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tv   Luntz Special  FOX News  May 27, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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♪ >> hello. i am frank luntz. tonight we will be doing something you only see on fox news. we are bringing the politicians straight to the people for a special look at the 2012 elections and much more. we have assembled a group of energized voters republicans and democrats and they will come face to face with the political leaders you sent to washington to represent you. when you put real people with politicians the sparks will fly. we will be using these dials. i am going to be asking to try up or down whether you agree or disagree whether it is persuasive or not persuasive. the higher the lines go the more favorable the reaction duturn d down if you don't like it. the red is republicans the green
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is democrats. we are joined by a truly great american, sean hannity. >> knowing he is in charge this is the first time -- >> this is so dangerous. >> we are going to give our ways for mitt romney. you go first. you guys will use your dials and go to 50. i am going to try to win as many as i can and sean will. there's so much division and partisanship in washington. if we don't change now, the next will be even worse than the last four. there will be unemployment, deficit and debt. it is getting worse. if we believe in accountable we have to work for it. if we believe in integrity we have to work for it. a lot of people voted for obama
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because they wanted change. they voted for the right reasons. did you really get the change that you were expecting. we don't need division. we need someone who is a problem solv solver, he is a great communicator but he has had three and a half years. at a certain point you have to say that's long enough. there's no such thing as perfection but mitt romney has the record, job creation, as governme government. he has done what needs to be done. let's give him a chance in 2012. everybody go back to 50 please. >> if i was governor romney this is the case i would make to the american people. are you, all of you and your friends and your family and your neighbors and your grandmothers and your grandfathers, are you better off than you were four years ago? is america better off than it was $5 trillion in debt ago because that's what president
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barack o barack obama has given us. this is going to be a comparison election. barack obama promised to cut the deficit in half he has given us 5 trillion in debt. the largest deaf suit the greatest amount of debt than any president in u.s. hes. the president believes in more government, mitt romney believes in less. he wants to less regulation. the question is which direction is the right direction for our future? do you believe the government is the answer for our problems? i would argue both president obama. if you believe in the power of the individual to get up in the morning and take care of themselves and take care of their families and work hard and play by the rules and pay their taxes and have limited government i believe this choice could not be more clear. >> raise your hand if you voted for barack obama in 200will 8?
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tell us did we make the case? >> you both made the case. i am not going to vote for barack obama in the next election. because i am not happy with the way things are combls going right now. romney who knows something about business and has experience in government. he was a governor. >> did you vote for obama? >> i did. i am going to go with romney from now on. what i would like to see from romney is specific issues get away from the tax spending boil played articling uments that are made every four years. break out of the box do something more dynamic. don't kiss babies. be more dynamic. >> what would you want from him? he said he is going to repeal obama care, lower taxes, do very specific things. what else would you want him to
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do? >> specific exit strategy for all wars. >> do you agree with that? yes or no? >> did you vote for obama in 2008? >> yes, i did. >> will you vote for him in 2012? >> yes, i will. >> do either of us say anything that would remotely connect to you? >> yes. you minuted how we should worry about the taxes, about the change, don't go into further debt. but i just remember a time when we had bill clinton when he came it was a similar situation, not the exact same but it was similar and we gave him four years people were a little bit happy and four more years after that efrlg w-- erg was good. >> but bull clinton after two years changed. he said the era of big government is over. the end of welfare as we know it. the one thing that saddens me
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about this president is i think he is radical in his beliefs and doesn't change. >> obama (inaudible) >> this is serious. let me give you a quote. let me give you a quote. barack obama july of 2008 before the election of 2008 actually said that george bush was unresponse iblg taking a credit towa card to china. bush had given us 4 trillion of new debt in 8 years. obama has given us 5 trillion in a year and a half. >>
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>> of course the 4 trillion that george bush gave us was on top of spending the surplus that we had. >> fitz cscal debt. >> my biggest problem with romney i am not convinced he's as serious about cutting the spending and deficit we need. 5 trillion obama added but romney's budget and plans don't make me juch up and down for cutting spending. i want to be persuaded he will cut. this is real whether i hard. my biggest complaint with the government in a pretty ideological radical way when republicans say we have to get a hold of entitlements we can add a poll line and throw grapd ma over the cliff. >> we are out of time.
