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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 29, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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factor. please always remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> and this is a fox news alert. the polls are now closed in the texas republican primary and with a win in the lone star state, coming any moment for former massachusetts governor mitt romney, that means he will mathematically secure the republican nomination for president. he will join us later with reaction. but as we await the result, the president, who can't run on his own record; resort to go make one up. last week he announced the federal spending level is at its slowest pace in more than 60 years. oh, real? take a look. >> what my opponent didn't tell you is that federal spending since i took office has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years.
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but what he did not also tell you was that after inheriting a $1 trillion deficit, i find $2 trillion of spending cuts. >> upon closer review of this ridiculous claim it seems some clever accounting tricks are behind the statistics. what we have a $5 billion in new obama debt and no amount of fuzzy math can dispute that fact. with us is the co-host of "the five" which is doing great, dana perino. and. >> everyone is running on the democratic side. >> i think the president is digging himself a hole with the statement i'm not a big spender. this is fuzzy math and it's been expose the. they are using all kinds of accounting tricks to work their
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numbers. >> fox news can now in fact officially project that mitt romney has in fact won the texas republican primary and has clinched the nomination for the republican party. we have made history here. >> okay. here's the numbers. what they were as youing fuzzy math, they are using accounting tricks to make it look like he's not a big spender for example, when the big banks paid back $110 billion in 2010 for the purposes of their argument that was considered a spending cut on the part of president obama. they stuffed all the bailouts into 2009, not president obama's responsibility, apparently, so 2010 looked like a year of very low spending. there were just messing around with the numbers. here's the facts. >> this is like all the unemployed people we don't count anymore?
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>> exactly. here's the fact about being a big spender. 24% of the american economy is now government spending. that's under president obama. under president bush, 20%. >> what is the way to describe this? is this a lie? is this a purposeful distortion in how polite must we be when we say they are using the accounting tricks? >> i think it's grasping at straws. if it was true do you think he would have made that announcement now? they waited until they had a blog post from someone. they led with their chin and then they got embarrassed and it wasn't just the washington post that debunked are it, but within hours others did the same. >> they are trying to say the wall street journal made this claim. >> they can make all the claims they want. the thing is, they have been embarrassed. >> and it's just not believable. >> you can't have it both ways. you can't have your advisors whispering the stimulus should have been bigger to please the left and on the right say i'm
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not a big spender. but he didn't say anything about the future. going forward what would he do? >> george bush in his last year in office his deficit was under $5 billion. >> and he asked for a 3.1% increase in spending. >> and the president's first year was $1.5 trillion in new debt. in 3 1/2 years the president has now accumulated more than $5 trillion in debt. no president has even come close to this type of deficit spending, borrowing 40 cents of every dollar. you talk about audacity, where did they get the audacity to lack the american people in the eye and tell them something that is not true? >> i think president obama believes he can get away with it. if he repeats it often enough to an unsophisticated audience, if he does that, he believes he can win votes and he can win politically. even though it is patently obviously not accurate, the digs portion -- the distortion is not true. >> i think they pulled back from it a little bit because it was
