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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 28, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> fun conversation. that will do it here. neil is back tomorrow. catch me on fox business network at 1:00 eastern. have a great memorial day, everybody. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> eric: hello. this is "the five." welcome to the memorial day special. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, andrea tantaros and greg gutfeld. we hope you have all been enjoying the holiday weekend. it's a time with many of us get together with our family and friends for the unofficial kickoff to summer. today is a day tribute to men and women fighting for the country. to those sevened and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. we all enjoy the long weekend. but do we spend enough time thinking about those who sacrifice for our freedom
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>> kimberly: we make our plans and think about ourselves what we'll do over the weekend. the plans. but instead think about the people that have served honorably that have given their lives for us. the families especially as well. the sacrifice they made in terms of the loved ones serving overseas. important time of reflection. >> eric: what about it, greg? >> greg: it's important. the people who serve the country. but what about the people who make me look good? sergeant in the army, brian dempsey, was a sergeant who runs the teleprompter for "the five." if it wasn't for him, i'd screw up the monologue every day. he does a good job. part of the program. fox news, they get jobs and they do a great job. if you have an opportunity to hire a veteran, you should do it. >> eric: great idea. andrea, bob?
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>> andrea: memorial day is my favorite holiday. not because it's the kickoff to summer, it's important but to honor troops. all the patriotic holidays. veterans day, another day off and it is but there is more than that. thank a veteran. >> eric: greg said last week if you see a veteran or in uniform, buy them a beer, buy them lunch. >> greg: make sure he is really in the army. not going to a weird party. >> andrea: army fatigue. i have seen greg walk around the city pretending to be a seasonal. freddie that is only during the parade. >> andrea: i bought you too many words and found out you weren't in the navy. >> greg: i know the words to it. >> bob: the liberal here is the only one wearing red, white and blue. greg is wearingpick. >> greg: there this is salmon. >> andrea: bob. red on the nail. white.
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kimberly is in blue. >> kimberly: there you go. >> eric: i was a kid, memorial day closed down. we all went to the parade. now they use memorial day to sell a lot of stuff. particularly car dealerships. anybody who buys a car on memorial day, i hope they turn in lemons and break down on you. >> greg: why do you say that? >> bob: you shouldn't use memorial day for a reason to sell more stuff. >> kimberly: what is wrong with you? it improves the economy. >> greg: what about picnics? are picnics evil? >> bob: they're great. >> greg: where do they get the food? >> bob: an porn point. >> greg: you made fun of my sweater. >> bob: you're a pinko. >> eric: the about war activist calling greg a pinko. >> bob: the other day thing is i go to memorial day parades. i think they're great. i notice frankly, this is a serious point, if were an afghani or kuwaiti living in
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the country now i'd show up and say thank you. i too often do not see enough people that we sacrificed for them and they move to this country to stay here and participate in the important things. >> andrea: or all of europe. >> bob: particularly the french. >> kimberly: i'm still waiting on the french. >> greg: when you are a short guy, parades haunt you. there is no place to go. i have to climb up on somebody else's shoulders. >> kimberly: remember, st. patrick's day, you were on my shoulders. >> eric: can we take another spin around. can we have our heroes, we have our family members or others who are serving and have served in the past. kimberly, you have someone? >> kimberly: yes, i want to say, you know i work with navy seal foundation. andrea and i both attended the functions in the past. i like to give a shout out for them because they have been busy on behalf of the country. a huge part of the successes that we have had in the war on terror.
