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tv   America Live  FOX News  May 29, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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on security concerns coming from a new and detailed look at the role of president obama when it comes to the war on terror. welcome to "america live" everyone, i'm megyn kelly, just one day after a gallup poll shows six out of ten veterans support governor mitt romney over president obama in the presidential election, "the new york times" releases a lengthy and detailed front page article going into the *r president obama's, quote, personal role in the war on al-qaeda. inside, reports of a secret kill list, and a president who personally approves lethal action without handwritinging under certain circumstances but also inside an enormous amount of sensitive information and that is raising questions about the obama administration's intelligence officers and their relationship with the media. the white house is expected to hold its daily press brief pw-g half an hour from right now. there may be questions on this. it is, as i say -- depending upon how you print it out,
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between 16 and 21 pages, when you print it off in the "new york times" website. in the meantime we've got team coverage, our fox news digital politics editor cries stierwalt standing by, but first, ed henry on the north lawn this afternoon. hi ed. >> reporter: good to see you megyn, a case where the president is likely to face more heat from the left than the right. you'll remember in the 2008 kpaeub campaign he repeatedly promised he would be using much less executive power than george w. bush, that he would be approaches the war on terror much differently, yet here we are now as he governs nearly 3 1/2 years into office, the president having this kill list of terrorists, as you noted, personally maintaining this top secret process by which he decides which terrorists, which extremists are to be killed. democrats certainly had a field day when then- president bush talked about how he wanted usama bin laden dead or alive, then other top democrats were quoted as saying this
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could martyr bin laden, could martyr the al-qaeda extremists and become a recruiting tool for al-qaeda. top administration officials now defend this kill list by basically saying the president has produced results as commander in chief, that he took out usama bin laden, obviously, as we know, and many other top al-qaeda operatives, and that that was another campaign promise he made repeatedly in 2008, that in his words he would wage a smarter war, a more effective war on terror and they believe inside the white house he has done just that. the other question jay carney is likely to get at in that briefing you mentioned half an hour from now is why some -- i think "the new york times" said three dozen former and current obama advisers spoke to "the new york times" about this sensitive kill list, some of the sensitive intelligence mentioned in this article. it's an article that ends up painting the president as a very straopbg commander in chief in an election year. you have to wonder if that had to do with some of these leaks and it also obviously
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follows the charges in recent days that the administration had cooperated with this hol -- hollywood producers, who were putting together a movie about the killing and raid on usama bin laden. now, the administration has consistently maintained nothing sensitive was passed on to the hollywood filmmakers, that they got the same information that journalists basically got about the raid involving usama bin laden. but the bottom line is there's going to be a lot of questions for jay carney about what exactly the administration shared with "the new york times" and what the motive there was. megyn: ed henry, thank you. we'll go to you live as that news breaks. as ed just mentioned this "new york times" report is the latest in a series of questions raised recently about this white house, its intelligence operations and the media. several items concerning the bin laden operation in particular, and some of these have generated significant political controversy, these leaks. chris stierwalt is our fox news digital politics editor and host of power play on fox
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chris, one has to wonder if this same article that appeared in the "new york times" had been written about president bush, how nuts the left would be going about the intelligence decisions our president has made and the rights would be going about the leaks that had been taking place of certain operational aspects, in particular, the one we talked about recently, which is when we foiled this al-qaeda bombing plot of an airline we learned shortly thereafter that it was a double agent who helped fail it -- foil a it and now everybody wanted to know how do we know that. now it's written about president obama and are we to expect similar outrage, let me start there, from the left on how the "times" characterizes his personal involvement in these alleged so-called hit lists, kill lists? >> no. of course not. now, because some of the attacks on george w. bush were disenagain uous, that is why there will be silence, some of the silence will stem from the fact that these folks are so concerned about mitt romney winning that they are willing to stuff down objections that they may have had in the
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past about the very idea of a president keeping a kill list of human beings, some of whom are american citizens around the world, targeting whether he personally will do that. commanders in chief in the past tried to avoid those questions. you think of lyndon johnson picking bombing target necessary vietnam but generally presidents don't want to do this wet work. megyn: and the times reports in great detail about how the president has a way of calculating civilian death that is results from his drones program which has been applauded by both sides of the aisle, a way of minimizing the death count of civilians, by basically if you are a young unmarried man and that's all they know about you you die near the terrorists you don't count as a civilian death because they are assuming that you're al-qaeda, that you're hanging out with al-qaeda. now our viewers can draw their own conclusions about whether that's true or not, but you tell me, what kind of outlash would there be, backlash, from the left if that same method was used by a republican president in particular, george w. bush? >> oh, and there sure was.
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and we didn't see these kinds of things from bush. they were much more secretive. they did not leak in the way that the obama people do, and certainly, we recall the case of vallerie plame, the cia employee, the agent, who was outed. that dominated the national discussion for years. scooter libby was convicted. it became a huge deal. that was, compared to the operational details that are involved here, related to a very narrow band of stuff. megyn: why are we getting these? why are we getting these? how is the times winding up with all this intelligence that it otherwise wouldn't have in the absence of leak? >> i tell you this much, that number that you showed at the beginning, that talked about the president's poor standings with veterans is indicative of a problem with military families and other folks. the president knows he's not going to win the military vote, the veterans' vote, but he can't have this wide
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of a gap with romney. neither of niece guys are veterans and the president figures hey look, i allowed the raid that went in and killed usama bin laden, i had a kill list that were offed all the time, i should get credit for being tough, why should i -- the biggest thing he ran with was the massachusetts national guard, i shouldn't be trailing this guy, so it looks like they're slurping this information out there to try to stoeb his bona fides as commander in chief. and a tough guy. megyn: they can't have the president running around the campaign events saying i have a kill irs! -- kill list! you've got to leak it. let "the new york times" talk about it. >> chris, thank you. >> you bet. megyn: again the white house is expected to hold its daily press briefing 25 minutes from now. we will monitor that, we will bring you any reaction to this issue as jay carney faces reporters in just moments, right here. new details today on the
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doctor who helped the cia track down usama bin laden. relatives of this pakistani doctor are today telling fox news that he suffered torture, isolation, and starvation during his interrogation by authorities of otherwise own country, pakistan. he was sentenced to 33 years in prison, just last week, after he -- after it emerged he set up a fake vaccination clinic in the very twroupb bin laden was eventually killed. he needed to gather dna from bin laden's family in what proved to be a successful attempt to confirm his location. there have been real questions about how this happened. how -- what, if anything, more the united states should have done to prevent this guy from getting arrested, charged, tried, and now sentenced to 33 years in prison. we also have new developments in the wake of egypt's first free elections. we're expecting massive protests today, after egyptians took their frustrations to the streets. revolutionaries risked life and limb to take down hosni
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mubarek's new regimen. but as voters are left to choose from mubarek's last prime minister, right, the one under him, and a hard-line islamic candidate on the other hand, their anger is now manifesting itself in a major way. leland vitter, streaming live from cairo, leland. >> reporter: you could say it is here we go again, megyn. behind me, in tahrir square, protestors are out in force, the arabic newspapers here probably show you best what's going on, ahmed shafik under hos -- hosni mubarek, the other, mohammed morsi. what people are so angry about, they don't have anybody in the middle and they're not very happy with their choices. >> angry? more than angry. >> are you going stay in the square and keep protesting.
