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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 30, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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ask >> well, good morning. thanks so much for getting up with us so early. >> i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. thank you for watching fox and friends first. >> mitt romney officially the republican nominee for president of the united states. doug luzader has more. what's next for mitt romney? >> the convention. finished the becoming the republican nominee. it was texas that put mitt rom nooefr the edge. he walked away with about 69 percent of the vote.
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that would give him about 97 delegates. he only needed 58 to cross the threshold of 1144. he got the numbers to clench the nomination at the convention. texas was the last state he needed. he was in las vegas, nevada with you also at a fundraiser with donald trump. the democrats lampooned because of trump's position on birth place of obama. >> birth place is only one part of the equation. >> he said i would like to change the constitution. i am not sureic do it. i would like to have a provision in the constitution that the age of the president and citizenship of the president and birth place
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of the president i would like it also to say the president has to spend at least three years working in business before he could become president of the united states. >> the results in texas last night. romney came in first but texas congressman ron paul came in second. the race may be decided at this point. ron paul is still in the hunt. he picked up 10 more delegates. they are planning something at the convention in florida. mitt romney big win in texas has the state's governor rick perry talking as well. >> romney's former competitor saying he is the man who will get the economy back on track. listen to this. >> quite appropriate that the state with the best economy and the country would be the one to nominate the president or i should say our nominee for president who is going to carry a message about job creation to this country.
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in texas a place about job creations nominated a man who is really going to work hard to take that message of job creation all across this country. it ought to be no contest when you look at these two people's record. hannity also asked about this unit tour where they will come together to campaign against obama. governor perry saying he wasn't heard anything about it yet but if so he would be one of the first to sign up if it were to happen. another big talker is president obama's kill list. that is a list of suspected terrorists that he is allowed to kill. there's a new report out that details the program and how the administration decides who is on the list. >> the staunchest supporters are calling this program into question. but the white house is defending the tactics. >> president obama made clear from the start to adviseors we were going to take whatever
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steps necessary to protect the american people from harm. also we were at all times going to act in a matter that was both lawful and consistent with values. >> a lot of people are critical of this list because of how the president criticized then bush's tactics on the war on terror. here is a story that shows he kills by remote control. two problems. number one as a military strategy we around the getting any intelligence. it's the path of less resistance. we are letting off the intelligence of the bush years soon it will not be useful because it will be outdated. second is a moral argument. he we knnt around pruning aboutw the moral direction of the united states how we have lost our way with iraq with advanced
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interrogations. now he is going around killing people. i am not against it but when you talk about how terrible the bush administration was for enhanced interrogation they didn't go around killing people in the air and if necessary often happens the family as well. they lost the moral highland here. i understand why he is doing it. it makes him look tough. >> the kill list talked about by the new york sometimes yesterda -- new york times yesterday. those are the top five stories at this hour. we begin with a fox news alert. supreme court ruling moments ago that wiki leaks founder julian assange will be reported back to sweden to face sexual abuse charges. he had been fighting extradition for two years now. he has one last chance with an appeal in france. he will be sentenced he can also
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face extradition to the united states. here he is being prosecuted for releasing documents on his wiki leaks web site. pedro hernandez not keeping quiet about her brother's alleged involvement in the death of etan patz. he went back to the scene of the crime several years later. he returned to work at the same store where he says he strangled the 6-year-old. hernandez remains in a psychiatric hospital doctors have said he has been charged with second degree murder. a 4.0 earthquake centers 35 miles southwest of malibu. people as far away as los angeles could feel the shaking there. no injuries or damage reported yet. it was a special night at the white house president obama honoring 12 recipients with the
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medal of freedom. >> oo it is a testimony to how cool this group is. everybody wanted to check them out. >> the medal of freedom is the country's highest civilian honor. among the resip yants madeleine albright, john glenn and music legend bob dylan. the bigs giants in american history. perez will also receive the award next month. bob dillon. >> that's an interesting one. >> i thought that's what the rock and roll hall of fame was for. >> prince william talking babies? >> is thestarting a family. >> is there anything you would like to tell me? >> there he was giving a rare interview in on another of the diamond jubilee celebrating his grandmother. >> queen elizabeth the 60 year
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reign. the prince opening up about his wedding day it was difficult not to have his mother sprins diae - princess diana there. >> oo we are not done talking about beryl yet. >> hey. we are looking at tropical depression beryl strengthening and becoming a prop cal storm as we head into late tonight and tomorrow morning. it is pulling in some of the warmer air that he is the reason it is strengthening. the wind isn't a big deal it's more of the rain we will be seeing from the storm system. it is expected in the next 24-48-hours becoming a tropical storm once again. it will just remain over open waters so we are not expecting another land fall.
