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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  May 27, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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call star-star-nhl to stream the stanley cup playoffs live on your smartphone. only from verizon. >> hello, everybody. it is sunday, may 27th. i'm juliet huddy in for ali, president obama and mitt romney are competing to for the veterans vote this memorial day. we will explain what they are doing to win our nation's war heros. >> we are learning new details, intimate details the accused killer of 6-year-old etan patz. more on that straight ahead. >> plus, what a cup of smoking hot joe. how one coffee shop is using young hotties as part of its business model. >> and awful commercial ad. >> why are the feds coming after them? >> because she is -- that is dangerous when you pour like that. that could splash on somebody and so-called them.
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>> could get burned. >> the brewing controversy straight ahead. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ god bless america.
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♪ >> good morning, everyone. welcome in on this memorial day weekend. take a moment this weekend take more than a moment this weekend to honor the brave men and women in uniform who have given so much for this country the quantico band performing throughout the show today. >> if you are out there barbecuing we don't expect to make your whole day, don't forget the reason that you don't have to go to work that we will be at work. don't forget the reason this is a holiday i think so often people do it's easy to forget. >> if you in the new york area and you feel like coming down and doing something cool in the morning with your kiddies, coming over to 48th and sixth. beautiful day.
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a lot going on including this polo chang champ. do you know nacho? >> yes. i said you have seen this hottie nacho? >> quite attractive, ladies. >> come on inside. >> nacho is this polo player. he he is the face of ralph lauren. it's going to be difficult for you i'm sure. >> it's not going to be difficult. he's okay. >> the most beautiful polo player in the world. is he gorgeous. >> get to the point. you are going to learn how to play polo. former water polo player. >> you asp water polo player. >> we were east coast champions, baby. >> where? >> like al bundy. >> in high school or something? >> yes high school. >> what high school you go, to richie rich. >> you don't have water polo. >> you don't use a horse in the pool. >> i'm aware of that. >> only so many lifelines i can throw.
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first, we start in washington, d.c. memorial day weekend means motor cycles, of course. thousands of riders expected to attend the 25th annual rolling thunder rally in support of veterans and those missing in action. >> peter doocy live in morning in washington, d.c. with a preview. >> when you guys say thousands it's almost 900,000 motorcycle riders are going to take part in rolling thunder. we had a chance to talk to a retired marine and he solutes every single person who rides by. it's going to be a hot day and it's going to go on and on and on and this is what he had to say. >> a salute is a gesture of respect. i have done it, like i said, at a lot of funerals. it's way too late for me to show those old souls my appreciation considering they didn't get it when they came
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home. it's a form of respect. i respect those veterans. i respect those family members. and i respect those concerned citizens. >> and, you know, back in 1988 when this all started, only 2500 riders took part in the rolling thunder. it's now nearly 50 times that size. we are going to be there with all of the riders later on today. we will keep you posted on everything that goes on. back to you guys. >> peter doocy, by the way, your hair looks really good. you said 900,000 people will be doing this. >> yeah. >> all in one place. >> last year our position was in the pentagon, one of the pentagon parking lots and the way that it works is people are lining up now, they line up all very orderly but on their motorcycles and they get hundreds of thousands of people in these two parking lots. there is only one way that they ride out. it is two motorcycles wide it takes all day long. the festivities in d.c. where people come and speak and there are different events are
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done by the time that some of the people are still riding out. it's really something to be seen. you talk to people and they say rerode in from michigan. we rode in from wyoming. we rode in from wisconsin. people ride their bikes for days to get here. it's a great honor and it's a great salute to the troops. >> we expect to see you on a bike later, peter, thank you. >> yes assume he can get the helmet on. >> speaking of. >> you were worried about the hair. >> doesn't want to mess up the hair. >> it's messier than normal. usually it's very stayed in place. it's very edgy today. >> let's talk about veterans today. memorial day weekend. folks are going to focus on heading into the election. mitt romney and president obama going for this veterans vote. and there are a couple battleground states in play that deal with the veterans vote that have north carolina,
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ohio and virginia. those states just happen to be battleground states. >> the key swing states. as you might imagine, that is at the heart of the president's message over the weekend. he is saluting those troops, listen. >> even as we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. we reaffirm our commitment to care for those who served alongside them. the veterans who came home. this includes our newest generation of veterans from iraq and afghanistan. we have to serve them and their families as well as they have served us. by making sure that they get the healthcare and benefits they need, by caring for our wounded warriors and supporting our military families and by giving veterans the chance to go to college, find a good job, and enjoy the freedom that they risked everything to protect. >> so does the president have a chance though with that veteran vote? that's interesting. it's not as open and shut as it once was. john mccain won by 10 points for the military vote in 2008.
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but it's a different game now. i think the president has done very well by some marks in terms of foreign policy. >> usama bin laden, that type of thing. >> got bin laden. doing drone strikes. assassinations over in the mideast. it's not as clear cut as it once was. >> we just saw rolling thunder there apparently some of the members with rolling thunder were upset with the president or the white house because they were supposed to go and do this meeting thing with the president they said they were disappointed because they just got a photo op. they thought they were going to it be able to sit down and talk with the president. be engaged in the president. but also, you know, doesn't bode well for romney on the other side. romney said he wasn't going to meet with them at all. >> meanwhile vice president biden speaking at the west point graduation. parts of the administration doing their part for the military. a new "wall street journal"/nbc poll out this morning show interesting numbers as it relates to the campaign right now among veterans, president barack
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obama 42% who say they would vote for the president and mitt romney up to 50%. >> clearly mitt romney at this point want to go to the right, run to the right of president obama when it comes to the military, when it comes to it foreign policy. hitting the president on some of those defense cuts and mitt romney will be out with john mccain campaigning on monday. will that make much of a difference? it certainly doesn't hurt as far as the military vote. but there are a lot of issues at play when you think about don't ask, don't tell. the post 9/11 gi bill. the drone strikes. it's more complicated, i think, than it was before. >> yeah, definitely. also the president and michelle obama will also be tomorrow, memorial day, will be out at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. keep an eye on that. we will be covering that on fox news. >> david brooks long time conservative columnist with the "new york times" is talking about these bain ads. we have all been talking about these bain ads, the reason we
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have been talking about it for a second week now cory booker brought it back out again last week on meet the press. they tend to have a week long length. cory booker saying he was nauseated by this from the president's side of things and the bain attack ads. david brooks long time conservative columnist says he thinks these things are disengenius and completely full of falsehoods. take a listen. >> i just think the obama administration or campaign has demeaned itself with a series of falsehoods. they released this ad with a whole series of falsehoods one that the steel company was a healthy company until bain took over which the ad suggests completely untrue. >> also interesting that politico wrote a piece. the president has started an unsteady campaign. this is a lot of democrats quoted in this piece saying they feel that this guy's narrative is to be big. how do they get captured in all this small politics isolating one group at a time
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rather than a big overarching narrative. these are democrat operatives, veterans of the 2008 campaign frustrated with the small ball that obama is playing as opposed to where it was with the hope and change. >> meantime, moving on the president is speaking out right now, he insists that hope and change is still alive. let's listen to what he has to say. >> congress is still arguing our politics is still polarized. you are the antidote to that that's the spirit we need again. so if people ask you what this campaign is about. you tell them yes, it's still about hope it is still about change. it's still about ordinary folks who believe that in the face of great odds we can make a difference in the life of this country. don't let them tell you different. >> so to dave's point about the politico piece saying that
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this campaign has stumbled out of the gate. the president is trying to say no, no, hope and change is still alive. >> spur ago positive message out. >> there the campaign going with all of these negative attack ads attacking mitt romney. real question are we going to see a shift in strategy here in the goal from the campaign is to define mitt romney in these first two months before mitt romney has a chance to define himself over the summer. >> is that what you want it to hear, people? do you want to hear the negative attacks on the past? do you want to hear about what these guys are thinking about for the future what their plan. >> i get emails from people saying so sick of the negative. obvious they don't like each opener. the other side going to say -- you know what? let's just hear about what you are going to do. how things are going to change and how our lives are going to be improved. >> super pac money folks get used to t. it ain't going away. >> it's going to get worse. >> the reality of where we
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are. >> look at your headlines this morning. >> i guess it's my job and i will take it four nato service members have died in separate roadside bomb attacks. nato not revealing nationality at this time. 32 troops have died in afghanistan so far this month. now to another developing story overnight. a massive manhunt underway after four bodies were found in the woods in nicholas county, west virginia. the victims are believed to be a missing man, his girlfriend and his 2 young children. the suspect is identified as james roy belknap. word is he may be driving a ford f 150 or chevy monte carlo. if you know anything about this guy, his whereabouts or anything at all call police. >> security institute finds iran has enough uranium for five bombs. think tank tracking iran's nuclear program says the country has significantly stepped up output of low enriched uranium in the past five years. enough for the weapons -- it
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lee fined a little bit further. comes after another report that found a higher enrichment of uranium at iran's fordo plant. iranian officials down played the report. once again something bizarre. they say it was a technical glitch. our brave men and women in uniform honored with a special musical tribute in washington, d.c. listen to this ♪ i'm going home ♪ a place where i belong ♪ where your love has always been enough for me >> chris daughtry leading his band daughtry singing his song home to the crowd during the national memorial day concert. ♪ without me tomorrow. ♪ you'll be fine. ♪ just let it shine.
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>> a guy beloved by the military, trace atkins performed on the west lawn in front of the capitol building. he dedicated his hit if the sun comes up to america's fallen soldiers. those are the headlines. that guy has done so much for the military, for wounded warriors. >> he was here on the program earlier this week. always a great performer and good guy. >> let's talk about something that is a little hard to swallow. we are continuing our coverage of this story because it just gets more horrific and we learn more details about this. the etan patz case. yesterday we were saying on the show one of the keys to the casey -- case is whether or not the confession was enough. is there something in the confession that led politics to say wait a minute we never put this out there publicly. this was never in the newspapers. only police officers knew about it we now know this morning that, in fact, he did tell the police things that only about 12 people within the police department ever knew. >> right. and we say this because to
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clayton's point a confession is not enough to convict. not in new york state. you need more evidence than that there is no body, there is no d.n.a., there is no blood. anything like that. what could t it be? we don't know. we are left to speculate. this is what sources speculate in the "new york post." it could be a scar on etan patz' body. birth mark, a mole, maybe something he wore on the day he disappeared. it is odd because he was right there in this bodega, pedro hernandez. and he wasn't questioned in detail in the day and the day after the disappearance of etan patz. boggles the mind they didn't question him more. ray kelly is furious. he doesn't understand how this man wasn't given more scrutiny. >> he has a long psychiatric history. schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, hallucinations. a lot of people come out and talking about him.
3:17 am
he would sit in the same seat of the church. had his daughter there, his wife. he was a guy that hadn't really been talked about. the name really never came up. a woman who wrote the defining book on this case. she said she is a little skeptical. she never heard the name before. >> today's point, police sort of dismissed him and called him quote a nut job. if you look at it today a nut job. >> that's the kind that would -- >> and the 1979 new york city police commissioner robert mcgwire in an article this morning says he thinks there are more than one victim. he says this: if you have that uncontrollable urge towards children, you do that more than once in your life. you are not a happily married guy a member of the pentecostal church. moved and shows up in church and just a church-going guy with his family. he says he was troubled by this the rest of his life. he says this never happens. this happens way more than one time. >> what is so disturbing about him and so many things
3:18 am
disturbing about. this one of the suspect's sisters has been out there saying that years ago she heard through family members that he had said that he had done this. hadn't specifically said hot child was, but he did say he killed a child. and that the family decided we're just not going to get involved. >> they didn't even say anything about it. >> a brother. >> schizophrenia bipolar he may have been speaking out of turn. >> i remember this story i was 9 years old. >> why did i say that? >> i remember just taking over the news. it was just so horrifying. i remember my parents being disturbed by it awful case. >> concerned that other kids would be walking to school and be able to do that on their own. more on that. >> is the obama administration and specifically the labor department trying to redefine the term unemployed? is this another way, perhaps a back door way of lowering the unemployment rate? here is what the plan would allow for? it would allow for you, if you
3:19 am
want to say start a business and out of work right now and say i'm going to start my own business. can you still technically collect unemployment benefits even though you are employed running your own business. it would take some of the risk out of the equation because you would have some money coming in while you start this business. >> or could this be an incentive for people who are scared to go out and become an entrepreneur, you finally have that incentive to go in there and take that risk and have a little bit of a safety net there. >> it's hard to argue. if you are a republic and you are running for office, it would be hard to maybe vote against this. or to come out and talk against this because i could see the campaign ads. right? he voted against helping you become an entrepreneur. but on the other side of it is is this government waste? is this a way of defining what unemployed means so that labor numbers look better for president obama. if labor numbers drop more people are just back to, woman of achievement we just redefine the definition. >> it could also open the door to a lot of fraud saying well
3:20 am
i'm starting my own business. >> it just didn't work out. >> what's the burden of proof i'm starting online business. i need my unemployment benefits for another 26 months. >> you know what it takes like an llc. it's like $120 depending what state you live in. fill out a form and i have got my own business now. >> the good news here is that this is a plan based on a model in oregon, delaware, maine, new york and new jersey that has actually worked out quite well. >> that's good. so we actually have some track record there. and it's interesting because if you look back a little bit in history we actually talked about this on the show a few months ago where the administration had a plan where they would test out workers still collecting unemployment checks but while they are testing out new job. so this idea that you are sort of, i don't know, double dipping. here you are getting benefits from a new job also collecting unemployment benefits from the state. >> trying to get people to take jobs they ordinarily would not. would that be the incentive of that one. >> perhaps or just to cover
3:21 am
the overlap because some people are out of work and that's an incentive maybe for them to get extra cushion. i don't know. >> let us know what you think, i guess. >> go work at a coffee shop. that is one such place you can go get a job in this economy. but you may not be able to work at this coffee shop called mary lowe they are under fire from the fed's from hiring waitresses that don't necessarily have that skill although that's very talented. >> this is one of their terrible commercials. >> they are bad. >> but they are under fire because they seem to hire all the same type of waitress. >> what type are we speaking of? >> blonde, bucksome, beautiful, and the feds have been looking into them. ongoing investigation as to whether or not mary lieu's which owns 29 coffee shops has
3:22 am
been hiring on discrimination basis. >> hotties. >> like if dave and i were to go in to get a job there would they hire us or put us back to wash dishes. >> they would put you back to wash dishes for sure. >> reminds us of what happened on the seinfeld episode well, take a look. >> have you noticed anything else that's different since the new management? look at the waitresses. >> yeah. >> what physical characteristic would you say is common to all of them? >> you know what? that's discriminatory. that is unfair. why should these women have all the advantages. >> hey, that's life. good-looking men have the same advantage. you don't see any handsome homeless. >> good point. >> is this a problem for you. >> it's not for the gender discrimination. guys, give me a break. go get a job somewhere else. it is a problem if it's racial
3:23 am
though. if it's racial discrimination, then we may in fact have a case. >> if they are only hiring white blonde women. >> i saw brunettes in there. >> yeah. okay. mary lou's coffee put out this statement has not had a complaint in the 25 years years we have been open. the implication in the report is absolutely false. we hire only the qualified applicants in total compliance with the state and federal laws. >> it's not like hooty's with the short shorts. t-shirts and shorts. big deal. >> equal opportunity employment commission. >> eoc. >> went after hooters as well a few years ago. >> class action lawsuit now. let us know if this opened the door to discrimination or is this give me a break? >> email us at or
3:24 am
twitter. >> ladies night. >> police,. >> out of here in new york. >> go to ladies night. if you don't want the government spying on online activity, then you better watch your words that you use. a new list just released with the words you should avoid. otherwise, the department of homeland security is cataloging it. very strange words that you use every day i'm sure. >> in honor of our troops memorial day, we have patriotic painting on the plaza. celebrated artist steve henly here talk to him about his inspur coming up.
