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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  May 28, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> thanks to all ever you and all your help. we appreciate you being here and that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thanks for being with us and i hope you have a great weekend. >> it was almost a hurricane when it slammed ashore. and the danger not over yet. >> we are asking residents to stay indoors. >> we are tracking what is left of tropical storm beyrl. plus a special delivery for astronauts on a historic mission in outerspace. and -- >> these 600 acres are home to americans from every part of the country who gave their lives in every corner of the globe. ♪. >> honoring the heros who never
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came home. but first from fox this memorial day, the holiday weekend was a washout for millions of americans. and what's left of tropical storm beyrl still soaking huge parts of the southeast right now. before it weakened into a tropical depression it knocked out power to thousands of people across florida and georgia. made for dangerous driving as folks headed home from vacation. a holiday many might want to forget. it went ashore overnight with 70 miles an hour winds. that's just short of hurricane strength. it whipped up choppy seas and dangerous rip currents. lifeguards warned swimmers to stay out of the water. not everyone listened. >> the undertoe was taking me one way and the waves from the other. it was difficult. but it was all right. it was fun. >> but not so fun for folks of
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south carolina when their boat went under. the coast gauderies stewed three stranded people and a dog and beyrl is on the move tonight and expected to drench some place was up to a foot of rain. we have team fox coverage tonight. meteorologist audrey on where this storm is headed next but we again with elizabeth. she's live with the latest in jacksonville beach, florida. elizabeth. >> hi. this is certainly a storm for the history books. for the first time in a century it's the second named storm in the month of may before hurricane season would start in only four days. so what does that translate to? well, a botched memorial day for tens of thousands of people coming down to jacksonville beach alone. that's because these beaches close ford swimmers. the people come down is to enjoy the waters. they have been closed since saturday. we asked the mayor about the economic impact.
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he said despite the fact they took a hit there were no injuries or fatalities and jacksonville beach in jacksonville dodged a bullet. take a listen. >> we have a lot of debris out there and want to make sure people are safe. we don't want people going in the water, it's dangerous. but i thank god he was smiling on jacksonville and we are blessed to be where we are right now. >> so, yes, the worst of the storm is over but you see here we are standing in 30 miles an hour winds. the storm conditions will continue until at least tomorrow evening. >> elizabeth on what is a very, very lonely jacksonville beach. thank you. we are now look where this thing is heading next. audrey is with our fox affiliate in new york city. this system is still on the move? >> that's true, trace. right now the center is located on the georgia-florida border and bringing heavy rain to north florida and to southern parts of
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florida. as it goes into the day tomorrow we are expecting it to turn north and slightly northeast as we go through the day on tuesday. moving over areas like savannah, georgia and over toward charleston, south carolina. on wednesday it will reemerge into the atlantic and possibly strengthen back into a tropical storm as we get into the day on thursday. the good news is it will move off into the northern atlantic. a cold front approaching the northeast will deflect it out into the owing. for the northeast i'm expecting high surf and rip currents along the area beaches. >> and as we unofficially kicked off summer this weekend, some of us were actually stuck with snow. >> that's true, believe it or not. we started off the unofficial start of summer out in montana with some snow. they actually recorded measurable snow, several inches in the elevations down to about 4,000 feet. plays like great falls right on the surface got 2.9 inches which breaks the previous record in
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1977 which was a trace of snow back there. unusual to see snow this late, even in montana. trace. >> it is, indeed. audrey is live for us from our fox affiliate in new york. audrey, thank you. well, america will be there for you. that from president obama, speaking to military veterans on this memorial day. a day in which we honor all of the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this nation. this morning the president and the first lady paid a visit to arlington national cemetery and the tomb of the unknown soldier. the president noted that for the first time in nine years americans are not fighting and dying in iraq. then he made a trip to the vietnam war memorial to honor the more than 58,000 americans who died in battle in southeast asia. ♪
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the president went on to say that the nation must remain committed to our vets and the families of fallen soldiers. henry is live at the white house with more. ed. >> trace, what is interesting this is a president you remember who won the nobel peace prize his first year in office. he's always been a little bit struggling to balance sort of wanting peace but also being a wartime commander in chief. he was doing a little bit of that today as he tried to comfort families as you noted while he was at the wall, the vietnam war memorial. families dating back many, many years to more recent families who have lost family in iraq and after afghanistan. he made clear the nation really honors their sacrifice. >> i cannot begin to fully understand your loss. as a father, i cannot begin to
