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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 30, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>megyn: tom e-mailed said the f.a.a. should investigate the situation. what do you think? let me know on twitter. follow me and we will talk about it. and now, "studio b" with trace here for shepard. trace? >>trace: thank you, the the news begins anew. on "studio b," what would you say to the man who is attacking you in hopes of getting your job? president obama's phone call to the presumptive nominee, governor romney. and now facebook has lost $25 billion in value since the initial public offering. >> and a senior iranian military official says a sophisticated computer virus stalled operations at the main oil facility. and this is not the first time a cyber weapon has hit iran. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" today.
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we do begin with breaking news this coming northeast of seattle reports of health people gun shot victims inside a cafe northeast of seattle. this is the racer cafe, or cafe racer. the word is a man walked in there and opened fire. there are confirmed two people who have been killed. a third with life threatening injuries and two others have been taken to a hospital. now we have word that the gunman is on the loose. he is considered armed and very dangerous. described as a white male. 30 to 40. 6' 1", very thin, brown hair. and there is a report of another shooting which appears to be a carjacking and police are trying to figure out if these two shootings are in such way connected. and now live to dan springer in the seattle newsroom. dan, what else do we know? >>reporter: chaos out there with to different shooting in the same area. and the cops are trying to
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determine if they are related. as you mention there were five people shot at the cafe and down the block another shooting. and we can tell you that the area is in lockdown. you have two high schools, high school roosevelt, is if lockdown and two other schools, a middle school and an elementary school, that are also shelter-in-place right now. and you mention two deceased victims they are men. we know there is a woman who was shot, as well. and she has life-threatening injuries but right now we do not know much more of the shooter other than described as 35, thin, and seen running away north from the scene so, the area around it is in lockdown and police are looking for this guy right now. >>trace: dan springer live from seattle. and the description we mention the second shooting there, the christmas of the second shooter was different from the first. so, again, police now trying to figure out if the two shootings around this same time in seattle are connected.
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dan, i guess the question would be, now, once the area is on lockdown and the two shootings, again, ten members away, we don't have any idea where this first shooter could be located or where he was headed? >>reporter: we know he took off on the facility he was seen running away from the cafe. but, again, this just happened about 50 minutes ago so this is fresh. they are still in the area, thinking if he left on foot he is close by. and that's why you have so much of the area on lockdown because they believe that he is still in the area and not seen getting into a car and they believe they have him in a cordoned off area and it is a matter whether he shrimped through or not. >>trace: dan springer, live, following breaking developments. and more breaking news, this time coming from chicago o'hare international airport there are now reports that a 747 cargo plane has now collided we with a
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commuter plane. in some capacity the two planes clipped wing tips. we believe that is the 747 right there. and now, we are following break news from new york. what do we know? >>reporter: this is coming in at the o'hare international airport the planes got close enough to touch and a big difference between the airplanes. a 747 airliner clipping the tail of a regional jet. so if you can get your mind around how were bigger the 747 would be than the regional, american eagle regional and a cargo aircraft making contact on the ground now we are learning at o'hare airport. officials say the american 4265 flight from springfield, missouri, just landed and was taxi over to the gate when somehow or another the cargo flight aircraft flight 661, clipped the tail coming from
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alaska. we are not clear on how two such large objects could end up touching on a taxi way. we are learning more about it as the news warrants. as you can imagine, making big news at o'hare international airport where you can see clearly, trace, in this picture, live from there, a lot of planes all over the place, a very busy afternoon. back to you. >>trace: it look like, if i can look at the video this is live from the fox affiliate in chicago, and you look at the 747 cargo plane it looks if they stepped the whole thing much the commuter jet was backing out and the 747 coming down the taxi way and the wing, the right wing of the 747, is now in contact, still, with the tail section of that american eagle regional jet. we know there were some transmissions between the air traffic controller and the plane. do we though anything about passengers on the regional jet? >>reporter: that is what i am trying to find out now, trace. as the news comes in what we
