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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 28, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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♪ the nation honors the veterans. policy and the politics. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ good evening. i'm doug mckelway in for bret baier tonight. president obama today promised that america will be there for its veterans serving throughout the world on this memorial day. this is the first such holiday in nine years with no americans fighting in iraq. he led the remembrance and another past controversial conflict. here is chief white house correspondent ed henry. president obama honoring those who died defending america. starting at the arlington
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national cemetery 608 years of grace. >> for all of you who carry a special weight on your heart, we ascribe to be nation worthy of your sacrifice. >> end ogen the wall where the president marked the 50th anniversary of the start of vietnam war with blunt words. >> came home and sometimes were denigrated, should have been celebrated. it was a national shame. disgrace that should have never happened. here today they reit won't happen again. >> the challenger mitt romney was at the veteran museum and memorial stir. >> greatness of people is measured by giving something bigger of themselves. >> joined by john mccain. who just yesterday was on fox news sunday blasting mr. obam mr. obama's national security
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credentials. >> this administration has feckless foreign policy to abandon american leadership. >> reminder neither side is taking even one day off from politics. weapon the votes of 22 million veterans up for grabs. new gallop poll shows romney has 24-point essential among veterans. the president has just a four-point lead among nonveterans. today in arlington, the president offered not so subtle reminder about his record. >> for the first time in nine years, americans are not fighting and dieing in iraq. [ applause ] we are winding down the war in afghanistan. troops will continue to come home. >> two days after biden used commencement address at west point to note bin laden was killed on this president's watch. >> they got him. in the process, those warriors sent a message to the world. that if you harm america, we
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will follow you to the end of the earth. >> while today, romney was more direct in using memorial day to make his case. >> i wish i could tell you that the world is a safe place today. it's not. iran is rushing to become a nuclear nation, the national sponsor ofer the around the world. other terrorists unthinkable. >> mccain meanwhile was blunt in telling off protester who interrupted his remarks. >> families in every place in america have a relative -- [ yelling ] jerk. [ applause ] >> now the special commemoration of the vietnam war will continue through veterans day 2025. to remark 50 years since the last american troops left what was then called saigon. doug?
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>> thank you, ed. appreciate that. now for more on the election year angle, chief political correspondent carl cameron reports with the presidential voting five months off, this memorial day is like it or not, political opportunity for both sides. politicking permeated the memorial day more than in the past. they each got off to historically early and controversial start when the president opened with the neg 'til attack ads on romney business -- negative attack ads on romney's business record. >> this is the issue. >> surge of democrats that disagree with the campaign stumbled with attack. >> they are trying to say the president is antibusiness. >> it explains why senator warner, the for of massachusetts, one of his closest allies, and senator feinstein, you had corey booker on the show. the 15 to 20 democrats now
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that said this is an inaccurate and wrong approach for the president to be taking. >> this is a criticism, and a good criticism, quite honestly of romney's only thesis to be president of the united states. >> that is behind romney private sector career as liability. romney argues president's lack of experience is bad news for the recovery. tv spots starting from early april but overall, the ads are earlier and bigger than ever. $31.6 million on tv commercials in six weeks nationwide. 47% were positive. 53% were negative. those are the ones that the voters tend to remember. president obama and allies spent $19.8 million in the window. $8.9 million, 70% were positive. but they are not what upset
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democrats. $3.8 billion or 30% were negative. including the president's first two that drove the news. romney spent $18.86 million. $5.87 million, 37% was positive. including all of romney commercials. 69% was negative. big chunk of that is independent conservative super pack. president came in office promising to change washington is the first of to launch his re-election with negative commercials. some are projecting by the time this is done in five months $2 billion more more overall. unbelievable. >> obama administration found itself high in places. catholic church. church leaders say the lawsuit against the contraception mandate isn't about birth control but religious control.
