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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 30, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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hair, sean hahn writy or griff jenkins. we'll see you tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> the planned parenthood action fund is endorsing president barack obama for re-election. >> bill: less than 24 hours after a shocking under cover video shows the planned parenthood counselor advising a woman about aborting her fetus if it's a girl, the planned parenthood organization endorses president obama. how will americans process that? we have a special report. >> a lot of people do not think it was an authentic certificate. >> how you can say that if -- >> -- report will. many people do not think it was authentic. >> bill: donald trump continuing to say barack obama's birth certificate may be bogus. how should mitt romney handle that since he met with mr. trump this week? dick morris has some thoughts.
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also tonight, dennis miller on president obama's chill list and jesse watters talks to some pakistanis about their anti-u.s. posture. >> he deserves to be in jail? >> yes. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. planned parenthood and the presidential election, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. today planned parenthood endorsed president obama. less than 24 hours after the factor broadcast a shocking story showing a planned parenthood counselor in texas, advising a woman on how to abort her fetus if it turned out to be a girl. >> i see that you say you want to terminate if it's a girl or you just wanted to continue the pregnancy in the meantime? >> yeah. i think that would be the plan
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so then i would want to schedule -- try to schedule an ultrasound with an ob around then and then i would still be able to come back here. >> um. >>um for a termination if it was a girl. >> in july. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> i hope that you do get your boy. >> now, there is no question that planned parenthood is a proabortion outfit which has been in trouble for years. under cover videos have documented underaged abortions. abortion advice associated with prostitution and now gender-based abortion guidance. tomorrow the house of representatives will vote on outlawing gender based abortions. we have special coverage on that. name the names of congress people who vote against the bill. perhaps advising them. they are in sink with china's abhorrent abortion policy. nevertheless, planned parenthood rolls along. today it endorsed president obama and attacked mitt romney. >> when mitt romney says: >> planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. >> romney is saying he will deny women the birth control and cancer screens they depend
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on when romney says. >> do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes. >> he is saying he will deny women the right to make own decision. mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women. >> bill: can you decide if that statement is true but what is undeniable is that mr. obama is sympathetic to the pro-abortion movement. as a senator in illinois seven times, seven times he voted not to restrict things like late term abortion. partial birth abortion. mr. obama would also not replace restrictions on under age girls who seek abortions. so it's clear the president and planned parenthood are simpatico. the question and it is a complicated one, is whether or not americans care. latest gallup poll says 50% of americans now call themselves pro-life. 41% pro-choice. with science establishing that human d.n.a. is present upon conception, the proabortion lobby and planned parenthood are weaker.
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talking points believes that abortion based on gender is barbaric. planned parenthood did issue a statement about the texas case, quote: gender bias is contrary to everything our organization works for. in daily and communities across the community, unquote. that statement went on to say counselor in texas simply made a mistake. that's the same thing planned parenthood said in all the other undercover stings. planned parenthood gets $500 million a year in taxpayer money. america is supposed to stand for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. what about the life part, mr. president? that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. opposing points of view. with us democratic strategist alexa magill watson and marjorie a democratic pollster. what did you think of the gender deal ms. o'mara? >> first of all, i read the entire -- i read the entire transcript. >> bill: so did i. >> from this video. there is a few things they left out o. it's important to note this is not something that is
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widespread here at all. in fact, they left out one of the quotes from the staff said no one has ever come in here for that. right? that was one thing she said. >> bill: that's austin, texas. but wait wait wait. look. you can make excuses all day long. the woman in austin, texas, was obviously helping the woman who came in and said, you know, if i have a girl i don't want the baby so what do i do? >> and she was fired. >> bill: viability up to 25, 26 weeks which is of course a late term abortion. i will repeat my question. when you saw this ms. omero, what did you think? did it make you queazy? did it make you angry? >> look, in other countries this is a huge issue. in this country it's not a huge issue. >> bill: why isn't it a huge issue? aborting a baby because it's not. >> because it's. >> not a boy. >> everybody is against, there is widespread -- of course, we shouldn't be abort -- using technology to gender predictive abortions.
