholics are not historically a republican organization even right leaning, typically i think catholics tend to voted more democratic than republican. you can't say this is some partisan effort to embarrass the president. this is the last resorted by people of conviction and faith. >> molly: some bishops are urging churches to ring their bells on june 21st and july 4th as a sign of their support. molly, thanks very much for that report.
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>> gregg: president obama coming out swinging on the campaign trail this attacking governor mitt romney by name on a host of issues. the president no longer leading the negative campaigning from other surrogates. here is an example earlier in the week from iowa. >> i know governor romney came to des moines last week. that is what he said, but he has to confess, his speech was more like a hell fire distortion. >> gregg: the latest rasmussen tracking poll showing the race is a virtual dead heat with governor romney earning 45% of vote. isis it tour too early for a sitting president to call his challenger out by name. joining us is a national political reporter for real clear politics, aaron good to
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see you. is this the earliest and most aggressive at least in modern american political history an incumbent president has gone on the attack against his political opponent? >> it is. the reason why the race is so close. now the race is on to define mitt romney by the president's team because they wanted to disqualify him and his credentials early. i talked to some of president clinton's advisors and they were surprised that president obama has engaged so early. they are saying he is not staying above the fray like clinton did. >> gregg: look, governor romney claims that this shows the president is getting kind of desperate. i wonder if there is something to, too. is this a president who sees himself that sees himself on the ropes. he is going slug away, some
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regarded as below the belt? >> i talked would one of his spokesman yesterday. he said the president president's brand is in trouble. the president so long tried to talk about being non-partisan figure, bridging the gap of partisanship and stay above the fray. they are seeing he is not doing that. it is a little bit different and politico just wrote, it's boldly political and that is what romney's team is seeing and they are trying to push it as such. >> gregg: an incumbent has so many advantages. he can command constant media attention. he has a fund-raising advantage, and he also has stature. by launching what may be cause particular attacks, i wonder if he runs the risk of diminishing the dignity and prestige of his high office and some would say seeming rather small if not
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petty? >> in some ways it might come across that way. that is for sure. in a number of the president's press conferences in the last couple of months, it's been about other topics and more official topics. he is often asked about mitt romney and he answers those questions and refers to mitt romney in the billing news that comes out of each 6 those episodes is political in nature as opposed to official. in a sense when shoe she trying to talk about afghanistan and some of these things in an official capacity, when the news comes out and it's about mitt romney that is problem for him. >> gregg: president obama and his surrogates have been harsh in criticizing in the governor's experience in running bain capital private equity firm. does the president now open himself up to the charge that he is waging a war against free markets and the free enterprise system? >> that is certainly the
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argument that mitt romney's campaign is making. what it does the resurfacing of the president's issues with big business. his administration has not always had a good relationship with the new york financial sector and big business. this is just again a resurfacing of that. >> gregg: vice president joe biden speaking of which kind of referred to the attack dog these days. he is in new hampshire this week. he seemed to be criticizing free markets but arguably insulted every plumber in america. i looked it up. there are 419,000 of them. he essentially said mitt romney was no more qualified to be president than a plumber, ouch! then he immediately realized what he said but i know a lot of smart plumbers. what do you make of his role right now? >> joe biden is certainly the attack dog as vice president. they are deploying him to a number of these swing states
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especially in rough spots like ohio, pennsylvania and michigan because he can identify with the working class with his roots from scranton, pennsylvania. they want to bridge the gap with some of those white working class voters. >> gregg: erin mcpike, good to see you, thanks so much. >> 419,000 plumbers, why can't i find one? >> i was amazed there was that many plumers in america. and those folks in america, to say a plumber is not qualified. joe the plumberer might disagree. we move on -- i don't know where to go from that. coming up, the u.s. alliance with pakistan taking another blow over a doctor who helped track down osama bin laden. pakistan saying he is a traitor. will our relationship with
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pakistan recover? now we'll analyze. >> gregg: president obama putting romney's experience at bain capital in the crosshairs but even some of his allies are crying fall. will it backfire and power panel is here to weigh in. >> still ahead bobsleder had the right stuff to compete in the olympics but he is joining another elite team. his inspiring story. that is coming up. >> i hope there is another soldier, i don't want to be smig anything special or something else. i want to be the normal guy, serving with the soldiers on left and right of plea. oc casional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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>>. >> arthel: we are honoring veterans this weekend and one man is giving back to his country by giving up his olympic dreams. he a bod sledder but after a tour of duty in afghanistan he is giving up his spot in the 2014 games to try and join another elite team. molly lion has more on this
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inspirational story from upstate new york. >> from childhood, native dreamed olympic dreams and he achieved them as a bobsled pilot won gold and silver in world cup race moving on to the picked team come peegtd in the 2010 olympic games. >> it was very humbling i was there among the world's best. >> reporter: now he frians with a different goal. with the 2014 games, just 25 years old is retiring from the bobsled go world in hopes he will eastern spot in elite military unit. >> i just wanted to serve as soldier. i don't want to be known as olympian, i want to be normal guy. >> reporter: he is already a soldier in the vermont national guard, after the winter games he deployed to afghanistan and experience that changed his life. >> it was a great honor.
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a lot of motivation for wanting to serve and wanting to get back in the military is so many people before me have done so much more. >> gregg: his colleagues admit they fear for his safety but they supported his choice. >> he will be successful to whatever he puts his mind to. it's not a guarantee that you will make it to special forces, they are incredibly demanding but i wouldn't put anything past john. he has the strongest mind. i wouldn't bet against him. >> it will be most difficult and spiritual event in my life. i want to see what i else i can achieve and push my bounds. >> reporter: he wants to continue to represent the country he loves. >> arthel: truly remarkable. thanks to molly for that report. >> gregg: dozens of volunteers in missouri making sure that each and every veteran is
1:21 pm
wrecked this memorial day weekend. a group spending hours placing flags on the graves of war veterans in springfield national cemetery. one of those volunteers is army national guard staff sergeant dennis chambers, he served two tours in iraq and is inspired by the way everybody is giving back. >> i think it's awesome. i just tells me once again how awesome we as americans are. that we're willing to step up when the time comes and do the mission and say thank you, not just the day after. but the next year and some of these world war ii vets that are entering here, we're still saying thank you. >> gregg: more than 14,000 vets are buried at the cemetery including five medal of honor recipients. >> arthel: we were just saying how you go to arlington national cemetery, you get goose bumps.