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imagine what it's like to hear that knock on the door and learn that your worst fierce have come true. but as commander in chief i can tell you that sending our troops into harm's way is the most wrenching decision that i have to make. i can promise you i will never do so unless it's absolutely necessary. and that when we do, we must give our troops a clear mission and the full support of a grateful nation. >> now, the president also mentioning, as you noted, that this is the first time in nine years on a memorial day when there are no us troops fighting and dying in iraq. that is a not so subtle remind forevoters as well that's a key part of his record. he ran against the war in iraq, made clear he would wrap it up, and he's done that, trace. >> and it sounds like mitt romney was even more direct in his memorial day remarks today. >> he was. look, he was appearing in san diego as a veterans event with john mccain, who as you know was
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on fox news sunday yesterday charging, in his words, that the president has a feckless foreign policy, is not showing leadership around the world. and his surrogate, mitt romney, today is suggesting that the president has made the country less safe. let's listen. >> i wish i could tell you the world is a safe place today. its not. iron is rushing -- iran is rushing to become a nuclear nation. as a national sponsor of terror around the world. nuclear material in the hands of terrorists is simply unthinkable. >> the bottom line is there are more than 22 million military veterans around the country. they are a voting block. and gallop has done a poll suggesting mitt romney has a 24-point lead among veterans and romney has a 4-point lead among among nonmilitary. that gives you an idea he has an edge with that community.
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>> thank you. an air canada passenger jet this afternoon made an emergency landing after one of the engines reportedly shut down. the plane had just taken off from toronto en route to japan with 334 passengers and crew on board. police in toronto say that falling chunks of metal from the lane may have damaged at least four cars. the flight returned to canada. there were no injuries on board. 250 miles above earth astronauts did not have this memorial day off. instead they have been busy unloading supplies from the very first private cargo ship to dock at the international space station. a live report on that is next. plus, it has now been five decades since america began major operation necessary vietnam. coming up, a look back at the war and what the president says we must do to honor its veterans.
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>> the slaughter of dozens of innocent women and children in syria finally leading russia to distance itself from its soviet era allies. as you know russia has vetoed several united nations resolutions against the sorryian government and continues to supply syria with weapons. but this weekend's massacre of hundreds of people, mostly women and children, sparked russia to join the un for blaming the government for attacking residential areas. syria blamed islamists for the massacre. so far rush she's change in tone seems to have little impact on the ground. they said they opened fire on several neighborhood, killing dozens more people. the unite the nations estimate the syrian troops have killed more than 9,000 people since last march. meanwhile in north korea a severe drought pushes to push
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more toward the brink of starvation. it appears the united states and others will not send aid because they continue to build rockets and work toward tests of nuclear weapons. we told they have had little rain in more than a month and it could be the worst drought in decades. the of in 1990 the famine killed hundreds of thousands of people. the u.s. has supplied aid in the past. as you recall, north korea last month attempt today launch a new rocket. it paled, blew up after liftoff and crashed into the sea. recent satellite images have shown a lot of work at what is believed to be north korean nuclear testing sites. well, you think unpacking after a trip is tough, try doing it in zero gravity, 250 miles above the earth. astronauts on the international space stationed to beginning to unload cargo from the space x dragon capsule. that's the first privately-owned craft to ever dock with the
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space station. we are told up loading or unloading should take 25 hours. and check out these new pictures from aboard the iss. this is the picture of an astronaut. he took it over or of the sunrise over the south pacific. pretty cool, right? here we have a time-lapse photo of the space station, the earth and stars. the astronaut took multiple 30 second exposures and blended the photos on a computer. here's another look from a different angle. but right now there is work to be done. jamie is live with more. >> trace, great to see you. those pictures are just the beginning. they are doing some really cool stuff up in space. no r & r for the astronauts. they spent memorial day unloading the cargo from the first private spacecraft ever to visit the lab. it's call the dragon, and it's bringing home more than is 1,000 pounds of cargo with it.
