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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 27, 2012 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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♪ >> we start with a fox alert this morning on memorial day sunday. we are watching a developing weather situation in the southeast. subtropical storm barrel now gathering steam just off the coach and set to make landfall sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning. forecasters are warning of dangerous rip tides and powerful thunder storms, all threatening plans right on up through the carolinas. >> by later this afternoon we will be experience storm activity. it has the ability for localized flooding, down trees and down power lines that can pose a threat to public safety. >> coming up, a full live report
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from janice dean, meteorologist, on this weekend. she will be tracking beryl live for us from the fox news weather center. and another fox alert also for this morning. this out of syria. getting reports this morning ever the syrian military targeting residential areas they say with knew rounds of shelling. good morning, everyone. i'm eric shawn and welcome to mark's news headquarters. >> great to have you here. i'm jaymee. this is a brand new hours inside america's newsroom. this violence is coming as the world learns the stick of friday's massacre. activists are reporting syrian force killed more than 100 people, dozens of them were children under the age of 10. collin powell is live with the latest on this very disturbing story. connor. >> jaymee, the u. n.-backed cease-fire has never really taken a hold in syria but now it appears to be in utter shambles. we are learning about the
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massacre friday that took place in the city city houla which ist outside homs. now what we are being told by u. n. monitors who have had a chance see the damage on friday's massacre is that more than 100 people have been killed, dozens of them were children. they are saying right now 32 of them were children under the age of 10. the video that the anti-syrian government protesters and opposition groups have uploaded to the internet show just a gruesome scene of a massacre. what we are hearing is that the syrian military unleashed a bombardment of just weapons, bombs, and mortor shells on the area of homs. the syrian government denies the accusation and say they have nothing to do with this. they are saying they are being accused a massacre they didn't
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have anything to do with. they are saying they are basically being accused of lies. now this does raise new calls for western military intervention. right now after 15 months the west seems very unwilling to engage in any type of military intervention in sierra. but the u. n. envoy is going to arrive monday and there's hope the cease-fire will be able to be put back together. jaymee. >> thank you so much. meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton has condemned the massacre, demanding an end to the violence. saying those who are perpetrated the atrocity must be held to accountability and we will work to international community to intensify our pressure on assad and his cronies, whose rule by
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murder. and the iranians have so far enriched enough uranium to make a total of five nuclear bomb is the the report. it comes as the world powers ended their talks in baghdad with no agreement. failing to convince iran to scale back and stop their enrichment program as the security council has demanded for six years. talks will resume in moscow next month. will that potentially stop an iranian nuclear weapons or just buy the iranians more time? john boulton joins us. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning. glad to be here. >> as always, good to see you. you called it last week. you said there wouldn't be any agreement, the iranians are not going to stap. >> the iranians are not going to be negotiated out of their nuclear weapons programs. they see the talks as a way to gain concessions from the europeans and the united states, relief from sanctions,
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acceptance of their right to enrich uranium in principle and in a variety of other things. as they drag the talks out they get closer to the west, as it has repeatedly done in the past, giving in to those demands. i think it has been a big mistake to engage in these negotiations. it simply gives iran time and gives them legitimacy and may actually bring them relief from the sanctions. >> talks in istanbul, no agreement, other talk, no agreement, and now talks in moscow, same thing? >> you have to be a theological believer in diplomacy so say we had a great success in these negotiations. what is the evidence of that? we agreed to meet again. and, in fact, reporting this morning, i think in the new york times said that the discussions at the end of this meeting in baghdad as to what the next city would be were, quote, frantic, close quote. so the fact is that the iranians once again are playing the
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united states and our european friends like a violin. they are getting something that is very critical to a would-be nuclear proliferateer and that's time. their enriched uranium continues to grow. >> the chief e. u. negotiator said they have found common ground. what is she talking about? >> the europeans have been saying that for ten years of negotiations. i think it's understandable at some point for somebody to say let's try a negotiations. how many years of failed negotiations does it take before people begin to realize that negotiations are not going to work. achieving a nuclear weapons capability is a long-sought, strategic objective for iran. the sanctions may be having an economic impact. that really remains to be seen. but even if they are, there is simply no evidence it has done anything to change iran's
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objectives or its operations on the nuclear front. >> and you mentioned they will not give access stott un, the scientists or others to a military site that some think is being cleaned up. and at forto they found 27% enriched uranium. they say they have enough for potentially five nuclear bombs. how much enriched uranium is that, ambassador, and what does it mean? can they use it to make a bomb immediately. >> no. they still have to enrich it to weapons grade levels. but remember at 20% they are already 80% of the way in terms of the work and energy that is expended to achieve weapons-grade levels. and let's be clear. all this talk about how much they have and how many weapons can be made from it is based on information available to the international atomic energy agency. if the iranian regime has other facilities, if they are working with north korea, if they have operations in syria, their
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stockpiles could be far greater. that's why last week the week began with this announcement about this great agreement with the iaea. if we look at news reports today as you mentioned of iran blocking iaea inspector access that's correct deal lasted less than a week. >> blocking access, not handing over the information, yet they will still try to talk again next month. hopefully it will resolve in a peaceful manner but as you have said time and time again here on sunday mornings, you are suspicious. as always, thank you for coming in, ambassador bolton. >> happy memorial day. >> you too. >> take care, ambassador. in egypt many christians are taking to the streets in protests. they are rallying against harass hen from the nation's majority and they are expressing concerning about what might happen to their religious freedoms if a want date backed by the muslim brotherhood wins the election there.
