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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 29, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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quality care. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible. >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, and the fabulous brian kilmeade. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: hope you had a wonderful memorial day weekend. tonight is the night mitt romney is expected to clinch the g.o.p. nomination to officially make him president obama's primary in november. today's primary in texas offer sas 2 delegate and he is 58 shy of the 1144 needed to become the nominee. romney isn't in texas. he is in sin city with donald trump. president obama's campaign is trying to make romney pay for his association with the donald. >> in an interview with the daily beast's lloyd grove,
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donald trump would not back down. said he was born in kenya, raised in indonesia. >> why is romney throwing the party with donald trump to raise money? >> i can't speak for donnel trump. as i said, mitt romney has made it clear this is not an issue for him. >> dana: brian, you first, as the guest today. are you surprised that romney is finally going to get the nomination? >> brian: no. but take deep breath but what an accomplishment? he studied what he did wrong and worked hard for john mccain and anybody else. in that time he reconfigured his campaign and got together a strategy that would work and put up with guff from his own people, his own side. and emerge. really for the last two months as the nominee. he represents america. he got better. instead of woe is me, i'm not going to be president, he
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thought what do i do v to do to be president. >> dana: does romney have time to take a moment and relish the accomplishment or does he have to get busy? >> andrea: he has been getting busy. i'm surprised it's taken so long. he steals the nomination and we all collectively yawn. after the slogging that happened, we covered the race for months. now we have a winner. it seems like when romney needs to do something, like you said, stop, celebrate, he is not. he could use that. g.o.p. could use -- drop balloons somewhere. in vegas, do something big to unite the party, too. >> dana: get to the question does it matter who you are? donald trump endorsed romney and has been a full-throated supporter of his since then. they are in vegas tonight. part of the campaign contest.
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dinner with the donald. who wouldn't want that? do you think there is negative backlash against romney for the association? >> eric: i don't think so. left will make it out to be that way. donald trump is provocative, he says provictimtive things. put yourself in romney's shoes for a minute. >> dana: big shoes. >> eric: trump will raise money, help him raise money. that is important. but also, can you imagine being on the defensive with donald trump. he says let me raise money for you and you say no. wait a minute, what did you say? not a good place -- you don't want to be his enemy. >> dana: if you are president obama one of the associations that he has and everybody asks him to repudiate him and he doesn't is bill maher. do you think that president obama would do an event with bill maher? >> bob: no. i'm not sure that he is reflective of american because we don't have four cars and elevators in our garage. >> brian: we want it.
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>> bob: but we predicted romney early on, on the show. a lot of reasons for that. one, running before is a big advantage. he learned from that run. he had a weak field against him. despite they were nasty toward him, he handled it well. he didn't lose step. he did well in the debates and he learned a lot about the debates. on top of that, he had a message on jobs that fit in the environment he is in. romney was the right choice for the republicans at the right time, right place with experience. now he is up against a pro, not against the ron paul and gingrich and other folks. what you said about romney he is engaging right away. he doesn't let obama get away with saying anything. obama does the same with him. i will be a slugfest. >> dana: talk about donald trump for another second.