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they serve valiantly. many multiple deplyment. get from the navy seal foundation, a full screen there to take a look at to make a donation. click on the website. family member and the team that went down in helicopter crash. >> eric: robert. >> bob: my dad. bravery award for bravery under fire. i'm proud that he did that. there are times and i go to the vietnam war memorial the most visible memorial in my hometown of washington. as much as i protest the war and believed it was wrong and i look at my friends who are on the wall and i feel a sense of guilt. not wrong my opposition to the war but bad protesting against
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them when i see the guys that gave up their lives. that's what i think about it. >> eric: great. jump in? >> andrea: my grandfather augustine was in the second wave of the infantry on normandy on d-day. he stormed the beaches of normandy there. he is with my mom. he was injured. a disabled veteran. and very, very proud. that was an important, important mission. if you have ever been to normandy and seen the cemetery there, it is really something else. i know i have given a speech with bob before, bob you had a great line you come out and say you know you look on the gravestones and it doesn't republican and it doesn't say democrat. >> eric: good point. >> andrea: we are all in this together. >> bob: you just took my one more thing. >> andrea: my gosh. >> greg: i'll give you a banned word of the day. >> bob: fine. >> greg: doing a lot of work for the wounded veterans. gary sinise who is raising money to build houses for
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wounded warriors and the late andrew breitbart who did a lot of great work for the troops. he did great work while he was here for a short time on this planet. >> eric: jump in here quickly. a lot of relatives, my father passed away now in the u.s. navy. we have a picture of him and my mother a long time ago. there they are. the two of them. probably around 1943, 1944 or so. united states navy. the next picture if you don't mind. this is my nephew jeremiah who is stationed at camp lejeune in north carolina. he is a private first class. and, you know, getting it done to everyone. who is serving now. thank you very much. >> andrea: -- >> kimberly: my father was in the u.s. army. i don't want to forget that. >> eric: important stuff. >> bob: talk about heroes. >> eric: go ahead. >> bob: i have several. i think general patton for a lot of reasons but not the
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least of, which you remember patton came in france and then the u.s., the allies were caught in the battle of the bull. the germans attacked and surrounded him. patton in the most unbelievable blitz creek with the tanks went up and relieved the people and saved thousands. maligned figure in a lot of ways but i think he was one of the great heroes of the second world war. >> andrea: you stole my one more thing. eisenhower. my hero is general eisenhower. he was part of the greatest generation that is now dying off and he embodied the great virtues of the generation. he came from modest roots and unlike some commanders in chief, he never took credit for the victories. he was so humble. he even wrote a letter to his, penned a note before d-day to his assistant and basically say i take full blame for the defeat. humble, i think. a lot of leaders can learn
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lessons from eisenhower. >> eric: we can wrap it up here. >> kimberly: really quick. you know what i think is important the people that come over to the country and voluntary enlist in the armed forces. my dad was born in ireland. the first thing he did to enlist to serve the country because he was so happy to be here and call america his country. >> eric: leave it there. >> greg: my hero is my wife for putting up with me. >> andrea: she is a hero. >> kimberly: to all of us. >> eric: leigh it there. nowhere come on "the five" memorial day special including some of our favorite summer memories. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is the at&t network.
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>> andrea: welcome back to "the five." high gas prices may have kept some people off the road this holiday weekend but triple-a did predict a slight increase in travel. americans love a good road trip, some of us around this table. so, anybody have any road trip stories? bob? before i get to you, you can think about editing all the bad stuff out of your head. i want to go to eric, the
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energy expert. they're doing staycation and some will hit the road. >> eric: strange how $3.57 if sounds great. >> bob: gas prices have gone down thanks to obama and you and palin. >> eric: thanks to governor palin. we put together an idea that obama took. since that very week, gas prices have gone down. whatever. the point is, $3.57, wow, that's great? that is fantastic. in the past, $2.50 was high. $3 was unheard of. now it comes down from $4 and it feels great. americans are resilient. this feels good. we'll start to spend depen. it probably signals better thing coming for the economy. >> andrea: road trip, bob? >> bob: there was several. the one i can remember most of, was a trip up the pacific coast highway. going to san francisco to the summer of love at haight ashbury.