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>> of course i will. >> and you think more people will come? >> yes, of course. we want the freedom. guys, we want freedom. >> reporter: the crowd went absolutely wild here in tahrir square when one of the opposition candidates came in, activists say they are going to stay right here, protesting until things change. however, the muslim brother hood got a total of 50 percent of the vote and many egyptians hope that next month's election will simply be the end of this revolution. >> the safety and security, that's the main concern, and the economic and the political side for the country, that's not good as well. >> you think shafik is the guy to do it? >> definitely. >> reporter: egyptians woke up to the news that the campaign headquarters of ahmed shafik were tortured overnight and they got the back room where all the campaign materials were kept. there's two competing theor yes: one, this was assist
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inside job to gain sympathy, two, this is a preview of what's to come if the old regime gets voted back in. >> there's a lot of uncertainty in egypt over what is going to happen, and right now, megyn, we are about three weeks away from that runoff election. in the past couple of days since the candidates were announced, the egyptian stock market has fallen about 7 percent. so that gives you a sense of how bad things are in terms of the way the financial crisis is going, and this is a country already in a financial crisis. megyn, back to you. megyn: leland vitter, thank you. we are now hearing some bold predictions about the vote to recall the governor of wisconsin. and the president's reelection chances. in three minutes, see whether those two things are directly linked, and what we should expect to learn from next tuesday's big vote. plus, a controversial plan from the united nations that could give that group some serious control over the internet. we'll explain how.
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megyn: a bold prediction from the chairwoman of the democratic national committee that wisconsin's big recall election of their governor next week will serve as a test run for the presidential race, wisconsin's republican governor scott walker is facing a recall, his democratic challenge ser the
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guy he ran against for the office last time around, milwaukee mayor tom barrett, a democrat, and here is dnc chair debbie wasserman helicopter shufts. >> if -- wasserman-schultz. >> if the governor should retain his seat what will it say about the power of unions fighting him and what will it say about putting wisconsin in play this fall? >> i am going there tuesday to campaign with mayor barrett. i think he has a real opportunity to rin. we have put our considerable grassroots resources behind him, all of the obama for america and state party resources are a grass roots network. >> are there national implications? >> i think what's going to happen is that because of our on the ground operation, we've had an opportunity in this election, because especially given that wisconsin is a battleground state, just like we did in the recall elections a year ago, to give this a test run, and so what i think the implications will be is that
10:17 am
ultimately i think tom barrett will pull this out, but regardless, it's given the obama for america operation an opportunity to do the dry run that we need of our massive, significant dynamic grassroots presidential campaign which can't really be matched by the romney campaign or the republicans, because they have ignored on the ground operations. megyn: joining me now to discuss it, matt kittle, bureau chief for the wisconsin reporter and pollster and former director of the texas republican party. gentlemen, thank you for being here. she says this is a test run for the president's reelection campaign. she is basically saying this is going to show how the democrats, how well organized they are, their ground game, and she has high hope that is governor walker will be recalled and it will sound the alarm bell for republicans in the state of wisconsin. a state that president obama won by 14 points last time around. wasn't exactly close, matt. is this recall election looking close right now? >> the polls show a number
10:18 am
of them within the margin of error. but every poll that comes out is better news for governor scott walker. we really see between five percentage points and nine percentage points, and tomorrow, a big poll comes out, the market university poll, the law school poll, and i think that's going to show us where things are. it's a widely respected poll. megyn: chris, what does it tell you that the race is now, that governor walker is ahead of his democratic challenger by between -- let's look at the real clear politics average, we've got the average of all polls coming up here and you can see it's, well, six points or so, he's leading the democratic challenger. where does that tell -- what does that tell you in light of the fact that president obama won the state of wisconsin, you know, at the presidential level by 14 points? >> well, it shows that wisconsin is changing. and it shows it's becoming more republican. i mean, it's thanks to the obama administration and their polices. what you're also seeing here, the democratic party, the chairwoman,
10:19 am
wasserman-schultz, is saying what she has to say, and you can tell when someone thinks they're going to lose the election, they talk about how they're going to do and downplay the significance of it, and then she moved into well, ultimately we'll see if this has national implications. the democrats are going to have to stop going on sunday shows but it means they have to spend monday and tuesday backtracking comments. you can also see they haven't made a major investment there, it was a minor investment, and you compare that to the republican governors' association, a largest contributor on the right and has put significant resources in the race. i think democrats have given up a long time ago and wasserman-schultz is saying what she has to say. megyn: wisconsin, on the electoral map come november, fe are predicting if mitt romney can win one of these industrial states, michigan, wisconsin or pennsylvania, it would make his path to the presidency a whole lot easier. obviously he'd like to win michigan, his native state, but he would also very much like to win wisconsin.