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know is it was a full flight from springfield, missouri, but i don't have a number of passengers. you absolutely right the two planes in the center of the screen, you can see where they appear to have contact right now. we cannot tell if they are still touching but that obviously is where they came together. and the airport is still operational the only thing they brought to the halt on the tarmac are the two planes that somehow clipped. >>trace: and a little bit of damage on both planes. harris, thank you from new york. we will keep monitoring that from wfld in chicago. >> the president called on congress to push through his so-called economic "to do" list before signing a bipartisan bill that the lawsuit claims could help thousands of american businesses sell their products overseas. early this month, lawmakers pass add bill renewing what is called the import-import bank despite complaints from conservative whose claim the bank distorts the market. last year the bank gave tens of
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billions if afternoons -- of billions in loans to businesses. but he slammed lawmakers for not pushing for of his policy. all it makes no sense to give tax breaks to companies pushing jobs overseas. so, instead, we cover moving expenses for companies that are interested in bringing jobs back to america. >>trace: the "washington post" reports that while the nation's unemployment rate has shown signs of improve president, the percentage of workers if their prime working age who have jobs is now about 76 percent which is just a percentage more than what it was at the lowest point of the great recession. and now live for us from the white house. ed, there is a big number coming out friday, the monthly jobs report. what is the president saying
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about the current state of the economy? >>guest: well, you are right for the month of may. i can tell you the top white house official say in private they are bracing for that report. because at the end of last year and going of this year it seemed like job growth was pretty strong for the president. and over the last couple of months you have seen the monthly jobs report come in lower-than-expected. so, this could really set the narrative for the next few months, in terms of the presidential campaign and in terms of what the president is saying. today he was trying, perhaps, to set specifications low by saying that there is still a long way to go. take a listen. >> america has come through some tough times together. and it will take more time than any of us would like to get to a place where all of us have fully recovered from the worst recession in our lives. there will continue to be hurdles and continue to be head winds that we cannot fully criminal.
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>> so when you mention the "washington post" report the unemployment rate has ticked down largely not for good reasons but bad reasons. a lot of people are throwing up their hands and not looking if work so they are not counted by the government. that lower withs the rate and obviously something a president wants to turn around. >>trace: which goes to consumer confidence. it has dipped to eight-month low. >>reporter: that is right. that study coming out yesterday and that sets the table if this friday jobs report because bottom line, analysts were saying consumer confidence should be getting better because gas prices, oil prices have come down so people should have more money in their pockets to spend if they are not paying to much. but the big issue is that european debt crisis, that is dragging down the united states economy and they are bracing for what happens next in greece, spain, places where the president has very little control right now, could have a major impact not just on our economy but at the election in november.
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>>trace: ed, thank you. early today, rebound called the former governor romney to congratulate him on clinching the g.o.p. nomination last night. the president said he looked forward to and i quote, "an important and healthy debate over the next few months." but don't expect them to stay friendly. campaign carl cameron is live for us in washington, dc, with more. >>carl: you do not want to expect a lot of civility between the rivals for the most powerful office in the whole world. president obama did actually give governor romney a congratulations call for locking up the nomination and a spokesman said "president obama said he looks forward to an important debate eight -- about america's future." it took planned parenthood less than a day to endorse president obama and launch a $1.4 million wave of attack ads on romney in iowa and florida for being pro
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life. after bashing his business record obama declared open season on his record as governor of massachusetts. trace? >>trace: so, is president obama's campaign backing off business attacks? >>carl: they may want to given the backlash from democrats but they say, no, they are expanding their existing attacks from romney's private business record to the public gubernatorial record and blanketing ads on the web and television, and videos and all hammering romney for the slowest rates of job growth in the country when governor of mass, 47th out of 50. but romney campaign says this is a misleading crunching of the numbers because in the job growth during they of his four years in office as the chief executive of the bay state unemployment fell from 5.6 percent to 4.7 percent. so, the romney campaign says the country should be so lucky.
