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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 29, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> jon: mitt romney expected to make history tonight. now, both sides are launching new attacks in the battle for the white house. plus, lots of unemployed americans may be in line for a shock. why jobless benefits are running out sooner than expected. and the u.s. warns sir i can't tell military option is always on the table. [explosion. >> as we see new video and learn chilling details about the massacre of dozens of women and children. i'm jon scott in for shep tonight. two hours from now, mitt romney is expected to clinch the republic presidential
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nomination. that's when the polls close in the texas primary. governor romney expected to win enough of the state's 152 dels to hit the magic number of 1144. and where better to celebrate than vegas? he is holding a fundraiser there tonight with donald trump. the obama campaign is slamming governor romney for appearing with trump who is still raising questions about president obama's birth certificate. the president's deputy campaign manager saying, quote: mitt romney's continued embrace of donald trump and refusal to condemn his disgraceful conspiracy theories on? strats his complete lack of leadership. campaign carl cammeron is live in washington. we hear that the governor is just wrapping up a campaign event now. >> that's right. later this evening big bucks and more loud controversy. romney's campaign plane was just dwarfed at the tarmac by trump's jet as they both landed at the airport. trump doubts the president's
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birth certificate is real. last night on the plane flight romney steered clear of that listen. >> i don't agree with all the people who support me and they don't agree beverage i believe in. but i need to get 50.1% or more. and i'm appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people. >> today, the obama campaign hit romney with a video showing arizona senator john mccain, the 2008 nominee dissing questions about mr. obama's birth certificate in the last campaign. the video suggests romney is weak for not doing the same. just moments ago in las vegas. romney at a rally described meeting a voter recently who wanted really to know if any potential presidential is not old enough if they are a citizen where they are born and if they have business experience. lathly romney is meeting with another casino billionaire. introduce him to adelson the billionaire who gave the glitch super pac $21 million and now wants to go about helping romney beat president
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obama. >> romney is responding to attacks on his business experience. >> he sure is. most of this week to define the president policies and attack on romney's business record as to hostile to free enterprise. listen. >> we're not the enemy. some of these liberals say they like a strong economy. but then they act like they don't like business. i want our government to support small business, middle size business, big business. i want jobs, i want government that's an ally of business, not an enemy of business. [cheers] >> second part of the double-barreled blast romney accusing the president of wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on politically motivated businesses benefiting donors and big government not the economy. >> more than $16 billion have gone to companies like solyndra who are linked to obama and big democrat donors. inspector general said they were steered to friends and family. obama is giving taxpayer money to big donors. and then watching them lose
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it. good for them, bad for us. >> separately, the republic national committee and the conservative group american crossroads run by carl rove also weighed in attacks today. an example of the right showing its ability for a little bit of rapid response muscle, jon. >> jon: carl cammeron in washington. thank you, carl. americans are feeling less confident about the economy. that's according to a new report by the private group the conference board. it shows consumer confidence is at its lowest level since last fall. that's bad news for all of us, since people don't tend to spend as much money when they're feeling worse about their economic situation. and consumer spending makes up more than two thirds of the entire economy. lori rothman of the fox business network joins us now. lori, why aren't we feeling better? >> yeah. we're not feeling so great these days, jon, about the economy. but we do have a mixed picture for the overall trend of consumer confidence. in other words, we had a report on friday taken by the university of michigan which actually showed people are
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feeling about as good as they felt since 2007. so, once again, a mixed bag. the take away here, not a lot to get excited about by way of the direction of the u.s. economy. so what's on our mind? high unemployment. we know unemployment is above 8%. we are getting a may situation on friday. not expected to improve much from there with only 150,000 jobs added to the economy. again, that's right the expectation. gas prices aren't -- we're not at $4 a gallon. that was the fear two months ago. but the decline nowhere near a meaningful price, again, declined that would amount to savings to our pocketbook. the other thing is this fiscal cliff that you keep hearing about. at the end of the year, tax cut extensions going to expire. those mandatory spending cuts might go into effect. and there are all kinds of other recessionary spending measures that are going to cease that's got a lot of people concerned it's going to curve any kind of growth we are seeing now. lackluster as it is. jon? >> jon: this might have something to do with the