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he's a lightning rod for attention. george will, columnist, had something to say about him that is being batted around. listen to that. >> the cost of appearing with this glovating ignoreamus is obvious. donald trump is redun dent evidence if your net worth is high enough your i.q. can be low and you can intrude in american politics. i don't understand the benefit. what is romney seeking. >> dana: before we get to the insult, what is romney getting out of this? >> brian: like it or not, donald trump not only is multimillionaire and possibly a billionaire he's on one of the hit show and recognizable and charismatic. bob, that was a perfect line for you. you could have jumped in. >> bob: i'm giving you -- being back on the show. >> brian: nobody believes if
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you stand next to donald trump me or the great eric bolling you have to agree on everything. so they see donald trump in the middle of the arena, he brings power, pizazz with a great delivery, okay, that's fine. >> bob: the guy has negative above 50%. the day you get the nomination, you're in donald trump in las vegas? are you out of your mind? >> brian: he is an acon. >> bob: forwho? >> brian: america. >> bob: for most of america, they think, as george will said -- >> brian: why do they watch the show? >> eric: you know what donald trump represents? he represents a new republican. a new g.o.p., new conservative. george will, boring out of their mind. you don't mind listening to him in washington. he has your blood pressure up. dops i feel like i could read him -- >> bob: a phony politician. >> andrea: he seems so
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snobby when he said that. george. will cliquey, snobby, elitist comment he made. to your point, donald trump may be multimillionaire but he doesn't come off as snobby. he connects with the modern man. a huge megaphone. earned media power that is enormous. the romney campaign is using trump right. they use anymore a state. trump ran as independent for president. they use him in a state like nevada, where trump endorsed romney. that's where they were over the weekend. they are in a state that he plays well. raise money, plain-smoken person who more americans know trump than george wills. >> bob: who runs as independent candidate? switched independent. >> andrea: he did run back in day. >> dana: talk about nevada next since we don't know the answer to that. on nevada, bob, is it in play for romney this time? >> bob: he's in play but
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demographics are changing because of colorado and arizona and other states. running at a time where barack obama has not nearly as many advantages he has, except demographically in democratic battleground states it works in his direction. >> eric: can i switch -- >> dana: sure. >> go back to what we talked about earlier. donald trump is the new conservative, one with a different voice than the old established conservative republican. sarah palin does the same thing. you may laugh or say she is not smart or whatever but she goes in and goes to campaign, picks a snarl candidate, and he wins, because she brings attention and eyeballs and money. donald trump doesn't do exactly the same thing, he brings eyeballs and attention. >> bob: i would say about sarah palin. she a politician, a good one in many ways. donald trump is not a politician. >> eric: hold on, hold on.
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hold on. this is a new attitude toward sarah palin. >> bob: comparing it to donald trump who is no politician. do you think he is a politician? he is a jokester. >> andrea: thousand you think he gets anything done in new york city? >> bob: his daddy gave money. >> dana: that is the same wrap against romney. what you described to use donald trump. dad gave him money and that's how he has it. he doesn't know the difference between politics. >> bob: romney was governor of a state. >> dana: good. we establish. >> around new york city you see on how many building. touch, trump, trump, trump, trump. >> bob: do you think anybody in america cares? >> andrea: yes. >> brian: why would he go to vegas? >> eric: your comment is trump is not a politician. what a s a politician in your words, then, and what is so good about -- >> bob: somebody with the guts to get in a race and run. he doesn't have the guts to
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get in the race and run. >> eric: that is a politician? how about a guy who is successful? i'm not here to pump up trump's to go. he goes out there and he worked hard and succeeded. he was bankrupt at one point. >> bob: you guys are trumpized. in america, most people think -- >> andrea: if he were a typical politician, they don't have high approval ratings right now. >> brian: i'll say this about trump. i judge people how they treat people. he treats his audio guy, secretary, the cab driver, if same way. it's not an act. blue collar guy that became a billionaire. nice guy. >> bob: he is not a politician. >> dana: i want everyone to remember this moment.
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when everyone else is complain their time was cut short, they can remember to the "a" block when they went over and we had to take time away from their segment. coming up, we have a similar comment from several weeks ago and president obama is again mentioning the disgraceful way vet nam war vets were treated. we'll play that for you next. ♪ ♪ we don't have a word for retirement.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. did you know the 2009 nobel peace prize winner has a secret kill list? that is right. according to the "new york times," president obama personally selected a group of men, women and maybe a 17-year-old girl who could be targeted for death if found. the astounding info leaked to the "new york times," shows a new obama. obama who personally picks who makes the kill list and who