1:22 pm
you focus on the sacrifice. >> gregg: my mother hails from springfield took me one time to a cemetery nearby and showed me the young men that she you knew and went to school and didn't make it through world war ii. it was really a moving moment for my mother and me. >> arthel: we would like to say thank you to all of those that have sacrificed so much for our country. >> retired major. >> i'm about my sixth tour of duty. i applied because this country i have given my family everything. >> my first fire fight was eight and a half minutes but felt like two days. >> i stop thinking about the rounds hitting right next to your feet and mortars coming in and just watch these awesome people do what they do best.
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>> there is something, whole sea was lit up with big explosions and big guns firing. what i saw in my camera was good number of men being shot as they waded through the water. it was always amazing to me that these guys would continue to keep on going. >> the amount of violence we sustained, i kept the men and women doing something, bigger than themselves. >> i had to believe and be strong for the guys i was over there with. >> i think people should understand that on an island that was one third the size of central park in new york, over 6,000 people were killed and in 76 hours. >> i grieve for the marines and these people have given everything. he most rewards
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>>. >> arthel: numbers are coming in for egypt's first competitive presidential election. a runoff pitting a member of muslim brother hood against an air force general. it could be a polarizing battle. leland is streaming live from cairo with the latest. >> reporter: it's amazing people are talking politics and newspapers for the first time have real news about politics. these are the two guys likely to be in the runoff there is a concern about this guy, head of the muslim brotherhood. many people fear that he will turn the country into islamic state with sharia law. >> we don't liking back that. we don't like to be like iran. >> it would be that bad?
1:29 pm
>> yes, very bad. he must go away. >> we caught up as she and her kids left mcdonald's. she like many egyptians worry about what muslim brotherhood candidate would do as president above every street corner and office building is an election poster. but people are learning democracy means tough choices it. >> would be the end of egypt. they are talking about egypt and one man. >> he is talking about akmed the former prime minister under president mubarak. they spent weeks to kick mubarak out. >> if he wins somebody from the old mubarak regime, will people go back there? >> definitely will go back total square. >> they should have results
1:30 pm
around june 20th and big question, if the army will actually give up power and transition to someone and make this once again a civilian run country. >> arthel: still a long way to go. thank you very much for ma reported. >> gregg: confrontation between united states and pakistan over a pakistani doctor that helped find osama bin laden that created tensions between the two countries. this as nato is in negotiations with pakistan to reopen vital supply lines to afghanistan. just how damaged is our relationship with pakistan. christian joins us, a principal at d.c. advisory. the pakistanis are predictable. they were embarrassed of the raid that killed bin laden. it stood reason they would retaliate. are you surprised that the u.s.
1:31 pm
really didn't have a plan in place to help get him out of pakistan or otherwise protected. >> that they didn't remove him as soon as the information was available. but also stunned that they have been able to reverse engineer this person's identity. information needed by pakistan to find out how he got to confirm bin laden's identity none of that needed to be made public. it doesn't look like floppy trade craft at officer level it's like information from senior levels of administration have put the man in danger. >> chairman of homeland security is kind of angry about this. here is what he said about the obama administration. >> we saw too many indicators, what we did and administration bears responsibility for what happened especially his sentencing.
1:32 pm
>> gregg: should they threaten to withhold the $3 billion in annual aid that we give pakistan not just the 33 million that panel voted to withhold? >> i think we should take it down to zero and ask pakistan to justify a government that uses terror that is trying to extort additional money from us, why we should support them. that $33 million that is tiny slice out of $3 billion. that may not work its way and simple cut may not come to pass. come the senate, they never pass a budget bill. a bill that never passes may not have any effect at all. >> islamabad has cut off nato supply ruth that provide needed arms and materials to american soldiers and others in afghanistan to fight the taliban president there is demanding $5,000 for each and every trusted that passes through.
1:33 pm
i read your column, you call this blatant extortion. does it appear that the obama administration intends to capitulate here? >> that is the expectation. i think just about anywhere, pakistan the conduct is reprehensible has been conditioned to accept this. it has gotten away everything. our economic aid fuels corruption there and the government isn't an shining example of democracy. people do expect the administration to give in. they want $5,000 a container. we've been paying $250 a container and we are offering $500 and it's a slippery slope. >> gregg: you pointed out in your column. i want to quote it. able we es go to extortion rewards the corrupt. then you go on to suggest moving arms and goods through central
1:34 pm
asia, how would that be accomplished? >> we're already doing that. northern route has been beefed up slowly over time. unfortunately, it hasn't been a greater focus of this administration but you can access afghanistan without going through pakistan. you go through across the caspian sea and then through our allies. if they don't play ball you can use several other places or possibly work with the russians i would argue it's worth paying more rather than paying tribute to pakistan. it would be better for afghanistan to orient the trade routes frankly more responsible nations. >> gregg: your column is at christian whiten, thanks so much. >> arthel: coming up, some democrats crossing party lines joining republicans in in accusing the president of under stating his federal spending. is he intentionally giving americans a false impression?
1:35 pm
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last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through. >>. what i opponent didn't tell you federal spending since i took office has risen as the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years. >> arthel: that was president obama citing a column to promote the idea he is very careful with taxpayer dollars. some critics taking issue with the statement you just heard including charles krauthammer who says his spending claim is outrageous. >> that is what makes it the whopper of the year. this is an unbelievable distortion of the truth.