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>> bill: she wasn't against it at all. she made it quite clear that she herself -- >> she was fired. look, if you are going to tell me that the number one priority for congress right now is to introduce a bill to address a -- to to a video don't done with a hoax patient and fired employee to solve a problem that doesn't exist in this country, i would say yes she was fired. yes, she was fired. >> bill: all right. look. >> that's why people hate washington. it's not a top priority for people. >> bill: it's going to be an interesting vote tomorrow. i'm going to ask you the same question i asked ms. omero, ms. johns, how did it make you feel? >> i think if i were somebody not aware of all the great things planned parenthood does. then it would make me feel a little concerned. the reality is. >> they get a pass here. >> margie is right this employee was fired within three days. >> bill: only after this exposition was she fired. >> right. because she did not comport to the standards that planned parenthood lives up to in their policies. also, something that we have
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to get out there is that planned parenthood does not offer ultrasound services to determine the sex of the fetus. >> bill: that's another canard because they basically have people they refer to and those people usually donate to planned parenthood it's an industry. okay. now, the issue itself i don't know whether americans care about it. i have got to tell you. i don't know whether. see a president of the united states to me represents all the people. would you both agree with that? all the people? >> absolutely. >> would you agree with that ms. omero? >> sure. >> bill: 50% of the people say we don't don't like. barack obama, very proabortion in the sense that he wouldn't stop any stop any restrictions. wouldn't replace any restriction in illinois on it none. sat it out. that doesn't really reflect the population, ms. omero. >> well, actually that same gallup poll that you cited, three fourths said that they think abortion should be legal in some instances. >> bill: all right. so what?
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that's not what we are talking about. >> another quarter that said it should be legal in all -- actually more of them said a fifth said it should be legal and none. three fourths of the population of american voters said abortion should be legal in at least some instances. >> bill: that's not the issue we are talking about. the issue and i will try it with ms. johnson. it seems to be that the president does not reflect the value system of 50% of the country. >> you know, i think what he needs to reflect is the value system of women across this country and by and large. >> bill: just women. >> by and large women will be the deciding factor in this election. >> bill: do you believe that women who are included in that 50% care about this issue? >> absolutely. i think -- >> bill: on both sides or just your side? >> i think they do on both sides. first of all, i think attacking planned parenthood. attacks the pro-choice movement is a failed strategy. you can see -- if you want to ask anybody. >> bill: you use the word attack. we use the word expose. we believe that planned parenthood is enthusiastic
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pro-abortion outfit that's extremist as the way it is now. 500 million bucks in taxpayer money. >> that's 3% of what they do. >> susan b. komen. >> let me tell you why it didn't work. >> bill: put a lot of pressure. that's for sure. i can't dispute that? i will give ms. omero the last word. go ahead ms. omero. >> where are all these so-called women's advocates when we were debating having mandatory maternity coverage. when we were debating having mandatory breast cancer coverage. >> bill: not focusing in on this issue which is very important life and deaf issue. you are all over the place today. you are hovering like a helicopter we got this, we got that no, it's. this. >> you want to talk about women's issues. >> bill: no. i don't want to talk about women's issues. if i wanted to do that i would do a special. i want to talk about planned parenthood in texas advising a young woman that she can get an abortion based upon gender. that's it. >> i don't think that's -- >> bill: that issue and
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nothing else. that's what we are talking about. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> bill: next on the run down, donald trump continues to pound barack obama over the birth certificate issue. how should mitt romney handle that. the profile of poor americans. >> you have airconditioning? >> yes. >> cable tv? >> yeah. >> game player, video player? >> yeah. i play video games. >> do you have a cell phone. >> yeah, of course i do. >> bill: factor coming right back. what's the matter?