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_. >> that's the united states marine corps quantico band. wake up early they look all perfect. they get here and such a great job. your kids would love to see this live in person. >> absolutely. i was going to try to pack them in the car. >> you have 500 of them so it would be hard to do that. >> they will be playing all weekend long. remember our troops what they do for us all the sacrifice they make for us. let's get outside to clayton
3:29 am
with another memorial day weekend segment. patriotic painting my friend. >> that's right, guys. out here on the plaza this morning we have steve penally who is a long-time artist. he started back a number of years ago finding inspiration to paint patriotic paintings. he has been painting up here feverishly all morning for us. have you been working on a project behind you which we will get to in a second. can i see the lady liberty. >> starting. we hope it will turn into that. >> you work so fast but do such an incredible job. how did you get into painting patriotic paintings? >> when i was in college my favorite subject was history. when i got out oof college of course i was starving to death like every other artist. i didn't know what i was going to paint. a friend of mine was opening a restaurant and needed a bunch of artwork to cover the walls. he said will you do them? i need 15 or 20 i i said great when do you need them?
3:30 am
>> he said fry friday. >> i thought of my subject from college and it clicked with people. >> here's mount rushmore. beautiful mount rush moore. how long did it take to you paint that. >> reasonably fast paintings. i like to tell you that it takes a long time so i will get paid more. make a memorial. but a lot of these images from history i do to try to remind people of how lucky we are to be americans and try to especially with younger people remind them how fortunate we are to be here. >> the images that we choose and we have some beautiful ones here behind the american flag. some of the founding fathers i see. we have george washington over here. >> right. >> you wanted to paint founding fathers and how important is it for you to paint this scene which is gorgeous? what about the founding fathers intrigues you? >> founding fathers amazing group of guys that came together at the right moment
3:31 am
in history and almost miraculous that this group of guys happened to be there to started this country and still, you know, would he live in the greatest country in the history of civilization. and i want to try to focus on the things that made us different. what made us different. the founding fathers and the things that they stood for and the things that they did. that was the beginning of what made us different. >> i'm a huge space fan. this is absolutely gorgeous. one of the apollo missions here. >> right. i think this is the buzz aldrin one. i have a 10-year-old son. he has always been fascinated by space, too. so that kind of, you know, reinvigorated my interest in space. but it's -- again, this is another symbol of america and what we have accomplished and what the greatest of america can achieve. >> we should mention throughout the show you are going to be painting for us. in our hallway at "fox &
3:32 am
friends" we have a lot of space on the wall. you will be painting some paintings that will end up on the hallway. >> we are going all the way down the hallway on "fox & friends." >> and around the building. >> you better get working. >> he is going to do this whole building. take a look at the building guys, it's a pretty tall building. >> i'm being paid billions. >> this is a pretty big building. >> a lot of floors to cover. we will work at the bottom floor. "fox & friends" studios. paint to you in the weather center. it may take four years but we will eventually get to you. >> you can't paint the background because i knead my green screen here. >> paint a fake green screen and never have to worry about technology. >> my brain hurts. good to see you clayton. >> good morning. >> it's hot and sticky across the east coast clayton's hair still looks great. we are watching a lot of stories heat across the two thirds of the country. watching the potential for severe weather and subtropical storm beryl that's beryling
3:33 am
towards the southeast coast. let's get to it and show you where we are seeing the weather today. we are looking at cooler than average temperatures across the northern rockies. they have winter storm advisories up here. very different from what we are seeing across the eastern half of the country. there is tropical storm beryl. subtropicaltropical. characteristics of a tropical storm and. system off the coast. there is beryl's path as of 5:00 a.m. 50 mile-per-hour sustained winds. continuing to move west-southwest at 10 miles per hour. as we head overnight tonight and into monday we are thinking it's going to make a landfall out of the tropical system somewhere across the border between florida and georgia. as we head further out in time kind of lingering off the southeast coast which is going to be a good news thing because they need the rain. tropical storm advisories, warnings in effect from volusia county to brevard county to adestoe beach, south carolina. we are going to continue to monitor this situation and
3:34 am
bring you the latest from the fox news extreme center back to you. >> my friends in jacksonville need to watch out for that good to see you. let's get to some headlines now. a house burst into flames in wisconsin it's all caught on camera by scared neighbors. fire crews battling a blaze glendale. for several hours, nearby houses were also damaged. >> i heard things falling off my walls from upstairs. and i didn't know if it was inside? outside? >> officials say six people were sent to the hospital. including a firefighter and a police officer. the extent of their injuries is not known. the cause under investigation. usama bin laden apparently treated like the animal he was. we are now learning the terror leader used to travel around pakistan hiding in a giant truck filled with sheep, goats and chickens. too bad there weren't any lions in there. giant box that sit in or lie down. in all of this according to
3:35 am
sources with the taliban. they say the truck was designed specifically for that use by one of his top aides. he is the same guy though set up the compound in. >> so simple and lucrative violent criminals are trading in guns for laptops. a "new york times" report revealing that identity theft tax fraud is on the rise. last year the irs stopped at least 1.3 million fake returns. wow. that's a lot. the scheme apparently pretty easy to pull off. criminals get your hands on social security number and that's not difficult to do. they file electronic return before you do and then they receive a money in a hard track debit card. career killer not according to the "wall street journal." successful male ceos when said at the right moment and right
3:36 am
setting a well chosen curse word can motivate a team and win over audience. apparently this only applies if you are a man. there is shockingly, dave, and clayton, a double standard for women in the workplace. not lady like. >> good news for dave. >> fantastic news for dave. a firm believer in the occasional -- that's because i'm on television. you only really see me on national television. i complete it up here. >> in the commercial break just all explicittives. every 7th word. >> just letting them slide as kramer said. me and morris have a little wager and this time let's just say briggs won. game seven between the celtics and sixers was a big one. big three may be old but still good. how about andre keeping the sixers around? look at that. he led the team with 18 points.
3:37 am
the celtics started 0 for 14 from record. ray allen ended the drought. pierce fouled out meaning rondo had to take over. he did. 11 fourth quarter points. nine straight at one point. ninth playoff triple double. this guy is amazing. that ties wilt chamberlain in that category. celtics close him out. they will meet the heat starting on monday in miami. meanwhile to baseball now. the texas rangers. baseball's best squad. they go back to back to back. nelson crews. mitch moreland solo homers. this guy decided in the 13th inning by josh hamilton. they punish to him with the base open. that's his major league leading 20th home run, 50 robiskie. -- rbi's.
3:38 am
the rare triple steal in the ninth inning. can you believe that? i didn't remember seeing a triple steal let alone in the ninth inning. guy steals home. guy on seconds moves up. >> all eyes on home plate. >> six stolen ways. >> was he out of home or safe. >> i want to say thanks to kristen haze one of our viewers who told me about this on twitter. you don't see that very often the triple steal in the ninth. >> last year the phillies had the only triple play last year. >> was it unassisted? >> i think it was unassisted triple play last year. >> you are a wealth of trivia, aren't you? >> we are also a wealth of knowledge. we are a wealth of words. do you ever worry about what you are typing online someone might be watching it maybe you are on social media or somewhere else?
3:39 am
>> sexy like am i going to get in trouble? >> or if you are writing something else, that's where your mind is going. >> you know what i'm saying. trying to find the word what are. >> turns out this morning we now know thanks to a freedom of information act request that in fact there are certain words that the department of homeland security is using as key words. once they see these words they are watching you. they are kind of policing the internet. they say they are not. but what else could you call it? let's be honest. these are many soft words. some of them are obvious like attack, al qaeda. terrorism, and dirty bomb. i think that goes about saying. you probably shouldn't be doing a whole lot of tweeting about such words rather innocuous words. pork, cloud, team, because god knows it's terrible to write team and mexico. >> there is a problem with this story. i understand freedom of information q too we want to put that list out there? come on, i understand the department of homeland
3:40 am
security had no choice in this matter. someone required that these words be made public. once you have them out there, you just told the enemy what not to type i think that can be savvy. you are hearing 100 different words, attack, al qaeda, really? are they using innocuous words anyway. they are probably using code words to communicate anyway these places where al qaeda praivels are talking and going back and forth online forums. web sites being hun toward by the cia and the fbi. cloud, pork? what's wrong with pork? >> you are thinking like organ harvesting would be there. strange creepy things, murder, those types of words. maybe they're. >> hazmat. clouds. clouds are beautiful. >> they are using them on facebook and bitter. >> pork. >> health concerns they are going to poison pork or something like that?
3:41 am
h1n1? let go to the next one. this is very strange. mexico. well that's fairly obvious. hey, mom, we're thinking about traveling to mexico for our vacation. apparently. >> watching you. >> that's arrested would and you are on the hot list there. >> spring break to mexico. >> i think we have convinced everyone what not to type by now. coming up on the program. hot tub jeff neeley may be gone from the tsa. taxpayers are on the hook paying for his retirement. is there anything that can be done to stop this from happening. congressman jeff denim is up bright and early in california. >> what is he doing up? he is in san francisco at 3:00 in the morning. what a guy. anotherly 50 years after a vet's tour. the family of late army major
3:42 am
joel glen share never before seen photographs and intimate voice letters. >> this is an amazing story you have to watch this coming up. it's time to live wider awake. only the beautyrest recharge sleep system combines the comfort of aircool memory foam layered on top of beautyrest pocketed coils to promote proper sleeping posture all night long. the revolutionary recharge sleep system... from beautyrest. it's you, fully charged.
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3:46 am
glad you got up early for us or maybe just stayed up thank you, good morning. you want to do away with the gsa entirely perhaps? why? i think that private industry can do it better and cheaper. in charge of all of our public buildings. supposed to be liquidating properties. sold 82 properties in the last decade. private industry could have sold thousands of the vacant properties overnight. so, i want to see redevelopment. i want to see jobs. and i think it can be done better by private industry. >> we're not talking about one bad apple. one killer convention, mind you. this is an overall bad idea the entire agency is running the wrong way. >> yeah. absolutely. you know, gsa is also in charge of our vehicles. all of our fleets. trackers that are used by transportation. the department of transportation. and then when they outlive their life, they're sold and they are sold in auction yards
3:47 am
rather than online as many private industries do. we are getting pennies for the dollars for the things we liquidate rather than getting the full fare as we should. >> as you know congressman micah has another goal in mind. he wants to do away with what's happening regarding jeff neeley that we talked about. he get what we understand is about $100,000 in compensation package annually despite the fact of everything that went wrong there. he has also been paid while he has been sitting there not testifying to congress. what should be done in terms of not gsa but like. this certainly when someone has broken the law and we do believe the law has definitely been broken here, they should not be not only their pay should be stopped but they should be fired immediately and then they should be forced to pay that money back. we have seen time and time again where they are able to stay on board, continue to collect a paycheck and then pad their retirement. it's got to stop.
3:48 am
i mean, this doesn't happen in corporate life. in fact, you hear the president rale against it all the time. you know, people are fired. >> i think you should also, if you are working for the government on taxpayer dime having to testify seems like it makes a lot of sense. in terms of conventions another movement afoot trying to do away with government conventions across the board? is that overreaction and could that have adverse effects in terms of the economy? >> i don't think it's an overreaction. the president issued an executive order last november. last september he sent a memo out toker department head saying that he wanted to eliminate the conferences and wanted them to report back to his budget office. then they were going to have a meeting with the vice president to go over all of the efficiencies. when this report came out in november they wanted to start doing a lot of of teleconferences, use the
3:49 am
building that are i have a isn't a use them for teleconferences. are awful your agencies ignoring you? if that's the case? not only do we want to see what happened with this budget memorandum. secondly i'm going to present legislation, i will be introducing it next week basically forces the president to eliminate it the agencies are going to ignore the president and executive order. we're going to force him to do it in congress. >> keep us up to date. congressman, have a great memorial day weekend. get some sleep, please. >> you got it, thank you. >> up next, the widow and son of a vietnam veteran hear the voice of their loved one from beyond the grave. vietnam in his own words from that era. that first-hand account is next. is he celebrating our freedom and the men and women who fight for it with every brush stroke. we will check in with artist steve penally who is painting on the plaza this morning. ♪ set me free.