10:20 am
and if the voters turn out to support governor walker in a state that in which unions have poured over $10 million into this recall election next week, does debbie wasserman-schultz have a point that it is a test run for the presidential race in 2012? >> i think she's absolutely right. i think this is a test case, and i think new jersey governor chris christie said it best, recently, when he was stumping for governor scott walker, and he said that wisconsin is for the next several weeks the center of the political universe. don't think that the national republicans, national democrats, don't see this as what happens next. and there's been a lot of money, time and resources invested from the national level into this particular race for so many reasons. megyn: chris, karl rove came out and says he sees it a little differently. he sees this as sort of a test run to see whether wisconsin, unlike several --
10:21 am
i mean, a republican hasn't won this in the presidential race since ron -- ronald reagan. he says this may tell us good walker retains his seat, for the first time, wisconsin may be in play for the presidential race. could it be, even if governor walker loses by by a close margin, is there any way that's good news for republicans? >> the fact that scott walker is governor is good news for republicans. the fact that unions have wasted as much money as they have and overplayed their hand is about for the republican, the fact that scott walker ran unopposed and received more votes than the two democrats received in their own primary, an amazing contrast to president obama, and you look at everything that's gone on in wisconsin right now, and with the -- is that scott walker has shown that wisconsin is a different state than it has been in last elections and i think karl is right. megyn: he's outspent his democratic challenger, he's taken in 20 million, and
10:22 am
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megyn: a teenager, punished by her school for trying to defend a mentally challenged student from bullies. eighteen-year-old stormy rich says she had seen a girl getting bullied for months and had reported it to school officials. she says they did not respond and finally, she decided to take matters into her own hands. and says she wound up the one having to face the consequences as a result. trace gallagher has more live in l.a. trace. >> reporter: this is just outside of orlando in lake county, florida megyn, and stormy rich is actually a senior but she's able to ride the middle school bus
10:26 am
because she doesn't have a first period class, so she says these middle school girls were constantly, persistently bullying this mentally challenged girl. listen: >> they would just be mean to her, tell her she couldn't sit in certain spots on the bus, they were giving her food they had put in her mouth. i had to tell her to spit it out because she didn't understand. >> reporter: she told the bus driver who she said did absolutely nothing and she went to the school. again, she said the school did nothing, so she decided to do something and the next time she saw these girls bullying this mentally challenged girl, she threatened them to stop. well, the middle school girls then went to the school and told on stormy rich. and she was kicked off the bus, permanently. the school says that she displayed bullying behavior and that two wrongs do not make a right and the school also says the mentally challenged girl never complained about being bullied. listen to stormy:
10:27 am
>> what kid that's bullied goes and tells somebody? what kid? they want to have friends. i was sticking up for somebody. why would you get in trouble for doing that? i never wanted this to happen to anybody else. i know we can't save the world, but at least we could try to help people. >> reporter: stormy by the way is an honor student at her high school, straight as. she's got two scholarships to go to college, which she will go to in the fall, megyn, but in the meantime she's got to look for other transportation to get to school because the middle school bus is now off limits. megyn: she's an honors student in more ways than one. >> reporter: yes. megyn: you've got kids, trace. i can tell you what, if that were my daughter i would give her a standing ovation when she came home. being strong not only means protecting yourself, you have to protect the weak and this poor girl is getting bullied on the bus and this is what every parent hopes for for their child, to stand up for those who need
10:28 am
to be protected. >> reporter: it's the stuff we preach in schools across country, if you see somebody being bullied, do something about it and this girl was made an example of. >> you know what stormy, i hope you enjoy your college education, you're a lot smarter than most who go to college and when you need a job, contact me. trace, thank you. >> reporter: okay. >> reporter: unbelievable. unbelievable, right? we're taking your thoughts. two wrongs don't make a right? where was the second wrong, that's the question. where was the second wrong? she didn't lay hands on those other girls, she just stood up for those getting bullied. follow me on twitter, let me know your thoughts at megyn kelly as we all try to figure it out, raising our kids, right, try to teach them where to draw the lines. your thoughts, welcome at megyn kelly on twitter. a birthday celebration that almost became -- that almost became her last. look at this! this is an 80 year-old on the bottom of the picture. this is not the way the tandem sky dive is supposed to go and wait until you
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hear how she got into this predicament! also reports of new evidence in the disappearance of a little arizona girl. could it be the clue that cracks the case of missingist bet cellis. mark fuman weighs in on what they found inside the bedroom and in a car outside. and new concerns for president obama's reelection team as it struggles again to come up with a winning message for 2012. we've done two segments on whether president obama has found the winning campaign slogan. apparently, some are questioning today whether he has. talk about whether he should bring back this the slogan of hope and change from 2008. our panel debates the risks and possible rewards. >> it won't be easy. but i promise you this. we will win ohio. we will win the primary. we will win the general election. and you and i together, we will change this country and we will change the world.
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technology that makes electric electrifying and efficiency exhilarating. ♪ technology that doesn't just drive us, but drives progress. ♪ and driving progress is what we do every day. ♪ ♪ megyn: a reminder about our top story, the white house is expected to hold its daily press briefing any moment now. we will monitor it and bring you any reaction to this issue of intelligence leaks, as "the new york times" today published a lengthy report on the president's war on terror decision. stay tuned for that.
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. >> attention pepsi drinkers, introducing the new taste of coca cola, the best coca cola ever. that's all i'm going to say. in fact that's all i have to say. no more words. megyn: remember that? when coca cola introduced new coke? back in the mid 1980s? even though none of us want thunderstorm? the company launched a massive ad campaign to promote the reformulation of its iconic beverage but new coke was a disaster with the consumers. one election watcher drew comparisons that and the''s efforts to settle on a reelection campaign now. the latest slogan is forward. so far it has not caught on like hope and change did in 2008 and new there are suggestions the hope and change mantra may have a comeback. simon rosenberg is president and founder of ndn. simon, i just read the
10:35 am
prompter on these introductions! and now this week, it is a left leaning think tank, which it's -- that's how it was for weeks, then last week it was center left, now it's back to left! i think it's left. >> it's still me, megyn! still got me here! megyn: how would you characterize your think tank? >> center left is great. mig mig i'm going with that. by the way simon is also a former campaign adviser to president bill clinton and mark thiessen, at the american enterprise institute and former speech writer for president george w. bush. let me start with you, mark, you were a speech writer for president bush, so that's the guy that advises the president on language and message and so on. >> sure. megyn: this is our third segment talking about the president's attempt to find a campaign slogan that resonates. does it matter? president clinton, simon's guy, had if the -- it's the economy stupid when he ran the first time, that was very effective, barack obama had hope and change in 2008.