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♪ what's in your wallet? ♪ what's in your...your... >> bill: in the impact segment earlier this week donald trump met with mitt romney in las vegas. mr. trump continues to say that the president might not have been born in the united states. the obama people want to link romney and trump as this ad demonstrates. >> i have read about him. he is an arab. >> no ma'am, no ma'am. is he a decent family man, citizen that i just happen to have disagreements with. ♪ ♪ >> why doesn't he show the birth certificate? >> he doesn't have a birth certificate. now, he may have one but may be religion, maybe says he is muslim. >> why is mitt romney sort of throwing a party with donald trump to raise money? >> as i said, you know, mitt
8:14 pm
romney has made it clear that this is not an issue for him. ♪ ♪ >> bill: joining us now from washington to react to that ad dick morris the author of the big two best seller screwed. all right, dick. now, mitt romney doesn't say anything about donald trump's position on the birth certificate. should he? >> well, in answer to the guy who said why is he holding a fundraiser with donald trump? answer to raise funds he raised 2 million at that event. obama wishes he had 2-million-dollar events. a lot of people think it's legitimate issue. a lot of people feel the birth certificate was phoney. i don't know i wasn't there when obama was born. do i believe it's a marginal issue when romney is right for passing it by. because if he focused on it, obama would make the whole election about that you should have qualifications other than just having been born in the
8:15 pm
u.s. >> bill: it's a mind field for romney because he basically is seeking donald trump's approval as you pointed out it works for him financially to get mr. trump to help him out in this area i want to show you a piece of tape on cnn. a lot of viewers. they float around all the time. now here is wolf blitzer interviewing trump. go. >> donald, you have seen the actual newspaper announcement within days of his birth in honolulu, for example the honolulu star bulletin we'll put it up there you see the birth announcement in 196 1-6r7b8g9s many people did that and they put those -- am i allowed to talk. >> can i ask the question. >> am i allowed to talk without you defending obama. >> donald, you are beginning to sound a little ridiculous i have to tell you. >> i think you are, wolf.
8:16 pm
>> that got us a lot. you are basically mitt romney whereas mccain tried to tamp down the obama hatred in the more extreme views of him. romney isn't doing that i know why he is not doing it it you alluded to it. a lot of people believe. that a lot of people believe barack obama is not -- >> -- is he going to get all those votes anyway. what he needs to do is focus on the economy and not go off on a side show. i don't think trump regards this as the major issue now either. i think he has moved on to the economy too you know, this right now is a very important time in the presidential race. it's the end of round one. you can see the girl running around with the one sign around the ring. it's the round one. romney won round one. obama thought that bain capital would be a silver bullet he thought that romney walked around with a bulls eye
8:17 pm
on his chest and all he needed to do was pull the trigger. once he put the bain capital stuff on romney would fall apart. it didn't happen. romney is coming back with solyndra and aobama is dropping bain and moving on to his record as governor. that's huge. when your political consultant and you fire your best bullet and the guy is still standing and isn't hurt, that's very bad news. >> all right. so, you say that romney now has momentum going forward. we just did this very disturbing story about planned parenthood who has, you know, endorsing barack obama and the question is, does planned parenthood hurt president obama? among independents. not among committed democrats who are going to vote for him anyway. among democrats they hear this stuff about planned parenthood and the stings and all of that. does an endorsement hurt the president? >> no. i don't believe so. i think that frankly anything
8:18 pm
that distracts americas from the economy probably even helps obama when it comes out on same sex marriage at least he is not talking about unemployment. but i do believe that americans strongly, strongly, strongly do not want abortion based on sex selection. i point out in "screwed," for example, china 58% of the children under 21 are boys. and china's so i doing itself as a country. because in years you are going to have an unmarried male population of hundreds and hundreds of millions and we don't want that here. >> bill: it's also despite public policy, it's barbaric. you are killing, you know, you want to call it a potential human being. >> bare bake they do infanticide. >> bill: is that what we are going to be. interesting in the house of representatives tomorrow. we have a big story on this. who is going to vote against that?
8:19 pm
i want to know. i'm watching that really closely. dick morris, everybody. the book is screwed. directly ahead, senator marco rubio florida right here. later, dennis miller on president obama's kill list. also, jesse watters has some questions for pakistanis living in the u.s.a. those reports after these messages. [ female announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role throughout our entire lives. ♪ one a day women's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. ♪
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, we are pleased to have the junior senator from florida marco rubio author of the upcome book "an american son." which will be out in the stores everywhere on june 19th. all right. so everywhere you go people ask you about the vice president deal. i asked you a few months ago we had you on about that should i continue to ask you? is it getting boring now. >> what the difference is we
8:23 pm
have a no, ma'am he knee now. i'm trying to be very respectful of their process. >> bill: they are not going to say anything until the convention because they have got to have something to get people to watch. >> that's why he deserves us to be respectful of that process. journalists like you are going to ask. >> bill: you are going to stonewall. >> right. let me give you two things guys have said but on this program. you know charles krauthammer? smart guy, right? cac says if you are asked that you have to accept. you have to. because if you didn't, you would be letting your country down. that's krauthammer, he predicts if you are asked you will accept. what do you think about that point of view? >> well, i'm not even talking about the whole process. i respect him very much and what he said to you. >> bill: would it be disrespectful if you for family reasons, personal reasons, would you consider that to to be-would it trouble you that your country calls and you can't answer the call? >> i hate being in the no spin zone. i will say to you i really tried not to even comment on the whole process. i really believe mitt romney
8:24 pm
believes to have a process where the rest of us talking about it and giving opinions or by process of elimination making his choices different. >> bill: answer me this, if you would. that has to be a consideration for everybody. everybody who is in elective office, if their country calls and asks, right? you have to i have never been in that position. i have been respectful in what they are going through and not commenting on it. mitt romney is someone who has made a lot of good decisions in his life consistently. record of good decisions in miss business life, political life, personal life he is going to make a good president. >> dennis miller coming up behind you in a couple of seconds says is he going to hate you if you are asked and you turn it down. is he going to be mad at you there is going to be personal anger for the same reason krauthammer said. i don't want you to comment on that but that's what miller says. florida is a key state in this election. if president obama wins florida, i think is he going to win the election.