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that's when they were making war. pocket full of money, pocket full of drugs and i couldn't get any sex. >> kimberly: this is on a road trip? >> eric: a road trip. >> bob: it's great. pacific coast highway is a great place. i was going to fete stoned -- i shouldn't say that. it was a great trip. it was in a band. >> andrea: such a ladies' man. i don't believe you had trouble. greg, kimberly? >> greg: i don't think i can top that. my road trip i remember when i was a kid is the single serving cereal boxes when you were a kid. the condominium of cereals. by the end of the sumer the only thing left is special k. and brand flakesful all be alone crying in the back of a
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cupboard. >> andrea: what was your favorite? fruit loops. >> greg: apple jacks. that is it. >> kimberly: really weird, i'm going to bring it back to wholesome. my favorite road trip i went with my little brother with my mom and my dad. we went to disney land for the first time. we brought our big green bean bag and put it in the backyard and beat each other up. by the time we got to disney land it was so much fun. the best vacation and road trip i ever had. >> bob: i was supposed to meet my nieces at disney world. i was late because i was hungover. it tried to bribe my way to the front of the line. a 20-year-old girl said, "we don't do that here." >> kimberly: you tried to corrupt mickey mouse. >> andrea: i didn't take a road trip. >> kimberly: we took one together to hamptons. remember in the back of that -- >> andrea: that was not a road trip. a few hours.
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>> andrea: spray tan. >> eric: going to florida, once a year. family can afford one vacation a year. driving from chicago. this is true, bob. >> bob: when you were a kid. >> eric: driving from chicago to florida and also to disney. i would write down every mile. 1250 miles. it'd write them down and cross them off one at a time all the way there. >> bob: south of the border, they advertise in virginia a south carolina. >> andrea: this is the unofficial kickoff of summer. how about summer plans? fourth of july is my favorite. memorial day is my second plan. plans? >> greg: immediate plan is get rid of the tan line. bob abi.
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>> andrea: what are you doing this summer? >> andrea: we're going to the hamptons. what as play house out there with a fort. >> greg: must be nice. >> kimberly: you're jealous of a 5-year-old. >> greg: a 5-year-old has the house in the hamptons. think about that for a minute. hamptons is where rich people go. >> kimberly: it's a play house. freddie it's $750,000? >> bob: that is a starter. car elevator. >> kimberly: so mean. >> andrea: eric and i have the same plan. be at jersey shore most of the summer. >> bob: together? >> andrea: not together. >> bob: i have no summer plans because the producer here won't let me have a day off for summer. he won't. >> kimberly: porter? >> bob: yeah, porter. >> andrea: what are you doing on the weekends? same stuff -- >> bob: i'm doing my general
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week. >> eric: quick shout out to a 12-year-old the biggest "the five" fan on the planet? watching right now from the beach. perry loves the show. even loves bob, believe it or not. hello. >> andrea: i mentioned before i didn't really do road trips because i was always working in the restaurant every summer. so that was my summer. between my house and the -- >> bob: the bus boys. >> andrea: bob. >> bob: the kitchen. >> andrea: what about you? >> greg: i had a great job before i went to college. i was a pool monitor. which was not a lifeguard but a pool monitor at a condominium, which i was told, instructed if somebody was to drown not to save them. because legally if i failed they could get sued. don't bother jumping in if you see anything. just call 911. i was a terrible swimmer.
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>> bob: i was a garbage man and i delivered food to psyche ward in funeral home. >> kimberly: i was in a delicatessen. i love salami and i ate more than i made. >> eric: summer job quickly. road construction crew. went to the owne, can i get a job? yes. you go to frank, who was the alderman in chicago. it had to literally write the alderman a check to get a job at a private company. >> bob: did you find jimmy hoffa? >> eric: no. >> andrea: coming up, did you put on a few extra pounds at the barbecue? don't sweat it. cheeseburgers can be good for you, in a way. food for thought, next. graduation, huh ?