10:36 am
do we care whether it's forward or something else in 2012? >> what matters is that it sets the tone of the campaign, what your theme is going to be. hope and change was uplifting, and moving, and people really -- they really were moved by it. obama has now tried several iterations, he's tried winning the future, he's tried we can't wait, and now apparently he's settled on romney is a vampire is his strategy! megyn: i've heard that! catchy! >> well, i mean, that's what they say in that ad on the bain capital attacks, they've decided that look, obama can't win a hope and change election right now, because he'd love to be running a morning in america campaign but it's not morning in america. 63 percent of the country thinks that we're headed in the wrong track, there was a "washington post" poll last week that twice as many people say things have gotten worse for them under obama than they've gotten better, so what he's done is he's basically chucking the hope and change and going for a relentlessly negative attack, attacking myth mitt romney's record at bain capital and the problem for
10:37 am
him is the one thing obama has going for him, even though people think he's a failing president, they like him personally. they'd like to see him succeed, and with these negative attacks he's undermining the thing going for him, which is his likability. megyn: simon, he's in a tough position because he has stopped the bleeding to some extent that this country was feeling economically, but that doesn't translate into a stop the -- we stopped the bleeding! can that be your campaign slogan? we stemmed the tide! that can't be -- it doesn't go well on a bumper sticker. >> it could have been worse! >> megyn: yeah, it could have been worse! they're not that happy with forward, because there's an article that says as for forward, one senior democratic party official tells the hill -- stay tuned, that may not be it after all. >> so i think that the president, right now, in this election, first of all, he's winning the election, if the election were held today, he would win, so they're not in a place where they're desperate or
10:38 am
concerned or i don't think the american people see him as a failed president. if they did, he wouldn't be doing so well in the polls, and i think he's positioning this election as a choice election. his vision for where he wants to take the country versus mitt romney's. megyn: forward or backward. >> saying look, we're pursuing forward looking policy, they're going to make us stronger in the 21st century, mitt romney is looking at polices we tried in the last decade and left us less prosperous and let the country much weaker. i think they're comfortable with that is theup and where the race is. to paraphrase mark, we're in the middle stages of this election, things could evolve but right now they feel forward and backward is a strong position. megyn: i don't know if they do, if this one democratic party official is right, stay tuned. they've tried a lot, mark, as you point out, they've tried kphoepb built to last, fair shot, winning the future, can't wait, fairness , and forward.
10:39 am
apparently at rallies and so on they are using a different theme that some believe should become the campaign theme and it may be familiar to viewers who are fans like yours truly is of the wonderful tv series friday night lights. watch this: megyn: good old coach t, clear -- clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose. is that a winner? >> well, if he loses it will be pretty embarrassing! megyn: you have a point! >> you brought up the -- simon says they're not panicking. you brought up the new coke example at the start of the segment. new coke was launched if you'll recall because coca cola panicked because pepsi
10:40 am
was beating them in taste tests and gaining market share, and it's the same thing happening in the presidential election. three months ago, obama had a 12-point lead over mitt romney, today they're statistically tied so they're launching a negative campaign, a negative theme for their campaign and it's backfiring because like new coke, no one likes it, the democrats are pushing back on it, it's hurting his fundraising with people in private equity, and it's not moving his numbers. so they have to find something other than what they're doing right now. mig mig on the other hand, simon, i'll give you the final word, mitt romney has come up with believe in america! >> yeah. megyn: you know, critics could argue, it's a little bit like a platitude, it's not necessarily all that inspirational. >> look, somebody -- i think the person who wins this election is going to be the candidate who makes it clear, more clear, where they're going to take the country, and it is not going to -- it is going to be a choice election. i think romney -- neither campaign is where they want
10:41 am
to be right now. i agree with mark on something he just said, they're going to have to make it much more clear about what he's going to do over the next four years. but mitt romney has to begin to have that conversation. i mean, we heard very little in the republican primaries about what mitt romney really wanted to do, and on the central -- >> megyn: he wants to believe in america, simon! >> and a central promise of the electrical, which is he's going to cut the decifits, it's a lie. that economic plan would increase the decifits. so he's going a long way to go to be able to articulate what he's going to do to make things better and as i said from the beginning, i don't think the obama campaign is -- they are going to have to do a better job of making their case and i think they will. megyn: forward! >> thank you very much, megyn. megyn: i'm leaning forward in the program. thank you both so much. stop the presses, folks, justin bieber may have just bolted on the police. the biebs! the teen heartthrob leaves the country as he's wanted
10:42 am
for questioning after a nasty run-in with a photographer. we'll show you why this is actually no joke. we've got the pictures. troubling new reports in the disappearance of a six-year-old arizona girl. look at little isabel cellis. where is this child? in three minutes, what de tent i was say they found inside isabel's bedroom and could this be the critical clue they need? >> >> ♪ dancing queen. >> ♪ >> ♪ and a wide range of low cost investments, you can execute the plan you want at a low cost. so meet with us, or go to for a great retirement plan with low cost investments. ♪
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10:45 am
megyn: new developments in the case of a missing six-year-old girl in arizona. police may have found blood in the home where isabel cellis was last seen alive. documents show they discovered reddish brown stains in the little girl's pwerl and more clues in a car that has been seen outside of the family home. mark furman is former l.a.p.d. homicide detective and fox news contributor and mark has been combing through the latest evidence has it's been released, although only in bits and pieces, mark. we don't have the full
10:46 am
picture. but tell us what you have gleaned from what they've released so far. >> well, what the report versus said so far, reddish brown stains, which we don't know if it's the product of somebody trying to clean up or they're actually pure in the state they were deposited. we don't know if it's blood, we don't know if it's human blood. they don't specify they had any presumptive tests. so what we do know is if the reddish brown stains in the bedroom are, in fact, the child's and the reddish brown stains in the trunk are, in fact, the child's, and they're connected -- but either way, if they are really blood and they're connected in any way to be the same blood in the room as in the trunk, you have a nexus there that kind of in my mind eliminates a stranger kidnapping abduction. megyn: because the family was home, so something happened inside the home overnight. it's tough to believe that the family heard nothing and had nothing to do with it. is that where you're going
10:47 am
with it? >> well, i think we have not heard anything from the window location, whether it was an inagrees or egress, what that gleaned as evidence. certainly if they had one hair or a shoe print, they would know if it's a man, the race, the sex of the individual, from a mito mitochondrial dna. if it is in fact the stain of the girl and her blood and a vehicle that's in an operative condition with the same evidence, with the same basic time frame of deposit, then you have a problem. because a stranger wouldn't use that location as a hiding or a staging location for a body, whether they're alive or dead. megyn: now, there was this car in front of the house that was just a car that was frequently seen there that did not run. they also seized a shower curtain which had a reddish brown substance on it, as well as pillows from a car.