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not not working. >> last week it was jay carney saying it was b. s.. >> it is like the bain capital thing. the problem is it will not bear out to be true because people have been following this. again, if this were the case, then wouldn't somebody in the obama administration have come up with this line before now? >> and let me go to this. john, with new york magazine, game change, we all know his position. he says they will try to pummel mitt romney. remember the term by a democratic strategist, kill romney. >> pummel is a -- >> he says pummel. they will pound him for his miserable failures as governor the of massachusetts, they will say he is carrying the water for paul ryan's socialist program and they will try to tie him to jerry falwell, who is passed away, and john -- who is i don't know by the way? a long story. so they are going to -- this is how they are going to try to
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demonize him. mitt romney is not an unreasonable guy. being president, didn't he have to at least try to maintain an being presidential? >> but i think mitt romney has done the right thing actually. at first i thought mitt romney should come back, fire back, hit hard. but i don't think that any longer. i think he should let the president dig the hole he is digging for himself. >> i agree. but don't repudiate what other people are doing. that kind of bothered me. let me run too ads here i think the ads by the romney campaign has particularly effective. here's an add as relates to bain capital. >> president obama was fielding some somewhere different kind of questions, and a new ad takenning republican mitt romney. >> they are calling it the bain mutiny. and new york mayor -- >> this kind of stuff a
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nauseating to me. >> and steven ratner. >> i think the ad is unfair. >> the special counsel to president bill clinton. >> and duvall patrick. >> chuck schumer. >> senator feinstein. >> snow joe. >> each going after him ing -- >> the president is wrong to attack mitt romney. >> some of the president's loyal supporters are saying enough. >> tuesday night not a good night for the white house. president obama lost a majority of counties in kentucky to uncommitted. now that's embarrassing. especially considering the fact that it was just a couple of weeks ago he almost lost in west virginia to a guy in prison. >> i'm jealous. doocy and they -- >> got a lot of play. >> look, he may lose the texas democratic primary tonight. he's 42% to a convicted felon, and uncommitted in arkansas and
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kentucky, and all these democrats attacking him. >> do you remember what he said he wanted to run as the underdog? they are getting their wish. i thought march could not be a worse month for them but april was worse and it may be even worse in may. but i chose july 6th on twitter to say that's the when you are going to see the amazing obama campaign recovery stories, how brilliant they are, and there will be a dip in september and then full force october 20th, they got their groove, they are going to win. that's what the media narrative will be. >> by attacking private enterprise the president has lost the moderates. he didn't understand the private enterprise is the bread and butter of america and you beat it over their head, you attack them, when you do that's correct you lose the sensor, you lose the moderate part of the democrat party. >> the report tonight that rob portman is the leading contender for vp, the senator from ohio. >> well, rob portman, a friend of mine who worked in the bush
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whitehouse, and -- yeah. this is a problem. >> why? >> the leading conservative in america, sean hannity, thinks his name is bob, not rob. it's rob portman, not bob. i know you did that for my benefit so i could laugh. well, when he left, and he started running, everybody sort of gave him like he won't be able to do it. he raised more money and won by a significant margin in ohio. so it's not necessarily a bad choice. but, look, what's today? >> well, wait a minute. is it dull, meaning this is a media age -- >> well, it's not like choosing stuart to run although that wouldn't work. he wasn't born here. let me try another one. i read somewhere it would be like the bland leading the land. >> ouch. we have our headline tonight. >> this is a media age, you need somebody dynamic. >> they don't have to be dynamic. they can be effective and then
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you can be dynamic. >> don't argue with him when he's right, okay? don't argue with him when he's right and he's right, he's right, he's right. >> you can always talk british to him. >> sean. >> every week, every week without fail you get it. >> all right. good to see you both. and coming up, a so-called journalist over at nbc news spent his memorial day weekend slamming veterans. you are not going to believe the words that he saw uncomfortablable using when describing our brave men and women. and plus texas govor rick perry is here with us when mitt romney seals the gop nomination. that and more straight ahead.