3:50 am
♪ why don't you babe
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>> welcome back, in 26-year-old joel glen went off to war in 1965 he brought along a 3-d camera and audio recorder. he hoped to chronicle first and second tours for wife and young son that he had there. now those recordings plus never before seen photographs are being featured in a new documentary. let's take a look. >> it was absolutely fascinating when we get these 3-d shots because they really were 3-d. he would take pictures when they were flying in formation and doors were always open. >> the country over here
3:54 am
reminds me very much of south georgia. i thought that every time i was going through pretty town. one thing you can't picture and tape recorder and that's the odor of this place. >> judy glen is the surviving widow of joel glenn who passed away in 2007 from cancer. the oldest son joins us live this morning from orlando. got you guys up a little bit early this morning. why appreciate you getting up early today. this is going to be a big weekend we understand. >> yes it is. >> it's a documentary called sky soldier it is premier on 3 net. we will tell you a little bit more about that. tell us essentially how this whole thing happened. your husband and your father through the his tours of vietnam take all these 3-d pictures and compiling explain that. >> he started by trying to show me what it was like to
3:55 am
fly because he loved to fly he felt like the 3-d would give me a idea idea what it was like to be up in the air in the clouds. and when he came home about 10 years after he came home, we compiled the book. we put t together and published it. i was in the publishing business. and tom jennings found out about it. called me one day and said we would like to do a documentary in 3-d featuring your husband's 3-d pictures of vietnam. >> tom jennings was the producer of this documentary. so tom glenn, when you were a little boy and would sit there with your dad, did you kind of know this was something that was a passion of him and morph into your life. >> yeah everything dad did he did t with a blast. these photos are just
3:56 am
thousands 3-d photos that he has. we would go on vacation and we were almost preprogrammed to know how to line up and get ready for a pincht he took thousands of pictures. doork rooms in bathrooms we lived in. he bought everything 3-d that you could buy. >> images of time in combat but also his bought with agent orange and that actually ended up killing him, didn't it? >> yes, it did. >> do you think your father and husband would be happy to see that this film came to life. >> oh my goodness, yes. he would be absolutely delighted because he wanted his pictures to be preserved i would be thrilled with that. >> congratulations. guy soldier memorial day 9 p.m. eastern time. i hope everybody can tune in. >> thank you.
3:57 am
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boat protection people love. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> sunday may 27th. i'm juliet huddy in for alisyn camerota. this morning we are learning new intimate details that only the accused ill canner of 6-year-old etan patz could know. more on that straight ahead. >> and president obama and mitt romney competing for the veterans vote this memorial day weekend. what they are doing to win over our nation's war heros and who stands to win? >> plus a battle over the stars and stripes. why one veteran is taking on a giant retailer over door mats. no more stars and stripes door mats. that story straight ahead. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now.
4:01 am
>> good sunday morning, everybody on this memorial day weekend. we have the marine corps quantico band performing throughout the show. troops always at the center of our focus on this holiday weekend, everybody. >> get out here to 46th and sixth if you are in the new york area. brigitte kids down they get to see that. they get to see nacho figaro
4:02 am
the. >> the face of ralph laurean. >> the ladies like him i'm told. >> i'm told i will be learning to do polo a little bit later. >> you played water polo so naturally, you know. >> dave is going to enjoy this. >> i'm going to sit this one out. washington, d.c. memorial day weekend always means motorcycles. lots of them. thousands of them in fact. 25th annual rolling thunder rally in support of veterans and those missing in action. >> here doocy is live and is he giving us a preview of that peter, like hundreds of thousands of these guys get out. >> yeah. >> no horses down here but a lot of hogs. almost nintd degrees here today and very humid. we are expecting almost 900,000 motorcycles to be here to take part in today's rolling thunder festivities. we had a chance to talk with a great american, staff sergeant tim chambers who is a retired marine and who solutes every single person who rides by on
4:03 am
this very very hot day as things go on and on and on. here is what he had had to say. >> a salute is a gesture of respect i have done it at a lot of funerals and it's way too late to show those old solds. i respect those veterans. respect those family members and i respect those concerned citizens. >> when we were at rolling thunder last year we spoke to some of the riders who literally ride for days and days every single corner of america to get here for this event it is a great salute to the troops. you know, back in 1988, only 2500 riders took part in rolling thunder. it's about 50 times that size now we're going to be listening and looking at all the riders later today. bring it to you live later on back to you in new york. >> i'm wondering if you can find one of the riders from
4:04 am
1988 if anyone is still continuing to do that from year to year. >> i will keep my eyes peeled. >> there in the studio. >> thank you, peter. >> he will be out there? >> oh, is he going to be out there. >> yeah. >> they start off and by the end of the day these two riders going off, i mean it's two after two. >> steady stream. >> 3:00 in the morning they are still going. all righty. if you are waking up want to give you some headlines. starting off with bad news four nato service members have died in four separate bomb attacks. the incidents happened last night in southern afghanistan. nato not revealing their nationalities at this time. 32 nato troops have died in afghanistan so far this month. wildfires raging out of control in the west once again. officials in new mexico say 100,000-acre wildfire, well, it still has not been contained. the blaze forcing the evacuation of residents near a privately owned ghost town. smoke prompting health warnings across the state due to heavy smoke from flames.
4:05 am
meanwhile, a wildfire in michigan is also spreading, forcing about 100 people from their homes. officials say the blaze, which is located in the state's upper peninsula has grown to more than 21,000 acres. wow. we talked to you about this story earlier. stars and stripes on a door mat are stirring up outrage for one vietnam war veteran. kelly wants them pulled off the shelves all lowe's stores immediately. >> you don't tread on the american flag. you don't wipe dirty boots on them. you don't walk on them. that's a patriotic symbol that represents the freedom of the country and people in it. >> well, kelly said that when he talked to the manager. he was told the door mats weren't you meant to be used on the floor but as a door hanging. come on. please. >> kelly now plans to boycott lowe's until corporate pus out national policy removing them. what do you think about that?
4:06 am
interesting? >> doing shots to getting shot. this college co-ed taking a bullet to the hip after drunkingly wandering into a couple's home in the morning. joey ripple ignoring. >> walked into our bedroom we were screaming at her she kept coming in the bedroom. and she -- we shot her. >> yikes. homeowners say it was dark when they fired the bullet into the air. they didn't see the girl until they turned the lights back on. fortunately the bullet did little dang to her hip but she is now facing felony trespasser charges. the homeowners were within their rights. that is a crazy story. >> look up and see some crazy person standing in your bedroom, yeah, i think you are well within your rights to take action. >> i think as well. meanwhile, the latest in this etan patz story. very interesting when you consider it sounds like a slam dunk when you have a confession. man coming forward saying i
4:07 am
killed etan patz 33 years ago. that is not enough as we told you in new york state to guarantee a conviction. what do you need? you need something else, whether t be physical proof or something only the killer would know, clayton,. >> it turns out now we are learning more from the nypd. to dave's point is the confession all they had to go on is it enough. information that wasn't printed in the newspapers. according to ray kelly this morning there are things he told them that only 12 people knew in the police department. we don't know what that was. was it scars that perhaps he knew about? birth marks? moles on his body or something that he wore that day? that would have been an item of clothing, some sort of a head band or something like that that he might have had on. anyway we have a legal debate on this coming up. this is important in the state of new york, this code really a confession is not enough. we have a legal debate on what prosecutors need going forward make sure this guy.
4:08 am
>> imagine when it sounds like closure, imagine pedro hernandez walking free. >> he has been walking free for 33 years. >> also, you know that other guy ramos who was the one guy that everybody sort of -- his name was always in there he was the drifter who was friends with patz' babysitter. he had a civil suit brought against him. yeah, wild story. >> still incarcerated though. let's get to janice dean a check of the weather across the country. janice, i know everybody is worried about barbecues. myself i'm worried about the indy 500 where they could shatter a record heat. that is bad news. >> 96 today in indianapolis. and on the racetrack, 140 degrees. really warm there. they are probably going to set an all-time indy record for the warmest indy 500 of all time. 96 degrees is a daily record. is that is the big story across much of the u.s. two thirds of the u.s. really baking with high humidity,
4:09 am
heat advisories in effect. if you are outdoors for any great length of time you want to be really careful. get into a shade area, wear loose clothing and get into the airconditioning as well. okay? we're looking at the potential for severe weather as well as today across the central plains yet again. moderate risk for parts of kansas and nebraska. going to see large hail, damaging winds and even tornadoes, guys. if you are outside make sure you looking local forecast. dave, back to you. >> thanks so much. janice dean. meanwhile president obama and the g.o.p. candidate mitt romney presumptive candidate will be keeping busy this memorial day. competing for the all important military vote. recent "wall street journal" shows that if the election were held today romney leads by 8 percentage points. who will win? democratic strategist and former chairman of the rnc dee dee banky. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> dee dee, typically it's the
4:10 am
republics that own its -- this is a very different election in terms of the military vote. barack obama seems like at this point he is going to do better than democrats have done in the past. >> yeah, i doubt it i think because for one, the military, there are heros, they did everything and anything that they need in support. with barack obama having so much waste with solar panels, solyndra as a gsa, i think. >> those are issues with the military? >> yes, i do. the reason i think that is because military families have to live on a budget and they are frugal, good people, i have to tell you they deserve anything and everything they need to support. they have not gotten enough support with the obama administration. >> i'm curious, i don't know as much about the solyndra like stories. when you look at the defense cuts, those could be a big deal to military veterans. i think that's up in the air. we don't know if that helps him or hurts him the military.
4:11 am
what will be the big issue. >> there are several big issues for military families because they struggle with the same issues that the rest of us do. there are some issues that are very specific to military families like the fact government spending doesn't necessarily hurt military families like the republicans are trying to portray. for one thing spend toggle help military veterans that are coming back with ptsd more money put in place by the obama administration. this is a serious issue. my uncle suffered from it. >> post 9/11 gi bill. >> yes. that helps -- this government spending that directly helps those families and president obama has pushed to get that spending through to ensure that when our veterans come back they have all the support that they need. i think we need to go even further. and so does the president. >> well, the post 9/11 veterans have a far higher rate than the reps of the country. other issues at play here like benefits being cut for military members. i'm curious, dee dee when he says i got bin laden, i have approved drone strikes -- >> -- let's give credit.
4:12 am
>> aren't these things military members like to hear. >> this is what i would like it hear. let's give credit to the military members who did that instead of the victory lap. give credit to the folks who went in there the seals. >> he has. >> they are the ones that got the job done. that is what we should do celebrate as americans that that happened. we have the best military on the planet and not take the victory lap for political gain. >> let's listen to joe biden yesterday at west point one of the assets that they have in courting that military vote. >> winding down these long roads is enabling us to replace and rebalance our foreign policy. >> so, will he be an asset? who can the president counter with when you have mitt romney out there with john mccain on monday going across the country with one of our nation's veterans? >> the president can counter with his record. when you look, you contrast mitt romney flip flopped on everywhere issue. one thing military families value is dereceiveness and
4:13 am
courage. when the time came the president made the call. this whole thing that the president hasn't thanked the military for their work with usama bin laden. of course he has. he has done over to and over again and he should could that. the big deal on his part is he made that call. he didn't have to make that call. bush had the same cans. >> who wouldn't make that call. >> bush had the same chance. >> so did clinton. >> that's my point. >> this is about the military and celebrating our best military. >> struck a nerve. dee dee is interrupting me. i struck a nerve. >> these two are going to stick around. >> we will debate. >> anyone would have made that call. >> we will debate next the national implications of the wisconsin recall election regarding the governor there stay tuned. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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[ male announcer ] you plant. you mow. you grow. you dream. meet the new definition of durability: the john deere select series. with endless possibilities, what will you create? ♪ dreaming of great savings? get them during our green tag event. visit for details. >> welcome back, wisconsin governor scott walker fighting
4:17 am
for his political life june 5th recall election nears. a fiery debate between walker and his democratic opponent. milwaukee mayor took place friday night. >> he wants this state to be the prototype for the tea party nationally. that's why he is such a rock star. they love him. the conservatives love him. the right wing loves him. because he is doing exactly what he -- they want him to do. there is something wrong when you have a sitting governor who has raised 60 to 7' o% of his money from out of state. >> we wouldn't have to raise or spend a penny in this election if it weren't for the special out of state interest. we saw reports this week of more money coming in from the democrat governor's association and from pouring into the greater wisconsin committee which is a front group for all the union money coming in there. >> what will the national impact be of this recall election? we're back with our panel. this is so interesting because ultimately all elections are local. but nationally what will be the impact?
4:18 am
if walker wins which he is 5 and 9 points up in the polls, sarah, does it mean wisconsin is in play for mitt romney. >> wisconsin is going to be a battleground state regardless because of the dynamics in place and some of the issues that the state faces. i still think it's a win for president obama if walker gets reelected because first of all the fact is recall we even got to this point where there is this recall. only the third time in the united states history that a silting governor has been put in this position. this is the third time. >> with the centerpiece of this recall being about the union collective bargaining and if he is the first one to win when facing recall, i can't imagine that being spun as a positive for the president. is it a national election in terms of its implication. >> it's definitely not a positive. this is a desperate attempt for unions to keep their relevance because they are dying. the relevance is not like it used to be for unions. it's now the super pacs. they are trying to fight for
4:19 am
existence and governor walker will win and wisconsin will be much closer obviously what was 10 points last time. wisconsin is in play. remember the rnc chairman is from wisconsin. they have a good ground game. not going to go well. >> obama won handily. >> they are going lose indiana, too. >> to the point of the unions though. that was of course the whole reason recall he was facing recall. now it's not the centerpiece of barrett's campaign because it looks like those have worked. the stripping of the collective bargaining rights have worked somewhat. >> i don't know. they still have very significant issues in job losses in wisconsin. [ laughter ] >> they have actually righted the ship in terms of the unemployment rate looks like it's heading in the right direction. if walker wins, what does it mean for national public service unions? >> well, i think that the unions are going to have a difficult time with the governors this think like walker. unions represent working people. these are people who are families, just like the reps of us. i think what the unions need to do is push back and they need to not allow themselves
4:20 am
to be demonized and they need to continue to stand up. and here's the interesting thing about walker that i think a lot of people forget. he got the unions to agree to the very concessions that he asked for. he got them to agree to that. then what he did was he went further than that and says i want to take away your rights to negotiate. that's where the unions -- they agreed to everything. he wants to take away people's rights. that's freedom. republicans talk about freedoms, taking away someone's rights to negotiate is taking away freedom. >> great governor, done a wonderful job, is he going to get reelect and this is going to be a utter fail of the union attempt. >> june 5th is the recall debate thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> up next confessed to killing etan patz more than 30 years ago. will that be enough to convict pedro hernandez. the legal debate is next.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> how much the city of newport beach southern california charging president obama's re-election campaign. they say it's only fair that they be paid back for all the added security they provided for one of his fundraisers. next 75. that's how many years ago the golden gate bridge first opened to traffic. i drove across that yesterday. anniversary festival is kicking off in san francisco later this morning. it will be very busy down there, folks. $295 is the cost of the world's most expensive burger served at serendipity three restaurants in manhattan. features top of the line ingredients. golden crusted toothpick. >> give me the $6 burger. prosecutors have brought an official murder charge against the man who has just confessed to killing 6-year-old etan patz. they say the accused provided
4:25 am
investigators with intimate details of the murder. only the killer could know. according to new york state's criminal code cannot it be convicted on a confession alone. will this case end in a conviction. here to talk about in this morning fox news legal analyst and author of eye of the justice lis wiehl and jakdz is here this morning nice to see you. >> nice to see you, clayton. >> is a confession enough? do we know we have more information to go on than just this confession. >> we all know the new york law which is a confession is not enough by itself. i'm thinking the prosecutors know the new york law as well. they would not have charged unless they had something else that we don't. we as the public or the media don't know about. there has got to be something else. there has got to be some corroboration. will it be unfortunately remains? no. because it's been, you know, 30-some years. it won't be. it's got to be something more than a confession. >> joey, it's interesting. lis brings up good point forensic details, d.n.a., evidence that does not exist.