10:48 am
what ask that -- does that tell you? >> tells me this, if the shower curtain came from the house, when did it come from the house. is there a shower curtain missing. if we start working the stains and shower curtain and the hat into a time frame of very recent, within hours of the report that she's missing, then there's a nexus, a connection between all of them. and the other thing, an abandoned car has dirt and dust. was that dirt and dust disturbed that previous night or early in the morning. was it the trunk or the car or any place disturbed. and what evidence did that elicit to how somebody got in the car. did they have a key or was the car unlocked, did they have a key to the trunk. all these variables -- variables go into the investigation to start paint ago tighter picture. megyn: talk about the father there was all this hubbub, when he called 911, he said my child has been abducted and he laughs around about how he told the wife to get her butt home so she could
10:49 am
deal with it. >> i've never haired anything like that from a parent or victim's relative. i've never personally reacted that way, even if somebody said oh, your kid didn't show up for class today. i mean, it's not -- it's not a laughable or -- it's not a high moment. it's a low moment. so that was very disturbing. and it almost fit into one of two things for me. either under the influence of some drug and or alcohol, or there was some personality trait that he was trying to play off the importance of the missing child. megyn: still no suspects in the case. and no one has been ruled in or out. right now, mark furman, thank you. >> thank you. mig mig one of the most amazing stories you will hear today, and it's rife after this break. the incredible video, we'll show it to you, of a skydiving granny and the jump that almost became her last. it was her first in three minutes. she didn't want to do it,
10:50 am
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megyn: and now for the horrifying video we have been promising you of an 80 year-old grandmother, caught in a mid-air nightmare! seen here desperately khraoeuging to clinic -- trying to clinic on to her skydiving instructor, pleading with him seconds earlier not to force her to jump. you can judge for yourself as trace gallagher shows you the video and tells us the story. trace. >> reporter: the sky dive happened a year ago but the video is just being released because now the faa is investigating this and you will see why in a moment. la vern everett said she's been want to go sky dive for the better part of ten years and if you look at her getting ready for this,
10:54 am
she's excite excited about it, she's taking pictures with family, down there, getting ready and the whole thing she was all smiles, she figured her 80th birthday was the exact time to do this so she was going for it as the plane takes off. come back to me because i want to show you what happens when she's actually in the doorway of the plane, right? the plane is up there, you can see she changes her mind, her sky dive instructor is pushing her out and she's pushing back and she's saying no, no, i don't want to go and she pushes back in, it's heart breaking to watch, he's pulling her hand away. this went on for 15 seconds and boom, out they go. you can tell, right off the goat go, megyn, they're not together. she is supposed to be strapped and harnessed in to his chest, she is dangling. he lets the chute go early because clearly something is wrong. the guy taking the pictures over there, look at this, she's dangling outside of her harness, sher sweater is being pulled up by the harness, and her instructor is trying to grab on to her, this guy is helpless, he can't do anything because
10:55 am
he's so far away. they try to get close to her, she's dangling there. that is frightening to watch. and she is still hundreds and hundreds of feet up in the air. and now, they're trying to hold on to her legs to keep her in, because the instructor is being pulled over. he should be upward, straight up and down, but now he's pulled over and the next trick is to figure out how in the world they land. they're still coming down in a very good clip, hundreds of feet off the ground, and this thing is going on now for the better part of 45 seconds. they finally come in, she lands, but she lands very hard. fortunately, she's a tough old girl and didn't get hurt, but listen to la vern everett: >> i did. i fell. i had a rough landing. i just held on. you did -- what i got to do, you know. see yourself in my position. i think you'd be holding on, too! >> man, have you ever seen anything like that? here it is again, where she's just kind of dangling
10:56 am
out there. the faa is investigating this parachute center in northern california, because they know this center well. four people have died skydiving there in the past three years and the faa has already levied $900,000 in fines against this company because of violations in mechanical problems, and this was one of them megyn. megyn: omg! the part that's the most horrify to go me is when she's clearly holding on to the door and the guy is like prying her fingers off! i mean, that's like the international symbol for i don't want to! and you have the right to refuse, don't you? it's not like -- you said you wanted to come up here, you took somebody's spot, now get off, la vern! >> she doesn't blame him. she said look, i wanted to go. she clearly changed her mind, but she doesn't blame him because she said that's what she was up there for. megyn: she's a better person than i am! what do you think! megyn kelly on twitter. we are following new
10:57 am
developments out of the middle east on what we're told is a powerful cyber attack on iran's nuclear program. we'll update you. >> justin bieber is now an international fugitive. what? the sheriff's department says call me baby! [ male announcer ] what's in your energy drink?
10:58 am
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11:00 am
megyn: we are tracking breaking news out of the middle east. we are learning about a cyber attack possibly aimed at iran's nuclear program. i'm megyn kelly. they call this thing the flame virus. reportedly it appears to have been successfully targeting the iran's nuclear program though they have not come out and said it israeli leaders are suggesting they may be responsible.
11:01 am
steve centanni with the latest from washington. >> reporter: this virus was apparently deployed even before the computer worm that attacked iran's nuclear program two years ago. the studley studied virus was apparently used in conjunction with the worm though it's unknown which country designed the twin cyber spies. in 2010 it caused the centrifuge to fail. one computer expert told us the flame virus probably went in first, gathering information and identifying targets before the real weapon, the worm was deployed. >> it's no different than in the physical world when special forces do reconnaissance. it was a weapon deployed on
11:02 am
target i think based on the information collected by something like flame can change the settings on personal computers. it can capture sound, screen shots and messaging. by far the biggest number of computers affected are found to be in iran, that's fouled by sudan, lebanon, saudi arabia and egypt. some experts believe this was a joint project of the u.s. and israel. it points out the danger of cyber warfare that can be used against western nations as well. megyn: it's not the first major cyber attack iran has dealt with. the stuxnet affected 16,000
11:03 am
computers in 2010. after working with both stuxnet and the flame virus, one security group says it's so complexion it could take even longer to find out who's behind it. brand-new polls in race for the white house. voters may see this year's presidential election as pick your poison. just 19% of the people surveyed believe president obama and governor romney are the best two people who could be running for president. 64% say, no, they are not. scott rasmussen is an independent pollster and president of last they are not happy with the choices before them. is that on both sides of the aisle? >> it's stronger on the republican side. but only 30% of democrats are happy with the choices.
11:04 am
there are factions within both parties. there are some democrats that think hillary clinton or somebody else would be better. there are republicans who think somebody more conservative would be better. it does come down to a choice between romney and obama, no matter what people think of that option. megyn: you asked them flat out, do you believe it' a choice between the lesser of two evils. and they said it was 44% say they are excited. 46% say i'm just voting for the lesser of two evils. is this just a comment about poll nicks america? >> on this one there is a big partisan divide. two out of three democrats say they are excited about voting for their candidate. most republicans and unaffiliated voters say it's a choice between the lesser of two evils. republicans are more excited about the election. the intensity is still with the gop. megyn: those who back barack
11:05 am
obama back him more fervently than those who back mitt romney, but that doesn't mean they will sit at home in november. >> that exactly right. in stwait george bush was the unifying force for democrats. in 2012, barack obama is the unifying force for you ask folko you think barack obama and mitt romney are basic versions of the same man? do you think they actually agree on most of the major issues even though they squabble over the little ones? the voters said no i don't think that. >> not even close. 8 out of 10 said there are differences on the important issues. a quarter believe there are differences on all issues. they don't think they are two peas in a pod. they would like some different choices and different candidates but they are not looking at this as an election where nothing
11:06 am
matters. they think there are substantial differences. what we are finding on all the key issues whether it's management of the economy, repeal of the healthcare law, energy policy, these are issues where democrats strongly support their candidate. have you cans and unaffiliated voters tend to be going the other way. megyn: we can throw the screens up for the viewers before we go. you asked them whether you, people i'm surveying, do you agree with barack obama on most things or do you agree with mitt romney on most things? the way it came out over all, more people believe the way romney believes, what does that tell you, scott, about the country. >> what this tells us is very close. 46% say they agree with obama on most of the issues. 48% say the same thing about romney. this is where you expect a politically divided nation to come out.