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>> kimberly: it's memorial day. here at "the five" we couldn't be more thankful for the men and women who served the country and the armed forces. you are in our thoughts and in our prayers today. okay. a lot of you have been firing up the barbies this weekend, throwing hot dog and burgers on the grill. maybe even tossing back a brewski or two. don't feel bad about the bad stuff. it could make you a nicer person than people eating organic stuff. people who eat organic may have more bad attitude. bob, you're organic tofu eating guy. >> bob: let me say about the vegans. they're mean, most of them. secondly, they talk about the free range chicken. if you let the dumb birds run around and they get more diseases, number one. number two, the vegan that ride bicycles with the spandex
2:26 pm
euro outfits i just want the take my call and put them in the wall. eric does not eat meat. he is a nice guy but he eats chicken. >> kimberly: i didn't realize this until last week. now i know why you didn't eat the plate at kobi beef at del friscoes. >> eric: i eat chicken and fish, just not red meat. i was on a training floor and someone got sick on the other side of the floor, you were going to get sick until your body got immune to germs. i see a guy on the floor and he looks good, color in his face. i said what are you doing? he said stop eating red meat. i tryeded it and it felt great. good training i'm a pretty superstitious. >> kimberly: pretty superstitious? the baseball player in you. >> bob: metro, retro,
2:27 pm
whatever that is. >> greg: if you want to see consequences of vegetarianism, look at paul mccartney. he used to be a heartthrob now he looks like he escaped from "married she wrote." that's what happens. you need to get that protein. if you don't have the protein, you are out of it. meat is there for a reason. animals are cute and fuzzy, but they taste better. >> bob: have you noticed when somebody is in a restaurant and they are vegetarian and you have a big steak. cut the fat off and throw it next to them. if you don't want to see us eat meat, then don't to to restaurant. >> andrea: it's not just vegetarians. there are crazy eaters in new york. there are people who care if the fish that is flying.
2:28 pm
>> eric: so it's caution woulcaught themone at a time. not farming them. >> bob: if you catch it with a fishing line versus a net? >> andrea: really neurotic people. >> bob: they are out of their minds. freddie organic replaced knowledge as -- >> greg: organic replaced knowledge. you used to talk about the box you read. now you talk about the food you eat. it's replacement for intelligence for people with low self-esteem. impressedpy others the knowledge. >> kimberly: you like this study. freddie i worked at men's health and prevention magazine. surrounded by nice people and health freaks who were often ironically some of the most unhealthy looking people. >> bob: absolutely. they looked skinny. i worked at a funeral parlor a i'd close the casket and it
2:29 pm
reminded me of the vegetarians. >> kimberly: you worked at a funeral parlor? >> bob: i did. biggest one in new york city. i was fired after 86 funeral -- >> kimberly: don't tell me what you did. >> greg: spandex and euro uniforms doesn't make sense. >> bob: lycra. it doesn't make sense. >> andrea: memorial day barbecue, wonderful spread on the table. it's not that bad for you. burgers aren't that bad. it's not fried. baked beeps. corn on the cob. >> bob: kimberly ate half of the bowl. >> kimberly: i'm going to finish the rest later and put this in the microwave. >> bob: they say don't eat the food. >> greg: i have another theory. in the age of declining morality, where we are
2:30 pm
replacing religion with a food morality. instead of the body of christ, it's like head of arugula. >> bob: have you ever seen whole foods? i have been there once. >> greg: i love whole foods. crazy. >> bob: all the vegetables look dirty and disgusting. not good for you. >> greg: i like the guy whose job is to tell you where the end of the line is. it's so crowded he has a little sign that says the line ends here. don't worry, it won't be that long. you have to follow him. >> bob: i had a liverworst sandwich. >> greg: it's awesome. >> bob: if you ever saw it made -- >> andrea: whole food is great. >> kimberly: amazing. >> andrea: but the people inside, self-righteous attitude. i eat organic, i don't eat sugar or flour or -- >> bob: then you pull out a gun. eat this. >> kimberly: you know how many people you talk about killing people, running people over. >> bob: people, they get out of the newspaper, what do they
2:31 pm
call? coupons. you can get by people in line and someone is arguing in the whole foods line for over 25 cents. i gave them $5, keep the change. just move. >> kimberly: don't go to grocery stores, although they're great places to meet people. in san francisco, marina is the biggest pickup place ever. >> andrea: eat a hot dog. you're grumpy. >> bob: i'm not. exercise bodies me. god only gave me a certain number of breaths and you shouldn't waste it. >> kimberly: happy place. happy place. coming up -- i'm getting out. >> greg: that doesn't work. >> kimberly: i know, it doesn't. i try every day. it's that time again. partner with some environmentalists. greg is going to tell you all about it when we come back. right, greg? freddie yes. ♪ ♪ this is $100,000.