4:26 am
cold case. something outside of this new york code that could be enough for them to bring a conviction? >> possiblily. here is -- potentially. you need cooperation. cpl says it needs to be corroborated. this is a great office i worked there manhattan p.a. they know what they are doing. a guy who is schizophrenic, clayton he has psychiatric history and bipolar. now you give the indication that the confession sounds credible. how many media reports have been on this? how many books have been written on their. match that against the fact that there is no physical evidence. been 33 years problematic. >> john bin nay ramsey case this guy came out and said i did it this seems to be more credible. this guy confessed in 1981, two years after the murder to family and friends. there is a confession going on there. maybe part of the schizophrenia and mental illness has to do with the guilt over the years. >> additionally though you brought up the point i wanted
4:27 am
to follow up on that is the additional nuggets of information he provided police. >> only that he would know or killer would know. >> not printed in those books. we learned overnight there is something. ray kelly says there is only 12 people that knew about this in the police department. was something a scar? a birth mark? something else? maybe a piece of clothing that he wore that would then say to police he knows more than he is telling? >> exactly. not been published out there in the public domain. if they have that then that croshts the confession right there. >> let's get to this other point which is is this just one in the question that was brought up by robert mcgwire the former nypd commissioner says i have studied cases like this for years. i know a personal like this just doesn't do this one time. >> absolutely. >> there would be some trail. anything you do like that clayton you need to corroborate. you need more proof. if there is more things that he had done, where are they? the thing that concerns me. if there were concessions as lis mentioned a year or two after the fact why weren't
4:28 am
they followed up on at that time. if you talk to family members and family members would say that he said hey you know i did something horrible to a child, why weren't the police on it a year later? two years, 10 years, 20 years, it's 33 years later. >> does that hurt the prosecution that joey is bringing up the police thought he was a nut job, that's their words and they ignored it does that embolden the defense. >> it does. that will be something the defense brings up. on the other hand, if there is corroboration, i agree with you, joey, there probably is something more than just. >> possibly? they wouldn't have done it otherwise. >> great office would not have done. this there has got to be something more. i think there may be also other victims out there. you are right. when he portrays what he did. got him with a soda and strangled him and put him in the garbage, all of that, that doesn't happen, i hate to say it, it doesn't happen just once. t doesn't go away. once you crs over that. >> that's the other problem, you speak to people in the
4:29 am
neighborhood they are shocked, he is a family man. >> come on, joey. how many times. >> people say that a lot. >> jeffrey dahmer, too. >> you would think there would be something else out there. big difference, clayton probable cause necessary. >> and beyond a reasonable doubt. >> which is necessary to convict someone. big difference. >> fascinating. we keep learning more and more about this case every day. least and joey great to see you. >> happy memorial day. >> coming up here on the show. it's not your eyes what you are seeing right now. double. we're going it introduce you to the graduating class setting a world record for doubles. and as we honor our nation's men and women on memorial day weekend. it's also the perfect time to celebrate our country's national emblem. the founder of the american eagle foundation and his friend challenger is here. that's who is making the squeaking. do you say that for an eagle or squawking? [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
4:30 am
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call or click today. >> my name is hola.
4:34 am
>> retired major. >> i'm about to return on my sixth tour of duty. i fight because this country has given my family everything. >> my first fire fight was 8 and a half minutes. felt like two days. hitting right next to your feet. the mortars coming in. just watch the awesome people do what they do best. >> something that the public had never seen before. the whole sea was lit up with big explosions of the big guns firing. what i saw in my camera was good number of men being shot as they weighed through the water. it was always amazing to me that these guys would continue to keim going. >> the amounts of violence that we sustained. men and women who are doing something bigger than themselves. >> i had to lead. i had to be strong for the
4:35 am
guys that i was over with with. >> i think people should understand on an island that was one third the size of central park in new york, over 6,000 people were killed in 76 hours. >> every time i breathe on this planet i have to breathe for the marines that have given everything. >> our troops. the american bald eagle stands for freedom. what better emblem on this memorial day weekend. we're joined by the american eagle foundational better cicera. challenger america's favorite eagle there is the book on the table. i don't want to lean over because you always tell me albert don't get too close to reach out because challenger may reach over. >> he might think you have some food in your hand. >> pick up the book. i want to tell our audience about something that's
4:36 am
fascinating. you entered the digital age with the bald eagle, all the kids come and see challenger. we get to see challenger at the stadiums, we will see that in a second. you have a bald eagle set up on a nest. tell us about that. >> the independence in franklin, disabled pair that both got shot in the wing and we paired them at our foundation. they have three eaglettes. see all kinds of activities them being fed and learning how to move around and all sorts of activity. >> great video. little eagles in the nest that you can look at it's in dollywood. dolly parton has been our sponsor. eagle mountain sanctuary. >> we didn't see video of the nest. hopefully we can get that by the end of the segment. challenger flying at stadiums.
4:37 am
pun person stands on one side. >> once release him in a high seating section of the stadium he knows what he wants to do. i'm on the pitcher's mound and he comes to my glove during the playing of the national anthem. >> what is the response when kids get to see challenger and what do you think it means to them parents explaining national emblem to them. >> whether it's kids or adults everyone is in awe when they get to up close like you are right now they are awe struck by seeing challenger and beauty and majesty and symbolism he was represented for our country for some years. >> there he is. he is 24 years old. >> this year 24. >> eagle population i had a chance i was up in alaska last year and had a chance to see some bald eagles in the wild up on some nests in some trees on the hillside and absolutely gorgeous. time when i was a child and i was hand drawing them in elementary school. we had a class where we were hand drawing bald eagles in elementary school. that they were endangered obviously still endangered but
4:38 am
they have come back. >> they have made a great come back. they are actually were removed in 2007. challenger there eagle representing the united states. >> two different lists endangered and next one down threatened. are they still on the threatened list. >> they are protected space cease now. they are protected now still under the bald and golden eagle act of 1940. >> thanks albert thanks so much. check out the book challenger to help educate your children about america's favorite eagle. >> this summer we're going to allow a family of a fallen soldier to name one of the eaglettes we are going to release into the wild. >> watch the eagle's camera again. >> >> great to he so you on this memorial day weekend. >> god bless you, thanks, clayton. >> what's coming up? >> going to do headlines, already fragile situation taking a turn for the worse in syria. rebel forces saying the backed peace plan for the country is
4:39 am
quote, dead. the rebels vowing to retaliate against pro-government forces who massacred 90 civilians including children in the town of houla on friday. moments ago the syrian government denied any involvement in the attack claiming the u.s. and other western nations are lying. u.n. envoy kofi annan will reportedly be in syria tomorrow to try to get the peace plan back on track. wow. a gruesome discovery at colorado camp site. they believe they have found the remains of nelson. he disappeared in october of 2010. he was reported missing when he failed to return from five day 25-mile like. authorities also located a notebook neither camp site that indicated the 31-year-old may have been suffering from altitude sickness. well it, sounds like the plot of an alfred hitchcock movie. oregon town terrorized by the crow. cameras caught the aggressive birds swooping towards at
4:40 am
least 500 unsuspecting pedestrians in just a few hours. one woman says watching people freak out has become something of a spectator sport. >> this morning we came outside this girl was walking down the street. and she wasn't even paying attention and the bitter just came up behind her. not like the bird can eat you alive or something but it's scary getting slapped in the face. >> maybe it could. this thing look as little freaky. it's slightly large. so far the crow hasn't hurt anybody. that woman looked like she had a nic in her head. locals believe she is trying to protect her nest. get away human being. >> talk about a family affair. a texas high school poised to set the world record for number of twins and triplitt's in a graduating class. can you see them they are all there. a whopping 18 sets of twins and two sets of triplitt's all getting their diplomas this week. the milestone particularly special for kay weeks. she a teacher at the high school and mom to triplitt's.
4:41 am
re gina, katy and tom. >> these kids are very special and i don't know if it's because my kids are with this group or just the closeness of the bond that they share. >> guinness is set to verify the record over the next couple of days. current record held by 2011 class in iowa. they had 14 sets of twins and three sets of triplitt's. and those are your headlines. ms. janice dean the weather machine waking up for us early today. bad weather down in the jayville area of florida i hear. >> yes, ma'am, we have a subtropical storm set to invade jackson, florida tonight. also looking at potential for severe weather across the central u.s. we have some know. can you gleenks in the higher elevatings of the -- you can believe it in the higher elevations of the northern rockies. there is your heat index. that's the heat combined with
4:42 am
the humidity what it feels like when you head outside. 96 in nashville, 96 in st. louis. talking earlier on about the indy 500. heat indices going to feel like 100 degrees. really careful if you are out for a great length of time. make sure you are hydrated that doesn't mean alcoholic beverage. okay. satellite radar imagery showing our tropical storm beryl moving towards the coast. we think it's going to make landfall overnight tonight. somewhere across the border of florida and georgia as a tropical storm. so it's going to be some inclement weather. it's not going to be a hurricane. it's not going to be a big big big deal and that's the rain. theals the good news part of the story. juliet, clayton, dave, back to you. >> it's just me, janice, sorry to disappoint you. wonderful guest with me. time for patriotic partying. here with tips to make sure your memorial day activities stand out above the rest. party planner and designer jean benedict. we are not talking about food now. food later on. >> we're talking about helping people have once in a lifetime
4:43 am
gatherings this summer. memorial day from the backyard and beyond. because memorial day first big weekend we're spending time with family and friends. prep your backyard first for your guests. >> you don't want to deal with the mosquitoes and all that stuff. >> stay inside a beautiful conditioned living room. >> i have partnered with off and they have this exciting new bug control backyard pretreatment. so what you do is this is really convenient and easy to use. you pot treat your shrubs, your bushes, all of your areas in your backyard and it kills mosquitoes for up to eight weeks. >> wow. >> it helps kill them. >> i would get a vat of that thing and throw it out in my backyard. >> so easy to use it attaches to your hose. keeps bugs >> thick a theme and carry it through all the decor. this was pretty obvious. the great thing this goes throughout the summer, you have memorial day and fourth of july. what i have done, i like to use fabric instead of table cloths. i have created flag inspired
4:44 am
table cost situation here. three really easy centerpieces, i have this pinwheel i can put in here like that. >> that's easy. flowers. we have got to take a break. we will see you a little bit more later on. >> cool. >> we'll be right back. stay student. "fox & friends" coming up. ♪ [music plays] ♪ [muc plays] ♪ [music plays]
4:45 am
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4:47 am
>> the next guest says hispanics are widely misunderstood including the theory that some are free loaders. charles garcia both republic and democrat book hispanics in the u.s.a. making history. pick 10 one of 15 hispanic role models in the nation. good morning to you, charles. >> good morning, dave. how are you this morning? >> thanks for being with us. myth number one marco rubio is the choice for the republic vice presidential candidate that he would secure or at
4:48 am
least help narrow that gap between the republicans and democrats when it comes to latinos, you say not so fast. >> let's start with florida which is a key swing state a quinnipiac poll released this week has romney on his own beating president obama by six points and senator rubio just giving him a 2 point bump now if we go to hispanics and look at election cycles, 10 of them from 1972 to the president there has been five republicans that have won with an average of 37% of the hispanic vote. mccain lost in 2008 with 31%. and a "wall street journal" nbc poll released this week has romney at 27%. if he doesn't get up to 37, he will lose the election. that's not opinion. that's electoral elementary math. so the question is whether center rubio can get him to that 37%. using rubio, the senator, to connect to hispanic voters is like trying to connect to jewish voters with a jew who
4:49 am
speaks hebrew but is he openly hostile to israel and pro, very friendly to iran. it's absurd. what you have to remember i work for a company that helps fortune 500 companies connect to hispanic consumers and ironically i work with a company called bain and company. what romney doesn't understand and his close advisors is that comprehensive immigration reform is a litmus test. let me repeat. a litmus test with hispanic voters like myself now, while education, and healthcare and jobs and the economy are also very important, if you don't support comprehensive immigration reform, you're north going to get to any of the other issues and it seems that they don't quite understand that. >> yeah, charles. i know some hispanic leaders have told me jeb bush would actually do better in securing the hispanic vote than would marco rubio that is for another day. latinos are free loaders the
4:50 am
suggestion they don't pay taxes specifically related to illegals. again you say a myth. explain? >> that is a complete myth, fact of the matter everyone that pays in this country pays taxes when they buy stuff. when you go to the store and buy things, you pay a sales tax. when you live somewhere, you are either own a house or you rent, you pay property taxes most importantly when you work, uncle sam is taking money away from you and in this case from undocumented workers. 15 cents of every dollar is going to social security social security and medicare. $14 billion a year. how do you like them apples. >> fascinating. enjoyed the chat. talk more about the vice presidential pick if you would, sir. >> i would love to. >> have a great weekend. as the temperatures heat up, you are not the only ones who has to stay cool. your pet does, too.
4:51 am
how about you folks in india. wendy diamond sends some helpful tips. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. ll on those gardening gloves. new v8 v-fusion plus energy. and let's see how colorful an afternoon can be. with the home depot certified advice to help us expand our palette... ...and prices that keep our budgets firmly rooted... ...we can mix the right soil with the right ideas. ...and bring even more color to any garden. more saving. more doing.
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that's the power of the home depot. get memorial day savings with 4 bags of earthgro mulch for just 10 dollars.