1:40 pm
it's if you compare to what was spent in the bush years, if you take out the emergency spending that the two administrations agreed on at the end of the bailouts, then you've got an 8% increase which is historic. >> arthel: bringing in our power panel, radio talk show host, tina jackson. national security analyst and host of fox news live k.t. mcfarland and political analyst, angela mcgowan. every time you hear him say whopper i chuckle. i don't know why. [ laughter ] >> make sense of the dollars that president obama has spent, i'll go with you first. g.o.p. is saying the president's spending is out of control and dems are saying those are inflated? >> we look at 2008 and 2009, fiscal years, that was before
1:41 pm
the president came into who is on. he was inaugurated we were two months into the fiscal year. this congressional budget office came out at that same time with $3.5 trillion budget with an increase of half billion dollars. i hate to go through those numbers, this is charles krauthammer but i have to disagree bus the numbers don't add up. these increased before president obama took office and only nudges by 5%. >> arthel: i bet you have a different numbers. >> he has added five trillion dollars to the debt. let's look the autobailout and tax dollars we have paid on programs that have not worked. the numbers might not mesh up but it is what it is. our economy is weak because of his failed promises.
1:42 pm
>> if he would cut the g.d.p. by 5%, i'm not going to cut anything. it would trigger a recession. >> bottom line is programs have not worked. >> i have totally different impression of the whole thing. i have worked in white houses before. the bottom line is that voters they aren't going to look at some column about statistics going to say do i have a job. do my kids have a job. if they don't have a job, if my shows underwater what are they going to do about paying off their college loans. they aren't going to worry about 2% or 4%. >> do you see governor romney is addressing those issues head on? >> all he talks about is jobs and jobs and president obama goes off on bain capital and other issues.
1:43 pm
>> it's about jobs and paying the bills. k.t. is right. when people go to the ballot box they are going to vote their wallet. do i have job. >> arthel: k.t. brought up bain and president obama is bringing criticism which governor romney co-founded but he is taking heat from not only from republicans but also democrats. corey booker the mayor he pitting themselves against capitalism. >> capitalism and socialism who are people going to vote that. if you saw that corey booker interview. when he was talking and making the statements he was leaning forward and engaged. then when he recanted what he said. >> he said i'm part -- i don't
1:44 pm
like the rebel right commercials and dealing with private equity. it seemed like the press picked up the private equity. i felt sorry for him. >> unfortunately i don't think he needed to recant. i think we need to be honest how these campaigns are financed and how both of the major parties are financed today. they are financed by big money. that is fact. so at the end of the day, arthel people want, i'm with you, people want jobs. i know about bain, i don't care about that. >> with the bain commercials, conservatives are using that the president is attacking capitalism and the president's campaign had to pull those ads about bain capital in ohio and all the swing states. >> arthel: angela is staying
1:45 pm
this is coming across the president is attacking capitalism or is the president capitalizing on the resentment toward the successful ceos who continue to be successful when their companies fail? >> what corey booker said, i am sick of the fighting. where is the president, you love what he said i'm not going in a red state or blue stated. i'm a uniter but that is not there anymore and that is what booker was addressing. >> i can appreciate what corey booker said, both democrats and everybody is covered now. >> oh! >> wait, what did you say? >> everybody is covered now. >> look, wait a minute, everybody -- >> we don't have freedom of speech? >> wait a minute, you know that
1:46 pm
people who are moderate republicans 6 a hard time. everybody has a hard time. i get it no big deal. >> i agree with that. i support what he said initially. he got a lot of funding from hedge funds. i know how politics work. we all do. let's let it go. >> arthel: we're going to talk about a story, a man that organized a lavish gsa conference in vegas, baby. he is gone but his departure doesn't end with the money forked over by teachers. we'll explain, that is coming up. ♪ ♪ phillipscaplets use magnesiu an ingredient that rks more naturally with your colon
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than stulant laxatives, for effective relie of constation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue...
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>> arthel: welcome back. reasonably commissioner for gsa that helped plan a lavish employee conference in las vegas he is leaving the agency. he had been on administrative leave since last april. as an investigation revealed gross misuse of tax dollars and
1:51 pm
now it appears taxpayers could foot the bill for his retirement. our power panel is back. okay, so angela, i'll start with you. is it okay for him to check out or should the taxpayers, you are going to be responsible for your retirement tab, not us? >> he still works for the federal government. he served us well. i mean even though we might not think he did, it's a system. i don't want him to be fall gay. he is retiring he should take retirement. >> don't change the rules midstream. >> you start doing that, we don't like him -- that is not what the civil service is supposed to be about which is on merit. on the other hand, is anybody going to hire this guy for anything maybe a hot tub
1:52 pm
commercial. >> you become a consultant in washington, d.c. >> but no, in all seriousness you don't change the rules midstream. he served. you might not like what he did, okay, things happen on the job, but pay him and let him go. >> but i don't know if you heard about this, in hawaii they are going to have a federal convention and it's going to be a million dollars. they are still doing it. >> no hot tub. [ laughter ] >> $800,000 plus dollars on that one. >> so it's the system. you work for us, civil servant we should pay for his retirement. >> we all agree on that, unless?
1:53 pm
>> unless there is some reason whatever it's submitted fraudulent check claims or technicalities, go for it but it comes back on the civil service. >> arthel: you know there is possibility there may be criminal inquiries into this case. >> he can collect his retirement from prison. >> whoa! >> arthel: listen to this. corsages and condoms. hold on. let me explain. a new york city school cancelling its plan they had to give away condoms at the prom that is happening next month. some of the parents argued that giving condoms to teens would send the wrong message. supporters said it would only promote responsibility. you say what? >> education system has failed us. teachers are not parents. when you talk about sex
1:54 pm
education, you go home and learn from parents. having said that, who would have paid for those condoms? here in new york, 1.8 million people are on food stamps and our tax dollars are paying for condoms? >> arthel: there is a company that is supplying the condoms. >> i'm looking at profit motive here, the pharmaceutical company who is making the condoms is passing them out. you can't have privilege without responsibility. we're in agreement here. >> i don't think you should be passing out condoms like candy. >> how can a pharmaceutical company have access. you can say they can come to our schools and hand out condoms to our children? >> to me it's part of the culture. we have become so permissive that we allow all kinds of things, not just into schools but into our minds.