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it will start along the carolina coastline and also move out towards the northeast out to sea and continue to strengthen. there is flooding across eastern parts of south carolina including myrtle beach and wilmington and the outer banks. talking about 2-4 inches of rain locally about a half. flooding a big concern. we see more severe weather across nebraska, kansas, oklahoma and northern parts of texas and storm prediction center issued a moderate risk in the afternoon and evening hours. large hail damaging winds and tornadoes will be possible in this area. we will keep a close eye on it at the fox news channel. heat continues across texas.
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96 the high in dallas. 92 memphis. several warm days in new york city 80 degrees. kill looler today th-- little c today than it was. we have a front coming through and relief from the hot path. stories you can bank on including the facebook flop. the company's stock now falling to a new low. below $30. >> remember the original rate was 35 bucks. came out 38 bucks a share. lost a quarter of its value. it is still early 7 trading days in. a lot of concerns about the trading, class action lawsuits, giving a few investors before the ipo. yesterday was the first day they could make bets using options. cell the stock at a given price.
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the biggest bet is it about keep sliding a $900,000 bet it will payoff if facebook stock keeps sliding. >> facebook is also partly to blame for the high evaluation of the stock, too. >> a lot of big companies according to one report are hoarding more than a trillion dollars. >> they are concerned about a credit squeeze. they are saying these companies sitting on the cash they are getting nothing. look at your own bank account. the interest they are paying on the debt they should be reinvesting in capital equipment or perhaps hiring. this is one of the reasons we are not seeing them hiring. >> they don't know what's going to happen. >> they don't know. >> apple seeing new products. what do we know about it. >> they believe in redeploying their cash. chief executive in an exclusive interview with sister jobs
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talking about what was coming. but he did talk more about being transparent about what's going on. he wants to bring more products into the u.s. >> they are going to roll out the new products just after we buy. >> the developer's conference is coming june 11th. stand by for details then. >> maybe a few hints there. robert fox business network. thank you so much. it is 12 minutes after the hour. you remember this gsa official who was caught on tape boasting about lavish spending at a conference? >> we would like to talk to you about paying for the party held at the commissioner's last night. >> guess what? that guy on the right with the microphone, he is back to work now and it is all on your dime. california drivers thought they were buying special license plates to help the families of 9-11 victims. turps out the debt stricken state may actually be profiting.
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we will have the details ahead. as we head to the break let's look at the prices at the pump. national average is $3.53 a gallon. $3.63 a gallon. sarah... will you marry me?
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>> welcome back. it is 16 after the top of the hour. here are the headline we are following for you. they have no plans in syria despite the massacre of over 100 civilians. the white house says it does not believe mill tearzation is the right course of action. it would just lead to more chaos and karnage. mitt romney calling for more direct action. homemade bomb kills a member of the u.s. led native coalition in southern afghanistan. at least 173 native troops have
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died there this year. >> florida senator marco rubio making a trip to guantanamo bay cuba, yesterday. it was the first visit since his parents fled a decade ago. he is a member of the senate intelligence committee. he spoke about it last night. listen here. we had a very productive meeting in guantanamo bay, cuba where they had a significant naval presence and historic one. it was great meeting the men and women of our armed forces. os obtaining policies and the way they conduct the tribuntrib. pleased with the effort of our armed services and the work they do important work they do and work that goes on there at the facility. it was touching to be able to fly over the island to know that's the land you saw your parents and grandparents born.
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a free cuba one where the people of cuba can choose their hereineds and future. >> man no folks hoping with that. with this trip a lot of chatter whether rubio's trip was politically motivated or not. he took questions. is it meant to bolster his foreign policy experience as a possible spot as mitt romney's running mate. allen west had harsh words for president obama. the florida congressman was on with greta van susteren paren. calling the white house think w we violated one of the basic premises of military operations operations security. it shows the amateur nature of this administration with president obama talking too much about this operation. listen careful to some of the
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words and we were able to back trace this and put the pieces together on this side. he was sentenced to 33 years for treason. here's how we would like you to brew on today. he was making jokes about living it up on your dime at a lavish bash in las vegas. it costs taxpayers more than $800,000. remember this one? >> the hotel would like to talk to you about paying for the parties held in the commissioner's suite last night. >> that guy who was just talking right there on the right of the scene we learned that gsa deputy commissioner david foley quietly return to do his job. foley was referred to as a platinum big leaguer. he was placed on leave last month. late last week we learned the gsa employee who planned the las vegas event is no longer at the agency. that leads to brew on this
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question. david foley back to work should the obama administration come in and clean house. shoot us to the e-mail at that's an interesting one. deputy commissioner says he has no actual role in planning this conference. a lot of folks clean house. we will see what happens. 20 after the top of the hour. funds from the california license plates were supposed to go to families of 9-11 victims but the new report says the cash strapped may actually be profiting from the -- the state might actually be profiting. jeb bush making big 2012 news singing a different tune about a possible vice presidential spot? we will give you those details coming right up.