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>> most americans took time to salute the brave men and women who lost their lives. and he devote add large portion of his show to questioning his veterans even saying he's uncomfortablable caution them heroes. watch this. >> i feel uncomfortablable at the word hero because it seems to me that it is so rhetorically proximate for justification for war and i don't want to desecrate the memory of anyone who has fall spend there are circumstances where there is
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tremendous heroism, and it seems we use the word in a way that's problematic. >> the word takes on resonances and that happens to any word. sometimes you need to readvise. i would rather not say hero and come up with a more neutral term and that would take on -- >> a more mule term? it didn't take long for the veterans group to demand an apology. he now has and he didn't have the courage to did it do it unair. he released a statement saying he's deeply sorry. but is that enough? here's is nbc news's decision to spit in the face our fallen heroes on memorial day weekend. and tom is michael guose. michael, you don't agree with this, do you? >> well, sean, first of all, as a person, i'll give up my life to defend the freedom of this
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nation. >> i didn't ask you that. i appreciate that. first of all, do you agree with that statement? do you have a problem we need to come up with at word eric uncomfortablable? i think it's an act of bravery for any man and women to go into the military knowing that their nation may call on them to give up potentially their lives. what is so hard about that? >> i think he made a big mistake by not calling them heros. but i have to defend him, sean, for one reason. we are a free nation. we have the freedom of speech. even though he is wrong, but we should honor his opinion. >> i'm not asking for him to be fired. but here's the problem. it is an attitude, general. this is what bothers me. is that there is a mentality on the left that has seemingly contempt and a lack of understanding for the price that has been paid for them on nbc
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news to make one idiotic stupid statement of a another. he's free to do it. but the freedom comes from the very people that he's reluctant to call heroes. >> i agree, but on the other hand -- >> go ahead. >> sean, you are being very kind. i think -- i think john mccain said it very well yesterday when he called the guy who was yelling a jerk. this guy is a jerk. look, the people that go in the military, the veterans, they go in to serve their nation. they do not make the decision that we are going to go to war in vietnam, iraq or afghanistan. political leaders make that decision. they execute those orders. and they are heros in anybody's book, anybody's imagination, and we are a great nation because they do, they serve unselfishly and many are killed. and unselfishly those families continue forward, and that's why we are a great nation, not
6:18 pm
because we have scumbags like msnbc puts on the air. >> you have to wonder if brian williams and tom brokaw, because this is now, these outrageous basis. this is the brand they fought their entire crease to build up, and one has to wonder. what is the point you are trying to make, michael? freedom of speech, i got that. but what he said was ignorant. so we have the right to say he's ignorant. >> the point is that some of the soldiers, if they wanted -- some of the things our soldiers do, they do great things, and other things like urinating on dead soldiers and blowing up the families -- >> you know, you choose the isolated incidences. here is what i choose to counter with. i think the troops that slam the beaches at normandy, i think of all those people who signed up after 9/11 because their country was under attack. i think of america beating back
6:19 pm
fascism and naziism and the danger they are in. you want to pick out a few examples. any around right but that is not the military. that doesn't represent what we are talking about here. >> that's exactly what i'm saying, sean. i think these incidents may have caused him to think in negative terms. and he is wrong on that. and we should blame the individual people, but we cannot blame the military. the journal almost put the same words i wanted to speak. i think the guy owes an apology to our military heros. we need to honor every veteran out there. it is not them who made the mistakes, it is the wars. we need to blame -- >> maybe -- yeah. >> ultimately blame ourselves. >> blame ourselves? maybe ought to blame our educational system. general, you spent time in your life serving, a as so many other people have served and it seems to be one of the greatest
6:20 pm
insults. this coming from a major news organization. and seemingly, you know, just a written apology after the fact i guess is enough in the minds of liberal management. >> well, it really is. look i i want -- sean, i want to commend the president for what he did yesterday at the vietnam memorial in which my younger brother's name is on there and so many. my friends. but he, representing the left wing of the democratic party, who gave vietnam away, and who trashed our troops when they came back, he apologized. the first democratic president, and particularly since he's from the left to do that so i commend him for it. but at the same time, i don't think that the american public can stand this type of representation by msnbc and the other networks and we ought to be outraged just like i am and so many other americans and you are. >> all right. appreciate it, general. thank you. michael ghouse, thank you.
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>> welcome back to "hannity." as we have seen time and time again president obama often confuses official presidential function was campaign events and yesterday during his memorial day remarks at the national cemetery he appeared to be scoring a few cheap political points with his friends on the left when he said this. >> as commandner chief i can tell you sending our troops into harm's way is the most wrenching decision that i have to make. i can promise you i will never do so unless it is absolutely necessary. and that when we do, we must give our troops a clear mission and the full support of a greatful nation. >> what was missing from that speech was exactly what our commander in chief means by, quote, absolutely necessary. joining me is the highest officer elected to congressman, and that's congressman joe.