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unemployment benefits are ending for hundreds of thousands who lost their jobs. >> unemployment benefits by the federal government extended back in february. under conditions congress essentially said all right, we're going to limit the number of weeks to 99. what's happening now the federal summitment for tens of thousands of people all over the country are wrapping up a lot earlier than expected. >> jon: and even with those headlines stocks rallied today. >> you have signs greece may actually stick with the european monetary union. 125 point at the close. also china took some measures to stimulate its economy. back over to you. >> lori rothman fox business, thanks. >> sure. >> investors are trying to make sense of this market and so are energy traders. the price of crude didn't move much today down just 10 cents a barrel. a.a.a. reports prices ticked down to $3.64. what's left of tropical storm
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beryl is making a wet mess along the southeastern coast. heavy rain flooding roads from florida to the carolina coast. forecasters say some places could see up to 10 inches of rain. beryl wrecked millions of people's memorial day plans when it made landfall just short of hurricane strength. it snapped trees, knocked out power to tens of thousands. damaged mostly minor. it's now expected to head out to sea where it could restrengthen. hurricane season officially starts friday. and we have already seen two named storms. >> a secret presidential kill list. a new report claims the white house has one for terrorists and that the president has a final say on who lives and who gets droned. plus, details on a new computer virus. word it can turn your computer into a listening device. and even suck information right out of your cell phone. coming up a major warning from the united nations. that's ahead on "the fox report." ♪
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>> a warning tonight about unprecedented computer virus that can turn computers into eavesdropping devices and steal information from nearby cell phones. the united nations is telling its members to be on alert for the flame virus. so far officials say it's turned up in iran and other parts of the middle east. the u.n. cyber security chief says this is the most serious warning they have ever released about a computer virus.
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>> jon: compare that to 2 in 2009. most famous strike is the one that took occupant anwar al-awlaki. he inspired the fort hood massacre and the attempted christmas day underwear bomber. al awlaki was killed last year in yemen. the controversy is all over this policy. now the revelation of the kill list is raising more questions. chief white house correspondent ed henry has the news live from the north lawn. ed, i know even some the president's supporters is wondering whether this is legal. >> that's right, jon. they are looking at nobel peace prize winner in the president who now keeps a kill list insides oval office, essentially and it gives him great executive power. something he railed against in the 2008 campaign because is he essentially the judge, jury and executioner, potentially here in ordering these drone strikes for in some cases suspected terrorists. people who have not been brought to trial. we don't know for sure whether they are terrorists but he makes the judgment as commander and chief they are a threat to the united states.
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none the less, that strong outrage from the aclu. take a listen it's unlawful because it allow the president to kill people including u.s. citizens far from any theater of war. it is dangerous because it sets a precedent. >> now the president's aids are just as firm in saying this is lawful because we're at war with al qaeda right now. and they believe under international law, the president does have this power. he believes there is a threat to the united states. i spoke to some former bush administration officials today who say they believe that as well. but they find it interesting because they think it's a 180 from where president obama was four years ago. >> ed, the white house seems to be pushing back, too. saying the president's approach is working. >> true. i mean, their case, basically is that it's messy business. the president as a candidate another thing that he promised waged a smarter more effective war on terror. if you look at the raid on usama bin laden, for example, he has taken out not just bin
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laden but a lot of top al qaeda leaders. and that's why jay carney today said his first priority is keeping the country safe. take a listen. >> president obama made clear from the start to his advisors and to the world that we were going to take whatever steps are necessary to protect the american people from harm. >> now, i spoke to a former top intelligence official tonight who basically told me, look, he believes that president obama as a candidate didn't realize how compelling some of this intelligence about these terrorists really was. and once he got into the oval office and saw this day in and day out, he realized he had to take some strong measures to prevent an attack, jon. >> jon: ed henry at the white house. thanks, ed. >> thank you. >> jon: the relationship between the united states and pakistan has hit yet another bump in the road. pakistan's brand new intelligence chief has just postponed an upcoming trip to washington. it comes a week after his country sentenced the doctor who helped us locate usama bin laden to 33 years in prison.