1:55 pm
this is not the root. >> i think authority figures, parents and religious leaders they should stand for something. >> i've got five kids. how many arguments, you are the only one that made us do this. you may not 6 any friends because of your mother but at the end of the day, my children dame back and thanked me. >> it's about respecting the parents bottom line. >> arthel: angela? [ laughter ] >> we're going to get in big trouble here. we're just as dangerous. >> arthel: thanks to all of you, thanks for getting me out of trouble. >> gregg: two daughters, i have a two-point plan, no prom and stay in your room. raging wildfires burning in western states. we'll have the latest. don't go away.
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1:59 pm
new details a cluster of storms off the east coast. the tropical storm slowing as it approaches the southeast. issued for the entire coast as well as parts of south carolina and georgia. winds that could hit 45 miles an hour expected to make landfall as early as tonight. check back here for the latest weather information.
2:00 pm
>> gregg: and another fox news alert on severe weather conditions across the country. more than a half a dozen states now battling wildfires and the weather conditions not really helping. hello, everyone. i'm gregg jarrett. >> arthel: and i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand new hour inside of "america's headquarters." first to southeast new mexico we go, a wildfire is prompting serious air quality alerts. thousands of firefighters on standby as more than 130 square miles burn. now, it is one of eight states dealing with similar situations. look at the map there. arizona, colorado, california, nevada, utah, florida, and in michigan, the so-called duck lake fire stretching some 11 miles have been burning since wednesday. and this brushfire here making a serious obstacle in florida.
2:01 pm
a highway -- a highway leading to the popular disney world resort had to be shut down, gregg, on what is typically one of the busiest weekends of the year. >> gregg: hot spots everywhere. joining us by phone, doug anderson who is the public information officer for the phoenix interagency fire center and if you would, mr. anderson, give us an update on the situation there. >> right now in the southwest part of the country, it's awfully dry. we're approaching record levels in our fire danger rating system and the table is kind of set. we've had some bad fires, a couple here in arizona that they're getting a pretty good handle on now. they've lifted evacuation orders on gladiator fire which was northwest of phoenix. but in new mexico, there's two fires that burned together and since they burned together, we've had so much wind that we haven't been able to work on them. they're in real rugged wilderness, terrain. heavy fuel loadings, it's just difficult country to walk and
2:02 pm
let alone put out fires in. and we've had a lot of wind in the last couple of days. we're in red flag warnings yesterday, day before and today. and tomorrow, they're staging so they're ready to go and attack it from the air and on the ground tomorrow. but that fire, the whitewater baldi complex in new mexico is at 82,000 acres right now and growing. >> gregg: yeah, i was looking at the national weather service data. some winds up to 70 miles per hour which is just making it almost impossible to battle this thing. can you give us a sense of some of these fires? how much are contained and how much are just, you know, a long way off? >> arthel: well, -- well, the gladiator fire, the containment level is a little bit deceptive. but they've taken a lot of the resources out of there now because the areas -- there are few areas that are still burning. they have line around some of it but haven't called it a contained line yet. you want that line to hold for a
2:03 pm
day or two before you call it contained. basically, the gladiator is down to a small fire operation now. they're letting people back into crown king there that have been evacuated this weekend. and that's in good shape. the sunflower was the other big fire and that also is burning in kind of a wilderness area. but it's not doing much. it's kind of smoldering and flaming up a little bit here and there and instead of taking a lot of risk to get people up in that rugged country, they know it will burn out in certain areas so basically, that's -- that's pretty much contained and that was 17,000 acres so those are a couple of nasty fires that we've gotten good handles on and control of. the whitewater baldi is a different story. >> gregg: yeah. very quickly, how are your fire crews doing? what is their biggest challenge at the moment? >> the biggest challenge although it's cooled off now, it's in the 80's in phoenix today but it's been in the 100's
2:04 pm
and that's a real challenge. you can imagine what it's like to be in 105 degree weather, you know, with all your gear on and pounding on the ground, digging line and working near flames so it's probably warmer than that even on the fire line. that's a big challenge there. and of course, the wind is the other thing. it shuts down our aviation resources. we've had to pull air tankers off fires because the winds get too strong and it's too dangerous for them because they're flying low to this fire. >> gregg: doug anderson of the phoenix interagency fire center. best of luck to you. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for your interest. >> arthel: this memorial day weekend, millions of americans are honoring the brave men and women who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. in augusta, georgia, visitors
2:05 pm
paying their respects at the traveling vietnam veterans memorial wall. here are the names of more than 58,000 service members who were killed or went missing during the vietnam war. and at the u.s. military academy in westpoint, new york, vice president joe biden speaking at the graduation ceremonies. the cadets becoming second lieutenants in the united states army. and in mississippi, the navy's newest submarine, the u.s.s. mississippi spending the weekend in the proud state which she was named. she will officially be commissioned next week. >> gregg: and new york's fleet week just one of the many events to honor our nation's fallen heroes. ships from around the world flanking the big apple on all sides. boats and ships ranging from the tall ones to guided missile destroyers dropping anchor.