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>> leaders of the catholic church are not raving about the obama administration who ruled charities have to provide contraception, apt endorsing of the drugs. >> embedded in a mandate is what constitutes religious community. what constitutes religiously. brand new, never before applied at the federal level. >> the administration ruled only those serving entirely people of their own faith will not be forced to supply health insurance covering range of contraception. so charities such as soup kitchens would have to stop serving non-catholics or forced to provide contraceptive coverage. >> all the things that we have been doing. all the things to the common good. >> what if your faith tells us we are to serve people not because they're catholic but
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because we're catholic? >> lawsuits argue the administration ruling violates religious freedom and constitution and body of federal law? congress passed law since 1973 to prevent government from forcing people to violate their religious beliefs. the latest is religious freedom restoration act of 1993 championed by chuck schumer and teddy kennedy. >> it says if you substantially burden the free exercise of religion you need compelling governmental interest. there can't be a less restrictive way of doing it. mandate on contraception fails on all of these tests. >> i feel it's out of place for the government to deal with the church in such a biased way. >> we need to protect the religious freedom.
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>> the lawsuit is not about contraception, widely available but not forcing the catholic institutions to provide them. the law prevents government to force religious group to do something that violates their own belief. >> what is now tropical depression is soaking the southeast coast. made landfall after midnight near jacksonville beach, florida, with winds of 70 miles per hour. various memorial day events have been canceled. no major daniel caused. memorial day madness after a tv host said he felt uncomfortable calling fallen seasonals heroes. that's in the grapevine. up next, speculation where the united states could get involved in syria's zi civil wa. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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nato says three coalition troops died today in
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afghanistan. two killed in helicopter crash in the east. third perished in insurgent attack in the south. no further details have been given. even long time ally russia is backing away from syria today in wake of a weekend massacre that left more than 100 people dead. correspondent connor powell tells us there is new speculation about what the u.s. might do. >> the fragile cease fair appears to have unraled. 41 people were killed. the latest violence follows one of the single bloodiest days in the 16-month uprising. u.n. observers confirming more than 100 civilians were killed. dozens children under the age of ten. united nations security counsel quickly condemned -- united nations security council quickly condemned the attack. >> there is clear evidence of the use of heavy weapons and the use of shelling.
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especially of traces of tanks, in that area. >> but the syrian government denied responsibility. instead promising investigation. the america top military commander martin dempsey told "fox and friends" this morning there is still a military option on the table. >> i think that this is atrocious. i think the international community, the pressure has to be mounting on assad and should continue to mount on assad. if asked for the options at some point i'll be prepared to provide them. >> for now, the white house continues to put faith in the u.n. peace process led by the special envoy kofi anan who arrived in damascus today urging both sides to halt the fighting. >> this message of peace is not only for the government but for everyone, every individual with a gun. >> this comes as video uploaded to the internet this weekend appears to show u.n.
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peacekeepers shopping for perfume. this video further raises doubts that the-up is capable of ending the bloodshed. only complicating matters even more in syria, iranian news organization posted on the website interview with the top iranian military commanderer who admitted the iranian troops are in syria and helping the assad regime. the interview was later taken down from the internet but it confirmed what many long suspected. doug? >> conor powell, thank you. run yuf for egypt presidency is set. leland vittert tells us the first two first round survivors could not be any more different. >> young egyptian revolutionaries returned to tahrir square in protest hours after the results of the country's first presidential election. runoff vote scheduled for next month will be between the leader over the muslim brotherhood and the prime minister under former