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pakistani court imprisoned him for what it called high treason. he ran a phony vaccination program. seal team 6 stormed bin laden's compound and killed him. today, the doctor's brother told fox that his family needs u.s. help. >> the blame has been placed on my brother because of america. we are facing a tough time and they should now support us. i'm afraid of the government agencies, the taliban and other terrorists. >> the brother also says the doctor was tortured, starved and deprived of any sunlight for an entire year former computer hacker and julian assange. the court is set to rule on his extradition tomorrow. two him have accused assange of sexually assaulting them two years ago. he claims the sex was consensual but still refuses
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to go to sweden. assange has released hundreds of thousands secret u.s. documents on his web site. president obama and secretary of state clinton said they were outraged by the leaking of those once secret cables which made american diplomacy more difficult at the time. >> the judge in the john edwards' corruption trial with some words for the jury on its first day back after reports an alternate juror flirted with edwards in court. we're live at the courthouse next. plus, a high school student taking on two jobs to support her struggling family and still making the honor role. but wait until you hear how all her hard work landed her in the slammer. that's coming up.
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>> cory booker's communication director is stepping down. a little more than a week
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after the new york new jersey mayor called the obama campaign's attacks on mitt romney's former company nauseating. mayor booker is a democrat and supporter of the president, he later said governor romney's business experience is fair game. more drama at the john edwards will trial. remember last week there were reports one of the alternate jurors might have been flirting with edwards right in the courtroom. today the judge held a private meeting with the lawyers about a problem with a juror. he also lectured the jury about the rules of deliberations edwards is charged with using campaign cash to hide his pregnant mistress from the world. he could get 30 years in prison. the defense claims the money was a personal gift. not a political donation. this was during his 2008 white house run when his wife elizabeth was battling breast cancer which eventually killed her. jonathan serrie live at the courthouse in greensboro, north carolina. so, jonathan, do we know about today's closed-door meeting? what happened? >> well, jon, just a couple hours after that closed door
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meeting, the judged aadmonished the jurors to only hold their deliberations in the jury room and only when all 12 jurors are present. what's unclear is whether this was in response to any problems with small groups of jurors meeting and discussing the case after hours or with f. this was judge catherine eagles being proactive and keeping the jury on track and focused. >> the judge is very aware, that this trial which has taken a long time is an important one and does not want to lose this jury. it wants to keep the jury focused and coming to a resolution. >> >> now, on side note, john, those four alternate jurors who raised eyebrows last week for wearing identically colored shirts on thursday and friday seemed like they were back to their wardrobe. didn't appear to be any color coordination today, jon. >> jon: that's good to know. nil indication how much longer these jurors are going to deliberate? >> well, if it's any indication, the jurors sent a
4:22 pm
note to the judge today informing her of some upcoming scheduling conflicts. the judge agreed to extend their deliberations schedule by half an hour tomorrow and thursday to accommodate an early dismissal, 2:30 on friday is when the jury will be excused to tend to various personal functions. after all, it is high school graduation season. so, plans are in place for the deliberations to continue, potentially through the remainder of this week as for next week, the judge said she'll worry about that later. jon? >> jon: sounds like you will be in greensboro for a while. jonathan serrie, thanks. >> indeed. >> jon: prosecutors in the roger clemens perjury trial today rested their case. the judge also dismissed two counts of obstruction of justice against the former baseball great. clemens is accused of lying to congress when he testified to lawmakers in 2008 that he never used esm man's enhancing drugs. the trial is now in its
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seventh week. on the stand today a client of this man, clemens former trainer brian mcnamee knee. he told the court he said the pitcher used performance enhancing drugs to recover from injuries. clemens attorney said the defense will need seven or eight days to present its side. a straight a high school honor student in texas has now spent 24 hours in jail because the judge said he wanted to make an example of her. the 17-year-old's crime? she missed too many classes because she works two jobs to help support her brother and sister. it happened in the town of willis, texas just north of houston. according to reports, the school district only allows 10 absences every six months. diane tran missed more than 10 days. she, would full time at a dry cleaner and part time for a wedding planner and says she oversleeps sometimes because of her crazy schedule. u.s. commanders say all options are on the table for dealing with syria after the massacre of dozens of women
4:24 pm
and children. but the white house warns military action could actually make things worse. plus, it's the highest honor a u.s. citizen can get without serving in the military. we'll show you some of the famous americans now wearing the medal of freedom. we'll also tell you what the heck happened here and how the woman in that house is doing tonight. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news.
