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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 30, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and ra if you haven't been there, you should check it out o. bret >> harris: an election battle over the economy. >> there are steps that we can take right now to speed up this recovery to help create jobs. >> i just don't think he understands what it takes to help people. hairs haters the presumptive republic nominee mitt romney on the attack. so is president obama. why then did the president place a friendly call to governor romney? what is the key to happiness. >> people feel happy if they are loved. >> happiness is a combination of different hormones. >> tonight the government-funded study that will try to answer the age-old question.
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and, the faa now wants to know why a sky diving instructor apparently forced an 80-year-old woman out of a plane with a harness that didn't fit. >> i just held on. [ laughter ] you do what i got to do, you know. >> harris: tonight, the company's owner says hey, no harm, no foul. >> i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. first tonight, president obama says help is on the way for u.s. businesses and americans looking for work. and this time both parties can take credit. today, the president signing a bill extending the export import bank for another three years. that bank helps american companies do business overseas. the bill passed congress with bipartisan support. and the president saying it will help create jobs here at home. >> our middle class was created by workers who made and sold the best products in the world. our communities and our
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economy have always done better when we ship more goods than anybody else stamped with that phrase made in america. >> now president obama is calling on congress to pass other items on what he calls his economic to-do list. his republic rival mitt romney says the president, quote, doesn't understand the economy and how to put people back to work, end quote. something governor romney says he does understand. our ed henry at the white house. before the president tries to check anything else off the to-do list there is a jobs report coming out later this week and i understand the president is embracing for it. >> it's the may jobs report. we get it friday. it's really going to give us an idea of where the economy is headed and really shape the narrative for this campaign over the next couple of months. the bottom line is as the president's advisors are concerned that the european debt crisis can really drag down the u.s. economy and so what they're looking for and that's why the president was pushing congress to do more is
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they think what the congress is doing something off that to-do list, passing more economic measures can be an insurance policy against european debt crisis worsening the economy here. take a listen to the president. >> america has come through some tough times together and it's going to take more time than any of us would like to get to a place where all of us have fully recovered from the worse recession in our lives. there will continue to be hurdles and there will continue to be some head winds that we can't fully control. >> now, these jobs numbers have been bouncing back and forth in recent months. obviously if the president can get a positive jobs report on friday, that will help that narrative he is trying to shape there that things are starting to turn the corner. of course, if the number is not so good, that obviously teed things up for mitt romney to make the case there needs to be some change,. >> harris: hairs another indicator we got a new report on consumer confidence and it's not so good. >> pretty bad. it was the worse drop in eight months in consumer confidence. significant because analysts
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had been saying that with gas prices coming down. they might be more confident about spending money. this was a bad sign. i spoke to an analyst today who said he thinks things are going to start turning the corner this summer. take a listen. >> it's not surprising that they are getting a little bit iffy about their confidence. however, i think going forward for the next few months the fundamentals that they face are going to continue to improve. >> now, another big number that's coming before the job's report is tomorrow. we'll get a revised estimate on first quarter economic growth. the g.d.p. bottom line is that the earlier number on that was 2.2%. some analysts are saying it's going to be revised down to 1.9%. if it that's the case, that could suggest there is more turbulence ahead, harris. >> harris: the last day of may will be very telling from what you are saying to us. very good to see you, ed henry, thank you. >> thank you.