2:06 pm
anna coyman is covering it for us and live in new york. hi, anna. >> reporter: hey there, gregg. we're standing in front of an osprey. this week is extra special, they are celebrating the bicentennial of the war of 1812 and the star spangled banner. 22 ships came into new york city on wednesday traveling up the hudson river. navy coast guard and marine ships came into the city and the public have been touring some of the ships docked here and assault vehicles on board as well. i caught up with one of the members of the navy, senior chief andy suter. thanks for welcoming us aboard the el-cat. can you tell us what that stands for? >> it stands for landing craft air cushion. it's about 48 feet wide and we have the capability of tveg marines and air equipment from the ship to shore. >> reporter: can you give us
2:07 pm
some examples of when this has been used? >> we use it a lot in iraq and in kuwait bringing all the marines from camp lejeune, we'll leave from north carolina and travel across the ocean and deliver them in kuwait so they can do their jobs. >> reporter: and senior chief sutter tells me this is his first time in new york for fleet week and manhattan has really been rolling out the red carpet for the 6,000 men and women in uniform who are roaming the streets of manhattan looking for a good time. new york city is going to be rocking with fleet week until wednesday. >> gregg: yeah, they're all over the place, people in uniform. it's great to see in manhattan. thanks so much, anna. >> arthel: new developments in the struggle between the catholic diocese and the white house over the controversial health care mandate for contraception. catholic leaders taking their fight to court. molly henneberg live in washington. so molly, we're always looking for if there's room for compromise. is there in this case? >> reporter: catholic leaders
2:08 pm
say most catholic schools and hospitals and charities don't qualify for religious exemption under this health care mandate and therefore would be required to provide insurance coverage for contraception, sterilization and abortion inducing drugs. and they aren't seeing much wiggle room on this with the obama administration. here's more. >> when i met with the president's chief of staff now several months ago, what became clear is there was no openness thus far to removing the constricting definition of what a religious body is and no openness to taking the mandate itself off the table. >> reporter: now, 43 catholic institutions including the university of notre dame and the archdiocese of new york, washington, d.c., and st. louis have filed 12 federal lawsuits against the obama administration opposing that health care
2:09 pm
requirement. >> arthel: that's a lot of lawsuits, molly. how is the white house responding to those lawsuits? >> reporter: the obama administration says the catholic institutions won't have to pay for the services directly. the insurance companies will. and that the president will continue to work with religious leaders on this issue. here's more. >> strongly in religious liberty and they need to protect it. he also believes strongly in the need to give women access to and provide preventative services that are essential including contraception and the policy the president put in place meets those objectives. >> reporter: barring some type of legal intervention or change by the obama administration, this mandate is set to go into effect in august of next year. arthel? >> arthel: molly henneberg, thank you very much. this conversation is not going anywhere any time soon. for more on this, tune in tomorrow to "fox news sunday" for an exclusive interview. chris wallace sitting down with the archbishop of washington.
2:10 pm
again, that's tomorrow 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. both eastern time. >> gregg: fox news alert, new reports of a horrible massacre in syria. the head of the united nations observer team there saying at least 32 children under the age of 10 and 60 adults killed during the fighting there. the united states monitors are not saying who is responsible for the deaths but artillery shells were found at the site. the bloodshed raging on despite a united nations brokered cease-fire. and new calls for recount in egypt's presidential election. a third runner-up candidate contesting early results and there's growing concern over the two leading candidates, one a member of the islamic group, the muslim brotherhood. the other, a veteran of the ousted egyptian president hosni mubarak's regime. leyland vittert is covering it streaming live from cairo.
2:11 pm
leyland? >> reporter: hi, gregg. exactly as you said, these two candidates -- we'll show you how the newspapers are breaking it down here for egypt's first real presidential election showdown. here, you have the candidate from the former mubarak regime and on this side, the one from the muslim brotherhood. we'll start with morsey who said he wants to turn egypt into an islamic state with sharia law, one woman we talked to today said she's a muslim. she said i don't like morsey, i think he's a bad man and i don't think egypt should become another iran. on the other side, he today gave a press conference saying he wants to create an egypt for all of his egyptian brothers and to that end, he knows a lot about egypt. he's been in the government for many, many years and he was the prime minister under president mubarak. that, of course, is the old regime that so many protesters came to tharir square to kick
2:12 pm
out. that brings us to the revolutionaries we interviewed about a year ago. if he wins in june, they are going to return to the square in another revolution so it's set up this showdown between two extremes, gregg, and to that end, the other opposition candidate, the third candidate who is that runner-up is demanding a recount and claims there are all sorts of voter irregularities, the high commission for the presidential election here which is something they've never had to deal with as a free and fair presidential election in egypt came out today and they said the results are not official but it promised those results by tuesday and then there's the possibility of a challenge after that but you're up against a little bit of a deadline. this run-off election is set for june 16th and 17th. the army would then transition, however, on july 1st. many say you're going to have things remain the same no matter what because the army is going to hold on to power with the muslim brotherhood takes over
2:13 pm
and if he comes back as business as usual, he was part of the military for a long time. gregg? >> gregg: thanks very much. >> arthel: gregg, the crew of the international space station getting an up-close look at a dragon. the astronauts entering the new spacex dragon capsule. it is the first commercial supply ship to dock with the station. american astronaut don petit says it still has that new car smell. and compared the cargo capacity to his pickup truck back in home. >> gregg: good comparison. all right. president obama getting slammed these days by some super pacs over his ties with wall street. but who are these ads really targeting and will they work? we'll have a fair and balanced debate next. >> arthel: plus an update after the man considered to be the greatest voice in country music is rushed to the hospital. when you have diabetes...
2:14 pm
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>> gregg: welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. people in parts of new mexico forced to evacuate because of massive wildfires. firefighters say while it has shrunk to some 82,000 acres now, they still have zero containment because of conditions on the ground. and the man killed in a tense police stand-off in indiana was apparently from out of state. 48-year-old roy ferguson of texas exchanged fire with police after holding up inside an office building, an investigation into his death is under way. george jones is out of the hospital now, respiratory infection landed the man considered country's greatest singer in the hospital. he says his new treatment seems to be working. >> arthel: a couple of super pacs launching attack ads against president obama. they're attempting to alienate his base by highlighting his relationship with wall street. take a listen.
2:19 pm
>> nearly four years after america's financial collapse, not a single senior wall street executive has been charged with a crime. not one. why? could it be because obama raised $49000000 from wall street, more than any candidate in history? >> arthel: at the same time, governor mitt romney has been on the attack with an opposing message. he's calling the obama administration "the most anti-business administration since the carter white house." so how will this play out on the campaign trail? here for a fair and balanced debate, jonathan collegio, former press secretary and director of communications for american cross roads and alexis mcgill johnson, she is the executive director of american values institute. good to see both of you. >> thanks, arthel. >> good to see you. >> arthel: i'll start with you. and i want you to talk about how the super pacs are drawing a direct line between the obama white house and wall street and if the underlying strategy is to turn off the president's base.