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i'm doug mckelway in washington. the big story here is memorial day. celebration, policies and the politics. tonight on "special report," president obama called treatm of some veterans a national shame. he spoke at the vietnam memorial today. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. romney joined by former
2:36 pm
prisoner of war, john mccain in a campaign appearance in san diego. sunday, mccain attacked the president for what he called a feckless foreign policy. early start to the general election continues to go negative, but the money spent and the mud slinging have repercussions. leaders of the catholic church are charging forward with the channel of the so-called contraception mandate. in the grapevine, not everyone on television is calling the nation's service men and women heroes. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." join us for "special report." 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 eastern. ♪ ♪ >> greg: oh, that steadman. speaks to me. welcome back to the special memorial day edition of "the five." epa, whoever they are, partnered with nascar promote environmentally correct activities, including the purchase of sustainable
2:37 pm
concession at the car races. nascar claims they will plant ten trees for every race to capture all the emissions produced by the cars. which leads me to wonder how do you verify that? my put the tell me carbon emission map has the accuracy of a north korean missile. this ploy is designed to get fans and suppliers to think green. what is left out is anything pertaining to the racing. the cars eat up 2 million gallons of gas a year, whilearming five miles per gallon -- while burning five mills per gallon. this is like putting a band aid on headless man or using a tooth brush to clean oil spill or asking alec baldwin to shave his back too. little, too late. the only thing polluting the phony symbolism as it tries to strong arm businesses toeing the ideological lies. why do they do this? if people buy into this there is a reason for the existence.
2:38 pm
self-per spech waiting racket going -- self-perpetuating racket going round and round without a checkered flag in sight. i wrote that at a bar last night. i don't remember writing it. >> bob: to you to to the bar -- freddie bars are the best place to write. you sit and concentrate and you drink. >> bob: i never concentrate when i drink. i guarantee you that. >> greg: this is the silliest symbolism ever. good they're recycling, right? >> eric: it's all sill bombism. nascar wants to play nice with the epa. but the nascar fans aren't really interested in seeing a car on biofuel or electric car. god forbid you don't hear the engine. you have want to hear the roar of the engine. if you put biofuel in gas engine, ethanol or the other biofuels number one performance will go down. race would be slower. more importantly you will ruin multimillion dollar engines.
2:39 pm
there is so much water. so they said we'll plant ten trees. they're smart. they are doing their part. don't mess with the cars. >> kimberly: i like trees. >> greg: bob loves nascar. >> bob: i like to go to races. but i wish i had chewing gum concession and the bufont hairdo concession. after that, it's fine. i enjoy it. have you ever sat -- >> kimberly: like our hair. >> bob: really, not like that exactly. >> greg: you chew gum with meeting of executive and stash gum under the desk. >> kimberly: did you put it under the table. dana saw that. you and i missed it. >> bob: you know the 24 hours of lamans? what you ought to have is have all electric cars and have 24 years of lamans. >> greg: that would be funny. >> bob: imagine car with
2:40 pm
race and no sounds? impossible. parking lot, once i get out of a parking lot at a nascar race. i never did. i was in a trailer and i couldn't get out. >> greg: did somebody lock you in? why am i asking. why am i asking? >> bob: ever heard of "coyotes ugly"? >> greg: this goes to meaning well. they mean well with the recycling and a trees but they have cars going around and around. >> andrea: they could have switched to ethanol fuel in 2006. indy cars did it. they went on 815. now they are on e-85. 85% ethanol. 15% gasoline. indy car has a huge green initiative where they do recycling. nascar is really late in the game in this one to join this.