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>> harris: europe's economy takes a beating. the dow closing down 161 points one of the worst this year. the nasdaq fell 24. the s&p 500 was down 19. the sell-off came as people pulled money out of spanish banks triggers fears that spain will now need a bailout. and in greece the polls showing the far left party gaining support ahead of elections next month. if that party were to win, greece could drop the euro as its currency which analysts say will likely hurt banks worldwide. the money mess in europe means we are actually paying less at the pump. the slow down in europe as well as china has lowered the demand for oil. today the price falling 3.40 to $87.36 a barrel. it's on track for the largest monthly decline since 2008. according to a.a.a. that's brought the price of gasoline down to $3.63 average. 90 cents lower -- 19 cents lower than we paid a month
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ago. president obama called presumptive rival mitt romney today con graduate a littled him for sewing up the republic nomination. according to the press secretary said president obama looked forward to an important and healthy debated about america's future. don't expect the pleasantries to last for very long as you might think. this is a fight to the finish. carl cammeron live for news washington with more. carl? >> yeah. you pretty much got it don't let exchanges of a few civil words fool you. the president also today expanded his attacks on romney to include his record as massachusetts governor in addition to his record as a private businessman. realistically, just last night romney clinched the g.o.p. demonstration. first thing that happened this morning is planned parenthood endorsed the president and launched attack ad on romney. civil maybe not for long there, harris. >> harris: i know there was 1.4-million-dollar buy by planned parenthood today on
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behalf of the president. i know the president's camp and outside groups are ramping up their attacks on governor romney. how are republicans bracing for that? >> sure. well republicans and romney are all building up their financial coffers. is he holding a fundraiser tonight and every day. tonight in san francisco romney will pick up the endorsement of former secretary of state condoleezza rice. she has been very steadfastly trying to snuff out speculation about a vice presidential bid but her name keeps coming up. separately, the independent special interest and super pacs on the right are building unprecedented war chests. u.s. chamber of commerce, the conservative super pac american crossroads led by carl rove along with thing about narrow coke brothers big big conservative brothers. together they alone plan to spend a billion dollars to defeat the president. romney and a whole host of other independent groups are good for another billion dollars. when you add it all up, plus all the special interest money, particularly from labor unions on the left, the total spending in the next five months is completely uncharted territory. we are looking in the
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neighborhood of $4 billion maybe even more in just the next five months. hard to fathom what it would be like. >> harris: it would power some small countries. thank you. >> um-huh. >> harris: jumbo jet hit a small plane earlier. filled with passengers. it happened on a tarmac major airport today this afternoon at chicago's o'hare international airport. we were watching the wing of that 747 cargo jet touching the tail of that american eagle commuter plane which had 21 passengers on board. three crew. it was headed -- it had just landed, i should say from springfield, missouri. officials saying they collided as the biggerrer jet taxied. damaging both planes. nobody hurt though. the f.a.a. says it is now investigating. the feds are also investigating a skydiving incident. involving 80 years world. you have see this video? she had just jumped out of a plane when the parachute starts to come off. all that's between her and the ground and thousands and thousands of feet up in the
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air. that video coming up. and someone at the headquarters of political party opening a package and finding a human foot. and that was not the only body part sent in the mail. we'll tell you which political party is being targeted with this. this is fox report. stay close. [ mechanical humming ]
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[ male announcer ] ok don't sweat it. just do your thing, do your thing. hey! hey! [ male announcer ] boom! definitely a little bit epic. stride. >> harris: an 80-year-old woman goes skydiving for her birthday, problem is home video appears to show an instructor shoved her out of the plane and she almost fell out of her harness on the way back to earth. now the feds are investigating. here is a video the faa is now looking at. first you see the tandem instructor. the guy with the experience with the goggles and hood on. he appears to pull the woman's hands off the door frame to get her out. then things get bizarre. the woman appears to slip out of the safety harness which connects her to the instructor
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and more importantly to the parachute. her legs are up in the air her back is exposed. can you see her bra there. as the skydiver photographer films this swoops in to help. fortunately they made it down alive. the woman is fine. the owner of that could i diving company told a california paper he thinks it's all over blown. it's like talking about the romans invading palestine, he says. it's ancient history. the equipment worked great and everybody was fine, end quote. trace gallagher is live with more. rewatched this together on "studio b" and now there is more to the story. >> every time i see the video i'm amazed, harris. the f.a.a. is now launching a full scale investigation into this incident. they have actually been out to the parachute center in northern california. they have talked to the it owner about what happened. and in the next couple of days, they plan to talk to laverne everett. the woman who jumped out of the plane as well as her tandem instructor to see exactly what was going on. we should note the f.a.a. has a very long history with this company the parachute center.