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4:54 am
>> welcome back, memorial day weekend is the unofficial start to summer. barbecues, hot weather and tons of fun in the sun. you are not the only one that needs to be savvy, your pooch does too. up for adoption. wendy diamond is here. i have not seen you forever. pet lifestyle expert and founder of animal good to he so you you have got lucky. >> lucky my dog. dillon and hope from the humane society of new york. they are models here to show us what not to eat at the barbecue and what to eat at the barbecue. number one, jowlt, everybody needs water. especially your dogs, like children, it's so important
4:55 am
they have a lot of water. especially in the summer in the hot weather. number one, to see if a dog is dehydrated is the panting. they don't sweat. i'm thirsty, give them water. one we brought here very important. everyone has stainless steel bowl. this one like petco. you put it in for like an hour in the freezer. and it will keep the water cold outside. >> that makes sense. >> freeze the bone, too right? >> you can freeze these. these are hydro bones and ball. these are amazingment put in the freezer and comes out and keeps cool for hours. dog plays with it outside it's cool for them. fans, dangerous for children. air multiplier. there is no blades. right? >> right. >> if your dog goes like this. your dog will live. >> your dog will live. actually really safe. i love this part because
4:56 am
anyways, carrots. fine. if you are going to have a barbecue. carrots are fine tore dogs. chicken. what's really porno bones because they can get caught. they can't digest them and really important not oh my gosh. [growling] >> important not to give your dogs the bones from these give them real bones, put peanut butter on a dog bone. >> like heaven. >> grapes do not give grapes, do not give tomatoes. >> what's the story with chocolate? >> of course chocolate. >> it's it all toxic. they cannot digest this. they have different systems than we do. it's toxic for them. >> these guys rupp for adoption. not lucky but this little guy here. that is hope. >> this one is hope. >> tearner mix 3 years old. >> this is dillon. dachshund mix. >> they would great to be adopted together. >> please. immediate family for memorial day to celebrate with.
4:57 am
>> wendy diamond good seeing you. we'll be right back. more "fox & friends." >> i actually might adopt this one. great! tyler here will show you everything. check out our new mobile app. now you can use your phone to scan your car's vin or take a picture of your license. it's an easy way to start a quote. watch this -- flo, can i see your license? no. well, all right. thanks. okay, here we go. whoa! no one said "cheese."
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5:00 am
>> good morning, everybody. it is sunday, may 27th. i'm juliet huddy in for ms. camerota. veterans are on everybody's mind this memorial day weekend. what will it take to get their vote come november? while bakebreak it down what the country is doing to court our heros, david? >> if you don't want the government to spy on you, there are words you need to avoid using online. we will tell what you they are coming up. they are sexy ba reese -- baristas serving up smoking hot joe. >> "fox & friends" hour three starts right now.
5:01 am
>> on this memorial day weekend please take a few minutes to stop what you are doing and to honor our brave men and women in uniform who have given so much for this country. given their lives to this country united states marine corps quantico band performing throughout the show. reminding them tomorrow 3:00 p.m. no matter where you are country's eastern time zone. pacific. even out there in the mountains, doesn't matter. 3:00 p.m. take a moment of silence.
5:02 am
moment of remembrance. >> it's funny, clayton, you as a parent and me we always ask the questions when it comes to memorial day. how do you remind your children what it's all about? >> i don't know. because i don't have children. >> military vet wrote a piece on this on "time" magazine i will put this on we don't have school today. >> or thinking that this day or it always drives me nuts mattress sales. this memorial day come down and get a mattress. >> or buy a car. >> that's not what this memorial day is about. >> isn't that the way all holidays have seemed to have turned out. >> absolutely. >> fourth of july sale. >> you are right. >> you know, if you are in the new york area i'm telling you it's a warm nice day out today. it's a little -- >> fleet week. >> this is fleet week. one of the happiest weeks of the year. you get to see these handsome
5:03 am
men, you get to see nacho the polo player. >> everything is about politics these days, politicians out trying to court those veteran votes. right now mitt romney and president obama on this memorial day trying to get the veterans vote also. but president obama yesterday in his weekly radio address touched on this very issue. take a livable. >> even as we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. we reaffirm our commitment to care for those who served alongside them. the veterans who came home. this includes our newest generation from veterans from iraq and afghanistan. we have to serve them and their families as well as they have served us. by making sure that they get the healthcare and benefits they need, by caring forever our wounded warriors and supporting our military families. and by giving veterans the chance to go to college, find a good job. and enjoy the freedom that they risked everything to protect. >> so, on saturday, it was the
5:04 am
vice president joe biden speaking to graduates at west point and mitt romney will counter on monday with john mccain. john mccain did very well with the military vote in 2008 as you would expect as a former prisoner of war. he won 55-45. it looks to be close to those same numbers this time around with mitt romney in a pretty comfortable lead according to the latest poll at 50 to 42% for mitt romney. i think this is a different year in terms of the military vote because obama can say as a democrat i got bin laden he of course has the drone strikes. >> there are some drone strikes that have increased in afghanistan. >> there are some polls that have him ahead of romney there was a gallup poll. >> it was a reuters poll i find it a little questionable. >> take a look at this. this is where the pockets of veterans are right now. this is where the votes are sort of happens to coincide battleground states. florida was a huge
5:05 am
battleground state. president obama won by four percentage points or so. >> large number of veterans there in florida. 1.6 million. >> yeah, exactly. also virginia, ohio, north carolina, and colorado. all battleground states. >> but it's interesting because you have the defense cuts, that could play in here. don't ask, don't tell is gone. that could play in here. there is a lot of issues that come to play with the military vote this year. we want to hear from you military members. who are you supporting and why this time around at ff weekend on twitter. >> all righty. let's do some headlines now. four nato service members have died in separate roadside bomb attacks. these happened last night in the southern portion of afghanistan. nato at the time not revealing their nationalities, 32 nato troops have died in afghanistan so far this month. not good news. now to another story developing overnight. massive manhunt underway after four bodies were found in the woods in nicholas county, west virginia. the victims are believed to be a missing man, his girlfriend and two young children.
5:06 am
the suspect is identified as james roy belknap, there he is. word is he may be driving a white ford f-150. possibly a chevrolet monte carlo. if you know anything about this guy, his whereabouts, anything at all, please call police. usama bin laden aapparently treated like the animal that he was. we're now learning that terror leader used to travel around pakistan. he would move from place to place by hiding in a truck. the truck was filled with sheep, goats, chickens, all these -- disguised as creates. barrier around a box that bin laden would sit down in or lie down in all according to sources with the taliban. the truck was designed specifically for that use by one of bin laden's top aides. that aide is the same one that set usama bin laden up in his compound in abad bad.
5:07 am
where he was eventually killed by navy seals. men and women are honored with a special music actual tribute. ♪ i'm going home. ♪ a place where i belong. ♪ where your love has always been enough for me. >> he won american idol a few years ago. is he a huge hit performer now. that's daughtry in front of his band daughtry singing home during the national memorial day concerted. that's not all. ♪ without me tomorrow. ♪ you'll be fine. ♪ just let it shine. ♪ on you. >> "fox & friends" big tall glass of water country singer trace adkins performing west lawn in front of the capitol building he dedicated his hit if the sun comes up to america's fallen soldiers.
5:08 am
those your headlines. >> we love trace adkins. good friend of the program. he was on this week. >> talk about what has gone on at the gsa has been a lot of fun for lawmakers. overspending lavish get togethers allowed to go on and continued to go on. we just had another issue happen a few weeks ago that had nothing to do with the gsa another agency all together. we learned yesterday that he had gotten $100,000 taxpayer paid. >> compensation package. >> yeah. >> after leaving office he gets $100,000. one congressman calling on president obama to enforce his 2011 executive order which would call on agencies to eliminate these excess conference spending. >> yeah, here is jeff from california got up bright and early for us in san francisco this morning. here is what he says. >> my question is to the president, are all of your agencies ignoring you? so, if that's the case, not
5:09 am
only do we want to see what happened with this budget memorandum that was supposed to come back but, secondly, i'm going to present legislation. i will be introducing it next week that basically forces the president to eliminate it if the agencies are going to ignore the president and executive order we're going to force him to do it in congress. >> denham wants to look at the entire gsa and see if they are doing their purpose. they might be able to do away with the agency together and privatize it wants to take it two or three steps further than congressman micah. >> is he a great guy. he is passionate and represents the area of modesto, california, huge unemployment rate. he wants things to change. we'll see what happens. let's get out to janice dean, our weather machine extraordinaire with some extreme weather going on down in the southeast. >> yes, ma'am, this is subtropical storm beryl. that just means we have tropical characteristic and
5:10 am
nontropical characteristics big old storm going to move into the southeast. it's not a hurricane. we're not sounding those alarms. we are going to get some showers and thunderstorms and heavier downpours across the southeast. that's ultimately good news story because they need it into severe exceptional drowted in some cases. across the border of canada and the u.s., that's where we are starting to see some showers, thunderstorms, even a threat for severe weather. look at this. can you believe that we are seeing some mountain snow across the northern rockies? some areas feeling winter. others it's summertime. a severe threat continues across the western great lakes all the way down to the texas and oklahoma panhandle. then we have this moderate risk here and the storm prediction center thinks we're going to have the potential for not only hail and damaging winds but tornadoes. we could have long-lasting ones. because it's a long weekend, memorial day, holiday people are barbecuing. i want to make sure everyone in this yellow shaded area and red shaded area that you are paying close attention to your local forecasters, highs today
5:11 am
we have that trough in the west. got that snow. so cooler than average temperatures and warmer than average temperatures for really the rest of the country. the central u.s. that's where we are going to see heat indices well into the 100 degrees. again, if you are outdoors barbecuing, make sure you are taking extra precaution. get into the shade, airconditioning and lots of water. water, guys water. >> home using my computer. i saw snow and 100-degree temperatures. i would think my computer was broken. >> that's why we call it extreme weather center. >> they are going to have -- >> they were wondering if it was going to be too foggy to see it. >> that's how it is most days. >> see the golden gate bridge and we can't see it anywhere. >> such a beautiful city. >> largest religious lawsuit in history filed against the obama administration this week but the mainstream media ignoring it for the most part. the anchor of "fox news sunday" chris wallace here to
5:12 am
talk about that next. >> plus, coffee shop is using those some call young hotties as a part of its business model. they are very talented as well. >> clearly very talented. >> so why are the feds coming after them? we explain the brewing controversy. ♪ you sexy thing. ♪ [ male announcer ] away...
5:13 am
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5:15 am
>> welcome back. is the mainstream media deliberately ignoring the catholic lawsuits filed against the obama administration? take a look at this chart. the first two nights, the story broke only 19 seconds of total air time on all three broadcast networks. zero on abc, zero nbc, cbs had the 19 seconds. >> whopping 19 seconds. all right. joining us now is the anchor of "fox news sunday" chris wallace.
5:16 am
he will have on the archbishop of washington to discuss this good morning to you. interesting because catholics make up 25% of the electorate. they don't vote as a block. how do you feel this lawsuit will be used politically one side or another? >> well, i mean, it certainly is important it's not political in the sense that the 43 organizations, including 13 catholic archdiocese around the nation have filed suit to try to overturn the obama administration mandate that religious organizations, not churches but charities and schools and hospitals must provide insurance coverage that covers contraception. and they say that it's an abridgement of the first amendment. religious freedom. it has a lot of implications for the church. they say you have got the government deciding a church, yes, that's a religious organization. but a catholic school or a catholic hospital is not a
5:17 am
religious organization. so, therefore, they can order it to do so. it will obviously have some political impact down the line. having said that the whole thing could go away. if the supreme court next month were to overturn the individual mandate that all this goes out the window anyway. >> that's a great point, chris. i didn't think about that. >> this isn't really an area that you focus on. but it is interesting that you really aren't getting a lot of play within the media on this. and you said, you know, it's not political but it kind of turns out to be political, i think, to a lot of these mainstream media organizations. >> i don't know, juliet, that i think that they are sitting there saying well this is a challenge the obama administration so therefore we're not going to cover it. i do think though that it does speak to the mainstream media and their definition of news and clearly, i mean, i can't put myself in the minds of the broadcast executives, the producers, the anchors, but they don't seem to consider it news that as i say 14, rather
5:18 am
43 catholic organizations, 13 archdiocese, the arch i do cyst of new york. the archdiocese of washington. pretty big parts of the country view the administration as abridging their religious freedom and other things they think are news. i t. goes to the bias of what they consider news and what they don't consider news. >> you also have on john mccain who will campaign with mitt romney on monday. we have talked about this morning who stands to win the military vote typically republicans do very well, 10 point win for mccain in 2008. do you think it goes the same way in the fall. >> no. in this particular case, of course, now obama has been the comeashted and chief for three and a half years. he has had some stunning successes in terms of taking out al qaeda. taking out bin laden. and he and mrs. obama have really reached out to military families. so i don't know that it will be as widespread given the
5:19 am
fact that mitt romney didn't serve in the military. we're going to focus if i may just briefly with mccain on the issue of the challenges the country is facing on this memorial day weekend when we honor all of those who have given the country the last measure of devotion. we'll talk about some of the challenges the country faces including that terrible massacre in syria. >> all the children involved in that one. chris, disgusting, right? we look forward to the show. check your local listings, again, john mccain also the archbishop of washington. that should be a very compelling program. good to he so you, chris. >> thank you, chris. >> thanks, guys. >> all righty a new program coming up allowing entrepreneurs to collect unemployment benefits. this is actually modeled after something being done right now several states successfully. this hatches while they are building a business. get unemployment while they are building business. do you think it sounds fair to you. good idea? coming up. >> clayton has great gadgets for your barbecue grill. 10 tools you won't want to go through the summer without. and i got to tell you one fear
5:20 am
i already want. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink? ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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5:23 am
>> if you any grills and gadgets don't mix. think again. clayton has great tools. i need all the help can i get, claytoned into a grill to start they have plug in grills. >> going natural. incredible thing it will cook much more quickly. can you sear the stuff fantastically when using
5:24 am
electric grill. this is charcoal patio grill. if you have a small space a fire code to worry about. wood deck. can you put that on there so you don't have to worry about a fire code. >> like a stove in your house. >> no open flame. >> my kind of grill. >> has all the condiments of a grill. >> i love the chick on that. >> nothing better than like a good roast chicken. this is one thing you can't do it in an oven very well. you have to do something where it's rotisserie style. using infrared technologies from char broil. there this is electric plug in smoker and roaster. so you lift it up. you can actually put the chicken right down inside of this thing. but it's all electric. what a gadget, man. this is great. >> that's plug in, that will go up to 16-pound turkey. >> 16-pound turkey so perfect for thanksgiving or any time. >> about 230 bucks. not bad. >> perfect for that also for
5:25 am
your memorial day picnic as well. you don't want to stand over the grill and stare at the steaks you are cooking all day. i grill fantastic device. pick this up on apple store. wireless wi-fi i grill which means you plug this right into the meat. it's thermometer. then you download the free app. from the iphone and take that and see what the temperature of the meat is. >> that is for people really in to tech stuff. >> and cooking. >> inside making drinks watching the kids and somehow watching the alert. >> get an alert. it's reached the temperature i want. >> it's burning. >> run right out and pull it out which is what happened to me. >> very cool. >> that would save me a lot of stuff i had to throw away one time. tell me about this fork. what makes this special? >> more of a hands on thing, right? maybe you got the turkey. you have got a steak on the grill on the barbecue. this is electrical digital chef's fork.