6:26 pm
>> what the president said at argue ton is what any commander in chief would say. i think for all presidents the use of force is a last resort. my concern with president obama is much more, if you look at, for example, what has happened in afghanistan, he did commit the force. he committed the surge force then proceeded to deny every recommendation, every request by the commanders on the ground once he committed the force in terms of the size of the number of troops they needed, in terms of the amount of time they needed to be in afghanistan. we are now in a situation we are pulling those troops out on a purely political time frame which i think at the end ever the day can't be a positive for u.s. national security. >> congressman, i'm going play for you something. my father , by the way, served four years in the navy in world war ii. >> something i liked about you, sean. >> i get that from him. my motor is the other good part and the bad part is me. but i i have a hard time
6:27 pm
understanding this part, when the president said this both in 2008 and when he repeatedly in his speech referred to navy corpsman, not -- >> i want to play it for you. >> navy corpsman, god's great and the passion and decency of the american people is expressed through the american people. on this memorial day as our nation honors it's unbroken line of honored heros, and i see many of them in the audience here today, our sense of patriotism is pretty song. >> the last one i will say he probably just made a mistake, memorial day and labor day. but to continually say corpsman, he said it three or four times, how am i to interpret that?
6:28 pm
help me out with that because i don't think he knew what a corpsman was. >> sean, you actually embarrassed me because i remember looking at the white house and director of policy for president clinton and i'm a navy guy and he was going to be on an aircraft carrier and i made the mistake of saying the cruiser america. i got to tell you, some of this is just staff work. he's got a lot to do. but the important point of what you ask is very well responded. president reagan began said it so well. probably one of our strongest commanders in chief, that the use of the military is also and always only used in a last resort. and i think that's the big issue here. are we making the right decision how and when we use our men and women? not if someone mispronounces something and that's what we have to focus on. >> if he's reading the teleprompter, does he not know the difference between corpsman and corpse-man?
6:29 pm
this is while he was commander in chief. i'll give him memorial day and veteran's day. i see many of you out here on memorial day. no, they weren't there, but i think it's an honest mistake. but corpsman and corpse-man repeatedly? >> well, chief corpse-man, and corpsman, and what i said was how are you doing, doc. but there are bigger issues with the commander in chief and who will lead the nation. when you have to make that decision do we have a commander now and in the future that will weigh the cost versus the risks? so we know when we step into it it's worth it for our men and women, as they will, to put down their lives. >> liz, i'm taken aback by that. i think that's a big deal to me. >> you know, it strikes me that the president himself didn't know how to pronounce the word and he obviously didn't have anybody around him who knew how
6:30 pm
to pronounce the word, but i do -- >> you know, the president, we are dealing with a president who is as you know and you have talked about so much, there's real danger here with a president who doesn't understand, whose policies reflect the fact america is safer when america is asen can't. he's getting importance advice from his commanders on the ground in afghanistan, and we learned last week one commander asked for an additional -- >> troops. >> yeah, troops in the persian gulf, basically. and the president said no. so i think you have a situation where the president is either unsure or uncomfortablable with committing the force, and at the end ever the day if people don't realize they can count on the united states, if they don't understand our enemies need to fear us and our friends need to count on us, the world is a less safe place. >> this is a point liz made and i have made, i don't know how a
6:31 pm
president, i predicted with pinpoint accuracy, the muslim brother, their rise to power, and he didn't see it coming. i think he's rather naive when it comes to iran. the idea they can come up with a grand bargain and the iranians can be trusted to pursue nuclear power but they promise not to use it for nefarious reasons is not something i find believable. >> i agree, sean, we can have iran ever get a nuclear weapon. but i also believe that before you put our men and women into harm's way, that that last resort of using the military, have you tried everything else. and today, sean, what you have seen in iran is they have consumer price index, unemployment skyrocketing. and the value of their currency is rock bottom. they can't buy any nuclear weapon parts. and up a their oil is sitting at sea. nobody will take it into pair ports because loads of london