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contenders for vice president and how you rank them. see how they rated paul ryan. >> when i was waiting tables back in college i didn't see myself as a victim. i saw myself on a road to opportunity pursuing happiness how he define it for myself. >> before we talk about paul ryan let's look at marco rubio. >> he's becoming increasingly dev srissive. this president has so much rhetoric. all of the things that made us different and special four years ago are gone and now all he does is divide americans against each other because he can the run on his word. >> let's look at how they reacted to rob portman. >> mr. president, we need a proposal taken up by this united states senate that is driven by
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good economics. unstead what we are getting is one that is driven by campaign rhetoric. >> who better to rundown these best choices than the former vice presidential candidate businessman extraordinaire someone who you would call a friend herman cain. welcome. >> thank you. (applause) >> what does mitt romney need in a vice president? what should be the attributes he is looking for? >> them one, someone that compliments his views. number two, someone who can also provide a sharpened message to the american people. thirdly, someone who has the depth of knowledge or the experience that will help him be president of the united states of america. it is a big job as you know it. if it were me i would look for someone who compliment those fields that i naturally bring to the job.
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>> if it were you which one would you choose? >> of those three, i would choose lieutenant wes out of florida. >> he wasn't one of the three? >> if it were me. >> you started in a fog immediately. >> he was one of the guys who get this. i was going to make a comment paul ryan in that clip, i don't know whether it was before or after made a statement the fight going on in the country is between modern liberalism and classic liberalism. it is not left and right. anarchy verses totalitarianism. >> of that lust of the three you did show i would pick representative paul ryan. >> do you agree or do you disagree. >> paul ryan. why? his budget cue rguru skills.
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he understands the budget process. navigating the legislate i process is going to be critical in that regard. secondly, he is bright, he is sharp and meticulous. he has the energy that compliments. he would be a good accompaniment. >> your rye action to paul ryan? is he an economic powerhouse someone who has actually run businesses instead of having the two of them together we would have a good solution for our economy which is the number one issue. >> i want to hear from obama people? >> i think paul ryan will destroy the humanity of the united states as we know it. >> i think paul ryan has the same issue. >> how? >> he has cut so many budgets. he's hurting a lot of people i believe. >> he wants to cut everything. >> we are 4 trillion in debt. we have to cut something.
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>> we to cut spending. >> the difference between democrats and the republicans is something like 4 percent of spending. it is ridiculous. >> i want to ask you a question. what is the significance. he uses strong language is that appropriate in politics today? >> it is not appropriate in this case with all due respect. why. most of the proposal i boos the democrats they want to rearrange the titanic. here is the narrative we need in this country. not more reform we need to restructure these programs. if we do not restructure medicare, medicaid and social security. restructure. we have to change the way it is administered so people will take more ownership in the benefits they get. if we don't restructure them this nation is financially doomed. >> we are not.
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i object very strongly to your analogy. we are not on the titanic at all. >> (talking over one another) >> one at a time. >> not only do we have the disaster he is talking about. we have resources. >> in my age group which is mid 20s we all have this overwhelming feeling and my conservative and liberal friends feel we will not have social security and will not have things promised to us. the answer is not to keep going on the same path we are going on for the past 30 years or 40 years or 50 years. needs to spring structure to what's hap to go allow people to have the kinds of security that you when when you were my age. it's not fair to hear you say
6:18 pm
that. (talking over one another) >> hold on. hold on. i want to give herman cain the last word. this is the american people. >> this is american people and this is exactly representative of people. it boils down to this. those that view themselves as democrats make emotional decisions. people who view themselves as conservative republicans make decisions based on fact. >> do you agree? >> with all due respect when you made your point the you made an emotional point but you gave no facts. >> we have to get out. >> it's a fact she made an observation about not having it. but the difference is emotional arguments verses factual arguments. that's what it represents. >> that has to be the last word. >> thank you very much.