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they have proposed more than $900,000 in fines against this company for a series of violations that have nothing to do with this incident right here. but because they can't come to terms on a settlement agreement. now the f.a.a. has turned this whole thing over to the u.s. attorney's office and the u.s. attorney will launch another investigation. harris. >> harris: and it's interesting because this woman's family put this out but she had quite a bit to say, too. >> yeah. i mean she did. and she does not blame the company. she said, look, i have been looking forward to this jump for 10 years. you could tell before she actually got on board the plane she was very excited. now, she admits that she did need a little nudge to get out of plane but she is glad she went. once she started falling, she said she could feel the harness come off her shoulder and she couldn't really see because her sweater as you see there was up over her head but her instructor just kept telling her to hold on. listen. >> i did i fell i had a rough
4:15 pm
landing, i just held on, you do what you have i got to do, you know. put yourself in my position. [ laughter ] i think you would be holding on too. >> she mentioned she had a rough landing. she scraped her knee and had some bruises. she said she really wasn't scared during the fall. she was kind of scared when she goes back and looks at the video now. harris. >> harris: trace, thank you very much. a former teammate of baseball great roger clemens today testifying he often saw syringes of the vitamin b 12 near the player's locker but he never saw steroids. as you may know clemens is on trial for perjury lying to congress that he never used perform hans enhancing drugs. today was the first day of defense testimony. charlie o'brien praised clemens work work ethic for longevity in the game rather than drugs. earlier in the trial the prosecution's key witness painted a very different picture.
4:16 pm
brian mcnamee testified he injected clemens many times and saved the evidence to protect his own hide. well, somebody sent a human foot to the headquarters of canada's conservative party. police say a receptionist found it when she opened a blood-stained box at the building in ottawa. police say the box was addressed to the party but not to any specific person. they say they also found a human hand at a mail facility in the capital. investigators think both body parts are apparently linked to a man's torso who turned up in a garbage pile in montreal. they are waiting for test results to confirm that firefighters in new mexico up against the largest wildfire in that state's history. as one officer put it, this is certainly not a record we are happy with. the wall of fire ripped through more than 170,000 acres of the helio national forest in southwest mexico so far. that's roughly 5 hers of the entire force. it is huge. after nearly two weeks now the fire is nearly 0 percent
4:17 pm
contained. blaming combination of dry "high winds and very dry air. happened again iranian government claiming another computer virus attacked one of key industries. this virus prompted the nation to issue the most serious cyber warning ever. that's next. united nations hitting syria with a bunch of new economic penalties. coming just days after observers uncovered new evidence of atrocities. an execution. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droidoes.
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>> iran admits it was a victim of what experts call an unprecedented computer virus. it's known as flame and iranians say it briefly infected their entire oil industry last month. oil is 80% of the economy.
4:21 pm
virus can turn computers into eavesdropping devices and steal information from nearby cell phones. the united nations put out its most serious cyber warning ever to tell members to be on alert for flame. tonight the iranians claiming they have come up with software to detect and remove the virus and recover any information that was lost. well, the united states hitting syria with new economic punishments amid reports of another brutal massacre there. today u.s. officials saying they have blacklisted another syrian bank. in an tammy to cut the syrian government's access to the global financial system. meanwhile turkey and japan have joined the u.s. and several other nations in booting syrian diplomats out of their country. that's in protest of a weekend massacre of more than 100 people in syria. you will remember that one involved dozens of children.
4:22 pm
opposition firefighters today reportedly said the syrian government has 48 hours to stop killing innocent men women and kids before they start defending civilians. of course the united nations estimate syrian troops have killed more than 9,000 people since last march. we cannot confirm. conor powell live middle east bureau now. connor? >> harris, that u.n.-backed cease-fire has never taken hold and syria looks like t will be completely aban conned when those 48 hours are up around noon on friday. now, we saw continued violence in syria today. those bodies were found in eastern syria. we also have heard of heavy shelling in the town of homs where they have been attacking rebel holds in that city. we do not know what damage has been done but we do know it's probably extensive. formal declaration by the rebels an end to that cease-fire the international
4:23 pm
community has really been pressing hard on a diplomatic solution and trying to find a way to end the blood shed but those diplomatic efforts really haven't done much to do that to end the blood shed just yet. and russia signaled today that they will block any effort by the u.s. and other countries around the world to take syria to the u.n. security counsel. they have offered to basically continue to protect syria going forward. and ambassador susan rice essentially said that if diplomatic effort doesn't succeed in solving the violence in syria, she is afraid the entire middle east region will see a larger regional conflict fod a top iranian official essentially agreed and said if the united states or another country uses military intervention in syria that israel will be attacked. so you can tell, harris, there are a lot of difficult problems to face in this region right now. >> harris: that's very complicated. it always is. this just makes it more so.