11:07 am
it's the reason the presidential tracking poll every day has shown a tossup. it's the reason people are saying this election is very close. and ultimately because there is this even split, it's the reason why the fate of the economy, what actually happens between now and october will pick the winner. megyn: thank you, sir, good to see you, scott. we have new numbers on the economy. they show americans' confidence taking a big hit. the consumer confidence for may plunging 4 points to 64.9 with americans worried about the struggling housing market, the jittery stock market and the european crisis. the consumer confidence index is closely watch because consumer experiencing accounts for the lion's share of economic activity in this country.
11:08 am
got own extreme weather alert. flash flood watches for the south carolina coast. tropical depression beryl dumping heavy rain. parts of northern florida and georgia got up to 10 inches of rain and the forecasters tell suspect problems ahead. >> of that number of cells headed towards the carolinas, expected to bring more and more rainfall. now that this shifted from a wind event, we were getting winds up to 70 miles an hour, now to a rain event, there are two sides to this story. there are farmers in georgia and parts of florida that have been experiencing extreme droughts. 3/4 of the eastern part of the united states is considered exceptional drought. on the other hand, too much of a
11:09 am
good thing in a short time period is not a good thing. they are expecting a lot of rainfall. here is what she told us. view rsh we have been very dry. we are supposed to see 1-2 inches of rain today. then we are also supposed to see about 2-3 inches through the night. so it is very dry here and the grounds are very hard packed, and the rain will probably some flooding. >> reporter: a second big danger, the rip currents. that storm is affecting it and people need to be staying out of the water for at least the next 24 hours. megyn: we have a new call for civil disobedience over the president's healthcare law, this time directly from the pulpit. michael reagan is next. in syria its diplomats booted
11:10 am
from countries worldwide days after a gruesome massacre that included several women and children. the situation over there, thousands have dead. after a failed peace agreement, thousands of deaths, is there anything the international community can really do? we'll have a fair and balanced debate. and the beeb. justin bieber fleeing the country while police want to talk to him about a throwdown he had with a photographer. "kelly's court" is on the case. y needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy.
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11:14 am
megyn: mayor cory booker's criticism of the obama campaign and its attacks on governor romney's time at bain capital. booker's communications direct years resigning. she says she and the mayor have very different views on how communications should be run. this happened when mayor booker lashed out at both sides. he was there as an obama surrogate. so there was a question about whether he should have been lark out at his side. he criticized the president's attacks on mitt romney's time at bain capital. using the word to describe them as saying they were nauseating and made him feel uncomfortable. he tried later to walk back those comments. >> i used the word "nauseating" on "meet the press" because that's how i feel.
11:15 am
when i see people in my community look for hope and opportunity and specific plans i get upset when i see such a level of dialogue that calls to our lowest common demoninators and not things that will unify us as a nation and move us forward. megyn: he felt nauseated when he realize he had don't opposite of what the campaign sent him out there to do. if he was blasted by david axlerod who said it was wrong for him to criticize that message. the president said that's what his campaign was about and mayor booker has been trying to walk it back ever since. to the campaign trail. a new call to arms from the catholic church. you don't hear that very often. u.s. bishops asking for civil disobedience from the faithful. you also do not hear that very
11:16 am
often. in protest of the president's healthcare law. with 68 million registered members. the catholic church can have considerable pull in this country. it sounds like what we saw when some priests and nuns protested the vietnam war and civil rights issues in the 60s. michael reagan is a devout catholic himself. i want to highlight it for our viewers. they are calling for what they are describing as a fortnight for freedom asking catholics to not only support these lawsuits that have between filed. challenging the president's mandate that requires certain catholic institutions to cover the cost of contraception and other abortion-related drugs. but they want people to spring into action.
11:17 am
what does this mean for the president and the democrats politically? >> i think it means nothing but trouble for the democrats and the president of the united states. they would love the issue to be something other than the catholic church going after them. this whole thing started with mitt romney and the republicans. it has been even joined by the catholic church which allows mitt romney to talk about the economy. but what have you not talked about the last month or two? immigration. the catholic church is at forefront of immigration. that has not been discussed in the public for two months, maybe three months and the republicans love the fact that immigration isn't becoming the major issue of this political campaign. in fact it will be about contraception and that's going to be argued by the catholic church. the hispanic population which the republicans need are most of all a catholic group of people. megyn: what opening earth will happen.
11:18 am
you have got bishops calling for american catholics to engage in civil disobedience if this law stands as written. we are waiting for a supreme court decision on that president's healthcare law that could strike the whole thing down. it doesn't, if the law stands, you are going to have catholic priests and nuns out there failing to comply with this law and what position does that put the obama administration in? >> thomas moore, st. john fisher. look at the history of the catholic church. about asking catholic priests to go against their conscience. and the president of the united states is acting like henry the viii asking these people to go against their conscience. megyn: he isn't threatening to burn anybody at the stake. >> he's not going behead anybody. maybe he's going to behead the catholic church, i don't know. but he picked the wrong fight
11:19 am
for himself but the right fight for the republican party and conservatives. megyn: the administration has to worry about the optics of this. you have got catholic priests and nuns out there, then you have got folks who run catholic hospitals or institutions who flat out refuse the rule of law which is the one thing that binds us all together in this country. the rule of law. lots of laws people don't like but they have to follow them. >> there is also that freedom of religion clause. and the fact that the catholic church is living with that freedom of religion. we have the right to do that within our organization. we have the absolute right. people working there can choose other places to work and i will tell you something else. my daughter in fact works in a catholic school in los angeles. and so do many other young girls work in catholic schools. there are ways around this. if you want ways around it.