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avoids it. obama willing to use drone strikes extensively. don't get me wrong. i like a president who is willing to kill bad guys but i recall a liberal who promised to close gitmo, bashed the iraq war and sued c.i.a. agen agents. if this were bush or dick cheney i'm sure you would give them a pass, too. >> bob: first, that is the president's duty. george bush kept a stack of cards in his desk. picture of terrorist on it. as they were killed he took them off, understandably the right thing to do. i mean cheney, the problem for cheney is i have been on his kill list. [ laughter ] i think obama has, he has changed. he has used drones. he has used special forces effectively. to even suggest that somehow there is something wrong with a kill list, for you to suggest that shows you how radically anti-obama you are. >> eric: do you think the last would be okay if
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president bush revealed a kill list? personally select who had was on it. >> dana: take a trip to fantasy land for a second. when i woke up this morning the first thing i saw was if you read anything today, make sure you read this "new york times" story. >> brian: it goes on forever. >> dana: it's seven pages. so long. i know her, she is a great reporter. anxious to read it. if you replaced him with bush or cheney do you think we wouldn't lead the show for senator leahy calling for impeachment hearing? i don't know how i feel about this. i understand things are different if you sit in the commander-in-chief chair, you have a different perspectiveful responsible for people. but he can't reconcile what he said as senator to now. we still don't understand who
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he is. >> eric: andrea, is suspicious how this paper starts on the front page. goes to page ten and 11. >> bob: ooh. >> eric: full page. >> andrea: this is questionable. there are leaks from time to time in different administrations. this level of detail leaked. this is on the heel of peter king questioning how information -- we'll get to it later -- but got out about the pakistani doctor and hollywood got information about the bin laden raid. classified information leaked. they weren't supposed to know how many choppers in bin laden raid or the route. all of this is leaked out. i would say it's for political reasons to make him look tough. >> brian: here is the deal. you cannot criticize gitmo and say it's a bad advertising for
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america, that's not who we are and at the same time say i love the drone kills. i love the missiles. >> bob: are you not happy with the drone kills? >> brian: i love it. absolutely love it. but you can't tell me gitmo is bad advertising for america and a guy going to denny's is blown up because he's a terrorist. i'll quote the times square bomber who said when they asked why you are doing this? do you think drones see children in ask why -- >> bob: you are making a case if it wasn't obama? >> brian: i love it. i love it. >> eric: we got to go. i think we all agree we're glad it's going on, we are trying to show the juxtaposition of prepresidential obama. >> dana: i would rather it was a capture list than kill list to get intel. but i'm not on intel. >> eric: topic two, sorry, had to cut it short. president obama gets tough on antiwar comments. take a listen to president obama at the vietnam war
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memorial yesterday. >> came home and sometimes were denigrated and they should have been celebrated. it was a national shame. disgrace. it should have never happened. >> eric: i want to get to the discussion but listen to charles krauthammer's assessment of what you it was about. >> we heard obama today doing penance for a country that spat on seasonals who returned from the vietnam war. what he didn't say in large part it was the work of the american left. it wasn't the work of the american right who supported the war. trying to undo the legacy of 50 years. >> dana: "usa today" has a front-page story of how there is a 13-year movement, effort to heal some of the wounds after the vietnam war, where a lot of people feel they were not appreciated. and didn't get honor and respect hay deserve.
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i don't know if president obama trying to kick that off. he is helping heal some things and making other people who might traditionally support him uncomfortable. >> brian: i love the messagism talk to the vietnam veterans, i don't want to speak for you but they feel like they were disrespected and go out of their way to make sure iraq and afghanistan veterans are respected when they come back. i think the president had a great message. i hope he means it. hope it's not political. if you want to go the rest of the way he would call out the memory of john lenin, and talk about rfk and ali and how wrong they were to oppose the war. >> bob: i can't tell to the use of the word antiwar communist. even for you is going over the edge. a lot of disrespect they got from the veterans administration that gave them lousy service, lousy help. they were a lot of wounded veterans that didn't get what they needed. it wasn't just antiwar
2:22 pm
movement. if we're all communists tens of millions of people against the war when it was over. >> andrea: even presidents were known as being leftist, wilson and fdr avid support of the military. charities supporting veterans are booming. is this for pure political expediency? robin hood foundation and others support the vet. huge donations coming in. support for the military is almost at all-time high. >> eric: ask something brian about what bob said. he said you blame veterans administration for the treatment they got. >> brian: i don't. >> bob: the vietnam veterans do. >> eric: do you think they blame the v.a. or the antiwar movement that treated like that when they got back? >> brian: they went through so much emotionally and physically. their lives and great to get a hug and appreciate what you did. i understand the effort. i'm behind you as a councilmember. that is mor -- behind you as a country. >> eric: we sent -- we did
2:23 pm
research. antiwar activist. pull up a full screen. bill ayers. who is the guy in the middle? mr. beckel? >> bob: comemies. >> andrea: did you do the tie-dye yourself? >> bob: i didn't. i have a modest chair here. >> brian: not a communist. >> eric: how wrong with america survive with half the country on government support? new numbers paint a frightening picture when we come back. i went to a small high school.