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>>trace: carl cameron live for us from washington, dc. thank you. we will look at the attacks from both sides and how planned parenthood is now getting involved. our political panel weighs in on that, coming up a little later on in "studio b." and wikileaks founder has lost what may have been the last chance at avoiding a section -- sexual assault trial and is days after from extradition. the latest on that is next. >> and the sky diving grandmother who almost fell to her death. now at least three different groups are trying to find out what happened and how it happened. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm.
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little earlier the regional jet now at the date to the right of the wing clipped the wings of the 747 cargo jet and the f.a.a. has confirmed the two planes did clip wings. we are told the cargo jet, the big one, was taxiing to the runway and the regional jet was taxiing to the gate and the wings were clipped. harris is following this in new york for us. any word about passengers or numbers here? >>reporter: with the f.a.a. and aviation department officials getting on the record, 21 people plus three crew members were on the american eagle regional jet, a rare 135, a much smaller plane than the cargo plane to the right of the screen there. that is a boeing 747. if you see where the wing tip is, it is close to the tail end of that regional jet and that is where the two had contact. what the f.a.a. and aviation department officials are saying at o'hare international airport, the larger jet's wing hit the
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rudder of the regional jet. it is a bad wednesday, you are flying a plane and you hit another plane. no injuries reported in this. the passengers have been evacuated off the regional jet. we are told with american eagle they will be on their way with no delays. obviously those two planes, though, are still in place and that plane that was about to take off to alaska, the bigger 747, still in the middle of the screen. i would say that is highly delayed but back to you. >>trace: who planes going nowhere. thank you from new york. >> the foam hacker and founder of wikileaks is now a step closer to facing rape charges in sweden. a british court ruled in favor of his extradition today. two women in sweden accused him of rape and sexual assault almost two years ago. but he is refusing to leave the u.k. saying he is the victim of a political smear campaign because of his website. course assange released hundreds
12:18 pm
of thousands of secret u.s. documents on wikileaks and now a close friend confirms that assange is running very short on cab but do not expect the website to die any time soon. >> i don't thing you should write off wikileaks. wikileaks, the big question is, it is not for uses you and me to decide, if they will survive. wikileaks will survive. if whistle blowers give them weeks. >>trace: president obama called wikileaks deplorable for throwing a wrench into american diplomacy, and supporters of assange consider him a rock store. but how does the image stand now? the legal panel is criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. nicole, i thought the supreme court was supposed to be the last court, right? now they saying, well, you can appeal this. you have two weeks. if that does not work you can appeal to another body. so it could be weeks before he goes to sweden. >>guest: what happened is they
12:19 pm
decided what they were going to do and because it was based on a different reasoning than anyone had been arguing, assange's lawyers asked for two more weeks to brief and reargue the new issue. so, the court has granted that time. >>trace: and the question now becomes, almost as if there is really in stopping, because it looks like he will go to sweden, he will face trial but if he gets there and faces trial in that country, this is not a severe penalty like if this country so he could be in jail for a very short amount of time. >> he could be short on cash and short on time, sweden is very different set of laws than in the united states as far as the sexual abuse charges. he faces, maybe, a short prison innocence and a fine if convicted. if the united states extradicts him which i believe the sons going to want to try at some point and will have an easier time from sweden and if he is convicted ofent nothing that
12:20 pm
carry as life sentence here in the united states. >>trace: what is the timing on that? that would be difficult? even if he is in sweden which eric is right it is easier to extradict him from sweden than from other countries, but, that is still a tough task. >>reporter: well, it is, you have to be able to demonstrate the strength of your case. you have to come forward with a lot of the evidence you intend to use or a description of that evidence to get an extradition. and, so, for assange time is on his side. the longer he can make this case take the more likely he is in avoiding severe penalty. >>trace: if you talk about wikileaks as a company, it is almost falling off the planet because they do not have money as we are talking about and the credit card companies are blockaded wikileaks, so, he is in jail, pretty much that means the end of this exwith. >>reporter: absolutely if he is in jail he will have a difficult time the right now the credit card and funding he has
12:21 pm
been short on money and donations but he has been able to have television from his apartment or housing where he has been doing russian tv, so i don't think it has been stopping him getting the emergency out but it will be an impediment and be a problem if he is incarcerated with the future of wikileaks. >>trace: nicole and eric, thank you very much. there is breaking news in the john edwards trial. we are new getting word of some action in the courtroom. as the jury hit day eight of deliberations, possibility that one on the jury may have sent something to the judge. and jonathan has been covering that and we will bring you breaking details on day eight of deliberations.