8:25 pm
the gay marriage thing seems to have hurt him in florida do you believe that? is that an issue down there. >> it's not the most important issue but it is an important issue to people. we have constitutional amendment in florida defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman as particular institution. a lot of floridians believe that you will see reflected in the polling. >> bill: how about in the hispanic community and cuban community where you come from? is that? >> i don't think that's the issue that's going to decide the election. >> bill: is there passion behind that issue? >> i think so. i don't want to overstate that it's going to be one the decides the election. it's an important issue. if you ask people they will tell you they believe -- >> bill: for hispanic americans. >> i think so, yes. >> bill: because black americans, they don't like gay marriage we saw that in california. we saw that all over the place in florida itself it's a split. it's it like four different states, florida. you have got the north, you have got dade county like a universe unto itself you have the central part of the state
8:26 pm
and east and west coast. is it going to be a dogfight. >> yes. >> or republicans going to pull away. >> it is a competitive state. whoever wins will have to earn that it will be close. i honestly believe not just because i support them. i honestly believe mitt romney is going to win florida and win the presidency. >> bill: why do you believe that though if barack obama won last time is the economy going to be the difference. >> i think so. the biggest difference i think is the same as it is nationally. barack obama in 2008 was an idea. he was this post partisan uniter. not only a record his rhetoric is like anybody else in washington. dividing americans against each other. floridians aren't going to like that. >> bill: elect a conservative guy like you. they elect conservative governor they being floridians. it's an interesting state. i think it will go to romney he has got to be on his game. mitt romney polling 20% among hispanic americans across the country. that's a disaster. that's prime mayly because of
8:27 pm
his stuff border stance. you have got to go home if you are illegal alien have you got to self-deport if you want us to consider giving you working papers permanently. i don't know how he is going to turn that around. >> couple of things. first don't underestimate the fact that a lot of hispanic americans are democrats and they have been. they live in new york. they live in california. that's what they're registered. they are not going to change -- >> bill: bush got 45%. >> a lot of is historical. cuban americans in new jersey register democrat even though in florida they register republic. part of that is reflected in the polling. part of it it is they know barack obama better. mitt romney is new to the equation for many. hispanics don't support illegal immigration i think that hispanics. >> they want a humane that kind of thing. >> tone matters and republicans need to do a better job of talking about what we are for. we are for a legal immigration system that works. romney has begun to do that. >> bill: he has to come up to 30% 35%.