2:41 pm
but they are going -- eric, they're doing to be -- >> eric: don't change the fuel. >> andrea: it's already done. 2019. >> bob: you need rain forest to get rid of the emissions. ten trees. are you kidding me? >> greg: they should raise termites. >> kimberly: why not raise gerbils next? really? what i'm saying it's nascar. this is america! we love fast cars. now you take the gas out of the tank. really, you want to talk about wasting a lot of fuel and polluting the environment. carbon chubaka footprint. talk to the white house about air force one. it's a huge carbon footprint. with all the gas miles. not to mention about the campaigning flying back. >> andrea: shout out to indy car drivers. >> bob: truck drivers -- >> greg: i got to wrap. >> andrea: yesterday was the
2:42 pm
indy 500. give a shout out my best friend sponsors two of the teams. car number 67 and car 31. nugard and clason. >> bob: good luck boys. >> greg: all right. coming up. seen any good movies this weekend. bob has seen them all. not just unrated ones. he has reviews next. stick around. >> 1969. first, we got to get hot. >> my man, for real? >> really hot. ♪ ♪ [ barking ] i'm your dog,
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>> remember you flushed it down the toilet? guess what happened? ♪ ♪ >> bob: big summer blockbuster weekend. "men in black 3" whatever that is all about opened everywhere. did you see it? are you going to see it, greg? >> greg: i'm wait until it comes out on cable. that's the person i am. i hate going to movies. it hate going to movies. there is no civility anymore. generally movies released are horrible sequels. "night of the museum two." i haven't seen this many dogs since westminster dog show. >> bob: are we talking about movies? >> kimberly: this is your segment. >> bob: were you in movies
2:47 pm
good cameos. >> andrea: what about your art films? >> bob: are you going to see "men in black"? >> andrea: probably not. i'm not a big muel vi movie goe. "crocodile dundee i" was great. >> bob: that woman was unbelievable. >> bob: that's not a knife. go ahead. >> eric: i love "men in black" series. some are great. "hangover" series are great. >> greg: "police academy." "porky's." >> kimberly: i like will smith movies. big blockbuster. i think it's important to see it and stimulate the economy and not be a curmudgeon and talk about civility, greg.
2:48 pm
>> greg: america agrees with me. if you go to a movie you have a heightened sensitivity of noise and conflict. you pay $11 a ticket. you sit there and if someone is talking you want to fight them. you get angry. >> bob: first, i don't go to movies because they're full of teenagers. the most obnoxious -- when i was a teenager going to movie, we didn't talk. >> greg: you could smoke in a movie theater. awesome. >> eric: what group do you like? >> kimberly: no one. >> eric: you don't like movie goers or 2 #-year-old -- >> kimberly: you don't like tea partiers and conservatives. >> bob: i like socialists. what is your favorite movie all time? >> eric: "top gun." >> greg: really! >> eric: love that movie. >> andrea: "legally blonde." i like reece weatherspoon. if i go to a movie it's monday night all by myself. i go when the theater is
2:49 pm
empty. >> kimberly: no way. >> andrea: it's really cool. >> greg: i have a tie between "blue velvet." and "evil dead 2." >> eric: what was the movie you recommended? i went home and saw it -- >> greg: "young adults." >> kimberly: i like the ol romantic classic. "pride and prejudice." "gone with the wind." >> bob: i loved "pearl harbor" because my brother was in it. >> eric: i have to change my secret password. if you forget your password, what is your favorite movie? >> greg: true. >> eric: why would you say that. >> greg: the worst movie i have ever seen, i saw a movie called "rampart" with woody harrellson, he plays a corrupt cop. >> andrea: "hope floats." romantic comedy.