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>> welcome back. i am frank luntz. moammar khaddafy had a 14 percent job approval rating that was among people who killed him. americans just around the angry with washington, they are furious. joining us now is former governor of indiana who also served in washington for 12 years as a democratic senator. please welcome him. (applause) >> i want you to grab your dolls i want you to make a pitch to them why washington isn't broken unless you think that it is. everyone is 50. >> i think washington is broken. i saw some of the responses to the previous debates and their differences of opinion in the room. but my guess is if we sat down and tried to work out solutions to some of the problems in america among this group we can get that done. congress is so partisan so
6:24 pm
ideological they can't make the compromises to get the economy moving, the debt down and cost of healthcare down. it is broken at a time when we can the afford that. it will take ultimately all of us rising up taking the system back to make the progress we need. >> congress is broken? >> unfortunately it is broken. >> is the obama administration broken? >> i think the president is doing his best. oo too but congress isn't? >> they are doing their best, too. they are trapped with 535 members of congress. they are going to tree to cobble together a principal compromise. the president can speak for hill self. the real problem we have is too many members of congress represent some of us. they think of themselves fuirst as liberals or conservatives rather than americans first. you look at the group of leaders the states men we have had in the history of our country each stood for things they believe
6:25 pm
passionately in. they are ready to make some progress rather than none. you take an all or nothing approach you take that kinded of approach often you willened up with nothing. >> do you agree with him? >> yes. >> we have a two-party dictat dictatorship. what do you think about that? >> we have two parties often they are polarized. it's a shame. we have to hold both accountable. we say we understand you are part of a party that's fein. you have strong opinions and ideological finedings. you have to find yourself ahead of your ideology if not we will vote for something else. >> all americans have been saying that. it's the division in congress nothing gets done. they b get more divided. there's nothing taking place. >> getting along seems to be the more con sefb tiff people it's
6:26 pm
like they are playing chicken with the more progressive and conserve tives have to blink. they have to give in. that is called compromise. that's enough already. >> can't just plablame the conservatives. in 2010 we had liberals and we switched it and still had the gridlock we had historically. >> we have two different parties who have the same for over 200 years. what changed to make politics so divided they can't seem to fined a compromise? >> this gentlemen is correct. we have had differences in the past. united states of america itself was a compromise between big states, small states, et cetera. they had to come together and say havibeing one country and o people is more to us than beiou differences. the house of representatives
6:27 pm
there were 435 members of the house no more than 80 and the districts are competitive. the real reasons are in the primaries. what do you do? in the republican party you would be the right. there aren't as many people in the middle to fashion compromises. let me fun nish. in the senate it is the role of big money and interest groups contributing millions of dollars number one, and number two the caucus system in the united states senate i was informed you were part of the team we ask you to be one in the team don't be independent. if if you do that we will bring things that punish you for that. >> i was known as being a problem chiled. there were probabling cal consequences for that. sometimes you don't get on the committee. sometimes your bills don't get brought up for a vote. there are consequences to going your own way.
6:28 pm
there is oo constant tension. you can't become irrelevant and infective. you have to strike that balance. >> the leadership is poor and lacking. every speech he gives it's an us verses them mentality democrats verses republicans mentality. it's a gang type of warfare he is fostering. he has made it worse. honest to god. >> may i ask you a question. the democrats and republicans everybody in congress believes in democracy, correct? oo farce i know they are. >> why is it when a nation speaks loudly and overwhelmingly serve by large proportions>> i have been retired for a year and a half. i am not there any more. >> i thought you might have an answer to this question.
6:29 pm
>> he stopped shoving about a year and a half hag. >> as i was governor it was republican for 8 years. the house we know the back and north. if we were going to get anything done we had to work together. did we agree on everything? no. sometimes it was knock down drag out fights. at the end of the day we found we were the same people trying to solve their problems in practical terms. that's not taking place very much right now in washington. >> i am going to say something as a personal prerogative. i have known him for 15 years people call him governor and senator i call him statesman. i hope you see that. (applause) >> later in the program you will see an attack ad from the campaign so far and what the supreme court decision could mean to your healthcare coming up next. out of control spending, are you going to pay more taxes in 2013
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poll of the country. >> welcome back. we hear the words every day. >> welcome back. we hear the word budget, deficit, debt. it doesn't seem like any one is solving anything. welcome our guests. >> i am going to start with you. the stuff democrats said about the republican budget are pretty harsh. is it really a that bad? >> i think it is bad because i think if we are not balancing our budget. we need to do that. i think both parties understanded that. the question for me is one of fairness. i think all americans need to
6:36 pm
sacrifice. working class, middle class, poor people sacrifice while leaving the people that are doing well unscathed. i am glad people are doing well. i want to encourage them to do well. but i think that everyone needs to pay their fair share. it's about fairness in equity. we are going to raise taxes on people who make over 250,000 a year? >> we all have differences. i think 250 might below, quite frankly, but i happen to live in new york and in new york things are very expensive. i think that if we are really honest with each other and we really need to get the debt ended. we need to start balancing our budget. we need to have a combination of both. it is a ballots.