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it's a private spacecraft and it made history at 5:53 eastern time saturday docking with the space station. take a look at this. this is the hatch opening after the iss expetite, of 31 true successfully attached the dragon capsule to the station. as i said, this is the first time a private company has taken part in this necessary step to keep the space station operational because, as we all remember, shuttle program retired. nasa officials are hailing this as a new frontier for commercial activities in space. >> this is mission control houston. official hatch opening times for the spacecraft. 4:53:00 a.m. central time. to the expedition 31 crew getting their first look inside this brand new spacecraft that arrived at the space station
7:17 pm
yesterday. don giving the thumbs up, as well as the rest of the crew. said everything looks good. >> it looks good and it looks cool. glad we could see these pictures. in addition to delivering supplies and performing a fly-under inspection, the dragon capsule performed a series of system tests that are required for n.a.s.a. to clear to come home after orbiting the spacelabber to. this space x dragon blasted off on its historic last tuesday aboard a rocket. amaze to go watch. it takes some 25 hours as you said to unload the more than 1,000 pounds of supplies. there's food and clothing and a lot of technology. when the hatch closes wednesday that's correct capsule will be prepped to return to earth loaded with all that cargo, sent on its way, and it's interesting, trace, the california - based space x is the first company to send a vessel. the first what n.a.s.a. is predicting will be a lot more.
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the company is run by mr. musk, who is founder of paypal. i heard there was a little champagne up there. >> why not. >> thank you. >> some terrifying moments on a record. three members of one family desperately struggled to stay afloat. looks like one did not make it. that's coming up. and plus a memorial day march like no other. some veterans finish a mission nearly 2,000 miles in the making. [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d.
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>> trace: president obama says it's time to set the record straight about the vietnam war. as we reported earlier, he
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visited >> president obama visited the vietnam memorial in washington today and he told the veterans history will honor their service, even though lots of their fellow americans did not. >> you came home and sometimes were denigrated when you should have been celebrated. it was a national shame. a disgrace that should have never happened. that's why here today we resolve that it will not happen again. >> today the president said the words so many vietnam vets did not hear when they came back from the war, welcome home. jennifer griffin is live in washington. jennifer. >> 58,282 u.s. service members killed in 13 years, trace. the vietnam war began when president kennedy deployed hundreds of military advisors at the end of 1961. three years later congress gave
7:23 pm
president lyndon johnson blanket authority to pursue the war. >> the politicians lost the war, not the fighting men. >> in 1968 the vietnam launched a mission. many were killed. >> it was a victory. but from a psychological perspective, it was a great defeat because it turned america against this war. and we've seen similar things happen today in afghanistan. >> this is where i feel that we love the war. we were at the head of the snake. you figure there's a tail and there's a head. we were already at hanaway, just about there and to pull back, that's the part that got me. >> president nixon takes office and vows to end the war. congress defunds it and three years later two-thirds of all u.s. troops are withdrawn and the ground war is left to the south vietnamese that the troops
7:24 pm
trained. a cease-fire was signed. the last u.s. combat soldiers leave in march. the war is over but the north vietnamese keep fighting until saigon falls two years later. at 4:03:00 a.m. april 30, 1965, two corporal marines are killed at the saigon airport. they were the last u.s. troops, trace, to die in vietnam. america's longest war. trace. >> jennifer griffin live for us in washington. thank you. a child is presumed dead after a family's holiday on the water ended with a frantic search. rescue crews say a small boat sank this morning in the columbia river in washington state. onboard a grandfather, a father and his 13-year-old son. a nearby boater raced to pull the older men out of the water, but no sign ever the teenager. dive teams could not locate him either. officials say the teen was not wearing a life preserver. the man who confessed to the
7:25 pm
decades-old cold case of oton pace patz said he confessed to it. he confessed to a prayer group in the early 1980s. that would have ban few years after six-year-old eton patz vanished in lower manhattan. a leader said he never went to police because the confession was to a group, not to him one-on-one. that case changed how we search for missing children in this country. he was one of the first missing kids featured on a milk carton. he told police last week he strangled the boy in a store where he worked. also new today he said he stored the boy's body in a freezer in that store's basement before dumping it in the trash. well, on this memorial day we are getting word of more nato forces killed in afghanistan.
7:26 pm
and the top u.s. commander is sending a special message to the families of the fallen, using the words of a marine who gave his life for his country. plus, a u.s. drone kills a group of al-qaeda fighters. but now we are hearing the target of the strike got away.
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>> there is word a u.s. drone strike has killed five militants in yemen. they said the strike happened in a s@und together of the capital. the target, two local al-qaeda leaders who reportedly survived. katheryn is live in washington. what do we know about the guys that got away? >> many government officials tell us both men are connected through marriage al-alawki. at least one studied under the cleric. today's drone strike is part of a broader pattern, one where proteges of the cleric or members of course his families have been tilled. his 16-year-old son was killed in a drone strike and the man on the right was also killed.