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president mubarak. >> i'm more than angry. >> are you going to stay in the square an keep protesting? >> of course, i will. >> do you think more people will come? >> yes. we want freedom. >> dr. morsi of the muslim brotherhood came out on top of the first round of voting. not a surprise in egypt, where the brotherhood has the only nationwide political machine. >> the other is among egyptian's richest men. me financed the re-lution and supporting a liberal candidate in the election. >> has the promise been broke broken? >> this is not a country that should surrender. >> like many egyptians, sawiri feels muslim brotherhood would turn egypt to islamic state and will vote for leftover
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from the old regime. the young revolutionaries will not. >> what the hell? i'm sorry. this is not going to happen. >> this crowd has grown by the hundreds since we got here. activists say they are going to stay in tahrir square, protesting the election until something changes. however, about 50% of egyptians combined voted for either shafiq or the muslim brotherhood candidate. many egyptians simply want to vote in next month's runoff election and move on with whoever the victor might be. doug, back to you. >> leland vittert in cairo. former british prime minister tony blair says he avoided channeling the powerful british media to side-step battle. his inquiry was interrupted by a heckler who called him a war criminal for supporting the u.s. invasion of iraq. the pope's butler has
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agreed to cooperate with the investigators in the vatican leak scandal. he was arrested last week after controversial documents were found in his home. some of the correspondent shed public light on power struggle an intrigue inside the catholic church. still ahead, can today's college graduates earn enough to pay back the student loans? first, vietnam, 50 years later. ♪ [ male announcer ] aggressive styling. a more fuel-efficient turbocharged engine. and a completely redesigned interior. ♪ the 2012 c-class with over 2,000 refinements. it's amazing...inside and out. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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on this memorial day, word that the newest veterans file for benefit and historic race. the "associated press" reports 45% of the 1.6 million veterans from iraq and afghanistan are seeking compensation for service-related injuries, that is more than double the 21%
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after the gulf war. new veterans are claiming eight to nine ailments apiece. vet nam vets average four. world war ii and korea vets just two. we showed you earlier vietnam has been major component in the memorial day observances. jennifer griffin looks back to a conflict now a half sen cheercenturyold. >> 50 years, they look back to the fallen. more than 1300 are still missing. a cold war era conflict to halt march of communism in asia. the vietnam war began when president kennedy started to deploy hundreds of military advisors and helicopters at the end of 1961. the war escalated to more than half a million u.s. troops. on august 7, 1964, congress passes the if you feel of tonkin resolution, fiving president johnson authority to take whatever action he needs
3:23 pm
to defend southeast asia. >> when vietnam started, it was a popular war. most of the soldiers, sailors and the airman and marines who served there were volunteers. they weren't draftees. as the war progressed and the troop numbers went up, more people got drafted. the demonstration started. >> february 13, 1965. president johnso johnson johnsos operation rolling thunder. two months later north vietnam rejects the u.s. offer of economic aid in exchange for peace. president johnson increases troop level to 16,000. by the end of 1966; american forces total 385,000 men supported by 60,000 sailors. january 30, the vietcong launched a wave of attack, offensive against cities across the country.
3:24 pm
37,000 vietcong are killed and u.s. politicians decide to end the war. 2,500 u.s. troops are killed. public support for conflict hits an all-time low. >> from a military perspective, offensive -- [ inaudible ] but psycholog call offensive a great defeat. it turned america against the group. we have seen similar things happen today in afghanistan. >> january 19 1969, president richard nixson take office with the aim to end the war. withdrawalling 500,000 u.s. troops from vietnam. three years later two of third had all withdrawn. january 27, 1973, all warring parties sign a cease-fire in paris. war officially over. the north vietnamese keep fighting on april 29, 1975. the u.s. marines and air force begin a massive airlift from the u.s. embassy.
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>> ewith ought nev to end the war like we ended vietnam. >> 4:03 a.m. april 30, 1975, two marines, charles mcmahon and darwin judge are killed at the saigon airport. they were the last troops to die in vietnam. america's longest war. jennifer driven, fox news. >> eric: heroes who made it back home joined at a special event and pga players. patriot cup golf tournament has top military players. it has money for scholarship for spouses and dependent of those killed or injured in the line of duty. >> today means more than just a golf tournament, it means we are taking an opportunity to honor people like nathaniel's father who was killed in action and those wounded as well and remembering our troops as they come home. >> not even is celebrating