5:26 am
you stick it right into the meat. you are able to see on digital interface the temperature inside the meat. pick it up and move it off of there, too. digital chef's fork grill from brook stone. >> if you are going outside and don't have the outdoor speakers okay. >> 8 hours of battery life from this fox speaker system. look how small this is covering my hand up completely. put it out on the patio for the friends coming out on the barbecue. listen how loud that is. ♪ >> love a little stones in the morning. >> love a little dave dancing over there? use blue tooth and stream it and don't have to plug it in directly. 8 hours of battery life. >> i don't recommend this for shaving as did you earlier. electric grill brush. motorized grill brush. you do you know how labor intensive it is to get all the charcoal off the thing. >> it builds up. don't have even cooking. >> this is tough. definitely don't want to play
5:27 am
around with this. >> actually has water inside of it fill it up with water and has a moister which you -- mister which you spray and turn it on. >> fantastic. >> all of this will be on in case you missed anything. >> coming up, getting a live look at our nation's capitol where hundreds of how sands of bikers gearing up for a special ride this memorial day weekend. we'll tell you about it. >> peter doocy said there was like 900,000. plus more of our country's bravest outside our studios as we salute our troops today. >> and they are sexy. well, they are, but these sexy baristas, serving up smoking hot joe. why feds are steaming mad at this coffee shop which seemingly only hires blondes and brunettes. get a cup of coffee. >> no thank you.
5:28 am
5:29 am
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[ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. ♪ ♪
5:32 am
♪ ♪ that is the marine corps band quantico. they have been down here all day. come down and see them playing live. quite a sight to see. >> and in the rain they have been playing too. >> it's raining? >> it was a little bit. >> keep the troops if your memory. quick happy 50th anniversary to two of our loyal viewers this morning. harvey and priscilla celebrating this morning their 50th. happy anniversary. two of our loyal viewers. >> very nice. >> let's see if their memorial day will be as nice as it was most of the weekend except for a little bit of rain. janice dean is in this morning with rick reichmuth for a look at our forecast. >> take a look at monday's forecast. talking about tropical storm beryl going to move into the florida, georgia coast line.
5:33 am
unfortunately overnight tonight into tomorrow, so that will impact your memorial day holiday tomorrow. heat soaring across the eastern half of the u.s. in some cases we are going to see heat indices well over 100 degrees today and tomorrow. still going to deal with strong storms for the central u.s. if you are planning any outdoor activities. keep that in mind and make sure you are listening to your local forecast. here is our satellite radar over the last eight hours. things not going to change much as we head into tomorrow. strong storms across the central u.s. we're going to be dealing with the landfall of subtropical storm beryl. it is going to be a tropical storm. it is going to be a messy day across coastal areas of florida in towards georgia and south carolina. so we'll keep watch of that. tomorrow's heat index as we head into the daytime and the afternoon, it's going to feel well over 90 degrees in some cases 100 degrees for the eastern half of the country. there is chicago at 90, 88 in atlanta. if you are spending any great length of time outdoors, make
5:34 am
sure you are taking precautions. there is your beach forecast unfortunately for coastal new jersey, florida, impacted by subtropical storm beryl. then if you look towards california's coast line, looking real good and pensacola really nice as well. very warm. make sure you are prepared for that back to you guys. >> thank you, janice. >> all right. let's get to some headlines. a house burst into flames in wisconsin. it was all caught on camera by scared neighbors. fire crews battling the blaze in glendale north of milwaukee. several hours nearby houses also damaged. >> i heard things falling off my walls from upstairs. i didn't know if it was inside, outside. >> officials say six people were sent to the hospital, including a firefighter and a police officer. and the extent of their injuries not known at this time. cause of fire under investigation. you better watch what you type. the department of homeland security was forced to release a list of key words and phrases that they consider to be red flags while monitoring the internet for potential
5:35 am
terror and security threats. some of the words are obvious. attack, dirty bomb, al qaeda seems obvious. other seemingly innocent words can get knew trouble or at least put you on the list. for example the word cloud is on the list because it could be used to talk about hazmat and nuclear threats. the word pork a problem. while you may be searching for some barbecue recipe the government could be concerned that you are researching how to spread swine flu. so you are looking live in a second at washington, d.c. peter doocy was telling about this all morning. hundreds of thousands of bikers getting ready for the annual rolling thunder rally. gets underway in about four hours. their mission, to honor and remember prisoners of war and military service members who are missing in action. the ride starts out at the pentagon. then concludes with the ceremony at the -- reflecting pool neither vietnam veterans
5:36 am
memorial. and beyonce making her post baby return to the stage. this is at that new casino in atlantic city. sold out show. listen. ♪ ♪ if you like t ♪ then you should have put a ring on it. ♪ >> love that video. that video was a great video. that's the song single ladies. she danced around in a tight red sea quinn body suit as you can see. the singer admitted she lost 60 pounds since she gave birth in january. oh, had you tons of famous faces in the audience including governor christie. and three of her biggest fans the first lady michelle obama and daughters sasha and maliyah. >> i can see sasha and maliyah and michelle. chris christie. >> christie is a cool guy. >> is he cool but shaking it
5:37 am
to beyonce. he tweeted it was a great show, great energy. great dancing and a great voice. >> she is fantastic live. >> let's talk a little sports now, folks. down to the final four in the nba. the final one came from this game celtics, 76ers. game 7. always boston philly morris vs. briggs. paul pierce, kevin garnett and ray allen. called him too old but they were able to fend off andre and the 6ers. he had 8 to lead the way. it was a close game. celtics went 0 for 3 until that one from ray allen. fouled out late in the game that meant ray january rondo had to take over and he did. 11 points in the fourth. nine straight at one point. he has another triple-double. his ninth in his playoff career. that ties wilt chamber lynn for fourth all time. that's his team now not the big three. they will face miami starting
5:38 am
on monday night. nelson crews. toriba and mitch moreland for the texas rangers on saturday go back to back to back. baseball's best team gets three straight. but they would need a far more dramatic blast to win it. it came off of the bats of josh hamilton. run away favorite for the mvp at this point 20 home runs leads the big league. 52 rbis. game winner came in the 13th. walk off they pitched to him with a base open. 8-7 your final there. to college baseball now. something you don't often see. in fact, i don't recall ever seeing this. in a dramatic sec tournament game. it's vanderbilt and florida. the commodores complete the rare triple steal. you saw the steal home. there is the stealing second base and they also stole third. six stolen bases in awesome the triple steal came in the ninth inning as the
5:39 am
commodores, florida that is fantastic. tristen haste one of our followers on twitter brought that if you have a good sports story send to dave briggs tv. >> or comments. mark la roy sent us a picture of a vietnam vet at the memorial is he there celebrating this morning. also good commentary about this next story which we are talking about. >> sure we did. 29 different coffee shops under the maim mary lou's has a business practice which raised the eyebrows of the federal government in part which is that they seem to hire hot, blonde brunette women to serve the coffee. they are bucksome. >> they know how to pour a cup of coffee. >> i go to mary lou's regularly. trust me the staff is not all blonde and/or all that attractive. >> but they are bringing
5:40 am
attention to mary lou's because it appears to run afoul of some discrimination. could it be on a racial basis? could it be on a gender basis? could it be ages? >> these are commercials we are looking at. >> we are not sure. these are their commercials. we didn't make these up. they are on youtube. i fight mile file complaint on commercials. this is just trying to get attention. if it runs afoul discrimination nally. >> mary lou suspects a woman-owned business hence hiring all these chics that has not had a single complaint in the 25 years we have been open. the implication in this report is absolutely false. we hire only the most qualified applicants as you can see he there in that commercial in total compliance with the state and federal laws. >> they are looking through job applications and all of this to see maybe who applied and didn't get the job. is it as a result of discrimination. we did get a bunch of emails
5:41 am
ray in plymouth, massachusetts writes as the dad of a former mary lou's girl. >> how dare you let your daughter do that. >> let me tell you that the government is wasting their time and taxpayer's money. local company that hires local girls that provide flexible hours and treat their employees great unlike so many other companies. >> mark in massachusetts says these girls are mostly high school or college age. they are working to save for or pay for college. the eeoc should have better things to do than to harass coffee chain. a lot of folks are writing in saying pretty much the same thing. >> let us know what you think find us on twitter ff weekend as well. new program allowing entrepreneurs to collect unemployment benefits while they build a business. sound fair? we'll debate that next. >> plus, she is the most well known player in -- polo player n the world is he here to give us a personal lesson. >> you. >> clayton. nacho live on "fox & friends." [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
5:42 am
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>> welcome back, if you are starting up your own business, should you be able to collect unemployment benefits at the same time. a new government program thinks that's a good idea to stimulate the economy. critics argue this is not what unemployment benefits are intended for. here for a fair and balanced debate is scottgerber the founder of young entrepreneur council and six young america and ron myer from the young america's foundation. good morning to both of you. >> good morning thanks for having me. >> how would this help the economy? >> right now you have millions of people that can't find work. this is not about giving current entrepreneurs any sort of money. this is about giving long-time
5:46 am
unemployed and current unemployed individuals out of real no issue of their own the ability to become an entrepreneur and basically use those unemployment benefits to basically become entrepreneurs to create job of their own creation rather than just sending countless resumes which has not worked for them. >> we are seeing dwindling numbers of americans start their own business in the last number of years, ron. why is this a bad idea? >> i think it's just a fairy tale land idea we can take unemployed people struggling to pay their rent and turn them into entrepreneurs. people are struggling how to pay their rent not to start a business. takes $30,000 to start a business. that's coming from government numbers from the small business administration the idea we are going to take unemployed people, 40% of which are young people hey you are going to go and start a business give them $10,000. guess what with that $10,000 over 26 weeks you have to pay for your cost of living, too. we are talking about, you know, we have to pay for food and rent and the regular
5:47 am
living wages and how are you supposed to go start a business with that? it's a total joke. a way of washington and people like scott saying hey we came one this awesome idea and let's pat ourselves on the back. >> that sounds like the most uninformed way of thinking about entrepreneurship from someone who has never created a job before. t has a proven job number. three jobs for every successful business created under the program. secondly this isn't some big government issue this is a bipartisan legislative issue created on both sides of the hill. lastly the fact of the matter is businesses today are not $30,000 if you are a smart young entrepreneur. represent 400 of them. many of which have created hundreds of dollars of revenue out of good idea and hard work. if you are living to live on a couch and eat ramen noodles. it's not about saying this bloated touted government nonsense. have a new way forward. obviously the resume search is not working. i would never advocate something i did not do. i started my first business for less than a thousand dollars. within years it became
5:48 am
profitable and ultimately supported myself and my family. the fact of the matter is i think it's a very uninformed approach to make this generalized statement saying entrepreneurship can't be started for $10,000 people have done a lot more with less. >> my concern would be fraud. how do you prove you are starting a legitimate business and not just trying to continue the government dime? working in five states. delaware, maine, new york, new jersey and oregon. ron, you also say this is an attempt, in your opinion, to kind of redefine unemployment and perhaps help the numbers look a little better. >> well, exactly. it's this whole idea of trying to get more people on the unemployment roles. scott, if you want a grant process for young entrepreneurs. make a grant process. this is a safety net for people who are really struggle glick. whole idea we are going to create a grant process that works is a joke. you say also it creates on average three jobs per every one that succeeds. how many people have actually done this program? that's what i want to know. no one has ever mentioned that the fact of the matter is not
5:49 am
many people can actually qualify for it because young people and people unemployed don't have that type of capital to start a business you should know this as an entrepreneur. trust me, i talked -- >> i got to go, gentlemen. we could continue this the rest of the program. it's a good debate and interesting question. thanks. weigh in on twitter. do you think entrepreneurs should get unemployment benefits? dave briggs tv on twitter. coming up next, five decades after the war began. those who fought in vietnam are being honored tomorrow. a vietnam war hero himself, colonel ollie north is here to explain the significance of memorial day to tell us about the events he is participating in this weekend. also, nacho is here to give us a polo lesson. can't wait for that you won't want to miss this. juliet get on the horse. >> no. no, no, no, no. clayton will be getting on the horse. >> clayton gets a lesson coming up. ♪ one less lonely girl.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
if you are looking for something fun to do next saturday june 2nd. overlooking the statue of liberty and you will see this man, the legend nacho. >> face of polo and one of the greatest polo players in the world. nice to see you nacho, welcome to the show. i'm sure many many of ours viewers saw the "sixty minutes piece. it takes place in our backyard and many americans don't know about it but it is becoming a growing sport in this country. tell us about it. >> like you said my mission in life and the purpose of this
5:54 am
event, the polo classic is to bring polo to people's homes and to people's lives and last year we had 18,000 people. this year we moved from -- we're hoping that we get a lot more. >> i have a feeling you are going to get a lot more. one of our producers said how gorgeous is he? >> tell him i said thank you. >> so this sport. it is rough. we see the video of you playing polo. it is a rough sport. you are getting hit all the time. you are racing down alongside of someone else on a horse swinging a mallet in mid-air. how many bones have you broken? >> bones a few, my wrist, my nose, my ankle. >> it's a rough sport. >> very rough. >> woodland like you to get on this horse and nacho show you a little bit of maneuvering. >> i need to sign my last will and testament. >> send it to me.
5:55 am
i take care of all your stuff. >> step aside and you can do this. >> nacho he played water polo. >> to get tickets to go you have to go on facebook. >> we will tweet all that out. you will show me the best way to get on here. >> the best way to get on this side. >> are you documenting this? >> yeah. >> this could end badly. and then this one here. okay? this horse is going to be freaked out. >> no. somebody other than you is on it. he says don't worry. >> you grab this, no. you are going to lead me slowly around, correct? >> take care. >> no, no, no. >> this is -- i can't believe, you are guiding -- whoa, where are you going? >> don't pull too much. >> this is manhattan, not exactly as if there are no cars here. >> okay, here.