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the teacher that comes to mind for me is my high school math teacher, dr. gilmore. i mean he could teach. he was there for us, even if we needed him in college. you could call him, you had his phone number. he was just focused on making sure we were gonna be successful. he would never give up on any of us.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ notice >> welcome back to "the five." would have long can the united states survive if half the country is getting some kind of check from the government? we have new stats that show 49.1%, almost 50% of the u.s. is getting government assistance in some form. eric, it's troubling, because this is the way that greece went. right? now, the question if you read the story a little bit more, it says families are becoming multigenerational. a lot of people are doubling up and moving home with their parents. grandparents are moving in with them. they say the "wall street journal," even if it wasn't happening because of the recession people would be getting more check from the government. >> eric: any way you slice it. look at the chart from the lower left to the upper right. chart is going up. president obama blast the right side of the chart right
2:29 pm
there. things aren't getting better. no matter what you hear on tv or how many times the president takes a victory lap saying it's better when we took over. it's not. if you look at that number, stood stamps up 4% from when he took over. $80 billion of food stamps, for americans on food stamps. more americans in poverty than when he took over. >> andrea: when you look at the numbers, social security is set to exhaust in 2033. me care, set to go bankrupt in 2024. politicians, some are screaming about this. paul ryan, as you know. >> dana: americans are getting older and older and not producing as many younger people to take over the workforce and vie for that going forward. societies are dealing with this, japan is one and russia is another. look at the government benefit situation at greece and learn lessons. know quiting the united states -- not equating the united states economy to greece but there are lessons to be learned.
2:30 pm
a problem that a lot of politicians have you can find the most conservative guy on any issue, take my home state of wyoming, but he will say you better not touch my social security or my medicare. we have can't solve any of the problems if people aren't willing to come to the table and not be scared off by the scare tactics in election year. >> andrea: what about that, bob? you talk about it a lot. even though it might be the right thing to do, nuclear for anyone in politics to mention as dana pointed out, touching social security. george bush tried. he tried to make an effort. demonized by democrats. if congress people run every two years how do you fix problem? >> bob: can i point out here, usa today the headline drawing federal support. three years after they ended the program giving to fewer people, contrary to my partner -- >> dana: it's still 49%. >> bob: face have jobless
2:31 pm
benefits the lowest since december of 2008. caseload in welfare fell 50%. food stamps have been down in the last two months. keep in mind -- >> eric: the last two months? >> bob: in the last two months. keep in mind -- >> eric: hold on. hold on. >> bob: don't interrupt me arrest second, will you, comemy? shut up for a second. thank you. the fact of the matter is inherited the great recession. that is one of the reasons that it exploded. it will go down and continue to go down. >> andrea: how? >> dana: he would be better off to blame fdr than bush, because it would be more believable. >> bob: why more believable? >> andrea: this is why people should be furious about this. in detroit, they're saying now they have budget issues -- no street lights. california is trying to tax cigarettes and legalizing drugs and all the regressive punitive taxes because they made decisions. >> brian: we have clues. the clues are indiana, new york, under governor cuomo, i
2:32 pm
believe wisconsin, and ohio. need a gor that not that concerned about the next term. this is the deal. if unemployment goes down in wisconsin as indiana stands on the hind legs and new york getting their feet underneath them, people say wow, show some courage. >> bob: the answer is overwhelming percentage of the social security medicare. we have known that and everybody knows. that give bush credit for trying to do it. we won't resolve it. >> andrea: are you going to give paul ryan credit, too? >> bob: no. >> eric: even more to the middle of paul ryan, simpson-bowles, president obama had an opportunity to put simpson-bowles in play. and he chose not to. >> bob: it would have gone to automatic vote that was defeated by republicans. >> andrea: walker is a republican and cuomo is a democrat. they both can do it.
2:33 pm
>> brian: making tough decisions. >> andrea: coming up on "the five," the pakistani doctor is in jail after helping america hunt down and kill usama bin laden but his family is begging for our help. is president obama doing enough to save him? we'll debate that next. this man is about to be the millionth customer.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here, the president take no prisoners terrorist kill list. tonight on "special report," how president obama is personally involved in determining the suspects targeted for death. critics on the left are outraged, detractors on the right question the timing of the leaked information. the u.s. and several allies are kicking out top syrian diplomats in retaliation for massacre of civilians over the weekend.