8:28 pm
if you are the v.p. guy. give me the first interview. do you want promise. >> i want to do the first interview anyway. down in tampa. pleasure to see you. >> thank you. >> bill: plenty more as the factor moves along. president obama kill list. british family celebrating a landmark. john stossel investigating poverty in the u.s.a. what he found out is pretty darn interesting. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: stossel matters program. john stossel has been investigating american poverty. >> i recently stopped by this food kitchen in harlem. people line up for free food. most want government to do more for them. these people say they are poor but in america these days poverty is not what you may think it is. >> i'm not exactly poor but i'm not exactly rich, either. >> in today's america, most
8:32 pm
poor people have cars, airconditioning, cell phones and television. >> yes, i have a tv. >> yeah i have a television. >> you have airconditioning? >> yes. >> cable tv? >> yeah. >> how many channels? >> 101. >> how many? >> 101. >> i play games on it mostly. >> game player, video player. >> yeah i play video games. >> do you have a cell phone. >> yeah, of course i do. >> bill: here now is mr. stossel. what did you learn about poverty that surprised you in this whole big thing? >> nothing. it's just a tv stunt. i had done the research. i knew i would get answers like that and i have done that before. i was just illustrating what we found out that most people don't know. people think that to be poor in america is horrible. >> bill: what about the slums and tenements and appalachia and people living in run-down trailers what about that. >> a lot of them are suffering. on average people classified as poor in america by the
8:33 pm
government most have more than one television. poor people in many ways live better than kings and queens used to live 100 years ago. >> bill: all right. so tv 98% of poor people this is according to the heritage foundation report. 98% have tvs. more than one tv 65%. cable or satellite tv 64%. dvd players 66%. airconditioning 78%. i grew up poor. i don't have airconditioning. do you have airconditioning? >> did i not have airconditioning. we had tv. >> bill: we had black and white tv. what else -- we never had a new car, bum bum bum bum. are you saying that poverty is a scam in america? is it a scam because these people are aable to acquire material things. >> no. and some people really suffer. i'm saying that the myth that the rich have gotten richer and poor have gotten poorer. since i have got everyone been
8:34 pm
in college poorer have gotten 20% richer. and richer have gotten richer and poorer who have gotten richer too. poorer do better than middle class do in the rest of the world. >> bill: there is no comparison to the rest of the world. the people on that line, remember the lady goes i'm not poor but i'm not really rich. they were getting government handouts. the taxpayers are paying for this. >> taxpayer subsidizes that. some of it was private charity. and with private jarrett wants to give it to people. great. we should be aware since the country is going broke. did you ask them while they were there forpt food this they have all these other assets. >> got to save money to economize. some people were generally poor. some were mentionly ill. some were in homeless shelters they didn't have their own tv's. >> bill: they didn't think they were scamming the people that you went to at that foodbank they were scamming the system? >> the food is out there, you take it if there is free stuff. i don't call that scamming the system. >> i don't take it i don't want any free stuff.
8:35 pm
>> you don't need free. >> bill: i don't need it. i would say that some of those people don't need it anyway. like you do it's free stuff i'm going to take it. final thing that caught my eye in your report is generational theft. >> when you talk about inequality. i think there is unfairness. it's not between the capitalists and the average person. it's between the young and the old. because older people in america are wealthier than younger people. >> bill: because they work longer? >> right. they have had time to accumulate wealth in their homes. but what's bankrupting the country is medicare and social security. older people get two to three times what they paid in. they don't realize that and that's unfair. >> bill: all right. so you say there should be a cut off once you get reimbursed what you put in wealthy person. >> retirement age. the system that made sense when people died before age 65 no longer is sustainable. >> bill: all right. john stossel, everybody. when we come right back, the sage of southern california dennis miller on the
8:36 pm
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller segment tonight. plenty to talk about let's get to the sage of southern california. joins us now from santa barbara. very pretty place. first of all i have to apologize to miller and to everybody. i overstated his position on senator rubio earlier in the program. miller who we talked a few weeks ago you would be disappointed if he didn't answer the bell. call i just like the guy i didn't want him to think i hate him. dashing cat. penelope cruise and -- >> bill: don't feel too bad. i tried to give him free
8:40 pm