5:56 am
right. and now, you know, that's how you do it now the way you would swing you are supposed to hit the ball with this part of the mallet. so you will just swing. >> throw a ball down there. >> okay. >> we'll see what you do, okay? >> i hope our cameras aren't that expensive. >> let's hope he makes this. >> hey. >> i think i took out a viewer. >> took out a navy guy. >> settle down there nellie. >> send it back to dave inside. >> more info on our web site. >> thank you, nacho. don't leave where are you going. >> polo. coming up. a battle over the stars and stripes. why one veteran is taking on a giant retailer over door mats like that one you saw there. if polo needs a new face for polo. >> yeah, right. >> let me know. >> they have nacho. it's okay. >> i'm available after the show. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
5:57 am
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>> welcome, everybody. i'm alisyn -- i'm juliet huddy in for alisyn camerota. competing for the veterans vote this memorial day weekend. we will explain what they are doing to win over our nation's war heros. >> this morning we are learning new intimate details that only the accused killer of etan patz could know. more on that straight ahead. >> hundreds of thousands of bikers are rolling into our nation's capital today for special memorial day ride. rolling thunder there getting underway. "fox & friends" hour four begins right now.
6:01 am
♪ ♪ >> scare the horse. >> nacho, i think, has departed but we do have the fantastic marine corps quantity co-band. they have been out here since predawn, the crack of dawn playing for us on the corner of 48th and sixth. >> isn't that amazing? >> they are really good. >> today obviously they are here for a very special reason to honor and memorialize the men and women who gave their lives for this country. for us to have the freedom to have a barbecue. >> this isn't a weekend to buy mattresses. this is a weekend to honor those who have served our country and gave their lives for our country. good to see you juliet? for alisyn. some might say this is pandering, others might say it
6:02 am
is what happens when you are running for president you have to try to get the military vote. who will get it republicans have done historically very well with the military. john mccain won by 10 points in 2000 will. he is out on the campaign trail tomorrow with mitt romney. will that make the difference? >> yeah. who knows what they say? will the rhetoric actually work or will the actions speak louder than words? >> obviously president obama has done well in the foreign policy area obviously getting usama bin laden. going after the likes of al awlaki and getting other al qaeda leaders and drone strikes have increased of course. that's what democrats say. these veterans are out in pockets around battleground states interestingly. if you look at florida. take a look at that that's an area that president obama won or then senator obama by four percentage points, colorado, ohio, virginia. and north carolina. all battleground states. of course, north carolina going to be home of the democratic national convention. they see that as a big battleground state. >> florida 1.6 million veterans. that's a big big state. get all those people out to vote that could change the course of the election.
6:03 am
>> right. and also don't forget because of the veterans get the opportunity -- not veterans, i'm sorry, the soldiers and sailors and the people that are stationed overseas they get to mail in their ballots, you know, from wherever they are located, sometimes well ahead of time. >> sure. >> so being able to speak to those individuals changes the playing field just a little bit. >> here is the president with his message to the troops this memorial day weekend. >> even as we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice, we reaffirm our commitment to care for those who served alongside them. the veterans who came home. this includes our newest generation of veterans from iraq and afghanistan. we have to serve them and their families as well as they have served us. by making sure that they get the healthcare and benefits they need by caring for our wounded warriors and supporting our military families and by giving veterans the chance to go to college, find a good job, and enjoy the freedom that they risked everything to protect. >> clayton mentioned, of course, getting bin laden, the
6:04 am
drone strikes. on the flip side, the unemployment rate for those who have been in the military after 9/11 far higher than that of the general population in the country. a lot of the vets are telling me on twitter, on facebook. that they feel that the cuts being made to the defense department will increase their fees to try care and will cut their benefits. a lot of issues here. how will don't ask, don't tell play into this as well in terms of the military. there is a lot of factors involved. >> we debated this earlier on the program. >> sorry, thank you. >> with our political experts and here is what they said. i think wisconsin is going to be a battleground state because of some of the issues that the state faces. i still think it's a win for president obama if walker gets reelected. governor walker will win and wisconsin will be much closer obviously what was 10 points last time wisconsin is in play. remember the rnc chairman is from wisconsin. they have a good ground game.
6:05 am
>> sometimes we need to listen to the sound bites. that is about the governor walker recall election which we did debate. but not right there. so interesting, mitt romney leads right now according to the "wall street journal" numbers. 50 to 42. little bit narrower than the john mccain win. i think it's different because of some equations and factors involved. >> the interesting number here is among those who have served that's that number there was another poll though recently that just showed among those currently serving. the president is doing better than mitt romney, so it is really interesting to see how veterans, you know, view that and in those currently in the military. >> moving on to totally different topic. when i was a little kid i remember this story horrible story about etan patz little boy who was killed. we have been following this story the last couple of days. a suspect which has been charged which is chilling. this is a picture of the little boy.
6:06 am
apparently the suspect that is now being charged this guy hernandez knew intimate details that only the killer would know. and that was why -- that was really sort of what pushed this case forward. >> why does it matter? because there is the confessed killer of etan patz, paid doe hernandez receiving psychiatric care and on suicide watch, as a matter of fact. why does it matter? a confession is not enough to convict here in new york. it is enough to get an arrest. to make an arrest. but not enough to convict. they need more than that what might he know? sources to the "new york post" say he has told them something that only the killer would know. this is speculation what it could be? >> it could be scars, a birth mark, a mole who someone who could have seen the boy in that capacity may know. >> an item he was wearing. >> we also had legal debate between -- it wasn't really a
6:07 am
debate because they sort of both agreed on this lis wiehl and joey jackson on the way in which the prosecution going forward handles this and the way the defense handles this. remember, after all, have you police officers at the time dismissing this guy, using the term, quote: he is a nut job. they really didn't pay much attention to his commentary back then. how did the prosecution and defense handle this? listen. >> you have a guy schizophrenic. >> and bipolar. >> now you give the end can occasion indication that the confession sounds credible. how many books have been written on this issue. match that with the fact no hard evidence. >> remember this gone in the jonbenet ramsey case came out and said i did it. this seems to be more credible. this guy confessed in 1981, two years after the murder. to family and friends. >> this guy sort of popped up out of the middle of nowhere. it was that ramos guy that he
6:08 am
was the drifter who was friends with babysitter. >> he was a convicted pedophile. >> serving 20 years right now. at the time he was a drifter. he had a civil case against him. and the judge ruled in favor -- you know, against him. and the family hasn't seen any money from this guy. but now got to wonder. >> former nypd commissioner robert maguire said some interesting things in the "new york post." he said he doesn't think this is a one off thing. he he thinks there has got to be more victims. if you have uncontrollable urge towards children then you have more than once in your life you are not a happily married guy a member of a pentecostal church. >> the church he confessed the killing to members of this church, members of his own family. mcgwire was the commissioner in 1979 when etan patz disappeared 33 years ago. >> you just said the craziest thing he did according to members of his family he did
6:09 am
say something years and years and years ago i killed the a little boy. the family decided not to do anything about it because they didn't want to get involved. we will continue to follow that case. meantime headlines for you and not good news. four nato service members have died in separate roadside bomb attacks. the incidents happened last night in southern afghanistan. nato not revealing their nationalities at this time. 32 nato troops have died in afghanistan so far this month. in the west wildfires raging out of control. officials in new mexico say 100,000-acre wildfire still has not been contained. the blaze is forcing the evacuation of residents near a privately owned ghost town. the smoke prompting health warnings across the state due to heavy smoke from the flames. meanwhile, a wildfire in michigan is also spreading forcing about 100 people from their homes. officials say the blaze, which is located in the state's upper peninsula has grown to more than 21,000 acres. this morning, new claims from iran state tv that the country
6:10 am
has plans to build at least two nuclear power plants. iran's nuclear chief reportedly saying that construction may begin within a year or two. iran has repeatedly said it's planning to build more nuclear power plants but nothing has been offered to show that any work is underway. keep an eye on that. the stars and stripes on door mats stirring up outrage for one vietnam war veteran. john f. kelly says he wants these things pulled off the shelves at all lowe's stores immediately. >> you don't thread on an american flag. you don't wipe dirty boots on them. you don't walk on them. that is a patriotic symbol that represents the freedom of the country and the people in it. >> a lot of folks feel that way. >> kelly said when he talked to the manager of his local lowe's he was told that the door mats weren't meant to be used on the floor but as door hanging which is a little silly to be honest. kelly now plans to boycott
6:11 am
lowe's until corporate puts out a national policy removing them. those are the headlines. i think a lot of folks would be very annoyed by the concept of seeing not necessarily an actual flag but the colors and sorts of the stripes and stars and everything. >> who wants to wipe their muddy boots on white anyway. furthermore, look at the label on that thing. i bet it's probably made in china. >> let us know how you feel about that story. >> let's get to janice dean who has a check of the weather. good and bad but pretty hot in some regions. >> indianapolis is going to set a record today. 95 is their daytime high. that will be the warmest indy 500 ever. talking about extremes. we have them. great falls, montana, several inches of snow. 33 degrees right now as you head further south and east, temperatures soaring into the 90-degree temperature level later on this afternoon with heat indexes feeling like over 100 degrees. and then we have got subtropical storm beryl
6:12 am
barreling toward the coast. we are going to see landful somewhere across the border of georgia. right in line nor fafty weather. there is one of the tropical storm models he we look at. jackson 9:00 p.m. monday into tuesday lingering across the southeast coast bringing some bad weather but the good news about this is they need the rain. so 3 to 6 inches of rain across the drought stricken area. this is kind of a good thing. back to you guys. >> all right. thanks, janice. lt. colonel oliver north is here with some advice on how the united states should deal with pakistan, a thorn in our side and the world. what he is doing this weekend in honor of our vietnam veterans. >> a case of life imitating art. like something out of a horror movie. crows. >> hitch clock flicks. >> a crow, a very evil crow apparently terrorizing people in a town. we will tell you where you need to watch out. >> have you not seen the
6:13 am
birds? >> of course i have. ♪ ♪ so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats a. most life insurance companies look at you and just see a policy.
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6:16 am
>> welcome back. lots on the table when it comes to us-pakistan relations right now. first there's a us drone strike is that killed suspected militants in pakistan yesterday. and pakistan sent in the doctor who helped us forces to hunt and kill bin laden to 33 years for treason yesterday. are more drone strikes the answer? what should the obama administration do to help the doctor who helped us? joining us is ltd. col. oliver north. welcome to fox. >> good to be with you, brother. >> we will talk more with you about what you have been able to do and what you are doing with veterans in a moment but we have to talk about what's going on with pakistan. >> sure. >> let's listen to secretary of state hillary clinton. >> the united states does not
6:17 am
believe there is any basis for holding dr. afredi. we regret both the fact that he was convicted and the severity of his sentence. his help, after all, was instrumental in taking down one of the world's most notorious murderers. >> so colonel, who is your response to that? >> let's back up just a quick second. clayton, what we did see last night and over the course of the last two weeks, we have now seen something in the neighborhood of six to ten so-called militants killed in drone strikes as they are commonly called. fired missiles fired from american uavs. here's the downside with that. not only is it hurting our relationship with pakistan, it's a take-no-prisoners policy which yields you know u.s.
6:18 am
intelligence. you are killing bad guys and other people you didn't mean to kill at the same time and it's not helping us gather information about new terrorist attacks. the doctor is not going to be helped at all by hillary clinton saying what she just said or the congress cutting $33 million out of the military aid package. and jonathan spied for the israelis and we locked him up for a life sentence. this doctor has now been given effective a life sentence. the real question that we ought to be asking, and we ought to be asking on capitol hill and the white house is who outed the doctor. he would have never been given up or tried or convicted if this administration had buttoned its lip about the operation that took out bin laden in. >> and maybe we could have gotten him out so we wouldn't have to worry about it. >> exactly. >> i want to get your take what you are doing to honor our vietnam veterans this memorial day weekend. something special. tell us about it.
6:19 am
>> it is a special memorial day. this is the 50th anniversary commemoration of the beginning of the vietnam war. we were down there earlier this week interviewing one of the guys that i had the opportunity to serve with, doc john fowler. he was a remarkable american and served right next to me in a rightful company in vietnam. and what we did was document for the 58,282 that are on the wall the 1350 who are still unaccounted for, a welcome home that they are going to receive tomorrow, long overdue, but certainly a welcome home that's much deserved. >> when we try to frame and try to understand vietnam, you had quite a long time to reflect upon this and you think about the wars we are currently embroiled in right now, afghanistan just wrapping up and iraq and service members around the world protecting us, what do you think is important to remember about vietnam for those who maybe it didn't effect and weren't alive at the time. >> certainly the gold star
6:20 am
families were all affected, those who lost loved ones, those of us who led and had guys die in our arms over there like those with whom i served. the bottom line of it is that what happened to the vietnam veteran should never have happened and it ought never to happen again. one of the reasons why they are being welcomed home now is because of what happened to those who served in vietnam. >> i think it's a lesson we all learned regardless of whatever sort of politics gets in your head and how difficult we were in the iraq war, americans support the men and women in uniform regardless of politics. colonel oliver north, thank for joining us. always great to see you and sharing your thoughts. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, wisconsin governor scott walker fighting for his political life as the recall election approaches. what impact will this have on the nation? it could be a bellwether. [ morgan ] when you cheer,
6:21 am
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flush. >> welcome back. california bishop steven blair recently retracted statements he made criticizing the catholic's lawsuit against health and human services over obamacare saying the lawsuits had his full support. our our next guest said media analysts are still falsely reporting a rift in the catholic church. joining us is the reader ever ewtn, raymond. good to see you, sir. >> good to see you, dave. >> the suggestion that the catholic church is not unanimously behind the lawsuits and some are overpoliticizing it, what is your reaction to that? >> i would agree. i don't understand why the media isn't covering this story. we are leading newspapers and newscast with this vatican leak story about a couple stories
6:25 am
stolen out of the papal apartment by a butler. yet this time the first time all the bishops of the united states have sued the federal government is getting page 8 or 19 coverage. i don't understand it. this touches on healthcare, education, social service outreach all across this country. a sixth of our healthcare. and if the bishops pull back, if the catholic church retreats from these areas, it will leave a huge gaping hole that i don't think the federal government could fill and it's a matter of religious liberty. how are they to exercise their ministry and what constitutes a religious organization. that's what the bishops are fighting about and suing over. >> why do you think it's been largely ignored by the mainstream media? >> i don't know. i think part of it is probably there's a political discomfort with an election coming up. the president can't lose these catholic swing voters. they gave him the victory the last time. but i think when you take on the entire catholic bishops, not a
6:26 am
political group we should come right out in say. the bishops are far from partisan. and this is something i think they reluctantly went into. about but when you have an administration trying to describe and define a religious entity that only that which hires and serves people of their own faith, those are fighting words and the bishops feel if that weed else's it's way into federal law it will affect their ministry and violate their religious liberties. and this weekend when we are celebrating memorial day, the veterans, men and women who have given their lives for these freedoms, the bishops are fighting for that religious freedom which is precious and sacred in america. >> let's get the opinion of cardinal timothy dolan. >> it's been going on for six months and we have been seen light yet. we aren't going to give up. maybe the lawsuits will prompt some progress. but so far we haven't seen any mitigation that the administration offered back in february didn't help us yet.