2:20 pm
is this effective? >> no, actually, i don't think it's effective at all because i think it's very difficult to narrow cast these days and by that, i mean, you know, try to tell one message to a certain target of voters and have the candidate actually give another kind of message because in essence, what we have is romney campaign that has been accused of being inconsistent already and he's accused of being a flip-flopper and so forth so his campaign is actually looking very confused and chaotic as opposed to liberals being alienated by this message. >> arthel: how do you see it, jonathan? >> i think what you have is a lot of groups that are trying to hold the president to account for a lot of promises that he's made over the last four years. you saw in that last ad, the promises that he made about wall street reform, we don't see any convictions of anyone that did any wrongdoing. you see the president making -- when he's selling obamacare, he said if you like your health care plan, you're going to keep your health care plan and we know from c.b.o. now that up to 20 million people could lose their employer sponsored health care coverage due to the obamacare legislation, same
2:21 pm
thing with the stimulus. he made a lot of promise abouts what the stimulus would do and here we are three years later in a very, very weak economy. when you have a lot of groups out there holding the president into account in a way that the mainstream media is not and i think that's good. i think it's robust for democracy and good more america. >> arthel: ok. so jonathan is talking about those groups. we're talking about the super pacs and you mentioned the word confusion, alexis, earlier, confusion and chaos. if that's the goal to create such conditions amongst the obama voters and discourage them from the polls come 11/6. we know the president went through a great grassroots campaign in 2008. i want to ask you, alexis, is that voter listening to those super pac? >> no, i don't think so at all. i want to go back to something jonathan said, i think that, you know, super pacs are fundamentally bad for america. they're bad for democracy and i don't want to question your choice of job right now but at the end of the day, you're talking about millions of
2:22 pm
dollars that are going into these corporations as the direct result of citizens united that are going into these pacs and that these pacs have no accountability to anybody. they can distort the facts, they can -- they can essentially lie, have candidates be off message. and the worst case scenario have increasing racial anxiety like we saw in the -- >> arthel: increasing what? >> racial anxiety like we saw in the ricketts plan, the potential to increase racial anxiety and other kinds of fears. so i think the super pacs, i think voters are going to be turned off to super pacs in general because we're starting to understand the really detrimental impact they can have on our democratic voice. >> arthel: jonathan, if in fact there's not a requirement for full disclosure amongst these super pacs, do you think this is the way that it's going to go in the future in terms of campaigning or are we approaching a slippery slope here? in>> in terms of the nondisclosing groups, this is one of the great misnomers about this.
2:23 pm
this isn't new. this has been going on for a long period of time. just earlier this year, in massachusetts, there was an environmental group, does not disclose its donors spent $2 million beating up senator brown on environmental issues. so this type of thing, this type of issue advocacy has been going around for a long period of time. people haven't complained about it until the conservatives started doing it. that was when -- that was when everybody came up in arms. what's most ironic about this is that 10 years ago, before the mccain-feingold legislation, the piece of reform legislation, that's what created this current system. so now you have all the people that are responsible for the current regime complaining about the regime that they actually created through campaign finance reform 10 years ago. it's truly bizarre but it's very, very -- >> arthel: can you rebutt in 20 seconds? >> what i think is truly bizarre and truly ironic is a lot of the funders to crossroads are actually bankers in wall street so kind of the idea that you're putting out ads that are trying to connect obama to wall
2:24 pm
street doesn't make any sense. >> arthel: got to go, you guys. we'll see you next time. >> thanks. >> gregg: some shocking new details surrounding the 1979 death of a little boy in new york city. the sisters of the man now under arrest possibly knew something about the crime many, many years ago. and this woman is 104 years old, proud american who served her country during world war ii coming up. her war stories on this memorial day weekend. >> everybody tells me you look great. i don't feel as well as i look, i say. today, we stand against the tyranny of single mile credirds. battle speech right? may i? [ horse neighs ] or too long, people have settled for single miles. with the capital one venture card, you'll earn doubleiles on every purchase, every day!
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>> gregg: welcome back. bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. new details on subtropical storm beryl swirling in the atlantic. there you see the swirl. the storm may strengthen as it moves through the west coastline tropical storm warnings have been issued for georgia, parts of south carolina as well as florida. >> arthel: and reports of nearly 100 people killed in a massacre in a syrian village. the head of the u.n. observers team there saying 32 of the victims are children. >> gregg: shocking new vision from the sisters of the man charged with the death of etan patz. women saying that years ago, their brother talked about hurting a child in new york city. pedro hernandez was charged with murdering the 6-year-old.
2:30 pm
>> arthel: world war ii changed america and defined what many call the greatest generation. more than 405,000 members of the u.s. military were killed in the second world war but an estimated 1.7 million brave veterans from that war still survived with us today. one of those vets, a 104-year-old woman and on this memorial day weekend, she is sharing her memories and a few of her stories. beth parker from our fox affiliate wttg in washington, d.c. has the story. >> having a life. >> reporter: from her rocking chair in annandale, virginia, she reflects on her 104 years. >> just good genes. >> reporter: she was raised on a farm in kentucky, one of her teachers at the one room schoolhouse was earl comb. here they are in a picture. >> he's knitting a sweater. sleeveless sweater for me. >> reporter: he could teach and knit but his eventual claim to fame would be baseball.