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liberty mutual auto insurance.
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>> jon: the law could soon take up the case of pop star justin bieber's dust up a w. a photographer. put the smack down on a photographer outside a shopping center as the guy tried to take selena gomes. they have not been presented the case yet. but the web site tmz bieber beat down as they are calling it is going to prosecutors. if charged and convicted of baltimore, bieber could face up to six months in jail. a 96-year-old woman escaping without a scratch when a car crashed into her house and drove out the other side. take a look at the scene. red mercedes there in the backyard after trashing the home. it happened overnight in long island, new york. the driver never even hit the brakes. can you see that tree finally stopped the car but not before everything in the kitchen wound up on the lawn. the driver reportedly got only some scrapes and bruises. cops charged her with drunken driving.
4:29 pm
a teenager thought he had scored a yard sale bargain but he also found a family member he never knew. the 13-year-old paid a buck for an old camera garage save sale in wichita kansas. when he opened it up he found something priceless a picture of his uncle who died in a car crash 23 years ago. the family guesses it was taken in the late 1970s, showing him with a high school girlfriend. teen's grandmother says it makes her feel like her son is watching out for the family get this. family members said they never met the man who sold the cameraened a he says he can't recall where he got it i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. the united states and several other nations today booted syrian diplomats from their respective countries in protest of the massacre of more than 100 innocent syrian people. most of them women and children. witnesses say on friday syrian troops and affiliated militias shelled, stabbed and shot at
4:30 pm
point blank range dozens of innocent people. one of the worst displays of violence since the uprising began last march. the syrian regime blasted terrorists for the attacks. a state department spokeswoman says the u.s. holds the syrian government responsible. at least one top senator lindsey graham is tonight calling for the u.s. to enforce a no fly zone over syria. the white house says not now. further militarization jerry could lead to greater chaos. could make t harder to achieve the political transition that the syrian people deserve. >> the presumptive republic presidential nominee mitt romney told fox news that the united states is leading from behind. >> i think it's time for america to step forward and not just look for kofi annan but instead to take the kind of bold action that would call upon our friends and allies in the region to know that we
4:31 pm
will support them, that we're involved in the efforts there, and that it is very important to our nation and to the world to see assad removed. >> as you might know, the united nations estimates syrian troops have killed more than 9,000 men, women, and children since the uprising began last march. >> conor powell with the news for us live from jerusalem. connor? >> well, jon, that death toll is only likely to continue to grow and increase in the coming weeks and months. right now there just simply isn't a credible plan anywhere to be found for dealing with the growing violence and blood shed in syria. the u.s. and the international community are trying to ratchet up diplomatic pressure on syria and on president assad. that doesn't seem to have had much of an impact in recent weeks. now, today the special u.n. envoy kofi annan was in syria today. he met with president assad. but it didn't appear that that meeting produced much in the way of a credible plan to deal
4:32 pm
with the violence either. kofi annan told reporters today syria is at a tipping point. he urged both sides to lay down their weapons and find some type of peaceful solution. that recommendation doesn't appear to be carrying much weight in syria. the rebels are talking about retaliating for the violence over the weekend. the syrian government has continued to attack civilians in that country. now, over the weekend, more than 100 people were killed in the town of houla and town of hama. 41 were killed. that attack came after the u.n. security council condemned president assad's regime for the attack in houla on friday. the diplomatic effort isn't having much of an impact on president assad and syrian regime. bigger question now is what happens next? there are calls for military intervention in syria. right now the u.s. and many other countries are simply
4:33 pm
shying away from military intervention leaving the big question nobody knows what will happen and how this violence will ultimately end. we could see increasing death tolls in the next few weeks and months, jon? >> jon: conor powell in the middle east. thanks. protesters attacked a campaign headquarters of one of the finalists in egypt's historic presidential elections hundreds of computers stormed the billing and smashed computers and stole tv's. he the face a candidate in the islamist brotherhood next month. here in america there is no monarchy and honorary nighthood. today at the white house distinguished group of people got as close as can you get in america to being knighted. >> what sets these men and women apart is incredible impact they have had had on some people. not in short blinding bursts but steadily.