3:26 pm
troops on this memorial day. what a tv host said that has him under fire. grapevine is coming up next. >> kim lewis out of kabul, afghanistan. want to send a shout out to my family and my friends in houston, texas. i want you to know i love you and i'll be home before you know it. machine. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if youbank doesn't let you talk to a real perso24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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for unequivalent apoll after chris paise msnbc talk show host said he was uncomfortable to call fallen seasonals heroes. he said, "i feel uncomfortable about the word hero because it's rhetorically proximate to justification for more war." many took offense, including veteran of foreign war that called the remark callous because it comes to a time the nation calls to reflect and honor the memory of the fallen heroes. long commute by car takes hours out of your day but could take years off your life. new study published in the american journal of preventive medicine find those who commute by car ten miles or more each way are likely to have high blood pressure. 15-mile commute means a bigger waistline and less activity. finally, washington may be filled with partisan bickering
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but it hasn't devolveed to an all-out brawl. that is what happened debating whether russia should be language in part of the country and those they threw punchs and wrestled and slapped one another. one man hospitalized with head injury. no word on when the chamber will vote on the bill. slightly more civil idahoed battle over student loan going on in washington. at issue is pending increase in the cost. it brings in focus the question whether college graduates are leaving school with the tools necessary to pay the money back. >> with the graduation season upon us, new crop of workers are thrown in the market with little tools. >> they don't have engineering tech no. instead there is emphasis on social history an doing good
3:32 pm
in the world. we need social workers and teachers but we also need engineers. >> today starting job of $30,000 with degree in psychology. by contrast, degree in engineering command $55,000 starting salary with promise of $100,000 a year with a graduate degree. fine arts degree can bring home $30,000 a year, $55,000 with a graduate degree and accounting degree brings $43,000 for starters up to $90,000 with the graduate degree. >> companies like graduates have skills, that can immediately be applied to the working environment to hit the ground running. >> plight of the new graduate is made worse by mountain of student loan debt that totals $870 billion. more debt than americans hold in credit cards or auto loans. compounding the problem, interest loan are set to
3:33 pm
double. republicans want to follow the house's lead taking money out of the affordable care act. >> the crushing debt has had profound effects. putting off home buying, marriage and child rearing, too. many of you spent part of your day at a parade to honor the military, but celebrates like those can no longer be taken for granted. rick leventhal tells us why. >> cities and towns across america have been honoring the fallen hero with memorial day parades for a century. >> but a growing list of communities can no longer afford to fund the tradition. celebrates in this one like new rochelle, new york, can cost $30,000 or more. overtime for police and public workers. municipalities face tough choices. cut services or cancel big events. >> economy has gone down. a large hit to the sales
3:34 pm
taxes. the property tax re-knew reduced. as a result, staff and the city council made a determination frankly that the core services and police protection, fire protection and the public services are what we had to protect. >> new rochelle for raid survived because of the -- parade survived because of generosity of locals. they went door to door to raise cash and make sure the community could honor the fallen. >> the fourth of july is the first day of our country. but memorial day, this country would be nothing. our flag will fl be flying. >> veterans said they were moved by the generosity of their neighbor. >> the know we live in a community that they do support us strongly. >> it's important to remember those who serve and we're not
3:35 pm
the heroes. we left them behind. ♪ >> a strong crowd showed up to attend this year's parade and barbecue at hudson park. people drifted home now and the focus shifts to july fourth. if locals want to see fireworks they may have to pay for them themselves or watch and celebrate america's birthday somewhere else. doug? >> happening across america. thank you, rick. politics of foreign policy on this memorial day. the fox all-stars on that when we come right back. when we got married. i had three kids. and she became the full time mother of three. it was soccer, and ballet, and cheerleading, and baseball. those years were crazy.