2:38 pm
state department spokesman all but admitted today the move does little to stop the killing there. mitt romney should make it mathematically official tonight that he will be the republican presidential nominee. the campaign is trying to portray obama as antibusiness; obama campaign focuses on donald trump and fundraiser tonight. we'll explain. politician from the opposite sides, democrat dunwiden and paul ryan teaming up to rescue medicare. "special report" at 6:00. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪ >> brian: the doctor who helped the c.i.a. find usama bin laden sentenced to 33 years in prison last week for so-called >> translator: in pakistan. some of dr. shakil afridi's relatives are telling fox news
2:39 pm
he was tortured in custody in the past year and they are appealing to america, they want a lawyer and financial spellp. c.i.a. director leon panetta turned defense secretary talked about the relationship with pakistan over the weekend. >> i hope that ultimately pakistan understands that. >> i am passionate about the doctor. it can't believe he had the courage to do what he did. he is vital. was that the passion that the defense secretary should have to rattle their capable and get this free? >> dana: say that secretary panetta has a gift for understatement. >> brian: no kidding. >> dana: it was like a u.n. statement where he said -- >> bob: i did his first race for congress, panetta. we were almost in a plane crash and he was calm.
2:40 pm
>> brian: you want the doctor out, right? >> bob: yes. but first, he is well known in the intelligence community all over the person world. this guy has been helping the united states and the allies. the dna turned out not to be used on usama bin laden. final analysis, this was a tribal court that handed this down. the pakistani government can step in and overrule that court but a tribal court did it. the united states -- sending lawyers, what is a lawyer going to do? >> brian: i don't know. >> what they want is an appeals court in pakistan to overrule this tribal court. there is an alarming trend here. number one, nato supply routes closed off, pakistanis are closing off the nato supply route to afghanistan in response to 24 pakistanis killed a couple of months ago. number two, they'll try him for treason. number three, they don't play well with others.
2:41 pm
if you want to send a signal and let panetta to send a signal? cut off the $3.5 million in aid. >> brian: i love they voted to cut off the $33 million for the 33 years the guy has been in. >> andrea: that was done in committee and it will be passed later this summer in congress as part of a larger bill. c'mon, guys. the administration should move it. hillary clinton made equally benign statement last week, panetta made. ridiculous and even robert gates said panetta would confirm to "60 minutes" in january, the doctor's identity. we don't know that everybody knew who he was. what does this do to our human intelligence? we made this point last week. if you are working with the united states, you are out to currently or in the future, you look at yourself and are you going to leave me like the pakistani doctor? there should have been a plan. they just left him there. >> bob: they didn't just
2:42 pm
leave him there. >> andrea: they did. >> bob: get him out and it's almost impossible to extract him from the territory where he is held. >> andrea: before, after the bin laden raid. >> eric: finish your thought. >> bob: i would finish it but i can't. >> eric: don't be a baby. finish your thought. >> bob: don't be a baby? >> brian: [ inaudible ] >> dana: you put up with a lot of b.s. i can't believe i said that. when you deal with these countries and you take some of the good with the bad. there is a lot going on right now that we don't know about. but just giving recent events we might read about all of their evident to save the doctor -- effort to save the doctor. >> bob: you can't believe you said b.s.
2:43 pm
i say the whole words. the .s are a threat politically. military, most are still helping us. $3.1 billion a lot goes to afghans. >> eric: dissident out of china but we can't get the doctor out. >> brian: my goodness, you should be giving this doctor a parade. coming up, a high school track coach is fired after helping finding a student a date to the prom. bob will tell you about that and another wild prom story i haven't heard yet. i heard there is pictures. ♪ ♪
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>> bob: this is a story that got 4 i interest. in oregon.
2:48 pm
a 41-year-old track coach who took a 17-year-old member of the track team to the brom. the school was the condom high school. that is the problem trying to pronounce these things. let's listen to what the explanation for what it was. thank you. >> this particular student was one who was on my list to talk to about some issues at school. >> you saw it as a counseling opportunity? >> yeah. >> i said that will be fun. talk to your parents. >> as soon as i got to the third interview, clear there was nothing criminal. >> would you have ever expected this reaction? >> no. obviously not. this has turned out to be a disaster. >> bob: i guess so, darling. her husband is 73 years old, by the way. this woman slow danced twice with the guy and did other
2:49 pm
things. played foosball. i didn't ever play that. so she has now been dismissed. her husband is pulling out. the sun of the t i go that helped create nike. do we take her plex nation? trying to counsel the guy? >> eric: normally, i would. you go if it was a girl, 17 years old with 41-year-old male teacher you lose your mind over it. in this case, the father said, the father of the young kid, the boy gave permission. they vetted this completely. i say i'm okay that the teacher doing this. i don't think she should be fired. everyone down the line there was nothing funny. >> dana: she wasn't being paid. she was a volunteer track coach. she is 41. if someone said hey, on saturday night, would you like to go to the prom with me? say no. the problem is he didn't have a date. she felt bad for him.