6:32 pm
won't give them insurance, and secondly, we have dessertfied their 39 super tankers of iran that they are unsafe to pull in ports. let me tell you, i want the military option on the table, but the back ever the table. never off of it. and i think he has done the right think to try to bring down iran in the right way before putting our men and women in harm's way. >> but at the same time those things are happening economically you've had the iaea certify the iranians just in the last few months, between the time of the last two meetings, have increased their -tockpile of enriched uranium. there's no evidence the sanction are having any negative impact on the nuclear program. and the iranians have said themselves their strategy is working. to keep the international community talking while they work to develop a weapon is working from their perspective. >> guys, we have to run. >> you saw the new anti-virus flame that is now taking down within that country not only all
6:33 pm
the information off their central bank, et cetera, but once again might be able to take down their centrifuges. let's try this before we put our men and women over there. not that we shouldn't but it's good to be preventative. >> if we help the israelis and give them the support they need, including bunker busters, that will be our entire role here probably, but he'll z thank you. governor romney has just now secured the presidential nomination with tonight's win in the texas primary. how did the president do in the democratic primary? that's coming up next. governor, former romney rival, rick perry, is here live from the ground and that and much more straight ahead. follow the wings.
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>> the battle is over after nearly 14 months of campaigning. mitt romney has at any tonight d
6:38 pm
the republican nomination. he's reached the delegate threshold that's need today win the nomination. tonight's victory signals the end of the gop primary fight which means we can look directly ahead to the november general election. joining us tonight live from the great state of texas, and that's the state that helped push romney over the top to get the nomination, texas governor, romney sr. gat, governor rick perry. how are you? long time no see. >> i'm good, sean. thank you. >> first of all, how did obama do? i'm watching kentucky. you know, he watched 42% in kentucky, arkansas. and we saw what happened i think it was west virginia when he was losing to a convicted felon in prison. is the president doing all right there in the state tonight? >> yeah. i think he's doing all right. there were no -- there were any prisoners running against him so i think he did rather well. congratulations to governor romney. it was an overwhelming victory
6:39 pm
obviously for him here. and i want to say to he and ann congratulations and quite appropriate that the state with the best economy in the country would be the one to nominate the president -- or i should say our nominee for president who is going to carry a message about job creation to this country. so it wasn't lost on us in texas, a place that gets it about job creation, nominated a man who is really going to work hard to take that message of job creation all across this country. and it ought to be no contest when you look at these two people's record. >> it sounds like you are at a quiet cocktail party there. what is that, governor? >> it's a small meeting here in georgetown, the home of southwest university, the oldest college in the state of texas. so not to be confused with georgetown up in your part of the world. >> i got to tell you, i got a
6:40 pm
picture, and it's actually interesting because it's from earlier tonight. donald trump with mitt romney and newt gingrich. if you look -- i don't think you have a monitor there, gov authority, but right behind it is our show from hannity tonight, which i'm glad they had the right channel on. there's talk aft unity tour with all of the candidates going out there together because it was a pretty heated primary. got in the battle. it was heated with you, heated with newt, heated with santorum. >> it was a great contest. >> what's that? >> it was a great contest. it was a great contest. it was the type of competition that you want to see where ideas were put out there and some of the ideas that we laid out are still being talk about, whether it deals with the war on religion, whether it deals with the budget that we laid out. all of those were great ideas. and i think our nominee, governor romney, is a stronger candidate now because of going
6:41 pm