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>> 24 minutes after the hour. charles tailor will be sentenced for war crimes. he was sentenced for apaiding rebels. he was the first head of state to be convicted as a war trill since world war ii. the u.s. marines on the front line may have a lighter load to carry thanks to the solar backpacks. it will help produce fuel in the overall weight of the batteries and also provide more reliable electricity. anything to lighten the load. >> anything for our marines. >> there is a special license plate in california was made as a tribute to victims of the
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99-11 terror attacks. people who bought one they were told their money would help families who lost loved ones and fund counter-terrorism. millions went to the state deep in debt. ainsley earhardt is here with this story. >> after 9-11 california lawmakers looked at a way to embrace the country's patriotism and help the victim's family. the answer the special license plates with the words we will never forget. they cost an initial 50 bucks plus $40 in annual renewal fee. 15 percent of the money would go to scholarships for the victim's children. the majority of the money 85 percent for counter-terrorism efforts. that is not exactly what happened. associated press review of the $15 million collected so far found governor sherry brown and arnold schwarzenegger used a combined $3 millions to put a
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patch on the state's budget deficit. then the legislator used millions more on issues like workplace safety and livestock diseases. only a tiny fraction has gone toward scholarships and 40 percent to counter-terrorism training. this is an insult to the memory of those who died. we contacted california department of motor vehicles this is what they said. quote everyone who applied for a 9-11 scholarship received one and has money in the account dedicate to do that purpose. to receive the greatest accountability they have directed the office of state audit and evaluations to review the funding for all special interest license plates. later on stewart barney will be here to comment and talk more about the issue. >> back over to you heather. >> quite a story. you think you are giving
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your money to one thung a-- thi they take it. >> it is now 26 after the top of the hour. justin bieber facing jail time? new developments over his alleged confrontation with paparazzi. are you obsessed with your weight. some people weigh themselves 2 or 3 times a day. dr. keith is here to tell you whether you are normal or nuts. first on this day in history the first indy 500 was held. coming up this year's winner of the indy 500. 27 minutes after the hour. [ female announcer ] roam like the gnome this summer.
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>> welcome back to fox and friends first. i am heather childers. thank you for joining us. >> i am heather nauert. it is 31 minutes after the hour. mitt romney finally crosses the finish line in reaching that magic number of delegates that he needs for the republican presidential nomination. steve sen tis covering the stor. what's next or romney? >> a big campaign trip on the west coast. it is almost official it appears
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mitt romney will be the nominee of the republican party to run against barack obama. he won't be officially nominated until the convention in late august in tampa, florida. but the texas primary gave romney 97 more delegates and he only needed 58 to krosh tcross threshold of 1,144. romney was in texas he didn't need to campaign there. he was in nevada at a fupd razor. i am honored americans across the country have given that eir support to my candidacy and i am humble to win the number of delegates needed to run as the presidential nominee. will he go to hillsborough, california in the heart of obama country he will be raising campaign funds and beverly hills in southern california. he has one major fundraising event every day for the rest of the week. republican party is ready to
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nominate romney. the chairman put out this statement saying i congratulate governor romney on winning the texas primary securing the delegates needed to be the nominee at our convention. we need a leader who understands job creation and respects the private sector. that leader is mitt romney. ron paul won another 10 delegates. it doesn't appear he is going to be the nominee. steve centanni in washington. thanks, steve. and now it is time for your 5 at 5:30. the top five stories making news for you at this hour. the former student convicted of spying on his roommate by web cam has finally apologized. called his actions thoughtless and insensitive but in no way
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were motivated a desire to hurt any one. he will turn himself into jail tomorrow he was sentenced to 30-days but could be out in 20 with good behavior. ann torres resigning days after the new jersey mayor criticized obama on national television. booker caused an uproar with when he called the attacks ads against mitt romney quote nauseating. >> from a personal level i am not about to sit here and indict private equity. it's a ridiculous area it's nauseating enough is enough. he apologized walked out we know the back on youtube not long after. she denies her part in any of the comments. she admits they don't see eye to eye on how communication should be run. days after ims head