4:34 pm
over the course of a lifetime. >> jon: president obama handing out the nation's highest civilian honor to the likes of former secretary of state madeleine albright. former astronaut and senator john glenn and musician bob dylan to name a few. trace gallagher live with more on the medal of freedom. trace? the medal of freedom recipients are nominated by a presidential board. and those are passed along to the president and then the president can either accept those recommendations or make his own. this year the winners paid tribute to outerspace, equal rights, and unique music. ♪ the times they are achanging. >> 11 time grammy winner bob dylan whose lyrics not only had an impact on the civil rights movement but changed the way music was played and the way that we listen. >> bob's voice with its weight, its unique grably
4:35 pm
power the message it carried. >> madeleine albright, the first woman to serve as secretary of state. she led the alliance's campaign against ethnic cleansing in the balkans and peace in the middle east. >> when saddam hussein called her a snake she wore a serpent on her lapel the last next time she visited baghdad. >> long time ohio senator and former astronaut john glenn at 77 he game the oldest person to return to space but he was also the first turn to orbit 9th. >> on the morning that john glenn blasted off into space america stood still. >> tony morrison the first african-american person to win the prize. she is placed among our most important authors. >> tony reaches us deeply using a tone that is liquor call precise, distinct and inclusive. >> justice john paul stevens 35 years on the supreme court is the third longest in history. legal scholars say his mark on the law will last for
4:36 pm
centuries. >> even in his final days on the bench, justice stevens insisted he was still learning on the job. in the end, we are the ones who have learned from him. >> also among the 13 winners former prime minister sharon perez. as well as the former head coach of the university of tennessee women's basketball team pat summit and the woman who founded the girl scouts 100 years ago. jon? >> great ceremony, trace, thanks. >> jon: it will be another year until our nation marks memorial day. in the meantime those who lost their looed ones has a new way to share their memories. american hero the craters of the site say they plan on posting photos and stories of different fallen troops each week. they are asking families to log on and send them information about the service members they have lost. if you bought shares of facebook at its starting price, less than two weeks
4:37 pm
ago, you have already lost almost a quarter of your investment. details on how low the stock could go next. plus, look at this thing. it's a robot. and researchers say they are making them smaller and smaller to help surgeons operate inside people's bodies. that's still ahead on "the fox report." wake up! that's good morning, veggie style.
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to close at 28.84. its lowest point yet. remember it started at $38 less than two weeks ago. the downward spiral nearly nonstop sense -- since facebook went public. it began with computer glitches and trade. allegations that facebook analysts hid critical information from investors. now angry shareholders are suing. the feds are investigating.
4:41 pm
congress is considering hearings on the whole mess. the fox business network's robert gray with the news live in our new york city newsroom. robert, the plunge today came from investors who, i guess, are betting that these losses will continue. >> yeah, absolutely. jon, good evening. that's absolutely what we saw in today's session. keep in mind the original price range of the ipo 28 bucks a share. very near where the stock closed in today's trading. there are big concerns over the rate of profitability growth at facebook. the legal overhangs which you dom documented there in the intro. then of course tonight we are getting word media reports out that the ftc, the federal trade commission is going to take a longer look at the proposed $1 billion acquisition of photo app. sharing site instagrams. all of this weigh be 00 stock as today you were able to trade's os on the stock very first time. traders making bets that the stock was going to continue declining. most heavily traded debut for options ever according to trade alert. biggest bet out there $900,000 worth of options betting pay off the most if facebook shares continue to slide.