2:50 pm
i'm sure there is more. make me want to throw up. >> eric: i can't even think of a least favorite. i like most movies. >> kimberly: "hunger games." i don't like anything with violence and children. >> bob: mine was "texas chain saw massacre." they didn't massacre enough people. >> greg: that was a great movie. >> eric: zombie movies. >> bob: you know what else? >> greg: "evil dead 2." >> bob: have you seen "silence of the lambs"? a great movie. >> greg: memorial day, we're talking about slasher films. >> kimberly: it's not nice. >> bob: are we supposed to get out of here? >> andrea: "pearl harbor." >> bob: my brother is in it. go see it. don't go away. one more thing. ♪ ♪
2:51 pm
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♪ >> eric: time for a special memorial day edition of one more thing. >> andrea: my thing is honoring marine corporate jason dunham. corporate dunham left us at the age of 22 years old. born iraq. it was three days after easter sunday. manning a checkpoint. two insurgents leaked from the car and began choking him. two of his comrades came in and tried to help them. he said to them "no, no, no. watch his hands." he saw that the insurgent had a grenade. the grenade fell. dunham took off his helmet, jumped on the grenade and blocked it for his fellow marines. he went to the hospital. marines, eight of them were
2:56 pm
injured but a couple days later dunham passed away. so we want to say to him and his family, thank you. we're so proud. >> eric: touching story. go ahead, kimberly. >> kimberly: we got mine coming up here. so this year marks the bicentennial of the war of 1812 and america recognizes the second war of independence. events happening all over to mark the special occasion. while it's largelyover looked in great -- overlooked in great britain, the war of 1812 made heroes. future presidents. andrew jackson and would provide the information for francis scott key to write "star spangled banner." >> eric: thank you. >> andrea: good lesson. >> kimberly: yes. >> greg: actual photographs. >> bob: very good. >> eric: should i go? baseball on memorial day weekend. remember these two guys, they lost their mother right before the baby seasothe baseball seas.
2:57 pm
they dedicated the season to mom. turns out the two brandon and cameron erickson, one-two punch on the pitching staff. division one section champions. dedicated to their mom. bob, you're up. >> bob: this is our first memorial day on "the five." first, thank the veterans and those serving in active duty. thanks my colleagues here. nicest, best group of people you could be with. we miss dana and juan. i hope they are having a good time. eating food and eat meat on top of that. the producers here are great. except for guy who went let me talk about certain things. he is a good guy, too. a wonderful group. we want to thank all of you on this memorial day for watching us and making this a good show. >> andrea: we love you, too.
2:58 pm
you get a bad wrap but -- >> kimberly: good guy. you're a good boy. >> greg: you brought up dana. while we are working, she is not working. she has an annual memorial day picnic. time for the secret world of dana perino. >> secret world of dana perino. >> greg: she has a picnic, disgusting, every memorial day and she invites the orphans from the local orphans to come and she barbecues kuala bear and eats the kuala bear in front of the orphans and does not offer the orphans any food at all. then she straps on her glittery back pack and runs around going i have a back pack and you don't. puts them on a bus and sends them away. she is a disgusting human being. >> eric: orphans are hungry. >> greg: they are hungry orphans. >> andrea: where does she get kuala?
2:59 pm
>> greg: she raises kuala in an underground kuala fortress. of course, she does. disgusting. tiny kuala cages. >> bob: i was doing advanced work on presidential race and the senior citizens are down for the event. the buses left. horrible. [ laughter ] >> eric: we got to go. bob, you're a good boy. >> bob: thank you. >> eric: thank you for watching. join me on memorial day. see you back here tord. godspeed to the troops and god bless, america. ♪ ♪


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