4:24 pm
conor powell, thank you very much. this just in. police say the man who opened fire in a crowded cafe in seattle apparently has shot himself dead. officers say they found a man who matched the gunman's description during a huge manhunt. they say he put a gun to his own head as police approached killing himself. police say surveillance cameras caught the earlier as he gunned down five people killing three of them. you see him approaching the counter seconds before the bullets started. later police responded to another deadly shooting in seattle a carjacking. officials don't know if it was related. well, we are getting word of another secret meeting about a new issue with the john edwards jury. now the judge telling the four alternate jurors, hey, don't come back. we're live at the courthouse. plus, wikileaks founder julian assange has his own legal trouble. a court just decided he should face sexual assault accusations. and nasa spelling out its
4:25 pm
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4:29 pm
looking at depressed people and their genes. not much interest in looking at the very happiest amongst us and looking at their genes. >> harris: that's how this professor plans to use his federal grant to study what makes happy people happy. information that might be useful in light of a recent gallup survey that found just 48% of us identify ourselves as happy. but don't we already know the source of that? >> medically it's interesting. happiness is a combination of different hormones. >> physicians say it's about endorphins while psychiatrists talk in terms of personalities. >> happiness is the contentment to know that you are at one with yourself. it's basically self-esteem. >> harris: with you but, of course, everyone has their own definition. >> what makes me happy? oh my gosh. >> doing what i want to do when i want to do it. >> being with my wife. >> having my peace through god. >> sleep. >> you know 50 shades of gray? that's what makes you happy. >> and by some accounts what makes you happy can make you
4:30 pm
healthy. research published last year found people who reported being happy were 35% less likely to die over a five year period. but not everybody is so convinced we need to spend so much effort pursuing happiness. >> i think the guy who got the grant is probably happy that he got the 25 grand. but the truth is you are not going to find anything that is teachable other than this, learn to follow your heart. but that's a life-long journey. >> harris: and the procedure says the grand money just won't let him study happy people's genes but develop a course on the topic and build a happiness booth in which his students will chat with the public about the nature of being happy. can't get to get to that booth. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. this is the fox report. more drama at the john edwards trial. the judge holding another secret meeting with the attorney about yet another issue with the jury. so far we have heard about scheduling conflicts and an alternate juror supposedly flirting with john edwards. she is reportedly the one on
4:31 pm
the right in the sketch showing a little shoulder. today the no longer making eye contact with edwards. the former senator and presidential candidate charged with using campaign cash to hide his mistress from the world. he could get 30 years in prison if convicted. claiming the money was a personal gift not a political donation. this was during edwards'' 2008 white house run when his wife elizabeth was battling breast cancer which she eventually died of. jonathan serrie at the courthouse in greensboro, north carolina tonight. what do we know about today's juror drama? >> well, it was prompted by a note from a juror. apparently wanting to raise an issue with the lawyers involved in the case. it's unclear whether it was a complaint about the deliberation process going on inside the jury room or just a request for further direction. but one former federal prosecutor says what's unusual is that recent requests are coming from an individual or perhaps a few individuals but
4:32 pm
not the jury as a whole. listen. >> that's what you ordinarily get in the case is a jury working together has a collective question. that question gets resolved and often you get a verdict shortly after that in this case we have had repeated notes from jurors which lead inevitably to the press and the public being excluded from the process. the lawyers meeting with the judge and the deliberations continuing but with no apparent action being taken. >> the judge has allowed deliberations to continue. the jury is scheduled to return tomorrow for what will be day nine of deliberations. harris? >> harris: you know, the story was still developing just even an hour and a half or so ago. reports that the judge has h. told four alternate jurors they don't need to come back. why is that? >> yeah. she said they could go home as long as they didn't discuss the case with one another or watch media reports. the judge expressed enough confidence in the health and schedules of the current jury that she no longer saw the need for the alternates to hang around the courthouse as
4:33 pm