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christine liguard criticized them for not paying taxes. she is not paying taxes either. she is making 460,000 dollars in tax free income. she also gets an allowance of 80,000 dollars. she sparked backlash when she said the financial crisis was because of its on citizens failing to pay taxes. jeb bush is softening his resistance to the idea of being mitt romney's running mate. bush said if romney asked him to be vice president he would quote consider it very carefully. he said it would be his duty to help romney beat president obama. bush's father and brother were both president and often shot down he would be his pick. he also said marco rubio would be the best choice for vice president. >> he traveled 20 hours straight from korea to tampa international airport to pop
2:36 am
this question. >> will you marry me? >> yes, of course. (applause) >> she said yes. gavin hill shocked his girlfriend of two years with a proposal in front of family and friends. they are ready to take the big step. >> it's been about 7 months since i have seen her last. keeping up on skype. >> it's very hard, but it's worth it. he is a good guy. now it's going to make me cry. >> they plan to celebrate their engagement while he is home for the next 20 days. >> those are your 5 headlines at 5:30. >> now straight to fox news alert after nearly two years af legal wrangling supreme court just ruled to send as sang back to sweden to face sex charges.
2:37 am
they have ruled but there is yet another delay in the extradition of wiki leaks founder julian assange. he is accused of sexual molestation charges in sweden. since then he has been in the u.k. fighting any move to send him back. the british tsupreme court rule that he could and should return to sweden. he will stay at least two weeks on a technicality. the prosecutor issued the order and it should have been a swedish judge. the supreme court disagreed with that today but said they will discuss it furtherment the ba. even if he loses he could take it to the european courts of human rights. none of this is dealing with the basis of those alleged crimes in
2:38 am
sweden. none of it deals with the wikileaks activities itself which the state feel he should be involved classified state department and military documents which some have said in the state -- officials have said this compromised american soldiers american diplomats american sources in the field. he remains under house rays here. he's also hosting a tv talk show on the russian state television. thank you very much. reporting live for us this morning. appreciate it. before you leave the house let's get an update with maria molina who has the lingering effects of beryl. >> the storm is strengthening. winds 35 miles per hour. the wind isn't the big story with beryl. whether it's a depression or
2:39 am
tropical storm whichs is forecast to remain tropical storm stratus. it is expected to bring heavy rain in the outer banks where we can get 4 inches of rain easily. moderate risk for oklahoma and texas. there is a chance you could be seeing large hail damming winds and tornadoes from the storm system. showers and storms adding with beryl. >> thank you so much. we will keep following that. >> selling records to criminal records there are reports justin bieber's stufl with a paparazzi
2:40 am
will be referred to the da for hitting a photographer in the face outside of a mall in california. if charged and convicted he could spend 6 months in jail. word is police have been trying to interview him but he is too busy jetting arounded europe. american idol winner phillip phillips. doctors had to postpone his kidney surgery because of a high fever t. has been rescheduled for early next week. >> legendary folk artist dock. ♪ >> considered one of the best guitar players of all times despite being complete blind. he released 8 records won 8 grammy awards and one for lifetime achievement.
2:41 am
he died after several days of falling in his home and under going abdominal surgery. he was 89 years old. >> 40 minutes after the top of the hour. for his wife and husband puts his mother first. he's a billionaire but his facebook co founder mark zuckerburg also a cheap skate? why one waitress is crying foul. it is 40 minutes after the hour.
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>> good morning. 15 minutes before the hour as we span the globe to see what stories are making headlines overseas. first let's go to italy where rescue workers are still searching for one person who is unaccounted for in that country's second didly qua-- dey
2:45 am
quake in 10-days. two people were killed in the earthquake. clouds of ash from a volcano shutting down airport traffic there. 80 miles west it is expected to erupt within the next few weeks. >> oo last let's go to south africa thousands gathering to record a special happy birthday song for nelson mandela. the top musicians sports and celebrities taking part. he turns 94 in july. it may not be the best time to sell a home, but it might be the right time to buy one. housing prices hitting the lowest level in years. it is a buyer's market. hi diane. >> hi heather. if you didn't think it was a buyer's market before the s&p report might help.