6:27 am
>> as to the suggestion earlier that i mentioned, that there is some rift in the catholic church because only 13 diocese of the 195 are participating in this lawsuit, is there some rift? >> no. there's no rift. you know, i interviewed a cardinal as well as archbishop lori who are at the very forefront of this. they told me, and i have seen it, every bishop in the united states has come out against thee the mandate. he is a member ever the 35 bishops who wrote this initial statement protesting the mandate and authorized the lawsuit. so if they are looking for division among the bishops, they better look elsewhere. this, i imagine, will be a long fight, and one that could hurt the administration going forward. and like timothy dolan, archbishop dolan, i don't understand why the administration hasn't offered some sort of accommodation that's authentic and not, you
6:28 am
know, this kind of bogus one they put forward. >> to be continued. raymond arroyo. >> my pleasure. >> he's been celebrating america and honoring our troops all morning long. we will check back in coming up. i've been crisscrossing the gulf for the past two years now. i can tell you, down here, people measure commitment by what's getting done. i'm mike utsler, and it's my job to make sure we keep making progress in the gulf. the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. another fourteen billion dollars has been spent on response and cleanup. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to the gulf of mexico research initiative... to support ten years of independent scientific research on the environment. results will continue to be shared with the public.
6:29 am
and we're making sure people know that the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues, but that doesn't mean our job is done. bp's still here, and we're still committed to seeing this through.
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6:32 am
♪. >> that is the marine corps quantico band. they have been playing all morning here at 48th and 6th. you have 28 minutes to bring your kids down to see them perform live. >> they have been n for at least four hours this morning. they have to be tired. we are on our climate controlled couch. >> they are tough. they are used to that sort of thing. >> we are celebrating memorial day weekend, as it clayton. buddy. >> steve henley, started out, if you weren't up four hours ago, if you just tuned in for the first 15 minutes. he was out here around six in the morning and started a painting for us. a patriotic painting that he's long been doing. are you almost done with this now, steve? how closer we to being done? >> it could be done. >> to me it looks done. >> if you say it's done, ice done. >> but maybe as an artestist you
6:33 am
are thinking i have a few more things to do on here. a reminder, how did you get into patriotic painting? what is it that moves you to do all these incredible works? >> when i started out i couldn't figure out what to paint and i painted the first thing that came to mind my favorite thing in college was history so i decided to paint historical subjects and i was surprise when had it resonated with so many people. so many people feel alienated about their country and feel they are alone in being patriotic. i think it's a reminder to people they are not alone. >> you go to someone's house and you see this beautiful work of art up on the ball and it reminds you how incredible this country is. mount rushmore more, for example, that i'm standing over here looking at. how long did it take to you paint this? if i sat down to paint this -- >> years and years. >> if i sat down to paint a painting like this, i think it would probably take us like four years to finish. >> well, i hope you can because i have no other marketable skills, so i will be in trouble if you start painting in two.
6:34 am
>> no. >> what is great is steve has been out here painting for us and he's also going to be doing some painting along the wall inside the hallway leading down to the fox and friends studio. some of his paintings will appear on that wall. he's going to finish up lead liberty here. how can people find about your art work. >> >> penley with a patriotic painting on the plaza. >> she wants the statute of liberty one. >> i love that. >> i will take mount rushmore more. i lived in the black hills a number of years and saw mount rushmore more 30 or 40 times. >> that's to wonderful rendition. >> let's do the headlines. government forces once again attacking innocent civilians in central syria. this is really bad.
6:35 am
this happened this morning. they were behind a similar assault two days ago. that one, one of the deadliest in the country's 15-month uprising. 90 people were killed, many women and children. going the u.s. and the united nations calling it a clear violation of the u. n.-backed cease-fire implemented six years ago. they will try to get the peace plan back on track but it's more uprising today. in the meantime, a grim discovery as a colorado campsite. police believe they have found the remains of james nelson. he disappeared back in october of 2010. he was reported missing when he failed to return from a five-day, 25-mile hike. authorities also located a notebook by that camp society that indicates he may have been suffering from altitude sickness. something straight out of the hitchcock movie "the birds." an oregon town being terrorized
6:36 am
by, we say crow, but could it be raven? i'm getting tweets that say it's a raven. you decide. cameras caught the aggressive bird sweeping toward five unsuspecting pedestrian in a few hours. one woman says watching people freak out has become a spectator sport for the area. >> this morning we came outside, and this girl was walking down the street. and she wasn't even paying attention and the bird came up behind her. it's not like the bird can eat you alive or something but it's kind of scary getting slapped in the face. >> you don't know that, lead. you don't know. so far the crow or raven, bird-watchers please write in, hasn't hurt anybody. they think she's trying to protect her nest. they say it's the least they can do for a world war ii vet. the house of heros is get to go work this weekend on the veteran's home in connecticut. replacing old steps and
6:37 am
installing new windows, upgrading the plumbing. he's live in the home for almost 60 years and he said he's very grateful. >> when you get old, you know, it doesn't really make that much difference per se because you want to live your own life. >> he served for us. if it wasn't for the people that served, we wouldn't be here. >> you live in connecticut. why down go over and help? >> i'm on my way. >> house of heroes has provided free repairs for more than 500 military and public service veterans throughout the country. that's a great story. that is great. >> thanks to all those folks doing that. let's talk a little wisconsin because looking ahead, very, very soon, june 5ing, not that it already isn't a big discussion because on friday we had the big debate between the potential candidate, i don't know what you call him in a run off election, he's a candidate, i guess. the mayor, the mayor barrett of milwaukee running now in the recall election against governor scott walker. and all eyes on this race right
6:38 am
now because it could become a battleground where president obama won it by a landslide last time around. >> president obama won wisconsin by 14 points but some suggestion if scott walker were to survive the walker, he would not only be the first to survive, he will be the third to pace it, but it could mean a lot. means the state is in play for mitt romney. but it means the sector on public unions could change. could they strip bargaining rights? that's what the controversy was all about. but the recall election has not been about that. >> well, you had a debate earlier today, did you not. >> i did debate this. and there were heated two sides defining the national implications of the recall election in wisconsin. >> i think wisconsin is going to be a battleground state already less just because of the dynamics that are in place and some of the issues that the state faces. but i do think that it's still a win for president obama if walker gets re-elected. governor walker will win and
6:39 am
wisconsin will be much closer. obviously what was at ten points last time, wisconsin is in play. and remember the rnc chairman is from wisconsin and they have a good ground game. >> it depends on the ground game interestingly right now. there's been a lot of money poored in. >> $2.5 million from out-of-state. >> ask the washington post this morning has an interesting breakdown of this. the obama campaign was worried about this. didn't want them to get involved in this campaign or recall election because they thought it might suck the oxygen out of the room for his own campaign, all of the money being spent on this. turns out he didn't have much to say about it. they went ahead and did it anyway and now we are seeing the fruits of it. >> not surprising the moneying is poured in there. my e-mails, every other one is scott walker. >> he leads between five and nine points in most of the policy. some call is the second-most important election this year, of course, only behind the presidential. so it could be interesting come june 5th. >> he was wounded by an ied while on patrol in iraq. now he's doing the unthinkable.
6:40 am
the sergeant sam is gearing up to climb mount kilimanjaro on tuesday. you won't believe this story. we will tell it to you next. >> and pizza to fun finger foods, we have a memorial day menu perfect for any back yard party. emily's just starting out... and on a budget. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate.
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now's the time to move from to where you want to go. look up. with u.s. bank let's get the wheels turning. use our strength & stability to open new opportunities. to lend, and lift ...every business...every dream... to new heights of prosperity. good things are happening. just look up. with u.s. bank. >> welcome back. he's competed in numerous triathlons. now wounded war vet is doing the unthinkable. he's going to climb mount kilimanjaro. anna is here. she's about to tell us more about his brave challenge. i mean this, is not exactly like a little mountain. >> yeah, it's the highest mountain in africa, actually. sam has defined the odds by
6:44 am
turning a debilitating war wound into a lifestyle of extreme sports. he leaves tuesday to climb mount kilimanjaro, again, the highest peek in africa. he's now a 38-year-old father trying to set a good example for his children. we join new york national guard shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. after being hit by an iud back in the green zone back in 2005, he underwent more than 40 surgeries in washington d.c.. ultimately losing his forearm and leaving him lost. >> i just assumed that my identity was that i'm physical and i thought that was taken away from me. so spiraled into depression which led into addiction of pain medication. you know, a long, turbulent road for two years, which i lost. i mean, lost my life and my family lost as well. >> i mentioned it was very tough on his family but joining operation rebound, part of the challenged athletes foundation,
6:45 am
renewed his spirit. it helps wounded vets and first responders get back on their feet and participate in activities that may otherwise be out of reach, providing training, motivation and equipment for athletic competition. he has competed in numerous triathlons, bike the pacific coast and even finished the king of all competitions, the ironman in half. while he leaves for mount kilimanjaro tuesday, he doesn't plan to stop there. he plans to climb at least three of the highest peaks on each continent the next few years and evening participating in the olympic pair -- games. >> i think they should support him, go out with him, dave and clayton, maybe train with him. yeah, crickets. appreciate it. you will be following the story and giving us updates? >> absolutely. we can't wait to see where he goes and inspiring all of us. get up a little earlier and work out too, right
6:46 am
[i feel like quite the slacker. up next we will show you how to make a star-spangled menu for your memorial day barbeque. jean is back. that's what i was look for, burgers. ♪ ♪ [ rosa ] i'rosa and i quit smoking th chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hoility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these
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6:49 am
>> welcome back. the headlines now. four neigh tote service members have died in separate roadside bomb attacks. the incident happened last might in southern afghanistan.
6:50 am
nato not revealing their nationalities at this time. and brave men and women in uniform honored with a special musical tribute last night in washington d.c. take a look. ♪ and i'm going home ♪ always been the love for me >> chris daughtry and his band singing "home" to the crowd. and there's more. ♪ tomorrow you will be fine ♪ just let it shine on you >> country singer trace adkins on fox and friends also performed on the west lawn in front of the capitol building. he sang "the sun comes up" to
6:51 am
the honored american soldiers. >> we are doing some memorial day cooking. >> and we have to check off some in the right way. jean is here, a party planner and a chef. the topic we are talking today is the star-spangled menu. when folks come over don't just throw something boring on the grill. >> that's right. i have really easy stuff starting over there on my grill. i have meatball sliders. you know what the best part about that, i picked up those meet balls cooked at a deli section, sliced them on half so they fit on rolls nice and easy. >> you are just warming them up so you don't want to grill them long? >> no, you don't. maybe grill on low for about ten minutes and it's a great appetizer say if you are greg burgers. if you want to get fancy, i have the 4th of july pizza here. >> the kids would go crazy for this. >> they would love it. and the thing interesting is the blue sauce. so with this pizza dough -- >> interesting is the right
6:52 am
word. >> so i actually made this blue sauce. go ahead and finger paint on with that. how i made the blue sauce was i used yellow tomatoes. and you want like the lightest yellow tomato, and then you cook it. there's a recipe on my website at there's aregular no in there, you can use a jarred pizza sauce for the red. but back to the yellow. >> there's food coloring, right? >> that's whether or not i am trying to say, yes. >> yellow tomatoes don't often make blue sauce. >> look at you. >> you are going great. you are jumping right in there. you are really in the mood to grill and a lot of people are really in the mood to cook. how i made the stars and stripes, this is string cheese. >> look at mine compared to you. it's night and day. >> this is string cheese cut in half and that's how i made the stripes and skinnied them up. there you go. so you use like mozzarella
6:53 am
cheese, part skim. you can use this knife to get it out but that will create the stars. >> get the kids involved too. >> absolutely. >> are we going to bake these? >> you prebake the dough. i have a recipe or you can peck it up from a pizza parlour. you want to prebake it for about 15 minutes so it doesn't getting by. then you put everything on it and you heat it for about 15 minutes just until the cheese melts. >> it looks like a texas flag. >> it does look like a texas flag. >> or do i have any flags wrong? >> and this is individual smores. >> now we can't talk. >> isolate talk for you. so these i love. they are easy to make. just regular candy bar chocolate crumbs, individual marshmallows. and here's a tip.
6:54 am
i don't know if you can see. especially if you are kids, you want to cut the tips, the pointy tips. >> otherwise my son will use them as swords. that would not go well. >> these are cookie stars. super fun. a shortbread cookie and a royal icing. you can buy blue and red gone dent at the craft store, at michaels, actually. you roll it out like this and cut your stars out. i have this large star cutter that i used for the cookies, and i have this, and then you can just apply threes right on to the cookies just like that using some water. >> i feel guilty about eating them. >> please eat them. these are really good. you will love these. >> i just got the go ahead. that was my cheap ploy. >> here's the sliders, and the other things i have, down here i have pretzels. and the kids can do all of this stuff. it will keep them busy on
6:55 am
memorial day. and then this. >> i love it. >> thanks for mentioning it. this is just a get ready for summer fun pack. my kids are going back to school on tuesday. eats kind of like memorial day. the glasses are a dollar, this was a 1:50. there are a lot of clearance sales right now. these will clips, they were a buck too and you put them in here with a little shovel and gets the kids really excited. >> and send folks home from your party with these gets them happy. >> exactly. >> and jean benedict with her star-spangled menu. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> a salute to our troops when we come back, folks. ♪ ♪
6:56 am
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>> the quantico marine corps band. thanks for coming this morning. >> sergeant timothy otis is here, the head of the band. these guys have been on foot about gave or six hours and we are already tired sitting on the couch. >> we get tired. we just don't show it. >> what is it like on this mommy orial day weekend for people? >> we like everybody to know that freedom is something that is enjoyed by everyone, and it should be enjoyed by everyone around the world, and that we have, we've actually got a chance to represent our country and hopefully provide that. >> and they are going to play. let's hear t


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