4:42 pm
these, of course, are just the right to buy or sell the stock at a given time and given price. not an obligation and of course are the options. >> even as the company bleeds cash, there is word facebook is working on a big project? >> yeah, that's right it could be coming out with a facebook phone. that's been the achilles heel trying to cash in on mobile site. no word on mobile apps. if they had their own phone that could change. blogs such as tech crunch property reporting in this would produce the software third party could build it to rival google one and android. another popular apple aios for the iphone. >> jon: robert gray, fox business, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> jon: the mayor of chicago says is he cracking down on gang after a bloody holiday weekend. cops responded for more than 40 shootings and 10 killings. mayor rom emanuel says it will shut down stops liquor shops and convenience stores.
4:43 pm
violence came as the parents of trayvon martin visited chicago. martin, of course, the 17-year-old whom a neighborhood watch volunteer shot and killed in florida family is calling to an end to senseless gun violence. at least 16 people are reported dead and some 14,000 homeless after another powerful earthquake hit northern italy. the magnitude 5.8 quake struck early this morning. the second deadly tremor in that area in nine days. thousands of people in the area have been living in tents. most of the dead were workers in factories that collapsed. luxury sports car makers ferrari, maserati and lamb burr genie all shut down plants near the quake zone as a precaution. a fire at a shopping mall kills at least 19 people. more than a dozen of them children. our top story as we go around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." qatar. flames richard through
4:44 pm
shopping complex in the capital city. all of the victims foreign nationals. more than a dozen people hurt. officials still investigating the cause of the fire. flash chile, nearly 500,000 people took part in tsunami drills yesterday. an official says residents of the value pa valparaiso region made it to safety in 22 minutes. area is highly prone to earthquakes. magnitude 8.8 quake and a tsunami hit the city two years ago killing more than hundred people and destroying more than 200,000 homes. south africa. ♪ happy birthday to you. >> jon: folks in johannesburg gathered in a city square to record a special birthday song for nelson mandela. they sung happy birthday in front of a portrait. he turns 94 in july. china. a rare pink diamond fetched a record breaking price at an
4:45 pm
auction in hong kong sold for more than $17 million. about 5 million more than folks at christie's auction house say they were expecting. they say it's the first time a round cut diamond that specific color has gone on the block. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 "around the world in 80 seconds." tiny metal snake-like robots inside your body. doctors and researchers say these installed snake bots are powerful new tools in heart surgery among other things. one snake bot designer at a university pittsburgh worked with larger models for years. newer ones are small and flexible enough to carry miniature cameras and make incisions inside patient's bodies. he claims that could make surgeries faster, easier and therefore cheaper. a 9-year-old girl swam from alcatraz to san francisco in under an hour. the third grader's dad joined her yesterday as she became one of the youngest people ever to make the mile and a half journey.
4:46 pm
she swam to raise money for an organization that helps prevent malaria in africa. nearly 400 others took the plunge into frigid water and to strong current. >> the scariest part the adrenaline rush is jumping off that boat. they take you out there and say this is one one way ticket. >> jump jump jump. >> you have to jump. >> trace: we're told the water is typically 55-degrees for the annual alcatraz challenge. a lot of folks enjoy with a sob buy or soy sauce tuna radiation from nuclear disaster? not so much. details ahead. plus the fast food chain that gave us doritos in the form of taco shells is at it again. this time testing a new take on orange juice. that's coming up. ♪
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>> so how would you like a side of radiation with dinner? scientists say they have detected radioactive contamination inside a popular type of fish for sushi caught off the california coast, pacific blue fin tuna and they link that radiation to the fukushima nuclear plant in japan. remember last year's powerful earthquake and tsunami crippled the plant releasing some radioactive compounds right into the ocean. still the scientists report this tuna does not pose a threat to our health. jamie colby live in our new york city newsroom so jamie, what else have we learned from this study? >> quite a bit, jon. scientists went further than observing the migratory patterns of blue fin tuna. a fish they know migrates from the pacific northeast from a period of time that allowed them to narrow their origin to the coast off the fukushima sheep plant. specifically the group that they looked at off our shores, 15 of the blue fin were found to have these higher levels of