tickets to bolder fresher show he won't take them. [ laughter ] >> he doesn't want to look like he is coming down on -- he doesn't want to do anything to interrupt the process as they say the process. >> other thing i'm worried about with boulder fresher shows is president obama launching a drone on us when we are performing, okay? because basically the president has told the world look i'm going to get whoever i want if i think they are terrorists and you and i probably fall under that category and everyone else around him is going to get blown up and that's that. right? >> listen, let's face facts. the unmanned drones the new hot tech item. used to be the iphone now it's like the die phone or something. everybody should have one. i kind of like how efficient it is. it's bloodless, it makes nonsubjective decisions. i think we should turn our healthcare planned over to the unmanned drones. you would get earn i can't test from unmanned drone wouldn't you, billy. >> i see the president has a
8:41 pm
kill list this week. i was angered to find out i was at number 3. you are at 4. biden has been moved into the number two spot. that's ironic because biden's secret service name is the unmanned drone if i'm not mistaken. of course the number one position continued to be hot blooded by foreigner four weeks in a row at the top of the chart. >> bill: there is is a kill list though. the president basically said to the world look, i have got it i'm the guy. and i can put anybody i want on that list. so you better behave. >> it's brilliant. it's brilliant. i never saw it coming but is he a killing machine. with his poll numbers, bill, i would smoke a b lister every week between now and the election. i would blow that shoe salesman assad. he is making the impailer don knotts barack obama. he ought to wade in there and take out one a week. >> bill: here at the fox news channel we have installed air
8:42 pm
to -- missiles. in case that list expands a little more. the queen, miller and i have skeptical about the monarchy. i think if we had been born 250 years ago we would have been running around the forest with muskets shooting at anybody dressed in red. anyway, the queen's diamond jubilee and you say? >> hey, i'm not above breaking bread with a thick ankle but by and large i don't get the monarchy thing. to me, it's like the british nesting eggs or whatever the hell those nesting dolls are. it's sort of like a gimmick over there looks like madame tussauds' to me. monarchs of the caribbean if they wanted to have me in for a dinner party i would go over to get that tour. >> bill: yeah. you have got to go. >> to get the tour of the castle. i would rather meet with her than obama. at least she wears an actual crown not a figurative one. >> bill: economy is in trouble like european economies. spend a gazillion dollars on
8:43 pm
these people to run around and live in the 18 castles they have to hunt the foxes. what do you think about all of that? >> i would rather waste money on something that wears pretty blue colors than tattoo removal. that's where we are at over here. but to say we spend like drunking sailors is a misnorm. drunken sailors only get tattoos. we pay for tattoo removal. if you are asking me what i would like to see these two old people walk around in pretty colors with all that lettuce fruit salad on their thing, yeah probably. we waste more money over here in my book. >> bill: going to cover the tattoo removal. >> no. i just remember lois cap our dame out here in san that barbara was pitching for 50 k for tattoo removal. >> bill: ever been to fargo, north dakota. >> i love the movie. >> bill: 36-year-old school teacher named madian swigert. she made herself. she had a commitment ceremony.
8:44 pm
she told anderson cooper all about it. she married herself. she wants to blow kisses to the world. 40 friends showed up and gave her gifts, miller. you say? >> as you can see from the footage i would say she is settled. [ laughter ] i hate to be mean but you should hold out. >> bill: she is presentable. >> oh, yeah. not only is she the most beautiful woman. she is a genius, too. listen, this is the product of a narcissist generation. you raise kids and tell them they can't lose. there is no winners in tug of wars. they end up marrying themselves. guess what? you can just tell if somebody is moronic enough to it participate they are eventually going to leave themselves and see otherselves because it's a little tedious a little boring. the big question is when is society going to get around to acknowledging gay self-marriage? forget this woman. >> forget gay self-marriage. you have given any thought at all to the honeymoon and what
8:45 pm
might occur? >> i gave thought to it for a millisecond and i ran away with it. there is no way for me to say it on the factor. >> bill: no weight. >> honeymoon on this situation? know ran one up the flag pole. like a patrick- >> bill: i hope she goes somewhere warm. june 22nd indianapolis only 40 tickets remain. some of them premium tickets which means you get to take miller home for a couple of days. next day june 23rd. chicago evening sold out matinee available. atlanta, georgia 100 tickets remain. all those tickets make great father's day gifts. check it out on bill o' in a moment, did you see that? jesse watters talking to pakistanis living in america about how bad their country is. right back with that what's with you?
8:46 pm
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>> bill: back ever the booing segment tonight. did you see that? we begin with pakistan spitting in the eyes of every american. as you may know that insane government recently convicted dr. shaquille afridi of treason after dr. afridi helped the cia locate usama bin laden. the doctor was sentenced to 33 years in prison. so we sent jesse watters out to the pakistani counseleth to assess the mood. >> do you know the pakistani doctor who got thrown in jail in pakistan for helping the cia find bin laden? how do you feel about that? >> it's okay. it's okay. he deserves to be in jail. >> he deserves to be in jail. >> yeah. >> why does he deserve that. >> israel against pakistan. >> so he deserves 30 years for taking out a mass murderer. >> yes. >> why is this guy who helped both of us in prison?