11:20 am
you can go to your doctor, you can get a letter from your doctor. you can take it to the insurance company and the insurance company with the letter from the doctor will allow you if you wish to in fact get your birth control. but you have to get a letter from your doctor. megyn: i asked somebody about that from a catholic institution saying, because some on the left have raised the issue that a lot of women take birth control for medical reasons to regulate their cycles and so on. i asked whether that is objectionable to the catholic church to pay for it under those circumstances. the answer i was give up was no that's okay. when it's used to prevent conception that's the issue for the catholic church. is there a rise together catholic church in doing this? they struggled to keep active membership. some people think the catholic church is too rigid. they have issues with how they are with respect to their role in the power hierarchy? is there a risk this will
11:21 am
aggravate that. >> the reality is the catholic church of all the religions is steadfast in their beliefs. you know where they are yesterday, today and tomorrow. with other churches you don't always know that. but you know where the leadership is, you know the stand they take. if you don't like it there are thousands and thousands of protestant churches you can belong to. but if you are a practicing catholic then you understand exactly where the catholic church stands on this issue. megyn: you may understand where they stand. but they did change the words this year which was confusing for all of us. >> i understand. it still -- with your spirit. megyn: and it is right and just. what? could you speak up in the old lady in the front, you. >> you are talking to a kid who knew latin. city upset me when they went to english. i knew tonight latin. i didn't know it in english. megyn: they know you haven't
11:22 am
been going every week. >> my mother jane wyman was buried as a third degree nun. megyn: i don't know what that means. google jane. megyn: that means super hot. megyn: two coeds disappearing in different states.
11:23 am
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megyn: it is every parent's worst nightmare. a 15-year-old boy disappears just before the holiday weekend. 15-year-old pierce crowley was last seen in or around white plains, new york. police do not suspect foul play
11:26 am
but have alerted people to be on the lookout for pierce. posters can be seen from new york to boston. he's 5'10". he weighs 150 pounds with blue eyes, light brown hair and braces. he was last seen wearing dark jeans and a florida gators sweatshirt. his parents believe he is in a fragile state. two college students, both blond and they are both mission as well. they live in two separate states hundreds of miles apart. but police think the cases could be connected. trace gallagher has more from our west coast newsroom. >> reporter: police in indiana are sharing information with police in louisiana. they are not saying they believe the same person is responsible for both but they are acknowledging there are a lot of similaritiesn and this does need to be investigated.
11:27 am
both these women are petite blonds. lauren spierer is 4'11". they both disappeared in the early morning hours after spending the night with friends. video surveillance shows lauren spierer walking home, she was alone. when she got outside she disappeared somewhere between the friend's home and her home. video surveillance shows nicky riding back home alone on her bike. there she is, you go see in the surveillance. right on the other side of that. police are looking now because in both cases there was a mysterious white truck. in the case of lauren spierer the truck was there a little while after she was there. but in the case of mickey it was there at almost the same time. they talked to the truck driver
11:28 am
and they say he is not part of this case. but in the case of mickey shunick, they are looking for the truck driver. they found her bicycle 25 miles away from where she disappeared. the belief is it would be easy to put her bike and her inside that truck and take her miles and miles away. the lauren spierer case has gotten odd because the boy she was with prior to disappearing have now all gotten lawyers and they are no longer cooperating in this case. she has been missing for over one year. almost one year on this saturday. mickey shunick has been missing a week and a half. megyn: the international community is scrambling to find a way to handle syria after unspeakable violence left 100 dead, including many women and children. syrian diplomats are being kicked out of countries across
11:29 am
the globe including our own. but what can the world do to change things in damascus? why do we sit by when it comes to the massacre in syria. now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx and the next chapter for lexus. see your lexus dealer.
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11:31 am
fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one!
11:32 am
[ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. megyn: fox news alert. syrian diplomats kicked out of countries around the globe today, including the united states. this as kofi annan meets with bashar al-asaad. he arrived in damascus today to plead with assad to stop the
11:33 am
bloodshed yet again. all of this comes after a brutal massacre this weekend that killed more than 100 people, including they say 32 children. many shot in the chest, skulls blown away at close rangee as their parents were forced to watch. the u.n. estimates 10,000 people have been killed since the uprising started a year ago. will negotiations succeed or do we need to do more? joining me, dr. jim walsh, and general jack keane, former vice chief of fast army and a fox news military analyst. this is so disturbing. they are talking about little babies. 9-month-old babies murdered.
11:34 am
just killed, just killed. they went door to door, and at point blank range held guns up to these little children's heads and killed them. in one case handcuffing the far it and making him watch. it's too horrific for to us get our arms around. what are we doing? general keane, what are we doing to stop it? what should we be doing if anything. >> they have taken a page out milosevic's book. they use the military to cordon off the area, then they send in the death squads to do the assassinations. it's horrific. what can we do? we have to make up our minds that there is an opportunity for us geopolitically. while this is hard and challenging, i think we should
11:35 am
be more hands on than hands off in terms of trying to influence the outcome. other thing, aside from the desperate humanitarian situation which appalling to all of us, we also have to recognize iran is our strategic enemy in the region and syria is their number one ally. that's why the quds force is if there helping them with these death squads. we either need to get assad out by brokering a deal, probably not going to happen with all this blood on his hands. but choosing to help the rebels on the streets. our intelligence services will say, a number of them are unreliable. we have jihadists, we have al qaeda. but we also have former military officers who formed these organizations and here what is they want. they want anti-aircraft weapons,
11:36 am
they want anti-aircraft weapons for assad's rotary wing aircraft. and they also need secure communications equipment. they have some communications equipment but they need a lot more. and all they are getting are small arms. there is a lot we can do to help them if we want a better outcome. megyn: dr. jim walsh, you are a security expert, you are an m.i.t. guy. you are a smart guy. by was dismayed to read your point of view before the show where you said it's a horrible situation and it would be great if we could do something to stop it that had a reasonable chance of success but we don't. >> that right. i supported the the intervention in libya because i thought we had a chance to influence that outcome. but libya and syria are completely different countries. syria is a real state. it built an army to fight
11:37 am
israel. syria has three times the size of the charmy. three times the number of tanks libya did. i think it's horrific, let me underline that. but i'm sure the arab states in the region are already supplying arms. what is it we are going to do and at what cost and do we know lit change the outcome? this is a civil war. the thing you can have is a civil war. they are nasty. is is urban fighting. are we going to put troops on the ground? what are we going to do that will change the outcome? i have yet to hear anyone tell me what that is. megyn: he makes a good point. do americans are the stomach for getting involved in a civil war in syria? i look at this little girl and little girls just lake her just got shot in the head this weekend and the world's super power the united states hasn't done much to stop it.