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>>trace: we have break news in the john edwards corruption trial. a member of the jury has passed a note to the judge as deliberations stretch into their eighth day. jonathan is live outside the courthouse in north carolina. jonathan, what happened here? >>jonathan: there have been two notes passed to the judge account latest was around 2:45 prompting a meeting between attorneys on both sides of this case. it was a closed door meeting and ordinarily when the judge receives these notes she discusses them in open court. and we have some idea at least to the general nature of the note. she did not do so in this latest case. the early note was passed to the judge just before the jury broke for lunch. one on the jury wanted to meet with the attorneys in this case,
12:26 pm
once, again, that note prompted a meeting between the judge and lawyers on both sides and it is unclear whether the juror was able to meet with the lawyers or if the judge simply presented his concerns to the lawyers on both sides. now, we do not know what this particular jurors concerns were but the developments occur a day after the judge admonished the jurors not to discuss the case outside the courtroom and to only discuss the case when all 12 jurors were present. there is in official confirmation of this, some legal experts have speculated that, perhaps, there was a complaint from one on the jurors that members of the panel were discussing the case after hours and in small groups indicating that, perhaps, there is some dissent on the panel. but this is just speculation. what we do know is that two notes were passed to the judge today, one before the jury broke
12:27 pm
at 12:00 noon because a and youor wanted it meet with the lawyers in this case, and the second note, occurring mid-afternoon, the judge not discussing what that note was about, but the deliberations continue as we speak. trace? >>trace: thank you, jonathan, from outside the courthouse and back to you with breaking development. a senior iranian military official said a highly sophisticated weapon infiltrated its oil step computer network and oil is huge business for iran accounting for 80 percent of the income of the country. iranian official said the virus known as "flame," affected the computer network last month and forced iran to cut internet links to the terminal, the second major virus to hit iran in as many years. there are links between the new virus and the virus that targeted iran's nuclear program back in 2010. a number of analysts suspect
12:28 pm
israeli intelligence created that. and now, cyberterrorism and computer crime analyst, and is it your sense, here, that this is israeli-backed sabotage? >>guest: i don't believe in coincidence. there are issues with iran and their nuclear program, and the drums of war are beating and this is a way to disable or slow down their ability to wage wore if that is necessary, so, look, it is definitely state sponsored and i hope it is the good guys and israel would have a dog in this country, as they say. >> israel certainly is not denying this. they said earlier we were blessed with high technology that offers us opportunities, to create things and oil is 80 percent of iran's income. you mess with that, and this has to be awfully disconcerting for iranians. >> they did not deny it but they sure as heck wanted to embrace part of this.