through that process. and i can promise you -- well, let me speak for myself. and i think the bulk of our contestants will be helping mitt every inch of the way. i can promise you i will be. >> is there any talk that you know of a unity tour of some kind, where all of the gop nominees out together, showing unity, telling the country that whatever ads obama runs and what we said in the primary isn't going to matter? have you heard any talk of that? >> i haven't, but it sounds like a great idea. i'll be the first to sign up for it. >> governor, good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> good to see you and come on down to texas. >> i'm an honorary citizen because you made me one. >> come on down. >> thank you. we will check with greta for a sneak-peek in what is coming up in 19 short minutes. how are you, greta? >> we have a smoking show tonight. donald trump, boy, he's not heat of the battle. what a controversy he has
6:42 pm
swirling around him. >> shocker. >> it is a shocker. plus congressman allen west, ambassador john bolden are here. we are all here and more. make sure you list he on the way home on your satellite radio, sean. >> i will be. but did you see the picture from earlier tonight, it was newt, trump and romney, and look what they have on in the background. >> i just heard you talking with the governor. >> that's from tonight's show. >> is that a picture of me in the back? >> no, no. >> is that a picture of me? >> no. you are coming up in 18 minutes. but i want everybody to watch. you will have donald trump on. >> i think that's a picture of me. i think you are lying. >> unless you look like me. you look better as you. >> i can't see on the monitor. >> all right. >> it's found see you on tv on tv. >> anyway, i thought it was interesting. greta coming up in 18 short minutes. let not your heart be troubled. we've seen photos from our
6:43 pm
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>> tonight our great, great, great american panel. michael is here. and she's a fox news contributor and our friend dr. mark siegel is with us. and good to see you all. i've never been a birther. it was odd they didn't released the birth certificate. you asked me for it, it's a pretty significant, doc? >> absolutely. it's very suspicious he's not coming forward with us his college records. but what about parody here? back in 2008 i was outlook at john mccain's medical records.
6:48 pm
the mainstream media was all overlook being for the melanoma, looking for this and that and then senator obama has one page released from his doctor. they never look into his smoking history and never made it parody. >> i'm actually more medical privacy. >> but in 2004, you remember george w. bush, president bush, a student at yale, and john kerry supposedly an a student and after the election it comes out that kerry had four ds. i met president bush lately. and the very first thing you notice is how start he is. >> and if you get ds you can't be president? >> i have no problem with that. >> but you brought up the parody. >> i don't remember other presidents being asked to produce their college transcripts. >> and bill clinton? >> precisely. why is the standard different for barack obama? >> hold on, hold on. >> what they did to george w. bush was totally unfair. >> i agree.
6:49 pm
>> and that set a bad precedent. >> but barack obama set his own standard. he's going to be the most transparent president ever. but here's the deal. i don't know how you go from i was in a daze my last two years of high school, i drank heavily, i did drugs, including blow enthusiastically. >> are you talking about bush? >> no, i'm talk about president obama admitting in his own words. how do you from there to occidental and columbia this harvard? explain so we know more about it. >> i don't know how he did go to that path, but he was in the top 10% of his class at harvard, and that is so incredibly hard to do. >> so how did we get there? >> how did we get there? >> so he should just release the records because his greats were good. >> maybe a thesis that is controversial that he doesn't want us to see? >> i don't know but whatever he did he probably scored semi well because he ended up able to achieve at harvard law. >> we around having this problem with romney. 3.97 from brigham young.
6:50 pm
top five hers of the business class from the law school. i don't think obama is hiding that he did poorly at law school, that's for sure, but the question is why doesn't he release it? >> i want to see it. is it like the lost years at columbia, the lost years at occidental. >> what they did to george w. bush set the precedent. >> but that wasn't from adrian transcript. that was from people talking about it. >> that was a total invasion of privacy from the new yorker going in and getting his personal records. >> president bush was not hiding anything. he said this is what i got this is what we need to see now. >> we had one on the program that gave a good rant on his radio program, and david has a new book out. and in his book they are really saying that obama was a pothead. i mean, and obama admits it in his own voice, his words, that he was in a daze, that he drank heavily, did drugs enthusiastically. >> he shouldn't be re-elected because of what you are saying?