2:50 pm
he was doing badly in english, if he was doing badly in english, he would be kicked off the track team. out of the goodness of her heart she did this. big lack of judgment. what does she think a 17-year-old boy is thinking? the whole time they are slow dancing and playing ping-pong? >> bob: they thought they were going to be doing the hustle. >> dana: i hate when that happens you're dancing and then -- >> bob: andrea, would you take a 16-year-old, 17-year-old to the prom out of compassion? >> andrea: no. the answer is no. >> brian: what if he was a fast runner. >> andrea: no. i said i wasn't going to your event either. this is disturbing. i agree with you. i can understand, eric, why the dad said okay, you can go. it's so different. i didn't see a picture of her.
2:51 pm
first thing i said, i bet she is hot. look at her. she is attractive. she is 41 years old. here is the weirdest part, folks. she has a child who is on the track team. uncomfortable for her kid to know her mom is on the track team -- >> brian: the team is very successful. >> andrea: she is at the end of the finish line going go, boys, go. >> bob: she is older than my parameters. >> bob: what is your story? >> brian: how do you relate to it? >> bob: when i was in college, a friend of my family called and said the daughter couldn't get a date to the prom so i took her to the prom. we wore purple. >> brian: how did it go? >> bob: i really don't want to get into that with you. >> dana: we could raffle off for charity a chance for someone to go to prom with you.
2:52 pm
in your disco suit! >> eric: you'd get in trouble. apologize for hannity. >> andrea: i actually trust bob to do that. >> brian: i trust him. >> dana: to give the money to charity? >> bob: trust me to take a young girl to the prom? listen one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
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>> dana: time now for our favorite segment one more thing. >> i'll start. a lot of states having problem with the revenue, fiscal shortfall. a lot turn to gambling. sports betting is ill low with the exception of nevada. look at chris christie saying hey, bring sports betting to new jersey. >> we intend to go forward. if someone wants to stop us, send boys to try to stop us. do i expect low action will be faken to try to prevent it? yes. but that is their burden to prevent it. >> eric: he says it like it is. good for you. i hope bringing sports betting to new jersey. >> dana: he was not practicing good sun protection. the only guy there, trooper in the hat doing it. brian? >> brian: fox and friends producers turned me on to a great story.
2:57 pm
it wonder when you give money to charity does it go to the right place. if you give once, they hit you with all these things. in california, they have license plate and raise $15 million. if you buy them, we will never forget is on there. if you buy the special plates you get and pay $50 for one time and $40 for the renewal and supposed to go to scholarship for victims of 9/11 and the family. a.p. did a study through freedom of information act 40% of the money is going to fund anti-terror programs, $3.7 million goes to food and agriculture department. governor schwarzenegger of all people, used it to bridge a budget shortfall. governor brown is doing the same thing. it find it outrageous. >> bob: i do, too. i find it outrageous you blew your story for tomorrow morning. >> brian: for you geis. >> eric: $80,000 only used for scholarship. >> brian: flight 93, the two families that live there say
2:58 pm
you have to be kidding me. they are continuing with the premium but labeling it differently. >> andrea: so this is going to make your blood boil. stormy rich, 18-year-old florida student riding on a middle school bus because of scheduling issues. special needs girl on the bus was being bullied to shove food in her mouth and she jumped in to defend the student. now the lake county school district is punishing her for defending a special needs child. take a listen to stormy's side of the story. >> i was sticking up for somebody. why would you be in trouble for doing that? i would never want it to happen to anybody else. i know you can't save the world. >> andrea: they say she is the bully. can you believe that? this makes me so angry. you know what, stormy. who cares? keep doing what you are doing. >> dana: she win wins in the end. a great name. she can sing. great in nashville. >> bob: the person charging
2:59 pm
her with that ought to be -- never mind. president handed out the presidential medal of freedom. among those who won was bob dylan one of my favorite artists who helped kick off the antiwar movement. communists joined. if you will take a look at bob, bob never changes the expression at all. he never talks, he just sings. but he was terrific. >> andrea: so different from our bob. >> dana: mine is a feel good story online. about a stray dog who has found a new home. there is 1100-mile bike race across china. one day a stray dog comes up, a guy feeds her. she ran the whole race. all along with them. some people had to get off their bikes, but not that dog. ran all the way. now she is being adopt by one of the riders. a good


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