4:51 pm
radioactive material than the years prior. yet, based on those settings that both the u.s. and the japanese government have on allowable radiation in food, the fish is said to be safe, even though had had levels 10 times higher than commonly found. the study is significant in that it's the first time a large fish migrating species have carried a contaminant in this case radiation such a distance, jon, and it makes it a baseline for further investigation after a disaster like fukushima. >> jon: doesn't sound good. what else are we hearing from the doctors? >> nod good but not bad enough that you need to stop eating sushi, specifically blue fin. several of the doctors we talked to agreed with the ruling that it is safe. watch your exposure to mercury. that was a bigger concern for them. mercury, of course is that highly toxic metal that's found in tuna and eating too much can cause a host of symptoms including stomach issues and fatigue. >> i have always told pregnant
4:52 pm
women and children i usually advise to eat, you know, once a month or less. and that is more of my concern here than the radiation. >> so truly, you know, we report, jon, you decide if you want to eat it. for now but the scientists who did the migration study they do plan a follow up this summer and they will take a look at a larger number of fish that made have made its way from the fukushima area to our shores. >> jon: i'm not a big sushi fannieway, jamie, thank you. >> okay. >> jon: speaking of food taco to bell's knows no bounds. t bell reveals mountain dew am some of west coast chain. ingredients mountain dew and orange juice. taco bell spokesman tells fox news new invasion to the breakfast meal menu. just a couple of months ago they gave us taco shells made of doritos which it reports helped first quarter sales
4:53 pm
jump 6%. two people are dead and another hurt after two small planes collide in mid-air. it's our top story on a fox trip across america. virginia. it happened west of d.c. police say one aircraft caught fire on impact. they found the bodies of the pilot and the passenger at the scene. the other plane's pilot managed to land safely about a mile away. he went to the hospital. the feds investigate. minnesota. at least one person did s. dead and several hurt after a massive fire at a landmark paper mill in sartel. we're told it started in an air compressor exploded. more than a dozen fire departments respond. heavy smoke poured from the building. georgia. a week after an atlanta area man survived a lightning strike. he says he still is sore and weak. he says he was camping with
4:54 pm
friends when a heavy storm moved in. they took shelter under a bathhouse. the lightning burned through his clothes and left him with several bruises. the force of the strike also knocked his friends out of their chairs. texas. more than 70 paratry at&t athletes -- paratri athletes competed many warriors with the wounded warrior foundation. they swam biked and ran with 3,000 other athletes there for the texas triathlon. that's a fox watch across america. >> fox across america is brought to you by union pacific. >> as the days get hotter it's nice to have a way to cool off. how about a dip in the neighbor's pool. that's what this bear did coming up a cool critter beats the heat with a backyard plunge. so creamy, right dad.
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>> jon: cool critter time and it seems one bear in southern california found a very effective way to keep cool. watch this. >> so scary. >> oh my god. >> jon: the bear apparently decided to go for a quick swim in that family's outdoor pool. two teens inside the house recorded the whole thing on their camcorder. they say the bear looked quite comfortable. >> he was not phased but us at all. weighs staring at us and practically mocking us. he was swimming like he was a person. >> jon: the girls say the animal wasn't making much of a ruckus so they didn't call 911. the bear hopped out and went on its way after five minutes. updating some of our top stories tonight. republic presidential candidate mitt romney tonight expected to steal his party's nomination when results come in from the texas primary. the white house today signaling it opposes u.s. military involvement in syria.
4:59 pm
after a weekend massacre killed more than 100 people, most of them women and children. and the remnants of tropical storm beryl now bringing heavy rain and the possibility of flash floods from florida to south carolina. and on this day in 1985 soccer riot in belgium killed 39 people and injured hundreds more during the final match of the europe peep championship. the trouble began even before the game got underway. many fans of the english team liverpool and italian team had reportedly been drinking all day. inside the stadium there was chanting and rock throwing them some english hooligans breached a dividing fence. italian fanned tried to escape only to get crushed to gte concrete wall. the game went on to prevent even more violence. italians won and to this day it is still described as one of professional soccer's darkest hours. match turned into mayhem 27


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