7:31 pm
the cia does not comment on the campaign. both officials describe the men as collateral damage and not the intended targets. >> now the defense secretary has gone on the record about these drone strikes? >> when it comes to weakening al-qaeda in yemen, we were told that the drone campaign is the tip of the sphere. >> first and foremost i think this is one of the most precise weapons that we have in our arsenal. number two, what is our responsibility here? our responsibility is to defend and protect the united states of america. >> according to the long war journal is of that tracks the drone campaign by the military and the cia, at least nine confirmed strikes in yemen this month. there have been more us drone strikes in yemen this year than the first 11 years after 9/11. al-qaeda and yemen vowing to retaliate. it began last week when this
7:32 pm
young man strapped on a suicide vest and killed more than 100 soldiers rehearse are are for a parade. six suicide bombers have been picked up in that country, although it's not known who or what their targets were, trace. >> katheryn is live in washington. thank you. there are three more fallen soldiers to honor this memorial day. a helicopter crash killed two service members in eastern afghanistan and a third died in an insurgent attack in the south. no word on whether they were americans. well, one u.s. marine serving in afghanistan wrote a letter for his family to read in case he didn't make it home. he didn't. sergeant william states he was killed by a homemade bomb in january. today a part of that letter was read at the hem orial day ceremony in kabul the sergeant was just 23 but already on his fourth deployment. >> today we remember his life and his words for they speak
7:33 pm
resoundedly and timelessly for our fallen brothers and sisters in arms. >> in his letter the sergeant stacy wrote, quote, there will be a child that live because men left the security they enjoyed in their home to come to this. and if my life brings the safety after child who will one day change the world, then ebony it was all worth it. >> a group of new military veterans fighting for a new cause this memorial day. they are encouraging others to remember the true meaning of the holiday. we introduced them at the start of their march. now four weeks and almost 2,000 miles later these vets call it mission accomplished. >> okay, guys! [cheers and applause] >> for navy seal veteran coalman, these final steps mark the end of a long 1700 miles. but he knows the journey is far
7:34 pm
from over for the families of hundreds of fallen heros. they are the reason his battle rages on. >> memorial day to us, to guys who have best friends and good friends who we've lost in service to the country is much more than just a barbecue, a three day weekend and a mattress sale. it's been recognizing the sacrifice that some individuals have made and recognizing the sacrifice that their families make every day. >> he is one of the organizers of a relay walk called carry the load. a cross-country trek spanning nine states and the district of columbia. the mission, to honor those of that carried our nation with their service. >> every single-family member in america who has lost a service member, a firefighter, a service person to the country, they get up every day and they still have to move on. they put one foot in front of the other every day. >> he and his team set out on foot from west point. the starting line chosen as recognition ever the army's monumental sacrifice.
7:35 pm
through arlington national cemetery they walked, reflecting on the price of freedom. even receiving a hero's welcome in laverne, tennessee. the 27 day round-the-clock operation covered some 60 miles per day, thanks in parts to hundreds of volunteers willing to put their best foot forward. >> we've been met by single individuals and a couple hundred people, depending on the cities we were in. just a sign people do want to do something on memorial day. i just don't think in the country we define what that something should be. >> for him each step is personal as he has lost some 40 comrades in the line of duty. among the most memorable moments, passing through ground zero on the anniversary of osama bin laden's death. >> i didn't know anybody personally here but to walk around and get a sense of the sacrifice that new york has made and the sacrifices associated 9/11, it's a pretty intense experience.
7:36 pm
>> former navy seal clint bruce founded "carry the load "over his frustration over the lack of meaning on memorial day. >> i put on my pack and started walking around the lake one moment. coming around the corner there was an older gentleman. you can tell when you are talking to an older veteran. i turned and looked at him and he looked at me and said hey, son. he looked at me and said who are you carrying? it sort of unlocked for me. >> they encourage walktories bring along mementos of those who did not come home. he carried with him the badge of fallen new york city firefighterrer. a badge he and his band of brothers have brought along on 24 deployments. >> it's been special to carry his badge and we will continue to use it as a symbol of why we will continue to dig in and keep sacrificing. >> the organization expects to raise half a million dollars in
7:37 pm
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and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> it was one of the bloodest american battlesf th >> it was one of the bloodiest battles of the war. a vicious fight in which some 6,000 american and japanese troops died in the span of just three days. now there is a new documentary about the efforts to bring back the remains of hundreds of americans who never made it off the island alive. >> i saw a lot of guys die during these battles, during my six battles, and i feel maybe it's survivor's guilt that i'm
7:41 pm
alive and they are dead or i think it's deeper than that. i feel i owe something to these guys. >> after kelsey grammer their rates the film, it follows military members after they sift through dirt, sand and rocks look for the remains of the fallen in order to finally give the dead the burial they deserve. dan springer is live with more. dan. >> trace, until they are home is a story about loyalty, love of country and a 93-year-old veteran who is going to extraordinary lengths to honor his fallen comrades. >> over three days in november, 1943, more than 1,000 americans fell in what is known as the bloodiest battle in marine's history. >> i landed marines with the second division and saw the slaughter taking place. >> lee on cooper was a navy man.