2:31 pm
he played for the yankees with babe ruth and lou gehrig. as she grew, corny talked a lot with her uncle who was in the military. >> i heard him tell so many stories. >> reporter: she joined the women's army corps. during world war ii, she worked at the red river ordinance depot in texas. >> loading bombs on to diesels. i realized i was more than. >> reporter: she rose through the ranks to become an officer. >> how were you treated? >> just like the officers. just like the officers. >> reporter: after the war ended, she was sent to europe, assigned to grisham ordinance depot near frankfurt. >> very dirty and greasy. >> reporter: when she left for an assignment in berlin, a particular gentleman she met kept visiting. >> there was a little something between us. >> reporter: they were married in 1950, both retired in the 1960's. they traveled, this picture is from a cruise through the panama canal. it was their last trip together
2:32 pm
before he died. she still studies each picture from this life. >> what do you think about being 104? >> i turn my nose up at it. oh, everybody tells me that, oh, you look so great! you look great. i don't feel as well as i look, i say. >> reporter: the remedy? what's that on your hand there? >> that's a wine. >> she likes a glass or two of white zifindale each night. she's earned it. >> arthel: i love it. thanks, beth. see there, a little glass of wine at night is not a bad thing, you know what i mean? she's -- and she says i turn my nose up at it when they tell me i look good for my age. i love that! >> gregg: still has a lot of spark left. doesn't she? congratulations and thank you for your service. and everybody on this day. getting back to our top story, the battle brewing between the catholic church and the federal government over contraception. as catholic institutions prepare
2:33 pm
to make their case in court, how is the media covering by the way this legal fight? liz trotta is an author, journalist and fox news contributor and joins us live now. all right, fox news not withstanding, how is everybody else been covering this thing? >> reporter: well, probably won't be surprised to you but good afternoon, gregg, by the way. the media, the liberal media is ignoring this story. the print people have written many pieces, "washington post", "new york times" particularly really saying that the church has been taken over by right-wing bishops. and when all is said and done, real catholics dunk -- want birth control. you see, and they want abortion and they want the church to have to pay for it and they don't care about the obama administration mandating that they have to. on the other hand, the broadcast tv, yourself accepted, gregg, the broadcast tv and cable tv
2:34 pm
has virtually ignored the story. maybe it's a little too complicated for their minds. maybe they don't get the nuance of this but this is a lawsuit by 43 catholic organizations and more. none catholic as well. talking about religious freedom which is what this is based on. now, in typical fashion, the media particularly "the new york times" which seems to be riddled with ex-catholics who keep trying to justify themselves take the same position they do when it comes to gay marriage, the church is wrong. it's the -- the church is the only thing standing in their way to doing what they want. and so the church can only have any publicity when we find a priest who is charged with abusing a youngster. then we'll hop on the story. but short of that, the church has got to be stamped out. >> gregg: yeah, you know what is puzzling to me is i had our room pull this. 1 in 5 americans are catholic.
2:35 pm
they represent almost 30% of the vote. i mean, they're very active when it comes to, you know, casting their ballots. and a majority of americans, by the way, believe that religious groups should not be forced to provide services that violate their religious beliefs. so this would appear to be politically a no brainer for the obama administration especially since they have granted a gazillion waivers to everybody especially unions. yet, they won't do it for catholic institutions. >> reporter: i think you're right on the nose. i think it's a political gamble and i think he may turn out wrong. listen to this gallup poll statistic. i'm normally leary about polls. but this one is interesting. 51% of the people polled were pro life. 41% pro abortion. and that figure, 41% is down from 47% just last july. now, that says a lot. now, the figures out of on
2:36 pm
abortion, too, most people don't want abortion. here's the obama administration talking about a war on women that he got the leftist press to wage for him and talking about how this is a few old men who really don't have a consensus because "most catholics" don't think that way. well, you know, it's the cafeteria catholics and it's the traditional which i think is, you know, an embellished phrase. it should be regular catholics. it's what you're talking about and if anything it's an attempt by the left to take over the regulations with regard to the church and these are the very people that obama has been using. i repeat, using to advance his case. it's a power grab. it's basically a governmental power grab. and it's based on violating religious freedom.
2:37 pm
>> gregg: thank you for your commentary, good to see you. >> arthel: coming up, a california man clears his name while spending years behind bars. while vindication may be it, there's debate over what happens to his former accuser. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: slow ]
2:38 pm
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>> gregg: serious legal issues raised after a california man is cleared of a crime he never committed. it ruined his life. brian banks was a rising teenage football star pursued by big name colleges when he was convicted of raping, kidnapping. years later, his former accuser admitted she just made the whole thing up. now, banks says his future holds something great. >> all i got is a plea bargain. and that plea bargain destroyed my life with this new found freedom, i promise you and i
2:42 pm
swear to you, i'm going to do great things. i'm still searching for ways to show my appreciation. the way you thank us is by having a good life. >> gregg: well, now, the attention turning to banks' accuser. she seems to have vanished. should she face possible charges linked to the false accusation? our legal panel now, defense attorney keisha evan and kirsten wilson. the name of the false accuser was waneta gibson caught on tape admitting she lied to police, lied to prosecutors, lied to the court. lied to the judge, lied to everybody. shouldn't she immediately be prosecuted for obstruction of justice as well as perjury? >> absolutely. it's my understanding not only was the initial report false that she testified at a preliminary hearing which means they have sworn statements from her and she qualified for perjury. i know there were some questions about a statute of limitations but it's going to be triggered
2:43 pm
by the discovery of the false nature of the accusations. >> gregg: what's even worse is she sued the school district and got $1.5 million for a rape that never happened. isn't that grand larceny? >> yes, it is, and she should be not only prosecuted for the perjury and the false police report but also for those things and she should be sued by the school district and by mr. banks. >> gregg: here's what i don't get, the assistant or deputy d.a., his name is brentford ferarra, according to what i've been reading in the newspaper accounts in the l.a. times, they say that he is quoted as saying, well, we're want going to charge because it's a difficult case to prove. she's caught on tape admitting that she lied. how is that difficult to prove? >> i don't see it. and not only was she caught on tape, they have the back-up evidence, the facebook request, the facebook friend request that the accuser had sent to mr. banks as well as an investigator that was with him while she was
2:44 pm
making the statement. so not only is mr. banks' account consistent with what she said on tape but there's an investigator sitting with him at the time. >> gregg: the tape of her confession that she lied is good enough to throw out all of the charges against this young man whose life was ruined, brian banks. isn't it good enough to prosecute her? >> absolutely. and there's no question of whether this is admissible. i mean, they're using it to exonerate mr. banks. and as she said, she friended him on facebook. there's so many other corroborating things to show that clearly, she knew he didn't do this to her. >> gregg: if it's true that she lied about rape, doesn't she do harm to all legitimate victims of rape because, you know, when it reaches newspaper accounts and television accounts,you know, jurors out there, perspective jurors are going to say well, what about that case in which the woman lied. maybe this one is lying as well. >> uh-huh. and that's actually a problem i have with these types of cases
2:45 pm
because they do take away from the legitimacy of other sexual assault cases and i know that there are a lot of times when the younger females who don't want to be caught, you know, i got caught having sex, so they try to put the blame on the person they had sex with and automatically say i was raped but they don't think about the consequences that these types of -- >> gregg: i wonder if brian banks is the victim of overzealous police and prosecutors because there was a lot of evidence that pointed to his innocence. there was no male d.n.a. in her underwear. she gave all kinds of inconsistent statements to other people and a classmate said that she confessed that she had made it all up. shouldn't prosecutors have paid attention to that? >> they absolutely should pay attention to it. >> i think you should probably agree there are occasions where you're dealing with young victims who are feeling pulled in a lot of different directions and they are difficult cases to prosecute. they're difficult cases to defend. it is a he said/she said.