12:29 pm
when you can attack the logistics, their oil, attack the way they finance everything, and they finance everything through oil. i lived in iran in the 60's when the shah was there and oil was not a big thing. it is a big thing now how they drive the economy. if you can take that out of play you impact their ability to buy weapons, to pay people, positive support things like hezbollah, and you impact a wide range of things by going after toll the many trail. >>trace: we talked about the other computer virus, that was interrupted there, their nuclear spinning of uraniums so it becomes pure the second time in two years and we believe israel is behind that. is it a sign to you, gordon, that, maybe, israel has iran's cyber number, so to speak? >>guest: well, definitely israel has the intellectual and technical capacity to do it and i don't believe iran unless they get outside help from places like russia, have the technical
12:30 pm
capability to respond. right now, israel, if this were a boxing match, they are up six rounds to nothing at this point because iran has no good answer for what has been thrown at them. >>trace: they said this virus, this flame virus was able to get unprecedented amount of data and iran say they recovered the data. do you think israel got important stuff? >>guest: absolutely. there is no doubt. in iran, that is them protesting too much. you make an impact when they deny it. i tell you what, the worm that was precision munition and target wad was needed based on the intersection collection capability of "flame," which was not just a advisor russ but targeted senior officials and systems and found out would the leaders were and targeted command-and-control. so, this is very much a one-two
12:31 pm
punch, and, you cannot predict the future, but, i think that there is reasonable something else out there we are let to learn about. >>trace: thank, you morgan, for joining us. >> shares of facebook down 20 percent from the much anticipated i.p.o. so what does the company need do to convince investors it is a good buy? and a birthday sky diving adventure takes a frightening turn as an 80-year-old woman and her instructor plummet to the ground. [ female announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role
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to get a free quote, call... visit a local office, or go to today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >>trace: two breaking stories, at chicago hour -- o'hare international airport a 747 clipped the wings of a regional american eagle commuter jet bound for alaska. no injuries on board. the right wing of the 747 clipped the regional jet as it was making its way toward the gate and the passengers got off and the regional jet and the 747 is being taken over to get a look at how bad the damage was.
12:36 pm
weather of those jets not going anywhere in the fear future. now to northeast of seattle there was a shooting involving multiple victims. a man walked into a cafe there, in northeast seattle, and opened fire, killing two people. severely injuring another person, and wounding two others. at the same time, there was a carjack shooting a short distance away from this crime scene and we have now confirmed that person has also passed away. and now live to dan springer following all of this. anymore information coming from police on the scene, dan? >>guest: well, the suspect, or suspects in the two shootings are still at large. we do not know if they are connected. but the second shooting that involved a woman, that was 4 1/2 miles away from the cafe where the scene of the first shooting took place, so, if he ran and we know he ran on foot away from that cafe, he ran a good distance before that second shooting so it is possible we
12:37 pm
have two different shooters and the descriptions are not matching up. the description of the first shooter is white male, 6' 1" with curly brown hair and a goatee wearing a brown and white plaid shirt and medium build. and the description of the second shooter at the carjacking is a white male with blond crew cut, so, not exactly matching up precisely. i can tell you that the third victim at the car shooting, carjacking, has died and the police have three different schools in the area on lockdown, both of those scenes are chaotic and we have descriptions of people who are being stopped by police with guns drawn and being questioned for a short time and then let go. we can tell you this is part a spike if violence recently in seattle. there are 18 homicides, now, in 2012 when there were 21 all of last year, and a source has told, a police source told
12:38 pm
seattle times the first shooting at the cafe may have been a domestic violence situation and all of this is preliminary. >>trace: but the manhunt is underway, and dan springer is following it like. thank you, dan. facebook stock taking another pounding today at the corner of wall and broad trading around $28 down nearly $1. this is after shares plunged nearly 10 percent yesterday. so, it is now trading roughly around $10 less than the opening price. experts say a factor in the poor performance could be the looming privacy issues if a rare magazine interded facebook, he d he keep as low profile on site because he is worried about protecting his online privacy. and zuckerberg himself is also apologized to facebook users over privacy lapses. and now, a p.r. consultant, and peter inwith the co-founder says
12:39 pm
i am concerned about my privacy not exactly a huge vote of confidence. >>guest: not good. look, reputationally facebook has taken a hit. they were caught flatfooted on the roll out and the i.p.o. and now the privacy issues a co-founder has assayed -- has said so, so there are rocky times ahead. this reminds me of the initial dotcom with entities that everyone was excited about and this could be a case where facebook doesn't live up to what the promise of it is. >>trace: if that is the deal and people feel vulnerable with their pictures and information getting out, and we know facebook uses the stuff to build marketing profiles, but when your personal information is getting out there, do you see a situation where people start veering away from facebook?