6:37 pm
it is common sense. >> they want to throw a monkey wrench into everything that they offer. >> we want people to know what is in this legislation. when you pass bills like the healthcare bill that you have to pass it to read it to fined out what is in it, when you rush things forward and you don't take time to vet it that's a problem. the american people deserve better than that. they expect better than that. i am glad that people from both parties are stanneding up and demanding better than that. i think that what we have to do is keep the focus on being fair, being fair to the next generation to our children and our granned children so we don't leave a huge enormous burden for
6:38 pm
them that is unsolveable problem. so let's be the party of kn k- n-o-w. be the people of knowing. >> you are going to cast your vote for the first time as president. what are you, 19? >> yes. >> what side of this debate are you on? >> i think she said it perfectly. myself and our friends are all scared for the future. social security, we don't know if we are going to get it. the interest payments on our debt sky rocketing. this is a scary situation. a lot of people in this room and a lot of people in congress, are older, no offense, what is going to happen the people you are making are going to effect me and my friends. it is a scary situation. i think we need to cut spending right now. >> how old are you? >> 20-years old. >> i agree with the congresswoman. i believe we need to cut spenedding but reform the tax code in a way that gets rid of the loopholes so companies like ge pay a fair rate bring the
6:39 pm
effective rate down so they pay more and we get more from the treasury. >> do you want to de fenned genie? >> i think we would not have a problem with who pays taxes and who doesn't. it should be across the country in general everyone should have a flat tax. >> is there a chance to bring this group together in washington? can you achieve some sort of bipartisan compromise? >> i agree we have to cut spending. i think we have to balance our budget you cannot do it simply by cutting spenedding. you have to raise taxes you couldn't afford to pay. >> i want to tell you. when bill clinton left office the last democratic president before obama we had record turnouts. in 8 years of george bush with a republican congress and a republican president six of the 8 years the republicans did nothing to cut the deficit. the deficits we know the higher and higher and higher.
6:40 pm
this is something -- >> you know what? we fought two wars on credit cards. we are not paying for it. okay. st there is plenty of game going around. the american people want us to ta talk>> it has an insatiable appetite. the bureaucracy needs to be required to get in here and cut fair spenedding. every year i offer three bills for across the board spenedding cuts. what we need to do is make certain that the government is accountable. we need to make certain that we
6:41 pm
are reducing what the federal government spends. we need to get government off your back out of your pocket book and make certain individuals keep more of what they earn and less of it goes there. >> i don't want to cut social security. the republicans want to cut social security. i want to make sure people have social security and people have medicare and the republican bumming et. >> i want a bill that protects social security system. >> i have a dream the we can bring these two members of congress together. thank you both. coming up we have the two guests after the season and later the supreme court if they wipe out obama care what does that mean? most life insurance companies
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[ male announcer the solid thunk of the door on the jetta. thanks, mister! [ meow ] [ male announcer ] another example of volkswagen quality. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 jetta for $159 a month. (applause) >> months ago before the next election hundreds of millions of dollars are being pour the into television apps.
6:46 pm
which ones work and which ones back fire? we have been testing them with our group. let's take a look at the two most powerful ads. we want to talk about the ads that challenge mitt romney, one of the most powerful most impactful. let's take a look. >> do i believe in over turn roe versus wade? yes. >> of course i support the amenedment. >> it would have employers out if they had moral objections. >> would you voted for the constitutional amenedment? >> absolutely. >> as to what is good for the housing industry specifically don't try to stop the foreclosure process let it run its course and hit the bottom. >> that is exactly what i said. let it go bankrupt. >> withdrawal of all of our troops from iraq it's
6:47 pm
unfortunate. >> one hire than that the ad that takes on obama for special interests. let's take a look. >> we will not take a dime from washington lobbyists or special interests. they will not funned my party. they will not run our white house. we are going to see how washington works. >> that promise to put washington on the side of the little guy. >> rather long list of names people working on obama's transition team or who has ak he want accepted jobs in the white house. >> tell loby etss in washington their days of setting the agenda is over. >> the administration hired several lobbyists. lobbying firm worked for general motors and fannie mae. >> which one is more impactful or persuasive. who would say anti obama ad. who says the anti romney ad? i am curious, why do you say romney ad?