the deliberations continued. there was a collective sigh of relief that you could hear from the alternate jurors when she announced this. she told the alternates, quote: everyone in the courtroom will miss your chiefful faces. we will regret not knowing the color for tomorrow. and by that the judge, of course, was referencing the matching colored shirts that the jurors had been wearing since thursday. and if you care at all to know the color of today, harris, it was purple. >> harris: i only have one thing to say that's very odd. jonathan seare. good to see you thank you very much. well, a loss in court today for former penn state football coach jerry sandusky. remember, he is accused of sexually abusing 10 young boys. a judge today denying sanduskyy's request to delay his trial. now, as you may know, prosecutors say jerry sandusky found his victims through a charity he used to run and molested them inside penn state football buildings. those are the accusations. he has pleaded not guilty to more than 50 counts of sex
4:34 pm
abuse. the judge saying jury selection will begin next tuesday as planned. wikileaks founder julian assange should go to sweden to face rape accusations. that is the ruling from the british supreme court. but it may not be the last word of this legal battle. two swedish women accuse assange of sexually assaulting them nearly two years ago. he claims the sex was consensual but he refused to leave the uk saying he is the victim of a political smear campaign. assange is a former computer hacker as you may know who released hundreds of thousands secret u.s. government documents on his whistle blower web site. the u.s. soldier accused of providing that information is set to face court martial in september. bradley manning could get life in prison with more on, this amy kellogg live in london. legal trouble tonight for julian assange. amy? >> right. and harris it's all getting a bit more complicated because assange's legal team is likely to mount a petition with britain's supreme court that they reopen the case all
4:35 pm
together. this based on a technicality that his extradition warrant was issued by a prosecutor and not a judge but britain supreme court deems that a judge was or that a prosecutor was suitable in this case and assange's team may also apply to the european court of human rights to block his extradition to sweden for those allegations of sexual abuse that involves a rape of a woman while she was sleeping. allegations that assange denies. assange has famously called sweden the saudi arabia of feminism. some legal experts say it's unlikely that the court of human rights will rule that a country like sweden won't give assange a fair trial. his lawyers now have two weeks to consider initiating a challenge to the supreme court's ruling on assange's appeal. we didn't hear from assange himself today. reportedly he missed the court announcement because he was stuck in traffic. of course, some of assange's popularity wore off after the allegations of sexual assault came out.
4:36 pm
especially as they involve two women in a short period of time and criticism of this campaigner for openness and transparency's decision to host a program on a kremlin backed tv channel has also added to the mix. there are still some who think is he an hero add an advocate of transparency and accountability, harris, the debate continues. others think he was reckless and not only caused a lot of diplomatic embarrassment but put a lot of people's lives at risk. particularly sources that gave information to the u.s. government at different times. now, there are those who think that probably the last bit of this case is going to wrap up relatively quickly. but others say this is kind of new territory in terms of the case possibly being reopened in britain's supreme court. so it's just very hard to tell you about, again, his appeal was shot down today, however, the story, harris, is not over. >> harris: amy kellogg, thank you very much. after the first successful commercial flight to the international space station
4:37 pm
space x is getting ready tosule. it's expected to return to earth earl willly tomorrow morning carrying some experiments and old equipment. officials saying it should splash down in the pacific ocean southwest of los angeles. only one dragon capsule has ever returned safely from orbit and that was during a test flight. officials at virgin galactic say they are planning test flights of their own. six passenger space ships later this year. they call it spaceship 2. they just got experimental permit that clears the way for rocket powered flights. spaceship 2 is built to reach suborbital heights with the help of a carrier plane. teams competing to reach the moon for lunar exprice promising not to mess with anything if they get there nasa laying down ground rules for them. any team that lands a robot rover on the moon cannot interfere with apollo sites. deems will get extra cash if
4:38 pm
they can get close enough to photograph nasa site but not too close. facebook face plant along with a new dig on facebook's privacy from one of its co-founders. a truck falls into a watery pit. flips over, trapping the driver inside. and after a dramatic rescue don't miss it. follow the wings. today, we stand against the tyranny of single mile credirds. battle speech right? may i?