12:40 pm
>>guest: trace, what is so interesting about the culture we live in, facebook is very cool, and in an instant it is not. and that could very well happen here. whether it is privacy. and folks just getting tired of it. it has saturated people's time, and it is all encompassing site that everyone is linked up to and it started out as a way to reconnect and share photo was people and it has, become, really, almost obsession for a lot of folks and, again --. >>trace: don't we share some of the blame? we have to share some of the blame because we put the information identity there and maybe we not use, privacy setting like zuckerberg says we should be. >>guest: the users deserved, have to take responsibility for what they put out there, that is true but i am talking about the longevity of facebook as a vehicle if people to use. i think that the concerns of privacy are one thing, but, i hate to put it this way but if
12:41 pm
it no longer becomes hip to be on facebook it could suffer in terms of value in the market. >>trace: what would happen if facebook is for longer hip. thank you, peter, good to see you. >>trace: 13 bodies hands tied bullets in their head, the latest atrocity reported out of syria where every effort to stop the killing is not working. that is next. everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants. so i can just go talk to 'em? just walk right in and talk to 'em. dude, those guys are pros. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. they'll -- wa-- wa-- wait a minute. bobby? bobby! what are you doing, man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade.
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>>trace: fighters in syria say the government has 48 hours to stop killing innocent men, women, and children, before they start defending civilians. the ultimatum comes amade reports of a brutal massacre in syria and theness found more than as do bodies with bullet wounds to the head likely from pointblank range, and turkey and japan joins the united states and other nations in
12:45 pm
booting syrian diplomats out of their country. that is in protest of a weekend massacre of more than 100 people in syria. of course the united nations estimates syrian troops have killed more than 9,000 people since last march. and now live from jerusalem with conor. >>reporter: the diplomatic efforts have not done much to stem the violence if syria the past 16 months and the fast few days it got worse and worse. 13 people were found in eastern syria with their happens bound and gunshot close to the head. now, in addition to that violence, we also hear that one city has been pounded for the past 24 and 36 hours or so, by syrian artillery and rockets and we did not know how many people may have been injured or killed but it has been going on for better than a day or a day and a half so it could be a substantial number. just today the syrian rebels
12:46 pm
announced they have given an ultimatum to the syrian government by noon on friday local time they want the ceasefire back if place. they did not say what would happen. or how they would defend the syrian civilians if that ceasefire is not put back if place. it and not appear that anyone thinks there is a new weapon or strategy for the rebels in temperatures of combating and fighting the syrian government. but it appears it is probably more of a negotiation tactic to try to officially mark the end of the ceasefire agreement that never has taken hold in syria but by marking an end of it noon on friday the syrian rebels can go to the international community is say difficult low macy hasn't worked and the ceasefire agreement hasn't worked and the peace plan hasn't worked and we need to try something else. but as you know the international community, the united states, and countries in europe have said the past few days to we do not want to intervene militarily in syria, so it is not clear what is next,
12:47 pm
trace. >>trace: thank you from the country that bodiers syria, israel, conor, thank you. supposed to be a birthday ride of a lifetime, climb thousands of people in the air, count your stars and jump. but an 81-year-old woman took the leap the list of investigating agencies is grow longer by the day. the f.a.a., the united states attorneys office, and the united states parachute association to you all looking into what went wrong during the jump. that is the woman on her birthday dangling from a harness and her back exposed and she and her instructor plummet to the ground and this video is gaming a whole lot of attention. including from authorities who want to know how in the world this could have happened. and now, live in our new york city studio. what are the officials in the sky diving company saying? >>reporter: the key thing we want to ask, was she pushed out
12:48 pm
of the plane? the owner told us she was not forced to jump. she had difficulty getting through the door because of her age and she was using hermans to balance. we asked that because when you see the video, you will see why. now, about any equipment, being faulty, whether the harness, you could see it going up her back and you could see her bra strap the owner said it worked "just how it was designed to, no injuries, no fatalities," and the on are said he doesn't see why it is getting so much attention. we have been on the phone with the f.a.a. and they received this video thursday night and worked to identify everyone in it. they have interviewed the owner of the parachute center in california, and they will talk with others this week including the tandem jumper the more experienced jump are right there with the head covering. here is the video. it shows the more experience jumper coaxing, or maybe more, her to jump.