2:46 pm
>> gregg: can he sue prosecutors? >> he can't go after the prosecutors. if they had a good faith basis for believing that -- there were inconsistencies, it happens. >> gregg: there was a plethora of evidence to indicate his innocence, wasn't there? >> i don't know if i'd say a plethora. there are inconsistencies that weren't all that uncommon in sexual assault. >> gregg: accused him of bad defense lawyering. saying you better do a plea deal. >> right. no. that's why i think he is a victim of bad defense because if he's innocent which clearly it's proven now, there's no way that i will have allowed my client to plead guilty just to make it easier for the prosecution or say, well, you know, if you go to trial and you're found guilty, you get more years and in situations like this, do the right thing. >> he plead no contest which i think the adamancy that he would plead no contest is indicative
2:47 pm
of that fact. >> took the advice of his lawyer, bad lawyer. we'll continue to follow this and see whether or not l.a. prosecutors go after her. thanks very much. good to see you both. >> good to see you. >> arthel: you guys raised some excellent points. ok, we move on now. president obama to pay special tribute to the men and women who fought in the vietnam war this memorial day. he will mark 50 years since the start of the conflict. that war also marking a change in the way america treats our vets returning home from the front lines. we'll take a look at how things are different for those who fought in iraq and afghanistan. [ gans ] [ marge ] psst. constipated? phillipscaplets use magnesiu an ingredient that rks more naturally with your colon than stulant laxatives, phillipscaplets use magnesiu for effective relie of constation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue...
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>> arthel: president obama to mark 50 years since the start of the vietnam war. set to lay a wreath at arlington national cemetery this monday. here's the president in his weekly radio address. >> we'll join vietnam veterans and their families at the vietnam veterans memorial, the wall. we'll begin to mark the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war. it's another chance to honor those we lost to places like
2:52 pm
caison and hamburger hill and we'll be calling on you, the american people to join us in thanking our vietnam veterans in your communities. >> arthel: and one legacy from the vietnam war is the spotlight it put on how america treats its veterans. let's bring in retired u.s. navy captain chuck nash who is also a fox news military analyst. good to see you this weekend. >> nice to be with you, arthel. >> arthel: captain, let's talk about the lessons learned from vietnam war being applied to iraq and afghanistan. conversely, the lessons that are, perhaps, still being ignored. >> i think one of the big lessons learned was as a nation, we went through a catharsis when it came to the first gulf war. and by that, i mean, i think we all reflected back on to how vietnam veterans were treated and realize what a grave injustice was done. when vietnam started, it was a
2:53 pm
very popular war and most of the soldiers, sailors and the airmen and marines who served over there were volunteers. they weren't draftees and then as the war progressed and troop numbers went up, more people got drafted and the demonstrations started and then the war turned against the american public and so when that happened, instead of really holding the government to account that sent the soldiers over there, it was misdirected at the soldiers and the sailors and the airmen and the marines themselves so when it came to the first gulf war, i think the nation was looking for an opportunity to change that, to make good on what should have happened then and ever since, it has been so much better. we really honor the service and the commitment of our military people. and in fact, the military ranks
2:54 pm
consistently ranks number one in the most trusted institutions in the united states. >> arthel: captain, you're right. we do as americans embrace our servicemen and women. let's talk about one of the greatest, i think, one of the greatest challenges facing our vets and that's ptsd. if in fact, that is the case, can we talk about the advances made in treating and educating and how much more improvement is needed in that area to help veterans with their new reality? >> post traumatic stress syndrome is something that you can't just look at somebody and see if they had it. it's something -- it's the unseen injury and some of the statistics i've seen talk anywhere from 6% to 10% of people who have been exposed to combat and have been deployed overseas can come back with that. so if you think about the numbers there, when there have been well over a million people
2:55 pm
that served in iraq and afghanistan, you start doing the numbers and the long-term care on that, that is -- post-traumatic stress is one thing and then you add in all of the brain damage because of the concussions, because of the blast weapons that the enemies have been using, and then you add in the amputations, there are 2400 soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines that have lost at least one limb. 2400 so you take the ptsd which is unseen, the brain damage from the concussion which may manifest itself in slurred speech or -- >> arthel: captain chuck nash, i apologize. i'm hitting a hard out. thank you so much for your commentary and analysis. stick around, kelly wright and jamie colby taking over at the top of the hour. >> gregg: we'll you back here tomorrow. an audience, all we'll ever do is rehearse. maybe you should try every door direct mail. just select the zip codes
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>> jamie: hi, everybody, thanks for keeping it on fox. i'm jamie colby. this is a brand new hour inside of america's news headquarters. >> kelly: indeed it is. i'm kelly wright. a new generation of republicans may be refusing to sign on the dotted line for anti-activist groefr norquist. our political panel will weigh in. >> jamie: keeping an eye on subtropical storm beryl closing in on parts of the east coast and there are signs


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