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>> harris: if you pout into facebook's initial public offering you are down 10 bucks a share. it continued falling to $28 a share. you will recall it debuted at 38. facebook's free fall began with messy ipo nearly two weeks ago. then agencies the company hid critical information from investors. now one of facebook's co-founders going on the record saying even is he concerned about privacy on facebook. brazil born eduardo sarch he
4:42 pm
is keeping low profile on facebook because i don't like showing my privacy. privacy has been one of the biggest issues dogging facebook from the start. peter barnes with the news live from d.c. seems like facebook can't catch a break. >> well, harris, the stock was down another 65 cents a share today closing at about $28. that's $10 a share below it's offering price on may 18th as you mentioned. that is a 25% decline that has cut more than $25 billion off the company's market value. but at this price facebook is starting to get a few more friends. >> i think at 28 or 2 dollars you are getting a nice discount from the $38 ipo price and i think this company does have an extraordinary opportunity to become the place for display ads on the web over the next couple of years there will be an army of software developers that will help them get that right. >> facebook came at a very high price. it's unsupported by the fund
4:43 pm
mentales, unsupported by the business model. but if they move fast enough, and if the price had stayed more stable, this would have been easier. >> tavakoli said a more stable stock price would have made easier for facebook for other companies to solidify its income streams. harris? >> harris: for days they have been talking about the investigations into the botched ipo. where are those right now? >> well, a source close to the matter says that a technical breakdown may have occurred when the stock failed to begin trading on time on may 18th on the nasdaq stock exchange. but the sec is still looking into whether the 30 minute delay violated any regulations. and sec spokesperson says, quote: we continue to review issues related to the ipo and have drawn no conclusions. harris? >> harris: well, for a friend on and off facebook, good to he see you, peter barnes. wall street investors are bailing on blackberry. stock in that company that
4:44 pm
makes the smart phones plunging to its lowest level in nine years. after the ceo warned of first quarter losses and challenging times ahead. stock and research in motion or rim was down nearly 8% to close at $10.35. quite a fall for a company which was trading above $140 a share just four years ago. rim has struggled with competition from apple's iphone and android devices. yesterday's the company announcing it is hiring bankers to attract potential buyers. andy coal son the former top media advisor to prime minister david cammeron is now charged with perjury. colson a former editor of the news of the world a tabloid once owned by news corporation. the company shut down the paper last summer after investigators reporters hacked the voice mail of people in the news. two years ago coulson testified he did not think theres with a culture of phone hacking at the tabloid since then investigators say they
4:45 pm
uncovered evidence the illegal behavior was not limited to one rogue reporter. a dramatic rescue as crews say driver pit. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 "around 0 seconds." china. the vehicle hauling sand drove off a bridge in an eastern province landing upside down in a watery hole. firefighters managing to remove the door then crane lifted the truck. rescuers pulling the driver to safety two hours after the crash. we're told he is okay. peru. [screams] [gunfire] >> harris: the president declaring a state of emergency in the southern province after protests against the expansion of a copper mine turned deadly. two people killed. dozens hurt. swiss mining company doesn't hire enough local workers. violates environmental laws. a company spokesman disputing
4:46 pm
those claims and urging dialogue. india, overloaded car falls into 600-foot gorge in the north killing at least 14 people some of them children. police say it skidded off a winding road. they had to use ropes to lower down to the wreck. malaysia. um-huh. a candy company's chocolate wonderland now open to the public at a theme park in a central state it showcases a wide variety of candy sculptures and more than one 1,000 types of chocolate. a place looks at how the sweets are made. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 "around 0 seconds." a battle brewing in congress over a bill that would ban abortions based on gender. supporters say it's about protecting the rights of the unborn. critics call it a sneak attack on a woman's right to choose. a live report next. first, making us fall in love
4:47 pm
with folk music over and over. tonight doc watson has left us. he inspired generations of guitarists with flat picking style. ♪ ♪ ♪ let it rain. ♪ let it pour ♪ let it rain. ♪ a whole lot more. ♪ because i got those deep river blues. >> harris: he won ate grammys watson died hospital in home state of north carolina yesterday just days after he had undergone abdominal surgery. eye infection blinded watson at edge 1. 10 years later he learned to play a banjo his father had given him. his family didn't have enough money for other instruments. he played wildfire on the guitar. took off in the 1960's and went on to to record more than 50 albums many with his son merrill. watson played the guitar, quote, with such ability just like running waters.