6:51 pm
>> no, no, the question is where are the questions on this? >> you are asking them. >> no one heard what i played on this ram. that obama in his own words using these things. should that matter? >> what matters is with he need transparency. of course, it should matter. you are raising very legitimate questions, sean. i want to know what his grades are because we had to know what george bush's grades were and that was a factor in the election in 2004. >> it wasn't a factor. >> it was. >> they made a huge deal over it. >> you think a voter walked in and said george bush's transcript was so bad i'm not going to vote for him? >> i think lisa is right. issues one, two and three in the campaign is economy, four, five six and national security, and i have seven, eight, and nine. and i want to see his transcripts. i think there's something odd here. they say they are going to be transparent and then they are never transparent. why not just release the records, get them out there so we can see -- wait a minute. answer the question.
6:52 pm
why nonet just release them. >> i don't know. what about that kill story? >> there's never been a standard like this related to the twitter world or the blogosphere. he's had to deal with what no other president has had to deal with. i don't understand the transparency thing, he's been one of the most transparent president in history because of the media blogs. that's not true. >> and the other day he was complaining about the media and that was such a joke because he got such gracious treatment. >> barack obama, gracious treatment? >> if you compare him to george w. bush. >> there is no comparison. >> exactly. hello. >> and he got more disrespect than -- >> look at the primary with hillary clinton. the kids at dartmouth were holding up signing -- >> i don't ever recall racial epithets going to george bush but they are always going to obama. >> who? >> and the big rallies and what
6:53 pm
they will do with his image? you never saw that. >> i saw the horrible things that were done against hillary. >> we are talking about -- >> we are talking about -- there's no prominent republican. >> this keeps coming up and people keep raising these questions. america voted for barack obama. he's an african-american, and people still try to bring race into it. it's his competency and his failed policies it will be on on the ballot this year. >> people don't try to bring race in it. race is still sart of everyday life in america. >> more with the great, great american panel coming up straight ahead.
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>> we continue with our great, great american panel. barney grave at dartmouth. here's what he said. >> i want to acknowledge a man whose played a major role. and that's hubie jones. he worked with him. he got an honorary degree here. when you get an honorary degree you get one of these. and hubie, you now have something you can wear and nobody will shoot at you. >> that's a racially problematic comment. first of all, hubie is a great american in his own right.
6:58 pm
he was inspired by martin luther king. he was the dean of the school of social work at boston university for many years. this honorary degree is meaningless in his large career so he's patting him on his head and say now you have outgrown his hoodie? >> it just wasn't funny. >> i can't defend what congressman frank said on that. clearly i'm sure -- >> i'm enjoying this a lot. take your time, michael. >> he's trying to keep folks engaged in his speech and he probably misspoke. >> it absolutely tanked. >> and he said he's used the joke before. >> maybe he had audiences that were kissing up to him and laughed because the dartmouth people didn't think it was funny. >> donald trump and george will get into it, and then donald trump -- let's roll these. >> i thought your property was very inaccurate in his description, and i thought the introduction was totally inappropriate and was actually very dishonest. >> tell us why.
6:59 pm
>> because what he said was wrong and what he said was almost as though president obama wrote it. but i'm sure he knows that, and i thought it was a very inappropriate introduction. but go ahead with your first question. you know that's what aim here to talk about. and i thought that your introduction was highly inappropriate but that's okay because i've got tone know you over the years. >> a little about donald, he calls them as it was and he made an inappropriate introduction and the idea that the republicans are trying to wrap donald trump, distance yourself from trump, but the president doesn't have to distance himself from his radical friends drives me nuts. >> i'm on team george will on this one. i like what george will said when he -- his earlier comments when he said that. >> an ignoramus? >> i personally kind of agree with it. >> why? >> i think he's showboating and i personally don't respect what's done in his career.


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