8:50 pm
>> he helped spy. he was spying. it is a crime. >> so you agree with that? >> i agree. of course. >> you know the pakistani doctor in pakistan got thrown in jail for 30 years for helping america find bin laden. >> yeah. >> why did they do that? >> i don't know. our country is so corrupt. >> they're a bunch of idiots. they don't know what to do sometimes. do you know pakistan's best friend is money. that's their best friend. >> bill: here now to analyze the always lively juliet hudy. >> the always, what? >> bill: lively. >> yeah. >> bill: i think it was a split decision out there watters told me. there were some hard liners who don't care about bin laden. they don't think he is that bad and then there were the younger guys who say look, we live in a corrupt country. >> you don't seem very passionate. why is ray kelly spending money on officers going over to newark paying the tolls. send them out to follow jesse watters some of these people concern me. >> bill: you have to understand that mind set is there. particularly muck old -- among
8:51 pm
older muslim people. i don't know what they're doing here. that's a good question. >> pakistanis are the second fastest growing asian american group here in the united states. i wonder if it's the old school, the old guard that thinks that way. >> bill: i think so. um-huh. if you want a cab in new york. it's pakistani. there you go. >> yeah. >> bill: where does in lady live now? laverne everette. 81 years old, california. you don't know laverne, do you. >> not well. we used to go out to dinner. >> bill: she wanted to celebrate -- she is 81. i think she took her strategy from president bush the elder because laverne went skydiving. two. go. >> she fell through the air in tandem sky dive everett slipped from the harness. >> i think i knew something was kind of not right i didn't know it was as bad as it was to to speak. >> as she dangle from the strap, she couldn't see a thing. >> i felt my harness slip on
8:52 pm
the shoulder here, my left shoulder. and that's about i guess all maybe i wanted to know. [ laughter ] >> were you screaming? >> no. >> was he screaming? >> no. his telling me to hang on. >> bill: two things. definitely affected laverne's hair. >> yeah. >> bill: great publicity for the skydiving company. i don't think she was in danger of dying, was she? >> i don't know. she is slipping through. i the guy was holding on to her in mid-air. >> bill: that's what the guy is supposed to do. >> in any danger of dying are you crazy? >> bill: i'm not going to be diving with laverne so no, i'm not. >> of course you even asked that question? >> bill: got a little booty on her she is not going to slip through. >> what? >> booty, see that thing? >> i'm very concerned for you tonight. what's happening? [ laughter ]
8:53 pm
huddy, laverne got down okay, did she get down all right. >> get down? a little booty? what are we talking about here? you are freaking me out. >> bill: talking about sky diving. >> everything was cool. but it went viral and everybody is freak out about it and the company is now getting investigated by the f.a.a. shocker. >> bill: not so good for them. i'm sorry we shocked with you skydiving jargon. >> you shocked me. >> bill: juliet huddy, everybody. pinheads and patriots on deck starring david letterman. p and p just over two minutes [ male announcer ] you sprayed them. thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead.
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pinhead or patriots starring david letterman in a moment. great gifts for dad, including the very nifty restore the usam mat. if you buy the charge one you get the pen free of charge. if you want a signed copy of "killing lincoln" for your father, i will do that for you. great deals. check them all out on from washington. >> from olympia, washington. >> richard from charlotte, north
8:57 pm
carolina. edward henderson from new jersey. mike bernstein, las vegas. >> tom from ecuador. >> if tax cuts for business burr hiring, you are going to be wrong, tom. speculation but it might be worth a try because the government's big spending idea isn't working. >> peggy from arkansas.
8:58 pm
from ohio. >> rhonda from lafayette, indiana. >> well, let me help you out, rhonda. sorry. justin bieber did not have power over your life. some politician do. there he's not accountable to the public. elected officials are. presto! >> excellent, dennis. please don't forget to grade the factor each evening and listen to the no-pin news. my daily news wrap-up just for pm. those are two good features for you guys.
8:59 pm
david letterman last night with regis philbin. >> i have been guilty of appearing to play partisan politics. however, i would like to say for the record i'm a registered independent. you go where the material takes you. >> i think that a case would be made, yes, that we are leaning one side to the other. but it's not driven out of anything more serious than who is easier to make fun of. >> well, having been on letter man nine times i can tell you that dave is, indeed, a liberal man, a true believer. whether that makes him a pinhead or patriot is entirely up to you. all right. and his writers count him that way as well but there are some conservative guys over there as well. i don't want to get them in trouble. i don't want to tell you who they are. that's it for us tonight. check out the website. spout out about the factor from anywhere in the world. o' name and tow y


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