4:48 pm
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>> harris: critics call it the war on baby girls. abortions based on gender. today congress debated a bill that would make performing such abortions a crime. it is raising controversy tonight. shannon bream with the news live in our d.c. newsroom. shannon? >> harris, the debate got heated at times this afternoon. final vote won't come until tomorrow. bottom line, the bill drafted by arizona republic trent franks would ban abortions done on othe basis of the unborn child's gender. doctors who perform sex selection abortions could face
4:52 pm
heavy fines and up to five years in jail. >> the people of this country are overwhelmingly for this bill. and liberals are going to have to make up their mind whether they are so committed to abortion on demand that they think that that includes killing little girls because they are little girls. >> the bill comes on the heels of a hidden video from the pro-life group live action filmed at a texas planned parenthood just weeks ago. a woman posed as expectant mother who wanted an abortion but only if she was carrying a girl. a staff member counseled her on how to get ultrasound and late term abortion if she discovered thats what the case. planned parenthood says this quote: within three days of this patient interaction the staff member's employment was ended and all staff members at this affiliate were immediately scheduled for retraining and managing uncomiewcial patient encounters. pro-choice advocates say the franks bill is attempt to defund plannenned parenthood strip federal funding from any clinic that doesn't comply
4:53 pm
with the bill. normal house rules were suspended in order to bring the measure to the floor. that means it must get two thirds of the votes of all members who are present at tomorrow's vote in order to pass. harris? >> harris: we will be watching. thank you very much. shannon bream. did you know duck liver is about to be outlawed? well, i didn't either. but in california people are eating the delicacy fast. and apparently in secret where restaurants are still serving it july 1st marks the end of ordering fraga fatty duck liver. here is how they make it by sticking a bird in the bird's throat and force feeding it california volted to ban that practice in 2004. gave producers seven years to come up with a cruelty free way to get their fatty livers. for now it looks like foie gras will be off the menu and market in july. glad he worked over the holiday weekend he got $5,000 tip. he worked at italian restaurant in texas for the last 16 years. he has been taking a cab to
4:54 pm
the job recently after some bad weather damaged his car. he told two long time customers what had happened and they gave him one big surprise. they stopped by on saturday and gave him an envelope full of money and told him to buy a car with it. >> people can be generous, you know. and i they told me they felt like i deserved it i did need it and i am going to buy a car with it that's what that money is going to go to, every cent. >> harris: five grabbed. the customers who gave the gift want to remain anonymous yeah because we would be begging for money. all the cities across the united states, only one could be named the most outgoing. results are in and you might be surprised by them. get ready to start saying hello to america's tiniest town of exthrow investigators. extraverts. [ male announcer ] this... is the at&t network.
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has the most extroverted in the nation. locals just more than 1,000 of them say they aren't really sure what to make of it marketing firm reported calculates all sorts of data how outgoing they are including information from credit scoring firms. more than 150 runners from across the globe tackled the globes and mount every rest. starting line sits 16,000 feet above sea level higher than any peak. athletes running 26.2 miles over rough terrain snowy and icy. the winner a man from nepal. updating our top stories tonight. the dow sliding 161 points on fears banks in spain could collapse under their own debt. president obama reportedly calling governor mitt romney to congratulate him on clinching the g.o.p. nomination while political groups on both sides launching new attack ads. and the judge in the john
4:59 pm
edwards corruption trial holding another private meeting with attorneys after getting a note from one juror. >> and on this day in 1911. 40 drivers pushed the pedal to the metal in the first indianapolis 500. it all began with a local car dealer's plan to build a test track. republic roads were terrible at the time. he needed a safe place for his cars to hit top speeds. occasional races gave manufacturers a way to showcase new models to perspective buyers until the dealer and partner set out to host one major event per year. 500-mile race with major money on the line. the first winner took home more than $14,000. that was a lot of money back then. today, monster crowds watch much lighter and faster cars. race for millions. dealers indy dream became reality 101 years ago today. let's face it, that's a lot of money today. that's how fox reports on this wednesday


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