7:42 pm
the u.s. took the island and after d-day we left. after years passed the shoreline where so many gave their lives became covered with war debris and trash. >> i went there with the objective of doing something about getting the garbage cleaned up. i learned during that visit the remains of possibly hundreds of americans still lay where they fell. >> more than 500 soldiers who fought in the battle are still unaccounted for. cooper made it his mission to bring every last one home but hit a dead end. >> i couldn't get the attention of any of the dig shots in washington. >> so the now 93-year-old financed a documentary which was seen by the right people. >> an illinois congressman introduced legislation that helped launch a pentagon mission to recover, identify and return. but cooper is not done. >> there are tens of thousands of guys who died elsewhere in the pacific theatre.
7:43 pm
>> he appears in a second documentary and has plans for more. he wants every soldier missing in action found. >> they are still there. how many, nobody knows. >> the pentagon puts the number of missing in action the world war ii at more than 73,000 military personnel. trace. >> dan springer live for us in seattle. dan, thank you. the former british prime minister tony blair two-day forecasted to in the weak of the phone hacking scandal of the news corporation, parent company of this network that was shut down earlier this year. we have the details from london. >> former british prime anyone center tony blair told a judge-led year today in london rather than take on the all-powerful british media during his years in power, he chose instead to actually manage that media. and that included having a fairly close relationship with the head of news corporation, and rupert murdoch.
7:44 pm
his papers were largely supportive of tony blair during his time in office. but they did disagree on certain policy issues. blair, for example, was quite pro european integration. he said he believed the media needs reform, particularly when it comes to the blurring between fact and come enterer in the press and some of the tabloid excesses in the country which he pointed out were not confined to news corporation. the testimony went on for hours but was interrupted at one point by a heckler, a man who breached security at the royal courts of justice. >> from jp march morgan six months after he left office. >> he is said to be a documentary and he was taken out and released without charge. blair appeared to be unrattled by the incident but he said it will be the moment most remembered from today's hearing.
7:45 pm
trace. >> she's reporting from london. thank you. >> while human organs are sold on the black market at the rate of one her hour. a dramatic rise in years. it reports the global demand for kidneys and other organs is seriously outnumbering the supply as more patients suffer from diabetes and high pressure. one predicts the black market will continue to grow, adding the stakes are so big the profits made so huge that the temptation is out there. >> and when it comes to new lungs, doctors say getting a smoker's lung beats getting nothing at all. according to a british study, patients who receive those lungs had a much better shot at survival compared to folks who stayed on the waiting list. still your odds are the best if doctors can give you a nonsmoker's lung. american lung association reports that one in five adults currently smokes. there's scaringry moments on
7:46 pm
take off forcing a pilot to turn back. this video just in to fox news. it was taking off from burbank a short time ago. as it began speeding down the runway, the pilot reported smoke coming from one of the engines but he was able to abort the takeoff and return to the terminal, as you see there. there are no reports of any injuries. well, it looked like one town couldn't afford a memorial day parade until the citizens decide today do something about that. and found a way to honor their veterans. next. [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
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>> well this memorial day one community proved that patriotism can overcome tough times. the shaky economy left some towns scaling back or
7:50 pm
canceling memorial day events. >> they couldn't scrape together the cash for parades which can cost tens of thousands of dollars toe folks in one city took it upon themselves to make sure to get our fallen heros the recognition they deserve. rick is live for us in new rochelle, new york. rick. >> trace, a memorial day parade has been a long-standing tradition here. but like many other cities and towns across america money is tight and budgets have to be trimmed and civic celebrations could be among the first cut. so the community couldn't raise the money to raise the money for the parade and barbecue, it wasn't going to happen. >> the economy has significantly affected our budgets. we raise our money through property tax, sales taxes and fees and the economy has gone down so we've taken a large hit in sales tacks. the property tax revenue has been reduced with the housing market. >> so with city money going to police and fire and public
7:51 pm