12:49 pm
she could not do it. at the last second. at least that is what she told a reporter. >> well, i froze, i guess you would say. my knees we gave out inside the plane, there, and you put yourself if my position. and you would be holding on, too >> the right from hell right up to the rough landing. >>trace: this was a year ago, how did the investigators find out about the video. >> last may, she turned 80 and this day it is hard to keep this quiet. a relative decided to post it on the web and it went viral with 650,000 people you having it, and with that, people other than her started tag about it and we learned of the f.a.a. investigation over the weekend and now the u.s. attorney's office in california, and the parachute association are asking their own questions and i do know this, the f.a.a. already had that company parachute center on their list, proposing two lefty fines for violations
12:50 pm
of safety in the past. trace? >>trace: thank you live from new york, harris. >> rebound and governor romney wasting no time going after each other and they are getting a lot of backup from groups like planned parenthood and influential super pacs. our special political panel talks about the campaigns. next.
12:51 pm
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12:53 pm
>>trace: governor romney has secured enough delegates for the g.o.p. nomination the attacks are ramping up. planned parenthood's political arm lawning new ads blasting the nominee about his policies and their effect on women. >> when governor romney says planned parenthood we will get
12:54 pm
rid of it. he will deny women the screen ensure they depend on. >>trace: some point out that governor romney was answering a question about federal funding for planned parenthood which he says should be cut. not the organization itself. but officials at planned parenthood tell "new york times" that women understand the context of his remarks. and now, new jersey general assembly leader republican, and democratic strategist, the president of the media firm and has worked on hundreds of campaigns if presidents and others and, john, you believe that this planned parenthood ad will backfire because it is overreaching. >>guest: no one believes that this governor is anticancer screening. no one believes he is antiwoman. there is an issue as to public funding for abortion. that is the only issue. when they have an over reaching ad such as that, that no one believes, it has to back fire. >>trace: but is it fairst
12:55 pm
look, the democratic side of this, you know, they get the overall context, john, but they know, they are saying the voters know that mitt romney, they get the context it is antiwomen push. >>guest: well, romney needs to reconcile which rome my he -- romney he dealing with. this is targeted at areas where they will get moderate independent women which are going to be the alfa and the omega and mitt romney has awake bed a sleeping giant with planned parenthood because they are coming back better funded than ever before and more influential. >>trace: but, john, millions of people, the catholic church made it clear, millions are against using taxpayer dollars to fund abortion. >>guest: that is correct. what people want to know, are you better off when governor romney becomes the president of the united states, the issue of
12:56 pm
public funding for abortion is not going to be the one that turns the election. the attempt to make woke mad at governor romney makes no sense. women are in the same committee we all are in. and what they want as a recovery, a new direction for this country, and why think these attack ads will solve the problem for the oh warm -- obama campaign. >>guest: part of the problem is that all great presidential nominees have taken on the extreme elements of their own party. it is a reason they successful. not just if the general election but the primary. rather than standing up to extreme elements of the extreme social conservatives in the party he bowed down to temperature time and time and time again and the chickens are coming home to roost. it is not about abortion because only a few percentage points of what planned parenthood is abortion, this is about women's health. >>trace: get to go, guys. thank you both.
12:57 pm
that is it if "studio b" and harris is back later with the fox report at 7:00 eastern. neil cavuto and "your world," starts right now. [ male announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role
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