2:46 am
u.s. home prices fell 2.6 percent in march bringing them to new lows. david glitzer called the decline disappointing. he added the housing market is seeing stability and possibly some gain as low mortgage rates loosening credit positions and pulling some buyers back in the market. since we are entering a seasonal buying period you should look at annual rates. it is important to look at more than one report. we will be getting another one in. national association for retailers came out with its numbers of pending home sales at 10:00 a.m. eastern. those are expected to be up .1 percent for the month of april. we will have it on the fox business network as soon as it is processes and we will explain what it all means. thank you very much diane. 46 minutes after the hour. you ever have these vivid dreams that don't make sense? i talked to doctor ab low about
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this is it normal or is it nuts? >> last chance to answer the question of the day. a gsa official under fire is back to work. should the obama administration clean out? let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends". >> starting in about 13 minutes from now the winner of the indy 500 will be pulling into our pit spot. dr. ab low will stick around to answer some of your e-mails to tell you if you are normal or nuts. the surfer who broke the world record for the highest wave ever. hanging 106789 haten. stick around for "fox & friends". where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing
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>> we all have individual quirks. they cross the line from what can whacky to wore srisomworri. here to answer questions is dr. keith ablow. >> my pleasure. >> a husband puts his wife or his mother first actually. here is what was written in. i am the third wife of a man whose man his first priority is his mom. his mom is the reason they split. they do everything together. when i try to discuss it he says she is his responsibility. that being the mom. >> okay. yes, he's crazy. she is a little nuts, too, to
2:52 am
marry someone who is already married. he's already married to his mother. he is a bigamist. divorcing said man and letting him be on his own will make him good with the law because he has a wife, his mom. he needs therapy she needs therapy. why did she marry someone who is unavailable certainly. >> she is the 4th wife in that one. vivid nightmares. lately i have been having vivid nightmares. my teen niece got arrested. another cut my hand badly. i don't sleep much. these dreams are troubling. >> so many who struggle don't. give it credence and think about what's worrying you in life. there are good medicines for this. >> finally people that weigh themselves a lot. i don't necessarily do this, but there are some people that do.
2:53 am
i weigh myself first thing in the morning every time i go to the bathroom after i am done eating and first thing before i go to bed. >> this was an e-mail. >> i don't do this. i just recently bought a scale. >> it is classic obsessive compulsive disorder and eating disorder. you think you can control your weight everything will be okay. it's not that it's something else. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> normal or nuts. send dr. ablow your questions he will hill you if you are normal or nuts. what do you think? >> i think toss that scale out the window. 53 minutes after the hour. we asked you to brew on this a sus pengd suspended gsa official is back on the job.
2:54 am
after they through the $800,000 bash we all paid for the question of the day is this. should the obama administration step in and clean house? well according to our facebook poll 86 percent of you said yes. here are some of your other responses shelly from north carolina e-mailed us saying they should do more to clean house. they should put them in prison where they be long. white house and congress can clean their own house. i am sure they wouldn't be able to do that to the gsa. thank you to everyone who responded and keep the comments coming. 6 minutes before the hour. he's a billionaire but facebook co founder jukzuckerburg a cheap-skate? the word of the day all scrambled up. stick around for the answer. it is coming up next.
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>> welcome back. thousands of first responders and recovery workers who made heroic sacrifices after the 9/11 attacks will be honored in a tribute tonight at the 9/11 memorial. the event marking the 10-year anniversary of the official end of cleanup efforts at ground zero. and she's being called the neighbor from hell. >> psychological evaluation and they said that if i were to have been a man, that this would not have been happening but because i'm a single female, i have a very good job. i have the biggest house in the neighborhood. >> 49-year-old lori christiansen is barred from her own home in minnesota after being charged with harassing and stalking her neighbors. among other things, they say that christiansen posted taunting signs on her garage door and they even videotaped her dancing provocatively outside a 12-year-old's birthday party. if convicted, christiansen could
2:59 am
face up to 10 years in prison. just a couple of minutes before the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly this morning. first, the good. japan's fugitive penguin has been caught. now, this 1-year-old penguin escaped from a tokyo marine park three months ago but now he's back happy and healthy. wonder where he was all this time. facebook co-founder mark zuckerberg apparently stiffed his waiter while he was on his honeymoon in rome. the meal costs about $40. that's exactly what he left. and the ugly, a fast food customer in ohio rams his car into a taco bell. why? because an employee forgot to give him his $0.99 taco. he's now facing vandalism charges. >> must have been some taco, huh? maybe one of those new ones wrapped in a dorito. time to get all scrambled up and gretchen carlson here to help us out with this one. i know what this one is. >> zamboni. >> is it papparazzi?


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