6:48 pm
>> scared the hell out of me. those are his words so it's not like someone said it. but he said it. his own actual words. his footage. some of the things he said. incredible. >> why anti romney? >> it is so far to the right i can't believe he believes what he is saying. >> so many topics compared to the obama one compared to just lobbyists. romney had so many topics. really? tell me different things. >> if obama is lying, romney whether you agree or disagree with what he was saying those words are his words. obama made me want to vote for him. >> the one against obama is geared towards merps as a whole. the one geared toward romney makes you think americans are so
6:49 pm
leftist. >> is this good in american politics? does this make you feel proud to be an american? proud to be a part of the democratic system? >> you don't have the two negatives? >> negativity is out. >> that doesn't mean it is good for the country. >> absolutely not. who can stop it ? >> you think this is good for the country? >> so many things you are disappointed in where do you begin? they are sounded bites made by professionals who are professional and convincing you what you need. you can watch ads all day and bounce back and forth over who you like and who you don't like. i would rather hear it's a speech in your own words not cut out. >> i think it is more disappointing we as a country buy into negative ads. they do work and we do hear the negative things and we are more inclined to leave. >> negative ards are based on
6:50 pm
context. romney ad they are sentenced nothing else. they didn't give him a chance to explain hum self. makes him look bad actually he was saying the right thing. >> obama's presidency is hanging on by a thin thread. healthcare reform we will hear from both sides of the argument. stay tuned. (applause) ight now with the touch of a button ? droid does. does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ? droid does. droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99. i wish my patients could see what i see. ♪ that over time, having high cholesterol plus diabes... or family history of early heart disease...
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>> >> the fate of the healthcare legislation lies in the supreme court. this could upened the race for the white house. what does it mean for obama and romney? more importantly what does it mean for you? joining us now are u.s. congressman joe callie and peter junior. >> you are doing a good job from what i can see. you got 45 seconds. supreme court is making a decision momentarily what should they do. turn your ballots to 50. the more you agree the higher you go the less the lower. >> the supreme court should rule it is unconstitutional. this is the furs president in
6:55 pm
100 years they have accomplished to do do something they have all tried to do but failed at it. it has changed the dikts of healthcare in the country. they bankrupted our country. this law will provide for the first time the churn who have preex si -- preexisting childre cannot be denied insurance where they could in the past. if you are 26 years of age you can stay on your parent's insurance giving moms and dads peace of meaned. they think they are invincible they are not. they have accidents and when they do often times the share is the american tax payer. i think this is a good bill. one that i think the more american people understand it the more they like it they want to see it permanentized. >> how are they going to pay for it? >> it will reduce the cost of healthcare delivery. it is so early it is not fully
6:56 pm
implemented. >> the good stuff is now the bad stuff is it coming. >> someone yiek yolike yourself preexisting condition you will not be denied coverage because of your preexisting condition. >> i know this is controversial. everybody go back to 50 please. >> a lot of smart choice also come back to the question. the more we know the more we know the anothmore we don't lik obama care. half a trillion dollars in taxes, half a trillion dollars cuts in medicare over the next ten years. half a trillion dollars in new deficits in the next 10 years. that is the price of obama care. it is also the price of our liberty. if you look at the supreme court arguments the supreme court justice says that's where r what is going on. what is big government going to tell us what to do next?
6:57 pm
sthud we buy a cell phone, should we eat broccoli? should we do everything the government. tells us? what does the clausened and what is the future of america we have to spened oe spend get so much return. >> who sz the better argument? whoa said the congressman? raise your hands. who says the lawyer, raise your hand? >> i want to go second next time. >> so what's the issue? what do you want to know? >> the constitutionality. it may be a great law i disagree. if you agree it is a great law it must be a cons duing nala to pass. >> congress has the ability and the right to regulate commerce in this country an economic decisions made. purchasing healthcare isn't an economic decision. the other reality is each and every person we are all going to
6:58 pm
grow old. at some point we will all need care. we are not saying they don't want to have it it puts the responsibility on the rest of the taxpayers who are paying for it now. >> they are trying to say we regulate everything. the government could give a decision or an answer. >> was medicare unconstitutional? some say yes it was. i am making a point there were already things in place with the supreme court. there were rules that said were unconstitutional when they said met the standard. >> never said you could regulate inactivity. it regulate the inactivity. >> this will give an opportunity for people to afford their own insurance. it costs 10 times less, 10 times
6:59 pm
more than average. >> time-out. >> time-out. snchl ta (talking over one another) >> hard numbers three years out what are we going to do to appreciate savings. i don't want to hear about babies. i want to hear about numbers. >> what i can say is this. when this bill is fully implemented they will not be able to afford to have healthcare for constituents. 160,000 people in my district and today can't afford health insurance can buy health insurance. don't interrupt me. (talking over one another) >> that's what we want to do in this country? i don't think so. >> we have to go. we have to go. >> i want to thank you all.


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