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memorial day, we mark another milestone. for the first time in nine years americans are not fighting and dying in iraq. we are winding down the war in afghanistan. our loops will continue to come home. >> -- our troops will continue to come home. >> i wish i could tell you that the world is safe place
3:39 pm
today. it's not. iran is rushing to become a nuclear nation, as the national sponsor of terror around the world. the thought of material in the hands of hezbollah and hamas or other terrorists is unthinkable. >> this is one day of the year you expect to see presidential candidates an presidents not mentioning politics but it is after all an election year. nothing is entirely devoid of political implications. bring in the panel. jonah goldberg, kirsten powers. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. thank you for joining us on this memorial day. appreciate that. jonah, before we get to the first question, take a look at the preference by the veteran status poll done by gallup. it shows that romney had 68% to 34% for obama among veterans. support among veterans. nonveterans, obama comes out in front, 48 p.c. to 44%. but it shows a decided
3:40 pm
advantage for mitt romney by veterans. what do you make of that? >> i spent part of my memorial day going over demographics of the veterans. it shouldn't shock us that romney is doing well. the veterans skew older male, red states. southern. that is where the republican advantage generally is in the electorate. it should capture some of that. at the same time, it seems to me if you were a traditional military voter, you might have some serious problems with obama. the way he sometimes he talked about the military, talked about the troops. often seems narcissistic, political, and rub people the wrong way. the other day he said troops were fighting op his behalf. not something veterans want to hear. >> eric: one can't help
3:41 pm
but -- >> one can't help but think americans are tire of war. have have been with war since 1990, liberation of kuwait. polls suggest the level of opposition to afghanistan war approaches the level of opposition at the highest level, vietnam war. >> being at war for quite a while. i want to say on the gallup poll, gallup did the same pole for mccain and obama and it was identical. i think you are right when you say these are people, traditional republican voters. typically, however, they vote pretty much like everybody else votes. so they are going vote like a republican voter will vote. and have issues with obama over the debt. a lot of the domestic stuff. if you look at how they peel abou -- howthey feel about the , they're against the afghanistan war. reuters did a poll recently that showed recent veterans in the last ten years are
3:42 pm
overwhelmingly in support of the president's policies. >> charles, popular perceptio perception, generalization, extreme generalization that democrats are more antiwar than republicans. but it has real world political consequences does it not? >> it helps explain the huge gap between the republicans, whether it's romney or mccain in getting support from the veterans. it isn't only demographic. it's history. in vietnam era, democrats with for antiwar party. we heard obama today doing penance for a country that spat on seasonal soldiers who rd from the vietnam war. he didn't say that in the large part it was the work of the american left. it wasn't the work of american right who supported the war. democrats, any war element in the country, antiwar party in 172. they inherited the saying of the association of the left that really denigrated
3:43 pm
seasonals, which is the word that obama used and said it shouldn't ever happen again. in some way trying to undo a legacy of 50 years. but that is why for 50 years democrats were seen as the antiwar party an week on national defense. democrats have for decades used the defense budget as a piggy bank for social spending. we see it today. sequester of half a trillion dollars which is going to happen. secretary of defense under obama said would hallow out military and be a catastrophe. republicans oppose it. what do democrats do? use it as a stick and blackmail and the republicans in return for trying to get increase in social spending or increase in taxes. so he stands up for weaponry and training and protection that seasonals will have to have. it's the republicans. so it isn't all the history an demographics but the standing
3:44 pm
of the party on policy. >> you mentioned democrats getting in the way of that sequester of $500 billion in milliontary funding over the horizon. >> january 1. >> yeah. i within to pull a quote here from senator mccain, june 5, 2007, he was running for president. a great debate over iraq war at the time. at the time senator clinton was deeply in opposition to president bush's war, as she called it. mccain said at the time, "what senator clinton doesn't understand, presidents don't lose wars, political parties don't lose wars, nations lose wars and nations have the consequences of failure. we must succeed in this conflict." >> i think mccain was right when he said that. presidential parties lose wars, ask lbj. and the most important factor here whole countries loses wars, too. we are dealing with the first
3:45 pm
president bush with vietnam syndrome for a very long time now. i think that the legacy vietnam is something hanging over now two generations of americans. one of my personal peeves about it is we are hearing about how the cold war -- charles wrote a column on this, exactly 20 years ago in 1993 on cold wars in stall ja. war nostalgia. we hear that in the control war the country was united. anyone who looks at the foreign policy back then knows that is not true. you look at the past through rose colored glasses. in some way, a huge victory today. president obama saying i'm sorry. i'm apologizing. an interested to see what the left says about his remarks. >> can democracy carry out active war policy if it lacks support of the population? >> it can't. i wish the democrats were
3:46 pm
antiwar. but i don't think it's worn out. whether it's lyndon johnson or the democrats that voted for the iraq war and political reasons they decided when the country turned against it they were going to be against it. >> political reasons to be for it. >> evening they did, basically but the point is as what they do officially is they show support for it. the people who were spitting on people, dispick seasonable de left. i'm glad obama condemned it. >> up next, the bloodshed gets worse in syria. we'll examine that. all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete. the best in nutrition... just got better.