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we are following this and streaming live from cairo. hi. >> hi. even secular egyptians and secular muslim egyptians don't exactly like the choice they have in this coming presidential election now that the run off is basically official. we are waiting for the last results on when you have someone from the old regime, a guy nobody trusts or wants on the other side you have the muslim brotherhood, and a lot of people don't really like what the muslim brotherhood is selling. >> i hate muslim brotherhood. >> but this doctor, like many egyptians, believes the muslim brotherhood candidate is the lesser of two evils. >> you are voting for the muslim brotherhood. do you want egypt to be an islamic state with shaw rea la? >> absolutely notice. >> why are you voting for him if he is promising to do that.
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>> i don't agree with many of the muslim brotherhood policies, but we can modulate this. we can adopt this to our needs. >> christians in cairo headed to the supreme court for a protest against these twelve member. they say it's just another example of how bad conditions have gotten in this country. and they say it's the muslim brotherhood takes over andins statutes their law, many christians will have to leave their homeland in egypt. >> burned with nobody being arrested or tried. we've had people with their ears cut and mutilated by muslim finish -- fenatics. we've had homes destroyed. >> a number of christians have come out in support in order to try to help with the security situation. he has promised to continue to secure the christians' future here in egypt. on the other side, virtually every one ever the young secular
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revolutionaries we talked to in egypt has said if he is elected next month they will return to the square because they say the revolution they started is dead, it is creating a very dangerous situation in egypt where you have the potential for at revolution on one end and an islamic state with the muslim brotherhood controlling the presidency and the parliament on the other. back to you. >> not what many in that square expected. leyland streaming live from cairo. keep us posted. ♪ ♪. >> it is the weekend of honor and remembrance. this memorial day also marks the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war. today, once again, rolling thunder will roar into washington d.c.
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it's the annual motorcycle rally that's held in support of prisoners of war and those still missing in action. peter deucecy is live in washington with the latest. and what a fantastic event this is every year, peter. >> it is, eric. believe it or not back when they started it back in 1988 they only had 2500 or so motorcycles. but what you are seeing and hearing behind me are the first of the 900,000 or so that will make the ride today. the sound you hear are part of the salute. there are hundreds of thousands of bikes from all across the country. i've seen vets from montana and south dakota and indiana. and among those who are here today, not riding but on the side of the road, staff sergeant tim chambers. he's a retired marine who will raise his hand and salute every single person who rides by and here's why. >> well, a salute is a gesture of respect. and i've done it, like i said, at a lot of funerals and it's
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way too late for me to show those old souls my appreciation, considering they didn't get it when they came home. and it's a form of respect. i respect those veterans. i respect those family members. and i respect those concerned citizens. >> so it's clearly other very enthusiastic but oftentimes emotional display here at rolling thunder. and the organizers say that they are going to keep riding from the pentagon to the vietnam memorial wall until every single prisoner of war and everyone who is missing in action is brought home. eric. >> peter, so important and crucial. when you see someone in uniform this weekend, just say thank you for your service. peter doocy, live in washington. >> good reminder, eric. and the catholic church is taking the obama administration to court. now hear why the archbishop of washington d.c. said there's more than just a fight over
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mandated contra acceptive services involved. plus we will have complete coverage honoring the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep all of us free and safe. >> my name is sergeant esteban. >> retired major. >> i'm about to return to my sixth tour of duty. i'm proud because this country has given my family everything. >> my first fire fight was 8 1/2 minutes. it felt like two days. for a second we stopped thinking about the rounds that are falling past you or hitting right next to your feet and the mortors coming in and just watch these awesome people do what they do best. >> the battle was something they hadn't seen before. whole sea was lit up with big explosions of the big guns firing. what i saw in my camera was a good number of men being shot as
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they waded through the water. it was alleges amazing to me that these guys would continue to keep on going. >> in the triangle of death, and the amount of violence, i captured men and women who were doing something bigger than themselves. >> i had to lead. i had to be strong for the guys that i was over there with. and i think that people should understand that on an island that was one-third the size of central park in new york over 6,000 people were killed in 76 hours. >> every time i breathe on this planet, i have to breathe for the marines of that given everything. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story