11:38 am
>> i disagree with what mr. walsh just said. a few years ago i actually stumbled into an encampment of the syrian republican guard on the border with lebanon. i got to look at their so-called see athlete troops. this was not a powerful army. these were hungry-looking troops. i don't think this is a civil war. i think this is a government perpetuating one massacre against another against largely innocent civilians. the notion it's a hopeless quagmire may be a way for the obama administration to talk itself out of any action. in 1982, the israeli air force went up against the syrian air force. the israeli air force came away killing 80mi tbrks s to zero losses. the general made an excellent point saying we have more than a humanitarian interest.
11:39 am
we have a extra tee jim interest. if we can destroy the assad regime we break iran's link to hezbollah, we put the iranian regime on the back foot. i imagine mr. walsh feels this way, we have an interest in a non-military solution if one is possible with the iranians. there will be fewer better ways to put real pressure on the regime in iran than to topple its number one ally in the arab world. if the united states isn't going to lead, the turks aren't going to lead. the europeans aren't going to lead. we have an opportunity for a strategic win. megyn: i want to give jim a chance to respond to that. >> part of the problem is the last thing that was said. this isn't like libya from france and sarkozy and britain wanted to lead. no one wants to do this and they don't want to do it for good
11:40 am
reasons. syria isn't 10 feet tall but it's not libya. it is a civil war. the definition of a civil war is when one group of people inside a country fight another group. that's what's happening. it's terrible and i wish we could do something about it. but the u.s. treasury does not have enough money and we don't have enough troops to fight everywhere in the world where people do nasty, evil things. we have to do something when we have a chance of succeeding. megyn: general keen i want to get you in on this. we went into libya, 1,000 people had been killed and 180,000 fled. in syria they say 10,000 people have died and 360,000 have fled. >> it's in our geopolitical interests to move assad aside and we have an opportunity. the arab spring is bringing us
11:41 am
opportunities. they are not all the same. some of them are challenging. there is geopolitical risk. i'm suggest we accept that risk. i'm not talking about boots on the ground. i'm talking about the cia, covert operations helping organizations gain it momentum they need. they want to establish a safe haven free zone in the northwestern part of syria that will turn into a political safe zone. if they think they can do it, they are not asking for our troops. er in asking for our weapons. megyn: what role -- what role does russia have in this? they seem to be one country that can exert influence over syria. we can't talk to iran. iran won't do it. but we can talk to russia. >> you raise the right point. russia is syria's principal ally. it has been supplying it with weapons and obstructing actions
11:42 am
at the united nations until this most tree cent massacre. the russians can deny us overflight so we can continue to supply afghanistan. at the same time i think there is an opportunity here to put that famous reset that supposedly we established with the russians into motion and say we have a national interest in making sure that this regime does not -- just as the risk in intervening there are also risks to the united states in not intervening. it would be a dreadful situation if assad were in power in a year's time. that's something professor walsh might want to what he when i looks at cost-benefit analysis for the united states. megyn: thank you for your expertise. we appreciate your presence here today. coming up. brand-new pictures, very different note, of justin bieber's high profile problem with a photographer. this is turning into a legal mess for him. now it could turn him
11:43 am
potentially inan international fugitive from justice. we'll look at the legal troubles for the bieb in "kelly's court" right after the break. every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business, it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $6.4 billion in needit to small businesses across the country last year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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11:47 am
we just got our hands on brand-new pictures of the scuffle and its aftermath. look at this. this picture shows beesh apparently yelling at said photographer and the next one shows gomez apparently comforting the biebs after the incident. joining me now to discuss the possible misdemeanor battery charge that the police are reportedly looking into. joey jackson and mercedes colwin. they want to question them, the l.a.p.d. does. and he's being investigated for possible misdemeanor battery. how do you get there, joey? >> you get there because there is a california code. what it says is if you offensively touch someone, if you willfully use force against another, now if it's proven, you are responsible for battery. it's a misdemeanor punishable by
11:48 am
$2,000 fine and 6 months in the county jail. that's how we get there. megyn: according to tmz, witnesses talk about a paparazzi trying to get a shot of him an was getting in the bieb's face. >> we'll hear this is all about self defense. i'm trying to get in my car and he's in my face. where is the credibility here? i can see justin bieber in an arm wrestle. this photographer is a beefy guy is going to be rushed to the hospital? please. megyn: let's see him again. megyn: he's smaller than the bieb. he's a beefy man. he's going to be rushed to the hospital saying i have got chest pains. the only thing more repugnant is
11:49 am
the lawyer. megyn: like any good legal situation, this altercation occurs, then a lawyer who was present for the scuffle walked up to the photographer and said you could get a lot of money out of this understand zeant advised him to call for an ambulance and file a police report. what did the photographer then do? >> he called 911 and goes and gets into an ambulance. megyn: just so our viewers know. the severe pains that made him call the ambulance to go to the hospital, he had pain in his upper torso. >> you can't report on these things, it gives us lawyers an already bad name. megyn: this guy is looking to bleed some money. >> where is his beef? in the upper torso. >> we know paparazzi can be rude and belligerent and nasty. but why give your enemies
11:50 am
forward. why be bad it into a situation -- why be baited into a situation. megyn: bieber who has done a good job of avoiding this in the past. he's in his car trying to just pull away. and the guy was in front of his car and would not move. so that when bieber got fought of the car to say please move. move along. and then that's when the altercation occurred. reportedly because the guy would not move. mercedes, how on earth is that a crime? really, under those circumstances is that even arguably a crime? >> i think a lot of folks. even the prosecutor will look at this. if you instigated this and you may have been in his face. this will be a self in defense argument. he stepped out of the car rather than pressing the accelerator.
11:51 am
>> the right thing would have been call 911 if you are justin bieber. don't engage in self-help and don't giver your enemies or anyone else an excuse. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] ensure high protein... ensure! nutrition in charge!
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suspected her husband was up to something given his track record of surprise home come cans.
11:56 am
>> the last time he deployed he came home in a christmas box. > it's especially wonderful r us because we enjoy this privilege and this freedom because that price has been paid by other patriots that have gone before us. megyn: i think we ran that video of his kids unwrapping him out of that box. remember that? we thank him for his service and we thank his family as well. great report. coming up. you like sushi? a fan of tuna tartar? what researchers are finding in bluefin tuna caught off the san diego coast. [ female announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role
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>>megyn: a cool district in florida involved in the stormy rich situation, the lake county schools down there they say you only have one side of the story and th


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