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horrible things are happening in syria.
3:50 pm
this administration has a feckless foreign policy, which abandons american leadership. i know because i visit with these people. they are ready to help these people. they are already helping them some. but it cries out for american leadership, american leadership is not there. >> you will always find military leaders to be somewhat cautious about the use of force because we're never entirely sure what comes out on the other side. that said, it may come to a point with syria, because of the -- [ inaudible ] >> "feckless foreign policy" that mccain used. very strong word, really, if you look up the definition, ineffectual, no goal in mind no, design for victory. >> that is a perfect description of the syria policy. what is important today is the way that the president is reporting what happened at the-up. the u.n. this is supposed to be a great success. that they unanimously
3:51 pm
condemned syria for the massacres. it didn't at all. that is rubbish. there wasn't even a resolution. presidential statement. it wasn't even a presidential statement; meaning, president counter. only presidential press statement. it was in other words it has no scuf -- security council resolutions are worthless to start with. these are less than worth lest. the statement has no power at all no, force in law. the russians were condemning them. the language was weak. russians weakened it. leak in the press how the russians are reconsidering and helping us. that is nonsense. the russians are absolutely cold and ruthless on this. they care nothing about the atrocities. only about the strategic position in syria. if they think assad is about to fall, they will switch. until then they do as they have done, support and protect syria. we have done nothing.
3:52 pm
we even had a report early they're iran has troops in sir yeah. i have no doubt that is true. iran is interviewing. russia is intervening with weapons and the west is doing nothing. that is definition of feckless. >> do you put more stake in the security counsel resolution than charles does? >> show lack of the good faith in russia, they are claiming atrocities not done by the both but done by rebels. the jury is still out and we'll wait and see. so it's unlikely, they should pursue a diplomatic process. even gendersy said we should continue to do that before looking at doing engined of military intervention. but at the same time, i don't think we should hold out hope that they are going to do anything of any real meaning. >> is assad the devil we know as opposed to the one we don't? what are the risks of the u.s. involve in the syria? we heard reports that al-qaeda
3:53 pm
is establishing relationship with some of the opposition. al-zawahiri said it's what he wants to see happen. >> anyone who watched what happened in egypt, or anyone other than tunisia after the arab spring has to be humble about what is behind curtain number two. at the same time, syria matters for a known amount. the geopolitics of the region. cop it with by which iran commits most of the mischievous. we hear aaro ban ki-moon saying there is no plan "b" other than the paper show we're getting at the u.n. it makes words like "feckless" seem too generous. maybe devoid of feck. where it stands right now, just entirely a chinese fire drill. there is no engame to it
3:54 pm
whatsoever. i think romney said with should be arming sant anti-assad armies make sense to me. >> i think the feckless thing is unfair. i disagree with his characterization of this. it's not fair. the president does need to pursue the diplomatic process before you start military intervention. you don't just suppose it to just start arming people? >> there is no diplomatic process. it's a fiction. a fiction you can hide behind if you want to do nothing. there is nothing happening. kofi annan won't get a cease-fire. he proclaimed up with and people are massacred left and right. it's a cover. it's worse. it gives u.s. sanction to what assad is doing. nobody is calling for invasion but why are we not arming the rebels?
3:55 pm
trying to get the weapons in to the opposition and support them? there is no reason that we shouldn't be. to say the only alternative is war on our part is rubbish. >> on that note. this could go on forever. that's it for panel. stay tuned for special look at memorial day 2012. >> i'm from tennessee, camp phoenix, afghanistan. i want to say hello the my wife jessica, my daughters allison and melody and my son born july 20. have a great memorial day weekend. it miss you. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition.
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>> and finally tonight, we live leave you with some of the sight and sounds of
3:59 pm
memorial day across america formerly known as decoration day. i'm doug mckelway in for bret. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ [taps] >> while their stories may be separated by hundreds of years and thousands of miles, they rest here together side by side, row by row because each of them loved this country more than life itself. >> we honor those who have served. we dedicate ourselves to strength and to preserving the freedom for which they gave their lives. >> while our brothers and sisters fell in a place far from home, the


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