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>> catholic institutions have been suing the obama administration over its mandate forcing some religious institutions to provide healthcare coverage for contraception. the archbishop of washington, cardinal donald roll, said it's about protecting catholic conscience. >> the lawsuit says we have every right to serve in this community, as we have served for
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decades and decades. the new definition says you are not really religious if you serve people other than your own, and if you hire people other than your own. >> and the card until spoke to the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace, who joins us every week at this time. good morning, chris. >> good morning. >> ice a controversy and something that's gone from the pulpit to politics. >> yeah. and let me try to explain exactly what the cardinal was saying there because we obviously picked it up in midstream. what he said the lawsuit is about is that the obama administration, under its mandate has a new definition of what makes a religious institution. they are saying yes, of course, churches, catholic churches are exempt from this mandate because they are religious institutions, but that a catholic school or a catholic hospital or a catholic charity, because they have non-catholics who are working for them and they serve people
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who are noncatholic, those aren't religious institutions and therefore they fall under the purview, under the jurisdiction of this man date, and that is what they are taking, the government, the obama administration, to court about. >> and how will that play out, do you think, as we get into the election? it's certainly reverberated. >> it is certainly going to be a political issue. it could all go away as a legal issue depending on what the supreme court does. if the supreme court strikes down next month, they are expected to rule one way or the other sometime in june, if they strike down the individual mandate, then all this goes away because the mandates for the catholic church goes away, swell the mandates to everybody else. on the other hand, if it's upheld it will continue to be an issue and the catholic vote is an important vote. it's about 24% of the electorate. and four of the last five votes of the catholics have gone, so has gone the nation. that doesn't mean everybody grease with their cardinals or
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bishops and leaders, but they are a bellwether voting block as well. >> we can't read the tea leaves, but any sense what's going to happen next month? >> no. it seems to be very close. it looks like it will be 5 to 4. this certainly seems to be some critical questions asked by some of the potential swing voters like chief justice john roberts or an none think -- anthony kennedy, but people have not done well waying what is going to happen based on their oral arguments. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> of course. >> you can catch the rest of chris' interview with the cardinal, cardinal weurl, archbishop of washington. and another exclusive interview, this one with senator mccain. senator mccain weighing in on the obama administration's handling of the con flicks in
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pakistan and syria. that's today. >> thank you, eric. sunday house call is straight ahead. with have a new warning for people taking one of the most popular antibiotics on the market. we will look at that study. it's raising some new concerns. plus, an amazing story, has to be my favorite of the day. one of america areas wounded warriors showing no challenge is too big. we have the latest on his plans to reach one of the world's highest peaks. a lot bigger than that. ll on th.
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>> its time for sunday house call. joining us as always, dr. david.
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>> and also dr. mark siegel, associate professor of medicine and the author of the "unlock the secret code of sick mess and health" and that's what we will do today. good morning. >> good morning. >> we all look good but we could be healthier. let's get started. we will start with a major change in medical advice for men of any age. a medical panel said healthy men should know longer undergo routine screening for prostate cancer. is the blood test getting the ruts? >> what he are saying is you have to screen about 1,000 men to save one life. but the truth is while it may cost something for us to do that, what's the price of saving that one life? that's what the screening is supposed to do. you look at a big mass of people to find those are the ones that
7:29 am
have bad disease. psa antigen, i wish we had a specific one, but we don't. and people come to my office, i don't react based on one number. i look at the whole entire picture. >> but that's if they come to your office. i was standing there when a very young man here at fox was telling you that he had his blood drawn and he had all these tests, and you said what's your psa, and he said i didn't have it checked. tell us today who should go get it checked? this study is confusing. >> men over the age of 40 need to get a baseline psa test, despite all the confusion that this task force is telling us. if you have family history, if you are african-american, you are at higher risk. you should get the test every year. not every elevate the psa means biopsy, not every one needs radiation and surgery and not every surgery means innt


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