services and not parades, citizens stepped up. along with local businesses and car dealership, a local college, all contributing to the cause to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice and thanking veterans, including peter, who served with the marines in desert storm and led the fundraising effort. >> 4th of july is the birthday of our country, but memorial day, without those that have sacrificed and laid down their lives for this country, this country would be nothing. >> and they probably have to go through this same drill again next memorial day and july 4th is also in doubt if the locals can't raise the cash themselves. they may have to go watch fireworks somewhere else. >> that's live in new rochelle, new york. thank you >> anti-terrorist list are reportedly looking through the wreckage after an explosion in a building full of shops left dozens of people hurt. it's our story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> kenya, it happened in the
7:52 pm
capital city of nairobi. a witness says a man left a bag at her stall and it exploded. authorities blocked off streets and tried to usher hundreds of people from the scene. hospital officials say at least four people hurt seriously. china. crews battled massive flames at a chemical plant had an eastern province. witnesses reported seeing the fire from up to four miles away. we are told it broke out last night after an explosion in a workshop. more than 100 firefighters put out the flames early this morning. nobody hurt. indonesia. authorities arrested a 56-year-old british woman, accusing her of trying to smuggle $2.5 million worth of cocaine in her luggage. customs officials say an airport x-ray found the drug in the lining of her bag. they say they believed she was bringing the coke to three other britts and an indian national. a conviction could mean a
7:53 pm
maximum penalty of death by firing squad. afghanistan. more than 200 people taking taekwondo training at this camp in kabul. the sport has grown in popularity after one won the country's first olympic gold medal. that's a wrap on the trip around the world in 80 seconds. cops in louisiana say they found the bike be long to go a college student that's been missing for more than a week. 21-year-old louisiana university student was last seen leaving a friend's house around two in the morning. surveillance cameras recorded her on her bike at that time. but list are also looking for information on this late-model four-door white pickup truck also caught on the surveillance cameras. some fisher men found the missing student's bike under a bridge about 25 miles from the spot where she went missing. dozen of police are now searching that area.
7:54 pm
well, some civilians paying respects to a world war ii veteran through a home makeover, and he's just one of dozen of veterans these workers plan to help. the details on that next. that's why programs like... ...the mickelson exxonmobil teachers academy... ...and astronaut sally ride's science academy are helping our educators improve student success in math and science. let's shoot for the stars. let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this. everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days.
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yeah, okay. ah, let's do it. get $100 off any motorola 4g lte smartphone, like the droid 4 now just $99.99. verizon. >> trace: some volunteers sp t >> greta: some volunteers spent this memorial day weekend gathering a group of construction workers to renovate a world war ii vet's home. the scene had repairs inside and out out, building a new front stoop, doing some painting and even upgrading plumbing and heating systems. listen. >> it's picking his spirits up. is he happy again. people have shown an interest. come out. he served for us. if it wasn't for the people
7:58 pm
that have served, bewouldn't be here. >> house of heros also worked on a couple of other veterans homes in the state. the organization reports it hopes to fix up about 25 homes by the end of the years. vaccaro that's the lord 6-year-old spelled to win spelling bee in march. that makes her the youngest contestant to make it into the spelling bee. she is from virginia. she will compete against 300 other kids many of them twice her age. no one younger than 8 has ever qualified for the national round. lori ann's mom says her daughter has been shocking people since she began reading before the age of 2. and that she is, quote, like a teenager in a 6-year-old body. >> updating some of our top stories tonight, president obama laying a wreath at d.c.'s vietnam war memorial. he said it was a, quote, national shame that americans turned their back on troops returning from vietnam.
7:59 pm
what's left of the tropical storm beryl set to drench florida and the carolinas after giving florida a wet holiday weekend and air canada jet like this one making emergency landing in toronto. officials say an engine shut down in flight. on this day in 1863 the most famous african-american regiment of the civil war departed boston on its way south to fight for the union army it was called the 54th massachusetts infantry. and it left for battle just one week after the war department established the, quote: bureau of colored troops. many of its members escaped or freed slaves leading the 54th. robert gold shaw a white man. once they arrived on the front lines, any saw action almost immediately. then a battle against confederate. later immortized in the


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